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Title: Battle of the Heart
Category: AU M/L and others
Rating: PG to NC17
Disclaimer: I own nothing. All characters belong to JK and UPN. Please don't sue!
Summary: Nothing on the show happened. During junior year, Max, Michael, and Isabel disappeared. No one knows what happened to them. They are aliens. The rest you’ll have to read to find out.

Author's note: This is my first story so please be gentle. *happy* I'd also like to thank Ria for helping me with this story. If it weren't for her there probably wouldn't be a story.

Part 1

“Alex, could you hand me that sweatshirt?” Liz asked while packing some other things in her duffle bag.

Alex grabbed the sweatshirt and walked over to Liz. “Here ya go. Do we have to go camping? I mean, couldn’t we do something where we’d have little luxuries like a bathroom,” he questioned.

Liz turned and faced Alex putting her hands on his shoulders, “Alex, we just graduated high school. All the parties are happening on the weekend and we have three days to go before the weekend gets here. We used to do this all the time when we were little and it could be one of the last times we’ll have the opportunity to do this together. Now, you’d better put on a happy face because Maria will be here soon and you know she won’t let you get away with that attitude.”

“What attitude won’t I let you get away with?” Maria asked as she breezed into the room and sat on the bed.

“Nothing, lets get this stuff packed into the car and get this best friend graduation getaway started,” Alex said as he gave the thumbs up sign and started grabbing the camping gear.

Max woke up and sighed, much like he did everyday since returning to Antar. He got up and looked out the window, staring into the palace garden reflecting on the events that have taken place over the last year and a half. Like, stumbling across the granolith in the back of the pod chamber. Then, accidentally activating it while trying to figure it out, when he, Michael and Isabel were sucked in and transported to the palace on Antar within seconds. All of sudden counselors appeared, whisking them into their palace suites, offering them their condolences while informing them of the horrid details of their parents demise at the hands of Kivar. The next few months were a blur of information, learning about Antar and how they came to be who and what they are now. The counselors realized quickly that the Royal Three were not aware of their status as Antarian Royalty and the ways of this alien world. The three had much to learn. Max felt remorse because he didn’t get a chance to say goodby or thank his parents. He spent a lot of time feeling guilty, as his parents would now have to cope with their disappearance.

Although the feelings of remorse and guilt were overwhelming, he could not deny his never-ending thoughts of a petite brunette whom he longed to be with ever since he laid eyes on her so many years ago. Liz Parker. Even though they were little more than lab partners in Biology class, he often wondered what it would be like to hold her, to walk hand-in-hand down the hallways in school, to kiss her… Unfortunately, all of the unknowns in his life kept him from pursuing her. Now that he had the answers, he only wanted to rush back home and ask Liz Parker for a date. The thoughts of someday returning to Earth and finding her, is what keeps him grounded, able to deal with all of the chaos that is his life.

Max had been so lost in thought that he didn’t even hear Michael enter the room. Michael took one look at Max and knew what he was thinking. Trying to cheer him up he said, “who knows, maybe a year from now we will be back on earth and you’ll be staring at her in some class in college.”

Max whipped his head around, startled by the voice, “hey Michael, what’s up?”

Michael, sensing he didn’t want to talk about it said, “I just got word from one of our informants about the location of one of Kivar’s bases in Telnar. We should check it out.”

“Take some men and secure the area. As soon as my next meeting is over I will meet you there.”

“Later, Maxwell,” said Michael as he walked out the door.

Nicholas walked down the hall to Kivar’s office inside the rebellion headquarters dreading the conversation he was about to have. He approached the door, took a deep breath and knocked.

“Enter” Kivar bellowed.

“Kivar, I was just informed that our base in Telnar has been attacked. We’ve lost control of the base and about 300 soldiers have been killed.” Nicholas flinched as Kivar slammed his fist on the table .

“Incompetent fools! We can’t keep losing bases like this. That annoying little king and his troops have already pushed us too far back from the palace! Add more men to each base for security,” Kivar shouted as he paced back and forth across the room.

“We don’t have enough men to do that sir, so many have been lost trying to establish a base inside the palace city of Renular,” exclaimed Nicholas .

“Don’t you think I know that, you idiot,” said Kivar, rubbing his temples. He turned to Nicholas with an evil smile on his face and said, “I think it’s time to put my invention to good use.”

“Which invention would that be?” asked Nicholas.

“The mind controlling device I developed to control the humans when I thought we would be dealing with the Royal Three on Earth. Since we couldn’t survive there without husks, and I couldn’t Control them with my mind over long periods of time, I developed a device to control them remotely. It is surgically implanted in their cerbral cortex,resulting in mindless drones that do whatever I want them to. I want you to take a ship back to Earth and bring me back some humans,” said Kivar in a cold, hard voice. “I expect you back within a week. It will take a little time to implant the devices and I want to use these drones as soon as possible!”

“As you wish,” acknowledged Nicholas and turned to leave as Kivar went back to planning his move against the king.

Max was on his way back to his quarters after an evening stroll through the gardens when he heard a soft cry coming from Isabel’s room. He knocked on the door and he could hear her trying to collect herself before she opened it.

“What’s wrong Is,” asked Max.

“What do you mean,” replied Isabel, seeing the concern on Max’s face but not wanting to add to his worries.

“Come on Is, I just heard you crying. Tell me what’s wrong,” coaxed Max as he walked into the room and sat down in a chair.

Seeing he wasn’t going to let it be, Isabel closed the door and sighed, “it’s really not a big deal Max, I’m just having a bad day.” When Max didn’t say anything, Isabel rolled her eyes thinking how stubborn he could be at times.

“It’s just that every once and a while, this all gets so overwhelming. I mean, this thing with Kivar has been going on for over a year now. Two days ago, we took another one of his bases, and it still doesn’t look like there is any end in sight.” After a slight pause she continued, “you know, when we were on Earth and I would have a bad day, at least I could go shopping with mom and blow off some steam. I really miss them, Max.”

“I miss them too Is,” said Max as he got up to give her a hug. As the thought of Liz smiling at him while they were working on a Biology project flashed in his mind he said, “when this is over we will go back.”

Isabel closed her eyes as a stray tear fell, she asked, “will it ever be over?”

Just then Michael knocked on the door. “Isabel, you in there,” he asked.

Isabel, knowing this conversation was over for now, waved her hand in front of her face to make herself more presentable and said, “It’s open Michael.”

“There you are Max. I have been looking all over for you! Our informant just reported in. She said Kivar has issued orders to prepare a base for surgical procedures but doesn’t know where or why yet. It sounded like Kivar would be overseeing this himself, so whatever it is must be pretty important,” stated Michael as he walked into the room.

“That doesn’t make any sense,” exclaimed Isabel with a look of confusion on her face. “Who would Kivar need to perform surgery on and why?”

Max ran his fingers through his hair and sighed, “I have no idea, Is.”

Liz, Maria, and Alex had a lot of fun during their first couple days of camping. Now, on the last night, they were a somber group, sitting around the campfire each lost their own thoughts. It was as if they all knew it was the end of an era. Each one planning to embark on a new journey that would take them away from each other.

Maria then looked around at her friends. Deciding enough was enough, she grabbed the bag of marshmallows and started launching them at her friends. After a few minutes, Liz and Alex, under silent agreement, got up and chased Maria until they had her tackled on the ground tickling her mercilessly. “OK, OK, I give!” shouted Maria while trying to catch her breath. “I was just trying to lighten the mood!”

“We got her good, didn’t we Liz,” questioned Alex as he untangled himself from the girls. “It was almost as good as the time we rigged the soda machine to start spraying soda on her at the Crash!”

“Oh my god, that was so funny! I almost forgot about that,” exclaimed Liz as she doubled over in laughter.

“Keep laughing Chica and I will have to remind you of the time you practically fell into Max Evans lap when you slipped on …,” said Maria then trailed off as she realized what she just said. Maria knew that Liz always had a crush on Max and felt bad she had brought that up considering no one knows what happened to them. Under different circumstances she thought they would have gotten together eventually. She remembered catching Max staring at Liz when he thought no one was looking. Liz always said Maria was crazy when she brought it up. “That fire isn’t going to tend to itself, let’s get some more firewood,” said Maria, changing the topic and pushing those thoughts from her mind.

As everyone got up, the wind picked up out of nowhere, blowing at speeds close to 60 miles an hour. A large branch broke off a nearby tree and came flying towards them. Huddled together, facing the other direction, they didn’t see it coming. Struck in the head by the branch, they fell to the ground unconscious. Just then a ship appeared and transported them aboard. The ship’s crew set course for Antar and disappeared into the night.

****As I said earlier this is my first story so if you don't like it, let me know and I won't continue to post. Thanks for taking the time to read it!

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Oops! I forgot the disclaimer in the first chapter! I own nothing so please don't sue.

I want to thank everyone that replied! I was so worried that no one would like the story. Please let me know if you have qny questions or if I forget to address any of my plot points. With this being mt first story, it's bound to happen! I'll stop rambling now and give you chapter 2!*happy*

Happy New Year Everyone!

Also, if anyone knows how to change the title, please tell me how! Thanks!

Chapter 2

Max, Michael, and Isabel were having another frustrating day. They were no closer to finding out what Kivar was up to than when they first heard from their informant. They had been in contact with every source they had in the last few days and no one seemed to have any clues. As they were breaking up for the day, a brief message came in from their informant. “I don’t have much time. Kivar abducted some humans. He plans to implant mind controlling devices in them and use them as soldiers against you. Someone is coming, I’ll contact you again as soon as possible.”

Max was beyond shocked. There were so many emotions going through him at one time he almost collapsed. He was furious that Kivar involved humans who have nothing to do with this conflict, and use them as if their lives didn’t have any value. Being half-human himself, he felt responsible for their involvement. Ironically, while on Earth, he felt like an outcast because he was only half-human. Then there was the fear. He couldn’t help but be afraid that his parents, Liz or anyone else he knew might have been abducted. Although the chances were slim, he still hoped they were safe and sound back on Earth. He couldn’t bear it if any of them were brought into this.

Michael could see the emotions pass through Max. He glanced towards Isabel and noticed her pale face and tears welling up in her eyes. Sensing there was going to be a break-down, Michael took it upon himself to clear the aides and counselors out of the room. He too was shocked and remorseful, but his memories on Earth had not been as positive as Max’ and Isabel’s. Not knowing what to say, Michael sat down and waited for one of them to start.

Trying to collect herself and to not think about her parents, Isabel finally broke the silence and choked out, “what do we do now Max? We need to save those people.” Her anger now overshadowing all other emotions she declared, “ we can’t let Kivar get away with this!”

Reigning in all of his emotions, Max went over to Isabel and put his arms around her, trying to convey that he knew exactly how she was feeling. He looked at Michael and said, “We’re not going to. If Kivar brought them here, he had to have used a ship. That is the only way to get them here without using the Granolith. Have one of our ships go to Earth and make sure he doesn’t get any more people and send word to our other ships here to keep an eye for any unusual activity. Maybe we can head them off before they would be able to get to Earth. See if any of our scientists know anything at all about this mind control device. We also need to find out where he is keeping them. Maybe we can get to them before he finishes implanting the devices. Isabel, do you think you can try dreamwalking our informant? Maybe we can get a location and any other information she has that way.”

Isabel, happy to be able to do something, nodded and said, “I’ll try it tonight but if she’s too far away I won’t be able to reach her.”

The cloaked ship had just entered orbit around Antar when a transmission on a secured channel came in for Nicholas. Nicholas left the bridge and went to his quarters to receive the transmission. “Kivar, we just entered orbit,” He reported.

“Excellent, your timing couldn’t be better. I just finished preparing the base just outside of Renular for our ‘guests.’” smirked Kivar. “How many did you get,” he asked.

“We got around 100. We sedated them all for the return trip however, three of them were already unconscious when we transported them aboard. We didn’t want anyone waking up on the trip back so they were sedated as well,” said Nicholas.

“Very well, start transporting everyone to the base,” said Kivar and the transmission ended.

About an hour later, Kivar headed toward the lab to find the head scientist/doctor. “Report,” He demanded.

“Initial scans show that 98 people are healthy and we are ready to begin performing the implants on them. Three others received a blow to the head, leaving two with concussions and the third one in a coma. Their brains need time to heal before we can implant the device. My best guess is that the two with concussions would be ready in about 10 days. I’m not sure about the one in the coma. I have seperated them from the others,” said the doctor as she motioned towards the door behind her.

Kivar decided to take a look at them to see if waiting for them to heal would be beneficial or if he should simply have them killed. As he entered the room, he saw a young male and a young female and thought that he could get years of service from them. Then he saw a slendor brunette laying unconscious on the table closest to him. He was slightly taken aback by her beauty and thought he might have other needs for her besides being a mindless soldier. “Which one is in a coma,” Kivar asked the doctor.

The doctor pointed to the brunette and said, “this one, but there is no telling when she will wake up from the coma. It could be a couple days, months, or it may be never.” The doctor noticed how Kivar seemed to be taken with this one, but didn’t say anything.
“Is there anything you can do speed up recovery on this one,” asked Kivar thinking about the plans he had.

“There is only one thing I can think of, but I’m not sure you will like it,” said the doctor wondering to herself if it was a good idea or not. Seeing the irritated look on Kivar’s face, she exhaled and said, “I could inject her with a serum that was used in creating the hybrid king. It was designed so that the Royal Three wouldn’t be susceptable to illnesses on earth and also would help in healing minor injuries. It might help her come out of the coma. However, it was the same serum that activated the part of the brain that gave them their powers. Since the powers are actually human abilities that were activated centuries sooner than they would have evolved normally, she may end up with some powers. I would need to add some Antarian genes to her genetic make-up in order for this to work since the serum was designed for the hybrids. Essentially, she would become a hybrid,” She explained.

Kivar thought about the repercussions and decided it wouldn’t matter because she would be impanted with the mind control device. At this point he was mainly thinking with his lower anatomy. He found it odd that he could be so attracted to an insignificant human when there were many Antarian females that he could use. But, he was bored with them and this would be a new experience so he looked at the doctor and said, “do it. It will probably take about a week or so to implant all of the others, so allow the other two to heal naturally. Get started implanting the others as soon as you have injected this one. Keep me apprised of the situation,” stated Kivar and left the room.

As Liz lay unconscious, a life altering decision had been made for her. The doctor began the procedures.

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Thanks for Reading!*happy*
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I hope this post works. The board has been acting really wierd tonight. Thank you to all that have left me feedback! It really encourages me to write more. O.K., I'm done babbling! Here's the next part!

Chapter 3

Isabel entered her room that evening with Max and Michael hot on her heels. They had purposely waited until it was late, hoping that the informant would already be sleeping. Isabel laid down on the bed while Max and Michael settled in their chairs to wait. Isabel closed her eyes and concentrated on the informant and all of her memories of her. As she fell asleep, Max looked at Michael and said, “I hope this works, if it doesn’t I’m not sure how we’re going to find them in time.”

In her dream plain, Isabel found herself standing in a room that had no windows. She looked around and saw several people lying on the ground unconscious, looking closer she figured out that they were the humans. She jumped slightly as a door opened and two soldiers came in and picked up one of the people and turned to leave. Not seeing anything else in this room, she quickly followed the soldiers to see where they were taking him. When she entered the hallway she was thrilled to see the informant go into a room down the hall. Isabel made her way towards the door, entering quietly. Once inside, she saw the informant sitting at a desk writing in what looked to be a file. “Serena.” called Isabel to draw her attention.

Serena looked up from what she was doing, shocked to see Isabel standing there, exclaimed, “what are you doing here?”

“After your last message we needed more information and thought it would be safer to contact you by dreamwalking. Is Kivar monitoring you in your sleep,” asked Isabel, hoping the answer was no.

Serena smiled and said, “no, actually this is probably the best way to communicate right now, since Kivar is here and monitoring me closely. It might have been a while before I would be able to contact you again.”

“Why is he monitoring you so closely,” asked Isabel, in concern for her friend.

A disgusted look came over Serena’s face as she said, “he has a personal interest in one of the human female’s that was injured when she got here. But before I get into that, what information do you need the most? I’m not sure when I will be woken up and we should discuss that first before I get into specifics about this project.”

“We need to know where you are located, how many humans Kivar has, and any information you have on this mind control device,” Isabel stated in agreement.

“We’re in an old textile mill from what I can tell. I was transported here so I didn’t see where it was located. But I can’t to be too far from you if you are able to reach me. What is the farthest you have been able to dreamwalk someone?” asked Serena.

“The farthest I’ve been able to reach is about 800 miles,” stated Isabel.

Serena nodded and said, “there are 101 humans here. They started on the first five this evening, once everything was set up. It will take about a week or so to finish them all. The device is an invention that Kivar created when he thought he would be fighting you on Earth.” She smirked and said, “apparently, he didn’t think you would ever make it back here. That is why he abducted the humans. It was designed for them. It is implanted into the cerebral cortex and allows Kivar to control them remotely. I will try to come up with a way to override it.”

Isabel nodded, trying to absorb all the information she was receiving and asked, “What is this project you’re working on?”

Serena looked at Isabel wondering how she was going to react to the news and said, “There were three humans that were already injured when they got here and to keep Kivar from killing them I had to…”

Isabel suddenly sat up in the bed. She looked around, trying to figure out where she was, and saw Max and Michael coming towards her and she realized that Serena must have been woken up if she was back in the palace.
Noticing the confusion on her face, Max gently asked, “Did you get through to her Is?”

“Yes, I did.” Isabel stated as the information she received came flooding forward. Isabel relayed all of the information she received to Max and Michael.

Before Max even had a chance to speak Michael looked at him and said, “I’m already on it. I will start looking for textile mills within 800 miles.” With that Michael got up to leave and said “I’ll see you guys in the morning.”

Once Michael left Max looked at Isabel and asked, “Is there anything else Is, you look like your lost in thought.”

Isabel frowned and replied, “No, but she started to tell me about three people that were injured when they got here and she had to do something so that Kivar wouldn’t kill them. She was just starting to explain it to me when I woke up here. I’m just wondering what that could mean.”

Max thought about it for a minute and said, “I’m not sure but it sounds like she’s doing whatever she can to stop him from killing anyone. You can try to dreamwalk her tomorrow to find out what she was talking about.” Max gave Isabel a hug and said, “Get some sleep. I’ll see you in the morning.”

The next morning Kivar went to check on the progress of the human female. He berated himself for even caring. After all she was only a human but the thoughts of what he could do to her had been on his mind since he’d left them the day before. An evil smile came to his face as he remembered a particular fantasy he had every intention of fulfilling. He walked into the room and saw the doctor checking on the girl. “What’s the status,” he asked.

She looked up at him and replied, “the procedure went well. Her brainwave activity is off the charts this morning. I’m hoping she will wake up in a day or two. The other two haven’t woken up yet. They should wake up today.”

“Excellent.” Replied Kivar as he gazed at the brunette. “Inform me if there are any changes,” he stated and left the room.

About two hours later, Alex slowly started coming to. He opened his eyes and looked around trying to figure out what happened and where he was. The last thing he remembered was that he was camping and now. When the doctor heard him move, she went over to his bed. Alex tried to sit up but his movement was halted by a throbbing pain in his head. He looked at the doctor and just knew something wasn’t right. Her clothes were different than anything he’d ever seen before and her eyes had a slight glow to them. Forgetting about the pain in his head, he sat up and tried to get off the bed. Having been unconscious for nearly a week, his body was weak and he almost fell to the floor. The doctor caught him just before he fell and tried to get him to lay back down. Although overwhelmed with fear, Alex found his voice and started rattling off questions as his body gave out and he fell back into a laying position on the bed. “Who are you? Where am I? Where’s Maria and Liz?”

The doctor smiled weakly at him as she tried to figure out the best way to explain it to him. How do you tell someone that they have been abducted and are on another planet only to be used as a puppet for a crazed lunitic? “I’m not sure how to tell you this, but you are not on Earth anymore,” said the doctor. She was shocked to see him staring at her intently as if waiting for more information. That he didn’t freak out and was sitting there calmly was mind boggling to her. She continued, “you and several others have been abducted, for lack of a better word, and brought to Antar to be used as drones for Kivar, a rebel, who is trying to take over the throne and kill the king.”

Alex smiled at the doctor and said, “Ok, I get it, where’s Liz or Maria? You can tell them the joke is over. Nice try though. You almost had me for a while.”

Hearing voices in the hall, Serena looked at Alex sternly and said, “look, I understand this is difficult for you but we don’t have time for me to convince you. What I’m telling you is true. My name is Serena. I am trying to help you. I really work undercover for the king but Kivar doesn’t know that. I will answer your questions as soon as I get you some food, we need to get your strength back. Please stay in bed while I’m gone. You don’t want anyone else here to see you up and about. Trust me.” Having said that, Serena activated a clear forcefield that surrounded the last two beds and went to get some food.

Alex sat there in shock for a minute. After seeing the forcefield and noticing other things earlier, he was starting to believe what she was saying. He looked to his left and saw Maria lying unconscious on the bed next to him. When he tried to wake her and failed he continued looking around the room. That was when he saw Liz, lying on a bed on the other side of the room hooked up to some machines. He started to get up to go to her and remembered the forcefield. He picked up his pillow and threw it at the forcefield to see what would happen. The field flickered and the pillow fell to the floor directly in front of it. He slowly got up, retreived the pillow and was getting back in the bed when Serena came back in with some food.

Serena shook her head and asked, “you couldn’t stay in bed, could you?”

Concerned for his friends, he ignored her question and boldly asked, “what ‘s wrong with Liz and Maria?”

She looked where Alex was pointing and tried to determine how much she should tell him at once. “All three of you were injured when you got here. I’m not sure what happened but judging from the leaves I pulled out or your hair I’d guess you were struck with a tree branch or something similar,” stated Serena. She pointed to Maria and said, “this one will probably wake up soon and the other should wake up in a day or so because her injury was worse than yours. Look, we don’t have a lot of time to discuss everything, so I am going explain as much as I can. You are on Antar, a planet in the Whirlwind Galaxy, and Kivar intends to implant a device in your head that will allow him to control you. Your injuries have bought you some time and hopefully the King and his troops will be able to save you before you get the implant. Please eat some food while I check on the others.”

Alex looked at the food he was given and tried to figure out what it was. It certainly didn’t look like anything he’d ever seen on Earth before. As he nibbled on what mostly resembled bread, he got the sinking feeling that everything she was saying was true. He was silently starting to panic as the doctor moved away from Maria and went into another room. ‘How are we going to survive this? What’s going to happen to us? Will we ever see Earth again?’ As all of these questions were racing through his mind, he noticed movement from Maria out of the corner of his eye. She was slowly starting to wake up and he decided then and there he would be the one to take care of her and Liz. He would do whatever he could to get them out of this.

Just as Alex was about to get up and go to Maria all sorts of beeping noises came from the other side of the room. The doctor came rushing back in the room and went over to Liz. Alex looked over there and saw Liz convulsing on the bed. Overcome with fear he asked, “What’s wrong with her?!”

Serena quickly glanced at him saying, “I don’t know,” then glanced back to Liz.


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Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you know that I plan on posting a new part either later today or tomorrow. I've been a little busy lately and wasn't able to get the next part out as soon as I wanted to. Thanks for reading! *happy*
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Hi Guys!
Sorry this posting is late, every time I tried to post last night, I would get this timed out message. Anyway, here is chapter 4. Thank you to al who have left feedback! It makes me want to write more!*happy*

Chapter 4

As Maria was coming to, she heard Alex’s question along with a lot of other noises. When she opened her eyes and saw the panicked look on Alex’s face she shot up in the bed. She grabbed her head in pain then looked to where Alex was looking. She saw a doctor, who was frantically working on Liz, and turned to Alex and asked, “what happened?”

Alex got in the bed with Maria and took her in his arms and said, “I don’t know yet.”

Serena was unsure how to help Liz. All of her systems were going into overdrive. Her brainwaves were higher than Serena has ever seen including the Antarian’s whose brainwaves are normally higher than humans. She was reaching for a drug to slow her heart rate down when all of a sudden Liz started to calm down. All of her vitals were starting to return to normal. Although her brainwaves were still off the charts. Serena tried to make a connection to Liz but wasn’t strong enough to get in so she had no other choice but to contact Kivar and have him try. It was the only way to make sure she was ok. She noticed that Maria was awake and she quickly went over to them and said, “I need to bring Kivar in here to help me with Liz and it would be better if he thought you two were still unconscious for right now.”

Alex nodded and started to get up when Maria exclaimed, “alright, would someone please tell me what the hell is going on here!! Why would another doctor want us us to be unconscious? Doctor’s are supposed to help people!”

Alex glanced at the doctor, who was shocked from the outburst, and smirked when he realized that she was getting her first taste of Hurricane Deluca. “Maria, calm down for a minute. Look, there is a lot going here and I will explain all of it too you but first we need to do this for Liz,” Alex stated as calmly as he could, knowing that she would do it for Liz.

“Ok, ok, I’ll cooperate for now, but as soon as the doctor is finished with Liz, I want some answers,” responded Maria while looking between Alex and the doctor.

Serena let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding and went to call Kivar.

As Max entered the dining room for lunch he saw Isabel and Michael waiting for him. He was so busy in the morning he hadn’t had a chance to speak with them since they contacted Serena the night before. “Hey guys! I’m glad your both in here. We need to set up some meetings regarding the information we got from Serena,” stated Max as he sat down at the table and started to eat.

“I’ve already got some people locating all of the textile mills within an 800 mile radius. Once we get that report we can start eliminating the ones we know they’re not in,” commented Michael between bites.

“Max, what can I do to help? I want to be involved in this too,” stated Isabel. She was always meeting with diginitaries and attending functions where she always just felt like a decoration and not really doing anything worth while. She wanted to be part of something important and this definitely was.

“Actually, I was going to suggest that you be put in charge of locating the base because I want Michael to start working with the heads of the military on a way to get into it undetected. Kivar is at this base, and it’s the first time since we’ve been here that we know his location. If we plan this just right, we can rescue the captives and catch Kivar at the same time. I’ve got a meeting with our top scientists right after lunch to discuss ways of circumventing the mind control device,” said Max.

Michael nodded in agreement and said, “I’ll set up a meeting with the military heads for tomorrow morning. They should all be able to get here by then.”

“I will also try to contact Serena again tonight,” said Isabel.

“Ok, we’ll meet tomorrow afternoon to fill each other in. If you are able to contact Serena, come to my quarters and let me know. I don’t care what time it is,” stated Max.

Isabel nodded in agreement and the three finished their lunches and returned to their various duties.

Serena came back into the room after talking to Kivar and said, “he will be here in a couples minutes so just pretend you’re still unconscious.”

Alex and Maria nodded and closed their eyes. Kivar then entered the room and asked, “what’s the problem?”

While checking Liz’s brainwave activity Serena stated, “her brainwaves are off the chart and all of her vitals were going hayhire. Her vitals returned to normal after a couple minutes. I’ve tried to make a connection with her to see if she was ok but I couldn’t get in. I know you’re stronger than I am. I thought you could give it try.”

“Why do I care if she is ok? Once the device is implanted her mind will be controlled by me anyway,” stated Kivar.

Taking a deep breath to control herself from strangling him, Serena replied, “if she becomes brain dead the device won’t work and she’ll die. It was my understanding that you wanted this human alive.”

“I do,” snapped Kivar as he glared at the doctor. He put his hands on the sides of her face and closed his eyes to concentrate. Normally it would be easy to get into a human’s brain even in their unconscious state but this was proving to be a challenge even for Kivar. He could feel a tremendous amount of power and energy swirling around in her head but he couldn’t grasp any of it. If she were awake, he would think she was blocking him somehow. Since he was being blocked, he could only assume her brain was working just fine. Suddenly, he realized Liz was actually drawing out his thoughts. He broke the connection for fear she may discover his plans. Looking up at the doctor, he stated, “I couldn’t get in. It was as though I was being blocked. I tried several different ways to get in but was blocked each time. She seems to be fine. I have never come across anyone that could block me, especially unconscous. I want to know the minute she wakes,” he ordered and walked out of the room.

TBC ? If you want more!
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I'm reposting chapters 5 and 6 and a new chapter 7. I want to thank those that worked so hard to get the board back up and running! I also want to thank everyone that left feedback! It encourages me to write faster!

Chapter 5

As soon as Kivar left the room Alex was over by Maria, cupping a hand over her mouth to keep her quiet so Kivar would be out of an earshot when she exploded. Maria was glaring at him as she struggled to free herself from his grip. Alex leaned towards her and whispered, “Maria, we just need to make sure he can’t hear us and come back. I’ll let you go as long as you don’t start shouting.”

Maria continued to glare at him but nodded her head in agreement. When Alex released her, she took a deep breath, smacked him on the arm and stated in an angry whisper, “I’m not stupid you know!”

Alex raised his hands in surrender, shook his head and said, “I know Maria, but you can be a little loud sometimes. I don’t have all the facts either but from what I have gathered, we don’t want to take any chances with that Kivar guy. He sounds pretty evil and I don’t think it would take much for him to decide to kill us.”

“He’s right,” Serena stated as she checked on Liz one last time then headed over towards them. Noticing that Maria was rubbing her temples she said, “I can give you something for the pain, if you like.”

Maria looked between the doctor and Alex and said, “I want some answers before anyone does anything to me! Starting with, where are we? What’s wrong with Liz? Who is Kivar? What is this device Kivar was talking about?” Maria was counting off the questions on her fingers as she asked them and starting to get louder with each question. Realizing she was starting to panic, she looked around frantically asking, “where is my purse? I need my cedar oil.”

Alex smiled when he saw the confused look on the doctor’s face. Shaking his head, he began to fill Maria in on everything Serena had already told him. Knowing that convincing Maria was going to be difficult, he asked the doctor, “could you erect that force field thing you put up before? Oh, and you might want to close the door…we’re not going to be able to keep her quiet for much longer.”

Serena nodded and said to Maria, “I’m going to get you some food and let this information sink in for minute before we continue.” After erecting the force field she left the room, closing the door behind her. She paused in the hallway a moment to listenat the door. After a minute of silence she proceeded to gather some food.

Maria looked wide-eyed at the force field and started panicking. “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Alex, did you…what is….how is…” She had so many questions she couldn’t even form a sentence.

Alex hugged her, trying to reassure her that everything was o.k., for now anyway. “Maria, I know this all sounds unbelievable but I have seen enough to believe it. For starters, I’ve never seen anything like this force field on Earth and what about the clothes? And the food? Wait till you see what she brings you to eat. Look at this equipment with the writing on it. That’s not a language I’ve ever seen before.”

Maria tightened her grip on Alex and tried to control the tears that were starting to fall from her eyes. They sat like that for few minutes till Maria was able to get herself under control and begin to accept the situation they were in. She was starting to get up to go to Liz when Serena came back with the food. As she eyed the food, she asked, “what is wrong with Liz?”

Serena looked at her for a minute trying to figure out how much she could handle in one day. Deciding to wait another day before giving her all of the details regarding Liz she said, “Liz was injured the worst. I have…treated her and she should be fine. I’m hoping she will wake up soon. However, we should discuss some other things. I told Kivar you needed time to heal from your concussions before he would be able to implant the device. That buys us time for the King to try to rescue you. He knows about all of you and is probably trying to figure out a way to save you. In the meantime, please don’t try to escape. Let us handle that. I know if I was in your place, I would certainly want to try but it really would only make matters worse. Kivar would have you killed without giving it a second thought. I will get us out of here.”

Before Maria agreed to anything she wanted some more answers. She glanced at Alex then back to the doctor and asked, “how do we know you’re telling the truth? You could easily be saying all of this just so we behave until you can implant those devices into us?”

Serena admired her strength and smiled reassuringly saying, “you don’t know, but please believe me. I really am trying to help you.” She looked around to insure no would hear then whispered, “I have been working for the royal family for years. I was the best choice to work undercover because very few know about my affiliation with the royal family. I hate being here almost as much as you do.”

Accepting this explanation for now, Maria grinned and asked, “could I have something for my head now?”

The doctor nodded and smiled as she realized that Maria was beginning to trust her and went to get something for her pain.


That evening Max was out in the gardens trying to relax and ease some of the tension he was feeling. He was really hoping he could clear his mind. Trying to save these people, end the war and run five planets all at the same was really starting to take its toll on him. Sometimes he just wished he could go back to Earth and try to live as a normal human being without all this added responsibility. ‘But your not a normal human being,’ he thought to himself and frowned. His thoughts started to drift towards Liz as they often did when he was out in the gardens. He pictured her sitting under one of the many trees with her nose in a book, just as he used to see her during lunch hour at school. A smile came to his face as he thought about how it could be if he could join her under that tree. There were many times in his life on Earth when he would think about how incredible it would be to be able to just spend time with her. He felt some of the tension leaving his body and smiled. ‘Thoughts of Liz always seem to calm me.’ Noticing the time, he headed towards the palace. He wanted to be there when Isabel tried to dreamwalk Serena.

Chapter 6

Isabel was just getting ready for bed when she heard a knock on her door. “Come in,” she said as she brushed her hair. When she saw Max, she smiled and asked, “what are doing here?”

Rubbing his eyes he responded, “I just wanted to be here when you tried to contact Serena.”

She looked him over, noticing how tired and stressed he seemed to be. Frowning she asked, “Max, are you o.k.? I mean, no offense but you look awful.”

Max sighed and said, “I’m o.k. Just a lot of things going on right now, you know?”

Isabel gave Max a quick hug and said, “we will get through this. We always do.”

Max smiled and said, “I know. Lets try contacting Serena so I can go get some sleep.”

Nodding in agreement, Isabel got in bed and started to concentrate on Serena. Soon she found herself back in the office where she saw her last time. Serena was pacing and when she saw Isabel she said, “I was hoping you would come tonight.”

Immediately Isabel was worried and asked, “Why, what happened?”

“When you were here last time, I started to tell you about three humans that were injured, but I was woken up before I could tell you the rest. Two of them are now awake and are going to be fine. The third was more seriously injured and I wasn’t sure she was going to make it. She was in a coma and there was no way to tell if or when she would come out of it. When Kivar saw her, he seemed to be taken with her and wanted to know if there was any way to bring her out of it soon. My instincts told me if I couldn’t do anything he would have me kill her even though he was taken with her. So…I had to turn her into a hybrid just like you in order for Kivar to let her live. She should wake up tomorrow and Kivar will only give me a couple days to delay implanting the devices. He’s already finished implanting more than half of the others,” said Serena, flinching as she saw the look on Isabel’s face.

Isabel was shocked, utterly speechless for the first time in her life. She never expected something like this to happen. She was torn as to how to feel; happy that Serena was able to save her life, or guilty that the choice was made for the girl. Never had she wanted to kill anyone as badly as she did Kivar. Idly, she thought that she would let Max deal with the girl when they rescued them. When the rest of what Serena said sunk in, she looked at Serena and asked, “are you saying we only have two days to get everyone out?”

Looking grim, Serena replied, “Once Kivar has all of the humans implanted, he is going to start deploying them to his different bases. So, if you want to rescue them all, you’ll have to get them out in two days. Also, I’m not sure how long Kivar will stay at this base. Based on his interest in the injured human, my guess is that he won’t leave here without her.”

Isabel nodded and asked, “have you gotten any clues as to where you are yet?”

Serena started to say no when she remembered something. “Actually, one of the guards came through with a dinner for Kivar this evening, which came from Rena’s. The only Rena’s that I know of is in the Palace City. We must be closer to you than I thought,” she exclaimed.

Isabel was ecstatic with that news. She thought it was going to take weeks to locate them with an 800 mile radius. Now that she could narrow her search she was sure she could find them within a day. “That really helps us a lot. Great catch Serena! We are working on a plan to get you all out of there and now that we have a time frame you can bet we will get you in two days. I’ve got to get back and start working on this, be careful Serena,” said Isabel, then left the dream plane.

Isabel came out of the dream plane and filled Max in on everything she learned. She suspected he was as shocked as she was to find out about the girl turned hybrid. She waited patiently for him to say something but didn’t have to wait long.

“I’ll go tell Michael to have a plan to get them out in place by the end of the day tomorrow. Are you sure you will be able to find out where they’re located by the end of the day,” asked Max.

“I’m sure. There were only 6 places that were within a 50 mile radius of the city. It shouldn’t take long to determine which it is,” replied Isabel.

“O.k. don’t forget about our meeting after lunch tomorrow,” said Max. “I’ll see you then. Goodnight, Is.”

After filling Michael in on the latest information, Max found himself lying in bed thinking about the hybrid girl Isabel just told him about. He was unsure what to do about her. Once they rescued them, he had intended to remove all the implants, wipe their memories of being here, and send them back to Earth. But now, at least for this girl, he would have to give her the choice to stay here if she wanted. It just seemed wrong to send her back without any options, especially knowing how hard it was to be different and hide who you really are. He wished there were a way to reverse the process but knew there was nothing he could do. With all of these thoughts running through his head, he fell into a restless sleep for the night.


Serena woke Alex and Maria early the next morning so they could freshen up without any of the guards knowing about it, or Kivar for that matter. She took them down the hall and showed them where everything was. Once they started showering she went to get breakfast for them, then returned to bring them back to the room. While they were eating, Serena informed them that the king and his troops were planning to rescue them tomorrow.

Alex and Maria both nodded but Alex, knowing the unspoken danger involved, voiced the first question. “Provided we make it out of here alive, what will happen to us then?”

As Maria was starting to panic, she glanced over at Liz. With her need to protect her best friend giving her some control over her emotions, she asked, “how will we get Liz out if she doesn’t wake up by then?”

Serena looked at the two of them sitting in front of her, impressed by the strength and courage the humans were showing while dealing with all of this. She had a feeling that most humans would not be handling this as well. She responded, “I’m not sure exactly, but I think the king is planning on returning all of you to Earth.” Serena hesitated to answer Maria wondering what she could say without having to tell them what she did to her. Resigned to the fact they would find out eventually, she pointed to Liz and said, “I’m hoping she will wake up today. My only fear is that Kivar will post guards to her once he is aware she’s awake. His reactions to her yesterday when he tried to connect with her were strange. I’m not sure what will happen what when she wakes up.”

Warning bells went off in Maria’s head. “What do you mean ‘connect with her’? And why would she need to be guarded,” asked Maria, her voice escalating with each word she spoke.

Having a feeling this wasn’t going to be good, Alex put his arm around Maria and waited for a response.

The doctor got up, closed the door, took a deep breath and informed Alex and Maria of the procedures she performed on Liz. She resisted the urge to cover her ears from the outburst she was expecting from Maria. She wasn’t disappointed.

A pale, wide-eyed Maria shouted, “you did WHAT? How could you do that to her? I thought you were on our side! I knew it. I knew you couldn’t be trusted…”

A very pale and very stunned Alex was about to say something to Maria when he suddenly heard….

“Calm down Maria,” said a soft, weak-voiced Liz from the other side of the room.

Chapter 7

Max entered the conference room looking exhausted from morning meetings which hadn’t gone as well as he planned. Looking around the room, he noticed Michael buried in paperwork, but was disappointed that Isabel wasn’t there. They were racing against the clock and he didn’t think they were going to be ready. Just as Max was taking his seat, Isabel ran into the room, sporting a big smile. “Is, let’s start with you,” said Max as Isabel was sitting down. “Were you able to locate them?”

“We just found them. They’re in Toran’s Textile Mill, about five miles east of the palace city,” replied Isabel.

Max nodded and looked to Michael. “Were you able to come up with a plan?”

“We have some ideas. Now that we know where they are, we’ll be able put together something specific. There is also an abandoned storage building just down the street of the mill. That may prove to be useful in this rescue attempt,” said Michael, already formulating a plan.

Isabel pushed some papers towards Michael and offered, “I brought the schematics of the building and highlighted all of the entrances and exits.”

“I go right back into a meeting with the generals after this. We’ll have a concrete plan ready by the end of the day.” Michael added, “the generals have discreetly pulled men in from various places that are standing by waiting for orders. We didn’t want to alert any of Kivar’s men that we were up to something.”

Max nodded and said, “I wish I had better news. After a second meeting with the scientists this morning, we are still no closer to being able to circumvent the implants. They need one to study before they can try to counteract it. In the meantime, we’ll have to sedate those who have already received the implant until we can figure how to remove it without injuring them. Serena should be able to help us once we get her out.”

“I really need to get back to the generals and get working on the plan,” said Michael impatiently. “Your joining us now, right Max,” asked Michael.

“Yes, I’m coming to the meeting. We’ll need every minute we have to be ready. Isabel, don’t go too far, I may need your help preparing for tomorrow. Also, can you make sure that arrangements are made for the girl who was altered to stay here in the palace? I will need to discuss her options with her,” said Max.

Isabel sensed the guilt Max was feeling as he said that. Deciding to discuss it with him later she replied, “sure Max. I’ll take care of it. Find me later after your meeting and fill me in on the plan.”


Maria was at Liz’s side in a flash. She grabbed her in a fierce hug saying, “Thank God you’re awake! I was so worried chica!”

“Maria, loosen up. I can’t breathe,” stated Liz as she tried to push Maria off her a little.

Maria immediately loosened her grip and apologized for getting carried away. “How are you feeling,” she asked suddenly remembering everything the doctor just finished telling them.

By now Alex was by Liz’s side too and the doctor patiently waited for the greetings to finish so she could examine Liz. Alex gave Liz a hug saying, “it’s good to see you awake, Lizzy. You had me worried for a while there.”

“I’m o.k, but I’m really thirsty. Could I have something to drink,” asked Liz when she saw the doctor standing nearby.

Serena smiled and said, “I’m going to check you over and if everything’s o.k., I will get you some food and something to drink.” Alex and Maria gave them a little room while Serena started to check Liz’s vitals.

Liz eyed the doctor warily as she was working. She was trying to figure out if she was a friend or a foe. As she became more and more coherent, she realized that she had a lot of information regarding the situation she was in and knew of future plans that were going to be taking place. She had no idea how she acquired this information but it was there. Somehow she knew the doctor worked for the rebel that was trying to overthrow the king. However, Alex and Maria seemed to be at ease with this doctor. And Liz knew that Maria especially didn’t trust people very easily. Which brings up another question. Did Alex and Maria realize that they weren’t on Earth anymore? Or that they were being held by some lunatic that was trying to take over the world? She decided not to say anything until the doctor went to get them some food.

Serena finished her examination and said, “everything looks good. I’ll go get you some food.”

As soon as the doctor was gone, Liz found herself embraced in another hug from Maria. Liz pulled away from Maria, grabbed Alex to bring him closer and whispered, “how much do you guys know about what is going on here?”

Maria and Alex looked at each other in confusion as to why Liz would ask such a question without having been told anything yet. Not wanting to scare Liz as she just woke up from a major transformation, Alex responded with the basic information. “All three of us were apparently injured. I woke up first, then Maria a little while later, and now finally you. We were informed that you needed some treatment though. You were injured the worst. The doctor guessed that we were hit with a tree branch or something. Remind me never to go camping with you again, by the way.”

From Alex’s response, Liz assumed they didn’t know anything about their circumstances. She sighed inwardly, trying to figure out the best way to break the news to them. “Look, guys, I have some things to tell you and I know you’re not going to believe me but just hear me out, o.k.,” said Liz. When Alex and Maria nodded, she continued, “We’re not on Earth anymore. We’ve been taken to another-“

Stunned, Alex and Maria exchanged looks and interrupted Liz asking, “how did know about that?”

Liz noticed the looks exchanged between Alex and Maria and realized they knew more than they let on. Although she was still trying to deal with all of the information she had, she was trying to appear controlled to her friends. Liz responded, “I’m not sure where this information came from, but I know a lot of things that I didn’t know before I woke up. I didn’t want to say anything when the doctor was here because I don’t think she is on our side.”

As Liz was starting to respond to Maria the doctor returned with the food. Hearing Liz talking she paused outside the door and heard what Liz said. Serena now knew why Kivar acted so strangely after he connected with Liz. Somehow, Liz must have acquired some of Kivar’s thoughts while he was connected to her. ‘That’s why she thinks I’m on Kivar’s side,’ Serena thought to herself. She proceeded into the room and decided to come clean with the eavesdropping. “I heard what you just said and I think I can help with your confusion,” said Serena as she gave Liz a drink.

Liz silently berated herself for being so careless. She still didn’t trust the doctor, which was apparent from her wary expression.

Noticing the look on Liz’s face, Serena continued, “I have already explained to Alex and Maria that I work undercover for the king. I am in no way a supporter for Kivar. I have been in contact with the king and they are planning to rescue everyone tomorrow.” Serena went on to explain about Kivar trying to connect with Liz, his strange reactions, and how Kivar wanted to be informed the minute Liz woke up. “How much do you know,” she then asked.

Liz was experiencing information overload. She needed a few minutes to try to gather her thoughts. As she went to take another sip of the strange tasting drink, she wished it were a cherry coke. Suddenly, she felt a strange tingling, almost like a surge of power. When she took a drink, she immediately spit it out. Then she tasted it again to be sure it wasn’t just her imagination.

When Liz spit out the drink, the other three looked at her in confusion. Maria saw her take another sip and said, “I know it’s not Cherry Coke, but it’s not that bad Liz.”

Liz looked up at Maria with wide-eyes and exclaimed, “that’s just it Maria. This is Cherry Coke.”

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Chapter 8

Maria looked at Liz as though she had lost her marbles saying, “Liz. Hon, are you sure you’re o.k.? “

After hearing what Liz said, Serena and Alex came closer to her. Serena was waiting for Liz to respond, having a sneaking suspicion what was happening.

“Maria, I’m fine and don’t look at me like I’m going crazy! Here. Taste it yourself,” said Liz as she handed Maria the glass.

Maria tasted the drink and was shocked to find that it did taste like Cherry Coke. She spun around and leered at Serena demanding an explanation.

Serena responded by asking Liz, “what were thinking about before you took a drink?”

“I was just trying process everything and decided to take a drink,” said Liz as she furrowed her eyebrows in concentration. “Oh, I also remember wishing it was a Cherry Coke. Then I felt a strange tingling sensation.”

Serena smiled and said, “that would be one of your new powers. In order to save your life, I had to-“

Liz held her hand up as memories of a conversation between the doctor and Kivar flooded her head. As the impact of that conversation hit her, she paled and said icily, “I’m aware of the procedure you performed on me. Give me specific details about what is happening to me!”

Feeling remorseful about all Liz has had to endure, Serena nodded and filled her in on the abilities of the Royal Three. She told them about their common abilities being able to manipulate the molecular structure of things and then about their individual abilities of dreamwalking, power blasts, and healing powers. When Liz asked why the Royal three had these abilities Serena decided that the King could tell her if he wanted to and said, “that is a really long story which we don’t have time for right now. But I will say this, they are just like you are now.”

Accepting that answer for now because she just didn’t know how much more she could take, Liz nodded and moved to her next question. “You said they all had an individual power, what’s mine?”

Serena frowned and responded, “I don’t know what yours is. The Royal Three were specifically given those powers and they were born with theirs. Since you were transformed into this, you may not have one or you could have more than one. I just don’t know. Once the king rescues us, we can try to find out what you’re capable of.”

Alex and Maria had both put their arms around Liz, trying to give their support. Liz had one more question that couldn’t wait. “Why do I have all of these memories,” asked Liz as shivered from the evilness that surrounded them.

“I think when Kivar tried to connect with you to make sure you were o.k., you somehow were able to get some thoughts from him. I’ve never known anyone to be able to do that to him though,” said Serena. When she noticed the confused looks on the humans she decided to elaborate. “All Antarians, that’s what we’re called, have the ability to form mental connections with each other. When we connect, we can send you thoughts or memories and we get some in return. Some of us are stronger than others. Those that are stronger can block people from getting in. Kivar is strong. I’ve never heard of anyone being able to make a successful connection to him.”

Liz nodded and said wryly, “well, I have several memories from him that I wish I didn’t have.” All of those thoughts about what Kivar wanted to do to her were surfacing and she would’ve given anything to get rid of them.

Serena explained she had to go check on the other humans’ progress and report to Kivar so he didn’t get suspicious and come down here. She also informed them of Kivar’s wish to be informed when Liz woke up and asked them to pretend to still be unconscious if they heard anyone coming. Then she left, leaving Liz, Maria and Alex to try to come to terms with all that they had learned this afternoon.


Max left the meeting with the generals feeling more optimistic than he had in days. He felt they had a pretty solid plan in place. All he had left to do now was fill Isabel in and have her dreamwalk Serena. He found her in one of the suites down the hall from his, making sure the servants had taken care of all the preparations for the hybrid girl that was coming.

Isabel sensed he was near and said without looking at him, “it’s all set Max. The suite is ready. I talked to one of the scientists and told them to prepare for the people with the implants to stay in their facility. I also had the servants set up a couple other suites here incase there were some injured people that needed immediate treatment.”

Her unspoken meaning about the possibility that Max might have to heal some people wasn’t lost on him and he said, “that’s a great idea Isabel. I didn’t even think about that. Let’s go to your suite and I’ll fill you in on the plan.”

Once they were in her suite, Max filled her in on the plan and said, “I need you to try to contact Serena tonight and let her know what we have planned. She needs to have the injured ones ready, so we can get them out as soon as possible. Try to do it early because we’re leaving before dawn.”

“I’ll try as many times as it takes to get through to her. She knows we’re planning an attempt for tomorrow so I’m sure she’ll be expecting to hear from me tonight. Where’s Michael,” asked Isabel.

“He’s making sure of all of the soldiers have their orders and doing a weapons check. Let me know when you get through to Serena,” said Max as he got up to leave.


Nicholas ran down the hall to Kivar’s office. He had some news that was sure to make Kivar happy. “I just got some good news from one of our informants,” exclaimed Nicholas. “The King found out about the humans somehow and is planning to rescue them tomorrow.”

“What is so good about that,” snapped Kivar. “How did he find out about it?”

“I’m not sure how he found out but the good news is, he thinks we have the humans in the storage building about a quarter of a mile down the road,” smirked Nicholas thinking how incompetent the King’s men were. He continued, “we could use this misinformation to our advantage and attack the King and his men there.”

Kivar was no longer listening to Nicholas as he was formulating a plan of his own. He could set up an ambush over at the storage facility, kill the King, and be back on the throne within a couple days. Once the King was dead, the people of Antar would have no choice but to be loyal to him. Eager to set this plan in motion, he began issuing orders to Nicholas. “Take most of our troops and set up a makeshift base in the storage facility. If the King thinks that’s where we are, then that’s where we’ll be. Let them get their men inside the building before you attack. That way they will be surrounded. Make no mistake about this though, I want the King kept alive. I want to make a public display of his execution. Then there will be no question as to if he is finally dead or not,” said Kivar.

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Chapter 9

After Serena left Liz, Alex and Maria reassured each other that they were o.k. and that they could deal with the reality of the situation they were in. For Alex and Maria, the changes taking place in Liz far outweighed their concern about what planet they happened to be on or when and if they would be returning home. They decided to deal with one thing at a time, and right now they needed to be there for their friend. Even if they didn’t understand completely what was going on with her.

Liz was truly grateful for her friends’ support, but right now she just needed some time to deal with everything. It was getting late so she told them she wanted to rest. They went back to their beds to talk amongst themselves while Liz layed down and started to sort everything out.

Liz didn’t get much time to herself before Serena came back with food for everyone. “Sorry it took me so long. I hope you guys aren’t too hungry,” she said.

Alex responded for all them by giving the thumbs up sign and saying, “we were fine. We needed some time to ourselves anyway.”

Still impressed by the courage these three were showing, Serena nodded saying, “When you are finished eating, you should go to sleep. Tomorrow will be a long day. I’m going to try to get some sleep myself. The Princess is probably trying to contact me to let me know the details of the rescue plan.” Having said that, Serena left them to finish their dinners and hoped she would hear from Isabel soon. When Kivar told her about his plans to ambush the King, she hoped it was part of Max’s plan. She didn’t want to alarm the humans until she had chance to talk to Isabel.

Being reminded of the possible rescue did nothing for Liz, Maria and Alex’s appetites. They picked at their meals for a few more minutes in silence, each lost in their own thoughts. Finally they gave up trying to eat and decided to try to get some sleep. They shared a long group hug that spoke of all their fears about tomorrow and no matter what happened they would be there for each other.

As soon as Serena was able to coax herself to sleep, Isabel was waiting for her. “Serena, I’m so glad to see you. We don’t have a lot of time so let me fill you in.”

Serena sat and listened to the plan and thought they had a really good chance at pulling it off. She was relieved to learn that the information she got from Kivar was what the King was expecting him to do. When Isabel finished Serena said, “when I spoke to Kivar earlier he said he had heard the King was planning a rescue attempt and that he was planning an ambush. Kivar’s got most of his men working on it. I will admit that I was worried.”

Isabel smiled at Serena and said, “I know how you feel. I’m not looking forward to this either. Just remember to be ready, we’ll be there just before dawn. I will see you soon.”

When Isabel faded out of the dream, Serena woke up and looked at the clock. Dawn would be here in 2 hours. She got up and went to inform the humans of the plan. She needed to get them closer to the back exit than they were.

Serena gently woke Alex and Maria first and motioned for them to join her over by Liz. Once Liz was awake, she filled them in on the plan. “I need to get you guys closer to the back exit and try to get the other humans that have already been implanted back there as well. I’m not going to have time to get them all but I’ll get as many as I can before they get here. There is a room right around the corner from the exit that’s being used for supplies. It’s going to be cramped in there but it’s the only place I know of that no one will go into. The King is going to send some of his soldiers to get you guys while he and his second in command go after Kivar.” stated Serena as she was trying to figure out how she was going to accomplish all this in the short time that she had.

While Liz was processing everything Serena said she had an awful thought. “Do they have the codes to get into the building,” asked Liz.

“No, remember I told you about the ability to change the molecular structure that the Royal Three and now you have? They’re just going to unlock the door and short out the control panel with their powers to get in. Don’t worry, everything will be fine,” reassured Serena.

Liz shook her head and said, “No Serena, you don’t understand. Kivar knows about their abilities. He installed an additional alarm in this building that will go off if they don’t use the code to get in. The code disarms both systems. So, if they short out one system the other system will still go off! He installed for this very reason. Not many of his people know about it because Kivar only gives out information on a “need to know” basis. He feels the less people know the better.”

Serena panicked. There was no way to inform the King about this. She was pacing silently trying to figure out a way to deal with this. Serena asked Liz, “do you know how to turn off the second system?”

Liz nodded, saying, “yeah, it’s in Kivar’s office.”

Realizing they were running out of time Alex said, “We’re running out of time here so whatever we’re going to do, it has to be now.”

Taking control of the situation Liz said, “O.k., Serena show us where this room is that we need to be in when they arrive to rescue us. Then take Alex and I to Kivar’s office and we will disarm the second system and meet you back in the supply room. Maria, will you help Serena get those other people to the supply room?”

Maria looked scared but nodded in agreement. She didn’t want to be separated from Alex and Liz but realized this was the only way.

Serena was surprised at the strength the petite brunette was showing. She hadn’t wanted to put these three in any more danger than they had already endured but there was no other choice. They were running out of time. “Alright, let’s go.”

Luckily most of Kivar’s men were at the storage facility down the street and it was the middle of the night so there wasn’t as great a chance of getting caught. Serena went first and stayed a little a head of the other three so that she could intercept anyone that might still be there. They made it to the supply room without a hitch and set off towards Kivar’s office. When they reached the hall his office was in, Liz stopped and gave Maria a quick hug and whispered, “be careful. I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

Maria returned the sentiment and did the same to Alex. They continued on and when they reached Kivar’s office, they went their separate ways.


Kivar had just gotten back from checking the status of things over at the storage facility. His men had set up a fairly believable base over at the storage facility and he was satisfied it would convince the King that there really was a base over there. He was going to his office to lock his controller for the implants in his desk and go to his quarters for a couple hours of sleep. Tomorrow was going to a big day for him.


Liz and Alex slipped into Kivar’s office. By silent agreement Alex stayed by the door to keep watch while Liz ventured further into the room to find the alarm system. She knew it was hidden behind a picture hanging on the wall. She had just found it and successfully disarmed the system when Alex ran over to her and frantically whispered, “Someone’s coming!”

Fear was coming off of Liz in waves as she scanned the room looking for a place for them to hide. There wasn’t much in the room besides a desk and a couple of chairs. They quickly ducked behind the desk and were huddling close together when the door opened.

Liz closed her eyes in a futile attempt to not be seen and kept repeatedly thinking to herself, ‘please, don’t let him see us.’

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Chapter 10

‘Please, don’t let him see us,’ was the thought running through Liz’s head. She kept picturing the room being empty in her head. As though no one was in there. Then she felt that strange tingling sensation again….

Alex held his breath as he saw Kivar entered the room and walked behind the desk. He was surprised when Kivar appeared to be looking right at him but didn’t see him. Astonished, he tried not to move a muscle as he watched Kivar pull a safe out of his desk, put a control of some sort in it, lock it and leave. Once the light was out and the door was closed, he turned to Liz to make sure she was o.k. She hadn’t moved at all since Kivar came in the room.

Alex gently shook her and said, “Liz, he’s gone. Are you o.k.?”

That tingling sensation Liz was feeling finally stopped when she felt Alex shaking her. She opened her eyes to the now dark room and said, “yeah. I think so. I suddenly feel a little drained though. I felt that tingling sensation again.”

As much as Alex wanted to talk about this, now was not the time. He started to stand up and also help Liz up at the same time. Alex whispered, “Liz, when he came in here he locked something in a safe. It looked like a control of some kind. Maybe it’s the control for the implants. Do you know how to get in the safe?”

Liz was holding onto Alex for support, as she felt a little light-headed from standing up. She searched through her memories for a safe combination and said, “yeah, I have the combination.”
Alex went to the door to make sure no one was around. When satisfied, he turned the light on and went to pull the safe out of the desk. Once Liz gave him the combination, he swiftly got the control and put the safe back where he got it from. He finally looked at Liz and noticed how pale she looked. He put his arm her and escorted her back to the supply room.

When they got back to the supply room Maria was waiting there with about 15 people. They looked like they were zombies. Just staring off into space. Maria immediately saw Alex helping Liz and rushed to her side. “What happened,” she asked.

Not wanting Maria to start panicking, Liz said, “I’m fine. We’ll talk about later. Where’s Serena?”

Maria accepted that for now and said, “She went back for another group of people. She should be back soon.”

Serena came back with 5 more people and said, “we aren’t going to fit any more people in this room. The rest will have to wait until the troops get here. Were you able to disarm the alarm?”

Liz nodded and asked, “how much time do we have before they get here?”

Serena looked at her watch and said, “they could be here any time now.”

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Chapter 10b

Max, Michael and Isabel along with their royal guards were waiting about a mile away from the base for all their troops to get into place. Max looked at one of the guards and said, “We’ll be bringing out nearly 100 people. You know where to take them.”

Max turned to the general behind him and said, “Give us about 15 minutes and then start the attack on the storage facility. We’ll need to keep them occupied while we get the others out of the textile mill. Be careful, Kivar is expecting us there.”

Turning back to Michael and Isabel, Max asked, “Are you sure I can’t convince you to stay here Isabel?”

“No way Max! We are in this together! I’m not letting you do this without me. Besides, I want get rid of Kivar just as much you do,” exclaimed Isabel.

Max nodded his head, looked at both of them and said, “let’s go.”

When they met up their troops that were waiting for them behind the textile mill, Max said to Valner, the soldier in charge, “Michael will get you in the building. Serena should have most of the people in a room near the door. We are giving you 15 minutes to get them out of the building and then we’re going in to get Kivar. Try to be as quiet as possible. We don’t want to alert him of our presence any sooner than we have to.”

Meanwhile, Michael was talking to another soldier. “Did you take out all of Kivar’s men that were standing guard behind the building?”

“Yes sir. We even got two that we saw on the side of the building.”

Michael nodded with approval and turned to Max saying, “we’re ready. I’ll go let them in and come back for you and Isabel.”

“Michael, I think we can get from here to the door,” said Max in exasperation.

“Max, I’m your second in command. If I can’t talk you out of going in there at all, at least let me do my job and protect you,” exclaimed Michael.

Max shook his head and raised his hands in defeat. “Alright, you win. We’ll wait for you here.”

Michael nodded, happy that he won that round and left with 15 other soldiers to let them into the compound. Once Michael had the door opened, he retreated back towards Max and Isabel.

Serena heard noises outside the door and peeked out to see what it was. She was elated to see the military clothing on the soldiers filing in the back door. Opening the door, she whispered to the soldiers, “we’re in here. I was only able to get about 40 of the humans here. We will have to go get the rest.”

Valner nodded to Serena and indicated to six of his men to get the first 40 people to the vehicles.

As the soldiers started leading people out the door, Serena went to Liz, Alex and Maria and said, “go with soldiers. They will get you to safety. I have to stay here and show them where the rest of the people are. I will make sure they keep you three together. I know the King wants to see you, Liz, so I will have them take Alex and Maria to the palace with you. ”

They were a little apprehensive of going anywhere without Serena but went along with it as long as they could stay together. Liz spoke for them all by saying, “o.k. Be careful Serena. Come and see us as soon as you can.” Liz got up and surprised Serena with a hug. Alex and Maria followed suit. Liz didn’t initially trust Serena, but she had come to believe in her and even considered her a friend.

After they said their good-bye’s, Serena went to Valner and told him that Liz was the new ‘hybrid’ the King wanted at the palace and also indicated that Maria and Alex were to go with her. He nodded and informed one of the soldiers who then escorted them out of the building along with the remaining “drones”.


Max, Michael and Isabel were going over their plan to capture Kivar with the help of the eight royal guards that were waiting with them. By the time they were finished, their 15 minutes were up and Michael looked towards the building and noticed no one was coming out any more. They started towards the building, when one of Kivar’s men came around the corner unexpectedly. He immediately called for backup, raised his weapon and opened fire at the Royal Three.

Max raised his shield immediately. However it was unnecessary because the guards had taken him out by the time his second shot was fired. Unfortunately more of Kivar’s men had arrived and had the Royal Three surrounded. Max pulled Isabel behind him and raised his shield. Michael raised his arm and began shooting power blasts at the rebels. Two of their guards had been taken down and as the remaining guards rearranged themselves to protect the Royal Three, an ear-piercing siren sounded from the inside of the building.

Max quickly turned his head towards the building and exclaimed, “Kivar must know we’re here now!”

Suddenly the back door opened and the remaining soldiers with the last batch humans and Serena came running out. As soon as Serena got past the door, a stray shot from one of the rebels hit her and she went down.

Isabel insisted Max lower his shield to let her seal the door so more of Kivar’s men couldn’t get to them from there. Max refused to lower his shield but started walking backwards with Isabel so they could seal the door. Once they sealed the door, Max started forward to get back to Michael, not realizing Isabel had stayed back to check on Serena. When he turned around and noticed she wasn’t behind him, he ran back to her.

Michael fired one last shot at one of the rebels and ran to protect Isabel and Max. There were only a few rebels left as they were outnumbered since several of Kivar’s men were at the storage facility down the street. However, one of the rebels saw Michael take off towards the King and took a shot at him just before being killed by a blast from one of the guards. Just as Michael reached Max and Isabel he felt a searing pain in his shoulder and almost fell right on top of Serena.

From that point it was over in minutes. The guards took out the last of the rebels. Max barely noticed the shooting had stopped as he was trying to assess the damage done to Michael and Serena. Michael had a shoulder wound that could wait but Serena took a shot to the stomach that needed immediate attention.

As Max healed Serena, Isabel looked to see if anyone else needed attention. The soldiers were protecting the humans but unfortunately two of the humans didn’t make it. Two of their royal guards had been killed and two others had superficial wounds that could be attended to once they got back to the palace.

As soon as Max was done with Serena and trying to regain energy he said, “We should get out of here. Kivar obviously knows we’re here and has probably left the building. We will have to get him another day.” He paused as he listened for battle sounds coming from the storage facility. When he didn’t hear any he said, “We should get back to the palace before any more rebels show up.”

They gathered the injured and the casualties and headed back to the palace.

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Chapter 11

In route to the palace, Max had regained enough energy to heal Michael. Isabel rode in the vehicle with the recovering Serena. Upon arrival at the palace, the soldiers took the humans to the facility where the rest of them were being held until they could remove the implants. Servants rushed out and escorted the Royal Three to their suites so they could clean up. They agreed to meet that evening to discuss their next steps.

On his way to his suite, Max remembered that he needed to talk to the new hybrid girl. He asked one of the servants if she had arrived here safely. The servant responded that she and her friends were safe and sound and that she was resting in her suite and had been informed that the King wished to speak with her. Max decided he would clean up before going to see her.

As Max was getting ready in his quarters, he couldn’t help but wish that Liz were here. After the day he had, where his life flashed before he his eyes, his heart ached that she wasn’t a major part of that life. He wanted so much more from her than the memories of stolen glances he had. What he really wanted was an active role in her life. If he was completely honest with himself he wanted to be the most important person in her life. He chuckled to himself and thought ‘I don’t want much, do I?’ He pushed those thoughts aside and finished getting ready then set off to talk to the girl.


Kivar angrily paced around his office in his base on the other side of the province. He received word that Nicholas survived the attack at the storage facility and was waiting for him to arrive. He had everything right where he wanted it and was just about ready to begin his plans for the King. Now, he was right back to square one. His base was gone. The human drones were gone – even the human female that was to be his prize was gone. His implant controller was even gone. And most importantly, his plan to be on the throne by the end of the week was gone. He was furious and in his eyes, this was all Nicholas’ fault.


Liz, Alex and Maria were all waiting for the King in Liz’s suite. Liz was fighting just to keep her eyes open and when a servant came in and said that Alex and Maria’s suites were ready, Liz jumped on the opportunity to get some rest. Alex and Maria started to protest, not wanting to leave Liz alone and also wanting to speak to the King. The servant told them it would be a little while before the King came to talk to them since he just arrived at the palace and was going to freshen up before speaking with them. Liz assured Alex and Maria that she would get them as soon as the King came to see her and told them to go get some rest. They hesitated at first but when they saw how exhausted Liz really looked they decided to go along with it for her sake. Liz dozed off almost as soon and Maria shut the door on her way out.

Max walked slowly through the corridor as he thought about what to say to the new hybrid. He was going to give her the option to stay or go home but he was also going to tell her how difficult it is to hide what you really are. If she opted to go home, she would unfortunately have to do that. He hoped she would agree to stay for a couple of months so that if she was gaining powers he could teach how to control them. He felt so guilty about all of this. He never wanted anyone to have to live the life he while he was on Earth. Always hiding in the background, trying not to be noticed, it was the loneliest existence. And that was all it was….existing. Not living a life, just existing. He sighed and picked up his pace. He couldn’t put this off any longer. When he reached the door, the guard posted there bowed to him and he knocked lightly on the door and walked in.

Once inside, he noticed a sleeping form over on the bed. He was about to turn around and come back later when she turned in her sleep, facing his direction. He nearly had a heart attack from what he saw. He closed his eyes for a minute and re-opened them, only to assure himself that he wasn’t hallucinating.

There, lying on the bed, was the one person he thought he’d only ever see in his dreams. The only person in the universe that he felt could ever give him any happiness. He stood there utterly shocked, unable to accept the fact that she was here.

After standing there for who knows how long, the shock started to wear off and he found himself engulfed in a whirlpool of conflicting emotions. Happy that she was here, angry at how she came to be here, guilt for what happened to her, relief that he got to her in time, and fear that she’d be afraid of him when she woke up. But the emotion that was threatening to override any rational thought was an overwhelming desire for her. His eyes traced her form from top to bottom, slowly committing each and every detail to memory. She was impossibly beautiful to him. Given his current state of mind he wasn’t so sure that was a good thing. He was calling on every ounce of control he had to not run to her and scoop her in his arms and plant kisses on every inch of her. He didn’t think she’d appreciate being woken up by him mauling her. He closed his eyes at that thought and forced himself to calm down. He took some calming deep breaths and opened his eyes again. Seeing her stirring, he slowly walked over to her and whispered, “Liz.”

Liz was slowly coming awake. It was almost as though her subconscious was telling her that was important that she wake. She stirred as she was waking up and suddenly she heard a voice she hadn’t heard in over a year. ‘I must be dreaming,’ she thought. When she was fully conscious, she pried her eyes open and found herself looking into the most beautiful amber eyes she’s ever seen. She gasped and bolted upright on the bed. She forgot about everything. All she knew was that this was Max and she hadn’t seen him in over a year. In fact, she thought he had been killed. Given those thoughts, her usual shyness around him flew out the window and she launched herself into his arms exclaiming, “Max! You’re alive!”

Unprepared for her reaction to him, he stumbled back a step as he caught her. Holding her tightly in his arms he took a deep breath, inhaling the scent that was uniquely Liz. He never dared to dream that she would allow him to hold her like this.

After the initial shock wore off, Liz suddenly felt incredibly embarrassed. She couldn’t believe she just did that. She pulled away from him blushing, sat down on the bed and whispered, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.” She felt she needed to explain herself and said, “I was just so surprised to see you.”

Since she was avoiding looking at him, she didn’t see Max’s rare half smile that he reserved only for her. He thought it was adorable how she reacted to him. He saw her blushing when she pulled away from him. He sat down next to her and said, “it’s o.k. Liz. Believe me, the pleasure was all mine.”

That comment made her blush even harder but she did spare him a glance and when she him looking at her, she graced him with one of her small smiles. She looked away from him and for the first time since she woke up, she noticed her surroundings. This caused her to remember everything that was happening. She remembered that she was on another planet and that she was waiting for the King to come and talk to her. Her head whipped back to Max and with wide eyes she asked, “what are you doing here, Max?”

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Chapter 12

That question brought Max back to reality. Suddenly remembering what he came in here for, he realized that Liz was the girl that was changed. His happiness that she was here was overshadowed by the guilt he felt for what happened to her. When he was on Earth he always stayed away from her, fearing that something would happen to her. And now, after all of his efforts to stay away from her, she ends up on another planet, his planet, with her life being irrevocably changed. He thought his fear of telling her about himself was bad before, he was absolutely terrified that she would hate him for being what he is because now she was just like him. He stood up and paced back and forth across the room, rubbing his forehead in an effort to calm himself enough to form a coherent sentence.

Liz watched him pacing back and forth, noticing the anxiety he felt. She could tell whatever he had to say was difficult for him. So she waited patiently for him and finally he stopped pacing, took a deep breath and blurted, “Liz, I..I’m the King that wanted to speak to you.”

Liz shook her head, thinking she hadn’t heard him correctly and asked, “I’m sorry, did you just say you were the King?” When he nodded in response she said, “That’s not possible. You’re from Earth!”

When he saw that she was looking at him like she thought he was nuts, he continued, “I know it sounds crazy Liz but it’s the truth. I could show you if you would let me?”

She could hear his desperation that she believe him so she thought she would give him the benefit of the doubt and asked, “what do you mean ‘show me’?”

Looking down to the floor, he shoved his hands in his pockets and quietly said, “I can form a connection with you and try to show you what I’m talking about. I would have to touch you though.”

Liz vaguely recalled Serena saying something about Kivar trying to connect to her while she was unconscious. Although that was a rather unpleasant experience for her, she was touched that Max would be so willing to do this for her. Even though she didn’t know Max very well, she trusted him. Liz took a deep breath and said, “o.k.”

Max looked up from the floor, surprised that she was going along with this. He slowly approached her, giving her a chance to back out of it and said, “You might see more than I’m trying to show you. I’ve never really tried this before.” When she nodded, he sat next to her on the bed and raised his hands to her face. He looked into her eyes and concentrated.

Before Liz knew what hit her, images began flashing before her eyes. She saw stars flying past her, then a rock formation, then three glowing pods that three children broke out of, the Evans’s finding two of the kids on the side of the road and taking them home with them. She saw Max and Isabel getting off the bus for their first day at school and was surprised to see that Max noticed her the minute he got off the bus. Next was Max healing a bird, Isabel changing the appearance of her clothes, and finding out about Michael. Then she saw various scenes of them through the years at school with Max always watching her from a far. Next was when they got to high school, then finding the pod chamber and accidentally finding a cone shaped thing and setting it off and winding up here, and finally she saw the last year of his life and everything he learned about himself right up to this point. Through it all she felt what he was feeling at those times. All of the sadness, fear and loneliness he felt throughout his life from having to hide what he was, never being able to get close to anyone except Michael and Isabel, and always trying to blend in to the background. The only thing close to happiness she felt from him when he was watching her, wishing he could be with her. She also felt his extreme guilt for everything that has happened to her. Her heart broke him and she was humbled to realize he had feelings for her.

With tears in her eyes, she reached up and gently pulled his hands away from her face. When he refocused on her face, he hoarsely asked, “Did it work? Were you able to see?”

Liz nodded as she wiped her tears away and whispered, “I saw it all. This isn’t your fault Max.”

His eyes widened in shock, realizing she saw more than he thought she would. He blushed wondering how much more she saw.

Noticing that he felt exposed, she wanted to comfort him. She reached over and pulled him into a hug.

Max was secretly thanking whatever deity was out there for allowing this beautiful creature to end up in his arms for the second time today. Much to soon for his liking, Liz pulled back and flashed him a beautiful smile.

Liz suddenly remembered Maria and Alex were also waiting to talk to the King. She still couldn’t get over the fact that Max was a King and inwardly groaned at the thought of how Maria was going to react. As much as she was enjoying being with Max like this, she knew it was time to get the others. “Max, do you remember Maria and Alex,” she asked. When he nodded she said, “they’re here also. We were camping when they took us. I told them I would get them when you arrived.”

Max was shocked to hear that they were here too. He felt guilty that they were dragged into this but he was also glad that they were here for Liz’s sake. He got up and went to the com panel on the wall and asked Michael and Isabel to meet him here. When he returned to Liz he said, “we’ll wait for Michael and Isabel to get here and then we’ll send for Alex and Maria.”

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Chapter 13

Max and Liz sat in an awkward silence as they waited for the others. Both were trying to figure out how their friends would react to each other when they arrived.

They didn’t have to wait long as the door flew open and in walked Michael with Isabel and Serena trailing him. Not being able to see in beyond Michael as he was walking directly in front of her, Isabel said, “I brought Serena along in case we needed her to answer any questions we couldn’t.” She almost walked into Michael when he abruptly stopped. When he made no attempt to move Isabel walked around him and exclaimed, “Michael what is your prob…” She trailed off as she finally was able to see Max and a girl that looked remarkably like Liz Parker sitting on the edge of the bed. When she saw Max sitting there with an amused expression on his face, she new it was Liz. “You’ve got to be kidding me, I mean how is that even possible,” exclaimed Isabel.

Michael finally finding his voice said sarcastically, “That’s great! That’s just great!” He knew how happy Max was that she was here, but having Liz here would be a major distraction for Max. Taking down Kivar is the most important thing right now and he feared Max wouldn’t be able to fully concentrate on that now.

Max noticed how Liz was tensing up and she looked a little angry. In fact she looked like she was going to blow up any minute now. Max gently grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze trying to calm her down a little. He was just about to say something to try to diffuse the situation when the door opened again and Alex and Maria came in.

Maria was a little surprised to see so many people in the room. She was only expecting to see Liz and the King. As she walked further into the room, she noticed Serena standing there looking confused. She smiled at Serena and then looked to see who else was in the room. She finally located Liz sitting on the edge of the bed looking pissed and then did a double take when she saw the person sitting next to her holding her hand. She whipped her head around and saw the other occupants in the room. Her eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw who was standing there. She started shaking her head, looked back to Liz and said, “no way! You’re not going to tell me that they were abducted also! Liz, what’s going on?”

Meanwhile, Alex was dumbstruck. He used to drool over Isabel back in school and when she disappeared he feared the worst for her. Now, all of a sudden on another planet, here she was, just as beautiful as always. He was too shocked to say anything at all.

Still trying to figure out what was going on, Serena asked, “do you all know each other?”

Max took this opportunity to jump in and said, “yes Serena. We all went to school together before we came here. Before we start explaining things to everyone, why don’t we go to the situation room so we can all sit down?”

Once everyone was seated in the room, Max said, “okay, to answer your question Maria, no we were not abducted.” He took a deep breath before dropping the bomb on her. “I know this is going to sound crazy but, I am the King, Isabel is the Princess, and Michael is my second in command. We are half Antarian and half human. We were sent to Earth…” Maria’s laughing interrupted Max.

Once she calmed down to the intermittent giggle she said, “you guys are the Royal Three that Serena told us about! Oh this just keeps getting better and better!” Maria couldn’t believe that there were actually aliens living their lives in Roswell, New Mexico. Just when she thought things couldn’t get any stranger than they already were, Max, Michael and Isabel turn up and they are the Royal family on this planet. Laughing hysterically was the way she could deal with this information.

“What is so funny blondie,” asked an exasperated Michael. He really wished she would just shut up so they could get on with things.

Maria glared at Michael and was about to respond when Alex jumped in. “Look, obviously we are all shocked to see each other here. Trading sarcastic comments isn’t going to get us anywhere. Why don’t we just move on and let it be. I know I speak for Liz and Maria also when say that we are happy to see that you guys are alive.” He directed his gaze towards Isabel with that last comment.

She noticed him looking at her and allowed a small smile in response to his comment. His comment also made her feel bad that everyone else, her parents especially, thought they were dead.

Everyone seemed lost in their own thoughts of their parents and friends worrying about them. When Serena noticed this she wanted to distract them and bring everyone’s attention back to the situation at hand. She noticed that Liz hadn’t said anything since she walked into the room and asked, “are you feeling o.k. Liz?”

Liz nodded then said, “I was really drained before but I got some rest and I feel fine now.”

This reminded Maria of something and she asked, “what happened when you guys went to Kivar’s office? You were fine before you went in there and when you came back Alex was helping you walk.”

Max was waiting on bated breath for an answer. He hated when something was wrong with Liz and he hated it even more that it had to do with Kivar.

Alex responded first, “yeah that was weird. I can’t believe he didn’t see us when he came in there. I mean he was standing right next to us. There’s no way he could have missed us.”

Serena asked, “he came in there?”

Alex responded, “Liz was almost done deactivating the alarm system when I saw Kivar coming down the hall. There really wasn’t anywhere to hide except behind the desk so we hid back there. When Kivar came in, he went behind the desk and put this controller in a safe. He was almost standing on top of me. I don’t see how he couldn’t see us.”

Liz was surprised to hear that he was standing right next to them. She had her eyes closed the whole time so she didn’t know what happened. Then she remembered something and said quietly, “I had that same tingling sensation while we were in there that I had when I changed the drink into a Cherry Coke. Maybe I did something. I was really drained after that. That’s why Alex was helping me Maria.”

Max, Michael and Isabel were shocked. Sure they knew she had been altered but to actually hear her say she could do something they could do threw them.

Serena contemplated what she heard and then asked, “what were you thinking about when the tingling started?”

Liz thought for a second then replied, “I was thinking please don’t let him see us and I was picturing the room empty.”

Serena thought for a minute and said, “well, you either made yourself invisible or you made him see an empty room. I’m not sure which. We should spend some time seeing what types of things you can do. You need to learn how to control it, so things just don’t happen when you aren’t expecting it. Maybe you could spend time with the Royal Three so they could show you what they know how to do.”

Liz nodded in agreement. She wanted to know what was happening to her. Even if she was a little afraid of it.

Michael was suddenly in awe of Liz. She apparently was able to something that none of them could do.

Max had a question of his own. “Why was Liz deactivating an alarm system? We told you how we were going to get into the building Serena.”

Serena looked at the king and saw the anger there. She quickly replied, “your majesty, after the procedure was performed on Liz, there was a point when her brain waves were off the charts and all of her vitals were bouncing all over the place. I tried to make a connection with her to see if I could see what was wrong but I wasn’t strong enough to get in. I had to get Kivar to try to make a connection. Apparently she was blocking him somehow but was able to access his thoughts while he was trying to get hers. She has retained some information from him which included a second alarm system that no one else knew about. If she hadn’t disarmed it, he would have been alerted that you were there as soon as you tried to enter the building.”

Before Max had a chance to reply, Liz asked, “Alex, do you still have the thing from the safe?”

Alex nodded his head and pulled the controller out of his pocket and placed it on the table. He said, “when I saw Kivar put this in the safe I figured it might be something important so I asked Liz if she knew the combination for the safe. She gave me the combination and I took it.”

Isabel grabbed it and examined it. She said, “it’s a controller for something.” She looked to Serena and asked, “could this be the controller for the mind control devices?”

Serena looked at it and said, “It is. Now that we have this, removing the implants will be a lot easier.”

Max was happy that they had the controller. It eased his burden a little knowing that the implants could be removed so that he could send the others home. That thought brought him back to Liz. He didn’t get a chance to discuss that with her yet. He was going to give her the option to stay or go home but now that he knew it was Liz, he was having a battle of the heart. As much as he wanted her to stay he didn’t want her to be in danger by staying here during a war. But sending her home without him to protect her there could also put her in danger. He didn’t know what to do. He had a little time to figure it out, because it was going to take some time to remove the implants from the other humans before he could send them home anyway. When he looked at Liz, he noticed she seemed a little tired. He decided that they had all had a long day and could pick this up tomorrow. He wanted to talk to Liz again by himself to see if she really was o.k. He said, “Serena, why don’t you start looking in to removing those implants? Michael, see if you can find out what happened to Kivar. See if anyone knows where he is. Isabel could you arrange for a seamstress to get some new clothes for Alex, Maria and Liz? We should all get some rest. It’s been a long day. We’ll pick things up tomorrow.”

Everyone nodded in agreement and began to leave the room. Once Michael and Isabel were gone, Max caught up to Liz and asked, “Liz, could I talk to you for a minute?”

Liz nodded and Maria and Alex took the hint and went back to their quarters.

Noticing they were standing in the hall, Max said, “Lets go back to your room so we can have some privacy.”

TBC? If you want more!! *happy*
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I just thought I would post a note to let you know that I haven't forgotten this story!

My mother has become ill and I haven't be able to concentrate on writing. I am however, planning to try to write something soon.

Sorry about the delay!
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O.K. Two months later I finally have a new part for you! I'm really sorry for the lack of updates! There's been a lot going on and I got some writer's block! In fact, if it wasn't for the help of Bordersinsanity (Jennifer) there probably wouldn't be a new part today! This part is somewhat co-written by her! I can't thank her enough for all of her help!

Anyway! Enough of my rambling! On with the story!

Chapter 14

Just as Alex and Maria were about to enter their suite, Maria saw Michael and Isabel walking down a corridor opposite of their suite. She blindly grabbed Alex’s hand and took off after them.

When Michael heard footsteps coming up behind him he turned to see what was going on. He narrowed his eyes, folded his arms across his chest and without even trying to hide his annoyance asked, "where do you think you're going?"

Getting increasingly frustrated with his attitude, Maria replied icily while poking him in the chest, “you are going to show me the rest of this place. It doesn’t sound like we’re in the clear and I want to have some idea of where I am so that I don’t have to sit around and wait for you to come and rescue me.”

Isabel saw Michael was ready to blow and looked to Alex pleadingly. He just shrugged his shoulders and said, "if I were you Michael, I would just let her tag along. I've known her all my life and when she gets like this there's nothing you can do but do what she wants." Maria scowled at Alex and he just grabbed Isabel's hand. "Come on. This could get ugly and I don't want you to have to witness her wrath."

Isabel looked over her shoulder as they left Michael and Maria facing off with one another. As they rounded the corner she heard Maria practically growl as she started to call Michael every name in the book. "I see some things never change no matter where she is," Isabel finally spoke.

"Well, yeah. That's just her way of dealing. You know, do the angry thing so no one sees the vulnerability that's lurking inside." He stopped and faced Isabel. His hand was still holding hers and he noticed that she was holding his back. He smiled at her. "I can't believe this..."

"Yeah, I'm an alien..." She said sarcastically.

"No, no. That's not what I meant to say. I mean. You're alive." He could see her eyes cloud over just before she lowered her head. "Isabel..." he tilted her head back up so he could look into her eyes. "Is there something that I did wrong?"

She immediately started to shake her head no. "No, Alex. You didn't do anything wrong. I've been depressed for the last few days, wondering when this would all end." She took hold of his hand and they began to walk as she continued to walk down the corridor. "I've missed everyone and to see you guys here, someone that knew me when I was on Earth is overwhelming. I mean, it's awful that you were abducted and that you had to endure everything that has happened since you've been here but, I'm really glad that it's someone I know."

They had left the palace and had just entered the gardens. Isabel finally dropped his hand and he instantly felt her absence. "Isabel, is there anything that I can do? I mean, Serena told Liz that your people were able to connect with others and share experiences." His face flushed as he thought of what he was actually going to offer to her. Who was he kidding? Standing before him was the woman that he had fantasized about all throughout his adolescent life. Did he really want to offer her a chance to roam around in his thoughts?

"What are you saying Alex," asked Isabel as she sat down beside him.
Deciding the humiliation was worth it if he could erase that sad look on her face, he replied, "I'm saying that if you want to see your parents I'm sure I can think of a few times that I've seen them around town. I don't know if that would help you with what you're feeling but I'm willing to try if you want to."

Isabel's face lit up with his offer. "Really? You'd be willing to try? You're not scared of what I am or what I can do?" She didn’t think she would be so willing to share herself with him if the roles were reversed and she found herself feeling guilty for all of the times she barely acknowledged his existence back in school when she saw how much he was trying to comfort her.

Alex lifted his hand and cupped her cheek. “I’m not going to lie to you and say that it won’t definitely take some time to get used to. I’m not even sure I understand what is all going on yet. But, after everything Serena did to save Liz and the fact that you, Max and Michael went out of your way to save us, I know that you wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. And I know that if I was in your shoes, I would give anything to see my parents.” Alex dropped his hand from her face, fearing he overstepped his bounds, but continued to look deeply into her eyes.

Isabel smiled her reassurance to Alex that he hadn’t overstepped and slowly raised her hands to his face while saying, “I have to touch you to make a connection. It will make it easier if you let your mind blank out.”

Alex nodded and tried to think of nothing. Once he felt the connection come to life, he tried to remember all the times he saw her parents. He didn’t try to edit anything out, he showed her images of her parents just after she and Max disappeared, looking so distraught as their worry consumed them. Then images a few months later when there were no leads to follow and distraught turned to defeat. She watched them as they held onto hope that even though they couldn’t find them, they were still alive and would come back to them someday. The scene shifted to a few months later when they must have come in to the Crashdown trying to put up a good front that everything was okay but Liz saw through it and went to try to comfort them. After that Isabel noticed that Liz, Maria and Alex would often be in the Crashdown when her parents came in and that they would always try to spend time with them, helping their healing process along. She saw that after a while her parents would be laughing with them.

As the images faded, Isabel brought her hands to her face, hoping to cover the sobs that were escaping. She was so happy to see them, yet so sad to see what they went through. She never wanted to hurt them. Her parents were so important to her. She felt Alex wrap his arms around her and she leaned into the appreciated gesture. After a few minutes she got control of her emotions and sat up. She said, “thank you so much for sharing that with me. I knew it would be hard to see but I still needed to see it.”

Alex smiled and wiped a stray tear from her face. “Don’t worry, Isabel. You will get to see them one day. I have always believed that.” The smile that she gave him nearly gave him a heart attack. He never would have believed that he would be the receiver of her smiles.

She grabbed his hand and gave it a little squeeze. Then she started to stand up and pulled him up with her. She nodded her head towards the palace and said, “come on. We better head back. It will be dinner time soon.”

Alex nodded his head and said, “about that. You guys wouldn’t by any chance have burgers here would you? Or maybe some fries? I could kill for some fries.”

Isabel just shook her head and laughed. She patted him on the back and said, “I’ll see what I can do.”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“What’s this?” Maria asked as they rounded the corner.

“It’s a room. All these doors lead into rooms. All the rooms are alike. You’ve seen one room, you’ve seen them all. Must you know what each room is,” Michael said as Maria once again took Michael’s hand and pressed it on the door lock to open the door.

“Yes, I must know what is inside each room. What if the enemy is here and I’m running down this corridor and I know that the blue room has this awesome hiding spot. I’ll duck in there and will be safe. So, yes! I must know what’s in each room.” Really Maria just wanted to annoy the hell out of him for all the times he just seemed to irritate her for no reason.

Michael sighed and shut the door that she had just opened. “Come on. There’s some more rooms this way.” He didn’t know what was happening to him. He remembered Maria from high school but all he remembered was the remarkable ability she had to irk the hell out of him and even here on his own turf she had the same ability. He would give anything just to have her shut up. Every time she opened her mouth he knew that she would be asking him some stupid reason for something.

“Why is every room monotone in color? Is there a reason for a particular room being a particular color? What about the corridors? Do they have names? Maybe if I saw a map. Is there a map room that we can go to see the layout of the entire palace? What was it like growing up here. Oh, wait. You didn’t grow up here. What exactly happened?”

“Maria could you just quit with all of the questions.” He debated whether or not to add the magic word and decided against it. “Now. Your voice is driving me crazy. Must you be talking non-stop?” Michael continued to walk down the hall and as he did he continued to rant about how annoying she was. When he rounded the corner he noticed that the only sound that he heard was the sound of his own voice. “Maria?” He backtracked to where he recalled them being last and Maria was no longer there. “Great. Just great. I’m going to get it now. Max is all over this human thing, making sure that they are safe and sound, and when he hears that I’ve lost one of them… let alone the best friend of the girl he practically drools over he’s going to kill me.”

Michael continued looking for Maria in every room until he finally just gave up. “She’s on her own. I guess we’ll find out how well she was paying attention to the tour.” He scratched his eyebrow and then threw his hands down.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Isabel dropped Alex by his suite and promised to come get him for dinner in an hour. When Alex stepped inside, there was Hurricane Deluca pacing back and forth, flailing her arms around and muttering to herself. Alex wasn’t able to stifle a chuckle and when Maria heard him she turned on him ranting, “can you believe this Alex?! I mean, what were the odds of running into Michael, Max, and Isabel? And to top it all off, have them be ALIENS! ROYAL aliens, no less!” The pacing didn’t stop and neither did the ranting. “We always called Isabel the ice princess. Who would have thought she actually was a princess! Unbelievable! And Michael! Ugh! Could he be any more of a jerk! It took me almost fifteen minutes to convince him to show me around the palace. I mean how rude can one person be! The whole time we were walking he didn’t speak except to grunt out the rooms we were coming across. And did you see the way Max was watching Liz? It was like high school all over again!”

Alex decided now was as good a time as any to interrupt Maria. If he didn’t stop her soon she was going to hyperventilate. He grabbed her flailing arms, sat her down on the bed and said, “Maria! You’ve got to calm down!” He pulled her into his arms and held her there until her breathing returned to normal.

When she finally calmed down, she looked at Alex and said, “this would have been a whole lot easier if I just had my cedar oil.”

Alex chuckled in response, happy that she seemed to be back to her normal self. He gave her a quick squeeze and said, “Isabel will be back for us in about a half an hour for dinner. Let’s get freshened up.” He got up and headed towards the bathroom and said over his shoulder excitedly, “Isabel said she’d see what she could do to get some normal food for us!”

**The next part will hopefully be all M/L. I thought I should concentrate on the others for a chapter! Let me know what you think and if you want more!!!
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I'm glad everyone hasn't forgotten the story! I thought I would take some time to reply!

kurtsook - it wouldn't be any fun if I told you before you read! Ah yes, M/M will always have their issues!

crazy4max, frenchkiss70, jeremiah, and strawberry shortcake - I'm already working on the part! And it's all M/L (so far)!

bls40 - I know! M/L chapters are my favorites too!

bordersinsanity - I'm going to try for more frequent updates!

roswellluver - Maria does have a tendency to freak out sometimes, but she also comes through in the end!

Thanks for the feedback guys! I really appreciate it since it is my first story and all! It definitely helps me post faster! *wink*
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Hey guys! See, I'm posting again and it hasn't been two months! Thank you for the feedback! You just have to love Michael and Maria! But, as promised, here is a chapter full of M/L! I have to thank bordersinsanity for all her help! Couldn't do it without her!

O.K. here's the next chapter! Let me know what you think!

Chapter 15

Max watched Liz take in the surroundings that he had been calling home for the past year as they walked down corridor after corridor. He had been watching her ever since they had left the situation room. He was still having problems believing that she was indeed here. “It’s so amazing,” she said as she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and took a shy glance up at him. She quickly glanced away because he had caught her. She could feel the heat rising up and she was hoping that it wouldn’t be too noticeable.

Pushing back her embarrassment of being caught, she decided to ask him some other things. “Um… Max. I was wondering why were you guys on Earth for so long.” She realized that it was a too personal question and that she had no right to ask so she began to back pedal. “I’m sorry, you don’t have to answer. I should have never asked.”

He could see that she was uncomfortable and decided that if he was going to tell her what her options were then she deserved to know everything. He smiled at her and said, "don’t be sorry. I want to tell you everything. I mean… when I was on Earth I always wanted to tell you.”

Her face showed surprise when she looked up and asked while smiling, "really?"

“Yeah,” he grabbed her hand and led her down a different corridor. They entered a room that was completely encompassed in darkness. “My parents sent us to Earth to protect us.” He ran his hand over a globe that stood in the center of the room. An illusion of his parents covered the ceiling.

“Is that them?” She asked.

“Yes.” The scene switched to them growing up and the important events that happened during their lifetime. When the scene came to their death the room went dark. “That’s all I remember of that life,” he said quietly.

“That life?”

“We were murdered by the rebellion in our first life and since we were the last of the royal lineage we were recreated and sent to Earth to grow up.” He waved his hand over the globe again to show when they had been picked up by the Evans' so long ago. “We were in the infamous crash in 1947. Fear that the rebellion would follow us; caused them to put us into incubation pods that would mature us to an age that we would be able to survive on Earth. The crash had caused damage to the pods and their timing mechanisms malfunctioned causing us to emerge when we did.” He took a cautious glance to Liz. He wanted to see how she reacted when she saw his memories of the time he spent on earth. They started flashing more frequently and with every flash there was some snippet of Liz in each one of them.

“We finally found the chamber where our pods were and we stumbled on to the Granolith by accident. Then we activated it by accident and were brought back here. We’ve been here ever since.” He turned to look at her more closely. “We never would have left if we were given an option. We weren’t ready to leave. We had no idea who we were and why we were on Earth. We just knew that we were different and that we needed to keep everyone from knowing. No matter how much we trusted them. No one knew.”

“Not even Mr. and Mrs. Evans,” asked Liz shocked that no one knew about them.

“No one knew,” said Max quietly.

Liz could see the sadness and loneliness in his eyes as remembered how hard it was back then. She took a step towards Max and cupped his cheek into her hand. He leaned into it and closed his eyes. “You’re not alone anymore, Max. You will never be alone again,” stated Liz passionately.

He opened his eyes and pulled her into a hug. When he released her he said, “thanks for saying that." When he looked at her more closely he said, "you look tired. I think I should take you back to your room so you can rest.”

She smiled at him and replied, “there’s so much going through my mind I don't think I'll be able to sleep."

“Still, I think I should take you back to your room to rest. You can ask me questions while you rest. Deal?” He held out his hand to her and she graciously took it and smiled up at him to reassure him that this was acceptable to her. They quietly walked to her room.

They entered her suite of rooms and Liz silently walked over to the window. He walked up behind her and without even realizing what he was doing, he put his hands on her shoulders and kissed the top of her head. They stood silently staring out the window for a while just enjoying each other's company. Finally Max turned Liz to face him and said, "When I first found out that a human had been altered, I was going to give them the option to stay here or go back to Earth with the others. I'm still giving you that option but I don't think you'll be ready to go back with others. I'm guessing that Serena will have the others ready to go back in a week or so and I don't think you will have your powers mastered by then. We may not even know what all your powers are by then." He paused as he tried to gather his thoughts. "What I'm trying to say is that I would like you stay for a while until we know for sure you've got everything under control. I just couldn't bare the thought of the FBI or some other government agency getting their hands on you because I let you leave before you were ready."

Hearing the concern in his voice she pulled him into a hug and said, "don't worry Max. I don't think I'll be ready to go back either."

The joy that he felt from hearing that she wasn't leaving right away caused him to do something he never would have dreamed he'd be able to do. He pulled back slightly from the hug and brushed a piece of hair off of her face and continued on to thread through the silky strands of her hair and cup the back of her head. Bringing his other hand up, he caressed her cheek with his thumb then moved his finger under her chin and slowly lifted her face up as he brought his down. He grazed her lips with his and pulled back a little to look into her eyes and make sure that this was really happening. When he saw the yearning in her eyes he inhaled sharply and whispered, "Liz" right before he returned his lips to hers and kissed her with the intensity of a newborn star exploding in the night sky. Lowering his hand from her cheek to her waist, he gathered her closer to him as though any space at all between them was unacceptable.

Liz was drowning in a sea of euphoric emotions and was certain that she didn't want to be rescued. Her hands began from around his waist, having still been there from the hug they shared, where one slid upward and began to knead the taught muscles, they rippled from her touch. The other came around to the front and caressed its way up his firm stomach to his chest where she moaned her appreciation of his virility. She continued on until she reached his neck where she entangled her hand in his hair and gently stroked the back of his neck.

Tongues dueled for dominance until the need for air was too great to ignore any longer. They broke apart slowly, neither one wanting the moment to end. Max continued to hold her close as he rested his forehead against hers while he fought to regain a normal breathing pattern.

Liz could hardly contain her happiness. She always wondered what it would be like to kiss Max and had even fantasized about it on a few occasions. The reality of it was so much more intense then she had ever imagined that she couldn't help herself when she blurted, "wow. That was amazing!"

"Amazing isn't an adequate enough word for it," replied Max as he stared deeply into her soul searching eyes. The smile he received in response was enough for him to want to attack her again but he didn't want things to get out of hand so soon so he gave a quick kiss on the lips and released his hold on her. "I'd better let you get some rest before dinner." When he saw that she was about to protest he grabbed her hand and said, "I would be honored if you would take a walk through the gardens with me after dinner though."

Liz acquiesced; deciding that freshening up before the evening's events was a good idea. She gave his hand a little squeeze and said, "I would love to."

"I'll come back to escort you to dinner in an hour. If you need anything just use the com panel and the servants will take care of it," said Max as he slowly made his way to the door. He really didn't want to leave but she did look exhausted and he wanted her to rest. Not being able to resist, he gave her one more quick kiss before he walked out the door.

Once he was gone, Liz went over to the bed to rest briefly before getting ready. Finally the last couple days had caught up to her and she dozed off. She didn't awake until she heard a knock on the door and then a woman she'd never seen before entered.

Before Liz had a chance to say anything the woman said, "My name is Bralia and I'm here to fit you for some clothes." When Liz nodded, the woman went up to her and started taking measurements.

Liz was amazed that the woman was in and out in 5 minutes. It was a good thing though because Liz had less than a half-hour to get ready for dinner. The minute she emerged from the bathroom there was another knock at the door. Liz opened the door and couldn’t help but smile when she saw Max standing there smiling at her.

TBC? If you want more! Feedback makes me post faster!
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I'm really glad you are all enjoying the story! This next part was supposed to be longer but I am in the middle of renovating my kitchen and didn't have much time to write this last week. I thought I would just post this so you have something! Thank you for all the feedback! It really helps me write faster! I really have to thank bordersinsanity for all her help also! Anyway, on with the story!

Chapter 16

When they entered the dining room, Liz saw that everyone else was already there. Maria was dressed in a dress that was similar to her own. The only difference being hers was a golden color and Maria’s was almost a sapphire blue. Isabel was in a dress too but hers was more elaborately decorated with jewels and the same symbol that adorned on Max’s outfit just not as pronounced. Alex was in a simple shirt and pant combination. Even though they weren’t earth equivalent they were really comfortable.

The fabric was light and non-binding. When the woman came in to make Liz’s garment it took little to no time. A wave of her hand her or a pull on an end there and the garment was ready. The seamstress said she would have several more outfits ready for her tomorrow.

As she looked around, Liz couldn’t help but feel in awe of the grandeur of this place. The dining room was bigger that her whole apartment. In fact she didn’t think the table would even fit in the apartment. There were enough chairs to seat 50 people. The walls were covered with jeweled tapestries and pieces of art.

Liz also noticed, with relief, that the dynamics of the room were quite different than the last time they were all together. Although Michael was still sitting there scowling, Alex and Isabel were talking quietly amongst themselves as was Serena and Maria. Liz made a mental note to ask Maria about the new development between Alex and Isabel later. She couldn’t help but smile at them. Alex fantasized about her for years and briefly wondered if they hadn’t wound up here if he would ever have had the courage to talk to her.

Serena watched as Max escorted Liz to the table and held out a chair for her sit. She had seen a difference in Max from the moment he walked into the room. He seemed to have an inner glow that she had never seen before and realized in that moment that for the first time since he got here he was genuinely happy. She turned her attention to Liz and noticed that she too seemed to be in better spirits. Max kindly pushed Liz’s chair in and she tilted her head up and smiled for him as she spoke a whispered thank you to him. He returned her smile and quickly sat down. Serena noticed that the two didn’t remove their eyes from the other until the servants began to appear in the room.

Once everyone was seated, servants appeared filling everyone’s glasses and placing entrees in front of them. When the cover was removed from his plate Alex looked questioningly form the contents to Isabel and asked, “what happened to my burger and fries?” He wasn’t really complaining but trying to strike up some conversation now that they were all together again.

Isabel rolled her eyes and laughed. Then without saying a word she waved her hand over his plate and a burger and fries appeared. She adjusted herself in her seat and beamed a wide smile at Alex.

Alex looked at his food in shock and hesitantly took a bite of his burger. He almost groaned out loud as his taste buds rejoiced from the familiar food. He looked at Isabel and said, “I’m going to make sure you’re around every time I eat.” He rubbed his hands together and continued, “ I can see steaks and lobsters in my future.”

Isabel laughed and looked at her own food. As she waved her hand over her own food she said, “I haven’t had Earth food in a long time, I think I’ll join you.” As an afterthought she looked at Liz and said, “why don’t you try doing yours. You said earlier that you changed a drink into Cherry Coke. This would be good practice.”

Liz noticed that everyone was looking at her and nervously replied, “I did, but I’m not even sure how I did it. I don’t even know if I could do it again.”

When Max saw that she was uncomfortable he grabbed her hand that was under the table for reassurance and said, “you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I could do it for you.”

Liz appreciated the gesture and smiled at him but decided she might as well start figuring out these new powers she had. “Could you maybe just tell me how to do it and I’ll try it.”

Max smiled and held his hand over his own food and said, “the energy flows through your hand. Just concentrate on changing the substance to what you want it to be and wave your hand over it.” That said he waved his hand over his food and produced a Wil Smith burger and Saturn Rings on his plate.

Liz smiled remembering how often he used to order that when she waited on him at the Crashdown. She looked down at her plate and closed her eyes to concentrate. She thought about a turkey club and pasta salad. After a few moments she could feel the tingling sensation building up and she waved her hand over her plate. She was surprised to find that it worked….well sort of. There on her plate was a sandwich that consisted of turkey, lettuce, tomato….and last but not least pasta salad all piled together in between two pieces of bread.

When Serena saw Liz start to blush she was quick to reassure her. “That’s actually very good Liz! You got everything you were trying for, just not in the right order. With a little more practice this will be like second nature to you.” Liz looked across the table to where Serena was sitting and gave the other woman a small smile of appreciation.

Max waved his hand over her plate and fixed it, then said, “when I was learning it took me two weeks just to turn an orange into an apple.” He recalled the event. Isabel, Michael and him were sitting in the backyard with various household items sitting in front of them. They were out there working on their powers because Isabel had accidentally changed the hair color on her Barbie doll. She ran into Max’s room bawling and the only way that he could reassure her was to tell her that they all could do what she had done. Everyday for two weeks the three of them sat out with their own item and tried until finally Isabel recreated her effect. After she realized what she had done she was able to teach the other two of them how to do it.

Deciding that she wasn’t going to be left out, Maria nudged Michael and said, “well, what are you waiting for? I’d like a chicken sandwich and fries.”

Michael scoffed and was about to tell her where she could stuff her chicken sandwich when he saw Max glaring at him. He rolled his eyes and waved his hand over her plate without saying a word. He even changed her drink into a glass of milk. He bit his tongue to keep a straight face and waited for the fireworks to begin. After all he owed her a ton of grief from running away earlier and making him worry about her for nothing. He was really relieved when he saw her and Alex safely walk into the dining hall.

Maria smiled in satisfaction and thought it was sweet of him to change her drink without even asking. She took a bite out of her sandwich and her eyes bugged out of her head. Frantically she grabbed for her milk and chugged the whole glass. That wasn’t enough, she needed more. Smacking Michael as he laughed hysterically, she gestured for more milk.

Michael was laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes. He did however, take pity on her and refilled her glass. He thought to himself, ‘that will teach her to mess with me in the future.’ He saw that everyone was wondering what was going on and said, “I..uh..added a little hot sauce to her sandwich.”

Everyone started cracking up and once Maria’s pipes were cooled down she glared at Michael and said, “I’m going to get you for that spaceboy!”

After that dinner went on without a hitch. Everyone was joking around and having a good time, even Michael. Before they left it was established that Serena and Isabel would start working with Liz tomorrow on her powers.

Max got up from the table and held a hand out to Liz and asked, “shall we take that walk now?”

TBC? If you want more!!!
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Chapter 17

Liz accepted his hand and stood up. She looked to Maria who was smirking at her and gave her the ‘we’ll talk later’ look. Maria nodded and went back to annoying Michael.

They walked out of the palace in silence and Liz noticed the strange looks she was receiving from the servants. At one point she tried to remove her hand from Max’s only to have him grasp it tighter. When they reached the gardens, Liz gasped at the beauty. She couldn’t imagine a more beautiful place. There were flowers of every imaginable color and even the trees seemed to have a teal tint to them. It seemed as though some of the flowers were starting to change colors as the twin suns were setting.

Max saw his favorite flower and stopped to pick one. He turned to Liz and placed it ever so gently in her hair. He inwardly thought that the beauty of that flower paled in comparison to her but kept it to himself. He grabbed her hand and said, “there is a lake up ahead that I want to show you.”

After they walked for about ten more minutes, Max turned them off the path and into the trees. A few minutes later they reached a clearing where Liz saw the most breathtaking lake she had ever seen. The water was a deep purple color accented by silver glitter sparkling from the sun. There were trees surrounding half of it and a silver sanded beach surrounding the other half.

Max led her to a tree that sat on the sanded side of the lake. He sat down and leaned against the tree and pulled her down to sit in between his legs. They sat in silence for a few minutes just drinking in the natural beauty of the place. Finally Max said, "Michael and Isabel don't know about this place so I come here when I want to be alone.”

Liz wondered why he was showing her something that was obviously very personal to him and it finally hit her. He was feeling guilty. All of the flashes and feelings that she got from him when they connected told her he was hiding from her because he didn’t want to hurt her. And now, for all of his efforts she ends up on an alien world with some alien tendencies and he feels responsible. Liz glanced at Max and smiled. “Max, you didn’t have to bring me here. This is your private place. When I look into your eyes, I see a lot of guilt that you’re so admirably trying to hide. I get the feeling that you’re showing me all the things that you keep to yourself just to make up for me being here and I don’t want you to feel that you have to do that. You don’t have to do that.”

“I’m not. I mean… I am… but you don’t understand.” Max was having a hard time explaining to Liz why he was doing the things he had been doing today. “Let me see if I can explain it to you. You’ve always… I’ve always…” He let out a sigh and said, “This isn’t going the way I had planned.”

Liz could see how much difficulty he was having trying to explain. She turned around between his legs and clasped his face within her small hands. “You don’t have to be nervous around me, Max. Nothing you can say will change how I feel about you.” With a smile she said, “I mean, I’ve had a crush on you for like four years and now that I have the chance to act on it, I’m not going anywhere.” Noticing that her attempt to relieve his anxiety wasn’t working she frowned and said, “how about if you keep your eyes closed and tell me whatever it is you want to tell me and that way you don’t have to see how I will react. That usually works for me. I promise that you have nothing to worry about.”

Max closed his eyes and took in a deep breath and then continued. “There is something…calming about being here. It reminds me of how I used to feel when I was near you back on Earth. I don't think you'll ever really know how soothing it was for me to be near you. I memorized every smile from every goofy trick that you, Maria and Alex would pull on each other. I memorized every time you would get excited about some science project. Those were some of my happiest moments. Even though I wasn’t a part of them I imagined what it would be like if I were. Just knowing that you were smiling made me smile." Max opened his eyes and looked at Liz who had yet to release his face. “I’ve wanted…”

Liz didn’t let him finish his thought. She closed the distance between them and kissed him. The whole time he was telling her, she felt once again what it was like for him to be on Earth. And she felt how he felt when he thought about this special place. She realized that it wasn’t so much a place to be alone as it was a place to be alone with his memories of her. This was a place for him to pretend to have her with him and now that she was here he wanted to create a memory that was real not something imagined and that was the reason he brought her to his favorite place. He knew that there would be a time that he would have to once again live with his memories of her. She would go home and he would have to stay here.

“What was that for,” he asked as he ran his fingers through her hair.

She gently caressed his cheek when she pulled away. “I want you to have something memorable and I wanted to share it with you. I have nothing here to give you but this. It’s not fair…”

Max laid a finger against her lips to quiet her. “Don’t say that you have nothing to give. All I’ve ever wanted, whether I was here or on Earth, was you. It was always you….” He trailed off and pulled his finger away from her mouth to replace it with his lips. He was so caught up in his emotions that he couldn’t help but kiss her. It seemed that every word she spoke was increasing his need to be with her. That scared him as much as it excited him because he knew she would leave to go home and he didn’t want to face the loneliness that he would feel with her absence. With that thought he gathered her closer to him and continued to kiss her as his desire increased at an alarming rate.

When he attempted to pull her closer, Liz ended up straddling his legs on her knees. She wrapped her arms around his neck in an effort to anchor her lips on him. The tempo of this kiss was different from the first one they shared. It was gentle but hungry and she didn’t want it to end. However, the need for air eventually became an issue, so she tossed her head and by doing so gave him access to her neck. It was somewhat of a bold move for her but at this point she was willing to do almost anything to keep this moment from ever ending.

When she leaned back after the kiss, Max brought his arm around the lower part of her back to support her. His other hand ventured into her dark cascading hair, pushing it off of her shoulder, giving him unobstructed access to her neck. He was momentarily stunned by the vision in front of him. She looked so desirable with her hair flowing free behind her just tickling his arm that was wrapped around her to her eyes that were barely open yet he could see the desire in them down to lips that were moist and puffy from their last kiss. His gaze went lower when the moonlight reflecting off of her gold dress taunted him as it accented her heaving breasts almost begging him to caress them. With that last thought, he brought his hand from her hair lightly he grazed her neck with his hand slowly descending down her chest into the valley between her breasts. Lightly he brushed the inner sides of her breasts as he continued lower so he could lay his hand to rest on her ribs just below her breast. His mouth watering in anticipation, he brought his other hand up her back to bring her neck closer.

She whimpered as he began to nibble and leave open-mouthed kisses on the sensitive spot just behind her ear. Her body was tingling everywhere that he touched and was craving it everywhere that he hadn’t. These sensations created an ache between her legs that caused her to rub against him in an effort to appease it. Her hands were almost clawing at his back as she was trying to get as close to him as possible.

A quiet moan escaped his lips when he felt her rub against him. The hand that was resting on her ribs moved down her hip to stop her before he would explode. He was distracted from his task when she raised his head and whispered a sensual “Max” right before engaging his lips with another mind-blowing kiss.

The shrill shriek of a Frela bird from across the lake startled them and they broke apart panting. Liz looked around nervously trying to figure out what the noise was.

Seemingly reading her mind, Max brought his hand to her face and said, “it’s o.k. Liz. That was just a bird.”

Feeling a little silly for being afraid of a bird, Liz let out a nervous laugh and moved off of Max to sit next to him.

Max didn’t want her any farther from him than necessary so he pulled her so she was laying against him and he tightened his arms around her. They sat like that for a while as they tried to clear their heads before they decided to head back to the castle.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“I want to know how this happened and I want to know now!” Khivar demanded, as he stalked through each and every corridor looking for the culprit that had betrayed him. He couldn’t believe that they took everyone. How was it possible for them to clear out that many people in so little time?

“Sir, I’ve contacted the remaining camps and have ordered twenty men from each camp to report here to make up for some of our losses. There are about 100 men on their way here. They should all arrive in three days.” Nicholas followed behind his leader.

“That’s not good enough! This should not have happened in the first place! How did they know where the humans really were? Somehow, they even got the mind control device that was locked in my safe. They must have had someone on the inside. But that still doesn’t tell me how they got into my safe. No one else knew the combination.” Khivar entered his office and was pacing back and forth behind his desk. “Unless…” he trailed off as a fleeting memory of the human girl entering his mind during the connection surfaced. Was it even possible that she knew the combination? No matter, he couldn’t take the chance. He needed to get her back to eliminate any possibility that she knew anything else. “We need to attack the palace. And we definitely need to get the human we altered back!” Khivar pounded his fist on his desk to emphasize his point.

“Sir, begging your pardon, but the troops were hit hard at the abandoned warehouse. They need healing if you want to be effective with so few. There might be a better way at getting what you want the most.” Nicholas’ smile increased when Khivar showed interest in what he had planned.

“I’m listening.” Khivar said quietly as he finally sat down and leaned back and waited to hear what his second in command had planned.

“I was thinking that if I could make a quick trip to Earth that I might be able to persuade the one you want to come over to your side willingly.” Nicholas knew how much Khivar was interested in the human girl that Serena had to alter in order for her to survive.

“And what would you do to make that happen?” Khivar was now leaning up on the desk awaiting Nicholas’ next step.

“During my stay on Earth I noticed how protective human families are of each other. They would do almost anything to make sure their families are safe and happy. I find out who her loved ones are and bring them back. We’ll exchange them for her. Easy…” Once again Nicholas grinned a little bit wider as he saw how Khivar was reacting to this idea.

“If what you say is true, then we could also get the family who took care of that bratty king and his sister. I could get the throne and the girl at the same time,” gloated Khivar as he warmed up to this idea. “How long will it take to get them back here?”

“Three weeks, sir. Tops. All I need is the word and I’ll make it happen.”

“I’ll give you two. If you’re not back by then I’ll have your head. You may commence.” Nicholas immediately exited the room. Two weeks wasn’t nearly enough time to find out who the parents were and get them back.

TBC? If you want more! Feedback helps me write faster!
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Chapter 18

Isabel, Alex, Maria and Serena were standing off to the side, waiting. They had just left the dining hall when Velan, Chief Communications Officer, came in and told Michael they received word from one of their ships stating that one of Khivar’s ships had left orbit and was seen heading on course to Earth before they cloaked. He also stated that he tried to reach the King on the communicator but he never responded.

Michael looked at Isabel and asked, “do you know where Max was headed when he left the dining room?”

Having sat next to them during dinner, Serena answered for her and said, “he said something about taking a walk.”

“Great! That’s just wonderful! I knew something like this would happen! Liz shows up and he can’t even remember how to use a damn communicator!” Michael stopped his ranting and turned to Isabel. “Check with the guards to make sure he isn’t in the palace somewhere and if he’s not, take these two with you and start looking for Max in the gardens. Serena, check on the progress of removing those implants and report back to me. If Khivar is bringing back more humans we need to get those implants out of the ones that already have them so they can’t turn on us. I’m going to find out where all of our ships are located. We should still have one near Earth since we sent one there when we found out about the last batch he took from there.” He stalked away before anyone could reply.

Isabel stated “let’s go,” and headed for the closest guard station without another word. Maria and Alex followed behind. After speaking with the guard in charge and determining that Max was seen heading out to the gardens, they started their search there. “Let’s meet back here in 45 minutes. If one of you finds him send him to Michael and contact the rest of us and we’ll meet here,” said Isabel.

Half an hour later, Alex spotted Max and Liz walking hand in hand up the main path towards the palace. He ran up to them and filled them in on what was going on.

Max said to Liz, “stay here with Alex and wait for the others. When you all meet up go to the situation room and we will meet you there.” He gave Liz a quick kiss and took off towards the palace.

Max found Michael in the Communications office talking to of the captain of one his ships over the comm system. He overheard Michael say to stay alert and that he would get to back to him soon. Max knew as soon as Michael was aware of his presence that Michael was furious with him. To head off any arguments in front of the people in comm room, he asked, “Michael can I see you in the situation room?” Without waiting for an answer he turned and walked out of the room.

If Michael was angry before he was furious now. He followed Max out of the room hell bent on giving him a piece of his mind. The minute they reached the situation room and closed the door he began, “Where the hell were you and why didn’t you have your communicator with you? It was your idea for all of us to carry one in the first place! Liz isn’t even here 24 hours and you already have your head in the clouds. You need to focus Max! There is a war going on here!”

“Stop Michael! I’m fully aware that there is a war going on here! If you had let me get in a word, you would know that I had my communicator with me and that I wasn't aware that it wasn't turned on. And don’t tell me that I need to focus! All I’ve been doing for the last year is focusing on this war! Now, if you’re finished, tell me what you’ve found out so we can FOCUS on that!” Max stopped and took a couple of deep breaths to calm down. Arguing with Michael wasn’t going to get them anywhere.

Michael decided to back off for now and get back to the situation at hand. He replied, “I checked to see if the ship we sent to Earth had anything to report. They said they’ve been monitoring communications there and nothing new has taken place. I informed them that Khivar sent out another ship headed for that direction and to be on the lookout for it.”

“Alright, go see if you can contact any of our other sources to find out what exactly he is planning. Also, pull off one of our other ships from patrolling around Cyron. There are 3 ships guarding that planet but I don’t think there is any threat for that planet right now. This is probably Khivar’s main goal at the moment. Have that ship gather supplies and prepare them to head to Earth for back up. Tell them to be ready in 3 hours. We don’t want to give Khivar’s ship that much of a head start.”

Michael nodded and set off to attend to his duties. While Michael did that, Max contacted to Serena to find out if she knew if Khivar had another controller besides that one. She told him she didn’t know because they were installing the devices into the humans and giving the codes directly to Khivar and he handled it from there. He told her to try to step up the removal of the rest of the devices just in case Khivar did have another controller and to keep the ones that still had them sedated until the devices were removed. By the time Max finished talking to Serena the others had returned from the gardens.

Michael came in a few minutes later and glared at Maria, Liz, and Alex. He looked at Max and angrily asked, “what are they doing in here? This doesn’t concern them.”

Before Max could answer, Maria jumped up and stood directly in front of Michael and said while poking her finger in his chest, “this absolutely concerns us. Anything having to do with Earth concerns us so you better just get used to it. Michael glared at her and Maria placed her hands on her hips. “Don’t even think that that look is going to work on me, Spaceboy. We’re good enough to search for your king but we’re not good enough to save our own people?”

Michael grabbed hold of Maria’s hand to prevent her from poking him any further and was about to retort when Max asked, “Michael, were you able to find anything out?”

“I talked to a couple of people and they were going to put their feelers out and get back to me. They know time is of the essence and said they would try to get back to me within the hour. The ship is being prepared as we speak.”

Max stated, “o.k. I just spoke with Serena and she doesn’t know if Khivar had any other controllers so I told her to speed up removing the devices from the remaining people.”

Liz spoke up and said, “he didn’t have any other controllers. The one he had was the original prototype. His engineers were going to make some more of them once he had everyone implanted and made sure there were no glitches.”

“How do you know that,” asked Michael disbelievingly.

Liz rolled her eyes at him and said, “the connection remember? I just know some things.”

Isabel asked, “what else do you know?”

Liz shrugged and replied, “some things just come to me when I hear something about it. Like the controller thing for example. I didn’t know I knew that until it popped into my head while we were talking about it. But I do know he was planning to use us to attack the castle and once we had everyone distracted he was going to bring in his people to and go after you guys. Once he had you he was planning on implanting you with the devices and have you publicly turn the throne over to him. Now I’m not sure what he has planned. I also know where his bases are…”

“And your just telling us this now?!” Michael stated angrily.

Max intercepted, seeing that Maria, Liz, and Alex were about to kill Michael. “Michael would it kill you to acknowledge everything they have been through in the last week? First they are abducted, and get injured in the process, Liz underwent a procedure changing her into a hybrid, and finally we rescue them. It hasn’t even been 24 hours since all of this took place. Give them a break!”

Michael relented a little after realizing how fast things have been happening. “Look, I’m sorry alright? I just think we should hit them when they’re down and if we have some knowledge as to their whereabouts we should use it to our advantage.”

No one said anything for a few minutes and then a communiqué came in for Michael. As he retrieved the message, Liz said, “he’s got five bases left. Two of them are on the outskirts of the palace city, one to the north and one to the south. The other three are in cities called Vahriel, Lintrala, and Draden. He’s got about 200 people at each base.”

Michael came back in looking grim. When he refused to look at Liz Isabel asked, “what is it Michael?”

He glanced at Liz briefly then looked at Max, “Khivar’s reason for going back to Earth is to get Liz’s parents. He thinks you’ll hand her and the throne over to him if he threatens her parents.”

TBC If you want more!!*happy*

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