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ok. I hope noone minds I started a thread just for the sequel.

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And now for the fic.

AN: The weight is just a tool so that you know Liz is in danger. It is not based on us or metric systems. ALso, I have made up place names.

4 Months Later

Liz walked out to Maria's car. The rest had gone to Michael's when school let
out. Liz had stayed after to talk to the consulors about college. She still
couldn't believe that in a few weeks she'd be graduating. Liz didn't know
what to do. SH ewas pretty much talking to the consulors to keep her parents
happy. Her and Max hadn't really talked yet, but they had planned to by the
end of the week and today being Friday, Liz knew they'd be leaving Michael's

'I still can't believe in ten months I'll be a mom. I mean I think about it
but it's still kinda hard to believe. But I am happy. I'm having a baby. With
Max. Max my alien boyfriend. Max, my boyfriend who never wants to leave me
alone. He's worried about the whol ealien aspect of the pregnancy. It helps
that he healed Max and my body had already been altered by it. Michael is
worried that because of this baby the government finds them. Isabel is
worried about Max . Why? Max is practically killing himself worrying about
em. Other than that things are great.'

By this time Liz had reached Michael's. Grabbing the bag of chips Maria had
asked her to grab she walked towards the apartment. She heard yelling from
two doors away. Worried she quickend her pace. As she walked in no one
noticed giving her a chance to try and guess what was going on and figure out
how to handle it.

"Are you telling em that there is a possibility that this can kill Liz?" Max

Isabel nodded, tears streaming down her face. She hated being the bearer of
bad news.

Max turned away from Isabel and saw Liz. One look and he knew she had heard
enough. She was trembling and her eyes were wide and she was extremely pale.
Turning back to the group he said " Guys, I'm gonna take Liz and go talk.
I'll call later and let you guys know hwta is going on."

They all nodded, Tess asking" What are you going to tell her?"

"I don't want to tell her the truth but she deserves to know.

They nodded. Max walked over, picked Liz up and walked out the door. Placing
her in the jeep he buckled her up and walked around to his side.

"Wanna go to the desert?" he asked.

All she did was nod. There was silence until they reached the chamber. Max
lifted her out and put her on the ground. Taking her hand he led her over the
uneven desert floor. Once inside he sat down and pulled Liz into his lap.

"What's going on she?" she asked quietly.

HE smiled. This was Liz, his Liz. The one calm no matter what. Well, unless
it came to him he thought, remembering what Isabel had told him about whenhe
had been in the white room.

"Max, don't smile. I know what was said and it wasn't smiling news."

"Liz there is a huge possibility that you could" he swallows, unable to

"Die?" Liz finished for him. He shook his head yes unable to look at her
face, knowing the pain, fear and other emotions he'd see there.

"How? Why? Will the baby die too?" she asked getting up. She started pacing
knowing she wouldn't get an answer in the next few minutes when she heard
Max start to cry. Liz kept pacing until Max said her name. Liz turned and
went and sat back in his lap.

"Max, please." She begged. "Tell Max. Answer my questions. Max I need to

"I know you do, Liz. It's just hard for Max to tell this to you."


"ok, ok. This past weekend Valenti asked Kyle and Tess to go through Nasedo's
things. As they were they found something out.

"What Max? What did they find out?"

Max turned away.


"That you don't weigh enough"


"On our planet, a mother must weigh 130 lbs. When the baby is conceived."


"It's the healthy weight."

"Max, I barely weigh over 100lbs."

"I know. With your weight it's gonna put a deadly strain on your body.
"So, I'm gonna die?"

"There is a little under a 10% chance that you'll live."

"And the baby?"

Max sighed. "That's what's causing the strain on your body. It's taking
something, we're not sure what, away from your body.

Max and Liz cry together.
½ Hour Later

"Max, this makes college even harder now." Liz said remembering they really
need to talk about this, now more than ever.

"Liz, maybe you should wait for a year, until after the baby is born. Defer
for a year."

"Max, I don't know if I can. I need to finish college and get a job, now more
than ever."


"Max, we have no clue how our parents are going to react. I mean, I can still
go to college. My grandma made sure of that, plus I have money saved from
working, and scholarship money for any college I want, but we're gonna need
money to raise this baby."

"I see what you are saying, but if you don't take it easy you won't be there
to help raise the baby."

"I see your point also Max, but if I don't go to college my parents will know
something is up. How are we going to explain Max being pregagant for so
"Just take it easy until we tell them. After that, we can tell them the
truth. That the doctor is worried that you don't weigh enough and wants you
to have basic bedrest."


"And Liz?"

"Yeah max?"

"I won't let nothing happen to you or the baby."
"Max you don't know that."

"I'll do everything in my power that I can to protect you, and so will the
rest. Including Tess."

"I trust you. But Max?"

"Yeah, baby?"

"If something does happen, you'll save the baby."


"Max, please, just promise me."

"Ok. I guess we should be getting back."

Max looks at Liz's tearstained face and they kiss.


5 Minutes Later

"Max, we should really get back now."

Meanwhile At Michael's

"How do you think it's going?" Tess asked.

"Dunno." Alex replied.

"How ya think she's gonna take it?" Michael wondered out loud.

"How the hell do you think she's gonna take it Michael? She's finding out
that ther is a 90% proability that she's gonna die. Michael, how would you
take it?" Maria screamed.

Isabel looked at Maria and saw the anger and fear. 'And how would I know
this' she thought. 'Because I feel the same way' she answered herself. 'Not
for Max, but for Liz. I care about Liz Parker. Wow. Never thought I'd think
that. Liz is braver than most think. She's shouldered responsibility that she
didn't ask for. Got caught up in things she never thought about. And now she
has more responsibility. Protecting an alien child. And Max. She truly loves
hiom and make him happy.' Isabel vowed then and there never to let anything
happen to the tiny brunette.

"Guys, let's just calm down until they get back." Alex said being the voice
of reason.

"Wouldn't it have started by now if something were going to happen?" Maria
asked hopefully.

Kyle shook his head. "Nope. IF Tess, Alex, Max and mine calculations are
correct, it still is not taking away from her yet. It's still too young."

"So when will it?" Maria asked.

"In about a month." Max answered carrying Liz into the apartment. "She fell
asleep about ten minutes ago. Didn't want to wake her up."

"How'd she take it?" Alex asked.

"Better than I would have." Max replied laying Liz down on the sofa. "Let's
move towards the kitchen more and let her sleep."

"So what's gonna happen?" Isabel asked.

"She's gonna do the basic things, so know one gets suspious, but she's gonna
try to cut down on her hours at the Crashdown. We're gonna tell them later
as planned and say the doctor is worried about her being too small. Which is
truth on both plantes. Just more of a problem on Antar."

"You told her the proability of death?" Maria asked.

"Yeah. I also told her we would do whatever we could do to help." Max

"Yeah, but Max if this thing hits, it hits in about a month. You'd have to
wait until after march at least before you tell her parents. It's only
November. How is she gonna handle her parents until then?" Tess asked,
knowing there was nothing they could control about that problem.

Max began to reply, but was cut off by a moan from Liz, who suddenly ran for
the bathroom. The group followed allowing Max to see what was wrong. He found
her leaning over the toilet.

"Just morning sickness." she gasped.

The rest left and went back into the living room leaving Max to take care of
Liz. HE stayed behind her rubbing her back and holding her hair out of her
face. When Liz thought she had no more lunch to lose, she leaned back and
let Max hold her. She could practically feel the worry radiating off of him.

"Max, I'll be fine. Most women get morning sickness

"I know" He said wiping her face with a washcloth. " I just don't like
seeing you go through this."

"Max, I'm happy to be going through this. Awe, you and me, you and me Max,
are going to have a baby."

"Come on. Let's go back in the living room and get you some water."

Max stood up and took Liz's hand. Once she was up he put his arm around her
waist and led her into the living room. Sitting her on the sofa between
Isabel and Maria he went to get her a glass of water. Coming back he squeezed
in between Liz and Maria pulling Liz onto his lap. HE surveyed the room
Michael was sitting on the floor at Maria's feet leaning his back on Maria's
legs. Alex was on the arm of the sofa next to Isabel. Kyle and Tess on an
overstuffed chair.

They heard a knock at the door.

I Know not much of a cliffhanger, but I am about to post part 2.

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Part 2

They heard a knock at the door.

"Who could that be?" Michael asked.

"One question with four possible answers. Valenti, Parkers, Evans or Ms.
DeLuca." Alex answered, "My parents think I am at a science convention."

"Would someone get the door already?" Tess asked.

"Fine, I'll get it. It's proably my mom." Maria said.

"Wouldn't she have justed called?" Liz asked as Maria stepped over Michael/

"Who knows. It's my mom we're talking about." Maria replied as she opened the
door. "Cept not my mom."

Maria had opened the door to find four people standing there about Liz's
parents age. None over the age of 45.

Michael got up and walked over to the door. "Hi. Can I help you?"

"Depends." The blond haired man said. He had on blue jeans and a polo shirt
that matched his blue eyes.

At the sound of the mans voice the rest of the aliens had gotten worried that
it was someone from the government. Michael never got adult visitors. Max and
Tess were immediately at Michael's side. Alex began calming a panicking
Isabel while Liz got her some water.

The group outside looked over the four answering the door. "It's three of
them." The woman next to him said. She had medium brown hair and brown eyes.

"Can we please come in?" Another man asked. He had almost black hair and
hazel eyes. "What we have to say is something you might want wo be sitting
doen when you here it."

"Please." The other woman begged, her green eyes looking hopeful.

"Sure" Tess said.

Maria and Michael led the wat into the living room, with Max and Tess bringin
up the rear.


Alex had managed to get Isabel to calm down, promising nothing would happen
with the boys around. After giving Isabel the glass Liz made another dash for
the bathroom. Kyle just sat there.

Now Michael, Maria, Max and Tess were soing the necomers to the living room.

Max scanned the room. "Where's Liz?" he asked. His answer was the sound of
Liz throwing up. "I'll be back." He said rushing to the bathroom.

Coming back into the living room with Liz and tow, Max was greeted with a new
seating arrangement. Isabel and Alex were squeezed into the armchair, Tess
and Kyle had returned to their stools, only closer together now. Michael and
Marai sat on two folding chairs, while Max and Liz sat on the floor.

"Who ar eyou?" Max asked. "What are you doing here?"

"we're we're " the green eyed woman stammered.

"we're your parents." The man sitting next to her said.

Isabel gasped and looked at Max.

Looking at Tess the man with the blond hair said. "I'll prove it. Teresa Ava
Harding, I can't believe you. Go to your room this instant. No buts, young

At this Tess launched herself off the stool and ran across the room as the
man and woman next to him stood up.

Isabel and Max looked at each other.

Suddenly Isabel was off of Alex's lap stepping on Max as she ran over to the
other couple Max following right behind her. Michael got up and walked over
to te couple Tess was hugging. The man pulled him into the hug. Liz stood up
and Alex quickly got out of the chair allowing her to sit down. They watched
the family reunuion with happiness, knowing what this meant for their
significant others. Looking over at Maria she saw the happiness. Liz smiled.
Maria knew what this meant to Michael.

Liz walked over to Maria "Think we should let the pod squad get acquainted
with their parents?"

"Yeah, I'll leave a note." Maria responded. Maria starts looking for a pad,
while Liz goes to tell Alex. Liz laughed when she heard Maria muttering under
her breath.

"What is she looking for?" Alex asked.

"A pad." Liz replied.

"Now Maria has really lost it if she thinks Michael is going to have a pad."

"Not that kind of pad, you idiot." Liz answered smacking him on the back of
the head.

"owwww." He yelped, causing all of the aliens to look at him. "sorry." He
said blushing madly. "She hit me." He said while pointing at Liz. Liz turned
red as well.

"I'm sure it was needed." Isabel said. Alex couldn't stop staring at her. HE
had never seen her so happy.

"I think we need to talk." Max said "All of us."

"Yes." His mom said "but it is late. I suspect your earth parents are
wondering where you are. We'll do this tomorrow."

"Oh my god!" Isabel screeched. "We should have been home 45 minutes ago."

"Go, hurry." The other woman said. "We're staying an hour and a half away
from here." She said handing paper with the info on it to Tess.

Max, Liz and Isabel got into the jeep. Tess, Kyle and Maria in Maria's car.
Max and Isabel dropped Liz off and then headed home. Maria dropped off Tess
and Kyle, then headed over to Liz's.

"Come on Lizzie girl." She said, " I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a
long day."

"Yeah, but I think a lot of our problems will be solved." Liz answered,
placing her hand on her stomach. "Maria?" Liz smiled when she realized Maria
was already asleep.