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Author note's:this after departure tess left to Antar,
there's no baby


It was thrusday night Max and Liz were watching a movie it was Tomb Raider Max wanted to see it. So Liz thought what the hell she'll watch I. By the time it was over Liz was glad it was her turn to pick next week.It was getting late so Max left but before he left he gave Liz a kiss good night and told I love you. Liz went to take a shower put her pj's on. Just a baby blue tank top and cloud's pj bottoms.Brush her teeth put her hair in a pony tail and went to bed. Liz started to dream she was in a pod but that couldn't be she's not a alien.She woke up to the sound of her alarm.6:00am she got up and took her shower.She was runing late so she grab a glass of juice.Maria came to pick up Liz COME ON LIZ!beep beep coming Maria. Liz give her dad a kiss good bye and was off. She got to school right before the bell ring. She gave Max a quick kiss and was off to take test in math.2:30 school's out!! Liz was off of work it's friday. Max and Liz were in a heated make out session. When his cell phone went off damn it!What do you want? Hi to you to o Maxwell. What is it? you promise me you would go to the mall and help me pick a gift for Maria with me. Your right I forgot all about. See you in a second Liz I'm so sorry I'm going to have to take a rain check. It's okay are you sure yeah you better get going before I change my mind. I promise to make it up to. Don't make promises you can't keep.I'll be sure to keep this one.bye love you, love you too.Liz called Maria, hi Maria hi Liz so you didn't finish telling me about your dream well I was in a pod, you were in a pod?yeah I know it's werid but it felt so real.By time they finish talking it was 10:00 I s late I better hang up bye. Liz started her normal routine she went to take a shower, brush her teeth and her hair put on her pj's and went off to dream land. Liz was dreaming she was in a room a girls by the looks of it she was looking out the window the sky was yellow so for sure she was'nt on earth.When she heard a knock at the door. A women came in and told her bags are ready. Okay I'll be there in a second she turn back to the window. She thought the scene was beautiful. Out of no where someone yelled Princess Zetra it's time to leave, coming. Liz sat straight up and Zetra?

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