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Title- True Conception
Author- Melissa
Disclaimer- I do not own the characters of ‘Roswell’…but if I did, well, lets just say that Tess wouldn’t have ever come along, Alex would be alive, and Sean would’ve gotten his ass kicked for stepping in on Max’s girl!
Shipper- Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, Isabel/?, Kyle/?
Summary- Post Departure fic. Everyone has to deal with what happened after Tess was shipped off!
Rating- PG13
Authors Notes- I don’t suppose this has any Spoilers in it cause it’s nothing like what’s actually going to happen in Season 3. I’ve taken it in my own direction and said to hell with their version. I even went and changed Departure just a little bit to fit with my story. Nothing big, though.
Ok, now, my thanks: Brie (BrieCrow17) of course, for coming up with the great name to this fic, and Jennifer (BordersInsanity) cause she’s given me SOOO much help with this fic!! I’m sure some other people have helped me or just listened to me ramble on and on about this fic, but I would’ve take up 2 pages to write down all the names of everyone who’s had to listen to me go on!! But, none the less, a big thanks goes out to all you guys too!!
Now, go enjoy the fic!

PART 1 ~
“Open up!” Kyle shouted while Maria screamed and kicked, pulling her foot back quickly. “Owe!” she groaned out.

Pounding on the hard, stone with sore and tiring fists, Liz let her hand drop in defeat and pulled back, hanging her head.

This can’t be happening.

Tess can NOT win.

And Liz would go to hell and back to make sure that didn’t happen.

“Liz!” Maria shouted, her and Kyle backing up to join her as the rock suddenly started to roll sideways, slowly giving them a viewing into the cave.

A second later Michael greeted then, a shocked look on his face. “Guys—“

“Tess killed Alex!” Maria exclaimed, pulling him close.

“What?!” Michael shouted back, already moving back into the pod chamber, never second-guessing their proclamation, which Liz was grateful for. She knew, deep down, that they didn’t have time to try and convince him.

Following him, her, Kyle, and Maria entered the Granilith. Michael was shouting for Max to stop and Liz stepped forward, ignoring the curiosity in her mind over the huge machine around her. “Max, stop!” she added, rushing to his side.

Tess was across from them instantly, as if she was protecting her priceless find. Well, if she thought Liz would back down, she had another thing coming. Max, meanwhile, stood in the middle, shock and confusion written all over his face.

“It was Tess; Tess killed Alex!” Liz admitted, her anger and hatred for the other girl boiling over. “She mindwarped Alex and sent him to Las Cruces to decode the book, but he broke the mindwarp and she killed him!”

“How dare you come in here and spread these lies,” Tess seethed, stepping closer.

Without even thinking first, Liz stepped up and shouted, “you’ve been lying the whole time! You murdered him!!” then reached out to Tess, intending to slap her, but the other girl saw the move and reacted, grabbing Liz’s wrist to prevent her from connecting.

As soon as their skin touched a bright, blinding white light erupted from deep within their bodies and Liz gasped, shocked into paralyzing fear as Tess screamed loudly in half rage and half fright. Her whole body jerked and images flashed past her mind so quickly that she couldn’t even decipher them, but something was familiar and foreign about them at the same time. There was a loud rumble then Liz could feel her body flying backwards and connecting with something else.

The whole encounter barley lasted seconds, but Liz felt like her and Tess had been connected forever. Everyone was yelling and rushing about, trying to get some control in the tiny, one roomed space.

“Liz, oh my god,” Maria shrieked, rushing to her side while Michael tried to help her up.

“What….” Liz rumbled, looking around the room. Isabel was a few feet away, her face pale and her arms warped around herself as if she was lost. Maria was at her side, still rambling on while Michael tried to ask her simple questions and keep Maria quiet.

Finding Max, Liz could see the confusion and helplessness in his face as he looked at her then Tess, who was slowly picking herself off of the floor and backing toward the back wall, shaking her head and looking down.

“Where’s Kyle?” Liz asked, her voice rough and scratchy. Max looked at her briefly then gazed away, taking a step toward Tess before stopping that move too.

“Uh…down here,” a voice said from the floor. Everyone looked down and saw Kyle, sprawled out from where Liz had collided with him.

“Oh Kyle…” Liz added.

“I’m good,” he said finally, trying to get up but doing a bad job on his own.

Handing Liz off to Maria, who ran her hands over her face to make sure she was ok, Michael reached a hand out to Kyle, who took it eagerly and finally got up to his feet.

“What the hell did she do to you?!” Maria exclaimed, turning her burning eyes toward Tess while clinging Liz to her side.

Everyone in the room followed suit and Tess looked back, lifting her head up finally. She carefully took in everyone’s face and seemed to crumble, crying and saying, “I didn’t…it was her! It was Liz!”

“Come off it,” Maria squealed. “You killed Alex and intended to kill Liz too!!”

Shaking her head, Tess looked down again. “No…”

“It’s true Tess, so stop lying. I was there, I witnessed it,” Kyle said, coming forward toward Max, who had been silent the whole time.

“Why didn’t you ever say anything?” Max asked finally, looking at Tess, who refused to meet his gaze.

“Because she mindwarped me!” Kyle added, stepping up even more so that he was advancing on Tess herself. “You lived in my home, you were my sister!” Tess didn’t respond and Kyle backed up, giving her a disgusted look. “I can’t believe I ever trusted you…”

Max, who was still gazing at Tess, asked out loud, “how long?”

Michael gazed up over his head and Liz followed his gaze, noticing the timer on the wall. Three and a half lights were still lit up.

“About 3 minutes,” Michael said.

“Everyone out,” Max said calmly.

“Max…” Michael added, and Liz could see the emotions playing across his face. He was worried for his best friend and wanted to help.

“Now!” Max commanded, advancing on Tess.

Isabel, who looked like she was about to collapse, rushed past, quickly fleeing from the Granilith. Kyle followed next, giving Tess one last look before shaking his head.

Michael, taking Maria’s elbow, started to lead her out the door but she stopped, reaching out for Liz. “Come on sweetie,” Maria whispered, taking Liz’s arm.

Being the last one out the room, Liz looked over her shoulder before leaving, making eye contact with Tess, who just stared back openly. Looking away, Liz followed Michael and Maria back out into the desert.

“Did you kill Alex?” Max asked, advancing some more. If she said yes…what would he do? But was he really expecting her to deny it?

Backing up to keep some distance between them, Tess said finally, “I didn’t want to—“

“But you did!” It was true, he knew it. Deep down, Tess had always been tucked away, like she was hiding something.

“I wish I hadn’t,” she added.

Why?” Max asked.

With her chest heaving and her breath coming quickly, Tess pleaded, “Max, the-the clock is ticking, we don’t have much time—“

“Tell me why!!” Max thundered, making her move back even more and jump. He wasn’t going to let her get away with this. She killed one of his close friends. Did she really expect him to be ok with it?

“He would have told you what I did and couldn’t let that happen.”

“So you just—you just killed him?” Max asked in shock, staring at her face and feeling his stomach churn.

“I didn’t mean to! He was weak and…look, none of this matters now!” Tess exclaimed.

“Life matters Tess, my life, your life, his…” Max said, his voice emotional. How could she just stand there and defend her murdering of Alex?!

Tess’s shameful and tearful face suddenly turned and she spat out, “what matters is going home! But you could never understand that, could you? I might have been able to teach you but that stupid BITCH had you wrapped around her—“

“Don’t you EVER call her that!” Max yelled, pushing Tess back until she hit the chamber wall.

“See, look how fast you run to her defense,” Tess screamed back. “Why couldn’t you ever feel that about me? I’m your wife Max!”

Max cringed at those words and spun around, shaking his head.

“I’m carrying your child,” Tess added, reaching down to rub her stomach in triumph, but her face feel quickly and she looked around in confusion, waiting for Max to look back at her before exclaiming, “Max…the baby! There’s something wrong!”

Ignoring her tactic, he asked, “this was all some kind of plan to get pregnant and go home, wasn’t it?” Max advanced again, making her look up at him. “Home to what, Tess? To Khivar? To our enemies?!”

Tess looked up at him and said calmly, “they’re not my enemies, Max.”

Shocked even more, Max backed up a few feet, declaring softly, “you made a deal with them, with Khivar?”

“No, Nasedo made a deal, 40 years ago,” Tess said. “Max, I really think something is wrong—“

“Stop it! Just stop it! You’re going to face this and not get out of it by calling wolf! What was the deal? Tell me!!”

Tess, giving up on trying to add anything more, replied, “to return home with your child, and deliver the three of you to Khivar.”

“And what happens to us after you ‘deliver’ us?” Max asked. Tess didn’t answer and he scoffed, adding, “how did I ever fall in love with someone like you? How could I ever marry you?”

“You were different – you were a king! Now you’re just a boy,” Tess seethed.

Max sneered and raised his hand, aiming for her neck.

“You kill me, Max, you kill our son,” Tess added quickly.

Max pulled his hand back and sighed, agonized over what to do. Tess deserved everything she had done to Alex, but their child was innocent in all this. Just her pawn.

He vowed right then and there to change that.

“Go…but this isn’t over Tess,” Max told her finally, pointing to the Granilith.

Tess hesitated and Max locked his jaw and backed up. “Go,” he stated coldly, his eyes hard.

Freezing her face and making it go emotionless, Tess threw her hair over her shoulder and reached out, placing her palm on the cylinder. A second later she appeared up in it, staring down on Max. Her face was hard and she stared for a beat before closing her eyes. A loud whooshing sound could be heard, pounding out a rhythm like a heartbeat would. Suddenly Tess jerked her eyes open and spun around, staring at the timer. She stared back at him and screamed out, her face full of fear and anguish.

Her cries were on deaf eyes as Max watched her, not knowing how to help or even if he should, but what about his child?

Realizing that he wasn’t going to help, she screamed, this time in anger and pounded her fist, her face now full of hatred and evilness. She finally gave up and closed her eyes once more, her face full of apprehension.

The whole room shook and Max backed up, making a dash to the door as a loud groan could be heard, making it’s self present from deep below.

Liz walked a few feet then stumbled, catching herself only after Michael grabbed her elbow. Her whole body felt worn out and ragged, like she had been sick for days and was just now starting to recover.

Suddenly the ground shook and Maria cried out, clinging to Michael in surprise. A second later everything was extremely quiet and erie. Isabel and Kyle drifted over toward them now, their faces worried.

“What was that?” Kyle finally asked.

Everyone looked at each other and Isabel jumped, crying out Max’s name suddenly, making them all look over their shoulders at the pod chamber, which Max was now running out of.

“Move,” he exclaimed, grabbing Liz’s hand as he ran past, pulling her along. Everyone followed and raced downward, trying to keep up, but Liz was failing. Her legs didn’t want to work and she tripped once. She would have landed face first if it wasn’t for Max, who helped her back and up and continued to help her down the incline, his arm around her waist.

The rumble got louder and everyone ducked, trying to take cover. Liz could feel his form over hers, shielding her body. Trying to breathe and keep calm, she took in a deep breath and shut her eyes when there was a loud hiss.

“Oh my god…” Maria said softly, but loud enough for everyone to hear.

Noticing that everyone was looking up, Liz did too and saw the trail of the ship as it arched across the shy.

“Tess…” Michael asked softly.

Max nodded and looked downward, adding to Liz, “I’m sorry…I’ve been so wrong…” he trailed off and everyone started to stand back up, except them, who just continued to look at each other.

“You opened the door and came out – why?” Maria questioned Michael, staring up into his eyes. As if it dawned on her, she added, “you stayed for me…” Michael didn’t say anything, opting to just pull her close.

Still on the ground, Liz swallowed and looked down, feeling Max beside her. Michael and Maria’s reunion was sweet and touching, and Liz was happy for her best friend, but it just reminded her of what she didn’t have. Max finally stood up slowly and turned toward his sister, who was pacing a few feet away.

“What now Max?” Isabel asked suddenly. “Mom and dad…and everything…the tape we gave Valenti…”

“We need to stop him from giving them that tape,” Michael added.

“I’ll call him,” Kyle offered, pulling out his cell and dialing. He waited a minute then hung it back up. “I’m not getting anything, we’re too far out.”

“Then we go find him, it’s our only option,” Max said finally.

“Wait – we’re all gonna ride back in the jetta?” Maria asked quickly.


“Man, what I would give for air condition,” Maria whined, laying her head back against the seat. Isabel and Kyle agreed half-heartedly, their voices drifting up from the back. Liz, who was also seated in the back, kept quiet and just stared out the window. Max ignored the comment also, lost in his own thoughts as he stared out the front passenger window.

Maria, stuck between him and Michael, who was driving, added, “this is gonna be a fun ride.”

Everyone climbed out of the cramped car and stretched, happy to be able to move. The front door opened and Jim Valenti came out. “What are you guys doing here?”

“There were…some complications,” Max said finally.

“Complications?” Jim repeated. “And where’s Tess?”

“That was the complication,” Michael added.


“Maybe we should go inside,” Maria said, taking Michael’s hand. Everyone agreed and started forward except Liz, who looked back down the driveway.

“Liz?” Jim asked, noticing that she wasn’t following and making the others look too. Max took a step back toward her and asked with his eyes ‘what’?

“I think I’m just…I’m really tired and just want to go home and sleep. You guys can fill him in without me.”

“I’ll take you,” Max offered quickly.

“No…I can walk. You need to stay and decide on what you guys need to do and…and all that.”

“Liz, I don’t like the idea of you walking after what Tess did to you,” Isabel said.

“She’s right, I’ll drive you,” Maria decided.

Watching as her friend slowly left Michael’s side, Liz added, “Maria…I’ll be fine. Stay with Michael. I can walk.”

Max, agreeing with Isabel and Maria, said, “I don’t want you walking either. We don’t know what she did to you exactly. We should stick together.”

Maria, noticing that Liz was also looking for a way to be alone, glanced over at Kyle, indicating for him to speak up. Taking the hint, he offered, “I’ll drive you Liz, plus this way you won’t be alone. It’s not like I’m needed here either.”

Liz, giving in, finally nodded and headed over to his mustang. Kyle followed, not meeting Max’s gaze as he climbed in and started the car.

“She just needs some time alone,” Maria told Max, trying to make him understand.

“Yeah…” Max whispered, watching them pull away before turning back to the house and going inside, prompting everyone else to do the same.

“Thanks for driving me,” Liz said softly, opening up the back door to the café and walking in, holding it open for Kyle. Her parents had left for the weekend, letting her close the café. They said she needed a little break and agreed that a weekend off would help.

“Well…you seemed to need an escape, and I think Maria would have hurt me if I didn’t,” he joked.

Nodding absent-mindly, Liz walked toward the steps to her apartment, wondering why her body was tingling. Placing her hand on the railing, she stopped, shaking her head when her vision dimmed for a beat.

“Liz…you ok?” Kyle asked, taking a few steps toward her.

“I’m fine,” she said finally, taking in a deep breath. Going up the steps, Liz added, “I think I’m just a little worn out since…since this morning.”

“Don’t you think Max should look you over?” When Liz gave him a look, Kyle added, “or one of the others. Tess could’ve did something to you that we need to fix.”

Liz sighed and rubbed her head, trying to get rid of the pressure building behind her eyes. She was just tired and needed to sleep, maybe even something to eat; her stomach was rolling. Nothing that some breakfast, it was only 8 am anyway, and some sleep wouldn’t cure.

“If Tess did something to me, don’t you think it would have happened already? She’d want to see it,” Liz reasoned, rubbing her stomach to make the dull ache go away. She was hungrier then she had thought.

“Maybe…but I’m just worried. I mean, after Alex…” Kyle trailed off, looking down.

Liz, seeing his concern, smiled sadly and replied, “thank you…but I’m fine; really. I’m just going to get something to eat and go to bed, ok?” Kyle nodded and Liz sighed, feeling a tingle go over her body again. Ignoring it, she told Kyle goodbye and started back up the steps as he walked toward the door.

She had only gotten up 3 more steps when she grabbed onto the railing quickly, her knuckles white with the pressure of her grip. The world around her swirled and her stomach clench, making her double over in pain. Squeezing her eyes in pain, Liz clutched her stomach and groaned softly.

Her head throbbed and her heart speed up, making her gasp in air. Her throat got clogged and she tried to cough, but nothing came out. Opening her eyes, Liz tried to move upward, ignoring the dots in front of her eyes and trying to focus on the steps that seemed to be moving.

Her vision dimmed again and Liz gasped, feeling her body sway. “Kyle…” she cried out softly, closing her eyes and letting go.


Kyle was about to close the door when he heard a gagging noise. Pausing, he looked back into the café. Looking around, he walked in and asked out loud, “Liz?”

Not getting an answer, Kyle was about to leave again when he heard Liz gasp out his name and a slight crash. Rushing back in, he left the door wide open and cursed, wishing he had some backup of some sort. For all he know, there were a gang of evil aliens just inside, waiting to jump him after doing the same to Liz.

Coming around the wall, Kyle stopped dead in his tracks, his heart jumping up into his throat as he saw Liz, lying at a weird angle at the bottom of the stairs. “Liz!” he cried out, rushing to her side after getting a grip on his body and making it move.

“No, no, no…” he mumbled, going to pick her up but stopping. Didn’t he hear that you shouldn’t move accident victims? “Ok…pulse, find a pulse,” Kyle added, his voice cracking some. “I’m looking for a pulse here – where do I look?!” Trying to make himself calm down, he thought back on their health class, which taught first aid.

Picking up her hand, Kyle felt her wrist and waited, heaving a big sigh when it throbbed some. But her face was VERY pale and her neck looked weird. But she was breathing, it was shallow, but she was breathing. “God…Liz…ok, ok!” he exclaimed, jumping up and grabbing out his cell phone.

“I’m going to call you an ambulance,” he added, praying that Liz could hear him. After trying twice, he finally got ‘911’ in right and exclaimed as soon as it was picked up, “my friend fell and isn’t moving! Her neck doesn’t look right and—and just get here!”

Giving the address and answering a few quick answers, Kyle shut off the phone and dropped back down to Liz’s side, taking her hand once more. “It’s gonna be ok, they’re on the way…I won’t let anything happen to you,” he said, going to touch her again but not. The nurse, or whatever, on the phone had said not to move her. If Liz’s neck was hurt, he could make it worse.

“Shit…come on Liz, just open your eyes,” Kyle begged, totally losing it. “You can’t just do this to me…come on!” Feeling for her pulse again, he realized it was getting fainter. Her breathing got ragged and Kyle could hear how she was barley getting any air in.


Walking out of the Valenti household, Max took in a deep breath of air and sighed, trying to make his chest let up. He felt like his ribs were closing in and crushing his lungs, making it hard to breathe.

Hearing sirens, Max watched as an ambulance raced by, heading into town. A tingle went down his spine and Max paused, watching the vehicle with dread.

Something in his gut was telling him to worry.


“Just hold on,” Kyle cried, waving his hands as he desperately ached to do something, but not knowing what. Jumping up, he raced to the door, checking to see if the ambulance was there yet. Not seeing it, he groaned in frustration and ran his hands through his hair, wishing he could pull it out.

Reaching Liz’s side, Kyle had just picked her hand back up when he could hear the sirens getting closer. A few moments later, but what felt like hours to Kyle, the door pushed open and he looked up, seeing the medics coming in.


The room was silent as Jim leaned back, rubbing his brow as he contemplated everything the other had told him. There was a slight ring and Maria looked around, grabbing up her purse and pulling out a cell phone.


Max looked back out the window and ignored it until he could hear shouting from over the phone. Looking back into the house, he watched as Maria’s face fell.

Snippets of the conversation filtered through and Max caught ‘fell…neck…hospital…’ before jumping up out of his seat.

“Liz!” Maria cried out, nearly dropping the phone. “Is she ok?!” Everyone waited with tense forms and worried faces. “What does that mean?” Maria shrieked.

Michael, taking Maria into his arms, took the phone. “What’s going on?” After getting a frantic and hurried explanation from Kyle, who was following behind the ambulance as it pulled into the hospital, Michael hung up the phone and turned around, pulling Maria with him to face Isabel, Valenti and—

“Max?” Michael asked, looking up to see the front door wide open.

And Max was no where to be seen.

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Author’s Notes- Hey guys! Hope you like this part!! Sorry I took so long to post this, but I wanted a few extra parts in my pocket!!

PART 2 ~
Kyle paced in front of the door, his hands wringing at his side for a few seconds before going back into his hair, tugging at it in frustration. How was Liz? Was she going to be ok? Why the hell wouldn’t anyone tell him anything?!

Continuing his pacing, Kyle thought back on his conversation with Maria and Michael. Were they on the way? Was Max on his way? Kyle hoped so. If Liz was hurt really bad… He was berating himself constantly for not calling Max first, but the first thought in his mind was that Liz needed help and for 17 years of his life, ‘help’ meant being put in a hospital, not calling her ex-alien boyfriend to ‘magically’ heal her.

Hearing the door at the end of the corridor fly open, Kyle looked up and saw Max striding toward him, his legs carrying him faster than he knew they could.


“Where is she?” he asked, his eyes gazing around quickly before resting back on Kyle.

“They – they took her through those doors,” he answered, pointing for effect. “They won’t tell me anything and — Max!” Kyle watched as Max took off, gliding through the doors without hesitation. “Uh…” Walking up a few feet, Kyle stopped and started again, reaching out for the doors.

“Kyle, Kyle?” Maria’s voice vibrated down the hallway and she raced forward, her heels clicking loudly.

“Maria, guys,” Kyle sighed out, spinning to see her, Michael, Isabel, and his dad coming toward him. “I am freaking out here!”

“You and her both,” Michael added, pulling Maria close. “What happened?”

“Liz – she fell down the steps and they won’t tell me what’s wrong!”

“Where’s Max?” Isabel asked.

Kyle looked over his shoulder at the doors. “Back there. That’s where Liz is.”

“Is she hurt bad? Is she ok? What’s going on? Is she ok?!” Maria shrieked.

“They can’t tell me anything – family only,” Kyle admitted, feeling disgusted with himself. “I keep asking and asking…”

“They have to tell us something,” Michael reasoned.

“Maybe they’ll tell Max,” Isabel added.

As if on cue, Max came back out the doors, swinging them hard enough to make a loud thud. His face was hard and he looked ready to explode.

“Max?” Maria asked, fearing the worse.

“They kicked me out,” he seethed, pushing his hands through his hair hard. “I’m not family and they won’t tell me anything!”

“Did – did you at least see her?” Maria added.

Max shook his head ‘no’ and Maria slumped down, leaning into Michael. “This isn’t good…they would tell us something.”

“What about her parents?” Isabel asked finally.

“The hospital’s been trying to get a hold of them. Apparently they haven’t checked their messages,” Kyle explained.

“Ok…I’m going to go see what I can find out,” Jim said, heading over to the doors.

Everyone watched and Michael asked, “think he’ll find anything out?”

“He better…or else I’m busting some ass on my way back there…” Maria replied.

Pacing in front of the double doors, Maria and Max shared a glance as they passed, their paths mixing and intertwining. It had been 4 hours since they arrived and lunch was rearing its ugly head, but they both refused to budge an inch from their vigilant lookout.

Isabel and Kyle walked back into the small waiting area, fountain drinks in their hands and a bag of food with them. Stopping to watch their friends, Isabel sighed and looked down.

“I can’t believe this happened,” she whispered.

“Liz is gonna be ok – she has to,” Kyle stated, using denial as his way of coping.

Isabel looked back up and added with emotion, “It’s never enough, is it? Everyone we touch gets hurt or worse…”


“Liz is…she didn’t deserve this…”

Kyle sighed and added, “look…this is all gonna turn out ok. Liz is fine and we’re all gonna be fine.”

“This is all her fault, she killed Alex and now Liz…” Isabel added, sitting down in one of the chairs.

“You think this is Tess’s work?” Kyle asked, even though it was obvious. Somewhere in the back, black, dark corner of his mind, he still held a smidgen of hope that Tess wasn’t capable of what she did. But who was he trying to kid? She used him to get away with it.

Isabel nodded. “They connected at the pod chamber and who knows what she did to her.”


Footsteps sounded down the hallway and Isabel and Kyle stood up, walking over to meet Max and Maria, who were watching the doors. A few seconds later Jim and Michael walked through.

“Michael? Is she..?” Maria trailed off and rushed to her boyfriend’s side, bracing herself for the news.

Max turned toward Jim and waited, his eyes giving away how much turmoil he was in. Isabel and Kyle walked in closer also, waiting for Jim to deliver the news.

“She’s gonna be ok…they moved her to a single room to relax and rest.”

A collective sigh could be heard through the group and Max looked upward, closing his eyes as he took in a deep breath.

Liz was ok.

Liz was ok.

It was going to be his new mantra.

Liz was ok.

“So…we can see her?” Maria added hopefully.

“In a little bit,” Michael answered.

His tone of voice made Max do a double take. Something was wrong though…

“Why can’t we see her now?” Kyle asked. Michael and Jim shared a look, making everyone tense again. “Dad…”

“They don’t really know what happened to her,” Jim admitted.

“Tess…” Isabel filled in.

“She better be glad she’s on another planet,” Maria exclaimed, her face red with anger. “How could she do this?! First Alex and now…”

Max knew where this was going and added, “How bad is it? What do they know?”

“Her blood pressure dropped and she was dehydrated. They’re assuming she fainted and that’s how she fell.” Jim looked upset himself and Max realized how close their group had gotten. Everyone looked out for each other and took care of one another also. Only 2 years ago Michael and Isabel might have looked the other way if Liz or any of the others had ended up in the hospital, but now they were here, huddled and comforting each other over a shared pain. Even Jim Valenti, their once enemy, was here, seeming to be as upset as he would be if it was his own child in there.

“When can we see her?” Maria added.

“They said after she gets some rest,” Michael replied.

“What room is she in?” Max asked suddenly.

“Max, I don’t think you should—“

“What…room…” he repeated, making Jim stop talking.

Michael looked at Valenti before saying finally, “210. Second floor.”

Max nodded and headed toward the elevator. Waiting for the doors to open, he climbed on and pushed the button for the second floor. The ride up was slow and taking forever, making Max pace the small confinement. When the bell dinged and the door reopened, he dashed out, going to the right, looking at all the door numbers.

By the time he reached number 207, his heart was thumping and his palms were sweaty. Rounding on room 208, Max ran his hands through his hair and upped his pace, passing by room 209. The next door on his left was it, was Liz’s room.

Stopping right outside the cracked door, Max took in a deep breath and slowly blew it back out, putting his hand on the door and pushing it open. The hinges squeaked as it slowly moved and Max looked around, quickly pushing it open the rest of the way and slipping in before shutting it tight behind him.

The room was dark as Max spun around and his eyes took in the room, noticing that Liz had to be on the other side of the curtain. Walking toward it, he felt like the trip took hours, when in reality he was close enough to touch the blue separator in a matter of seconds. He could hear beeping from machines and wondered if they were there to help keep her alive or just find out what was wrong.

Reaching out with a shaky hand, Max’s mind suddenly screamed for him to turn around. After rushing to get here, he suddenly wanted to be anywhere but here. If he didn’t see her, he could still stay in a bubble of denial, sorta like Kyle was. See no hurt, she won’t be hurt. She could still be at home and he could be at his, laying on the bed and staring at the ceiling, racking his brain for ways to make her forgive him and take him back.

Steeling himself, Max forced all that away and gripped the curtain. Liz was here and there was nothing he could do about it now except find out what was wrong and get her out. Pushing the curtain back some and walking around it, Max steeled himself and stopped when Liz came into view.

Her face was pale and she laid limp while needles and other machines were hooked up to her, beeping and glowing as they worked. Her eyes were shut and she didn’t even move when Max walked closer, bringing the chair he passed with him.

Placing it right beside her bed, Max stayed upright, not knowing what to do next. Every fiber of his being was calling out for her, but he hesitated, not knowing if touching her would help or make it worse; she looked fragile enough to break.

Not being able to fight it any longer, Max reached out and lightly ran his finger down the side of her face while taking her hand into his free one. Liz still didn’t react and he moved closer, cupping her face and stroking her cheek with his thumb. Her skin felt cold and damp and Max’s hands shook as he tried to keep some control.

He was itching to release his power and heal her completely, but doing so now, while he was still in dark about what happened to her and she was still in the hospital’s care, it would be a mistake. A number of things could go wrong and make everything worse.

“Liz…I’m here, baby,” Max whispered, leaning in to kiss her lips softly before squeezing her hand reassuringly. Given her thoughts of him right now, he wasn’t sure if she would be happy after getting that knowledge or more upset, but it didn’t matter. He wasn’t leaving.

The heavens above couldn’t make him leave her side right now.

“He’s been back there for over an hour,” Isabel said softly.

“Is that good or bad?” Kyle asked, his voice also hushed.

Maria was only a few feet away from them and neither wanted to upset the poor girl more. She was still pacing, her movements jerky and unsettling as she craned her neck to keep her eyes on the door the whole time.

Isabel shrugged her shoulders and answered, “it could mean a number of things…he’s healing her now or already has and is trying to regain his strength or he can’t heal her and…” She trailed off, glancing over at Maria quickly before adding, “I’m sure it’s the first one. Max has done healed her and is just resting.”

“You’re sure?” Kyle asked.

“I’m sure,” Isabel said with conviction, her voice steady and loud, but her eyes danced around slightly with a nervous twitch.

“It’s taking too long!” Maria suddenly exclaimed, turning toward them. “And by the way, I can hear you.” Kyle looked away quickly and glanced at the clock while Isabel just looked down. “It’s not like I’m not already thinking the same things,” Maria added finally.

“Maybe dad will come back with some good news,” Kyle offered.

“Michael said he’d see what he could do too,” Isabel added.

Maria nodded and wrapped her arms around herself. “Yeah…they’ll find out something…”

Isabel shared a glance with Kyle before saying, “how about we go and grab something to drink.”

“No…I’m good,” Maria said softly before going back to pace.

Kyle, taking her elbow, added, “by the time you get back, Michael and dad will be back too.”

“But…but…” Giving up, Maria let him pull her away while Isabel followed close behind, casting a quick look at the doors herself.

Jim Valenti graciously took the chart and signed it, casting his eyes to the left quickly as he watched Michael jog down the hallway. Through careful ‘investigation’, they had found out that Liz’s room was due to be checked in less then 10 minutes and Max was still somewhere back there.

The nurses’ station was starting to take names now on who would be allowed back to see Liz due to her ‘condition’. Putting all of their names on the list, Jim handed it back and looked to his left once more, seeing that Michael was on his way up in the elevator.


Sticking his head out of the doors, Michael looked both ways before stepping off of the elevator and into the empty hallway. The coast was clear and he took off, checking the number on every door he passed. Finally finding the right room, Michael cast one last look both ways before pushing open the door and slipping in, cringing when it squeaked.

No sooner then he had entered the room did Michael find himself face to face with Max. “It’s me,” he said quickly.

Max relaxed visibly and sighed. “You scared the shit out of me,” he hissed before turning around and heading back toward Liz’s bed.

“Yeah, well, you did it to us too. They’re gonna be coming by any minute to check on Liz,” Michael told him. Getting close enough to see her clearly, he stopped.

“They’re only gonna find out that everything is the same.” Max sat down in the chair by the bed and took Liz’s hand back into his, holding it right under his chin.

“Is she…” Michael trailed off, not knowing what to say. Liz looked to be simply sleeping, but there was something about her, about the way that she was laying that made him think differently.

“She’s out cold,” Max said finally. “It’s like I can feel her, but I can’t.”

“Is she healable?” That was the real question. Could Max heal her?

Max sighed and ran his free hand through his hair. “I don’t --… it’s not like I know what’s wrong with her. If I did then…maybe, but now it’s useless to even try. Not to mention that fact that the doctors would know that something was up if she was just suddenly all better.”

Michael looked at his friend and sighed. Max was clearly under a lot of stress and pressure; and that was before Liz got hurt. This last straw was slowly unraveling the delicate hold he had left, and it was visibly starting to pick up speed. Max was pale himself and his eyes were lifeless, like he was physically lying beside Liz in the bed, and Michael figured his was in spirit.

Taking one last look at Liz, Michael told Max, “we should go. We’re not even supposed to be in here.”

“No,” Max answered, not moving one inch.

“Max…come on, we can come back after she’s been checked out. Maybe they’ll find something.”

He still didn’t seem convinced so Michael took Max by the arm and gently steered him away from Liz’s bed, watching with a heavy conscious when Max only let go of Liz’s hand when it was necessary. He felt bad for making him leave her, but they could get into trouble if they were caught here.

The ride back down was quiet and Michael kept stealing glances at Max, getting more worried with every passing minute. When the elevator stopped, he got off without a word and walked toward the waiting room, making Michael sigh again. Following, he watched as Max simply looked at the others before taking the seat closest to the double doors. Isabel was instantly at his side, trying to get him to tell her what happened. Kyle stood a few feet nearby, also hoping to get some information, but it was clear that Max wasn’t going to talk.

Maria, glancing at Max quickly before making her way over to Michael asked, “What happened? Did he heal her?” Michael paused a beat before shaking his head ‘no’. Maria’s face fell and she stepped back, trying in vain to control her tears.

Isabel and Kyle, noticing Maria’s look, left Max and finally came over to Michael. Maria gave them all a small nod before walking away and over to sit down beside Max. Michael, Isabel, and Kyle all watched as she spoke a few soft words to him and Max acknowledge her, saying one or two words back. Then they hugged and Michael realized how close they both were to losing the most important person in their lives.

“He couldn’t do it, could he?” Isabel asked softly.

“He doesn’t know what’s wrong.”

“He can’t find out?” Kyle added.

Michael looked away from his girlfriend and best friend before saying, “Liz isn’t responding to their connection…she’s too far gone.”

“That was Mr. Parker,” Jim told the others, walking away from the nurses’ station and back into the waiting room.

“Are they on the way?” Maria asked softly from her spot curled up against her mother. Amy DeLuca had realized a few hours earlier that Maria had never came home and contacted Jim, who told the older DeLuca woman about the newest developments.

Her and Sean were there in less than 20 minutes.

“As soon as they can get a flight back.”

“I’m sure Nancy is having a heart attack,” Amy added.

“Do they know what could be wrong with her?” Sean asked from his spot leaning against the wall near the exit.

Maria, Isabel, Kyle, and Jim all shared a look. Usually, Max handled these kinds of questions, but he wasn’t there. Isabel, after hours of pleading and finally ordering him, actually got Max to go home and get a few hours of sleep. She had reasoned with him, saying that he wasn’t any help if he couldn’t even keep his eyes open. Plus someone had to go home and see their parents before they blew their tops.

Max, in return, argued that someone had to be there in case it got worse and Liz needed to be healed quickly. Finally it was bargained down that Isabel would stay so that she could keep an eye on Liz and Michael would go with Max so that he would be available while Max slept.

It still took over half an hour to actually get him into the Jetta.

“Um…we haven’t been told anything,” Isabel said finally. She stood up and walked past Maria, giving her a look before she left the waiting room.

Maria, seeing it, slowly pulled away from her mother. “I’ll be back in a sec,” she said casually, getting up to follow Isabel. After walking down to the end of the hallway, she spotted the other girl standing by the water fountain. “Hey…”

Isabel, checking to make sure that no one was looking, said, “We’re going up to Liz’s room.”

Not needing to be told twice, Maria added, “Then lets go,” as she walked toward the elevator. They pressed the button and waited for it to come back down.

“So…” Twirling her hair as casually as possibly, Maria asked, “is there a reason we’re sneaking up after we told Max it was a bad idea – not that I don’t wanna see Lizzie, cause I do – I’m just curious.”

The bell dinged and the door opened, letting both girls go in. “I think I can find out what exactly Tess did to Liz,” Isabel said as the doors shut.


Coming from around the corner right beside the elevator, Sean watched as the doors slid shut tightly and the numbers started to turn green as it moved upward.

Tess? Max’s new girlfriend? What the hell did she have to do with Liz being in the hospital? Did she do something to Liz?! Did Max know? Shaking his head, Sean vowed to beat the living shit out of him if he did know.

Contemplating it for a beat, he scratched at his nose and looked for the stairway. Seeing a door marked ‘fire exit’, he opened it and grinned when he saw the stairs going upward.

Casually walking past Ms. DeLuca, Kyle nodded at her in politeness and headed for his dad, who was hanging up the pay phone. “Hey.”

“Kyle,” his dad replied, rubbing at his brow. “Freakin’ Hanson…evidently Ms. Evans called the police when she woke up and found Isabel and Max missing.”

“Yeah, ok, speaking of ‘missing’, what are we gonna do about Tess?” Kyle asked suddenly. “It’s not like we can say she’s on vacation or something.”

Jim nodded after a beat and added, “I guess…we’ll just tell people that she went to go live with an aunt or something. I mean, it was easy enough to rationalize her ‘father’ away.”

“I guess…” Kyle agreed finally.

Jim looked at his son and asked, “Is that all you’re thinking about?”

“Yes. Well, no, I mean, of course I’m thinking about other things but…no, that’s not it.” Taking in a deep breath, Kyle admitted finally. “I am so mad at her dad. I can’t even put it into words. She had me help get rid of his body! Alex was like…he was -- you kinda bond after being stuck in a cave for a couple hours…”

“I know, Kyle…I know. We were all used.”

“No, dad, you don’t know. I actually…I thought I was falling for her, but she made me deny it so that she could be with Evans,” he spat out. “How could I feel anything for someone like that?!”

Without waiting for his father to answer, Kyle mumbled something about needing air and walked away, leaving Jim to excuse his sons behavior to Amy, who sat with wide eyes.

“Do you really think it’ll work?” Maria asked softly, opening the door to Liz’s room and creeping in. The door squeaked some and Isabel sighed, waving her hand over it to stop the noise.

“She’s basically asleep,” she told Maria once the door was shut. “I don’t see why I couldn’t dream walk her.”

Maria nodded and led the way over to Liz’s bed, whimpering softly when she saw her best friend just lying there. Taking Liz’s hand into hers, she whispered, “we’re gonna help you Lizzie.”

Standing beside Maria, Isabel closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, trying to clear her mind and push all thoughts away. Stretching her neck, she finally opened her eyes and saw that Maria had pulled the chair up behind her.

“So you can be comfortable,” she explained. “You might have to, um…be in there…a while.”

Isabel smiled sadly and nodded. Looking down at Liz, she said suddenly, “did I thank you?” her voice soft. “Cause if not, I do want to. You could have just let us go and…”

“We would never do that,” Maria replied, her voice just as soft as she walked around to the other side of the bed. “We’re family Iz. Just think of me as your wacky cousin.”

Isabel laughed softly and asked, “Does Sean count to?”

“Naw. He’s adopted anyway,” Maria said casually, trying to hold back a grin but failing.

Isabel laughed once more before growing serious again. Maria, acknowledging that it was time, sighed, leaned in and hugged Liz the best way she could. Coming back up, she stepped away some and nodded.

Isabel slowly took Liz’s hand into hers and looked down at it, imaging that she could feel the blood rushing through the other girls veins, that she could feel her breath in her own lungs, imagining that Liz’s body was her body. Since she didn’t have a picture, she needed to open a formal connection, and she had never done that with anyone other then her brother and Michael.

Letting her eyes drift closed as she neared the state of mind she needed to dream walk, Isabel looked back up and froze, seeing a form standing right beside Maria and gazing down at Liz, their own hand on her stomach. Dropping Liz’s hand, Isabel came flying back to reality with a thud and gasped.

“Isabel?” Maria asked worriedly, looking between her and Liz.

“Did – did you see…” Trying to gather her thoughts, Isabel searched her brain for a thought on what just happened.

“Isabel…what happened?”

“I don’t know…” she admitted softly, staring at the spot where the figure had stood.

“Ok, either you made a connection or not; which was it?” Maria asked. When the other girl didn’t respond, she added, “you’re really starting to freak me out here.”

“Me too…”

“Isabel!” Maria exclaimed. “What happened?!”

Isabel opened her mouth to answer but stopped when the room’s door opened. With wide eyes, Maria latched onto Isabel’s arm and pulled her toward the bathroom, but it was too late.

They had been spotted.

“What are you doing in here?” the nurse asked, looking at them.

“Uh…” Maria faltered and said weakly, “visiting?”

The young nurse stared at them a moment before rolling her eyes and shaking her head to side to side, making her red curls fly around. “They really need to inform us up here when they start to accept visitors. It’s happened 3 times this week!”

Maria cast a quick look at Isabel quickly before adding, “yeah, I can see. It is a very busy hospital…”

The nurse nodded and walked over to Liz, reading all the numbers on the machines and getting ready to take her blood pressure. “More busy then ya think. We had a jumper come in here this morning – it was drastic.”

“I can see,” Isabel said, repeating what Maria said earlier. Walking back over to the bed, they nudged at each other a few times, trying to decide who was going to ask. When the nurse was finally done taking Liz’s blood pressure, Isabel nudged Maria one more time, making her jump forward some.

“So, um, can you update us on her condition any?” Maria asked, trying to ignore her almost-trip.

“Lets see…” Picking up the ledger and scanning it, she mumbled softly to herself.

Maria mimicked grabbing it up out of her hands and Isabel exclaimed, “Just brief us, you know. What’s wrong and how she’s going to get better.”

“Sorry,” she added sheepishly. “I was just running it all through my mind. They never put these things in plain English. Ok, your friend is doing ok now. She’s stabilized and, thankfully, no harm was done to the baby. But she’s going to have to remember to be more careful from now on.”

Maria nodded thoughtfully. “Yeah, she wouldn’t want to hurt the…” Trailing off, she left her mouth open. “What did you say?” she asked softly.

“Her and the baby are ok now, though we’re not really sure what happened. Her blood pressure was off the charts at one point then jumped down—“

“No, no, no – the other part. The part about her being pregnant,” Maria added.

“Which is wrong,” Isabel said, finally being able to find her voice.

“Totally wrong,” Maria exclaimed.

Looking back down at the chart, the nurse added, “3 weeks pregnant. It’s all here.”

Isabel and Maria both gazed at Liz, their eyes going to her stomach as they stared. “Ha, no, no. Liz is not having a baby. I mean, she’s a virgin!”


“You’re chart is wrong,” Maria added.

“I’m sure—“

“She’s not pregnant.”

“It says it right here.”

“Then you’re reading it wrong.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are,” Maria challenged.

Getting agitated, the nurse threw back, “I know how to read and it says right here that she is indeed pregnant.”

“Gimmie that.” Maria snatched the file and read it quickly, the color draining from her face. “Oh my god…Liz is pregnant!!”


Max’s eyes flew open and he sat straight up in the bed and started to stand up, knocking Michael in the head, who had dozed off himself with the phone lying on his chest. His sleep had been restless and Max looked around, trying to remember where he was. Realizing why he had woken up, he kicked Michael hastily, not even taking the time to wake him up properly.

“Hey,” he complained, climbing up from the floor slowly. “Watch—“

“Get up,” Max ordered, snatching up his outer shirt. “We gotta get back to the hospital.”

“Did they call?” Michael added, moving quicker as he slipped on his boots.

“No. But Liz needs me,” Max said with conviction.


Maria was pacing the room, praying to whomever while Isabel continued to stare down at Liz’s stomach. Wringing her hands, Maria said, “I can not believe she didn’t tell me about this! I mean, fine, lie to me about Kyle, it was lie anyway – but this, oh…I could hurt her if she wasn’t pregnant and already hurt!!”

Isabel, reaching her hand out slowly, pulled it back before asking, “who – whose do you think it is? It’s obviously not Max’s.”

Maria stopped her pacing suddenly and looked hard at Liz. “She’s been dating…I’m gonna kill him! How could that asshole take advantage of Liz in her dark time and sleep with her!! I mean, he was staying with me and—“

“Sean?” Isabel asked, realizing how much it could be true. Liz had been sorta seeing him.

Maria clenched her fist and said in a deadly voice, “he is going to pay for this…” Hearing a voice in the hallway, she stopped and then rushed out the doorway.

Isabel let her go, returning her gaze to Liz’s stomach. In her vision, if she could even call it that, someone was placing a hand over her stomach, but were they trying to help or harm her?

Knowing that there was only one sure way to find out, Isabel reached her hand back out and gently placed it over Liz’s abdomen, taking in a deep breath and closing her eyes.

Michael saw Max break out into a dead run and upped his jog, coming round the last bend before they would hit Liz’s room. Hearing the commotion before he saw it, he instantly recognized Maria’s voice.

Her high pitched, very angry voice.

Max slowed down a margin and Michael could finally see what was going on. Maria was going off on Sean, who she had backed up to the wall not far from Liz’s room.

But why it was going on was still a mystery.

“You are a low life scum, you hear me? How could you do this to her?! I’m going to hurt you so bad that you won’t even be able to walk! And Michael’s gonna kick your ass too! And you don’t even want to know what Max is going to do to you!!”

Guessing that it had something to do with Liz, Michael raced up to them, pulling Maria back out of his face. Max stopped briefly too, but it was obvious that he wanted to go to Liz.


“Kick his ass, Michael,” she added. “Or, better yet, just let me get my hands on him!” She lunged toward him and Michael had to pull her away again.

“What is going on?” he demanded, looking toward Sean.

“Hell if I know. She just attacked me, saying I did something to Liz!” he replied. Max completely turned his attention to them then, looking toward Maria for answers.

Maria, scoffing, pushed Michael away and said with venom, “you very well know what you did.” With every word she inched her way back toward Sean. “Liz is lying in that bed now, pregnant because of you!”

All three guys froze, different degrees of shock on their face. Michael stared at Maria for a beat before looking at Max, already knowing what he was going to find. First hurt, which was already there: he looked like a lost little child after watching their favorite pet get hit by a car. Then would come denial, which was when Max started to shake his head.

And, finally, anger.

Max’s jaw suddenly set and his eyes blazed. Michael took a step back and pulled Maria also, who was still ranting on to a shocked Sean. Counting it down, Michael watched as Max pulled his fist back and made contact with the other guys jaw.

Sean was down in an instant.

Shit,” he cursed, reaching up to hold his bloody mouth.

“Serves you right,” Maria added. Looking at Max, she added, “you’re still not off the hook though – ya did the same thing.” He nodded and she seemed satisfied with him enough to turn back to her cousin. “But you—“

“Sean’s not the father.”

Michael, Max, Maria, and Sean all turned to see Isabel walking slowly down the hallway, her face pale and her legs shaking slightly. Michael instantly went to help her.

“He didn’t do it,” she added to Maria.

Sean, slowly picking himself off of the floor and keeping a weary eye on Max, said, “that’s what I was gonna to say.”

Everyone ignored him and focused on Isabel. “Who is then?” Maria asked.

Isabel swallowed and gazed at them all before letting her eyes rest on Max, who was standing stiffly. “I’m not sure, but whoever it is…they’re not from around here.”

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Author’s notes- Ok, I gave to give huge props to Jennifer (BordersInsanity) for this part!! If it wasn’t for help, I’d probably still be sitting at my computer, pulling my hair out and crying ‘what do I write? What do I write?!!!’ You’re the best Jennifer!!
And, also, the song I use in this part is ‘It Must Have Been Love’ by Roxette – I know, I know, it’s so old, but the song is a fav of mine and it fit perfectly!!

PART 3 ~
Michael paced in front of Isabel, his strides wide and long. Maria, watching his every movement, jerked her head from side to side as she tried to keep up.

Kyle, also watching from his spot slouched down in a seat, exclaimed suddenly, “would you stop?!”

Halting in his steps, Michael ran his hands through his hair in annoyance. “You had to see wrong.”

Isabel, who was sitting a few seats down from Kyle, looked up and
said in a controlled voice, “I know what I saw. Liz is pregnant, the baby is
an alien, and the father is a Royal.”

“But Max never…he said they never did anything,” Jim pointed out.

Isabel sighed and rubbed her temples. “I know, I know…but I also know what I saw.”

Trying to be delicate, Maria added, “we know that Liz is pregnant, but…maybe with all that’s going on, maybe you just think you saw it.”

“You did say you could only connect once,” Michael added.

Getting angry, Isabel stood up and said, “I know how to form a connection! Someone was standing over her, touching her stomach and when I connected there was a royal seal on the baby’s head.”

“There ya go. They made you see it,” Michael answered.

Shaking her head, Isabel looked around the room and stopped on Jim. “Sheriff…you believe me, don’t you?”

Caught on the spot, Jim sighed and said finally, “there is some possibility of it not being anything, but if you say you saw it—“

“I did,” Isabel said with conviction.

“Then I’m behind you,” he finished. “But I think we also need to focus on the fact that you saw someone standing over Liz.”

“What if it was Tess?” Maria asked, her voice full of dread.

Isabel shaking her head, answered, “I don’t think it was Tess…I couldn’t really see who it was, but I didn’t feel like they wanted to hurt her either.”

“But that doesn’t really help us, does it?” Michael mumbled.

Kyle, jumping out of his seat, suddenly exclaimed, “I got it!”

“Got what?” Maria asked.

“Ok, we’ve been going about this all wrong. Max says they didn’t do it, so ok, but the baby is an alien. And we can cross Michael out, right?”

“Right,” Maria said quickly, not even giving anyone a chance to say anything.

“Which puts us back a square one,” Isabel told him.

Kyle, smiling, shook his head. “Am I the only one who remembers that there are 2 other male, royal aliens running around?”

“Zan and Rath…” Isabel whispered, picking up on his train of thought.

“You think that Liz had a relationship with this Zan?” Jim asked.

“Or maybe Rath,” Kyle added.

“No; no way. Kissing him was one thing, but Liz did not sleep with him,” Maria commented.

“Hold up – Liz actually kissed Rath?” Michael exclaimed.

“On the lips?” Isabel asked, slightly distracted too.

Flipping their comments off, Maria told them, “he kissed her and she thought it was Michael. Anyway—“

“She thought it was me?!”

“Hello – potential danger to my best friend here. That will wait.”

“It couldn’t have been Zan -- He’s dead…Rath and Lonnie killed him. At least that’s what Ava said,” Isabel added, ignoring Michael. She remembered the night that Liz had connected with her to save Max while he was in New York. “We have to think back to what she was doing three weeks ago. Where was she and who was she with.”

“She was researching Alex’s death,” Maria added, her voice showing some of her regret. Maybe if she had listened to Liz in the first place, they wouldn’t be here. “She wasn’t interested in anyone or anything other than finding out what really happened to Alex.“

“We have to be missing something here then,” Kyle commented, sending all of them into a silence as they thought.


Slowly walking through the door, Max kept his eyes downward as he moved more into the room. Concentrating extra hard on moving the chair closer to the bed, he still couldn’t look up. Fighting to keep some control, he forced the words out of his mouth, intending to do what he had come to do.

“I know I have no right to be angry or upset, or even hurt, but I do. My chest literally feels like it’s caving in and…and I can’t breathe,” he whispered. Taking in a deep breath and looking up, he focused his eyes onto her face. “But the worse part of it is that I know this is how I made you feel when I so…so casually told you about me and Tess.”

Closing his mouth quickly as a bile taste formed in his throat, he swallowed and plunged on, his voice shaking more and more with each word.

“I can’t even…it hurts so much and I just wanna scream, but I know I deserve this. I deserve this and much more for making you feel even a drop of what I’m going through now. Just the thought of you and someone else…being like that…” Not being able to finish his sentence, Max had to look away from her face, the image becoming blurred as his eyes tried to hold back his tears.

Focusing on the floor once more, he added softly, “I always assumed you’d be my first…even before this all happened, before the shooting even, I wanted it to be you. I’ve been preparing myself for a life with you for as long as I can remember. Tess…she…” His voice turned bitter as he continued on. “She used me, tricked me into doing what she wanted and killed Alex. And all the whole I was oblivious to what was really going on around me; all of us were.”

Looking back at her face, Max added more gently, “except you. You saved my life Liz. You saved Michael and Isabel…you saved us all. Maria, she um, she told me what happened with, I think she called him ‘Future Max’.” Trying to explain what he was feeling, Max took her hand into his. “You didn’t have to go through that alone. I am so amazed with how you handled it all…what you gave up, what I made you give up…I could never do that. If someone had come to me and said I needed to let you go, I would’ve told them what I’m about to tell you.”

Taking a deep breath, Max whispered emotionally, “You’re the love of my life, Liz. I will never love anyone like I love you. You’re everything to me and I don’t care if I have to work my entire life, but I will prove to you that me and Tess…I never wanted that. If I could go back and erase time, I would. I wouldn’t think twice about jumping into the Granolith and changing it all.”

Pausing to control his voice, Max added finally, “I want this to be my baby so bad…but I know it’s not. You will never know how much I want to have a family with you, just to be with you and love you.”

Stopping again, Max reached out and gently stroked her face. “My life started when you noticed me and I know I’ve made some mistakes – a lot of them actually, but I love you. God, Liz…I’ve felt so lost and disoriented these last few weeks…I’ll never be able to forgive myself for…for what I did to you…”

Leaning in to lovingly kiss her forehead, Max whispered, “I love you Liz.” Staring down at her face, he finally sat back down, her hand still clasped in his, and got comfortable.

He wasn’t leaving anytime soon.

His hand itched with the urge to connect and Max shortly found himself reaching out with his mind. He hadn’t even thought to do so, it just happened. It was if his ‘power’ was reaching for her, begging to be taken in. The heady sensation of their connection flowed over Max and he reveled in it, having not felt it lately. It had been so long since he got to feel Liz like this, got to feel her with every cell of his being like their connection let them.

An overpowering burst of love radiated off of Liz and then, just as quickly as the connection had flared up, it was shut back down. A slight sizzle flew up his arm and Max pulled back, realizing that something was blocking him, not letting him in.

Or, maybe, it was someone.

His eyes drifted down to her stomach and he swallowed, wondering if her baby was causing the shutdown between him and Liz. Isabel had finally gotten in earlier, so why couldn’t he? Would the baby block him specifically because he wasn’t the father?

Anger and a deep hurt flew through him and Max forced his eyes away, taking in a deep breath and rubbing his neck. He could not get like this. He did the same exact thing to Liz and if he could dish it out, he can take it.

No matter how much it hurt.

But, one thing he was not going to take, was not being able to connect to Liz. Contemplating it once more, Max slowly reached out and placed his hand over Liz’s stomach, not bothering to move the sheet out of the way. Taking in another deep breath and blowing it out of his nose, he closed his eyes and forced a connection.

As soon as he did, Max took in a quick breath and squeezed his eyes shut, a shocked expression playing on his face. One main thought burst through the confusion and shock radiating all through his body.

‘What the hell…’

“There’s got to be something missing we’re here,” Michael repeated after the whole group had been sitting there in silence for a few minutes.

“You are missing something.”

Everyone turned around to see Max coming out of the hallway that lead to Liz’s room. His eyes were wide and he looked a little pale.

“What do you mean we are? What do you know? Is she awake?” Maria was on a roll with the questions.

“Maria! Let him speak will you,” Isabel snapped, immediately feeling sorry when Maria looked down. “Sorry,” she added. Maria simply nodded.

“Ok…go ahead Max. Enlighten us, will ya,” Michael said.

Raking a shaky hand through his hair, Max started out slowly. “I tried to form a connection with Liz to find out…I’m not sure what, but I did anyway. I couldn’t do it because someone was blocking me.” He paused to take in everyone’s expression and mask over his own. “The baby was blocking me from reaching Liz. I then, um…I connected to the baby.”

“You got in?” Jim asked.

Max nodded. “It’s ok…Liz is ok. They just needed to get some rest.”

Maria had had enough. “What do you mean they’re ok? They just needed some rest. You haven’t told us anything that the doctors haven’t told us already!”

“Maria.” Michael had put his hand on her arm for her to be quiet and listen to what else Max had to say.

“Did you get anything else from the baby?” Maria couldn’t keep quiet. This was her best friend here.

“It’s a boy. It’s about three weeks old…”

“And?” Isabel added, getting edgy for answers herself. The already knew about the 3 weeks part.

Max took in a deep breath and looked down, as if he was ashamed to look any of them in the eye. “It’s mine,” he answered, practically whispering.

“Excuse me?” Kyle asked, eyeing Max.

“It’s mine,” Max repeated, a little more louder this time. Everyone in the room was shocked into silence with their mouths open slightly.

Isabel, regaining her voice first, asked softly, “Max, did -- did you and

“No,” he answered quickly. “I haven’t even kissed her since that time in Whitaker’s office – well, once in the jeep before we left, but that’s all.”

“Then how the hell is the baby yours?” Kyle exclaimed suddenly. This was unbelievable. He was making it sound like Liz was some kind of a ‘Virgin Mary’.

“I don’t know,” Max threw back, his voice just as loud and emotional as Kyle’s. “I don’t know, ok. If I had an answer for this, I’d tell you,” he added, more quietly this time.

Maria, blinking her eyes rapidly as she fought for some control, asked softly, “So that’s it? Liz is pregnant by you and we all just except it?”

“Maria…” Michael said.

“What are we gonna do about this?” she asked, standing up.

“Do about it?” Isabel asked in confusion.

“Yes, do about it. Tess was going to die because she was pregnant, you think Liz is gonna survive it?”

“There’s nothing we can do now,” Michael admitted finally.

Looking around the room before resting her eyes on Max, Maria asked, “Will she survive this?”

Not answering, Max looked down. Maria shook her head and whispered, “I need some air,” before rushing from the room. Michael got up and went after her, but not before giving Max a specific look. Max, seeing it, glanced away quickly.

“Liz is gonna get hurt, isn’t she?” Kyle asked.

“I don’t know,” Max admitted after a few moments.

“You don’t know, that’s great. Just great. I hope you’re happy,” he added, walking up to stand in front of him. “This is all your fault. First ya bed Tess then Liz. Maybe next time you’ll learn to keep it in your pants.”

“Kyle! That’s enough,” Jim yelled.

Shaking his head, Kyle exited also. Jim, walking over to Max, added, “he’s just upset over…I’m sure he didn’t mean it.” Then he left also, leaving Max alone with Isabel.

“It’s gonna be ok—“

“How, how is it gonna be ok?” Max exploded, taking all his anger and frustrations out on her. “Liz could die because she’s carrying my baby! When I first found out…god, Isabel, I was happy. I was freakin’ happy because it was actually mine.” Shaking his head, Max bit out, “ Kyle’s right. This is all my fault.”

“Max…” Isabel felt for her brother. She didn’t know what to do to help, but knew she had to try something. “It’s not your fault.”

Ignoring her statement, Max sat down and said warily, “I wanna be alone.”

Swallowing, Isabel nodded and left the room.

Walking around the vast room, Liz lightly grazed her hands over things, watching as the fabric hanging down from her wrist followed gently. Her pure white, silk gown flowed down her body, flaring out under her chest and reaching down past her feet.

It was simply the most beautiful dress she had ever seen.

Taking her hand off of the high-back chair, Liz wandered back to the middle of the room, still taking in everything. The last thing she remembered was being dropped off at her apartment by Kyle, then blacking out on the way up the stairs, only to wake up here.

And she didn’t exactly know where ‘here’ was.

It was large, one space room. Large chandeliers hung all around, lighting the room dimly from high above, the real light for the room coming from the many candles placed about. There were large tables on both sides of the room filled with fruits and some meat’s, plus a few items Liz didn’t recognize. At the top of the room there was a long table with chairs along the back of it, but the main 2 in the center were the ones that really caught her attention.

They were bigger, had tall backs and were a deep purple. Instead of wood lining, like all the others, they seemed to be made from gold.

“It’s like being at the Prince’s ball in Cinderella,” Liz whispered, taking another look around the room.

“A ball indeed,” a voice said from behind her.

Spinning around, Liz placed a hand over her heart and stared at the table, spotting the older women sitting beside one of the taller chairs. Smiling, she stood up, her long purple gown flowing as she walked around the table and out toward Liz.

Watching her, Liz couldn’t help but think that she looked oddly familiar. Her long, blond hair hung down her back in a braid and she seemed to walk with an air of knowledge, an air of royalty.

Reaching her, the older lady looked her up and down fondly before saying, “I’ve never been more proud of him. He chose wisely.”

Confused, Liz asked, “chose--…where am I?”

Smiling, the older lady answered, “my son’s ball. He has chosen his wife and has a son on the way.”

“Son…wife…” Liz shook her head, trying not to get upset. Max, she was talking about Max. Or, actually, Max and Tess. Of course, she gets to dream she’s Tess. How nice. Like that isn’t going to just hurt her even more when she wakes up.

Doesn’t her conscious self know anything?

“You are upset? Liz, dear, don’t get worked up.”

Looking up suddenly, Liz realized that she had been called by her own name. She was dreaming that she was marring Max? “I’m…Max chose me?”

Smiling, the woman added, “Love conquers all that is bad. Remember that.” Then she was gone.

“Wait – hey!”

“Nice intro.”

Spinning around once more, Liz was shocked to find Alex standing there, clad in a dark tux, leaned up against a side table while chewing on something she didn’t recognize. “Ugh…bland,” he complained, tossing it back down and wiping his hands on his pants. “So…all I get is a ‘hey’?”

Coming out of her shock, Liz ran to him at full speed, crushing her body up against his. The tears flowed from her eyes as she cried, still clinging to him. “Alex…oh god…”

“Hey,” he said, pushing her back gently. “You’re gonna hurt yourself there – and ruin my outfit in the process. Spiffy, huh?” Seeing that she was crying, he turned serious and reached up, wiping her tears away. “Don’t cry Lizzie.”

“Don’t cry,” she choked out. “You’re gone…we’ll never get to talk, or see each other, or even just hang out together again.”

“But that doesn’t mean I’m not still around. Cause I am.”

She stared up at him for a few minutes before hugging him close once more. “Promise,” Liz added.

Alex smiled. “I promise. You can’t get rid of me so quickly.”

Laughing softly, Liz pulled back some and wiped at her face. “God, I…I can’t even dream about you without losing it. And this is one weird dream.” Thinking back some, she asked, “did I just dream about Max and Isabel’s mom?”

“Um…not exactly…”

“How…how do I know that I’m dreaming?” Liz added, feeling a ball of dread forming in her stomach. Up until now, she had pretty much been taking everything in like it was ok, but something was suddenly off.

“Well…you’re not exactly dreaming,” Alex said.

“I’m not...?”

“No…you’re, um, you’re sorta in Roswell Memorial right now.”

Taking a step back, Liz looked up and asked, “what’s going on?”

“Liz, now—“

“What. Is. Going. On,” she added, saying each word with deliberate control. The ball of dread in her stomach had suddenly tripled.

“Calm down. This isn’t good for you,” Alex said quickly.

“Why not?” When he didn’t answer quick enough, Liz added, “Alex, tell me!”

Looking down, he said softly, “The baby isn’t adjusted yet.”

Shocked, Liz gave a helpless laugh and repeated, “baby.”


Liz gasped and flew upward, wincing at the stinging sensation in her arm. Looking down at it groggily, she noticed the small tube going into her forearm and all the tape. Glancing around, she took in the room and all the medical equipment.

Roswell Memorial.

She was in the hospital?

“What…” she whispered, holding her head as a slight throb pounded in it. There was something she had to remember, something about a dream, but she couldn’t get a solid memory on it.

A sick feeling overtook her and Liz blanched, trying to crawl out of the bed and hold her head at the same time, but it was proving difficult. Nearly hitting the floor, Liz was about to pull herself back up when a set of arms suddenly enclosed around her waist and hoisted her back up, placing her back into the bed.

Groaning and closing her eyes, Liz noticed the sickness was slowly fading away and her head started to feel better also. Feeling gentle fingers lightly grazing her face, she opened her eyes and looked upward, a little shocked to see Max standing over her, his eyes looking down at her intensely.


“Shh…you need to rest,” he told her, his voice coming out thick.

“I’m fine,” Liz added, which was the truth. She was starting to feel a lot better. Trying to sit up, she felt a flush come over her face when Max reached around her quickly and placed his hand on her back, helping her up. His hand stayed there a few beats longer afterwards and they both looked at each other before he pulled it away.

“Thanks,” Liz told him finally. Max nodded and she swallowed, looking around the room first before asking, “why am I at the hospital?”

“Um…you fell down the steps,” Max told her.

Thinking back, Liz dimly remembered wavering on the steps up to her apartment.

“And um…Tess…she did something to you.”

Hearing Max’s hesitant and guilty voice, Liz was forced to relive the last few hours of her life. The knowledge of Alex’s killer, the final showdown between everyone, and everything that happened flashed past her eyes and Liz recoiled back from Max, trying to make it look casual.

“What did she do to me?”


Looking up at him, Liz could see the anger and confusion in his eyes, which only made her panic even more. “Max…tell me, please…”

Swallowing and looking down, Max nervously ran his hands through his hair before saying softly, “we’re not sure…but there’s something else you need to know about.” He cleared his throat and admitted finally, “you’re pregnant.”

Liz, staring at the top of his head, finally looked away, her eyes wide. “No…that’s not possible…I’m--…it’s not true.”

There was a long pause before Max added, “It’s true. The doctors confirmed it and me and Iz both connected to you.”

Liz held her breath and closed her eyes. Something was clicking in her mind, like a puzzle piece was being added.


A picture of him in a tux popped up. Alex told her something…something about a baby, maybe? Max and Isabel both saw it in a connection and the doctor confirmed it. It was true?

“Whose is it?”


“Whose?” she exclaimed. If it was true, she needed to know who the father was.

Max, still looking down, said finally, “mine.”

Gasping, Liz could feel the tears forming in her eyes. She was pregnant – yet still a virgin by her own knowledge – by the guy she loved who had also just gotten someone else pregnant.

*It must have been love, but it’s over now…*

“Get out.”

Max’s head shot up and he gazed at her. “What…”

*Lay a whisper on my pillow; leave the winter on the ground. I wake up lonely, there’s an air of silence in the bedroom and all around.*

“Get out; leave me alone,” Liz added, the pain in her heart tripling at the sound of his voice. The tears were blinding her to the point that she couldn’t even see now. Her chest felt tight and Liz felt like she could black out at any second. She couldn’t deal with the knowledge of this and him at the same time.

“Liz…” Max added, his voice coming out deep and full of anguish. “Please don’t do this…” He reached out to touch her, his hand tracing her cheekbone lightly.

*Touch me now, I close my eyes and dream away…*

Liz closed her eyes and let the tears run down her face as she felt his touch before she lost it completely. “Don’t touch me,” she shouted, pushing him away. “Don’t…” Her voice turned into sobs and she wrapped her arms around herself before adding, “Just go away…go away…” She didn’t even have to look up to know that he had left; she could hear the door shutting softly.

The sobs overtook her body then and Liz rocked back and forth, completely lost and hurt.

*It must have been love, but it’s over now. It must have been good, but I lost it somehow. It must have been love, but it’s over now.

From the moment we touched ‘til the time had run out.*


Max slide down to the floor right outside of Liz’s room, not trying to hold his emotions back anymore; he openly cried, hunched over onto his pulled up knees. His whole body shook with the force of his emotions, but he didn’t care.

*Make-believe that we’re together, that I’m sheltered by your heart. But in and outside I’ve turned to water, like a teardrop in your palm.*

Nothing mattered now except for the person, or actually, persons in the room behind him.

“Max…oh god, Max, what happened?”

*And it’s a hard winters day. I dream away…*

Looking up, Max could faintly make out Isabel’s face through his tears. As if she knew what had gone on, she pulled him close. He could hear some footfalls getting closer to them and guessed Maria and Michael were nearby also.

“Lizzie…” Maria whispered after a few seconds before rushing into the room to check on her friend. Michael stayed behind, standing over Isabel’s shoulder.

After a few moments, he said, “she’ll fix it.”

Max didn’t reply, if fact, he didn’t even acknowledge Michael’s presence. He just clung to Isabel and cried, wishing whole heartily that his friend was telling the truth, but fearing the worst.

*It must have been love, but it’s over now. It was all that I wanted; now I’m living without. It must have been love, but it’s over now.
It’s where the water flows.
It’s where the wind blows.*


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Thanks for pointing that out Woodwinds! I didn't see that blooper *big* I try to catch them, but a few get through -- as you can tell by reading my fics! LOL

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posted on 22-Sep-2001 5:34:04 PM by True Blue Healer much feedback!!! I am loving all of this *big*

Ok, I guess I should explain a few things here -- I think I have a few of you confused *smile* I don't want to give anything away, cause the best part of a fic is letting the facts and details unravel as you read, but this is pretty confusing, so I'll let a few things out.

First off, Maria isn't going to side with Max on this, let alone push Liz back with him. She, and a few others (who you wouldn't expect) will stand right by Liz's side. But you guys have to keep in mind that Max isn't really to blame for this -- you'll find out more about that later *wink* Tess did a LOT of mindwarping and, lets just say she got in over her head...

And the baby didn't block Max from Liz. It may have seemed that way, but, how do I say this...Liz, 'unavalible' at the moment. It's more then just the baby. Also, Max and Isabel's mother had NOTHING to do with Liz getting pregnant. Nor did Alex...they're just trying to 'help' Liz...

I hope that explained some things for ya!

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Thanks rollergal20 *big* I'm glad you like my story!

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There is no way that I would give up on this fic!! But it may be a while before I get a new part out -- I'm gonna say, um...around the middle of the month, end of the month at the latest.

See, I've got a job now plus all the shows are coming back on air soon -- I'm a teen-drama/sci freak. I watch just about all the WB shows, and now the new UPN shows *big* plus 'Dark Angel' on Fox -- it's a busy season for my VCR *smile* Anyway, after you add in all that plus time to hang out with my friends...well...time becomes a problem. I have come up with a plan though -- Sunday evenings are off limits to everything except writting *wink* That's my fanfic time!!

It works out good, except that I have about 4 fics going, so by the time I use all my Sundays up in a month, all my fics only get one new part a month...I'm still trying to work out the kinks in my 'plan'...

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It's funny that someone mentioned 'Maybe I Deserve' cause I was going through that fic today to re-read it and work on it!! I'm going to be posting parts 1-4 soon *big*

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Hi guys!! It's me, your little fan fic writer here *happy* I know I've been away for a while and haven't updated this fic in quite some time *sad* But I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm working on part 4.

Now, I'm not quiet sure when it'll be out (I mentioned earlier about aiming for the 'middle' of the month, but that's kinda out now) but it should be sometime later this month. I've been kinda busy with family and all over the place!! *bounce*

So, just thought 'd drop ya line a let you know I haven't given up on this fic. I wrote 2 pages on it today like a good little fanfic writer *big* *angel*
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I don't know when a new parts will be out. I'm still hoping for sometime this month, but I'm not sure. My head has got all these idea's rollin' around in it and that kinda makes it hard to sit down and write! Everything is too jumbled up there!! *happy*

I'm working my best to get a new part up though -- I just gotta write about 6 more pages and proof it then part 4 wil be done!! *big*
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I'm sorry guys, I know I'm taking FOREVER to update this fic, but I'm kinda stuck on how to exactly get the next part out -- I know what I want to happen, but I just can't seem to actually get it typed!!

I promise to try harder, but only so much gets written when all you can do is sit and stare at computer, twittling your thumbs *big*
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Micha -- finally, someone understands! lol *big*

I'm trying to get it out soon, I'm even working on it tonight and I'm taking my laptap(sp?) to my sisters' tomorrow when I babysitt. (can I just say that for a writer, a laptop is the most perfect thing in the world -- wordpad with wheels!!!! *wink*) Anyway, I'm trying thumb twittling is down to a they're just hovering over the keyboard *happy*
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I know, I know, it's been over 2 months since I posted a new part *sad* but I just can't seem to work on it. There's no way I'm gonna give up on this fic -- it's my fav idea yet, but it may be awhile before I get anything new written.

When this usually happens, all I have to do is work on another fic and completly ignore the one I'm having trouble with, then about 2 weeks or so later, I can sit down and work on it -- but so far...that hasn't worked with this fic! *sad*

I think it may be because S3 started and my fic is about an alternative S3, so I may be getting thrown off, I don't know. Either way, I am not giving up on this fic, so there will be a new part eventually!!!! *wink*
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You guys should be happy -- I sat down and wrote 3 pages on the new part last night!!! Now, since I make each part of this fic abou 12 or so pages, it may be awhile before I get finished, but hey -- it's a start!!!

So, I figured that since it's been so long since posted I would give ya'll a 'sneak-peak' at part 4!! Enjoy *big*

Staring down at the card for a few moments, Liz was slightly surprised when she heard footsteps behind her. Looking, she saw Maria and Kyle standing there.

“um…Max left those,” Maria said after a moment, looking at the flowers.

“yeah…I know.” Glancing at the card one last time, Liz placed it in her robe pocket.

“oh…it’s just that he didn’t sign them and…” Trailing off, Maria pushed her hair back.

Looking down, Liz shrugged and added, “he didn’t have to sign it…it’s Max.” Starting head back over to her bed, she walked slowly, not wanting to jar herself.

Quickly coming over to help her, Kyle nearly carried her back to bed after saying, “you shouldn’t be up.”

Getting situated, Liz thanked him then turned to Maria. “how long have I been here?”

Coming over to sit on the bed beside her, Maria explained, “2 days – the sedative the doctor gave you pretty much sent ya to la-la land.” Sharing a quick look with Kyle, she took her friends hand and asked gently, “sweetie…how much do you remember about the last few days?”

Glancing back over at the flowers sitting in the window, Liz was silent for a while. How much did she remember? How much could she forget?

She was pregnant with her ex-lover’s and his ex-‘s baby. They had just found out that Alex, a close friend of hers, had been murdered by someone they considered an allied, and she had also been scamming them all along.

Reaching into her pocket and pulling out the card, Liz re-read the inscription, letting the melody of the song it was from full her head. After Future-Max, she had played this song out, listening to it constantly, making it her anthem.

It stood for all she had lost, all she had given up to save the people she loved; to save earth. But she still lost it all. She lost Alex, she lost her heart, she lost the fantasy in her head that maybe, someday, her and Max could still be together.

Closing her eyes, Liz crimpled the card up in her fist and said softly, “I remember…I remember losing it all…” Feeling Maria’s arms come around her shoulders, Liz openly cried.

I wasn't sure on how to play Liz, but if I was her, I'd be upset and scared right now, so I went with that. But don't worry -- I AM a Dreamer -- all love will prevail!! *bounce*
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Hey guys! Thought I'd give ya another update *happy*

I now have 8 pages written! About 6 more or so and it'll be ready to post!! *big*

You guys have been so great with me, since I'm taking forever with getting a new part out. I thought you'd would be ready to tar and feather me!! *tongue* lol

Anyway, give me about another week or so and part 4 will be finished!!!

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Author’s Notes – Oh…what can I say? Other then I am SOOO sorry that it took me this long to get this out, I just hope the wait was worth it – this part is kinda long…22 pages when spaced…
Rating – Ok, there’s a scene toward the end that knocks my rating up from PG13 to R

PART 4 ~
“Calm down. This isn’t good for you,” Alex said quickly.

“Why not?” When he didn’t answer quick enough, Liz added, “Alex, tell me!”

Looking down, he said softly, “The baby isn’t adjusted yet.”

Shocked, Liz gave a helpless laugh and repeated, “baby.”

Looking up, Alex went on, “I know this is a lot to take in, but you’re pregnant and—“

“This is one fucked up dream,” she added, completely freaking out.

“It’s not a dream.”

“Yes it is!” There was no way she was pregnant; no way.

“Liz, just calm down; don’t get upset,” Alex said again.

“I’ll get upset if I want to,” she exclaimed, turning and walking away from him quickly. There was an unexpected rage flowing through her now.

“Where are you going?” he asked, starting to follow her.

“Anywhere other then here,” she answered, reaching the 2 big doors. Pulling on them, Liz found they wouldn’t open and yanked harder.

“They’re not gonna open,” Alex told her, but she chose to ignore him.

Pulling one more time and grunting with effort, Liz gave up finally and rested her head against them, sliding down to the floor.


“I’m not pregnant,” she whispered, shaking her head. “I don’t believe you.”

Sitting down beside her, Alex added, “why would I lie? I know this is a lot to take in, but you have to believe me.”

“Tess…she’s pregnant. She’s having Max’s baby and is gone.”

Alex, taking Liz’s hand, replied finally, “are you sure?”

Looking up at her friend, Liz eyed him for a long time before asking, “about what?”

As if listening to something she couldn’t hear, Alex perked up and said suddenly, “I have to go.” He stood up, helping her also.

“What? Why?” Panicking, Liz followed him back to the center of the room. “What did you mean back there?”

Looking at her longingly, Alex smiled softly and reached out, gently cupping her face. “I miss you…remember that I love you, ok?”

“Will I see you again?” Liz whispered, trying in vain to hold back her tears. It hurt so much to lose him again, even if it was only a dream. All her questions flew away as she thought about having to leave here.

“I’m always nearby,” he added before leaning in and placing an innocent kiss on her lips.

Closing her eyes, Liz could feel the tears flowing down her face. As soon as his lips left hers, she reopened her eyes and saw what she expected: nothing.

Spinning in a complete circle, Liz openly cried. For Alex, who lost his life for no reason, for Max and Isabel’s mother, who seemed to only be living for the return of her children. She felt so close to her at that moment.

Reaching down, Liz slowly rubbed her stomach. How was she going to be a good mother when she wasn’t even sure on how to handle it?


Moaning softly, Liz slowly slid her eyes open, reaching up to shade them from the light. Feeling the ache in her joints at the movement and how stiff her whole body was, she wondered how long she had been lying in bed.

Squinting her eyes, Liz lazily glanced around the room, noticing the flowers on the stand by the window. Wanting to shut the shade and look closer at the bouquet, she inched her way off of the bed, yawning in the process. Her body felt strained, like she had just run a 10mile marathon then collapsed for days, never moving.

Making her way over to the window, Liz reached out to shut the shade but stopped, glancing down at the flowers.

White roses.

Letting go of the shade and slowly plucking the card out of the arrangement, Liz turned it over and saw it wasn’t signed, but just had a single sentence on it.

Even if it’s a lie, say ‘it will be alright’, and I shall believe.

Staring down at the card for a few moments, Liz was slightly surprised when she heard footsteps behind her. Looking, she saw Maria and Kyle standing there.

“Um…Max left those,” Maria said after a moment, looking at the flowers then back to her, a worried and tense expression on her face.

“Yeah…I know.” Glancing at the card one last time, Liz placed it in her robe pocket.

“Oh…it’s just that he didn’t sign them and…” Trailing off, Maria pushed her hair back behind her ears, a trademark she had gained from Liz herself.

Looking down, Liz shrugged and added, “He didn’t have to…it’s Max.” Starting to head back over to her bed, she walked slowly, not wanting to jar herself.

Quickly coming over to help her, Kyle nearly carried her back to bed after saying, “you shouldn’t be up.”

Getting situated, Liz thanked him then turned back to Maria. “How long have I been here?”

Coming over to sit on the bed beside her, Maria explained, “2 days – the sedative the doctor gave you pretty much sent ya to la-la land.” Sharing a quick look with Kyle, she took her friends hand and asked gently, “sweetie…how much do you remember about the last few days?”

“It’s a little fuzzy to us, and we aren’t the one who’s—“ Kyle quickly stopped babbling when Maria shot him a look, earning a thick throat clearance and a soft adding of, “um, yeah, you 2 talk…”

Looking back at Liz, Maria told her, “It’s been…hectic. The doctor said you’d be a little groggy and all…it’s understandable if you don’t remember some things.”

Glancing back over at the flowers sitting in the window, Liz was silent for a while. How much did she remember? How much could she forget?

She was pregnant with her ex-lover and his ex-‘s baby. They had just found out that Alex, a close friend of hers, had been murdered by someone they considered an ally, and she had also been scamming them all along.

Reaching into her pocket and pulling out the card, Liz re-read the inscription, letting the melody of the song it was from fill her head. After Future-Max she had played the song out, listening to it constantly, making it her anthem.

It stood for all she had lost, all she had given up to save the people she loved, to save earth. She still lost it all. She lost Alex, she lost her heart, she lost the fantasy in her head that maybe, someday, her and Max could still be together.

Closing her eyes, she crimpled the card up in her fist and said softly, “I remember…I remember losing it all…” Feeling Maria’s arms come around her shoulders, Liz cried silently.

Staring up at the ladder with haunted eyes, Max stood frozen to his spot, not being able to make himself move an inch in either direction.

He knew Liz needed time to adjust – time to finally accept what had happened and time to just deal. But he couldn’t help worrying, he couldn’t help but run over to make sure she was ok.

Maria had stopped by a little while ago to speak to Isabel, claiming to have a personal question – which translated into ‘This is about Liz and you can’t know’. It all seemed a little fishy and given Maria’s nervous attitude, Max’s worry for Liz tripled instantly.

He hadn’t spoken to her in 2 weeks – she had been home for 2 weeks and refused to even see him. The only people she was speaking to were Maria and Kyle, who had relayed to him that Liz was dealing, but still needed time. But if Maria was at his house to talk to Isabel, which she never really did, and was reluctant to tell him what it was about, something was wrong.

Really wrong.

Reaching his hand up to clasp the bottom rung of the ladder, Max paused again, leaving his hand up there. What if she refused to even speak to him? He had taken Maria and Kyle’s advance at first and, reluctantly, backed off for a few days.

He hadn’t even found out what she thought of the flowers he had sent her. She obviously hadn’t taken the time to let him know if she kept them or threw them out the window while cursing his name, so what was so different about now?

Sighing, Max closed his eyes and leaned forward, resting his forehead on the rung and his hand. Was it useless to even come all the way over here? He hadn’t even waited till Maria got back to Isabel’s room before bolting.

“She probably won’t even see me,” he muttered, feeling his heart constrict as he voiced his worst fear out loud. He had done so much to her that he had lost track a long time ago, but she was still the first person he thought of, the first person in his heart.

“Kinda hard to avoid you when you’re blocking my entrance.”

Freezing, Max’s eyes flew open and he slowly leaned back, looking over his shoulder to find Liz standing there, her face expressionless.

“Liz…hi…” he said softly, not daring to move an inch for fear that she might bolt. There were so many things he wanted to say to her. He wanted to tell her that he understood how helpless she felt, how no matter what, he would be with her through it all, he wanted to pour his heart and soul out to her, but all he could get out was ‘hi’.

Pointing at the ladder, Liz explained, “Like I said, you’re blocking my way.”

“Oh…yeah, sorry,” Max added softly, pulling his hand down and backing away a few feet. Watching her walk past, he couldn’t help but notice that she looked pale, like she could faint at any moment. Her hair looked drastic against the pale-white of her cheeks and he could clearly see the bags under her eyes.

“Are you ok?”

“Why wouldn’t I be ok?” she snapped, moving for the ladder.

Her could hear the annoyance in her voice, but there was still no expression on her face. Following her some, Max asked, “what are you doing out so late?”

“Taking a walk,” Liz admitted, turning to look at him. “Is this over? Can I go now?”

Eyeing her, Max was still surprised when her face remained emotionless. It was almost like she had rehearsed their meeting and knew exactly what to say.

When she turned around and went about getting to ready to climb up the ladder, Max shook his head and knew he had to say something, anything, to get her to open up to him.

Reaching out, he gently touched her arm. “Liz—“

“Don’t touch me!” she exclaimed, forgetting about the ladder as she pulled away from him, refusing to even look up.

Shocked, Max stammered out, “sorry, I just—“

“Just what? Thought you could come over here and just touch me, say something about how you understand what I’m going through and you’ll be there for me, and I’ll just collapse into your arms?!”

Hearing the heat and emotion in her voice, Max was relieved to see she was at least letting her feelings out some. “I never thought that,” he told her, ignoring the memory of his earlier thoughts.

“Whatever – it isn’t gonna happen,” she snapped.

“I know this’ll take some time—“

“Some time? Try a lot of time. I can’t even begin to imagine how much time it will take!”

Getting emotional himself, Max snapped back, “You know, it would be a lot nastier if you put me down face-to-face.” She wouldn’t even look at him while she bashed him.

“I don’t have time for this,” Liz muttered, turning to escape back up the ladder. Her hair hung loose around her face, still blocking it from Max’s view.

“No,” he stated, reaching for her again. They needed to talk and running away from it was only going to make it worse.

Feeling his hand and stopping, Liz spun around to gaze at him.

Letting his arm fall, Max held his tongue, feeling his guilt soar. Liz’s eyes were dark with emotion and it was obvious that she was barley keeping the control she was desperately clinging to. In fact, they were the only thing on her face that gave away her true feelings, which made a pit of turmoil erupt in his stomach.

He had always been able to read Liz, know what she was thinking and feeling whenever he looked at her. And she was trying so hard to cut the connection now, cut him away.

“I’m tired…and going to bed,” Liz stated in an even-tone, her voice not cracking even though tears were threatening to fall down her cheeks at any moment. Not waiting for an answer, she turned and climbed up the ladder, never looking back.

Closing his own eyes, Max stood there, his feet planted to the pavement and his hands hanging down at his side. She had finally shown some emotion, shown her heart, even if it was only a little.

But all it did was break his.


Climbing in the window, Liz refused to even turn on the light, opting to just stumble through the dark. Not bothering to change into some nightclothes, she climbed onto the bed and balled up, her body shaking with force as she held back her tears.

She refused to let go, refused to let him know how she felt.

She felt hurt, scared, used, abused. She felt down right heart broken.

Max hadn’t wanted a child, he never wanted this burden, and he certainly didn’t seem worried by the idea of her being pregnant with his baby. Most fathers were celebrating by now, buying little outfits and whatnot for their first sons.

Catching her reflection in the mirror, Liz froze, slowly gazing down at her stomach. Her hand was resting there, gently rubbing it in a circular motion.

“Oh my god,” she sobbed out, quickly pulling her hand away and shooting up in the bed. What was she doing? What was she thinking?! This wasn’t her baby – it was Tess’s.

Max and Tess had sex and made a baby…not her and Max. She was simply the container.

With shaky hands, Liz lowered herself to the floor, letting her body slide downward until she was laying flat on the carpet in front of the mirror. Staring at her expression, Liz stayed still, never moving until her eyes closed, sending her into a restless sleep.

“Maybe you should talk to her.”

Turning away from the window, Isabel regarded Maria with doubt. “What could I possibly do?”

Sighing, the other girl shook her head and sat down wearily on the bed. “I don’t know, but I’m outta options. She won’t open up to me or Kyle.”

“When, um, I thought I was pregnant with Michael’s baby,” Isabel said slowly, noticing Maria’s squirm, “the only person I could really talk about it to was…well, actually Michael.”

Knowing what she was hinting at, Maria commented, “I don’t think putting Max and Liz together at the moment will be a good idea.”

“Will she even talk to him?”

Thinking about it for a moment, Maria said finally, “maybe…but she’ll put her wall up. It’s almost like meeting Michael for the first time again.”

Sitting down at her desk, Isabel pondered it for a few moments before adding, “Liz needs someone who she can relate to. This isn’t just about her telling someone how she feels…it’s about someone knowing how she feels.”

“So…you’re saying that Liz needs someone to bond with – someone who’s been through what she has, basically?” Maria questioned. When Isabel nodded, she just looked back at her, cocking her head sideways.


“I can feel him in me now…feel him move.”

Smiling, Alex asked, “feels weird?”

“It feels…different, I guess,” Liz told him.

Nodding, he looked around and sighed. “I like it here…peaceful and all.”

Looking around herself, Liz said, “It’s ok…”

Alex, looking over at her, added, “you pick next then. Deal?”

Nodding, Liz stood up and walked around the small clearing, wrapping her arms around her body.


“Why can’t I feel like this when I’m awake?” she asked softly. “I feel him move and I’m…I’m happy.”

Standing up himself, Alex walked over and told her, “you don’t understand it yet, but everything that’s happening to you is something that’s supposed to…you just lost it for a second there. It’ll come back.”

“I want it now…everything is so clear to me here.” Placing her hand on her stomach, Liz said, “I love this baby…I wanna feel that when I’m awake too.”

“You will…soon; I promise,” Alex whispered, pulling her close and kissing her softly on the forehead.

Laying her head on his shoulder, Liz sighed and asked after a few moments, “I won’t remember this…will I?”

“It’s too soon…doesn’t help to have all the answers when you don’t even know the questions yet.”


Still wondering how she was going to help, Isabel sighed and slammed the car door, wincing when she realized it was her mother’s car, not the jeep. Even though they had managed to salvage it by users their powers, it was still in pretty bad condition. Hell, her powers were still worn out from the effort it took to save the hunk of junk.

Why Max was so concerned with that jeep, Isabel would never know.

Pulling her shades off, Isabel sighed and crossed the street, feeling the heat on her skin from the early morning sun. Stepping up onto the sidewalk, she paused, taking in the ‘closed’ sign on the café doors.

“Great…just great,” she muttered, putting the sunglasses back on. Intending to leave, Isabel had just about reached the middle of the road when she remembered Liz had a balcony outside of her room.

Weighing her options, she shrugged and turned around, crossing the street once more. When a car, stopped to let her pass, honked, Isabel simply pulled down her shades and looked. Giving the driver a smile, she continued on, reaching the sidewalk.

“Do most guys just roll over for you like that?”

“If they’re smart they do,” Isabel tossed back. Glancing at Kyle Valenti as he strode up to her, she added, “but you’re not most guys, are you?”

“Sorry…but I’m not looking to have my heart smashed by another alien,” he responded.

Pausing, Isabel suddenly regretted her comment and looked down. It was obvious that Kyle had grown feelings for Tess and in the end, he had gotten hurt…like they all did.

“Is Liz home?” she asked finally, wanting to change the subject.

Shrugging, Kyle said, “yeah, but she’s not really talking to anyone…”

“You mean anyone with a hint of green?” Isabel questioned, slightly offended. “Don’t worry – I was recruited to come over here.” Not waiting for his reply, she simply walked away, heading into the alleyway. Looking up, she noticed the ladder and reached, thankful for once with how tall she was.

Quickly making her way upward, Isabel climbed over the ledge and looked around, taking in the lawn chair and the lights strung about. It all seemed…seemed so ‘Liz’.

Shaking her head slightly, she walked toward and window and looked in, finding it open. Glancing about, she saw the bed was empty and all the lights were off. Ignoring her first thought to chuck it all and leave, Isabel sighed and leaned over, climbing through the window.

“The things I do for my brother,” she muttered, entering Liz’s room and instantly feeling out of place. She had been in it numerous times before, all under more desperate circumstances though, and now it just felt weird and uncomfortable.

Crossing her arms, Isabel walked toward the bed some, casually looking about, hoping to find a clue about Liz’s whereabouts. Maria had seemed so insistent that someone else talk to the girl and Isabel knew for a fact that Max was miserable.

If she had to hear one more Counting Crows song…

Noticing the small form balled up on the floor for the first time, Isabel stopped, watching as Liz slept, her hands clasped tightly over her lower stomach. Confused on what to do, Isabel bend down, looking around the room for a phone or something, before lowering herself all the way to the floor also.

As if she knew someone was near, Liz groaned softly and squirmed some, her hands starting to rub her stomach while her eyes stayed shut tight. Even more confused, Isabel wondered if maybe something was wrong. Why else would she be clutching her stomach like that?

Nervous, she reached outward, softly placing her hands over Liz’s. Closing her eyes, Isabel took in a deep breath, pulling the connection to life at the same time.

Emptiness, hurt, betrayal, and an over-riding feeling of protectiveness spiraled through the connection, twisting Isabel’s mind and making her feel helpless and lost. There was a coldness surrounding her body, chilling her to the bone while heat, a safe pulsating warmth, was held just an arm-length away, darting out of her reach.

Drowning in Liz’s confusion and hurt, Isabel struggled to delve deeper, ignoring her own thoughts and letting the other aura pass through. There was something behind all this, something that she needed to know – Isabel could feel it.

Liz might even be able to feel it, but she was too far-gone to notice.

Reaching with her mind for the warmth, Isabel plunged on, feeling weightless as a white light took over and the flashes started.

~*~ Max and Liz, kissing passionately in the jeep, their hands reaching for each other as they pulled at their clothing ~*~

~*~ Liz storming through the Valenti’s front door, beginning to spat at Tess as soon as the girl came into view ~*~

~*~ Liz and Alex laying in a field, their hands clasped together while Liz rubbed her stomach, which was glowing a soft blue ~*~

Coming out of the connection, Isabel pulled her hand away, taking in a much-needed deep breath. Confused by the images and how they all played together, she thought back on the last one, picturing Alex.

He looked the same there as he did in her thoughts – when she would picture him now…wherever he was. It would feel so real at the time, but later, after he was gone again, she would realize that it was all her imagination.

Alex was dead. He wasn’t coming back.

Feeling a deep sadness, Isabel looked away and stood up, safe with the knowledge that Liz was physically ok, just not emotionally ok. There was a deep-seeded feeling of lost and helpless, one that wasn’t just going to go away. No matter how much Max did. Only time could heal some things.

Glancing back at Liz one more time, Isabel silently climbed out the window, deciding to leave the same way she had come and not disturb the other girl. Wrapping her arms around herself, she walked slowly across the balcony, looking upward.

“I’ll never forget you Alex…no matter where you are,” she said softly, closing her eyes for a few beats before heading for the ladder. It would only be a matter of time before it got back to Max that she had come and Isabel needed time to think of something to tell him.

Cause, at the moment, the truth was even a little fuzzy to herself.

“Liz…time for breakfast…Liz…”

Feeling herself sliding farther and farther away, Liz clung desperately to her dream-state, whining softly and twisting her body around.


Jerking awake, Liz sprung up in her bed, panting and looking ready to attack. Taking everything in, she looked around the room and noticed her mother standing over the bed. Relaxing, Liz reared back some, taking in a deep breath.

“Bad dream?” Nancy Parker asked.

Swallowing, she ran a hand through her hair and mumbled, “something like that…” Feeling her mother’s eyes burning into her, Liz looked up, seeing that she was looking downward at her stomach. Glancing also, Liz paused when she saw her hand was once more resting over her womb protectively.

Re-acting, she yanked the hand away, running it through her hair also. There was a strained silence and Liz closed her eyes, willing it all away. All she wanted to do was go back to sleep – sleep for days on end.

“Breakfast is ready,” Nancy said finally, her face emotionless now as she turned and left the room.

Sighing, Liz faltered some and almost started to cry, but rubbed at her eyes, stopping the tears from falling before they had the chance. She was not going to become all weepy and emotional like other girls did when they became pregnant.

And her parents certainly wouldn’t accept it.

Jeff and Nancy Parker were still in their denial stage of it all. Their meeting at the hospital had been awful. The doctor had briefed them of her condition and the reunion had been strained, to say the least. Her mother simply stayed silent, her face a mask of worry and sadness while her father lectured and berated her.

The only little ray of hope was that they weren’t putting her under pad-lock and watchful eye 24/7. The Parkers’ had decided to take the ‘don’t talk about it and it’s not a problem’ method on this one. The only discussion made about the ‘incident’ was that it was to be kept low-key until later on.

Which suited Liz just fine. Other then her parents, the only people who knew were Max, Isabel, Michael, Kyle, Jim, Maria, Sean, and Amy – as far as Liz knew, Mr. And Ms. Evans were still in the dark about their sons’ ‘actions’.

Hearing a loud clang from out in the kitchen, Liz jumped some and was pulled out of her thoughts. Slowly, she climbed out of bed, dragging her feet as she crept toward the bathroom.

It was gonna be a long morning.


“Pass the salt,” Jeff Parker said, looking up briefly from the café records he had spread beside him on the table.

“Jeff, no salt and please put those away,” Nancy chided, her voice coming out stiff. “I want us to have a normal family breakfast for once.”

Eyeing her mother, Liz remained silent as her father sighed and sat down the records, clearing his throat.

“Good…so…” Nancy took a sip of her orange juice and turned to Liz finally. “How’s your school work coming?”

“Fine…” Liz muttered, picking at her omelet. The yellow substance on the plate in front of her was making her stomach roll.

“Don’t pick at your food.”

Sighing, she sat the fork down and reached for her cup, taking a sip even though she wasn’t thirsty.

Her father, noticing the thick tension, cleared his throat and asked, “How’s everything going with your science classes? Keeping up?”

Not knowing how to re-act, Liz paused. She hadn’t even focused on her studies, let alone science, like she used to in a long time. With everything that had happened, her attention had been pulled to anywhere but at school. She had barely even made it through a whole class without her thoughts swaying this last year. Plus, she hadn’t been back to school since she got out of the hospital – Maria and Kyle had been keeping her caught up through notes.

Sitting up some, Liz admitted, “I um, I’m keeping up o–ok through Maria and Kyle.”

Sitting her glass down, Nancy looked at her daughter and asked, “Are you going to be ready to go back on Monday?”

“I guess…I still have all weekend to think about it – and I’d rather not.”

“That isn’t going to help you any,” Jeff commented.

“Sweetie…I know this is hard…your…situation…” Nancy said carefully.

Crossing her arms, Liz repeated, “my ‘situation’?”

Ignoring her, her mother added, “but just because you’re…what you are, it doesn’t mean you can just give up on your life.”

Getting disgusted, Liz snapped out, “getting pregnant doesn’t mean that to me.”


“What? I am even allowed to say the ‘P’ word? Or has it been banned from our household?!”

“That’s enough Liz,” Jeff barked, stopping all conversations.

Feeling a rage flowing through her body, Liz huffed, just barely keeping her tongue in check. She wasn’t sure why she was so affected by their conversation, but every word out of her mothers’ mouth about the baby she was carrying made Liz want to attack. Crossing her arms, she simply sat there.

Wiping at her face, Nancy began to eat again, acting as if nothing had happened. Jeff, after reading a few more pages on the café, finally stood up and said, “I better get downstairs,” before exiting the room.

Sighing, Nancy sat down her fork and paused before looking toward Liz. “You’ve barely touched your food,” she stated softly.

“I’m not hungry. Can I be excused?” Liz asked gruffly. Seeing her mother nod, she pushed her seat back and stormed out of the room, heading straight for her bedroom and out onto the balcony.

Pacing, Liz silently swore, clasping her hands behind her neck. She didn’t even feel like sleeping anymore. Her whole body shook with emotions and she felt drained once more, like she had in the hospital. Feeling the tears welling up in her eyes, she stopped, letting a tiny sob escape her lips.

The black hole she had been teetering on emotionally for the past 2 weeks tilted and Liz broke down, sobbing as she let her emotions take over. Sinking to the floor, she continued to cry, her sobs echoing off of the brick walls.

Hearing a loud clatter coming from down the hallway, Jim Valenti paused, turning his attentions away from the morning news. Shrugging, he reached for the remote and turned the volume up some, taking a sip of his coffee also.

Again, a loud bang was heard and Jim stopped once more, this time hitting the ‘mute’ button on the remote. Hearing nothing but silence, he called out, “Kyle?”

As if answering, another sound echoed down the hallway and Jim could hear his son cursing. Curious, he climbed out of the recliner and headed toward the sound, joking, “hey, Kyle? Fall out of bed again?”

Reaching his sons’ room, Jim stopped, noticing the mess all over the floor. All of the boxes that had contained Tess’s stuff had been dumped out and his son was sitting in the middle of it all.

“Kyle…what’s going on?” he asked.

“Oh, hey dad,” Kyle answered, his voice distracted. “I’ll clean up the mess.”

“I’m not worried about the mess,” Jim responded, walking into the room some. “I just wondering why you’re going through all of Tess’s stuff…considering that you were the one who demanded that it be boxed up and put out of your sight.”

“I don’t remember using those exact words,” Kyle mumbled, still going through everything around him almost as if he was in a trance.

Eyeing his son some, Jim asked finally, “did something happen on the Tess front? Something I should know about?”

Looking up, Kyle seemed angered by the question. “What could have happened? She’s gone.”

Crouching down beside his son, he added, “then why are you going through her stuff?”

Shrugging off the question, Kyle commented, “She has a lot of body lotion and all that girly stuff.”

“She was a girl,” Jim said, eyeing his son even more. Kyle was acting funny and he was getting worried.

“True – it’s wonder that nothing never happened between us, but she wasn’t my type.”

“You didn’t like her?” Jim asked, his voice showing his skepticism. He was positive that Kyle had been eyeing Tess – he even remembered his son stating earlier on that he and Tess had even went out on ‘study-date’.

Shrugging, Kyle didn’t seem to notice his fathers’ reaction. “What was the point? She belongs with Max, so why should I have even tried?”

“You mean ‘belonged’ – it’s not like Tess is even around anymore, right?”

Pausing, Kyle looked up and nodded. “Right. So – I have a lot of stuff to go through. I’ll see ya later.”

Taking the hint, Jim simply nodded and stood up. He wasn’t sure on how to react – Kyle had recently gone through a lot and had every reason to act weird. But, as he noticed his son going back to his task of looking over everything on the floor, he hoped that all his son was doing was ‘acting weird’.

Walking out the door, Jim added, “I’ll be near-by if you need me.”

“Thanks…dad,” Kyle said finally.

Nodding again, Jim turned and left the room, missing the gaze Kyle sent his way.

His fingers left a trail of fire on her skin as he softly trailed them down her sides, the tips just barely missing the curves of her breasts. Fireworks flew through her body and she shivered some, feeling more of his body come into contact with hers as his hands finally rested on her hips.

He shifted once more and then, suddenly, she felt his mouth close down over her skin, right beside one of his hands. Reacting, her stomach flinch and excitement pumped through her. Working his way across her trim abdomen, he stopped briefly to nib at her belly button before trailing his kisses upward across her bare skin.

Closing her eyes, she arched her back some, giving him full access to whatever he pleased, her heartbeat picking up as he continued to trail his lips higher and higher.

When he hesitated right below the valley between her breasts, she reached down and wove her fingers in his hair, gently urging him on. Taking the hint, he moved upward, taking the sensitive skin into his mouth.

Sighing, she closed her eyes and arched her back even more, letting her hips brush up against his for a brief second. Hearing the thick growl from him, she smiled and did it again, gasping when he sucked at her skin harder, even biting softly some before lapping back over the spot with his tongue.

Feeling anxious to have his mouth on hers once more, she reached down and cupped his face, intending to pull him up her body but he refused to move, continuing to suck and nip at her skin.

Pure lust pumped through her veins and she tried once more to pull him up, wanting to explore his body the same way, but he still wouldn’t budge. Reaching a hand up, he grasped her wrist and held them above her head loosely but firmly, moving his lips up some while still exploring all the skin laid before him.

Her whole body felt on fire and she moaned softly when he swirled his tongue around her pulse point, his whole body above hers now as he moved to cover her.

Taking her ear lobe into his mouth, he stated gruffly, “I could do this to you all night,” his hot breath sending shivers down her spine and making her body react again, coming flush against his.


Gasping, Liz shot up, her body crying out from its spot on the hard floor of her balcony. Trying to catch her breath, she practically panted and chocked on the air. Her whole body was covered in sweat and a soft hum was vibrating through her veins.

Collapsing onto her back, Liz stared up at the stars, her chest heaving as she fought to slow her pulse and racing heart down. Calming some, she remained lying down, looking about. How was it nighttime already? She barely felt like she had been sleeping for 10 minutes, let alone all day.

Pushing herself up to her elbows, a sudden wave of dizziness over took her and Liz fell backwards again, closing her eyes. Her head was throbbing and it felt like her brain was going to burst. Groaning softly, she forced herself to at least roll over, placing her cheek against the cold floor, gaining some relief.

Weak, Liz simply stayed there, continuing to catch her breath and waiting her dizziness out. After a few minutes she reopened her eyes, noticing the shadows dancing across the balcony.

Feeling strong enough to sit up, Liz raised up slowly, looking over her shoulder and finding herself staring straight at the dawning sun as it broke over the clouds.

Confused and light headed, Liz took in a deep breath and let her body lock down once more, sending herself back into a deep sleep.

She hadn’t even had a chance to think about her dream before falling under again.

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Wow…so many replies after just one day!!! I’m in fanfic-writer Heaven!!! *big*

I know I’m making this fic confusing and giving a lot of twist and turns, and I will answer all of the questions as the story goes along, but a few of you guys brought up some great ‘key’ stuff, so I gotta get some stuff out.

Tomochika – Ok, about the baby blocking Max, it wasn’t him. I know it looked like it was the baby, but trust me, the little bundle will be bringing Max and Liz closer down the road, not keeping them apart *happy* Max just thought it was the baby because he didn’t know that someone else was close by…

woodwinds – Isabel will definitely be helping Liz. The two will form an odd, but none-the-less emotional, bond later on in the fic. And, this has nothing to do with the fic, but I can’t believe you got Nick’s sig!!!!! He rocks!!!!! He's my fav now since my dearly-loved Alex is gone *sad*

katmcken – I want Max and Liz back together too – what Dreamer doesn’t? But, at the moment, I think my S3-Liz needs some time by herself. It may seem like it would all be easier if they leaned on each other, but a lot has happened and it’s too complicated. I don’t think Liz should just roll over and let Max back in when she feels so betrayed by him. They need to work it out over time.

chinablueeyes – You asked a very good question: why does Liz love the baby in her dreams, but not when she’s awake. Well, the answer to that is kinda simple – she’s asleep. Your subconscious has control then, not your mind. Would you love the child like it was your own if you were in Liz’s shoes and knew you were carrying a baby that stood for everything you had lost and so much pain? I know that doesn’t explain much, but think of it this way: her subconscious must know something that her mind doesn’t… *wink*

Anniepoo98 – Of course, Tess must be destroyed!!! You of all people know that about this fic *tongue*

Little Liz – I see you pay attention *happy* You’re the only one who brought up the ‘lotion’ piont I put into the Kyle/Jim scene. I’m not giving anything away on this issue, but I will say this: Tess is definitely hiding something about her past on Antar…

Lelea – Did Tess and Kyle have sex? Hmmm…good question…I don’t think I could put Kyle through that. But you have got half of the equation figured out…

There were a bunch of other good questions, but I’m on a time limit and could only answer a few. Hope I helped some! I think I may have confused you guys even more...but hey, that's kinda the point of the fic *angel*

Later!! *bounce*
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Hey, can someone answer a question for me?

Where are you guys getting the pics of Liz and Max on ice-skates? Did someone make the pic or is it, like, from an upcoming ep? Unless my brain has suddenly malfuctioned and lost all it's ability to think, I can't remember a scene like that from a past ep.

Can someone please help me???????
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Hey guys. Thought I'd let ya know that I'm working on part 5 already -- this one might actually be posted within a month of the last part (shocked gasps all around *big* LOL)
Anyway, here's a little snippet -- don't worry, you won't have to wait long for the rest of the part with the way I'm writting. The words are just pouring out from my fingers and onto the computer screen!!! *bounce*

“Maria?” Kyle questioned, coming over. Seeing Liz’s pale and unmoving form laying on the balcony floor, he cursed and crawled through the window, rushing to her side too. “What happened?!”

“I don’t know,” Maria told him, trying to remain calm. “Liz? Can you hear me?” Gently holding her neck, Maria found her pulse and relaxed some. “Lizzie?”

“Maybe she’s just sleeping,” Kyle added hopefully.

“Cause she was just sleeping the last time?” Maria exclaimed.

“Hey – I was just saying,” he yelled back.

“Lizzie? Babe, wake up,” Maria practically whined out, gently shaking her friend.

“I don’t think she’s just asleep,” Kyle admitted after Liz didn’t even flinch when Maria shook her again.

“She’s freezing – we gotta get her inside,” Maria instructed. Reaching down, Kyle picked Liz up and maneuvered her through the window and into the bedroom.

“Put her under the covers. I’m calling for help,” Maria added, reaching for the phone.

And, I think we can all guess who she's calling *wink*

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So, all you guys will be getting a 'present' from me on Christmas eve... *bounce*
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Author’s Notes – As promised, here’s part 5 *happy* oh, and, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! *big* I hope you guys like this part  its my present from me to you, without all the wrapping paper *tongue*

PART 05 ~
“All I’m saying is that I don’t think it was a good idea.”

“It’s not like I escorted Max himself over here or something,” Maria whined.

“It’s close enough.”

“Oh. So now what? Michael can’t come over either?”

“I didn’t say that. And besides, when would Michael come over anyway?”

Stopping, Maria turned and eyed Kyle, watching as he rubbed at his neck. “What are you saying then? It was just Isabel; what’s so wrong about her coming to see Liz?”

Sighing, Kyle blew out all of his breath and mumbled, “something’s just telling me that Liz isn’t exactly safe at the moment.”

“What? Kyle…” Feeling her heart jump some, Maria waited for him to explain. “Why – why would you even feel that way.”

“I don’t know…”

“Did something happen?”


“Kyle, spit it out – now.” When he simply looked down, she added, “you can’t just-just lay something out like that and not explain it.”

“There’s nothing to explain,” he huffed finally, stuffing his hands into his coat pockets. “I just don’t wanna see Liz get hurt again.”

“And you think she will?” Maria questioned, softening her tone some.

“That is what usually happens, isn’t it?” he muttered, starting to walk again.

The sidewalk was fairly empty and Maria knew that if she was ever going to ask Kyle what had happened, it had to be now. Catching back up with him, she commented softly, “I know you and Tess were getting close when…when everything happened.”

“Did you talk to Liz last night?” he asked suddenly, completely ignoring her question.

“No, I didn’t,” Maria admitted, letting him get away with the subject change.

“You think she got mad that Isabel showed up? I mean, she doesn’t want anything to do with them, does she?” he questioned.

“Kyle, she might be mad, but I highly doubt Liz is just gonna kick Max out of her life. You know she isn’t like that.”

Scowling, Kyle muttered, “If she was smart, she would.”

Confused and annoyed with his comments, Maria added, “It isn’t up to us how they handle this, so why are we even talking about it?” Taking a deep breath and waiting to see if he was going to say anything else, she began finally, “and I want you to know that I understand how Tess—“

“You don’t understand anything,” Kyle exclaimed suddenly, making Maria halt in her steps. Running his hands through his hair, he added finally, “look…lets just swing by Liz’s then be on our own way, ok? I have other plans.”

Nodding, Maria kept quiet as she and Kyle walked the rest of the way to the Crash Down.

Putting down his spoon, Michael sighed and pushed himself off of the stool, heading toward his apartment door. When the knock came again, louder this time, he huffed, “I’m coming.”

Swinging open the door, Michael looked out, watching as Max stood there, trying to act like he was being casual but completely failing.

“Hey…” he said finally.

Stepping back, he ushered Max in silently, shutting the door before going back to his bowl of cereal.

Max, meanwhile, stayed near the door, still standing awkwardly.

Picking up his spoon, Michael stopped when he felt eyes on him. Turning to look at his friend, he asked finally, “problem?”

Shrugging, Max replied, “No. It’s nothing…I mean, I can handle it.”

Believing him, Michael simply nodded and went back to his food.

“I mean, I can handle it, bit it would be nice for some help…”

Putting the spoon down once again, Michael sighed and turned away from his food completely. “Lets hear it.”

Walking over closer, Max let loose, spilling it all. “Maria and Kyle keep telling me that Liz is fine, but she came over to the house the other day to talk to Isabel and I know something is up but no one will tell me anything.”

“What did Liz tell Isabel?”

“Liz didn’t talk to Isabel.”

Confused, Michael added, “but you just said—“

“No, I said Maria talked to Isabel,” Max explained. “She came over and talked to her about something.”

“Then what makes you think it had anything to do with Liz?”

“Because it did,” Max sighed out, sitting back on the arm of the couch. “Maria didn’t tell me what she wanted to talk to Isabel about.”

Scratching at his eyebrow, Michael commented, “I hate to break it to ya Maxwell, but not everything is about you and Liz.”

Slumping backwards, Max said, “I’m not finished yet.” When Michael crossed his arms and waited, he added, “I went over to Liz’s and we talked.”

“Talked?” Michael repeated, not believing that was all they did.

“Talked…fought…yelled,” Max admitted finally. “But she was acting weird!”

Sighing, Michael ran his hands over his face and muttered, “Always gotta be your way.” Looking right at Max, he asked, “So, you went over there and made it worse. How do you plan on making it better?”

Sitting up some, Max admitted, “that’s kinda why I’m here – I need your help.”

“Scratch that – I don’t wanna know your plan,” Michael announced, standing up.

“Talk to Maria for me.”

“You’ve lost it.” Grabbing up his cereal bowl, Michael headed into the living room and fell back onto the couch.

“She’ll tell you what’s going on,” he added.

“No, she won’t cause I’m not getting in the middle of this.” Finding the remote, Michael flipped on the TV.


“Give it up Maxwell – I’m not doing it.” Taking another bite of his cereal, Michael sighed when the TV suddenly turned off. Feeling the charge in the air, he turned to look at his friend. “Max, if Liz told Maria to keep it quiet, then she will. Besides, this is between you guys – not me. Now turn the TV back on.”

“This baby is gonna affect all of us,” Max announced, his voice loud and clear. “The more we know about what’s going on with Liz, the better.”

“Who says we don’t know? Didn’t you say Maria talked to Isabel?” When Max looked away, it dawned on Michael. “You’re mad that they went to Isabel before you…”

“I can’t believe Liz told Maria to go to Isabel!” he exploded, starting to pace. “I mean, has so much came between us that she won’t even tell me what’s going on in her life?! Doesn’t she know how much it hurts to think that she’d go to my sister before coming to me?!”

“I’m positive that your feelings were considered in all this Max. I mean, of course she wants to spare hurt from the person who knocked up another girl not long after saying he loved her. I’m sure she was thinking about you the whole time,” Michael commented.

Turning to look at him, Max added, “real great, Mike. Getting on my case is the best way to help.”

Standing back up, Michael tossed out, “I am helping – helping to knock some sense into that dense brain of yours. Liz isn’t just gonna come around cause you go over there and say a few little words; even I know that.” Walking past him, he added, “I’ll talk to Maria – but that’s it.”

Finally nodding, Max mumbled a soft thanks before a silence took over. After a few moments, he asked, “if she tells you anything—“

“Need to know case. If you need to know, you will.” Hearing a small chirp, Michael looked around, noticing Maria’s cell phone lying on the table. Reaching over, he picked it up.



“Thanks Mrs. Parker,” Maria called out, pushing open Liz’s bedroom door and walking in, holding it open for Kyle to follow.

“Did she seem a little—“

“Stressed?” Maria finished. “Yeah…” Turning, she looked around the room. “Liz?”

“Bathroom,” Kyle commented, pointing vaguely to the closed door.

Walking over, Maria knocked softly. “Liz, me and Kyle are out here.” When there wasn’t an answer, she added, “Lizzie?” and tried the door handle, finding it unlocked.

Poking her head into the room, Maria saw it was empty. Glancing back out into the main room, she asked Kyle, who was seated on the bed now, “didn’t Liz’s mom say she was in here?”

“Yeah, why?”

“The bathroom’s empty.” Walking toward the center of the room, Maria casually glanced out onto the balcony and stopped, her body going cold. “Kyle…”


“Liz?!” Maria called out, climbing through the window and dropping to her knees.

“Maria?” Kyle questioned, coming over. Seeing Liz’s pale and unmoving form laying on the balcony floor, he cursed and crawled through the window, rushing to her side too. “What happened?!”

“I don’t know,” Maria told him, trying to remain calm. “Liz? Can you hear me?!” Gently holding her neck, Maria found her pulse and relaxed some. “Lizzie?”

“Maybe she’s just sleeping,” Kyle added hopefully.

“Cause she was just sleeping the last time?” Maria exclaimed.

“Hey – I was just saying,” he yelled back.

“Lizzie? Babe, wake up,” Maria practically whined out, gently shaking her friend.

“I don’t think she’s just asleep,” Kyle admitted after Liz didn’t even flinch when Maria shook her again. “Something’s really wrong.”

“She’s freezing – we gotta get her inside. Come on Kyle,” Maria instructed. Reaching down, Kyle picked Liz up and maneuvered her through the window and into the bedroom.

“Put her under the covers. I’m calling for help,” Maria added, reaching for the phone.

Wiping her hands off on her apron, Diane Evans sighed and looked around, noticing that Max and Isabel had yet to come downstairs. Glancing at her husband, she asked, “are Isabel and Max still in bed?”

“I heard the jeep starting up earlier,” Phillip commented. “I think Max is gone.”

“And Isabel?”

“Present and accounted for,” Isabel announced, suddenly walking through the kitchen door. “I just went for a quick jog.”

“Well, breakfast is ready sweetie,” Diane told her. “Phillip – paper.”

Sitting down the newspaper, Phillip sighed and looked over at his daughter, who was opening up a bottle of water. “You’ve really caught the fitness bug, haven’t you?”

“I guess. It helps me deal with stress,” Isabel said casually.

“I hope you don’t have too much stress honey. 18 is the party age,” Diane joked.

“Yeah…party-girl…that’s me,” Isabel mumbled, looking down at her plate, missing the look Phillip and Diane exchanged. “So, what’s on the menu this morning?”

“Your mother got another magazine yesterday,” Phillip announced, giving his wife a brief smile before sharing a look with Isabel.

Looking down at her plate, Isabel made a look then announced, “this looks fattening and I think it’ll mess up my diet.”

“At least try it,” Diane added.

Standing up, Isabel smiled and replied, “I’m sure even Martha understands how a good diet works. I’ll stick to my Special K today.” Dropping the plate into the sink, she eyed it suspiciously before shaking her head and looking away, reaching for the cereal.

“That actually sounds good,” Phillip said.

“Your not on a diet,” Diane commented.

“Oh…right – lucky me, huh?” Isabel’s father said finally, but his voice sounded like he was anything but lucky.

Coming back over to the table with her cereal, Isabel smiled when her father carefully took a bite of the food and smiled reassuring at her mother before looking away and swallowing slowly, making a slight face.

“So, Isabel, where has your brother run off to this early on a Saturday morning?” Diane asked.

“Um, Michael’s I guess,” Isabel said unsurely. “I’m not his keeper, you know.”

“Is everything ok with him? He’s been so quiet lately,” she added.

“That is our Max, isn’t it?” Isabel asked with forced cheerfulness. She really didn’t like the new twist in their conversation.

“Honey, I’m sure Max is just having some old-fashioned girl problems,” Phillip commented. “His new girlfriend hasn’t been by in a while.”

“New girlfriend?” Diane questioned, her eyes giving away her surprise.

“Yeah – what was her name?”

“Oh, Tess,” Isabel admitted finally. “But, um, they weren’t dating; not really, I mean.”

“Tess? What happened to Liz Parker? Last I heard, your brother was dating her.”

Swallowing a spoonful of her cereal, Isabel looked down and sighed, feeling put on the spot. “Um, mom, that was a while back and, um, they’re having some-some problems.”

“Problems?” Phillip repeated. “What kind of problems?”

Isabel looked up and paused, not sure on how to answer her fathers’ question. Suddenly the phone rung and her mother stood up, going to retrieve it, ending the conversation.

Rubbing her brow, Isabel looked back down, hoping her parents would drop all their questions. This was all Max’s business and he could tell them what he wanted, without her having to be put in the middle.

“No, he’s not here…um, I believe Isabel mentioned Michael’s.”

Hearing her mother’s half of the phone conversation, Isabel looked back up, focusing on it.

“You’re welcome, bye,” Diane added, hanging up the phone before coming back to the table.

Trying to act casual, Isabel asked after a few moments, “Who was on the phone mom?”

“Oh, I believe it was Maria.”

“What did she want?”

“Max. I told her to try Michael’s.”

“Did, um, did she mention Liz?” Isabel questioned, sitting up in her seat some. There were only a few reasons for Maria to call looking for Max.

Eyeing her daughter, Diane added, “not that I remember.”

“Is everything ok, honey?” Phillip asked, noticing how Isabel was getting up.

“No, everything is fine. Can I be excused?” she asked, not waiting for an answer before taking her bowl to the sink. “I’ll be in my room.” Walking out of the kitchen and down the hallway, Isabel went to her room and right for the phone.

Finding the number busy, Maria quickly hung up then dialed again, trying her own cell phone number this time, remembering that she had left it over Michael’s the previous night.


“Michael? Where’s Max?” she questioned, not even waiting for an answer before adding, “Something’s wrong with Liz.”


Huffing, Isabel tried the number again, not getting a busy signal this time. Who could he be talking to? How long would it take for Maria to say Liz’s name? That’s all Max would have to hear before hanging up and rushing from the apartment. Unless someone was calling in at the same time, the phone shouldn’t be busy.

“Come on, please be there and let everything be ok,” Isabel whispered, listening to the ringing.


Watching as Michael picked up Maria’s phone and stood still listening to the other person talk, Max sighed and turned around, hearing another phone ringing. Looking around, he saw Michael’s phone and felt a pit form in his stomach.

Not waiting, he walked over and picked it up. “Hello?”

“Max?” Isabel’s voice floated through the line, sounding relieved.

“Iz? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing is, I guess. Maria would’ve called by now,” she added.

Freezing, Max pulled the phone away from his ear and turned around, just then feeling Michael’s eyes on him. He had hung up the cell by now and was standing there, a weird expression on his face.

“Max? Are you there?”

Ignoring his sister, Max asked Michael, “What happened?”

“That was Maria…there’s something wrong with Liz,” his friend admitted.

“Liz…” Hanging up the phone, Max went for the door, Michael right behind him.


“Max? Hello?!” Hearing the click of the phone being hung up, Isabel hung up her own end and stood, trying to remember what Michael had said in the background.

She could’ve sworn Liz had been mentioned.

Leaving her room, Isabel went for the door, acting like she hadn’t heard her mother’s voice calling out for her from the kitchen. Quickly making her way down to her mother’s car, she climbed in and backed out of the driveway before she could be stopped.

Isabel didn’t sure what to tell her parents and really didn’t want to lie to them again. She had done enough of that lately.

“Liz?” Max called out, rushing into the bedroom with Michael right on his heels. Spotting Liz, he headed for her side, practically crawling into the bed with her.

“She won’t wake up and isn’t responding to anything,” Maria told them. “I don’t-don’t know if it’s bad or — I panicked…”

Trying to calm her down, Michael pulled her closer and added, “I’m sure she’s ok.”

“Did Liz’s parents see you?” Kyle questioned.

“Naw – they’re downstairs,” he answered. Turning to Max, Michael asked, “you in?”

Ignoring everything around him, Max leaned over Liz’s still form, placing one hand under her neck and supporting her head while his other hand landed over her heart, pressing down gently yet firmly. Taking in a deep breath, he stared down at her, willing the connection with his eyes. It had been so long since he had actually looked into Liz’s eyes, looked in and seen the real her.

He used to be able to read everything about her in one look.

But much wasn’t happening, which Max blamed on the fact that her eyes were closed, not trying to dwell on the fact that it may have been because they had grown so far about these last weeks.

Trying a different method, Max moved his hand out from under her neck, gently laying her head back on the pillow, and reached down, lacing his hand with hers, their fingers intertwining. Closing his eyes, he pictured Liz, fully awake and active, sitting on the bed right beside him, her smile radiating as she looked straight at him, her eyes shinning full of love and contentment.

Feeling a slight squeeze applied to his hand, Max’s eyes flew open, zeroing in on his limb. Not noticing anything different, he looked upward, not seeing a difference in her features either.

“Max?” Maria questioned softly, her voice wavering some.

Glancing up at them, Max took in Maria, saying finally, “she squeezed my hand…I think.”

“You think? You just think?” Kyle repeated from his spot back along the wall. His voice was slightly hostile and his arms were crossed stiffly.

“I felt something, but I—“

“You what?” Kyle asked impatiently.

“Kyle,” Maria added, her voice coming out sharp. “It’s not the time.” Kyle, huffing some, seemed to agree and back down, not saying anything else.

“Try again man,” Michael commented after a strained silence.

Nodding, Max looked back down at Liz and, after gazing at her longingly, he closed his eyes once more and took in a deep breath, willing the connecting also. Like before, Liz appeared before him on the bed, giving him a shyly yet alluring smile while looking at him from under her eyelids.

Their connection surrounded Max and he paused, drinking it in fully while gazing at her. It was like all of his senses came alive and he was suddenly very aware of how the bed even shifted under him to accommodate her body. Everything felt so real and Max wanted nothing more but to just escape and stay here for eternity, make this his and Liz’s new reality.

But then the real reality reared its ugly head and Liz’s body flickered for a second before retaking form.

Knowing that time was running out, Max opened his mouth and got out, “Liz, you have to--…” Trailing off, Max paused when Liz suddenly leaned forward, placing her lips over his.

That one touch sent all of Max’s strength and control running for the hills and he shortly found himself kissing her back, slowly moving his lips against hers. The kiss was soft and gentle, slowly driving him insane and turning his insides inside-out, especially when it ended all to quickly for him.

“God, Liz…” Max breathed out, his eyes coming open to gaze at her. Her face was only a few mere inches away and he yearned to cross the tiny distance and taste her again, but the look in her eyes stopped him.

Liz’s eyes were no longer shinning, but now churning; churning full of hurt and resentment. Cupping his cheek, she told him, “We had this and more – before and after a stop by the lovely, dark, and deep woods. It’s buried but not forgotten; never forgotten.”

Confused, Max looked up at her, trying to comprehend what she had said. “Liz…woods? What—“

Pulling back from him, she added, “I have to go.”

“What? No,” Max declared, pulling her closer once more, laying his forehead against hers. Looking deep into her eyes, he added softly, “don’t leave this so quickly, don’t leave me…”

Smiling sadly, Liz sighed and told him, “I’ve never left you Max. I’ve just gotten lost along the way.” Letting her lips graze his once more, she stayed there for a beat, holding the kiss before pulling away.

Feeling her lips leave his, Max opened his eyes and looked downward, seeing Liz’s still body as she laid beside him. Looking around, he saw everything was back to normal.

His and Liz’s connection had ended.

“What happened?” Maria asked, coming closer when she noticed him moving.

Swallowing, Max licked his lips and gazed back down at Liz, finding his mouth still warm from her touch.

“Maxwell?” Michael added.

“Um,” clearing his throat, Max told them finally, “she’s ok…I think. I didn’t sense anything wrong…maybe her body’s still just exhausted.”

“But she was so cold,” Kyle pointed out.

Rubbing her arm, Max felt her warm skin and said, “she’s fine now, but I wanna keep nearby…”

“Yeah, of–of course,” Maria said quickly while Kyle countered, “how nearby?”

“Close…like here,” he admitted.

“No way!”

“Kyle…” Maria said, warning him yet again. Taking in a deep breath, she regarded Max once more and said finally, “I wanna make sure Lizzie’s kept safe – which means you have to tell us everything.”

Sighing, Max finally forced himself to let his hands leave Liz and ran them through his hair. Standing up from the bed, he admitted, “I think I dream-walked her.”

“That’s not possible,” Michael stated.

“Yeah. I thought Isabel was the only one with that power,” Maria added.

“Me too, but…this was different.” Trying to explain, Max paused before saying, “when I usually connect with Liz, I get flashes and feelings – emotions, thoughts.”

“But you didn’t this time?”

“No, not this time.”

“What did happen then?” Kyle barked out.

Trying to keep his cool, Max answered calmly, “I saw Liz in form and talked to her, like she was really there in front of me.”

“But-but you’ve had that happen before, right? I mean, see stuff play out before your eyes?” Maria questioned.

“Not like this. It was like—“

“Like she wasn’t unconscious, just oblivious to everyone but you?”

Turning around, Max saw Isabel standing at Liz’s bedroom doorway, her eyes focused on the bed.

“How long has she been like that?” she added.

“That’s how we found her,” Kyle offered.

“Except she was on the balcony,” Maria added.

“She collapsed?” Max asked suddenly. “She wasn’t in the bed?”

“She was sprawled out on the balcony’s floor,” she explained. “I thought Michael—“

“I didn’t get that much out before we left,” Michael said.

Turning to Liz, Max lowered himself back onto the bed and swallowed, feeling helpless all of a sudden. He hadn’t known that she had collapsed and, after connecting with her, he hadn’t found anything wrong with her either.

“But she’s ok now, right?”

“I won’t let anything happen,” Kyle promised Maria.

Coming more into the room, Isabel cleared her throat and asked out loud, “how did you form the connection? Physical or mental?”

Realizing that she was talking to him, Max answered Isabel while still looking at Liz, gently caressing her face. “Mental, I guess.”

“He couldn’t have dream-walked her,” Michael said matter-of-factly. “It’s not his power.”

“But neither was the shield until last year,” Isabel pointed out.

Hearing a door open somewhere else in the apartment, everyone froze, waiting to see what would happen.

“You guys should go,” Maria said finally, looking up at Michael. “Liz’s parents might…freak…a little if she finds all of you here.”

“Guess that’s what happens when someone impregnates your teenage daughter,” Michael muttered. Kissing Maria quickly, he turned to Isabel and Max. “Lets go.”

“I’m staying,” Max announced, turning from Liz finally.


“I don’t care what her parents say.”

Sighing, Maria added, “but they only saw me and Kyle come in. How do we even explain you?”

“And keep Mr. Parker from strangling you on sight?”


“He’s right Max,” Isabel announced. “Liz has been able to keep who the father is from them, but this’ll blow it.”

“Look, I’m staying. Discussion over,” he declared.

“Oh, that’s not too high and mighty of you, is it?” Kyle asked sarcastically. “I have something to say.”

“Oh god…” Maria moaned, hanging her head some. “Not now.”

“Yes, now. Now is perfect.”

Standing up tall, Max regarded Kyle with a hard look. He’s been all over him all afternoon and Max was getting sick of it. “Say it.”

“Oh…you know what I’m gonna say?” Kyle asked, a smirk on his lips.

“Just say it,” Michael muttered.

Throwing him a look, Kyle turned back to Max and added, “If I had my way, you wouldn’t come within 50 feet of her. All you’ve ever done is hurt her and that’s all you’ll ever do. I know it and you know it. I mean, how else did you know what I was gonna say?”

Not waiting for anyone to say anything, Kyle exited the room then, leaving a thick silence hanging over everyone’s head.

“You know, we have to stop meeting this way,” he joked, sitting down on the ground beside her.

Looking over at her best friend, Liz smiled and told him, “Not if I have anything to say about it.”

Eyeing her, Alex said, “You’re in a good mood…why are you in a good mood?”

Shrugging, Liz returned her eyes to sunset and sighed. “I might be wrong but…but I think it’s working.”

“I know.”

“You know?” she repeated. “How?”

Sitting up some, Alex admitted, “Your connection with Max – got a lot of people’s attention.”

Smiling softly, Liz bit her lower lip and added, “I’m glad he did it. I want him to know.”


Hearing the hesitation in his voice, Liz looked over and realized Alex was now standing, staring out at the sunset with a tense expression. “Alex…what is it?” she questioned, standing up also.

“It can’t just--…” Sighing, Alex turned to Liz and told her, “I know Max and you deserve to know the truth, but it can’t happen like that.”

“Happen like what?” Liz asked, not being able to hide the annoyance and hurt in her voice.

“Lizzie…if you had been awake it wouldn’t have worked. You guys wouldn’t have connected like that.”

“I know,” she admitted.

“Then you also know that all this will happen when you let it, not when Max forces a connection and dream-walks you. Just give it time.”

“Give it time? Give it time?” Shaking her head, Liz turned away from Alex and took a deep breath, trying to remain calm. “You know what? I have been giving it time.” Turning back to him, she exclaimed, “even here, I don’t know what happened. I don’t know anything except that this is mine and Max’s baby and I don’t even get to remember that when I wake up! You just expect me to accept that and leave it be?!”

“No, of course not,” Alex said softly.

“Then explain it to me. Tell me what I’m supposed to do…” Blinking back tears, Liz let her head fall some, staring down into the sand. Feeling Alex’s arms come around her, she leaned into him, closing her eyes.

“Lizzie…this royally sucks, I know that. And I—god, I wish I could just tell you everything.”

“But you can’t,” she whispered into his chest.

“No, I can’t,” Alex said, the regret evident in his voice. “This is something you have to find out on your own. I’m just the tour guide.”

“Then lead me…” Liz added, pulling her head back to look up at him.

Smiling softly, Alex reached up and pushed her hair back off of her face. Taking her hand, he said, “we figured today, after everything that happened, would be good.”

“Good for what?” Liz questioned, her curiosity peaked.

“You were always too curious for your own good,” Alex added. “Just shut up and follow me – all will be explained.”


Walking into the hospital room, she glanced back down at the chart and re-read it, not believing one word written.

Lies. All lies.

Tossing it aside, she glanced down at her outfit, cringing. The only reason she would be found in the garment was for easy access, nothing more. Who’d stop to question her whereabouts when she was wearing this?

Entering the room more fully, she prepared her senses but stopped, realizing it was too quiet. Flinging back the curtain, she glanced around the empty room and felt her anger rise.

She had missed her.

The girl had been here, she knew it; could feel it.

“Damn it,” she cursed, nearly stomping her foot down in a fit of rage. Taking in a long and deep breath to calm her racing pulse down, she looked around the room once more, hoping to notice anything out of the ordinary.

Zeroing in on the garbage can, she walked over and glanced into it, noticing the torn up pieces of paper. Placing her hand up over the container, the few pieces of debris floated up and twisted around, working there way back into one solid piece.

Smiling, she watched as the small card landed in her palm, perfect once again. Reading it, she grinned before pocketing it and leaving the room, happier then she had been a few moments before.

The girl left a clue.

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I can't think of a name for the fake tv show!!! I've been raking my brain, but I'm getting nothing over here. I've got all of part one written, but no name! Can anyone help me??!!

BTW -- I'm almost done part 6 of this *bounce*
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Also, the songs in this part are ‘Good Riddance’ by GreenDay, and then ‘Your Disease’ by Saliva.
So, enjoy the part…
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PART 06 ~
“Don’t you think he would’ve did it before if he could?”

Shrugging, Isabel told Michael, “he didn’t know about the shield until he did it on an impulse. This could’ve been the same way.”

“She could be right.”

“You’re taking her side?!” Michael exclaimed, standing up from his couch to look at his girlfriend.

“Honey…it’s not about ‘taking sides’. It’s about making sure Liz is safe!” As an after thought, Maria asked, “and why does it matter if Max can dreamwalk Liz? I mean, correct me if I’m wrong here, but isn’t that a good thing?”

“From Max’s point of view…yeah” Isabel commented.

“Michael,” Maria added, waiting for him to explain.

Sighing, Michael leaned against his counter and ran his hands through his hair. “It’s not that I don’t want Max and Liz connecting or whatever they…do…but this is different. If Max can do Isabel’s power—“

“It’s not just my power,” she threw in.

“Whatever – if he has that power, then that means we all will share powers.” Giving Isabel a look, Michael stopped, letting that sink in, seeming satisfied when he eyes widened in realization.

“Ok, hello, little lost here,” Maria said finally, waving her hand some. “Hate to bring you two back from wherever it is you just went, but what’s so wrong about that?”

“Um…” Turning to Maria, Isabel told her, “we’d have each other’s powers,” like that explained everything.

“Yeah, I got that much. But still not seeing the big bad. I mean, all of you guys could heal and would have Max’s shield – that could really come in handy.”

Rubbing his temples, Michael sighed and sat back down beside her again. “We’d all share powers. Not just Isabel, me, and Max.”

Looking at him, she added, “I know. All of you--…” Realization dawned on her finally and Maria moaned, rubbing her own temples now. “Tess…”

“She’ll have our powers – all of them,” Isabel exclaimed.

“Our situation has just gone from ‘bad’ to ‘worse’,” Michael muttered.

“Lets just think this through…” Biting her lower lip, Maria said finally, “it might not be that bad.” When Michael and Isabel both looked at her, confused and doubtful expressions on their faces, she added, “sure, she’ll have your powers, but that means you get hers also. You’ll be able to mind-warp.”

Standing up, Michael muttered in reply, “that’s not much of an advantage.”

“Look, I’m just trying to find the ‘silver lining’ here, ok? I thought that Tess’s mind-warp was your strongest power.”

“It is,” Isabel said, cutting Michael off before he could say anything. “But that’s only because Nasedo made Tess practice using her powers.”

“In other words: she’s better at ‘em then us. She’ll have all of our powers and be better at using them, which means diddly-squat if we have hers cause we won’t be able to do it as good as her.”

“So, what? We’re screwed?” Maria asked.

“In a nut shell.”

Sighing, Isabel started to pace, rubbing the back of her neck. “Maybe we’re over re-acting here. Tess isn’t even on earth anymore. And, with her being back on our home planet, maybe she won’t even realize that she has more powers.”

“I guess that could buy us some time,” Michael reasoned.

“Time for what?” Maria asked. When Michael Isabel shared yet another look, she added, “guys? What else is going on her?”

“Maria, you don’t seriously think that Tess is just gonna let Liz get away with this, do you?” Isabel questioned.

“She’s going to be back,” Michael added.

“But not for a long, long time…right? I mean, she’s gotta find a way first.”


“This is not happening,” she muttered, standing up. “You guys didn’t mention anything about all this 3 weeks ago!”

“Where are you going?” Michael asked, watching her go for the door.

“Liz’s. We left Max and her there alone.”

“They’ll be ok for now,” Isabel commented.

“You don’t know that! I mean, if Tess is coming back, what’s gonna make her wait so long?”

“Look, the way we figure, Tess said she couldn’t have the baby in this atmosphere, so she might wait until he’s born. That way she could just…take him,” Isabel admitted, her voice showing how much that thought distressed her.

“We? We? You guys have talked about this before?!” she demanded.


“Don’t – I can not believe you never told me this, or even Liz!”

Trying to calm her down, Isabel added, “Tess isn’t gonna try anything yet. The baby was hurting her, so she’ll wait.”

“But Liz isn’t having any trouble with the baby – except for tonight, but Max said it wasn’t that, so how do you guys know that she won’t come and try to take Liz away while she’s still pregnant? Or try and do something worse?!”

Trying to calm her down also, Michael told Maria, “You know Max won’t let anything hurt Liz. He’ll keep her safe. You can bet on that.”

“But see, that’s the thing…he’s kept this from her for 3 weeks and he’s know she’ll get hurt in the end.” Letting those be her parting words, Maria left Michael’s apartment, shutting the door quietly behind her.

“The Crashdown? We can go anywhere in the universe, and you bring me HERE?”

“Hey, don’t knock the Crash, Liz,” Alex said, shaking a finger at her. “You’ll miss it more than you think.”

Watching Alex as he walked around, just taking everything in, Liz suddenly felt a heavy weight on her heart and sat down at the counter, her eyes still on her long-time friend.

“You know what I’ve missed the most?” he asked.


“My soda. I could really go for an Orange Soda on the rocks right now.”

“I’ll get you one,” Liz offered, getting up and going around to the back of the counter.

“Liz, you serve people here constantly. I could’ve made my own drink.”

Shrugging, she went about the task and added without looking at him, “no biggie – I wanted to.” Liz could feel his eyes on her but refused to look back at him.

“Know what I wanna hear? I have been dying to hear this song again – no pun intended,” Alex joked, strolling over to the jukebox and punching in a code.

Focusing her eyes onto the ice, Liz scooped some out and filled the cup up like Alex liked, then slid it under the spicket and stopped, taking in a deep breath. Feeling something wet slid over her hands, she looked up and noticed the cup was over-flowing with orange soda. Finally coming to, she jumped slightly and cut off the soda before pouring some out.

“Liz?” Alex asked, walking toward her from across the room.

“Your drink’s done,” she said, quickly wiping it down and sitting it on the counter.

“Thanks,” he said, eagerly taking a drink. “Oh…so good…”

~*~ Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go ~*~

“So, you brought me here to drink soda and listen to music?” Liz asked, trying to sound casual.

“That’s just a plus. Although…” Sitting down his drink, Alex mused out loud, “Sometimes, the music that’s around us says a lot.”

~*~ So make the best of this test and don’t ask why
It’s not a question but a lesson learned in time ~*~

“Really…never thought of music as anything except just that: music,” Liz said finally, pushing herself up from the counter and walking around the café some.

“Then why do you have it?”

“Have what?” she asked.

“The next day you went out and bought the Sheryl Crow album with ‘I Shall Believe’ on it,” Alex told her.

Pausing, Liz turned around and asked, “What is this about? Why does that matter?”

“Everything matters Liz.”

~*~ It’s something that’s unpredictable, but in the end is right
I hope you had the time of your life ~*~

“Do you want me to admit that I wanted that life?” she asked finally, not even being able to look him in the eye.

“There’s a lot of things I want you to admit, but it may be too soon still. How about we just get back to why we’re here,” Alex suggested softly.

“Which is why?” Liz questioned, trying to act sensible. She didn’t need to loose it right now.

~*~ Hang it on a shelf in good health and good times ~*~

“This is the beginning of your journey.”

Looking around once more, Liz stated softly, “It all started here…is that why you brought me? The shooting?”

Walking over to her, Alex added, “among other things. Liz…some of the most pivotal things to affect your life happened in between these four walls. The shooting, you and Max connecting for the first time, you seeing Max kissing Tess, you being able to reach Max in New York, all of us getting ready for prom. Some good and some bad. Some even worse.”

Knowing where he was headed, Liz cut him off and said quickly, “I know all this; I know what happened here. What’s the point in rehashing it all?”

Looking at her, Alex said simply, “cause it’s your past that leads you to the future.”

“So what? If I go by my past, all I have is heart-ache ahead of me.”

“You still don’t get it, do you?” Alex asked out loud. “Liz…I know being here with me is hard, I feel it too, ok? But I won’t look back on all of this and just have a bunch of regrets. I won’t let that happen.”

~*~ Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial
For what it’s worth, it was worth all the while ~*~

Staring at him for a few moments, Liz sighed and finally looked away, shaking her head some. “See, that’s what YOU don’t get Alex. I don’t want that to happen either.”

Starting to walk around again, Liz added, “Max has hurt me so much…and this, knowing him and others and helping them, it’s done so much damage and hurt…but I can’t let go. Me, Maria, Kyle…YOU…” Taking in another deep breath, she finally stopped walking and turned back around to face him.

“I regret, I’ve regretted a lot of things these last few years, but not Max; not the others. Most of the regrets I have are mine. Stuff I should’ve done or things I shouldn’t have done – I don’t know which I resent more now, to tell ya the truth.”

“Lizzie…please promise me that you won’t go through it all alone anymore. Talk to Maria.”

“Hey, I thought we were here to talk about me and Max,” Liz told him, doing a complete subject change. She really didn’t want to say anymore and knew if she did, it would change everything.

Sighing himself, Alex smiled briefly and nodded. “Yeah, we did. But now I gotta go and you need to wake up.”

“What?” Liz asked, looking at him. “I thought we were on a journey or something.”

“We are – but it’s a long journey and someone else needs you right now. Don’t worry, we’ll pick it up again.”

“I’m not worried…I’m just…” Trailing off, Liz bit her lower lip and wrapped her arms around Alex when he pulled her close. “I don’t understand, that’s all.”

“I know…but you will eventually.”

Nodding, Liz felt him pulling away and released her grip on him finally.

“Hey…promise me something?”


Smiling, Alex told her, “Go easy on ‘em. Not everyone’s the enemy.”

~*~ It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right
I hope you had the time of your life ~*~


Pulling his hand away, he swallowed and looked down, watching as the white glow slowly started to fade from his hand. Chancing a look at her shoulder, he noticed the handprint was still glowing there, the spot he touched not fading away as quickly.

What just happened? Max thought finally, trying to organize his feelings, the lingering images, and words in his mind.

He had simply been looking over Liz, watching her carefully to make she was ok and not in any kind of pain. She seemed perfectly fine, even healthier then she had the last few weeks. Liz just looked to be sleeping deeply and soundly.

Then Max had begun to ponder everything in his head. Before, when they all had been told by Tess that she was pregnant, she had convinced them that the baby wasn’t able to live in earth’s atmosphere; that it was dying and killing her also.

He had even seen and felt his child’s hurt and pain in the Pod Chamber that fateful evening.

But now, now that his child was somehow in Liz, he seemed to be perfectly healthy. The baby wasn’t in danger anymore and Liz was perfectly safe also. In fact, Tess had claimed to be in danger the whole time she was pregnant.


All of Tess’s conditions and illnesses came straight from her.

She claimed to be sick.

She claimed to need to go home, to leave earth.

Who knew what was true and what was a complete lie.

Tess had admitted in the Granilith that the pregnancy had been a conspiracy to get him, Isabel, and Michael back to their home planet so that Khivar could kill them and take complete control.

Did that she mean she had lied about being sick? Or was that true and she knew it would happen, so she pushed even harder to get pregnant? Would she willingly put herself through that danger just to get a ticket back to Antar?

She killed poor, innocent Alex for that, so what WOULDN’T she do? he thought disgustedly.

All of his thoughts and questions started to blur together and Max finally sighed and stood up, trying to gain some perspective.

Tess had lied. That much was well known.

But what all had she lied about exactly?

There was so much to go back over, so many times that she had acted odd or differently that could mean something; that could be a clue to finding out the whole truth.

Hearing the slight creak of the bed, Max had turned around and saw Liz was facing his chair now. Walking back over, he sat down and leaned forward, brushing her hair back from her face and placing it behind her ear like he knew she liked it.

Noticing how her eyes were jumping slightly, he realized she was dreaming. Taking that as a good sign, Max took in a deep breath and let his hand slide down to her shoulder, casually wondering what she had been dreaming about.

And it wasn’t long after that moment that he got a glimpse.

Letting Liz’s dream roll back over him, Max looked back at her shoulder and noticed his handprint was fading slightly now.

‘So, you brought me here to drink soda and listen to music?’

Her words had seemed forced and Max had the feeling that something had already happened in the dream, something that had gotten her upset.

In a way, it was almost as if she was scared.

‘That’s just a plus. Although…sometimes, the music that’s around us says a lot.’

Feeling himself stiffen once more, like he had during the dream when Alex appeared before him, Max swallowed and propped his chin up on his hands and looked down.

The idea of Liz dreaming about Alex upset him for some reason.

It wasn’t like he expected her to just simply forget about Alex and never think or dream about him again. Max would never want that to happen. But it was almost as if Liz was going to him for advice, like she was looking toward him to help her, to make everything better and right.

And the idea of Liz, losing herself in a fantasy world where everything was ok, frightened Max.

‘Really? I never thought of music as anything except just that: music.’

She had been lying.

Max could see it just as clearly now as he had during the dream.

She was nervous and scared of what was coming next. It was as if her emotions were being put right out there for him to see and he saw her fear of what Alex was bring up.

She wanted to run away, wanted to push him away even though she wanted to cry and cling to him at the same time.

‘Then why do you have it?’

Even now, after he had disconnected from Liz, Max could still hear the determination in Alex’s voice and could easily read his emotions and he knew that Alex also knew Liz was putting up a wall.

‘The next day, you went out and bought the Sheryl Crow album with ‘I Shall Believe’ on it.’

Sighing, Max stood up and started to pace.

There was something about that statement of Alex’s that made the hair stand up on the back of his neck.

He knew that Sheryl Crow was supposed to have been their ‘song’ if things hadn’t changed; if Liz hadn’t changed it all. In that other future, they were to have been married and all.

Max had also thought as much as Liz buying the cd. He had even gone out and bought his own after Maria told him all about the visit from Future Max and their other supposed life.

But why did it matter?

‘What is this about? Why does that matter?’

Wondering the same thing, Max sighed and turned around, seeing Liz’s cd player on her dresser and a few cd’s stacked beside it. Walking over and looking through them, he came across the one he was after and picked it up, scanning the cover.

It looked exactly like his.

Opening it up, Max barely had time to react before a tiny slip of paper fell to the floor after having slid out of the cd case. Putting the cd back on the dresser, he bent over and picked up the piece of paper, seeing that it was actually a strip of pictures.

Pictures of himself and Liz back before they had broken up.

Remembering that day perfectly, Max smiled faintly and recalled how Liz had to practically drag him into the booth to have the pictures taken. But once they were in there, closed off from what felt like the rest of the world and Liz was sitting on his lap, Max couldn’t help but grin and pose for the camera.

But those were happier times.

Carefully placing the pictures back into the case and closing it, Max put it away and turned back to Liz, who was still sleeping peacefully. Walking back to his seat and sitting down, he leaned forward and lightly touched the glowing handprint that was still on her shoulder.

It had almost disappeared by now.

Looking back at her face, Max pulled his hand away slowly and leaned back in the chair, crossing his legs and trying to get comfortable.

‘Everything matters, Liz.’

Alex’s last statement popped up in his mind and Max smiled softly. He knew exactly how true that was. Anything and everything mattered when it came to Liz and her safety.

And he would do whatever he had to do to keep her safe.

Even if that meant never leaving this seat again until she woke up.

~*~ In one moment, I’m going all the way; I make my poetry everyday
And I’m frozen, comin’ right on time; I froze my mind with that serious rhyme ~*~

Slumped back in a chair, Kyle sighed deeply and lined up another shot, flipping his spoon and watching as the small, rolled up piece napkin that substituted for a ball landed in the glass of watered-down soda.

“Goal,” he muttered, sliding back down into the seat even more.

“Hi Kyle,” Jeff Parker called out, walking over to his end of the counter.

“Oh, hey Mr. P,” Kyle said finally.

“Can I get you anything else? Like maybe some more napkins?” he asked, eyeing the pile of shred-up paper.

“Huh? Oh, naw, I’m cool.”

Nodding, Jeff walked off finally, going to wipe down the other end of the counter.

~*~ And I’m open, comin’ up inside; you know my mind has got a grand design and I’m flowin’, going all the way
I make my mind point to be everyday, come on ~*~

Hearing the door chime, Kyle glanced up casually and stopped, watching as Isabel and Maria walked in. Huffing, he turned back to his ‘game’ and ignored them, hoping they would do the same.

“Hey Kyle.”

Not hearing Maria’s greeting, he looked up and noticed she was no longer in the room. “Where’d DeLuca go?”

“Maria?” Isabel questioned. “She went upstairs to see Liz and Max.”

“Right – Liz and Max.” Scowling, Kyle stuck another ball onto his spoon and launched it, making another shot.

“What is your problem?” she suddenly demanded, taking the seat beside him. “He’s just trying to make sure she’s ok.”

Feeling his anger rise some, Kyle turned her way and intended to lay it all out flat but stopped when he noticed Liz’s dad was still near by.

~*~ And I wanna take you down, but your soul cannot be found
It doesn’t matter much you see, cause your disease is killing me ~*~

“Tell me about it,” Kyle muttered, listening to the music playing in the background through out the cafe.

“What?” Isabel asked, confused.

Looking at her, Kyle stopped once more, sighing deeply.

~*~ And you know it’s only right ‘coz it feels like paradise
I know nothing is for free, cause your disease is killing me ~*~

“I never asked for all this shit,” he said finally, turning back to his spoon and tearing up another napkin.

“And you think we did?” Isabel asked finally.

“Better you then me,” Kyle muttered.

“Oh, nice attitude.”

“Hey – I’ll have whatever kinda attitude I want,” he exclaimed. “I’ve gotten nothing but screwed since I was recruited into your little…club.”

Getting offended, Isabel sat up straighter and added, “you know, you have no room to talk Kyle. As I recall, you were determined to find out Max’s secret and now you know it – you got what you asked for.”

“I don’t remember asking to get myself almost killed every few days and I certainly don’t remember asking to get trapped in a freakin’ cave for you guys – just to name a few. This all too much.”

~*~ My mind’s broken, I’m going up in smoke
If you breathe my toke, I’m guaranteeing you’ll choke
And I’m chosen to testify the masses; wear dark glasses like the cops in Texas ~*~

“So, what? You want out?”

“See, now, you’re making it sound like the mob or something,” Kyle added, making another shot.

“Well, that’s how you’re explaining it!”

Scoffing, Kyle drawled out, “yeah…getting out would be good…”

Crossing her arms, Isabel shook her head. “That’s great for you. But some of us, we don’t have that luxury. It’s our life.”

“That’s just it Isabel – it’s your life. I don’t wanna have to worry about all this stuff.”

~*~ All knowing, it’s not a premonition; kill the competition like a man on a mission.
I’m blowin’, comin’ up inside like the Bee Gees crying ‘I’m just saying alive’, come on ~*~

“I’m not trying to get myself killed for something that I don’t even believe in,” Kyle added, his voice filled with frustration. “And I sure as hell don’t give a shit about what happens to Maxie-boy – let Tess have him for all I care.”

“What about Liz? Isn’t she your friend?” she questioned. “You don’t care what happens to her?!”

Rolling up another ball, Kyle spat out, “I care about Liz. And she got screwed over because of you all – if I had it my way, Max wouldn’t ever see her again. Maybe then she won’t get the same fate as Alex.”

“Go to hell,” Isabel seethed, standing up and rushing into the back of the café, her eyes blazing with emotions.

Staring at the door for a few moments, Kyle finally turned back around and flipped the end of his spoon, not even coming close to the glass this time.

“Shit,” he said softly, leaning forward and resting his head on his hands.

~*~ And I wanna take you down, but your soul cannot be found
It doesn’t matter much you see, cause your disease is killing me
And you know it’s only right ‘coz it feels like paradise
I know nothing is for free, cause your disease is killing me ~*~

The Alex commented was a low blow, he knew it, but the words still came spilling out of his mouth. It was if he couldn’t control it all because of his anger. The more he thought about Liz and what position Max had put her in, the more he wanted to make sure Max suffered just as much, if not more.

“Hell of a lot more,” he muttered, crumpling up a napkin in his hand.

~*~ So now I’m finally goin’ down – can I find my way back home?
Now there’s no one else around – can I find my way back home?
Will I ever see the light even though I’m fallin’ – will there ever be any peace for me?
Even though I’m fallin’, will there ever be any peace for me?
Even though I’m fallin’ will there even be any peace for me? ~*~

Standing up, Kyle pulled out his wallet and dropped a five on the counter for the soda and pushed away from the counter, heading for the door.

“Good riddance,” he mumbled, hopping into his mustang and slamming the door. Maybe he would go away for a few days – try and get some perspective.

At least get away from the alien bullshit.

~*~ And I wanna take you down, but your soul cannot be found
It doesn’t matter much you see, cause your disease is killing me
And you know it’s only right ‘coz it feels like paradise
I know nothing is for free, cause your disease is killing me ~*~


Knocking softly on the door, Maria pushed it open and entered Liz’s bedroom, noticing Max’s alarmed expression. “It’s only me,” she assured him. “Liz’s mom and pop are still downstairs.”

Nodding, Max turned back around to face the bed.

Shutting the door softly and walking more into the room, Maria gazed down at Liz’s still form and questioned, “she hasn’t woken up yet?”

Clearing his throat, Max told her, “no, not yet.”

Biting her lower lip, Maria asked softly, her voice wavering some, “Max, truthfully, is she ok?”

Hearing the emotions in her voice, Max gazed up at her and said, “I can’t really explain it, but she’s…she’s just asleep.” When Maria didn’t look convinced, he added, “I’ve connected with her – she’s fine.”

Nodding, Maria took in a deep breath and glanced at Max, noticing the confused and thoughtful look on his face for the first time. Coming over to Liz’s other side, she lowered herself down to her knees and sat beside the bed. Reaching out to push some hair back off of her friends face, Maria asked finally, “did you dream-walk her again?”

Shocked, Max looked at her and simply nodded.

“Thought so…” Trying to phrase her next comments, she got out finally, “I don’t know what to do Max. I’m-…I am literally in the middle here. Between Lizzie wanting me to help her stay closed off you for a while and you wanting to do just the opposite, then Kyle wants to cut her off from you guys completely and Michael and Isabel tell me all this stuff--…” Stopping her ramblings, Maria closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, trying to organize her thoughts.

“Maria…what are you saying?” Max asked finally. His voice was low and full of hesitation and even some fear.

Looking back up at him, she stopped and finally shook her head, muttering, “I don’t know…I just don’t know…”

“I love her, Maria…you know I do,” he whispered suddenly.

“I know.”

“And I would do anything for her. I just…I just don’t know what happened. I don’t know why I did all this. I screwed it all up…which means I have to fix it.”

“How?” Maria questioned, praying with all she had that he could do just that.

“By finding out what Tess did,” he stated simply. “She’s key behind all of this. But it’s gonna be hard considering that we don’t have any connections with her anymore.”

Looking down, Maria went over everything that had transpired over at Michael’s apartment. Licking her lips, she glanced back up and was about to spill everything, tell him that she knew what was up, when Liz’s hand jerked suddenly.

“Max…” she said quietly.

“I saw it,” he replied quickly, leaning forward.

Staring hard down at her friend, Maria leaned forward too and added, “Liz? Are you awake, Lizzie?” Suddenly Liz flew upward and Maria fell backwards, barely catching herself before she hit the floor completely.

“Alex!” Liz forced out of her mouth, looking completely out of it and oblivious to everything around her. She was ready to jump out of the bed and her whole body seemed to be shaking.

“Liz, Liz!” Max called out, holding her shoulders and trying to get her attention.

Watching on from the floor, Maria was surprised when Liz just slumped into Max, burying her head into his chest and clinging to him closely. Max, equally shocked, wrapped his arms around her waist and move more onto the bed.

“Alex…” Liz said again, her voice raw and emotional.

“It’s ok, it’s ok,” Max soothed softly, rubbing her back and closing his own eyes as she cried into his chest.

Feeling her own tears flowing, Maria stood up silently and wiped at her face, trying not to make her presence known. It was like Max and Liz had escaped into their own world and she didn’t want to disturb them. Happy that Liz had at least woken up, Maria quietly exited the room, oblivious to her friends, and instantly pondered Liz’s reactions upon waking.

Why had she called out for Alex? Had she been dreaming about him?


Looking to see Isabel walking down the Parker’s hallway, she turned away and wiped at her face, trying to resemble a normal person. “Hey,” she said finally, her voice coming out kinda scratchy.

“Are you ok?”

She turned around to face Isabel and shrugged. “As good as can be expected.”

Isabel’s eyes widened and she asked, “Is Liz—“

“Liz is fine. She just woke up actually.”

“But those aren’t tears of joy, are they?”

“It’s nothing,” Maria stated, not wanting to upset Isabel also. She, like herself and Liz, had taken Alex’s death hard. They had just finally gotten back together then he had been taken away from her so cruelly – taken away from all of them.

“Kyle didn’t come up with you?” she added, hoping to change the subject.

Isabel’s own face turned this time and she snapped out, “he had other plans.”

Letting it go, Maria sighed and wiped at her face again. “I miss the times when all we had to worry about was Valenti and Tolpolsky.”

“We might as well consider them the ‘good ole days’,” Isabel muttered.

Nodding in agreement, Maria led Isabel back down the hallway. “Mr. And Ms. P should be down there for a while, so we can wait here.”

“Wait for what?”

Looking past Isabel and back down the hallway, Maria said sadly, “for Liz to run away again.”

“It’s ok, I’m right here,” Max said softly, cradling Liz close to his body. Feeling her small form shaking, he literally felt his heart shattering along with it. He didn’t know what about her dream had gotten her so worked up, but he was determined to help her get through it.

Placing a kiss onto the crown on her head, he added, “I’m right here baby, it’s ok.”

Feeling her head come up from his chest, Max gazed down and froze, finding her deep and troubled eyes focused on his. Tears continued to stream down her cheeks and he instantly reached up and cupped her face, gently wiping them away.

Her gaze never wavered or left his eyes and Max swallowed, feeling the all-too-familiar need to kiss her; to place his lips against her and finally taste her once more. Finally feel like he was at home and complete.

Nothing compared to one single kiss from Liz he doubted he’d ever find anything would.

“Liz,” he whispered huskily, his voice deep and raw. Every cell in his body was screaming out for him to connect, for him to touch and taste her like he needed to do -- for him to experience what it was like when they just felt and she touched the very bottom of his being, of his soul.

Slowly crossing the space between them, Max gently placed his lips over hers, awaiting Liz’s reaction…

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Hey! *happy*

Since I'm working on the next part, thought I'd give you guys a little 'sneak peak' into what' happening with that kiss...

Feeling Max’s lips slide across hers, tentative and uncertain, Liz froze and swallowed quickly, feeling a small tingle start at the base of her head. Closing her eyes, she took in a deep breath when Max pulled back some, knowing for certain that he was looking down at her.

What was he doing? What even lead him to the conclusion that he should, could, kiss her? Hadn’t she been pushing him away all this time? What had she been doing wrong?

How can you even convince him of it when you can’t even convince yourself? A voice in her head mocked.

No! Liz’s mind yelled back, refusing to believe that. Her mind knew perfectly well that her and Max could never happen. The notion was etched in her brain.

‘Max and Liz can never be’.

It was in stone – it was a mantra. She repeated it every time she saw him; when he came into the café, or when he would call, leaving messages on her answering machine, so full of longing and guilt, or even when one of her friends would mention his name.

Bam, she would start repeating it.

See, I believe it so much I say it all the time – my mind knows what’s best.

Or, you say it to cover up what your heart really wants

Suddenly one of Max’s hands landed on her arm and Liz looked down at it, not being able to ignore the bolt of feelings, the bolt of pure excitement, passion, even lust that it sparked deep within her body.

I can’t do this – I shouldn’t do this.

Closing her eyes, Liz leaned her head some, taking in a deep breath and letting the alluring voice roll over her in waves.

Don’t deny what you really want…don’t have any regrets

Blindly reaching up, Liz locked her hands around Max’s neck and pulled him toward her, inneciating the kiss.

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