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Title: Pyramid of Pain
Author: Trinity
Rating: R, but only for situations…
Disclaimer: UPN owns Roswell, the characters, and situations. No infringement intended. Nothing is mine.
Summary: Post Control. Future Fic. When Max returns from his trip to L.A. he finds that Liz has up and left Roswell. No one, not even her parents or Maria and Kyle, knows where she took off too. Now, seven years later, the group learns of Liz’s whereabouts, and it is Max’s turn to risk everything to win Liz’s love and trust back.
Category: Adam/Liz and Liz/Max.
Authors Notes: I am warning you right now that this fic will deal with a few things that are very wrong and beyond horrible. So be cautious while reading.

From atop the stairs, three-year-old Zachary Pomeranc flinched as he once again heard his mother and father fighting. He trembled as he heard the flailing of pots and pans, and tears slipped down his cheeks when he heard his mother’s screams. Involuntarily he drew his knees up to his chest, curling into a tight ball as he closed his eyes and prayed to god that everything would be okay.

This was a common occurrence; only it usually wasn’t just his mother who was being abused. Zach didn’t understand why his father did it, but he understood that it was wrong. And yet, it was his mother who always tried to protect him and keep him from harms way. She was always sticking up for him, just as she was right now.

And every time she did Zach grew just a little more afraid.

“If you lay one hand on him…” her voice drifted up from the kitchen as the noises died down.

“Don’t tell me what to do woman,” his father’s voice reverberated throughout the house, leaving a chill in its presence. “He’s my son just as much as he is yours.”

“I won’t allow you to hurt him anymore Adam. I won’t,” she swore adamantly. “He’s my son…”

“Our son!”

“No, he’s my son and he’s decent- unlike you… you’re a monster!”

“Don’t say that.” Zach could hear his father shaking his mother and immediately images of her petite body hitting the wall flooded her mind. There would be blood on that wall soon.

“I will take him away if you touch him or me ever again!” A small smile crept up Zach’s lips as he heard his mother defend both of them. However, the smile slipped away as he heard what came next.

“You stupid whore, don’t ever say that!” This time Zach listened as his father’s fists once again slammed against his mother’s body, using it as a punching bag. Only it was a punching bag that wouldn’t take quite as much of a beating had it been a real one.

He heard his mother’s pleas and screams. He imagined the tears streaming down his mother’s face. And as he heard the whipping of his father’s belt, he envisioned the wells appearing all over his mother’s body.

However it was the piercing cry of his mother’s voice that sent Zach running out the door as his father once again raped his wife. He ran as fast as he could to the only place his mother told him to go whenever this occurred. She had told them they could help. And though it was pitch black out, Zach knew that they would still be there.

The police weren’t the most helpful, but they would at least come and take his father away for the night so as to give his mother a rest for the night. With anyone they would arrest the man and not let them go for a while, but his father was important to the town and to have him in jail was wrong. At least that was what everyone told him.

As expected, the police did exactly as Zach knew they would. They hauled his father away in their car, letting him sit comfortably in the front seat while Zach stood beside his mother’s still body. Tonight she was on the kitchen floor. Her clothes had been ripped from her body and she was bloody and broken.

“Mommy?” Zach prodded as he sat beside his mother, his brown eyes gazing down at her in fear. He was afraid. She never looked this bad. His father had never hurt her this badly. “Mommy, get up…”

He gently shook her shoulder, but as he did he jumped back in surprise and horror when he felt her arm merely jiggle about upon his mere touch. He watched over her for the next hour, waiting for her to get up. And when she finally came around he stared at her in shock.

Instead of her normally bright and vibrant brown eyes staring back at him, he found himself staring into a pair of lifeless and almost hollow eyes. The life had been drained from her. The light in her eyes was completely gone. Both eyes were swollen and bruised, as was her whole face. There were cuts and lacerations all over her body, which she immediately covered haphazardly with her shredded clothing.

“Mommy- you’re bleeding,” Zach whispered before getting up and grabbing a wet towel to clean his mother’s scrapes. He brushed away the curtain her dark brown created around her face and gently pressed the cool towel to his mother’s face.

“I’m okay honey, how about you?” Liz asked softly as she used to wall to push herself upright. As if sensing her own words she began checking her son for any broken bones and what not. When she saw that he was unharmed she pulled him into her embrace.

“He hurt you again mommy, he hurt you,” Zach lamented. She had promised that she would never let his father hurt either of them again. But his father had hurt her, and she had protected him as she had promised.

“No baby, don’t worry about me. You just make sure you keep away from him, baby. You hear me?”

“I know mommy, but what about you?”

“You don’t worry about me,” Liz insisted. She gazed down at her son, a small smile lighting up her face. He was the cutest thing she knew with his brown eyes and brown hair which slightly hung in his eyes. He was the picture image of his father Adam, and while it was a sore reminder of how she had messed up her life, she wouldn’t give Zach up for anything and she wouldn’t change a thing as long as she got to keep her son.


“Shh, no but’s baby. Mommy’s got a plan,” Liz whispered as she gathered her son into her arms. She faintly felt the pain shooting through her right arm, and she knew it was broken, but having her son in her arms was much more important. She could push the pain aside as she had done for over four years now.

Only now she wasn’t going to push the pain away. Instead she was going to get rid of it. Liz was sick and tired of having to wear sunglasses all the time. She was sick of wearing long sleeve shirts to hide her bruises and whatnot. And having to put on makeup was becoming a pain.

“Daddy’s never gonna hurt either of us again…”


“What do we have?” The doctor asked as three ambulance workers and two nurses wheeled in a young woman on a gurney. She was covered in blood and bruises and the doctor was disgusted by what he saw.

“Beaten and raped,” the nurse whispered so as not to let the fourth ambulance worker who was holding the woman’s son hear. The little boy, who was hardly even four years old was sobbing and crying for his mother. He was just as bruised and beaten as she was.

The doctor nodded in acceptance. It was a widely known fact that Adam Pomeranc beat his wife. But he had never hurt her this badly. This time it looked as though Liz Pomeranc would be spending some time in ICU.

“Do you know what happened?” The doctor asked quietly.

“She gave him divorce papers and got a restraining order… he didn’t pay heed to it though,” The nurse replied a moment later as they wheeled Liz into the emergency room. She gazed down at Liz and sadly shook her head. She and Liz had been good friends since they had met in college. And to see her friend like this was beyond devastating, but she knew there was nothing she could do unless she felt like getting hurt herself.

“Is there anyone we should contact? Family, friends?” The doctor asked. Adam was in jail and it didn’t look like he would be getting out for some time because of this. Even if he was some big and important business man there was no way they would allow for him to get out this time, or would they?

“I think I know someone…”


The ringing of the phone jolted Michael awake from his peaceful sleep. He stared at it for a moment in befuddlement, unsure whether he should answer it or not.

“Michael, get the goddamn phone,” Maria decided for him. She snuggled closer to her husband, but gave him enough room so he could answer.

“Hello?” Michael asked groggily. After a moment he pulled the phone away and stared at it in confusion. Next he stared at Maria. She didn’t know anyone named Susanna, did she? “It’s uh-it’s for you.”

“Hmm?” Maria mumbled as she nestled closer to Michael.

“It’s for you…” Michael said again in disbelief. As he pushed the phone towards Maria he glanced over at the clock. 2:30 in the morning and Maria was getting a call from someone in Georgia. Who did she know in Georgia?

Finally realizing that she wasn’t going to get rid of whoever was on the phone by ignoring it, Maria picked up the phone.

“Hello, this is Maria Gueri-“ Maria cut herself off as the woman on the other line began talking. She jolted up and sat ram-rod straight as her eyes grew wide with amazement and then horror. Fear coursed through her as she listened to the other woman. An then, after a good five or ten minutes she spoke. “No, no, don’t worry… I’ll be right there. Tell her, okay? Tell her that I’ll be right there and that I’ll… no, just tell her that I’ll be right there.”

Without even looking back at Michael, Maria jumped out of their bed and began rummaging around the room. She picked up any clothes she could find and threw them on. Next she grabbed a duffel bag from the closet and began tossing clothes in as well.

All the while Michael watched on in confusion.

“Maria, what’s going on?”

“I have to go,” Maria said adamantly.

“Go where?” This time a bit of fear was evident in Michael’s voice. The idea of Maria leaving him did not bode well. She had left him before and he had fought for her love, as he continued to, to this very day.

“I need to go to Georgia!” Maria stated as she zipped up her bag and picked up her purse before turning and looking at Michael. His jaw was ajar and he looked bewildered. “Don’t you dare stop me Michael because I need to go. But I’ll be back, I promise.”

And before Michael could even respond she was out the door, leaving behind one very bewildered husband who couldn’t even speak. Instead he could only stare after his wife for five minutes before jumping out of bed and throwing his own clothes on. There was no way he was going to let his wife run off to Georgia by herself.


Striding purposefully through the hospital, Maria didn’t pay heed to the security guards who tried to stop her. Instead she continued to walk as fast as she could towards the nurse’s station just ahead. Michael was right behind her, waving the security guards off as well. They had taken a redeye flight and right now Michael did not want to deal with anyone. And more importantly he wanted to find out what was going on.

However, the words that came out of his wife’s mouth as soon as she reached the nurses station shocked him back into stillness.

“Where is Liz Parker?” Maria demanded.

“I’m sorry- we don’t…”

“Maria? Maria DeLuca?” A soft voice interrupted the other nurse. Maria whirled around and stared at the nurse in front of her.

“It’s ok Keeja, I called her,” Susanna assured.

“Where is Liz?” Maria asked once again as she stared at the woman before her.

“Um, come with me, please…” Susanna led Maria and Michael through the hospital. When they reached the ICU unit, Susanna waved off the security guards, telling them that this was Liz’s family. That of course earned a sympathetic nod from everyone. This of course only peaked Maria’s growing pit of despair in her stomach.

Upon reaching Liz’s room, Susanna slowly opened the door. Zach was right by his mother’s side holding her hand as he watched over her. He hadn’t left her side since they had let him see her. And everyone thought it was the cutest thing.

Maria stopped mid-stride, as did Michael, as soon as they caught sight of Liz. Elizabeth Parker. She had disappeared seven years ago without a trace. And here she was. Only now she looked like a sliver of her old self. Sure she still had her trademark long, dark brown hair and petite body, but even with her eyes closed they could tell that the Liz Parker they knew was dead.

“My god,” Michael whispered. He had never seen anything as horrific in his life.

“Lizzie,” Maria sputtered as tears stung her eyes. Michael immediately pulled her into his arms, and Maria clung to him. When Susanna had told her that her friend was in the hospital Maria had believed that it was for something natural like maybe getting hit by a car or anything else. But even without being told, Maria knew what had happened.

“Zachary, I’d like you to meet someone,” Susanna said softly as she entered the room. Both Maria and Michael were still transfixed at the image of a bruised, beaten, and blood covered Liz Parker. However their gaze faltered as the little boy turned around. He was the spitting image of Liz with her brown hair and matching doe eye. He was innocent, just as she had been. “This is Maria and…”

“Michael Guerin,” Maria choked out. She was still in shock about seeing her one and only best friend completely broken. And she was still overcoming the fact that Liz had a little boy. He was the cutest thing she had ever seen- even with the bruise on his right cheek.

A bruise on his right cheek?

“Oh god, Michael…”

“Shh, I know,” Michael murmured as he held his wife tightly in his arms. “I know.”

“Well this is Michael and Maria Guerin- they were friends of your mothers.” Susanna said as she ruffled Zach’s hair and smiled down at him. She then turned and motioned for Maria and Michael to come in. Once they were inside, she gave Zach a slight hug before backing out of the room. “I-uh… I’ll just leave you three alone. If you need anything just give me a buzz.”

“Thank you S‘Anna.” Zach smiled up at his mother’s friend. He was missing a front tooth, but a new one could faintly be seen growing in. However Maria knew he was too young to be losing his teeth, right?

Once Susanna was gone, Maria left Michael’s warm embrace and went to Liz’s side.

“Oh Lizzie.” Maria whispered as she sat down in one of the extra chairs. She brushed aside a strand of hair and flinched at the sight of her best friends battered face.

“Don’t!” Zach insisted when he saw Maria reaching out to touch his mother. “It hurts her to touch her face.”

“Oh,” Maria said simply. She faintly felt Michael come up behind her and place a gentle hand on her shoulder. “Well, we won’t hurt her… and we won’t let anyone ever hurt her again; either of you.”

And for three days Maria and Michael remained by Zach and Liz’s side, holding their hands and working out a plan so that Liz and Zachary would never get hurt again.

Oh man you guys are going to be mad. I cleared out all my old stories, and I only have like ten left in total. This was one that I've been working on and can continue to work on. So, yeah... I guess its all good. Hope you like. I'll keep posting if you want me to, otherwise I'll delete it like the other's.

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Chapter 2

“They wouldn’t just up and leave, Max. They left everything here and… and…” Isabel tried to come up with something to tell her brother as they stood in Michael and Maria’s home. For the past three days Michael and Maria had been missing. Isabel, Jesse and Max hadn’t heard a single word from the two and they were really getting worried.

“Obviously they did just up and leave because we have no clue where they went,” Max argued.

“Hey now, we don’t know what happened and we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Maybe something happened and knowing Maria, I bet she charged off, so Michael of course went right with her,” Jesse tried to reason with his wife and brother-in-law.

At first they hadn’t thought much of not seeing Michael or Maria. But after not hearing or seeing them for three days they had grown worried.

“How do we know they weren’t taken by the FBI, or maybe…”

“Isabel, your tracks are covered, I made sure,” Jesse assured. Since Isabel had told him the truth, and since he had gotten over the shock, Jesse had been a huge asset to the group. He had helped keep them hidden from the FBI’s careful watch. However, even with his help, Max had still been unsuccessful in his search for his son.

“Well, do they have their cell phone?” Isabel asked.

“I tried calling, but it didn’t work,” Max admitted shamefully.

“Well did you think of trying again? My god, Max you nev-“

“Hey, right now isn’t the time to be fighting,” Jesse jumped in. Isabel and Max nodded in agreement. They both hung their heads in disgust at the fact that they had been fighting when two of their friends and family were gone.

The idea of losing two more people of their group was terrifying. To believe that Maria and Michael were gone just as Liz would tear the group apart completely. And neither Max nor Isabel would be able to live with themselves if it happened.

“Now, Max I want you to try and call Michael or Maria on their cell phones while Isabel and I go and see Kyle and ask him to try and help us out. Maybe he can dig up some information,” Jesse directed. Max nodded his head in agreement and Isabel smiled at her husband.

Pulling out his phone, Max dialed Michael’s number first. As usual it was turned off and Max was left without any help. Next he dialed Maria’s. Instead of the recording he had received before, this time he got a ring.

And a moment later someone answered.

“Maria!” Max said excitedly after she answered. Isabel and Jesse watched on hopefully.

“Oh…um, hey…” Maria said quietly as she smiled at Liz and motioned that she was going to leave the room so she could talk. There was no way she was going to bring up or talk about Max when Liz was so fragile right now. Liz nodded as did Michael and Zach. Once she was out of the room and the door was shut, she finally really answered. “Max? Why are you calling? What happened?”

“Why am I calling? Maria, what’s going on? Where are you and Michael?” Max shot back. He couldn’t believe that Maria was acting like this. What was she hiding?

“Oh, um… we-uh… we just wanted to visit a friend of mine from college,” Maria said unconvincingly. She didn’t want to tell Max about Liz because she wasn’t sure Liz wanted Max to know. Besides, right now was a very weird time. Liz was finally starting to recover. She was in the regular ward of the hospital and she was alive and awake. So Maria wasn’t about to mess things up.

“Maria what’s going on? Why didn’t you guys tell us you two were leaving?” Max queried.

“Max, I promise you that this is nothing for you to worry about. Michael and I just needed to do this. We’ll be back in a few—“

“Aunty Mai… mommy says she wants to talk to you,” Zach interrupted as he came out. He tugged on her skirt, pulling her back towards the room.

“Zachary, tell your mommy I’ll be right in,” Maria smiled down at the small boy. He was only three years old and yet he spoke just as eloquently and properly as Liz. Once Zach nodded and re-entered the room Maria continued her talk with Max. “Listen Max, I have to go. But Michael and I… we’ll be back in a few days. Don’t worry, I promise.”

“But Mar—“ Before Max could even finish his sentence Maria had hung up, leaving Max even more confused then before. Who was this Zachary? And whom was Maria visiting?


“Are you sure you don’t want to pick up anything back at your home?” Michael asked as he held Zach’s hand while Maria wheeled Liz out of the hospital.

“I-uh, I never want to go back to that house,” Liz whispered. And it was true. The mere thought of returning to the home that she had shared with Adam was frightening, leaving Liz with a chill.

From behind, Maria gave Michael a sharp glare, letting him know that there was no way they were going back. The mere idea made her gut wrench and her stomach churn.

Gazing down at her friend in sympathy, Maria smiled as she placed a hand on her friend’s shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. However she was quite careful as Liz still wasn’t fully recuperated. She still had a broken arm and one of her ribs had been broken as well. Beside the major breaks, her face was still swollen and bruised, her back covered with gashes and welts from where her husband had beaten and cut her. And she was unable to walk. The doctors had told Maria and Michael to take care of her and not let her walk around for the next couple days.

Zachary still had a split lip, black eye, and his cheek was bruised. But he was a tough kid and Michael had used his powers to diminish the pain without him knowing.

“You better believe you’re never going back. You and Zachary are staying with Michael and I, and once you’re all better and ready, you’re going to start your life over,” Maria stated adamantly.

It hadn’t taken much for Maria to convince Michael to let Liz and Zach come and live with them. He had even said he was going to suggest the same thing as he was just as disgusted at the thought of this ever happening to Liz again. Besides, he sort of liked having Zach around. Not that he would ever admit it aloud.

“Are you two sure… I don’t wan—“ Liz started to protest, but Maria quickly cut her off.

“Liz, don’t even try to argue. We have plenty of room at our house and there is no way I’m letting you go back to that assh—monster,” Maria corrected herself so as not to swear in front of Liz’s child though she was sure he had heard more then enough from the bastard husband of Liz’s.

Maria had everything booked. Michael had picked up their plane tickets and Maria had called Isabel saying that they would be back the next day. When Isabel had questioned them about their whereabouts Maria had simply told her that she would explain once they were back. However she had asked that Isabel come and pick them up. However, Isabel had had to turn them down as she had work, but promised that Jesse would be waiting at the airport and that he would bring them back.

The plane ride back was quiet. All the while Liz mainly slept with Zach sleeping in her lap. Maria had wanted to talk and catch up, but she knew her friend needed her rest. However it didn’t stop her curiosity from running amok of her mind.

But it was Michael who voiced Maria’s thoughts.

“Why would she ever marry someone like that?” Michael asked quietly as he continued to stare at Liz and Zachary. They clung to each other as tears streaked their cheeks while they slept. And it broke Michael’s heart as he knew how it felt to be beaten- though never to this degree. Hank had never hurt him to the point where he was in the hospital.

“I don’t know, Michael… I don’t know,” Maria replied just as quietly as she too watched over her friend. She was just as befuddled. Why Liz had decided to marry someone like Adam was beyond Maria, but maybe she did understand. Maybe Liz was looking for someone who wasn’t what she had wanted before. And Adam was anything but nice and gentle. However, how Liz had put up with this for four years was beyond Maria.

For the remainder of the flight Maria and Michael chatted quietly amongst themselves. They knew it would be a shock to everyone- especially Liz’s parents- to see Liz again. They also knew that Liz wouldn’t want anyone to see her the way she was, but both Maria and Michael knew that in order for Liz to press charges and to finally get her divorce and freedom from Adam Pomeranc she would need to do so quickly while the bruises and such were still there.

But for the time being they would let Liz and Zach rest at their home. They would take care of them and nurse them back to health. Once they were better they would get Jesse to help Liz get a divorce and make sure that Adam Pomeranc was locked away for the better part of his life. And then they would help Liz get back on her feet.

However, one promise Maria and Michael made to themselves was that they would never allow anyone to hurt Liz or Zachary again.


Upon reaching Roswell, Liz once again was put in a wheelchair and it was Maria who wheeled her out. Zach sat on Liz’s lap this time, as he was unwilling to leave his mother’s side. However both Maria and Michael could understand as they were in a new place and all that Zachary knew was his home in Georgia. A home that was morally and physically wrong in every way.

At first they worked their way slowly through the crowd, not wanting to scare Zach or Liz. Roswell had grown slightly and while there weren’t all that many more people, Maria and Michael were unsure of how Liz would react around people.

They watched as she ducked her head away, hiding herself behind a pair of sunglasses, a blouse, and a glob of makeup that she had haphazardly applied in the hospital upon her release. However through it all she continued to protectively hold Zachary in her arms, completely unwilling let him go. And while it saddened Maria and Michael to see Liz this way, they had a feeling that everything would turn out okay in the end.

But it didn’t help them wonder how Liz had let things come down to this. She was one of the strongest people they knew, and if her life could end up this way then how would they end up? And this was what scared them the most.

From the other edge of the airport, Jesse waited impatiently for Michael and Maria. He had canceled a meeting with one of his most important clients because Isabel had asked him to do this, and now it looked like he was going to miss his only other appointment for the day.

It didn’t upset him that Isabel had promised their friends that he would pick them up, but he just wished that she would inform him and let him help her make these decisions.

However, soon all thoughts ceased in Jesse’s mind as he caught sight of not only Maria and Michael, but also two other people. Maria was pushing the young woman in a wheel chair while Michael stood proudly and protectively above the two women and the young boy in the woman’s lap.

Who was this woman? She looked oddly familiar, but then her god-awful make-up job and sunglasses were hiding a lot.

It wasn’t until they neared and stopped before him that Jesse suddenly stood ramrod straight. He couldn’t even breathe as he stared down at the once young, lively, and beautiful Elizabeth Parker and the little boy in her arms. What had happened?

However what shocked him the most were the bruises on the small boys face. It wasn’t until he noticed these that he took a real look at Liz. Despite the poor excuse of globs of make-up on her face, the bruises and such were blatantly obvious. It was also then that he noticed her arm hanging in a sling and the bruises etching her hands. She looked so frail and fragile- she looked like a sliver of her old self.

Suddenly feeling extremely horrible about his staring, Jesse glanced up at Maria and Michael whom were both watching him. They signaled that they would talk later and Jesse accepted it readily.
“Maria, Michael… it’s good to see you guys again,” Jesse said excitedly, trying to remain upbeat despite the sudden down turn in his mood. He then smiled down at Liz and the small child in her arms that was a spitting image of her, including the bruises and split lip.

“Jesse, thank you so much for picking us up,” Maria smiled up at Isabel’s husband. Her eyes sparkled with mischief. “I hope it isn’t much of an inconvenience, but we decided to let an old friend come home and stay with us…”

“An old friend huh?” Jesse laughed softly as he followed Maria’s lead. “Oh, do you mean this beautiful young woman with you?”

“Ok you guys, cut it out and let’s just get going. I don’t think…” Michael cut hiself off as Maria swatted him upside the head while glaring at him. As if knowing what to do, Michael straightened up and smiled. “Jesse, I’d like to re-introduce you to Liz Pome—“

“Liz Parker and her son Zachary,” Maria corrected quickly. Liz didn’t need the constant reminder of the monster she married.

“Liz Parker huh? I think I remember… oh, of course. Liz Parker. I remember that name quite well,” Jesse said playfully as he leaned over and smiled straight at Liz, gently taking her hand and kissing it. He then looked at her little boy and smiled as well before offering his hand. “Hey there Zach, my name’s Jesse. How you doin’?”

“I’m doin’ very well, thank you very much,” Zach answered politely, though he continued to cling to his mother. He smiled shyly at the man before him, but ducked his head away when Jesse winked at him.

After the introductions, the group headed off towards Jesse car. All the while Jesse couldn’t help but think about Liz and Zach. It was obvious that someone had hurt them, and more importantly, it was evident that they had done this repeatedly. He knew the behavior of women who had been beaten, as well as children. And while he had seen it before, he had never expected it to happen to someone like Liz Parker.

As he glanced back and forth between Michael and Maria, and Liz and Zachary, Jesse knew what he had to do. He had to protect them somehow. He had to make sure that whoever did this to her would never be able to touch another woman again. And he had to make sure that Liz Parker was compensated for everything she and her son had been put through. .

And suddenly, his appointment for later today didn’t seem quite as important.

I hope I did this part justice...

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Chapter 3

It was a tired and emotionally spent Liz and Zachary who arrived at the Guerin’s house sometime after three in the afternoon. After dropping them off, Jesse left promising to give Michael and Maria a call later that night to discuss a few things. He also promised to keep Liz’s sudden and unexpected move to Roswell a secret from Max and Isabel, as Maria didn’t think it would do Liz or Zachary any good to have Max or Isabel pestering them.

As soon as Jesse left, Maria helped set Liz and Zach up in their spare room while Michael fixed some chicken noodle soup and hot cocoa- per his wife’s request. However, before he was even finished Liz and Zachary were fast asleep, dead to the world, but clinging to each other as if they were their last hope to live.

All the while Maria watched over them. She periodically stopped in throughout the day, checking to make sure that everything was okay, or to see if they needed anything. But each time she came to check, both Liz and Zachary were still asleep. And this made Maria wonder.

“I’ve never seen anyone sleep so much,” Michael commented, echoing Maria’s thoughts. “D-do you think he—“

“I think they were in constant fear and sleeping wasn’t an option,” Maria finished for him as they continued to gaze at their once strong and beautiful best friend. “How Michael? How did it come to this?”

“I don’t know, but it won’t happen again,” Michael stated, leaving no room for discussion and leaving Maria with a new love for her husband.

Throughout the day Maria continued to look in on Liz and Zachary, trying to decide what to do. It was quite obvious that Liz and her son were beyond exhausted, but Maria really wanted to get everything settled away so that whoever this Mr. Pomeranc guy was could never hurt anyone, especially Liz and Zachary.

It was still a slight shock to so suddenly hear, or rather be told where her best friend was. And to see Liz in the hospital in the condition she was in, Maria almost wanted to scream in agony. Liz Parker wasn’t supposed to end up this way. She was supposed to have gone off to Harvard and graduated early because she was so smart. Then she was supposed to marry some scientist within her department who loved her unconditionally and found the cure to cancer just for her.

At least that was what she and Kyle had agreed upon. Isabel, Michael and Max had merely mumbled in agreement, but Maria had known that they were worried that somehow Tess or someone else had taken her and killed her, just as they had Alex.

And in a way, that was exactly what had happened. Someone had killed her, just not in the sense Michael, Max and Isabel had thought.

Later that night, when Maria and Michael had to make a quick trip to the grocery market, Maria almost had a heart attack when she returned to find Liz and Zachary missing from their room. She screamed at Michael before breaking down into tears.

It was only then that Liz walked in with Zach following behind her licking a spoon covered with chocolate icing.

“I-uh.. I hope you don’t mind. Zach was hungry, and, and…” Liz started timidly, but with each word her voice caught in the back of her throat. The look on Maria’s face tore at Liz’s heart and she wondered how she could repay her friend for this. “I’m sorry. I’ll buy you—“

“No!” Maria stammered. To see her best friend so scared to even talk confused and broke Maria apart. However, at Liz’s look of bewilderment and terror, Maria quickly tried to correct herself. “I mean, fix whatever you want. But Michael and I had just gone to the store to pick something up for you two… we were going to fix you supper.”

“No, I can’t ask that of you. You’ve already done enough,” Liz insisted meekly. She was still tired and the painkillers the doctors had given her were keeping her off her feet- something Adam never would have tolerated.

“What are you talking about? Lizzie, you are supposed to be resting in bed. Michael and I can take care of Zachary while you sleep… and you- you need to rest,” Maria demanded as she guided her friend back towards her bedroom. Zach, of course, followed behind. But at Maria’s glance, Michael stopped him.

“Hey buddy, why don’t we give your mom and aunt some time to talk alone. We can watch hockey…” Michael cut his sentence short at Liz and Maria’s disapproving glares. “Or we could play video games.”

“Mom?” Zach asked, looking back at his mother to find out what she wanted.

“It’s okay baby, you can go with him,” Liz assured. She placed a gentle kiss on his cheek, being careful not to push to hard against his own bruises, and ruffled his hair as he took Michael’s hand, letting him lead him back towards the family room.

“Come on chica, let’s get you all settled in with a nice bowl of soup. Then we can do whatever you want,” Maria said excitedly as she clasped hands with Liz and led her back into her room.


Sitting in bed beside her husband, Isabel watched as Jesse searched through one book after another. There were seven books in all scattered on their bed thus far, and every once in awhile she would watch her husband get up and pick up yet another book.

From what she knew, Jesse had canceled both of his appointments today, and he had even turned one of his bigger cases over to his partner. And for the remainder of the day he had remained locked up in his office until she had called and asked where he was. He then tossed out some fake excuse about needing to do some research for a new case- all of which Isabel knew was crap.

For a moment she merely watched Jesse scribbling down one note after another. But soon it began to irritate her and she couldn’t hold in her questions anymore.

“So, did Michael and Maria say anything about their trip?” Isabel asked. She watched as Jesse stiffened slightly before turning and looking at her. His eyes were slightly downcast and already she knew he was going to feed her another lie.

“They said they had fun,” Jesse lied. Yeah, if seeing someone for the first time in seven years in intensive care wasn’t fun then Jesse didn’t know what was.

“Did they happen to tell you why they went?” Isabel prodded angrily. Her eyebrows arched up slightly, letting Jesse know that she wasn’t buying any of this.

“Nope… didn’t tell me a thing. Just said they needed a vacation,” Jesse drilled out, using the exact line Michael and Maria had told him to use.

“A vacation.” Isabel clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth and glared at her husband. “Okay, what’s really going on?”

“What are you talking about?” Jesse asked, trying his best to play dumb.

“Give me a break. First you lock yourself up in your office all day, forgetting to come home. I mean, jeez Jesse, had I not called you, you probably would have stayed there all night. And now… now look at you!” Isabel said furiously as she flailed his paper about. “So again, what the hell is going on? Are you having an affair? Do you not love me anymore? What?”

“Isabel, you know I love you…”

“Sometimes I don’t think it. It’s like…it’s like sometimes you just don’t care. It’s like an emotional abuse,” Isabel spat out. She watched as the color drained from her husbands face, only to return and turn a shade of crimson red.

“Abuse! You call this abuse?” Jesse spat out, equally as angry now. “Let me tell you about abuse princess. Abuse is when you’re too scared to talk because you think it will bring about your demise. Abuse is when the orderlies at the hospital know your name by heart because you are in there so often. Abuse is when you fear living.”

With that said, Jesse collected his things, grabbed a pillow and the extra blanket at the foot of the bed and stalked out of the room, leaving a very dumbfounded Isabel. It wasn’t until she was able to comprehend what had just happened that Isabel pulled herself out of bed and went after her husband.

She found him in the living room. The lights were turned on and his books and notes were once again scattered about. She knelt before him, trying to take his hand in her own, but he pulled away.

“I-I’m sorry. I just want to know what’s going on… obviously something happened because I have never seen you this involved in your work,” Isabel explained carefully. “An-and it worried me. I thought maybe…”

“Maybe what?” Jesse asked harshly. He was still angry that his own wife would even say that he was like Liz’s husband. Sure there were two types of abuse- emotional and physical- both of which Liz received. But Jesse knew that he had never once used either of those forms on his wife.

“Maybe you didn’t love me anymore… or maybe something happened to Maria or Michael and you just didn’t want me to know because you wanted to spare my feelings,” Isabel clarified. She watched as Jesse continued to work for a moment. But then, ever so slowly, h placed his pencil on top of his notes and turned and looked at his wife.

“Isabel, you know that I love you more then the world, and you should know that my love for you will never falter,” Jesse whispered as he grasped his wife’s hands within his own. Pulling her down into his lap, her caressed her cheek and smiled up at her. But soon his smile fell.

“Is it Maria? Or Michael?” Isabel questioned softly.


“Then what? What is so important that I can’t even know?” Isabel asked sympathetically, though there was a touch of hurt in her voice. And as Jesse looked into his wife’s eyes he knew he couldn’t hide this from her. He couldn’t hide anything from her. “Please…”

“Isabel… what I’m about to tell you is something that doesn’t leave this house. No one else can know- not even Max,” Jesse said seriously. For a minute Isabel merely stared at him wondering what could be so important that her own brother couldn’t know. But in the end her curiosity won out.

“Okay, I promise,” Isabel agreed. And for the next hour Jesse explained to Isabel, Liz’s dangerous and deadly life with Adam Pomeranc. He told her about Liz’s son and how Adam would beat him as soon as Liz was down. He told her about Liz’s latest run in with her husband and how it left her in complete ruins. And finally, he told his wife how he was going to fix all of this.

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Chapter 4

The sheriff's office hadn't changed much in seven years; the furniture was all the same and all of the remaining officers had been there back when Liz had actually lived in Roswell. The only difference was that Kyle was sheriff now. Liz grimaced as she thought about having to speak with her one time friend about helping she and her son, but then Liz reminded herself that in order to be free she needed to do this.

Beside her, Maria, Michael and Jesse waited just as patiently for Kyle to come and bring them into his office. After resting for three days, Liz finally felt well enough to get out of bed and start to fight for her freedom. And now, as she held Zachary protectively with her one good arm, Liz couldn’t help but wonder if this would actually work.

The bruises and gashes were still present, and Jesse had insisted on not letting Liz cover them up. He had a plan that he was positive would work as long as he got things going as he suspected they would. But no matter what happened, he would make sure that Adam never touched Liz again.

Kyle looked long and hard at the shell of a woman who stood before him. The beige Stetson hat he held in his hands trembled as he tried to gain enough courage to face the one person who had left so many years ago without even saying goodbye. She was still just as beautiful, if not more so, as the last time he had seen her. Her silky brown tresses cascaded down her back and over her shoulders, and her petite body was hidden behind a mass of black clothing, a rare fashion for Liz Parker.

But the smile that always lit up the room was gone, and in its place was a pair of split thin lips, which seemed to be wasting away to nothingness. She held a small child in one arm, and he hugged her tightly, burying his face in the crook of her neck as she periodically peppered the crown of his head with kisses.

But even as he looked at her, Kyle knew one thing, the lovely Liz Parker was still alive, but she was hanging on by a thread.

"How are you?" The words flowed right from Kyle's mouth before he even knew what he was saying. His eyes roamed over her body, but once again landed on her vacant eyes, the same eyes that at one time held so much life and love. No light or blinding loved filled those eyes anymore, instead there was a dark nothingness, as if her eyes were made up of a murky swamp.

She was broken. The bruises, the cuts, the gashes, everything were all a part of her breaking. And for that Kyle wanted to find Adam Pomeranc and kill him.

"Ah, yeah… it's been quite a while, I guess." There wasn't one word that Liz understood in her whole sentence. She was a complete wreck at this point. All she wanted to do was roll up into a little ball and die. But it was Zachary that kept her strong. And so she stood tall, almost like a proud statue, giving off a note of stature that had never been there before.

"It certainly has," Kyle's words were laced with hidden meanings, but he didn't expect Liz or anyone else to understand. While he never did understand why Liz had suddenly fled Roswell, he did know that she would never do it without proper reasoning. And now she was back, though Kyle was positive it was that had Maria or Michael not brought her back then she would still be with her monster of a husband. “I’ve missed you.”

The words cut through Liz's heart, taking yet another chunk out of the broken little thing that was left. She closed her eyes in an attempt to regain control of herself and hopefully be able to stop the tears that were welling up in her eyes.

"I’ve missed you too, Kyle," Her voice was monotone and sounded almost as though she were breaking, and deep within herself, Liz was feeling a thousand knives that were continually puncturing what was left of her heart.

"Why don’t we step into my office,” Kyle offered politely.

Liz merely nodded before following behind Maria and Jesse. Kyle noted how graceful she walked; her movements weren't jerky or rushed, just gentle, like an angel floating. However, he could see how she broke away from the others, keeping to herself. Her eyes were downcast and unseeing of anything else around her.

As she sat down he watched as the shirt sank in against her tiny body, showing him just how skinny she was now. He also caught site of the bulge of her bandages. Her pants hung loosely against her, and when a breeze would blow it gave off the effect of waves rippling in the water. What had this man done to her?

"I don’t know what to do anymore,” Liz whispered once everyone was seated and Kyle looked at her expectantly. Her nerves were completely shot by now and she wasn't sure how much more she could. Returning to Roswell wasn’t exactly what Liz had had in mind, but Maria had been right. It was best. This way she would have protection both from her family and friends. But it wasn’t herself whom she was worried about. “I just want to keep my baby safe.”

"You will never have to worry about Zachary’s or your safety again," Kyle insisted adamantly.

"That’s what they told me last time," Liz said softly as her eyes once again turned downcast. Kyle tried to swallow the lump in his throat, but he couldn't because Liz had just made a very good point.
"We will do everything we can, and I promise you that Adam will never lay a hand on you or your son again," Kyle assured. Liz suppressed her need to laugh at Kyle's inadequate answer, because laughter was a sign of life, a breaking point for someone else to use against her, as was love. And so she had dropped all of these emotions and in turn she replaced them with a will to keep her son safe.

"I swear to you that Jesse and I are working on this. We will get it settled as soon as possible. And if everything goes to plan, as we expect it to, then Adam will never look out a window again and you and your son will be able to live freely,” Kyle promised.

"However, there's a little more to this than what you may have expected, Liz," Kyle continued. There he had finally said her name, but instead of feeling proud, Kyle felt a sweep of anguish and infinite sadness course through his body. He hadn't expected to see Liz ever again, and now that she was here and now that she was finally sure of herself, Kyle couldn't even muster up enough courage to speak properly. But saying her name, the one name that had been etched into seven people's brains, it was pure torture because Kyle knew that Liz didn't return for them, only because Maria had insisted on it.

“I’ll do whatever you need me to,” Liz agreed quickly, though her voice was still quiet, subdued.

The tension in the office quickly faded away and Kyle slumped into his chair and sighed, bringing his hand to his forehead and massaging it for only a second before picking up the paperwork and glancing at Jesse.

“Well then, let’s get to work.”


“I don’t like this,” Maria said for the fifth time as she stood staring at the door. It had closed some fifteen minutes ago and Maria had yet to move.

“She’s just going down to the park,” Michael explained, hoping it would ease his wife’s nerves. It had been two days since they had talk with Kyle and started the process of forever getting Adam Pomeranc out of Liz’s hair. Since then Liz had gotten quite brave. Or maybe she was just starting to return to her normal routine. “We can’t lock them up in this house… Zach’s a growing boy and Liz needs to get out and learn how to survive on her own.”

“Survive on her own? Jesus Michael! She’s been beaten down for the last six years and you seriously believe that she’s stable enough to be alone? I think not!” Maria exclaimed angrily.

“Maria, you can’t do this. As much as you want to be there for her, you have to remember that Liz has taken care of herself and her son for the last three years. I don’t know how, but somehow they have survived,” Michael stated emphatically. “She’s stronger then any of us… we don’ have to take care of her.”

“But I want to,” Maria whispered with tears in her eyes before Michael pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly to him.


The sun shone brightly down on the small town of Roswell. People were ambling about town, glancing through the windows for only a split second before realizing their child had run off. It was close to Christmas and the town was festively decorated, making it all that much better.

Sitting on the metal ring surrounding the playground, Liz watched as her son care-freely played around. A smile lit up his face and for the first time in two years he looked happy. A smile lit up her face as well as she watched him. It was the first time that they had gone out and not gotten in trouble for it.

The thought of Adam and what he would do if knew made Liz shiver and momentarily close her eyes in order to rid her mind of the image of him. Adam was no longer a part of her life, and as long as Kyle and Jesse kept their promise then her husband would never hurt she or her son again.

Even the mere idea of being completely free of her husband’s rein left Liz smiling. But she already knew not to get her hopes up. She had gotten her hopes up before and every time she had, things had turned out worse then before.

“Mommy, mommy, look at me!” Zach cried gleefully, his voice drowned with happiness for the first time in years. Following her son’s voice, Liz found herself smiling once again as she watched her son fly high through the sky while winging up and down. The sun shone down brightly upon him, making it appear as though a halo of gold surrounded him.

The only response Liz could provide was to laugh and smile back at her son. It warmed her heart to see him like this and she would give anything to keep him this happy.

Returning to her thoughts, Liz gazed over towards he Crashdown. She had yet to confront her parents. No one even knew that she was back except Maria, Michael, Kyle and Jesse, and they had all promised to keep her return a secret until she was ready to bring herself out.

Still, Liz couldn’t wait to see her parents. It had been seven long years since she had last laid eyes on them. And she was positive that they would love Zachary- Maria and Michael had assured her of that.

"Come on Zachary, let’s get going. Maria’s probably worried!" Liz cried from the other side of the playground. Everything was getting to her lately and Liz wasn’t sure how much more she could take. Everyone she passed stared at her and all she ever saw was pity.

"But mom, please," Zachary cried from the top of the slide he sat upon. He hid behind the wall, separating himself from his mother as best he could.

Liz sighed as she started to get up so as to collect her son. As much as she loved her son, the defiant side that came out always scared her. She wasn’t about to let him end up like Adam, which would happen if he continued acting this way. Besides, she hated ordering her son around, especially since it always reminded her of her husband and his ordering.

"Zachary Pomeranc get down here right now," she called from the bottom of the jungle gym, her voice echoing through the maze of equipment which was hiding her son. She watched as he darted around, ducking and hiding behind various pieces of plastic and metal. And she chuckled as she watched him shimmy down one piece of equipment after another.

A moment later her son stood before her. She immediately took his hand in her own and she reveled in the fact that she and her son were finally free. They were free to go out in public. They were free to speak what they thought. They were free to do almost anything they wanted. And never would they be repressed.

At least, Liz hoped.

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Chapter 5

“…he sees the signal and winds up—“ the voice of the announcer on the television drifted into the kitchen, and Maria and Liz rolled their eyes. Baseball. They could also hear Michael explaining to Zach what was going on.

“So?” Maria inquired.

“So what?” Liz asked shyly as she peeled the bunch of potatoes in front of her. Maria sighed in exasperation.

“So did you go and see you parents?” Maria asked expectantly.

“Well,” Liz pursed her lips as she tried to think of a way to tell Maria, no. The word had become one she never used around Adam, and to suddenly be able to use it again was a little weird. No, it was beyond weird, it was frightening. And Liz wasn’t sure she’d ever be able to say it again. “We didn’t get around to it,” Liz said a moment later.

For a moment Maria paused and studied her friend. She could see the internal battle going on in her friends eyes, and she knew for a fact that Liz was carefully choosing her words. It then dawned on her that Adam had completely controlled Liz’s life, including what she said.

“So, you mean no,” Maria concluded. Her voice was strong, and a little harsher then meant to be.

“I-uh,” her voice hitched in the back of her throat as she shied away. Her eyes turned downcast and shut as she half expected Adam to slap her, or worse. But then she remembered, this was Maria, not Adam. Adam was back in Georgia, most likely in their home waiting for she and Zach to return from the hospital. Maybe he had visited her and knew that she was gone.

Or maybe he was at Natalie’s house again.

“Oh, Lizzie, it’s ok. Just say it,” Maria insisted softly. She grasped her friend’s hands in her own and waited for her friend to say the one word she needed to hear. “Come on, it’s only two letters, and when put together is pronounced, no,” Maria teased as she smiled up at Liz. But as she waited she saw the fear in her friends eyes and she knew that Liz wasn’t about to defy her, or anyone else.

Getting up and kneeling in front of her, Maria pulled Liz into her arms and hugged her tightly. She could feel Liz’s body trembling as she sobbed and clung to her. Never had Maria expected to see Liz Parker in such shambles. Instead she had believed that Liz would go to Harvard and become some sort of great scientist.

Never would she marry a man who would direct her whole life.

“Shhh, it’s ok. You hear me, it’s okay,” Maria whispered as she continued to hold her friend.

Out in the family room, Zach listened carefully to his mother crying. Only this time he wasn’t afraid to hear his mother cry. And the only reason he wasn’t afraid was because his mother was for other reason’s besides what his father did to her.

Michael listened as well. He was having a hard time not getting up and taking a flight back to Georgia so as to put this Adam guy back in his place. If he ever got his hands on this guy he was positive that Adam Pomeranc would be lying six feet under. Listening to Maria trying to get Liz to say no was something Michael had never believed he would hear. But then, he never believed that Liz Parker would end up like this.

Returning his attention to Zach, Michael stared down at the young boy in wonder. He was incredibly smart and really fun to be around. They had been watching baseball, hockey, basketball, and every other sport on television. And while it never even occurred to Michael that Zach could already know the rules and whatnot about the various sports, he continued to fill him in on everything he could.

“Did you see that, he just scored a homerun,” Michael said as he pointed at the television. He smiled broadly as Zach nodded and smiled in response.

As hard as they had tried, he and Maria had yet to be graved with their own children. So to spend time with Liz’s kid was a new and exciting experience. It gave him a chance to find out what being a father would be like. And it gave him a chance to show Zach what a real father should be like.

“You know, if you want to, sometime you and I could go out to the park and play some basketball, or even baseball,” Michael offered excitedly. He knew that he shouldn’t get too attached as it was probable that Liz wouldn’t be sticking around Roswell, but Michael couldn’t help it. Zach was so incredible.

“Yeah, that would be fun,” Zach smiled up at Michael before returning his attention to the game. He watched for a few minutes before looking up at Michael. “Sometimes, when Dad wasn’t mad, he would take me out to the park and we would play basketball. Other times we would go out and baseball in our backyard,” Zach admitted.

All Michael could do was nod. At least Adam hadn’t been a complete monster. And maybe the kid had some potential to have a normal life.

“Cool, then I guess I won’t have to let you kick my ass on purpose,” Michael joked.

“Michael!” Maria’s voice floated through the room as she yelled at him for swearing. He cringed slightly, but when he looked at Zach he noticed that he had shrunk away slightly. It was then that Michael realized he would have to have a talk with Maria about yelling. They didn’t want to make Zach or Liz any more uncomfortable then they had to be.

“Well, I guess it’s a date then. You, me and the basketball,” Michael smiled broadly as Zach nodded his head earnestly. “But, let’s wait until after the hockey game!”



“Liz, I need to know what happened,” Jesse persisted as he sat in his office with Maria and Kyle. They sat on either side of Liz, both trying to give her the support she needed. But every time Kyle moved to touch her she would flinch away. Jesse noted this and was quick to write it down, as he knew it would help in the case.

“Wh-what exactly do you need to know?” Liz asked carefully. She was still trying to get over her fear of saying the wrong thing, and it was hard. She was also worried about Zach. He was out with Michael. It was the first time she had let him go off with someone else and she couldn’t help but worry.

Though she knew Michael wouldn’t hurt him, Liz feared that someone else would. What if Adam somehow found them? All Liz knew was that if anything happened to Zach then she would die.

“What else has your husband done?” Jesse queried. He already had an extensive list from the hospital in Georgia. It recorded every single injury. He also had every police report, though those amounted to absolutely nothing. The police had been indifferent about Adam’s beatings to Liz and Zach. And this infuriated Kyle and Jesse. To know that Adam was getting off scott-free was absurd.

“Um, well, a lot,” Liz whispered sorrowfully. She didn’t how to say what she needed to. She didn’t know how to tell Jesse that her husband had beat her until she couldn’t stand. She didn’t know how to tell Jesse that her husband had raped her so badly that she had had to go to the hospital on multiple occasions. She didn’t know how to tell Jesse that her husband had abused their only child. And she didn’t know how to tell Jesse that her husband had been cheating on her ever since they had married.

“Its ok, Liz, you can tell us. But Jesse needs to know,” Maria said gently as she rubbed her friends back in hopes of calming her nerves. “And nothing bad will happen if you tell Jesse- anything we say doesn’t leave this room, right everyone?”

“Maria’s correct. Anything you say will not leave this room. But I do need to know so that I can process your divorce papers, restraining order, and custody papers. I also need to know so that we can press charges,” Jesse corrected. “But Maria, Kyle and I will not punish you for saying anything, and we will not go out and speak about this to anyone,” Jesse insisted. “Now, did he do anything else besides physically abuse you and your son?”

“He-uh…uh…” Liz stammered. Her breathe hitched in her throat as she fought to speak. This was harder then she had ever believed it would be.

“Its ok, take your time. We’re here for you,” Kyle said encouragingly.

“He… he raped me,” Liz blurted out. Tears were seeping past her eyelids and she had to fight to contain her sobs. But in the end, the floodgates broke, as did she.

Immediately Maria collected Liz into her arms. She whispered words of promise while stroking her back as carefully as possible. Not all of her friend’s gashes and welts had healed and she didn’t want to cause Liz anymore pain then she was already in. But she also didn’t want her friend to go through this alone.

All the while Jesse watched on in horror. Things were getting worse and worse. He had read the doctor’s reports, and when he had first seen some he had believed that since they had come right after Liz had had Zach, that it was mere coincidence. But now he knew. Adam had done more then rape her. He had raped her until she was completely unconscious and spent two days in intensive care. The doctors had had to perform surgery.

Now Jesse understood why.

“It’s ok, Liz… it’s ok, we’ll work through this,” Jesse promised as he once again took a few notes. He glanced at Kyle and both shared a knowing look. If it was the last thing they did, then they would make sure that Adam Pomeranc never saw the daylight again.


“And he shoots and he scores!” Michael bellowed as Zach dunked yet another ball through the hoop. Laughter bubbled up in his throat as Zach threw his arms up in the air and cried out in triumph. It was the perfect moment and nothing else mattered.

It didn’t matter that he was sitting on top of Michael’s shoulders, or that Michael was sorely losing to a three year old, all that mattered was that they were having fun. Michael had never had this much fun either. Playing with this little boy, who was so incredible, was unlike anything Michael had ever done.

And it made him yearn for a child of his own. Maybe a little boy that he could teach how to play hockey, or basketball, or baseball. Anything really. They would watch all the games together and then they would go out and play. They could also play video games together.

Though, a little girl would be nice too. Michael couldn’t the grin on his face as he thought about a mini version of Maria running around the house. She would sing, just like her mother. And he would teach her all about sports and video games so that she wasn’t too girly. But she would be beautiful, and they would be a happy family.

A happy family. Something Zach and Liz didn’t have. It was also something he had never had until Maria came along. She completed him and acted as the only family he would ever need.

Sure Liz and Zach had each other, but that was it. Adam had been a poor excuse for a father, and even a human being. And it pained Michael to know that Zach would never know what a normal family should be like.

Of course there would be the occasional fights, but nothing like what Zach was used to. Instead the fights would be over stupid things, like differences in opinion. But it would just be words exchanged, nothing else. And like a normal family they would love each other.

That’s what Liz and Zach deserved. A normal family.

And with that thought Michael decided that he would do his best to give Zach just that. He knew that it was up to Liz on what would happen next. But for as long as she would allow it, Michael would act as the father Zach never had. He would be there for him and teach him the things that all young boys should learn about.

“Michael?” Whirling around, Michael gaped in surprise at seeing his friend.

“Max, uh, hey,” Michael stammered. He eased Zach off his shoulders and tightly held his hand with in his own. Max was decked out in his usual basketball wear and it didn’t even dawn on him that this was the day that he and Max always played together. “Uh, what’s up?”

“Nothing, you?” Max asked as he eyed his friend and the young child beside him. He had never sent he child before. But then he had never seen Michael with a child. It confused Max. Michael wasn’t exactly the fatherly type, but then it wasn’t as though Max could talk. He wasn’t father of the year either.

The boy was small with brown hair and eyes. They reminded him of someone, but Max couldn’t place whom. However, he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the child. He had been watching as Michael played basketball with him, and while he didn’t know what was going on, it had warmed his heart.

“Just-uh, playing some ball with my man Zach,” Michael answered casually.

“Replacing me already? I didn’t know I had gotten that bad,” Max joked, though he was slightly hurt. Things had been tense between he and Michael since Tess had left so many years ago. None of them had ever been able to get over everything that had taken place. And to add Alex’s death and Liz’s disappearance really didn’t help.

“Oh fu-I mean, man I completely forgot. Sorry,” Michael apologized. Max’s brow furrowed as he stared at his friend. Michael had just stopped himself from swearing. That was an amazement in itself. But Michael never forgot. Never.

“That’s cool. Maybe I could join you guys; that is if Zach doesn’t mind,” Max offered. He didn’t know why, but he liked the kid already, a lot. He also wanted to find out what was going on.

“I don’t know, Zach is it cool with you if Max here joins us?” Michael asked as he looked down. He watched as Liz’s son studied Max carefully. Always the scientist, just like his mother. And to think that he was only three years old. Already Michael knew that Zach was going to be one smart kid.

“I would like it very much if you joined uncy Mike and me for a game,” Zach offered politely. Max’s mouth fell agape at the child’s vocabulary. He couldn’t be more then five years old and yet he spoke more eloquently then most adults.

“Just wait until you see him play,” Michael joked. He picked Zach up and placed him back on his shoulders. He waited until he got a thumbs up from Zach before checking the ball to Max.

“Wait a second, if he’s as good as you say, shouldn’t we be working together instead of you two working together?” Max asked teasingly. He tossed the ball back to Michael as he waited for his answer.

“Shut your mouth and play,” Michael insisted as he drove forward with the ball and Zach.

Ten minutes later Max stood off to the side. He was bent over and trying his best to catch his breath. He couldn’t believe how well Michael was playing, or make that Zach. So far he had scored three times, and each time Max had attempted to score, Zach had stopped each shot.

It didn’t help that Zach sat atop Michael’s shoulder’s, or that they were working together. But Max wasn’t about to give up. He was determined to play. And to find out who the kid was.

“Ok, this time its just you and me,” Michael said as he came up beside Max and slapped him on the back. He wasn’t even breathing hard.

Straightening, Max moved to the center of the court and his eyes swept around the park. He watched as the young boy ran off towards the playground. It was close enough that Michael and Max could watch while they played. And luckily enough for Max, it was far enough away for him to ask questions.

“So, who is he?” Max asked as he tossed the ball to Michael. He watched as his friend straightened slightly and looked over towards where Zach was playing.

“Just a friend’s kid that I’m babysitting,” Michael shrugged. He didn’t want to tell Max about Liz being back in town, or that Zach was Liz’s kid. It wasn’t his place to tell him, and he wasn’t sure that Liz would want him to know. He tossed the ball back to Max and waited for him to play.

“A friend, right,” Max nodded, though it was easy to tell that he didn’t believe a word Michael said. He dribbled the ball once before stopping and looking Michael straight in the eye. “So what happened to him?”

Michael stopped what he was doing and stared at Max. He had thought the bruises were light enough that they wouldn’t be noticeable. And the split lip could easily be passed off as chapped lips, or anything else really. Zach looked a lot better then he had before, and a hell of a lot better then Liz did.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Michael lied.

“Right. Well maybe child services would…”

“Max, don’t. Zach was just taken from his home and our new neighbor’s adopted him. They had to go out and finish up some last minute legal papers, so I volunteered to watch him,” Michael insisted. It wasn’t a complete lie.

“Michael,” Max warned. He still didn’t buy it.

“Listen, everything’s fine. No one’s hurting Zach anymore, and we’re making sure that it stays that way.” The minute the words slipped from his mouth Michael knew he had said too much.

“Oh, so now it’s we,” Max implored. He hated it when Michael hid things from him. First Michael and Maria up and leave without any sort of note or anything, and now Michael was babysitting. Something wasn’t right. “What’s going on Michael? First you and Maria leave without any form of notification and now you’re watching some kid.”

“Max, I promise you that nothing is going on. Maria and I are helping our new neighbors with this thing and that’s all,” Michael said angrily. He already had enough on his back; he didn’t need Max to add to his problems.

“Whatever this thing is, maybe you should see Jesse. I’m sure—“

“It’s already done.”

“But I thought you said—“

“Max, we went to Jesse. He’s the one helping our new neighbors,” Michael said through clenched teeth. Looking down at his watch, Michael sighed and then straightened. “Listen, I’ve got to take off. I’ll see you later,” Michael waved as he said goodbye. But when he turned towards the park to yell to Zach to come on, his eyes grew wide. Fear coursed through him and he took off in a sprint. This wasn’t happening.

Zach was gone.

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Chapter 6

Shifting his leg slightly, Zach studied the pieces in front of him. He was completely oblivious to everything and everyone around him. The men gathered around watching him were lost on Zach’s part as he added one piece to the structure before them all.

His hand was steady, but the pieces were not.

All around the men grumbled in agreement that this child was special. He had to be if he was doing what he was.

“How old is he?”

“Where’s he from?”

“Does he know how to play?”

“How old is he?”

Those and more questions were being tossed out quietly amongst the men so as not to disturb the young boy.

Originally they had come to play, but then he had shown up and started playing around with Borris’ pieces. They had watched on in curiosity, at first. Now they watched on in astonishment. It was no feat to see a child prodigy among these men, but to see one so young and vibrant was something completely different.

They had all seen him playing basketball. They had heard his laughter wafting through the park, and they had watched as he played.

He was amazing.

The pieces of the chessboard wobbled and swayed as Zach added the last piece to structure. Everyone oohed-and-awwed as he stepped back and smiled broadly. And then they broke out into a small round of applause.


Running through the park, Michael and Max searched high and low. They didn’t leave one spot unlooked, and they were careful to search ever crevice, ditch, hole, and ravine.

“Shit, shit, shit, I can’t lose him!” Michael swore to himself, though Max heard. Max cast his friend a worried glance.

What was Michael talking about?

“Ok, you take the park again and I’ll go look over by the courts,” Michael instructed as he took off towards his destination. However both boys stopped when they heard the sound of people clapping. Rushing off towards where the heard the applause, Max and Michael sprinted as fast as they could, all the while praying that Zach was in that crowd, or somewhere near it.

As he ran Michael’s mind was bombarded with various thoughts. The one forefront in his mind was that Liz and Maria would kill him if he didn’t come back with Zach. But then, Michael was sure he would kill himself first. Just the thought of someone taking Zach- maybe Adam- destroyed everything that Michael knew as his life. For in the short time that he had gotten to know Zach, Michael had become deeply attached.

And then there was Liz. Michael knew that without Zach, Liz would die. She was barely even holding on as it was, but Zach was her last hope. It was her son who kept her fighting. It was Zach who kept her alive. And without him Michael knew that Liz would give up completely.

“Michael, over here!” Max shouted as he spotted the brown hair of Zach. The small child was standing atop one of the benches and talking with one of the old “crazy” men of Roswell. Max knew these men all to well. He had sat down and spoken to them many a times, though they would never talk back. Instead they ignored him as they played chess against each other, or themselves.

Max was slightly amazed that the men were talking to Zach. He was also astonished to see them clapping, smiling and laughing along side Zach.

But then, his and Michael’s eyes drifted and they caught sight of what everyone else was looking at. Before taking a closer look, Michael came over and scooped Zach up in his arms.

“Zachary, thank god!” Michael whispered as he hugged the small boy to him. He was thankful to have found him harm free and in the care of others. But it still didn’t stop the racing of his heart at the idea that Zach still could have taken off or been kidnapped. “God, don’t ever do that again, do you hear me?” Michael snapped.

The second the words left his mouth, Michael regretted saying them. Zach violently flinched away and he began to tremble. It was partly due to the harshness in Michael’s voice, and also because whenever he had done something like that before, his father would punish him.

“I’m sorry uncy Mike…” Zach whispered. He scrambled to be let go of, but Michael held him close.

“Hey, hey now… it’s cool. Everything’s cool- you just gave me a good scare, that’s all,” Michael insisted softly. He was careful to keep his voice low and subdued. He did not need Zach thinking that he was about to beat him because he acted like every other kid and ran off in the park to have fun. “Zach, you can’t run off like that without telling me, ok?”

“Ok,” Zach whispered, though he still refused to look at Michael or Max, as he was positive that he would get his punishment when they got home. “I just wanted to play with the men in the park.”

“Take it easy sonny, we was watchin’ him,” one of the old men interrupted as he listened in. He watched Michael nod in acceptance. But when he turned to leave with his friend and son, the old man stopped him. “Ain’t ya gonna look at what yer son made? He’s a real thinker.”

Turning and glancing back at the tables, both Max and Michael gazed at the work of art Zach had created. It was made up of various chess pieces strewn together to make a tower of sorts. They had noticed it before, but now, as Max and Michael stood staring at it, they couldn’t tear their eyes away.

“Zachary, where did you learn to do that?” Michael whispered in awe.


“Mommy, mommy, mommy!” Zach scrambled out of Michael’s and barreled down the hall towards Liz. She kneeled down and accepted him into her arms, pulling him as close as humanly possible without crushing him.

The entire time she had been at Jesse’s office she had been worrying about Zach.

But as she held him she could tell that Michael had taken good care of him. And for that she was grateful.

“Hey baby, how’s my big boy?” Liz cooed as she peppered his face with kisses. Zach welcomed them. He was still unsure as to what would happen now that he was home. Sure his mother would protect him, but would Michael be satisfied punishing his mother only?

The smile on Liz’s lips dropped as she felt her son tremble in her embrace. Maybe she had thought too soon about how well his afternoon had gone with Michael.

“Baby, what happened?”

“Mommy, I’m sorry,” Zachary quickly apologized. He pulled away slightly and stared up into his mother’s eyes. His lower trembled and tears welled up in his eyes. As soon as their gazes locked the damn broke. “I’m so sorry mommy! I didn’t mean to make uncy Mike mad, I just wanted to play with the men in the park. So don’t let him hurt ya because of me, mommy. He told me to go to the park and I did, but then I saw the men at the park. I didn’t mean to leave his sight. I just wanted to play with the men at the park. I’m so sorry mommy…”

Zach continued to babble senselessly as he tried to tell his mother what had happened and how sorry he was. All the while Michael walked toward Liz and Zach. He watched as Zach’s back stiffened.

“What did you do to my son?” Liz queried angrily. Standing up for her son was the only time she would take the risk to fight back. Beside, originally she had thought that Michael would take care of her son. Obviously she had been wrong.

However before Michael could answer Zach extracted himself from his mother’s embrace and faced Michel.

“You leave my mommy alone. She didn’t do anything,” Zach sniffled. He tried to be strong and prepare himself for what was to come. It was what he had often done with his father.

At first it had been in order to be accepted and loved by his father. But now Zach knew better. He knew that what his father had been doing was wrong. He knew about rape. He knew about verbal abuse. And he knew all to well about physical abuse. All were things his father had taught him.

Now he felt shame; shame for what he had endured, and shame for what his mother had constantly put up with.

But Michael didn’t do a thing.

Maria didn’t give him a chance to.

“Michael, bedroom, now!” Maria yelled in a rage. She had heard everything. And now she was pissed. Somehow her lunk head of a husband had put the idea into Zach’s mind that he was going to be punished.


“No, don’t say a word, just get in there right now.”

“No, Maria, really—“

“Liz, don’t stand up for him. Your son didn’t do anything. And even if he did, I don’t care. I had though Michael was old enough to take care of a three year old, obviously I was wrong,” Maria lectured. She yanked on Michael’s arm, pushing him towards the bedroom. “Now, why don’t you and Zach go out and talk while Michael and I have a little discussion.”


Two hours later Maria emerged from her bedroom. After hearing Michael’s story and lecturing him about leaving small children alone, she told him to make something special to let Zach know things were okay, as well as come up with a good apology for Liz. Michael readily agreed.

She moved into the living room where she could hear Liz and Zach. As usual Liz was teaching Zach various things. Right now it was the names of past presidents and some of their achievements.

“Liz?” Maria whispered. She kneeled down beside the two, remaining quiet as they continued to work. It disturbed her that Liz was ignoring her, but she understood. “Please, Liz… Michael didn’t mean to do anything. He was just being his usual stupid self- you know, speaking before thinking. But he’s going to watch what he says from now on.”

Liz continued to ignore Maria. As much as her old friends had helped her, Michael had still hurt Zach- even if it wasn’t physically. He had put fear into her sons’ eyes. And that was something she had hoped to never see again.

“Liz, come on. You can’t be mad at me- at us. Michael didn’t mean to do anything- and as soon as he’s finished doing what I told him to do then he’s going to come out and make everything right, okay?” Maria pleaded. She hated having things this way. But she understood. Liz was protective of Zach, and Maria fully agreed with Liz’s need to act as Zach’s bodyguard. But, Maria couldn’t believe that Liz was so mad about all of this.

“I didn’t leave Adam for my own sake- I left in order to save my son. I didn’t want him to live his life in fear,” Liz started softly. “Today, when Zach came running into my arms I saw that same fear in his eyes. I don’t ever want to see that again, Maria. I never want my son to be afraid for his life, or my own.”

“And he won’t. Neither you nor Zach are ever going to be hurt again. I won’t allow it,” Maria vowed.

A long pause passed as Liz regarded her once best friend with a thoughtful gaze. Then she embraced her.

“Oh Ria, thank you… thank you for saving us, but—“

“No buts, we aren’t going to let anyone hurt you or Zach again.”


Quietly sitting down beside Zack, Michael smiled as he watched the small boy color in his Biology for Children coloring book.

Only Liz would give her child a science book at such a young age.

But right now wasn’t about science.

“Hey Zack, what’s up?” Michael asked carefully. He watched as the young child trembled and flinched away slightly. But as Zach turned and faced him, Michael felt his heart break a little bit more. There were tears in his eyes and he looked as though he were about to die. His bruises and gashes caught in the light, giving Michael a perfect view of what Zack’s father had once done to him.

“I’m sorry uncy Mike, I didn’t mean to run away from you; I just wanted to play with the men in the park,” Zack whispered.

“Zack you didn’t do anything wrong- I did. I never should have left you alone- it was really wrong of me. Your mom left me in charge of you, and she trusted me to take care of you while she talked with Jesse. I tried, but I didn’t do it correctly- this time,” Michael said. He grinned at the small boy. “But if you’ll let me, I’d like to hang out with you and play some basketball, or just play at the park some other time.”

“Are you sure you aren’t mad at me uncy Mike?” Zack asked softly. His voice trembled, as did his lower lip.

“I’m mad at myself, not you,” Michael laughed. “Besides, how could I stay mad at you? You’re too cute to stay mad at for too long.” Michael grinned and chuckled as Zack laughed as well. “So, what do you say? Can we try our outing again?”

“Well, I guess so,” Zach laughed.

“You guess so?” Michael asked mockingly. His mouth gaped open and his eyes filled with mirth. “Why you little…”

From the doorway, Liz watched as Michael and Zach joked around. A smile lit her face and for the first time in years she sighed in relief. Finally her son was getting the sort of life he deserved.

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Chapter 7

The market was quieter then usual and many of the patrons who were in the store didn't seem to bother talking to one another as they usually did. An eerie silence hung in the air, causing some to feel suffocated and needing to leave to take a breath of fresh air. Even the employees of the market noticed the difference, and they too wondered just what was going on.

One of those people was none other then Max Evans’.

Normally going to the market was something Max tried to stay away from doing. But today he was spending the day with his mother, who happened to be going grocery shopping.

It wasn't that Max didn't want to spend time with his mother, he did, but not in a supermarket. He didn’t get to see his mother often. Seeing her was a privilege with his hectic work schedule. Beside, shopping was never one of his strong points, and he often left it to Isabel or Maria to do the shopping for him, even if it did mean having to eat nothing but healthy food.

But as Max strolled through the aisles while pushing the shopping cart for his mother he noticed that he didn't seem to mind going out shopping today. He listened as women spoke softly to themselves, trying to decide whether they should buy whole wheat bread or white bread, and then when they finally decided on one or the other he listened to them scurry off, hurrying down the aisles to their next destination. But then one particular voice caught his attention, and Max froze at the site before him.

“Can we get this mommy?”

If Max wasn’t mistaken then he swore that that was Zach. He hadn’t seen the child-prodigy in over a week. Michael hadn’t returned any of his calls, neither had Maria. Isabel and Jesse were constantly working on some new case. And hat left Max alone.

Which was why he was so happy to hear Zach. If Zach was around then maybe Michael or Maria were around as well.

“Mom, I’ll be right back,” Max said as he started to wander over towards the next aisle. He smiled as he heard Zach’s laughter floating through the store and reaching his ears. Somehow Zach always made Max smile, despite only meeting him a few days ago, and only once.

“No baby, w-we can’t,” Liz replied sadly. She wanted to buy her son everything he wanted, but right now she could only afford the necessities. She refused to take Maria or Michael’s money. And she refused to take or get any money from Adam.

Continuing on, Liz stopped at the pharmacy.

“Can I help you?” The pharmacist asked sincerely. He smiled at the mother and the young boy beside her whom he assumed was her son. But the smile faded as he got a better look at them.

The news was all over town. It was no secret. Someone had come to Roswell to hide from her abusive husband. And she had brought her son.

“Uh, yes, I have a prescription I need filled,” Liz said as she handed over the small slip of paper the doctor had given her. It was mainly for painkillers and other such things, as well as something for Zach, but nothing major.

She waited patiently while the man behind the counter looked over the worn piece of paper. After receiving it, Liz had had used it to release some of her stress.

In turn the pharmacist watched the young woman’s hand tremble while she looked at him, her eyes pleading for something, though he wasn’t sure what.

“Ok, hold on and I will fill your order. If you would like to continue shopping then it should be ready in about twenty minutes,” the pharmacist said with an endearing smile.

“Thank you.” Liz flashed a weak smile at the man before turning her cart and starting over towards the produce. She didn’t have much money, but she had enough to keep she and Zach on their feet.

Not even two steps later, Liz stopped dead in her tracks.

“Liz?” Her mind reeled as she stared at the older woman standing in front of her. A lump formed in her throat and she tried desperately to dislodge it. However she was too scared to be able to do anything.

“Momma, what’s wrong?” Zach asked. He stared back and forth between the older woman and his mother.

For a moment Liz continued to stare back at Mrs. Evans’, but soon she remembered her appearance. Quickly she ducked her head. This was not how she wanted someone from her past to see her. That was why she was waiting to see her parents. As much as she missed them she didn’t want them to see her with all her bruises and such.

“H-hi,” Liz finally choked out. She could hardly even speak.

A smile started to appear on Diane’s lips as she gazed at the Parker’s daughter- whom had disappeared quite a few years ago. She wondered when Liz had returned home and whether Jeff and Nancy knew.

But the smile died as soon as everything registered in Diane’s mind.

Never had she seen someone look as broken and beaten as Liz did. And she wasn’t thinking of the bruises and gashes covering Liz’s face, or even the cast encasing Liz’s arm. Though those were quite distracting.

Instead Diane saw things that most overlooked- the sunk in eyes, the dead look, the pale complexion, the downcast gaze, the dark glasses, the glopped on make-up, and the skeleton-like frame.

She had been beaten from an inch of her life, literally and figuratively.

But before either Liz or Diane could say another word, they were interrupted.

“Zach!” Max said excitedly. He grinned at the small boy and raised his hand to give him a high-five.

But suddenly Max stopped mid-stride. He stared at the person before him as though she were a mere image or painting.

He stared in disbelief at the woman who stood in front of him.

He stared at the love of his life.

And he stared at the boy beside her- her son.

They were an exact likeness and without even having to really think Max knew that Zach was Liz’s. Beside the trademark brown eyes and hair, there was the nose and facial features and skin tone. There was also the bruises and gashes marring both their faces.

Bruises and gashes?

A shiver glided down Max’s spine as everything fell into place.

Michael and Maria leaving.

Michael telling him about Zach being okay and getting away from whoever was hurting him.

Jesse and Isabel working on their new case.

And finally, the big uproar in town about someone who had escaped an abusive relationship to resume a regular life in Roswell.


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Chapter 8

In the seven years that had passed Max still believed that Liz looked just as beautiful as the last time he had seen her, even with her many scars, fresh bruises and cuts, the fat lip, and the dead look in her eyes. True he missed the loving and fiery spirit that had once occupied her beautiful doe eyes, but he was positive that if he looked hard enough he would be able to find it.

Her hair still cascaded down her back and over her shoulders- it was a little longer, but it looked perfect on her. And her petite form, though slightly changed from having a child, remained almost the same.

And even though she was simply a shell of what she used to be, Max could still see a small fiery spirit deep within her waiting to be awaken.

While he was happy to see her, it was still the bruises and gashes and wounds covering her body that truly caught Max’s attention.

What had happened? How had Liz succumb to that life style?

And even more important, how could she ever love a man like that?

His whole body screamed at him to run and scoop her into his arms and never let her get away again. But he held his ground and continued to treasure his goddess with his eyes.

Even Mrs. Evans’ couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sight of the woman in front of her.

Only she too wondered why Liz decided to return to Roswell. It was obvious that she was fleeing from an abusive relationship, but

“Momma are you okay?” Zach asked quietly. He touched his mother’s thigh, trying to gain her attention. This did not go unnoticed by Max or Diane.

“Ho-how do you know him?” Liz’s voice trembled as she spoke. She wrapped her arms around herself, trying her best to ward off everything that was so suddenly coming at her. When her son didn’t answer her, she glanced down at him and gave him a pointed look. “Zachary?”

“Uncy Mike and I played basketball with him in the park,” Zach informed his mother.

“Liz, I found the—“ Maria’s voice wafted through store, but stopped abruptly when she turned into the aisle and caught sight of Max, Liz, Diane and Zach all in stand off, staring at each other. She backed off slightly, unsure of what to do or say. She had been hoping that Liz wouldn’t have to deal with Max for a little while longer. But obviously she was wrong. “Okay, I think I’m going to go look at the—“ Maria paused as she looked around at the various aisle signs. “At the canned foods, yes, canned foods…”

For a moment no one spoke a word, leaving Maria feeling uneasy. She wasn’t sure if she should go, but then she also knew that Max and Liz needed their time together. Alone.

“Zach, go with your aunt,” Liz instructed a second later.

“But momma—“


The three watched as Maria carefully picked Zach up before heading over towards another section.

“It is so good to see you again, Liz.” Diane walked past her son and straight to Liz, engulfing her in a hug, something that had become foreign to Liz. She looked down at the now older woman and forced a smile onto her face and in her eyes, yet another one of the perks of having to act normal for her publisher when she did finally go to visit him. As her gaze fell from Diane, once she finally let go and backed away, her eyes landed on Max. Her eyes glazed over as they came back to rest on Max, and she could feel her hands trembling, as well as her body.

All the while Max watched. He was still trying to comprehend everything, including why Liz was back and looking like she did.

When he had first found out about Liz's disappearance he had been upset, thinking that she and Kyle had run away together, but then he found out that Liz hadn't run away with Kyle, she had simply run away by herself. This set Max off to thinking why she would ever feel the need to leave Roswell and he came to the conclusion that she either had to get away from him or she had a bigger problem to deal with.

"It’s good to see you too,” Liz's voice drifted through Max's ear and penetrated his heart, causing it to begin beating wildly within his chest. Both understood the hidden meaning behind her words.

His eyes searched hers for some sign of the hatred that he believed she felt for him, but all he could see was a dark sadness and a fear of something that was unknown to him and most others. He wanted to pull her into his arms, to hug and kiss her until neither could breath, but even then he wouldn't let go, simply continue on; but he didn't. Instead he forced his feet to move towards her while he tried to control himself. Once he was only a few inches in front of her he pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly to his chest, never wanting the moment to end.

“Please, no!” Her scream reverberated through the house as Adam drug her through the halls toward their bedroom.

From his bedroom doorway Zach stood crying as he watched his mother once again fighting for her life. He covered his ears and shut his eyes as tight as possible while his tiny body trembled. But he didn’t dare try to stop his father. More than once his mother had insisted that he never get in the way of his father, even if it was for her sake.

In the bedroom, Adam backhanded Liz as she fought to stand up. Her body fell limp to the bed as blood started to flow freely from her nose.

“Please, Adam, you promised,” Liz sobbed.

Adam’s only response was to hit her harder. He used her stomach and arms as a punching bag as he occasionally kicked her.

“Shut the fuck up!” Adam roared. His voice was the only thing that was louder than his hits and kicks to her body. Not even the music in the house was loud enough. “Shut the fuck up! You fucking cunt, shut up!”

And then it was over. Just as suddenly as he had started he stopped. He stared down at his wife for a moment, his eyes taking in the damage he had caused. He shook his fist out, trying to stop the dull pain that had taken place from hitting her.

“Now you gonna leave me? You just try…” Adam warned as he started back towards the living room. When he reached the door he pulled it closed. “Keep your ass in here until I let you out,” Adam insisted harshly before closing the door and locking it.

He continued down the hall and when he passed Zack’s room he stared down at his son.

“Don’t you start too, your mom and I were just having a discussion.” Zach didn’t move a muscle. “Go in your room and don’t come out either.”

Max jerked away and stared at Liz in shock. His chest heaved due to the intensity of the flash he had seen. Never had he felt so scared or helpless in his life. And for once he slightly understood why Liz had stayed with her husband- Adam.

She had had no choice. He had made all of her choices, and when she didn’t abide, he laid down the law the only way he knew how too.

“Oh Liz,” Max whispered as he once again pulled her into his arms. “I’m sorry, so sorry…”

The whole time, as Max held her, Liz squirmed, trying to get away. She felt closed in and she was scared for her life. She remembered all too vividly when Max too had hurt her physically. She had been searching for answers to Alex’s death and Max had tried to stop her.

Though he had never gone as far as Adam had, it still terrified her.

All men terrified her.

“Please, Max…” Liz sobbed; the same sob she had cried out while Adam had drug her through the house. “Please.”

Instantly Max pulled away, wondering what he had done to elicit such a plea to be let go of. He raked his mind, thinking of anything and everything that had just happened. Had Liz somehow experienced the flash with him?

He watched as her body trembled. She wrapped her arms around herself so as to ward off everything and everyone.

All the while Diane watched. At first she had been overjoyed to see Liz. But as she had watched her son hug Liz she had noticed how Liz had begun to shake and cry.

Instantly Diane knew that Liz was afraid. And she was fairly positive she knew why. If the bruises and gashes on her face were any indication than she definitely knew why.

So she did the only thing she knew to do, she interrupted their moment.

Only, Zach beat her too it.

“Leave my mommy alone!” Zach screeched. He barreled towards Max with a determined look on his face. He had seen everything and he had heard his mother pleading to be let go of, to be left alone. And he understood all too well.

Maria chased after Zach, trying to catch him. But she was too late.

Diane, Liz, and Maria watched as Zach ran straight up to Max and kicked him in the shin. He didn’t care that Max had been nice and played with he and Michael in the park, all he cared was that somehow Max had hurt his mother.

Max cried out in pain. He jumped on one leg as he cradled the other in his hands and cursed up a storm. For only being three, Max had to give Zach credit for packing a good kick.

“Zach!” Liz cried out in horror.

A moment later he threw his fist up, as he had seen his father often do, and slugged Max in the leg as well.

He had a good right hook as well.

“Zach, no!” Liz scrambled to collect her son. Fear coursed through her.

What would Max do?

As soon as she had her son in her arms she hugged him tightly to her, protecting him from whatever was to come.

“I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry… please, forgive me,” Liz begged sobbingly. “Oh god, Max… he didn’t mean to, he just… oh, please, just forgive me- us… we’re so sorry.”

Diane and Maria were now next to each other and watching the scene fold out before them. Neither knew to say or do, all they knew was that something was about to happen.

Max tried to regain his composure and fight back the pain in his legs. He wasn’t quite sure why Zach had done what he had, but that wasn’t what really caught his attention. It was Liz’s current behavior that was causing his mind to whirl.

She was scared. She was scared beyond belief and reason.

After he was able to stand up straight again, Max stared at Liz. She was protectively holding a crying Zach in her arms. He couldn’t believe how caring Zach was of his mother, despite his young age.

“Don’t ever do that again, baby. Do you hear me? Your momma can defend herself,” Liz whispered to her son as she peppered his face with kisses, trying to take away his tears.

“Hey, its okay,” Max croaked out a moment later. In reality he was a little upset about Zach kicking and hitting him, but he did understand. “It’s cool, it’s-“ he paused as he stared at Zach and Liz, both of whom were staring at him. “It’s okay” he assured.

For a second everyone remained still as they all stared at each other.

“I’m so sorry Max- he didn’t mean to. I swear, he’ll never do it again,” Liz promised shakily. Her eyes pleaded with his, begging him to forgive her.

“You heard him Liz, he said it was cool- so don’t worry,” Maria interrupted. She wasn’t going to let Liz just back down. She knew that Liz was deathly afraid of men, and that was something Maria wouldn’t accept. She didn’t want Liz to be afraid for the remainder of her life, she wanted her to be strong and fight for her rights to life.

“Zach, sweetheart, say your sorry,” Liz insisted, ignoring Maria. Susanna had told her time after time to just apologize to Adam and walk away, but that had done her no good in the past. She wasn’t about to take that chance.

“No, momma, he hurt you,” Zach cried.

“Maybe we should go,” Maria suggested. “Diane, Max, it was great seeing—“

“Really Liz, Zach, it’s okay,” Max promised reassuringly. He moved to walk up to Liz, but Maria and Diane shook their heads, warning him not to. “Liz, please…” He reached out and gently grasped her arm, inadvertently touching Zach as well. He had done so in order to stop her from leaving, again. But the moment his hand came in contact with her skin, he was bombarded with another glimpse from her horrifying past.

“Come on baby, just eat it!” Adam insisted angrily, though to everyone around the couple it sounded teasing, like any husband joking with his wife. But Liz knew better.

“No, Adam, really, I don’t want any,” Liz insisted meekly. She pushed his hand and the French-fry away.

“Baby, come on, eat it! Stop being so stubborn,” Adam laughed, though Liz could hear the irritation in his voice. She was going to get it when they got home.

“No!” Liz stated harshly. Her friends stared at the couple wondering what was going on. Some knew about Adam and his abusive ways, but they didn’t dare say a word; not if they wanted to live.

In the next second Adam smashed the French-fry against Liz’s mouth, forcing it into her mouth. And in response, Liz swung around and slapped him, hard.

The sound of her hand hitting his cheek rung in Liz’s ears as fear coursed through her.

She was dead. Adam would surely kill her for this.

“You stupid bitch!” Adam swatted her, throwing her from the chair she sat in to the ground. Blood spurted from her nose and lip, as she lay sprawled out on the floor.

“Leave her the fuck alone!” Susanna shrieked as she pushed herself up from her chair and stopped Adam from advancing on Liz anymore then he already had.

In the next minute Susanna found herself on the ground as well. She could feel her warm blood trickling down her chin and onto her cool skin. Rage and fear grasped her as she stared up in Adam’s dangerous eyes.

“You crazy fucker. You only have to hit me once for me to know to leave your shitty ass,” Susanna screamed. The patrons in the restaurant watched on in horror. But none of them moved to help anyone.

“Susanna, please, it’s okay,” Liz assured as she pushed herself up from the floor. Blood and potatoes covered her face. “Everything’s okay.”

“I can’t believe you Liz. You’re dead and stupid if you stay with him!” Susanna screamed before storming out of the restaurant, leaving a stunned and angry Adam, and a scared but thinking Liz.

In the next moment Liz found herself and Adam wrapped in Max’s protective, but threatening embrace. He held her tightly as he whispered words of sorrow, love, and declarations that he would never let anything happen again. She didn’t know what he was talking about, she just wanted to get away.

Liz tried t pull away, desperate to get away and return to Maria’s home, where she and Zach could live in peace- alone. But Max’s hold on her was too strong and he was making it impossible for her to leave.

Diane watched with fascination as her son clung to Liz, looking as if he was protecting her from the world by the way he was holding her so tightly. She wondered momentarily if Liz could even breathe but when she heard Liz let out a breath of air and a small sob, she knew she could, and she knew Max was doing just as she had thought. But then

Diane wondered what had set her son off to suddenly to make him actually show some sort of affection in broad daylight when he was usually to shy to hug his mother in her own house. But then, as she watched her son with Liz and her son, she couldn’t help but think how cute they looked together- like a reunited family. Except for his beautiful blue eyes, Diane was positive that Zach could pass for Max’s own child.

Well, he was also missing the slightly large ears.

Sobs coursed Liz's body as she struggled against Max, trying everything she could muster to make herself not fall deeper into the abyss which he created for her where she could feel warmth and love from him. But it was a losing battle and Liz was sinking fast. With everything she had just been through she just wanted to crawl away and never be seen again, but Max was making that dream impossible.

She tried not to relax in his arms, to smell his scent, which she had missed so much, and to let him know that she was ready to fall apart, but it seemed impossible at this point. Adam had broken her in every way and Liz didn’t think that she was able to fall apart any more.

Finally Max loosened his tight hold on Liz, his intent to take her into his arms and carry her away where Adam could never touch her again, but Liz had different plans. She didn't even grab any of her belongings- except Zach. She simply slipped from his arms and ran, leaving a devastated Max and a speechless Diane and Maria.

Max quickly regained his bearings and ran after her, trying to catch up and comfort her from the pain she was obviously in, but when he finally made it outside he saw no sign of Liz. He looked around desperately searching for her, but she wasn't there, she was gone, again. But Max didn't blame her, he understood why she had left; he would leave to if he had lived her life.

I smell trouble on the horizon...
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Chapter 9

“Tell me now.”

“Sir, I’m sorry, but we don’t know where your wife went.” The woman’s voice quivered, much as her body did.

“I think you do. And I think you’re going to tell me, if you know what’s good for you.”

“Please, sir, we aren’t allowed to give out the information you are asking for.”

“See now, you’re changing your story. One minute you don’t know where she is and the next you’re telling me you can’t give me ‘that’ information. Get your facts straight and tell me where the fuck my wayward wife is.” When the desk attendant didn’t work fast enough, Adam reached across the desk and grabbed her collar. “Listen to me. I will kill you if you don’t tell me where the fuck my wife is.”

“Sir, please…” the attendant pleaded. She was quivering and trying her best to keep herself in control of the situation at hand.

“You stupid cunt, move!” In the next moment the clerk found her body sprawled on the floor as the man moved in front of her computer. She watched as the man typed away on her computer and prayed that he wouldn’t find whom he was looking for. The police had taken many precautions to ensure that Liz would be able to get away.

But, like all other times, somehow Adam was always able to trace her.

A moment later Adam turned and smiled leeringly down at the woman.

“Thanks,” he spat out before stomping out of the airport and back towards his car, a smile lighting his lips at the thought of returning his wife back to his home. “Stupid hoe.”


“No, no…. no, no, no…” Liz chanted as tears trickled down her cheeks.

She sat in the bathroom with her back against the wall. The toilet sat beside her, acting as her only friend.

Maria and Michael were taking care of Zach and giving Liz some time to get ready for her meeting with Jesse and a few other lawyers.

“Oh, god…” Her lower lip trembled as she stared down at the small device in her hands. It stared back at her, holding the power and using it to its full advantage. She was completely powerless.

Staring up at her reflection in the mirror, her eyes drifted down to her stomach.

At first she had thought the signs were merely symptoms from Adam’s regular beatings, or from the many medications the doctors had her on. But now she knew the truth.

She was pregnant, again. And Adam was once again the father.

Continuing to stare at herself, Liz slowly stood up. She pushed up her shirt and placed her hand on her stomach, resting it there protectively.

“What am I going to do?”


“What do you mean you want nothing?” Jesse asked in shock.

“I don’t want anything- no money, clothes, estates, nothing,” Liz insisted weakly. It was the hardest decision in her whole life, but if she wanted to get rid of Adam then she had to let go of him completely. Or at least most of him. “I just want full custody of Zach.”

“If the judge agrees and this pans out, you’ll be left with nothing, Liz. You already have nothing,” Jesse reminded her. But it was his next words that stayed with her. “And I don’t see the judge letting you keep Zach if you can’t provide for him. They’ll take him away and put him in foster care, or back with his father if he isn’t convicted.”

“No…. no, I can provide for him! I’ll get a job, I’ll do anything,” Liz sobbed. Her eyes were wide as saucers as she tried to convince Jesse that she was serious. With another child coming Liz knew it would be hard to hold down a job, provide for Zach, herself and the baby, but she would do whatever she had to. She didn’t care, she just wanted her freedom. “Just tell me what to do.”

“Liz, there’s no sure-fire answer for any of this. But getting a job and a house or apartment would be good. If the judge knows you’re living with friends than he’ll be less enthusiastic to give you complete custody of Zach. If possible, I would stay away from taking out loans or anything like that because the judge could see that as a potential risk,” Jesse advised. He knew it was hard on Liz, but she needed to know the truth. “Listen, Liz, I’m gonna tell you right now that if Adam isn’t convicted, getting complete custody of Zach is going to be very hard. Adam has money, a good job, a nice house- he has everything needed to take care of Zach.”

“But, no! No, he’d hurt him. He’d kill him,” Liz cried.

“I know, and I’m working as hard as I can to fix all of this, but Liz, this is difficult- worse than you could ever imagine…” Jesse paused. He didn’t want to pressure Liz, but at this point he really needed something to work with. “We need proof- tangible proof. So unless you—“

“I have some,” Liz suddenly butted in.

“What do you mean? Liz, have you been hiding things from me? Cause if you have been, I need to know. Anything will help at this point because what I have isn’t good. The police all side with Adam- there isn’t single report written up. And the hospital records… they’re gone. Every single record is gone.”

“I have proof,” Liz interrupted. This time her voice was slightly softer and tears welled up in her eyes.

“What kind of proof?” Jesse asked cautiously. Already he could tell this was going to be big. Maybe bigger than anything he’d ever dealt with before.

“I-uh, I know what Adam would do to Zach, because he did it to our daughter,” Liz whispered sorrowfully. The tears were now freely flowing down her face as memories of her first born surfaced. For so long she had kept her emotions and memories connected to Athena locked away. Her life was better if she just forgot. But now Liz knew that she would have to let the truth be known.

“Liz, no where in your files does it say you have a daughter,” Jesse said nervously.

“I had a daughter,” Liz corrected.

Jesse remained silent as he let Liz’s word sink in. This was worse than he had even believed. Adam wasn’t a monster, he was a murderer.

When Liz didn’t continue, Jesse grew uncomfortable.

“Liz, what happened?” Jesse prompted softly. He watched her stare at the floor as she wrung a handkerchief in her hands.

“I’d just been accepted to Harvard when I met Adam. He wasn’t like anyone I’d ever met before- he was dangerous, sexy, and he had the most beautiful mind,” Liz reminisced quietly. “When I met him he was going out with one of my friends. But one night they had a fight and he came to me, telling me that he loved me and that he wanted me.

I don’t know why I didn’t see it then, but I trusted him. Maybe it was because I was so distraught about everything that had been going on in my life. But, he made everything alright. And we made love that night- it was so amazing. He was so gentle and I’d never felt anything like it before.

I saw stars.

Three months later I found out the news. Actually, Adam had been commenting about me putting on a few pounds. A couple other people had noticed too, so I went to a doctor and he confirmed it.

Adam was so attentive to me. We continued going to school. Adam got an apartment for the two of us- well, three I guess. He would always talk to her and tell us how much he loved us. And whenever he would hit me he would apologize to both of us, promising that he would never do it again and telling us how much he loved us.

We believed him too.

Then, on February 14, 2004 Athena was born. She was so beautiful- she had these blue eyes and a few wisps of brown hair. Adam loved her so much; I did too. But I didn’t really get to see her at first. I was pretty sick.

The doctors were real worried about me- said I had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks, maybe even two months. But Adam wouldn’t hear of it.”

At this point there were tear tracks marring Liz’s face, along with her other markings, all given to her by Adam. Jesse continued to remain silent as he tried to comprehend everything that Liz was telling him. He had read nothing of this, though he guessed it was for Adam’s sake.

“One night, Adam came to me and told me that he and Athena needed me; that they couldn’t live without me. I just wanted my baby girl.

He coaxed me to leave the hospital and to marry him. Now I knew that he had a temper and that he was prone to knock me around, but he loved me and I loved him. I figured he would stop once we got married and had our baby.

We got married in Las Vegas in this little chapel. It was so dirty.,” Liz laughed nervously. “There were hookers on the street all around us. Adam slept with one of them that night, but I had Athena and was married, so I was happy. I didn’t care that he forced me to have sex with he and the hooker.

Her name was Candy- she had to go to the hospital afterwards.

A few months later, while I was at class, I guess Athena started crying. Adam didn’t know what to do. She just wanted some milk; she didn’t want to die.

When I got from class there was a group of people surrounding our apartment complex. There was shattered glass on the pavement and some blood on the ground.” At this point Liz paused as she tried to recollect herself. “Adam was gone. He had gone over to Natalie’s- she’s his mistress. But not before shutting Athena up.

He threw her out the window. She wouldn’t stop crying so he threw her out the window. She was so little she couldn’t even fight back. All she could do was cry as he choked her. But that wasn’t enough, he killed her. He killed my baby girl, and the cops did nothing! No one did anything- ever.”

“Oh Jesus, Liz…” Jesse extracted himself from his seat and pulled Liz into his embrace. He had no words to comfort her. All he could do was hold her as she cried. His whole being shook with anger at the hatred he felt for this man. If it was the last thing he did he would put Adam behind bars, or kill him with his own hands. “Liz, I need to know, do you have proof of this? Do you have papers, pictures, anything?”

“I-uh… I have reports- the original report before the cops changed it,” Liz sobbed. “The man who came gave me a copy of the report and a warrant for Adam’s arrest, he’s dead, but I have that and… and…”

“And what?”

“In our house, I have the security video from the apartment- it shows everything,” Liz’s voice trailed off as she tried to pull her emotions together at the thought of watching Adam throw their daughter from their third story window, again.

Something was wrong. Jesse was more sure then ever that something was really off with Adam. No man would ever get away with killing a child, especially if Liz was telling the truth about all the proof she had.

And what did she mean the man who had come to arrest Adam was dead?

“Good, good… we’ll work through all of this. But Liz, this is good,” Jesse murmured as he continued to hug Liz to him. “Liz, you are never going to see Adam again, and neither is Zach. Do you hear me? You and Zach are going to live a long and happy life together, without Adam- I swear to god, okay?”

“Thank you… thank you,” Liz sobbed as she continued to cling to the only man she had voluntarily hugged in years, all while keeping one hand pressed to her stomach where her child grew.

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Chapter 10

Michael and Maria woke to the sound of someone banging on their door.

Turning over, Michael squinted as he attempted to see what time it was. 8:00 in the morning and someone suddenly felt the need to pay them a visit? What was the world coming to?

“Michael, get the door,” Maria grumbled. She yanked the blanket from his prone form and gave him a good kick to get him moving. He groaned in response, but quickly made his way out of bed and toward the offending door.

There was no way he was about to defy Maria- he was still on her bad side, especially because of the fact that he had hid the fact that Max had seen and played with Zach, and Michael hadn’t told anyone.

Stumbling toward the door, Michael rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

“Whoever it is, you better have a good reason to be here,” Michael yawned. He unbolted the door and started to open the door, only to have it thrown in his face as the person on the other side tossed the door open.

“Where is she?!”


“What?” Nancy’s voice shook as she spoke. Her body began to sway and Jeff reacted quickly, pulling her to him and giving her the support she needed. “Our baby girl… oh Jeff…”

“I thought you knew,” Diane whispered sorrowfully. She hadn’t meant to upset Nancy and Jeff, or to even be the bearer of bad news, but she had thought that Liz’s parents would be the first to know she was back, and the shape she was in. Which was why she was so shocked to find out they knew nothing.

“Wh-when did you last see her?” Jeff asked softly. His voice was low and dangerous.

While part of him just wanted to find his daughter and protect her from all the evil of the world, especially Adam, another part of him just wanted to get out his shot gun and kill Adam for touching his daughter in the first place.

“Two days ago at the market- she looked so… so…”

“And she has a son?” Nancy asked, interrupting Diane from continuing.

“Yes, a beautiful little boy- they look so much alike, except for his blue eyes,” Diane gushed. She imagined it hurt Nancy and Jeff to know that she had seen their daughter and grandson before they had, but at least now they knew.

“Wh-what about…”

“She was with Maria. And the bruises and everything, they didn’t look too fresh- they were healing,” Diane assured.

“Do you know where she’s staying?” Nancy rushed to ask. She would give anything to see or hear from her daughter again. They hadn’t seen hide nor hair from her since she had disappeared seven years ago.

“No. Maria wouldn’t tell me. But she promised she was in good hands. And Max- he’s looking for her.”


“Jesus, Max…” Michael growled as he held his nose with his hands. Blood was seeping through his fingers. “I think you broke my nose.”

“Sorry,” Max said distractedly as he ran his hand over Michael’s nose, healing it.

“I’d better not have a silver handprint on my nose when I wake up,” Michael warned.

“Michael where is she?”

“Where is who?” Michael grumbled. He continued to rub at his nose; unsure if he liked the fix Max did for him.

“Liz. Liz. Where is Liz?” Max asked desperately.

Sighing, Michael merely pointed outside where he knew Liz was. She was always in the backyard at the crack of dawn reading the newspaper, but only after fixing breakfast for the whole household, even though they weren’t up.

Almost immediately Max spotted Liz sitting at the table, her arms wrapped around herself and her back to him. Her hair danced in the air as a cool breeze rushed through the area. As the breeze whipped past her he also saw just how thin she had become, her clothing blew right through her practically, but Max was going to change that, or he hoped he would be able to.

“You be good to her, Max, do you hear me? Cause if you hurt her in any way, I’ll kill you. She’s been through enough shit and she doesn’t need you piling anything more on top of her already fucked up life,” Michael warned sternly.

Max nodded in agreement.

Not wanting to scare her off, Max made his way towards her as slowly as possible. Once outside, he continued to slowly make his way toward her. His footsteps were barely even audible because of the breeze, which continually whipped past them. The soft cry from a bird echoed around the yard and when Max looked to see if Liz has been affected by it he was surprised to see her still standing stiff as a board while looking out at nothing. He longed to hold her in his arms, but that wasn't possible at this moment, he had to move slowly, and he couldn't scare her away.

Upon reaching her without having her notice, Max was unsure of how he should notify Liz of his presence. While what he wanted to do was cradle her in his arms and take care of her, he knew that would only push her away at this point. Instead he decided that the best thing to do at this point was try to work his way past the walls she had built around herself and her heart and slowly break them down; even if that meant simply being her friend. He would live with that, as long as he was near her and taking care of her and Zack.

"Liz?" His voice was nothing but a whisper in the wind and he wasn't even sure if she had even heard it, but she did, and ever so cautiously Liz turned to face Max. As he saw the stream of tears that had worn a path down her cheek he felt his heart break. The hurt and despair in her eyes was evident as she looked up at Max. As their eyes met Liz unintentionally shuddered as she felt a new batch of tears begin to well up. And then without warning Liz threw herself into Max's arms, burying her head against his chest as she let the tears come freely.

She knew it was wrong. She knew she still didn’t trust him, but right now he was the only person she felt safe enough to get near. He hadn’t hurt her at the supermarket, instead he had reminded her of everything good and perfect that she had left in Roswell.

She was tired of being alone and afraid of the world and every man on it. She needed comfort and right now Max was the only person she felt safe enough to get it from.

Never before had Max felt so attune as when he was holding Liz at that moment. Instantly his arms were wrapped around her small body, trying to give her the comfort she so desperately needed. His fingers entwined themselves in her hair and as he continued to hold her he rested his chin protectively on the crown of her head.

No other feeling ever compared to this moment in Max's mind, and he planned to cherish this moment for the rest of his life. Not even that night in the desert when he and Liz had found the orb, when he had held her in his arms while sleeping compared to this moment.

As the sun settled over their heads Max continued to hold Liz in his arms, letting her cry against his chest and comforting her to the best of his ability. He wasn't sure how long they had been standing there or even what time it was, but he didn't care. Everything else besides giving her solace was unimportant at this point.

Even facing a raging mad Michael or Maria was worth it because of the knowledge that he had helped Liz, he had been there when she needed him. But now Max wanted to take her away, take her some place where he could help her piece back together her life and restart it, only this time he would be in the picture.

“If Zach will let you, why don’t you take her on back to your place,” Maria offered. Max hadn’t even heard her come out. He searched her face and eyes for any signs of discomfort over her idea, but when he saw none he smiled. He also started to ask why, but as usual, Maria beat him too it. “She’s never cried for me- for anyone. And she hasn’t slept since she’s stop taken her medication. Obviously your doing something we never could.”

“Thank you,” Max whispered. He watched Maria slowly move back towards the house where Zach stood with his face plastered against the glass door. His nose was all scrunched up and his hands pressed against the glass so hard that they were turning a soft pink-white color.

A moment later Max’s heart sunk as he watched Zach venomously shake his head. He had hoped that Zach would give him a second chance.

So absorbed in the fact that he would have to leave Liz with Maria and Michael, Max never even heard Zach come up behind him.

“Aunt ‘Ria says you’re gonna take care of my mommy and me for the night,” Zach stated carefully. He eyed Max and gave him a good glare once he held Max’s gaze, letting him know with his three year old eyes that he wasn’t to touch or hurt Liz.

“Yeah, that is if it’s okay with you,” Max smiled at the small boy.

“Well, I guess so. But if you hurt my mommy, I’ll kill you,” Zach insisted, using words he had heard his father say before. Max stared at the little boy in horror for a moment. He had never seen this side of Zach. But then, he hadn’t spent much time with him, and that was something Max intended to change. He intended to spend the rest of his life with Zach and Liz.

As gently as possible, Max lifted Liz into his arms and then moved her so that he was cradling her against his chest, her head now buried in the crook of his neck and her arms wrapped around his neck, which had happened on her own accord. Stepping slowly and carefully so he wouldn't trip, back towards the jeep, Max lay the seat down before gingerly laying Liz down and buckling her in. The small whimper she let out as soon as he let go caused Max to instantly return to her side and take her back into his arms.

He waited until Zach climbed in and hugged his mother. He lay on his mother’s lap, unwilling to take the back seat. Max was tempted to tell Zach it would be safer, but Liz did look a little more peaceful having Zach in her arms.

Finally, after getting some clothes for Liz and Zach, and planning everything out with Maria and Michael, Max moved around the jeep to the drivers’ side. Upon getting and starting the car up, Max placed his free hand on Liz's shoulder so as to keep some sort of contact with her and let her know he wasn't going anywhere.

Driving down the road as slowly and quietly as possible, Max tried to not hit any pot holes or bumps so that Liz could rest peacefully until he returned to his house where he would watch over her while she slept. Occasionally he would catch Zach’s eye and he would smile in response, but Zach wouldn’t smile back.

Max didn’t know what else to do. Zach seemed to hate him now and Liz was completely catatonic. This was the only thing Max knew to do right now, let her sleep; because at this point she seemed completely overwhelmed with everything that was going on around her, as was justifiable.

Max just prayed he could help her in some way.

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Chapter 11

“So, what do you want to eat?” Max asked Zach. It was fairly early and Liz had yet to wake up.

Once they had arrived back at his home, Max had let Liz sleep in his bed while Zach took a spare room. The whole night Max had remained awake, watching over Liz and remaining at her side, attending to her throughout the night. Every whimper that had escaped her lips, Max had whispered words of reassurance and love.

The way Max viewed it, all of this was his fault. Had he not screwed up so badly then Liz never would have left, thus she never would have met Adam. But now that he had her back in his life Max was not going to let go. He was going to win her back, no matter what.

Whatever he had to do to make Liz see that he loved her and wanted to take care of her and Zach, Max was willing to do.

“Momma always cooks my food,” Zach protested. He didn’t mind when Michael or Maria cooked his food. But neither Michael nor Maria showed an interest in Liz in anything more then friends. Zach had clearly seen the way Max had looked at his mother, and he didn’t like it.

“Well, your mom is still sleeping, so if its okay with you, I’d like to cook you breakfast,” Max offered. It was trying on his tired nerves to deal with Zach’s sudden moods, but he understood- to a certain degree. He understood that Zach was looking out for Liz and that he loved her very much. “Or if you wanted to we could make breakfast together.”

“Or I could make breakfast for my mom,” Zach insisted. He pointed a finger at his chest so as to emphasize his point, causing Max to chuckle at his sudden cuteness. One minute he was acting like a miniature caveman and the next he was the sweetest little boy.

“Yeah, you could, or we could,” Max shrugged. He stepped aside so as to give Zach some room. “What should we make her?”

“She’s my mom and I’m going to make her breakfast,” Zach persisted temperamentally. He pushed Max aside as he waddled over toward the kitchen counter top, only to come face to face with…

The cabinet door.

Zach angled his head up so as to try and see the counter top, but as hard as he tried, he couldn’t see it.

“What’s the matter, Zach?” Max was having a hard time controlling his laughter. He wanted to laugh, but he knew he shouldn’t, especially with Zach’s ever-changing moods.

“Nothing! I… I’m just trying to think of what to make for my mom,” Zach insisted. He continued to stare at the wood cabinets, trying to figure out some way to make it to the counter top without Max’s help. He didn’t want Max to help him because then he would be admitting that he needed help.

Admitting that would be like admitting that despite everything he still loved his father.

And he did, to a varying degree.

Not even a minute later, Max watched in awe as Zach carefully climbed to the top of the counter. He opened two of his sliding drawers and used them as steps to reach his final goal.

Max had to admit the kid was smart.

“Are you sure I can’t help you?” Max asked. “I’d really like to.”

“No!” Zach said moodily. He was still slightly tired and he still didn’t like the way Max seemed to dote over his mother.

An hour later, Max was staring at his kitchen wondering what Zach had exactly attempted make and how he had messed up so badly. For no longer did his kitchen look like a kitchen, but a ransacked room, covered in white.

He had only left Zach alone for five minutes while he went to check on Liz, but in that five minutes the small boy had somehow gotten all the ingredients he would need to make whatever it was that he needed to make.

Never in his life had Max thought that someone so small could create such a mess. Just looking at the wreckage of Zach’s leftovers left Max feeling anxious and unsure of himself.

In all his careful thinking he had never factored in a child. He had been too caught up in the fact that Liz was back and in his home. And it was true he had always thought he would find his own son, but he had never been able to find Tess or his son. Thus he had never had to act as the father he really was. But now, with Liz and her son staying in his house, Max finally realized the ramifications of having a child.

They were messy, moody, and energetic. And Max didn’t know how Liz did it, but he could never see himself being able to take care of Zach, or any kid for that matter after witnessing the havoc Zach just did to his kitchen. He wasn’t fatherly material.

How was he supposed to support Liz and Zach when he couldn’t even keep up with Zach?

And how did Liz do it?

A new respect took over Max as he moved towards his bedroom where Liz slept. Zach had already left the kitchen and Max only guessed that he was now serving his mother breakfast.

Much to his luck, Max was correct.

“Oh, my sweet little baby, thank you.” Max heard Liz say as he walked up toward his door. He peaked in and what he saw made his heart lurch forward, almost out of his chest.

Liz was sitting up in his bed. It was obvious that Zach had woken her as he could see the tiredness in her eyes. Her hair was mussed up, her features soft and glowing, and the smile that lit her face as she held Zach to her made Max weak in his knees.

She made a wonderful mother.

For a moment Max continued to watch as Zach pointed out each and every thing he had made.

“… and this… this is your favorite mommy!” Max squinted as he looked at the tray, trying to figure out what Zach had made that was Liz’s favorite. It was a glob of food that Max couldn’t even start to guess what it was.

“Oh, honey, thank you… I really appreciate this,” Liz cooed as she hugged and kissed her son, unwilling to let him go.

When she had first woken up, Liz had been disoriented and scared. She didn’t know where she was or why. Faintly she remembered last being with Max before she had somehow fallen asleep.

But it was morning now and there was no way that she was still with Max. This wasn’t even Maria and Michael’s house.

It was only then that the though drifted through her mind.


Fear coursed through Liz as she scrambled out of bed, all while keeping Zach tightly tucked in her embrace. While this wasn’t their house, Liz wouldn’t put it past Adam to buy a house in Roswell. Their old hometown in Georgia was getting old and news was starting to spread.

And just like when he had killed their little girl, they up and left to a new town. Adam said it was because he wanted a change, but Liz knew. And she went along because she also knew that he would hunt her down and kill her if she tried to leave him.

Beside, she loved him- to some varying degree.

“Mommy, what’s wrong?” Zach cried as he clung to his mother. His body shook as his mother ran about the room collecting anything she could find of her own. Hearing the fear in her son’s voice, Liz forced herself to slow down. She wasn’t going to panic. And she wasn’t going to cause her son to panic either.

“Baby, Zach, I need you to tell me if your father is awake,” Liz insisted quietly. She gazed at her son, holding his eyes with her own as she waited his response.

“How would I know momma?” Liz looked at her son in bewilderment.

But her answer came a moment later.

“Adam isn’t here, Liz…” Max said softly. He didn’t want to scare her anymore than she already was. Just being here would be a big enough shock. She had run from him the last time she had seen him, and Max did not want her to leave him again.

This time Max Evans’ was determined to keep Liz by his side, no matter what it took.

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Chapter 12

“Get your things together,” Liz instructed her son. She sat up, bringing the blanket with her so as to cover her completely clothed body. When her son didn’t move she gave a pointed look and nodded for him to leave.

Both Max and Liz watched as Zach left the room, sulking.

It took everything inside of Max not to go and pull Liz into his arms the moment Zack left, but seeing her so frail and afraid kept Max from running over. He reminded himself that he needed to give Liz time. She was a mother that was now left alone in a world that could easily swallow her up whole.

Only Max refused to let that happen.


“No.” Max stared at Liz questioningly. He hadn’t even said anything. Well, technically he had said her name, but he didn’t know how she could possibly know what he was going to say next.


“No,” Liz stated more firmly. As much as she wanted to run into Max’s arms and let him protect her, she had learned her lesson. Just because a man appeared to be kind a loving didn’t mean that he didn’t have a mean streak. And the fact that she had been victim to Max’s vicious side only enforced Liz’s need to flee. She was not going to subject her son to another abusive relationship.

This was their chance to live and she was not going to screw it up.

“I know where this is going to go, so let me save us both a lot of time; time which I will use instead to be with my son,” Liz bit out. She leapt out of the bed, making sure to keep her distance from Max. Quickly, she went around the room, looking for her purse and any other belongings of her own.


“Don’t play stupid with me, Max Evans’. I remember every little detail. You hurt me. While it might not have been quite as bad as what Adam did, you still hurt me. And I refuse to subject my son to any more violence,” Liz cried. She carefully backed out of his room and from Max, making sure not to make eye contact. She knew if she looked in his eyes then she wouldn’t be able to deny him anything he asked of her.

Which was exactly what had happened the day before. Max had come to her, and while he had been gentle and taken care of her and let her cry, he had also made her fear him. He still held a power over her, and that scared Liz. Knowing that her heart still recognized him scared the living daylights out of Liz.

Beside, Liz wasn’t sure she had enough of a heart to give to anyone ever again.

“Liz, please!” Max pleaded as he slowly followed her out. He watched as she scooped Zach up with her one good arm and again he wanted to run to her when he saw her wince in pain. He wanted to fix her broken arm, he wanted to take away her bruises, and he wanted to give her everything that she and Zach ever needed.

“Don’t you get it Max? You don’t have the right to ask me to do anything! You lost that right the day you slept with Tess. You lost that right the day you gave your heart to someone else,” Liz reminded him. Continuing towards the door, Liz suddenly stopped and turned to look at Max. “The summer after you and Tess slept together you told me that you had been attracted to her Max, but it was over, and do you know how much that hurt? The fact that you conceived a child with her due to your attraction almost killed me. It sure as hell shattered my heart, but I was young and naïve.

Obviously I still am.

But I’m fixing all that. I’m not just thinking about myself anymore. I have Zach to worry about and another child on the way. I will not allow anyone to harm my children, including you. I can’t play anymore games; my heart won’t take it and neither will my children.”

“It was an accident,” Max said defensively. His son was still a touchy subject.

“Cheating on someone isn’t an accident. Tess wasn’t someone you just met and decided to sleep with,” Liz said in exasperation. “This happened because there was a reason for it in our relationship; or what little of a relationship we had. Obviously you were not getting what you wanted out of our relationship. Granted the blame isn’t one sided, we were both injured, and our relationship was strained. However, we both had to have realized and understood our part in this, but back then you weren’t even looking; even now you aren’t; right now you’re playing the victim. Well, you know what Max, we were both the victim in this. And we needed to look at the hidden and unresolved issues between us before there ever could be an ‘us’...”

“What if I was willing to work with you on resolving those problems,” Max said quickly. He’d say anything to keep Liz in his home.

“Because Max, I told you already… I have two children’s futures to think about. I don’t need to be frivolously throwing my heart around; I need to be looking at finding a job, getting an apartment, and fixing my life so that Adam can’t take my kids away. God knows I’ve run it down into the ground, but I swear that those days are over. I will not play anyone’s doormat anymore: not Adam’s and definitely not yours!”

With that said Liz threw open the door and ran out as quickly as possible. Max stood rooted to his spot as he let everything Liz said sink in. She hated him. Not only that, she hated him with a passion.

But what really struck him, and just a little too late, was the fact that she had said children. She had said she was expecting a child. Her words replayed like a mantra in his mind. She and Adam had conceived another child, or maybe Adam had forced her into the situation, and this child was the aftermath.

He wanted to run after her, to tell her that he was sorry and would do anything and everything she needed him to do. He would give her money, he would let her live in his house- hell, he would buy her a house if that was what it took- he would set her up with a nice job, he would do everything in his power to give her a good life. And if by chance, after time, she would give him a chance, then he would try to win her heart back.

It wasn’t until after he heard the screeching of tires that Max finally made his feet move. He didn’t know why, but he did know that he had to get outside and fast.

Only, as soon as he got outside he found that he was too late. And later he would wish that he had made Liz stay, even had it been by force.


Slamming the door behind her, Liz set down Zach so as to get a better hold on her purse and jacket. She threw her jacket over her shoulders and shoved her arms through the sleeves.

Her heart was pounding and she was positive that she was in for the beating of her life.

However, if she was quick enough then she was sure that she could make it back to Maria and Michael’s where she could collect her belongings and leave. Max would never be able to find her and pay her back for speaking back.

Liz wasn’t even sure where everything she had said had come from. Hell, she didn’t even know where she had gotten the courage to say half the things she had. However, everything she had said was true. Max had hurt her, a lot.

It was because of Max that she had left. He had taken her heart and broken it one too many times. So when he had gone off to Los Angeles and not called her, Liz knew that enough was enough.

Back then she had still had a backbone, to a varying degree.

So when the opportunity had risen to go to a private school just near Harvard, she had jumped on top of the offer. She hadn’t even gotten the chance to say goodbye; instead she simply packed a bag, emptied her bank account, and caught the first plane to Massachusetts.

For the first few months she had remained a recluse. But one day she met a group of friends; people whom she liked and whom liked her. They helped her to start over. Of course it was these same friends who introduced her to Adam.

But back then he had been sweet, kind and ever so loving.

Snapping back to the present, Liz reached for her son, however cold air and the slight brush of a nearby bush met her hand.

Liz’s head snapped up and she searched the surrounding area.

“Zach?” Liz cried out worriedly. “ZACH! No!”

This time her voice came out in a scream as she caught sight of her son’s head of brown hair. He sat in the back seat of a car waiting just at the curb. His face was pressed up against the window and fresh blood was pouring out of his nose.

“Get in Liz,” Adam instructed. His tone was a mixture of anger and his held in temper. He took a step forward, causing Liz to back up into the door. She was about to turn the knob on the door when she thought about her son. Liz knew she couldn’t leave him with her monster of a husband.

“No…” Liz cried softly. Tears fell down her face as she stared at her son.

“Get the fuck in the car!” Adam screamed. He strode over and roughly grabbed Liz by her wrist, uncaring when she screamed out in pain. “What the fuck were you thinking just up and leaving like that? Huh?”

He shoved her up against the car, letting her body slam against the hard metal. For Adam it was like throwing a rag doll, and for Liz it was like being thrown into a chunk of concrete or steel. Blood once again marred her face and she fought to stay on her feet.

Everything was becoming so dark.

Pulling open the car door, Adam thrust Liz into the car, causing her head to hit the steering wheel, which also caused afresh bout of blood to pour from her nose. A black eye would appear later.

“God damn stupid bitch, make me come all the way out to New Mexico to find ya cheatin’ on me,” Adam grumbled as he got in the car as well. The engine was already turned on, so he merely released the parking break, shoved the car into gear and thrust his foot down onto the gas pedal. The tires screeched, marking the pavement along with Liz and Zach’s blood.

It was only after the car was halfway down the street that Max made it outside.

“Liz!” He started to run after she and Zach, but thought better of it. He turned and started towards his car, only to realize he didn’t have his keys. “Shit!” His fist connected with the side of his car, forcing a dent on his new car. But it didn’t matter.

Running back into his house, Max grabbed his wallet and cell phone. He rummaged around, trying to find his keys, but no matter how hard he looked he couldn’t find them. “Shit, shit, shit!” He knew he shouldn’t curse, especially if he planned on getting Liz and Zach back. But this was a very special case.

Finally finding his keys, Max sprinted out, leaving his door wide open and jumped into his car. A minute later he was out on the road, searching for Liz while he attempted to call Michael and Maria. He would have them go to the airport while he searched the town.

It didn’t take long for Max to get Maria and Michael out. The minute he had said that Adam was back, Michael had said that he would get to the airport and make sure Adam didn’t leave.

Next Max called Isabel and Jesse. He told to call the cops and have them do anything they could to prevent Liz from leaving Roswell. Jesse said he would do one step better, but max didn’t wait to hear what it was.

All Max wanted to hear was Liz and Zach’s voices, and even wanted to see Liz’s new child.

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Chapter 13

Hanging his head in shame, Jesse refused to meet Max’s eyes as the younger man walked in. How was he supposed to tell his wife’s brother and one of his friends that after everything, nothing had turned up?

At first Jesse had contacted the bureau, only to be rebuffed because, as he just found out, Adam had once been one of the top agents. To add to his already hard case, Jesse also found out that no matter how many leads he had, Liz and Zach never turned up.

“Jesse, please,” Max pleaded. He sat down, waiting to hear something, anything.

“I’m sorry, Max.”

“No, I won’t accept that. I need to find her- them,” Max insisted. Tears were welling up in his eyes. He knew that he was in no way ready to become a father to two children, let alone one, but if it meant getting Liz back than Max was willing to be a father to as many children as she bore, adopted or took in.

“I’ll keep looking, but…”

“Four months have gone by, Jesse… obviously we are looking in the wrong places! Or maybe we shouldn’t be looking, maybe we should be acting and moving and… and…”

“And what, Max?” Jesse shouted in frustration. They were both at their wits end and neither knew what to do anymore. “I have followed every lead, every police report, every female hospital patient intake that in any way resembles Liz or Zach. I haven’t been home to my wife in three days because I have been hunched over this desk with this goddamn phone attached to my ear. I have called every friend I have in the bureau. I have traced every single nuance of detail that I can find. I have done everything in my power to find Liz and Zach.”

As Jesse spoke, Max remained quiet, listening to his brother-in-law carefully, and giving him the respect he deserved. And Max knew that Jesse was telling the truth and that he was right. Max knew that Jesse should be at his home with Isabel living his happily married life, but it didn’t make things any better.

“You’re right,” Max whispered moments later. He was defeated and completely broken. “You’re right, and I’m sorry, Jesse. You should be at home with Isabel- god knows you deserve it- but, Jesse, you’re all I have; you are my only link to finding Liz,” Max explained, telling Jesse exactly what he knew to be true. “Without you, I wouldn’t even know where to start.”

“Max, don’t say that. You’ve been working just as hard, if not harder. And I know you want to find Liz and bring her back, but Max, if…”

“When,” Max corrected sharply.

Sighing, Jesse rubbed at his forehead. “When we find her, she… she won’t…she might not--”

“I know she might tell me to leave her alone and to never see her again, but Jesse, I’m willing to take that chance, if only to protect she and Zack and her new baby.” As the words left his mouth, Max glanced down at the floor. It hurt to talk about Liz having someone else’s child, but Max knew that he had no right to be mad that Liz had been intimate with someone else. “I just want her to be happy…”


The crowd boisterously romped around the room, dancing to the beat of the music, drinking their drinks, and in general having fun.

Or at least most of the crowd was enjoying themselves.

Sitting on the end of the couch in a tight black dress with her hair tossed up and way too much make-up was Liz with Zach resting on her lap; exactly as Adam wanted her. They watched as Adam conversed with their friends, co-workers and neighbors. A new city meant new friends; friends that Adam would manipulate until they were his slaves practically.

“Momma?” Zach whispered as his clung to Liz.

“Yes baby?” Liz answered a moment later. She was slightly dazed from the painkillers Adam had forced her to take, but they took away the pain.

“When can we go home?” Liz stared at her son in confusion.

“What do you mean, sweetheart?”

“I want to go back to Roswell… I like uncy Mike and Auntie Ria’s house more… and I even miss Max,” Zach said quietly enough so that his father wouldn’t hear.

Gazing at her son, Liz quickly glanced up at her husband. Their eyes locked on each other and Liz involuntarily shivered. She was five and a half months pregnant and her life as well as her coming child’s rested in the hands of a murderer. And as she continued to stare at her husband she knew.

“We are home,” Liz stated remorsefully.

Zach slowly nodded his head in understanding. He knew his mother had no control over their life anymore. He was four years old now, his mother was pregnant and his father was beating both of them both on a regular schedule.

“Liz, baby, come here!” Adam suddenly called over the din. He and his new friend watched as Liz slowly got up from the couch, carefully holding Zach in her arms while she gradually made her way over; her leg was still healing, as was her arm and ribs, but Adam refused to let her wear a cast when they had guest.

“Yes, darling?” Liz asked in sugary sweet voice, just the way he liked her to.

“I want you to meet Kal… Kal?”

“Langley…Kal Langley. It’s nice to meet you, Liz,” Kal said jovially as he extended his hand and gave Liz a knowing smile. Liz had to fight to bite back her gasp. Kal Langley, she knew that name, and well.

“Uh…oh, of course. It’s nice to meet you as well,” Liz stammered. She winced slightly as he grasped her hand and gave it a delicate shake, and she made a mental note to have her right hand checked out as well.

“Your wife is absolutely beautiful; pregnancy really agrees with her,” Kal complimented, as his eyes remained glued to Liz. He didn’t even notice Adam seething beside him. “How far along are you?”

“Almost six months,” Liz choked out. She still couldn’t believe that she was staring at the shape shifter whom had almost taken Max back to Antar, back to Tess, and back to his son.

“Stupendous. And do you know the sex?”

“Not yet,” Adam answered gruffly. He didn’t like the leering looks coming from Kal. He had told her not to wear that dress. “Liz, you look tired, why don’t you go to the bedroom and I’ll be there in a minute to make sure you’re alright.”

Kal watched as a look of fear passed through Liz and Zack’s eyes before Liz nodded and limped back toward where she had come from. His eyes remained glued on her retreating form. What had his king gotten sucked into?

“If you’ll please excuse me,” Adam growled. He abruptly started moving about the room informing his guest that the party was ending due to his wife’s condition and her need to rest. All of the visitors smiled and thanked Adam for the wonderful party, telling him that it was nice to meet him, as well as his wife and son, and that they understood Liz’s need to rest as it was late.

Quickly hiding Zach in the closet, Liz prepared herself for whatever was to come. She had seen the dangerous look in Adam’s eyes and knew that he meant business when he had told she and Zach to go to the bedroom.

But Liz knew there was nothing she could do but take her beating. Hopefully Adam would take everything out on her and not hurt Zach, or her baby. Since he had found out she was pregnant and it was his he had calmed down considerably, only knocking her around a little here and there, but enough to keep her in her place.

“Stay in there, do you hear me?” Liz instructed sternly and Zach shook his head ‘no.’ “Zach, this is not a time to disagree with me. I’m ordering you to stay in this closet.”

“But momma…”

“Don’t but momma me. I’ll be fine, but if anything happens to you… please, sweetheart…” Before Liz could finish her sentence she felt the ground shake beneath her. She shut the door in haste, unwilling to let her son take anymore of her husbands wrath.

Moments later Liz found herself face to face with her husband. He glared down at her, his eyes filled with rage.


Not another coherent word passed her lips in the next five minutes as he pinned her against the wall, holding her up by her throat with only his hand, as he pillaged her body.

Tears trickled down her cheeks as she fought to scream for help. He was hurting her unlike ever before. Each thrust felt like a hot iron being shot into her body. The only sounds that passed her lips were little blurbs and sobs.

And in the end he left her lying on the floor, her knees drawn up to her chest as she silently rocked back and forth.

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Chapter 14

Staring down at the files before him, Jesse warily rubbed at his face. Another month had passed without so much as a single clue. But Jesse continued to remain glued to his desk looking over past clues, hints, or any other information. He hadn’t slept in his bed with his wife for two weeks and he knew that his marriage was on the rocks, but this was important.

Finding Liz was important.

But there were still so many questions. It seemed nearly impossible for a woman and her child to completely disappear off the face of the earth without someone recognizing them. Even if Adam had forced Liz to change her looks, people would have at least seen the two driving out of Roswell. It wasn’t like he could hide Zach or Liz, unless he had kept them in the trunk of his car; and according to Max that would have been impossible.

Luckily Isabel had been fairly understanding, beside she had been helping her brother cope over the fact that it was he who had last seen Liz, and despite his best efforts, had lost her as well. Jesse had attempted to tell Max that Adam kidnapping Liz and Zach wasn’t his fault, but lately Max had been in a funk and no one seemed to be able to help him. It was like Liz was his lifeline, and without her he couldn’t function.

But the worst were Mr. and Mrs. Parker, both of whom were nearly catatonic. Jesse could only be thankful that they hadn’t seen Liz or Zach; otherwise he was positive that they would be completely gone. But right now was bad enough; both seemed to walk around under a perpetual black cloud. Neither responded to anyone unless it had something to do with their daughter.

But Jesse understood the Parker’s reaction. First Liz had simply up and left without telling a single soul. Then, unexpectedly she returned after nearly being beaten to death, only to be taken before she could reunite with her parents. Neither Nancy nor Jeff had known about Zach, or Adam for that matter; they also hadn’t known that their daughter had attended Harvard, just as they had always hoped she would.

But now that they knew they were both happy and sad. Both had wanted to share the college experience with their daughter. Both had wanted to watch their daughter get married. Both had wanted their daughter to be happy. But neither had wanted for their only daughter- their heart and reason to live- to be in an abusive relationship for most of her life.

However, both Nancy and Jeff were happy beyond belief to know that their daughter was still alive, to a varying degree.

Jesse hoped to reunite the family and give everyone a long-deserved happy ending.

Startled by the ringing of the phone, Jesse stared down at the contraption for a moment, unsure if he really wanted to take the call or not. He measured the pros and cons, both evening out as he stared down at the pile of papers on his desk.

But in the end he picked up.

“Hello, Jesse Ramirez, how can I help you?” Jesse listened patiently for someone to answer, however it didn’t seem as though anyone was on the other end. And it wasn’t until he was just about to hang up when he heard someone speak.

And for the next five minutes he remained on the phone, listening intently as the person on the other end answered every question he had ever wanted answered in the last five months; questions about Liz, questions about Zach, questions about Adam and every incident that seemed to follow along with the trio. And finally the biggest answer to all of Jesse’s mysteries: where Liz, Zach and her unborn baby were currently residing.

Before Jesse could even mutter a thank you the caller had hung up and Jesse had run out of his office towards hid car.


Slamming on the brakes, Isabel let the car stall out as she lurched out the car and sprinted into the airport along side Michael, her brother, and husband. The minute her husband had called from Max’s house saying that they were going to California, Isabel had known that somehow Jesse had found some sort of clue. Of course Michael had to follow, as Max was positive he would need his friends help.

But as soon as Isabel picked Michael, her husband and brother up she found out the truth; not only had Jesse found a clue, he had found out where Liz was.

Neither Isabel, Michael nor Max could understand how Liz and Zach had not been noticed in Los Angeles by any sort of official, especially considering the fact that Jesse had specifically contacted some of his old friends whom now resided with the agency in Los Angeles.

But no matter what Jesse had or had not learned, no on really cared. All anyone cared about was the fact that some anonymous source had called in with Liz’s whereabouts, along with a little more information that would easily help in Jesse’s attempt to forever lock Adam in jail and free Liz, Zach and her unborn child.

“You be careful,” Isabel instructed Jesse. She kissed him soundly and hugged him to her, unwilling to let him leave even though she knew he had to. Michael and Max were getting the tickets while Jesse got to say goodbye to Isabel. “And take care of my brothers.”

“I promise,” Jesse whispered in response as he kissed his wife one last time. He could see Michael and Max were approaching. It was late and luckily there weren’t too many people at the airport, but Jesse had expected a little more trouble.

Of course he did forget that he was working with two aliens who could very easily create the tickets out of thin air.

“And bring Liz and Zach back.”


The car tires screeched as the tires were forced to a halt in front of a rather large house in a posh neighborhood. There was green grass lining the yard, along with a myriad of flowers, bushes, and shrubs. In front were three cars, all very nice and expensive. It looked like a house out of a storybook.

Too bad no one knew that it was less than a fairytale inside.

Max was the first out, shortly followed by Jesse and finally Michael, whom had been driving. While they had been flying and driving, Jesse had contacted the Parker’s, both Valenti men, as well as a few other authorities that needed to be let in on what was going on.

As he reached the door, Max tried to turn the knob, but it was locked. He tried using his powers ad forcing it to open, but the weird thing was, it didn’t work.

And that’s when he heard it. Adam’s deafening voice split through the silent morning air like a hot knife through butter. “God dammit, Liz!”

And suddenly Max knew he had to get inside somehow, otherwise nothing would ever be the same.


“God dammit, Liz!” Adam roared as he carelessly grabbed his wife by her neck and slammed her into their rock fireplace. He could feel the resistance of the solid granite beneath his wife’s smooth skin, but he paid it no heed as he continued to grind her perfect skin against the rough surface of the brickwork.

He towered above her, watching as her body slowly slumped to the ground. The whimper that passed her lips as her face crumpled up into tears only made Adam smile.

She had been provoking him all morning. First it was asking to go out and pick something up for the baby, then it was asking for something to eat. Adam had just about had enough of his wife’s needs. With or without baby, Adam had believed that his wife knew better.

“Why you gotta fuckin’ act this way?” Adam bellowed. He glared down at Liz, letting his eyes linger on the lumps and bruises marring her face. At least now she didn’t look quite as pretty as she usually did. Watching Kal doting over Liz had pushed Adam’s buttons; to know other men desired his wife and to know that she flirted with these men made Adam go into a murderous rage.

But when she complained, Adam merely grew angry and tired of her crap.

His face contorted into a frown though as he watched his darling wife slowly bring a limp hand to her stomach.

The sob that escaped Liz’s lips echoed in the small living room. She was resting between the stone fireplace and coffee table, grasping at her stomach as she gasped for her breath. A searing pain shot through her abdomen and Liz had to fight to not scream out in pain.

Once she was able to fight off the offending ache, Liz glanced down at her stomach. Blood was trickling down from her temple onto her white sundress where her full stomach protruded. But it was the dull ache in her abdomen that really drew in Liz’s attention. “I-uh… I think you hurt the baby,” Liz whispered brokenly.

She tried to force herself up as she knew that she had to get to the hospital, and soon, otherwise it was likely that she would lose another child. But she was in too much pain.

“Oh Jesus,” Adam said softly. Immediately the rage that once consumed his eyes turned into concern as he kneeled down before his wife. His face twisted into a look of worry as he watched the blood slowly collect and spread on his wife’s dress.

And silently Adam chastised himself for hurting their unborn child.

As Liz turned to meet her husband’s fretful eyes, something inside of her snapped. Out of the corner of her eye she could see her son carefully watching over, his hand resting on the doorknob, waiting in anticipation for when he should run to get someone’s help. But as she looked at her son, and then her stomach where her hurt child rested, Liz knew she had to do something.

The moment she felt Adam’s light touch upon her stomach, Liz slowly let her hand creep along behind her body, hiding its movement with her stomach. Yet, as the next moment unfolded, everything seemed to move faster than anything that had ever occurred in Liz’s whole life.

In the next moment, the smashing of a lamp against a solid body was the only sound that filled the living room.

Liz struggled to push herself up and out of her husband’s clutches, but it seemed almost impossible as she watched his lifeless body fall limp to the ground. She had never seen Adam in such a state.

But it was Zach who finally caught Liz’s attention. “Momma?”

Scuttling up off the ground, Liz had only started to limp away when she felt Adam grab at her ankle. She hadn’t even gotten that far away before he was pulling her to the ground.

“You stupid bitch!” Liz kicked and screamed as she fought to free herself from Adam’s hurtful grasp.

By the door, Zach stood completely stunned, unable to move or say a thing as he watched the scene play out before him. He faintly heard someone pounding on the door, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from his mother and father to turn and get help.

Keeping a tight hold on Liz’s ankle, Adam drug himself up, unwilling to let go of his wife for fear that she would get away. He grabbed her from behind, jerking her body about like a rag doll; even pregnant she was light as a feather.

The two bodies collided together as they both struggled against one another, unwilling to submit to the other.

“NO!” Liz screamed as she was forced down onto the floor. She dimly felt her head hitting the hard wood floors, but it didn’t register as she was still battling against Adam. She continued to kick at him, unwilling to continue to put her baby in harms way, especially when Adam had most likely just harmed their child.

A moment later, out of nowhere, a gun was produced. Liz felt the cold metal pressing against her skin. She immediately froze as she felt the barrel of the gun pressing into the base of her skull. And for the first time Liz literally watched her life pass before her.

“No…” Liz cried softly.

And as the shot of the gun rang out, all three bodies stilled, and not a single sound was emitted. Blood splattered against the wall; it was a deep crimson and looked almost as unnatural as the gun sounded.


The gunshot rang out, unnaturally echoing around the neighborhood. Instantaneously Max, Michael and Jesse ceased all movement as they stared at the door in shock and horror.

Not a single sound passed in the next few minutes. No one breathed. No one moved. No one said a word as they waited to hear something, anything.

It was only a moment later when a mass of blood trickled through the seep underneath the door that everyone started to move. But by then it was too late.


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Chapter 15

“Momma?” Complete silence encompassed the house and only Zach’s tiny voice permeated through the thickness of tension surrounding the situation. Neither his father nor mother moved. Blood surrounded the two, staining both of their bodies. “Momma wake up…”

Zach could faintly hear the pounding on the door, but he really didn’t want to fool around with whoever was at the door, he just wanted to make sure his mother and baby brother were okay.

He wanted to go over and nudge his mother, but the puddle of blood was growing and it scared him. Was a person supposed to bleed that much? Did aliens really have that much blood?

The young boy watched his father’s lifeless body, waiting for any sign of movement, just as he did with his mother’s. His father’s body rested atop his mother’s, and both were equally dead from what Zach could tell.

Skins supposedly disintegrated, so no blood would come from their bodies, but maybe his mother had been wrong and his father wasn’t a skin. Or did human blood look like alien blood?

“Zach? Liz?” As the sound of Michael’s familiar voice, Zach twirled around and stared at the door. If Michael was here then Max was as well. His mother had always told him that Michael, Max and Isabel went everywhere together. And if Max was there then he could heal his mother and brother. Right?

It was only then that Zach noticed that his hand was still on the door and the knob was glowing. The lock was disengaged, so Zach knew that Michael should have been able to get in. Why couldn’t he?

Slowly, Zach released the doorknob from his grasp, and immediately he heard the turning of the handle start to jiggle. A second later the door was flung open and Max, Michael and Jesse burst in. They had been beating and pounding on the door, praying that Liz and Zach were okay.

That one shot had almost killed them as they had continued to try to get inside so as to make sure their loved ones were okay.

The three men looked haggard, but none of that really phased Zach. All he cared about was making sure his mother and brother were alive as well as finding out what he had done.

Had his father’s abilities transferred over despite what he had said? Was it possible? Had his father been wrong?

Immediately upon entering, Michael scooped Zach up into his arms and held him close while guarding his eyes from the mess before them; he would let Jesse and Max deal with everything while he tended to Zach.

“Hey buddy, you okay?” Michael asked softly. His eyes scanned over the young child, checking for any obvious injuries, but there was only the usual: bruises, busted lip, black eye, and if Michael was correct, than a broken arm as well.

For a minute Zach stared at Michael, unsure of what to say. All he really wanted right now was to make sure his mother and brother were okay, but Michael was making that impossible with his big arms holding him.

He opened his mouth to speak, but suddenly his attention was drawn to his mother and father. Jesse and Max watched as well as they carefully edged their way toward the couple.

The minute Max had entered he had wanted to run to Liz and make sure she was okay. Her hair hid her face and her husband covered a good portion of her body. Both of them were motionless and neither seemed to be breathing.

Was it possible they had killed each other?

Inside Max could feel his heart lurching forward as he began to fear the worst. He had wanted so badly to find Liz, and now that he had it looked as though she were dead. And no matter how hard he tried to run to her, Jesse kept him back.

And Max understood why.

Adam was an alien; and alien who could and would very well kill anyone who got in his way.

The four watched in horror and shock as Adam’s arm began to grope around, moving back and forth slightly. Both bodies began to move, but no one could tell who was moving the other. If Liz was moving than it was obvious that Adam would have to move, and if Adam moved that he could easily be pushing Liz away.

“Mom… momma wake up,” Zach cried out quietly. He didn’t want his father to be alive, he only wanted his mom and brother. He wanted to go back to Roswell and live with Maria and Michael and even Max. And he wanted his mom and his brother to be alive and well.

The deep groan reverberated throughout the large house, the sound bouncing off the high ceiling.

“Liz…” Max said brokenly, his heart aching the whole time. He tried to run to her, but again, Jesse held him back.

“Max, no…” Jesse warned quietly.

The pool of blood was growing. Another groan was let loose, but this time it sounded a bit more feminine.

And a moment later, Adam’s body slowly shift onto the floor and off Liz’s body.

It was only then that Michael spotted the bloody bullet by his left foot. He glanced at the bullet only for a second before his gaze moved to Adam.

And there it was. It had torn right through his skull.

“Jesus Christ…” Michael whispered as he watch Max pull away from Jesse and scoop Liz up into his arms, holding her tightly in his embrace the moment he had seen her move. He had almost had a heart attack upon seeing Adam and Liz lying so still.

It should have been clear, but as Michael once against stared at the exit wound on Adam’s scalp, Michael could see why none of them could have known. Liz’s hand had been resting over the area; of course they wouldn’t have seen it.

Max was reeling from the adrenaline that was flowing through him as he held Liz as close as possible. He could feel her body trembling, but he was unwilling to pull back. To see her so close to death nearly killed him, but knowing she was alive gave him hope for a brighter future, for everyone.

Michael nearly fell to the floor as Zach earnestly jumped from his arms and threw himself at his mother. Tears poured from his eyes as he hugged his mother. He didn’t even care that Max was there. His father was dead and his mother and brother were okay.

Or so he thought.

“I…I… he hurt the baby…”

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Chapter 16

The flurry of activity that passed by Michael, Jesse, Max and Zach was lost as they watched Liz slowly being rolled into the delivery room. Michael held Zach in his arms, continuing to try and calm him down. All the while Max tried to break through the strong hold of the nurses and securities holding him back, but they were too tough and refused to let him enter the room with Liz.

“Sir… sir! I’m sorry but only family is allowed in the delivery room while the patient is…” the nurse tried to explain, but Max continued to argue.

“But I need to see her… I have to know she’s okay!” Max protested. He knew that he would use his powers to heal Liz and her baby in a heartbeat, but he couldn’t if these people wouldn’t let him near her.

He had tried to back at the house, but Jesse had told him not to because he had already called the police as well as the paramedics, informing them of what had happened.

“I’m sorry sir, but unless you are the father of the child or a relative than I can not let you in,” the nurse said apologetically. She wanted to give in and let the young man in, but she knew it was against procedures. She also knew Liz and she knew Adam, so she knew this man was not Liz’s husband or father of her child. Letting the security take over, she glanced back at the young man as she started back toward the room. “We’ll inform you of any changes as soon as we can, but I’m sorry…”

Max watched in despair as the nurse turned and entered the one room he wanted go into so badly. The security guards restrained him as he fought to go inside, but it was Michael and Jesse who finally got him to stop fighting.

“She’s fine, Max… she and her baby are just fine. She’ll be out in no time,” Jesse insisted, even though he knew it wasn’t true.

“She’s two months early!” Max sobbed. He didn’t even care that he was crying. Right now, all that mattered to Max, was getting to Liz and making sure she was okay. Unfortunately he wouldn’t learn the answer to that question for quite some time.


The Parker’s strode purposefully through the hospital doors, gliding effortlessly towards the maternity ward where they knew their daughter and grandchildren were. The minute Jesse had called they had booked seats on the next flight out.

Neither Nancy nor Jeff were up for any crap, so they didn’t even bother checking in as they walked past the security station. The guard inside ran after them, yelling that they needed to check in, but the two wouldn’t have it. Jeff and Nancy had not seen their daughter in over eight years and this was their chance; they were not going to miss out.

“Excuse me! You need to check in!” The guard shouted as he watched the couple march up to the nurses’ desk.

“I’m here to see Elizabeth Parker-Pomeranc,” Jeff stated coldly. He was in no mood for anything but to see his daughter and grandchildren, where upon he would fly them all back to Roswell where he and his wife would take care of their daughter and grandchildren, as they should be.

“She’s in the delivery room. May I ask you relation?” The nurse asked sweetly. She watched as the veins nearly burst from the man’s neck.

Nearly twenty hours had passed since Jesse called and told Jeff that Liz was in the hospital. And while Jeff knew that twenty hours wasn’t much for some women when it came to delivery he did not like the idea of his daughter going through that much, especially when he heard what had happened before hand.

At least the bastard was dead. Had Adam still been alive Jeff would have killed the jerk himself.

“We’re her parents,” Nancy sobbed. She just wanted to see her daughter and both of her grandchildren.

One of those wishes was granted a moment later.

Jesse came running down the hallway. He gave Nancy a quick hug and shrugged when Jeff looked at him pointedly.

But Nancy and Jeff’s attention was pulled away when they saw one of their grandsons. They knew Zach was Liz’s the moment they saw Michael carrying the small boy toward them. He looked so much like her with his brown hair and cut little button of a nose.

“Oh Jeff,” Nancy whimpered.

“If you’ll follow me,” the nurse interrupted, but she only caught Jeff’s attention. He nodded to Michael and Jesse, silently asking them to take care of his wife as he went to daughter. He had helped Nancy through her birth and he fully planned to help Liz as well. They nodded in agreement as they silently pulled Nancy back towards the waiting room, letting her hold her sleeping grandson, whom clung to his grandmother as though she were his lifeline.

As soon as Jeff reached the locked double doors he almost did a double take. Standing with his face pressed against the glass was none other than Max Evans’.

“Sir, we told you that you have to wait in the waiting room with everyone else,” the nurse scolded softly, but Max didn’t move. His eyes met Jeff’s and for the first time Jeff felt bad for Max. He looked tired and defeated. And Jeff almost took pity and told the nurses to let Max in as well, but that thought vanished as soon as he heard his daughter’s tortured scream.

Jeff was ushered in as two security guards held Max back, unwilling to let him enter the delivery room.

The moment Jeff was inside he rushed to his daughter’s side, and the second their eyes met Jeff began to cry.

“Daddy?” Liz croaked. Tears spilled from her swollen, bloodshot eyes. She was tired and covered in Adam’s blood, as well as some of her own. Her body was covered in sweat and she looked worse for wear.

“It’s okay pumpkin, I’m here… I’m here for you,” Jeff whispered adoringly. Immediately he was dressed in a protective covering so as to make sure he was sterile, and just as quickly he was back at his daughter’s side pressing a cool clothe to her forehead.

Faintly Jeff heard the din of the doctors and nurses and they continued to dote over his daughter.

“You’re doing so well…”

“Everything’s fine, you’re daughter’s just fine…” the doctor announced, which caused Jeff to smile.

“It’ll be over soon, pumpkin…”

Another scream was torn from Liz’s throat as a contraction ripped through her. She tightly to her father’s hand, unwilling to relinquish her hold. Her face contorted into a grimace as the pain became too much.

“Can’t you give her something?” Jeff asked. He didn’t like seeing his daughter in anymore pain, especially when she had put up with pain for the last seven some-odd years.

“She’s too close,” the nurse lamented.

“Oh, daddy… daddy, I’m so sorry,” Liz cried, pulling her father’s attention back to her. Their eyes locked and neither could look away. “I didn’t want to leave… I love you and mom so much and I never meant to hurt you… I’m so sorry…”

“No, Lizzie, it’s okay… everything okay now. You and Zach and your new baby… you all will come back home and your mother and I will take care of you guys,” Jeff whispered as he cried with his daughter. He stroked her face tenderly. Despite the years that had passed he had never seen his daughter look so beautiful.

“I love you daddy… and… and if anything happens to me, I want you to take Zach and Spencer. Don’t let Adam take them, don’t let him…” Liz stopped mid-sentence as another contraction tore through her. While she had given birth before, it hadn’t hurt nearly as much as it did this time.

“No, Lizzie, nothings going to happen to you,” Jeff insisted sternly after the contraction finished. He grimaced slightly from her grip on his hand, but he would trade his hand any day if it meant getting his daughter back.

Listening to her heartbeat over the monitor, Jeff motioned toward it. “You hear that? That’s your heartbeat, and its not going to change, cause you’re gonna be just fine. Do you hear me…Liz?”


Five hours later, Jeff was still by his daughter’s side, dabbing at her forehead. She was fully dilated now and the baby was expected at any moment.

Yet again Liz screamed as she felt her body conforming to Spencer’s needs. It felt like someone was splitting her in two.

“That’s good Liz, now just breath and push one more time…” Jeff instructed upon the nurse’s advise.

“She’s crowning!” The doctor announced excitedly. He sat between Liz’s thighs, guiding the coming baby into the world. He had heard every word exchanged between father and daughter and it nearly shattered his heart to hear some of the things said.

“See, Lizzie, you’re doing great, and all of this will be over real soon,” Jeff whispered to his daughter. It was beyond amazing to be watching his daughter giving birth. He hadn’t seen her in eight years, and now he was watching her become a mother to a second child.

Yet another scream reverberated the small delivery room as Liz grabbed at the sheets, tearing into them with her nails as she fought off the pain. Jeff continued to dote over his daughter, being extra sure to make sure she always had something to hold onto as well as to make sure there was never a drop of sweat that ran into her already teary eyes.

“That’s it, keep pushing, honey… just keep pushing.”

“That’s good, Liz. You’re doing great,” the doctor said as calmly as possible. He couldn’t hide the fact that he was scared. The baby was nearly two months early and there had been some irregularities when he had been taking Liz’s stats.

The doctor watched carefully as the baby’s head slowly exposed itself. Immediately he set to work, making sure that Liz’s baby could breath by suctioning his nose and mouth. As was usual, his small body slowly rotated as his shoulders and upper torso came into view.

“That’s great Liz… now one more push.”

“Come on honey, you’re doing so well, and I love you so much,” Jeff gushed. And with his words, Liz gasped and shrieked in pain as she forced her body to rid itself of the child within her.

“It’s a boy!” The doctor proclaimed proudly. All the nurses and helping staff beamed at the young mother and the grandfather, both of whom were staring at the small baby.

“It’s a boy… a baby boy,” Jeff said reverently. He gazed down at his daughter before returning his gaze to his new grandson, which rested easily within the doctor’s hands. He was so small with a head full of brown hair. And, from what he could tell, he had some of the most beautiful brown eyes he had ever seen.

“Oh dad…” Liz croaked. She was having a hard time staying awake and her whole body ached. But she smiled up at her father anyway as he pressed a kiss to her forehead.

“You’re a mom, pumpkin; you’re a mother,” Jeff choked out a moment later.

The sharp cries of the baby once again drew Liz’s attention to her son. She felt light headed and was ready to pass out from the sheer exhaustion. But she wanted to hold her son in her arms and make sure he really was okay.

But that wasn’t Liz’s destiny.

The minute the heart monitor began to wildly beat, Jeff turned his head and stared at it in horror. But it wasn’t the monitor that bothered him; it was the words that left the doctor’s mouth only second later.

“Oh shit…call surgery, we’ve got a postpartum bleeder!”

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Chapter 17

Head hung and shoulders slumped over, Jeff staggered into the waiting room. Two nurses were at his side and none of the three would look anyone in the eye.

Max was immediately up and out of his chair. It had taken four security guards and six nurses to finally get him to join everyone else in the waiting room. And even then the nurses had had to promise to give him constant updates; and they had up until now.

“Where is she? Is she okay?” Max asked nervously.

Nancy slowly moved toward her husband, eyeing him as she held Zach to her bosom. She had been married to her husband for over twenty years now, and she had never seen this look on his face before.

“Jeff?” Nancy asked softly. Her voice trembled as she spoke, as she was certain that her legs would give out any moment if her husband didn’t look at her and tell her that everything was fine.

But he didn’t. No one did.

Instead, Jeff merely glanced at his wife with an utter look of sadness and remorse.

“No…” Nancy gasped. Her hand flew up to her mouth so as to muffle her cry. She embraced Zach a little more tightly, praying that her daughter would be okay, if only for Zach’s sake.

Instantly Max was striding purposefully toward the doors where he knew Liz was. Only, as soon as he reached the doors he was hauled back by three security guards. He was ready to use his powers, but when Michael and Jesse held him back as well, Max knew that he couldn’t do anything.

But knowing that didn’t help anything. He would let everyone in the world know he was an alien if it meant saving Liz’s life.

“What about the baby?” Michael asked. He hugged Maria, whom had come a few hours after the Parker’s with Isabel, Kyle.

“Right now he is in an incubator and we are closely monitoring him. There are some problems, but with the right care, everything should be fine,” the nurse explained. She glanced at the group and sighed. Sometimes she wasn’t sure how she dealt with her job, especially when she had to deliver such horrible news. “We’re doing everything we can. Liz should be fine, but we can’t make any guarantees.”

Maria sagged against Michael as the words hit her. The idea of losing her best friend after just finding her nearly broke Maria’s heart. She had been positive that Jesse would be able to help Liz and Zach, but now it seemed as though Adam had had the last laugh.

Along with everyone else, Maria watched the nurses disappear back into Liz’s room. Immediately Maria, Michael, Isabel, Jesse, Kyle and Max drew together as the Parker’s followed the nurses.

“Isn’t there anything you can do?” Maria asked Max.

“Not here, Maria; it would be too suspicious,” Michael explained.

“Too suspicious my ass! Liz could die…” Maria argued. She was crying and it felt as though her heart was going to burst.

“Michael’s right,” Jesse interjected. He knew this could get ugly, just like anything else when it came to arguments among humans and aliens. But there was other business to be taken care of. “Now, Michael, you and Kyle need to go get rid of Adam’s body while Max and I wait here and try to find some opportune time to help Liz. Steer clear of their house because the police think he just took off, so make sure you aren’t caught. Isabel, I want you and Maria to go find Kal; he could be the key to this, especially if we need any answers. Got it?”

Everyone nodded in agreement as Michael had already explained what had happened once Maria, Kyle and Isabel arrived. Now they just needed to act and make sure all their tracks were covered.


“Maria, we’ll call you on your cell if anything remotely goes wrong or right; I swear,” Jesse promised. He was used to taking control of situations, especially when it came to any sort of problem dealing with the aliens.

Watching everyone take off, Jesse steered Max back towards the waiting room. If everything went as Jesse planned, then he would sneak Max in sometime during the night and let him use his powers just enough to make sure Liz would live, then they would high tail it out of the hospital and help Maria and Isabel. Jesse knew that they needed to find Kal, especially if they wanted answers about Adam.


Quietly tiptoeing past the nurses’ station, Jesse led as Max followed through the dark hallways of the hospital. After going through surgery Liz had been moved to another section of the hospital, along with her baby.

According to Jeff and the nurses, Liz was fine, but Max had to see for himself. He didn’t care if he got caught, just as long as he made sure Liz was all right.

Once Jesse made sure everything was clear, Max made his move. He quietly snuck into Liz’s room, being as silent as possible so as to not wake Liz or Spencer. She was asleep, completely dead to the world, as was Spencer. The only sound coming from the room was the sound of both of their heart monitors, which seemed to be in sync, beating strongly together.

As soon as he reached the bed, Max made a quick check of Liz. As he healed her of any inner injuries, Max’s mind was bombarded with images of Liz and her life with Adam. Some of the things he saw made his heart constrict, for as he watched Liz and Adam together, he saw that Liz had truly loved Adam, and Adam had loved Liz.

But what Max also saw was Liz watching as her lover and boyfriend was slowly taken over by another, someone who was far more dangerous than Liz could ever handle. And in the end, Liz had endured Khivar’s wrath just to keep everyone else safe. This made Max cry. While he did not like the idea of Liz loving someone else, he also understood that it would happen; he had just hoped that his alien life would never interfere with Liz’s, and now it looked like his alieness seemed to follow her wherever she went.

And what hurt the most was the fact that she had left to get away from everything that was alien. Yet, no matter how hard she seemed to try, Liz could never leave that part of her life.

But as Max came out of the trance induced by his healing, he found himself silently vowing that if Liz had to be a part of his world, than he would do everything in his power to make sure she was happy.

After making sure she was okay, and after making sure Spencer would be all right as well, Max pulled up a chair. He waved Jesse off, telling him to leave, as Max no longer cared about being caught. If the security tried to throw him out than he would throw them out. Right now he needed to be by Liz and assure her that she is his life and that he will do everything to make her happy, if she would have him.


Two months had passed since Spencer’s birth. Liz and Zach were back in Roswell living with her parents. Max was in Roswell as well. When Liz had learned that he had healed she and Zach, she had thanked him, but no other words had really passed between them.

No one had been able to find Kal, and mysteriously enough, Adam’s body had disappeared from the morgue. Despite their best efforts, no one had been able to find or do anything. And in the end, when there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that Liz or anyone had done anything to Adam, Jesse, Michael, Max, Liz and Zach were left alone.

Now, Liz remained a recluse, only answering to her parents. She was slowly working through her problems, taking tiny baby steps so as to try and rebuild her life. Spencer occupied her time, along with her regular visits to a therapist.

But Liz refused any attempts made by Max to further their relationship, she insisted that she needed to get her life back together before she could even think about trying to deal with another person in her life.

Which was why she stood in line at the airport, buying two tickets, one for she and Spencer, and the second for Zach. She knew she had to start over. While she still loved Max, she knew that if she accepted him back into her life right now their relationship would be doomed.

She had left notes for everyone, promising to keep in touch, but unwilling to disclose where she was going for the time being. She figured she would go out west again as she had enjoyed California, as had Zach. Beside, she had been offered a good paying job which she could do while working at home and would be able to secure a nice home for she and her children.

And as she boarded the plane, Liz couldn’t help but look back at her hometown, the one place that had harbored her for so long before she had ventured out. But she had come back to the safe haven known as her home, only to leave again. Only this time, Liz hoped that she wouldn’t have to return, she hoped that she would instead return on her own will.

And finally, Liz hoped to get her fairy tale ending, just not anytime soon. For now she was happy taking care of Spencer and Zach, and that was enough. At least, it was for now…
The End

AN: Yes, there will be a sequel where Max and Liz reunite and actually have a relationship, but for now this is what I decided to do. I will not start to sequel until I have finished my other fics. All I have left now are:
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