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This is only the second story I've ever had the guts to post so please try not to rip me apart*wink*. The words in italics are a song by Bjork called "Play Dead" This story is a little weird, maybe evn dark but give it a chance, I like it. Liz, Alex, and Is are also in this but they come in later.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the storyline and if that shows up on the show, guess what.....I'M SUEING!!!(Kidding,please don't sue me.)

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Weschminsters School for Troubled Boys

darling stop confusing me
with your wishful thinking
hopeful embraces

Maxwell Evans pulled his coat tightly around him as he

was driven toward Weschminsters school for Troubled

Boys. The flat faced grey building looked even more

forboding with the Vermont snow falling. It had large

sweeping lawns covered with pines and other trees he

couldn't name. There was also a lake in the far right

corner that he could only assume was frozen over.

don't you understand?
I have to go through this

"I don't even know why the hell I'm here" he said to the

annoyed driver" all I did was set a small fire." Actually it

had been a big fire that destroyed his parents 3.5 million

17 room mansion. I was either here or jail, he chose here.

I belong to here where
no-one cares and no-one loves

He stilled himself as the car glided toward the curb as

two huge orderlies stood on the corner awaiting his

arrival. No doubt to keep him from putting any brillant

escape plan into action. He stepped out slowly and

deliberately took a deep breath of the cold air that made

him feel as he were swallowing stakes. It smelled faintly

of some long dead pine tree.

no light no air to live in
a place called hate
the city of fear

"Beautiful day, eh boys?" They didn't respond but

grabbed him by the arms and dragged him into what

would be his home for the next 5 years.

I play dead
it stops the hurting


The halls of the school were tiled in a pale sickly yellow

and they reeked of somthing that made you slightly

nauseous. Micheal Guerin was disturbed from the show

he was watching with some of the other guys by loud

noises. He went to the window and watched as a guy

with dark hair dressed in all black was being dragged

down the hallway screaming a litany of curses against

the guards and their families.

I play dead
and the hurting stops

He actually hit one of them and was immediately

rendered unconcious by another. It was obvious the new

guy was gonna learn the rules of this place the hard way.

it's sometimes just like sleeping
curling up inside my private tortures

Micheal watched as they picked him up and he

disappeared from his sight around the corner. So that

was his new roommate.

I nestle into pain
hug suffering
caress every ache

He moved from the window and went to sit back in front

of the TV. Maybe this was the guy that would fginally

help him realize his lifelong dream.

I play dead

Breaking out of Weschminsters School for Boys

it stops the hurting

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I would categorize this as M/L angst. That's all I'm saying. p.s.: Thanx to everyone that replied to me, you made me feel good about this story when I was thinking about quitting it so please keep it up.:angel:

Max's Bedroom

He touched her long, soft, choclate hair and felt, for the

first time in a long time, happy. She was saying

something to him but he couldn't hear with all the racket

in the backround, where was he, the house was never

this loud. "Speak up," he said softly while running his

knuckles along her cheek. She smiled softly and he had

to close his eyes against it's brilliance, it's beauty. She

leaned down toward him and spoke directly into his

ear, "I love you." Max was rudely awakened by somone

violently shaking him. He opened his eyes and tried to

focus on the room around him. "I was starting to think

you were dead." Max immediately jumped at the voice

and regretted it as wave of pain shattered through his

senses. The rooms other occupant went back to his bed

and sat down. "Dont move so fast" the voice said as if

that should've been obvious. Max pushed his back up

against the wall and tried to clear his blurry vision. He

remembered now where he was and why did that guard

have to hit him so hard? "Maybe because you hit him

first?" Max looked at the guy sitting across from him for

the first time. Had he said that outloud? Micheal read

the look on his face and smiled a little "yeah you

did." Max wiped his eyes and tried to regain his

equilibrium as he reached out for his roommates

hand, "Maxwell Evans." He grabbed his hand, "Micheal

Guerin." Micheal didn't know how to broach the subject

of escape with this Maxwell so he put it off. "Why are

here?" Max grinned but there was no humor in it "arson."

"I don't think I've ever shared a room with one of those,"

Micheal commented. "Well get used to it, I'm here for 5

years." Micheal pretended that he was sorry for him

about that and was really jumping for joy. If he had

been in for a week he wouldn't agree to the plan Micheal

had. He decided to usher in the convrsation now as

Maxwell complained about the harsh sentence."You

know," He said cutting him off, "I've been here since I

was 12 and I've had a lot of time to think about all the

things you just talked about. I don't deserve to be here

till I'm 18 then go to a adult prision, actually I just don't

want to. I have a plan that could get us both out of

here." Max listened to Micheals plan and felt a renewed

sense that he was falling. "What was this guy rambleing

about?" Micheal jumped from his bed and grabbed Max's

shoulders in a tight grip. "I'm asking if, when I leave,

you'll be coming with me. Decide now, we don't

have alot of time." Max tried to think quick, was he this

desperate to get outta here? Was it worth going back to

court and possibly being charged as an adult so this time

he could go strait to adult prison.

There is an APB on two young men who escaped
Weschminsters School for Troubled Boy's. The daring escape occured at 5:30 this morning and left 3 guards hurt, 2 mortally wounded. All of their weapons were missing so consider the escapee's armed and dangerous.

A 7/11

Elizabeth Parker didn't hear the warning as she danced

and sung along behind the counter to the songs of "No

Doubt" blasting through her headphones.

So I'm just kicking it, I'm
counting the days, I hardly
can wait for us to hang out

God she loved that song. She didn't hear her bestfreind

Alex calling her until he pulled her headphones off. "Did

you hear the news," he asked impatiently, "no what" She

replied equally as annoyed. "Two guy's escaped from

Weschminster's this morning and killed two guards." Liz

felt a chill go through her bady at the mention of that

school. That was where he'd been sent. Alex

knew nothing about her relationship with a particular

person who's name she refused to speak. They'd just

met two monthes ago and she wasn't ready to tell him

or anybody who wasn't there what had happened. She

tried her best to act the detatched curious person as

she asked her next question, "did they say their names?"

She stopped her shaking as Alex thought back to the

report. Breaking out of jail seemed exactly like something

he'd do. That's why she'd liked him. Besided being

insanly gorgeous he was spontaneous, wild, and best of

all, he'd thought she was beautiful. She shook away the

tears that threatened to spill at thoughts of him,

they were over, he'd made that clear. "I don't think they

did Alex commented as they heard a deafening crash

from the front of the store. "What was that?" Just then

another employee, Isabel, ran tot the back where they

had went to talk. She looked afraid and winded as she

screamed,"We're being robbed!"

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I forgot to put this in my original post but I go back to school tomorrow(January the 8th) and as if that doesn't suck enough on it's own, January the 8th is also my birthday. I'll be making my sweet 16 in religion class*sad*. Oh well, I won't be able to post as often but I won't abandon this story. Once again, thanx to all those who read and replied.