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Title: Unforgettable Summer
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing...
Category: M/L
Summary: Extremely AU – No aliens! Liz Parker is what you would call a fairly average teenager living in California. Max Evans is a brooding
teen in a young men’s reform center not too far from where Liz resides. What happens when Max escapes and has only Liz to turn to? (Max and Liz won’t have the same characteristics they have in the show, at least not at first – keep that in mind).
Author’s Note: In all honesty, I haven’t written in a long time and haven’t posted on this board since last February, so I’m at least a little rusty. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things though, so please, please tell me what you think of this story! Thanks so much!


Part 1

“Liz, honey,” her mother called from downstairs, “Breakfast is ready!”

Liz groaned and pulled the sheet over her head, “I don’t care, it’s the first day of summer vacation and I want to sleep!”

“Liz, I made a haircut appointment for you for this morning in one hour, so get up!”

Kicking back her covers and pulling back her hair with an elastic, Liz shuffled to her door and then descended the stairs leading down to the kitchen.

“Wake up, sleepy-head!” Her mom laughed as Liz glared at her. She wondered if this was how vacation was going to be: boring and typical. If she only had an idea of what laid ahead in the summer that would change her life….

In the Young Men’s Reform Center just a few short miles from Liz’s house, the breakfast bell was rung. Young boys and mature teens alike, though incredibly different in personalities couldn’t resist the bell that meant food after a long night. Everyone, except Max Evans. The kids made fun of him and joked about him, but he didn’t care… He didn’t know how to care… His family wasn’t around, if they were even still alive he didn’t know, and he knew that there was a huge chance that one day he’d find himself in prison. So he didn’t care if he didn’t eat or if he didn’t sleep, because his life was going down the drain anyway.

“Evans!” A voice called.

Max turned, “What?”

“You comin’ to breakfast?” asked the little short kid who pretended to be his friend.

“Each meal I miss is one step closer I get to dying,” Max retorted bitterly.

“Yea well you’re not gonna get another meal for awhile so if you change your mind you know where I’ll be.”

Max grunted and kept walking away from the mess hall. He had to get out of the place, he knew it. If he had to be there, he’d rather be dead. But he’d prefer to have his own life. Out in the world. And he was going to find someway to get it.

“BBBBRRRRIIIINNNNGGG!” rang the phone from the other room and Liz, cotton between her toes and a nail polish bottle in her hand, shuffled to grab it.

“Hello?” she asked when she finally reached it.

“Hey, Liz,” said a familiar voice, “It’s Leanne. Me and Ash we’re going to the movies, you wanna come?”

“Um, sure,” Liz replied, “When?”

“Tonight, the movie’s at eight.”

“Alright I’ll meet you there!”

“K, bye!”


After hanging up, Liz started getting ready to go out, expecting nothing more that a cheesy horror film and some movie popcorn.

Max, sitting alone at a picnic table, had started devising a plan for that night. He wanted a way out. Now. He couldn’t endure the place any longer. But it had to be a good plan. It couldn’t fail on him or he’d be placed in solitary confinement for days and that’s the worst punishment you could receive.

He looked over at the ten-foot fence and the barbed wire wrapped through the top and couldn’t for the life of him figure out how to get over it. Regardless of how, it had to be pitch dark, it would be necessary to his plan being carried out. There had to be no way anyone would see him.

Then it came to him… His jeans! The kids at the center were
supplied with clothes that sported the center’s name, but those clothes included the toughest jeans Max had ever seen, meant to endure the work and fights that took place. Max looked again at the barbed wire. The fence would be easy enough to climb, but the wire would have to be crossed. And with tough jeans on the wire and Max’s hands grabbing the inch space between the barbs, he might just be able to flip over it without being snagged or hurt. That was it! It was possible, he could escape! Why didn’t he think of it before?

And there was tonight’s plan. He’d sneak out of the building when everyone was asleep, it was getting hot and they always kept at least one high window open. It wasn’t very smart, but he figured that most of the officials at the center took the kids for being stupid. If they were stupid enough to get caught doing something in the first place, then they probably were stupid enough to get caught doing it again. So they didn’t worry much about open windows. But Max wasn’t stupid. He wasn’t textbook smart, but he was clever, and that’s what would save him.

Plan in place, he wandered back to the sleeping room to further plan the specifics of it.

Back in Liz’s town, the terrible movie, withstood by three teens unwilling to let their money be a complete waste exited the cinema into hot, muggy air.

“Ugh,” Liz groaned, “It’s disgusting out here!”

Her friends nodded and then, right on schedule, their ride pulled up.

“Sure you don’t wanna come back with us?” Leanne asked.

“Yea,” Liz sighed, “If it were my choice I would, but my mom said my brother would pick me up on the way back from his girlfriend’s.”

“Ok. If you change your mind, call and we’ll come back! Byebye!”

“Thanks! Bye!” Liz called and then seated herself on the bench outside of the theater.

Now ready to embark on his journey into the world, Max sat up in his bed. It was only eleven at night, but the kids were made to go to bed at nine every night and most of them fell right to sleep. Two hours having passed since then, he figured everyone was asleep. Lucky for him, his bunk was the top bunk and taking a deep breath, he stood up on his bed. The window ledge was only a few feet up from his bed and he grabbed on and pulled himself up, and crawled out the window. Staying low on the roof, he crawled to the edge and slid down the gutter. He barely breathed as he sat down on the ground, gathering his thoughts and wondering if he should go on or not.

He decided he should, as he was this far already. Staying low to the ground and dashing through the darkest area to the fence, he pulled the jeans that were wrapped around his waist, from his body. He quickly and quietly ascended the fence and draped his jeans over the barbed wire. Being sure to grab the wire between the barbs, he somersaulted over the fence and tumbled to the ground on the opposite side of the fence from the center.

Looking up, he smiled, making this the first time he had since he’d entered the place. But now that he was out, he had to leave, they’d notice he was gone very soon.

Composing himself, he started to sprint down the road. He needed to find a town, with food. Free food for that matter. He hadn’t possessed money for many years. Since they’d taken it away.

Once his muscles started to cramp, he jogged and jogged for awhile until he started to see light over a hill. Figuring there must be a large town there, he kept running. And when he got there, that’s exactly what he saw. He passed some businesses, closed for the night, and a couple of stores. Then he came upon a movie theater. There was a girl, who seemed to be his age, sitting out front on a bench eating candy.

Trying to stop breathing so hard, he approached the girl, “Um, hi,” he said, “Can I have some of that candy?”

The girl looked up, startled, “O, um, sure, have it all…”

“O, thanks!” he cried, “I’m Max.”

“I’m Liz,” she turned away then. She didn’t know if this guy was crazy or homeless, or just a hungry guy, but she was a little scared of him.

“Liz,” he said quietly from behind her and she turned to look at him. “Liz,” he started again, “I need your help.”



~Kate *bounce*

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Thanks so much for the feedback! I will continue this, but it might take a little time between parts b/c of school. Thanks again!

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Part 2

“Excuse me?” Liz asked, slightly confused.

“Will you help me?” Max pleaded, “Please?”

Liz sat back for a moment and pondered this, “Wait, so let me get this straight,” she said, turning around again, “You’re a perfect stranger to me and you just want me to help you?”

“We’re not perfect strangers,” Max smiled, “We know each others names and we’ve shared food.”

Liz, though marveling at the sexy smile this Max character possessed, asked, “Well, I don’t know what you want or what you want me to do – but what would even make me want to help you?”

“Because you’re sweet, and caring, and have a heart and sympathy for a guy your age who has no family, no money, and no place to stay.”

Liz sighed and looked up again at him and then noticed the logo on his shirt, “You’re from the reform center.”

Max glanced down at his shirt and nodded, “Uh, yea, I am.”

“Did you escape?”

Max nervously laughed, “Well, uh, -“

“You did didn’t you?” Liz persisted.

Max suddenly looked much less enthusiastic and he slowly nodded. Then their eyes connected like they hadn’t before. It was more intense and more serious and Liz realized he wasn’t there to harass her, but more to honestly ask for help.

“Ok, look Max, I will help you,” Liz sighed, “But I need your word of honor that you are a decent person, and you weren’t put in that place for, say, raping someone.”

“Liz, you have my word!” Max cried.

Liz nodded and then looked up a little puzzled, “What did you do to get put in there?”

Max, seeing that Liz was not going to turn him in, sat down next to her, “I borrowed a car.”


“Well, yea, just without asking beforehand.”

“You stole a car?!”

“Look, whatever happened, I don’t have family so they had to put me in a place where I could live without the support of them.”

Liz took this in for a second and then wondering if she should, asked, “What happened to them?”

Max slumped back in the seat, “When I was fifteen, my mom died. So I lived with my dad. But he had been pretty unstable since before my mom died and had been a recovering alcoholic. After she died, he started up again and one day disappeared. I don’t know where he went or if he’s alive or what.”

“Omigod, that’s terrible! Max, I’m sorry.”

Max shrugged and then remembered why he was here, “Liz, can I hide out somewhere and have you bring me food or something? At least until I get my strength back up so I can leave?”

“Yea, sure. Ummmmm, there’s an abandoned, boarded up building you can stay in. It’s up this road, your first left, then your first right and it’s the big bluish house.”

“Ok, I’ll go there tonight.”

“Don’t let anyone see you go in. A couple years ago a group of kids were busted for trying to set firecrackers off in it and since they’ve kept a better watch on the building, because its in the historical district and they can’t knock it down.”


“And I’ll bring you food on my way to school tomorrow morning.”

Suddenly a car appeared in the parking lot.

“Oh, that’s my brother!” Liz cried.

Max jumped up, “Thanks so much, Liz, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Absolutely,” she smiled.

And then he disappeared around the corner.

“C’mon Liz!” her brother yelled impatiently.

Climbing into the car, Liz could just see Max’s figure round the first corner and she wished with all her might that she would be able to pull him through this.


~Kate *bounce*