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Title: lost
Disclaimer: I don't own jack shit... you guys should know that by now.
Couples: Max/Liz, Michael/Maria
Description: AU. Nothing on the show happened... Everyone is a senior in highschool, there are aliens and humans... you get the idea.
Part 1
Sometimes I wonder what exactly is the difference between fact and fiction. Are we to consider the events of our past and everyday occurences as inarguable truth? Then what of those who deliberately hid themselves beneath a coat of lies so that they are percieved to be another. Are we to take such person at face value or must we first discover what lies beneath their shell? Is the truth always hidden so deeply that no one is able to see it? And what of god? ... what of me? Based upon conventional wisdom I... Her train of thought was interupeted by a sudden loud voice that brought her back out of the depths of her mind and into the harsh reality of her life. "Liz honey, are you all packed? We're leaving for Bradley in twenty minutes."
Liz put down the pen and rubbed her eyes. She looked at the barran walls and empty closet. Every one of her belongings was gone without a trace, as if nothing had been there to begin with. 'It's funny how quickly things can dissapear' she thought to herself. "Yeah Mom, I just need to brush my teeth, then I'm all set."
"Ok honey."
Liz sighed as she shut her journal. "I guess now that I'm going back home I can officially end the lie... can't I?"

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Thanks for the feedback guys :D I'm so glad that you all like it so far :D

Part 2
"Maxwell Evans get your ASS down here this instand!" A short girl with long luxurious curls, and an angry disposition bellowed.
"Coming Maria" A tall boy with dark hair and soulful eyes mumbled as he shut off the cd player and descended the stairs.
"Don't you coming Maria ME! Especially since you betrayed the sacred trust of brother-sister relationships!"
"Maria. Calm DOWN."
"Oh don't you tell me to calm down mister!"
Max reached the bottom of the stairs only to witness his sister ripping at her hair and pacing around the landing. "Maria.. tell me what I did."
"Like you don't know."
"Maria, I won't know if you don't tell me."
"MAXWELL EVANS. You told Michael Guerin that I had a crush on him DIDN'T YOU?"
Max tried desperately to hide a grin that had begun to spread across his face. "That's IT?" He asked and burst into a fit of laughter as he looked at his sister's enraged expression.
Maria tapped her foot against the floor and cleared her throat. "I'm glad that you find this funny Max. I hope that you won't mind then if I tell that little whore Tess Harding, who obsesses about you to no end that you want to fuck her brains out."
"You wouldn't."
"Or would I?"
Max looked at his sister in disbelief, and sighed. "Well do you like him or not?"
"YES, but that's beside the point! You're SUPPOSED to be my gal-pal! That doesn't mean that you dish my shit to a certain spiky haired male with the most adorable eyes, a perfect complexion, sexy body, well endo..."
"Sorry... but you get the idea."
"If you like him that much I think you should go for it. I think he's perfect for you."
"REALLY? I mean butthatwouldbreakthebiggeststupidsmallthingthatwe'vehadforalongtime."
"Beside the fact that I didn't understand a damn thing that you just said, YES."
"But But..."
She was interruped by another tall blond with straight hair and dark brown eyes walked across the hallway. "I'm LEAVING."
"Ok Isabel." Max responded.
Maria rolled her eyes, and whispered to Max, "Good Riddance. I can't believe what she did to Alex... I mean she dumped the poor kid the day after his parents died."
"Yeah, I know she can be a bitch sometimes..." Max hissed.
"I'm going to call Alex... I feel so bad for what she did to him."
"Yeah, that's a good idea." Max responded and went back upstairs to fantacize about his chestnut haired dream girl.
Michael sat in his trailer with half empty beer bottles littering the floor reflecting on the news that Max Evan told him about his sister Maria. Sure, he'd admired her from afar for years, but he'd always been afraid to act on his feelings. What if she learned his secret, then what would she think of him? He knew that she'd be too scared of him to come near after he learned his secret. "Michael, you're being stupid." He told himself in a hushed voice. He clenched and unclenched his fist until he swiftly moved his hand upward and punched a hole in the wall. "I'm so fucked up. Why am I the one who got stuck with this? Did I do something awful for this to happen? Am I that awful? Ugh. Why am I so fucked up?" He collapsed on his bed in a fit of angry tears. Nothing in his life felt right in his life since he'd arrived in this hell hole, and nothing would until he found his home again.
Well here I am in an airplane flying from Connecticut to New Mexico. It's so unreal, because while I knew that I would come back eventually, I never imagined that it would be this soon or involve death. It's so sad that my cousin Alex's parents died in a car wreck so that I may possibly find what I've been looking for. Although I haven't been in Roswell for over ten years, I seem to remember every moment of time that I spent there much more clearly than anything else in my life. So I wonder if anyone will remember me, and even though I doubt it, I've managed to hope that they have because I've NEEDED to believe. I promise that once I get settled in Roswell I will explain things further, it's just that I've always had this silly belief that if I talked or wrote about what happened in a place other than Roswell, I'd loose everything I'd spent my life searching for. Ok but here's what I can tell you. My mom and I are going to settle into life here in Roswell now while my dad settles things back east. We'll be taking over the Whitman's Crashdown Cafe, and from what I hear it's a really popular place. My only hope is that it isn't some dinky alien themed tourist trap, but somehow I know that it is, so I really am not looking forward to working there. School starts in a week there, so I'll be ushered right into my senior year at West Roswell High... I hope that in my short time before school starts I will manage to make at least one friend. Oh well enough of my babbling, we're about to land now so I'll stop writing, but just so you know... I am Liz Parker and I am nervous.


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Ok.. I had some time in a long ass car ride today to write some more so I wrote part 3. I'm glad that you guys like my little story so far, and Yes Maria is an Evans (why? because I like Max/Maria interaction.), and the four aliens are NOT all the same from the show. But anyway... thank you for the feedback, and go out and buy Tori Amos' new CD because it rocks. I know this part is kinda fluffy but I PROMISE that I will get into the good stuff in parts 4 and/or 5.
Maria sat in her room contemplating whether or not she should call Alex. She knew that the accident and the breakup with Isabel had been hard and Alex didn't have a lot of friends. She took a long look at the phone and muttered, "Evans, just do it." Maria grabbed the phonebook, looked up the number and dialed.
"Um... hi Alex it's Maria, you know Isabel's sister."
"Oh great. Just what I need. A phone call from another one of the Evans bitches."
"Alex. If you're going to act that way I'll just hang up the phone right now."
"God you two are so alike."
"Fuck you ok? I was just trying to be nice and ask you if you wanted to do something fun and get to know eachother... because I actually think that you need to have a gal pal who won't screw you over... ok?"
"I... er... I'm sorry. I've had so much to deal with lately."
"Hey, it's ok. I know it must be hard to loose both of your parents in a car wreck and my bitch of a sister isn't helping things."
"Yeah well... I would love to do something today Maria, but I can't. My aunt and her daughter are moving in today and I don't think it's a good idea to be out."
"Do you want me to come over? Living with the Valentis must have been hell... even if it was just for a couple days."
"What do you mean? Kyle has it all figured out. Budda and Porn are the only things that one needs on the path to enlightenment."
"Are you shitting me?"
"Nope. The guy's a meditation freak."
"Holy SHIT! I'm so coming over." Maria replied and slammed down the reciever.
Tess Harding grinned as she rubbed herself at varying speeds while imagining the devilishly handsome Max Evans' large cock when the phone rang. "Hello?"
"Hey Tess... it's Isabel?"
"Hey can I call you back... it's a bad time."
"What? Whacking off to my brother again?"
"I will so fuck that boy this year."
"Whatever Tess. But anyway, I feel guilty over what I did to Alex."
"GOD ISABEL! Don't you care at all about your image? I mean SERIOUSLY he's so.... not our caliber."
"Fuck you Tess."
"Bitch! You know I'm right."
"Yeah well... wanna go shopping or are you too busy thinking about Maxie waxie's engorged member?"
"Shut up. Yeah, let's go."
"K... you driving."
"Hell yeah, I hate that fucking jeep."
"No shit."
"See ya in ten."
The minutes slowly passed by on the small wall clock of the trailer. Michael knew the schedule by heart. 6:15- Hank gets off from work. 6:28-Hank gets to the bar and drinks himself blind. 11:43-Hank stumbles in drunk and takes off his belt in search of Michael. Michael touched a tender spot on his left arm and sighed as he took another glimpse at the clock; 7:10. "Fuck it, I'm leaving." He muttered as he threw on a jacket and left the room.
Liz sat silently in the passenger seat of the silver ford taurus while her mother droaned on about some insignificant fact wondering about the unknown. This continued for what seemed like hours until the car slowed to a hault.
"We're here honey."
"I...I...ok Mom."
Nancy Parker flashed her daughter a small smile and squeezed her hand. "Is my strong girl about to let her mom in?"
"MOM. I'm just nervous ok?"
"Yeah, I know honey.. it's going to be fine."
"Ok... here goes nothing." Liz answered half heartedly and exited the car with her mom.
"Budda for dummies? BUDDA FOR DUMMIES?" Maria squeeled.
"Yeah, well he's got to be the insightful jock." Alex responded.
"I seriously can't believe that Kyle Valenti believes in this crap."
"Yeah... so anyway how's Isabel?"
"Alex. I don't see why you still care about her even after all she did to you."
"Well despite my little outburst from earlier I actually think that she's a nice person."
"She's my sister Alex, and I don't see it."
"Maybe because you don't try to see..."
"Alex..." Maria began sympathetically, but was interrupted by a doorbell. "Are you... oh do you think that's your family from Connecticut?"
"Um... I dunno probably." He stood up and walked toward the door with Maria right behind him. He looked out the peephole and saw a petite brunette accompanied by her mother, a taller graying red head who was trying desperately to get her daughter to look more involved. "Yeah, it's them" he answered as he opened the door. "Hi..."

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Thanks for the FB guys... it's a great motivator :D I so should be doing my AP Spanish essay right now, but hey... that doesn't matter now does it? ha ha. I'm glad you guys still like this. I know I haven't done much with the whole sci-fi aspect of things yet, but well I think it's a good idea for everyone to get to know eachother and get a feel for one another first. I hope I'm doing justice to Alex, because he's the hardest one for me to write. BLAH. I'm babbling. ANYWAY I hope you guys enjoy this and it's always nice to get a little bit of feedback ;D (I know it's short... but I didn't exactly plan on typing this tonight... it just happened.)
Nancy gave Alex a sympethetic smile and embraced the lanky teen. "I'm so sorry." she whispered.
Liz stood there looking a bit anxious and out of place while she observed the exchange between her mother and cousin, giving them space and made no effort to include herself in the exchange.
Maria noticed the younger girl who had immersed herself in a spot on the pavement. She took a step toward the dark haired girl and was taken aback by her understated beauty. "Hey, you must be Alex's cousin."
"Yeah... are you his girlfriend?"
"HA! No. He only has eyes for my sister. Name's Maria."
"Well Liz you don't talk much do you?"
"Sorry." Liz whispered in reply.
"Hey, it's ok. I've got a brother that's exactly the same way."
"Cool. I don't have any brothers or sisters..." 'anymore' she added in her head.
"Really? You can HAVE my sister if you want. She's a first rate bitch who expects everyone to cater to her. I swear sometimes I just want to slap her silly. Oh and my brother Max is completely delusional. He sits in his room for hours on end listening to this depressing music while he thinks about this girl with dark brown hair, deep brown eyes, and guess what? He's never even seen this chick. Hey... she looks a lot like you... he showed me a sketch once. Did I mention that you would be perfect for my brother? I mean REALLY. I'm going to drag your ass down to my house and introduce you..." Maria paused to take a breath and noticed a brooding boy with spikey hair slowly approaching. "HOLY SHIT!"
"W...What?" Liz asked, genuinely interested into the world that Maria had created.
"Don't look now but the hottest guy ever is walking towards us."
Liz turned quickly and noticed the grumpy boy kicking his feet as he walked. "HIM?" Liz asked increduously.
Unaware of Liz's doubts, she hissed "I told you not to look."
"Who is he?"
"Michael Guerin." Maria responded as she began to look off into space.
"Oh my GOD Maria. You are so whipped."
Alex, who'd finally escaped from Nancy Parker and her deliberate attempts to relate approached the two giggling girls. "And what are we talking about now that Maria has managed to get Liz out of her shell?"
"Michael GUERIN" Liz answered mocking Maria's actions.
"Yeah?" Michael asked casually overhearing his name spoken amongst the three teens.
Liz's and Maria's faces turned bright red as Alex attempted to conceal a smile. "Well, Maria, Liz, and I were just talking about people in town when Maria began to go on and on about how much she wants your gorgeous ass. Isn't that right Maria?"
Alex and Liz looked at the expressions on Maria's and Michael's beet red faces before looking at each other, then subsequently burst into hysterics. Liz grabbed Alex's arm and pulled him away from Maria and Michael.
Max sat in a corner listening to "long december" by the Counting Crows while holding a notebook, rereading all the comments he'd made about his dream girl over the years. Her name is simple and elegant so that it sounds wonderful off the tongue, but fails to subtract from her timeless beauty. Her skin is a creamy olive, soft to the touch, and free of any blemishes that would scar her angelic features. Her hair a deep shade of brown that cascades down her back and lands above the small of her back. Her eyes are a dark shade of brown that reflects a perfect combination of childlike innocence and deep understanding. Her body small and fragile, as if she could break at any moment, but also quick and agile in the hope that she could always escape from harm. She is intellegent, independent, caring, loving, selfless, and understanding. She can always make me smile and manages to accentuate my good qualities. She is my better half, and I am hers. Max allowed a single tear to fall from his soulful eyes because he knew that such a girl could only exist in his mind.
"Hey Michael."
"Maria... I..."
"Michael I um.. wow this is awkward."
"Yeah... but uh..."
"What Michael."
"Ok I might as well say it. What Max told me about your..."
"It's ok Michael."
"Yeah, I totally understand that you don't think about me that way. God I'm so sorry that Max bothered to tell you that..."
"Maria, no... NO! I was going to tell you that what Max told me was the best thing I'd heard in a long time and well I was wondering if you wanted to do something now, or later, or whenever."
"Well... we could go to the movies... let me just go check on.."
Alex and Liz emerged from their hiding spot on the side of the house, and simultaniously stated, "go Maria! It's FINE."
"Yeah.. Ok." Maria looked at the two of them, glad that they'd helped her but annoyed that they'd listened in, and continued. "Liz, I'm goin to give you my number and I want you to call me later because we have to do something and I have to hook you up with my brother."
"Uh.. Ok Maria have fun. I'll call you later."
"Are you sure you're ok?"
"Yeah, I'll live you know... I do still have to get to know my new partner in crime here." Liz joked as she gestured towards Alex.
"Bond. Alex Bond."
"Uh... YEAH." Michael said and took one more look at the brunette, she was new to Roswell... what was her name again? Lynn, Lela, LIZ.
"Ok bye guys." Maria shouted as she waved at Alex and Liz.

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Thanks for the FB guys... I'm sorry about the delay... I kinda have a lot of homework and stuff (boo) and that always seems to get in the way of my story. :( BUT anyway... this part should answer a few of the questions about who's alien and who's not... well at least for two of them.
"Well that was..." Liz began.
"Yeah, well... how did you handle my Mom?" Liz asked rolling her eyes.
"She's nice. I don't see what's so wrong with her... I mean you act so upset whenever she's around."
"Alex, it's just that she's so... ugh I don't know how to explain."
"WEll, I think that you should stop over valuing her, I was never close to my parents and now I regret it."
"You don't get it do you? At least your parents WERE your parents! Ugh! I mean seriously, do you know how hard it is for me to BE here?" Liz yelled as a few angry tears fell down her cheek. Quckly she wiped them away and took a deep breath. "This is just crazy. Can we stop talking about this? Who's this girl that Maria said you're infatuated with."
"I... Isabel." Alex responded defeated.
"What's she like?"
"Um... she's gorgeous, she has long blond hair and brown eyes, um.. she likes to keep everything inside and act like a total bitch just to keep people at arms length, but she's really kind and caring once you get underneath her facade."
"Sounds like you like her a lot..."
"Does she know how much you care about her?"
"She dumped me before I could..."
Liz nodded her head; this Isabel girl was someone she could definately relate to. "She's scared of you. She'll never admit it, but trust me she's afraid of what you feel for her, and what she feels for you. She thinks that once she's happy with her life that you'll realize that you're too good for her and she won't have the upper hand anymore... and then she'll loose her place in it all."
"You mean that she's afraid of the Whitman charm?" Alex gave her an incredulous look.
A small smile crossed Liz's face. "Give her time, and don't give up. That's what she's afraid of most of all."
"Are you afraid?"
"I'm too smart for that. I know exactly what I want and no one could achieve that expectation..." Liz began to look off into space and silently added, 'except for one person.'
"Is it easier to talk to girls?"
"Huh? What?"
"It's just that you seem to have closed yourself off again, but Maria manaed to bring the real Liz Parker out."
"It's just that it's strange to open up to someone... I mean a part of me wants to let you in, but at the same time I've spent my whole life closed off from people."
"I don't know." Liz responded sadly.
Sensing her discomfort he didn't press the subject. "Liz, do you want to drive over to the Crash with me so that you can start to set up your room?"
"Sure, let me just go ask my mom..."
"Actually, she suggested it. I think that she understands how out of place you feel right now."
"Oh ok, why not?"
"Really? Cool. There's not much there but you do have a balcony."
"That's great! I've always wanted a balcony."
"Yeah... let's go."
Max groaned as he heard the bickering of Isabel and Tess invade his quiet reflection. He sometimes wondered why Isabel was friends with that whore, but he'd begun to realize that it wasn't exactly a matter of friendship as much as image enhancement. He knew that his sister wanted to look good amongst her peers, but he thought it was so pointless.
"Is Max home?"
"Probably..." Isabel answered, not interested in making her brother squirm.
"Yeah, I hear his sob music playing... I'm gonna go and cheer him up."
"Tess no..."
Tess hurried up the stairs before Isabel could finish, but just in time to bump into a fleeing Max. "I'm sorry sexy thing... what's up?"
"Obviously not his dick..." Isabel muttered.
"Tess, I've got to go.."
"Want me to come... I could warm you up cuz it's starting to get cold."
"Not really... it's kinda important that I go alone."
"Well, if you get bored you'll know where to find me." She whispered into his ear and brushed her hand against his jean covered manhood.
"Yeah..." Max replied disinterested and walked away from Tess and towards the jeep.
Isabel walked up to Tess and snydly said, "Wow Tess, I'm impressed a record 15 words!"
"Shut up bitch."
"So Michael, what do you want to see?"
"I dunno... how about Zoolander?"
"Zoolander? What's that?"
"It's this comedy where this dude has one life and then these people take it away and give him another."
'Sounds familiar.' Maria mused. "Well, at least it's better than some dopey alien movie."
"Well then, let's go."
Alex drove through the streets of Roswell until he reached the Crashdown Cafe with it's big logo on the top. "I know it's not the ritz, but here's where you'll be living."
Liz couldn't help but laugh at the tacky alien decorations. "Has my mother seen this?"
"No, why?"
"She'll FREAK OUT because it's so tiny."
"It's bigger than it looks..." Alex said defensively.
"I'm not dissing it, it's just that my mom likes to show the world exactly how much money our family has."
"Oh... yeah I noticed the Prada bag and the strappy sandles with sweats."
"Manolos, and even her sweats were brand name."
"She's going to hate Roswell."
"I know."
Max drove around aimlessly until he realized that he was hungry. So he pulled into the Crashdown parking lot with an alien blast on his mind. He shut off the ignition and exited the car when he caught sight of a petite brunette struggling to carry an enormous box. He decided that Saturn Rings could wait and he walked over to the girl. "Need some help?"
Liz laid down the box on the hood of Alex's car and looked over at the defined abs of the man that offered to help her and then moved her gaze upward until she looked into his soulful brown eyes. "I..."
Max looked at the girl's flustered face and immediately knew that she was what he'd been waiting for his entire life. He met her intense gaze and fell into her chocolate depths. "I..."
Liz felt something within her awaken as she continued to stare at him. The memories of her childhood came to the surface and she realized that he was the little boy who'd waited expectantly for her to break through the green mass that encased her and join him in the real world. He was the one who she knew she loved even in the few moments that they had together. "You..."
"I.." Max responded as the memories of his birth came flooding back to him. He was the first of them to break free, and his first instinct was to sit and wait for the little brunette in the pod on his left to join him. Even as a child she was his world, and to see her now lifted a huge weight off of his shoulders.
Alex walked up to the two of them and was shocked at their trance-like state. "Liz, you are SO not trying to make me do everying." He waited for her to respond, but was surprised when neither of them acknowledged his presence. "Liz... Liz... LIZ!"
She blinked and was confused by her surroundings. "W..What?"
"Well I see that you've been too busy with Max Evans to do any work."
"I.. I'm sorry." Liz blushed.
"It's ok... here how about we finish this and then I'll leave you alone to go and talk with Max."
"Hey Alex, it's ok, I'll help Liz finish moving this stuff."
"Uh.. Ok. I think I'm gonna go then man. Is Isabel at your place?"
"Yeah, she's busy with the beast though."
"The beast?" Liz asked.
"Tess Harding."
"Well I'll take my chances."
"K bye Alex." Liz said with a big grin plastered on her face.
"Just so you know your mom'll be here in two hours so don't get too involed."
"BYE ALEX." Liz laughed and pretended to be annoyed as she watched him drive off. "So..."
"...yeah..." Max added in awe.

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Ok here's just a quick little drive by note sort of thing... (yes it's a diversion from my AP Spanish homework.. BAH) um but yeah Liz and Max are the two announced aliens (no I'm not giving anyone else away... sorry ;) ) Max and Liz WERE together for a short time in the pod chamber but then they got seperated (again no spoilers... yes I know I'm evil.) I will TRY to update tomorrow.. it all depends on homework. Thanks for the FB guys... I love that you guys like this.

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Wow I actually AM posting tonight, hmm thank the homework gods... or something. (read as: I probably DO have a lot of homework, but I also have a lot of classes in which to do it in...) Blah but anyway, I'm totally excited that you guys are liking this and stuff. Hopefully this will answer some more questions about who's alien thing and how and why Max and Liz get seperated. Ok but enough babbling, thanks for the FB and I hope you guys still continue to enjoy this.
Michael felt at home in the company of Maria. Sure, they'd bickered over the years, it was one of the things he liked about her. But to just enjoy eachother's company warmed his heart in ways that he'd never imagined. He glanced over at Maria, who was laughing her head off, and was certain that she'd never looked more beautiful. He sighed and tenatively put his arm around her shoulder and was surprised when she leaned in. A smile danced across his face... yes things were beginning to look up for him.
"Yeah... uh so..."
"Um, well Max.. so..."
"This is so strange."
"Yeah, well what do you expect when we're the way we are?"
"Good point. You look exactly like how I imagined... you know that I've never forgotten about you."
"Neither have I, you know it's incredibly weird, but I couldn't even talk to other guys without feeling like I was cheating on you."
"I couldn't think of anyone but you, wow I can't believe that this is real."
"Yeah, I know."
"Wow... um god, I'm such an idiot. I'm Max Evans."
"I'm uh Liz Parker... Alex's cousin."
"I kinda figured, are you going to West Roswell High?"
"Yeah, I'll be a senior."
"Me too. Where uh did you live before you moved back here?"
"Connecticut. Are there... do you know of any others..."
"Yeah, my sister Maria."
"Oh! I met her, she's nice."
"Yeah she is. Um Liz?"
"Do you know anything about home?"
"No, I wish I did you know?"
"Yeah, it'd be nice to know why we were all sent here from wherever we came from."
"I know! You know I never allowed myself to think about it, since I was alone and everything, but I would really like to find out... I wanna go home and see it you know?"
"Yeah... um I know it's not home or anything, but I can show you where we were born if you want."
"Really? You know where it is? I want to see it so badly!"
"Sure, how about tomorrow."
"That'd be great!"
"Ok well then let's do it.. want me to uh help you get these boxes inside so we can talk about it some more?"
"Yeah, let's go."
Alex waited patiently for Isabel to answer the door, but groaned when Tess appeared. "Hey Isabel! Dork boy's at the door for you!"
"Fuck you Tess." Alex spat out.
"Oooh! Is Mr. Whitman pissy?"
"Yeah, well it's better than being pathetic, Tess. I saw Max earlier.. he was quite stuck on a girl..."
"I KNEW IT! My 1-2 punch worked!"
"...Too bad it was my cousin from Connecticut. I guess Max doesn't like dirty, blond sluts like you, right Tess?"
"Screw you Whitman."
"No thanks. I don't know what sort of STD you've got this week."
Isabel, who'd hid behind the door burst into a fit of laughter.
"Isabel, you're such a bitch. I can't believe you think that this is funny."
"Run along Tess Run along." Alex stated dryly as Tess hurried out the door.
"Hey Alex."
"Hey Isabel."
"Well I think that's the last of them." Max declaired.
"Yeah, so here let's sit on the balcony."
"Ok." "Well, we ended up in an orphanage. It was weird because neither of us knew a word of English, but somehow I understood that he was my brother, you know a part of my family. He was adopted first, and then the Parkers adopted me a day later... they were interested in taking both of us in, but it didn't work out. How about you?"
"Well Maria and I got picked up by the Evans and were adopted... nothing all that interesting."
"Oh, did you tell anyone about what you are?"
"No, not even Isabel."
"Oh. My friend Hillary knows because when we were little she caught me changing the color of one of my dresses from royal blue to a really bright green. She was really cool about it... she's like one of my only real friends. I dunno why, but I think that my dad knows that something's up with me... who knows?"
"Hey, that's cool."
"Yeah... wow I really can't believe that this is happening."
Max smiled at her and brushed a stray piece of her hair behind Liz's ear. "I think that you being here is the best thing that's happened to me in a long time."
She felt her cheeks redden as he spoke. "Max, you barely know me."
"Yeah, but I like what I do know and I'm looking forward to what I'll discover about you."
Her cheeks grew even redder as he continued to speak. "Max..."
"Oh SHIT! It's my mom."
Max couldn't help but smile, she was so cute when she swore. "It'll be ok."
"How am I supposed to explain to my mom, that I found my first uh boyfriend within an hour of arriving in Roswell?"
A dopy grin spread across his face. Did she just call him her boyfriend? "You think that I'm your boyfriend?"
"Um... I'm sorry you know it's just that......"
"No No No! I can't believe how lucky I am to have found someone like you."
"R... really?" Liz asked as a solitary tear fell down her face.
He ran a hand through her hair and wiped her tear away. "Yes, really. You're absolutely beautiful, you know that?"
"Max, no one's ever said that to me before."
"Then they're blind."
"shit." Liz muttered.

I believe that she's a devil bitch.
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Ok here's a quick drive by note. I probably won't be able to update until friday night cuz I've been so fuckin busy. SOOO you guys are going to suffer until then (I'm so completely and totally sorry... but I've been fuckin busy with "real life" and that of course takes prescidence over the internet.) Thanks for the FB guys... um things should start to pick up for the kiddies soon so it's all good. Blah I'm tired and I have to get up at 4 am (yeah it's like 12:30 am now)

I believe that she's a devil bitch.
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Oh and another thing... what the hell is with censoring out f*ck and sh!t? I mean come on... all the cool kids in my fic do it... and it's sometimes hard to ascertain which one it is.

I believe that she's a devil bitch.
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Ok I lied, it's like Sunday at 3:30, but well the board's been tempermental so I'm allowed (ha ha) Thanks for the FB guys, you know I love it. Also I'm glad that you guys like it.
Maria watched the closing credits roll across the screen with a bit of sadness. Michael was stroaking her hair and she smiled up at him because it felt so right. "Michael, the movie's over."
"I know... I kust want to sit here a little longer."
"Jeez Michael, what's with this sudden kindness?"
"Can I just enjoy your company without you yammering away?"
"Full moon?"
"Mom, this is Max Evans.. he's Alex's girlfriend's brother and we were just talking."
"Riight. Liz, believe it or not I wasn't born yesterday and what you guys were about to do definately involved lips, but didn't involve words."
"Mrs Parker, I would never..."
"Will you let me finish before you get all defensive? I was going to say good going honey, he's definately hot stuff."
"Mo-OM." Liz groaned as she took note of Max's flushed cheeks. He was so adorable.
"Max, do you want to stay for dinner?"
"Dinner? This Late?"
"Excuse me for trying to take an active interest in your life honey, and it's only 7 pm here..."
"But still..."
"Um, yeah I'll stay."
"Max, you really don't have to."
"He said he'd stay honey, don't talk him out of it. Now I'm going to make dinner."
"I... er.. thanks." Liz mumbled as she watched her mother leave the room. "Did that really happen?"
"Yeah, but how come you didn't want me to stay?"
"It's not that..." She whispered as she looked down at the ground.
Max delicately placed his thumb and forefinger under her chin and brought her face up to his. "What is it then?"
"It's nothing."
"Liz, trust me, it's something."
"No, really Max. It's something I don't want to talk about."
"Liz, I won't ask you about it, but I hope that one day you'll tell me."
"I..err what's Roswell like?"
"I don't really know. I don't get out much."
"Really? I thought that the girls would be all over you."
"If they are, I don't notice. I told you Liz, you're the only girl that I've ever thought about."
"Max I know it's just that I don't know what I did to deserve someone like you... I mean you're like no guy I've ever met."
"Is that a good thing?" He teased.
"Yes." She smiled and pressed her body closer to his. Max began to stroak her hear and she let out a sigh of contentment. "Max..."
"I want to tell you, and I totally understand if you just want to stop and leave, but it'd be unfair if you just went to dinner without knowing and well I uh..."
"Liz, nothing could make me want to leave you."
"Max, um my parents are really protective of me because they have to be. They don't know about what I am, but they know I'm special. When I was younger this guy came to my house and said he knew who I was, what I was, and that I didn't belong with my family, I belonged with him, his people. He called me a murdering whore, I was like 15 and he tried to kidnap and rape me. We've been planning on moving ever since. I don't know who he is or what I did, but my parents are suspicious of anyone that I talk to, anything that I do... my mom must not be happy that I invited you up here and you must think that I'm awful now and it's fine if you just want to leave..."
Max looked at her shuddering form with concern and wrapped his arms protectively around her. "No Liz, you're wrong. I won't leave you. That guy must have been crazy because I know that you could never do something like that. Liz, it's ok whoever it is, he's gone now... and I'll proctect you from everything, even if I have to endure millions of dinners with your parents."
"Max, I feel so bad for dumping all this baggage on you."
"It's not baggage. It's a part of you and I'm glad that you're willing to share it with me."
"Max." She whispered and arched her neck so that her face was level with his and slowly inched her lips close to his until they softly touched.
Max was surprised at Liz's unexpected gesture, but he couldn't deny how natural it felt. He increased the intensity of the kiss and soon found his tongue dualing with hers.
A small gasp escaped from Liz's mouth as a barage of images hit her. She was transported back to the pod chamber where they were both born. But instead of experiencing what she felt that day, she felt what he felt; his anticipation as he waited for her to join him and his deep sense of loss when the other little boy pulled her away from him because he was afraid of the lights. How he waited and hoped for her to return and how he would cry himself to sleep every night over it.
Max couldn't believe what he was feeling. For the first time he understood exactly what she felt as she was dragged away from him that night, fear, pain and loss. He realized exactly what it was like for her to be thousands of miles away from home and the terror that plagued her after she suffered the abduction attempt. But most of all he felt an enormous amount of faith and love towards him.
Unwilling to let the kiss end Liz tried desperately to hold onto it until the need for oxygen became too great. "Max... that was..."
"Yeah." She breathed out and leaned up against him.
"Liz... thank you."
"For what Max?"
"For being you Liz. For having so much faith, for not giving up on me, on us. You're so strong and so beautiful Liz. I can't begin to thank you enough..."
"Max..." She whispered and pressed a finger to his lips.
" know that if you keep talking I'm just going to have to kiss you and then we're going to miss dinner, and then my mom will rip you limb from limb and then I'll never see you again." She stated with a smile and led him out of the room.
"I'm taking a raincheck."

I believe that she's a devil bitch.

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I've had a LOT done on this fic, but for some reason the ezboard wouldn't let me type anything :( but oh well, it just means that I have a lot to type up for tomorrow. Thanks for the FB guys, and I'll try not to disapoint... but since roswell sucks right now (how come it was soo much better before it hit airwaves again?) I dunno how it's going to go.
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Part 8 (finally! I know I said friday... but I have a really long story for that sucker lol)

Oh and I hope I did justice to Alex and Isabel... I really suck at writing them. Oh and sorry about the lack of Max and Liz... they'll be the only ones in the next part. ;)
"Alex, I... I'm sorry."
"Look, Iz you really don't have to, I get it really."
"No Alex.. you don't. I've been such a bitch to you lately and I'm sorry. God! I just got so scared when you were about to say those three little words that every girl wants to hear more than anything, and well Alex... I... I love you."
"You what? Are you serious? I guess the Witman charm works afterall. I love you Isabel."
"Alex, you're so wonderful. I'm so lucky to have someone like you."
"Isabel, I'm so lucky to have someone like you. You made my day, you know that?" He leaned in and kissed her gently.
"Alex, you're so sweet."
"And you're so beautiful, and so lovely."
"Alex, shut up and kiss me."
"Will do." He wrapped his arm around her, pulling her close and edged his tongue into hers. The kiss lasted all of thirty seconds, when the garage door opened.
"Alex, my parents..."
"I know... I have to get home and bond with my relatives."
"Oh! Alex is it true what you said abvout Max? He actually found someone?"
"Yeah, it's really weird.. they kinda just stared at eachother like they were the only two people alive... it's like they were one person."
"Really? That's weird. I'll have to meet her."
"Izzy, don't scare her off... she's not evil like Tess, and she knows a little something about the way you act, she was part of the reason that I came over here."
"Then she can't be all bad, but it's just..."
"Honey, Max can take care of himself... I think that this will be good for them. " He stroaked her hair lovingly and smiled. "I'll see you tomorrow?"
"You better. I love you." She wispered huskily into his ear and a little smile danced across her face as she noticed Alex's redding cheaks.
"I love you, Isabel."
Maria gently slid her fingers in between Michael's as a coy smile spread across her face. "Michael, c'mon I wanna show you something."
"What ARE you going to show me Maria? We're a block away from your house."
"GEEZ MICHAEL YOU ARE SO DENSE! Don't you understand the concept of SURPRISE?"
"Yes, I do. It'd be a surprise if you shut your pie hole for once."
"MICHAEL GUERIN. Is that any way to talk to a lady? No."
"Maybe if I was talking to a lady..."
"UGH. I'll Tell you something mister you don't treat people like this mmkay? It's called CIVILITY. C-I-V-I-L-I-T-Y. Do you treat your potential girlfriend like shit not uh no way. Jeez you think..."
A silly grin appeared on Michael's face as Maria continued to ramble on. He grabbed her, halting her flaling arms and leaned in close to her, quickly pressing his lips against hers.
It was an impulsive gesture that grew into something more for him when a sudden electric current coursed through his veins. Was this what being alive felt like? That sudden explosion that occurs as a result of built up friction? Or maybe...3 his stomach sank as he felt the huge weight of reality sank in, she probably now knew what he'd never shared with anyone.
Maria opened her mouth, but no sound emerged. Did he feel the intensity of the kiss head on? Or maybe he failed to notice what she deemed the most memorable moment of it, the electrical charge. At first, she thought it was her response to Michael's sponteneity, but now as the lingering energy began to fade she noticed the nuances of it. Awkwardly, she met Michael's intense gaze and decided that it was now or never. "Michael, did you feel that?"
SHIT. "I don't know what you're talking about."
"Damnit Michael, don't you lie to me. We've been over this. Lying bad Telling the truth good. You may be a stone wall to most people, but I can see right through you."
"Yeah, keep telling yourself that Evans."
"You are psychotic... you know that?"
"You know... you're lying."
"Maria, Stop making things up. Are you smoking crack?"
"No. Are you a pathological liar?"
"Are you schitzophrenic?"
"Are you an alien?"
"Wh... what?"
"Shit." She mumbled realizing what she'd just blurted out. "N... Nothing never mind."
"I've got to go."
"Yeah, I'll see you later."
"Michael... wait."
"What Maria?"
"Um.. Michael it's ok if..."
"Look Maria."
"Michael, if I tell you something will you like promise not to freak?"
"Uh... Sure."
"Just so you know I'm putting a lot of faith in you and if you fucking tell anyone the whole school will know that you have a 1/2 inch dick and you'll..."
"I swear if you say anthing to anyone I'll ruin you and..."
A smile spread across his face, and he hugged her. "Did you just say what I think you just said?"
"You heard me." Maria replied coldly and stepped out of his arms and glared at him with her arms crossed. "So now what will Michael NOT do?"
"Maria...I won't tell anyone... I never thought that... Is Max?"
He lowered his voice to a wisper and got a far away look in his eye. "What... what happened to the girl, the small brown haired girl... my sister."
"I don't know what you're talking about... OMG YOU ARE."
"Yeah. Shit... wow. Fuck I've got to go... Hank'll get pissed if I don't uh... go."
"I'll call you."
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Dude, I just updated this like 5 seconds ago, and I don't see it anywhere... HMM.
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Part 9
"Mrs. Parker, dinner was wonderful."
"Yeah, thanks Mom."
"Uh... Max can I ask you something?"
Max failed to notice Liz waiving her hands and mouthing NO. "Sure Mrs. Parker."
"How safe is Roswell really?"
"Um, I think it's pretty safe, not all that much happens here."
"I thought as much. And what about high school Max? Are the classes challenging? Lizzy wants to be a molecular biologist at Havard, does she stand a shot here? How do you like school? How do you do in your classes?"
"Mom. This is HIGH SCHOOL. I'ts not like we have any choice where to go."
"Honey, will you let Max answer."
"Um.. well I'm an honors student... with a 3.9 gpa, why?"
"Oh just curious. Do you drink?"
"No. I'd never touch that stuff, one of my friend's life was ruined because he has an alcoholic foster parent."
Liz felt a blow to her stomach, no it couldn't be HER brother. "That's so sad Max."
"He's accepted it, I mean the fact that they arn't related helps him."
"Oh." It was a boy? No... it couldn't be... he has a perfect life, with a perfect girlfriend, a perfect family, and he probably doesn't know that I exist. Well, I hope that he remembers me... but forgetting me would be better than that...
"Max, that's horrible. Do you smoke?"
"I don't do anything like that Mrs. Parker."
"Good, good. Max, what are your intentions toward my daughter."
Liz's face turned bright red, as her mother's last comment brought her out of her world. "Mother. You're being rediculous."
"Am I Lizzy?"
"Well, when my baby girl has a big bad boy..."
"MOTHER. Shouldn't you be glad that I'm socializing?"
"Not when you're making out with him in my house!"
"God Mom."
"Honey, I'm just looking out for you."
"I know, but you don't need to embarress me in the process."
"I'm not."
"Yes, you are."
"Maybe I should go..." Max stated, surprised by the recent change in tone.
"Max, you don't have to..."
"Max is going to show me around town tomorrow. Did you know that he's adoped too?"
"That's great honey. Max, how do you get along with your parents?"
"Fine, they're nice people."
"That's wonderful..." A phone interrupted her train of thought. "That must be Mr. Parker, I'll take this up to the room, it was nice to meet you Max."
"Yeah... you too Mrs. Parker."
Liz watched her mother walk away and grabbed his hand, leading him to her room. "So..."
"I think it's time that I make my claim." Max whispered as his lips decended on hers. Their tongues undulated and intertwined then seperated only to be joined again. The images came quicker this time, but were just as memorable.
Liz felt a strange energy course through her, awakening the one part of herself that she'd managed to keep repressed after all these years-her powers. She felt them brimming over as Max continued his assault on her mouth. Beads of sweat gathered on her forehead as sparks of electricity inflamed all of her nerves. Her body shook as she pulled on his lip.
His skin softly glowed as Liz grew warmer in his arms. The sweat that cascaded down her perfect skin alarmed him at first, but decided not to pull away when she suked on his bottom lip. She began to shake violently as he kept plunging his tongue deep within her mouth. He wanted to stop, but something instinctive told him to push forward, that it was a natural response.
Liz's skin was now a vibrant shimmering blue and she began to convulse as she broke the kiss and collapsed into Max's arms.
Alex walked into Liz's room and took note of her glowing skin and unconcious state. "HOLY SHIT MAX. WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY COUSIN." He screamed and lunged toward Max.

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Now, what fun is it to end without some suspense? LOL. Well, here's part 10. Thanks for the FB guys, I'm glad that you all like this *happy* Ok and I'm sorry it's short... but the next one will be longer.

Oh and Michael's song came from Grumpier old men, but it works and I like it so there.
Michael smiled the whole way home. He couldn't believe his luck, he wasn't alone anymore, and there was actually someone out there for him. He couldn't help but be glad that there was someone like her in his life. "Maria, I've just met a girl named Maria, and suddenly I see, she's not the bitch I thought she'd be, Oh Maria, Maria, Maria." He sang loudly for all of Roswell to hear, and his luck just got better when Hank wasn't there to hurt him.
Max avoided Alex's punch, and caught him before he fell right on top of Liz. "Alex, I didn't DO anything, I know about as much as you do, and I'm just as scared as you are."
"Right, yeah... mmhm whatever man. You must have drugged her or something, no one turns BLUE like that. I SAW how you were staring at her."
"Alex, man, would I do some shit like that? Come on you know me."
"Well, we have to get her to the hospital."
"Aha! So you did..."
"Shit Alex, NO. But we can't bring her to the hospital!"
"Give me one good reason..."
"Max..." Liz began bewildered. "Wha..."
"Shh..." Max whispered and sunk to her side, and helped her sit up. "Liz honey, are you ok."
"Yeah Max, just remind me... OH HI Alex."
"What the hell? You were blue and then..."
"What?" Liz asked and looked at Max incredulously. He gave her a sad look and shrugged his shoulders. "Um... Alex... I don't..."
"Know what you're talking about... RIGHT. Look, you're ok. I won't ask but it'd be nice if you could trust me with SOMETHING." He stated and left the room.
"Al.. um... SHIT."
"What was that Liz?"
"I don't know... I think that my uh powers decided to make themselves known."
"It's like I pushed all of that stuff down so far that they were like nonexistant. It was like when I kissed you, that whole part of me decided to break free and I collapsed from overload. But Max, I got these weird images of a book and this big crystal thing. Do you know what they are?"
"No... I wish I did."
"Yeah, me too."
"Wow... it's late. I hate to leave you."
"Max, we'll see eachother tomorrow."
"Are you sure that you'll be ok."
"Yeah." She smiled and kissed him gently. "I love you, but I don't know how much I'd love you if you were killed by your parents."
"I love you too." Max smiled and ran his fingers through her hair.
Liz watched him leave with a feeling of contentment, fogetting Alex and the quest for her family. She sighed and picked up her journal, but ended up collapsing on her bed, exausted.
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Ok, I know I've been REALLY bad and not updated in a week, but my life's been hell (damn school) but like I promise to update either tomorrow or Tues. (Yes, it'll be long too.) Thank you for the feedback.
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Part 11 (which is arguably the longest chapter I've ever written.)
"Maria, where were you?" Isabel asked as she saw her sister enter.
"It's not any of your businessm but I was with Michael."
"That's nice."
"I thought so."
"Look Maria..."
"If you think you can use me like you used Alex, I'm sorry to inform you how WRONG you are."
"Maria! I was just going to..."
"Just say it."
"I'm sorry Maria."
'Listening to Tess and spreading those rumors about and Chuck..."
"For dissing you when you told me how much you liked Michael. He's a great guy and I know how it is to like someone that everyone else doesn't and well I'm sorry Maria."
"Now what do you want? I mean what's with this change?"
"I'm beginning to realize how I'vebeen trying to get the wrong things."
"I'm guessing someone talked to Alex?"
"Yeah, it was wonderful..."
"Good, and what arn't you going to do?"
"Dump him."
Max entered the room with a huge grin on his face. "Hey Maria I need to... Oh Hi Isabel."
"Hi yourself Max. You look happy there... care to let us girls in?" Isabel asked with a genuine smile.
He looked at Isabel quizzically and stated, "Um... sure. I met this girl Liz and she's perfect."
"Alex's cousin Liz?"
"Yeah, she said that you ran into her Maria."
"Wait. Ria, you've me her?" Isabel asked
"Yeah, I was visiting Alex and she was there... I don't think she got along with him that well... maybe she just didn't know what to say. I ran into Michael there."
"Well, then I guess I have to meet her." Isabel smiled and ran her fingers through her long blond hair, and caught sight of their dumbfounded expressions. "What? Can I be interested in my mysterious handsome brother's life?"
"Uh... sure. Well, um what's with the change Isabel?"
"She got back with Alex and she's ditching Tess."
"Oh you're dissing Tess. THANK GOD."
"Glad to know you approve Maxwell. Oh well I'm going to bed... I've got a date tomorrow."
"Ok Izzy!" Maria shouted as she watched Isabel enter her room. Maria then grabbed Max's arm and whispered, "I need to talk to you."
"Well... so do I."
"Mine's much more important so go right ahead."
"I doubt it, but Liz is an Alien..."
"Liz is an alien."
"No. WAY."
"Yes, way."
"Max, uh... Michael's one too..."
"Michael Guerin."
"YES Michael Guerin. Oh my god."
"Little girl with brown hair... Liz has..."
"...brown hair. And Michael must be..."
"...her brother! Omigod! We have to tell them! Michael will be sooo happy maybe the Parkers could do something with Michael and get him away from Hank."
"Maria, I don't know if that would work, it's really complicated. It'd be nice, but it's not like they can do a blood test or something to show that they're related. I mean I'm sure that Liz would want to be with him, but I don't know... ask dad, he will."
"Dad will just say to get a blood test."
"Well, I don't know then. So when do you think that we should tell them? I'm taking Liz out to the desert tomorrow... do you want to come?"
"Sure, Michael and I were going to do something anyway."
Alex pulled his guitar out of its case but couldn't focus on the song in front of him. His mind wandered back to the scene in Liz's room. 'Obviously the blue skin wasn't normal, but both Max and Liz seemed ok with it. It was strange, like they were hiding something that they didn't want to trust him with. Never one to deny his curious nature, he decided to pursue this secret and discover exactly what the two of them were hiding.
Liz woke up early the next day and fixed herself a bowl of cheerios, one of the few foods that she ate that didn't taste awful to her. "I have to ask Max about that."
Alex woke up to the sound of running water. "Damn ca't I get any sleep around here?" He mumbled and rolled out of bed, only to hear the water cut off and caught sight of Liz in only a towel.
"OH MY GOD ALEX!" She screamed.
He quickly turned his back. "I.. I'm sorry."
"I.. it's ok. I just didn't think that anyone would be up... I'll just go change."
"Um... yeah."
"Max, you didn't need to get me up this early. Some of us need beauty sleep."
"Maria, come on! I told Liz that I'd be over early... and you're beautiful anyway."
"But what about Michael? He'll be..."
"Well after he finds out he'll get over it."
"Yeah, I guess. Let me go call him and get dressed. You call Liz."
"Um... ok."
"WHAT?" Michael snapped into the phone.
"Jeez Michael arn't we happy in the morning."
"Maria, there is something called sleep. You should try it some time."
"Hey, this was all Max's idea."
"Oh. What does Max want?"
"As if I know. He's bringing along his new girlfriend... I think he wants like a picnic in the desert but he's nervous, so we're doubling."
"Michael. 10 Minutes."
"Fine, Fine. Bye Maria."
"Bye Michael."
Max quickly dialed Liz's number and smiled as he heard her soft breathing on the end of the line. "Hey."
"Hey you, I've been up for hours you know."
"But it's only 8:00"
"Well, I'm used to east coast time."
"Oh I see. We'll be there in 10 minutes."
"Oh, Maria and her boyfriend are coming. She wants to have a picnic deal, and then we'll sneak off or something."
"Uh... ok are you sure..."
"No, but you haven't met Hurricane Maria. She gets upset when she doesn't get what she wants."
"And so I'm guessing this is how..."
"Ok, well then picnic it is."
Max and Maria hopped into the jeep and drove to the Roswell trailer park to pick up Michael, who was waiting with his arms crossed outside the trailer. He quietly entered the jeep and sat in the back next to Maria. "It's too damn early."
"Why arn't we Merry sunshine?"
"Can it, Evans."
"Oh its this how it's going to be Guerin? I don't think so. You know..."
"Maria, it's too friggin early to listen to you gripe. It's incredibly sexy, but at eight o clock on Saturday morning, all I wnt to do is sleep understand."
"FINE. You'll be eating those words later." Maria snapped and let her mind drift to the all the wonderful things that Michael would do for her after she made his dreams come true.
"We're here." Max announced a moment after the silence had settled over the three of them. "I'm going to get Liz... don't uh kill eachother or anything." He stated as he hopped out of the Jeep and walked up to the Crashdown, leaving the two of them behind.
Liz felt a soft tingling race through her, and instantly knew that Max was at the door. She walked up to it, pulling the door open, catching Max with his hand in a knocking position. "Hey Max."
"Hey Liz... what's with the door?"
"Oh I knew you were..." Liz caught sight of Alex's lanky frame watching them. "Well, your jeep is kinda loud. Let's go." She hurried out the door and slammed it shut. "I don't want him to get any more suspicious."
"I think our quick departure did that, but how'd you know that I was at the door?"
"I don't know... I kinda just felt this sensation and I knew it was you."
"Oh, that's strange." Max replied as they approached the jeep.
"What's strange, Max?" Maria asked as he and Liz approached.
"Nothing, just how we uh want to go to Chezkoslovakia one day." Liz replied, her eyes pleading with Max to go along with it.
"Yeah, Eastern Europe is so facinating."
"Isn't it though? Their culture is so rich."
Michael sat watching Liz interact with the two Evans children. He had read right through Max and Liz's story about Chezkoslovakia, and he respected their decision to keep their conversation private. But as her last comment sank in, he couldn't help but expose them, it was too good. "But uh Liz, it is Liz right?"
Liz blinked and acknowledged Michael's presence. "Yeah, um you're Michael, right?"
"Yeah, um but itsn't Chezkoslovakia non existant now? There's the Chezk republic and Slovakia."
'How dare he!' Liz thought to herself. "Um yeah, but when you put the two together it's the same thing."
"Riight, you just have to ignore the fact that there are two different governments, which I don't think are anything alike..."
"Asshole." Liz muttered. "Well I ment land wise..."
"Oh, I see." Michael responded with a smirk on his face. 'What is it with this girl?' he wondered. First he wanted to make her look awful to Max, but now he felt bad about what he did. "Look, I'm sorry."
"Whatever." Liz responded giving him an icy stare before she entered the car. She was so annoyed that he'd made her, the future Harvard student, look badly to the only people who could understand her. She sighed, Harvard, another east coast thing that she missed. Cambridge was a 3 minute T-ride to Boston, which she considered to be the best city on earth. Boston was a 2 hour drive to her home town in Connecticut, and Hillary, who could help her sort through all these weird vibes she was getting from Michael. But then Hillary could only provide moral support, she would never be able to understand how fucked up her life really was. Liz turned toward Maria for a secondd and gave her a sympathetic smile. She made up her mind, she was going to have a heart-to-heart with Max's sister, no matter how painful it might be.
Max watched the exchange between Michael and Liz with a sense of dread. Maybe it wasn't the best iea to go about this reunion in this mannter... but he knew that she wanted to know who her brother was... but it wasn't good that she hated him already.
Liz cautiously turned around to look at Michael again. He was fading in and out of sleep and Liz knew that he was dreaming about Maria. She looked over his long hair approvingly-it suited him, but it was too dirty. "Michael?"
"What? Can't I get any rest in this fucking car?"
Liz looked at him with wide eyes. "I... I... oh nevermind."
Maria, who had kept quiet throughout the entire exchange, couldn't stand the hatred that had errupted between the two of them. She thought it was cute at first because they were just acting like an arguing brother and sister should, but the way that Michael had just snapped at Liz was the end of her silence. "Michael, WAKE Up. You're in a car, and you're being an ass. God! You'd think that the two of you could get along just because WE'RE her. My lord for people who don't know each other that well you two sure have the art of..."
Michael tuned out Maria and caught a glimpse of Liz's long brown hair before he shut his eyes, his mind venturing back to a place where he'd often gone in his youth to escape the reality of his situation. He traveled to a land far from earth where his sister, mother and father all lived together- happy and free of all their deamons. But there was a difference in this dream, there wasn't a hazy image of his sister, it was crystal clear. Michael woke up with a start and caught sight of something that set him off. "HOLY SHIT!" He shouted.
Max slammed the breaks and turned around to face Michael. "What?"
"Um, Max..." Maria began pointing.
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I know I've been really really bad and not updated in FOREVER, but I wrote a really long part to compensate... I've been doing fun fun school bullshit and been working on my other fic, What you can't stop, which is easier to write since it's total I hate Max, Max sucks yada yada. Season three really sucks... I'm going to watch 24 tomorrow. *happy*

BUT I'm glad that you all like my fic, and I love feedback, so it's wonderful that ya'll bothered to give me some. I tried not to leave a cliffhanger on this chapter, b/c I dunno... I just didn't feel like doing that.

Hillary, who is Liz's best friend back east is my best friend IRL, and the whole pilgrim/indian deal happened when we were like three so I just decided to move up the time period a little. Another thing is that Liz knew english by the time that she was six and ready for first grade sooooooooo it's all good.

Part 12
Despite all of his attempts to avoid the subject, Alex's mind kept drifting back to Liz. Her abrupt departure only made him more curious as to what she was hiding. He sighed and tried to focus on his date with Isabel.
"Liz, come on wake up!" Max shouted as he shook her limp form.
"Max... holy shit... she's starting to glow purple."
"What the hell is this? Oh my god oh my god oh my god."
"Maria! Cyprus oil!" Max barked.
"What the fuck is this Max? Shit. She's my sister isn't she? ISN'T SHE? Max you cunt. DO SOMETHING."
Max continued to gently rock Liz without paying any mind to either Michael or Maria. "C'mon Liz... just like last time."
"LAST TIME? LAST TIME?" Maria screached and took a huge wiff of her oil.
"Give me that." Michael grumbled and snatched the vial from Maria's hands and inhaled the scent.
"Liz... come on LIZ."
Michael groweled and exited the car to only shove Max out of the way. "Move. Now."
"Michael, you are so not helping." Max shouted.
"Neither are you." He retorted as he picked up Liz's body and cradled it in his arms. He brushed a hand against her cheek and quickly recoiled. "Shit... does she always burn your hand?"
"What? No... what the hell?"
"Look man... I don't know. I just touched her cheek and it burned my hand."
"That's new... Michael maybe I can..."
"NO Max. She's MY fucking sister."
"But Michael..."
"Michael she's obviously..."
"Max haven't you done enough?"
"Both of you STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Michael, yes she's your sister, but Max cares for her and can possibly heal her from this weird purple thing. So don't."
"Fine." Michael groaned and handed Liz to Max.
Max gently held Liz in his arms and whispered. "Liz, I know you're in there, I need you to wake up and open your eyes."
"She's UNCONCIOUS dumbass."
"Fuck you Michael."
"BOYS! Stop NOW! Let me help." Maria gently placed her index fingers on both of Liz's temples and closed her eyes. She instantly saw a thick black cloud closing in on a girl, who looked like Liz, but was wearing a flowing white gown and her hair was much longer and curled in soft ringlets that blew in the wind. "L... Liz?"
The girl turned toward Maria and stared at her with expressionless eyes. "They have her now, you can't stop what's coming you know."
"What are you talking about? Max. He can heal you... stop it. Don't you want him to help you?"
The girl shrugged her shoulders. "It's too late."
"Too late for what?"
The girl sighed and calmly replied, "Can't you tell? I'm dying, Liz Parker's dying. They've slowly been killing me... killing us for a long time..."
"Who? What? How?"
"They seperated me from my human side or Liz Parker... they cannot live independently. The Liz Parker that you've recently met is only a shell of what the real Liz alien/human hybrid is... she lacks the abilities that we possess... my powers."
"Who are you then? Who are 'they'?"
"The alien half of the Liz Parker... the part that accepts the inevidable death that they placed upon my head."
"What? Why?"
"They attacked me... all of me, before I met you... or well Liz met you with a force so strong that it caused my powers to hault, for "Liz Parker Antarian/Human hybrid" to divide and now my body is eating itself from the inside. It was some hybrid death syrum thing,but the Liz Parker that you know doesn't know this... she doesn't remember anything but the basics of what she is... what I am... what we are. The thing that caused this in the first place, the truth to our purpose here, is that I am... that we are the hybrid recreation of the Antarian Queen Rheana that your brother Max Evans is the hybrid King Zan, that you are the hybrid princess Calli or Calliana and my brother, your husband, Rath, who is also known as Michael Guerin, is Zan's second. That we, the hybrids, were sent to earth by our parents after our deaths in the first life on Antar, so that we might reclaim the throne from Kivar, whose second, Nikolas, attacked me and is responsible for my death in this life.
"Why you and not..."
"Max? Strategy. I was the first to die on Antar, and Zan lost all logic and reason. He became so upset that he killed himself, sending the entire planet into chaos, for we'd never produced an heir. Kivar wishes for history to repeat itself. Also, the resistance is more loyal to Rheana than to Zan because she died first and women had more power on Antar and she always took time to mingle with the common people."
"How do you know all this?"
"The cloud speaks... it mocks me and tells me things. Also, through this seperation, I've been able to access memories of the other life... which everyone will be able to do once they reach their age of maturation, which is eighteen. The cloud... it's coming faster now... goodbye Calli."
"No, it's NOT. Liz... err Rheana open your eyes. COME ON." Maria shouted as the darkness closed in on Liz. "I won't let you just disappear. Take my hand. I mean it."
"You can't stop what's on it's way... goodbye."
"Like hell I can't!" Maria shouted and grabbed Liz's wrists. "You're coming."
"No Buts." Maria responded and reached for the light that she saw at the edge of Liz's subconcious.
"Max! Look!" Michael shouted as he saw Liz's eyes flutter open."
"Heal. Her. NOW." Maria demanded after she awoke from her stupor.
Max quickly placed one hand on Liz's forehead and the other on her chest. "Liz... look at me. You need to look at me."
Liz nodded her head as persperation trickled down her face and focused on Max's eyes as a soft tingling spread through her body.
Max looked down at Liz with concern as his hand began to glow. Quickly his mind was imbued with images of Liz's life.
Liz, dressed in overalls, smiled as she played with her construction paper indian head-dress and pigtailes, and approached another little girl with long bone straight dark hair and bright blue eyes, who was wearing a pilgrim hat. "Erin!! Don't you love first grade?"
"Yes I love first grade, but my name is Hillary."
"Really? I'm Liz."
"Wanna sit with me?"

Liz smiled a big toothless smile as she dragged Hillary away. "Happy ninth birthday! I have a surprise for you, but you can never ever ever tell."
"Ok... I promise."
"Pinky swear?"
Hillary linked her small finger with Liz's. "Cross my heart hope to die stick a needle in my eye if I lie."
"Ok." Liz grinned and picked up a rock and clenched it in her hand and produced a star shaped rock. "Look!"
"WHOA! How'd you do that?"

Hillary and Liz were lying on the sand at Hillary's beach house staring at the sky. "Hey Lizzie, remember when you messed with that rock and changed the color of the dress three years ago?"
"Hey Hill, that guy is checking you ouut."
"Not my type... and stop avoiding the subject, you've done it for three years now." She replied as she playfully swatted Liz's arm.
"If I tell you, you promise not to freak?"
"Yeah, yeah... you know me."
"I'm not exactly from around here."
"Pshaw DUH. How long have we known eachother again?"
"I mean like not Roswell either, I mean up THERE." Liz whispered and pointed toward the sky.
"Ha... ha... real funny... Christa and Laura have had you watching waaay too many X-Files episodes."
"I'm SO not kidding."
"Bullshit. I've known you FOREVER."
"Ok, fine. Watch." Liz responded and made her hand glow.
"OH. MY. GOD."

Liz was tossing and turning in her bed clutching a happy thirteenth birthday ballon muttering "Zan... I will find you again.

A short boy around fourteen with brown hair and cold eyes grabbed Liz's wrists forcefully and shoved her down onto her bed. "Hello again your highness."
"What? Who are you?"
"You don't remember me? Pity Rheana." He ran his finger down her cheek while she struggled in vain to move.
"Rheana? What the hell? My name is LIZ."
"...Parker. I know that's what they call you now, but we both know who you really are. Zanny boy's little whore of a wife. Kivar tells me that he enjoyed you in the first lifetime and hopes that you are as limber now as you were then."
"What are you talking about. I'm a VIRGIN."
He slapped her across the face. "Don't play stupid with me, little girl. Do you need me to spell it out for you? YOU ARE A MURDERING WHORE. YOU ALWAYS WERE AND YOU ALWAYS WILL BE. Your brother hates you, as does your husband, why else is poor little Queen Rheana all alone?" He taunted as he moved closer to her again.
"Y... you're crazy. Get OUT. Get away from me. L... Let me go... please?"
"Aw... is our strong queen going to break down in tears? It's ok, Kivar loves you, the Akeni love you and you WILL come with me and wed me, Kivar's heir and we will rule over Antar."
"NEVER!" She shouted and spit in his face.
"Then we'll have to do this the hard way." he remarked and took out a loaded needle and injected her with it.

Liz blinked and looked up at Max who was sweating and panting. "Max... what happened?"
"Uh... no, why Maria?"
"Um... oh duh! Nevermind." Maria replied once she realized that Max fixed the division between human Liz and alien Liz, so she probably didn't remember a damn thing.
"Yeah... god Liz, I'm so glad that you're ok." Max whispered as he held her close.
Michael watched as tears welled up in his eyes. This was his sister and she'd almost died not knowing that he was her brother. He slowly walked up to her and pulled her close to his chest, pressing her body firmly against his.
Liz's eyes were wide with surprise as Michael clung to her for dear life. "Michael... what?"
"Don't leave me... you won't leave me right?"
"You're the only family I have... please don't ever leave me."
"Family?" Liz mouthed confused.
"Please? You're my sister... I lost you once already."
"Sister... sister... OH MY GOD. No way, you're my... oh my... you're... Michael you... you're... wow... No Michael I won't leave... it's really you?" Liz asked as tears of joy fell down her face.
Michael began to sob at the happy news. "Yes, it's me... yes Liz."
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Ok... I honestly feel like shit for not updating this in what? Over 2 months. I had writers block for a while with it, then got so annoyed with Roshell that all I got to do was write my other angry bitch fic "What you Can't Stop" and polar smut quickies (lol still my favorite things to do), then I kinda forgot about it... how awful am I? But it's ok, because I was reading a list of fics that were missing and I saw this one on there, so I started writing, and voila! I have part 13 done. Belated thanks for the FB btw.

And Gwen, yeah it's Nikolas.
A humbling silence set over the four aliens as they drove the rest of the way to the pod chamber, more determined than ever to discover the secrets hidden within the cave. Maria, who had tried to keep her newfound knowledge to herself, suddenly blurted out. "I know stuff."

"WHAT?" Max asked as the car swerved over the line, surprised by Maria's sudden announcement.

"Learn how to drive there buddy."

"Shut up Michael."

"BOYS!" Maria warned.

"What do you mean you know things, Maria?" Liz asked quietly, in an attempt to stop another war between the boys.

"Well, uh when we were trying to save you and stuff I connected with this is so weird... your um alien side? Yeah... and she told me things about us, from before. Turns out that Max and Liz were King Zan and Queen Rheanna and they were in love and married and all that good stuff and Michael was Rath, Max's err Zan's second in command and I was Princess Callisto and married to Rath. Rath and Rhea were brother and sister and so were Zan and Cali. We were sent here by our parents and other loyalists to save this other planet... our home planet and we'll get our memories from before when we turn eighteen." Maria finished and waited for them to take it in, it sounded even more unreal to her the second time she heard it.

"Great. Do we even know how old we are? It could be today, next week, 10 years from now... and exactly why do we save this planet? Why us? We don't know how to do anything... we failed before right? What makes this time any different?" Michael asked his annoyance prevalent in his tone of voice.

"I don't know Michael. Yeah, we failed or our past selves did but they have enough faith in us to send us here right? I mean we look like we're 17 or 18 and we're seniors in high school so it'd probably be soon." Maria replied, while her doubtful expression did little to settle Michael's nerves.

"Married? ME? To past Liz?" Max whispered as he imagined Liz in a white wedding gown while she floated down the aisle to meet him.

"Max. Road." Michael barked.

Liz just sat there in silence trying to absorb what was just revealed to her, a solitary tear falling down her face as the night with Nikolas came to the forefront of her mind. "It's true then." She muttered sadly, silencing the others.

"What's true honey?" Max asked, reaching a hand over to caress her cheek. She recoiled from his touch like she'd been burned and looked at him with fear in his eyes. There was a short pause as Max paled, realizing what she was worried about. "God Liz no, it's not right. What that asshole said was not true. Don't you even think about yourself like that. I saw into your soul Liz and you're a lot of things, but none of them are even remotely evil. You're the sweetest purest person that I've ever met... that I will ever meet."

"Max, but..." She whispered as tears fell down her face.

"Liz, he was the enemy right? He wanted you to do something evil... so he lied, tried to use your ignorance to convince you... he offered you a chance to find out who you were in exchange for siding with him. But you declined, you turned down the only chance that you'd had at that point to be with other people who were like you... like us, but you knew they were evil, even though they said that one of them loved you. You knew. Remember when you used to mutter Zan in your sleep?" Max smiled as her tear stained face nodded softly. "I used to scream Rhea in my sleep too... can't you see it was always us? Our love, it's so strong Liz, it always has been... I was only yours then... and hopefully now too. I love you Liz." Max whipped a tear from her face while trying to drive, so that Michael wouldn't ruin this moment.

Liz erupted into another fit of tears after Max pulled his hand away and slipped her hand into his while a smile danced across her face. "I love you Max."

"Uh... Max? Liz? Are you ok?" Maria asked curiously.

"What? Yeah, actually I'm feeling better than I've ever felt before, why?" Max responded curiously while squeezing Liz's hand.

"Because you both were quiet for a long time and didn't hear anything that Maria said, plus Liz randomly burst into tears and held your hands."

"What? You mean you didn't hear us?" Liz questioned and shot Max a confused look.

"No... You didn't say anything." Maria stated matter-of-factly.


"I think it is called telepathy.” Max clarified, annoyed with Michael's sudden outburst.

"Yeah right, telepathy. WITH MY SISTER."

"Michael, I'm a big girl now... I can handle it."

"Obviously not if he makes you cry."

"Those were tears of joy dumbass."

"He still made you cry Lil' Lizzie."

"UGH. Michael, you are so dense and don't call me Lil' Lizzie, ok Mikey?"

"Fine, Lizzie Poo."

"Ok Mikey Bear."

"Uh... guys? Earth to Michael and Liz come in Michael and Liz." Maria shouted, trying to break their sudden connection.

"What? Oh shit. Lizzie Poo started it?"

"Lizzie Poo?" Max asked.

"What the hell? You are so full of shit. I did NOT Mikey bear."

"Mikey bear?" Maria mouthed and burst out laughing.

"Did too."

"Did not."

"Did too."

"Did not. Did Not. Did NOT."

"What? Is Lil' Lizzie afraid of the big bad new power?"

"Shut up. I am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

Max couldn't help but laugh at the two of them. "Are you two making up for lost time?"

"What? No..." Liz replied, a blush creeping across her face.

"Yeah, admit it... you two are such an adorable pair." Maria responded trying to hold back the giggles in her throat.

"Well, at least one of us is adorable..." Liz replied.

"Yeah, I know I'm irresistible. Isn't that right Lizzie Poo... it must suck to be the black sheep of the family."

"I know Mikey Bear, I feel bad for you."

"Wow Lizzie you are so funny."

"You know you love it Mikey."

"Yeah I do Lizzie; I just wish we had all that time when we were younger to annoy each other to death."

"I know... but we can still annoy the shit out of each other now right?"


Max listened to the exchange between the two of them and smiled, it was the right thing to do after all. Liz deserved to be happy and with her real family like he was. He squeezed her hand and whispered. "I'm happy for you."

Liz smiled and whispered her thanks before she turned her head to face Michael and Maria. "Are we going to eat first or just go straight there?"

"Straight there." Michael declared before anyone could get a word in.

"My, aren’t we eager?" Maria remarked and politely turned to meet Liz's dark brow eyes. "You'll have to excuse him... he's pathetically uncivilized, as you have witnessed in this car ride. I am hoping that in time we will teach him how to be a semi decent member of society, but I believe that it's hopeless."

"Can it Evans." Michael barked.

"See? It IS hopeless. No 'please Maria' No 'Maria, you are beautiful’ I just get 'can it Evans.' I am a young lady... a princess even, not some mere human jock." She said with a huge grin.

Liz burst out laughing, but was silenced by a look from Michael. "You know that you are supposed to be on my side."

"Hey cave-boy she's on my side because we're the two chicks in this operation. Max can be on your side."

"Maria, why are you involving me?" Max groaned.

"Because! You are the only other alien in this car!"

"But she's my sister!" Michael cried.

"Look, an A for effort for space boy, but no. Liz is still on my side."

Liz looked at Max helplessly, confused by the current argument. "Is it always like this?"

"Yeah, unfortunately." Max remarked.

"Lovely." She sighed and absentmindedly asked "why can't I be on everyone's side?"

"Because I must have a girl to back me up against the men."

"Because Maria's insane. You're my sister."

"Fine Fine. I'm on Max's side then because neither of us want anything to do with these arguments." Liz grinned mischievously and turned back to face Max. "So, MAX, what do you think we should do first?"

"Oh I don't know Liz, what do YOU think we should do?" Max asked gently while grinning at her.

"Oh well, MAX I've already eaten breakfast and it is only 9:00 so let's go in first."

"Ok good because we're here." Maria remarked casually and hopped out of the jeep. "Shall we?"
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Thanks for the FB guys... lol yeah, I've had a few of those lovely arguments and thought it would be a cute thing to add, glad to see that ya'll agree. This is another fluffish part, but it sets up a lot of other things...
also, it's great to see that you guys stuck with me through my absence. ;) I hope to get another part up by Friday, depending on snow etc.
Part 14
Isabel had been up since Maria and Max had run out over an hour ago and she groaned as looked over her 3rd attempt at breakfast... burnt, like always. She looked into her purse and found 10 dollars, enough money for breakfast at the Crashdown. Alex told her last night that they'd be open today; Mrs. Parker wanted to get right into the swing of things. Maybe Liz would be there, she hopped that Liz would be one of her friends, since she had been excommunicated from the popular crew after the spurt with Tess. She didn't need them; it was more about looking good anyway. She walked briskly down the empty sidewalks and sighed as she turned the corner and came face to face with the Crashdown. Alex was downstairs preparing to open, while his Aunt watched, a look of distain painted on her face.

Alex caught sight of Isabel in the doorway and smiled widely as he walked towards her. "Hey there Izzy” he greeted and kissed her cheek.

"Hi Alex" she smiled as her eyes danced over his sea-foam green uniform with its silver trim. "I see that the Crash uniforms haven't changed- sexy."

"Ha Ha I the Stud. But unlike some people I didn't get up at the crack of dawn to avoid this enslavement."

Isabel burst out laughing and kissed him again. "Oh my god, she didn't." She had to tell Liz that she admired her skill, if she ever met her.

"Oh. She did all right. Her mom hasn't noticed yet and Agnes, the hag, is the only other one here and I couldn't get in touch with Michael all weekend so we don't have a cook until Jose comes in at three and all SHE..." Alex gestured rudely at Nancy before continuing. "Can do is bitch about how uncivilized it is in Roswell. I think Liz warned me about that, but I seriously didn't believe her."

"Oh come on Alex, it can't be that bad."

"Oh, yes it is that bad."

Nancy rushed in the dining hall panicked and grabbed Alex's arm. "WHERE IS LIZ?"

"She ran out this morning with Max- smart girl."

"WHAT? I'm going to kill her..." She paused and looked at Isabel, who was desperately trying to follow the conversation. "Hi honey, who are you?"

"I... Isabel."

"Hi Isabel, congrats, you've been hired."

"WHAT? Alex, help me, now." Isabel looked at him confused. "WAIT? She ran out with Max? How cute. But Maria is with them and so it isn't a big romantic thing."

"Isabel, I'm not worried about that, I know my daughter, but thanks for telling me anyway. You're his girlfriend right? There are uniforms in the back, I know they're awful and I fully intend on changing them, but it is all there is for now."


"Parker, but you can call me Nancy."

"Mrs. Par... Nancy, I really don't know anything about waitressing, I've never had a job before and..."

"Look, how does $7.50 an hour plus tips sound? You can work the counter while Alex and Agnes get the tables. Please?" Nancy looked at Isabel with wide eyes, desperately hoping that she'd help out.

"Well... I do need the cash." She paused and thought the offer over some more. "As long as I don't have to wear the antennas you have a deal."

"Ok, good. You are a lifesaver, and I hate those damn things anyway." Nancy replied and raced out of the room.
The four teens had reached the entrance to the chamber when Michael noticed that it was just a slab of rock. “Max, this ISN’T funny. How the hell do you open this?”

“We don’t know.” Maria stated. “We just know that it’s here… we have never been able to open it.”

Liz, who had been eyeing the wall from a distance, caught sight of a slight imprint to her left. “Guys, watch… I have it figured out.” She remarked as she laid her hand on the indented area and held her breath. She grinned wildly as the door began to open, ever since the car-ride she had been filled with more life than she had been in years and it was making her giddy. “Guess the bitch fest will have to wait another day.” She remarked and glared at Michael pretending to be annoyed. “C’mon let’s go” she grabbed a hold of Max and dragged him inside while the others followed.

Max slid his hand into hers and looked all around the chamber in awe. It was dark and dreary, but not menacing and had 6 different passageways that needed to be searched for anything that could help them find out about their past. “This is huge! They really could have hid stuff anywhere.”

“Yeah Max, it does seem like a lot of ground to cover all by ourselves, so why don’t we split up? Max and I will go into the cave that’s the farthest to the left, Michael and Maria you two go into the farthest one to the right; we’ll meet back here at twelve for lunch.” She paused and noticed Michael’s disappointment. “Then, after lunch Michael and I will go into the one that’s 2nd from the left, Max and Maria will go into the 2nd one from the right. At three we’ll meet back here again for a snack, share what we’ve found and then go from there.”

“But what about girl time?” Maria whined teasingly.

“I’m not done yet. Max, you packed dinner too right?”

“Yeah Liz I did… why?”

“Ok that’s great!” Liz smiled and continued “after we’re done with our snack, we’ll venture down the last two caves Maria and I do the last one on the left, Max and Michael do the last one on the right. We’ll meet at six here for dinner and review everything that we’ve found and decide exactly how we’re going to go about all of this. Don’t play with anything you find, we won’t know what it does so it’s better to just collect it all and observe it. Is that ok with everyone?”

The other three aliens nodded, amazed at Liz’s leadership abilities. Without another word, Michael led Maria down their passageway while Max and Liz ventured down another.
“Ok so waffles in black with toast and a blood of alien smoothie for you and for the mini lady killer over here we’ve got saucer cakes, a small order of Alien Hashes and Orange Juice, enjoy.” Isabel smiled and walked away from the father and son. Working at the Crashdown was easier than she’d thought and with her lack of a social life, this was just what she needed to fill all her extra time. She turned and smiled at Nancy while smoothing out her uniform before greeting the new couple.

Alex tried to focus on the few customers that were scattered about the restaurant, but his thoughts continued to flow back to Liz. He had no idea what was with her, but he couldn’t stand to be in the dark for much longer.
Maria and Michael ambled down the long passageway looking for anything unusual and nothing had caught their fancy yet, causing Maria to become restless. “Michael, this is SO pointless.” She groaned and hoped that he’d listen to her point of view.

“Maria, we have to explore this.” Michael declared his eyes boring into hers. “You know that I need this… you need this too, you just don’t realize it yet.”

The soft green of Maria’s eyes met Michael’s pained brown gaze while she nodded. “I know Michael, I do, but I mean aren’t the three of us something. I mean we were married or going to be married before and Liz… she’s your sister.”
“Yeah and she’s more at home with Max than she’ll ever be with me. You don’t understand… I have been waiting to find her for years- YEARS Maria. I have fantasized about what it would be like- a normal family with a happy little sister to annoy and worry about… it was what kept me sane when Hank would beat me. I’d think about running away all the damn time, but I couldn’t because I’d think that she’d come back and I wouldn’t be there to protect her. She did come back all right, self-absorbed and obsessed with Max. I don’t think she thought about me… I don’t think she ever cared.” He remarked bitterly, while a few angry tears fell from his eyes.

“Michael, you don’t know that. Liz, she asked Max if she knew about you when they met… she was so upset when he couldn’t help her… you saw her in the car, she loves you Michael. Don’t be like this, she’s been through more shit than you realize.” Maria sighed and hoped that he wouldn’t be so stubborn about this.

“Like I haven’t been through hell?” He shouted angrily.

“LOOK WHAT IT’S DONE TO YOU.” Maria shouted and paused before continuing. “You wonder why she’s more comfortable with Max and then you act like this. He is at least sane with her. Stop for a second and LISTEN. I mean really Listen Michael. I know that your family means a lot to you and if you don’t listen to me now you may loose the only blood family that you have. She was told that she was evil and responsible for the deaths of millions while she was tortured and tied up in her bedroom. Then this same guy attempted to rape her, after he’d finished lying to her, but she knows how to kick, so he injected her with something instead… something that would have kill her if we hadn’t been there today… Dead Michael, Dead. I think that there is more to this story too, but I only know what I learned when I connected with her.”

“Oh god… I’m an ass… I never thought… holy shit Maria.”

“Yeah well… don’t talk to her about that, I don’t think she has really dealt with it, I mean I know that I wouldn’t. Michael, don’t mess with Max and Liz’s relationship either, I know you feel like you’re losing something, but you’re not. She needs him and he needs her, ok? They have the purest most beautiful love ever… he used to cry himself to sleep and never even looked at another girl while they were apart, even though Tess was more than eager to jump his bones, it wasn’t even an alien thing either. I wish I had a fraction of that, don’t you?”

Michael paused as this set in and sighed, pained by what she’d said. “I think you do have it, at least I do… and I think I want to show you exactly how much of it you have right now.” He grabbed her and kissed her hungrily, sending her his emotions of love and devotion. His tongue dueled with hers for a moment longer before their emotions over took them. Pain, Loss, Love, Lust and Trust all flowed through their connection culminating in the formation of a singular image in their mind. It was of a stone in the wall a few feet from where the two of them stood that glowed and pulsated, but as quickly as it had come to the forefront of their thoughts it disappeared and the two lovers broke apart, gasping for air.
Maria was quiet for a few moments before she met Michael’s eyes. “What was that?”

“I… I don’t know, but I think we have a stone to find. Let’s go.” He grinned widely and grabbed her hand while they rushed ahead.
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roswellluver :D I love Maria, she's so much fun to write... yeah she's going to definately going to help Michael along.

jendansuer It's not *just* PDAs, but PDAs are so much more fun to write. Originally I was just going to make Isabel a bitch, because I haven't liked her since S1, but then I changed my mind... I don't know but I felt like I needed another girl and there is no way in hell I was going to make Tess nice. Alex and Izzy find out, but probably not for a while.

pandas2001 LOL good to see you... I think I'll have the next part of WYCS up by Sunday (I'm kinda shifty on a few things right now... but oh well.)

frenchkiss70 I love Maria, she can be everything and anything at once.

AJK001 I don't know if Michael's going to leave Max and Liz alone all the time, it doesn't seem like his nature, but he's going to lay off of them a bit while he tries to find his nitch in Max's and Liz's lives. He knows where he stands with Maria, but he's kind of estranged from the two others, despite his tenative friendship with Max.

woodwinds Welcome aboard... lol I'm revising some of the stuff about what they find right now. I wrote it one way and then read it today and didn't like it, but the Michael/Maria and Max/Liz escapades in the caves will definately be continued tonight.

Thanks for all your FB :D Now I just need to finish writing. *happy*
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Here's the new part (sorry it's kinda late... but I had to work and stuff) The first part of this section almost went MUCH further than it did... but eh... it didn't make the final cut, which is why it's kind of short... (that was the thing I was caught up on.) Har Har. Enjoy.
Part 15

Max and Liz moved down the cave quickly, somehow they knew that whatever they needed to find was buried far in. Liz raced ahead, led on by her instincts, which were suddenly extremely accurate. She paused and watched Max follow with an impish grin plastered on her face. "Max, hurry, I know where we have to go."

"Liz, I just want to check everything over... make sure we aren't missing anything." Max replied as he investigated another rock.

"Max I know what you mean but I just feel it, don't you?" She smiled and watched him approach, however a new emotion washed over her. With each step, a little more desire ran through her and before she knew it her entire body craved his touch in the most primal of ways.

Max was now standing in front of her, staring at her lips, which were set in a pout and opened slightly - he found this extremely sexy. He wanted to take them in his mouth and taste her, learn every curve of her body as he marked her as his. Her tongue caressed these supple lips ever so slightly, sending his senses into overdrive. He needed to kiss her as much as he needed air to breathe. Max groaned... he'd kissed her before, but it was like there was a force over them and he was worried that if he kissed her he'd go too far. He didn't know what to do and it was killing him. "Liz..." he whispered, her name dancing on his tongue, while it evoked something animalistic within him that waited, sizing up its prey before the kill.

Liz couldn't take the pressure anymore. All the longing that she had for him was building and although she knew it wasn't normal, it felt so right. "Max..." she breathed, her lust filled eyes meeting his heated gaze.”Just kiss me."

Upon her request his last bit of resolve faded and he grabbed her, crushing her small body against his. Liz clawed her hands through his hair and dragged his mouth down to hers. She pressed against him, craving his touch. Their tongues met and intertwined, each devouring the other. It was ecstasy that kept increasing with every passing moment, building up for the final release. They thrust themselves together one last time before they were forced apart by another energy - their life-force.

Max looked at Liz, his amber eyes etched with confusion. He was glad that things had ended when they had though, because while he wanted to be with Liz, he didn't want their first time to be forced upon them. "Liz... what was that?"

"I don't..." Liz paused and looked around, catching sight of a sliver necklace with a small engraved pendant and a gold ring engraved with the same symbol at their feet, both of which were not there before they had kissed. "Max, look at that..." she remarked while bending down to pick up the new artifacts.

"Liz, do you think that we made these, or located these or something?"

"I think so... they weren’t here before." She replied and showed them to him. "The necklace was near me and the ring was near you... I think that they were made for us, but I have no idea what they do." She handed him the ring and kissed him gently. "Don't worry about what happened. I loved every second of it."

"You know me too well." He declared and wrapped an arm around her. "We should probably get back... Michael is already pissed."

"Max, I'm going to talk to him, I think he's upset that I'm more comfortable with you than him... you know it'd be so much easier if he would just lose..." Liz trailed off and sighed, something within her clicked. "He is the friend that you have with the alcoholic foster parent isn't he?"

Max nodded "I'm sorry."

Liz nodded and sighed. "I've been distant from him and now I understand why. The whole car ride I tried to push him away because I thought he'd hate me because I had a somewhat normal life in Connecticut - except for that time with you know... At least my adoptive parents love and care about me."

"Liz, he doesn't hate you. I think that he held onto you when things got really bad. He was so worried about you when you got sick in the car, maybe you two just need to let each other in, ok?" Max smiled at her and ran a hand through her dark brown locks. "C'mon we should get back."
"Michael you have to pull harder!" Maria barked, annoyed at their lack of progress.

"You know you COULD help." Michael snapped, whiping the sweat off of his brow.


"Yeah well, the two of us are stronger when someone decides to HELP."

"Ugh, Fine... MOVE." Maria huffed and pushed him away. She laid her hands on both sides of the stone and it fell to the ground without any effort at all. "AHA! I rule."

Michael picked up the metallic oval and inspected it. There was a small design carved in the middle of it on one side, but other than that there was nothing out of the ordinary. "I loosened it for you."

"HA! 'Maria it's soooo hard.' 'Help me Maria' I'm Michael the weak man. WAH WAH WAH." She grinned and kissed him playfully. "And I wouldn't have it any other way." She grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the cave. "Let's go, they're probably waiting for us."
Tess groaned and got up from her bed, suffering from a massive hangover. She'd drunk herself blind last night after she learned of Max's new girlfriend. Sure, she had meaningless sex with more men than she could count, but she had needs that were only satisfied by sex... lots of sex. She blinked again and saw a brown haired boy lying in her bed. "I must have been really drunk... that kid is DEFINATELY high school." She hated high school boys with a passion - they were all so immature and bad in bed. However, Max was an exception to this, he had a mature air about him that made her go wild. This and his stunning good looks were what made him so appealing, well... that and his lack of interest in any of the girls at West Roswell, but now he has chosen someone, this new girl- Liz that he suddenly dates on a whim. Tess decided to make her life a living hell and then Max would see what he was missing by being with her.

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I'm going to *try* to get another part up by sunday, but it may be monday.
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Thanks for all the lovely FB guys, I'm SO sorry that I didn't have this out earlier, but I had the most inane and intense blow up with one of my friends ever. Har Har. Um, but anyway... I'm finding this so much easier to write than the other one right now, so voila. Yes, some of the Tess questions are answered (she can't jump off a bridge, but it got a thousand times easier to kill her...), some of the questions about what people found are answered and some of the who has what sort of power questions are answered. But there isn't really much Max or Maria here, it's mostly a Michael/Liz part.

Oh and all the stuff about DMB and Hartford actually happened... Connecticut is a *STRANGE* place.
Part 16
Lunch passed by quickly because the four aliens were eager to resume their quests to discover everything that the area hid. So, Maria had dragged Max down another cave before the four could say two words to one another, leaving Michael and Liz to stare at each other as an awkward silence set over them.

Liz sighed and looked away. Their mannerisms alone proved that they were related. In addition to this, both had been through different types of hell, which caused them to lack the initiative to dive right into personal interaction. However, Liz was not to be deterred by her fear of rejection and resigned her trepidation and turned back to face Michael. “Why do you think they left us?”

“Who left us? Max and Maria left because it is their turn to go off together.” Michael responded and scratched his eyebrow.

“No dumbass” she shot back and threw a potato chip at him, which he caught in his mouth. “Them, the up there them, what caused them to leave the four of us? I mean, you know if there was someone waiting then we wouldn’t be dealing with all of this bullshit.”

“Maybe there was someone, but an enemy got there first. I don’t know, maybe it would have been different if I didn’t run away and drag you with me.”

“Michael, it’s not your fault… I mean come on, imagine if Max and I lived together, we’d have been going at it like rabbits by now. Then you and Maria would have burnt the house down.” She smiled and met his eyes. “Come on, let’s start walking.”

“Yeah, but Liz, you do know that you are insane, right?”

“I am not insane, just logical.”

“Where exactly is this logic coming from?”

“The same place that your hair came from.”

“Don’t insult the hair, it’s the new ‘do, all the cool kids have it.”

“Yeah ok Spike, too bad punk died out a while ago..”

“Ha, you are funny Liz. And it’s all about Metallica.”

“Oh yeah sure, drunk white hicks pretending to play their instruments while writing half-assed songs about fuel and fire, that’s quality for you.”

“Oh and what do you listen to? The Backstreet Boys are on their way out, you know.”

“Cute Michael, really, but no, I listen to Poe, Fiona Apple, PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, Ani Difranco… and since I’m from Connecticut, of course I love the Dave Matthews Band.”

“The who? Oh wait, weren’t there riots at their Hartford show two years ago and then someone killed himself at Hartford again last year?”

“Yeah, that’s Connecticut for you, but they weren’t really fans.”

“I see… Lizzy, are you feeling anything yet?” Michael asked, hoping that they would be able to discover something else about their heritage.

“No, but Michael, I um want to ask you something serious.” Liz ran a hand through her hair and sighed.

“What is it?” Michael asked sincerely.

“Well, you know how we’re brother and sister right? Of course you do, but I mean shouldn’t we be together? I mean and then so I was thinking…”

“Liz, stop acting like Maria ok?”

“Fine, I was thinking that my parents could take you in because of what happened with Hank. I mean, they wanted to adopt both of us when we were younger and we could live together, you know?”

“HOW Liz? They can’t take our blood and test it or we’ll be looked up. You know I’ve tried the whole never never land idea, but it doesn’t work ok?” Michael shouted and gave her a hateful look for playing on his hopes like that.

Liz felt something inside of her break and all she wanted to do was crawl into a corner and cry, but she decided to stand her ground. “Ok Michael, I see how it is, I was just suggesting it… my Dad already has all the paperwork because he had a bad feeling about the Guerins, but the laws of Roswell didn’t agree with him. So I’ll just go and call him up and tell him he’s wrong and ignore that cut on your arm. I don’t see why I tried.” Liz finished with tears in her eyes. “Let’s just get this over with.” She snapped and stormed ahead.

“Liz…” Michael groaned as she walked off.

“Michael, just don’t. There is a limit to how many times you can hurt me in one day.”

“Liz!” He shouted and rushed to catch up to her, grabbing her arm in the process. “I am an asshole, ok? I’m sorry for being so rude and pushing you away… I just got so used to it and I would like to move in, but I don’t think that it is possible. I want to believe it is though.”

“Then believe it. I swear that it will work, just come back with me, just tonight. It’ll just be my mom, but you can meet her.”

“I’d like that.” He replied and hugged her. “Thank you.”
The boy finally got up from her bed and saw Tess dressing. Annoyed that she hadn’t served him breakfast, he contemplated killing her, but remembered that she was much too valuable. “Hello Tess, what’s wrong? No good morning kiss?”

“No, and the only reason I fucked you was because I was drunk, so don’t call.”

“Sorry, that’s the wrong answer.” He got up and grabbed her forcefully. “See, you are one of us now. I changed you last night, made you more useful to the cause, because I saw something inside of you, something I like.”

“Oh really? What’s that little boy?”

“Call me Nikolas my dear, and I’m much older than I appear, as you will be in time. I work for someone named Kivar and the three of us have a common interest… I believe you know her as Elizabeth Parker. You remember, don’t you? She is that girl who is parading around with your precious Max Evans.”

“Yeah, what a stupid cunt and why does my skin itch?”

“I’m getting to that. So what if I said that I have given you the ability to convince Max that you are the one for him and you can have him forever, all you need to do is make sure that Liz sees you with him. Oh and your skin, it itches as a result of the change. You aren’t exactly human anymore.”

“Wait, so like I have super powers now? How COOL!”

Nikolas rolled his eyes, he would enjoy killing her after she served his purpose. “Yes and now you must learn how to harness them before Kivar returns so that the plan can go into affect right away.”
“Max! I found something.” Maria shouted as she approached a long, slender crystal.

“Really? Let me see.” Max replied and turned to look in her direction, “wow Ria, what is that for? Let’s get it out.”

“Ok, it isn’t moving for me, help.”

Max placed his hand on top of hers and the crystal slid out easily. “Ok, so we have a crystal, an oblong, a necklace and a ring.”

“Yup, let’s take this and head back.”
The two siblings had reached the end of the cave and found nothing to each of their dismay. “Nothing, absolutely nothing” Michael groaned.

“Maybe we just…” Liz began as she tripped and fell, coming face to face with a metal book. “…Missed it.”

“Walk much?”

“Shut up, I found it.” She replied and picked the book up off the floor to show him. “It’s a book!”

Michael snatched it from her hands and flipped through it. “Yeah, too bad we can’t read it.”

Liz caught sight of a page engraved with pictures of the four of them. “Michael, give me it.” She commanded and smiled as she took it from his hands. Liz flopped back to the page that she had seen and showed it to him. “See, Max and I are on top, next to each other, you are under me and Maria is under Max. I think it designates spouses, siblings and political power within our group.”

Michael noticed the necklace that was engraved next to Liz’s picture and laid his finger on it. “The necklace that you found, it’s engraved here, next you and the ring is near Max, so those are designated specifically for you two.”

“Yeah, but what do they do?” Liz asked.

“I’d be damned if I knew, put it on and see.”

“Wait, did you, Michael Guerin, just suggest that I try something on a whim? Are those the four horsemen of the apocalypse that I hear?”

“Ha Ha Liz. I trust the book and I know you want to investigate this, consequences be damned, your eyes are lighting up like a kid in a candy store.” Michael grinned and continued. “Here, hand me the necklace, let me help.”

“Thanks” Liz smiled and passed him the thin chain. “I suck at putting on my own shit.”

After he put it around her neck, he turned her around and smiled. “The stone brings out your eyes. If you weren’t already married, I’d have one hell of a time scaring all the guys away.”

Liz kissed his cheek and punched him in the arm. “I love you Michael.”

“I love you too Liz, you better tell me if anything weird happens to you because of this. Is there any noticeable difference yet?”

“No…” she paused and fingered the stone. “Wait, ok, I feel more aware of my powers… like suddenly I know that they are all mental and yours are physical. Maria’s are based on divination and psychic stuff, like auras and dreams and Max has defensive powers. It’s weird, like this necklace is giving me these memories that I never knew I had.”

“Ok, so what do you mean mental?”

“Uh, well, the telepathy thing, astral projection, telekinesis and this thing where I can make people see stuff that isn’t there.”

“That’s why you’re so smart. Ok, what are mine?”

“Um… you can blast things, like you’re really good at it and stuff… oh and you can shield and then there’s this thing that is sort of mental, where you can inflict injury with your mind, but it takes a lot out of you.”

“Ha! I am superman.”

Liz sighed and rolled her eyes. “Ok, superman, let’s go see the others.”

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Yep, Tess is a skin, who will serve a purpose... even if it is looking in the mirror lol. I KNOW that this day is dragging on and on, sorry, but it will come to a close soon... in the next 2 parts or so. The ring stuff will be delt with in this part and people will be brought up to speed and some other stuff. But anyway, thanks for all the FB and stuff. I don't really like this part, it's kind of choppy and not exactly well written, but my asshole brother is kicking me off and I really want to put this up, so I apologize in advance for anysort of difficulty you have reading it.
Part 17

Kyle entered the Crashdown and almost burst out laughing when he saw Isabel waitressing and enjoying it. He was on his way to harass the leggy blond when Alex came up to greet him. “Alex, my man, what’s up with the ice princess?”

“Hell froze over. She ditched Tess and we got back together.”

“Alex, you are braver than most… so how is the sex? Does she scream? I bet she’s a screamer.”

“Kyle, I’ll have you know that I am a gentleman and do not discuss these things with the vulgar crowd.” He grinned and showed Kyle to a table.

“Still not getting any I see? Whitman, one day you will bed the beast and I will be the first one you tell.”

“Yeah, Kyle, keep telling yourself that. What can I get you?”

“I’ll have a Coke, saturn rings and a burger with everything on it.”

“Ok Kyle, I’ll be back with your drink.”
Liz grinned as she caught sight of Max and Maria. “Guys guess what?” She bellowed and raced into Max’s arms. “We found this book and then I put on this necklace and stuff like that.”

“Liz, what is up with you?” Maria asked amused at Liz’s exuberance.

“Sorry, I don’t know… I just have all of this energy and I don’t have any idea how to control it so I’m acting really hyper.” She blushed and turned inward, burying her head in Max’s chest.

“Well I find it adorable.” Max grinned and kissed her.

“Not when she’s been at it the whole way back.” Michael mumbled.

Maria punched him in the arm and glared. “Quiet you; no one wants to hear you bitch. So I take it that there was no killing?”

“No. But it’s really funny because you know that…” Liz paused and blushed. “Can any of you help me? I swear I’m going to go insane.”

“Liz, just focus and you should be fine. Like take deep breaths and shit.” Maria replied and watched the other girl calm considerably. “See, it’s like putting on an old hat.”

“Yeah, thanks.” She smiled and took another deep breath. “Ok, so anyway we found a book, which, while none of us can read it, is the most concrete lead that we have so far. Um, we’ll obviously examine it in more depth later, but Michael and I found a page with these sketches of the four of us in them and an image of the necklace that Max and I found next to my picture and the ring next to Max’s.” Liz paused and showed the page to Max and Maria.

“Liz, they look just like us!” Maria exclaimed and absent mindedly flipped the page, catching sight of two drawings, one of a pregnant Liz, who looked no older than she did now and an image of Maria a few years older than Liz, but was equally pregnant. “Whoa! Guys, did you look at this? It looks like we’re going to be parents soon too.”

“What?” Michael shouted and looked at the pictures just to make sure that Maria was not temporarily insane. “Holy, SHIT.”

Max was in his own dream world, fantasizing about what their child would look like. It would be a girl with her wide brown eyes, long hair, well a miniature Liz. Or maybe a son, with her eyes and intelligence, but no matter the sex, their child would not have his ears.

Liz looked at the pictures and frowned, she still looked seventeen in them. “Obviously they can’t expect… I mean by that picture I’ll be pregnant at the end of the year. I’m just a girl; Maria at least looks a little older.” She caught sight of Max’s frown deepen as she rambled and hastily added, “it’s not that I don’t want kids, Max, but we’re not ready for that step. We just met and don’t we have enemies? It would be wrong to bring a child into that and our parents and everyone else would think that we were just another statistic, which we would have to deal with… and our baby would have to deal with that from its peers. I don’t think you want that do you?”

Max paused and thought about everything that Liz was saying, before he said anything that would hurt her. “Liz, you’re right and I love you or caring so much about our unborn children to think logically. I’m just too obsessed with the future to see what I have in front of me.” He met her eyes and kissed her.

Michael cleared his throat and watched the two of them break apart. “Anyway, after that I convinced Liz to put on the necklace and she suddenly starts naming off everyone’s powers and then became hyper Liz.”

“Ha Ha, Michael aren’t you funny. Anyway, I think that the sudden burst of energy was a reaction to everything that I’d repressed after the incident. Like it all came back full force once I put on the necklace and my body was adjusting to the influx, so I released some of it by being more active than usual and I assume that I’ve gotten it under control now. But Max, Michael and I were thinking that it would be a good idea if you put on the ring.”

“Do you know what it does?”

“Yeah, Max it’s this protective shield from this power that I have and some of our enemies have that distorts images and creates new ones so it screws with your head and….”

“Mind-warp.” Michael interrupted and shrugged when Liz gave him an odd look.

“Yeah, mind-warp works and I’m immune to it because it’s one of my powers, but you’re not so that blocks them. Also, I was hoping that you’d get something like a memory or whatever off of it.” Liz sighed and met his eyes, amazed by his understanding, especially since she wasn’t sure what she’d said made sense, the energy was still buzzing around in her head.

Maria, who’d been trying to follow the conversation, but was still dwelling on being a teenage mother and the subsequent death of her music career, it wasn’t that she didn’t like kids, she just never thought that she would have any of her own. However, she had heard the word powers and had a million questions in her head, but in true Maria fashion, blurted out, “What powers? Oooh tell me what sort of kick ass things I can do besides dream walk.”

Liz looked at Maria for a second before she caught on to what she was saying. “Uh… well I don’t know all of them, but I do know the major ones, so let me just tell you all what I do know. Maria you can dream walk, read people’s auras, throw pretty strong power blasts, like Michael, and heal minor cuts. Max, you can heal, obviously, um… throw up a shield, blast things, I’m the only one of us that can’t do that, you can sometimes read people’s auras uh and you have telekinesis, like me. Michael can blast things, make a shield and inflict injury just by using his mind. I do the telepathy thing, mind-warp, telekinesis and astral projection. Pretty much Michael has offensive powers, Max has defensive powers, I have mental powers and Maria has both mental and physical powers.” She smiled at Max, who’d put on the ring half-way through her explanation and shrugged his shoulders when she’d mentally asked if there was any change.

“O-kay.” Maria replied emphatically. “Well, that was way too much for my pretty little head. Liz, let’s go. We have to talk about nothing related to this alien crap.” She grabbed Liz’s arm and began to talk about hair-care as they walked away.
Nancy Parker head the phone ring in her house and groaned as she rushed up the stairs to grab it. She hoped it was Jeff telling her that he’d gotten an earlier flight, but it ended up being another reminder of the life she left behind in Connecticut, Hillary. “Hello?” She asked, breathless from her flight up the stairs to the apartment.

“Hi Mrs. Parker, did I interrupt something?” Hillary asked, feigning concern.

“No, I just had to run up the steps to the apartment. I already miss Connecticut and everything that had nothing to do with this god awful tourist trap of a town.”

“After one day? I’m sorry, it must be terrible. Is Liz in, or is she too busy dealing with the vulgar crowd?”

“Neither actually. She ran out early this morning with a few of her new friends.”

“She always was a smart one… but anyway, I’m calling because we’re actually on our way to Roswell.”

“What? Why?”

“My dad got a promotion. He’s going to head up Otis’ south-west operations; we’ll be here sometime this week, before school starts.”

“I’ll bet Liz will be ecstatic. Want me to have her call you?”

“Um… no, my parents are rushing Meghan and me around to visit all of our relatives before we head out, so I doubt she’ll be able to catch us. But tell her that I called and that she can’t get rid of me.”

“Ok Hillary, tell your dad congratulations for me.”

“Ok, bye Mrs. Parker.”

“Bye Hillary.”
A man in a suit and tie bustled around in the busy office building. He sighed and looked at the clock. 6:45, it was time to go if he wanted to catch his flight, but felt that something important was about to come to him. He sat in his chair and waited a few moments and was not disappointed. The phone rang on his desk; he waited for it to ring twice before he answered. “Hello?”

A soft female voice answered his drawn out baritone. “The sleepers have awoken.” She muttered and hung up the phone, leaving the man to contemplate his next move. He knew that he had to guard them, now more than ever, but he was torn by his desire to allow for his daughter to live out the next year in peace.

“Fuck.” He whispered and slammed down the phone, picked up his suitcases and headed to the airport.

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Thanks for the FB guys. The guy at the end is someone's father, but I'm not letting on to who he is, but he does have a daughter. Oh and Hillary, well... she'll be up to something and it could be good or bad or both. :D -G

Part 18


“Abercrombie and Fitch.”

“Really? How Isabitch of you.”

“Ha Ha Maria, why? Where do you shop?”

“I don’t have a store, I have a style.”

Liz nodded her head and gave Maria a strange look. “Ok, so West Roswell, do you hang with anyone besides your brother and Michael?”

“No… we’re exclusive. Aliens only policy.”

“I see, but what if your sister and Alex decide to hang with us? Wait, what is she like anyway?”

“Oh yeah, sorry. She’s blond, super-modelish, but still has the baby fat problem, but her boobs make up for it. Former best friend of Tess Harding, who has this huge thing for Max and is a slutty ho. Tess is the kind that fucks teachers for better grades. Sorry, enough about the blond beast from hell. Isabel is… err was mega popular and a total fashion fiend.”

“Oh, so why’s she with Alex? He seems to be kind of dorky.”

“Well, he was, until the Whits, his band, hit it big on the local scene and Isabel started to notice. That’s another thing, Isabel’s a total prude when compared with her ho pie friends, she wants true love before she gives it up and Alex is the first guy who hasn’t wanted her to give it up on the first date.”

“So, why’d she dump him… really.”

“Tess told her it was hindering her popularity and well she listened.”

“Yeah, so anyone else to watch out for?”

“Pam Troy. She’s another Max – whore… chica, you are going to have so many enemies when they hear that Max has gone and gotten himself the love of the mysterious raven haired beauty from the east. You do know that we could have the whole town out… what a big scandal.”

Liz burst out laughing. “Maria, you are SO insane, it really can’t be that bad.”

“Liz, my brother is hot as hell, yes?”

“Yes.” Liz replied and blushed at her admission.

“Well, multiply that by the fact that he doesn’t date and add that to his mysterious air and you have an entire high school’s female population minus two that want to jump his bones. There have been girls who have thrown panties at him.”

“WHAT? Maria, you can’t be serious.”

“I wish I was lying.”

Liz erupted in a fit of giggles. “Were they at least quality panties? Are we talking Victoria’s Secret or 99 cent white briefs?”

“Fredericks of Hollywood, trash at its best.”

“HA! Wait, Maria do you feel something?”

“Like warm energy alien something? Yeah, where do you think it is?”

“Aren’t you the one with the aura powers? Take this opportunity to feel it with your mind and embrace your powers.”

“Ha, ok mom.”

“Shut up Maria, just do it.” Liz sighed and watched as Maria shut her eyes and focused in an attempt to locate the source of the energy. “Anything?”

“You are just as bad as Michael. Let me concentrate and maybe, just maybe this will work.”
“Maxwell, I am going to get this out now and we will never discuss it again. If Liz is pregnant before she’s happily married and out of school, I will kill you.”

“Michael.” Max sighed and rolled his eyes.

“Ok, just so we understand each other.”

“Yeah, ok Michael.” Max replied half heartedly and returned to fantasizing about Liz.

“So, find anything yet?”

“Ha, no. Michael, you know that you just don’t find these things.”

“Liz did. She tripped and fell and then found the book.”

“That’s so adorable.”

“Maxwell, seriously just don’t start thinking about her like that.”

“It’s not like you don’t think about Maria like that.”

“That’s different.”


“Ugh!” Michael exclaimed and subconsciously released an energy blast. “Shit.”

“Michael, have you ever done that before?” Max asked as he ventured towards the hole, which contained a metallic orb identical to the first inside of it. “Hey Michael, what’s this?” Max asked and grabbed the orb and showed it to him.

“It’s like the one Maria and I found. Let’s get back.”

“Ok Michael.”
“Isabel!” Tess shouted as she entered the Crashdown with Nikolas.

“What do you want Tess?”

“Your brother, who else?”

“Isn’t shorty here enough?”

“Aren’t you just darling?” Nikolas spat.

“Tess, just leave, ok? Max is out with LIZ.” Isabel declared and watched Tess grab Nikolas and storm off.
“Liz! It’s right over there.” Maria exclaimed and walked over to the spot she’d just pointed out.

“Maria, this is the fourth place we’ve looked at.” Liz stated and followed Maria to the current area of interest.

“I think it’s behind this rock.” Maria remarked and started to pull. “Hey wait. Liz, you can move this.”

“I’ve never done it before, but I’ll try.” Liz closed her eyes and focused her energy into moving the rock. Her concentration was broken a moment later when she heard a loud crash. “Did it work?”

“Yeah, the thing kinda fell out.” Maria replied and looked in the hole. She felt around for a few moments until she pulled out another book and immediately started flipping through it. “Liz look at this! It’s a translation thingie.”

Liz took the book from Maria and flipped through it. “Well, that just made our lives a lot easier.”
“Hillary, are you almost ready?”

“Yeah Mom.” Hillary replied as her train of thought was yet again diverted from what had happened last night. Angie had dragged her to a frat party as a going away gift and she’d gotten drunk for the first time ever, just to show her friends that she could be just as rebellious as they could. After a few shots of tequila, she met the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen. He had dark brown hair and the most vibrant blue eyes that had lit up whenever she met them. One thing led to another and they’d ended up in bed together. He’d left while she slept and now all she could do was think about his eyes. She hated herself for dwelling on this and was determined to get over the blue eyes that haunted her every thought. However, she was determined to find someone better in Roswell, no matter what.
Alex and Isabel sat in a booth after they’d finished their shifts just talking about life in general. Alex sighed and ran a hand through his hair, afraid to ask the next question. “Isabel, have you ever noticed anything not quite normal about Max?”

“Like what? His anti-social behavior?”

“No, like I don’t know… Liz and Max were in her room last night and maybe I was just imagining it, but Liz was blue and on the floor and glowing. Then she was really open with Maria, but she could barely carry on a conversation with me.”

“Then isn’t the problem with Liz and not Max?”

“Well, maybe, but I mean isn’t it strange that she gets along with your two adopted siblings, but won’t have anything to do with me?”

“Not really, Alex, the three of them have something in common.”

“But they didn’t know that.”

“Alex, honey, I don’t know what to say… you’re just as bad as my mom. She’s convinced that Max healed this bird when he was little.”

“What if he did? And what if Liz glowed?”

“Alex, what are you suggesting? That Max and Liz are little green people? Is Maria one of them too?”

“I don’t know… I mean it sounds absurd, but I think maybe they are.”

“Alex, you can’t be serious.” Isabel paused and met his gaze. “You are serious aren’t you? Alex, I’ll help you, but just so you know, I don’t agree with this.”

“Noted. Thank you Izzy, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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Thank you all for your feedback, I know that there are a lot of plotlines going now (Hillary, Tess, investigation, podster stuff, mystery father, Kivar etc) and it's going to get a more muddled before it gets better. But hey, I don't have anything to do this week and I *hope* to get a lot done this week, so who knows. But I'm glad that you all are liking it. ;)

Part 19

After the four teens had finished discussing the day’s discoveries, they had decided to head back to the Crashdown for dinner. The drive had been quiet, each lost in their own thoughts. Michael had been granted driving privileges so that Liz could rest in Max’s embrace. The car stopped and Michael and Maria hopped out while Max and Liz were less than interested in leaving their current position.

Max brushed a stray piece of hair off Liz’s face and kissed her forehead. “Wake up sleeping beauty.”

Liz stirred and opened her doe eyes to see Max hovering over her. “Hey you.”

“I think we have to get up now.”

“Why? I want to stay here.”

“I think your mom is pissed enough.”

“So? We can drive away.”

“Liz, I wish we could but we can’t.”

“Fine, I’ll get up.” Liz replied and sat up. “Let’s go.” She exited the jeep with Max and took his hand before they entered the restaurant. “So how dead do you think I am?”

“Don’t worry I’ll protect you.” Max teased as he led Liz inside. He spotted Michael and Maria sitting with Alex and Isabel and blinked to make sure that he wasn’t seeing things. “Did hell just freeze over or are they really sitting together?”

“Come on.” Liz grinned and pulled Max over to the other teens.

“So sleepy-head decided to join us?” Maria joked as Liz came over. “I see prince charming is with you.”

“Yeah whatever Maria.” Liz replied as she pulled up a chair. She looked over at Isabel and smiled. “You must be Isabel, I’m Liz.”

The blond smiled and met Liz’s gaze and was stunned by her exotic beauty. “Yeah, it’s nice to meet you Liz. I see that Max here has good taste.”

Max heard the last comment while he was bringing another chair over. He placed it next to Liz’s and smiled. “The best.” He grinned and kissed Liz before sitting down.

Michael groaned and glared at the two of them. “Can you two can it?”

Maria whacked Michael’s arm and shot him an evil look. “Michael, quit it now.”

“You run a short leash Evans.” Alex joked

“I try.” Maria replied and hit Michael again before he said anything else.

“So Liz, you do know that Tess Harding will be after you when school starts, right?”

“Oh, I’ve already gotten the rundown.”

“No, it was really weird. She came in today with some shorter boy that was a total dick to me.” Isabel stated and ran a hand through her hair.

“What did he look like?” Michael asked, curious as to what sort of ass he’d have to kick.

“Short, brown hair that was kind of spiky, these brown eyes that were like really evil… I swear he looked like fourteen but he probably could have killed someone. I was totally freaked out.”

Liz blanched and looked at Isabel for a moment in disbelief before she rushed into the bathroom.

“What did I do?”

“Nothing Iz, I’m just going to go and check on her.” Max stated and hurried after a fleeing Liz.

Alex thought for a moment about the earlier incident and remembered the look of recognition that had momentarily passed over the boy’s face when Isabel had said Liz’s name. “You know what? He did seem like he knew Liz.”

“Shit.” Maria whispered and sighed as she noticed that she now had the attention of a very curious Alex and Isabel.

“What is it Maria?” Isabel asked her brown eyes wide with concern.

“Um… uh… Liz… uh was, well she didn’t have a good encounter with a guy like that back East and uh… well…”

“Oh my god! I had no idea.” Isabel stated, her face grew three shades whiter as she cursed herself for even bringing it up.

“And you won’t. Don’t act like you know anything… understand?” Michael barked.

“Protective much?” Isabel sighed, glad to have the distraction. “Don’t worry Michael, I may look like a bitch, but I’m not.”

“Ok, just as long as we understand each other.” Michael turned his head in search of a waitress. “Hey, where’s our food?”

Alex sat back and watched the entire situation progress. He wondered what exactly Maria wasn’t saying and why Michael, who hadn’t really been protective of anyone, was suddenly demanding Isabel’s silence.

Maria hit Michael again and groaned “men” which caused Isabel and Alex to laugh.


“Liz” Max sighed as he put his hand on the outside of the stall.

“Max, I just need to be alone right now.” Liz said between muffled sobs.

“Liz I’m not going to leave you alone, come on out honey, it isn’t just your problem anymore.”

“Max, I said no ok? I’m fine, really.”

“Liz, if you were fine, you wouldn’t be crying. I’m not going to leave, ok?”

“Fine I’m not leaving either.” She shouted as a few more tears fell down her face, she didn’t want Max to see her like this. It wasn’t his problem to begin with.

Max sighed and raked a hand through his hair. “Liz, why won’t you let me in? I love you and I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Yeah, I know, I love you too, but I have to go. I can’t be here.”

“Liz, you can’t run from this… not like this.”

“I can and I will.”

“Liz, you’re not alone now, you have Michael and Maria and me… you’ll always have me. You aren’t going to leave us are you?”

“You can come with me.”

“Liz, that won’t solve anything… he’ll just hunt you down.”

“Not if we’re fast enough.”

“Liz, come out here.”


“Please? Liz I promise nothing will happen to you. I just want to hold you. If you don’t come out right now I’ll drag you out.” Max hated himself for saying that, but he knew that Liz was hurting and there was no way that he was going to let her deal with it alone.

“Fine.” Liz sighed and opened the door, walking straight into Max’s arms.

Max led her to the employee couch where he sat her on his lap and fiercely wrapped his arms around here. “Liz it’s just the two of us, you don’t need to be strong for me. You can let it out and we’ll deal with it together.”

Liz buried her head in Max’s arms and began to cry while inhaling his scent. “Why did he follow me here? Why?”

Max held her close and ran a hand through her hair. “I don’t know Liz, I don’t know. But you’re not alone now.”

“I know, it’s just like everything was perfect and then he had to fuck it up, like he fucked with my head and I just don’t want to bring you all into it.”

“Liz, we’re a family, we deal with these things together. I’ve waited for so long just to hold you in my arms like this and now that I’ve had this chance it would be a cold day in hell before I let you go.”

Her watery eyes met his and she smiled. “I love you.” She stated and kissed him hungrily, needing to taste him. The kiss was heated and passionate and over quickly, much to her disappointment.

“I love you too Liz.” Max gently kissed her forehead and held her close.
A little while later, after the six teens had all eaten and gotten acquainted with each other Alex and Isabel had left to go to a gig and Max and Maria had headed home, leaving Michael and Liz to face Nancy Parker. Liz led the way up the stairs and opened the door to see her mother seated on the couch, watching the nightly news. “Mom, um…”

“Liz, it’s fine, you don’t need to excuse yourself. It’s only 6:30, I’m just glad that you have more of a social life out here than back in Connecticut.”

Liz paused and decided to not take the last comment as an insult. “Well Mom, uh it isn’t really about that…” Liz turned and met Michael’s eyes, which were peering through the doorway.

“Oh? Then what is this about?” Nancy asked, her eyes never leaving the TV screen.

“Well, you know how I have a brother? Like a biological brother?”

“Yes Liz, we tried to adopt you both.”

“Um… well I found him.” Liz rushed out and motioned for Michael to come forward, but he remained behind the door. She felt her mother’s blue eyes staring at her in confusion and Liz began to ramble. “Um… his name is Michael and he’s seventeen and well…” Liz looked into her mother’s eyes and started shaking.

“Liz, is he here?” Nancy asked and took her daughter’s shaking form into her arms. She began to realize that Liz was afraid of her reaction and that Michael was the friend that Max had talked about. “Liz, it’s ok. Where’s Michael?”

“Um… I’ll get him.” Liz replied and untangled herself from her mother’s arms. She stared at him for a moment before leading Michael into the apartment. “Mom, this is Michael.”

Nancy looked over the boy, who’d found the floor so interesting and sighed. Just from their first meeting she was certain that Michael was just like Liz, tough on the outside, but very loving underneath his shell. “Hi Michael, it’s great to finally meet you. I’ve always been a firm believer that siblings should be together, so would you like to stay here? At least for tonight?”

Michael met her eyes and nodded before focusing on the same spot on the carpet.

“I’ll just go and fix up the guestroom.” Nancy replied and headed towards the spare room, but not before Liz stopped her and thanked her.

After Nancy left Liz took Michael in her arms and whispered “welcome home” and then they both embraced and let a few tears fall down their faces.
Max and Maria looked through the book in an attempt to translate it. Maria wanted to get to the more interesting details while Max wanted to translate it from start to finish. Maria was currently glaring at Max while he held the two books in his lap. “Max, you seriously can’t be more interested in this crap than shit about when Liz gets pregnant.”

“Maria, of course I’m curious, but some book can’t calculate that. It happens when we’re ready, not when the book says so.”

“Max need I remind you that we’re aliens? Maybe we don’t have to have sex to make babies. Translate it. I want to know how many years of being a normal teen I have left.”

“Maria, when has life been normal?”

“Never… WAIT MAXWELL EVANS don’t you DARE change the subject. Translate it NOW.”

“Fine.” Max groaned and flipped through the books.
Liz ran her hand through Michael’s hair while he slept, glad that she had this time with her brother. Nancy re-entered the room a while later to see Liz and Michael asleep on the couch, with Liz’s hand protectively lying over Michael’s chest. She took the picture and smiled, happy that they’d found each other. Nancy sighed and turned away from the two of them to put the camera away. She’d been adamant that they stay together when she tried to adopt them, but the adoption agency was not as caring about the children’s welfare as she was, and was heartbroken when the agency had denied the Parkers the right to adopt both Michael and Liz. Nancy knew better than anyone what it was like to be separated from a sibling, her father had run out on her and her mother when she was seven, taking her four year old sister with him, who died three years later at the hands of their drunken father. The only thing that had given her some solace was when her mother remarried and she had acquired a step sister, Alex’s mother, who had filled a bit of the void that was created when her sister was taken from her. Alex’s mother and frequent shopping trips to New York City had gotten her through the difficult times.

Liz stirred and blinked, meeting her mother’s stare and smiled uncomfortably. She felt so awful for the way that she’d been treating her lately, but had no idea how to say what she wanted, so instead she talked about the possibility of adopting Michael. “Mom, are you sure that this will be ok?”

“Yeah, it should be no problem, we have the original adoption records and then his foster father is obviously an unfit provider so it shouldn’t be that difficult. The adoption process isn’t what it was when you both were found.”

“Thank you so much.”

“Liz, I’m just glad that the two of you are together. Speaking of togetherness, Hillary is moving… here.”

“What? I mean that’s great.” Liz said half-heartedly.

“Liz, why do you sound less than pleased?”

“Um… nothing just shock I mean it is strange.”

“Yes it is. Oh and Liz, the Crashdown is even tackier than we feared, so you don’t have to work there if you don’t want to.”

“Thank you so much… I saw the uniforms, antennae?”

“They are so awful.”

“I know.” Liz paused and sighed, afraid that what she was going to say would come out wrong. “Mom… I love you and not just because of this stuff. I’ve been so closed off lately and I just wanted to make sure you knew that.”

“Liz, of course I know that you love me. I love you too.” Nancy placed a kiss on Liz’s forehead. “I think that Roswell has been good to you so far. I should get back downstairs though, you look beat, don’t stay up late.”

“Ok, night Mom.” Liz stated and watched her walk away.

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woodwinds: Yeah, Maria definately has them on a short leash... but see it's ok because Maria rocks. Oh and I totally agree on the whole Michael family issue. Yeah and Nikolas and Kivar's other people are going to be around for a while. :(
AJK001: Glad that you are enjoying it so far.

Part 20
Max had been laboring over the book for at least an hour now and was no closer to translating it than he had been an hour ago. The book made no sense to him, even with the translation and Maria kept interrupting him when he thought he understood some of it.

“Max aren’t you supposed to be valedictorian? Why can’t you translate this?”

“Maria, it doesn’t make any sense. Here listen to what I have so far. ‘On the eve of the Lupercalia upon the alignment of the five planets the heir to the Granolith will be conceived.”

“On the what of the who for the huh?”

“Pretty much what I understood from it. I really don’t have any idea what this means.”

“This is getting us nowhere fast.”

“Yeah, maybe Liz has some idea about what all of this means. She’s probably smarter than I am. Her mother said that she is looking into going to school at Harvard.”

“Wait, so Liz can kick your ass in school? I WAS SO RIGHT. There is someone out there smarter than you.”

“Yeah ok Maria.” Max said quietly and rolled his eyes. “Maybe we should research this Granolith thing; it seems to be the most concrete part of it.”

“Yeah with what? The alien edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica? Max, come on.”

“No I mean maybe there is something in the book.”

“Ok, translate it then. I’m tired.” Maria got up from the floor and looked down at Max, who was trying to focus on understanding the book. “Night Max.”

“Night Ria.”

Everything is coming together and in some ways I still can’t believe it. I would have never even imagined that it was possible to find the only three people I know of who are like me. Michael, my estranged brother, had a horrible life here. His foster father is a drunk, but my mom is convinced that he will be able to be adopted into our family. He has spiky sandy brown hair and these brown eyes that have so much pain in them. Hopefully, in time, there will be something better reflected in them. Then there is Max Evans, the most handsome specimen of a well… alien that I have ever seen, and the strange thing is, he loves me. It’s so weird, we have known each other for two days and already we are professing our love for one another. But then there is this other side to our relationship that is from this previous life that we had where we were married and get this-royalty. I can’t even begin to think about all the implications of being the reincarnated king and queen of another planet, but I know that when I actually dwell on this, I will be even more frightened than I am now. What business do I, a seventeen year old high school senior with alien powers, have as a queen? I don’t even remember the exit number for Westfarms Mall and I’m supposed to know how to govern an entire planet? But Max, oh he is perfect and I could go on and on about every dark brown hair on his head or every fleck of gold in his eyes… I think Maria is rubbing off on me. Maria is Max’s sister and arguably the girl who will become the best friend I never had. She looks nothing like Max with her blond hair and vibrant green eyes and is definitely the most outgoing of the four of us. She is absolutely hilarious and I feel like I can tell her anything. I really want to have some “girl-time” with her.

But I’m kind of afraid that my new life is going to disappear when Hillary comes to town. I know that I am being extremely irrational, but I think I was different around her… more confused, cold, depressed, whatever because I didn’t have what I have now and while I don’t want to be lured back into my shell I think I need an entirely clean break from everything that happened before for that to be accomplished. Then again, I’m probably being silly. I mean Hillary will probably be involved in all the alien stuff that goes on, but will it be more of a hindrance than anything else? I don’t want her to get hurt and there is a huge risk that something will happen because we have enemies here. A part of me can’t believe that I’m writing this, but I wish Hillary would stay in Glastonbury.

Then there is Alex, my cousin and his girlfriend, Isabel Evans, the biological child of Philip and Diane Evans, Max and Maria’s parents. Isabel is nice and I have a sneaking suspicion that she wants to be my friend. (What is with this town? I was such a loser back home. Ha Ha.) I guess that might be fun. But Alex is definitely going to be a problem. I think he’s onto us, well at least Max and me. Maybe I should try really hard to be friends with Isabel just to show Alex exactly how “normal” I can be… HA! Oh well, it is going to be a battle, but what isn’t?

Michael woke up early the next morning to make breakfast for Liz and Nancy as a sign of appreciation. He secretly hoped that what Nancy said was true and that he never had to leave. He had imagined a perfect family relationship for years… a mother who loved him unconditionally, a father who would joke with him about his mother’s cooking and teach him how to play baseball and football and his little sister, who admired him and gave him advice on girls and life in general. While Nancy was a bit more neurotic than he’d imagined and Liz was more independent than he’d thought her to be, it was still a family and he desperately wanted to belong.

Liz woke up to the smell of pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Confused as to why she was smelling food that her mother had no idea how to cook she untangled herself from the covers and walked to the kitchen to see Michael fixing three plates of food. “Hey there big bro whatcha cooking?”

Michael turned to see Liz grinning at him in star printed pajama pants and a tank-top. “Bacon, eggs, pancakes, and French toast.”

“I knew we kept you around for something. But why are there only three plates?”

“Oh shit I forgot about Alex.”

“Michael, don’t worry. My mom is a health food nut and probably won’t eat most of this because she’s afraid of cellulite but she’s a sucker for blueberry pancakes. So just make some more pancakes and put blueberries in the batter.”

“Liz, you are a lifesaver.” Michael teased. “Your plate is almost done… just have to add the Tabasco.”

“Wait? Why are you adding Tabasco?”

“Liz, you mean to tell me that you have gone through life without vitamin T? Isn’t food bland and nasty?”

“Well yeah, but when I dump enough salt or garlic on it it’s ok.” She met Michael’s questioning gaze and sighed. “Ok, fine hook me up.”

Michael poured Tabasco on Liz’s plate and handed it to her. “What do you want to drink? OJ?”

“Ew I hate OJ. Is there any apple juice?” Liz asked and took a bite of her bacon. “Oh my god Michael, this is so good.”

“I am to please.” Michael remarked and handed Liz her juice. Michael finished the last of the pancakes and took his plate over to the table and sat with Liz. “So what are you doing today?”

“Nothing. What are you doing?”

“I think I have to go back home and grab a few things.”

“Want me to tag along?”

Michael shrugged his shoulders and ate a large forkful of scrambled eggs. “Yeah, if you want you can come.”

Alex walked into the kitchen with matted hair and was curious as to what Michael was doing in his kitchen eating breakfast with Liz. He noticed two more plates of food on the counter and heard his stomach growl. “Liz, you cooked?”

“Ha! No. Michael did.” Liz flashed Michael an appreciative smile. “It’s really good.”

Alex took a bite of his pancakes and then carried his plate over to the table. “So Guerin are you going to come over everyday to make breakfast? This is better than anything that Nancy tries to make.”

Liz stared at Alex for a moment until she finally realized that Alex had no idea about what had transpired yesterday. “Alex, I don’t think it would be fair for my brother to get up early every morning to walk from his bedroom to the kitchen.”

Alex blinked and processed what Liz had said before he spit out his food and looked from Liz to Michael with wide eyes. “You two are brother and sister?”

“Yep.” Michael stated and ate some more food.

“How did you two find out?”

Liz looked at Michael for a moment as she thought up a lie that closely resembled the truth. “Well, we got to talking and then the subject of adoptions came up and I realized that Michael was the brother I had been searching for and my mom confirmed it last night.”

As if on cue, Nancy Parker entered the room dressed in a Valentino pin-striped suit and Jimmy Choo stilettos. She looked at the blueberry pancakes and smiled. “Michael, are you trying to fatten me up?”

Liz looked at her mother’s outfit and sighed. “Mom this is Roswell not Manhattan so where exactly are you going dressed like that?”

“I know exactly what I’m doing honey and if you must know I am going to the department of children and families right now.” She took a forkful of her pancakes and smiled. “Michael, these are absolutely sinful. I am in love.” She turned to the three children and sighed. “I’m going to be gone all day so Alex it would be a great help if you’d open the Crashdown. Liz I want you and Michael to go to his place and pick up a few necessities, changes of clothes, mementos, things like that. Oh and then come back here, pick up Alex and those three other kids you were talking to and go shopping for school clothes.” Nancy paused and handed Liz a few gold cards and a wad of cash. “That is old faithful and that is tried and true and this is yours. I was saving it for your eighteenth birthday, but this is much more important of an event. Have fun and Liz- don’t buy all your clothes at Abercrombie and Fitch.” Nancy was almost out the door and paused. “Boys, this is for clothing not for DVD players and other useless items.”

Michael and Alex groaned. “Ok Mrs. Parker.”

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I am not really happy with this part, but hey, I wanted to get something out. Oh and I forget where the United Friendship League was... but I'm going to say Hondo...ok... lol it's not the most important thing in the world... right?
Part 21

The man paused at the entrance to the chamber. He knew from the phone call that it had been entered, but wondered what had been discovered. Was the location of the granolith still unknown? Had all the hidden clues been discovered? He groaned and entered. This was not how he wanted to spend his first day in Roswell.
Hillary ran a hand through her hair as the taxi drove down the streets of Roswell. It stopped at a two story house and she hopped out. “Home sweet home” she remarked and grabbed her suitcases. She walked up to the door and unlocked it, her father would be over later and she wanted to get settled before he arrived.
Max woke up to the sound of a ringing phone. He grumbled incoherently and picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey Max, did I wake you?” Liz asked concerned.

“Trust me Liz, I don’t mind waking to your voice.”

“Max…” Liz breathed, which received an obscene gesture from Michael. “Michael’s glaring at me, but anyway my mom was in a good mood this morning and practically ordered Alex, Michael and me to go shopping and for you, Isabel and Maria to tag along. So do you have any plans today?”

“I do now.” He teased.

“Great! Michael and I have to run a few errands and then we’ll pick you guys up.”

“Don’t we need two cars?”

“Yeah… we’ll figure it out when we get there.”

“Ok… I’ll tell them.”

“Ok, bye Max.”

“Bye Liz.”
The drive to the trailer park was quiet. Michael was sleeping while Liz drove down the desolate streets and listened to the Tori Amos song on the radio. She pulled into the park and shook Michael awake. “Michael, where do I go from here?”

“Uh… it’s three down on the left.” Michael stated and looked at the trailers like it was the first time that he had seen them. He looked around amazed that he was leaving it all behind and was going to escape the glass covered roads, the empty syringes that junkies used to get their fix and most of all Hank. Finally his life was getting on track and it frightened him. What would life be like now? What if it wasn’t as great as he expected it to be or the Parkers ended up hating him after all?

Liz sensed Michael’s discomfort and squeezed his hand. “Michael, it’s going to be ok, stop worrying.”

“Thanks.” Michael muttered and got out of the car. “Hank isn’t here, he’s at work.”

“Ok.” Liz hopped out of the silver jetta and locked the doors. “Let’s go.”
The three Evans children all sat at the kitchen table waiting for their mother to finish making breakfast. Max sighed and looked at his sisters. He knew that they would be elated to go shopping, but he hated the mall. The only reason he agreed to go was because he would be with Liz and that made even braving the crowds at the mall bearable.

“Max, I know we’re beautiful, but you don’t need to stare.” Maria teased.

“Uh… sorry.”

“Maria, he wasn’t looking at us, he was dreaming about Liz.”

“Liz? Max, who is Liz?” Diane Evans asked while setting down the plates.

Max shot Isabel a dirty look. “My girlfriend. She’s new… she moved here from Connecticut and she’s uh Alex’s cousin.”

“What’s her last name? What does she look like? What’s her personality?” Diane asked, hoping that Liz was nothing like Tess.

“Huh… uh Parker, Liz Parker. She’s absolutely gorgeous, she has these wide brown eyes that I could drown in, soft brown hair that I love to touch and…” Max was interrupted by Maria making a bunch of loud coughing noises. “Uh yeah and she’s really smart and fun to be around.”

“That’s great honey… it looks like you’ve fallen head over heals for her. I’ll have to meet her… maybe she can come over for dinner this week.”

“Uh… sure. Oh and she invited Maria, Isabel and me to go to the mall today.”

“Really? A girl after my own heart.” Isabel joked.

“That’s great… you three need new clothes and Max, go for something other than black. Let me get my purse.”

“Thanks Mom.” Maria stated as she ate her breakfast.
“Michael, I think this is the last of it.” Liz stated as she loaded a box of Michael’s stuff into the trunk.

“Yeah, that’s it. I can’t believe it, you know? It’s like this whole part of my life is over and I don’t know where it’s going to lead.”

“Michael, none of us know what is going to happen in the future, but it’s ok because you have the three of us.” Liz shut the trunk and met his gaze. “It may not be perfect, but nothing in life is. What is important is that we have each other no matter what.”

Michael hugged Liz. “Thanks, I needed that.”

“No problem Mikey-poo.” Liz teased and hopped into the driver’s seat. “Ready to brave the mall?”

“Ha! Clothes shopping that’s a good one, Liz I have everything that I need.”

“Michael… no. That shirt is so dirty and SO two seasons ago. Grunge was over in 96 darling.” Liz joked.

“What are you talking about? This is classic.”

“Yeah, sure. You are getting new clothes and the chance to spend the day with Maria for free. Don’t you want to look like your handsome self for her?”

“I guess. But you can’t tell her that.”

Liz rolled her eyes. “Fine.”
Hillary heard the doorbell ring and groaned. First she had a major headache and now she had people at the door. Today was not a good day. She walked to the door and opened it to see a blond haired girl grinning at her. “Yeah?”

“Hi you must be the new neighbor. I’m T… Heather.” Tess said as she stared into Hillary’s blue eyes.

“Hey Heather I’m Hillary. I’m sorry that I snapped at you earlier, it’s just that I have this killer headache and I can’t find any aspirin.”

“Hey, it’s cool. I have some at my place. You want to come with?”

“Sure, I’m sick of unpacking.”
The six teens had decided to divide themselves by gender once they arrived at the mall because Maria demanded girl-time and the boys reasoned that they really didn’t want to risk getting asked “does this make me look fat” by one of the girls and offending them. So they had headed off to the far ends of the mall while Isabel, Maria and Liz walked around with credit cards in hand.

Liz sighed as she shifted her bags. “Is there an Abercrombie here? I’ve been holding out for that store.”

“Liz come on.” Maria groaned. “Take this as an opportunity to expand your fashion horizons.”

“Oh it’s just down a few more stores.” Isabel stated as they approached Victoria’s Secret. “I just have to stop in here.”

“Oh my god you are NOT buying kinky underwear while I am present. Isabel, you are my sister. I don’t want to know what you and Alex do behind closed doors. The doors are closed… RIGHT?”

“Maria, chill. I need to buy something special for Max.” Liz teased and winked at Isabel.


“I’m kidding.” Liz said as she walked in. “I do need to pick up a couple bras though.”

Isabel grabbed Maria’s arm and smiled. “Don’t worry Maria, the doors will be closed when we actually do that.”

“Thank god.” Maria muttered and followed the two girls inside the store.
“This sucks.” Michael muttered as he followed Alex and Maria into Structure.

“Michael, we have to take this torture like men and be glad that we are holding credit cards that have extremely high limits.” Alex stated.

“Well Max at least is finding shit that he’ll wear. I’ve got jack.”

“That’s because he wants to impress Liz.”

“So? Liz was right. I need more color in my wardrobe… and if you two idiots had half a brain you would buy new clothes and impress my sisters.” Max joked and went back to looking through the racks.

“Fine.” Michael and Alex groaned.
“So Heather, what’s your crew?” Hillary asked as she swallowed the pills.

“Eh… popular kids, but college boys are way cuter.”

“Totally cuter. Oh my god there was this one guy back home that was so fucking gorgeous but then he bailed and I never saw him again.”

“That sucks.” Tess remarked as she absentmindedly played with one of her ringlets.

“Oh well, whatever. Men suck at everything but fucking you blind.” Hillary joked and drank some of her water.

“You know it. Hey, want to go out clubbing tonight? We’d have to head out of town, but the place is totally kickin.”

“That’d be cool… where is it?”

“It’s in Hondo… the club’s called UFL.”

“Sounds good.” Hillary remarked and smiled. It felt good to be in Roswell, she’d made her first friend within minutes, and she was substantially cooler than any of her Connecticut friends had been. Maybe she’d invite Liz along and bring out that wild child that she knew was right under the surface.

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I'm bumping because I really don't want to do my spanish paper and to let you all know that updates may become more infrequent due to school. Sorry.
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jendansuer - Hillary/Tess is going to cause some good and some bad... as for the guy at the chamber... well... it's someone and he has a daughter and returned to Roswell. It's not Philip Evans, that much I'll say. It's going to take a BIG event for him to reveal himself, because he doesn't want to have to get involved in the alien abyss.

Lucky Star - LOL I know exactly what that's like... but it's all good because then you have a bunch to read. Don't worry, Tess is going to get hers, but not yet.

roswellluver - Tess is always up to something... she IS manipulative and cunning as hell and this something will be revealed to a certain extent in 23 or 24.

woodwinds - The change of name was because Tess knew about Hillary in that she was Liz's friend (I've intentionally not focused on Tess and all of that because if I DID then everything would blow up) from that meeting with Nikolas and that it would probably come out that Hillary would be hanging with Tess and well... it may not allow Tess to fufil her plans. As for Hillary, she does have her share of secrets and Liz is going to begin to realize that maybe Hillary isn't the best influence on her life, but then again they've been best friends since Liz first entered elementary school and she is very confused about a lot of where they stand now in Roswell.

AJK001 - No problem... I'm trying to get out the parts as quickly as I can, but with school and all of that fun stuff (it will get slower starting next thursday when my trig teacher decides to come back... ugh) Because it is going to get much more muddled and I don't really think it would be fair to have to span large amounts of time when things are so up in the air here in Roswell.

Audio Poet - Glad that you like it :D I hope you continue to enjoy my story.

Ok, and something that I want you all to keep in mind for future reference... Liz has never seen Tess, she has no idea what she looks like, she just knows that she's a blond ho who wants Max.
Part 22

A few hours and a hundred shopping bags later the six teens loaded up the cars and headed back to the Crashdown. Alex, Michael and Maria all went straight to the table while Isabel got ready for work, leaving Max and Liz alone in her room. Max watched amazed as Liz quickly put away twenty bags of clothes. “Hey Liz, do you know what a Granolith or a Lupercalia is?”

“Yeah, the Lupercalia is an ancient Roman holiday where young men would playfully hit unmarried women… well girls really; they were like thirteen or fourteen, with whips of hair and try to claim them as lovers. It’s what the Christians made into Valentines Day.” She felt Max’s intense gaze on her back and blushed. “What? I took Latin with Pearsall at GHS. It’s um… a fertility festival, but I have no idea what a Granolith is… why?”

Max sighed and ran a hand through his hair. It was the last week of August now, which gave them little over five months before the two of them became parents. “Uh… what I managed to translate last night says that when the five planets align on the first night of the Lupercalia there’s going to be an heir born to the Granolith.”

“The alignment of which five planets?” Liz asked and met Max’s gaze. She sat on the bed next to him and rested her head on his shoulder to avoid the idea that she would soon be a mother. While a part of her believed the translation, the scientist within her was skeptical and refused to believe that a book had control over her life. “I think that the Granolith is like the word for throne or crown or something.”

Max intertwined his fingers in her hair and felt extremely content with their current position. “We have no idea where the five planets are, what galaxy in or anything like that. Maria did this project once on the Whirlwind Galaxy and is convinced that we’re from there. I think your theory on the Granolith is right.”

Liz jumped up and raced to a box of books that she hadn’t unpacked yet and retrieved a book, rustling the pages to find the page that she was looking for. “Max, Maria may be right. There are five planets in the Whirlwind Galaxy.” She showed Max the book and gave him a half smile as their hands joined. “See?”

“Liz you are so smart.” Max stated and kissed her forehead. “But Liz, I think we’ve had about enough about this. I want to know what you honestly feel… I don’t want there to be any secrets between us.”

Liz laid her head on his lap and looked up at him. “Honestly Max, I’m terrified. We’re teenagers and now in addition to being aliens, the two of us are the king and queen of another planet. We have very real and dangerous enemies who have attacked me in Connecticut and now are here in Roswell. I may be pregnant in five months and who knows what carrying an alien baby really means. What about the FBI? What if they get involved? I mean this doesn’t even include the normal pressures of starting a new school, where there will definitely be a bunch of rumors started by Tess and all the other girls who want you and then…” she forced a smile as Max stared into her brown eyes and wiped away the few tears that had fallen. She secretly hoped that they could always be open and caring like this. “Then there is this whole problem with Hillary moving here. I know that it is totally juvenile, but I think that I’ll just be putting her in danger and that I don’t think that I can be me… the Roswell me… if she’s here. I know I know that it is insane to be thinking that I have this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde complex, but I’m so scared. Instinctively, I feel that something bad is going to happen by her being here and I hate it because she was… she is my best friend and Max I feel like such a bitch for even thinking like this... what… what do you think?”

“Liz I think that your instincts have been very accurate so far in everything that we’ve done, so I can’t tell you to deny what you feel about her, but at the same time I don’t think that I can suggest that you just cut her off on the slight chance that nothing happens. Maybe you should still be friendly with her, but never be alone with her. Liz, I hope you know that I will be here for you and that I don’t want anyone else but you.” Max looked down into her tear-filled eyes while his fingers absent mindedly ran through her hair.

“That makes sense and you know that I will be here for you too. But Max, what do you think about the rest of it, not just my problems, honestly.” Liz’s fingers drew soft circles on his knee while she met his amber eyes.

“Well, I’m just as afraid as you are… we’re teenagers who were raised in a democratic society, what do we know about ruling? Then there is the issue of parenting. I do want you to be the mother of my children, but I think that you were right… we are still children ourselves in many respects. Hopefully, this alignment isn’t this year. I am afraid of our enemies, but I am more worried about you than anyone else, because I don’t want to see you hurt like that again. I’m just glad that I have you and that we’re together now… all of us and I will do anything to make sure that nothing, I mean nothing comes between us.”

“Tha… thank you. Max, sometimes I wonder what I would do without you. But I think that we should head downstairs before Michael comes up here and kicks your ass.” Liz teased and got up from Max’s lap.

Max felt the sudden loss of warmth and groaned. He got up from the bed and followed Liz out of the room but paused momentarily when he saw the small folded pink and white Victoria’s Secret bag. He felt a rush of warmth and felt something inside of him stir. He wanted Liz and he wanted her now. But since that wasn’t a possibility yet he needed to know exactly what was in that bag. “Liz, uh what exactly did you buy at Victoria’s Secret?”

Liz blushed and felt a sudden rush of heat while a playful smile appeared on her face. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”
Nancy Parker smiled as she walked out of the Department of Children and Families. It had been a very quick meeting and now Michael was an official Parker. Hank had actually been trying to get rid of Michael and the people at DCF were eager to get Michael out of his current situation. The only thing that could make this day any better would be if her husband was there waiting for her when she returned home.
Liz caught sight of her father in a suit jacket on the way downstairs and smiled. “Hey Dad, they finally let ya out?”

Jeff smiled as he looked at her daughter’s glowing face. She seemed to have transformed overnight from the withdrawn girl she once was into the lively young woman standing in front of him. He suspected that it had something to do with the handsome dark haired young man who was currently looking at Liz like she was the most important thing in his world, something that Jeff agreed with. “Hi sweetheart, is your mother around?”

“No… she’s out taking care of some stuff.”

“Oh… so are you going to introduce me to your friend here or am I too uncool for you?”

Liz sighed and rolled her eyes. “Dad this is Max Evans, Max this is my dad, Jeff.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” Max stated and shook his hand before returning to looking at Liz.

“It’s nice to meet you too Max. I take it that you are the one responsible for that smile on my little girl’s face.”

“Dad!” Liz whined and blushed. “Yes Max is my boyfriend, no, he doesn’t do drugs and yes Mom has already approved.”

“Ha, ok honey, just as long as there are no children until you both are married and have well established careers.”

“Ok Dad… we’ll make sure that we elope in Vegas when I find out I’m pregnant, have high paying jobs at the local McDonalds before we have twenty kids before the age of twenty-five.”

Jeff’s face paled for a moment at the thought. “Funny Liz. I have to finish up some business and then buy something other than a suit and tie if I ‘m going to last here. Are you two all set? I won’t walk in on any sort of sexual act when I return. Max I have a shot gun and I will use it if I have to.”

“DAD!” Liz shouted and glared at him. “No… and Max he doesn’t have a shot gun.”

“I’m just looking out for you Liz. I’m sorry that I’m being over protective, it’s just that this is your first boyfriend and I’ve been looking forward to the day where I can scare the shit out of some boy like Nancy’s father scared me.” Jeff grinned and punched Max on the arm. “I’m playing with you Max, just be good to my little princess.”

“Don’t worry sir, I would never hurt her.”

“Good. Well I’m going to go.”

“Bye Dad!” Liz shouted as he walked up the stairs.

As soon as Jeff was out of earshot Max muttered, “I really don’t want the alignment to be this year now.”

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“Hillary?” Her father asked as he unlocked the hose. He began to panic when he didn’t hear a response. Drawing in a large breath he dusted off the dirt that had clung to his jeans after the wind had picked up and walked inside. He saw a note on the table that told him that she was out with new friends. He let out a sigh of relief and turned to bring in the suitcases.
Kyle caught sight of Liz walking into the Crashdown and sighed. She was absolutely gorgeous with her long brown hair and doe eyes. But she also had an air of innocence about her and assumed that she was a virgin. “A conquest” Kyle muttered as she approached. Although she was holding Max Evans’ hand he was determined to win and take her as his own.
The rest of the day was fairly uneventful and Michael and Maria had agreed to Liz’s and Max’s assessment of what the book meant. The three Evans children had headed home a while ago leaving Alex, Michael and Liz to sitting in front of the TV arguing over what to watch.

“There’s a hockey game on.” Michael whined and looked at Alex for support.

“On what Michael? It’s the end of August!” Liz groaned. “It’s Buffy and that’s final.”

“Ok princess, sometimes you have to listen to the opinion of the people.” Michael stated which receive a glare from Liz.

“Don’t you start or I will kick your ass.”

“Popular vote? Buffy? Hockey? No, it’s Fraiser.” Alex stated.

“Ha! No… do we have HBO?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“Give me it.” Liz stated and took the remote from Alex’s hand. She flipped through the channels until she saw Sarah Jessica Parker on screen. “Vintage Sex and the City.”

“NO!” Michael shouted and tried to grab the remote but Liz pulled back, which caused him to land flat on his face.

“Ha HA!” Liz shouted and heard the phone ring. “I’ll get it, but this stays on.”

“Like hell.” Michael grumbled and flipped to the hockey game.

“I heard that.” Liz shouted and picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey Liz what’s up?”

Liz sighed and feigned enthusiasm. “Oh my god! Hey Hillary.”

“So what’s Roswell life doing for you?”

“Nothing much…” Liz lied, afraid to let her friend in on what was really happening.

“Nothing much? Nothing much? You’re in X-Files heaven and you tell me nothing much!”

“Yeah… nothing X-Files here.”

“So, who were you hanging out with when I called?”

“Oh, some local kids.”


“Maria, Isabel and Max Evans, Alex Whitman, you know he is my cousin, and Michael Guerin.”

“Wait Max Evans? This Heather chick says that he is such a babe, but never dates. Is he hot as hell?”

“Oh my god yes! He’s sweet too and caring and loving and such a good kisser.” Liz mentally kicked herself for blurting out the last part. She knew that it was going to be impossible to keep everything from her, but she should have protected Max.

“You little slut! Going after a mere human male when you’ve been holding out for your one true X-Files love.”

Liz bit her lip and gripped the phone. “Maybe I’m tired of waiting.”

“Right on sister! You want to come over?”

“Nah, I can’t… my parents are being all over protective. Maybe tomorrow you can come over here.”

“Aww, but Heather is taking me to this club UFL and it wouldn’t be the same without you.”

“Hill, you know how unfun I am, but you can tell me tomorrow.”

“Fine… bye.”

“Yeah, bye.” Liz rolled her eyes at Hillary’s attempt to be offended and hung up the phone. “Hey Mikey Poo?”

“Yeah Lizzy Bear?”

“Where’s UFL?”

“What the fuck is that?” Michael replied.

“I don’t know… it’s UFL. Hillary said that this Heather girl invited her to some club called UFL.”

“There is no UFL.” Alex shouted. “Wait, it may be the name of that new joint in Hondo.”

“Oh, so what’s Heather’s last name? She knows who Max is.” Liz asked curiously.

“Heather? There is no Heather that I know of… Michael do you know a Heather? And Liz can you grab me some coke?”

“Sure… Michael what do you want?”

“Uh Cherry Coke with some special sauce… and I have no idea who this Heather girl is... and make it snappy princess.”

“Michael.” Liz breathed and rolled her eyes.
“Maria, what exactly are you doing?” Max asked as he watched his sister race around the house.

“I am pacing because right now we are screwed.”

“Maria, it’s going to be fine. We are safe right now.”

“Yeah… safe… uh huh. How can you understand my pain?”

“Maria… Michael, Liz and I will protect you.”

“Yeah… Wait, Max what the hell are you talking about?”

“Czechoslovakia. What are you talking about?”

“School smart ass. I have three days and a weekend to read four books off the required list.”

“Maria, you’ve had all summer.”

“I don’t believe in summer homework, but unfortunately they don’t care what I think. They might care what you think you know being that you have the whole ruler of another planet gig. Oh and then there’s Liz, she could be like Evita or something and that would be so kick ass and then poof goodbye reading list.”

“Ha Ha, somehow I don’t think they would believe me. I’m going out.” Max said and headed for the door.

“What exactly could be so interesting at 10:30 at night?”


“I see.” Maria stated and rolled her eyes while he left. “Isabel! What’s more decent, The Great Crapsby or The Aenid… WAIT that fucking book is 500 pages? SCREW THIS SHIT… Crapsby it is.”
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Lillie - Yeah well, I don't like Mr. Parker on the show, so I'm making my own version. LMAO. They'll probably find out some more alien stuff before senior year starts, but there are going to be a lot of problems along the way.

roswellluver - Yeah, Heather/Tess and Hillary are going to raise a little hell before all is said and done... but in the end one is going to be way more evil than the other.

jendansuer - I love Maria and her ways to fret about the little things. She rocks my sock like that.

katmcken - Well, Max is going to be somewhat of a dumbass, because Max IS a dumbass... lol, but not like on the show. (thank god... right?) Uh, I was going to reveal the guy in this part, but then I decided against it... so who knows.

Lucky Star - Ah well... Hillary isn't going to be a problem to Max per se... but she's going to try to get with someone else.

AJK001 - Glad you like it :D

pandas2001 - Hmm.. well, I'm not going to say what Liz is going to do about Hillary, but for right now, Hill is going to know nothing about the alien stuff... because as we see in this part, Liz is not as close to Hillary as we'd like to think.

tobringyoumylove - Thanks for the fb, yeah things ARE going to get more interesting...

Oh and this is not my best work, but I wanted to get something out tonight, so I'm apologizing in advance.
Part 23
I can’t believe it. I lied to my best friend; I lied to the only human who knows my deepest and darkest secret. Since when did I start lying to her? I know why I did it; it was because I feared her. But why? What could have happened that made me fear my best friend? Maybe I don’t fear her, but maybe I’m afraid of me. I mean in the past three days I have a cousin who is probably investigating me, gotten my err rediscovered my powers, Michael, my long lost brother, is living with me, I have this gorgeous sweet boyfriend, said boyfriend and I found out we are the king and queen of another planet, I almost died, the guy who tried to rape and kill me is in Roswell and hanging around Tess, the girl who would probably kill to get with Max, my gorgeous sweet boyfriend, and I mean that isn’t even CLOSE to all of my problems. Maybe I just don’t… wait my gorgeous caring boyfriend is at the window, maybe I’ll write something else later.
Max walked the short distance to the Crashdown in silence while thoughts of Liz danced through his head. He smiled as he felt her essence grow stronger with each passing step. Finally, he arrived at the bottom of her balcony where she was currently writing in her journal.

Liz felt a soft tingling race through her so she laid down her journal and turned to see Max looking up at her. “Max?”

“Liz, I just…”

“No Max, come on up.” Liz smiled as Max climbed up the fire escape. “I was just thinking about you.”

“Really?” Max asked as he climbed over the railing. He walked over to where Liz was sitting and kissed her. “I was thinking about you too. So, what’s on your mind?”

Liz waited for Max to sit in the other lawn chair before she spoke. “Um…it’s Hillary actually. She invited me to this club, UFL, with some other girl. I declined, obviously, but she’s coming over tomorrow and I don’t know… I think I’m beginning to realize that maybe Hillary isn’t the best person to be around, but I can’t throw away eleven years of friendship. She knew that I was out yesterday and pretty much assumed that I found you guys, but I told her that I didn’t meet any X-Files people.” Liz made a disgusted face and rolled her eyes. “But she knows that I was out with you and everyone else… she knows we’re together, but she thinks that I’m being an alien slut because she thinks you’re human.” Liz blushed and made another disgusted face. “I’m so sorry that I may have gotten you involved. I didn’t mean to…”

“Liz, you shouldn’t have to hide our relationship every time you think I’m going to get hurt. Liz, you are… you were my wife and now you’re my girlfriend. I love you and I want everyone to know that… we shouldn’t have to hide this when we have to hide so much already.”

“Max, are you sure? I mean…”

Max kissed Liz before she could say another word. He began to nibble on bottom lip begging for entrance. His tongue met hers and flashes quickly entered their minds.

Liz twirled around in front of an antique mirror in a flowing white dress, while another young brunette with blue eyes glared hatefully at her. Liz noticed the cruel gaze and stopped her face red from embarrassment. She turned and met the other girl’s gaze, then uttered “Hi Hillary.”

Liz sat at home alone in tears while Hillary was out again at some party that Liz hadn’t been invited to.

A large metallic cone glittered and lit up in a cave.

A red planet lied in the sky with two moons orbiting around it.

The two of them broke apart and Max looked at Liz with concern, worried about what he had seen in the flashes about Hillary and Liz. “Liz, I think you’re right not to trust her.”

Liz felt Max’s arms wrap around her trembling form and forced a smile. She was terrified because she had learned to block out events that bothered her. “Max, I uh… can’t oh my god.”

“Liz, just tell her that you’re sick.”

“Max, she knows that I don’t get sick. Maybe Michael can… oh god.”

“I’ll just stay here until she leaves.”

“Max, that’s so sweet, but I can’t let you do that. I mean, the less she knows about your otherworldly existence the better.”

“Find, but I’m coming by tomorrow night.” Max declared as he tightened his grip around her body.

“Good. I kind of like this midnight rendezvous thing. So Max, what’s on your mind?” Liz asked eager to get off the subject of her own pain.

“I just wanted to see you.”

“You did?”

“Yeah.” Max bent his head down and tenderly kissed the top of her head before leading her over to the lawn chair and pulling her onto his lap.

“Max, what about all the…”

“We’ll talk about it later. I just want to hold you for a while.” Max muttered before the two of them fell asleep.
The next morning, Jeff Parker caught sight of Max and Liz sleeping on the balcony and smiled. “Maybe I should just get used to this” he remarked and took the blanket off of Liz’s bed and draped it over the two of them. He had called the Evans after he heard Max and Liz talking and told them that Max stayed the night with Michael. He knew what was coming with school and all and thought that the two of them deserved this time together to just be young and in love.
Maria yawned and got up from her bed, determined to find Max and have him give her all the important information about The Great Gatsby, because she had read twenty pages or so and was bored out of her mind. “Greatest literary work ever my ass” she mumbled and tiptoed into his room. She blindly jumped onto his bed, ready to tickle the information out of him, but was surprised to find that she landed on the mattress and a neatly made bed. “Oh shit! Max didn’t come home last night, now I have leverage! He’ll have to tell me now! Ha ha ha, stupid Crapsby. I am smarter than you. But now, I need my beauty rest.” Maria skipped back into her bedroom and promptly fell asleep.
Michael rolled out of bed at eleven and quickly took a shower before he checked on Liz. The door was partially open, so he looked in to see if Liz was still sleeping, but didn’t see anyone in her bed and the comforter was gone. Michael panicked and burst into the room to see Max and Liz asleep out on the balcony. His blood began to boil at the thought of what the two of them had been doing all night and was about to kick Max’s alien ass when Jeff Parker appeared in the doorway. “Michael, why don’t you leave them alone and come talk with me. I want to get to know you better.”

“But that’s my sister.” Michael hissed.

“Michael, they fell asleep outside- with their clothes on. It was completely innocent.” Jeff paused and looked at Michael. “If it makes you feel any better, I would have kicked Max’s ass from here to A… hell if it was even a little bit sexual. Now come on, I want to get to know you like I’ve wanted to for eleven years.”

“Ok.” Michael stated and followed Jeff out of Liz’s room.

Hillary woke up on the floor of Heather’s room and smiled. The club last night had been off the hook and she was still feeling the buzz from the ecstasy that Heather gave her. It was just like the stuff she had up at UCONN the night where she lost it to the boy with the piercing blue eyes.
Michael and Jeff had been driving in silence for a while, neither sure what to say to the other. Jeff looked at Michael and sighed. He hated himself for not trying harder to prove that the Guerins were unfit providers. “So how about those Yankees?”

“Well, I don’t watch much baseball, but I think they’re good.”

Jeff laughed. “I really have been up north too long. So how’s school?”

“Um… well I’m not as studious as Max, Liz or Alex, but I get by.”

“And what exactly is getting by Michael?” Jeff asked, worried about how far behind Michael was.

“Uh… Cs, Ds, and an F or two…” Michael replied and mentally added or ten.

“Well, I failed a bunch of classes back in the day… almost ancient history now because I was too cool for school. But Michael, I want to help you get into a good college, so you can get the hell out of this town.”

“Yes sir. Is that why you left? To get the hell out of here?”

“No Michael. My family has been here since forty-seven… I went into the family business, but then some old enemies came into town and I got a job offer up north so we moved. Then almost ten years later, they followed us up north, so we moved back here.”

Michael was quiet for a few moments as he pondered what Mr. Parker said. “It sounds like you’re in the mob or something.”

“Ha! No, just the software industry.”

“I see.” Michael remarked uncertainly, as he became more concerned than ever over Jeff’s parenting style.
Max opened his eyes to see Liz resting on his lap under a blanket. He brushed a strand of her hair off her shoulder and gently planted a kiss on her collarbone. Max thought that she looked absolutely angelic when she slept.

Moments later, Liz stirred in his arms. She felt at home in his embrace and was oblivious to what had happened. Liz turned around and faced Max. “Good morning.” She stated and pressed her lips against his.

Max broke away and smiled. “More like good afternoon.”

“Yeah, well… I could wake up to this everyday.”

“So could I.”

Liz smiled and got up. “Want something to eat?”

“Ok, but what about your parents?”

“Oh SHIT!” Liz shouted and blushed. “Sorry, hanging out with Michael has brought back my potty mouth.”

“Liz, it’s ok. I think it’s adorable.”

“You’re the only one.” Liz replied and led Max inside, where she found a note on her bed. “Max, someone knows.”

“Yeah, I kind of figured that when I saw the blanket.”

“Shh.” Liz stated and opened the letter. “Liz, I want you to know that everything is all set with the Evans family and that I am not angry with you. Have fun today, but no sex. Ha ha ha. Love, Daddy.” Liz sighed and rolled her eyes. “We are so screwed if this alignment crap is this year.”

“Yep, but at least your dad didn’t go crazy about all of this.”

“I know, it’s weird, because this is so something that he normally would go ballistic about.” Liz rested her head on Max’s shoulder. “So, what do you want to do today?”

“Hold you.” Max replied as his lips descended on hers. “And kiss you and never let you go.”
She knew what she had to do, she knew what was happening and she didn’t feel one bit of remorse. She blinked her blue eyes and stared at her reflection, pleased with the emotionless gaze. She loaded up the syringe and put it back into the bag for tonight.

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roswellluver - the psycho with the syringe is going to cause some damage. Jeff rocks :DD

angeleyes - glad you like it

jendansuer - Well, someone has the syringe and they're going to have it for a little bit until someone else gets it. Methinks your suspicions may be correct ;D

Lucky Star - Jeff is special. That's all I'm going to say. But Michael and Liz are going to have their issues. Some are going to have reprocussions, some are not. Thank you for the bumpage btw.

katmcken - Well, Hillary and Tess are evil, to certain extents. However, the enemy up north is not either one of them. He's that kind of short, 14 ish, had sex with Tess kind of enemy...

Audio Poet - Thanks. Yes, the syringe has something to do with that.

Oh and this was written with severe writers block sooo it kind of sucks, but at least I didn't try to get into the nitty gritty because that should be really well done IMO. Again, remember Liz has NO clue what Tess looks like.
Part 24

“Maria!” Isabel yelled from her room.

“Yes?” Maria asked as she broke away from her book.

“Can you help me find something to wear?”

“Fine.” Maria stated as she rushed into Isabel’s room, eager to free herself from the boring world of F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Alex looked at Max and Liz from a crack in his doorway. The Parkers were confusing him more and more. He knew that Max had stayed the night, but Mr. Parker was ok with it. Any other parent would have been livid – maybe they were just really liberal, but Liz didn’t act like they were that laid back the other day. Then there were Max and Liz in general, who had only known each other for four days, but were acting like they had grown up together and had been in love for years. He was so confused and more determined than ever to find out what Liz and Max were really hiding, why her father was fine with this and how Michael, her brother, fit into their mess. He groaned and shut the door as he saw Max and Liz leave.
Jeff led Michael into a diner and sat down at a table. They had grown a little more comfortable during the rest of the car ride, but were still not as close as Jeff hoped, which was understandable given the circumstances.

Michael watched Jeff slide into a booth and he eased himself into the opposing booth, a pang of jealousy momentarily hit him, before he concealed it under his shell. It was better that he went to the Guerins and not Liz, he reasoned, because Hank probably wouldn’t have just hit her. He had now- Liz pointed that out to him yesterday and despite his doubts he would make an effort to make his new arrangements work for him. “So… Jeff do you like hockey?”

“I was a Whaler’s fan back in the day, but when they left Hartford, I gave it up.” Jeff sighed and hated that they were still only discussing the trivial matters, but they were not as skilled in communication as he would like.
Max led Liz down the halls of West Roswell high hand in hand. It wasn’t exactly what Max wanted, but Liz said that she really wanted to know the ropes before school started. He smiled as Liz looked at the Biology lab in awe. “Liz, if I had known that this was the way into your heart then I wouldn’t have risked death yesterday.”

Liz playfully hit him and blushed softly. “What’s so wrong about biolab? This is so new and clean.”

“Yeah, well we’ll both be using it in AP Bio.”

“Yeah, we will.” Liz remarked as she walked towards the eraser room. “What’s this?”

“The eraser room.”

“Really? You know we could have some fun in here.” Liz teased and waved her hand over the handle, unlocking it. She led him inside and shut the door. “Might as well try it out.” She whispered and pressed her lips against his.

Max moved his tongue inside her mouth and placed his hands on the sides of her face. He loved the way that she tasted when they kissed, so sweet and pure.

Liz reached her hands underneath his shirt, needing to run her fingers across his chest. She moved her tongue inside of his mouth quickly, desiring to taste more of him.

Max was fighting a battle between his body and his mind. He knew that they just met and that they weren’t ready for this, but his body yearned to touch the soft curves of her body. He groaned as he came to life despite himself and reached his hands towards her chest, but stopped himself when he realized that they were in a closet, not the ideal location for what he wanted to do. He broke away from her and sighed. “Liz, we can’t… not here.”

“Max, I don’t care where we are. I want you, I need you.” Liz bit her lip nervously and couldn’t meet his eyes. “I feel it, like instinctively and it builds every time that I look at you. It’s this need and sometimes I just can’t control it.”

Max held her in his arms gently. “Liz, I feel the same way, I do, but I don’t want anything to happen here, you are worth so much more than that. You’re beautiful and deserve to be worshipped, but I can’t do that here.”

Liz’s cheeks reddened while she smiled slightly. “Fine, but don’t keep me waiting too long. I’ve got to get home… Hillary’s coming over and well…yeah.”
Maria threw clothes around her room in disgust. Nothing was good enough for her date with Michael. “Fuck!” She yelled as she went through another pile of clothes in vain. She wanted her black mini-skirt, but couldn’t find it anywhere. She saw a red skirt and smiled, quickly resting her finger on top of it and watched it turn black. “Perfect.”
Liz paced around her room after Max dropped her off waiting for Michael to come home. She hoped he wasn’t doing anything tonight, because she needed him here to protect her from Hillary’s latest scheme. “Damnit Michael!” She shouted and sat in a chair.

Alex overheard Liz’s statement and slid into the chair facing her. “Hey.”

“Hey.” Liz replied as she fiddled with her hair.

“Are you ok?”

“Eh, I want to ask Michael something, but he’s not here yet. Do you know if he’s doing anything tonight?”

“I think he has a date with Maria, why?”

“Damnit! Fuck, I’m screwed.”

“What? Why? Isn’t your friend coming over?”

“Unfortunately, yeah. You think he’ll cancel?”

Alex looked at her confused. “No, but if you want to get rid of her so badly, why not just tell her that you’re surgically attached to your boyfriend.”

“Ha, cute, really. I can’t get rid of her, as much as I’d like to, because we’ve been friends for as long as I can remember.” She sighed as Alex gave her a quizzical expression. “She’s not the best influence on me, but I can’t just get rid of her.”

Alex nodded his head in agreement. “You sound like Isabel with the whole Tess situation. Maybe you should talk to her tomorrow. I’d help you out, but I’m going to be out with Isabel all night. Actually, I’ve got to run.” He stated and headed for the door.

“Ok, bye Alex.”

“Bye Liz.” Alex stated as he opened up the door to reveal Michael and Jeff.

Liz’s eyes lit up when she caught sight of Michael. “Michael, I need you to do me a favor.”

“Yeah?” Michael asked as he walked past her.

Liz got up and ran after him. “Michael, I need you to cancel your date with Maria.”

“Ha. Yeah, ok sparky.”

“Michael, I’m serious. I think Hillary will try something on me.”

“Like what? Paint your toenails the wrong color?”

“Michael. Please? Please, you don’t understand she’s going to do something.”

Michael slammed the drawer shut and glared at her. “Why don’t you ask prince charming to do it? He practically lives here anyway?”

“Michael!” Liz shouted. “Look, fine, I get it ok? Have fun on your date. It’s probably nothing, right? I’ve been wrong about everything else.”

“Liz…”Michael breathed.

“No. Go. Have fun.” Liz spat and walked into her room, slamming the door behind her.

A half an hour later, the doorbell rang and Liz slowly wiped the tears from her eyes and made her way to the door. She opened it to reveal Hillary and a blond. “Um… hi.”

“Hey bitch. This is Heather. I told her you’d be cool and let her hang here too.”

“Uh, sure Hillary. Hi Heather, I’m Liz.”
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Lucky Star - Well... methinks you'll have to read this part to find out. ;D

roswellluver - The thing is, with Hillary/Heather (Tess) one is going to be more evil than the other. So, this is not the end of the blue-eyed bitches.

woodwinds - Try having to read it 3 times for 2 different english classes. UGH I hated Crapsby. (Thus the inane amount of insults that I've given to it.) Why didn't Michael stay home? Hmm... because he's Michael? Yeah, that's it. As for the better stuff, it'll get better... in the end. Oh and thanks for the bump

jendansuer - No, Maria being an alien isn't new news. (Yeah, the aliens are Liz, Max, Maria and Michael) Maria is the brains of our Candy Couple, but even they can't fight natural disasters. Alex and Isabel find out sort of based on what happens here, but not until much later. Unfortunately, both Michael and Alex picked up their dates at the Evans house so no one saw Tess/Heather :(

Mary N OO8 - I'm not going to say who the person with the syringe is, yet, but it's definately either Hillary or Tess. But, both of them do get what they deserve, and well Tess is definately underestimating people. Liz didn't call Max because she doesn't want to inconvenience him (typical Liz) and she didn't want to risk getting in trouble/losing the priviledge to further midnight balcony visits. Glad you like the fic :D
Part 25

Alex smiled as he took Isabel in his arms. This was how everything should be, just him and Isabel. They danced and swayed together out in the woods beneath the stars, hidden from the rest of the world. They need this, to get away from everything for a while and just be together.

Isabel pulled away from Alex and led him by the fire. “So what is the reason behind today’s visit into the boonies of Roswell?”

Alex grinned and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to his body. “The reason is that I just wanted to get away from everything and hold you in my arms.”

“Alex that sounds perfect.” Isabel breathed and moved herself closer to him.
Maria sighed and glared at Michael. They had been in the car for twenty minutes, after eating dinner and had yet to get out of the parking lot. “Michael, earth to Michael, come in Michael.” She growled when he failed to respond and screamed, “MICHAEL!”

“What?” Michael snapped and realized there were a bunch of horns beeping at him. “Sorry.”

“So what planet were you visiting there space-boy?”

“Do you ever shut up?”

“Nope, so what were you thinking about?”

“Liz and her family.”

“Not how pretty I look tonight?” Maria pouted.

“No, I can’t. Your make-up is blinding me.”

“Oooh you asshole. I swear sometimes I wonder why I even try.” Maria shouted and hit him with her purse. “At least I don’t look like a greased… a greased monkey.”

Michael grinned and shot her a look. He loved it when she got agitated. “Well, at least I don’t look like an alien crack whore.”

“Fuck you Fonzie.” Maria spat. “So, what’s wrong with Liz?”

“She asked me to cancel our date earlier and I’m beginning to think that maybe she had a reason to be scared shitless.”

“Wait, why? She’s with her east coast friend.”

“Yeah, but I mean this girl looked scared as hell and I just told her to fuck herself.”

“You did WHAT? Michael, need I remind you that she has been right about everything so far and has yet to exaggerate a thing?”

“I just wanted to spend the night with you. God, I mean all she does is spend her time with Max.”

“Michael, maybe that’s because when she asks you to do something you snap at her. Jealous much? What did she say exactly?”

“Something about being afraid that Hillary would try something on her and then yesterday she made a face and told her that there was no alien shit in Roswell.”

“Wait, so Liz didn’t trust the girl who knows about her space-girl status enough to let her know that she wasn’t the only card carrying member?” Maria asked and forcefully grabbed the wheel, making it do a u-turn.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“Just drive Michael and hope like hell that you’re not too late.”
Liz groaned as Hillary and Tess took another round of shots. She wasn’t even sure why she agreed to this; watching people get drunk was something that she wished could have remained an east coast hobby. “Is this all you two plan on doing tonight?”

Tess glared at Liz and took another shot of tequila. “Is she always this pissy? Why isn’t she drinking Hil-a-wee?”

Hillary shrugged and burped. “She’s just a pissy alien, Heatha. Ha a pissy alien.”

“Does she have super powers?” Tess asked annoyed with the drunken façade.

“Uh, huh. She got a hot huuuman to fuck her. Isn’t that right Lizzie?”

Liz shot Hillary a look and stormed off into her room and reached for the phone, intent on calling Max. She recoiled and flopped on the bed. “No, I can’t risk it. I don’t want to overkill my dad’s kindness or get him in trouble. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!”
Max was in hell. His father was halfway through the infamous sex talk and already he was revolted beyond belief. The star wars toys were a bit excessive. “Dad, it’s ok.”

“And then you enter the mother ship like so and…”


“Secure the holding position and then you…”


“Yes son?”

“We learned all about this in fifth grade, without the star wars references.”

“Really? But your mother said that…”

“Dad, I get it, really, I do.”

“Ok, good. Do you mind helping me with this case?”

“Uh… Dad I kind of wanted to see Liz.”

“Yeah, you still can, just help me organize these files first.”

“Uh… ok.”
“Jeff, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing Nance, I’m just thinking.”

“About what?” Nancy asked as she picked at her salad.

“Well, Liz and Hillary… I don’t know if having her around Hillary is such a good idea.”

“Jeff, you have to let Liz make her own decisions.”

“I know, but there was always something sinister about Hillary and with her in Roswell, Liz might end up falling victim to such behavior.”

“Jeff, why is it that you have always had a problem with Liz’s friends, but were extremely happy when Liz fell asleep in Max’s arms.”

“Because, Max and Liz deserve to be together, they belong together, just like we were meant for each other.”

“Jeff, honey, sometimes you can be so sweet, even though I don’t get your logic.”
Michael pounded on the horn and stared blankly at the car wreck. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

“Damnit Michael. What’s your phone number?” Maria asked as she pulled out her cell phone.


Maria quickly dialed and smiled when someone picked up on the first ring. “Hello?”

“Hullo?” Tess asked.

“Is Liz there?”

“No, she’s taking it up the ass from some whore right now… can I take a message.”

Maria gasped when she recognized the voice on the other end of the line. “Tess? Oh my GOD. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING AT LIZ’S HOUSE YOU FAT FUCK?”

“Maria, still banging Chuck I see? Oh and it’s Heather now.”

“Wait, Tess YOU’RE HEATHER?”

“WHAT?” Michael screamed and beeped the horn.

Maria put her hand over the phone and glared at Michael. “I told you! Tess is over and that’s just so not good. She’d kill someone to get to Max. And wasn’t Tess with that asshole from where she used to live a few days ago. MICHAEL YOU ASSHOLE.” She watched him pale considerably and sighed. “Where is Liz, Tess?”

“I don’t know… maybe sucking off Isabel.”

“Fuck you Tess. Is Hillary there?”

“Yeah, she’s getting drunk with me while Liz sucks pussy.”

“Tess. Let. Me. Talk. To. Liz.”

“Nope, sorry, can’t do that.” Tess snapped and hung up the phone.

Maria hung up the phone and hit Michael upside the head. “I hope you’re happy.”
Max groaned as he looked at another pile of paperwork. He didn’t want to be here doing this when he should be out protecting Liz. “Michael’s there don’t worry about it.” He muttered and stuck another paper into a file folder. He knew this was a clever ploy by his parents to keep him here while his two sisters were out doing who knows what, but why did it have to be him? The prized student, the son that they used to think was gay. Max sighed at the thought. He looked at the clock again. It was almost eleven and he still had a ways to go before he could visit Liz.
Liz pulled the blankets up around her head and fell fast asleep. She had done nothing all night except for hide in her room while her two guests got extremely trashed. Her parents were out for the evening, first to a fine restaurant then on a tour of the city, which pretty much meant that they were going to be having sex in a five star hotel. She had no idea when Michael was going to be back, but she hoped the remnants were gone by then.
Michael and Maria rushed into the apartment an hour later to find empty liquor bottles strewn across the floor, the radio blaring and neither Hillary nor Tess in sight. Michael rushed into Liz’s room to see her collapsed on the bed, her arm dangling listlessly over the side. Max was on one side of her, his eyes reflecting pain and shock. “She isn’t waking up.” Max spat and gave Michael a hateful glare. “You were supposed to be here. You were supposed to be here to protect her.”

“Maybe, maybe she’s just sleeping.” Maria said as she began pacing. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.”

Michael looked down at the floor and saw an empty syringe near Liz’s hand. “FUCK, they shot her up with something.” He groaned and picked it up, unable to meet Max’s eyes. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“OH MY FUCKING GOD! We have to heal her right? And then everything will be ok? Shit, how could this happen.” Maria asked as she looked at Max.

“It didn’t do anything.” Max sighed defeated.

“SHIT!” Maria shouted and panicked. She heard a door open and grew pale. “Oh my fucking god, it’s her parents. Shit. Shit. Shit. What do we do?”

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Lillie - It's in this part. I ended up going into more detail than I intended, blame Algebra. HA

roswellluver - Uhm... well... who knows about Mikey G's timing. Uh, yeah I was bored and for some reason starwars worked.

woodwinds - Um... it's kind of better now. Kind of not. Yeah and the cursing is nothing compared to the way that I go on and on, but blame that one on being around my little bro all evening playing the many ways you can incorporate fuck into a sentence game. WOOHOO yay to no more gatsby!

jendansuer - Well, yeah Hillary has known for a while, the syringe stuff is in this part... um people find out.... sort of.

Lucky Star - :D LMAO yeah, Wizard of Oz? HaHa. Michael gets what he deserves...

OK I really want to post this and my response to fb sucks... I'll do better later. I've GOT TO GO. (and speed to work.)

Ok, I didn't really have time to double check this part, but I think it's ok. I wanted to get it out now instead of eleven. (I hate when I have to work) So, an Alex/Isabel sceen got cut. Sorry. (trust me, it wasn't important.)
Part 26

Jeff looked at all the beer bottles on the floor and grew concerned. “Hillary? Liz?” He was glad that he had left Nancy at the hotel and rushed back home to check on his daughter. Maybe he was just in time to prevent something horrible from happening. “Liz?” He paused and heard a bunch of random obscenities coming from his daughter’s bedroom. He ran down the hallway of the apartment and tried to open the door, but it was locked. He groaned and placed his hand over the doorknob, unlocking it. Seconds later, he rushed into the room to see Michael staring at the floor guiltily, Maria cursing and pacing, Max sitting next to Liz’s limp body, which was buried under the covers of her bed, rocking himself and crying.

Maria continued her tirade, oblivious to the new person in the room. “I swear I am going to blow that fucking cunt’s ass off and then Hillary’s going to pay. Fucking bitches, I’m going to kick all their asses in.” She walked right into Jeff and fell flat on her bottom. “Ow! Jesus fucking…”

Jeff turned to the three of them and sighed. It was strange to see that none of them looked much different from what they had before, and from what he could gather, Maria had not changed at all. “What happened?”

“Um… well, ya see…” Maria began and hit Michael again for good measure.

“Damnit Maria, what happened?” Jeff asked, annoyed with her babbling.

“How the HELL do you know my name?”

“Liz told me.” It was the truth, in a way, but he knew much more about all of them than just their names and faces.


“She’s sleeping.” Michael mumbled.

“Because of you!” Max spat and lunged towards Michael, knocking him to the ground.

Michael, who would have normally punched Max for this, laid limp on the floor, while Max hit him over and over again. He deserved every last bruise that he received, because he hadn’t protected his little sister.

Jeff watched in horror as Max hit Michael repeatedly. “Stop! Damnit you two!”

Max paused and glared at Jeff for a moment, anger coursing through his veins. “Why? He deserves it. Liz is dying because of this asshole’s selfish desires.” He then turned to face Maria. “And YOU! You’re supposed to be my sister, but even you pursued your own wants and needs. Damn you both.”

Jeff groaned, Max was still as protective and irrational over anything regarding Liz as ever. “Max, they deserve a life too. It’s not their faults. What happened?”

“They shot her up with something.” Maria stated evenly, trying hard not to blow up at Max.

“Who Maria?”

“Those bitches Tess and Hillary.” She felt another one of Max’s icy glares and walked up to him and slapped him across the face. “We would have been her, YOUR HIGHNESS, if there wasn’t a bloody car wreck. I believe that YOU weren’t hear either, so get over yourself! God Max, I love you but sometimes you can be SUCH a dick.”

“Enough! All of you SHUT UP! Max, make yourself useful and form a connection with Liz…” Jeff began, but stopped himself when Liz stirred in her bed.

Liz groaned and opened her eyes to see four of her favorite people about to rip each others heads off. Liz gripped her head, suddenly feeling a piercing pain rip through it and screamed. “Stop it! Stop it! Just stop it! Just forget it!” She bellowed and unknowingly closed her eyes and continued to think about how she wanted everyone to forget whatever it was that had gotten them so riled up. Liz opened her eyes moments later with Max’s ring in her hands and four people looking at each other confused.
Hillary laughed from her position on the balcony. This had worked out better than the two of them had planned. “So Tess, are you going to work your magic or what? Lil’ Lizzie got everyone-including pops to forget about her little reaction to Khivar’s drugs. You do the rest. Max sure the queenie has no idea we were even there, I think I got all the bottles and shit.”

“Great Hill. Yeah, Liz will be working for us in no time and then I’ll finally mount Max Evans and kill him right as he’s screaming my name, in front of Liz, of course.”

“Ha! I can’t wait for that. I want Michael though; he definitely looks like he has a huge cock. Now warp ‘em good so we can get the fuck out of here.”

Tess nodded and shut her eyes, concentrating on erasing all of the night’s activities and implanting new memories in each of their heads. She saved Liz for last, certain that she would be the most difficult to manipulate, but already the drugs had weakened her, making her vulnerable to Tess’ mind-warp. Tess opened her eyes and motioned for Hillary to follow. “All set. I hope Khivar doesn’t want princess prissy pants to keep all of her mental abilities, because they’ve weakened… a lot.”

“Nah, it’s not permanent. He wants her to be his angry little fire-cracker though, it’s just that the drugs are currently breaking down her powers and then mixing them with the new abilities in the serum, which will make her even more powerful, both mentally and physically.”

“But what if this fails? She’ll just have an easier time kicking our asses.”

“It won’t fail.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because, the drugs alter her temperament too, and once that happens, there’s no going back… well, except for true love, but Max will be dead by then, so it won’t matter. She’s ours, end of story.”

Tess laughed and decided to change the subject. “So, is Khivar good in bed?”

“Hell yeah, the best fuck I’ve ever had.” Hillary replied and followed Tess out of the ally.
The five of them stared at each other blankly, confused as to why they were all in Liz’s bedroom. Jeff blinked and remembered his date with Nancy. “Ok, so you four are having a sleep over? That’s fine, just…”

“No sex. Got it.” Liz finished. “Bye Dad.”

“Bye princess. Bye Michael.”

“Bye J… Dad.” Michael replied, happy the way that Dad sounded coming off of his tongue. He was home, he knew that now.

Jeff smiled as he heard “Dad” come out of Michael’s mouth. “Have fun kids.”

Liz waited until Jeff left the room and quickly asked, “So, what are we going to do?”

“Truth or Dare!” Maria squealed.

“No! We need to go over alien stuff.” Michael groaned.

“I really just want to spend all my time with Liz.” Max muttered and got a glare from Michael. Max noticed the bruise on Michael’s arm and decided to get him off the subject of Liz. “Michael, I can heal that if you want.”

Michael looked at the welt confused. He had no idea where that came from. “Uh… nah dude, it’ll heal itself pretty quickly.”

“Ok good, so truth or dare it is.” Liz said, receiving stares from the other three aliens. “What? I want to act like normal teens; we can worry about this alien crap some other time.”

“A girl after my own heart.” Maria teased and turned to Max. “Max, truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Max replied, knowing exactly how insane Maria was.

“Max, you’re no fun… anyway what did you and Liz really do last night?”

“Maria!” Liz shouted.

“No, he has to answer. I kept on hearing about it from grumpy pants over hear when we were out at dinner.”

“Fine.” Max interrupted. “We kissed… I got images of her and Hillary and then she got upset… I was worried and I pulled her into my lap, we talked and held each other and then fell asleep. We didn’t do anything. But I am glad that Liz cancelled her plans with Hillary.”

“Ok, see you lug head?” Maria shouted. “Max, your turn… and no get backs.”

“Ok, Liz, truth or dare.”


“What do you miss about living on the East coast?”

“Honestly, nothing. I was depressed all the time and felt so out of place… I’m much happier here, with you guys.”

“Aww…” Maria remarked and shouted, “Group hug!” She wrapped her arms around Liz and smiled as Michael and Max wrapped their arms around the two of them. This was how it always should be. “Guys, let’s make a pact right now. No matter what happens, we’ll stay together. We’re family and all that we’ve got in this world. So no matter what, we help each other and stick together and never, I mean never, let this alien bullshit get the best of us. It’s us-the four of us, against the world and if one of us gets lost along the way, we fight like hell to get them back. Agreed?”

“Agreed.” The three other aliens responded unanimously.

“Good. Now let’s watch some movies, eat lots of food drenched in tobasco sauce and make with the smoochies.” Maria teased, glad that they could be free, fun loving teens for a night.

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Ok. Here's the rest of what I was trying to type earlier. (I don't want to seem like a tool, but like I said, I really just wanted to get the part out... and if you're wondering I did make it to work on time, with five minutes to spare.)
Rest of feedback responses (again, I feel like such a bitch for leaving you guys out but I had to hightail it to work... sorry, won't happen again):

katmcken - Thanks for the FB, well obviously by the time you read this note, you'll know... but hey, maybe eventually Jeff will help?

tobringyoumylove - Yeah, they'll pay... in time.

AudioPoet - Thank you so much for your feedback

Now onto response to the new part:

AJK001 - Thanks for your response to the new part. Um... Max and Liz are going to be going through a tough spot shortly, with Liz drugged up and such, but I promise that there will be no sex between any UC couples and anything that is offensive to Dreamers/Candies will be justified in some way.

I'd also like to point out that I am not Katims. I do not derive sick pleasure out of breaking up Max and Liz via apocalyptic consequences. Also, there will be no rape in this story. I bring that up for a reason, because it's kind of shown up recently and I don't agree with its place in non dark fic, however this is not an insult to anyone who DID put it in a non dark fic, I just don't agree with it.

Now onto other random things:

Re: Starwars imagry. Glad that you all thought it was amusing, originally it was going to be way dirtier than it was, but I decided against it. Maybe it will make another appearance later. Maybe.

Re: Tess/Hillary. Remember, Hillary is NOT a skin. Hillary did, however, have sex with Khivar at that frat party (he's the dude with the blue eyes). They'll both be going down.

Re: Kyle. Don't forget, Kyle has a major jones for Liz. He IS around, he IS watching and Liz IS going to start to notice. What happens (or doesn't happen) is what I'm not going to talk about.

Ok? Ok. Anymore questions, gripes etc just bust mah ass.

Again, I am sorry for cutting some people off the thanks for FB list. Thanks to everyone who reads this story, thanks to those who are sweet enough to leave feedback, because I love it, and hopefully I will have another part out tomorrow. I'm not promising anything this weekend, however, because I'll be in Pittsburgh at an accepted students conference. Hopefully the plane ride (out of Bradley... LOL) will provide lots of writing time, so that I'll have a lot to give you all when I get back.

Thanks again,
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AJK001 - Thanks for your response to the new part. Um... Max and Liz are going to be going through a tough spot shortly, with Liz drugged up and such, but I promise that there will be no sex between any UC couples and anything that is offensive to Dreamers/Candies will be justified in some way.

roswellluver - That'll come... eventually.

jendansuer - Ah, but see... Nancy doesn't talk about that because she wants alone time with her husband. As for Jeff, yeah he's an alien, but ya know... Hillary and Tess are crazies. It's their nature.

Lucky Star - LMAO. It's ok... you know that eventually all this Wizard of Oz talk will prompt me to throw something in there about it.

Audio Poet - Yeah, I know... bad evil people.

* oh and about the Rape stuff that I wrote in the note... that was um directed at a certain fic that has a Maria rape in there that bothers me. I was talking to Gwen (from RAMS) at the time and was feeling fairly political... so sorry if I stepped on anyone's toes.

In other news: Starwars Sex Talk Makes a Small Return... lol.
Part 27

Wow, it’s been a crazy week. Maria and I have been attached at the hip lately. She’s absolutely wonderful and the best friend that a girl could ask for. Sometimes Maria includes Isabel or Alex, our honorary girlfriend, on these outings. They’re great too… but I mean there will always be that barrier because we can’t let them in on our deepest secrets. Michael and I have been getting along swimmingly (god look what too much time around Alex does to me) he’s such a sweetheart when no one’s looking. Then, there’s Max and my ritualistic balcony visits. He is perfect and I couldn’t ask for anything more from him. I just hope that when school starts tomorrow that these visits don’t stop.

Ow. My head is really bothering me… again. I swear I feel like something is draining me and I have no idea what it is. Maybe I’ll talk to Max about it, if I remember, I’m getting so forgetful. If I didn’t know better I’d swear that someone is messing with my head. I mean, that can’t happen, because I’m immune to it. Maybe, if it continues, I’ll talk to Maria or Max about it, because Michael isn’t really good with the sympathy thing. It is ok, I love him anyway.

Then, speaking of things I want to forget, I want to forget Kyle Valenti making a pass at me today. He said something about my lamp needing to be trimmed, I glared at him and stormed off, then get this, he screamed, “What? It always works on Tess.” Then I walked back up to him, slapped him across the face and told him that I was way classier than Tess and then he tried to grab my ass… after he got up from his booth at the Crash. I turned around and kneed him in the groin – the bastard will be peeing in a bag for days. I’ve never done anything like that before, but I mean he deserved it. Maria, who was with me at the time, thought it was funny as hell and said that she was rubbing off on me, yeah, I think she’s right.

The next morning, Max waited patiently for Maria to emerge from her room. He was used to her first day rituals of freaking out over what to wear. However, he was surprised to find Maria walking calmly into the kitchen, grabbing some toast and sitting down across from Max. “What’s with this Maria? Usually you’re running around screaming by now.”

Maria smiled and bit into her toast. “Liz helped me with that stuff last night. We’re picking them up, right?”

“Of course.” Max replied and smiled. He loved the way that the four had grown so close in this past week. Michael was no longer wary of his relationship with Liz and they were even going camping together this weekend. Liz and Maria had become fast friends, always calling each other up and talking or visiting malls or seeing movies. They were even growing closer to Isabel and Alex; however they would always have a certain distance between them. “You ready yet?”

Maria finished off her toast and nodded. “Yeah, but let me just reiterate how much I hate school.”

“Please, at least you have one of us in each of your classes. I have four with Liz, one with Michael, and two with you. My last class probably has Pam Troy and Tess in it.” Max groaned at the thought.

“Four with Liz? Lucky bastard, I have one with her – gym and you two clowns are in that class too, so I won’t have any girl-time. Most of my classes are with Michael, when he bothers to show up, and with my luck, Chuck Charles, who still thinks I want him after Tess and Isabel started that rumor last year.”

“Ew. I’m sorry Maria.”

“Yeah, so am I.”
The car ride to school was filled with idle chatter, from informing Liz of what teachers to avoid and other important matters. Maria hopped out of the car with her usual exuberance and waited for the other three to get out of the jeep. “Jeez guys, I hate school, but you three are really slow.”

Liz kissed Max and exited the car, which received groans from Maria and Michael in addition to a bunch of hate-filled glares from other girls. “Yeah, this is great. Already everyone hates me.”

“I told you!” Maria stated and latched arms with Michael.

“Told her what? How wrong she is for Maxie here?” Tess spat as she approached with Hillary.

Max stepped in front of Liz in a protective gesture and sent each girl an icy gaze.

“Tess, I think the bleach is getting to your head.” Maria spat as she walked closer to her, staring her down in a challenge. “What Tess? Upset that Max didn’t want one of your STDs? And you know, Hillary, for a new girl, you sure do fit in with the dirty ho group really well.”

Michael looked over at Maria and Liz concerned. He didn’t really want Maria to get into a fight on the first day back. He breathed a sigh of relief as the two girls walked away and softly muttered, “Run along girls, run along.”
The day had been relatively uneventful until fourth period crafts, the class that Liz shared with Alex and, to her dismay, Kyle Valenti. Liz, who had been taking notes, kept being interrupted by fart noises. She turned around and shot Kyle a look. “Are you five? Can you stop?”

A grin appeared on his face and he turned to meet Liz’s brown eyes. “I’ll do anything for you sexy.”

“Kyle, need I remind you what happened the last time you put a move on me? And my name is Liz not sexy, you ignorant pig.”

“Yes, I remember, but I don’t mind. Buddha teaches us to be persistent in our pursuits.”

“Yeah, well I’m TELLING you that you don’t have a chance in hell so fuck off asshole.” Liz snapped and turned around.
At lunch Michael and Liz quickly sat down at a table and patiently waited for Max and Maria. Instead Isabel walked up and smiled while brushing a stray piece of blond hair out of her eyes. “Hey you two, do you mind if Alex and I sit here? I’m sick of all those bleached bimbos trying to pay me to set them up with Max. What am I, an escort service?”

Liz looked at Isabel for a second before bursting into hysterics. “They do not! Oh and go right ahead.”

“Great!” Isabel stated and slid into a seat next to Liz just as Alex, Mari and Max all pulled up chairs. “But yeah Liz, they do. It’s really sad.”

“Oh my god Liz, you wouldn’t believe it, but the whole school is talking about you.” Maria teased and pulled a sandwich out of her bag. “They’re saying that you shot down Valenti in fourth and that you and Max are really betrothed cousins from Columbia, sent to America to avoid the bounty hunters, who want to kill your claim to the drug money. But the best thing that I’ve heard all day is that you and I are in a lesbian relationship…”

“Wait. We’re NOT? Oh you’re breaking my heart.” Liz remarked sarcastically. “I want you, I need you, don’t leave me.”

Alex laughed and grinned, he too had heard some false gossip about his cousin. “Oh I’ve heard that you’re a witch who is going to bring hell on earth.”

“Ha! Liz couldn’t hurt a fly… well unless you grab her ass.” Michael stated and quickly ducked, avoiding a ketchup laced fry that Maria had thrown towards his head. “Well I’ve heard that Liz is a member of cult and that I’m now a card carrying member since I was adopted by them and changed my last name to Parker to rid myself of anything Hank.”

Isabel stopped laughing for a moment and added her own version of the rumors. “Dude, I heard that she’s pregnant with Max’s kid and that when it’s born they’re selling it to aliens so that they can find a way back home.”

Max spit out his drink and shouted “What?” He couldn’t believe that a rumor had been even a little bit true and was more concerned than ever for Liz’s safety.

Liz paled and glanced at Michael and Maria before realizing that it wasn’t an alien exclusive table. Quickly she planted a grin on her face and began to talk. “Damn they found out! How the hell is that possible? I mean Max and I have only talked to the Star Wars people once. Max isn’t even a full blown Jedi yet, because I haven’t seen his light saber! Jeez.”

Alex and Isabel were quiet for a second while Maria burst out laughing and milk shot out of her nose. “The SEX TALK! She knows about Dad’s sex talk? Oh my god Isabel, don’t tell me that you don’t remember the line about making sure that when the time is right, we have to keep his light saber sheathed every time or we’ll turn into Mama the hut?”

Isabel smiled softly and blushed, embarrassed that she had never experienced this discussion. “No, Mom heard you ranting about it and told Dad that he was never to give anyone the talk again.”

“Yeah, well I got it a few days ago.” Max groaned and tried to rid himself of the memory.

“You are a brave man Max, a brave man.” Alex remarked and bit into his sandwitch.

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roswellluver- Yeah, that was my whole deal... I wanted them to have some happy time because they can't always be worried about being aliens and the enemy.

woodwinds - Yeah, Liz is somewhat aware of what's happening, but in true Liz fashion, she isn't really going to let anyone in on her problems. Someone else DOES suspect something, but they kind of get the brush off...

katmcken - Glad that you like them :D

AJK001 - Yeah, I'm kind of getting there... kind of...

Lillie - *happy* Glad that you liked it. It's coming, slowly but surely.

I'm sorry for the delay, but I kept on misplacing the notebook that this badboy was in, then not liking parts of it (I still don't...) and lovely school all kinda made this take longer than it should have.

Part 28
After school the four teens piled into the jeep and drove to the Crashdown. Alex and Isabel had been invited, but they chose to pursue their own interests. Liz was toying with her hair while Maria looked at all the alien décor and sighed. “Do you think they’d flip if they knew about us?”

“Who?” Max asked disinterested as he stared at Liz’s nimble fingers and the way that they entangled themselves in her long locks. He was enraptured with this mundane reflex and wanted nothing more than to touch her hair.

“The alien freaks.” Maria stated and rolled her eyes as an obnoxious elderly woman approached. “Finally, I mean jeez, what does it take to get help around here?”

Liz kicked Maria under the table to shut her up. “Unless you want to be in that god awful uniform you’ll keep it quiet. Mom is looking for two more waitresses and another cook. The second that she hears us complain it’ll just be Max who still has his freedom.”

Maria blanched at the thought of having to wear that aquamarine mini-dress, silver alien shaped apron and the antennae. She was quiet as Agnes, the elderly waitress, set down their drinks and left. “Oh my GOD, that would be torture! Torture I tell you!”

Max, Liz and Michael looked at Maria for a moment and then burst out laughing. Liz met Max’s intoxicating gaze and stopped laughing, feeling a sudden need to taste his lips against hers. She blushed as a subtle heat grew within her – she wanted him right then, but was distracted when she felt her head throb. Her hands grasped at her hair as the pain increase, forcing her to run into the bathroom away from everyone. “Shit. Shit. Shit.” Liz breathed and sat on the toilet, her head hung low while her dark hair shadowed her face. The pain had been intensifying throughout the day and she didn’t think that she could bear anymore of this torture.


Jeff stared absent mindedly at the computer screen. He had no interest in his work; it bored him with its simplistic nature, for Earth was thousands of years behind Antar technologically. However, it was a clever ruse and kept his enemies at bay, along with the large sum of money it garnered, which would allow for the four royals to live as they wished as well as provide for his own family.

He felt ill, as was custom for someone of Antarian blood under a mind warp, but shrugged it off as some acquired human illness or something that he had eaten that didn’t contain enough Tabasco. He was certain that only Liz had the ability to mind warp him and that she would not have access to that power, to that degree until she was eighteen years old.


Maria walked slowly into Liz’s apartment, thinking that she’d already fallen asleep. Liz hadn’t been looking well for a while and then she’d run off grabbing her head, leaving Max and Michael worried out of their minds and Maria concerned and attempting to be rational. “Liz?” Maria asked as she laid her hand on Liz’s bedroom door. “It’s me, I’m coming in.” She concentrated on unlocking the door and entered the empty room. “WHAT THE HELL?” Maria shouted as she paced around the room, causing an image to of Liz lying lifeless in her bed with Max on top of her to enter her mind.

“HOLY SHIT!” Maria screamed and was convinced that everyone was in more danger than they realized.


Liz sighed and picked herself off the toilet seat, making her way to the mirror. Her eyes tentatively glanced at her reflection. Her hair was a bit disheveled but other than that she looked fine. Her skin was impeccable, her eyes still had their chocolate hue, her lips were still the same soft shade of pink, her nose still the same shape. “Damnit what the hell is wrong with me?” She asked and made her way out of the bathroom and back to the table.

Max, who had been dwelling on her sudden departure felt relieved that Liz looked ok. He was concerned that she was in serious amounts of pain, as he saw her grab her head before running off. “Liz, are you ok?”

Liz looked at Max with wide eyes, somewhat confused. “Yeah, I’m fine. It was just a stomach thing.”

Michael was skeptical of Liz’s statement. He knew that she was hiding something, but he didn’t know what it was. “Liz, you can’t be sick. We all know that is impossible. So what’s really bothering you?”

“I’m not sick, Michael, it’s just that time of the month.” Liz stated and ate a french-fry, hoping that they would buy her excuse.

“Oh.” Michael replied, somewhat disgusted as he remembered the applicator that he saw in the garbage can this morning.

“Don’t make that face Michael, you DID ask.” Liz teased and twirled a strand of her hair with her fingers. “Yeah, but I always get these huge headaches during it and I don’t understand why... I mean it’s just not normal for us, is it?”

“Oh, Maria just gets this huge craving for salty foods and then acts uh…”

“Bitchy?” Michael finished, certain that was what Max was trying to find a euphemism for.

“Something like that.” Max smiled, because he felt glad that Michael had said it and not him.

Tess smiled from her booth across the aisle. They were too easy to manipulate and Liz was playing right into her hands by not wanting to have anyone worry about her problems. It was almost time to up the stakes a little and test the strength of the young royals.

Maria walked slowly down to the café, almost certain that Tess or Hillary would be down there, monitoring Liz. Sure enough, Tess was seated at a booth glancing periodically at Liz. Maria slid into her seat and smiled wide while immersing herself in the mindless chatter that her friends were engaged in. “Hey guys, want to go upstairs?”

“Sure.” Liz said and led the group up the stairs and into the small apartment.


Isabel smiled as Alex pulled her onto his lap. He never asked anything of her that she wasn’t willing to give, which made her feel more content than she had at any other time in her life. He respected her, whereas many other boys her age would demand sex on the fourth date. No, Alex was it for her.


Maria watched as Michael flopped down on the couch and Max pulled Liz onto his lap. “Guys, we’re in trouble.”

“What? Why?” Liz asked confused.

“Um, I got one of those flash things and um I think that we’re in danger and uh Tess is doing it.”

“Maria, how is Tess doing it?” Michael asked amused. “She’s just some harmless tramp.”

“I… I don’t know yet, but I just have this feeling.” Maria sighed and looked at Liz, not willing to divulge what she had seen, but knew that she had to do it. “I mean aren’t you all missing time? I mean and in the flash Liz was collapsed on her bed and Max was on top of her crying and I don’t know what Michael and I were doing, but I knew that I was really panicked.”

Max looked at Maria confused. He had no recollection of that and it would not have been the first time that Maria had confused dreams with reality. “Maria, I think I would remember something that important.”

Liz’s brow furrowed in thought. She didn’t think that Maria was making this up out of the blue, but she doubted that it had happened. “Maybe you’re starting to remember things from your past life and superimposing images of this life in place of things like a palace and stuff?”

“That’s… logical.” Maria said unconvinced. She didn’t want to deal with this any longer, not when she knew that all she would get was a bunch of doubtful gazes and distrust. She looked at her clock, it was two. “OOH! Passions is on!” Maria screamed and flipped on NBC.


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jendansuer - You're going to see more of Maria's stuborness in this part and well Jeff is kind of getting a clue too... the others are kinda helpless right now.

roswellluver - Yeah, Maria's going to be fighting for some respect for a while b/c she doesn't get it...

Lucky Star - HAHA You do know that you are going to force me into writing a Wizard of Oz reference don't you? Yeah and Starwars amuses me... haha

AJK001 - It's possible to hate Tess more than after Decrapture? Wow wonders do never cease. We're getting to fun with Tess and trust me I can't wait to write it.

woodwinds - LOL! Jeff is kindasorta getting a clue... no one believes Maria because they're still under Tess' mindwarp... someone begins to agree with her here, but then it all is forgotten.

Um and if anyone reads my polar smut (what if no one's watching), I knooow I've been avoiding it, but it's just because I can't write it to my liking.
Part 29

Liz sat in marketing bored out of her mind. She had never been interested in Business, but it was her only option if she wanted to graduate this year. It had only been a week since she had been introduced to the “wonderful world of marketing”, as her teacher called it, but she already knew that this would be her least favorite class. However, that may be due to her teacher’s sense of humor – she decided to partner her with two “Max-sluts” as Maria called them, who were, of course, Hillary and Tess. Liz felt kind of bad for completely ignoring Hillary, but she had changed into Tess’ lap dog and that drove Liz insane.

Tess turned toward Liz annoyed. Her patience was waning and Liz had yet to show that the drugs were working. Maybe they had to up the stakes a little, she thought, because she had no interest in waiting forever. Hillary would never agree, of course, because she, like Kivar, wanted to make this perfect. Nikolas was just as impatient as Tess, but that was just because he wanted to have Liz. “So when are we doing this project thing?” she asked, knowing from what Hillary had said, that Liz was into her grades.

“Isn’t she giving us some time in class to do it?” Liz replied, not really interested in spending any more time with Tess or Hillary.

Hillary groaned as Liz shot down another meeting between the three of them. “Come on Liz, why don’t you want to do anything with me? We used to be bestest buddies but ever since we both came here we haven’t done anything together. I miss you Lizzie.”

Tess took her cue from Hillary and scrunched her face in concentration. She focused on mind warping Liz into agreeing with them. Tess had noticed that Liz had become a little more difficult to control, but it was nothing major.

Liz blinked and sighed. “Fine, do you want to meet at my place after school today? I want to get this entire thing over with because I have a major paper due for AP English on Friday.”

“That sounds great!” Hillary exclaimed and gave Tess an appreciative look. Yeah, Liz needed a boost and Hillary knew just what to do. She would let Tess in on it later and then put it into motion.
Maria was going insane. She had been mulling over her memories all week and she was convinced that something was happening to Liz. However, Michael and Max vehemently denied that anything had happened and got angry at her whenever she suggested it. Liz kept saying that she was fine, that she felt wonderful, but Maria noticed the moments where Liz looked around confused and all the times that she tried to hide her pain. Max and Michael never noticed, leading Maria to believe that they were suffering from whatever Liz was subjected to, because normally both of them would have shit a brick at Liz’s behavior. Michael was walking towards Maria with an unreadable expression. Maybe he was beginning to believe her. “Hey Michael!”

“Maria.” Michael breathed. He loved her, he did, but he was still annoyed that she suggested that Liz had some mental problem. Family came first to Michael, but he still needed a ride. “Listen, Liz is doing some project or some shit and Max is working on some extra credit bullshit with his English teacher… can you give me a ride home?”

Maria sighed and looked at Michael annoyed, well at least he’s talking to me, she thought. “Yeah, sure I will. Um… yeah, so you want to go straight home or do you want to talk… there is this new bistro and well… yeah so…”

“Fine, but one word about Liz and…”

“Michael!” Maria shouted. She knew she was right and she could not stand being ignored for much longer.

“Maria! Not. One. Word. I am sick of your…” Michael bellowed.

“Damnit Michael! Fine, I’ll just drive your sorry ass home. I don’t want to deal with your shitty attitude.” Maria snapped and stormed ahead towards the car. She was sick of his angry response, why would he just consider that she might just be right?

“FINE!” Michael spat and headed after her.
Max was bored out of his mind as he sat in the chair next to his English teacher. It was no longer interesting to spend an hour a week after school in advanced study. Of course, that may have been due, in part; to Liz’s absence today… she said something about being forced into a marketing project. He understood, of course, but he would rather have her here. He loved when she was stealing glances at him, holding his hand while they sat in a circle and shooting death glares at any girl who dared to try and make a pass at him – her possessive nature amused him, just like how she would tease him about the way that he would glare at Kyle anytime that he approached Liz. He wished that she would send him a sarcastic mental quip about Ms. Locos’ attire or a proclamation of her love, but whenever she tried, he never heard her, which they reasoned was due to her lack of practice. But even still, he wished that she was here with him.
Michael groaned as Maria continued to stare at him in silence. The entire ride had been like this, and while he couldn’t stand for any more accusations against his sister, the silent treatment was a bit harsh. “Maria…”

Maria pulled up to the Crashdown and slammed the breaks. “WHAT? Is my hair not the right color or something? Did I breathe wrong? I’m sorry that I DARED to try and be concerned for Liz.”

“Maria, I’m sorry. I’m overprotective because she’s the only family I have and I don’t know what I believe”

“SORRY? You’re sorry?” Maria tried to stay angry at him, but felt her insides melt as she looked away from her. “Michael stop… how about you agree to listen to me as long as I consider your view.”

“Ok, are you coming up?” Michael asked as he hopped out of the car, running his hands across the metal.

Jeff rubbed his head gently as he pulled his car into an empty parking space. He had decided to leave work early and check on Liz. Maybe they had miscalculated after all and Liz was the source of his headache – but what exactly would she need to hide from him? He sighed and headed for the backdoor.
“Ok, so we’re done?” Liz asked as she looked from Hillary to Tess, hoping that they would just leave. She did not want to be around them any longer than was necessary.

“Liz, why don’t you want to hang out like we used to? I haven’t seen you around in forever and we used to be best friends.” Hillary asked as she motioned for Tess to do something.

“Yeah come on Lizzie, I want to know what you did to land Max anyway.” Tess said as she stared into Liz’s dark doe eyes.

Maria sighed as she walked into the living room of the apartment. Michael had headed straight to the kitchen to make them something to eat. She flipped on the TV, but couldn’t find anything decent on, so she headed to Liz’s room… even if she was busy, Maria was much more important. She smiled as she placed her hand on Liz’s bedroom door and unlocked it – it was good to have alien powers.

“Come on Lizzie.” Hillary whined and turned to see Maria, with her mouth wide open in the doorway. “Look, it’s your friend the pixie.” She rolled her eyes and played with her hair. “Liz, come ON, we’d be saving you from this space case.”

Maria, upon finding her voice, began to scream. Here were Tess and Hillary in Liz’s room, messing with her head right before her eyes. Liz was just staring into Tess’ crystalline blue eyes with an empty look on her face and Maria felt a growing need to pull Liz away and start running, but she remained still, paralyzed by the display.

Michael, who had been talking with Jeff in the kitchen, grew pale upon hearing Maria’s screams. He threw down the bag of chocolate chips, its contents spilling on the floor, and raced to Liz’s room with Jeff on his tail. He looked into Liz’s room to see Hillary laughing while Liz rolled her eyes and Tess groaned. Maria, however, was shaking and pointing an accusatory finger at Tess. “Maria! What the hell is your problem?”

“Michael it’s nothing.” Liz said sweetly as she bit her lip and toyed with her hair. She knew that there was something wrong with this situation, but had no idea what it was, so she decided to not worry her overbearing brother.

Jeff groaned inwardly from post outside the doorway. He knew that Calisto was neurotic and that Maria, by default, was the same way, but it wasn’t like Liz to belittle a situation, unless she was hiding something. “Damnit” he muttered as he suppressed the urge to barge in there and uncover the truth. He had to listen first before acting brash.

Maria’s mouth open and shut as she looked at Liz with fiery green eyes. It was the second time that she had been rendered speechless and Maria Evans NEVER was without words. She glared at Michael before her gaze returned to Liz. She felt her blood begin to boil at the way that Liz was acting and stomped her foot in anger. “NOTHING? It’s not nothing Liz. And I can speak for myself thank you. God and you two” she shouted while moving to face Tess and Hillary. “What the fuck are you both doing here? Wait. You know what? I don’t CARE. Get out – now and stay away from Liz and me and Michael and Max.”

“Is the pixie angry?” Tess taunted as she tried to meet Maria’s piercing gaze. She couldn’t believe that Maria had broken out of the mind warp, but it wasn’t anything that Tess couldn’t fix.

“Yeah too bad the pixie doesn’t live here… huh? Oh well I think she’s just jealous because Lizzie would rather hang with the cool kids.” Hillary smirked and moved closer to Liz. She would not back down to Maria no matter what.

“Get out. I’m warning you.” Maria stated coolly as the air began to crackle around her.

“I don’t believe that you can order us out.” Tess snapped and again tried to meet Maria’s eyes, only to have her look away every time.

“They can stay.” Liz mumbled her voice only slightly above a whisper. She didn’t know why she’d said those words, but they escaped from her mouth regardless. Her doe eyes reflected the helplessness that she felt and hoped that someone noticed her confusion.

Michael panicked while little sparks of red light danced their way up Maria’s arm. She was serious about this and if not stopped right then, she would end up killing someone. “You two get out now.” He barked as the two girls stood there motionless, refusing Michael’s order. “NOW!” He bellowed and glared at them hatefully.

“Fine asshole.” Hillary spat and led Tess out of the Parker’s apartment.

Maria heard the door slam and allowed for the energy that was casing up her arm to dissipate. “Do you believe me now?”

“No, Maria, you know that you could have killed someone right there! You are acting so irrational!”

“Michael… Maria’s not…” Liz began, but no one noticed her and she just sighed and let the display go on in front of her.

“Michael you are so blind. Tess is fucking with your head… same with you Liz! God it’s so obvious, but you don’t want to notice it because Liz needs to be perfect and pure. And then YOU, Liz, won’t admit anything because you don’t want to inconvenience anyone. Um… hello? Tess and Hillary shot you up with something and have been duping us into thinking it didn’t happen.

“Maria that makes no sense because I can’t be mind warped and neither can Max because of the ring…” Liz said half heartedly, she wanted to believe Maria, she did, but she knew that some of what Maria was saying made no sense.

“… that he can’t find!”

“Maria, so what are you saying? That Liz is in on this scam?”

“No! I’m saying that she’s being fucked with.”

“Maria, I think I would know if I was being manipulated. Maybe they’re right and you’re just jealous of what’s going on between Hillary, Tess and I and you’re just creating some fantasy with evil aliens.” Liz’s eyes grew wide as she registered she had said and again was unable to believe that these words came from her mouth. “Maria… I…”

“Liz that is horseshit and you know it!”

“Is it?” Michael spat.

“Michael, not you too! You know what? I don’t fucking need this. Here I am, trying to help you out and I get this shit, no. Not uh, no way. Fuck you both, I’m out. Hope you realize the truth before it’s too late.” Maria turned and headed for the door, slamming it shut while leaving a stunned Michael and Liz behind.

Maria moved quickly to the door of the apartment, suppressing the angry tears that were building up in here eyes. How could they treat her like this? The four of them were all alone in the world and she could not believe the way that the two siblings forgot that. In her rage, however, she did not notice the hand that grabbed her from behind, pulling her into the darkened hallway, until it was too late.

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