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Depending on you
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Author's Notes: Let me know what you think I LOVE feedback. I worte the begining of this in my world history class in anticipation of the new season!


Some people fear what they don't know or understand. No one ever ignores how they act or what they look like and never even give them a chance if they aren't exactly like them. Like with Max Michael and Isabel, the FBI atomoticly assumes that they are evil just because they are, as maria would say, Green around the gills. Maria Kyle Alex and I never treated them any different. Then there was Tess, who in less than two years totally screwed up my life along with everyone elses. First she goes after max, then she kills One of my Best friends and covers it up making it look like he killed himself, just as I was ready to be friends with her. not only did she destroy the bond that we all shared. She created a war between us, we now were the Humans and Ailens, and never before had we spilt up like that. Now that she is gone it is up to us to pull everyone back together. Because the only way we will ever be truely safe is if we stick together and maybe then we can deal with the whole Tess problem. And maybe then, if we pull the group back together can we save the world.
-Liz parker

Part 1
Liz parker sat up in her bed beads of sweat falling down her face. Her dark black hair clining to her back. She sat there for a few moments letting her eyes adjust to the darkness. Slowly she climbed out of bed and made her way towards her bathroom. THis was the thrid night she had this dream, no wait more like a nightmare. Turning on the light in her bathroom she picked up the cup that she had on the counter and hal way filled it up with water.After drinking the water she turned off the light carfully walking back to her bed. She sat on her bed. She was still haunted by his words. "I have to Save my son" the thought that max had slept with tess, made her stomach turn. Liz had always thought that Max would be her first, and she would be his. But now she was faced with the harsh reality that she wasn't going to be his first. Glancing at her clock the red digital number read 4:25. Liz feared going back to sleep because it ment that she could have this nightmare again. She hated feeling helpless. When Alex died she was totally helpless, and she couldn't shake the feeling that the fact taht alex was killed was her fault. That if Future max hadn't come and tess had left roswell that maybe alex would still be alive.Liz finally laid down staring at her wall. slowly she fall back asleep.

Max woke up to Isabel shaking him, holding the cordless telphone in one had, and shaking him with the other.
"Max, it's almost one in the afternoon now wake up, we were suppose to be a micheals over an hour ago."
She looked at him making sure he was awake then walked out of the room. Max sat up, looking at the clock and sure enough he had slept long past the time there were suppose to be at Michael's. After they all got back after tess was gone. Liz said that there was somthing that she had to tell everyone. Max was up most of the night thinking about what she could possibly tell them, what this big secret was. He got out of bed pulled out a pair of blue jeans and a green t-shrit. Slipped on his shoes and walked out of his room and knocked on Isabel's door.
"Iz? you ready?"
she opened the door, and looked at him like she was annoyed.
"Yeah, lets go, I called micheal and told him that we are on our way so lets go.
On the way there isabel instied on driving which was a good thing because max couldn't Possibly concentrate on driving .

THey got to micheals everyone was there, Maria was sitting by Micheal on the couch, Liz was sitting in a chair staring at the ground, not even looking up when they came in and Kyle was sitting at the counter, watching liz, like any moment she was going to break into a million pieces.
"Glad you two could make it."
"Our parents wanted to talk to us, sorry."
Max looked at his sister,surpised that she would cover for him like that. SHe probably knew the reason he slept in so late. Max and Isabel sat on the couch next to maria and michael.Maria looked at liz, they both knew how hard this was going to be, After they figured out that tess killed alex, Liz totally blamed herself, saying that if she had never agreed to push max away that if she was selfish alex would still be here right now.
"liz, do you want me to tell them?"
Liz shook her head.
"Thanks Maria, but this somthing I have to do."
"I have been keeping somthing from you guys that, you now need to know."
Liz looked at Michael Isabel and Max Then she looked to the floor tying to gather her thoughts.


Part 2
"A few months after I got back from florida, I was asked to save the world, in a way. The night after Maria Alex and I went to see this fortune teller max, came to me and asked me to help him fall out of love with him, but This wasn't Max, as in max right here and now. He was from 14 years in the furture..."
"LIz are you telling me that He traveled back in time?"
Liz looked at Michael and nodded her head
"That is exactly what he did, A friend of mine, or a future friend rather,Serena Some how was able to use the granoliths engery to make time travel possible,"
SHe looked at max, directing this at him.
"Thats why I made it look like I slept with Kyle, I was looking out for you..all of you."
"Why on earth would you look out for us,You were so quick to balme us for alex's death"
Liz looked at Isabel knowing that Alex would come into this converstation.
"isabel, I know that we haven't really been friends. but ALex loved you, and when Max..Futurte max told me that you were killed a few weeks before he came, and I know that maria loves michael, and teh fact that he died minutes before max travled back in time, I knew how your deaths would effect my two best friends, but not olny that, I new what was going to happen next, the skins would have killed the entire palnet and I didn't to be the one who was so selfish that I wouldn't even give up max, to save the world."
SHe sighed, as if a big weight was lifted off her shoulders. Everyone sat there, soaking in what she had told her.
"So in a way it's my fault that Alex died."
Isabel stood up and walked over to liz.
"Liz, I know that I haven't exactly been the easiest person to get along with, but I Also know that Alex wouldn't want you to blame yourself for his death, we need to blame the person who is responsable for his death. He was luckly to have you as a friend,you and maria both, I want to try and become friends."
Isabel looked over at maria as if telling her that she was also talking about her. Maria let go of michaels hand and walked over to them. Frist pulling liz into her arms, then including Isabel. Max stood up and walked over to Kyle.
"Kyle, I want to apoligize for the way I treated you, you were only watching out for her and I want to thank you for watching over her."
"Shes was my friend before we went out, and I want to have her as a friend long after."
Micheal made his way over to Liz, who was now talking to Isabel, along with maria about alex.
"Liz, When max saved you, I half expected you to turn us in, but you didn't. I always thought that you were going to be max's greatest weakness, when in reailty you are our greatest Alie, and I thank you, for that."
Liz smiled. For michael to say that was a real big deal.
"Dont think you are going to say somthing like that and not give me a hug, its not going to happen."
Liz stood on her tippy-toes, and gave michael a hug. THey pulled apart, and everyone sat down, except max. He walked over to liz and whispered somthing that no one else heard, then they excused themselves, and no one really said anything to object to it.


They were headed for a place where they could talk without any interuptions. liz stared out the window of the jeep. Letting the cold air hit her face, keeping her face away from max just so that she wouldn't let him see her guilt. They finally pulled off the road, right by where the Granloith use to be. Liz hated this Place, only because this was were everything that she knew and trusted, was destroyed, now he was taking her back there and it was probably because it was the only place were they could truley be alone. Liz sighed now was the moment of truth, but what was max's reaction going to be? would he bad mad, Upset, liz was just scared at the thought of what his emotions would be.

I was abducted by ailens, but it's ok It was jason behr so I was in good hands.

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Part 3

"Liz.. All this time, you were pushing me away to save us?"
Liz nodded not trusting her voice, in fear that it may be shaky.
"Liz why didn't you tell me, I would have.."
"Would have what max? Fallen out of love with me right after I told you? max you and I both know that you couldn't have done that, Max what I did was the only way to do it."
her words came out more harsh than she ment it too, but the whole thing made her upset.
"look max, I dont mean to sound cold, but Everytime I think about it I think about..."
She turned away, not wanting to look at Max's face and start to cry.
"liz, we could have worked somthing out.."
"No, max, right now, we have to concentrate on saving your..son.."
Liz took in a deep breath. she was putting him first before there own presonal problems, they could work those out later.
"max, right now thats the most improtant thing isn't it? I mean All Kilvar needs to do now is kill you Isabel and Micahel, and then he'll have the heir to the throne, so once we do that we can deal with everything else.."
"Liz.. nothing has changed, I still love you.."
"max, I really dont want to talk about this right now, I have to be at work in like ten minutes, so can you please Just take me home."
Max started the engine, and drove onto the rode. they pulled into the crashdown, and Liz looked at max, for one last moment then opened the jeep door, and went into the crashdown, knowing that max would follow her so she went stright into the back room, to change. Liz stood there staring at the pictures in her locker. THere were five of them, one of Michael and Maria at Prom, one of Isabel and Alex at prom and Her and Max at prom. Then there was one or her and alex, taken right after he got back from "Sweeden" and then the last one was of the whole group right before prom, she looks at it and all she can see is tess kissing max and then the thought of Tess killing alex.
"Liz, babe you ok?"
Liz looked at Maria nodded.
"Yeah, just thinking about..."
"yeah, Its hard not to, I wish I hadn't changed the future, becuase of me one of my bestfriends died.."
"liz, you couldn't have known, all you were thinking of was saving us, not about what might happen, you did what you thought was right, I dont even think that Future max could have known."
Liz looked at maria and smiled.
"You two aren't getting paid to have pow-wows you know."
"Gurrien dont get me started."
Liz smiled. at least she had maria to help her though this, she also had Isabel and Michael and Kyle and Max, but she wasn't just reday to confide in max. she sighed taking one last look at her pictures she put her cloths in her locker and pulled her hair back into a ponytail, then closed her locker glancing at her clock. only 4 hours till closing.
It was long past closing, and LIz and maria were done cleaning, and now they were working on a scrapbook, they came up with the idea a few hours ago. Over the past two years they had collected a bunch of pictures, so they decided to make a scrapbook, In a way Maria hoped it would help liz heal, Maria knew that after Alex died, liz felt resonable which was why she worked so hard to find the out the truth about alex. Michael Max and Isabel were talking about the book that alex had decoded, in hopes of finding a way home.
"Remeber this liz? Doug.. oh what was his last name?"
" wait thats what kyle callled him...umm.. I dont remember but I do remember your amazing preformance..that night was the weirdest night..."
they were going through all the photos having a wonderful time remembering what had happend right after Max had healed her.
"Oh wait I have more pictures upstiars, I'm going to go get them, they are the ones from the prom, and Isabel's birthday party."
Liz ran upstairs in a hurry aware that max was staring at her.
"Maria, do you think she'll be ok?"
Maria looked at isabel then to the back doors.
"I dont know, Isabel, but I sure hope so."
Liz was in her room, grabing the pictures which were on her shelf, when she turned around she was face to face to her mirroe, and she saw Alex, standing right behind her, but when she turned around to look no one was there. SHe screamed, causeing her parents to come in her room.
"Liz. are you ok?"
Liz looked at her dad then back to the mirror, and he was gone.
"yeah, dad I'm fine..."

I was abducted by ailens, but it's ok It was jason behr so I was in good hands.
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Hello All-
I know that it had been a while,but I am almost done with parts 4-7 so..more will be out soon, thanks for the feedback
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Part 4
"Liz.. are you sure..?"
Liz looked at her dad and nodded.
"yeah, I thought I saw a spider...and it just scared me thats all."
Liz picked up the pictures and then walked out of her room, following her dad. SHe closed the door behind her. WHen she got doown stairs, she still couldn't stop her hand from shaking, and the fact to even try to tell everyone she had just seen alex, in her room wasnt exactly an option right now, so she stood in the back for a few minutes trying to calm herself down.then she went back into the crashdown, putting the pictures on the table, and sitting down next to maria, not really talking hopeing that no one would notice that something was wrong. Liz new that eventually max would relize that there was somthing wrong with her,so she started to look throught the pictures trying to be as normal as she could.
"Liz..What do you think about this picture?"
Liz looked at it , it was one of Max and tess, it was taken by lizs parents the night of the prom, they looked like they were either haveing a serious conversation,making a connection or,fighting, liz sighed.
"Yeah, we should put it in..its a ...."
"liz are you sure?"
Liz just shook her head, not really paying attention she was staring at what appeared to be alex,in windows in the front of the crashdown. Liz stared at the door of the crashdown, un aware of everyone staring at her, wondering what was wrong. Alex's mouth was moving but liz couldn't make out what he was saying.
"LIz? Liz??"
Liz watched as Alex dissapeared, and she suddenly became aware of everyone staring at her.
"Yeah, maria I am fine..I promise. I guess..I am just tired."
Isabel looked at Michael and max noticing that they bought her story, but somthing about it didn't make sense to Isabel, and she was worried.
"Well, why dont we all go, I mean if you need your rest liz, we can finish this scrapbook tomorrow it doesn't have to be tonight you know.."
Liz looked at her best friend, then to everyone else wanting to tell them what was going on, but she also didn't want to bring up Alex. If she brought him up, then it would bring up the whole tess situation, and she didn't want to do that. THe summer had been peaceful and she didn't want to be the one to stir up trouble. Liz looked at Isabel and knew that Isabel could tell she was li\ying, but she hoped isabel wouldn't say anything or do anything about it.
"yeah, ok.. sorry guys, it just seems like I haven't been getting sleep latley.."
"Liz, babe you dont need to apoligize, I promise you we really dont mind."
Liz watched them all leave,leaving her all alone with the ghost of her best friend who she continues to balme herself for his death.Liz started to go through the photos, there was one that maria had taken alex and liz were not aware of the fact that maria was taking the pisture, but this was the best picture of Alex and liz, they were both looking at eachother, talking about somthing serious, it looked like it was taken a few days before prom. Probably talking about max and tess...liz thought bitterly,she had started to trust Tess to let her into the group and all because she couldn't control Alex's mind like she thought she killed him then she hid it Knowing all to well what max would have done to her. The hell that Max and liz went through was because of Tess, she had to pretend to sleep with kyle to make max go to tess so the world wouldn't end, and then thewhole thing with alex, it just made liz mad when she thought about it, diciding not to put the picture with all the others, she put it aside and started to put the rest of the stuff away and go to bed.

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