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Title: Evan’s Cove
Author: Lizwell
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU M/L
Summary: Spoof off of Dawson’s Creek. Two people coming from different worlds experience a chance meeting that could mean the rest of their lives
Author's Note: Some of you may remeber this story from Jenn's old board (Yes it been that long since I updated it *tongue*) but I'm finally trying to finsh up some of my incomplete stories during this semster break. Hopefully you guys will enjoy!

The first four parts can be found:

Part 5

“… With the space you have available I was thinking you could divide it and in the back you would have your office space and factory.” Lyn Marchizi was the flamboyant middle aged woman who was responsible for launching several successful businesses in the downtown area of Wilmington; and Liz had hired her to help with the designing of her newly purchased property. Based on this, their first meeting over dinner it would seem that both Mrs. Marchizi and Liz had the same vision for what this venture could become. “…and in the front there would be a boutique where you can sell your merchandise.” Lyn finished

“So Wilmington would be sort of the capital of the Liz Parker label.” Max added

“Exactly… Well initially anyway. You just wait and see Ms. Parker will be huge and go on to have bases in New York… Milan… all the big fashion capitals, but for now Wilmington will do. ” Mrs. Marchizi said.

There were things about Mrs. Marchizi’s encouraging attitude that reminded Liz of her mother… at least when she was younger her mother made her believe she could do and be anything. As Liz became older that same mother had stressed that making a living should be her first priority and so her dreams had been lost. Liz could not wait to share Max and all the new thing he had brought to her life with her mother.

Max watched as she blushed earnestly at Lyn’s compliments of her. He’d been watching Liz’s excitement all night and he could not help but beam with pride a bit that he was in part responsible for helping her dreams come to fruition. It reminded Max of his conversation with Tess earlier and he clamed up at this notion.

“Your check Sir?” The waiter came by and asked.

“Um yeah…Is everyone good?” Max asked the ladies at the table before paying for the meal as Liz smiled at him graciously. Her smile serving as another reminder of how right Tess was, everything about this young woman before him was like a dream. He hadn’t believed feelings like this were true until he met her but right then he knew all the fairy tale notions of love were true…

“You ready Liz?” Max asked interrupting her and the designer who were deep in conversation

“Yes I suppose…Lyn we’ll definitely be in touch.” Liz said as she and Max made their hasty retreat from the restaurant.

* * *

Liz could tell by the route that Max was taking that they were headed towards her apartment. When the car was stopped at a traffic light she turned to him and said; “Someone’s a little eager to get home.” As she launguidly gathered his earlobe in his lips.

He leaned into the stirring wheel and drove off as the light turned green “Not eager… just tired I guess.”

Liz watched as Max tightly gripped the stirring wheel eyes locked on the road. “Max what’s the matter? You’ve been kind of distracted… all night.” After not receiving a response from him she continued “If you were so tired we could have rescheduled the dinner for another night.”

“No. It was important that we get this done. I don’t want to have funds tied up in something that isn’t progressing.” Damn it! Max thought to himself, he couldn’t seem to say anything right. That was not at all how he meant for that to come out and of coarse she was going to misinterpret his words.

“Max you know I’m gonna pay you back as soon as I can.” Liz said

The next chance he got he pulled over because Max knew he wanted to give his undivided attention as said what he was about to. “Liz, I’m sorry this isn’t about the money it’s…”

She interrupted him letting her imagination run rampant with her suspicions of earlier. “…You’re right it’s about that Tess and what she said to you.”

“You know about that?”

“Yeah I know about that, I saw you guys filming today and I saw you talking to her. If you were tired of me already…”

“Liz I love you!” Max said all argument and motion in the car stopping at his admission “I love you and all Tess did was help me realize that. We were talking today, about whether or not either of us had ever experienced the type of love we brood about every week on the show and I said yeah. It was you. We were talking about how much I love you and she said if you loved someone as much I appeared to love you I owe it to that person to let them know. So I’m telling Liz, I love you. Please don’t ever doubt that.”

To say that Liz was shocked at Max’s revelation of feelings would have been a huge understatement she simply sat there speechless. Admittedly she felt a bit foolish for allowing her self to doubt his feelings for her. Not many people ever displayed the amount of faith in her dreams as Max had, he was up fronting her the money to get started. And that wasn’t all it was in the way he treated her, the simple gentlemanly courtesies, and the way he rearranged his life to make her a welcome part of it. Liz was surprised she didn’t realize it sooner and it left her pondering how exactly she felt about him…

Liz was so deep in thought she was only half aware when the gentle lull of the engine shut on, when they parked in front of her building, and even when he walked her up to her door. It was only the touch of his lips on her cheek as her whispered “Good night.”

She watched as he walked down the hall and knew she had to say something “Max I love you too!” she called after him.

He turned in her direction and to her, it seemed that each step he took after that was agonizingly slow. When he finally reached her Max took Liz in his arms and asked; “What did you say?”

“I said I love you.” Liz responded with conviction her eyes lost in his.

“I thought that’s what I heard.” He said before his lips took hers in a searing kiss. Desire built quickly in both in of them

Liz clumsily fumbled with the lock as Max ran his hands over the smooth fabric of her dress. The pair were desperate to get inside only succeeding in making lots of unnecessary noise a jumble of limbs lips and keys. When the door finally did open the door they wound up toppling over on top each other half in hall outside the door.

Liz’s neighbor Kyle popped his head out of the door to find out what had caused such a racket “What’s going on…Oh it’s just you. Get a room.”

Leaving Max and Liz to laugh at their wanton behavior. As he helped his Liz up “Now who’s eager…” He teased

* * *

Early in the twilight hours of the morning Max extricated himself from the arms of his love sad to see a blissful night come to an end. He quickly and quietly dressed not wanting to disturb Liz. She was truly a beautiful creature to behold, even in sleep Max hated to part with her.

Max placed, what was supposed to be, one a gentle kiss on her lips. As he stepped away the blanket that was covering her naked form came down. He once again admired her. So impossibly beautiful how could he resist.

He groaned chastising himself for lack of self control, before sliding his hand up to cup her breast. The nipple hardened instantly beneath his fingers. She shifted, still asleep, pushing herself more fully into his palm. With his tongue, Max touched one pointed nipple.

Liz whimpered her lashes fluttering. Max pushed his pant clad thigh between hers, moving it back and forth. Liz sighed, her lids drifting open.

His hand had its own volition. He found himself sliding his palm along the smooth, firm yet soft contours of her thigh, her hip, to the soft slight swell of her belly. Max raised himself up a bit more to watch her face as his hand traced small, intimate circles on her stomach, roaming lower and lower. He watched the haze of sleep leave her eyes.

Their gaze met, his bold, brilliant, hers soft, glazed. His fingers touched the outermost edges of a soft vee. Max threaded his fingers through the soft curls. She shifted onto her back with a deep breath, her eyes closing, thighs opening. Max could barely breathe. His third finger slipped down between thick, slick folds of flesh. She moaned softly. He felt her love button swelling beneath his hands. She arched slightly.

He shifted onto his knees between her parted legs, kissing her navel, nuzzling her breast.he urged. she breathed, her lashes dark fans against her skin. He bent lower and touched her pink glistening flesh with his tongue. Liz moaned and twisted languidly.

Max’s arms went around her hips, locking them into place. With his tongue he began a delicate exploration. His heart threatened to pound its way right out of his chest. He was so full. She lifted for him, toward him, with another whimper, a pleading sound that almost made him insane with desire.
Her eyes flickered opened. He bent to nuzzle with his mouth and stoke with his tongue.

Liz glazed, unfocused eyes met his.

He felt a hot bursting of triumph at seeing her like this, languid with desire for him.
She writhed, falling back against the pillows.

Max licked and explored, pressing his own heavy weight hard into the mattress. He finally lifted his powerful body up and brought her face inches from his. He kissed her deeply.

She moved sinuously with him, seeking. "Please." she cried.

Within seconds was back between her legs, intent on devastating her anything to please his love She arched violently moments later, crying out, and he felt the hard contractions against his face. He didn't mean to loose control. But seeing her so peaceful in sleep and warm he couldn’t help himself. It took a long time for them both to subside.

Looking at the clock on her beside table she noted the time “ Aren’t you running a little late?” Liz asked. Not that she was complaining Liz thoroughly enjoyed her ‘wake up call.’

“A bit, which why I really gotta go now but we’re still on for tonight right ?” He said referring to their weekly viewing of Evan’s Cove.


“See you then. Love you bye…” Max said placing a chaste kiss on her cheek.

He loved her, Max Evans loved her Liz silently boasted as she watched him go.


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Eccentric one No Maria wasn't trying to plant seeds of doubt in Liz's mind. Just trying to prove how unfounded her suspicions are by teasing her a bit.

Tess may not be as good as she seems

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Author's Note

Hey guys

I know it's seems like it's been ages since I've updated this fic. I must apologize but I'm having a bit of difficulty with my muse. She can't figure out how to help me finish this fic and I was really enjoying writing but the beginning too but now it seems I'm impossibly stuck. *sad*

Of coarse he has yet to meet her parents and vice versa I had a part in mind for that but in terms of the long term I don't know what to do with this story.

I was thinking as her business develops they'd have more money to travel.

Their friends and family would get closer as a result of their love.

Don't really know what to do with Tess… or Kyle.

I know I want to end it with them getting married

I'm working on it and you should expect to see a part our next week. *happy*

Also I'm more than open to suggestions


BTW- someone as ked what a cove was I'm not really sure but I think it's sort of like a cave, I'm gonna find out. *shy*

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