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Title: Wishing Heart
Author: trinitystar1323
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Rating: PG-13…
Disclaimer: UPN owns Roswell, the characters, and situations. No infringement intended. Nothing is mine.
Summary: Post Departure. Slight Alternate Universe. Maria, Kyle, and Liz didn't make it to the pod chamber in time, and Michael decided to go with Tess, Isabel and Max. A year has passed and this starts up one night before Maria, Kyle and Liz are to graduate. This will follow their lives and how the roads will twist and turn to bring everyone back together.
Category: Liz/Jasper, Maria/Kyle, Liz/Max, Michael/Maria, and Isabel/Kyle.
Authors Notes:

5:00 am. Sunday Morning. June 9, 2002.

Quietly closing the front door and locking it, Liz Parker bit her bottom lip as she smiled to herself and leaned back against the door and sighed. The night's events played over in her mind over and over again. Never had she had as much fun as she did last night.

Originally she had believed that Senior Ball would only serve as a memory of Max and the horrible disaster that she had called prom. But it had been anything but a disaster. Her date, Jasper Owens' had treated her with respect. He had given her a night to remember- one that would linger in her mind for coming years.

Their night had consisted of laughing, dancing, spending time with friends, and other memorable events. Dinner was elegant. It included of gazing into each other's eyes and chatting with Maria and Kyle. At the ball they had danced every slow song together, and afterwards they had gone off for some time alone. And for the first time, Liz gave not only her heart and soul, but body to the man she had come to love.

It had been sensual and loving in every aspect, and afterwards they had laid in each other's arms whispering sweet nothings into each other ears. Never had Liz expected to be up to giving any part of herself to another man. But Jasper had won her heart over the last year. And while she still loved Max, Jasper had somehow worked his way through her walls and became a permanent resident in her heart.

Jasper and Liz had met last summer after Michael, Isabel, Max and Tess had returned to their home planet. At first Liz had been devastated beyond belief. She was nearly comatose over the idea of Max never returning. But then, one magical day she had met Jasper, and somehow he had made her smile. All the while Jeff and Nancy had been watching, and closely. After Max's sudden departure, or death as was assumed, the Parker's were wary of any male who sought out their daughter.

Through the school year Jasper and Liz grew closer, but Liz remained closed up; completely unwilling to let anyone in too deeply- this included Maria and Kyle. And yet, somehow Liz grew to love Jasper, not only as a friend, as had been her original feelings, but as a boyfriend, and now, as a lover.

Their first date still remained in Liz's thoughts. He had come to her one night and helped her close up the café. Afterwards they had gone for a walk in the park. They didn't return for four hours. When they finally returned, he had kissed her on the cheek, promising to always be there for her. And he had stuck to his word.

After that night a relationship began to blossom between the two. It developed slowly as Liz was still attempting to move on from her last shady relationship with Max. All the while Jasper was there for her. Each time she would come to his window crying he would take her into his arms and hold her, whispering how strong she was and how much he loved her.

Maria and Kyle had been happy with the pairing. Jasper and Kyle were great friends. Both played on the football, basketball and baseball team. They also enjoyed getting together and watching sports together or just hanging out at the Crashdown and chatting with Liz and Maria. And Maria adored Jasper. She didn't think a better man could have come along for Liz. And though she still harbored a few bitter emotions over giving such a hottie away to Liz, she found that Kyle was a great boyfriend and wouldn't trade him for the world.

Liz and Jasper were the only students at West Roswell High to be accepted into Yale, Harvard, MIT, Brown, John's Hopkins, and Stanford. Together they would be attending Harvard while Maria and Kyle attended the University of Las Cruces. Liz hadn't anticipated going to Harvard, especially after the visit from Future Max, but then she had never thought that she and Max would truly break apart and fall out of love with each other.

Following her dream, Liz was going to study to become a molecular biologist while Jasper would study to work in the field of aerospace engineering. It was easy to say that Nancy and Jeff Parker were very proud of Liz's decision to finally start dating Jasper. And it was even easier to say the same for Jasper's parents, Barry and Gwen. The match delighted both parents and they were happy that their children would be attending Harvard together.

Checking outside one last time, Liz was not at all surprised to see Jasper smiling back at her. He always waited until she made into the back room before leaving. Giving him a wave and blowing him a kiss goodbye, Liz giddily made her way up the stairs. She hadn't planned on getting home this early, or was it this late; either way she hadn't planned on being out all night. But the time had been right and Liz knew that Jasper was the man she wanted to give herself too. And together they had shared their first time because she, Elizabeth Parker, loved him.

The smile on her face suddenly faded as she reached her parent's bedroom. It was still fairly early, but as she watched her parents sleeping, she couldn't hold her emotions in check any longer. They had always been there for her. Even in her darkest days they had given her a shoulder to cry on and a tee-shirt to wipe her tears away. And now Jasper was there for her- she owed them this.

Gently knocking on the door, Liz peered into the room. She hoped that her parents wouldn't be upset with her both for waking them up and getting home past curfew. But this was something Liz knew she had to do, after all tomorrow was the day that everything would change. Her life as Liz Parker waitress of Roswell, New Mexico would be pushed behind her as she continued on to become Elizabeth Parker molecular biologist of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The first time Jeff heard the faint sound of knocking at his door he decided to ignore it, thinking that it was just some kids playing games. But when a third and fourth round of knocking came, each growing slightly louder, he finally decided to get up. Only, as soon as he looked up from his place of sleeping over at the bedroom door he found who had been knocking.

Peering over at the nightstand, Jeff noticed that it was just a few minutes after five o'clock. The site of his daughter still decked out in her gown brought a smile to his lips. And though he was exhausted and still tired from just waking up he couldn't help but sigh in relief to know that she was all right. Senior Ball was a major event and sometimes tragedies occurred. That was one thing Jeff never wanted to happen to his only daughter.

"Dad?" Liz whispered as she took a step inside the bedroom. With one glance, Jeff noticed that Nancy was still fast asleep. "Dad, are you awake?"

Sitting up, Jeff nodded in response to his daughter. He watched her take a tentative step inside their room. She was biting her lip again and Jeff knew what that meant, it was a sign that she was nervous. His smile grew at the thought that she was scared or nervous about coming to him. And that's when his mind began to wander. Had Jasper hurt her? Had something happened? Did he need to find a shotgun and shovel sometime in the next ten minutes?

"Dad, can I come on your bed?" Again Liz whispered as she took yet another cautious step inside her parents room. When her father merely nodded in assent she quickly yet quietly made her way over to her parent's bed. Her mother was snoring as Liz climbed on the bed and laid down in the center, her face lined up right next to her fathers.

For a moment Jeff wasn't quite sure what to make of his daughter's behavior. She was unusually quiet, and the look of doubt on her face was scaring him. However, as she laid her head down on his pillow so that her nose was touching his own he began to calm down. Gazing into his daughter's eyes he suddenly felt a wave of love and adoration swallow him, and all of it was pouring out of his daughter's eyes.

"Daddy… I'm graduating tomorrow…" Liz whispered reverently. There was a hint of pride and wonder in her voice, but over ruling that was sadness. A lone tear rolled down her cheek as she gave her father a shaky smile.

And for the first time Jeff looked at his daughter. Her dress was slightly rumpled and her hair was all out of place. Her makeup was smudged and even completely gone in some places. Her usually bright, doe brown eyes were slightly sunken in from a lack of sleep and over exertion due to the dance, or maybe it was something else- someone else. And still she looked beautiful.

"Hey, dad… do you remember the last two years? You know, starting May of 2001?" Liz asked in a hushed tone. Her mother was still sleeping. She would have a talk with her later. But for now she needed to concentrate on her father. Slightly moving her head, she cuddled closer to her father's still form. "You know, when Max and I first started having problems?"

Another nod came from Jeff. It was already too hard for him to answer. He would never forget the last two years and the emotional roller coaster that Max Evans' had sent his daughter on. Max Evans' had hurt his daughter worse then anyone ever could; at least he had in Jeff's eyes. And then, out of nowhere he had died, leaving Liz completely heart broken. What father would forget something like that?

"Remember I came home and I was crying… and you were there…." Liz whispered again. Tears were now sliding down Liz's face as she recalled the tragic affair she had had with Max. "You asked me what was wrong and I wouldn't say, and even though I didn't, you still held me and let me cry on your shoulder… you were there for me when I needed you. And then all of my junior year, when I would come home in tears or late at night when I would break done, like after prom. You were there- always. I'd cry every night and you would come in and talk to me, telling me things that I didn't want to believe..."

The tears were coming a lot faster now. And Liz's hand now rested over her father's heart as their foreheads touched. Her bottom lip trembled as she drew in a shaky breath. This was turning out to be a lot harder than she had expected. Telling her father how much his love meant to her was supposed to be easy, but it wasn't because there was so much to say.

"But now I do… I believe daddy, I believe." Liz cried. "All that time you spent trying to help me through my rough spots, well… it meant the world to me… and it always will. And… and I'm going to miss you so much…I love you daddy…"

Now it was Jeff's turn to cry. He quickly pulled his daughter into his arms and held her.; held her for as long as he could so as to memorize every little detail that he could. He was losing his baby girl, and despite raising her for the last eighteen years, Jeff knew that he would never know his daughter well enough. He didn't care if he was crushing her because at that moment he needed to feel his daughter in his embrace. He needed to know that his little girl was still with him if only for a few more days. And he needed to let her know that he would always love her and be there whenever she needed him.

Together, father and daughter continued to lie in bed together, hugging each other while trying to cope with the fact that they would soon be separated by over 3000 miles. Tears collided and banded together into one pool. Heartbeats were synchronized. And for the first time, father and daughter held the same emotions and feelings of love for the other.

"I-uh… I should get to bed, I have a big day ahead of me…" Liz whispered. Once again pride was interlaced in her voice as she spoke. She placed a kiss on her father's forehead before getting up. And upon leaving she looked back only once. But in that last look she saw so much adoration and love that it gave her enough strength to leave her parents room and return to her own.

"I love you too sweetheart…" Jeff whispered. Even though Liz was already gone he knew she had heard him. He knew that Liz knew that he loved her. But it was always good to say it as often as possible because you never know when you might not be able to say it again. And with the ring on her finger, Jeff had a pretty good guess that he wouldn't be seeing Liz quite as much as he'd want to, and no longer would he be the man taking care of her.

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Chapter 2

Four years later…

"What are you doing?" Liz asked curiously. Her voice held a teasing tone to it as she spoke, but that was only because of the site before her. And as soon as Jasper looked up from his project his lips curved up into a smile to match his girlfriends. Wiping his hands on his shirt he pulled himself up from underneath his car and leaned against the car, beside Liz.

"Hey beautiful, you're home early." Jasper gave her a quick peck on the cheek trying as hard as he could to not get any oil or grease on her perfect face, or any other part of her body. However, noting the look of disappointment on her face he couldn't stop himself from leaning back in and giving her a proper greeting.

A minute or two later they broke apart, only to have Liz break out giggling and for Jasper to begin chuckling when he saw the ring of oil and grease that now resided on Liz's face. As he tried to remove some of the grease he couldn't help but gaze lovingly into her eyes. And on their own accord, his knuckles gently ran over her cheek before he caressed it with the pads of his thumbs.

"God I love you…" Jasper whispered hoarsely. Pulling her back into his embrace he sighed in content as he felt her planting soft kisses on his neck and then his jaw before making her way back to his lips. The tongues danced and dueled together as their love for one another passed between them freely.

"I love you too…" Liz murmured against his lips. And she meant it.

Pulling back, Liz scrunched her nose up in mock disgust as she noticed that not only was her face covered in grease, but her shirt and jeans were as well. But a smile soon appeared on her lips when Jasper suddenly swiped off his shirt and handed it to her. She had to bite her lip to stop the groan of satisfaction that wanted to escape so badly. He was chiseled to perfection- everything about him was perfect, at least in Liz's eyes.

Appraising him for another minute, Liz finally took the shirt from his hands and wiped her face and hands off with it. When she was done she grinned in appreciation, but never did she offer back his shirt. Instead she merely reached out and brushed away a few wisps of his brown hair out of his eyes.

"If you don't wipe that look out of your eyes I'm going to have to get rid of it for you." Jasper quipped huskily, as his eyes burned brightly into hers and his hand grasped her own. A small gasp escaped Liz's lips this time as she watched his normally charcoal gray eyes become a shade darker.

"Promises, promises…" Liz gave him a seductive little smile before starting to saunter away, only she didn't get very far. In the next moment she felt herself being lifted off the ground as her fiancee picked her up and placed her back down on the hood of the car. The next thing she knew she was on top of the car with Jasper hovering above her. His mouth was working its way down her throat and over her collarbone. "Jasp….oh god, yes… Jasper!"

Their tongues mingled together as their hands roamed each other's bodies with expertise. Over the four years since they had come to Cambridge their relationship had really blossomed. After the first year they decided to move in together. Being away from each other was not an option, which both Liz and Jasper's roommates found out quite abruptly. Every night one or the other would be missing as they had snuck over to sleep with the other. But they were young and in love, as most people knew, so it really didn't matter.

School was hard, but worth every second. Because of their grades and classes back in Roswell, they were both allowed to start as sophomores, which greatly helped with getting some of their classes. But it didn't help with the amount of studying. That was the one thing they both despised, but only because it took time away from being together. Though, that problem was quickly remedied by studying together. As well as the fact that they would be graduating in less then a month.

With each year they had grown closer. Their four year anniversary was closing in on them, and neither one could wait. All of their friends were amazed beyond belief. Even Maria and Kyle, who were also an exclusive and inseparable couple, were astounded to hear that they were still together despite their hectic schooling and schedules. But nothing fazed Liz and Jasper, just as long as they were together.

"Baby…. Baby we've got to stop…" Jasper choked out as Liz let out one last groan of protest. He tried to pull away, but Liz wouldn't let him. As much as he wanted to take her right there and then, this was a public neighborhood and there were people out and about. The last thing he wanted was to give anyone a public show or a look at his girlfriend.

Rolling off to the side so that they were both lying on the hood, Jasper quickly pulled Liz over so that her head was resting on his chest. He had to at least touch her, if nothing else. The feel of her skin against his own was one of the most exotic sensations he could describe.

Ten minutes passed by before either one of them moved or spoke. No words were needed at the time because each of them knew everything that had to be said. So instead they merely basked in the sun's warmth and each other's presence. This was what life was supposed to be like, both Liz and Jasper was sure of that much. That, and how much they loved each other.

"Now really, what are you doing?" Liz asked seriously as she rolled over, straddling him so that he couldn’t move. It hadn't been her intent for she and Jasper to maul each other, but the sight of him fixing the car, completely covered in grease, and his eyes burning dark with passion had singed her insides making her want him in the worst way.


"I miss mom and dad…" Isabel whimpered as she huddled a little closer to Max and Michael, trying as hard as possible to forget about the cold and dank cell encasing them. Neither Max nor Michael answered, as they knew there was nothing to say. There were a lot of things that they missed, and Diane and Philip were just part of the list.

Not a day went by that Max didn't think about Liz. Everyday he would try to imagine what could have been- what would have been had Tess not tricked he, Michael and Isabel into going back. Would they have gotten married one day? Would they have had children? Would this war with the skins still be going on? And most importantly, would Tess still have betrayed them had they stayed on earth?

Sometimes, late at night, Max wondered how Liz was doing. He wondered if she had found love and was married? From what Max could tell, nearly three and a half years had come to pass; though time wasn't easy to follow when locked away in a dungeon. And in those three years Max had come up with almost every possible scenario, all involving Liz falling in love with another man.

But then, how could she possibly love someone like him after the way he treated her. When she had needed him the most he had turned away from her and instead took Tess in his arms. No, he did not deserve Liz at this point, and Max wasn’t sure he ever would. Not like he would ever get the chance, for the likely hood of them returning to earth was slim to none.

“I miss Maria...” Michael admitted a moment later, causing Max to wonder whether this was the ‘who do you miss hour?’ He couldn’t help it. But he wasn’t going to voice whom he missed because if he said her name out loud then he would miss her all that much more. So instead he remained silent as his sister and best friend listed off the different things which they missed.

Unfortunately he didn’t miss the same things they missed. He didn’t miss earth’s food. He didn’t miss cars or the people. He didn’t miss his parents- at least not as much as he should. And he didn’t miss television, money, books or any of that.

He missed Liz.

“Max?” Isabel implored as Michael looked at him questioningly. They were waiting to hear what he missed, and though they were sure they already knew the answer they still wanted to hear it. Because by hearing it gave them hope. Hope that just maybe they could make it out alive and return to those whom they loved.

For a while the two merely stared at Max awaiting his answer. But after a few hours they realized that he was never going to answer. They realized that it broke his heart every time he said her name. Not only did it break his heart, but also it broke him. He was slowly dying piece by piece as he was continually kept from Liz. No longer did he talk or respond to those who spoke to him.

Instead of the life that had held its place in his eyes, they were now empty- vacant- just like his heart. And as much as Isabel and Michael hated seeing him that way they knew there was nothing to be done.

However, hours later, as Michael and Isabel used each other as pillows, and as Max sat beside them, staring off into the distance, he spoke the words he spoke every night. They were the same four words he spoke every night. And they would continue to be the only words Max was willing to speak, but only when he was positive no one else was listening.

“I love you, Liz.”

Tbc... againt his is up to you. Comin with this is a update of China Doll. I decided to revise the last part of She's the One, but it should be up by tomorrow. And no worries, this will be a dreamer fic, however Jasper will not turn out to be bad or anything like that- nice, human guys do exist.

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Chapter 3

After Graduation…

The incessant beeping of the microwave finally unnerved Jasper enough to force him to evict Liz from his arms so that he could get their snack. Walking into the kitchen he pulled the bag of popcorn out of the microwave while getting two bowls. After setting everything out on the counter he quickly grabbed the bottle of tobassco sauce and set it down beside the popcorn.

Dumping a fair amount of popcorn into each bowl he then carefully doused the sauce onto the popcorn in one of the bowls before mixing it around. He grimaced slightly when he licked the sticky solution off his fingers and the burning sensation in the back of his throat set off his need for some water. Luckily, over the years the Tabasco sauce had grown on him, or his body had become accustomed to it; either way he no longer gagged every time he tasted the spicy sauce.

"Here ya go, baby." Jasper handed Liz the small bowl of popcorn with Tabasco sauce before resuming his place on the couch with Liz lying on top of him. He would never understand her fetish for Tabasco sauce, but after going out for nearly five years he was used to it, and as much as he hated to admit it, sometimes he too liked it on his food. Anyway, according to Maria, Liz wasn't quite as bad as Kyle, and even then he wasn't nearly as bad as some old friends of theirs.

It was a lazy Saturday night for the two and as much as they loved to go out, neither Jasper nor Liz wanted to go out and be with their friends. Instead they opted to stay in and watch a movie together while cuddling, or doing whatever else happened to come up. As long as they were together then never really cared what they were doing.

"Thank you…" Liz murmured against his skin as she leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Placing the bowl on the table in front of her, Liz folded her arms across the expanse of his broad bare shoulders and pressed a kiss to his skin. She was more then content in the position they were currently in. But then being anywhere near Jasper was enough to keep Liz happy.

Never in her life had she expected to be this ecstatic and happy. After Max had returned to Antar with Tess and their child, Liz had believed she would be miserable, that she would never get over him. And then she had met Jasper.

Jasper. The love of her life. The man she had begrudgingly accepted into her life at first, but in the end, she depended on him just as he depended on her. They were a team- a pair- and without the other they were incomplete. Maria had always said to Liz that Max was her soul mate, the man who completed her. But now Liz knew that Maria had been wrong, for as much as she still loved Max, she knew that Jasper would always hold her heart, soul, body and mind in the center of his heart, unlike Max who had held it in the palm of his hand.

But she would always love Max. He had been her first love. He had saved her life and given her a second chance. Two times. For not only did he heal the gun shot wound which those two men had inflicted upon her, but when his future self came, he was unknowingly sending her to Jasper, the man whom had saved her as well. While he had not healed a gunshot wound, he did heal her heart. He made her believe in true love. He had restored her believe that true love conquers all, and that while there were complications, they were never too much to deal with when love had anything to say about it.

“What time is it?” Liz asked wistfully. She never wanted this night to end. It was the perfect night in her mind. And the last thing she wanted to do was see Jasper off in the morning. She had known it was coming, and while it did take her by surprise slightly, Liz still found it peculiar, as the coincidence of something like this happening were slim to none.

“Just after five…” Jasper said, disappointment apparent in his voice. He too knew it was going to be hard being away from Liz, but hopefully, if she agreed to his plan then they wouldn’t be separated ever again. His commanding officer and NASA had already agreed as well, now he just needed Liz to agree as well. Meeting her gaze, Jasper smiled shyly as he brushed his lips against her forehead. “Hey, we still have tomorrow…”

“I know.” Liz sighed as she snuggled all that much closer to her fiancee. “I just…”

“I know, I know.” Jasper whispered, but a smile lingered on his lips as he gazed down at the woman whom he loved more than life itself. “Remember, we have plans tomorrow night- you won’t forget, right?”

“You’ve been reminding me all week, so of course I know.” Liz teased, though in the back of her mind she couldn’t help but wonder what he had up his sleeve. Sure he often took her out to special dinners with his department and such, but he never acted this way. Though Liz suspected that was because of their upcoming distance.

“I know, I…it’s just our last dinner together before I take off and I want it to be perfect… I want you to remember it for the rest of your life.” Jasper admitted shyly. But in all truths he was nervous. Sure he had already proposed. Sure she had already accepted. But actually getting married was something completely different. And though their last five years together had been great, as they had been engaged, but they were not legally and completely bound together. And that was what Jasper wanted more than anything; for he and Liz to be legally wed and together, forever.

“Don’t worry… I wouldn’t miss it for the world…”


They danced in the parking lot of the old make-out cove. It had been vacated after numerous mudslides had occurred. But after a few years, and after making sure it was safe, Jasper figured it would be safe to return to the small alcove. The sun was setting and a compact disc player was perched on the tailgate of their metallic blue 1964 Ford Mustang playing “Fall” by Olive.

Slower than the sun goes down
Softer than the Autumn rain
Surer than the earth is round
Gentle as the morning breeze
Warm enough to sleep and dream
There is no doubt in my mind
I'm falling, (in love), I'm falling, (in love)

Without another thought in their minds, the two danced, hugged, kissed and laughed together, completely oblivious to the wind whipping Liz’s long brown hair and the snow whirling around them. They had just come from dinner and as sad as Liz was about Jasper leaving the next morning, she wouldn’t give up the night he had given her thus far for anything. He had taken her out to dinner at one of the fanciest restaurants in Massachusetts. Afterwards he had blind folded her and driven her out to this point.

Leaves that are falling around me
Make sense to me, a reality
Leaves that are falling surround me
Make all this seem, a reality

Completely unaware of Jasper’s coworker and best friend, Mark, who was lurking behind the car, videotaping the couple, Liz laughed gleefully as Jasper twirled her into his embrace. Only instead of letting go, he held her tightly, knowing that now was the time. Ever so slowly he unwrapped Liz from his arms and gazed down at her. In the next moment his whole world would change, and he just prayed that it would change for the better. Ever so slowly, he bowed down before Liz, slipping onto one knee while clasping her hands within his own.

Clearer than the morning light
Darker than the deepest night
There is no doubt in my mind
I'm falling, (in love), I'm falling, (in love)

“Liz… you know that I love you more than anything… you are the missing piece in my life… and I know you’ve been burned before, but Liz, I can’t live without you. You are my light when it is dark out, you are my savior, and if you will give me the chance, I will give you the moon and the stars…” And with that, Jasper slowly produced a small black velvet box and held it up for Liz to open. As soon as Liz got over the shock of what was happening she gingerly fingered the box before opening it. For inside was a diamond ring shaped like a moon with a star encased inside of it. The small gasp that escaped her lips only last a second before Jasper hushed her with his next words. “Elizabeth Parker, will you marry me?”

Unable to even answer, Liz merely bit her bottom lip as she nodded her head in agreement. She watched on through blurry eyes and with unsteady knees as Jasper slid the ring on her finger and kissed her finger and the ring as soon as it was fit into place. At this point she could hold herself together no longer. Tears trickled down her cheeks as Jasper rouse up before her. But before she could move he placed a finger against her lips, hushing her from saying anything.

“No, Liz… I meant, will you marry me now?” Jasper whispered as he gently caressed her face, praying that she would agree. Hearing his words, a priest, Liz’s parents, as well as Jasper’s, and Maria and Kyle appeared before them. Liz gasped in surprise but her gaze quickly returned to Jasper. Never before had she thought that this would happen. Sure she had always wondered when they would get married, and it had disappointed her when he had said he had to leave for training, but now it all made sense. And with that, Liz knew her answer.

In love, In love

“Yes” Liz whispered before pressing her lips gently against Jaspers, causing Maria to cry in glee and Kyle to mutter something about how it wasn’t that part yet. And all the while the Parker’s and Owen’s stood together, admiring their children coming together in the most sacred ritual known to man while the moon and stars shown brightly above them, sparkling unlike ever before, and only Liz’s ring and the look in her eyes seemed to match their sparkle.

Tbc? What do you think? Does it totally suck? Ok? I know a lot of dreamers out there are wondering how in the world I'm going to get Max and Liz back together, but don't worry all will be revealed.

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Chapter 4

10 Months later…

Wearily Jasper made his way through the front door of his current home. For the last ten months he had been training for close to twelve or more hours a day. After training he had to hang out with the other trainees as it was usually mandatory for all trainees to live together. The only reason NASA did so was because no one knew when they might be picked to go on a mission, or with whom they would go with.

After hanging out with the other trainees for a good three hours Jasper would finally be able to go home to his wife. This was the time Jasper looked forward to the most. It was thoughts of Liz which kept him sane during his training. And it was the belief that he would be able to see her that kept him working as hard.

Since they had gotten married they had moved to Florida so Jasper could finish his training while Liz worked at a local lab along side other molecular genetics workers. She had been able to find a job quite easily, and luckily the times didn’t conflict too badly between Jasper and Liz. However due to their jobs they were often tired and hardly if ever got to spend as much time as they wanted together.

Their house was small, but there was plenty of room for the two of them. However it was nothing like their old home and apartments as it was an issued house by NASA, which pretty much meant it was a manufactured home/barrack that the government wanted them to live in. And of course it was nothing like what Jasper really wanted to give Liz. For their home had no porch, no backyard, and no real homeliness feeling to it. And where would they put the kids?

“Jasp?” He heard Liz’s soft voice and reveled in the knowledge that despite their hectic schedules and everything going on in their life, they still loved one another. And even though he hardly saw her as much as he wanted to, Jasper was grateful that Liz still loved him and put up with him.

Walking towards the kitchen where he knew Liz was, Jasper simply watched for a moment as she padded around the kitchen. Unless she was busy making diner or doing something important then she usually came and greeted him. However this time Jasper was happy to just watch his wife. It was, after all, one of his favorite past times. Finally breaking from his reverie, he walked into the kitchen.

“Hey.” Jasper whispered as he came up behind his wife, wrapping his arms around her waist and drawing her close to him. He smiled as he felt her shiver as his breath hit her silken skin. And immediately Jasper knew exactly what would happen next. It always happened and Jasper wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Turning around in his grasp, Liz stared up at her husband in adoration and worry. It concerned her to no end about the long hours her husband put in when it wasn’t even definite that he would ever become an astronaut. Though there were no distinguishing marks like dark circles under his eyes or a malnutrition body, she could see how tired he was in his beautiful gray eyes.

However all of that was pushed aside as she leaned up, standing on her tip toes to place a chaste kiss on his lips. But the words which slipped through her lips next were anything but innocent.

“Do you know how sexy your voice is?” Liz asked hoarsely, her voice giving away how much his voice alone made her want him. However soon her eyes were roaming his body and his voice wasn’t the only thing she couldn’t get her mind off anymore. “Though, I guess you have a few other qualities I love just as much.”

Tantalizingly slowly she traced a finger up his strong arms, his muscles bulged out slightly from his everyday workout, though his simple NASA over suit hid his true features. Next she gently caressed his chest, leisurely letting her hands glide over his well-defined torso. She distinctly heard his intake of breath, but hid the smile playing on her lips, for tonight she wanted to have some fun.

However as soon as her hands reached the waist of his pants she found her hands covered by her husbands, his ring shimmering in the light and reminding her of just how much she loved her husband, and their life together. It was seeing the rings which they had placed on each others fingers as a sign of their love that always reassured her that this wasn’t a dream and that in fact Jasper Owens was her husband- and a wonderful and extremely sexy husband at that.

Releasing her hands, Jasper raised his hand and began to gently caress her cheek, loving the feel of her soft skin beneath his own. He gazed down at his wife, taking in every feature as the light shone down on her from their kitchen window. He loved how beautiful she was, both inside and out.

But soon all thought was lost. And finally, with that last thought fleeting through his mind, Jasper did the one thing that came naturally to him since he had met the woman who completed him in every way. He lowered his mouth and caught lips with his own while urging her to open up to him, to give all of herself to him as she always did. He nibbled on her bottom lip as his hands wandered down her body before finally resting on her bottom, which he promptly used to help pull her all that much closer to him.

This was heaven.

All the while, Liz could hardly even think, let alone stand, which is why she was grateful when she felt Jasper hoist her up his body, his hands firmly resting on her bottom as he walked them over towards their bedroom. Only with each passing second of being consumed by the other, soon neither Jasper nor Liz could get past the kitchen door to make it to the bedroom.

He was doing the most incredible things to her and Liz wasn’t sure she would be able to last much longer. She was completely his and wanted nothing more then to make love right in the kitchen- it wasn’t like they hadn’t done it before.

And as though he had heard her thoughts, Jasper soon deposited Liz down onto the closest steady item- which happened to be the kitchen table- and once again began his thorough devouring of his wife and lover…


“Get in there!” The man yelled as he tossed Tess down onto the dirty dungeon ground along side the remaining three royal four. She was broken and battered, covered in bruises and wounds. But unlike the others, no one came to her aid.

Instead Michael, Isabel and Max only moved closer to one another while glaring at Tess, blaming her not only for what she had done, but also for everything and anything else. They would watch on as she was continually beaten and raped by Khivar or any of the other men.

Isabel would have been as well, but Khivar still loved her and was willing to wait until she was willing to come to him. Both Michael and Max knew that day would never come, but Tess would continually try to get Isabel to give in, if only to help her.

Of course none of this would have ever happened had Tess not killed her own child. She had known that Khivar would kill her immediately afterwards, so she had purposely killed the child she and Max had created. At first Khivar had been furious, but then he had tried instead to get Max and Tess to create another child.

That, however, did not work as Max was unwilling, and even after numerous beating, he was unable to “perform.” It was later that Khivar realized that Tess didn’t even possess the pendant- the one item needed to create the true heir. So Khivar took things into his own hands, thinking that by beating and raping Tess he was upsetting the others, thus making them tell him the truth as to where the pendant was, when in reality he was only giving her what the others believed she justly deserved.

But that didn’t mean that Max wasn’t angry that Tess had killed his son. He had been furious. It had been one of the few moments when he had shown any true emotion. But in the end there had been nothing to do, and now Max would have nothing to do with Tess.

From the doorway Khivar watched the royal four. He smiled sardonically as the plan he had thought up reworked itself through his mind. It wasn’t until lately that he had learned the truth. And now that he knew he was going to use everything to his advantage and get exactly hat he needed: the heir to throne from the earth queen who didn’t even have a clue.

Yes, very soon he would have everything he would ever need, and Liz and Jasper Owens’ wouldn’t even know what had hit them.


“Oh god…” Liz murmured once again as she continued to rest the upper half of her body on the top of the kitchen table. Jasper was peppering her back with feather-like kisses, all the while smiling as he felt her shivering with want and need. They had already made love two times- something that always amazed Jasper as he never believed that he would have that much stamina.

But then a lot of things had changed. One was his increasing liking of Tabasco sauce. It scared him a little, but he couldn’t deny that on some foods- rice, spaghetti and other such bland foods- that it did just the right trick. There were also the few instances when he swore he could sense Liz when she was nearby. Sometimes he believed he could even hear what she was thinking, but Jasper brushed that belief aside as he knew it was impossible. Then there were the flashes of stars or the blinding light that always consumed his mind whenever he and Liz made love.

And making love. That was something that Jasper would never be able to describe. It was better then he could ever ask. And from what he could tell, his sex life was quite a bit different from his friends. He couldn’t quite describe it, but it was amazing and unlike anything he could ever describe. But then again, Liz was his one and only lover, so maybe they were just lucky.

Though Kyle did seem to understand…

“God I love you.” Jasper whispered as Liz pushed herself up, only to collapse into his arms. That of course ended up with them on the kitchen floor, holding each other as they caressed one another with light touches.

“I love yo…” The ringing of the phone cut Liz off. They both groaned in despair, as they already knew that the only reason they ever got calls so late was for training or some other problem.

“Hold that thought love.” Jasper insisted. He was not about to give up his night with his wife. He had already had to leave her four out of the last five nights, and for once he just wanted to spend the night loving her. He also hoped that they could make it to the bed this time.

“Hello?” Jasper asked after he picked up the phone. He listened for a moment before his face grew pale. Immediately Liz grew alarmed as she watched her husband rush to get up, grabbing his clothes before helping her up as well. He mumbled a few words here and there, all “yes sir” this and “no sir” that. She continued to grow even more nervous as he jotted down something onto a pad of paper before hanging up and tossing the phone onto the counter.

“Jasp… what’s going on?” Liz asked nervously, though unsure if she really wanted to know. Her brow furrowed as she watched him stride up to her, engulfing her in his arms. She could feel his body shaking, and it frightened her. He was just as scared as she was. What was going on?

“I’m going into space…”

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Chapter 5

For a moment Liz merely stared at her reflection in the mirror in complete shock. It wasn’t possible. It couldn’t be possible.

Or could it?

She had thought when Max first told her and when she had seen it for herself that it was a cruel joke, that Tess was just kidding. After all how could anyone know so soon? It wasn’t even 24 hours.

And yet here it was, proof that just maybe Tess had been serious.

The shock was written clearly all over her face, but it was the two small handprints glowing on her stomach that were the most shocking.


“I love you Liz,” Jasper whispered as he held her tightly in his arms. They had less then an hour together before he had to leave to get ready. And already he was missing her.

Ever since he had left her last night to talk with his commanding officer about his job, Liz had withdrawn from him. He knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was hiding something from him; it was another one of those weird instincts he just knew. Sometimes Kyle would say that he and Maria got them about one another, but not as strongly. However Kyle always passed it off as love and nothing else.

Only, this time Jasper knew that something was going on. And as much as he didn’t want to think about, accidents did happen. Astronauts didn’t always return to their families. There could always be some sort of malfunction. And if that was the case then Japer wanted to know everything.

“You’re not going to die,” Liz whispered as his thoughts echoed through her mind. Unconsciously she snuggled closer, needing to know that he was still there. She too feared the worse. And for that reason she decided not to tell Jasper until he got back about her pregnancy. She had seen plenty of movies and she knew what happened to anyone who told their husbands that they were pregnant right before they went to war or on some big mission. It was for the best, right?

“I didn’t say…”

“But you were thinking it,” Liz interrupted. She was already crying as she felt him stiffen slightly beside her before pulling her closer. His arms encompassed her body completely, coming to a rest right over her womb. She stared down at his hands and it was only then that she noticed the soft glow emulating through her black dress.

“Hey, hey… I’m coming back. I won’t leave you and I won’t let anyone or anything keep me from you,” Jasper swore solemnly as he brushed his lips against her forehead.

“I love you too,” Liz finally said after a moment of complete silence. It was the only thing she could think of at this point, and while there were plenty of things she wanted to say, she knew she couldn’t.

For a brief second Jasper could hear her voice quivering as she spoke, and as it did, his heart broke a little bit more. He had never believed that he would come to love anyone as much as he loved Liz. And never in his life did Jasper believe that it would kill him this much to leave his wife to do his job.

His job. What a joke that was. His job in life was to love, protect, and take care of his wife. He didn’t care about going into space or following through with his dreams if Liz wasn’t by his side. She was his life. And hopefully, someday their life could be together, completely uninterrupted. A life that was just like out of a fairy tale.

Like on a farm out in the country. They would have cows, horses and other livestock. They would own a few acres and there wouldn’t be anyone around for miles. It would just be them. And even more importantly, they would have children, lots and lots of children. He really wanted a boy, but Jasper knew that having a baby girl that looked just like Liz would be just as perfect.

Three boys and two girls. That would be perfect. And they would have…

“A white picket fence… with rose bushes lining around it. And in the back yard we’d have a tire swing and a small play ground,” Liz finished Jasper’s thoughts for him with a shy smile lining her lips. For a moment Jasper stared down in shock at her, but as his hand continued to caress her abdomen he felt something spark up inside of him, and suddenly he too could tell what Liz was thinking.

And as much as he wanted to question it, he knew he wouldn’t. Right now was their time and Jasper wasn’t about to waste it dwelling on something he could never figure out. After all, maybe Kyle was right, maybe it was just their insane love for each other.

“And a lake just behind out house where the kids could swim and play around. And the tire swing would be attached to a big oak tree right next to the lake so that they can use it to jump in,” Jasper continued after a moment. He placed a feather light kiss on her temple before continuing on. “And we’ll have a dog…”

“A big dog; like a Newfoundland or maybe a small dog like a beagle or cocker spaniel,” Liz laughed softly as the image began to form in her mind. But her heart was slowly breaking with each passing moment. How could Jasper have heard her thoughts, and more importantly how could she hear his? Was it because of their baby?

Did he know?

Should she tell him?

“Jasper… I need to tell you something.”

“Shh, later my love, later,” Jasper insisted as a placed a finger against her lips, making it impossible for her to continue. Right now was their time and he didn’t want to waste it. For now he just wanted to dream about his life with Liz. He wanted to dream because that was Liz made him do, she made him dream again. He wanted to dream for them, for their life together.

They held each other tightly as they stared out at the spaceships before them being loaded up with supplies and other such materials that would be needed for their journey. The sun was just rising as the new morning came into view, and it was one of the most spectacular things either of had ever seen.

And as they continued to hold each other, both knew that everything would be okay as long as they had each other.


The priest stared solemnly at the four astronauts before him as well as the scientist surrounding them. No one was allowed to know of the true nature of this mission until after it had been proven. Even family and relatives were in the dark about the true nature of the astronaut’s real job to perform.

Picking up his bible, the priest watched as everyone bowed their heads in preparation.

“In the book of Revalations, the Bible speaks of a final day on Earth, when all mankind shall perish, shall cease to exist. This day is known as Armageddon. Without your help, six billion lives will perish. Another planet could possibly be threatening our existence, and unless you four can strike a deal, then we might die. For the first time in the history of this planet, a species possesses the technology to prevent it's own extinction,” the priest paused for a moment as he turned and watched each astronaut gravely shake their head in response. “I've been with N.A.S.A. my entire adult life. Eleven years as an astronaut, another fifteen on the ground at Mission Control. Twenty-six years I've had to answer one question -- why? Why more money? Why the race for space? Why do we need to know what is up there? When we come through this, I'll take comfort in the fact that I won't ever have to answer those questions again. For soon you four will find the answer to every American’s biggest question: is there life beyond earth? You are our warriors up there. You are our last hope. God be with you.”


The flashes on the cameras lit up the pitch-black sky and reporters blabbered on about anything and everything that they knew. It was a complete surprise as to why NASA was suddenly sending a ship up, and thus there was huge media coverage. There had to be over a hundred networks covering the story, and they were all giving their viewers a many details as they could.

Walking out from the secluded space where they had been briefed one last time, the four astronauts and team of agents protecting them strode down the red carpet which NASA had set out for them. Most of the astronauts were young and smiling and waving at each passing camera, but one wore a frown as he held his wife’s hand tightly within his own.

Questions and comments were thrown out in hopes that someone would answer the media’s ever-present question: what was going on? Was America’s safety at stake?

In that crowd, Maria and Kyle watched on in awe. They hadn’t seen Jasper or Liz for the longest time, and when they had heard Jasper would be launched into space they had jumped onto the first flight to help comfort Liz during his absence.

Reaching the loading area, Jasper came to an abrupt halt. He pulled his wife into his embrace and held her tightly, unwilling to let go and say goodbye.

“I love you,” Jasper whispered one last time.

“I love you too,” Liz murmured as she kissed him. When they pulled apart Liz merely gazed up at her husband. “Hey, Jasp…”

“Yeah?” Jasper asked in wonder. She was sexy right now, and he wanted to burn the image of her in his mind forever. Not like it wasn’t already there.

“When you get back… do you think maybe you could keep the suit- it’s sort of sexy.” That was the breaking of the string on Jasper’s part. In the next moment Liz found herself being crushed against her husband as he devoured her. His lips coursed over her neck and up her jaw before he finally reached her lips, which he took without a thought.

However it was the cheering of the crowd that broke them apart a moment later, and Jasper’s only response was whisper a soft “yes” to Liz. And through it all, Jasper couldn’t help but think.

This would be the longest they had been apart. And while Jasper knew he would return, it scared still scared him. What if while he was gone she found another? What if something happened and he couldn’t get back in time? What if…

“We’ll be fine,” Liz assured, not even noticing her own slip in words. However it dawned on her as soon as she saw the confusion in her husband’s eyes.

“We’ll?” Jasper asked in confusion. Who was she talking about? Who was this second person?

“Owen’s come on, get in!” One of the agents shouted from within the bus. They had known he would be the worst off as he was young, married, and in love. But he was one of the best and only the best could go on this mission.

“No, wait!” Jasper yelled angrily before turning back to stare at his wife. “Liz?”

“I-uh-I tried to tell you this morning, but you wouldn’t let me say anything,” Liz cried softly. Tears spilled down her cheeks as she watched her husband pull away from her. She could already feel a chill

“Tried to tell me what?” Jasper asked urgently. This had been the thing between them and Jasper wasn’t going to leave without knowing. He wasn’t going to leave Liz without making sure everything was okay.

“Owen’s, get on the shuttle now!”

“I thought you felt them… I thought you knew and that’s why you told me that we would talk later,” Liz sobbed as she clung to her husband. This was all happening too fast. She had wanted to tell him over dinner once he returned. How was she going to explain that she was pregnant? How was she going to explain how she knew so soon? How was Jasper going to react?

“I thought you felt them.” Those words rung in Jasper’s mind as he stared wide-eyes at his wife. He had felt them just as he always felt her. But them? As in two? As in twins?

“You’re pregnant?” Jasper whispered in astonishment. His eyes searched hers for the answer to his question. But he needed no reply, neither from her mouth nor eyes. For the moment he touched his hand to her abdomen he knew. And this time as he spoke, his voice was filled with wonder. “We’re pregnant… we’re pregnant!”

In the next instant Liz felt herself being hoisted up and swung around as Jasper whooped out loud, his excitement clear to everyone around as he whirled his wife around. He crushed her tiny body against his as he reveled in the idea that Elizabeth Parker-Owen’s was now pregnant with his child.

But how? When? So many questions were rambling through his mind that he didn’t know which one to ask first.

When had she found out? How did she knew it was twins? How did he know? How could he feel them? How could they feel them? And why were there two handprints on her stomach?

“Owen’s get on the shuttle now!” The agent demanded as two other agents came from behind, pulling Jasper away from his wife and the two children she was carrying. His two children. Their two children.

“Liz, I love you!” Jasper yelled out as he fought against the men holding him in the bus shuttle. He needed Liz to know that he loved her and that these children were what he wanted. He wanted Liz to know that he would be back and that he would take care of her and their children. He needed Liz to know that he would make this world safe from all aliens and that their children would not live in fear. And he wanted Liz to know that soon they would never be separated again as they would get their farm, and once there they would work on having that one last boy and two daughters.

“Jasp…” Liz cried as two of the scientist came up beside Liz and wrapped their arms around her in support. They had known it would be hard to break these two apart, but they had never known it would be this hard.

“I love you! I love you!” Jasper screamed again as he banged on the glass, praying that somehow Liz could hear him. And as he watched her break away from the scientist and run after the bus, he knew that she had heard him because she suddenly stopped and let the scientist and agents take her back. But all the while her gaze remained locked with his own. And together, they knew everything would be okay- for now.

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Chapter 6

Encompassed in a group hug, Liz, Kyle, and Maria watched in anticipation as the activity around the spaceship grew less and less. They were down to five minutes now and so far Liz wasn’t feeling any better now then she had been since she had left Jasper’s side. And watching from the main room with all the scientist buzzing about wasn’t helping as she heard every little detail as to what was going on.

And right now she did not need to hear about any problems.

“Oh my god, chica, this is so exciting!” Maria said excitedly as she and Kyle continued to stare out the window at the ship before them. She had never seen anything like this before, so it was quite enlivening.

However, technology had gone quite far, but even Maria knew that problems could still occur. And for that reason she prayed that everything would be okay and that Jasper would return. After all, for as long as she had known Jasper, she had known that he and Liz was a forever sort of deal. Without the one, the other wouldn’t be complete. They were two peas in a pod.

It was sort of like she and Kyle.

Back when she was sixteen, if she had been told she and Kyle would be engaged then she never would have believed the person. But now, after living and loving Kyle, Maria didn’t know anything else.

Of course, she was a little mad about picking up his weird dietary quarks and powers. They weren’t quite as strong as Liz and Jasper’s, but sometimes if she concentrated she could feel Kyle and sense his thoughts. And she had to have a dash of Tabasco sauce on almost everything that was usually bland. And though Kyle believed it was because of Maria’s first time with Michael, Maria knew it was because of Kyle just as Jasper’s changes were due to Liz.

“Liz?” Maria asked again when her friend didn’t respond. However, she grew quiet as she followed Liz’s gaze and listened in on the conversation between the astronauts and the scientist who would be helping them through all of this.

“The important thing when you're penetrating the lunar module is your attitude and your relative speed,” one scientist instructed over the radio.

“Roger that.” It was Jasper, and the smile on Liz’s lips grew just from hearing his voice.

“Everything else all right?” Another scientist, Lovell asked.

“Everything’s on course and we’re ready to fly.” Yet another scientist, Robert answered.

“What network do we want?” Harris asked.

“Aw, come on! Sawyer! We want Sawyer. Turn it on and turn it up!” Lovell answered joyously. They had no concerns for the flight, only for the mission. The room of scientist, Liz, Kyle and Maria watched as nearly a dozen televisions were flipped on, all of them filing with one face.

“…has completed putting on their spacesuits and the boots, and they're now donning their…” the newscaster blabbered on as photos were shown one after another. However everyone froze as an image of Jasper holding Liz and whirling around froze on the screen. They all turned and looked at the young astronauts wife and grinned knowingly.

“Come on people, let’s get back to work. We’ve got a lot to do…”Robert complained. Immediately all the scientist were at their desk, ready to go.

“Okay, Discovery, you are go for pyro arm and docking. All systems are nominal and on the line,” Harris said through the radio.

“Okay. S-IVB is stable. SLA panels are drifting free. The drogue is clear. The docking target is set and clear,” Jasper answered.

“Flight Controllers. Listen up! Give me a go/no-go for launch... Booster!” Lovell insisted as the countdown came closer and closer.

Two minutes.

“Go!” Danny replied over the radio.

One minute 45 seconds.


“Go!” Nick uttered a moment later.

One minute 30 seconds.


“Go!” Jason answered.

One minute 5 seconds.

“And GNC and FAO?”

“We’re go, flight!” Jasper said excitedly, yet there was a note of sadness in his voice.

One minute.

“Launch Control, this is Lovell. We are go for launch!” Lovell cried out, his voice echoing over throughout the radio system.

“Roger that, Lovell! Pad Leader. What's your status?” Another scientist asked over the radio.

“We are go for launch. T-Minus sixty seconds and counting.” Harris answered.

“Fuel pumps. This is it. A few bumps and we're haulin' the mail.” Robert said over the radio to the astronauts and other scientist.

“Control, this is guidance. We're ready for takeoff.” Yet another scientist yelled over the radio from the watchtower.

“We are go for launch. T-minus…”Lovell said.

“15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8…” Maria mouthed along with Kyle. Their eyes were glued to the window as they watched the spectacular event before them. But through it all they held Liz tightly as they knew that right now she needed their support more then ever before. Not even when Max had left her had Liz been this scared and felt so alone.

‘I love you Liz,’ Jasper whispered through their connection unknowingly.

“I love you too…” Liz whispered.

“6, Ignition sequence starts. 3, 2, 1. Ignition.” Lovell cried over the intercom. Everyone watched in wonder as the ship began to shake and tremble as the blasters turned on and a ball of fire and smoke poured out from the bottom end of the ship. As it lifted off from the launch pad, everyone let out a sigh of relief.

“The clock is running boys!” Robert insisted. Again everyone sighed in relief as they watched their ship take off into orbit.

“We have lift-off,” Harris stated.

“Kennedy, we have cleared the tower…”

“Boys, how’s it looking?” Robert asked a moment later.

“Altitude is on the line! Velocity right on the line!” Jason answered a moment later.

”Roll complete. We are pitching!” Danny insisted.

“Discovery. Stand by for mode 1 bravo.” Lovell said soon after.

”Fido, how we looking?” Harris asked.

”Looks good, Flight, right down in the middle.” Jason answered.

”We see your BPC is cleared, Discovery.” Lovell insisted.

“Roger. EDS to 'manual'. Inboard,” Jasper answered. “Get ready for a little jolt, fellas.”

“That was a jolt?” Jason asked after all had been done. Liz smiled and sighed in relief at Jason’s words. At least things were going well.

“You know your mission, so let’s rock n’ roll, boys.” Lovell answered.

Smiling in satisfaction and knowing that everything was alright, Maria, Kyle and Liz strolled into the waiting room that the scientist had prepared for Liz and her friends. It had been Jasper’s wishes for Liz to be able to stay as close to the control room, and while many of the other astronauts wives stayed in a certain area, because of the mission the control scientist were willing to do a little extra.

“So…” Liz started shakily only to have Maria come and wrap her arm around her friend.

“He’s okay and he’ll be fine. These guys are like trained to make sure nothing goes wrong so I wouldn’t worry. Really,” Maria insisted.

“I know, I just hate being so far away, and him going into space it’s just…”

“A little strange, I know. But Lizzie… those guys are gone and as weird as this might be, this will never get as weird as it did with those guys around,” Kyle said adamantly. “Besides, Jasper loves you and he will go through hell and back if it means getting back to you.”

“Yeah,” Liz murmured as she unconsciously placed a hand over her womb. She could feel the heat radiating from within and ever so silently she heard her children whispering to her, telling her that everything would work out just fine.

For a moment Kyle and Maria merely stared at Liz in confusion before shrugging and returning their gaze to the window. They couldn’t even see the ship anymore, but there was still a cloud of smoke left behind from its departure. Aside from the Granolith taking off, this had been one of the coolest things they had ever seen.

Returning her attention to her friends, Liz marveled at how close Maria and Kyle had become. It had been forever since she had last seen them due to her busy work schedule. And because they still lived in Roswell, Liz didn’t get to see them quite as much as she hoped to. And for that reason she was going to use her time wisely.

“Come on you guys,” Liz said as she grabbed their hands and started leading them back out into the control room so she could take them back to her home. She wouldn’t be hearing from Jasper for another few hours, and then it would be on her phone and not in the control room. “Let’s go and get you guys settled back at our home.”


Khivar paced the length of the ship, stopping every few seconds to stare out the massive window before him. He was impatiently waiting for the docking of the American astronauts, and more importantly, the arrival of one Jasper Owen’s.

His plan was meticulous and he was positive it would work.

“My lord, the ship has arrived…” one of Khivar’s top commanders’s stated upon walking into the room and saluting his king.

A smile spread across Khivar’s face and he cackled in delight.

“Good. As soon as they arrive, bring them to me,” Khivar instructed. He watched as his commander saluted him again in acknowledgment before starting back towards the doors leading to the main deck. But his voice stopped him. “And bring out the royal four…”

“The ro-royal four?” The commander choked slightly on his words. What could Khivar possibly want with those four?

“Yes, and dress them appropriately as I think this is the perfect time for them to finally return…”


Hundreds of other attacker ships flew in and out of the landing dock through the numerous triangular portals. Caught in a stream of attackers, the ship flew through the portal shaft, leading into a planet-sized room. It then passed by an enormous window revealing hundreds upon hundreds of people working within the alien space center. Once through the area, the ship was spilled out of the shaft and into a gigantic cavity stretching out beyond visibility.

Enormous towers were scattered through the area. Below, thousands of what appeared to be humans were marching into dozens of enormous troop containers docked at the edge of the parade grounds. Passing the parade ground and heading into the middle of the cavernous sphere, the ship closed in on the many landings. Hundreds of attackers were docked at each one.

In the center of the landings were large bay windows. Inside was some type of control tower, manned by one of the human-look-alike-aliens.

Inside the ship, Jasper, Jason, Nick and Danny pressed the small button, which raised the shield NASA had provided them with so as to cover the front view window. All while the ship lowered itself onto the large docking clamps, which lock on, holding the ship in place.

A moment later the attacker bay doors opened and dozen of 'alien' attackers shot out. Spreading wide and covering the area. Guided missiles exploded in a far off cavern and The four humans watched in shock and fear, unsure of what was going to happen, or not happen.

Suddenly the blast shield covering the front view window began to peel away. Looking from the inside were several aliens, all looking very much human, observing the ship across from them and the person inside of it. A moment later several of the alien attackers were boarding the ship.

At the head of the troops was a tall, stout, man. He carried himself with a pride that could not be matched and those who walked beside him seemed to fade into the background. Coming to an abrupt halt in front of the four, he inspected them with a critical gaze before attempting to speak.

“Welcome to Antar!”

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Chapter 7

Dragged through the expanse of the palace, Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess let their bodies slide behind them. They didn’t know what was going on, but they had a pretty good idea. Either Khivar had had enough of them and was finally going to kill them, or he was going to beat them for information, again. The first was their preferred choice as death was much better then the hell they were living in now.

Or so they all thought.

The moment they were brought into the dressing room they all began to wonder what was really going on. Khivar never gave them any clothes, they only had what they had stolen through the time from other prisoners or from bribing the guards.

They watched as women and men bustled about putting together four separate piles of clothes along with other necessities. In the middle of it all stood Nicholas. He wore a grin like no other, and the moment they saw it, the royal four knew that they were screwed. Maybe Khivar was dressing them to be executed. Maybe they were going to…

“Clean yourselves up,” Nicholas interrupted their thoughts. “And put these on,” Nicholas spat out. He threw each bundle of clothing at its intended body before turning and striding out the door. “You have an hour,” Nicholas yelled as he left.

For a moment the four remained standing where they were. All the doors were shut, so there was no way to escape. But Nicholas had just given them royal garments. Something was definitely going on.

“Max?” Isabel asked, her voice hoarse and tired, just as her body looked.

“Just do as he says,” a woman instructed from behind as she grabbed hold of Tess’ arm and dragged her towards the showers. Two men came out and escorted Max and Michael while another woman escorted Isabel.

For the next hour the four were bathed, groomed, clothed, and treated like true royalty. However they knew not to believe what was going on. They also knew that not everything was always liked it appeared.

But, all the while, Tess and Isabel couldn’t help but get their hopes up. Maybe something had happened. Maybe Khivar finally got what he really wanted and now he was letting them go. Or better, maybe he was relinquishing his hold on the throne. Now they would rule Antar and be treated as they should.

Max and Michael were being more logical. They knew that this was all a trick, that in the end they would most likely be dead and this was all for Khivar’s sick and twisted pleasure. Only they wouldn’t play into his games. They would do whatever they had to in order to take their own lives before Khivar could.

“Are they ready as instructed?” Nicholas asked when he strode back in wearing the same garments as Michael and Max. It was a pair of ebony black pants with matching jackets covering the royal blue silk shirts. Isabel and Tess wore simplistic yet elegant black lace halter jumpsuits, as did many of the other “royal” women of Khivar.

“Yes sire,” the women and men answered promptly. The moment the words left their mouths eight guards charged into the room and the servants watched as two guards escorted one person each. They were just as confused as the four royals, but they kept their mouths closed, as they didn’t have a death wish.

Again Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess were dragged through the halls of the palace, only this time Nicholas was leading the way. They tried not to drag their bodies too much, as they did want to have some dignity when they were killed.

Little did the four know that death was no where in the near future, at least not in a physical sense.


“You’re kidding me, that is just splendid!” Khivar said as excitedly as possible. He watched as the four earthlings smiled in satisfaction.

For the last hour the four astronauts had been enthusiastically showing the supposed king around their ship. They knew they had to be careful, so they were only telling the alien certain information, but they were also being civil and trying to remain on his good side. There was no need to start a galactic war.

“Now, what is this?” Khivar asked as he pointed down at the phone like instrument, intercom and video screen.

“Ah, that’s what we call a phone. We use it to keep in contact with NASA,” Jasper informed him eagerly. He watched as the king’s eyes lit up, as though he had finally found something truly interesting. “Would you like to see?”

“Would you? I mean, if it’s not too much trouble,” Khivar feigned ignorance. He was trying as hard as he could to appear as dumb as possible, but it was hard at times, especially with these pesky humans around. “But, can you only contact NASA?”

“Well, no, we can contact anyone! Hey, Jasp, why don’t you call that wife of yours- give her a real show!” Nick offered as he came up beside his friend and colleague. And the moment the words left his mouth Jasper’s eyes lit up. It would be perfect. To call Liz from another planet and introduce her to the king would be absolutely wonderful.

“Oh, a wife! Now that sounds good!” Khivar said enthusiastically. These guys were eating right out of his palm and none of them were all the wiser. He didn’t think this could be any easier. “No need to speak with those pesky scientist, I get to talk to them all the time!”

“Sure, sounds great,” Jasper agreed, and he was more then happy to oblige.

A moment later Jasper had NASA on the line and they were connecting him to Liz. He waited patiently as the video screen remained black and the phone continued to ring. But a moment later, at the click of the phone being answered, the video screened filled with light.

All the while Khivar watched in anticipation. This was it. This was the moment he had been waiting for. He had seen plenty images from Zan’s mind of Elizabeth Parker, but to see the new queen and new king in person was something completely different.

Unfortunately for Khivar, instead of one person appearing on the video screen, three people appeared.

Two had brown hair, one was male and the other female. And the other was another female only she had blonde hair. Two of the three were smiling, but the third, the brown eyes beauty, was about ready to cry.

“Jasp?” Liz’s voice wafted through the intercom.

“We have a connection,” the voices of NASA rang through before being dropped.

“Liz,” Jasper breathed a little beat easier now. Just seeing and hearing her made him feel better about leaving. He had been living through hell knowing that his wife was pregnant and on earth practically alone while he was on another planet and unable to get to her anytime soon.

But now, looking at her beautiful face and eyes, Jasper felt better.

“Oh my god!”

“This is so cool!”

“Kyle, Maria you’d better be taking care of my wife down there,” Jasper warned jokingly as he heard them talking as well, though his eyes remained glued to his wife. As did Khivar’s. “Liz, baby…”

“It’s really you,” Liz sighed as she brought her hand up and touched the screen with the tips of her fingers. Khivar watched as Jasper extended his hand and did the same so that their hands were “touching.”

“I promised I’d call,” Jasper whispered reverently.

“I didn’t think you’d be able to,” Liz said softly. Her voice was trembling and Jasper and the others watched as tears began to seep from her eyes.

“Baby, don’t cry. I’ll be home soon… but first, I want you to meet someone!” Jasper said excitedly as he moved aside, giving Liz a good look at the man beside him. He was tall and held himself proudly. But it was the cold and dead look in his eyes that scared her. And suddenly she knew.


“I’d like you to meet—”


“Baby, I want you to meet, Kh—“


“Khivar, the king of Antar!”


The palace dinning hall was filled to the brim with people. Among those people, seated at the head table where only Khivar and his top workers sat, were Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess. Nicholas sat across from them while they all waited for Khivar and his special guests.

There had been a great deal of commotion as to whom Khivar was bringing to dinner, but everyone knew that they had to be special if he wanted all the head lords and ladies attending as well. Another way they knew that this was special was because the royal four had been released.

It was no secret that Khivar had been holding Zan, his bride Ava, his sister Vilandra, and his second, Rath. And it was for this reason that everyone on Antar remained as calm as they were. They believed that one day the royal four would save them from their tyrannical ruler. However, after all the years, the people were starting to lose faith. Especially after seeing them.

They looked unhealthy and uncared for. It was as though they were lying on their deathbeds.

However all thoughts ceased in everyone’s minds as trumpets began blaring and drums pounding all around them. Lights flickered by the doorway and fireworks exploded all around.

Finally the main door was thrown open, revealing Khivar and four people standing behind him.

Max, Isabel, Tess and Michael’s eyes grew wide as they saw who was behind him.

“Citizens of Antar, I’d like you meet four brave men who have ventured far beyond their normal limits, so as to finally connect and create a bridge between their own planet and our own. It is these four who will bring back four of our own- four who are very dear and near to us, but who have volunteered to return to earth with these men and strike a deal with their government so that we may live in peace. Zan, Ava, Rath and Vilandra will be returning with these heroic four,” Khivar started as he stepped aside and gestured towards the four men. They all wore the usual white NASA astronaut suit with patches and other trinkets decorating their spacesuits. “They are our friends, and soon our family. They are US astronauts from NASA. They are representatives for the planet Earth! ”

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Chapter 8

It was close to take off for the four NASA astronauts and their guests. Jasper, Jason, Nick and Danny were slightly tired after their night of festivities. They had had dinner with some of the most prestigious people of Antar. Afterwards they had spent the later part of the evening getting to know Khivar and the planet of Antar. They were given a tour of the grounds and a major portion of the inner city.

All the astronauts agreed that Antar was extremely beautiful. None could believe the bounty of floral life which covered the planet and after receiving permission, they took samples to bring back to NASA. Jasper also took a few extra flowers to bring back to Liz as he knew she would enjoy them.

Along with the numerous flora, they also took specimen samples, including various insects or bugs, water and plant samples, and even soil samples. The four had even worked out a deal with Khivar to bring back a few scientist the next time they visited so as to bring back a larger animal, like a mammal. Khivar had agreed eagerly, but only on the condition that he too would get something in turn.

Aside from its beauty, Jason, Jasper, Nick and Danny found that Antar seemed to be running quite well with their somewhat outdated way of running their planet. In the US, to have a king was unheard of. Americans had left England to get away from the tyrannical ruling of kings and queens.

But on Antar the people seemed pleased with their king. Khivar treated his subjects well and made sure that they were well cared for. While they had scouted the town they had not seen a single beggar. All the dwellings seemed upscale and well furnished.

Of course what caught Jason, Nick and Danny’s attention were the beautiful women. They could hardly believe that Antar was filled to the brim with blonde bombshells that all seemed to be throwing themselves at them. It was like living in a perpetual Playboy magazine.

But Jasper made sure to keep his men in line.

However, now their time was over. They had to return to earth and give NASA a detailed report of their findings. Luckily they wouldn’t have much to do as they had videotaped everything. But the biggest help would be the four Antarians returning with them. Even NASA had a hard time believing that they would be getting four alien specimens.

“You will return, correct?” Khivar asked Jasper. Jason, Nick and Danny were in the shuttle with Rath, Zan, Vilandra, and Ava showing them around and preparing them for the journey home.

“Of course. We’ll be in contact with your planet as to when, but for right now, I can’t give a time or date,” Jasper offered off-handedly. He was growing anxious to return home to Liz. Khivar had given him so much to give to her and he was excited to see her and their baby, which was steadily growing inside of her.

Beside, he had never spent this long of a time away from her.

“Very good. Then we will be in contact!” Khivar announced as he patted Jasper on the back. “Now go, and I hope that Rath, Zan, Vilandra and Ava are able to answer any questions you might have about our planet and the treaty we wish to create between us.”

Nodding in agreement, Jasper waved before he stepped inside the ship. He watched tentatively as Khivar saluted him before moving toward the front of the shuttle so as to watch them off.

“…hello, can you speak English?” Jasper abruptly turned at his friend’s rude words to their new alien friends.

“Danny!” Jasper warned. Both he and the tall alien glared at Danny causing Jason and Nick to laugh. They all watched as the alien crossed his arms over his chest and glared down at them, as though he were challenging them to try anything.

“Well, what are we supposed to do if they can’t speak English like Khivar does?” Jason asked.

“We can speak English, and very well, we just choose not to,” Tess snapped. Of course this caused Max to glare at her. He had wished that Michael would have talked; unfortunately he hadn’t, which had caused Tess to lash out. Sometimes Max wished he could put a piece of tape over Tess’ mouth.

“Ah, well, then, buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life!” Nick exclaimed as he and Jason moved toward the driver’s seats of the shuttle. It was Jasper and Danny’s job to help the four aliens learn about Earth.

Nick and Jason settled into the cockpit and began flipping switches. Nick hit the thruster switch as Jason started up navigation.

At first the booster rockets sputtered and they almost died, but suddenly jet fuel coursed through the component, causing the thrusters to fire.

The shuttle lifted from the airlocks in full reverse thruster power. It moved through the loading dock area and out toward space. As soon as it reached the holding gates, they two massive doors sprung open, revealing the dark and eerie world known as space.

The ship ascended backwards, falling away from the massive planet and toward earth.

All the while Jasper held his breath. He was always scared whenever they took off. Sure technology had improved, but accidents still occurred.

“Why did you hold your breath?” Max suddenly asked. Isabel, Michael and Tess stared at him in disbelief. That was the first time he had talked in years. Not even they could get him to speak, but all this astronaut did was hold his breath.

“Scared, I guess,” Jasper answered with a shrug and boyish grin.

“Scared of what?” Max asked, intrigued. He had found Jasper interesting the moment he had set eyes on him, and now that they were away from Khivar he planned to find out why he felt like he knew this man. He also planned to thank him for saving he, Michael and Isabel. “Of dying?”

“Not really,” Jasper chuckled. He thought for a second as he tried to think of a way to explain to Zan why he was scared. “I know I’m going to die someday… I’m just sacred I won’t be able to say goodbye,” Jasper replied a moment later. He noticed the questioning look on Zan’s face and again found himself laughing. “I’m married, to the most amazing woman. I love her so much and for me, dying without telling her how much she means to me and how much I love her, well, it really scares me.”

“In other words, she dragging him by his balls,” Danny added, laughing. But he stopped a second later when Jasper hit him in the arm. “Sorry, jeez, I was just kidding.”

“How long have you been married?” Max asked. He smiled at the young man before him. While it broke his heart to think that it should have been he and Liz who were this deliriously in love, he was glad that at least someone else was.

And maybe Liz was too.

“Legally? Not even a year. But in my heart we’ve been married since our senior year in high school,” Jasper said wistfully while Danny made fake choking and gagging noises.

“You two were high school sweethearts and you got married?” Max asked in wonder. Once again he could feel a tug at his heart as he once again thought of Liz. They had been high school sweethearts and he was positive they would have gotten married had things not turned out the way they had.

“No- not really. We met the summer before our senior year. She had just been through a major break up- I guess her boyfriend left her to be with another girl. But she really loved the guy, and sometimes I think she still does,” Jasper whispered. Sometimes it pained him to know that Liz still thought about Max. But Jasper also knew that he was married to her, so Max really didn’t matter. “Anyway, at first I was just her friend helping her mend her broken heart. I never even thought we’d go out- I mean she’s so amazing, I just never believed she’d be interested in me. But then one day I decided to get up the courage and ask her out, and she the sweetest word to my ears: yes.”

“Kill me now!” Danny croaked. Only this time, instead of Jasper hitting him, Michael did. “Hey!”

“So what happened? If you’ve only been married a year, and I’m assuming you’re out of school…”

“We decided to wait. She was still in love with her ex. So after graduation we went to Harvard… and man was I blown away! She had told me that she had always wanted to be a micro-biologist, and while I knew she had always been good in science, I hadn’t thought she’d actually follow that course of study, I mean, most people change their majors in college. But she didn’t,” Jasper reminisced. It was hard to talk about Liz as it caused him to yearn to see her and hold her in his arms once again. “We lived together all through college- I don’t think her parents were too happy about that. I know her mom wanted her to be married first, but neither of us were ready, what with school and homework, and our jobs… it just would have been too much. So we waited.

After we graduated from Harvard I applied to work for NASA hoping that someday I would make it into space. I didn’t expect them to pick me right out of college, but they did…”

“And so he whisked little Lizzie up to a picturesque mountain scene and asked for her hand in marriage so that they wouldn’t have to separate,” Danny finished him.

Max’s eyes nearly bulged out of his sockets at the word “Lizzie.”

“Wh-what is your wife’s name?” Max asked. Michael and Isabel had perked up as well at the mention of the word “Lizzie.” They all waited on pins and needles for the answers. However Tess was the only one of the four to be dreading hearing the answer.

“Elizabeth. Elizabeth Ann Owen’s,” Jasper answered with a smile, letting the words slip off his tongue with ease. He loved saying her name, especially now that she had his last name.

Max almost jumped out his chair and attacked Jasper, however he kept himself in check. After all, what were the chances that this Elizabeth was his Liz? There had to be like a million Elizabeth’s in the world. It was almost impossible that Jasper would be talking about Liz Parker.

“She’s so amazing and I can’t wait to introduce you guys. I’m sure you’ll hit it off. I mean, Liz- she’s so nice and caring… and… and I know you’ll love her,” Jasper insisted as he once again smiled as an image of his wife entered his mind.


The landing field was filled with reporters and other media types. However those people were pushed back so that the medical crew and scientist could be forefront and center.

They all waited patiently for the shuttle to return. After having a successful mission the president had announced to the public the nature of the take off and the reasoning behind it. Instantly the US had become the star of the world, as everyone wanted know about their contact with the only found aliens.

As soon as the shuttle touched down NASA Quarantine vehicles raced out to meet them.

Inside the shuttle the four astronauts unbuckled before helping Zan, Vilandra, Rath and Ava out as well. It had been a long flight home and they were all ready to get back to their homes.

During the flight Jasper had invited the four aliens over to his home the next night so as to have dinner with he and his wife. While he would have offered for that night, he did want to spend some time alone with Liz. He missed her dearly and couldn’t wait to see her or their baby.

Beside, tonight he planned to “reacquaint” himself with his wife.

The hatch door blew open, surprising everyone outside. The NASA Quarantine technicians flocked toward the men, but the astronauts wouldn’t have it. Instead they pushed past the medics and aides looking for their family or friends.

Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess followed obediently behind. They were supposed to act as though they had never been on earth.

They watched as a wave of fans was held back by military police. It was so weird to find themselves in front of federal agents and police and not be afraid for their lives.

“Welcome to earth!” Danny, Jason and Nick announced. The four aliens smiled, but their attention was turned when they heard Jasper’s name being called.

Shoving through the throng of scientist, fighting off the military police, and running as fast as her feet would carry her, with tears in her eyes, Liz ran toward her husband. Everything else was a blur in her mind. Time seemed to move in slow motion.

Liz wasn’t the only one running. As soon as he had caught sight of her, Jasper had taken off. She was wearing one of her white sundresses that he loved and her hair was flowing behind her. He too had tears in his eyes. Sure it had only been two days, but it had been two long days.

And why was she running? Jasper wanted to yell to her to stop as it might harm the baby. But then he figured that if it got her in his arms faster he would let it slide this time.

Max’s heart nearly lurched out his chest as he watched the one and only Liz Parker running toward him. Was it possible? Did she somehow know that he was coming back? Maybe NASA had projected their pictures on television so she had come to greet him- to tell him that she had missed him as much as he had missed her.

She still looked just as beautiful as the last time he had seen her. And he wanted to run to her, but he knew that any sudden moves might make the military think he was trying to do something, so he remained where he was, reveling in the fact that soon Liz would be in his arms again.

All the while Tess watched in fury. She wondered how Liz had known they were coming back. Sure Max hadn’t responded to her while they were on Antar, but Tess had hoped that he would recognize the fact, especially now that they were out of Khivar’s clutches, that they needed to be together. But now that stupid bitch was back.

Max and Tess weren’t the only ones to not notice Liz. Michael and Isabel watched as Liz came running toward them. But soon their eyes were locked on Maria and Kyle’s figures standing off in the distance. They couldn’t believe it. How had they known?

However, both Max and Tess’ thoughts changed as they watched Jasper and Liz fall into each other’s arms.

The moment they reach each other Jasper wrapped his arms around Liz and pulled her into his embrace. Her feet slipped off the ground as he twirled her around, laughing and crying at their reunion.

A moment later Liz found herself back on her feet. Her lips were pressed against Jasper’s. Neither could get enough of the other and they kissed with an urgency nether had ever felt before.

“I love you Liz… I love you so much!” Jasper whispered against her lips as they continued to cling to one another. “And don’t you ever run again!” Jasper scolded her, though he continued to kiss her.

“I love you too!” Liz sobbed.

Max could literally feel his heart shattering within his chest. He hadn’t even thought that his Liz that had been running toward him could possibly Jasper’s Liz. It just wasn’t possible. Liz wouldn’t love another man. It had always been Liz and Max. It would always be Liz and Max. At least in Max’s mind it would be.

Tess smiled in satisfaction as Jasper and Liz reunited. She still couldn’t help feel a little jealous. Liz wasn’t supposed to end up with someone like Jasper, she was supposed to end up alone, always thinking about how Max was with his destiny back on Antar.

After thoroughly devouring his wife, Jasper pulled away and smiled sheepishly at Liz. He felt his heart leap at the sight of her puffy red lips, her dazed and sated look, and her buckled knees.

God he wanted her.

“Come on, I want to introduce you to someone,” Jasper insisted after giving his wife on last peck on the lips. He just had to kiss her one last time.

Jasper pulled Liz back toward Zan, Rath, Vilandra and Ava. He didn’t even see the look of defeat on Zan’s face, the look of satisfaction on Ava’s, or the utter amazement on Vilandra and Rath’s faces. All he saw was Liz.

It wasn’t until he stood face to face with them that he felt something click. He turned and looked up at Zan, only to find a look of sorrow and defeat.

It was also then that he felt his wife go completely rigid beside him. Her hand grew cold and clammy.

The moment Liz laid eyes on Max she felt her whole world slow down. It wasn’t possible. Maria and Kyle had told her that they were dead- that Khivar had wanted to kill them so there was no way they would be coming back. But here he was: Max Evans’; in the flesh.

“Liz… Liz, what’s wrong?” Jasper asked worriedly. His eyes searched hers, wondering what was wrong. But soon even he knew as the word slipped from her sweet, beautiful lips before she fainted into his arms.