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Sorry about the dely! Here is the link for parts 1-3
Part 3=
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Ok, here is Part 4...
Once everyone had made their escape excuses, Kyle and Lily were left alone walking along the beach. The sun was just setting, and it was really beautiful. Kyle had earlier insisted that at sunset, you have to walk along the beach barefoot, so Lily and Kyle removed their sandals and just walked along the waters edge, talking about everything as the waves splashed at their feet.
“You know Lily, just to warn you, I think the gang is trying to set us up. Because I know how they can become! Liz won’t stop until she has gotten what she wants, and Izzy and Maria will just whip up an evil little plan between the to make us get together. They can become pretty dangerous!” Kyle explained with a sigh. He really liked Lily, she was interesting, smart, funny, and she was beautiful. Kyle wasn’t one to beat around the bush. He wanted to get to know her better and he was going to let her know right out front.
“Yeah, I kinda got that idea when they all came up with excuses to get us alone.” She replied with a giggle. She was jumping up and down on the inside. ‘Was Kyle interested in her?’ She asked herself. He sure acted like it, and Lily was determined to find out before the night was over. “Do you think that it will work?” she asked as she bit her lip and looked up at him.
Kyle was taken aback. He was shocked at Lily’s last comment. ‘Was she interested in him?’ he asked himself suddenly. “I sure hope so.” He replied with a grin “Listen Lily, I really like you, and even thought we kinda just met this morning, I was kinda wondering if you would wanna go with me to the beach party next Saturday?” He asked in a rush looking down at her hopefully.
Lily couldn’t help the huge smile the spread across her lips. HE DID LIKE HER!!
“I would love to.” She responded with a confident smile.
“Great!” Kyle reacted, twisting his hands together.
“I’m just a little curious as to why Liz kinda freaked out about Tess earlier at the Shore Shack, you know, and what the deal is with Tess…” Lily mumbled looking down at the footprints her bare feet left in the sand that the waves quickly washed away without a trace.
“Yeah, me and Tess don’t exactly have a very good history. She moved to Spring Grove back in the sixth grade and I had a huge crush on her. I remember hanging out on the beach with Michael, Max and Alex, back then we weren’t allowed to surf, that was for the bigger kids. Anyways, I used to write poems about her as I watched the sun set off the coast. I remember thinking I was in love. Yeah right! So, anyway, I was totally nuts over her and it was a well known fact that she had the hots for Max, every girl did back then… and he only wanted Liz of coarse, that lucky SOB…
But finally in the ninth grade, after 3 years of mooning over her, she suddenly became interested in me. So, after a while we started to date and stuff. Then, about 6th months after we started going out, Liz informed me that going out with me was just another lame plan to get with Max. I was totally crushed and I locked myself in my room and just wanted to crawl into a corner and die. The only one I would let in or even talk to was Liz because she helped me. I hated Max for a while, and I still don’t understand why I did, but then Liz explained to me that Tess’s plan didn’t work and that Max was really mad at her for what she did to me. So I got over it and I haven’t even talked to her since then, in exception to this afternoon. Well, after this little soap opera stunt, you would think that Tess would never show her face again, Right? Wrong! She started to hang around us like we were her best friends all of the sudden! I thought it was pretty twisted at first, myself. So, she is following us around, and then she started to try to talk to me, to be my friend and say she was sorry! I wasn’t about to fall for that trick again so I just left her alone and ignored her. She has hung around us ever since, but I have a feeling that after what happened today, that is all going to change. Whatever Max said, I could tell by the look on his face that he was pretty tough on her and she won’t be coming around for a while. That wraps up the Tess situation, and as for what Liz pulled this afternoon, I haven’t the slightest. I think Max is going to talk with her though. I hope that she is ok…”

Max glanced for the hundredth time that day over at Liz. She was looking everywhere but up at him as she tried to join in on Izzy and Maria’s joking. All of the sudden, Maria broke out in a fit of giggles. Michael chuckled to himself as he watched Maria. She was so crazy sometimes!
The gang met up after leaving Kyle and Lily to the rest of their tour. They were sitting at their favorite picnic table on the beach in the state park area. That was where all the camping was done and it was fun to hang out there. Isabel looked up from Maria’s display to Liz’s face. She was looking super stressed since this morning and Isabel had wanted to talk to her alone for a long time but Max wouldn’t let her out of his sight. It was pretty clear that Liz was trying to avoid Max, but the determined look on his face told her that sooner or later, Max would talk to her. ‘I guess he is going for sooner’ she thought as Max stood up.
“Um… I’ll catch you guys later; I’m going to head out. Liz, I wanna talk to you, so… are you coming?” Max questioned as he pretended to be cool and not going nuts with worry on the inside.

Liz sighed to herself. She knew this was coming. She could tell Max was worried and she wasn’t making it much easier avoiding him. “Yeah, sure. Later guys.” Liz smiled tightly at her friends.
“Bye chica, Izzy and I were gonna stop by later, you know, for girls night. If you are still feeling up for it, we can be there around 8:30?” Maria offered, her eyes filled with worry for her friend.
“Sure, I’ll see you at 8:30. Bye” Liz called as she started to walk away. She knew Maria and Isabel were probably just as worried if not curious about earlier as Max was, so she might as well get it over with.
Once they started to walk, Max grabbed Liz’s hand. She squeezed it lightly, trying to tell him that she was all right, but he just held on tighter.
“I was thinking maybe we could just hang at my house or yours, what do you think?” Max questioned lightly and looked down upon her.
“Sure, your place sounds great.” Liz replied.
About 5 minutes later they arrived at Max’s door. He pushed it open and they breezed into the kitchen. Liz loved Max’s mom and dad. They were really nice and never asked to many questions, much unlike her parental units.
“Hey Mrs. Evans.” Liz said quietly flashing a full out princess smile.
“Hey mom.” Max replied, obviously distracted with other things on his mind.
“Hello kids, what are you two doing home so early, it’s only 7:00? Your usually out until 12 or so in the summer?” Mrs. Evans questioned warmly as she looked the two children up and down. Max was clenching Liz’s hand tightly at his side and tried to put up a cool front to his Mom. They had something to discuss. Something Important.
“We’re just going to hang out, see ya mom.” Max called as they began to walk up the stairs. Once up to his room and sitting comfortable on his bed, Max popped the first question.
“So, about earlier….” He began looking right at her. He had planned out exactly what he had wanted to ask her in his head and now it all seemed to disappear.
“Yeah, Listen Max, I don’t know what came over me. I mean like one minute I was fine and the next I just lost it! I’m so frustrated.” She said, her face in her hands.
“It’s ok, come here.” Max soothed as he pulled her to him.
“I don’t know what has been going on with me lately, it seems I have been edgy all week.” She explained, as tears silently rolled down her cheeks. “It’s so weird, I’m so confused.”
“It’s Ok, I’m sure it is nothing, you know, with summer being almost over, we’re all a little bummed.” Max tried to comfort her.
“You probably right…. It must be that.” She mumbled into his shoulder.
A while later she lifted her head to glance at the clock. They had been sitting here for almost an hour! It was 8:00 and she had to get home for Maria and Izzy.
“I got to go. Izzy and Maria should be over in a half hour. I still have a few things to do before they arrive.” She explained as she tried to wipe away the evidence that she had been crying.
“Alright, do you want a ride home?” Max questioned as he pulled himself to a sitting position.
“No, that’s alright, I need to sort some things out, I’ll see you tomorrow. Love ya. ” She replied as she stood up
“Ok, I’ll call you, Love you.” He answered with a half smile.
She gently kissed him on the cheek and headed for the back door. She would take the short cut home; she really needed to think some things through…

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Ok, this is the thread that has the fic on it, sorry for confusion...
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Since this story is at it's beginning stages, it may be a little confusing. The story line is beginning to fold out and explain a couple of thngs. Once the characters become aware of whats going on, so with the readers. I know, freaky concept..... Thanks for reading...
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Ok... So here is the deal.
I was about to write the next part, until my friend Val(Who is also Roswell obsessed) asked me if there were any aliens in this fic. I had earlier come to a conclusion to that question, but she opened her big mouth which got me to thinking...
So, I decided to ask you guys, should there be aliens or no aliens. I already have ideas as to where the story will lead either way...
So, please reply or e-mail with your thoughts to this question. It will help me a trillion!!!
Well, since I had already started part 5, the whole alien issue PROBABLY won't come into play
but don't hold me to it....
Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year!!!!
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My friend Trish mentioned the other day that on a lot of posts I put 'Keep it real' and that it is super dorky! What can I say, I guess I'm a super dork!!!
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