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Title: Reality
Description: This takes place after Departure. Begining right after. No spoilers after that.
Couple: Defininetly M/L...who else??
Rating: Entire story up to NC-17
Disclaimer: Roswell is not me if it was it would be a HELL of alot different right now...

Okay so it has been a LONG time coming, but here is the wedding of our favorite couple..M/L
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And now on to the wedding...I am thinking about writing the honeymoon?? If you want it just post and let me know and I will write it soon!

Part 31… The Wedding…

Liz took deep breaths trying to concentrate only on her breathing and the light sound of the music. M My Wedding Day she thought, even now, standing moments away from saying “I do” to the love of her life, she still wasn’t sure that it was really happening.

Liz opened her eyes at the sound of her best friends voice. “Lizzie, I love with all of my heart, and I always will, you deserve this and I want nothing more than for you to enjoy this day.” Maria whispered while squeezing Liz’s hand.

They had decided that Maria would walk down the short aisle with Liz. She was the closest thing to family that was here, besides Max. Besides it was important to Liz that Maria knew how important that she was to her. This just seemed like a perfect way to show her.

Maria took Liz’s trembling hand as she led her to the aisle, “Liz, why are you nervous?” Maria asked quietly. “Max is the one for you, and you are the one for Max, Lizzie he is your soulmate, you have nothing to be worried or nervous about.” Liz smiled before responding “Maria, I am just nervous that Max is nervous.” Maria smiled, it was so like Liz to be worried about how Max was feeling at a time like this. Maria giggled quietly before saying with laughter in her voice “Liz, Max loves you more than anything, trust me the only thing that he is probably nervous about is how fast he can get you alone to show you how much he loves you.”

With Maria’s words Liz relaxed, not only did she know that Maria was right but the vision of her and Max together, really together left her feeling nothing but desire and happiness in her heart.

Maria and Liz squeezed each other’s hands before beginning their walk down the aisle. As soon as Liz was in Max’s view they met eyes. A huge smile broke onto both of their faces almost instantaneously.

Liz and Max’s eyes never broke away, even as Max took Liz’s small hands as she reached him. Max’s hands were warm and comforting to Liz.

Max took Liz by the hands, pulling her body close to his. He then whispered softly, “ I love you baby”. Just the sound of Max’s sweet voice still gave Liz butterflies in her stomach. “I love you more” she whispered. In response Max just smiled. He knew that there was no possible way that he could love him more than he loved her. He would do anything for her, he wanted to give Liz Parker the moon and stars.

The justice of the peace began to speak as Max and Liz’s eyes remained locked on each other. They each repeated the words said, but from their hearts, and while looking into their lovers eyes. Finally the Justice announced them Husband and Wife. Liz didn’t think that she had ever heard more wonderful words before. Max knew that he hadn’t.

Mr. And Mrs. Max Evans, the mere sound of it brought tears to Liz’s eyes, this is what she had always wanted, this was what had made her complete. Max in her life. The happy couple walked down the aisle together, hand in hand. With their friends following them. A happy unit, everyone felt joy in their lives, but none as much as Max and Liz.

Liz walked slowly into the resturant and Isabel had chosen for their reception, some reception just a few people but to Liz it didn’t matter. Max was here, and Maria and that was good enough for her. Liz was still in her dress, as well as Max in his tux, Liz enjoyed this. People looking at them and knowing that they are newlyweds. Liz wanted people to know that Max was hers, and she was Max’s. She felt like shouting it from the rooftops.

Max pulled out Liz’s chair for her and made sure that she was seated comfortably before pulling his own chair as close to her as possible. The waiter held out menu’s to them and congratulated them on their recent marriage. Liz just smiled happily loving the sound of her marriage as Max polietly thanked him and ordered a bottle of champange for the table. Max held out his ID changed of course to show a much more appropriate age of 21 to the waiter. The waiter thanked him and replied that he would be back to take their orders in just a moment.

As soon as Max had put his wallet away Liz took his hands, molding them to hers in her lap. She wanted Max as close as possible, she had never felt as close to anyone before, and she wanted to make this moment, this day last for as long as possible. Max looked at her with love in his eyes and leaned to her lips, taking them in a passionate kiss. As there lips were pressed together Max and Liz shared flashes of them together, flashes of them kissing, holding, loving each other. A small moan escaped from Max’s mouth at the images that were rushing through his mind. Liz smiled liking the fact that thoughts of her could result in such feelings.

“Excuse me” Isabel said clearing her throat. Max and Liz broke apart to see the waiter standing above them with a smile on his face. “Newlyweds, so beautiful” he said while pouring Max and Liz glasses of champange to celebrate.

“To happily ever after” Maria said with tears forming in her eyes as she held up her glass of champange. “To happily ever after” Everyone echoed tapping their glasses together with laughter.

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Here is the first part of the Honeymoon..more to come soon.

~Reality~The Honeymoon~Part 32

Max held Liz tightly in his arms swaying her body along the dance floor. “My Liz, my wife, have I told you lately that I love you?” Max whispered. Liz smiled feeling his warm breath on her ear. “Only about a million times, but I will never get sick of hearing that” Liz replied pulling Max’s warm body closer to hers.

Max smiled, “and I will never get sick of holding you in my arms like this, but it looks like the other partygoers here are starting to drop like flies.” Max said looking gesturing over to where Michael sat with Maria on his lap and her head on his shoulder.

Liz smiled; this was how it was supposed to be this is what she had imagined when future Max had told her about her wedding night. The night was perfect, it was perfect enough that it was with Max, but with all her friends here, the only missing to her was Alex.

Max saw the sad expression come over Liz’s face “Baby, what’s wrong?” he questioned lightly. He looked deeply into her eyes and she mouthed Alex’s name. Max felt a stab in his heart, Alex, her best friend, who was gone because of him, gone because of Max coming into his life, he felt for Liz, he would do anything too take her pain away.

“Baby, “ Max began. “It’s okay Max, I know” Liz interrupted. “Alex is here, in our hearts, and I will always have him there and in our memories, I just want our day to be perfect, and Alex would want that too.” Liz said feeling better after her own pep talk.

Max just smiled at his wife. He wanted nothing more than to do everything In his power to make her happy. Liz pulled him closer, rubbing her body against his. “So what do ya say sexy? Ready to head upstairs?” Max groaned lightly, feeling his entire body respond to not only Liz’s body, but also the invitation that she had just given him. “I want nothing more right now then to make love to my wife” Max responded taking her hand in his.

They walked hand in hand over to where their guests were resting Maria was now whispering in Michael’s ear. “Well, we are beat” Liz said mocking a yawn. Maria giggled, “right I bet that you are” she joked pulling Liz away from Max to the other room where they could talk. Max felt the coldness right away. Having Liz’s body away from his made he feel cravings for her. He could hardly concentrate on whatever Michael was telling him.

Liz walked slowly behind Maria until Maria stopped and began talking to her. Liz smiled, trying hard to pay attention to what she was saying. Her body felt suddenly cold, and needing? Needing of Max. Liz looked over Maria’s shoulder in search of her husband. At least if she could see him then maybe she wouldn’t feel such a ….craving.

Max’s eyes found Liz’s immediately across the room. He smiled softly at her big brown eyes. Liz was caught of guard by images entering her brain. (Max kissing her neck, Max slowly unzipping her wedding dress. Max running his hands over her soft skin)

Liz looked deeper into Max’s eyes. Was Max sending her these images? Max winked at her giving her the answer. Liz started laughing. Suddenly she realized that Maria was laughing too. “So” Maria continued. “Can you believe that Michael had the nerve to say that to me.” Liz smiled glad that she had somehow not gotten entirely busted. “Maria, I love you, and I am so grateful that you were here with me, but right now I have to go to Max.” Liz said hugging Maria and kissing her on the cheek. Maria smiled seeing Liz move towards Max. They seemed to be drawn to each other. Max excused himself from Michael and met his wife half way across the floor.

Max took Liz in his arms and kissed her passionately. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him in to deepen the kiss even more. “I love you Mrs. Evan’s” Max laughed. “And I love you Mr. Evans” Liz responded as Max took her hand and led her towards the waiting car.