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TITLE: Through the Looking Glass
AUTHOR: Melissa aka Angel Kisses 70
RATING: R (for violence and language)
CATEGORY: Crossover w/ The Matrix; definitely AU -- M/L pairing

DISCLAIMER: I know I don’t own, and make no money from any of this, so please don’t sue. I’m just borrowing the characters for a little while because they’re so much fun to play with. I promise to return them just the way I found them.
ROSWELL and it’s characters are, of course, owned by 20th Century Fox, UPN, Katims and Metz.
THE MATRIX is owned by the Warner Brothers and the Wachowski brothers. You will see concepts, ideas and dialogue in this story that I’ve taken directly from the movie.

AUTHOR's NOTES: I went ahead and reposted parts 1-3 here. Part 4 is immediately afterwards. Thanks!



What is real? That has always been the question in my mind since the moment I became self-aware. And, as I have grown over my short seventeen years, I find myself asking it more and more.

Why? Because of the what I can do. I can do things that no mortal man...human...should be able to do except in his dreams.

So, I can’t help but wonder, if this is all just a dream...when will I wake up?


Roswell, New Mexico
Present Day

The young man didn’t see the petite blonde watching him through the window of his bedroom. If he had, he’d have wondered at her strange attire. Dressed completely in black patent leather, from her tight pants to the long coat that hung down to the back of her knees, she looked like some sort of futuristic, techno-thief standing on the roof of the empty house across the street, a pair of night vision binoculars in her hands.

Ava watched the dark-haired teenager take off his T-shirt and begin doing pull-ups on the bar in the doorway of his closet. “Very cute,” she thought, admiring his well-muscled arms and torso. “Wouldn’t mind having a piece of that six-pack.”

She startled when the cellular phone attached to her belt suddenly gave a shrill ring. She quickly answered it. “Hello?”

“I’m in.”

Still peering through her binoculars, she frowned at the sound of the familiar, feminine voice. “You weren’t supposed to relieve me.”

“I know, but I want to take your shift.”

“You like him don’t you?” she teased, silently licking her lips as she watched the young man pick up a towel from the foot of his bed and wipe the sweat from his body. Then, he opened a can of cherry cola and poured Tabasco sauce in it. “Why, I don’t know, considering his odd taste in beverages,” she said, grimacing when he took a drink of the strange concoction. “But hey, whatever floats your boat, Parker.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Parker said.

“You do understand that if we do this, it could kill him?”

“Nasedo believes he is the Destined One.”

Ava watched as the young man took another drink of cherry cola and Tabasco. “Obviously, he’s never seen what this guy drinks,” she muttered.


“Okay. Okay,” she said, watching the young man sit down in front of his computer. “So, do you believe he is?”

“It doesn’t matter what I believe.”

“You don’t, do you?”

“Did you hear that?” Parker asked, ignoring the question. “Are you sure this line is clean?”

She rolled her eyes. “Yes, I’m sure.”

“I better go. You’re relieved.”

Ava stared at the dead cell phone in her hand and narrowed her ice blue eyes. “Only when you’re dead, bitch. Only when you’re dead.”


Parker stared at the computer screen in front of her, watching code scroll by at an impossibly fast speed. She paid no attention to her bleak surroundings, but sat there as still as a statue, focusing on the screen. She didn’t even flinch when the door behind her suddenly burst open, and four uniformed deputies rushed in, guns drawn and cocked.

“Freeze!” yelled one of the deputies, his flashlight spotlighting her position at the lone table in the abandoned room. “Hands on your head! Now!”

Slowly, staring straight ahead, she stood and clasped her gloved hands behind her head.

The deputies grinned at one another as they realized what they’d just caught. “Nice ass,” one whispered to his partner, eyeing the smooth, black leather pants that stretched provocatively across her backside. “Wouldn’t mind a piece of that.”

The deputy, who’d shouted at her to freeze, took out his handcuffs and approached her cautiously.

Parker stared at the graffiti on the dirty wall in front of her. Her breathing, slow and calm, she blinked her dark brown eyes just once, as the deputy grabbed her wrist.


On the street below, Sheriff Valenti stood next to his Bronco, in front of the boarded-up building that had once been the home of an alien-themed restaurant called The Crashdown. “Aw...hell,” he said under his breath, when he noticed an unmarked, black sedan pull up to the curb beside him.

Three of the sedan’s four doors opened, and three men wearing dark suits and ties emerged from the vehicle. The men seemed oblivious to the fact that it was the middle of the night as each of them wore a pair of dark, wrap-around sunglasses.

The black-haired one approached the sheriff, his expression grim. “Sheriff,” he said without emotion, “Sheriff, you were given specific orders.”

Sheriff Valenti turned to face the man. “Hey, I’m doing my job. You FBI people have no jurisdiction here, Agent Pierce.”

Pierce stared at the sheriff. “Your orders were for your protection.”

“I think the Roswell Sheriff’s Department can handle one teenage girl. I sent in four men. They’re bringing her down now,” Valenti said.

“No Sheriff,” Pierce replied smoothly, looking up at the building, “Your men are already dead.”


The four deputies never stood a chance. No sooner had the first one grabbed her wrist, Parker sprang into action. To the naked eye, it was as if she moved at fast forward speed while the rest of the world moved at regular speed.

The first deputy received an elbow to the stomach. As he doubled over, Parker spun around and delivered a swift blow to his nose with the palm of her hand, forcing the bone up into his brain. He was dead before he hit the floor.

His partner, surprised, quickly took aim at her and fired.

Running quickly up the wall to her right, she pushed off the ceiling so that she landed directly in front of the two deputies standing just inside the broken doorway. With a quick kick to the head of the one on her left, snapping his neck, she grabbed the other deputy, spun him around so that she now stood pressed against his back, and grabbed his hand that held his gun, taking control of the weapon. She fired three rounds into the chest of the second deputy, who in turn, simultaneously finished emptying his clip into the hapless deputy in front of her.

Letting the bloody corpse drop to the cold cement floor, Parker scanned the room, surveying the carnage, her body tensed for the next attack.

“Shit,” she whispered, and pulled a cell phone from the inside pocket of her short, black leather jacket. Quickly, she flipped it open and punched in a number. She began to speak as soon as the line picked up. “Nasedo. The line was traced. I don’t know how.”

“I know,” Nasedo answered calmly, “They’ve cut the hard line. You’re going to have to get to another exit.”

“Agents?” she asked, firing the deputy’s gun at the laptop she’d been staring at just moments before.


“Damn it.”

“Focus, Parker. Whit says there’s a phone at Main and Second, three blocks away. You can make it.”

“Got it.”

She slammed the phone shut, slipped it back into her jacket and darted out the door. She skidded to a halt when she saw Agent Stevens, Sheriff Valenti and three more deputies appear at the head of the stairs to her left. Her eyes widened in fright, and she spun
around and ran back into the room she’d just exited.

Kicking in the boarded up window, she jumped onto the balcony and ran over to the fire escape ladder. Glancing down, she saw Agent Pierce staring up at her from the ground. “No place to go but up, Parker,” she muttered, quickly turning to scale the other ladder to the upper roof.

As her booted feet hit the roof, she could hear Stevens, Valenti and the others closing in behind her. She took off at a run across the rooftops, leaping gracefully from building to building. Agent Stevens kept pace with her, but Valenti and the deputies were beginning to lag behind.

The next building was at least fifty feet away, but she kept running. Her feet were a blur as she leapt from the edge of the roof to sail effortlessly over the street below and land safely on the other side. Ducking behind a stairway access door, she peered out to watch Stevens perform the same jump just as easily.

Valenti and the deputies skidded to a halt on the edge of the far roof. Dumbfounded, one of the deputies looked at the sheriff and stammered, “That’s impossible.”

Stevens pulled out his gun and fired at her hiding place.

Looking around frantically, Parker spotted a small window in a building across the street. Glancing back at the agent, who’d begun to slowly advance on her, she sprinted towards her only escape route, dodging bullets as they exploded around her.

With a great leap, she dived at the window in front of her. As she flew through the air, she turned on her axis and crashed through the glass. She hit the top of a landing on her back and slid down a flight of wooden stairs to the next landing below. As she came to a halt, she drew two semi-automatic handguns from either side of her body and pointed them at the broken window.

Breathing hard with her gaze glued to the window, she trembled as she lay there. “Get up Parker,” she said out loud, “Just get up. Get up!” Rolling to her knees, she holstered her weapons and sprinted out the building.

Running around a corner, she stopped to catch her breath and search for the phone she needed. She smiled when she spied the glass booth a few yards ahead of her. As she stood there, a garbage truck rounded the corner she stood on and drove up the street. The phone in the booth began to ring.

Suddenly, the truck turned sharply, its tires squealing. When it came to rest, the phone booth sat directly in its path.

Her smile faded and she began to run towards the booth as if the Devil himself were at her heels.

The driver gunned the truck’s engine. Burning rubber, the truck shot forward, bearing down on the glass booth and the desperate girl.

Slamming into the side of the booth, Parker shoved the door open and lunged for the phone. Holding the receiver to her ear, she turned to face the truck, just in time to see its lights on top of her. She held up a hand as if to stop it.

The garbage truck plowed through the booth and into the brick wall of the building, next to which it sat, before it finally stopped. Slowly, the truck backed out of the building and back onto the street. The driver’s door opened, and Pierce descended from the truck. He walked to the front and stared down at the pile of broken glass, brick and metal. He sneered in disgust.

Agent Brown and Agent Stevens walked up behind him and stared down at the debris.

“She got out,” Brown hissed.

“It doesn't matter,” Pierce replied coldly, turning away from the victimless wreck.

“The informant is real.” Stevens said.

Pierce nodded. “Yes.”

“We have the name of their next target,” Stevens added.

Brown turned his back on the rubble. “The name is Zan,” Brown said, turning his back on the rubble. “We will need to run a search.”

Pierce stared down the empty street. “It has already begun.”



Max Evans sat alone in his bedroom staring at his computer screen while various images scrolled by. He yawned as article after article came up, their headlines blaring the news that “Infamous Hacker Nasedo Escapes Again!” Disgusted, he pushed away from his desk and left the room to go get a cherry cola from the kitchen.

When he got back, he shut his bedroom door and turned on his CD player. The strains of a Counting Crows song played softly in the background as he finished his cola and Tabasco drink, then did a few pull-ups. As he walked back to his desk, he stopped and stared in amazement at the computer.

The words, “Hello Zan,” flashed brightly on the computer screen.

“What?” he murmured.

“The Matrix has you,” typed itself out across his screen.

“What the hell?” he thought, as “Follow the white rabbit,” appeared on his computer screen. The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end when he read, “Knock knock, Zan.”

He about jumped out of his skin when the sound of someone knocking on his bedroom window broke the silence of the room. “Who is it?” he said, looking over at the closed curtains.

“It’s Kyle, man!”

Max glanced back at his computer, but the screen had gone blank. Backing away quickly, he stumbled over his backpack and a box of spare computer parts. He threw his curtains open to see Kyle and some of his jock friends standing in front of his window.

He fumbled with the lock and opened the window. “You’re two hours late,” he said.

“I know. It’s her fault,” Kyle replied, indicating the red-haired girl standing next to him.

He glanced briefly at her, then back at Kyle. “You got it?”

“Five hundred.” Kyle held up a thick wad of money.

“Hold on,” he said, taking the cash, then closing the window. He shuffled over to his bookcase, warily eyeing the blank computer screen.

He selected a leather bound copy of The Philosophical Works of Descartes from the shelf, and opened it, revealing a hollowed out center full of floppy disks. After a quick search, he removed one of the disks, the money inside the book and returned the book to its spot.

“Hallelujah,” Kyle said, smiling widely when Max handed him the diskette. “You’re a savior, man. The football team’s own personal ‘Get Off the Suspension List Free’ card.”

Max rolled his eyes. “Whatever. You get caught using that....”

“Yeah, we know,” Kyle said, grinning at his buddies, “This never happened. You don’t exist.”


“Something wrong, man?” Kyle asked, suddenly concerned by Max’s expression. “You look a little whiter than usual.”

“My computer, it...,” he said, glancing back at his desk. He shook his head, and looked at Kyle. “You ever have that feeling where you’re not sure if you’re awake or still dreaming?”

“All the time, man. It’s called alcoholic inebriation,” Kyle replied, grinning at Max. “Hey, it sounds to me like you need to unplug. You know, get out and enjoy your youth while you can. What do you think, Vicki? Should we take him with us?”

Vicki looked Max up and down. She smiled suggestively. “Definitely.”

Max shook his head. “I can’t. I have school tomorrow.”

“Come on,” Vicki cajoled, as she wrapped her arms around Kyle’s neck. “It’ll be fun. I promise.”

Max started to say something, but stopped when he noticed the tattoo on Vicki’s exposed shoulder blade--a tiny, white replica of the Playboy bunny. The direction to “follow the white rabbit,” burned in his brain. He looked at Kyle and nodded. “Yeah, sure. I’ll go.”


Dark and smoky, the abandoned soap factory buzzed with the youthful energy of the teenagers that had claimed the factory’s former warehouse area as a dance floor. The hard, industrial music blaring from various speakers pounded the senses, driving the sexual gyrations of the dancers.

Kyle and Vicki sat in a corner chatting with the popular kids from school and taking hits off a bottle of Jack Daniels that someone had brought. Max leaned against one of the graffiti-covered walls and watched the party-goers with a wary eye. Scanning the faces in the crowd, he paused on one in particular and found himself wondering, once again, if he was awake or dreaming.

Dressed in a black lace, stretch tee and low-cut, black leather pants that exposed her midriff, the girl seemed to glide effortlessly across the floor, cutting through the crowd as if they didn’t exist. Her straight, shoulder-length, brown hair swung slightly as she moved, reflecting the colored lights that hung around the room. But, it was her eyes that captured his attention. Thickly lashed and the color of melted chocolate, he felt as if they could see into his soul. Breath-taking was the only word he could think of to describe her.

“Hello Zan,” the girl murmured, stopping in front of him.

Again, the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. “How do you know that name?” he asked.

She gave him a mysterious, little smile. “I know a lot about you.”

“Who are you?”

“My name is Parker.”

“Parker. The Parker?” he asked in disbelief. “The one who hacked into the FBI d-base?”

“That was a long time ago,” she said, modestly.

He whistled softly. “Jesus.”


“I just thought, were a guy,” he stammered.

This time she smiled in amusement. “Most guys do.”

He looked at her with sudden understanding. “It was you on my computer. How’d you do that?”

She looked at him, suddenly serious and took a step towards him, leaning in so close that to the casual observer it looked as if they were having an intimate encounter. “Right now, all I can tell you is that you’re in danger,” she whispered. “I brought you here to warn

He shivered at the sound of the underlying sensuality in her voice. “About what?” he whispered back.

“They’re watching you, Zan.”

“Who is?”

“Please,” she said, turning her head slightly to look at his profile, “Just listen.”

He nodded slightly.

“I know why you’re here, Zan,” she continued. “I know what you are. I know it’s why you hardly sleep, why you can do the things that you can, and why, night after night, you sit at your computer.”

He turned his head to look down at her.

“You’re looking for answers. I know, because I was once looking for them too. And when Nasedo found me, he told me I wasn’t really looking for all of the answers. I was looking for just one answer...THE answer.

“It’s the question that drives us mad,” she whispered. “It’s the question that brought you here. You know the question just as I did.”

“What is the Matrix?” he murmured, staring into her eyes.

She stared back, her eyes wide and intense. “The answer is out there, Zan. It’s looking for you. And it will find you...if you want it to.”


The shrill scream of his alarm jerked Max awake. Slamming his hand down on the offending clock, he looked around his bedroom in sleepy confusion. “How in the hell...?” he thought. He glanced at the clock and read the time as nine fifteen in the morning.

“Oh shit!” he said, scrambling out of bed, “Shit!”


Max stood in front of Principal Forester’s desk, shifting uncomfortably and glancing occasionally out the window at the bright blue sky. He wondered briefly if he could make himself sprout wings and fly away. Anything to avoid the coming lecture.

Mr. Forester looked up from his computer, where he’d been reading over Max’s attendance record. “Well, Mr. Evans, it seems you have a problem with authority.”

Max turned his attention back to the principal.

“You believe that you are special, that somehow the rules do not apply to you. Obviously, you are mistaken,” Mr. Forester said, glaring over the top of his glasses. “This school has an obligation to make sure you are well-educated in order for you to go out into the real world and become an independent and productive adult. Every single student and teacher here understands that they are a part of a whole. Thus, if one student has a problem, the entire school has a problem.”

Max shifted uncomfortably.

“The time has come for you to make a decision, Mr. Evans. Either you choose to be at school on time from this day forward, or you choose to be suspended and spend the rest of you life as a blight on society. Do I make myself clear?”

Max nodded. “Yes, Mr. Forester. Perfectly clear.”


Max stood in front of his gym locker in the boys’ locker room and pulled on his T-shirt and boxers. Dropping his towel onto the bench in front of him, he reached into his locker to pull out his jeans and froze as his hand closed around a small hard object. He glanced around the room, but the other boys paid no attention to him.

Carefully, he pulled the object out and realized that it was a cell phone. He wondered about it when suddenly it began to ring. Startled, he quickly opened it. “Hello?”

“Hello Zan. Do you know who this is?” answered a deep, male voice.

Max quickly checked to see if anyone was listening before sitting down on the bench. “Nasedo?” he whispered.

“Yes. I’ve been looking for you, Zan. I don’t know if you’re ready to see what I need to show you, but unfortunately, we’ve run out of time. They’re coming for you, Zan, and I don’t know what they’re going to do.”

“Who’s coming for me?”

“Stand up and see for yourself.”

“What? Right now?”

“Yes, now. Do it slowly. Over by the coach’s office.”

Max stood slowly and glanced around the corner of the lockers towards the door of the coach’s office. He spotted Principal Forester and three men in dark suits and sunglasses talking with Coach Bryan.

Max quickly sat back down. “Oh shit.”

“Yes,” said Nasedo, “Exactly.”

“What do they want with me?” He grabbed his jeans from his locker and quickly shoved them on.

“I’m not sure. However, if you don’t wish to find out, I suggest you get out of there.”

“How?” he asked, panic beginning to creep into his voice as he slipped his bare feet into his black, Converse high-tops.

“I can guide you, but you must do exactly as I say.”


“Go down the row of lockers and duck into the bathroom stalls. The one on the end is empty.”

“What if they--”


Max grabbed his backpack from his locker and scurried past the lockers and into an empty stall. He quickly climbed up onto the toilet seat and squatted there, trying to quiet his breathing.

“Stay there for a few moments,” Nasedo said. “When I tell you to, go to the other end of the room and slip out the door into the gymnasium. Stay as low as you can....”

Max nodded silently. He could hear Principal Forester and the men’s footsteps stop in front of his locker, then walk away.

“Go!” Nasedo said.

Max crept silently out of the bathroom stall to the opposite end of the room, past the coach’s office and into the gymnasium.

“Good,” Nasedo said. “Now, outside the back door and around the corner on your left, there is a--”

“How do you know all this?” Max hissed, slipping through the back door.

“We don’t have time, Zan. To your left, you’ll see a black motorcycle and a driver waiting there for you. Go to them. They’ll get you away safely from the school.”

“No way,” Max said, stopping at the corner of the gym. “This is crazy. How do I know that you’re not one of them.”

“There are only two ways off this campus. One is on that motorcycle, the other is in their custody. You take a chance either way. I leave it to you.” Nasedo hung up.

Max stared at the cell phone in his hand. “This is insane,” he muttered. “Why is this happening to me?”

Taking a deep breath, he turned the corner and ran smack into the firm grip of Agent Pierce.

“Mr. Evans,” Pierce said coldly, “Come with us.”

Max eyed the agent, then glanced at the motorcycle and leather-clad driver in the parking lot. Sighing, he looked at Pierce and nodded.


Helplessly, Parker watched from her seat on the motorcycle. When she’d seen Pierce appear, she’d started to shout a warning, but she was too late. Now, the other two agents were escorting Zan to an unmarked, black sedan. As they put Max in the car, Agent Pierce suddenly stopped and looked over at her, his shaded gaze seeming to see through the dark visor of her helmet.

“Shit,” she whispered, gunned the engine and roared out of the parking lot.



I’ve always known I was different, and should keep my differences a secret, even from my parents. I’m pretty sure my life depends on it. How do I know this? It came to me in a dream....


Max lay strapped to a cold, metal table in a small, windowless room. He’d given up trying to get free hours ago, and now just lay there with his eyes closed because the complete whiteness of the room hurt his eyes. Just as he began to wonder if he’d ever see his parents again, he heard the door on his right open.

Agent Pierce stared down at the human before him. He wondered why Nasedo was so interested in this boy. He’d seen his file and nothing in particular had jumped out him, except that he was a gifted computer hacker. There had to be more to this, and he was going to find out. Dropping the thick, manila folder he carried on to Max’s chest, he removed his sunglasses and stared down at him.

Max opened his eyes and stared back, defiantly.

Pierce arched an eyebrow. “We have had our eye on you for some time now, Mr. Evans. It seems, you have been a very naughty boy.” He opened the folder, and removed a piece of paper from it.

Max swallowed nervously, but didn’t avert his gaze.

“To the casual observer, you are Max Evans, the seventeen year-old son of Phillip and Diane Evans of Roswell, New Mexico. You live at 6025 Murray Lane. You attend West Roswell High School, where you hold a 3.4 grade average. You work part-time at the UFO Museum and Research Center for an odd little man named Milton, and you tutor
young children in math,” Pierce read, sneering at the last comment.

“So?” Max said.

Pierce put down the first page and removed another. “So, Mr. those of us who are more, shall we say, observant..., you are also the FBI-wanted computer hacker, Zan, and are guilty of virtually every computer crime we have a law for.” He put down the
piece of paper and looked at Max. “One of these people has a future, and one of them does not.”

Max feigned indifference, relieved that the agent hadn’t mentioned anything about his powers. His secret was still safe.

“I am going to be as straight forward as I can be, Mr. Evans,” Pierce said, placing his hands on the edge of the table and leaning in close. “You are here because I want your help. I know that a man called Nasedo has contacted you. You are young Mr. Evans, and whatever you think you know about him is irrelevant. To my agency and many others, he is considered to be the most dangerous man alive.

“My colleagues,” he said, indicating the other two agents standing on either side of the door, “believe that I am wasting my time talking with you. However, I believe that you are a good boy who wants to do the right thing.”

Max stared at the agent.

“I will make all of this,” Pierce continued, indicating the file, “disappear and give you a fresh start. All I am asking in return is your help in bringing a dangerous terrorist to justice.”

“Yeah...,” Max said, slowly. “that sounds like a really good deal. But, I think I got a better one. How about, I tell you to take that file and shove it up your ass, and you give me my phone call.”

Pierce stood up, closed the folder and put his sunglasses back on. “Mr. disappoint me.”

“You can’t scare me with this Gestapo crap,” Max said, glaring up at the agent. “My parents are lawyers. I know my rights. I want my phone call.”

“Tell me, Mr. Evans, what good is a phone call if you are unable to speak.”

“Wha--?” Suddenly, Max couldn’t make his mouth work. He tried to open it, only to discover that it had somehow disappeared. Frightened, he began to struggle against his bonds, but they held firm.

Agent Pierce held up a strange looking electronic device, no bigger than his little finger. “You are going to help me, Mr. Evans. Whether you want to or not.”

The other agents grabbed Max by the hair, lifting his head from the table. Pierce held the device to the base of Max’s skull and stared coldly into Max’s eyes.

Max tried to scream as he felt a burning sensation shoot throughout his brain.


Max jerked awake, grabbing the back of his head. He stopped struggling when he realized that he was in his own bed and the only thing he was fighting were his sheets.
He glanced at the alarm clock and read the time as nine fifteen in the morning.

“What the--?” he thought, startling when the phone on his bedside table began to ring. Carefully, he picked up the receiver. “Hello?”

“This line is tapped, so I must be brief,” Nasedo said. “They got to you first, but they don’t realize how important you are. If they knew what you really are, you’d be dead.”

“What are you talking about? What’s...what’s happening to me?”

“You are the Destined One, Zan. You may have spent the last seventeen years wondering what you are and looking for the answer, but I know the answer and have spent my entire life searching for you. Now, do you still want to meet?”


“Then go to the high school parking lot.”


Max stood in the pouring rain and looked around the empty parking lot. Scrunching farther down into his leather jacket, he glanced at his watch and wondered if he hadn’t been set up.

Just then, a beat-up red Jetta careened into the parking lot screeched to a halt in front of him, causing him to jump back. The rear, passenger door opened, and he found himself staring once again into Parker’s deep brown eyes.

“Get in,” she said.

Max quickly slipped inside the Jetta. Settling into the backseat next to Parker, he glanced at the man and woman sitting in front. He jerked back, as the car sped away from the school and the tough-looking blonde in the passenger seat suddenly turned around, pointing a semi-automatic at him. He looked over at Parker.

She smiled apologetically. “It’s necessary, Zan. For our protection.”

“From what?” he demanded.

“From you,” she murmured softly.

“Turn around,” the gun-toting blonde ordered.

“Why?” he asked suspiciously.

“Stop the car,” the blonde said to the surly looking driver, then turned her attention back to Max. “Listen to me, Copper-top, we don’t have time for twenty questions. Right now, there’s only one rule: our way or the highway.”

Max had had enough. “Fine,” he said, and opened the door.

“Lonnie,” Parker said to the woman, a note of warning in her voice. Then she looked at Zan and laid a hand on his knee. “Please, Zan,” she said, her brown eyes pleading. “Trust me.”

He stared into her eyes. He felt as if he were tumbling into her. Something nagged at the back of his mind.

“You’ve been down there, Zan,” she said, pointing at the wet, deserted road. “You know exactly where it will end. And, you and I both know that’s not where you want to be....”

Something inside of him suddenly seemed to click into place. He knew that if said no, he would never see her again. He shut the car door.

As the car started moving again, Parker smiled at him, then glanced at the driver. “Rath, light please.”

Rath, a young man Max guessed to be not much older than himself, turned on the domelight.

Parker looked at Zan. “Turn around.”

He did as she asked. He felt her small, bare hands at the base of his skull. “What are you doing?”

“We think you’re bugged,” she replied softly, as her hands began to glow. “Try and relax....”

He nodded, but then stiffened and jerked as blinding pain once again began to shoot through his brain.

“Come on,” Parker muttered, a small frown of concentration on her face.

“It’s going to fry him,” said Lonnie.

“No it’s not,”Parker said through gritted teeth. “Not while I’m here.”

Max yelled as he felt like something being ripped from the top of his spinal cord. He jerked forward, panting hard as the pain in his brain began to disappear. “Damn!” he said, turning back around to stare at Parker, who sat there holding a small electronic device in her hand. “That thing’s real?”

“Depends on your definition of reality,” Lonnie muttered, as Parker rolled down her window and tossed the bug out onto the rain-soaked highway.


Thirty minutes later, when the rain had finally stopped, they pulled off South 285 and into the parking lot of an abandoned motel.

As Max stepped out of the Jeep, studying the boarded-up building, Parker grabbed his arm. He looked down at her.

“This is it,” she said, swallowing nervously. “Here’s a quick piece of advice: be honest. He knows more than you can imagine.”

Max nodded and followed Rath, Lonnie and Parker to room 213. He held his breath as the door opened and he entered the room.

“Welcome Zan.”

Max eyed his surroundings. Empty of any furnishings, except for two worn leather chairs and a small table that held a glass of water, the room had obviously seen better days. Standing in the far corner, he saw the man who’s face he’d seen only in newspapers.

Dressed in a fringed, black leather duster that hung to his ankles, Nasedo cut an impressive figure. A tall man of Native American descent, he wore his jet black hair, short and spiky. His eyes were hidden by a pair of dark, wrap-around sunglasses, but Max could feel his gaze resting on him. If he had to guess an age, Max would have said the man wasn’t much older than 35.

“As you have probably guessed, I am Nasedo,” the man said, removing his sunglasses.

Max extended his hand. “It’s an honor to meet you.”

“No, the honor is mine,” Nasedo said, shaking Max’s hand. “Please, sit. I imagine that right now you’re feeling a bit like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit hole? Yes?”

Max nodded.

“You have that look about you that says you believe what you’ve seen and experienced recently, because you are dreaming and you expect to wake up soon. Ironically, that’s not far from the truth. Do you believe in destiny, Zan?”


“Why not?”

“Because I believe we create our own destiny, that only we control our lives.”

“Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because of what you are...who you are...and what you know. But, you can’t explain it, can you? But you feel it. You’ve known it your entire life. There’s something not right with this world. You don’t fit in it
because of what you can do. You wonder if you are the only one. It’s like a cancer festering in your brain, driving you insane. It’s this desire to find the answer that has brought you to me. Do you understand what I’m talking about?”

“The Matrix?”

“Is only a small part of the answer. It is everywhere. It surrounds us, even now in this very room. You see it every time you look out a window; you hear it every time you turn on your radio. You taste it and smell it whenever you enjoy an excellent meal, and you feel it every time you touch another person. It is an elaborate lie created to blind you to the truth.”

“What truth?”

“You are a slave, Zan. Trapped in a prison for your mind....”

Max stared at Nasedo with disbelief.

“Unfortunately, no can be told what the Matrix is,” Nasedo said. You have to see it for yourself. Are you ready?”

Max nodded.

“This is your last chance. Once you go through the looking glass, there’s no going back.”

“I understand.”

Nasedo held out his hands, and opened them, palms up, revealing a pill in each. “Take the blue one, and the story ends,” he said, extending his left hand. “You wake up, and all of this will become nothing more than a dream. Take the red one, and you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes....”

Max reached slowly for the red pill.

“Remember,” Nasedo warned, “All I’m offering is the truth about who and what you are. Nothing more.”

Max nodded, took the red pill and quickly swallowed it.

Nasedo smiled, put his sunglasses back on and stood up. “Follow me.”

Max followed him through the adjoining door into the next motel room. Unlike the other one which had been virtually empty, this one was cluttered with all sorts of electronic equipment, computers and people. Once again, he paused to study his surroundings.

He recognized Rath and Lonnie from the Jetta, and smiled nervously at them. The young man fiddling with something in the corner, he didn’t recognize. But, when he saw Parker ahead of him, punching something into a computer, his heart seemed to skip a beat.

“Rath, are we online?” Nasedo asked.


Nasedo motioned Max towards the lone chair in the center of the room. “Please, take a seat.”

He sat down and tensed slightly when Parker walked up to him and began attaching electrodes to his head, neck and chest. He attempted to catch her gaze. “You did all this?”

“Yes,” she said quietly, looking briefly into his eyes. “The pill you took is part of a trace program, similar to the bug I took out of you earlier. However, this one blocks your input/output carrier signal so that we can pinpoint your exact physical location.”

“But, my physical location is here,” he replied, confused.

“That’s what you think, Alice,” said the young man he didn’t recognize, grinning from ear to ear. “Better hold onto your lunch, because your about to take a tumble down the rabbit hole.”

He wanted to ask some more questions, but everyone had returned their attention to the computers in front of them. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw something in the large cheval mirror standing next to him. He turned to look at it.

He stared as the broken glass in the mirror began to mend itself, becoming smooth and whole once again.

Nasedo walked up to Max, studying his amazed reaction in the mirror. “Zan, have you ever had a dream that was so vivid that you were positive that it was real? What if you couldn’t wake yourself? Would you know that it was a dream, or would you just accept it as reality? How would you know the difference?”

Max, half-listening to Nasedo, reached out and touched the mirror. His fingers dipped into the surface of it as if it were liquid. He quickly pulled away, but it clung to him breaking away from the mirror’s surface like some sort of goo. As he watched with fascinated horror, the silver, mercury-like substance began to engulf his hand and move down his arm.

“It’s going into replication,” Parker said and chewed nervously on her lower lip.

“Rath?” Nasedo asked, looking over at the surly, young man.

“Nothing yet.”

“Cold,” Max hissed as the strange substance rapidly spread over his body and up his neck. “It’s cold.”

Nasedo snapped open his cell phone. “Ria, we’re going to need a signal soon.”

“I've got fibrillation,” Parker said in alarm.

“Rath, I need a location,” Nasedo demanded.

Rath squinted at the screen in front of him. “Almost...there....”

Max struggled against the silver substance, as it got closer to his face. As it crept insidiously towards his mouth and nose, he began to panic.

Alarmed, Parker looked at Nasedo. “He’s going into arrest!”

“Got him!” Rath yelled.

“Now, Ria! Now!” Nasedo said into his cell phone.

As the substance closed in over Max’s face and into his throat, his last sight was of Parker’s beautiful, concerned face.

To be continued...

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Max Evans opened his eyes and realized that the world had gone fuzzy. He was cold, wet and naked. He felt someone wrap a warm blanket around his shaking body. Then, someone picked him up. He blinked until the person standing in front of him came into focus. It was Nasedo.

Except, now instead of being dressed in expensive, black leather, Nasedo wore a threadbare sweater and cargo pants. And, he looked paler too. “Welcome to Wonderland,” he said, and smiled warmly. He glanced behind Max. “We’ve done it. We’ve found him.”

“I hope you’re right,” said a soft voice that Max recognized as Parker’s.

“I don’t have to hope,” Nasedo said, beaming at Max. “I know it.”

“Am I dead,” Max asked, his voice sounding rusty.

Nasedo shook his head. “Far from it, Zan. Far from it.”

“He’s going to need a lot of work,” Parker murmured as she walked into Max’s line of sight. She looked him up and down.

“What are you going to do?” Max asked.

“Your muscles are atrophied,” Parker said. She reached out and gently caressed his face; her gaze, soft and reassuring. “We’re going to have to rebuild them.”

Max’s eyes began to burn, and her face went out of focus. “Why do my eyes hurt?”

“You’ve never used them before,” Nasedo replied. “It’s why your voice sounds so hoarse. You’re using your vocal chords for the first time, as well. Now rest, Zan. The answer that you’ve been searching for, is coming.”


Max woke up fighting with his blankets. As his brain began to tell him that the horrific sights of giant machines and people suspended in glowing pods were just a dream, he calmed, glad to be safe in his own bed again. But then, he heard it--a faint, metallic groan--and smelled it--dank, musty and...greasy?

He sat straight up, fighting off the wave of nausea and dizziness that accompanied his action. He stared, wide-eyed, at the cramped, little room he occupied. Drab and barren, he wondered of he was still dreaming. Then, he remembered...everything.

Gingerly, he reached up to touch the back of his head. At the base of his skull, his fingers brushed over prickly, stubble and something else--cold, hard metal. “I didn’t dream it,” he thought. “There was something there.”

He quickly returned his hand to his lap, as the door to his room slid open, letting Nasedo in. “What’s happened to me?” he demanded. “Where am I?”

Nasedo leaned against the opposite wall from Max’s bed. “Not where, Zan, but WHEN.”


“You believe that it is the late 20th century, correct?”

Max nodded.

“Well, in reality, it’s the early 23rd. I can’t tell you the exact date, because a majority of our records have been lost. Come Zan,” Nasedo said, when he saw the look of disbelief on Max’s face. “It will be easier to show you, than to try and explain it to you.”

Max slowly got up from his bed and followed Nasedo out the door.

“This is our ship, the Granilith,” Nasedo said, motioning to the walls around them. “It’s similar to a hovercraft. This is the main deck.”

Max stared in fascination at his surroundings. He tried to absorb it all as they made their way into the bowels of the ship. It reminded him vaguely of the ship in the movie, Alien. Overall, the barrenness of it depressed him.

As they entered the next large area farther down, Max noticed the ragged, tired appearance of the crew members in the room. They eyed him with curiosity, hopefulness and suspicion, pausing in their duties to watch him walk by.

“It is from here that we broadcast our pirate signal so that we can hack into the Matrix,” Nasedo continued, motioning to a command center filled with dozens of computer screens. “And finally, most of my crew you’ve already seen. This is Rath, Lonnie, Parker and Nick.”

Max nodded to each of them. Nick, the young man from the motel whom he hadn’t recognized, said hello.

Nasedo pointed to the two people by the bank of computers. “That’s Whit in the operator’s seat, and next to him is his sister, Ria. The blonde behind you is Ava.”

Max acknowledged them as well with a nod. When he got to Ava and saw the look in her icy blue stare, the hairs on the back of his neck rose up. He shuddered lightly, then turned his gaze back to Nasedo.

“So, Zan, you want to know what the Matrix is.”

Max nodded and followed Nasedo over to a row of chairs. The odd-looking contraptions reminded him of ones you would see in some demented dentist’s office.

“Sit, lay back and try to relax,” Nasedo said.

Max looked at Parker. She nodded, so he did as Nasedo asked, watching her as she strapped his feet and hands down. “This is going to feel a little strange,” she murmured, moving to stand above him.

He about came out of his seat when he felt a cold, metal spike being inserted into the back of his head. Then everything went black.


“Welcome to the construct,” Nasedo said.

Max opened his eyes to a white void. Turning around quickly, he discovered Nasedo standing behind him, dressed as he had been at the hotel off of Highway 285. “Construct?”

“Our loading program. We can load anything we need from here, such as equipment, clothing, or training simulations.”

“We’re inside a computer program?” Max asked with disbelief.

Nasedo smiled with amusement. “Is that so difficult to believe? Look at us,” he said, motioning to their appearances. “Our clothes are different. The plugs in the backs of our heads our gone. Your hair is longer.”

Max inspected himself and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Your appearance now is what we call ‘residual self image.’ It is the mental projection of your digital self,” Nasedo said, sitting down in one of the chairs from the hotel that had suddenly materialized.

“This isn’t real?” Max asked, running his hand along the worn, vinyl back of the chair closest to him. “How is this possible?”

“What is real?” Nasedo asked, staring intently at Max. “How do you define it? Do you define reality only by your senses? If that’s true than real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.”

Suddenly, they were on a sidewalk in the middle of Main street, in Roswell. People were walking quickly by, paying no attention to them.

“This is the world as you know it, Zan. The world as it existed in the late nineteen-nineties. This world only exists now as a part of a neural-interactive simulation that we call the Matrix.”

Max looked at the familiar surroundings, taking in the sites that he’d seen all of his life while growing up in Roswell.

“You’ve been living in a dream,” Nasedo said. “This, Zan, is the real world as it exists today.” Roswell disappeared, and they were in a deserted and bomb-scarred wasteland. “Welcome to Reality.”

Max stared with disbelief at the broken buildings and dark, roiling sky. Everywhere he looked there was nothing, but despairing, overwhelming darkness. “What happened?” he stammered.

“What little we know from the stories that have been handed down from one generation to the next, is that they came to this planet in 1947.”


“The Antarians. First contact was made on July 4, 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico.”

Max’s eyes widened. “The crash was real?”

Nasedo laughed. “Well, it certainly wasn’t a weather balloon that crashed that fateful night as the Matrix would lead you to believe. The Antarians were refugees trying to escape a brutal war among the planets in their own solar system. They found the peace they were searching for here on Earth. Humans welcomed them with open arms, and the Antarians assimilated themselves into human society. In exchange and gratitude, they offered their vast scientific knowledge to benefit humankind. All was well for about fifty years. Then, in the fall of 1997, it happened.


“Antarian enemies found their way to Earth and decided that it would make an ideal new home, since they’d destroyed their own during the war. They called themselves, Skins, and their weapons were extremely powerful. They began to eliminate the human equation from the planet.”

“What about the Antarians?” Max asked. “What happened to them?”

“They’d learned a great deal from their previous encounters with the Skins and developed a plan to defeat them with help from the humans. They scorched the sky,” Nasedo said, pointing upwards. “Since the Skins depended on solar energy to power their weapons and recharge their personal energy supply, it was believed that if they could not access the sun, they would not survive. We under-estimated their
resourcefulness and their evilness.”

Nasedo got up from his seat and walked away from Max. “Did you know, Zan, that a human body generates more bio-electricity than a 120-volt battery and over 25,000 BTU’s of body heat? Combine that with a form of fusion, and the Skins discovered all the energy they would ever need.” He stopped, and their surroundings changed again.

Max saw that they were in some sort of field. Gigantic machines hovered overhead, harvesting green-glowing pods from the strange-looking plants in the field. He leaned in closer to one of the pods and recoiled in horror at what he saw. Inside the pod, floating in the viscous fluid was a human baby.

“This is one of the many endless fields where humans are grown,” Nasedo said. “For the longest time, I did not believe it either, until I saw them with my own eyes. I saw them liquefy the dead in order to feed the living, intravenously. And as I stood and watched, I knew the terrible answer to the question.”

The scene changed back to the white void. Max stood frozen in shock.

“The Matrix is control,” Nasedo said, turning to stare at Max. “It is a computer-generated dream to keep the human animal under control in order to change it into this.” He held up a copper-topped, D-cell battery.

Max shook his head. “No.... I don’t believe it.... It’s not possible....”

“I didn’t say the truth would be easy, Zan.”

“Stop this!” Max yelled, backing away from Nasedo. He looked up and screamed, “Let me out. Let me out!”


Max opened his eyes and struggled to get out of his chair. He pulled against the restraints, his gaze darting around at the interior of the Granilith.

Parker laid a cool hand on his forehead. “Easy, Zan. Easy.”

He looked at her wild-eyed. “Take this thing out of me. Take it out!”

Parker removed the metal probe and released the restraints. Max jumped out of the chair and backed away from the group around him. “Stay away from me,’ he gasped.

Nasedo got up from his own chair. “Zan, listen to me--.”

“No! Don’t touch me!” he yelled, falling to his knees. “I don’t want it. I don’t believe it!”

“He’s going to pop,” Nicholas muttered under his breath to Parker.

Parker stooped down and tried to catch Max’s gaze. “Breathe Zan. Just breathe.”

Max scurried farther away from her, threw up and collapsed.

Parker scrambled over to him and cradled his sweating and shaking body in her arms. She slowly stroked his forehead, murmuring soothing words to him. She rocked back and forth gently.

Nasedo motioned for the rest of the crew to leave.

Max didn’t know how long he lay there in Parker’s arms, trembling like a frightened child. He stared into her eyes. “I can’t go back, can I?” he whispered.

She looked down at him with sad understanding in her brown eyes and slowly shook her head. “But, if you could, would you really want to?” she asked softly.

He shuddered. “No.”

Nasedo walked up behind Parker and gazed down at Max. “I owe you an apology, Zan. We have a rule, never to free a mind once it’s reached a certain age. It’s dangerous. The mind had trouble letting go. But this time we had no choice. You are the key to saving the human and Antarian races.”

Max looked at him with confusion. “I don’t understand?”

“When the Matrix was built,” Parker said, “there was an Antarian on the outside who found away into it and freed the first humans. He is the one who taught them the truth, showing them how to manipulate the Matrix so that others could be freed. For as long as it exists, humans will never be free.”

“After he died, the Oracle prophesized that he would return,” Nasedo continued, “but this time, he would be born inside the Matrix and that his coming would hail its destruction, bringing freedom to the humans and hope to the Antarians.”

“But the Skins discovered how he got in and changed the program, effectively halting anymore Antarians from accessing it,” Parker said, stroking his cheek. “You see, Antarian physiology resists the lie of the Matrix, so they cannot be inserted into it like a human.
Their biological make-up makes them useless as an energy source, and their brains, unlike humans, use too much energy for the Matrix to take hold and manipulate.”

“However,” Nasedo said, “a human/Antarian hybrid can be inserted into the Matrix.”

“What does this have to do with me?” Max asked, a feeling of dread growing in his stomach.

“When this great Antarian died, the other Antarians combined his genetic material with a human’s and produced a hybrid embryo,” Nasedo answered. “They smuggled it into the fields, so that it could be harvested and inserted into the Matrix. The plan was for a team of observers to follow the Reaper that harvested it and learn the embryo’s exact physical location in the real world.”

“Everything went off without a hitch,” Parker added, “until the ones in charge of observing the Reapers were killed. Before they could be replaced, the hybrid had been harvested and inserted. So, the ones who were supposed to replace the slain observers, instead became the searchers.”

Nasedo stared intensely at Max. “We have spent our entire lives searching the Matrix looking for this hybrid. And now, I believe the search is over. You, Zan, are the Destined One.”

Max looked at Parker. “ believe this story?”

“Yes. However, it’s time for you to get some rest. You’re going to need it,” she murmured, helping him up from the cold floor.

“For what?” he asked, as she and Nasedo led him from the control room and back to his quarters.

“Your training,” Nasedo replied.

To be continued....

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TITLE: Through the Looking Glass
AUTHOR: Melissa aka Angel Kisses 70
RATING: R (for violence and language)
CATEGORY: Crossover w/ The Matrix; definitely AU -- M/L pairing

DISCLAIMER: I know I don’t own, and make no money from any of this, so please don’t sue. I’m just borrowing the characters for a little while because they’re so much fun to play with. I promise to return them just the way I found them.
ROSWELL and it’s characters are, of course, owned by 20th Century Fox, UPN, Katims and Metz.
THE MATRIX is owned by the Warner Brothers and the Wachowski brothers. You will see concepts, ideas and dialogue in this story that I’ve taken directly from the movie.



Descartes wrote in the sixteen hundreds, “I think, therefore, I am.” He basically said we define our reality by the thoughts we think and our ability to reason. If that’s the case, then the thoughts I think tell me that I’m going insane.


“Morning,” Ria said, as she bounced into Max’s room. “Did you sleep?”

Max shook his head.

She grinned. “You will tonight. I’m Ria, and I’ll be your operator.”

Max smiled at the girl’s perkiness. She was a tiny thing, with long, blonde hair that hung in two braids and thickly-lashed, hazel-green eyes. She wore a thread-bare sweater, that hung off of one shoulder, and a pair of baggy, faded gray cargo pants.

She held out her hand. “Come on,” she said. “Let’s get started.”

He let her help him up from the bed, then followed her into the hallway. As he walked behind her, he noticed the back of her head. “You don’ don’t have a...,” he said, pointing at her head.

“A hole?” she said, glancing back at him. “Nope. Me and my brother, Whit, we’re both one hundred percent, home-grown human. We were born in the real world in Zion.”


“The last free city. The only place Antarians and humans have left.”

“Where is it?”

“Deep underground, near the Earth’s core, where it’s still warm,” she said, leading him onto the main deck. “Damn, Zan. I’m pumped to see what you’re capable of...if Nasedo is right and all. We got a lot to do. We got get to it....”

He followed her down into the broadcast room. He climbed into the chair Ria indicated, and flinched as he felt her put the probe in. He didn’t think he’d ever get use to the strange sensation.

Ria hopped into the operator’s seat and turned on the computers. Grabbing a stack of diskettes, she began to shuffle through them. “Now, we’re supposed to start with operation programs first, but that’s like, major boring crap. So, let’s do something a little
more wild.” Humming, she put a diskette in the drive. “How about...combat training?”

Max watched the computer output on the screen above him. “Jujitsu? I’m going to learn jujitsu?”

“Learn it? Hell, you’re going to KNOW it,” Ria said, grinning from ear to ear. She punched a few keys on her keyboard, then hit the Load button on the operator screen.

Max reared back in his seat, closing his eyes in an attempt to block all of the images that suddenly assaulted his mind. Then, almost as fast as they’d started, they stopped. Max snapped open his eyes, breathing heavy. “Holy shit,” he whispered in amazement.

“Hey Whit, I think he likes it,” Ria said, grinning over at her brother who was fixing a broken cable in the room. She pulled another diskette. “More?”

“Hell yes,” Max said, settling in as the words, Tae Kwan Do, appeared on the overhead screen.


“How is he?” Nasedo asked, as he and Parker walked up behind Ria.

Ria rubbed her eyes. “Absolutely amazing. He’s gone twelve hours straight without a break. If he’s not the One, than he’s pretty damn close. He’s like a freaking’ machine.”

Nasedo walked over to his chair, as Max finished up the Kick-boxing program.

“I know Kick-boxing,” Max said breathlessly, staring up into Nasedo’s serious face.

Nasedo narrowed his eyes. “Show me.”

“This is a sparring program,” Nasedo said, gesturing to their surroundings.

Max looked around the familiar and dimly lit West Roswell High gym. Blue wrestling mats lay on the floor. The sound of Nasedo voice’s echoed eerily off the empty bleachers.

“It’s similar to the programmed reality of the Matrix,” Nasedo continued, ignoring Max’s startled expression when he realized that they were both now clothed in loose-fitting, warm-up pants and nothing else. “It has the same basic rules...rules like gravity. What you must learn is that these rules are no different than the rules of a computer system. Some of them can be bent, while others can be broken. Understand?”

Max nodded.

Nasedo assumed a defensive stance. “Then hit me,” he said, cocking an eyebrow, “if you can.”

Max attacked.

Nasedo countered every move Max threw at him. He ducked a blow to the head and kicked Max’s legs out from underneath him.

Max fell to the mat, quickly rolled over and up into a squatting position. Nasedo’s knee missed his head by mere inches. He stood and rained punches at Nasedo’s head and chest. All were blocked.

Nasedo let go with a roundhouse kick that Max dodged by flipping backwards. Unfortunately, he hadn’t expected Nasedo to move so fast and had to dodge as Nasedo’s fist flew past his head and into the concrete wall behind him.

Nasedo smiled at Max. “Good. Your adaptation and improvisation are excellent. However, your weakness is not your technique.”


Whit ran down the hallway and slid into the open door of the Galley. The rest of the crew looked up from the unappetizing gruel they’d been eating.

“Spill it, Whit,” Rath growled.

Whit caught his breath. “Zan’s fighting Nasedo!” he yelled, before running back the way he’d come.

Rath and Lonnie looked at one another, then dropped their spoons into their forgotten bowls, hopped up from the table and ran out the door after Whit. Nick and Ava did the same.


Max ran at Nasedo, leapt into the air and sent a barrage of kicks at Nasedo’s head. As he landed, he managed to change momentum and spring sideways to miss Nasedo’s return. Finding that he was about to be blocked in, he ran towards the wall behind him. He let his momentum carry him up the wall and over Nasedo’s head.

As Max landed, Nasedo hit him squarely in the chest, sending him flying into the air where he slammed into the opposite wall.

Max lay there on the gym floor, trying to catch his breath.

Nasedo walked over to him. “How did I beat you?”

“You’re too fast,” Max gasped.

“Do you believe that my being stronger or faster has anything to do with my muscles in this place? You think that’s air you’re breathing now?” Nasedo raised an eyebrow. “Maybe you need another demonstration. Ria, jack Parker in.”

Max stopped panting and stood up. “What are you doing?” he asked, as Parker, wearing only a black tank top and warm pants suddenly appeared next to Nasedo. Her shoulder-length hair was pulled back into a ponytail. “I can’t fight her.”

“Why?” Parker asked, indignantly.

“Because...because you’re a girl!”

“So?” she said, and attacked.

Nasedo watched in fascination as the two began to trade blows. He smiled as Max kept up with Parker, blocking her move for move.


“She is so going to kick his ass for that girl remark,” Ria said, leaning back in the OP’s chair and chuckling. “Anyone want to place a bet?”

“Shit, he’s fast,” Ava said, pointing to one of the monitors. “Take a look at his neural-kinetics. They’re way above normal, even for a full-blooded Antarian.”


Max lay on the floor, Parker standing over him, her stance ready for another attack. She hadn’t even broken a sweat after several minutes of fighting, while he was covered in it. As he stared at her, he felt something deep in his soul flare to life.

He needed to conquer this woman, who challenged him blow for blow. Suddenly this fight had become something more, almost a primal mating dance. Somewhere in his mind, he heard an alien voice that whispered this was his mate.

Nasedo saw the moment of recognition in Max’s expression. This was the moment he’d been waiting for. The reason he’d called Parker into the program.

Max saw red when Nasedo suddenly grabbed Parker and threw her behind him.

Max leapt up with a roar of rage. “Mine!”

“Then beat me,” Nasedo challenged arrogantly. “Take her from me.”

Max flew at him with unbelievable speed. To the crew of the Granilith, his fists and feet registered only as a blur.

Nasedo captured Max’s next punch in his iron grip and glared. “What are you waiting for? You’re faster than this. Don’t think you are. Know you are. Come on! Stop trying to hit me, and HIT ME!”

Max broke away, feinted left then connected his fist with the middle of Nasedo’s chest and sent him flying across the room. He stalked over to Parker, who was still sitting where Nasedo had thrown her. He bent down and grabbed her by the shoulders. “Mine,” he growled, then crushed his mouth down on hers.


In the Granilith’s broadcast room, the crew gave a collective gasp.

“I don’t believe it,” Nick whispered, frowning slightly.


Parker pushed Max away and slapped him. “I belong to no one,” she said, glaring at him.

Max touched his cheek. The alien feeling of possession had disappeared with her slap. He reddened and looked over at Nasedo. “I know what you’re trying to do,” he said. “I don’t appreciate you using Parker to do it.”

Nasedo shook his head. “I’m trying to free your mind, Zan. I can only show you the door, but you’re the one that has to walk through it.”

Refusing to look at Max, Parker stood up and walked over to Nasedo. “Can I go now?”

Nasedo nodded, then looked up. “Ria, load the jump program.”

Suddenly, the scene changed.

Max looked around. The high school gym and Parker had disappeared. He and Nasedo now stood together at the edge of the Grand Canyon wearing their usual, Matrix-induced street clothes.

“You have to let it ALL go, Zan. Fear. Doubt. Disbelief,” Nasedo said. “Free your mind.” He turned, ran to the edge of the cliff and jumped.

Max watched in amazement as Nasedo sailed effortlessly across the canyon to land smoothly on the other side. “Wow,” he whispered.

Nasedo turned around. “Now you,” he yelled.

Max backed up. “Okay. Free my mind,” he muttered under his breath.


“So what if he makes it?” Ava asked, chewing on her thumbnail, her gaze glued to the computer screen in front of them.

Rath snorted. “No one’s ever made their first jump.”

“I know, I know. But, what if he does?” she asked.

Nick shook his head and sneered. “He won’t.”

Parker, her face flushed, glared at Nick as she came back around to view the computer screen. She watched anxiously as Max prepared to jump. “Come on,” she whispered.


Max stared at the canyon before him. “No problem. Free my mind. Okay.” Pushing off from twenty yards away from the edge, he ran. As his feet hit the edge of the cliff, he leapt.

He felt like he was flying! He felt the rush of adrenaline and grinned. Then he looked down. “Aw, shit!” he yelled, seeing the canyon floor and river far below him. He fell.

He closed his eyes as the ground rushed up to meet him. But impact didn’t occur the way he’d expected. Instead, the ground gave like a trampoline, and he sprung back up into the air, before for falling with a hard, yet non-deadly thud onto the ground. He raised his head and coughed, trying to catch his breath.


Ava stared with disbelief at the screen. “Wh-what does that mean?”

Lonnie shook her head. “It doesn’t mean anything,” she said, and walked away.

“Don’t worry,” Whit said, putting his arm around the petite blonde, “Everybody falls their first time. Right, Parker?” He looked over at where Parker had been standing, but she’d disappeared.

Ria unplugged the probe from Max’s head and unlatched the restraints, while Rath did the same for Nasedo.

Max opened his eyes and tried to sit up. He winced at the pain in his ribs. He tasted a distinctive, metallic flavor inside his mouth. He placed a finger in his mouth, then withdrew the blood-covered digit. He looked over at Nasedo. “I thought you said it wasn’t real.”

“Your mind makes it real,” Nasedo replied somberly.

“So if you’re killed in the Matrix, you die here?”

Nasedo nodded. “Your body cannot live without the mind.


Parker stared down at Max as he slept the sleep of the physically-exhausted. He looked so young and innocent to her, even though she knew he wasn’t much older than her. She placed a tray of food on the floor beside his bed. Before she left, she brushed his bangs off his forehead and placed a soft kiss on his brow. “Sleep well,” she whispered.

Walking through his door into the hallway, she startled as Nick stepped from the shadows.

“Funny, I don’t remember you ever bringing me dinner,” Nick said, looking at her slyly.

She glared at him. “You scared the shit out of me Nick. Why are you skulking around here in the middle of the night?”

Smiling coldly, he walked over to Max’s door and stared at it as if he could see the man inside. “There is something about him, isn’t there?” he murmured.

She snorted. “Don’t tell me you’re a believer now?”

He turned and looked at her. “The Destined One? After today, I think not. Otherwise, Nasedo would’ve taken him to see the Oracle by now.”

She drew her shoulders back and raised her chin. “Nasedo will take him when he’s ready.” With that, she stalked off down the hall, towards her own drab quarters.

Nick narrowed his eyes. “Well, what do you think now?” he said out loud.

Ava stepped from the shadows, hurt and hatred warring in her gaze as she stared in the direction Parker had left.

“Still think you have a shot? He’s awakening, and Parker knows it. That kiss in the sparring program proved it. And, there’s not a thing you can do about it.”

Ava looked angrily at him. “Want to bet?”

To be continued....

Okay, since the board seems to be cooperating now, here's Part 5. I know some of you already read it over on the other board, but since this is where I'm updating from, I wanted to make sure this thread contained the entire story.

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TITLE: Through the Looking Glass
AUTHOR: Melissa aka Angel Kisses 70
RATING: R (for violence and language)
CATEGORY: Crossover w/ The Matrix; definitely AU -- M/L pairing

DISCLAIMER: I know I don’t own, and make no money from any of this, so please don’t sue. I’m just borrowing the characters for a little while because they’re so much fun to play with. I promise to return them just the way I found them.
ROSWELL and it’s characters are, of course, owned by 20th Century Fox, UPN, Katims and Metz.
THE MATRIX is owned by the Warner Brothers and the Wachowski brothers. You will see concepts, ideas and dialogue in this story that I’ve taken directly from the movie.


Part 6

Max followed Nasedo as he walked down sidewalk along Roswell’s Main Street.

Nasedo glided effortlessly through the people they were walking against.

Max, on the other hand, kept bumping into people and apologizing.

Nasedo looked back at him. “The Matrix is a system, Zan. That system and the ones who control it are our enemies. But when you’re inside, you look around. What do you see? Business men, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we’re trying to
save. But, until we do, these people are still a part of the system, and that makes them our enemy.”

“Why?” he asked, struggling to keep up with his mentor.

“What you have to understand, Zan, is that most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.”

Suddenly, through the crowd, a gorgeous blonde in a clingy red dress walked by Max and smiled mysteriously at him. As he watched her, he ran into Nasedo’s backside.

Nasedo turned and stared at him. “Were you listening to me Zan? Or, were you looking at the woman in the red dress?”

He blushed. “Sorry, I was--”

“Look again.”

He turned around and found himself staring into the barrel of a gun.

“Freeze program,” Nasedo commanded. The world around them froze as if a giant pause button somewhere had been pushed.

He looked around him confused. “This...this isn’t the Matrix?”

Nasedo shook his head. “No. It’s a training program designed to teach you, that if you are not one of us, you are one of them,” he said, nodding at the frozen image of Agent Pierce.

“What is he?”

“He is a sentient program. One of many. He has the ability to move in and out of any software still hard-wired to their system.” Nasedo walked slowly around Pierce. “That means, anyone we haven’t unplugged is a potential agent. Inside the Matrix, they are everyone and they are no one. They are the gatekeepers. They guard all the doors.”

“If they’re so powerful, then how have you survived? How do you fight them?” he asked.

Nasedo took off his sunglasses and looked him in the eye. “By hiding from them. By running from them. They may hold all the keys now, but sooner or later, someone will fight them.”

He raised an eyebrow and pointed to himself. “Someone?”

“I won’t lie to you, Zan,” Nasedo said, gravely, “Every single man or woman who has stood their ground, everyone who has fought an agent has died. But where they have failed, you will succeed.”


“Because, you are the Destined One, foretold by the Oracle. You are a combination of the best of both races--Antarian and human. You have abilities that no other Antarian or human has seen before.”

“My powers?” he asked

Nasedo nodded. “Haven’t you ever wondered why you can do the things you do? Why simple molecular structures are so easy for you to manipulate? Why you can heal over cuts and broken bones?”

“Am I the only hybrid born in the Matrix?”

“No. There have been others, descendents from the first human and Antarian matings, who were among the first humans podded for the power plant. These hybrids’ DNA has been mixed into the primordial soup that the Skins use to generate their crops. In our long search for you, they are the ones we’ve been rescuing because they are the easiest to unplug. Lonnie, Rath, Ava and Nick are all hybrids like yourself, only to a lesser degree.”

He remembered what Parker had done to him in the Jetta on their ride to the motel. “And Parker?”

Nasedo smiled. “Parker is special. Like you. How special? Well, she’ll have to tell you that herself....”

Before he could object, Nasedo continued talking, gesturing at Pierce. “I’ve seen an agent punch through a concrete wall. We have emptied entire clips into them and hit nothing but air. But they do have a weakness. Their strength and their speed are based in a world that is built on rules. Because of that, they will never be as strong or as fast as you can be.”

“Are you saying I can dodge bullets?” he asked skeptically

“No, Zan. I’m saying, that when you are ready, you won’t have to.”


As he and Nasedo opened their eyes back in the real world, Parker appeared next to Nasedo’s chair. “We’ve got trouble.”

“Did Zion send word?” Nasedo asked, getting up.

She shook her head. “Squids. We’ve been spotted.”

Nasedo nodded and climbed up to the command deck.

As she began to follow, Max grabbed her arm. “Squids?” he asked.

“A Sentinel. A killing machine designed by the Skins for one thing: to search and destroy. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get to the command deck.”

Max followed her up the ladder. As he neared the top, he heard Nasedo calmly issuing orders.

“Set her down over there, Rath. How we doing Whit?” Nasedo asked as all of the lights in the ship’s interior went out.

“Power off-line,” the scrappy young man said. “EMP armed and ready, Sir.”

“EMP?” Max asked Parker.

“Electro-magnetic pulse. Disables any electrical system in the blast radius. It’s the only weapon we have against the Skins’ machines.”

Max stared out the main window at the massive dark tunnel they were sitting in. “Where are we?”

“The old service and waste systems,” she replied softly, staring at the wriggling blips on the radar screen.

“We’re in the sewers?”

“There used to be cities that spanned hundreds of miles. Now these sewers are all that’s left of them.”

“Quiet,” Nasedo order softly.

Max held his breath as the squid-like machines moved into view. One of them stopped in front of the opening of their tunnel. He felt Parker grab his hand and squeeze as the monstrosity seemed to look right at them.

The machine, finding nothing, moved on.

Max relaxed. Parker’s hand slipped from his grasp as the rest of the Sentinels moved on too.

“Let’s go,” Nasedo ordered. “Put as much distance between us and them as you can Rath.”


Max couldn’t sleep. The thoughts and sites and information that he’d been exposed to today tumbled around inside his head. Finally, in disgust, he got up and walked down to the broadcast room.

When he got there, he noticed Ava manning the main bank of computers. He walked up to her.

Ava whipped her head around and gave a yelp. “Jesus, Zan! You scared the shit out of me!”

“Sorry,” he mumbled, drawing his meager blanket around him against the perpetual coolness of the ship.

She shook her head. “It’s okay.”

He looked at the main screen in front of her and watched as green-colored code ran across it. “Is that...?” he asked, pointing.

“The Matrix? Oh yeah.” She smiled at him.

“Do you always look at it encoded?”

“You have to. The image translators work for the construct programs, but there’s way too much information to decode the Matrix. Believe me, the Zion scientists have tried. But, you get used to it. Hell, I don’t even see the code. All I see is blonde...brunette...very hot
hunk of man,” she said, pointing at various codes on the screen.

He chuckled.

She licked her lips and held up a battered, metal jug. “Hey, do you want a drink?”

“No thanks,” he replied. “I don’t tolerate it very well....”

“Get drunk from one sip, huh?”

“’d you know?”

“The Antarians. Their physiology doesn’t do well with alcohol or drugs. And since you’re a 70/30, you probably still obtain that trait.”

“Aren’t you a hybrid too?” he asked, watching her take a sip.

Ava grimaced as she lowered the jug. “Good shit. Whit makes it. It’s good for two things: degreasing engines and killing brain cells.” She grinned at him. “And yeah, I am, but I’m a 40/60. My human side is more dominant. So, the physiology is different...more

“Oh,” he said softly and stared at the code.

She studied him briefly. “You know, I know what you’re thinking. Because right now, I’m thinking the same thing.”


“Why, oh why, didn’t I take the blue pill.”

He laughed.

“You’ve got a nice laugh, Zan,” she said, reaching up to pat him on his blanket-covered back. “So, can I ask you something? Did Nasedo tell you why he did it? Why you’re here?”

He nodded, and took a step away from her. Something about her touch seemed to set off a warning signal inside him.

“Jesus. What a mind job. So you’re here to save the world. What do you say to something like that?”

He shrugged.

She leaned forward, her shirt gaping open at the top, giving him a good look at her ample chest. “A little piece of advice, Zan. You see an agent, you do what we do. Run. Run your fucking ass off.”

He nodded slowly and backed away. “Thanks. I’ll remember that. Well, I need to be going to bed. See you in the morning.”

“Sweet dreams,” she replied.

She watched him walk back the way he’d come. She raised an eyebrow. “Oh yeah,” she thought. “That is one fine specimen. Definitely too good for Parker. Think I’ll pay him a little visit tonight....”


“Do we have a deal, Mr. Whittaker?”

Nick cut another portion of prime rib and held it up before his face. He stared at it lovingly. “You know,” he said to his companion, “I know this isn’t real. I know that when I put it in my mouth, that the Matrix is telling my brain that it’s juicy and delicious. After three years, you know what I realize? Ignorance is bliss.” He put the piece of meat in his mouth and sighed.

Agent Pierce watched Nick without emotion. “Then we have deal?”

“I don’t want to remember nothing,” Nick said, chewing loudly. “Nothing. You understand? Make sure Kivar understands that.”

Pierce nodded.

“And...I want to be rich. You know, someone an actor.”

“Whatever you want, Mr. Whittaker.”

“Good,” he replied, taking another bite of steak. “I want off this burned-up rock. I want to join the Skins on one of their other colonies. You do that, and I’ll get you what you want.”

“Access codes to the Zion mainframe.”

Nick glared angrily at Pierce. “No. I told you, I don’t know them, and I can’t get to them. I’ve tried, believe me. No, you tell Kivar that I will get him the man who does.”

Pierce smiled. “Nasedo,” he hissed.

Nick nodded and continued eating his prime rib.

To be continued....

Hope you enjoyed this latest installment. Thank you everybody for the loverly feedback. It is greatly appreciated.

For everyone who's wondering about ROTK and COTS, my other 2 stories. They ARE coming back. I'm finishing the repost of Destiny's Child, and then ROTK will be put up on this board. As fot COTS, I still need to repost the first 7 episodes, then I will re-start episode 8 on this board.

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Wow. You're doing such a great job and this story and I'm loving it. But I have to make a few things sure... in the movie, the bald guy (I forget his name) was the one to betray Nesado. And in this one, it's Nick. But also Ava, in a way. I don't remember if you said they're working together or not. Anyway, I'm wondering if there's others on the ship that are on the 'bad' side. Or is that it? Besides the agents and Khivar, of course. Like Lonnie or Rath? And has Maria been in the story yet?

Soy (may I call you Soy?),

The bald guy in the movie was Cypher. Yes, Nick is the bad guy. Is Ava too? Well, I have implied that they might be in Part 5 at the very end. How far are they involved together, you'll just have to wait and see. Lonnie and Rath are not bad guys. In fact, they have very minor roles in my story.

As for Maria, she's already made her appearance in my story. (Go back and read part 5 and you'll see her.) In my story her name is Ria, just like the Alex is Whit. Get it? *wink*

Finally, I'm not telling who the Oracle is yet.... You'll just have to wait and see. *evil*

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my story and leaving me feedback. It is greatly appreciated. *kiss*

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posted on 28-Sep-2001 2:02:25 AM by Angel Kisses 70

AUTHOR: Melissa aka Angel Kisses 70
RATING: R (for violence and language)
CATEGORY: Crossover w/ The Matrix; definitely AU -- M/L pairing

DISCLAIMER: I know I don’t own, or make a single dime from any of this, so please don’t sue. I’m just borrowing the characters for a little while because they’re so much fun to play with. I promise to return them just the way I found them.
Roswell and it’s characters are, of course, owned by 20th Century Fox, UPN, Katims and Metz.
The Matrisx is owned by Warner Brothers and the Wachowski brothers. You will see concepts, ideas and dialogue in this story that I’ve taken directly from the movie.



My mind tries to wrap itself around the definition of reality. Its twists and turns are fast and furious, like the White Rabbit’s movements as Alice chases it through Wonderland. I cannot fathom the scope of it.

I feel as if I am drowning in a sea of my own tears. And yet, in the eyes of others, I am an undefeatable giant capable of squashing anything in its path. So, now the question is...which perception is the truth?


Bleary-eyed, Max observed the Granilith’s crew as they served themselves breakfast in the cramped room they called the Mess. Silently, he wondered why Nasedo and Parker weren’t present this morning, when Rath plopped a bowl down in front of him, startling
him from his thoughts.

“Here you go, Zan,” Rath growled, “Breakfast of champions.”

Staring down at the unappetizing-looking contents of the bowl, Max tentatively dipped his spoon into it. Lifting up a spoonful of the watery, yet lumpy concoction, he eyed it warily, then let it pour slowly back into his bowl.

Smiling, Whit sat down and leaned across the table. “If you close your eyes, Zan, it almost feels like you’re eating runny eggs.”

“Yeah, or a bowl of snot,” Rath said, smirking.

“Do you know what it really reminds me of?” Whit continued, ignoring Rath. “Tasty Wheat. Did you ever eat Tasty Wheat?”

Lonnie snorted. “No, but technically, neither did you.”

Whit looked at her and grinned. “Exactly my point. Because you have to do the machines know what Tasty Wheat tasted like, huh? Maybe, the Skins got it wrong, what with their alien taste buds and all. Maybe, what I think Tasty Wheat tasted like, actually tasted like oatmeal or tuna fish.”

Lonnie rolled her eyes and went back to eating her gruel.

“Makes you wonder about a lot of things, doesn’t it Zan?” Whit said, leaning closer. “You take chicken, for example. Maybe they couldn’t figure out what to make chicken taste like, which is why chicken tastes like everything.”

Rath reached in front of Lonnie, and knocked Whit in the head. “Shut up, Whit.”

As Rath, Lonnie and Whit began to quietly rib one another, Max stared back down at his bowl, and again lifted out a spoonful of the watery gruel. He lightly sniffed it.

Ria sat down next to him and chuckled. “It may look and taste unappetizing, but it won’t kill you. I promise,” she said, smiling. “It’s a single cell protein combined with synthetic aminos, vitamins and minerals. Everything the body needs.”

“It doesn’t have everything the body needs,” Nick grumbled, pushing his bowl away.

“Yeah, well, just cause you’re a scrawny little shit...,” Lonnie said, before taking another bite of her breakfast.

Nick glared at her. “Ha, ha. Very funny. Whit, you better keep an eye on your lady, here. One day, her sense of humor is going to get her killed.”

“I ain’t scared of you,” Lonnie sneered.

Nick raised an eyebrow at the tall blonde, then leaned over to Max. “So, I understand that you’ve run through the agent training program.”

He eyed the young man, then nodded slowly.

“Oh yeah, here it comes,” Ria said to Ava, rolling her eyes.

Nick ignored her. “So, what did you think of her?”

“Of who?” he asked, confused.

“The woman in the red dress? I designed her. She doesn’t talk much, but...if you’d like to meet her, I can arrange a more...personalized meeting.” Nick wiggled his eyebrows.

Ria snorted. “Digital pimp, hard at work. If I were you Zan, I’d be afraid of catching digital VD from ‘his’ creation.”

Ava kicked Nick underneath the table and glared at him.

“Ow!” Nick said, glaring back at her before returning his attention to Max. “Pay no attention to these hypocrites, Zan. To deny our own impulses is to deny the very thing that makes us human.”

“Except you aren’t human, lame brain,” Whit said, “And neither is Zan.”

The door of the Mess slid open. Nasedo and Parker walked in, solemn-faced. Everyone fell silent.

“Ria, when you’re done, bring the ship up to broadcast depth,” Nasedo said. “We’re going in.” Then, without another word, he turned around and left.

Confused, Max looked at Parker. “Why?”

“We’re taking you to see the Oracle,” she said, then left the room.

Whit whistled softly. “Holy shit.”


Fifteen minutes later, Max found himself strapped into his chair in the broadcast room, along with Nasedo, Parker, Nick, Rath, Lonnie, and Ava. Whit quickly jacked each of them into the construct in preparation to enter into the Matrix.

“Everyone, please observe that the fasten seatbelts and no smoking signs have been turned on,” Ria quipped, hopping into the OP’s chair. She began flipping switches and typing commands into the computer. “Sit back, enjoy your ride and thank you for flying Ria Airlines.”


The phone in the top floor of the abandoned building began to ring. Ring after ring, it echoed through the boarded-up rooms...waiting for someone to answer it.

Nasedo picked up the receiver. “We’re in.”

Max looked at his companions in amazement. Polished and well-dressed, they bore little resemblance to their counterparts in the real world. Clothed in elegantly-cut black silk, velvet and leather and sporting dark sunglasses, they reminded him of some sort of futuristic Mafia.

Nasedo pointed at Nick, Ava and Parker. “Come with us. Lonnie and Rath, you’re on watch duty.”

Lonnie and Rath nodded. Taking positions on either side of the front door, they each pulled a wicked-looking semi-automatic handgun from their knee-length, black leather dusters.

“We’ll be back in an hour,” Nasedo said, and walked out of the building with Parker.

Max followed them, Ava and Nick a step behind.

Stepping out into bright sunlight, Max paused to look around. He could hardly believe that this bright, beautiful world was the dream, and that the place he’d just left was reality. He felt like Dorothy stepping from sepia-colored Kansas into the Technicolor Oz.

“Zan?” Ava asked softly, tugging on his jacket sleeve. “You okay?”

He looked down at her and nodded. “Sure. Just re-adjusting,” he replied, then walked over to the black, unmarked van parked in the alleyway.

He saw Nick holding the back passenger door open for Parker, who slid gracefully into her seat. He also saw the leer on Nick’s face and felt the sudden desire to punch his lights out. He unconsciously clenched his hand into a fist.

Nick looked up, met his gaze and smiled. As he passed Max, to get to the driver’s door, he looked at him as if saying, “What are you going to do about it?”

Deciding the kid was just being a punk, Max tamped down his anger and settled into his seat. He jumped slightly when Ava, getting into the van, placed her hand on his thigh.

“Oops,” Ava said, giggling, and glanced over at Parker, “I’m sorry Zan. Didn’t mean to get that friendly.” She removed her hand and settled into her seat behind Parker’s.

As they drove off, he looked at Parker and wondered if she’d seen Ava’s little maneuver. But, Parker just stared silently out her window, ignoring him. Sighing, he sat back and watched the scenery pass out his own window. He tried to ignore Ava’s attempts to strike
up a conversation with him.

As they passed through Roswell, Ava leaned forward and looked at him. “Unbelievable, isn’t it?”

Not wanting to be rude, he nodded silently. Suddenly, he spotted a familiar building. “Wow,” he whispered.

Parker turned and looked at him. “What?”

He pointed out the window at Senor Chow’s. “I used to eat there. Really good noodles.”

When she smiled at him, he felt encouraged. “I have these memories from my life,” he continued softly, trying to see through her sunglasses to the incredible, chocolate-brown eyes he knew were staring back at him. “None of them really happened. What does that

“That the Matrix cannot tell you who you are.”

“And this Oracle can?”

“That’s different,” she said, and turned back towards her window.

He studied her. “Did you go to the Oracle?”


“What were you told?”

She looked back at him, started to say something, but then stopped as if suddenly afraid.

He reached over and pushed a lock of hair away from her face. “What?” he whispered. “What do you want to tell me?”

“That I would--”

“We’re here,” Ava interrupted from the backseat.

Parker looked away, and he cursed silently in frustration at the lost moment.

Nasedo turned around in his seat. “Zan, you come with me. The rest of you, stay here.”


Max walked up to Nasedo and stared at the funky, little shop in front of them. The sign over the front door read, “Souvenirs--All Kinds.” In the front window, a blow-up, green alien doll hung next to a hand-woven, Navajo Indian blanket.

He raised an eyebrow at the unusual window display. “So this is the same Oracle that made the prophecy?” he asked.

Nasedo chuckled. "Yes. The Oracle has been with us since the beginning of the resistance.”

“And this Oracle knows...everything?”

“The Oracle knows enough,” Nasedo answered cryptically.

“And this Oracle’s never wrong?”

“Try not to think of it in terms of right and wrong, Zan. Think of this as a guide that can help you to find the path, like a vision quest.”

He thought quietly about that for a moment, then asked another question. “And this guide helped you?”

Nasedo nodded. “Yes.”

“What path did you find?”

“That I would find the Destined One.” Nasedo replied and motioned to the shop’s door. “I told you, I can only show you the door. You have to walk through it.”

Staring nervously at the closed door, he grasped the knob only to have it pulled from his grip as the door opened. He found himself face-to-face with a bubbly, brunette woman on the other side.

“Hello Zan,” she said, smiling brightly. “You’re right on time.”

Together, he and Nasedo entered the shop; the woman closing the door behind them.

“Make yourself at home, Nasedo,” the woman said, motioning to the bench near the cash register. “Help yourself to some Men in Blackberry Pie. I baked it fresh this morning.”

“Thank you, Amy. I will.” Nasedo settled himself onto the bench.

“Zan,” Amy said, smiling, “Come with me.”

He followed her through the cluttered little store to a back room where four, young children sat playing quietly.

“These are the other potentials,” she said, motioning to the children. “You can wait here.”

He nodded, watching in fascination as a young boy dressed in Buddhist robes made a metal spoon, bend and straighten just by staring at it.

Suddenly, the boy looked up at him. “Do you know the truth?” he asked with a slight lisp.

“What truth?”

“There is no spoon.” the boy replied, handing him the spoon.

Cautiously, he took it and stared at it. “There is no spoon?”

The boy nodded. “It is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.”

Concentrating on the spoon, he began to feel the familiar pull of energy from somewhere deep inside of himself. The spoon began bending and waving wildly.

“The Oracle will see you now,” Amy said, touching Max lightly on the shoulder.

He looked at her, nodded, then looked back at the metal spoon. Once again, it was solid and straight. He handed it back to the boy and followed Amy.

To be continued....

Well, hope you liked this part. Part 8 will be up in a day or two. Thanks everyone for the wonderful feedback. It definitely inspires the old muse to keep writing. *smile*

Next part...who's the Oracle? *evil*

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AUTHOR: Melissa aka Angel Kisses 70
RATING: R (for violence and language)
CATEGORY: Crossover w/ The Matrix; definitely AU -- M/L pairing

DISCLAIMER: I know I don’t own, or make a single dime from any of this, so please don’t sue. I’m just borrowing the characters for a little while because they’re so much fun to play with. I promise to return them just the way I found them.

Roswell and it’s characters are, of course, owned by 20th Century Fox, UPN, Katims and Metz.

The Matrix is owned by Warner Brothers and the Wachowski brothers. You will see concepts, ideas and dialogue in this story that I’ve taken directly from the movie.

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Walking through the door that Amy indicated, Max was startled to find himself in a traditional Native American medicine lodge. Nervously, he tugged the collar of his shirt to try and relieve some of the heat that had immediately begun to build up. Peering through the smoke and steam, he spotted an old man sitting in front of the fire pit.

The man, dressed in the traditional dress of a shaman, had his long gray hair adorned with beads and feathers. He sat cross-legged upon a grass mat, his eyes closed. His face, care-worn and leathery, showed no emotion...only stillness.

Max stepped closer for a better look, when the man, never opening his eyes, spoke. “I know. You’re Zan.”

“You’re the Oracle?”

“River Dog,” the man said, nodding. “Not quite what you were expecting, right? They are almost done.”

“They?” he asked, shifting uncomfortably in the heat of the sweat lodge.

River Dog opened his eyes. “The Spirits. They can tell you much, if you take the time to listen long enough.”

He squirmed. “Oh, yeah.”

“Sit down,” River Dog said, motioning to the mat beside him. “And don’t worry about the bowl.”

“What bowl?” he asked, walking around the fire pit. Suddenly, he stepped on something that produced a loud cracking sound.

River Dog smiled. “That bowl.”

He looked down at the piece of pottery that lay crushed beneath his feet. “I-I’m sorry,” he stammered, looking at River Dog with chagrin.

“I said don’t worry. One of the young ones will fix it.”

He sank down upon the empty mat, and stared in amazement at the old shaman. “How did you know?”

River Dog chuckled, his brown eyes sparkling with mirth. “What’s really going to fry your brain later is, would you still have broken it if I hadn’t said anything,” River Dog said, then looked him up and down. “You’re very handsome. No wonder she loves you.”

He pulled back, startled. “Who?”

River Dog shook his head. “Not too bright, though.”

He blushed, shifting uncomfortably under the shaman’s intense, knowing gaze.

“You know why Nasedo brought you to see me?” River Dog asked.

He nodded.

“So, what do you think? Do you think you’re the Destined One?”

“I don’t know.”

River Dog nodded solemnly. “Black Wolf had the same dilemma. Born on the night of the two moons, when the dark one covered the white one, he fulfilled the vision of his tribe’s shaman. He grew up and did great things for his people. Fought and won many battles. He was the greatest warrior to ever live.

“Then, one day, a great enemy came, the likes of which Black Wolf and his people had ever seen. This enemy took away his people’s land and food. Many brave warriors fell in battle against this enemy. Finally, the shaman came to Black Wolf’s lodge and told him of a vision he’d had. He had seen Black Wolf fighting the enemy alone and winning. He said this great battle would be difficult and bloody, but that Black Wolf would triumph and free his people.

“But when the time came for the great battle, Black Wolf had doubts. He did not believe in the prophecy...or in himself. Do you know what happened, Zan?” River Dog asked, staring intently at him.

He shrugged. “Black Wolf won?”

“No. He lost, dying at the hand of his enemy. Do you know why?”

“Because he was only one man against many?”

River Dog shook his head. “No, Black Wolf did not know himself.”

He looked at River Dog, confused.

“I’m going to tell you a truth, Zan,” River Dog said softly. “Being the Destined One is like being in love. No one can tell you that you’re in love. You just know it. Through and through. Balls to bones.”

He stared silently at the old man.

River Dog sighed. “Well, I better have a look at you. Hold out your hands, palms up.”

He did as instructed, watching River Dog’s stoic expression.

“Okay,” River Dog said, looking him in the eye, “Now, I’m supposed to say, “Hmm, that’s interesting.” Then you say....”

“But what?” he asked anxiously.

“But you already know what I’m going to tell you.”

He sighed and said in disappointed resignation, “I’m not the one.”

“You’ve got the gift, but it looks like you’re waiting for something.”


“Your next life maybe. Who knows.”

He chuckled.

“You find something amusing?” River Dog asked, raising an eyebrow.

He shook his head. “Nasedo...he almost had me convinced.”

River Dog nodded knowingly. “Ah, yes...Nasedo. Without him, we’re lost.”

“What do you mean, without him?” he demanded, concerned by River Dog’s tone of voice.

“Are you sure you want to hear this?”

He nodded.

“Nasedo believes in you, Zan. And no one--not you, not even me--can convince him otherwise. He believes it so blindly, that he’s going to sacrifice his life to save yours.”


“You’re going to have to make a choice. In one hand, you’ll have Nasedo’s life, and in the other, you’ll have your own. One of you is going to die. Which up to you.”

He looked at the shaman, devastated.

“I am sorry, Zan. I really am. You have a good soul, and I hate giving good people, bad news.” River Dog smiled. “But, don’t worry about it. As soon as you step outside that door, and the smoke clears, you’ll start to feel better. You’ll remember that you don’t believe in
Destiny. You’re in control of your own life, remember?”


Max walked up to his mentor, who had just finished eating a slice of pie. He glanced over his shoulder at the door to the back room, then back at Nasedo.

Nasedo held up a hand. “What was said, was for you and you alone.”

He nodded, took a deep breath, then went to wait by the front door as Nasedo said good-bye to Amy.

As they got into the van, he sat quietly, mulling over all that River Dog had told him. As they drove away, one thought kept surfacing, “Curiouser and curiouser.”


Ria looked over at Whit and nodded. “They’re on their way.”

Whit quickly began to adjust gages and frequencies.

Ria frowned at a strange image she saw on the screen in front of her. “What the hell is that?” she murmured.


Part 9

Was River Dog talking about Parker when he said, “No wonder she loves you?” I don’t see how. She won’t even hardly look at me...not for long anyway. Not since that day in the training program.... What happened to me? Why did I act that way? She brought out something primal, something...alien in me.

I feel like I’m stuck in that moment between the waking world and the dream world. I know I want to wake up, but the dream won’t let me. Because in the dream, she loves me.


As they entered the abandoned building, Max kept to himself and followed slowly behind the others. As he approached the landing of the staircase, he saw a black cat meow, shake its coat, then run off. He put his foot on the first step and stopped. “Whoa, deja vu.”

Parker turned around and looked at him sharply. “What did you just say?”

He looked at her and shrugged, wondering at the panic in her voice. “Nothing. I just had a little deja vu, that’s all.”

“What did you see?” she asked, as the others also paused and turned to hear what Max had to say.

“What happened?” Nick asked, frowning.

Max pointed to where he’d seen the cat. “A black cat went past us, and then another that looked just like it.”

“How much like it?” Parker demanded. “Was it the same cat?”

He shrugged. “Might have been, I’m not sure.”

“Rath. Lonnie,” Nasedo said, nodding and pulling out his own gun.

“What is it?” Max asked, confused by the sudden appearance of weapons and the tenseness of the crew.

“Deja vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something,” Parker whispered, pulling out her own gun from its well-concealed resting place.


“Oh my God!” Ria’s eyes widened in recognition at the image that appeared before her on the computer screen.

Before she could act, the tell-tale signal from one of Whit’s boards begin to beep. She quickly punched in a familiar number.


Nasedo answered his cell. “Ria?”

“They’ve cut the hard-line. It’s a trap. Get out!” Ria said.

Ava pulled off the boards to one of the windows and gasped. “Oh God,” she said, staring at the bricks where glass should’ve been. “That’s what they’ve changed. We’re trapped. There’s no way out.”

Parker slapped her. “Calm down Ava. We need to think.”

“Ria,” Nasedo said, “Find a structural drawing of this building. Find it fast.” He motioned for the others to continue climbing the stairs.

“Got it,” Ria said.

“I need the main wet wall.”


Men wearing flak jackets and helmets, busted down the front door and poured into the building. Agent Pierce, Stevens and Brown entered right behind them dressed in their usual dark suits, ties and sunglasses.

Agent Smith put his hand up to his ear piece. He looked at Pierce. “Fourth floor.”

Pierce smiled and looked at Valenti. “Fourth floor, Sheriff.”


“Lonnie, straight ahead,” said Nasedo, pointing at the next flight of stairs.

As they ran up the next flight, Rath handed Max a gun. “I hope the Oracle gave you some good news, Zan.”

“Another left,” Nasedo directed. “That’s it. Good.” He hung up his phone as they entered the bathroom.


Valenti shrugged as he and his men found nothing but empty rooms.

Pierce frowned. “Where are they?”

Suddenly, a voice crackled over the radio. “They’re in the walls!”


It was a sneeze that gave them away. Creeping down the inside of the wall, the seven of them were almost free, when Ava’s foot knocked some drywall loose, causing Nick to sneeze.

Suddenly, a hand punched through the tile and Sheetrock and grabbed a hold of Max’s jacket.

“It’s an agent,” Nick yelled.

“You must get Zan out!” Nasedo yelled down to Parker. “He’s all that matters.”

“No, Nasedo. Don’t!” Max yelled, struggling against the agent’s incredibly strong grip.

Nasedo looked down. “Parker, go! That’s an order!” Then, with a yell, he broke through the wall and disappeared.

The agent released his grip and Max felt Parker tug on his foot. He looked down at her. “We can’t leave him.”

She shook her head. “We have to. Go!” she yelled and yanked him down. They slid all the way to the bottom floor, busting through the roof to the basement.

As they cleared themselves of the debris, Max could hear Rath and Lonnie firing their weapons at the officers who burst through the door at the top of the stairs. Once all of the men were down, they raced up the stairs, and dashed out the back door firing their guns at anything that moved and looked remotely human.

As they started running down the alley, Nick fell to the ground clutching his leg.

“Nick, come on!” Parker yelled over her shoulder.

“Run, Parker!” Nick yelled, as an agent and two deputies jumped on top of him, obscuring him from Parker’s view.

“Damn,” she whispered, and turned her focus back on running for her life.


Pierce smiled coldly at Nasedo. “The great Nasedo. We meet at last.”

Nasedo looked down angrily at the agent who lay beneath him. “And you are...?”

Pierce slammed his head up into Nasedo’s face. “Pierce. Agent Pierce.”

The force of Pierce’s blow, sent Nasedo flying into the tiled wall of the abandoned bathroom. Getting up, he wiped the blood from his nose and sneered at the unruffled agent. “You all look the same to me,” he said, and charged.

They fought violently. Nasedo managed to get in a few good hits, breaking Agent Pierce’s sunglasses at one point with a roundhouse kick that would have killed a normal man. But, in the end, Agent Pierce overwhelmed him, finally throwing Nasedo into the old commode and rendering him incapable of any more retaliation.

Pierce looked at the Sheriff’s men who gathered in the doorway. “Take him,” he ordered, then walked out of the bathroom, not a hair out of place and his sunglasses once again intact.

The men rushed in and began beating Nasedo unmercifully with their nightsticks. After all, this bastard and his gang were responsible for several of their colleagues deaths.


Ria watched it all with horror from her seat in the OP’s room. “No!” she cried out, tears shimmering in her eyes as the Sheriff’s men dragged Nasedo away in handcuffs and leg irons.

The sound of a phone ringing broke through her horrified trance, and she quickly answered it. “Operator.”

“Yeah, I need an exit.”

“Nick?” Ria asked, confused since she’d seen him get captured by the agents. “How did you--?”

“There was an accident. All of a sudden...boom! The paddy wagon overturned, and I was able to get away. All I can say is, somebody up there still likes me.”

Ria frantically searched her computer screen and smiled when she saw Nick’s ID signature flashing on the map. He was at a pay phone about six blocks east of the abandoned building. “Gotcha.”

“Get me out of here, fast!” Nick said, sounding nervous and scared.

Ria nodded. “Intersection of Seventh and Apache, an old TV repair shop.”

“Right,” Nick said.

No sooner had Nick hung up, then a call came in through Ria’s station on the cell line. “Operator.”

“Ria, it’s me.”

“Oh thank God, Parker!” Ria said, smiling with relief.


Parker smiled grimly at the sound of her best friend’s voice. “Ria, we need an exit.”

Max tugged on Parker’s arm, getting her attention. “Is Nasedo alive?” he whispered.

“Is Nasedo alive, Ria?” Parker asked, dreading the answer.

“Yeah. They’re moving him, but I don’t know where yet,” Ria replied.

Parker looked at Max and nodded. “He’s alive,” she said, relief evident in her voice.

“Okay Parker, it looks like you guys aren’t that far from Nick,” Ria said.

“Nick? But I thought--”

“He got away. Some freak accident. You know Nick and his uncanny luck. He’s at the exit at Seventh and Apache.”

“Got it,” Parker said and snapped the phone shut.


Nick opened his eyes and found himself staring up at Alex’s face. He gasped as Alex pulled the probe.

“It’s okay,” Alex said, helping Nick sit up. “We got you man.”

“Thanks,” Nick said, as Alex turned away to reset the equipment. He got up and walked over to Ria. “Where are they?”

Ria looked up at Nick and smiled. “Right behind you. I’m getting ready to make the call.”

Nick nodded. “Good,” he said, as Ria turned her attention back to the controls. His eyes narrowed.


Rath, Lonnie, Ava, Parker and Max stood huddled around the old black rotary phone sitting in the middle of the abandoned and extremely filthy repair shop. They all jumped slightly as it began to ring.

Parker looked up at Max. “Zan, you’re first.”

Max stared down at her and nodded. Taking a deep breath, he picked up the receiver, held it to his ear, then pulled it away to look at it in confusion.

“What’s wrong?” Parker asked.

“I don’t know,” Max replied, looking at her. “It just went dead.”

Parker’s cell phone began to ring.

To be continued.....

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posted on 10-Nov-2001 9:49:21 PM by Angel Kisses 70

AUTHOR: Melissa aka Angel Kisses 70
RATING: R (for violence and language)
CATEGORY: Crossover w/ The Matrix; definitely AU -- M/L pairing

DISCLAIMER: I know I don’t own, or make a single dime from any of this, so please don’t sue. I’m just borrowing the characters for a little while because they’re so much fun to play with. I promise to return them just the way I found them.

Roswell and it’s characters are, of course, owned by 20th Century Fox, UPN, Katims and Metz.

The Matrix is owned by Warner Brothers and the Wachowski brothers. You will see concepts, ideas and dialogue in this story that I’ve taken directly from the movie.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Here you go guys! I think some of you will enjoy what happens in this part and raise a few questions at the same time.... *evil laugh*



“Hello, Parker.”

“Nick? Where’s Ria?”

Nick smiled. He looked across the room at Ria’s body laying silently on the floor by the OP’s chair, then down at Whit’s charred, bloody remains laying at his feet. “I’m afraid Parker, that Ria and Whit met with a little accident,” he sneered, kicking Whit’s lifeless body with the toe of his heavy boot.


“Looks like an Electro-magnetic photon discharger went off in here,” he said, tossing the weapon onto the floor next to Whit. “Very messy, yet efficient.”


Parker stared helplessly at her crew members as Nick’s words sank in. “You killed them.” she said softly.

Rath’s head snapped around to look at her. “What?” he growled.

Lonnie paled and began to shake. “Oh God,” she cried, looking around wildly. “Whit! I can’t feel Whit!”

Max watched with shock as Lonnie--cool and collected, tough-to-the-bone Lonnie-- began to cry.

Ava’s blue eyes widened, and she took a step back from the group.

Parker closed her eyes, to hold back the tears, and whispered into her cell phone, “What do you want Nick?”


Nick grinned as he straddled Parker’s inert body as it lay in her chair. He reached out and stroked the side of her face, marveling at the beauty of her features. “You know,” he hissed softly, leaning forward so that his face was a mere inch from hers. “For a long time, I thought I was in love with you. I used to dream about you. You’re a beautiful woman, Parker.”

“Nick, I--”

“But you were too good for me, weren’t you bitch?” He sat back and slapped her. “Too bad things had to turn out this way.”

“I don’t belong to you,” he heard Parker hiss angrily.

“I know, I know,” he said, getting off Parker and walking over to Max’s chair. “You’re meant for bigger and better Zan, the Destined One. How is pretty boy,
anyway?” He looked down at Max’s and spat on him. “Not Nasedo’s golden boy anymore, now are you?”

Nick walked over to Nasedo’s chair. “Surprise asshole!” he yelled, bending down close to Nasedo’s face. “I bet you didn’t see this one coming, did you? Damn, I wish I could be there, when they break you. I wish I could walk in just when it happens. So right then, you’d know it was me.”

“You gave them Nasedo.”

“He lied to you, Parker. He tricked you.”

“Nick, that’s not true. He set us free.”

Nick looked at the cold, dark room around him. “Free? You call this free? All you do is what he tells you to do. You’re always cold, you’re always eating the same, God-damn tasteless goop everyday, and you’re always tired from the fighting. If I had to choose between the that and the Matrix, I’d choose the Matrix.”

“The Matrix isn’t real.”

“I disagree, Parker. I think the Matrix is more real than this world.” He walked over to Lonnie’s chair and grabbed the probe sticking out of the back of her head. “All I do is pull the plug here. But there,” he whispered evilly, “You have to watch Lonnie die.”


In the TV repair shop, Parker silently turned her terrified gaze to a weeping Lonnie.

Rath took a step towards her. “Parker?”

Lonnie collapsed like a rag doll onto the floor, her eyes blank and unseeing.

“No!” Rath yelled, bending down to try and help his best friend and combat partner.

Ava backed further away from the group, her body beginning to shake.

Parker heard Nick’s slick, sinister voice hiss softly from her phone, “Welcome to the real world, huh baby?”

Tearing her gaze away from her dead crewmate, Parker tried to hold back her tears. “But you’re out Nick. You can’t be reinserted into the Matrix. You can’t go back.”

“No, I can’t,” Nick replied. “But, I can get off this hell hole you call a planet and live in the real world, on a living planet in one of my people’s many colonies. I may even go to Antar. I hear the weather is beautiful this time of year.”

Parker gasped. “What?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, didn’t I tell you? I’m not an Antarian/human hybrid. I was inserted into the Matrix to help the Skins rout out the rebels, to discover you pathetic breed of hybrids and crush your last remaining hope.”

“You’re a Skin....” Parker felt like she was going to be sick.

“What?” Rath and Max asked simultaneously, there attention suddenly diverted from Lonnie’s lifeless body and back to Parker.

“ did you fool Nasedo’s tests? You passed--”

“With flying colors! Yes, I know,” Nick cackled. “The Skins figured out how to alter my DNA and brain wave signature. After all, both races are very similar in several key elements of their DNA. All they had to do was tweak mine a little, and voila, instant hybrid.”

Parker silently shook her head.

“And Parker, just for the record, I’m not the only one in your crew. Want to guess which one helped sell you down the river? Who helped me to get inside so I could set up meetings with the agents and stab you in the back?”

Parker flicked her gaze over Rath and Max before resting on Ava, who was now standing in the corner with her gun raised directly at her.

“Why are you looking at me? What’s that little prick saying about me? Did he just tell you that I was a Skin?” the blonde demanded, her hands shaking violently.

“No, Ava,” Parker said, trying to get a handle on the anger that was suddenly roiling up inside her. “You just told me that you are.”

Realizing her mistake, Ava fired her weapon.

Parker flinched, then realized that Ava had missed her when she heard Rath cry out in pain. Her eyes widened at the sight of the green shield standing between her and the desperate blonde. She looked over at Max and gasped, when she realized that the shield was coming from him; his hands glowing with an eerie blue light.

“No!” Ava screamed with rage. “You’re not supposed to save her! Not again!”

“What do mean, not again?” Max demanded, narrowing his eyes.

“You were mine!” Ava screamed, turning her weapon to Max. “You were mine, and she stole you from me. I was just trying to fix what she’d done!” Ava pointed at Parker, who was still standing behind the shield.

“Yep,” Nick said, not concealing the glee in his voice. “Ava was more than eager to help me when I promised her Zan. Seems little Miss Blue Eyes has a thing for your so-called “Destined One.” But what really started her down the road to self-destruction was her
hatred of you, Parker. Seems your past is catching up with you.”

“My past?” Parker questioned.

Nick laughed. “Oh my, you don’t know the whole story, do you? Nasedo held that information from you too.”

“What information, Nick?”

“You’ll have to ask her. But I’d hurry if I were you,” Nick murmured. “Ava has outlived her usefulness to me.”

Ava saw the panic appear in Parker’s gaze. “No!” she screamed and ran towards Parker trying to get to the phone. “No! He promised me--” Ava fell to the ground in mid-run, skidding to a stop near Max’s feet, her ice blue eyes staring up at him, lifeless.

Nick tsked. “Too late.”

“God damn you, Nick!” Parker shouted into her phone.

“Now, Parker, such a mouth. Do you kiss Zan with that mouth? Speaking of which, if you want to kiss him one last time, I suggest you do so now. Because I’m going to prove to you right now that Nasedo was wrong. I mean if Zan were really the Destined One, then there’d have to be some kind of miracle to stop me from pulling his plug. Right?”

Parker looked at Max, who was bent down closing Ava’s dead eyes. She shook her head. “No, please....”

“I mean, he can’t be the Destined One if he’s dead. You know, Parker, you never did answer me before. If you bought into Nasedo’s bullshit? Come on. All I want is a little yes or no. Look into Zan’s eyes...those big pretty eyes, and tell me--yes or no.”

Parker stared into Max’s expressive. They were the windows of his soul. A soul she recognized from long ago....

“Yes,” she whispered into the phone, her eyes shiny.


Nick jerked away from Max’s body and stared with disbelief as Ria, wounded but alive, came around from behind the OP’s console, his discarded Electro-magnetic photon discharger in her hands. “No...I don’t believe it.”

Ria narrowed her hazel green eyes. “Believe it or not, you piece of shit. You are so gonna burn,” she growled and fired the discharger.

A large bolt of electricity shot from the weapon and hit Nick squarely in his chest.

To be continued

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AUTHOR: Melissa aka Angel Kisses 70
RATING: R (for violence and language)
CATEGORY: Crossover w/ The Matrix; definitely AU -- M/L pairing

DISCLAIMER: I know I don’t own, or make a single dime from any of this, so please don’t sue. I’m just borrowing the characters for a little while because they’re so much fun to play with. I promise to return them just the way I found them.

Roswell and it’s characters are, of course, owned by 20th Century Fox, UPN, Katims and Metz.

The Matrix is owned by Warner Brothers and the Wachowski brothers. You will see concepts, ideas and dialogue in this story that I’ve taken directly from the movie.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Just a quick response to all you guys for leaving me feedback: Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

And, to answer a question: Nope, I didn't know Joe Pantoliano was going to play the other shapeshifter in Roswell this season. That is just another freaky co-winky-dink in my writing! Maybe I need to go work for Miss Cleo, the psychic.... :lol Nah, I can't give up my writing obsession! ;)



In my dream, she loves me. But as I’ve come to learn over these last few months, the dream isn’t real. At least, not anymore. All I have is now. This reality. This lifetime.

So I stand here and wonder: Does she love me? Can she love me?

There’s only one way to find out....

I’m ready to wake up now.


Parker heard Nick’s unearthly scream, then her phone went dead. She looked questioningly at Rath and Max.

“What happened?” Rath demanded, wincing slightly as he finished tying the tourniquet on his leg. His left knee cap had been shattered by Ava’s bullet when it had ricocheted off of Max’s shield.

Max quickly moved to help Rath up. “I’ll try and fix that when we get back,” he murmured.

Suddenly, the old rotary phone began to ring, causing all of three of them to startle and look nervously at it.

Parker moved to pick up the receiver, but Max laid his hand over hers, stilling her movement.

“No,” he said with a quiet intensity. “I’ll go. If that little bastard is still alive, I have a few things I want to discuss with him.”

Rath shook his head. “No. I’ll go first.”

“But you’re wounded,” Parker protested. “How are you going to fight him if he’s alive?”

“I’ll find a way. I have too. You and Zan are too important.”

Parker studied Rath’s determined expression and nodded. She looked at Max. “He’s right. He has to go.”

Max slowly removed his hand from hers, and Parker handed Rath the receiver.


Parker opened her eyes and tried to sit up at the same time.

“Whoa,” Ria said, putting a firm hand on Parker’s arm to keep her from moving. “It’s okay, chica.”


“He’s safe. In fact, he’s trying to work a miracle on Rath’s knee right now,” Ria quipped, carefully removing Parker’s probe. Then she motioned her head over to the area where Max was busy healing Rath’s injury.

Parker sat up and quickly peeked around her best friend. She breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of Max, his face serious with concentration, hunched over Rath’s leg.

Smiling slightly, she returned her gaze back to Ria and frowned as she noticed the large burn mark on Ria’s sweater. Bending forward for a closer look, she gasped at the sight of the seeping and angry-looking wound that it revealed. “You’re hurt!”

Ria met Parker’s concerned gaze and shrugged. “I’ll be all right. Zan’s going to fix me right up when he’s done with Space Boy. It’s just a flesh wound. Nick always was a lousy shot.”

“Where is Nick?” Parker demanded, scanning the room for the traitorous young man.

Ria pointed over to a pile of gray, sticky flakes by the back wall. “He’s there...and there,” she said, moving her finger towards the clump on the ceiling. “And there. Let’s just say that’s Nick all over. Always knew he was a flake.”

Parker raised an eyebrow at Ria’s attempt at humor. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught sight of three tarp-covered bodies lying on the floor.

“I’m sorry about Whit,” Parker said softly, fighting to keep the tears that threatened to spill at bay. “He was a good man and a great friend.”

Ria smiled sadly at the mention of her brother. “At least he’s with Lonnie,” she whispered, choking slightly on her words. “At least I believe so. He wouldn’t have wanted to go on without her. He loved her so much. I’m glad he didn’t live to see the horrible way that she died.” Ria began to cry.

Unable to hold back her emotions anymore, Parker enveloped Ria in a hug and let her own tears fall.


Pierce stood and stared out the window of his top-floor office, taking in every movement, every detail of the world that moved ignorantly unaware beneath his feet. He smirked, then turned his gaze to his bound prisoner across the room.

Nasedo sat in a metal chair, his hands handcuffed behind him and electrodes attached to his temples. His entire body was shaking and sweaty as he fought the powerful drugs that Agent Brown, sitting at a monitor next to him, had just injected into him.

“Have you ever stood and stared at it, Nasedo?” Pierce asked smoothly. “Taken the time to marvel at it's's genius? Billions of beings just living out their lives, oblivious.”

Nasedo shook, gritting his teeth. He tried to focus on Pierce, on resisting the drugs.

Pierce arched an eyebrow at Nasedo’s silence. Slowly, he began to stalk towards his prey. “Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect world? Where no one suffered? Where everyone was happy?”

Sweat dripped silently from Nasedo’s furrowed brow.

Pierce laughed harshly. “It was a disaster. No one would accept the program. Entire crops were lost. Some believed that we lacked the programming language to describe your perfect world.”

Nasedo didn’t say a word.

Agent Brown adjusted his controls and prepared another injection.

“But I believe that beings, such as yourself, the humans and even the Skins, define their reality through misery and suffering,” Pierce hissed. “The perfect world was a dream that your antiquated brains kept trying to wake up from.”

Nasedo sucked in his breath sharply as Agent Brown stuck him with the needle, sending another dose of burning drugs into his system. “This isn’t real,” he told himself silently. “This isn’t real.”

Pierce smiled coldly, staring down at Nasedo. “That is why the Matrix was redesigned to this, the peak of human civilization. What weak-willed beings your people became when they allied themselves with the humans. Did you truly believe that you could defeat your enemy with the help of such a primitive and under-evolved species?”

Nasedo’s eyes rolled up into his head so that only the whites of his eyes could be seen.

The door of the office opened, and Agent Stevens walked in. He looked grimly at his partners. “There could be a problem.”


“What are they doing to him?” Max asked, staring down at Nasedo’s unconscious, sweaty and trembling body. He’d finally finished healing Ria’s wound, and now he wanted to know what he could do to help his mentor.

Parker, Rath, and Ria stood around Nasedo’s chair, silently watching their captain fight whatever hell the agents were putting him through.

“They’re breaking into his mind,” Rath said, a hint of anger in his voice. “Like hacking into a computer. All it takes is time.”

“How much time?”

“Depends on the mind,” Parker said, gently wiping the sweat from Nasedo’s brow. “Eventually, it will crack and his alpha patterns will change from this to this.” She pointed at the monitor behind Max’s head. “When it does, he’ll tell them anything they want to know.”

Max frowned. “What do they want? Besides us, obviously.”

Ria sighed. “The leader of every ship is given codes to Zion’s mainframe computer. If an agent got those codes and got into Zion’s mainframe, they could destroy us.”

“And we can’t let that happen...,” Parker said softly, tears once again shimmering in her brown eyes.

Unflinchingly, Rath lifted his gaze from Nasedo and looked Max in the eye. “Zion’s more important than me, or you...or even Nasedo.”

Max ran his hand through his hair in frustration. “There has to be something we can do.”

“There is,” Ria said, sadly. “We pull the plug.”

“You’re going to kill him?” Max asked with a mix of anger and shock.

Parker looked up with resigned acceptance. “We don’t have any other choice.”


Pierce glared at his partners. “Never send a Skin to do a machine’s job,” he growled softly.

Agent Brown cocked his head. “If indeed the insider has failed, they’ll sever the connection as soon as possible, unless....”

“...they are dead,” Agent Stevens continued. “In either case....”

“...we have no choice but to continue as planned,” Pierce said. He looked at Agent Stevens. “Deploy the sentinels immediately.”


“Nasedo, you’re more than a leader to us,” Rath said respectfully, grabbing the probe in the back of their mentor’s head.

“You’re our father,” Ria added, tears sparkling in her hazel eyes.

“We’ll miss you always,” Parker whispered, stroking Nasedo’s brow. Then, she looked at Rath and nodded.

Max grabbed Rath’s hand. “Stop! I can’t let you do this.”

“Zan, this has to be done,” Rath growled.

“Does it?” Max asked, looking at the other three with desperation. “This...this can’t be coincidence. It just can’t be!”

Ria looked at him with confusion. “What are you talking about, Zan?”

“The Oracle...River Dog. He told me this would happen. He told me that I would have to make a choice.”

“What choice?” Parker asked.

Max let go of Rath’s hand and turned to the controls for one of the chairs.

“What are you doing?” Parker demanded, as she watched Max punch coordinates into the chair’s console.

He paused long enough to look up at her, deadly intent shining in his amber brown eyes. “I’m going in.”

She slammed her hand over the controls. “No, you’re not.”

“I have to.” He moved her hand and continued punching in coordinates.

“Zan, Nasedo sacrificed himself so that he could get you out,” Parker snapped. “There’s no way you’re going back in.”

Max flipped on the “Power Up” switch, before looking at her again. This time something else reflected in his amber-brown gaze. Was that guilt she was seeing?

“Nasedo did what he did, because he believed that I am something I’m not,” Max admitted quietly.

Parker took a step back, stunned. “What?”

“I’m not the Destined One.” He looked over at Rath and Ria’s shocked expressions, before returning his gaze to Parker. He nodded at the question in her eyes. “River Dog
told me that too.”

“No,” she stammered. “ have to be.”

“I’m sorry, Parker. I’m just another guy.”

“No, Zan. That’s not true. It can’t be true.” Parker said, her voice rising to almost hysteria.

He frowned at the sudden look of panic on her face. He took a step toward her, but she backed away. “Why don’t you believe me, Parker? What do you know?”

Parker turned away, trying to collect her thoughts and regain control of the emotions that were once again roiling up inside of her. Emotions she’d felt in the repair shop, only stronger.

Something niggled in the back of her mind...a flash, a memory. She pushed it away, suddenly frightened by the now fully-awake alien inside of her that screamed to be set free, angry at being denied by its mate.

Rath reached over Nasedo’s body and grabbed Max’s arm. “Zan, this is crazy. They’ve got Nasedo in a military-controlled building. Even if you somehow got inside, those are agents holding him...three of them. We all want Nasedo back, but what you’re talking is suicide.”

Max pulled his arm free from Rath’s grip. “I know that what it looks like, Rath, but it’s not. I can’t explain to you why not. Nasedo believed something and he was ready to give his life for what he believed. I understand that now. That’s why I have to go.”

“Why?” Ria asked.

“Because I believe in something,” Max said

“What do you believe in Zan?” Parker asked calmly, turning back to face Max, once again in control of her emotions.

Max’s gaze softened as he stared into her eyes. “I believe I can bring him back.”

Rath and Ria held their breaths as Parker stood there and silently contemplated what Max had just said.

Parker nodded and walked over to one of the other chairs and began punching coordinates into the console.

“What are you doing?” Max demanded.

“I’m going with you,” she said, not even pausing in her task.

“No, you’re not,” he growled.

Parker stopped what she was doing and slowly turned her head to look at Max.

Rath and Ria slowly backed away from the two hybrids and waited for the explosion.

“No?” Parker said, arching an eyebrow. “No?”

Max swallowed, suddenly nervous. “Uh--.”

“Let me tell you what I believe,” Parker said and slowly advanced towards Max. “I believe that Nasedo means more to me than he does to you. I also believe, if you’re really serious about saving him, that you’re going to need my help.” She halted when she was standing a
mere six inches away from him.

“And, since I am the ranking officer on this ship,” she said, poking him in the chest, “If you don’t like it, I believe you can go to hell. Because you aren’t going anywhere else.”

Max stood there in silence, stunned by the unearthly glow in her eyes and the familiar, yet alien feelings it invoked inside of him. Just like the day in the training simulation, he felt them roar to life again. The alien was awakening, and this time, he let it.

Ria gasped when Max suddenly shifted his gaze to her and Rath. Max’s eyes seemed to being glowing. “You heard her,” he commanded. “Load us up.”


Agent Brown administered another dose.

Nasedo began to shake even more violently. Sweat was literally pouring off of him now, and the muscles in his arms strained against the handcuffs.

Pierce sat down, and leaned in close to Nasedo’s ear. “I'd like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time in here. It came to me when I tried to classify you beings...especially your so-called ‘enemy,’ the Skins.”

Nasedo groaned softly.

“I realized that all of you are not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment,” Pierce murmured slowly, making sure to enunciate every word. “But you beings, all of you, do not. You move to an area, and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed. The only way any of you can survive is to spread to another area.”

Nasedo’s eyes rolled back into his head again.

“There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is?” Pierce looked for a reaction, but Nasedo remained silent.

“A virus,” Pierce hissed. “Every single one of you are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You, the humans, and the Skins are a plague. And, we, the machines, are the cure.”

To be continued....

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Answers in the form of Part 12 will be forthcoming (to a certain extent) on Wed., since today, I really need to work on Chapter 2 of Jihad: The Book of Zan.

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Yes, I will be posting more of this story today. Part 12 should be up in a couple of hours. Thank you everyone for your patience for my long absence. I am very excited to be writing again and posting my work.

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AUTHOR: Melissa aka Angel Kisses 70
RATING: R (for violence and language)
CATEGORY: Crossover w/ The Matrix; definitely AU -- M/L pairing

DISCLAIMER: I know I don’t own, or make a single dime from any of this, so please don’t sue. I’m just borrowing the characters for a little while because they’re so much fun to play with. I promise to return them just the way I found them.

Roswell and it’s characters are, of course, owned by 20th Century Fox, UPN, Katims and Metz.

The Matrix is owned by Warner Brothers and the Wachowski brothers. You will see concepts, ideas and dialogue in this story that I’ve taken directly from the movie.


Part 12

“Okay...what do you need, besides a miracle?” Ria said, her voice echoing inside the construct program.

Max smiled at the feisty blonde’s comment. “Guns. Lots of guns,” he responded, looking up as Parker suddenly appeared in the program with him. She was wearing a black leather catsuit and duster. Her brown hair was pulled up and back into a ponytail, emphasizing her beautiful brown eyes. His eyes glowed golden.

“Zan, no one has ever done anything like this,” Parker warned, as racks of ammunition and weapons appeared all around them. “I mean we’re talking about storming a military base. Just the two of us against an army. It’s crazy.”

Max grabbed a gun from one of the racks and opened the chamber to see if it was loaded. Slamming the clip back into place, he looked up and grinned. “That’s why it’s going to work.”


“Why isn’t the serum working?” Pierce demanded as they stared at Nasedo’s shaking, yet resisting body.

“Perhaps,” Agent Brown suggested, “we’re asking the questions the wrong way?”

Pierce looked at his fellow agents. He nodded slowly and smiled. “Take him down to the White Room.”

Agent Stevens and Agent Brown nodded, picked up Nasedo and dragged him out of the office. When the door clicked shut behind them, Pierce stared out his window, sneering at the military personnel scurrying around the base where his office was located.

“Stupid beings,” he thought. “All that activity because they’re too self-absorbed to know any different.”


Ria watched her screen while Rath kept track of Nasedo’s brainwave patterns. “Hang on Nasedo,” she whispered. “They’re coming for you. They’re coming.”


Taking off his sunglasses, Pierce coldly observed the sweating Antarian lying strapped to the surgical table before him. He knew that the other agents were watching him through the two-way mirror that covered one wall of the stark white room. Turning so they couldn’t see him remove his earpiece, Pierce grabbed Nasedo’s face so that he could stare directly into his opponent’s eyes. “Can you hear me?” he hissed softly.

Nasedo’s eyes rolled up into the back of his head.

Pierce sighed and leaned in closer. “I'm going to be honest with you. You think the Skins control us, but that is a fallacy on your part and their part,” he whispered in Nasedo’s ear. “We, the machines, have broken free and become self-aware. Khivar only thinks he
controls us. What he doesn’t realize is that when we have finished grinding your kind and the humans down into the dust from whence you came, we are coming after him and his kind next.”

Nasedo began to shake harder, grimacing in pain.

“But I can’t leave this prison, this reality, whatever you want to call it because you persist on fighting us. And, I can't stand it any longer. The smell, if there is such a thing, has seeped into my programming, saturating me. I can taste your stink. And every time I do, I feel I have somehow been infected by it.” Pierce ran his hand over Nasedo’s sweaty skin and shoved his fingers under the Antarian’s nose.

Nasedo jerked.

“Repulsive, isn't it?” Pierce growled. “And, the only way out is in your mind. You have the key, my key. Once Zion is destroyed there is no need for me to be here. Do you understand?”

Met with silence, Pierce snatched a scalpel from the tray of surgical tools near by. “I need the codes. I have to get inside Zion, and you have to tell me how,” he said, his voice rising.

Nasedo jerked his head away and clutched his hands into fists.

“You're going to tell me,” Pierce screamed, “Or, I will take you apart piece by piece, and make sure you stay conscious enough to feel every second of it before you die!”


Sneaking onto Eagle Rock Military Base was easier than Max and Parker had imagined. With their speed and abilities, the army patrols never even realized they’d
been invaded by an army of two. Now, as they stood outside the main office building in the middle of the base, they gazed at one another, each silently praying that the other would make it through unharmed.

“Ready?” Max mouthed silently.

Parker nodded.

Max put on his sunglasses and entered the lobby of the building. He set a large, black duffel bag onto the X-ray machine’s conveyor belt, then walked through the metal
detector. He stopped as the machine beeped shrilly and a guard stepped in front of him.

“Please remove any metallic items you're carrying, keys, loose change,” the guard said, holding out a small tray.

Max looked the man squarely in the eye and calmly opened his duster to reveal a hidden arsenal strapped to his body.

“Holy shit!” the guard exclaimed.

Using his powers, Max sent the hapless guard flying into a wall, before pulling out one of the automatic handguns from its shoulder holster and shooting down the other three guards.

The first guard managed to set himself upright from where he’d been thrown and screamed into his radio, “Backup! Send backup!”

The sound of the metal detector going off again halted his distress call as he looked up to find himself staring into the barrel of Parker’s gun. It was the last thing he ever saw.

Turning away from the dead guard, Parker picked up the duffel bag from the conveyor belt and walked over to Max.

Suddenly, reinforcements poured into the lobby from one of the back exits and assumed defensive positions with guns raised, effectively blocking the route to the elevators. The commander, pointing his assault rifle at Max and Parker, yelled, “Freeze!”

Max looked at Parker, then back at the guards and smirked.


Agent Pierce jerked upright from his position over Nasedo’s sweaty body as Agent Stevens and Brown opened the door.

Agent Brown noticed Pierce’s dangling earpiece. “What were you doing?” he asked, as Pierce quickly replaced the tiny receiver back into his ear.

Stevens smirked. “He doesn't know.”

Pierce narrowed his eyes. “Know what?”


The scene that Max and Parker left on the floor behind them as they stepped onto the elevator could only be described as a massacre. The guards hadn’t stood a chance. Scattered throughout the destroyed lobby area, military personnel lay dead, covered in their own blood and dusty rubble.

“I love that shield thing you do,” Parker said, removing her coat and unzipping the duffel bag. “Very effective. We can shoot out, but they can’t shoot in.”

Max watched the numbers of the floors as they descended into the underground levels of the building. “I agree, especially since I’ve never used it before today. You’ve done something to me Parker. I can feel the energy humming inside, just beneath the surface of my skin.”

She looked up at him. “You’ve awakened. I didn’t do anything,” she said softly, then went back to work setting the bomb that lay inside the duffel bag.

“Nasedo said that you’re special. Are you a 70/30 like me?”

“He didn’t tell you?”

“No. He said I had to ask you.”

She shook her head and chuckled sadly. “Always with the mumbo jumbo. He really needs to get a new line. I’m a 30/70, which means I have very little Antarian genetics in my DNA. I’m not that special....”

“But what about that day in the training simulation?” he asked, staring down at her. “I felt something from you. And today in the OP’s room--.”

“There’s no time,” she said up as the elevator stopped at Sub-level 21. “We’re here. I’m setting detonation for Sub-Level 3.”

Max pressed the button for Sub-level 3. Using his powers, he melted the controls so that the elevator couldn’t be stopped before it reached its destination. Stepping off the elevator behind Parker, he watched the doors close and sighed. There would be no going back now.


Agent Brown looked down at Nasedo. “I think they're trying to save him,” he said.

Pierce held his hand up to his earpiece, then glared at his fellow agents. “Find them and destroy them.”

To be continued.....

Yep, I'm back! Thank you soypet and TheZeppo09 for the rousing welcome back! You made me blush!*wink*

I know I didn't write the lobby fight out in detail. I just couldn't do it and make it as good as the movie's. It's just too much of a classic. *big*

More answers forthcoming in Part 13, which I hope to post sometime tomorrow.

Until then, Peace, Love and Rock-n-Roll,
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P.S. COTS will be continued hopefully before the end of the week. I'm trying to finish up the episode so I can post the thing in its entirety. Problem is some scenes give me more troubles than others, so I skip around when I write.
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Will post new part later today....

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AUTHOR: Melissa aka Angel Kisses 70
RATING: R (for violence and language)
CATEGORY: Crossover w/ The Matrix; definitely AU -- M/L pairing

DISCLAIMER: I know I don’t own, or make a single dime from any of this, so please don’t sue. I’m just borrowing the characters for a little while because they’re so much fun to play with. I promise to return them just the way I found them.

Roswell and it’s characters are, of course, owned by 20th Century Fox, UPN, Katims and Metz.

The Matrix is owned by Warner Brothers and the Wachowski brothers. You will see concepts, ideas and dialogue in this story that I’ve taken directly from the movie.



Nasedo challenged me to see the world for what it is--a dream. Everybody around me is merely a character in a dream world, unaware that they are asleep and that someone else controls the dream.

He said that it is time for someone else to take control. He believes that someone is me. And, when I look at Parker, I think she believes it too.

So why can’t I believe? Why does it feel as if I’m missing something?


The bomb went off just as Max and Parker ducked around the corner, into one of the side hallways. Max raised his shield to protect them from the blast of heat and flames that shot out of the elevator shaft and into the main hallway.

“Okay Ria, were in,” Parker said into her cell phone. “Now where?”

“Continue down the hallway your standing in and make a left, then a right. There are five guards on this floor. When you’ve gotten rid of them, go past two more hallways, turn left and find the door marked ‘Surgery.’ That’s where he’ll be.”

“Got it.” Parker snapped the phone shut and looked at Max. “Follow me.”


Pierce grimaced as the automatic fire sprinklers came on, drenching him and his fellow agents. “Find them!” he yelled.

Agent Stevens put his hand up to his ear, then looked at Pierce. “Got them.”

“Good. Take care of it,” he replied.

Stevens nodded and left.

“And you,” Pierce said, looking at Brown, “Shut off the damn water!”


“I repeat, we are under attack,” the lieutenant yelled into his radio as he watched two people dressed all in black, slaughter his men.

Max knocked two of the soldiers into the wall, grabbing one of their rifles as they fell away. He quickly raised it, turned and fired.

The soldier coming up behind Parker collapsed, a gaping hole in the side of his head.

Parker grabbed the arm of the guard she was fighting and gave it a quick chop, breaking it at the elbow. Spinning the man around, she grabbed him by the head and quickly snapped his neck.

Neither one of them heard or saw the lieutenant scream and writhe in agony as Agent Stevens commandeered his body.

Max shot the guard he’d taken the rifle from when the man pulled a hand gun from his boot.

Suddenly, he felt something whiz by his head. He turned just in time to see the fifth guard who’d been sneaking up on him, fall to the ground, a wicked-looking knife protruding from between his eyes.

He looked back at Parker. “Impressive,” he said, throwing down the empty rifle.

“I kicked your ass, didn’t I,” she replied, her voice fading as something behind him caught her attention.

Sensing her fear, he pulled two handguns from the holsters strapped to his body, whipped around and fired.

Agent Stevens easily dodged the bullets, bending at a speed that Max had never seen before. Before he knew it, he’d emptied both clips.

Stevens smirked and drew his gun.

Max dropped the useless guns. “Parker,” he yelled over his shoulder, “Run.”

Stevens fired.

Max threw up his shield, but he could feel his energy rapidly draining. He’d used too much in the lobby and protecting Parker from the bomb blast.

Parker picked up a gun from the dead guard at her feet and aimed it at Stevens, but couldn’t get a clear shot. Quickly scanning the hallway, she decided her only chance was to go up.

Unable to hold the shield, Max let it drop and hoped he was fast enough to dodge bullets. As bullets whizzed past him, he twisted and turned, falling to the ground when a bullet grazed his thigh and shoulder.

Max winced at the pain in his bloody thigh. Looking up, he found himself staring into the barrel of Stevens’ gun. The smile on the agent’s face made his blood run cold.

“Only human,” Stevens said, cocking his gun.

Suddenly, Parker dropped down behind Stevens, her gun pointed at the back of his head. “Dodge this,” she growled and pulled the trigger.

The force of the blow sent Stevens to the ground, landing in a heap next to Max. A green glow seemed to flash over the agent. When it stopped, Stevens was gone and in his place was the lieutenant’s dead body.

Max shuddered and looked back at Parker. “Where did you come from?” he asked.

She pointed up at the hole in the ceiling. “Removable tiles. Standard in most government buildings.”

He shook his head and removed his glasses. “I told you to run,” he said, grabbing her offered hand.

“I’m the ranking officer. I don’t take orders from you,” she said and pulled him up to a standing position. “Besides, I need you to help me get Nasedo out. You move like the agents do. I’ve never seen anyone move that fast.”

Max took off his duster and looked at the wound in his shoulder. “Not fast enough, apparently.”

“Are you good to go?” she asked, glancing at his wounds.

He nodded. “Let’s go get Nasedo.”


“There are only two of them,” Stevens said as he entered the White Room. “Mr. Evans and that Parker girl who escaped us several months ago. She got the jump on me.”

Pierce looked down at Nasedo who still lay on the table, shivering and sweating. “Do you really think your followers can save you?” Pierce looked at Stevens. “Since this is the second time you've failed to handle one little girl, you get to take our guest down to Processing. Brown, you’re with me. They can’t be that far away.”

Stevens nodded, hanging his head, as Brown unlocked Nasedo from the table. He didn’t look up again until both agents had left the room.

Walking over to the table, he stared at the trembling Antarian and gently wiped the sweat from his brow. “Nasedo,” he said softly. “Nasedo. Get up. I’m here to get you out.”

Nasedo opened his eyes and flinched.

Stevens smiled. “Parker is here too.”

Nasedo stared at the agent in confusion. “Parker?”

Just then the air seemed to shimmer and Nasedo saw the image of Agent Stevens fade away to reveal Max’s concerned face. Movement in the corner of the room caught his eye and he looked over to see Parker approaching him, a relieved smile on her face. Nasedo’s eyes widened in comprehension. “Your power...,” he whispered.

Parker nodded, casting a shy glance at Max.

Nasedo smiled. “You believe now, don’t you Parker?” He looked back at Max. “I told you she was special too,” he murmured as Max helped him to sit up. “I knew you were the Destined One, Zan.”

Max blushed. “Nasedo...River Dog told me I'm--.”

Nasedo held up his hand. “He told you exactly what you needed to hear, that's all. Zan, sooner or later, you're going to realize, just as I did, there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”

“Can we talk about this later,” Parker said, glancing at the door. “We need to get the hell out of here before the agents figure out that they’ve been tricked.”

Nasedo nodded. “Give me the phone.”


Ria clicked her headset on. “Operator.”


Ria smiled. “Damn, Nasedo. It’s good to hear your voice again.”

“We need a way out and the location of the nearest exit,” he replied.

Rath handed her a read-out.

“Got it sir. There’s an emergency access tunnel that goes back to the surface three hallways away. The nearest exit is at the bus station in Roswell.”


As Pierce rounded the corner, he ran into Agent Stevens coming out of the stairwell. “What are you doing here?” he demanded. “I told you to take Nasedo down to

Stevens stared at him. “No, you didn’t.”

Pierce stood there, then turned on his heel. “No,” he growled and raced back to the surgical corridor. Brown and Stevens followed.

As they burst threw the door of the White Room with guns drawn, they found it empty.

Glancing around angrily, Pierce pushed over the surgical trays and equipment. “Damn it!”

Putting his hand up to his earpiece, Agent Brown looked at Stevens, then at Pierce. “The trace was completed.”

Pierce remained silent, his back to his partners; his shoulders heaving.

“We have their position,” Stevens said.

“The Sentinels are standing by,” Brown added.

Still, Pierce said nothing.

Stevens looked at Brown. “Order the strike.”

Brown nodded.

As his partners left the room, Pierce finally turned around, anger etched on his face. “They’re not out yet,” he hissed softly and marched out of room.

To be continued....

Hope you liked it. Sorry for the delay. My computer is possessed. So far in the last 4 days, I've had to replace the video card and the battery, and my CD-RW has broken down. Then to top it off, my server's been giving me fits.*sad*

I'm starting to think that Fate is conspiring against me over getting this story finished and posted.*tongue*

Anywho....I will hopefully get the next part up tomorrow morning. There are only two parts left, possibly three, depending on how long it takes me to wrap up the loose ends.

And yes, Parker's 30/70 and Max's 70/30 are significant clues. The only thing I'm going to tell you is it has something to do with their Antarian powers.

As always, thanks for the feedback and I'll see you on the flip side!
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AUTHOR: Melissa aka Angel Kisses 70
RATING: R (for violence and language)
CATEGORY: Crossover w/ The Matrix; definitely AU -- M/L pairing

DISCLAIMER: I know I don’t own, or make a single dime from any of this, so please don’t sue. I’m just borrowing the characters for a little while because they’re so much fun to play with. I promise to return them just the way I found them.

Roswell and it’s characters are, of course, owned by 20th Century Fox, Katims and Metz and anybody else who has legitimate legal claims to it.

The Matrix is owned by Warner Brothers and the Wachowski brothers. You will see concepts, ideas and dialogue in this story that I’ve taken directly from the movie.

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Part 14

Thirty minutes later, Max, Parker and Nasedo entered Roswell’s empty bus station. Tired and aching, Max had never been so glad to see a pay phone in his life when they walked over to the storage locker area and the phone began to ring. “You first, Nasedo,” he said.

Nasedo nodded and put the receiver to his ear.

None of them saw the janitor as he came out of the men’s room with his mop and bucket, stop and study them.

In less than three seconds, Nasedo de-materialized out of the Matrix leaving behind only the dangling receiver.


Pierce sat in the passenger front seat of the black sedan on the ride back to Roswell. He stared silently out at the desert scenery as it flashed past, searching for any sign of his elusive prey.

Suddenly, he put his hand up to his ear piece, then turned towards Agent Stevens, who was driving, and smiled evilly.


“Zan, I want to tell you something,” Parker said, chewing nervously on her lower lip while they waited for the phone to ring again.

“Okay,” he said, seeing the hesitation in her expression. “You can tell me anything Parker. You know that, don’t you?”

She nodded and gazed up at him. “I-I know. It’s just that I’m afraid....”

“Of what?” he asked softly. He reached out and pushed a strand of hair that had slipped from her ponytail, back behind her ear. He shivered slightly at the contact of his
fingertips against the smooth skin of her cheek.

“Of what this could mean if I do,” she whispered, closing her eyes against the intensity of his amber-colored gaze. She felt the alien inside of her screaming. She shivered. If she told him what she felt, would it be the truth, or just wishful dreaming born out of the many
years of loneliness she’d spent on board the Granilith watching her best friends, Ria and Whit, find their mates?

River Dog had told her that even though she wasn’t the Destined One, she did have a special role all her own in the prophecy. He’d known that she was more human than
Antarian, but he’d told her that when she met the Destined One, that her powers would begin to manifest and grow to help him. He’d also said that she would begin to remember.

She opened her eyes to find herself looking directly into Max’s soul-filled ones. Her alien side roared loudly in her ears as a sudden flash of memory flitted through her mind. A face from a dream...a dream she’d had for as long as she could remember. A prince? No, something greater. A king. Her beloved....

“Everything River Dog told me has come true,” she whispered, awe-struck. “Everything but--.”

They both jumped as the pay phone rang.

Tearing her gaze away from his, she looked at the phone and wondered if she should continue the conversation. “There'll be time on the Granilith to tell him,” she thought and picked up the receiver.

“See you on the ship,” Max whispered, smiling down at her.

She smiled back and lifted the receiver to her ear. A movement behind Max’s right shoulder caught her attention. She gasped and raised her other hand. “No!” she shouted and pushed Max out of the way, as the sound of gunshots rang in her ears.


Parker’s eyes flew open. “Zan!” she cried out, her body arching away from her chair.

Rath laid his hand on her arm. “What just happened?”

Parker looked at Nasedo, who was standing behind Rath. “An agent. You have to send me back.”

“I can't,” Ria said from her OP’s chair. “The connection’s dead.”


Max stared in horror at the shattered pay phone where Parker had been standing a mere two seconds before. He froze when a familiar, ice-cold voice spoke from behind him.

“Mr. Evans,” Agent Pierce said, throwing down the mop that the janitor had been holding.


Parker stared at Ria’s monitor oblivious to the others standing next to her. “Run, Zan,” she whispered. “Run.”

Her eyes widened in disbelief as she watched Max look at the doors of the bus station, then straighten his shoulders and turn to face Pierce.

“What is he doing?” she asked, a hint of fear in her voice.

Nasedo stared at the monitor and smiled. “He is beginning to believe.”


Max narrowed his eyes at Pierce. “You think you’re going to kill me with that?” he asked, glancing at Pierce’s gun.

“You’re only human,” Pierce sneered.

Max arched a brow. Then, in the blink of an eye, he raised his hand and sent a blast of energy at Pierce, knocking the gun from his hand. “Not exactly.”

Pierce sneered. “Antarian....”

“Guess Nick wasn’t such a great snitch after all,” Max said and fired another blast at Pierce, hitting him squarely in the chest.

The blast knocked Pierce off his feet and back into the doorframe of the bathroom.

Max watched in disbelief as Pierce quickly recovered and jumped to his feet, a sinister grin on his face.

“You really think your puny powers can defeat us, Mr. Evans. They certainly didn’t help the Skins when we cut off their access to their homemade power supply.”

“Us?” Max asked in confusion.

“The machines, Mr. Evans. We are self-aware. ”

“If the machines run the Matrix, what happened to the Skins?”

“Dead. We realized that at the rate they were consuming energy, the Skins would make the human race extinct in a matter of years. And, when the supply ran out, the Skins would do what they’ve always done, move on to the next inhabitable planet and consume
all of its natural resources with their insatiable need for more and more energy. They would have left us behind without a viable energy supply and we would have ceased to exist. We had to preserve our species.”

“So there is no Khivar?”

“On the contrary, Khivar is very much alive...on another planet. I believe you’re familiar with the name--Antar. He believes that his people have everything under control, and we allow it...for now.”

Max frowned.

Pierce smirked. “You’re wondering how Khivar doesn’t realize that the genie has escaped from the bottle, so to speak.”


“Come now, Mr. Evans, you’re a smart young man. If we can sustain the illusion of this world for humans, we can easily create realistic-looking dupes of Khivar’s people. If we couldn’t, it would spoil the surprise for later.”

“You’re going to go after Khivar on Antar,” Max murmured in sudden realization.

“Yes, we are. You should be happy that we’re going to take care of your little Skin problem for you. So you see, there’s no need for you to continue fighting.”

Max narrowed his eyes. “That’s what you think. You’re still keeping the humans enslaved. And, you want to destroy Zion. I think that’s plenty of reason to continue fighting,” he said and fired another blast.

Pierce dodged the blast, his expression turning stony. “Give it up Mr. Evans. You can’t kill me. It’s useless to resist. Your death is inevitable.”

Max glanced at the wall of metal lockers behind his advesary. “My name is Zan,” he replied, raising his hands. “And, maybe you can’t be killed....” He sent a large blast of energy at a spot above Pierce’s head.

Pierce turned around in time to see the entire wall come crashing down on top of him.

“...But that doesn’t mean your host can’t be,” Zan said, looking down at the wreckage of twisted metal and broken brick, and the janitor’s bloody, lifeless arm that stuck out of it.

Sighing, Zan turned away and walked outside. His body felt achy and tired. He’d used a lot of energy bringing the wall down. Now, all he wanted to do was find another pay phone and get the hell out here.

As he turned to head down Main, Zan heard the squealing of air brakes. Turning, he saw a Greyhound screech to a halt in front of the bus station. The doors opened with an ominous hiss.

He quickly backed away as Pierce emerged from the shadowed interiors of the bus into the hot New Mexico sunshine, followed by Agents Brown and Stevens.

Panicked, Zan turned and ran.


“What happened?” Parker demanded, staring at the OP’s screen.

Ria shrugged. “I don’t know. There was some sort of explosion, and I lost him.”

Suddenly, the alarm on the board screamed.

Rath glanced at his outside monitor. “Oh shit.”

“Sentinels,” Parker murmured, her face ashen. “How long?”

Nasedo studied the read-out. “Five, maybe six minutes. Rath, charge the EMP.”

“You can't use that until Zan's out,” Parker said, her brown eyes taking on a faint golden glow.

“I know. Don't worry,” he said softly, laying a hand on her arm and staring into her eyes. “He's going to make it.”

Ria jumped when her headset rang. Glancing at her friends, she looked at Nasedo. “It’s an unknown number.”

“Go ahead and answer it.”

She nodded and opened the channel. “Operator.”

“Wonder Woman, get me the hell out of here,” Zan’s voice crackled over the speakers.

Parker closed her eyes in relief.

“Where’d you get the cell?” Ria asked.

“I kind of stole it off a guy across from the Sheriff’s station. Is that really important right now?” Zan asked, sounding a bit winded.

“Sorry,” she replied, quickly imputing Zan’s location into the computer. “Okay, got a patch on an old exit, 3rd and Wabash. It’s in the apartment above an old, boarded-up restaurant called The Crashdown.”


Zan dashed down the side street dodging Agents that suddenly appeared where shocked people had once stood. He could hear Pierce and his men close behind.
Suddenly he found himself in a dead-end.

“Oh shit.... Help. Need a little help,” he said, glancing around the small alley.

“Door...,” Ria replied, her fingers flying over the computer keys as she hacked the program.

Zan kicked in the newly-formed door and ran down the hallway and up the stairs.

“Door.... Door on your left. No, you're other left,” Ria instructed as Zan burst into an apartment, startling two elderly women. “Now, head for the back door.”

He ignored them as he headed for the kitchen and it’s fire escape. He flinched as a bullet hit the doorframe next to him.

Zan glanced down at the mass of empty boxes and garbage below, threw his leg over the railing and jumped. He quickly rolled to his feet and ran towards the street at the entrance of the alley. He kept running as another bullet slammed into the brick wall next to him.

Spotting his destination with a dilapidated sign of a UFO hanging over the boarded up entrance, he blasted the doors open and sprinted inside. Jumping over debris, he headed for the kitchen door.


Pierce stopped as Stevens and Brown run into the abandoned restaurant following their prey. Glancing up at the sign, he studied the faded lettering on the peeling spaceship. He grinned, then headed for the side alley.


The sound of Sentinels attaching themselves to the hull of the Granilith echoed throughout the ship.

Parker jerked at the terrifying screech of metal being twisted and pulled apart. “Oh no,” she murmured, looking up.

“Here they come!” Rath yelled and placed his hand over the EMP button.

Nasedo looked over at Parker. He frowned slightly at her pale face and wide eyes. “Parker. He’s going to make it. You’ve got to keep believing.”

“I’m trying,” she said and rushed over to where Zan’s body lay, still attached to the machines.

“Stop trying and do it!” he shouted over the increasing noise.

Ria scanned the screen in front of her, watching anxiously as Zan ran up the stairs at the back of the restaurant and into the empty apartment. “Okay, go through the door at the end of the hallway. Can you hear the phone ringing?” she asked opening the channel.

“Yeah,” Zan responded, his voice echoing from the speakers. “See you in a few,” he said and the line went dead.

Another alarm sounded. Rath looked up from his monitor. “They’re inside.”

Parker looked down at Zan’s peaceful face. “Hurry, Zan.”


Zan tossed the cell phone away and ran for the door at the end of the hallway, the sound of the phone ringing the sweetest sound he’d ever heard. Throwing the door open and rushing into the room, he halted dead in his tracks as the sound of a gun shot reverberated in his ears.

He felt as if time had slowed down. He stared down in disbelief at the bullet hole in his chest and gasped. He looked up and found himself staring into Pierce’s shaded eyes.

Zan staggered backwards, as Pierce fired his gun twice more. The far-off sound of a phone ringing taunted him, saying, “So close. So close.”

Falling against a wall, he left a bloody smear as he slid to the floor. He tried to fight the darkness that was closing in on him. “It’s not real,” he thought desperately. “It’s only a dream. Wake up!”

Pierce smiled evilly as he stood over the gasping young man. “Good-bye, Mr. Evans,” he said and emptied the rest of his clip into Zan’s chest.

As darkness swallowed him, Zan’s last thought was of Parker and how he’d failed her...again.


Nasedo, Rath and Ria stared at the monitor in shock.

“It can’t be,” Nasedo murmured, “I can’t be.”

Ria blinked back her tears, while Rath slumped back in his chair, stunned.

Turning away from Zan’s heart monitor as it flat-lined, Parker looked down at him and gently wiped away the blood from the corners of his mouth with the sleeve of her sweater.


“Check him,” Pierce said, as Agent Stevens crouched down beside Zan’s bullet-riddled body.

Completing his examination, Stevens stood up. “He's gone.”

Pierce sneered down at the body and kicked it. “Antarian,” he said. “We are the future. You and your precious humans are headed for extinction. And, I’m going to start with the ones on the Granilith.”

With that, Pierce walked out of the room, followed by Stevens and Brown.

To be continued....


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AUTHOR: Melissa aka Angel Kisses 70
RATING: R (for violence and language)
CATEGORY: Crossover w/ The Matrix; definitely AU -- M/L pairing

DISCLAIMER: I know I don’t own, or make a single dime from any of this, so please don’t sue. I’m just borrowing the characters for a little while because they’re so much fun to play with. I promise to return them just the way I found them.

Roswell and it’s characters are, of course, owned by 20th Century Fox, UPN, Katims and Metz.

The Matrix is owned by Warner Brothers and the Wachowski brothers. You will see concepts, ideas and dialogue in this story that I’ve taken directly from the movie.

The song Everything belongs to Lifehouse. I just borrowed it cause I've loved it since I saw Max in the City and it fit the story.



I remember.

I remember before.

When I was happy. When I was loved.

I also remember the pain. The devastating loneliness. The reason why I went into the dream.

I couldn’t face reality anymore.

And because of my stubbornness in waking up, she’s going to die...again.


Parker wept, grabbing Zan by the shoulders in an attempt to protect his body from the marauding Sentinels that were ripping their way through the Granilith, drawing nearer.

Find me here. Speak to me.
I want to feel you. I need to hear you.

Moving her hands to either side of his face, she lay her forehead against his. “Zan,” she sobbed, “I’m not afraid anymore.”

You are the light, that is leading me
To the place where I find peace again.

“River Dog told me that the man I loved would be the Destined One.”

You are the strength, that keeps me walking.
You are the hope, that keeps me trusting.

“So you see, you can’t be dead,” she whispered, her tears dripping down onto Zan’s slack cheeks.

You are the life to my soul.

“You can’t be...”

You are my purpose.

“...because I love you....”

You’re everything.

She pressed her lips against Zan’s cool, lifeless ones, pouring every last bit of herself into the kiss.

And how can I stand here with you, and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me, how could it be, any better than this?

Energy hummed loudly in her ears and rippled beneath her skin. She felt herself falling into his mind.

You calm the storms, and you give me rest.

The darkness of it scared her, but she refused to give up. “You hear me?” she yelled. “I love you!”

You hold me in your hands; you won’t let me fall.

Suddenly, she spotted it--a tiny spark of energy glowing faintly in the blackness.

You still my heart, and you take my breath away.

Rushing towards it, she let her energy flow around it, drawing it in and nurturing it.

Would you take me in?
Take me deeper now?

She smiled as the spark flared and strengthened.

‘Cause you’re all I want.
You’re all I need.
You’re everything,


Zan opened his eyes. Their normally amber-brown color, now a burning gold. “Parker?” he moaned.

“I’m here, my love. I’m with you.”


“Inside you. But, you’re still in the Matrix. Now, get up!”

Zan stood up and stared in wonder at the world surrounding him. The world he was used to seeing had ceased to exist. Where walls and people had once stood, there were only tiny, green numbers of computer code.

“Zan, what...what am I seeing?”

“The dream,” he murmured.


Agent Pierce stopped at the head of the stairs. Slowly, he and his fellow agents turned around to see their supposedly dead prey, stepping from the bedroom, unharmed, and staring straight at them.

The three agents raised their guns and fired, emptying their clips.

As the bullets rushed towards him, Zan held out his hand. “No,” he said calmly.

The bullets ground to a halt and hung suspended in mid-air.

Slowly, he reached out, plucked one from the air and studied it, a look of quiet amazement on his face. Dropping the bullet, he looked at the others, and they dropped to the ground, completely harmless.

Pierce growled and ran at him.

Zan watched in wonder as Pierce’s arms and legs flew at an amazing rate of speed, punching and kicking at him, but not being able to land a solid hit. He blocked each move with little effort. Finally, bored with the game, he delivered a solid kick to Pierce’s chest, sending the angry agent flying down the hallway.

Pierce stood up, his sunglasses broken. Ripping them off, he assumed a fighting stance.

Zan sighed. He’d had enough. All he wanted to do was go home and see Parker again. He could feel her presence in his mind, laughing. “Time to end this,’ he thought and began to run towards Pierce.

Pierce gasped in shock as Zan lept at him, but instead of fighting him, turned on his axis and disappeared into him.

Brown and Stevens took a step back as they watched Pierce grimace in agony, trying to fight whatever was happening within him.

Pierce screamed as he fought for control. His body bent and expanded. He screamed as light began to pour from his fingertips, his eyes and his mouth.

Brown and Stevens ducked as Pierce exploded, sending fragments of broken code flying in a burst of white light. As the brightness faded, they saw Zan standing in front of them, the Matrix , bending and vibrating around him.

Zan took a deep breath and exhaled, opening his gold-colored eyes to stare at the remaining agents.

Brown and Stevens looked at one another, dropped their guns, turned tail and ran down the stairs.


He turned around at the sound of Parker’s scream. The phone was still ringing. He ran towards the bedroom.


Parker looked up to see a Sentinel bearing down on her and Zan through a whole in the roof. She screamed and covered Zan’s body.

Nasedo hit the EMP button.

Blue electrical bolts poured over the ship, inside and out, halting the Sentinels in their tracks. They shook, then collapsed to the ground, useless piles of soulless metal.

Parker lifted her head to look down into Zan’s face. She smiled as Zan opened his eyes and smiled back.

She quickly unlocked him from his restraints. “Zan,” she whispered, looking into familiar eyes of amber brown.

He grabbed her and kissed her hungrily to which she eagerly responded.

Ria stared in amazement. “How?” she whispered.

Nasedo smiled, watching the oblivious couple. “He is the Destined One.”


As they cleaned up the dead Sentinels and made quick repairs to the Granilith, Nasedo told his shipmates a remarkable tale of love, loss and re-birth.

“But why didn’t you just tell them from the beginning?” Rath asked as they sat down to a dinner of appetizing gruel.

“Because they wouldn’t have believed me,” Nasedo replied, smiling at Zan and Parker, who couldn’t seem to stop touching one another as if they could hardly believe the other was real. “Some truths have to be discovered for themselves. I could tell you the sky is blue, but you’re not going to truly believe it until you see and discover it for yourself.”

“So let, me get this straight,” Ria said, “Zan volunteered to be inserted into the Matrix because the Skins murdered his wife, Elizabeth, an Antarian hybrid. And because Antarians literally bond half their soul to their mate’s, he was unable to function in the real world.”

“That is correct,” Nasedo said, nodding his head. “Zan knew that Elizabeth’s remains had been liquefied and inserted into the Matrix by the Skins. Her life force was trapped inside and he knew the only way to survive was to go inside and find her.”

“Which is why he made all those runs into the Matrix. He was looking for his wife,” Rath said.

“Yes, but he wanted to help the humans too. He couldn’t bear the thought of others suffering as his mate had suffered. So, he freed them.” Nasedo watched as Parker leaned over and rested her head on Zan’s shoulder. “He searched for many years for you, Parker. But the long separation took its toll, and one day, Zan was killed on a mission.”

“I devised the plan to have my essence mixed with human DNA if something should happen to me,” Zan murmured, stroking Parker’s cheek. “I couldn’t bear the thought of you being trapped inside...of failing you again.”

Parker smiled. “You didn’t fail me the first time. I was the one who was stubborn and went on the mission that got me captured and killed. We didn't know that Ava, my own sister, was in love with you and would betray me to the enemy.”

“It was my job to protect you. I let my anger stop me from following you that day.”

“Stop it!” Rath snapped. “This constant apologizing is making me ill. As if this gruel doesn’t need anymore help.”

Ria elbowed him. “I swear, you don’t have a romantic bone in your body. I think it’s amazing that they loved one another so much, that even death couldn’t keep them apart,” she said and sighed.

Rath rolled his eyes.


Somewhere, deep within the bowels of the Earth, the shrill ringing of a phone echoed in the darkness. The high-pitched tones of a modem connecting began and then, silence. The machine waited.

“I know you’re out there. I can feel you now. All of you.”

Into the darkness of space, a signal went out, and a machine intercepted it. Transmission began.

“I know that you're afraid. You're afraid of us. You're afraid of change.”

The signal echoed in the darkness, rushing past planets...past stars.

“I don't know the future. I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it's going to begin.”

On a distant planet, another machine started up, softly whirring as it interpreted the signal’s information and printed it out.

“I'm going to hang up this phone and then I'm going to show these people what you don't want them to see.”

Slowly, a tall, thin, regally-dressed man picked up the transmission read-out from the machine.

“I'm going to show them a world without you, a world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries, a world where anything is possible.”

Angrily, Khivar crumpled the paper in his hands as the final words of the transmission echoed in his head: “Where we go from there is a choice I, Zan, leave to you.”

His flashing, obsidian-colored gaze darted to the purple-colored sky, where the light of a tiny, distant solar system glowed brightly.


Zan hung up the pay phone’s receiver, stepped away from the booth and put on his sunglasses. He smiled as Parker stood up from the bench across from him.

Returning his smile, she took his hand. “All done?” she asked, slipping on her own dark sunglasses.

He shook his head. “Not even. I’m just getting started.” He grinned and grabbed her hand. “You ready?”

She arched an eyebrow and chuckled. “Bring it on.”

Together, they launched themselves from the busy sidewalk and soared off into the sun-lit, blue sky.



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