Title: Deliver Me
Summary: AU, takes place during World War II. Max and Liz meet and share one night of intimacy and then are separated for two months leaving Max to return from the war wounded and he and Liz encounter each other, and Liz has a secret. Max helps Liz with her secret by pretending to be married, and things get a little too close for comfort.
Background: Max is a surgeon in the war, Liz works as a nurse in San Francisco. All the other Characters from the show are in it as well…yes even the whore, T*** but, she gets what she deserves in the end. This story was inspired by the movie, A WALK IN THE CLOUDS but does not completely follow in the story line, and it deviates.
Author: Celeste
E-mail: c_aguirre99⊕hotmail.com
Rating: For now NC-17…From the get go.
Disclaimer: They're not mine (unfortunately). The characters of Roswell belong to Melinda Metz, the WB, Jason Katims; I'm just borrowing them! Oh but if they are willing to give me Jason Behr I would take him gladly, but who wouldn't?

Author's Note:

Wow, I can't even begin to tell you how long it's been since I've had time and/or engergy to sit down and write this. But After a one year anniversary with the love of my life, I have to say that he is inspiration enough to make me want to write. This next part was written in a matter of one day and it kind of just came out, so it may be a bit rough but I wanted to make this part special and as an introduction to the important things to come.
I hope you guys enjoy it and to all who have PMed me, e-mailed me and Instant Messaged me, THANK YOU!! I'm sorry I've been so busy but know that I appreciate the extra push. So here is hoping you enjoy it. BTW, Alan sweetie. I love you!*happy*


Deliver Me
Sarah Brightman

Deliver me, out of my sadness
Deliver me, from all of the madness
Deliver me, courage to guide me
Deliver me, strength from inside me

All of my life I was in hiding
Wishing there was someone just like you
Now that you're here, now that I've found you
I know that you're the one to pull me through

Deliver me, loving and caring
Deliver me, giving and sharing
Deliver me, the cross that I'm bearing

Part 27

The following morning Max awoke to the muffled sounds of people talking and scurrying through the house. He heard the sound of Liz’s sweet voice echoing down the hall and her wistful laugh filling the house.

“Yes, I’ll help prepare the food. This year’s festival will pale in comparison to any other year. I’m so excited.”

Max rolled over and out of bed. He looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was 11:00 exactly.

“Oh wow, It’s so late. “

Last night after he brought dinner up to Liz and made their apologies before heading upstairs to watch his lovely Liz finish her meal. He hadn’t left her side after that. Later that night he got them both ready for bed and she fell asleep in his arms. He knew that Liz was uneasy about what she had to tell him, she tossed and turned with nightmares the whole night. But this morning from the tone in her voice and the excitement that she proclaimed, she seemed a completely different person.

Liz walked into the room wearing a white thin summer dress, complete with bright colored embroidered flowers along the neckline. The spaghetti straps were at her shoulders and she was glowing. Her protruding belly shown beneath the thin material. He could see her beautiful golden skin bathed in the sunlight, as she opened the curtains.

“Cute dress, I didn’t remember you packing it”

Liz laughed as she walked over to him.

Max was tangled in the sheets, his olive skin a deep contrast to the white linen sheets.

“Maybe that’s because I keep it here. It used to be my mother’s. It’s one of the traditional dresses we wear during the festival, when we stomp the grapes, you don’t expect me to do it in a ball gown and heels do you?”

Max grinned..

“Liz, if you wanted to do it naked, I’d be happy!”

He pulled her into his arms growling as he held her to his chest, nuzzling her neck and moving his head down to kiss her tummy.

“Good morning baby!”

Liz couldn’t help but laugh when his scruffy unshaven face kissed her stomach.

Max looked up at his raven beauty.

“Ticklish, are we?”

“Oh no Max, it’s late and there is tons to do today. We have so much to prepare for the festival and we have no time to waste.”

Liz pushed Max upright again. Max had a smug smile on his face.

“Alright, just this once Liz. But I wonder if you’re up to this.”

Liz was perplexed.

“What do you mean?”

Max leaned over and touched her stomach, gently making small circles with the palm of his hand.

“It’s just that after yesterday, you seemed like you need to relax. I know that this time has been stressful for you”

Liz jumped to her feet. Right now she wanted to avoid yesterday all together. She was so close to telling him everything and the thought of ruining their day today was not something she could accept. As much as this secret was probably hurting her, she had to wait till later that night, till after Max had fallen in love with her, till he learned everything about her, and loved it so much that he couldn’t be apart from her. She knew it was silly, but maybe today he would realize that enough to stay with her after the truth.

“Liz? Liz?”


Max was waving a hand in front of her face.

“Are you still here? Are their visions of Grapevines dancing in your head?”

Liz grabbed a pillow from the bed and hit Max square in the face.

“Does that feel like I’m having visions of Grapevines?”

The two laughed and Max drew her to him, kissing her and holding her body as tight as humanly possible.

After a long passionate kiss, filled with longing and love, Max let her go and went into the bathroom to shower. Liz promptly made the bed covering it with the embroidered bedspread her grandmother had made for her father and mother. Her grandmother had always told her of the beautiful handmade bedspread and how it was given to her father and mother as a wedding gift. Her mother loved it so. Suddenly Liz grew sad.

In all the years her grandmother told her stories of her mother and father Liz never felt anything but sadness but now, she felt a sense of joy. Finally she shared some of the love and joy her mother had felt when she had married her father.

After a large breakfast Michael, Maria, Max, and Liz walked down to the vineyard slowly, taking in the fresh valley air, while enjoying the sweet scent of grapes. Liz was glowing, and Maria and Michael were as picture perfect as a Norman Rockwell painting. They were holding hands and Maria had taken a single white rose from the garden and placed it in her hair. The two were holding hands and looking into each other's eyes lovingly. Max had never seen either of them so happy. Liz walked with a basket of multi colored roses. Each rose was given to the women who partook in the stomping of the grapes. Liz’s mother had started the tradition many years ago. And Liz was honored to continue it every year.

When they reached the vineyard and the employees who helped make every year as successful as the next, they all drew Liz in for a huge hug. They had watched her grow up from a little girl to a young woman. Max was surprised when the men and women hugged and kissed him, shaking his hand and congratulating him.

Then as quickly as Max had learned them, the traditions Liz had spoke of took flight and Max found himself in a whirlwind of colors, music and people. There was laughter and he was handed a basket and found himself helping to cut the grapes from the vines. He looked over at Liz who was now wearing a knit shawl. It was beautiful on her. Her dark hair was pulled up in a red ribbon, yet fell over her shoulders in waves. Her skin was soft and her lips were soft velvety red. She looked magnificent under the warm Napa sun.

Suddenly when the men had finished the harvest of the grapes all the grapes were dumped into what seemed to Max, a large barrel. He watched as they dumped every last grape into the “barrel” Liz snuck up behind him and placed her hands over his eyes.

“Guess who?”

“Hmm...could it be my very own grape stomper?”

Liz giggled and pulled away.

“Actually only women who are married get to stomp the grapes. And even though I know that everyone thinks I’m married, I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing so.”

Liz and Max watched as each husband lifted his wife into the “barrel”. Liz looked almost sad, but her eye grew with excitement as the women lifted their skirts. Although in most cases, this would have been improper, it was tradition. Suddenly Liz felt Max’s arms around her as he lifted her into the barrel with the other women. She turned to him as he shook off her sandals.

“But Max, I couldn’t...”

“No ‘buts’ you are a ‘married’ woman Mrs. Evans. Now don’t think you’re going to get out of tradition”

Liz smiled and kissed his lips, swiftly.

“Of course not!”

Suddenly the music began and Liz along with the other women danced and stomped upon the plump juicy grapes. Laughing as she felt the sweet soft gushy fruit beneath her feet. The women began linking arms dancing to the rhythm of the music laughing and singing along. Suddenly Liz saw the men bringing a bare-footed Maria to the ‘Barrel’.

Maria was plopped to her feet and grabbed Liz’s hand.

“They said I was practically married and that I could partake in the tradition.”

Liz laughed and took her hand, as they started dancing around. Her hair was drenched in juice as was her body. Max watched as her dress clung to her newly curvaceous body. He could feel his physical reaction to the sight of his beloved. She looked delicious. Her hair was wet, as was her body and face, which glistened in the sun. Suddenly Max felt a force pushing him and the next thing he knew he was being lifted off the ground and heading closer to the women. He was swept up by the men, and his shoes were removed and he found himself standing next to Liz. When she noticed him, she turned around and smiled, taking him by the hand. Everyone was laughing and singing, but the world seemed to fade into the background as Liz pushed her body against his and she felt his arms go around her. Max needed her, but she turned away and ran in the opposite direction, playfully grabbing his hand. She pulled him around to the other side, and when she did so Max could feel himself slipping she pulled him upright and he laughed, taking her in his arms again. He kissed her, and never had he tasted sweeter lips. He found himself deepening the kiss, drawing her in, ravishing her lips and mouth, dipping his tongue deeper into the crevices of her mouth. Liz could feel her temperature rising. Max was pressing into her, and she could feel how much he wanted her. When he finally let go of her lips and their eyes fluttered open, everyone had been watching them. They had been witnesses to their passionate kiss. They looked on smiling, keeping silent allowing the couple to have their moment.

Liz buried her head into Max’s chest, as Max stroked her raven colored hair. He leaned down whispering in her ear.

“Let’s go somewhere private.”

Liz looked up into his glowing hazel eyes, which burned with passion and lust.


They hurriedly moved to the edge and with the help of some of the workers made their way out. Everyone watched as they ran back up to the main house, hand in hand.

Everyone was happy for the couple. They could all see how in love they were. But the people partaking in the celebration weren’t the only ones watching. From the guesthouse at the top of the hill, near the vineyard, Jeff Parker, Kyle and Tess were on the patio watching the display of affection.

Jeff Parker threw his Coffee into the bushes with disgust.

“This ends now. This afternoon before dinner, we’ll go ahead with the plan.”

“Yes sir.”

This was it, what Kyle and Tess had been waiting for.


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