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Title: That One Night
Author: Sugarplum17
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters, they belong to Melinda Metz and Jason Katims, who in my opinion currently happen to be fucking them all over.
Author’s Note: What if that kiss wasn’t a day dream that Kyle had? What if it happened and something more came from it? BTW, I haven't seen the ep where Isabel and Jesse go on their honeymoon and Kivar shows up, so I'm just pretending that it didn't happen. Just to let you know. *wink*

Part 1

“Oh god...what have I done?” Isabel whispered to herself as she clutched the heavy tarp to her naked body. Her breath was coming out in white puffs and her bare arms and back was freezing. She blindly reached her arm out to feel around for her discarded clothes as she looked at the naked man laying next to her. She couldn’t believe it. What had possessed her to sleep with Kyle Valenti?

Not that it hadn’t been good. She’d definitely enjoyed herself, much more than she should have. The way he had caressed her heated flesh the night before on the floor of the garage he worked in, the way he had kissed every inch of her naked body, the way he had made her feel as he slid into her. She never knew it could feel so good. She knew orgasms could be good, but she never knew they could be mind blowing. She had never felt so sated and exhausted afterwards. So wiped out from being pleasured. She had never felt so loved.

Oh yes, she had definitely enjoyed it. But then again that was part of the problem. You weren’t supposed to enjoy cheating on your husband for the first time. As she pulled her shirt over her head and felt for her panties she wondered if the first time would be the last time.

She had all but ran home, leaving a naked and sleeping Kyle behind in the garage. She couldn’t face him right now. She didn’t even want to face Jesse, her husband, but seeing as how they lived together she knew it was evitable. Sooner or later he was going to come home, and she would have to wrap her arms around him, and press her lips to his. Maybe even take his tongue into her mouth.

She hadn’t wanted to get in the shower. She wasn’t quite ready to wash off his scent, the feel of his hands and mouth. It unnerved her, how she wanted to bask in the after glow of their mistake. But she did it anyway. She felt dirty. She needed to cleanse herself for her husband. It was the least she could do for him. It definitely wouldn’t do to have her husband smell another man’s scent on her. But as she ran her soapy hands up her arms, she thought for a brief moment, that she liked the feeling of being dirty.

She thought of Vilandra as her hands scrubbed all the parts that he’d touched the night before. All the parts that felt alive last night were slowly dying as she scrubbed them with the soap. Vilandra had done this before. She knew because it somehow felt natural to her. Second nature. She didn’t feel as guilty as she should have, because it had happened before. Maybe not with Jesse, but with someone else.

Vilandra had scrubbed herself in the shower as well. Cleansing herself for Rath. Washing the scent of Kivar off of her body, washing the feel of him away. Vilandra had never told anyone about her affair with Kivar, and Isabel would never tell anyone about her night with Kyle. Because that was all, it was going to be. One night. She would only ever look back on that one night of pure, unadulterated pleasure and bliss. Because she didn’t want to be Vilandra ever again.


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Part 2

Kyle woke up with a small smile playing on his lips. Last night was the best night of his life. He’d made love to Isabel last night. Truth be told it was something he’d always thought about doing. She was every high school guys fantasy after all. A tall, beautiful, buxom, long-haired blonde. Although she hadn’t been blonde for quite some time, and her hair was much shorter, she was still a fantasy of his.

He’d always preferred brunettes anyway. Liz had been a brunette, and he had been so in love with her for a little while. Or at least he had thought so. He had been at that age back then, when everything was love. He realized now that it hadn’t been love. It had been lust and infatuation, but definitely not love. It had been the fact that he couldn’t have her that she left him that kept him wanting more of her their whole sophomore year.

As his arm reached out to seek out Isabel, all thoughts of Liz flew from his mind. He was definitely in love now. Not with Liz, with Isabel. He knew that he was because when he’d woke up, he’d smiled because he’d made love to her, not because he fucked her. He had made sweet, passionate love to the woman of his dreams and the thought made his smile grow bigger.

Unfortunately it withered away, slowly, as he realized she wasn’t there next to him. He didn’t know when she’d gotten up and left him there, laying naked on the floor of the garage, but he knew that she must’ve been in a hurry. Her bra still lay on the floor by the tool box. Right where he had thrown it after taking it off of her last night.

After picking himself up off the floor and dressing quickly, he cleaned up the evidence of their interlude. She probably wasn’t up for seeing him, but he felt like he had to return her bra. Of course, he knew that the only real reason he felt so strongly about returning the garment was because he felt an intense need to see her again. After all that they had shared last night, he just needed to see her face.

He had no clue how she would act. Would she act as if nothing happened? Would she be mad? Would she accuse him of taking advantage of her? He scoffed at that last thought. It wasn’t Isabel’s style. If she made a mistake, she would admit to it, and that was the thing that scared him the most. In the back of his mind he knew that it was a mistake. He knew that she would say it was a mistake, and probably even think that it was a mistake. But in his heart, it had just felt so right. The moment had felt right. The act hadn’t felt wrong and it hadn’t been a mistake in his heart. But she probably wouldn’t feel the same way.

Pulling into a parking spot, his eyes sought out Jesse’s car. When he didn’t find it, he grabbed her bra from the glove box and got out of truck.

- - -

A knock at the door startled her. She knew who it was before even opening the door. Sitting on the couch, she turned at the waist and looked at the door. The expression on her face was a mixture of fear and sadness.

Smoothing out her bathrobe, she stood up and slowly walked to the door, stopping infront of a mirror and attempting to fix her hair before giving up. When she heard her name being called from the other side of the door she resumed her path.

“Isabel...I know you’re in there.” He called into the door. When she opened it, he moved to enter, but stopped himself. She stood in the middle of the doorway, blocking his entrance. “Can I come in? Please? I don’t really want to do this out in the hall.”

She stepped aside and closed the door behind him when he entered. Suddenly feeling self-conscious in her bath robe and nothing underneath, she tightened the tie around her waist and stood in the middle of the kitchen looking at the floor.

“ did you want Kyle?” She asked, inspecting the tiled floor. Was that a spot?

He stuck out the hand that held the lacy purple bra. “You left this in the garage.”

“Thank you.” She said as she took it from him. Their fingers brushed against each other and she pulled back quickly, as if she’d been burned. “Kyle, I don’t think that we should hang out with each other anymore. I mean, I’m a married woman, and what happened between us last night...I don’t think it should happen again. It was a-”

“Mistake.” He finished for her, staring blankly at the wall behind her. “Right. Of course it was. And you’re married and I guess I won’t be seeing you around then.”

He moved past her, his shoulder bumping into hers, and his scent wafted through the air. She could smell him. She could smell herself on him. He hadn’t showered yet, and the scent was heady and strong. It was theirs. His mixed with hers. Her mouth watered. She couldn’t remember the last time her mouth had actually watered. God, she wanted him to stay. She wanted him to feast on her body as he had last night. She wanted him to strip her of her fuzzy pink bathrobe and have his way with her. She registered the urge to turn around and claw at his clothes. She registered the out of control feeling, and checked it. She put her urges and feelings in their rightful places and let him walk out of her door.

Inside of her body, Vilandra was clawing to get out, screaming even. But Isabel wouldn’t let her free. She closed her eyes as she heard the door shut behind her, and she put a chain around Vilandra’s cage, securing it with two big, sturdy pad locks. Her alter-ego couldn’t come out to play.

“Jesse will be home any minute.” She said out loud, talking to the caged beast inside of her. “Now hush.”

TBC? Should I continue? Let me know.
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Part 3

She’d been tossing and turning all night. Drifting in and out of sleep. Dreaming about it when she slept and thinking about it when she was awake. She couldn’t get it out of her mind. She thought about that whole entire night. From the time she showed up on his doorstep holding that ridiculous movie, to the time they collapsed in exhaustion on that tarp.

Why hadn’t she known that he felt that way about her? Why hadn’t she seen that one coming? She was usually so perceptive about those types of things, she’d always been able to tell when someone had a crush on her. She could always spot the obvious tell-tale signs of a crush. Why had she been blind to it this time?

Where had that kiss even come from? She had meant to kiss him on the cheek, which now she knew wouldn’t have been a good idea either, it would’ve only encouraged his crush. But he’d turned his head at the last second and her lips had made contact with his. He’d been momentarily startled, as had she. But then, before she had a chance to pull back, he responded. And then a funny thing happened. She started responding too. The next thing she knew, they were naked on the floor and she was impatiently waiting for him to roll the condom on.

Then as she stared up at the white ceiling of her bedroom, she began to wonder, had she been sabotaging his changes to get laid all night? She remembered feeling a pinch of happiness when the boyfriends of those two girls showed up. She had introduced him last night at the party, to the one girl she knew wouldn’t give it up to him on the first meeting. There had been other girls there. The kind of girls that weren’t looking for a relationship out of sex, they just wanted to have it. Easy girls had been at that party, and she’d steered Kyle away from them. After all, he hadn’t said anything about looking for a relationship. He’d only said that he wanted to get laid. So why hadn’t she introduced him to the girls that would’ve been happy to help him out that night?

Had she done it because she didn’t want to spend her New Years Eve alone? Or had there been another reason? Was it because she really didn’t like the idea of Kyle getting laid by some girl? Whatever the reason, she supposed it didn’t really matter now. Or did it? What was already done, she could never undo but the motive behind the crime however, could it change everything?

“You ok?” Jesse asked sleepily from his side of the bed. All her tossing and turning and the constant sad, irritated sighs she was giving off had woke him up. She’d been acting weird ever since he got home earlier that day. One minute she’d be deep in thought, the next she’d space out and her eyes would lose focus, as if she were remembering something. She’d be all jumpy and irritable one minute, and the next she’d be the sweet, loving and doting wife, jumping at the chance to fill his coffee or massage his neck.

“What?” She asked quickly, startled by the sound of his sudden sound of his gravely voice. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine honey.”

“Are you sure?” He asked, propping his head up on his pillow. “You’ve been acting...strange...ever since I got home this afternoon.”

“I’m fine honey. Go back to sleep.” She said quickly kissing him before pushing the covers off of her and grabbing her robe.

He watched her walk out of the room, and for a second he was actually gonna let it go. He was just gonna roll over and go back to bed. But then he’d remembered all the times in their relationship when she’d hidden things from him. When her brother had shown up and asked her to do things for him, and she wouldn’t tell him what those favors were. There were secrets that Isabel Ramirez was keeping from him. A ton of them, and he just knew that they were big. It was no way to start off a marriage and he vowed that he would get her to open up to her. To let him in, and tell him.

- - -

“Jesse, I’m not hiding anything from you.” She said as she clutched the mug filled with hot herbal tea in her hand and padded out of the kitchen. “I promise.”

“Isabel, I can feel that you’re hiding something. There’s something you’re not telling me, just like always.” He said watching as she sat down on the couch infront of the fire place. “Just tell me sweetie. I’m here, talk to me.”

She looked at his hopeful expression and racked her brain to come up with a believable lie. Her night with Kyle was just another secret to throw onto the growing pile. The excuse for why she’d been acting so weird was just another lie to throw onto pile of lies she’d already told him, and would have to keep telling him. “It’s...Kyle’s dad.”

“The sheriff?” Jesse asked in confusion as he moved from the coffee table to the couch. “What about him?”

“He’s seeing this girl.” She told him. “It’s got Kyle really upset because she’s just a few years older than him. It’s actually kind of gross...and I’m just worried about him.”

“The sheriff or Kyle?” Jesse asked, his expression blank.
She studied him for a quick second before deciding that it would be safer to go with the first. “Jim. I think he might be going through a mid-life crisis or something.”

Jesse put his arm around her shoulders and hugged her into his side. “You’re such a caring person Isabel. That’s why I love you. You care about everyone, but really...the sheriff and his mid-life crisis aren't any of your concern honey. Whatever he’s going through, he’ll work it out on his own.”

She sighed as Jesse kissed her temple and rubbed her arm. “Are you coming back to bed?”
“Not yet.” She answered. “You go on ahead.”

“I love you, don’t stay up too late.” He said as he disappeared down the hall. She said nothing back to him.

Enough out of me for now.
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Part 4

It had been exactly one week since Isabel had woken up naked on the floor of Pete’s Auto Shop, next to an equally naked Kyle, and she hadn’t been able to get it out of her mind. They hadn’t seen or talked to each other since he returned her bra but twice she’d almost exposed her secret to Jesse. At night, as he hovered over her, she couldn’t help but picture Kyle’s face behind her closed eye lids. She couldn’t stop herself from replaying their night over and over in her mind as Jesse made love to her. And twice, she’d almost screamed out the wrong name. A name that definitely did not belong to her husband.

Even as she sat beside her husband in the dimly lit restaurant, she couldn’t get it off her mind.

“Baby you didn’t have to come.” Jesse said, picking up her hand and kissing her knuckles. “It’s just gonna be me, your dad and a couple of colleagues. You’ll be bored listening to us talk shop all night.”

“I wanted to come.” She told him earnestly. “I didn’t want to spend the evening alone at home. Besides I just wanted to be with you.”

He leaned over in his chair and pressed his lips to hers in a soft and gentle kiss, but broke it when he heard someone clearing their throat.

- - -

“I’m sorry what?” Isabel asked the men at her table. “I must’ve spaced out for a second there.”
“It was nothing sweetie.” Her father said, turning away from her toward Jesse and resuming their conversation.

She had been totally focused on the conversation that Jesse and her father were having with two of their lawyer friends. She had listened with rapt attention as they talked, and she even threw in her own opinions here and there. But the moment that she’d seen his leather jacket out of the corner of her eye, the second that she turned her head and caught sight of his broad shoulders and brown head of hair, she’d lost all interest in what was being said at her table.

She was much more interested in the way that Kyle guided Bitsy to their table, his hand resting on the small of her back, and the way that they made polite conversation after the hostess left them with their menus. It was interesting to her, the way that Kyle was talking to Bitsy. It seemed as though they weren’t on their first date. Those were usually awkward, but with the way that Bitsy and Kyle were talking to each other, she could clearly see that there wasn’t any awkwardness there. He was attentive to her. Isabel knew that he knew she was there, but he hadn’t looked at her once, not even when he walked from the waiting area and sat down at their table.

As Bitsy leaned over to touch his hand, Isabel felt the little bubbles, she couldn’t quite tell where it was coming from but she knew that it was definitely her anger starting to boil. If she didn’t get out of there soon it would boil over, and she would explode right there in the restaurant. From somewhere deep inside of her she heard a voice. It sounded very much like her own, yet somehow different. It sounded very angry as it chanted one primitive word. Mine, it said over and over.

She cleared her throat and turned back toward her husband. “Sweetie, I have a headache. So I think I’m just gonna go. Can you catch a ride home with my dad?”

“Yeah Isabel. It’s no problem.” Jesse said handing her the keys to their car. “Here I’ll walk you out.”

- - -

“Thanks Kyle.” Bitsy said as she stood on her doorstep. “I had a really great time tonight.”
“Yeah, me too.” He said smiling warmly and holding her hand loosely. The night had been good, with the exception of Isabel being at that restaurant. He definitely hadn’t planned that one, he’d been trying to stay as far away from her as he could. “Well, I’ll call you ok?”

“Don’t you want to come in?” She asked innocently, grabbing a hold of his wrist with her free hand. They’d had three dates in one week. She’d been ready after two, but he said he needed a little time, that he wanted to get to know her a little better before jumping into bed with her.
“Uh...I don’t think so Bits.” He told her, trying to sound as nice as he possibly could. “It’s doesn’t feel like the right time.”

She offered him a small smile. “Alright. Call me tomorrow?”
He nodded his head and leaned in to kiss her goodnight. He’d been planning on giving her a quick, chaste kiss. Just pressing his lips to hers and then breaking it, but Bitsy had other plans. She grabbed his head in both of her hands and practically forced her tongue into his mouth. After he relaxed, he returned her kiss. Figuring, why the hell not?

- - -

Her hands clutched the steering wheel like a vice. Her knuckles were beyond white and she was shaking with the force of her grip.


No, he’s not.


He’s not. He can do whatever he wants.


If he wants to shove his tongue down that stupid bitch’s throat, he’s welcome to do it. I don’t care.




It’s Jesse. Jesse is mine. I love Jesse. I don’t care about Kyle. I don’t want him.

She tried to close her eyes and block out that annoying voice that sounded so much like her own, but it kept on getting louder and louder. When she finally opened her eyes, Kyle and Bitsy had separated and she as holding his hand was he backed away from her. Probably promising to call her tomorrow, Isabel thought to herself.

After Bitsy entered the house and Kyle got in his car, she was in action. Shifting into drive she pulled up right beside his car and slammed on the brakes.

Rolling down her window she waited for Kyle to do the same before giving one simple command. “Follow me.”

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Part 5

She drove out to some random road in the desert and then turned off on some little pathway. She had no idea where she was leading them, but wherever it was, it was far away from prying eyes. Finally she stopped and then sat in the driver’s seat, wondering what she should do.

“Ok. I’m here. Now what?” She asked herself out loud. Her voice coming out soft and low. “What am I doing?”

She began to get nervous as she saw in the rear view mirror, Kyle slowly approaching the passenger side, his hands tucked into his pockets and his head pivoting from side to side. As if he were looking for someone. He opened the door and slid into the car, shutting it softly behind him. They sat in silence for a while before she cleared her throat. Turning her head to him slightly, she opened her mouth but closed it when nothing came out. She couldn’t find the words for what she wanted to say to him. Moreover, she had no clue what that something she wanted to say was.

Sighing, she turned off the ignition and folded her hands in her lap. “Have you slept with her?”

In response Kyle shrugged his shoulders, as if the question hadn’t caught him completely off guard. He couldn’t come right out and say that he hadn’t, but for some reason he couldn’t tell her that he had either, so he answered her question with a question. “Have you slept with Jesse?”

She looked out the window before reaching into the back seat, grabbing her coat and getting out of the car. She walked around to the front and sat on the hood, looking up at the clear January sky. It was an absolutely beautiful night. She could hear him opening and shutting the car door, and his boots crunching the rocks.

“Why are we here?” His question seemed to fall on deaf ears, and so he moved to stand infront of her and tried again. “Why am I here Isabel? Why did you ask me to follow you out here?”

He moved in closer resting his hands on the warm hood on either side of her thighs, waiting for her answer. He was so close to her that if she just leaned forward, she would be able to kiss his lips. She could smell his cologne. “I...I want my best friend back. I want to be friends with you Kyle.”

The tone of her voice betrayed the words that she spoke. It had come out husky, breathless even. And so he moved in closer, sliding his hands up the hood so that they rested beside her butt, and shuffling his feet closer to the car. All she had to do now was tip her head back, and their lips would touch. “Friends?” He asked, his own voice coming out low and husky. “After what we shared last really think we can be just friends?”

The rattling had started. She could hear it getting louder and louder. Vilandra was trying to break free. She was desperately trying to come out of her cage. The clawing and the screaming had started all over again. The intensity which she felt at that moment, was freaking her out. She couldn’t remember feeling anything like that, she could remember wanting something or someone so bad that you would literally kill to get it. But she couldn’t remember needing someone so bad, she couldn’t remember psychically aching for them.

She leaned back slightly, putting some distance between their faces, and then slid off the hood. Her dress inching up to show off a generous amount of thigh. “Yes. I think we can.”

He sat down in her place on the hood and watched her walk away from him. “Do you now?” He asked, a small hint of amusement dancing in his voice. “That’s weird...because I don’t.”

She was hoping that he would stop there as she bowed her head and closed her eyes. One push, one gentle nudge in the wrong direction would send her to a place she knew that she shouldn’t go. One word from him, in that sensual tone, would send her spiraling in the wrong direction. If he opened his mouth and said the right words, she would definitely do the wrong thing. “See the only thing I can think about when I’m around you...” He said as he stood up and placed himself directly behind her. “ how it felt to be sliding in and out of you.”

That did it. Whatever control she had, whatever thread she was holding onto, slipped out of her grasp and the cage broke wide open. Vilandra filled every part inside of her, straight from the tips of her fingers, to the tips of her toes. And she felt right. She felt whole, for maybe the first time.

Moments before, he’d been amused. But as he saw her head snap up, and the way she whirled around on him, he almost felt afraid. There was something in her eyes. If it hadn’t been for her hands making contact with his chest, he never would’ve known how he ended up falling onto the hood of the car.

Laying on the hood and windshield of her car, he could hardly believe this was happening to him. His brain couldn’t register everything all at once. The force of her kiss stunned him. Her lips pressed into his so hard he was sure there would be bruises. He slid his hands up the sides of her thighs and underneath the skirt of her dress as he returned her kiss with everything he hand. He could feel her hands everywhere, before they came to a rest at his chest, softly caressing it through his shirt. And he found himself gasping as she ripped it open, sending the buttons flying everywhere.

It was going to happen again. Right there, on the hood of her car in the middle of the desert, and it wouldn’t be gentle. They were about to make, what she had called a mistake, for the second time and not once did it cross his mind to stop it. He wanted it too much and so instead of fighting it, he gave himself over to it as her hands traveled down to his belt and yanked hard on it.

TBC - I might do some NC-17 later, I'm not sure, but for now it's just staying R. *happy*

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I never thought she should be married so young either, and I feel bad that Kyle is pining away for her on the show because he always gets the short end of the stick in relationships. He loves them but they never love him.

I don't really feel bad for Jesse because we don't really know him yet, which surprisingly makes it hard to write him. Anyway, have no fear, there will be a good ending to my fic. It may be angsty for a while, there might be some drama, but in the end almost everyone will be happy. *happy*
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Part 6

“So what happens now?” Kyle asked as he ran his hand up and down Isabel’s bare arm. She was silent for a long time. How was she supposed to know? Did they keep doing what they’d already done, twice now, or did they put a stop to it? The last time this had happened, she’d chosen to put a stop to it, but obviously she wasn’t strong enough to do it again. She’d only been strong enough to hold out for one week, to push back her urges and desire for just one week, but she probably wouldn’t be so lucky again and the overwhelming desire to have Kyle again would either kill her or get her into a whole lot of trouble.

“Isabel?” He asked, his hand stilling on her arm. He waited with bated breath for her to answer him. She was deciding their fate, right then. He didn’t know if she would stay with Jesse, although he secretly hoped that she wouldn’t. He wondered if she as going to stay with her husband, but keep her lover on the side. It felt weird to think of himself as someone’s lover, and then he thought for the first time, how extremely fucked up the situation was. He had just made love for the second time to the woman whom he would be content to spend the rest of his life with, but she was married. And that wasn’t the craziest part, because things like that happened every day. No, what made the whole thing so severely fucked up was that not only was she married, but she was 19, and an alien!

She pushed herself up from where she’d been laying on his chest and began pulling up the straps on her dress. They’d gotten so carried away, well she had anyway, that they hadn’t even undressed all the way. “Have you seen my panties Kyle?”

At her question, he dropped his head back on the windshield and closed his eyes. She was doing it again. He didn’t think he could handle it. “Please don’t do this.”

“Don’t do what?” She asked, standing up from her crouched position next to the car where she had been looking for her underwear. “I have to find them. He’s gonna know something is weird if I come home and I’m not wearing any underwear.”

“Don’t pretend that nothing happened!” He yelled, sitting up. “Don’t pretend like you can just walk away and everything will be fine! Don’t act like cutting off contact with me stops what’s going on between us, because we obviously know now that it doesn’t!”

She didn’t know what to say to him, so she stepped closer and reached out, her fingertips grazing his cheek while she waited for the words to come to her. “I’m not pretending. I’m not gonna act like that this time, because you’re right. If anything, cutting off contact with you makes what’s happening between us even stronger. I don’t know what we should do, ok? I don’t have the answers to everything...I don’t know how it’s gonna be when we leave this place.”

Her tone had been so gentle and soft that he’d calmed down immediately. She’d soothed him with the very first word out of her mouth. He leaned his cheek into her hand and closed his eyes as he brought his hand up to rest over hers. “What about Jesse?”

“Kyle...he’s...he’s my husband...” She told him. She was confused about that as well. She knew that she loved Jesse, because if she didn’t she never would have married him, but she knew that somewhere deep inside of her she was clutching the small little box that held the love she had for Kyle. It could be opened, at any time. She could already feel it seeping out of the cracks in the box.

“I’m not gonna...” Leave him. Tell him you’re not going to leave your husband, she thought to herself. The grip of his hand told her that he already knew. The look on his face told her that it hurt him, but that he understood. “Ok, if we’re gonna do this we have to be really careful.”

He nodded his head and then silence fell around them. Their clasped hands fell from his face and he just sat there on her car while she just stood there next to it, staring at each other. “I should go. He’ll be worried if I’m not home when he gets there.”

He nodded his head and released her hand. Getting off her car he awkwardly put his hands in his pockets. He wasn’t exactly sure how to say goodbye to her. With a hug? A kiss? A handshake?

That last one seemed like the best bet, so he pulled a hand out of his pocket and stuck it out in the air. She looked at it, as if she didn’t know what it was before pushing it out of the way and laying a sweet and gentle kiss on his lips.

- - -

Isabel shut the door to her apartment behind her and silently thanked god that Jesse either wasn’t home yet or was already sleeping. She had managed to use her powers when she was in the car, to remove some of Kyle’s smell and some of the fluids. She had gotten so carried away that she didn’t even give him time to even think about getting a condom, which she had mentally chided herself for afterwards.

Tossing her purse on the end table, she flicked on the light and nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw Jesse sitting on the couch. “God Jesse, you scared the hell out of me! Why are you sitting in the dark?”

“Where have you been?” He asked her, his arms folded across his chest. “It’s been about three hours since you left the restaurant.”

“I decided to go for a drive to clear my head. It really helped my headache.” She said as she sat down next to him on the couch and snuggled into his side. “I’m sorry baby. I should’ve called or left a note. I will next time.”

That seemed to do it. He uncrossed his arms and folded them around her before kissing her forehead. “I was worried.”

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Alright, well part 7 must've been eaten or something so I'll repost that in sec. Along with the two other parts I have.
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Part 7

That night, when her head hit the pillow, Isabel fell into a peaceful and deep sleep. Not once had she tossed or turned, or emitted irritated sighs. And she was still asleep when Jesse kissed her on her forehead the next morning and left the apartment on his way to work.

- - -

In the darkened room, Isabel sat on the plush red couch, nervously looking around. She knew where she was, and exactly why she was there, but every time her dream self was in that room she felt uneasy. It was so eerily familiar to her, although she couldn’t quite place where she had seen it before. It was huge, yet the only thing inside of it was that red couch and the gray and black curtains that gently fluttered in the wind from the open windows.

From somewhere in the distance she heard doors opening and the click of high heels against the marble floor. She turned her head toward the sound, an expectant look on her face as she waited. And slowly, from the darkness, Jesse and Kyle emerged from separate directions, both dressed in black suits. Except they weren’t alone.

Women. They had women on their arms, one each. And these women looked very much like herself. The one that was on Jesse’s arm was prim and proper looking. Her short, brown hair was styled in a nice respectable way. The clothes she was wearing made her look like a mom. This woman on Jesse’s arm, this other version of herself, had no smile on her face.

She turned her head from Jesse and the woman, to Kyle. The woman on his arm was beautiful. Her hair was short and brown as well, but while the version on Jesse’s arm had hers styled in a nice respectable way, a cute way, the woman on Kyle’s arm didn’t. Her short brown hair was completely unkempt but in that sexy, tousled kind of way. Her makeup was a bit darker than the makeup Jesse’s version wore. Her bluish-purple dress was shorter, tighter, cut lower. She didn’t have a smile on her face either, but while Jesse’s version looked off into space, Kyle’s version looked directly at Isabel.

“Vilandra.” Isabel said, calmly nodding her head and leaning back into the couch.

“Isabel.” Vilandra said back. “You and Kyle know each other, you are already acquainted, correct?”

Her voice sounded different from Isabel’s. Not by much, but there was something in it. Something that made her sound important. Like with the tone and pitch of her voice, she was letting everybody know that she was important, that she was royal.


“Good.” Vilandra said letting go of Kyle’s arm and walking toward the couch. Vilandra slowly walked behind the couch, trailing her middle finger along the top of the cushions. “I am very upset with you Isabel.”

“Why?” Isabel asked, feeling like a child who had done something to upset her mother.

“You seem to think me some sort of monster who must be caged and chained, but my dear sweet girl.” She said stroking Isabel’s hair. “I am not.”

She stepped away from Isabel and the couch, and walked back around to the front. She walked past Jesse and trailed her fingertips across his collarbone. “This is what you want.”

“Yes.” Isabel said, quietly.

Vilandra pulled her hand back and walked over and got behind Kyle, wrapping her arms around his torso and trailing her hands down to the button of his pants. “This is what I want.”

“But why?” Isabel asked, feeling slightly uncomfortable seeing another woman running her hands down Kyle’s chest. Even if it was another version of herself. “Why do you want him? Why can’t you want Jesse? It would be so much simpler!”

“He is of no interest to me.” Vilandra said resting her cheek on Kyle’s shoulder so that she could look at Jesse. “Look at yourself when you are with him. Those clothes, that hair. It is not you and it most certainly is not me.”

She let go of Kyle and walked away from him, toward one of the windows. “I warned you Isabel. I told you that this would one day happen, did I not?”

Looking down at the black marble floor Isabel mumbled a meek yes.

“Yes, I did tell you that this would happen. What were my words to you on that night Isabel? What did I say to you?” Vilandra asked, keeping her back toward Isabel as she looked out the window.

Isabel cleared her throat. “If I remember correctly, you told me not to marry Jesse unless I was sure that the love we had was the be all and end all of loves. That if he and I didn’t have this passionate burning love, you would grow restless and become unhappy, in turn making me stray.”

“Yes.” Vilandra said as she turned around. Every movement the woman made seemed to flow. Every movement she made exuded sex. Isabel could see why men had fallen at her feet. “And now you have strayed. I remember that kind of love Isabel, as if I had basked in it just yesterday. And because it is what I want, it is also what you want, and do you know why it is that way?”

“Because you think that you and I are the same.” Isabel said fingering the hem of her nightgown. “Except we aren’t.”

“No, in many areas we are not. I have made sure of that. I have guided you away from the mistakes that I made have I not?” When Isabel nodded her head, she continued. “But in this area, Isabel, we are. I told you. You would never be happy with a mere mediocre love. You would never be happy unless this love was passionate and burning, unless this love would make you do things that you would have never thought you were capable of doing.”

There was a short silence as Vilandra watched Isabel play with the hem of her nightgown. “He will not love me, you know.”

“What?” Isabel asked, raising her head.

“Your Jesse, if he does not know about me, he will not love me.” She said crossing her arms under her breasts. “And you have already decided never to tell him our secret.”


“I have seen it. He will not love me. He will fear me.” She said walking over to stand in between Jesse and Kyle.

Isabel watched Vilandra turn to look at Kyle, and noticed how her gaze softened considerably, and the longing that was etched into her facial features as she trailed her index finger down her arm.

“He knows, does he not?” The question was more of a statement, and she didn’t wait for Isabel to answer. “He will love me. He already does.”

She dropped her hand to her side and walked over to sit on the couch with Isabel. “He loves every part of you, including me. Jesse cannot love every part of you when he does not know about those that you keep hidden.”

“But Jesse does love me.” Isabel protested.

Vilandra grabbed her hand. “He does not even know you.”

“We’re married, of course he knows me.”

“The real you.” She said, lacing her fingers with Isabel’s. “Look at her. That is not you. That woman looks to be a mother, which you are not. That is what you think a wife should look like. That is who you would like to be, because of your delusions of normal, but it is not who you are and you will never be content.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.” Isabel said as she ripped her hand from Vilandra’s grasp and stood up. “I’m waking up now.”

- - -

Isabel’s eyes flew open and she blew out a heavy breath. Her peaceful sleep had just been ruined.
“Thanks a lot.” She mumbled as she pushed off the covers and climbed out of bed.


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Part 8

Isabel laid propped up on her elbow looking down at Kyle. He looked so peaceful in his sleep, so innocent, the way his bangs fell across his forehead and the moon hit hiss face just right. But then again she supposed that most faces looked innocent and peaceful in slumber. She was sure hers probably did, and she felt anything but innocent and peaceful.

She’d been having an affair with the man next to her for close to two weeks. Her husband suspected nothing, and at the moment was away on business. And so that left her with two options. She could’ve either spent the night alone, or she could’ve invited Kyle over to keep her company. She chose the latter, and they had ended up naked in her bed. It felt like she had crossed some line, like she was beyond the point of no return, when she had sat on her bed and pulled off his pants. To Isabel, it felt like if they did in the bed that she shared with her husband, what they had been doing for close to two weeks, she could never turn back. Sex with another man in the bed she shared with the man she had promised to honor and cherish just didn’t seem innocent to her.

Closing her eyes she concentrated on Kyle. The smile on his face was making her curious, and so she had to peak.

- - -

She looked at her surroundings first. The place was recognizable enough. Whatever this dream was, it was taking place in the park. It was day, and as she leaned up against a near by tree, she saw herself laying on a blanket with Kyle.

They weren’t talking. He was holding her hand, and feeding her a strawberry. People were walking their dogs a few feet away. Her mother strolled past them. Jesse stood infront of them for a second before walking away, with oddly enough, a smile on his face. Max and Michael could be seen playing basketball on the courts. Liz and Maria were swinging, like little kids. It seemed as though everyone in town was there, and there she was, an adulteress, having a romantic picnic with her lover out in plain sight.

She leaned in as she saw herself heatedly kiss Kyle, right there, out in the open for all to see. She looked around, uncomfortably as Kyle’s version of her whispered into his ear, “Mount me cowboy.”

Oh yes, that had definitely come from Kyle’s porn-crazy, warped mind. She would never say something like that. She could just imagine all of the crazy things they’d be doing next in his dream. Right out in broad daylight, in the middle of the park.

But oddly enough, he pulled back instead of pressing forward. “Isabel...I want this to be more than sex.”

“What big boy?” Her dream self asked in breathy confusion. She smiled and shook her head at the ‘term of endearment’ her dream self had used.

“I mean, don’t get me wrong Isabel, I love the sex.” He told her, emphasizing his point with both of his hands. “It’s’s all we ever do.”

Dream Isabel laid there next to him on the blanket, staring at him in confusion.

- - -

Slowly Isabel opened her eyes. She’d seen enough. His version of her in the dream may have been as dumb as rocks, but the real life version of her wasn’t. She knew he wanted more, that he wanted to be able to do things like go on picnics, as cheesy as she knew he thought they were. He wanted to be able to kiss her in public, infront of all their friends, infront of her parents and strangers.

But he had to know that it just couldn’t happen.


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Part 9

Kyle sat in the passenger seat of Isabel’s car looking out the window as they drove. She’d convinced him to blow off school, saying that they didn’t have much time before Jesse came home and she wanted to spend as much time with him. She’d told him she was blowing off all of her morning classes as she ushered him to the car.

In some way that should’ve made Kyle feel special. Isabel didn’t blow off a class for just anyone. But after the dream he had last night, it was hard to feel special. He’d dreamt they’d had a romantic picnic in the park, out in the daylight. He’d dreamt they’d done something other than hump each other’s brains out and he had liked it. After she got over the confusion at his suggestion of doing something other than sex, they’d had a very nice time, in the dream. And he wanted that. He wanted to be able to sit on a blanket in the park and openly be affectionate toward her. He was getting sick of having darkened rooms and the night time sky as their cover. To be honest, he was getting sick of even having a cover.

He was so deep in thought that he didn’t notice the car coming to a halt, or the engine shutting off, but jumped when Isabel leaned over and placed her hand on his thigh.

“Are you ok?” She asked him, concerned. He’d been quiet the whole entire way to their destination, which was to say the least, unusual for Kyle. If she’d been a normal girl, if she had been someone like Bitsy, she would’ve been wondering why.

He shook himself out of it and turned to her, looking at her momentarily before turning his eyes down toward her hand. He would’ve picked it up, if her wedding ring hadn’t been on it. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

Pulling her hand back, she reached into her purse. “Ok, now this is a surprise, so put this on. And no peaking!”

He flashed her a tight, forced smile before he let her tie the scarf around his eyes. It smelled like her, infact the whole car smelled like her, even after she had opened the door and got out. The crisp January air filled the car as he heard the trunk being popped and then the door being shut. He wondered what was going on.

He listened to the silence that fell around him after the trunk had been shut and her footsteps faded. Finally after what seemed like forever, she came back and opened his door. Helping him out of the car, she instructed him to keep the blindfold on or he would be punished. He smiled at the threat and told her, “What if I want to be punished?”

She laughed and told him to shut up before taking hold of his elbow with one hand and his hand in her free one. “Follow me, big boy.” She huskily told him. “I have something to show you.”

Big boy, she’d called him that in his dream. He knew Isabel would never say that sort of thing, not unless she was joking around, except the tone in which she said it didn’t make it seem like she was. With the blindfold in place, Kyle blindly followed Isabel.

They walked for what seemed like an eternity to Kyle before coming to a stop. He could hear water running, like a spring or something. He could hear birds and leaves rustling. For a split second he thought they were in the park. That is until the blindfold was removed and it was revealed to him that they were in the woods.

As he looked down, he saw a picnic basket spread out before him on a blanket. Strawberries, his favorite kind of sandwiches, chips, grapes, a light salad for her, a thermos of what he assumed to be hot chocolate.

“I can’t give you the park, or an out in the open romantic interlude.” She told him, bringing their joined hands closer to her body. “But I can give you a romantic picnic in the day light.”

He was truly touched, so touched that he stood rooted to his spot, completely speechless.

“I’m sorry...” She said quickly. “I know it’s an invasion of your privacy...I shouldn’t have done it, but I was just so...curious. You had this smile on your face and you were just-”

He hushed her rambling apology by leaning in and softly pressing his lips to hers. It was a sweet kiss, he kept it that way because if it had been anything else he would’ve taken her, right there in the woods. “Thank you.”

As they sat down, he realized the irony in the situation. She was giving him something he wanted, they were going to sit there and talk, cuddle, kiss, whatever. They were going to do something that didn’t involve getting naked, and because she had given that to him, getting naked was the only thing he wanted to do.

Glancing at the food, he decided that it could all wait, and brought her to him for a kiss that quickly turned into more.

“Wait, Kyle. Wait.” Isabel panted as his fingers slid up her shirt. “I thought you wanted to do something other than sex?”

His answer was muffled by his lips on her neck. “I do.”

“Well what are we doing then?” She asked as she arched her neck to give him more access and her hands found the button of his pants.

“We’ll do that other stuff afterwards.” He told her as her leg wrapped around his waist.

“Ok.” She moaned out.

- - -

“Gotcha.” He whispered to himself as his finger pressed down on the shutter. Up until today he had only gotten shots of the two of them holding hands, or her kissing him on the cheek, but today was a whole different ball game. His boss was gonna love this.


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Part 10

The ride back to Isabel’s apartment was spent in a comfortable silence. Both lost in their own private little worlds. Their hands lay loosely clasped on the center console, his thumb idly stroking the back of her hand. He was so happy. He wanted to shout it out from the roof tops. He wanted to let everyone in town know that he was in love with a beautiful girl. A girl who, to the best of her abilities, tried to make his every dream and fantasy come true. But at the same time, he felt uneasy about it. He was playing a game and he had no idea what the other players held in their hand. He could sense that something was going to happen, he just didn’t know if it was something good or something bad. He wasn’t sure which way the cards would fall when this all ended. He was hoping that they would fall in his favor. That he could get up from the table, smile a victorious smile, and walk away with his prize.

In the driver’s seat, Isabel was thinking of how happy and at peace she had felt laying on that blanket, wrapped up in Kyle’s arms as she drew lazy patterns on his shirt-covered stomach. She honestly couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so peaceful and content. She found herself thinking about him when he wasn’t around, and even thinking about him when he was sitting right next to her. He was always occupying her mind. She’d thought the attraction was mostly due in part to Vilandra’s desire for Kyle, but now she was beginning to wonder if that was really it. Maybe it had been her desire that had fueled Vilandra’s?

Either way, she didn’t know. All she knew for sure was that lately, he seemed to consume her thoughts. She was pretty sure that she was falling in love with him. Which sort of presented a problem. She was married. Everyone had been against her marriage from the start, and she had been pretty sure that she loved Jesse but now she wasn’t so sure. The only thing she knew for sure was that she wanted to prove everyone wrong. She wanted to make it work with her husband but at the same time she didn’t want to give up Kyle.

She knew she couldn’t have it both ways. That she couldn’t have her cake and eat it too. She was just so confused. Maybe she needed perspective? She’d never been particularly close with Maria or Liz, but she was thinking maybe talking with them might help shed some light and clear the fog?

- - -

Finally they reached Isabel’s apartment. Taking her hand back from him she turned off the car’s engine and let her hands fall into her lap. They sat there for a little while before he spoke.

“Well, thanks for everything today.” He said quietly. “It really meant a lot to me.”

A smile graced her lips as she bowed her head and remembered his reaction. “So I gathered.”

He smiled and looked away from her momentarily.

“It meant a lot to me too.” She whispered sincerely. Leaning over he kissed her cheek. He would’ve rather kissed her lips but he knew he couldn’t do that. Not out in her parking lot where any of her neighbor’s could see, so he settled for her cheek. But on impulse she turned at the waist and cupped his cheek, pressing their lips together for a few brief seconds.

He stared at her as she looked around to make sure that nobody saw. Turning around he reached for the handle of the door. “Well, I guess I should get home.”

“Jesse won’t be home until tomorrow night.” She said quickly, reaching out to grab his forearm. “Why don’t you stay?”

He turned to her hesitantly, “I don’t know Iz...I mean-”

“Nothing has to happen. I mean, I could cook us dinner and we could watch TV. We could just...hold each other...” She told him, sighing with relief when he nodded his head. She wasn’t ready to part with him just yet.

- - -

Jesse tiredly climbed the steps in his apartment building. Walking down the hall and finally reaching his door he sighed with relief and fished through his pocket for his keys. His trip had seemed longer this time, even though it wasn’t, but he was happy to be home earlier than planned. The only place he wanted to be was curled up in bed next to his wife.

Finally, after locating his keys he pulled them out of his pocket and inserted them into the hole. He let them hang in the door after turning it to open the door. He cracked it slightly before stooping to pick up his briefcase and pushing the door open further. Looking up upon entering the living room, he stopped in his tracks. A confused expression flickered across his face before it was replaced with an angry one. He knew it.

His wife was wrapped up in a blanket laying on their couch, her head resting in Kyle Valenti’s lap as he sat upright, his head lolling to the side resting on his shoulder. Jesse couldn’t help but notice his outstretched arm and how his hand rested on the side of his wife’s stomach.

Wordlessly he slammed the door behind him and dropped his things. The noise making both of them wake up with a start. She looked around, her movements quick and frenzied, before locking eyes with Jesse.

“Jesse, what’s wrong?” She asked him as she sat up, noticing his expression. She wanted to ask him what he was doing home so early but that would be a dead give away.

“What’s wrong?” He repeated. “What’s wrong is I go away for a few days and come back to find my wife sleeping with some boy!”

Kyle had to grit his teeth, hard, to keep from saying anything. Some boy? He was not some boy. Isabel stood up and unwrapped the blanket, tossing it onto the couch.

“Kyle I think you should go.” She said, without taking her eyes off of Jesse. “Jesse, can I speak with you in the kitchen? Now.”

Wordlessly, Kyle got up and put on his boots, slamming the door behind him. Ok, so they’d been caught. They hadn’t been doing anything, they hadn’t done anything before falling asleep, but they’d still been caught. And he knew what she was going to do. She was going to try and smooth it over with him, make him think that nothing was going on. That she’d just gotten lonely in the apartment by herself and invited Kyle over to watch some TV, and that they had just fallen asleep. She was going to tell Jesse that the whole thing was completely innocent.

He angrily pushed open the door leading out of the apartment building and stalked to his truck, slamming the door hard once he was inside and starting it up. He wished that they had been doing something when Jesse walked in. He wanted Jesse to find out.

TBC - I had to use that scene that was in the New Years ep! *happy*

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Part 11

Isabel sat on the couch flipping through a magazine, pretending to read what was written on the pages. It was really just for show. Her mind was on something else entirely different from the article, 99 Things to do to A Naked Man. Her mind wasn’t even any where close to that. It was anchored in the land of Kyle once again. He’d stormed out of the apartment in such a way that made Jesse think something really had been going on. But she’d convinced her husband that Kyle left like that because he doesn’t like to wake up to loud noises and it always upsets him. And when he asked her how she knew that, she convinced him that Tess had been her best friend and she’d stayed over at the Valenti house a few times when she’d been living there.

It completely amazed Isabel each and every time she lied to her husband. The deceptions and the cover stories just came rolling right off of her tongue. When he asked her a question, she didn’t even think about it, her mouth just opened and lies spewed out of it.

Tossing Cosmo aside, she pushed herself up from the couch and quietly walked toward her bedroom. Cracking the door she peaked into see Jesse laying on his side of the bed, snoring lightly. She quietly shut the door and walked into the kitchen, writing him a note before grabbing her purse and keys.

- - -

There he was. Sitting by himself at the counter silently eating his food. He wasn’t looking at anyone, or talking to anyone. He was just looking down at his food and eating. It seemed strange.

And there she was. Standing outside of the restaurant looking through the window. A blind person could tell that she was watching him, so it didn’t take Maria long to figure it out as she leaned against the counter a few feet away from Kyle. Her intuition was telling her that something was going on with those two.

“Maria!” Michael yelled from the service window. “Your order is up.”

Shaking herself out of her thoughts, she briskly walked over to the window. Things between her and Michael had been strained since New Years. He was mad at her because while he told her to go find Enigma and have fun, he didn’t think she’d actually do it. He thought she would smile at him, say aw and then hug him for being so sweet to try and tell her to have fun when he was in such pain and then he thought she was gonna stay. Not exactly what happened.

“You don’t have to bite my head off. You could’ve told me nicely.” She said grabbing the plate from the counter angrily and walking away again.

- - -

“Can I sit down?” Isabel asked him after finally entering the restaurant.

He didn’t even bother looking up at her. He shrugged. “It’s a free country.”

Sitting down slowly on the stool next to him, she picked up a menu.

“How’s Jesse?” He asked, her husband’s name coming out in a mocking tone. “Did he buy your lies?”

“Yeah. He did.” She told him. “He’s still pissy about it though.”

“Good for him.” Kyle said back to her, lifting his orange juice up to his mouth and taking a long sip. “He should be.”

“Why are you mad at me?” She asked as she set the menu down infront of her and turned her head to look at him. “What did I do?”

If looks could kill, she thought to herself, I’d be dead. “Kyle I-”

“You know what just forget it.” He said shifting in his seat to pull his wallet out. “Just forget about this whole god damn thing alright?”


“I mean it Isabel. It’s over. You’d rather have a charade than the real thing? So be it. I’m done. I don’t want to be a part of this anymore.” He said pulling out a few crisp bills and laying it next to his plate.

He left her sitting there and walked out of the restaurant, pushing his hands into his pockets. Doing that had definitely hurt. He felt himself being pushed into the side alley.

“What do you mean it’s over?” She asked him angrily putting her hands on her hips. “What about the woods? The picnic? What about that?”

“What about that Isabel?” He asked her, pulling his hands out of his pockets and turning his empty palms toward the sky.

She looked at him blankly for a few seconds, studying him. He was serious about it. He was really trying to put an end to it. Dropping her hands from her hips she shook her head vigorously. “It’s not. We are not over yet.”

“Says who?” He asked, pushing past her to leave the alley, but finding himself pulled back and slammed up against a wall.

“Says me!” She yelled, pinning him to the wall.

He pushed her way. “You don’t get to call all the shots Isabel. You decided when it started, and you told me when we could be together and when we couldn’t. I’m telling you when it ends.”

She walked away from him, to the corner of the alley and crouched, resting her elbows on her knees and cradling her forehead in her hands, eight of her fingers snaking through her hair. Before she knew what was happening, her shoulders were shaking up and down and there was a wetness rolling down her cheeks and dropping onto her jeans.

He watched her shoulders as they shook up and down. It killed him to know she was crying because of him. It killed him to have to see her crying. But as much as it killed him, in a weird sort of way it was healing him too.

“Kiss me hard Isabel.” He told her, stuffing his hands into his pockets. “Because this will be the last time that I let you.”

And she did. Just as hard as that time out in the desert, if not harder. There was gonna be a bruise on his lips from how hard she’d slammed her lips into his, possibly even a cut. But as she gripped his face, her tears mingling with his, she really didn’t care.

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I have part 12 done, it's just I'm not gonna post it. There are so many ways that I can do this part and I guess I just want to make sure that it's done in the best way. So I'm gonna write up a couple of other versions of it and post the best one. *big*
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AN: So I wrote a few different versions and I decided that out of all of them, I liked this one the best. But there were a lot of ways I could've done it, so please let me know what you think.

Part 12

Isabel walked into her apartment feeling broken. After the kiss, Kyle had turned around and left her there in the alley. He’d run away from her so fast in his desperation to get away from her. She didn’t know why he’d left so fast, but she was guessing it had something to do with willpower. She was hoping that he’d run away from her in order to stick with his decision, and not because he hated her. So she’d gone to her car and just drove home, removing all traces of sadness from her face. Outwardly, she was the picture of perfection. She seemed happy and content. Inwardly, she was still crying. Inside she was dying.

Dropping her purse and keys to the floor she shrugged out of her coat and let it pool on the floor next to the door. She looked around the apartment before her eyes settled on the couch. Just last night he’d held her in his arms there as they watched TV. Her bottom lip trembled as she walked over to the couch and laid down, pulling the blanket that she’d folded and laid across the top of the couch down over her. It wasn’t even noon yet and she was so exhausted. Closing her eyes she inhaled a shaky breath before exhaling a more stable one and drifting off to sleep.

- - -

She looked around and instantly knew where she was. She rolled her eyes knowing that she was brought here because of what happened earlier when she was awake. The room seemed different. It was darker, hotter and eerily still. There was no breeze coming through the open windows. The gray and black curtain hung still infront of them. Even the couch looked like a darker shade of red. She knew without a doubt when she heard the click of high heels on the marble floor that Vilandra was gonna to be pissed.

She waited as the clicking stopped just behind her, picking her nails and acting as if the whole thing didn’t bother her.

“Bring him back.”

“He doesn’t want me.” Isabel said. Turning around in her seat on the couch, she looked at Vilandra. “He doesn’t want us.”

“He does not want to share.” She countered. “You know now what you want Isabel. You do not love your Jesse, you know that now. Bring him back.”

Pushing herself up off the couch, she groaned. “He doesn’t WANT me!” She yelled, whirling around on her alter-ego.

“He loves us! Bring him back!” Vilandra yelled bringing her clenched fist down on the back of the couch. “I want him back!”

“Oh like I don’t?!” Isabel yelled so loud that it made Vilandra take a step back from the couch. “God you’re so selfish Vilandra! It’s always me, me, me! ‘I want Kyle. I want brown hair. I want this. I want that.’ This is my life now! You had your turn!”

Vilandra took a deep breath as she looked up. It was so dark in the room that there appeared to be no ceiling. Lifting up the end of her long black dress slightly, she walked around the couch and sat down.

“You have made your point.” Vilandra said as she looked down and smoothed out the skirt of her dress. Isabel instantly felt bad. “So I will say to you once more, bring him back. If not for me Isabel, then for yourself. You know I want him, and you know you want him. We know that he wants you, meaning he also wants me. So bring him back.”

Sighing, Isabel sat down next to Vilandra and laid her head on her shoulder. “But how?”

Vilandra reached out to gently stroke Isabel’s hair. The gesture of a mother comforting her daughter. “You know how.” Silence fell over them for a short while before Vilandra gently pushed Isabel’s head off of her shoulder. “Wake up now.”

- - -

Isabel woke up to see Jesse closing the door, holding a large manilla envelope in his hand. Glancing at the clock on the VCR she saw that it was 5:30 and they were both just waking up. Yawning, she stretched out on the couch before kicking the blanket off of her and pushing herself up into a sitting position. “What’s that?”

He jumped slightly, startled to see that she was awake. He held up the envelope. “Just some stuff I needed for a case.”

“What kind of case?” She asked following him into the kitchen where he tossed it onto the table before walking to the fridge and rifling through it for something, finally producing a bottle of water.

“Well this...client I have, thinks his wife is cheating on him. So he had her followed and some pictures were taken.” He said as he walked over to the table and sat down, staring at the envelope.

“That’s terrible.” Isabel told him from the doorway. “I mean that he doesn’t trust her.”

“She’s never exactly given him a reason to.” Jesse said quietly as he picked at the label on the bottle of water.

“So she has a history of cheating then?” She asked walking over to the table and sitting down, feeling bad for talking about the subject with him, but knowing it would seem weird if she didn’t, seeing as how it was what she always did.

“I don’t know.” He answered honestly. “He...never said anything about it happening before.”

“Oh well, I’m gonna go take a shower.” She pushed herself up fro the table and leaned over to kiss Jesse on the cheek. “I’ll be out to start dinner, so don’t worry about it.”

After she disappeared down the hall Jesse picked up the envelope and held it in his hands. The envelope held everything that he needed to know inside of it, he was hoping the contents told him he was wrong. He really wanted to be wrong.

Closing his eyes, he pulled on the string, unwinding it and opening the flap. Reaching in he pulled out the first picture and opened his eyes, immediately closing them again. Dumping the rest of the pictures out on the top of the smooth wood of the table he spread them out with his hands and opened his eyes. One thought kept looping itself through his head. ‘I should’ve listened to my mother.’

- - -

Isabel got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself. She had made a decision, she had made it in the dream world, but had chickened out when the chance presented itself. But she was going to do it. Sooner rather than later, tonight actually. She was going to sit Jesse down and tell him the truth. At this stage in their relationship telling him, the truth seemed like a foreign language. She wasn’t actually sure if she would be able to do it, but knew that she had to at least give it a try.

Walking out of the bathroom she rifled through her drawers for some panties and a bra. Pulling them out she went to her closet to find something to wear. In the very back she spotted her old leather pants and a smile lit her face. She remembered wearing those practically all the time. Leather had been a staple of her wardrobe. She wanted to wear them, but someone wearing leather pants when you tell your husband you’re leaving him for another man, just didn’t seem right.

She settled on something a little more appropriately and dressed as Jesse appeared in the doorway, and leaned against the frame, crossing his arms over his chest. His hair was still rumpled from sleep, and he was still wearing his plaid pajama pants and a white tee-shirt. She smiled at him after dressing and pushed past him into the hall. When she reached the end she turned around and looked at him, but before she could say anything Jesse opened his mouth. “We need to talk.”

She nodded her head. “Yeah, we do.”

He jerked his head toward the kitchen and followed behind her, arms still crossed against his chest. His fingers were digging holes into his upper arms, in an effort to keep himself from hitting her. He was so angry. He felt like a fool, despite the fact that he had at least suspected something. An anger he’d never felt before was coursing through him. But oddly enough as angry as he felt, he still felt sad. He still wanted to cry.

He stood in the doorway and watched as she walked over to the table to sit down. She faltered a bit as she looked down at all of the photos spread out on it. Bringing her hand up to her mouth, she gasped and reached down to pick one up. As she looked at it, she heard Jesse’s low voice rumbling in her ear. “That one is my favorite. Just really captures the moment don’t you think?”

“You had me followed?!” Isabel yelled throwing the picture down on the table and whirling around to face him.

“Can you blame me?” He asked, backing away from her. He needed to put distance between them before something happened that he would later regret. He’d never, not once in his life, raised his hand to a woman. He didn’t want to start now. “I mean, with all the secrets that you and your brother have been keeping from your parents, I knew I had to watch you closely. So tell me, how long have you been fucking him?”

“New Years Eve.” She told him. It felt weird to say it. Telling him the truth felt completely foreign, but there wasn’t any reason to hide it now that he knew. She watched as he closed his eyes and tipped his head back, as if he were looking at the ceiling. “How long have you suspected something?”

“Since that day you told me you were going to study but left your books underneath the coffee table.” He said bitterly. “Did you think I was stupid?”

She remained silent, bowing her head and looking down at the linoleum floor.

“Do you love him? Or is it purely a sex thing? Does he satisfy you in some way that I don’t?” Jesse asked pacing back and forth infront of her.

“Yeah...I do love him.” She answered watching his pacing stop.

His back was toward her, his head hung low, one hand on his hip the other clenched into a fist lightly banging into his outer thigh. “Get out.”

“I’m so sorry Jesse.” Isabel told him, as sincerely as she could. “I was gonna tell you tonight. I didn’t want you to find out like yo-”

“Get out!” He repeated, the volume and tone of his voice making her jump and tense. His fist was coming down just a little harder on his thigh and she knew that if she didn’t get out, she might never be able to. Or worse yet, he might never be able to.

Walking to the door of the kitchen, she turned back to look at him. “I am sorry Jesse.” She told him before walking into the living room and picking up her coat, purse and keys. She cast one last look around the apartment, wondering how many broken things she would have to fix with her powers, as she turned the knob and stepped out into the hall.


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Thanks for the fb everyone. *big*

rollergal, I know what you mean. It doesn't seem like there are a whole lot of K/I fics out there, there should really be more.

Araxie I'm shocked! When I saw that you had posted I thought to myself, "Hmm this should be interesting." Didn't mean anything bad, I was just really curious, seeing as how I know you're like hardcore about the dreaminess. I didn't think you read much of anything else, other than dreamer fics. *wink*
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That's exactly right Araxie. I had you pegged as hardcore dreamer from Flesh and Bone, as well as Welcome to Mystic. Although it was much more apparent in F&B.

Speaking of which, part seven had been posted and now it's lost. I think you read it, it was Nancy and Jeff standing on Liz's balcony talking about how she was growing up and they were gonna lose her. Anyway, like a real idiot, I didn't save that part. I have all the other ones EXCEPT that part, just my luck. rolleyes

Anyway, now I have to totally rewrite that part and I'm so mad about it. It's not gonna be as good as the original was. And don't worry, I'm a dreamer too. *wink*
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LTL, I bmailed you back. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

And I forgot to share with everyone the good news. Someone emailed me last week asking if they could put this up on the Kyle/Isabel site they're currently working on! So not only will this be like, archived, but a brand spankin new K/I site is gonna open up!
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Part 13

Isabel walked into the house, shutting the door behind her. She’d gone to Kyle’s first, right after leaving her apartment, but for some reason she just couldn’t bring herself to get out of the car. She could picture Kyle sitting on his couch, a bowl of nacho cheese in his hand and chips laying on the cushion next to him as he watched the game. He was an absolute slob sometimes.

Shaking off thoughts of Kyle she walked into the living room and looked around. It appeared as though nobody was home.

“Mom?!” She yelled, listening carefully for her mother’s cheerful voice. “Mom are you home?”

She saw her mom come out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on a dish towel and looking confused. “Isabel, honey what are you doing here?”

For a moment Isabel stood there, frozen and looking like a deer caught in head lights. What was she going to say to her mother? She’d been right all along and Isabel had adamantly told her that she was wrong. That she had no idea what she was talking about.

“Izzie? What’s wrong?” Her mom asked as she crossed the living room to stand infront of her daughter, giving her a concerned look.

“I...I left Jesse.” She said tearfully. She wasn’t sad that she had done it. Not in the least, because she realized that it was for the best, it just would’ve been worse later on. She would’ve wasted a whole lot of time trying to convince herself that what they had was something special when in fact it wasn’t. Diane sighed with relief that it wasn’t something more serious and then threw her arms around her daughter’s shaking shoulders, leading her into the kitchen.

- - -

An hour later, Isabel was sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of cocoa laced with Tabasco in her hand, exhausted from telling the story of her sordid little affair. She clutched a wadded up tissue in her hand as she looked at her mother. They’d been sitting like that for nearly fifteen minutes, just looking at each other and not saying anything. Isabel couldn’t help but feel shame flowing through her as she watched her mother search her face from across the table. There was a disapproving look to her features, and as her eyes bore into Isabel’s face, she could swear she’d seen a brief flicker of some emotion she could name.

She jumped slightly, becoming startled when Diane suddenly cleared her throat. “So you love Kyle? You’re sure this time?”

Isabel mutely nodded her head in answer to the question. “I do. I really do. When he told me it was over...god mom, it felt like he was ripping my heart right out of my chest and slamming it up against a wall. Repeatedly.”

They were silent for a little while as Diane’s gaze shifted from Isabel’s face to the smooth wood of the kitchen table. “You were right. I should’ve listened.” Isabel said as she propped her elbow up on the table and rested her cheek in the palm of her hand.

“I was still getting over Alex. I should’ve never made such a rash decision.” She said as she looked down at the wood of the table. “I thought it was love that I felt for Jesse...but it couldn’t have been. Because it’s nothing at all like what I feel for Kyle.”

“No, I imagine it’s not.” Diane said as she smiled a weak smile from across the table. “Honey, I know you think you love Kyle...but-”

“Mom.” Isabel interrupted as she met her mother’s gaze. “I do. Okay? This isn’t like the thing with Jesse. I’m so in love with Kyle that sometimes when I’m not with him I can’t breathe correctly.”

“Okay, I just don’t want you to make the same mistakes.” Diane said, putting her hands up infront of her. “I mean you shouldn’t rush into anything.”

Isabel gave her mother a confused look before rolling her eyes and turning her head to look at the wall. “How could we possibly rush into anything?”

“Marriage honey.” Diane said. “You’ve made that mistake already, don’t make it again. Don’t think that because you’re in love with Kyle you have to marry him right this second. Because, what if this isn’t it? I mean, and please don’t interrupt, you think that you’re so in love with this boy you’ve known all your life but what if you really aren’t? What if it was the thrill of sneaking around that got you? I mean, honestly sweetheart, once you stopped sneaking around with Jesse and made it public, the excitement and all the things you thought you were feeling slowly tapered off didn’t they?”

Isabel’s eyebrows knitted together in thought. Her mother had made a very valid point. She had found sneaking around with Jesse so thrilling and exciting. He’d even been more attractive to her when they were meeting in Quickie Marts and making out in his office, one ear listening to each other’s erratic breathing as the other listened out for her father’s heavy footsteps.

She’d felt a massive dose of adrenaline when they kissed that she hadn’t felt since she started sleeping with Kyle. While she was sure that her feelings for Kyle were absolutely genuine, she couldn’t help realizing how extremely correct her mother was. Perhaps that was why she couldn’t get out of the car when she’d been sitting infront of Kyle’s house? Maybe it was because if she did, it wouldn’t be secret anymore? Maybe, on some level that she hadn’t stumbled onto, she’d been afraid that once she stepped out of the car and into his house it wouldn’t feel the same anymore. That maybe his kisses or just the sound of his voice wouldn’t ignite the same passion as it did when they were under the cover of darkness, or in the bathroom at the Crashdown.

Pushing herself up from the table Isabel cast an appreciative glance in her mother’s direction. “Thanks mom. I promise I won’t rush into anything with Kyle. I think, if he even wants me back, that we’ll take it really slow.”

Diane smiled and nodded her head as she watched Isabel make her retreat. She quickly pushed herself up from the table and followed her out of the kitchen. “Where are you going? Your room is all made up for you...your father and I would be happy to have you stay with us sweetie.”

Crossing the living room Isabel pulled her mother into a hug, smiling one of the brightest smiles. “People say you can never go home again, but you know what I say?”

“What honey?” Diane asked as she returned the hug. It felt so good to hold her little girl in her arms once again, even though she was a woman now, in more ways than one.

“I say they’re full of shit.”

Diane gasped, unable to hide her smile as she pulled back from the hug and swatted Isabel’s bare forearm. “Isabel Amanda! I swear. Don’t use that kind of language.”


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I don't know Araxie, it seems to me like Isabel likes the thrill of sneaking around. Because she can tell her parents any time she wants. She doesn't need Max's permission to do it, because he told Liz without her permission. Yet still she keeps it a secret from them.

She could've told her friends at least, that she was seeing Jesse. The only "friend" that knew about it was Kyle, and only because he just stumbled onto it. I think she wanted to keep it on the dl because it was exciting to have a secret affair that nobody knew about.
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Just wanted to let you guys know that Stormybear is going to finish this for me. *happy* I'm pretty sure she'll be posting it on her ezboard Smutwell.