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Title: Time After Time


Category: M/L AU

Summary: Liz is a single mom with a daughter. Liz and Max are best friends since college. They are both employed at the same law firm. Circumstances will arise that will make them realize their true feelings.

Rating: PG-13, R

Author’s Note: The story will begin when Liz and Max are in college for the three chapters. After that, the setting will take in the future. Please be gentle, this is my first fanfic. Feedback is welcome.

Chapter 1- Liz’s Apartment

“Hurry up Liz, we are going to be late. Maria is going to be pissed if we are late for the party.” Max said. “Wait a minute! Hold your horses. Maria would not mind if I was fashionably late.” Liz said as she was putting the finishing touches on her makeup. Not too much, settle is best. she thought. Should I wear my hair up or down? What does it matter! I am graduating! Liz finally finished I the bathroom and walked out to face Max. “You should know better than to rush perfection.” Liz said with a smile. “Well in that case, you need to go back in the bathroom for the rest of the night.” Max said with a chuckle. “You!” Liz said and punched him on the shoulder.

“You are so lucky that you are my best friend, otherwise I would kill you for that comment. On another note, how do I look?” Liz said as she twirled around. She was wearing jeans that hugged her curves perfectly, a light silver halter-top, and silver high-heeled sandals that matched perfectly with the halter top. Liz pinned her hair up to add the spice to her outfit. “Great. I hope that the brainless bonehead will love it. If he would keep his lips off of the liquor bottle long enough. Shit, he did not even have the common courtesy to escort you to the graduation party.” Max said with a huff. “I know that you do not like Marcus, but try to get along. He is my boyfriend, and you are my best friend. Besides, I am sure that Marcus wanted to take me to the party, but his mother came into town this week for graduation and he is visiting with her. He said he will meet me there.” Max looked at her unconvincingly as she went on. “You know, Max I am an adult. You don’t have to worry about me. I have been a pretty good judge of character so far, I have you for a friend. Now stop talking about me. We both are graduating. We are going to the same law school. We should be celebrating.” Liz said as she gave him a hug. “I am sorry for being overprotective. I just worry about you. I promise that I will not call Marcus an asshole out loud. Scouts honor” Max said as he held up two fingers. “You were never a boy scout you jerk.” Liz said laughing. “I could have been. I can tie one hell of a knot believe me. Come on, let’s get out of her before Maria and Michael send a search party looking for us” Max said as he opened the door to Liz’s apartment and walked out.

Chapter 2

Liz knew that Max was only trying to be protective. They met their freshmen year at NYU in speech class. The class had to do a debate project and she was paired with Max and two other classmates. The topic chosen was the death penalty. The other classmates were for it, Max and Liz were against it. Liz was amazed by the way that she and Max clicked. After the class ended, they became best friends. There were times when she thought of him as more then a friend, but Max had never made it known that he was interested in her other than a friend. Liz later realized that being in anything other than a friendship would be too risky. She valued her friendship with Max too much. If is wasn’t for Max and Maria, she would be lost. Then came Marcus Healy. Although she doesn’t see him as husband material, she loves Marcus. After all, she did lose her virginity to him. He is cute, ambitious, popular, and out of all of the girls who are literally throwing their panties in his face, he wanted her. Simple Liz Parker.

Max and Liz finally reached Maria’s house. Just as they stepped out of the car, Maria walked up to them “It’s about time you guys showed up. I have guys puking on my lawn and stank girls doing a strip tease on my coffee table. I swear, I will kill someone before the night is over. I will have to attend my college graduation wearing a orange jumpsuit.” Maria said holding her head. Maria looked over to Max. “Michael has already started without you. If you can pull him away from his new date that he ditched me for.” Maria said rolling her eyes. “Who!” Liz exclaimed.

“The keg of beer that is sitting in kitchen. Since it was delivered, it is the only thing that he has noticed. I am telling you, if we were to ever end up getting married, I will make him miserable for the rest of his life!”

Liz laughed. Maria was always so high strung. She throws these wild parties and expects college students to be on their best behavior. WRONG! Maria has always been the most flamboyant of the bunch. Since her mom left and moved to Florida with her new husband three months ago, there has been a party at least six times, all ending up in disaster. “Just calm down Maria. Did Marcus show up yet?” Liz asked. “No, but his football buddies are in there spiking the punch bowl. Okay, I have calmed down.” Maria said as she took a deep breath and faced the house. “Let’s go in and have some fun. We are seniors!” Maria grabbed both Max and Maria by the arm and walked towards the house.

Chapter 3- Maria’s house 2 hours later.

“Max, you girl looks bored.” Michael said. Max waved his hand close to his face to fan away Michael’s drunken breath. “Dude, the next time that you decide to take a drink, bring breath mints with you. Read my lips, don’t leave home without them!” Michael laughed. Max looked over at Liz. She was standing in the hallway nursing a beer waiting for her boyfriend to show up. God! What a jerk! Liz walked over to him. “Max, could you do me a favor, could you take me over to Marcus’s dorm room? I am getting worried.” Liz said. “Sure, no problem” Max said and walked her out of the house. “I hope that he is okay. I mean, he did not beep me or anything.” Liz was letting all kinds of ideas run through her head and it was starting to make her worry even more.

The ten minute ride to Marcus dorm room seemed like hours. Liz rushed out of the car and into the building. Max quickly ran behind her. “Is Marcus Healy in his room?” Liz asked the two men who were on the couch watching television. “Hey, Liz. Yeah, I think I saw him go into his room about two hours ago.” One of the guys said. Before he could finish his sentence. Liz was off to his room. When she got to his door, she proceeded to open it. The strange moaning sounds coming from his room caused her to stop dead in tracks. Liz opened the door and saw her boyfriend stark naked lying on his back with some blond riding him like he was a Harley Davidson.

“Oh my god!” was all Liz could say. She was total shock. Max finally caught up with Liz. Marcus still did not realize that he had company until the girl screamed and jumped off of him, grabbed her dress and ran out of the room. “Oh shit!” Marcus said and got off of the bed and grabbed a towel. “How could you do this Marcus? If you were interested in other women, you could have just said something. I gave something to you that was priceless and precious, and you disrespect me like this?” Liz shouted. “Look Liz. I liked you a lot, but I never ask for anything long term. You are always so serious all the time. We are college students, not grown ups. I am sorry to have hurt you, but I am not ready to settle down. I need to spread my wings and fly.” Marcus said crossing his arms over his chest.

Liz looked at Marcus. “You are right. It is good that one of us decided to take action.” She said very calmly. “Now it is my turn.” With that, Liz kicked him in his groin and punched him square in the jaw. “You son of a bitch! You can take you wings and shove them up your ass! It is over!” Liz attempted to lunge at him again, but Max held her back. “Wait a minute Liz. He is not even worth it. You don’t want to stoop to his level.” Liz backed away and walked out of the door. “Thank man. Damn, women can get testy over nothing.” Marcus said as he scrambled to his feet. “I was right about one thing, Liz is beneath you, but I am not.” With that, Max punched so hard in the jaw that he knocked him out. “Sleep tight.” Max said to the sleeping Marcus and shut the door.

At Liz’s Apartment

“Here you go, two beers courtesy of yours truly.” Max said as he waked over to the couch and handed Liz a beer. He knew that snake was up to no good. He is not going say I told you so, no, tonight he is going to be there to listen. “Thanks. Max, why is the room spinning?” Liz said giggling. “Geez woman, you only had three beers. No more okay!” Max said laughing. Liz laughed. Suddenly, her smile faded. “I can’t believe that I spent two years of my life with that jerk. You what my problem is, I am definitely too trusting. You know, I think that I am a fairly good person. Why does like this always happen to people like me? Why can’t nice guys finish last?” Liz said. Good question. Max thought. If could answer that question, then he would probably figure out why Liz wanted Marcus instead of him. He looked at her. God, I wished that I could take the pain away. I would give my right arm to be able to hold you in my arms and tell you that it will be all right. To be able to tell you that you don’t need Marcus. I love you more that you could possibly know. “Max!” Liz said. Max snapped out of his train of thought. “I thought that I lost you for a minute. What are you thinking about?

“I was thinking that Marcus was a fool to hurt someone as beautiful as you. Your beauty shines inside and out. If I were Marcus, I would hold on tight and never let you go for the rest of our lives.” Oh my god! Where did that come from? Too many beers. Max thought. Obviously, Liz was thinking the same thing, because she was totally shocked. “I didn’t realized you felt that way.” Liz whispered. She leaned over and planted a soft kiss on his lips. She moved in closer to deepen the kiss. Max welcomed the kiss as he gently cupped her face to deepen the kiss further. Liz never thought that a kiss could be so electrifying, so arousing. She could do this forever. Liz gently pulled away and looked into his eyes. Her eyes filled with passion. “Max, I don’t want to be alone tonight.”

“Are you sure?” Max said. Deep down he knew that he should stop, he wanted her so much and for so long, that is seemed impossible. The kiss made him feel like he was in heaven. “I have never been more sure of anything in all of my life.” Liz said. She stood up and began to undress. She slowly began to unbutton her jeans and slid them down her hips, exposing her flat belly. Max mouth went dry. She then proceeded to take off her top. Liz stood there before him naked. It did not even bother her that she was naked and he was fully clothed. She was wanted him now. Max stood up, picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. The room was dark, but just enough light shined though the bedroom window so that Max could see Liz’s beautiful body.
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He guided her toward the bed and watched as she lay gently on the bed. “You are so beautiful.” Max whispered to Liz. Both were trembling with desire

Liz closed her eyes as a trembling wracked her body when she felt his mouth follow the path of his fingers, fingers that feathered up her inner thigh and lingered near her gentle spot. Bracing both hands on her inner thighs, spread her legs apart and drank the drink of a man dying of thirst. His tongue was relentless, not stopping until she was screaming his name and shuddering in total ecstasy.

She moan softly as when he moved up to kiss her, deeply and with passion. Max eased her legs apart and settled his body within the cradle of her femininity. She gasped as he entered her, with one forceful thrust. “I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?” Max whispered against her lips. “No. Don’t stop. Please.” Liz begged. With every thrust, both Max and Liz thought that they were in heaven. Neither one considered the consequences of their actions or what will happen once the sun rises.

Early morning sunlight crept through Liz’s bedroom window. She slowly opened her eyes and clutched her head. Damn! Who it me with a hammer! Liz thought as she rose to a sitting position. She looked to her left. Max! What was he doing in my bed naked! Then she smiled when remembered the night of passion they both shared the night before. The night that they shared was unlike anything she had ever felt. She had fallen in love with him in one night. Her smile slowly faded. What is going to happen if he does not feel the same way? She could not handle another rejection, especially one by her best friend. She would rather have him for a friend then to go into a relationship, have it fail and lose him for a friend. She must let him know now before she lose her nerve.

“Good morning sunshine.” Liz whispered in Max’s ear. Max slowly opened his eyes. Just looking at him broke her heart. How am I going to walk away from him? “Good morning beautiful. I thought that I would be awake before you so that I could make you breakfast but it looks like you beat me to it. So, I would like me eggs over easy, and my toast buttered, not burnt.” Max said with a chuckle. Liz playfully punched his shoulder. “You are such a jerk!” “So Liz, about last night....” Max started to say but Liz cut him off. “That is what I wanted to talk to you about. Max, what we shared last night was beautiful and I will never regret it. I need to work some things out in my head. Things that I need to work out with you as my friend, not my boyfriend. I care about you too much to turn you into the rebound boyfriend. I.....just care about you too much. I hope that you understand.” Liz explained. The words that came out of Liz’s mouth gutted him like a knife. How could he be so insensitive! Just last night she caught her boyfriend with another woman, and the same night I jumped her bones. It doesn’t mean that her words hurt any less. Max had loved Liz since they first met in class freshmen year. He never thought that he would love her any more until last night. A night that was the happy night of his life. It turns out that this will be the worst day of his life.

“Of course I understand. No regrets. I value your friendship also to jeopardize it. IF you want to put on the brakes, that is what we will do. If you are ready, I will be there. If not, I will always be your friend.” Max said forcing a smile. I hope that I was convincing, he thought. Liz looked at him, surprised. Knowing that he understood did not make it any easier. It still hurt like hell. She smiled and gave him a light kiss on his lips. “So how about that breakfast?” Max said as he put his hand behind his head. “In your dreams loverboy!” Liz laughed and threw a pillow at him.

Chapter 4-Waldorf’s Department Store one day before Graduation

“Liz! What is wrong with you? You have been in a daze all day. Are you okay?” “Yeah sure.” Liz said as she snapped out of her daydreaming gaze. “I was just trying to figure out what I am going to wear tomorrow. There is so many outfits to choose from.” Maria walked over to Liz and sat down next to her on the bench. “That is bullshit. You have been since you picked me up. Is it about that asshole Marcus? Just give me the word, and I will go over to his room with my Babe Ruth and start something. No one hurts my best friend and gets away with it.” Liz looked at her friend with such sadness and hugged her tightly. “Chica, what’s wrong? Please tell me.” Maria said. “I’m pregnant.” Liz said with a sob. “Oh my god, when did this happened? Does Marcus know?” Maria said. “No Maria, Marcus does not know. In fact, it is not Marcus’s baby. It belongs to Max.” Maria’s jaw dropped. She put her finger in her ear as if she was unclogging her ear. “Did I hear you right? The baby belongs to Max! Did you forget to tell me something?” Liz sighed. “To make a long story short, we slept together the night that I caught Marcus with the other girl. I found out a couple of days ago, and I thought about other options. I realized that I couldn’t do it. Maria, what am I going to do!” Liz sobbed as she put her head on Maria’s shoulder. “It is okay. Everything will be okay once you tell Max. I am sure that he will be responsible.” Liz jumped up. “No! Max is to never know about this! I don’t want to ruin his life with this. If I told him he would forget about law school, marry my out of obligation for his child. Eventually, he will regret it. I can’t do it to him. Promise that you won’t tell him Maria!” Liz said as she grabbed Maria shoulders. “I won’t tell him chica, but you will tell him in another 8 months when your belly is in your face.” “Well, I will tell him that the child is Marcus. Please, I don’t want to ruin his life.” Liz said. “Okay, Okay Liz. Let me ask you something. You are so worried about Max’s life, what about yours? What are you going to do?” Maria said and gave her friend a hug.

“I don’t know Maria. I honestly don’t know”


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