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Sleep-Over Switch
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My only note is that this my first fic, be nice!!! Oh and FB is greatly appreciated!!
Summery;- Girls Night in, boys spy, girls see but don't let on and teach them a lesson.

Part 1
Liz Parker, co-captain of the Roswell Comet cheer-leaders, you would think with straight A's, a great family and pretty much a great life she would be happy... but here she was walking down the hall from biology and she just felt bland. Her dream guy, Max Evans was still playing the 'I want to keep you safe game.' and man she was tired of that game.
'He loves me, I know he loves me' she thought stopping outside he locker.
'Wait, what if he doesn't like me and is just being nice to me so that I would keep his secret...' She then laughed at herself realising she sounded like Maria babbling. She was being stupid, of course he loves her she had seen into his soul for god's sake!
She was then snapped back into reality by some-one calling her name. She smiled as she realised it was Tess, the new found alien and part of the royal four, except she had absolulety no interest in following her destiny with Max, from what Liz had observed, she was much more into a certain Valenti.
'Hey Tess, how are things with you today?' Liz asked as she looked at the small blonde in front of her.
'Things are Okay, except I can't get the new cheer down.'
'Yeah it is pretty tricky' Liz muttered in her own thought again. The coming to the conclusion that she needed some female gossip and ice-cream, she spread a smile across her face, 'How about you come round to mind tonight, I'll get the others to come round, we can practise cheers and have a girls night.'
'Perfect, and maybe we can talk about breaking the boys into realising how madly, deeply in love they are with us!'
They both giggled then looked at each other and sighed, 'What are their problems' they both said at the same time.
'Anyway so I'll see you at like 5 tonight at my house, then we can practise in the garden till it gets dark, then eat ice-cream till we can't move!! Oh can you ask Isabel for me, I won't be seeing her today.'
'Yeah sure, can't wait cya tonight Liz!'

Ok I have written the next part but will only post it if I get loadsa feedback!!! I know I'm wicked but I dont know if you guys will like it and if not I can't be bothered!!!

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Liz was putting her things in her locker, until she heard the 'oh so' familer bickering of her best friend, Maria Deluca and Micheal 'Stone Wall' Guerin.
'Why can't they see that they like each other' she thought to herself.
She looked up and saw them with her other best friend Alex Whitman, whose eyes were pleading with her to come over and sepaerate the couple. She smiled at Alex as she walked up to the three of them.
She rested her hand on Maria's shoulder and Maria spun around to engossed in hitting Micheal,
upside the head to notice Liz until now.
'Liz! can you believe this idiot, he actually said that' Maria started but Liz cut her off,
'Maria, you can tell me tonight, girls night, my house, be there at bout 5, k?
'Oh that is wicked, I'm in desperate need of girls night, need me to bring anything??
'Nope, just your charming self' Liz replied, 'Oh wait, yea, bring your cheerleading stuff, cos we will be helping Tess with some moves till dark.'
'Yea that's fine chica, can't wait' Maria smiled past Liz's head and said 'That new guy, Adam is checking you out, go and intro yourself.'
'Maria, I'm not....' she started until she felt her body heat up and electricity start to build up in her veins,
only Max could make her feel like that, and sure enough as she turned, there he was. She felt her legs
weaken as he smiled at her.
'Your not what Liz?' Maria questioned totally breakin the looks between Max and Liz.
' I'm urr.... not....urrr sure guys just want girls that forward, y'know just to come up and and start talking
at them.' Liz said, deciding that she could have fun and see if it got Max a bit jealous.
'Why not? makes our job easier' Micheal commented, which earned a death glance from Max.
'Doesn't matter anyway,' Alex muttered, 'cos here he comes.'
Liz turned and sure enough Adam was walking towards them, 'Oh shiiiit' Liz muttered

'Hey.. Liz isn't is?'
'Yeah, thats me' Liz replied smoothly
'Can I talk to you for a sec.... like on your own' he said as he glanced up nervously looking at the rest of the group.'
'Ummmmm.... sure, I guess, walk me to my car?'
'Yea, great'
'Okay then, Maria remember my house 5 o'clock, k?
'You got it chica'
'Later guys' she smiled at them all and looked quickly up at Max and saw a kinda confused look on his face.

'Who does that guy think he is,' Max fumed
Maria just smirked and looked at Alex, 'Can you give me a ride home, I have to pick up my stuff before I can go to girly night.'
'Sure thing, see you later guys.'
Michael smiled and Max just stood there watching the path that Liz and Adam had just walked.
Maria and Alex walked out the same way and got into Alex's car and drove off.

Meanwhile, Liz was stood by her car listening to Adam trying to get the courage up to ask her out,
'So I know that's like short notice and all and I complelety understand if you don't want....'
Liz tuned out, completely intent on the fact that she could feel Max's eyes burning into her back... 'yea that ought to make him see that we are meant for each other.' She smiled, then realising that Adam was still trying to ask her out,
'.. so what do you think, yes or no???
'Look Adam, your probably a really sweet guy and all,' she started as they put her hand on his arm,' but I'm just not in a place right now for a boyfriend' she lied.
'What???' Adam said looking dumbfounded, 'I just asked you whether you could get the cheerleaders to pose for a calender, weren't you listening?'
Humiliation, Mortified, embarassed, pick a word on how she felt at that moment. 'Oh Right,' she started as she tried to register the information just given to her, 'What, No, we won't pose for any calender, how sick is that!'
Liz jumped into her car and tried to get as far a way from her embarassing moment as humanly possiable!
Adam looked at the car as it drove away, still shocked and muttered,' but all the teams are doing it, strange girl.'

Later that day, Liz was stretching out in the sun in her garden when Tess, Maria and Isabel came bounding out, with all there stuff.
'Hey guys, you can go and dump all the stuff in my room, and then we can get on and practise. When they had come back down, they were all in sweats and sports tops. Liz got the music ready and turned it on, as loud as posiable, then they started teaching each other different moves, but soon isabel, being the other captain started to take over and be the cheerleading nazi, that they were all familer with and loved.... sometimes.
'God I'm like dying with thrist here.' Tess exclamed
'Oh really.....' Liz said getting of the grass, 'I'll go and get us some water, you guys all like water right??
'What kind of question is that of course we like w.....ahhhhhhhhhhhh.'
Liz slammed the door and hit the button for the sprinklers to come on.'
'Oh my god, I'm gonna kill you........' Maria shouted as she was banging on the door getting absoululety soaked in the prosess.

'What the hell is going on' Michael shouted as he ran out of the kitchen into the back room to find Liz on the laughing until she was crying on the floor, 'whats going on?' he repeated.
Liz just looked up and pointed to the door and ran as fast as she could up to her room.
Michael opened the door only wishing that he hadn't as a soaking wet and pissed off Maria, Isabel and Tess ran in, knocking him to the floor.
'Where is she?' Isabel screeched at the top of her voice, then looked at Tess and Maria and started laughing at how wet and pissed off they looked.
'What are you laughin at Evans? Tess started but got confused as Isabel was looking around the room looking for some-thing, ' and what are you looking for?'
'Oh, I just realised something' she muttered as she waved her hand over her body and it was instantly dry and looked as good as new.' She smiled as Tess did the same thing, then they both looked over at Maria, who had pleading eyes.
'Please dry me guys, I'm like freezing here.' Maria stated.
Tess and Isabel giggled and looked at each other and ran up the stairs, without Maria.
'HEY, GET YOUR ALIEN BUTTS BACK HERE, RIGHT NOW!' Maria shouted, then looked down at Michael.
'Michael, pleeeeease....' she started
' No way, maria, no no...

Tess and Isabel jumped on Liz's bed and pulled out a batch of movies, 'Okay where should we start?? Isabel questioned
'Well I would say food but I don't wanna risk going down there with Maria there,' Liz smirked then started to laugh.
'Yeah she did look a bit pissed, but we left her with Michael, so she should have run out of steam by the time she gets back up here.' Tess giggled.
At that moment a perfectly clean Maria walked in with a smile, 'Hey Guys, she what do we start with?? she said with a smile as she looked around the room at the shocked faces, 'What? I have him wrapped around my little finger!' she smiled

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hey guys, just worked out how to separte the chapters and so thats what I've done, I'll post more today.*happy*
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Part 3
After 4 tubs of ice-cream, and perfected nails, Liz sighed, 'So Tess, how are you liking Roswell?'
'It's pretty good, everyone's nice.' Tess replied, ' I'm still in need of a drink though, so I'll be back in a moment, don't start any gossip without me!'
'Sure thing, maybe we can talk about how we are gonna break the guys, into realising that we are gonna be around them no matter what and so they better suck it up and be with us!!!' Maria started
Liz realising that she was about to go into babbling mood, inturupped with, 'Yea, Tess can you get me a coke?'
'Back in a sec,'

After a while Tess realised she had no idea where she was and so when back to get Liz, 'Liz, come with me, I have no idea where to go!'
Liz smirked and went with her.
They were stood over the sink chatting when Tess noticed the boys outside Liz's window looking in.

'Ohmygod, those little rats!' Tess shouted
'What?' Liz said lookin up at them and with a shocked expession said, 'They've been listening to us!'
'I can't believe they would be so sneaky!'
'Believe it, cos they have,' Liz started, 'But they haven't heard anything good........... yet!'
'And what do you suppose we do, Ms Parker?'
'Well, if they wanna hear some gossip.... Lets give them some gossip!' Liz grinned, 'Do you think you could mind-warp them into believing that we are all I the room, while I tell the others?'
'Yea, that should be easy enough,...... Why?'
'Cos I have a plan!'

Outside the room

'Ok, you ready Tess?'
'Yea sure,'
'So you know what we are gonna do and so you can play along when we come back in, right?'
'Uh, huh' Tess replied, *god what is it with her and her plans* Tess though with a smile.

'Isabel, Maria, come out here a sec,'
'k' they both answered
Liz explained the plan and then they were all sat back in they room, with drinks and food, watching 'Bring it on' for inspiration on moves.

Outside the window

'Look Alex, this is dumb,' Michael started 'Why are we even here, I don't like any of them'
'Yeah whatever Michael,' Max stated sarcastically.
'Shut it Maxwell' Michael muttered.
'I'm here cos, I don't wanna miss out on any girly gossip, do you realise before you guys, I used to have the privalige of being in that room,' Alex started, 'But now I'm stuck outside in the freezing cold with you lot!'
'Yeah that's why your here,' Kyle said with a smirk, 'It has nothing to do with a certain Isabel Evans'
'I don't know what you are talking about,' Alex tried, but his face was burning a unusal scarlet colour.
' Look they aren't going to start gossiping about studly we are, so lets just go back to mine and watch the hockey game and then we can......' Kyle stopped when he realised that Tess had paused the tape.

'So guys, have you noticed how gorgeous, Kyle is looking lately,' Isabel said loudly.
'Na, I've been to busy looking at Alex,' Tess replied sweetly.

'Uhhhhhhhh..... whats going on..' Kyle whispered to Alex, 'I thought you liked Isabel.'
' I did, I mean I do,' Alex stuttered.

'Yea Alex is a pretty great guy, Tess,' Liz said,' But not a great as Michael...' She turned and looked a Maria, 'You don't mind right cos I know you liked him at one point...'
'Mind? Why would I mind, in fact I'm kinda in the mood for the more amber eyed silent type,' Maria smiled at Liz, 'Y'know like Max'
'Oh yea thats so sweet, you too will make such a sweet couple.' Liz plastering her best fake smile ever on.

'What the hell,' Max turned to see Michaels stunned expression. 'You have better not have touched her!'
'I'm sorry, I have no idea that she even knew my name, let alone liked me like that' Michael started,' Mind you it was only a matter of time,' He said jokingly, but as he looked at Max realised this wasn;t a time to joke.
'I'm kidding man, chill okay.... Anyway what about you and Maria??'
' I don't like Maria.' Max muttered
'What do you mean you don't like Maria,' Micheal started, 'She's perfectly nice and has a great body...'
'Do you realise how stupid you sound??? I'm in love with Liz and you are in love with Maria and we ARE going to win them back,' he shouted
'Max, dude, shhhhh, there gonna realise that we are here,' Alex said trying to calm the scary alien hybrid down.
'Yeah we had better go and plan how to make them ours,' Kyle said.
'Yea lets go,' Michael said

With that the girls started laughing, as they had heard Max's statement!
'Let the games begin' Liz giggled
Sorry it;s a bit short! fb please

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The guys were are sat around in Kyle's front room, half watching the game and half trying to digest what they heard, earlier at the girls.
'Do you think they were totally serious?' Kyle started, 'I mean, this is completely new to me, I had NO idea that Isabel liked me. Has she ever said anything to you before Max?'
'No, I actually thought she was falling for Alex, and I could have sworn it was Tess that was interested in you!' Max replied.
'Yeah, I know, I really like Tess too.'

They went silent again, it was only broken when Michael started laughing.
'What? whats so funny? Alex interupted
'You don't think that maybe they knew we were there, do you? Michael smiled as he ran his fingers through his hair, 'I mean, if they knew we were listening and decided to get us back for it, I mean it woud explain alot right?
'Huh!' Alex said with a serious face on, 'Well it would explain things, as I know for a fact that Liz is completely in love with Max! I don't know about the others but I know that for a fact.'
'Yeah, thats true' Michael and Kyle agreed.
Max just grinned.
'So we agree that what they said is because they knew we were there then?' Max said and the others agreed.
'Okay, so we have that much...., but that means that they think that we think that they are in love which different people and therefore are probablaly going to come up with some-thing else to do to us at school, to mess with us... right???? Max tried.
'Okay, however much I am confused with that current statement, I got the gist that you are thinkin that we could have some fun with this!' Michael said,
'Yeah, yea we could have a lot of fun with them.' Alex said getting into idea mode, 'Only question is what?....'
'Well, I have two very bad ideas.....' Max said smirking.

Meanwhile at the girls
'Ohmygod, they aren't ever gonna talk to us again!!!' Tess said laughing
'I know I wish I had a camera, to catch there expressions, kodak momment or wot!' Maria said laughing harder.
'Yeah but guys.... what are we gonna do at school? I mean we know that they heard us and so they are gonna be expecting us to flirt with the guys we said we liked... aren't they??? Liz tried to reason.
'Oh god, I'm gonna have to flirt with Kyle Valenti!' Isabel exclamed,' I like tower over him in height!'
'Hey don't diss Kyle, he's a sweetie!' Tess said, then started to laugh, 'Did I just say that????'
' 'faid so hun, think it's love' Maria grinned. 'So Ms Parker, Whats the next part in this brillant plan??'
'Well the said that they were gonna try and win us back right?' they all agreed, 'Well then we have won right? Cos all we wanted was the guys.... Max said he was gonna win me back, so I get with him and yea for me!!!'
'Brillant, so we get are guys anyway!' Maria said getting excited.
'So every thing has worked out perfectly! Isabel said and they are agreed.
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Ohmygod, I started this fic ages ago I didn't think anyone wanted to read it and so I stopped but the feedback you have left is so sweet!!!!!! So should I continue it then??