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Hi everyone. I'm posting Part 7 again on this board. This part is more PG-13 to R and not really a "Conversation", but it is a transition to the next which I'm working on. I wanted to tell you all again how much I appreciate your feedback. I got some interesting comments on the other board about this last part, and I have to say I didn't expect it to cause the reaction it got. I'm not saying I don't like it because it just means you're reading and taking it seriously. I'll be looking forward to your views on this new part because it's not going to be PG like the others, but I don't know how much yet. Thanks again for reading.


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Conversation Part 7

Liz leaned forward toward the mirror as she put the finishing touches on her mascara. Screwing the cap back on, she cursed to herself when it slipped out of her hand and hit the floor. Leaning down to retrieve it, she made a face. “I can’t hold on to anything today,” she thought remembering the Will Smith burger she’d dropped on a customer at lunch today. God, how embarrassing. “I need to get a grip. If it happens, it happens. I’m over-thinking this.” She smiled slightly as she heard Maria’s laughing at her in her head.

Deciding to finish her make-up later, she stepped into her bedroom. Picking up the bottle of nail polish, Liz sat on her bed, and shoving cotton separators between her toes, she proceeded to paint them. As she worked, Liz thought back over the last several months leading up to this night. She and Max were going on a date. It wasn’t the first date they’d had since their evening picnic that ended so painfully, but it was special. Liz blew lightly on her nails as she lifted her leg and started on her other foot.

It was January, eight months since Tess left. Six months since she and Max had finally found there way back to each other. The time had flown by, it seemed to her. They still hadn’t come up with a way to find Max’s son, but the hope was still there. Max, Michael and Isabel had finally broken down and told Brody about their alien status. They realized they were going to need his resources if they were going to keep track of any activity going on, and it just seemed like the right thing to do. He hadn’t really been all that shocked, and had actually been sort of relieved since they seemed so human. His imagination was definitely worse than the reality. He was more than willing help, eager to assist in stopping an alien invasion if he could. Despite Brody’s assistance however, there was really no activity to report. Whatever was happening, it was beyond their capability to detect. The only good news was that the three aliens had finally found out how their powers worked together. They’d stumbled on it by accident during a practice session, but even as they realized what they were capable of, they also realized what was missing without Tess. Now they had to work on how to get around their handicap. It was frustrating, and painstaking, and since they were in the middle of another school year, it was even more difficult to find time.

Liz made sure her nails were dry before hopping off the bed to put the polish back. She grabbed the bottle of scented lotion from her dresser and went to stand in front of her vanity. Slipping her robe off, she stood naked before the mirror, and squeezed some lotion onto her palm. Starting with her neck, she massaged the lotion in, hoping Max would like the scent. It was new, as was her dress, shoes and even lingerie for tonight. Tonight was the night she was sure they were going to take the next step in their relationship. Since the night they’d let go of the past and renewed their love, they’d taken it slowly, building a solid foundation of friendship and respect as well as passion and love in the last several months. Max had let her set the pace, never pushing her beyond where she was willing to go. Not that there hadn’t been some pretty heavy make-out sessions. Liz felt her a tingle run through her. Looking at her body in the mirror, she ran lotion over her breasts and down her stomach. She’d never thought of herself as particularly alluring. She was too skinny, and her chest wasn’t exactly up to Isabel standards. Max didn’t seem to agree, however. Due to their renewed connection, she knew exactly what his thoughts were on that subject. They came through loud and clear every time they kissed or even touched. To him, she was beautiful, and he wanted her. A lot. Sitting on the bed to lotion her legs, Liz thought about her and Max’s physical relationship with mixed emotions. There had been some ups and downs leading up to tonight.

Max loved touching her. He took every opportunity to do it and she felt the same about him. It seemed to be physically impossible to keep her hands off him whenever he was in the vicinity, even if it was just to run her fingers down his arm, as she passed his table at the Crash Down while serving another customer. Sometimes they were content to just hold each other, sitting in the Jeep looking at the stars, or watching a video lying on the couch. Sometimes they weren’t. It was after one of their marathon kissing sessions that she’d lost her mind and asked him a question that she couldn’t get out of her head.

Liz was a scientist, but sometimes she cursed her inquisitive brain. They were sitting in the Jeep outside the Crash Down, and after stopping to calm their raging hormones, she tentatively brought up a subject that had been avoided before now. She and Max discussed everything, including Tess and his son. Liz had no lingering negative feelings about their child, and was just as concerned about getting him out of Tess’s evil clutches as Max was. No, this was about the night he and Tess had sex. It wasn’t a subject that Max was ever going to bring up, and Liz didn’t really dwell on it either, except that she was curious about the act itself. She wanted to know if it was different from human sex. She knew that Max and Tess were mostly human, but she couldn’t help but wonder if their “alienness” made it different. So….she asked him. Liz smiled a little as she remembered the look on his face. She couldn’t have shocked him more if she’d ripped off her clothes and jumped on the hood of the Jeep and started singing in Japanese. When he’d finally managed to speak, he’d asked her why she wanted to know. Liz told him she was just curious, and that he didn’t have to be uncomfortable. Max, however, was extremely uncomfortable, and tried to avoid answering her question.

Liz frowned as she pulled her robe back on and made her way back to the bathroom. Why had she persisted? Maybe she had a masochistic side that was just beginning to show itself, but whatever the reason, she hadn’t left it alone, and finally, he told her. The phrase, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” came to mind. He said it was basically like human sex except for the culmination, which apparently was like being struck by lightening or something and lasted quite a while. All Liz could do was say, “Oh”, and the conversation ended for the night.

The subject was never brought up again, but Liz couldn’t quite forget about it. She knew Max loved her. Liz had no doubts on that score, because she knew his heart as well as her own. She also knew that he wanted to make love with her. That wasn’t what bothered her. Liz looked in the mirror as she lighted dusted color on her cheeks. What bothered her were her own feelings of inadequacy. How do you top sex that ended with lightening running through your body? Liz shook her head in disgust at her own stupidity. Why did I have to know? Maria had asked her that same question. Liz grinned at her reflection as she thought of Maria’s reaction to her revelation.

“Oh my God, you’re kidding! Did they, like smoke or something? I mean like did their bodies actually give off sparks?” Maria was standing in the middle of Liz’s bedroom looking at Liz in shock.

“I don’t know, Maria,” Liz said in exasperation. “I didn’t exactly ask for the details, you know. After he told me that part, I…I could barely look at him.” Liz rolled her eyes. “What was I thinking? I did not need to know that. What is wrong with me?”

The conversation just went down hill after that. Maria was no help. She couldn’t get over the fact that they’d had electrical alien sex, and had rushed off to find out if Michael knew about it. Liz took one last look in the mirror before returning to her room. Once again slipping off her robe, she slid her new panties on, pulled sheer thigh hose over her legs, and picked up her dress. It was midnight blue and made of a soft material that clung in all the right places. Stepping into it carefully, she pulled it up, and slid her arms into the spaghetti straps. After sliding the side zipper up, Liz stopped to stare at her reflection. The dress came to just above her knees and fitted closely to the lines of her body without being too tight. She smoothed the material over her breasts and thought about Max’s hands touching her the same way. Liz hadn’t allowed her doubts get in the way of their relationship.

After their conversation in the jeep, things had been a little awkward the next time they saw each other, but eventually they’d gotten over it, and everything was back to normal. That is until the next painful discussion took place. This time, it wasn’t Liz who started it. They were out on her balcony, sitting on lawn chairs, talking about their future. Graduation approached, and thoughts of college and careers loomed their ugly heads pretty often now. Max had been completely serious about marrying her when they turned 19, and Liz didn’t have a problem with that at all. She still had dreams of becoming a biologist, but she knew they would have to stay close to Roswell because of the uncertainty of what could happen, and Max felt guilty that she was giving up Harvard to stay with him. Liz had assured him that being with him and having a family was just as important to her, and eventually, she would get to pursue her dreams. Max had had turned his head away, but not before she saw the anguish in his expression, and she’d gotten up and sat on the edge of his chair to ask him if he was all right.

It was then he’d explained to her that he’d given having a family a lot of thought and just hadn’t found a way to tell her his fears. Looking at her sadly, he gone on to tell her that he didn’t think he could bring another child into this world without knowing if it would survive. Even though he wanted to have children with her as much as she did with him, the pain of having created a child that would have certainly died if he hadn’t let it go to his home planet was too much. Even though Liz was human, he didn’t want to take the chance. Not until they could find out for sure that their child could survive on earth…which might be never.

Liz had been devastated. She had no idea that he felt this way, and realizing the implications, she’d gotten up off the chair and went to stand by the ledge, her shoulders shaking as she tried to hold in her tears. Max had come up behind her, and whispering his regret, held her while she sobbed out her grief for the children she’d lost into his chest. When she’d finally been able to get a hold of herself, she’d lifted her head, and looked into his stricken features. Feeling sorry that she’d added to his guilt, Liz had tearfully assured him of her love and that she still wanted a life with him even though it meant that they might not have a family. They held each other for a long time afterward, until Max had to leave or get in serious hot water with her parents. Before he left, Max had pulled her close and told her once again how sorry he was, and Liz was troubled by the expression on his face. Her fears were confirmed when he didn’t make an effort to contact her the next day. She could almost physically feel him pulling away. Liz knew his guilt was overwhelming him, but she thought that his faith in her love for him would eventually bring him back on his own.

Sitting at her vanity to put on her necklace and earrings, Liz smiled again as the events of the following day played out in her mind. When he still didn’t call the second day, at first she was worried. Then she was irritated and then she got pissed. Liz found out from Isabel that their parents were leaving for the weekend to visit friends and that Max was home alone. Fuming all the way over there, Liz banged on the door and stood furiously on the step waiting for him to open it. When he finally did, she backed him into the house and all the way up the stairs outside his room with a finger in his chest, blasting him for not coming to see her, and not calling and not having enough faith in her, and everything else she could think of. At first he’d just stood there in shock while she raged, but eventually his own temper flared and before they knew it, they were yelling heatedly at each other. Liz had turned to leave in a huff, when Max grabbed her arm to swing her around to face him. Their emotions were so high that their connection instantly flared to life, and they both looked at his hand before looking back into the other’s eyes. The anger in the air turned to lust in an instant. Max stepped forward as Liz threw herself at him and they were suddenly locked in a hot kiss.

Combing her hair and pulling it up into a twist, Liz felt a bolt of renewed lust shoot through her at the thought of what they’d almost done in his hallway. Her shirt had been laying on the ground somewhere and he’d actually been in the act of removing her bra while simultaneously kissing her nipple through it. Max had touched her before, but this was the first time he’d gone beyond that. Liz was just as overcome as he was, trying to frantically yank his shirt open while also trying to undo the button on his pants. It was then that his parents decided to come home unannounced, his mom having become ill from something they ate with traveling. Max had almost literally dragged Liz into his bedroom when he heard the door opening, and they’d stood there, listening with dread to see if they’d been caught. Finally, when they realized that his parents hadn’t heard them, Max looked at Liz standing there holding her shirt in her hand, and his mouth had started twitching. Liz looked back at him and her own sense of humor kicked in and they both started laughing at their own lack of control. Max helped her on with her shirt, and Liz had looked at him earnestly, making sure he realized that she meant it when she said she wanted to be with him no matter what the circumstances. If the only choices were children with another man, or she and Max alone for the rest of their lives, then to her, the choice was clear. He seemed reassured and promised that he wouldn’t fail to come see her again. When he did come to the Crash Down the next day however, he was somewhat remorseful, having realized that he’d almost taken her virginity on the floor outside his bedroom. But Liz reminded him that she’d been right along with him for the ride, and he’d better quit apologizing for things before she got really mad. He’d gone to sit in his usual booth, grinning like an idiot.

That was a week ago. Things had been hectic since then. Max was working extra hours at the UFO center and with her own job and school, they’d barely had time to talk much less see each other. When Max asked her out, she’d jumped at the chance, eagerly saying yes when he told her to dress up because it was going to be a special date. Now, as she stood in her bedroom, at last done with her preparations, she couldn’t help but be nervous. Liz knew what he meant by special. She could see it in his face and hear it in his voice when he’d asked her out. She also knew she was ready. Ready to take make love to the man of her dreams. She just hoped it wouldn’t be a let down for him. Mentally shaking herself for her negative thoughts, Liz headed downstairs to meet Max.

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Well, I'm finally back. I'm really sorry it took me so long to get this part out. My husband is stationed in Saudi Arabia and he came back for a visit, so I didn't have time for late nights on the computer with my new hobby. Anyway, I really appreciate all of your comments. And don't make me beg, OK? Allright, I'm shameless.
Please, Please Please, let me know what you think of this part. I live for it. Thanks for reading.

Special note to ILoveRoswellML:

I don't know how the other parts got lost on the Repost board, but they are back now. I tried sending you an email to let you know but I don't know if you ever got it.

Conversation Part 8

“Did you have to tell her the truth? I mean, couldn’t you have just said there was no difference?” Michael and Max were standing at the counter of the Crash Down while Max waited for Liz. “I didn’t want to tell her, but she wouldn’t let it go, and I just….” Max shook his head his eyes looking somewhat desperate as he explained the situation. “I couldn’t lie to her,” he said finally. “We promised we’d be honest no matter what, and I…just couldn’t lie to her.”

Michael looked at his pathetic friend and his lips twisted sardonically. “Well, I hate to be in your shoes tonight. You know she’s been thinking about it, and God knows Maria was busting my ass for not telling her…” Michael stopped abruptly as the swinging door opened to show a decked out Liz. Max looked at Michael as he stopped then swung around to find Liz staring at him.

Liz had pushed the swinging door to the Crash Down open but stopped short when she saw Max standing by the counter talking to Michael. God, he looked better than anyone had a right too. Her mouth literally watered at the sight of him in charcoal gray dress pants, and a black button down shirt. As he turned around to look directly at her, she lowered her eyes shyly at the appreciation that transformed his features. He made her feel so beautiful. Max turned to say something to Michael, then came forward to stand in front of her, a small smile lightening his usually serious expression as he leaned forward to kiss her on the lips. “You look great.” Liz gazed up at him as he moved back. “You too,” she said in a dazed voice feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the look in his eyes and feel of his lips. Boy, this was going to be a long night if she couldn’t even hold it together for one minute. Mentally shaking her head to clear it, she said, “Um, I have to tell my parents I’m leaving. They think I’m going to Maria’s after our date to spend the night. I’ll be right back, OK?” At Max’s nod, she went back through the door and went up to the apartment to inform her parents that Max was here, and they were leaving. Walking back down, Liz felt guilty about lying to them, but she knew they would never let her stay out as late as she wanted if they thought she was still going to be with Max.

When she went back into the Crash Down, Max had his leather jacket on, and he reached for the coat she had draped over her arm, and helped her on with it. “Ready?” At her nod, he turned back to Michael to say goodbye. Michael slapped him on the back and said under his breath, “Good Luck, Man,” and Max frowned at him before turning to follow Liz out the door. He helped her into the Jeep, and as he buckled his seat belt she asked, “Where are we going for dinner?” Max just smiled mysteriously and said, “You’ll see,” and starting the engine, they took off.

As they drove, they talked about school and work, and their trip to Portales next weekend, then somehow they got on the subject of when they were kids. Max began telling her a story about how when he was much younger, his Dad wanted him to help build a cabinet for his mother. Apparently, little Max had taken it upon himself to correct his Dad’s poor carpentering skills while his back was turned, so both his parents thought his Dad was some kind of Bob Villa. Over the years Max had had to fix countless wood working mistakes, and now he kept wondering what his parents were going to think when he moved out and everything new his dad built fell apart. By the time they pulled to a stop, Liz was wiping tears of laughter from her eyes.

Their destination turned out to be a small Italian restaurant on the road to Artesia. Max explained that his Dad brought his Mom here every year on their anniversary, and she always raved about the food and the atmosphere. Apparently, she wasn’t exaggerating. The inside was small and quaint, and as they were led to their table, Liz was delighted to see that it was tucked away in an intimate corner, and covered by a checked cloth with candles for lighting and fresh flowers in a small vase. The food was excellent, and they talked quietly, holding hands and exchanging sweet kisses throughout dinner. By the time they were ready to leave, Liz had decided that this was going to be their anniversary restaurant as well. She sighed contentedly as they got back in the Jeep and pulled away. Looking at Max’s strong hands as they gripped the steering wheel, she wondered again where they were going. He’d steadfastly refused to tell her anything, just saying that it was a surprise, and she needed to be patient. At one point, Liz had tried to kiss it out of him, promising to do outrageous things to his body if he’d tell her, but he’d just stared at her with smoldering eyes and said that if she kept that up, they’d never make it where they were going and the surprise would be moot.

Liz subsided to her side of the car and tried to control her nervous excitement. She hadn’t let her doubts get in the way of having a good time tonight, but as they drove in companionable silence, her lingering insecurity about Tess and Max’s sexual encounter reared it’s ugly head again. The part that bothered her most was that even if Max was disappointed, he would never say anything. She would always be left to wonder if he was wishing for something more; not necessarily that he wanted to be with Tess, but that being with a human was just second best. And would he be able to hide something like that from her, with their connection the way it was. “I’m losing it,” she thought to herself. She needed to relax. Suddenly, Liz wished they’d just gotten it over with on the floor of his hallway. At least then, she didn’t have so much time to analyze everything to death. Forcing the pointless thoughts from her head, Liz made herself pay attention to where they were headed, but she realized she couldn’t tell in the dark and resigned herself to wait until they got there.

Finally, they turned into a driveway that kept going for a little ways, and when they stopped, it was in front of what appeared to be a cabin. Liz waited for Max to open the door, then looked at him inquiringly, but he just shook his head at her silent question, and helped her from the car. Looking down at her delicate high heels, and back at the wet, slippery sidewalk, he suddenly swung her up into his arms and carried her toward the cabin, praying that he didn’t fall on his ass and ruin his gallant gesture. When they finally reached the porch he lowered her feet to the ground staring into her dark eyes as he did so. Unable to resist, he lowered his head for a kiss, and Liz gripped his arm tightly as he caressed her lips with his own, and then shivered in reaction when he deepened it, slipping his tongue inside to explore her mouth. Feeling her shiver, Max raised his head and immediately apologized. “I’m sorry. It’s cold out here. Let’s get inside,” and he reached forward to unlock the door with his palm. Liz started to protest, but stopped as he ushered her in and flicked on the light.

The room they had entered was unbelievably luxurious compared to the rustic nature of the cabin outside. A fireplace and mantel took up one whole wood paneled wall, and pictures of outdoor scenes and Indian crafts decorated the rest. A thick carpet in southwestern colors covered the floor in front of the fireplace, and the theme was continued throughout the rest of the furnishings, including the large, comfortable looking couch with a dark red chenille afghan spread over the back. Liz looked back at Max who stood was closing the door behind them. “Max, this is so….how did you do this?” She walked further into the room so he could close the door. “You remember our picnic by the creek?” At her nod, he continued. “This house is behind the trees. You couldn’t see it from where we were, and you have to come a different way to get to the driveway. I knew no one was using it this weekend, and thought that we could have a little time alone.”

“Why don’t you light the candles while I get a fire going?” Max reached on top of the mantle and handed her the lighter. As Liz moved around the room, she realized that there were almost as many candles as she had on her balcony. Looking around some more, she spotted Max’s portable CD player and a stack of CD’s on one of the tables so she put one in. Liz turned back to where he was working on getting the fire going, and felt a combination of appreciation for his obvious thoughtfulness in having planned this special evening, and nervousness about what was about to happen. Trying to reign in her fears, Liz stepped over to the wall to turn out the light, than went to stand next to Max as the blaze in the fireplace came to life. She held her cold hands out toward its warmth and let the heat calm her.

Max silently removed her coat as well as his own and disappeared into another room with them. When he returned, he held two wineglasses and a bottle. Liz stared at him dubiously, remembering the one and only time he’d had any alcohol, and he looked up and grinned slightly at her expression, turning the bottle to show her that it was actually Sparkling Grape Juice. Liz smirked at him in return as he opened the bottle and filled the glasses, moving forward to hand hers to her.

As he continued to stare at her, the look in his eyes caused her stomach to flutter, and Liz raised the glass to her lips to hide her reaction. Max leaned forward as they set their glasses down on an end table to kiss her softly, then lightly ran his tongue over her lips, tasting the sweetness of the juice. Liz felt a stab of desire deep in her body at his sensuous gesture and she could only gaze at him dazedly when he pulled away slightly to look at her intently for a moment. This time their lips came together as if by some magnetic force, clinging and releasing only to cling again. As Max stepped closer, wrapping one arm around her waist and bringing the other hand up to cup her neck, Liz slid her own arms behind him. She opened her mouth to his invading tongue, touching it with her own. They both moaned at the contact, and Liz brought her hands up over his back to grasp his shoulders, while Max angled her head with his hand to gain better access. Her long hair fell down her back, his restless fingers having loosened the clip. Their kisses became deep and long now, causing the initial stab of desire Liz had felt to become an ache. She could feel Max’s burgeoning excitement as well, and it prompted another small moan to escape her.

That sound caused an answering surge of lust to shoot straight to Max’s already hardening flesh, but he forced himself to ease back from her, even though everything in him screamed for him to drag her to the couch and end this torture for both of them. They needed to talk first. He hadn’t meant for things to get this out of control so fast, but she was so beautiful, and he’d wanted her for so long, and she was just so….Liz.

Pulling back, he moved arms to hold her loosely around the waist and gaze down into her now questioning eyes. “Liz, I’m sorry.” Max swallowed painfully as he continued. “I..I don’t want you to think I just brought you here to….you know…I..” he forced himself to take a deep breath, trying to cool his body and make her understand at the same time. “I just wanted us to spend some time alone, and I wanted to talk about….things, but….” God, he thought. How lame was that. He’s trying to assure her that he didn’t bring her here to jump her bones, at the same time he was panting like he’d run a race, and his body wouldn’t make the first move toward calming down with her so near. Liz’s expression had become somewhat tense, and he kicked himself for making her feel that way.

Leading her to the couch, Max watched as she sat then he turned away to try and get a grip on himself before he brought up what was on his mind. Liz looked at his tense back, and her previous trepidation returned. “What did you want to talk about, Max?” Realizing that she was sitting on the edge of the couch twisting her hands, Liz forced herself to relax. Pulling the now useless clip from her hair, she slipped off her high heels and tucked her legs under her as she waited for him to answer her question.

Hearing the hesitancy in her voice, Max finally managed to regain some control and he turned to see her watching him somewhat warily. Man, he was making a mess of things. “We just didn’t have much time this week to talk, and I wanted to be sure that you weren’t having any second thoughts.” At her look of confusion, he rushed on. “ You know…about what we talked about the other night, ” looking down he continued., “about our future. I know you said you wanted to stay with me, and we’re planning our trip to Portales next weekend to check out ENMU, but if you decide that…you know…that’s not what you want after all….or ….you want to go to college somewhere farther away….I’ll understand.” He forced himself to look at her, hoping she could see that he meant what he was saying even though it would kill him to not be near her while they went to school. “I just want you to be sure you’re making the right choice. I want you to be with me,” he smiled his familiar half smile, “and eventually be Liz Evans, but you don’t have to give up being Liz Parker to do it. I fell in love with her a long time ago, and she’s more important to me than anything.” His smile disappeared as he continued, “ And I know what I said about our having a family is…hard, but….I just want you to be sure before we….go any farther,” he finished lamely. Realizing he may have just sealed his own lonely fate, he sat down next to her on the couch and stared at his hands as he waited for her to absorb what he’d said.

Liz looked at his rather dejected figure with a mixture of exasperation and tenderness. After everything they’d been through, she couldn’t believe he would still have doubts about her feelings. You’d think that somebody who could see into your soul would know better. Untucking her feet, she got up on her knees and grabbed his shoulders. Taking advantage of his surprise, she pushed him back on the couch and straddled his legs leaning down until she could look him square in the eye. “Max Evans, do you love me?”

Max looked up at the face that had haunted him since the third grade. “Yes,” he said somewhat breathlessly. Liz smiled at that. “Do you believe that I love you?” Still unable to pull his eyes away from her beautiful features, he answered again. “Yes.”

Liz leaned down and started planting light kisses on his forehead, his eyes… everywhere she could reach. “You know me well enough to know that I usually do exactly what I want to do, once I make up my mind, right?” Max nodded, his eyes closed in pleasure as her lips fluttered across his skin. “Then I want you to stop worrying about this, OK?” Max opened his eyes, to see her staring at him seriously. “I’m not giving up anything, Max. You are what I want. I’ve known that since the first time you touched me, since you healed me. Do you honestly think that I could just walk away from you… from us…and from everything that we know might happen, and live a normal life or find another man?” Liz continued to look intently at him as she spoke, trying to make him see the truth of her words.

Leaning forward again to press a soft kiss on his tempting lips, she whispered, “And I’m not letting you torture yourself by giving up on a family either.” Sitting up, she slid back and pulled him up with her, her heart breaking at the stricken look on his face. “I’m going to school to be a scientist, Max. A Molecular Biologist, and the schools we’ve looked at have excellent science departments, so I’m excited about that. But it will also help us figure out why your son couldn’t live on earth.” She leaned forward to caress his cheek with a gentle touch. “I want to do this, Max. For him, and for our own children. I know you’re afraid, but I also know that we can figure this out and have the life that we want.” She gently forced him to look at her sincere expression. “The life that you deserve, Max. We both do. I won’t let you blame yourself any more for what happened to us or to your son.” Sitting back once again, Liz continued trying to convince him of her logic. “We both had a hand in our misery last year, and I’m still not convinced that Tess wasn’t mind-warping you to make you think that your child couldn’t live here so she could get you back to your planet.” They’d had this discussion before, but although Max conceded that it could be true, it hadn’t assuaged his fears or his guilt. “But either way, it’s what I want to do; what I choose to do. Do you believe me?”

Max stared down into her beautiful, liquid eyes, and could only nod his acceptance. His heart was too full to speak. Pulling her close, he buried his face in her neck and inhaled her fragrance, thanking whoever was up there that they had given him this gift. He felt her lips in his hair, and her hands running soothingly over his back, and he opened his eyes and took a deep breath. Noticing that their position on the couch had caused her dress to ride up slightly, he glimpsed a length of bare thigh above her sheer hose. Suddenly, the feel of her soft body, and the sight of that silky skin made him want to ignore everything else he had planned, and get on with more exciting things. But he couldn’t do that. His talk with Michael earlier made him realize that he needed to make sure that Liz didn’t have any lingering doubts about his encounter with Tess.

Hating to even think about it, he nevertheless placed a soft kiss on her neck, and pulled away gently. “Let me fix the fire, OK?” Standing up, he moved to the fireplace and picked up the poker, trying to think of a way to bring up the subject. He stirred the fire, replaced the poker, then turned back to the couch to find her chewing her lip nervously, and staring off into space. Something about her expression confirmed his fears, and he sighed resignedly. “Liz, there’s something else I wanted to talk about. You know, the other night when you asked me about me and Tess….and I told you about the, uh….the …you know….” Avoiding her gaze, which had become one of tense surprise, Max kept going. “I, uh…just wanted to um….make sure you weren’t worried about what I said. Because we really didn’t….talk about it after that.” Forcing himself to look directly at her, he saw that she was staring at her lap, her expression hidden. Max took a step closer, and went on, wincing as his voice cracked. “You know, cause if you were worried about it….then….you shouldn’t. Be worried about it, I mean.” Max closed his eyes at the sound of his own stupidity. I should have just let this go, he thought. I should have just grabbed her and kissed her until we were too far-gone to care about anything but getting naked. Taking a deep breath, he opened his eyes to see that she was still studying her hands.

Max walked over to the couch and pulled her to her feet, noticing how small she suddenly seemed with her shoes off and her head down. “Liz, what I’m trying to say is that it’s not something I think about ever, so I don’t want you to dwell on it either, OK?” There, he thought. I actually got a sentence out without stuttering. Max looked down at her shiny head, and waited for some sign that she’d heard him.

A small sigh escaped her, and when Liz finally lifted her head, her eyes were closed and she’d tipped it back in exasperation. “I’m an idiot, Max.” She moved around him to go stand by the fire. “I shouldn’t have asked you about Tess and you. I can’t believe how stupid that was, and I wish you would just forget that I ever said anything, OK?” Glancing over at his silent figure, she saw that he was looking at her with an unreadable expression on his face, hands in his pockets. She turned back to the fire and continued quietly. “I’m fine with it. I just don’t want you to be disappointed.”

Liz gazed at the fire unseeing until she felt his hands on her shoulders, turning her around to face him. She stared at the button on his shirt that was directly in her line of sight, trying to hold back the tears that were suddenly threatening to fall, and lost the battle when he took her in his arms and held her gently against his comforting warmth. Sniffing pitifully, Liz wiped her nose and eyes with the back of her hand and felt his lips touch her hair before he led her back to the couch.

Max looked down at her somewhat dejected figure and shook his head in amazement. A little while ago, she was crawling all over him, confidently convincing him that he didn’t have to doubt her feelings, and now she sat on the couch like a little girl, worrying about pleasing him. Max knew he’d never get tired of discovering all the facets of her personality. His heart ached that his actions had caused her to doubt his passion for her, and he desperately needed to convince her that she was the only one he would ever want; ever love again.

“Liz, I’m going to tell you something that I’d hoped I’d never have to discuss, and when I’m finished, I want you to promise me that you’ll never worry about this again, OK?” Max continued to look at her until she nodded almost imperceptibly. Sighing, he turned toward the fire and stared at the flames. “ Do you know what I feel when I think about that night?” He stopped for a moment, swallowing against the lump that was suddenly lodged in his throat. “I feel humiliation….I feel guilt…but mostly…..there's just this sick kind of pain.” Max sat down by the fire, leaning over to rest his arms on his legs. He could feel her eyes on him, but he didn’t look at her, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to get this out if he had to face her. “I was so angry at you for leaving me, and so hurt by Isabel’s refusal to see my point about her staying near by that I couldn’t see straight. I know now that some of those feelings were caused by Tess’s mind warp, but at the time, they seemed completely reasonable to me. It was then that I realized that I’d been hiding from myself and refusing to acknowledge the truth.”

Max closed his eyes for a moment, the opened them to continue his contemplation of the fire. “I was an alien. I didn’t belong here. I’d been trying my whole life to be human, and now my denial may have caused my friend to die.” He paused again, then said quietly, “ And the people I thought I could count on the most, hated me.” Max finally lifted his head to cast a regretful glance in her direction. Liz was sitting quietly, feet once again tucked under her as she gazed at him compassionately. Max’s lips turned up at the corner slightly as he acknowledged her expression, then he turned away again. “When Tess finally showed up, I was ready to latch on to anything that would make me feel better. I realize now that that’s exactly what she was hoping for. She said that she would be with me forever, and I was so screwed up that I actually believed that would be enough.”

Max got to his feet and stood tensely, hands in his pockets as he gazed at the floor. “She kept telling me she loved me the whole time, and I couldn’t say anything. It wasn’t romantic or satisfying or anything that you’d want for your first time. It was just a release. A chance to get out of my head and forget my own stupid life for a while. I might as well have been with a complete stranger because I never felt so alone in my life.”

He paused again for a moment, then shook himself out of his morbid thoughts and turned to face a tearful Liz. “As far as the other part goes, I won’t lie to you and say that it didn’t feel good, or wasn’t unusual or exciting, because it was.” He walked slowly toward the couch and sat down next to her. “But there is no one on this or any other planet that could make me want to repeat that experience.” Max took Liz’s hands in his own and looked into her eyes. “Just sitting in the same room with you and feeling the way my stomach rumbles, or hearing your voice on the phone, is a thousand times better.” Liz smiled at his words and looked at him doubtfully.

“I mean it, Liz.” Max removed his hand from hers and gently placed it on her arm, staring deeply into her widened gaze, and Liz was suddenly assaulted with flashes. Max watching her from afar, his fascination with her beauty and desperate wish to be part of her life flowing through her. Max sitting next to her in biology, his heart pounding in nervous excitement when she sat next to him, knowing they would talk, or even touch accidentally. Scene after scene of them touching, holding, kissing, his feelings of love and passion overwhelming her .

When the flashes finally faded, she looked at him in a daze, lips parted in awe. Max leaned over and kissed those parted lips. “I love you with all of my heart and all of my soul. And if you’ll let me,” Max paused to take a deep breath as he knelt in front of her, “I’ll spend the rest of my life proving it to you.” Liz looked down as he took a small, velvet box from his pocket, and her heart stopped. “I know you’ve already answered this question in two lifetimes but…” Max placed a soft kiss in the middle of her palm, and put the now open box in her trembling hand. “Liz Parker, will you marry me?”

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Hi everyone. Thanks so much for your comments. I'm so glad you missed me. Here's part 9 and I have to tell you it's NC-17 I guess. Pretty close anyway. I REALLY REALLY need to hear from you guys this time because I have never written anything like this before. This fic has become so much more than I'd dreamed so please let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.

Special note to Scottie: Thanks for those words. It's what I was working toward so it's nice to hear.

The Conversation Part 9

“Liz?” Max looked at her anxiously as she stared at the box in her hand. His stomach fluttered nervously as he realized that this might have been a bad idea. He’d wanted to surprise her, let her know that he was totally committed before they made love. Now, he wasn’t so sure. Maybe she wasn’t ready to make this step. Maybe their casual references to getting married where just that, casual.

“Liz, I’m not asking you to set a date or anything, because I know that we’re really young. And I know I can’t make many promises right now, because my life is …well my life,” he said with a painful grimace. Looking down at his hands, he swallowed. “ I can’t promise that I won’t make mistakes because we’ve both seen my track record, but I do promise that I’ll trust you and our love, and I’ll never intentionally hurt you again.” Max continued looking down as he felt her eyes on him. “ I can’t promise that I’ll never leave because, as weird as it is…I’m the leader of a distant planet, and I may have to go there one day, to try and fix this mess we’re in.” He finally looked up to find her staring at him, dark eyes luminous with tears. He reached out to push a strand of errant hair out of her face and his hand slipped through the tresses lightly as though unable to help itself. “But I do promise that I’ll always come back because every day without seeing your face, or touching your skin,” his thumb ran lightly over her bottom lip, “ or feeling your lips on mine, is torture,” he whispered. The tear slipped silently down her face as he continued his list of disadvantages. “I can’t even promise that you’ll always be my number one priority because,” Max paused, then his lips curved ruefully, “see reasons a and b.” Liz smiled tremulously back at him. “What I do promise is that, for what it’s worth, I’m yours….mind, body and soul, and that I’ll love you until the day I die… and beyond."

Liz stared at him as he finished his beautiful words, rendered completely speechless by his gesture. A few months ago, she thought that she would spend the rest of her life alone, all of her dreams for a life with the man she loved shattered by events of their own making. Now, she sat and watched as all of them were being handed back to her, and she was a little overwhelmed. She was brought out of her reverie by the look of doubt that was creeping into his expression. "Liz…Um…if your not ready, I…" His words were stopped by her lips on his mouth. "Yes, Max" she said softly, the answer a sweet caress to his parted lips. Max drew back, and searched her face, and she said it again, smiling at the look of relieved happiness that washed over his features.

Taking the box from her, Max removed the ring from it's velvet bed, and lifting her hand, he slid it onto her slim finger, not surprised when it appeared to be too big. He hadn't known anything about picking ring sizes while he was shopping. Wrapping his thumb and forefinger around the band, he concentrated a moment, and when he removed them, the ring fit precisely to her finger. Bringing it to his mouth, he kissed it softly, the loving gesture causing her throat to ache with renewed tears. "I know you can't really wear this all the time right now. But will you where it tonight? Just for us?" At her nod, he pulled her into his embrace, burying his face in her neck. "I love you." Liz smiled through her tears, and pulled back to look into his captivating eyes. "I love you, too. So much."

Max leaned forward again to kiss her, bringing his hands to her face, threading his fingers under her hair. Touching his lips to hers, he begged entrance to her mouth, and Liz eagerly gave it. The feel of his tongue tangling with hers, caused a tingling ache in her body, and she opened her mouth wider to give him better access, sliding forward to the edge of the couch to encircle his neck with her arms. Max groaned low in his throat at her willingness, and he slid between her open legs to wrap his arms tightly around her narrow waist, pulling her flush against his own body. They both knew the time for talking was over.

They stayed that way for a while, neither one willing to stop tasting the other long enough to go any further. Suddenly, Liz felt Max's fingers searching the back of her dress for the zipper, and she stopped her exploration of the back of his throat to let out a small laugh, barely having enough breath for it. Max looked at her in dazed confusion, before asking, "What?" in a breathless voice. Liz smiled and lifted her arm, showing him the side zipper on the dress, and he grinned. "So much for smooth moves." His smile faded, as he looked at her intently, the question clearly written in his features. Liz took the decision out of his hands, reaching herself to slide the zipper down.

Max' s heartbeat doubled at her the sensual look on her face, and he wrapped his arms around her once again, this time lifting her from the couch to lie on the thick carpet. Sitting back for a moment, he looked at her laying there, dark hair fanned around her head like a halo, eyes sparkling in anticipation, waiting for him. Max forced himself to take a deep breath, the primitive urge to just take her, battling with the side that knew he had to take this slowly. She deserved to be treasured and cherished, not just treated as a thing for a teenage boy to ease his lust on. Suddenly realizing that the carpet, although thick, was not exactly soft to the touch, Max waived his hand over the surface, and Liz suddenly found herself lying on something that felt like silk. Max's lips curved upward at her look of surprised delight, and as she rolled slightly to run her hand over the surface, he took the opportunity to remove his shoes and socks before kneeling over her. Never taking his eyes off hers, he placed his hands on her right leg, the feel of nylon rough compared to her skin. He slid his hands under her dress and briefly caressed the bare skin of her inner thigh before sliding the stocking down her leg. The sound of her indrawn breath spurred him on, and he quickly did the same to the other one.

Still tingling from the feel of his hand so near the place that ached for him, Liz sat up and met his kiss half way, her fingers deftly undoing the buttons of his shirt. Stopping the kiss only long enough to help her pull it from his pants and toss it aside, Max bore her back down on the floor, his larger body covering her petite one from shoulder to hip. He kissed her lips briefly moving to place soft exploratory kisses on her neck. Liz arched to accommodate his wandering lips, and did some exploring of her own, her hands running over the smooth, wide extent of his shoulders and back. She loved touching his bare skin. He was so hard compared to her own softness and the feel of the muscles as they moved under his skin caused her to feel a rather primitive satisfaction. He was unutterably male to her female, and her own femininity seemed heightened by his maleness. She wanted to feel all of him.

Max was completely absorbed by the smell and taste of her skin. He kissed and licked his way to her collarbone, then slid the strap of her loosened dress down to move across her shoulder. His hands caressed the bare skin over her ribs revealed by the open dress, and he moved his lips to the skin above her neckline. Propping himself up on an elbow, he looked down into her flushed features then leaned down to kiss her again as the hand inside her dress slid up to cover her breast. Liz heart stopped momentarily before, starting again more rapidly. His hand gently explored the contour of her flesh, covering its roundness before his thumb brushed over her nipple. At the sound of another indrawn breath, he did it again, loving the sound and feel of her pleasure as it hardened under his ministrations.

The dress was definitely becoming a hindrance. Liz pushed lightly on his chest, and he stopped kissing her to look down questioningly. She sat up bringing him with her, and slipping her arms out from beneath the straps, gazed at him for a moment before dropping her eyes to look up at him through her lashes and slowly lowering the dress to her waist. Max stared at her in awe; the innocent beauty of her expression capturing him before he lowered his eyes to her body now bared for him. As he gazed at the lovely sight, he fought to keep himself from groaning out loud as his already awakened flesh, hardened to fullness. Finally lifting his eyes to find her still staring shyly at the hands clutching her dress, he came to his knees and bore her down to the carpet once more. Removing her hands, he pulled the dress down to her hips and she automatically lifted them so he could slide it all the way off.

As she lay on the floor, now bare except for her panties, she brought her arms up to cover her breasts, unable to lay there naked under his intense look. Max came down next to her, covering one of the hands lying on her chest with his own as he propped himself up on the other elbow. He looked at her flushed face and leaned down to kiss her lightly. "Don't Liz. You're so beautiful. Please…"
He began to kiss her again, taking his time trying to get her to relax, and she finally loosened her arms and placed them around his neck. He slowly kissed his way down her neck, his hand coming to rest once again on her breast. He gently shaped its contours, loving the feel of its softness to his palm. Liz had her eyes closed and arched slightly with a small moan when he ran his thumb over her nipple. Wanting more of that reaction, Max allowed his lips to drift further down, finally coming to a halt at the valley between her breasts. Staring at the pale mound and pointed nipple as it nestled in his palm, he bent forward and kissed it, smiling slightly at her gasp of pleasure. Emboldened by her reaction, he lavished attention on the upturned peak, then he turned to the other one to do the same thing, his own excitement escalated by her obvious response.

Liz arched her back, the feel of Max’s lips and hands on her sensitive skin causing a newly awakened response from her lower body. Her hips began to move, seeking relief from the ache, and when she came in direct contact to his own desire now pressed against her hip, her body instinctively responded to the pressure, angling toward that which it knew could provide relief. Liz’s hands, which had been clutching his shoulders, moved to between their straining bodies, and she felt her own satisfaction at the sound he made when she touched his hardened flesh. Exploring tentatively, Liz suddenly had the need to see and feel him as he was doing her. “Max,” she said breathlessly. “Max….your pants….” Liz reached for his belt and began to undo the clasp.

"What….Yeah…" Max finally realized what she’d been trying to do, his own mind and body having been occupied with the taste and feel of hers. Sitting up quickly, he removed the last of his clothing and pulled his wallet out of his back pocket, extracting a package, which he placed nearby. Liz had been watching him from beneath partially closed lids, and as he lay back down beside her, it was her turn to lean over him. Kissing his tempting lips, she moved her hands over his naked skin, unable to get enough of touching his hard body, now bared to her for the first time. As her hands moved lower, she looked into his glittering eyes, and smiled when he closed them as she finally reached between his legs. Looking back and forth between his tense features and her hand, she explored the contours and ridges, wrapping her fingers around him to squeeze lightly, fascinated by his response as he groaned and his flesh throbbed under her palm.

“Oh,” Liz gasped in surprise when he suddenly flipped her over onto her back. Max buried his head in her neck for a moment breathing hard, then looked down at her, as he slipped his hand between her thighs. Laying his fingers against her warmth, he watched as she stiffened momentarily, then relaxed and opened her legs just a bit. He pressed lightly, then more firmly as he felt and saw her response, and leaned over to kiss her open mouth as he finally slid his fingers beneath the band of her panties to touch her. Liz moaned and brought her legs together, arching as he caressed her.

Removing his hand, Max hooked a finger into the waistband, and Liz lifted her hips to help him remove the last barrier of clothing between them. Continuing to kiss her, his tongue moving deeply into her mouth, Max moved his hand between her legs again, this time slipping a delicate finger inside. He let out a harsh breath at the wetness he found and began to move his finger in rhythm to her undulating hips. Circling but not touching the center of her pleasure, he kissed his way down her neck to tease her nipples, trying desperately to hold on to his control. He wanted to make this good for her.

Liz was in the throes of some unknown force. The tension in her body was spiraling upward and she went back and forth between wanting it to end and not wanting it to stop. She whimpered against his shoulder and her hips lifted against his hand, seeking something ….she wasn’t sure what. The delicate circling inside her and the feel of his tongue on her nipples suddenly wasn’t enough. “Max,” she breathed out arching towards him. Max, sensing what she needed, suddenly enclosed the peak he’d been teasing into his mouth, sucking hard while finally touching the focal point of her desire. Liz moaned in surprise as the pressure increased twofold, and the tempo of her hips against his fingers became frantic as she blindly sought the satisfaction she knew was waiting for her. Feeling the increased wetness, Max dipped his fingers into her passage, then slicked them over the pulsating bud at her center. Breathing erratically in rhythm with her, he fought back his own urges, as the erotic sounds she was making caused his arousal to jerk in response. Suddenly she stiffened against him, hips arched. He felt teeth sink into his shoulder as her thighs trembled and her muscles rippled around his teasing fingers. Max smiled in grim satisfaction as her climax overwhelmed her, her breath coming out in sobbing pants, and his own unsatisfied body throbbed in sync with her spasms. Trembling in the aftermath, Liz felt his mouth on her hair, her closed eyes, and finally, her mouth, the loving touch of his lips somehow soothing and provocative at the same time.
Max kissed her lightly again, as he finally removed his hand, her thighs now relaxing their death-grip on his fingers.

Reaching behind him, Max ripped open the package he'd brought and prepared himself, then turned and covered Liz's smaller body with his own unable to wait another moment. He stared down into her dazed eyes, silently asking permission. Liz reached up to kiss him, opening her legs to him in invitation, and Max kissed her back, his tongue penetrating her mouth as he penetrated her body. He moved in slightly before retreating, repeating the action to allow her to get used to the invasion of his hard flesh into her softness. He slid in deeper each time, gritting his teeth against the urge to plunge forward and take what he wanted. "Liz," he said breathing harshly, looking down at her. " Is this OK….Are you OK?" Liz nodded, moving experimentally against him, trying to ease the tension in her legs.

Finally allowing himself to slide in deeper, Max felt the stiffening of her body as he reached her barrier. Stopping for a moment, he gazed down at her, and said in a pained whisper," Liz, I….it's going to hurt." She looked up at his beloved face, and answered, her own voice hushed and breathless "I know, Max. It's OK. I want you to." Liz pulled his head down for a deep kiss, willing him to take the final step and Max held his breath, his hips plunging forward to fully sheath himself in her body. He immediately stopped, breathing harshly, letting her adjust to the new feeling, but Max was sure that he'd died and gone to heaven at the feeling of her tightness squeezing his swollen flesh.

Liz bit her lip to keep from crying out at the pain, but she couldn't stop the tears that trailed from beneath her closed lashes. She could tell that it was costing Max a great deal of control to hold still, the stiffness of his muscles transferring to hers. Liz felt his thumb wiping a tear from her cheek, and she opened her eyes to see him looking down at her regretfully, even as his jaw twitched with tension. "I'm sorry, Liz." She shook her head and tightened her arms around him briefly. "It's OK. Just…..Just let me get used to it." She consciously made an effort to relax her thighs from their grip on his hips, and Max shifted slightly, just a short back and forth movement, his eyes watching for signs of more discomfort. Liz breathed a sigh of relief that the pain had receded some, and shifted herself, trying to ease the ache even more. Max's in-drawn breath alerted her to the fact that he was controlling himself only for her sake, and she moved her hips again, this time eliciting a groan. "It's OK, Max. You can move…" Her words were cut off as he began to do just that, slowly at first, still aware of the tightness in her muscles.

The pain having calmed to a tolerable level, Liz tried to concentrate on the feel of him moving within her, and the touch of his hand on her breast. She could still sense the control he was exerting, and she suddenly realized that he was trying to wait for her. Lifting her head from where she’d been kissing his shoulder, Liz looked at his tight face, the sheen of perspiration a testament to his efforts. “Max, you don’t have to wait. I want you to let go.” Reaching around to pull his head down for her kiss, she whispered against his lips, “Come for me, Max.”

He looked down for a split second, then dropped his head to her shoulder, a harsh sound escaping his throat. His control shattered by her words, he quickly wrapped her leg around his waist and thrust forward. Liz held on to his shoulders as he gave in to his need, and closing her eyes, she was suddenly assaulted with flashes. With all of his barriers down, Max’s thoughts and emotions overwhelmed her as he rapidly moved toward completion. There were some of the usual visions of their time together, but Liz soon realized that they were interspersed with his fantasies of her. Split second scenes of the two of them tangled together in passion. Liz pinned to the wall in the eraser room, legs wrapped around his waist. The two of them in his bed, her head thrown back in ecstasy while she straddled him. Making love on the counter in the Crash Down, still in her uniform. There were other visions of places she didn’t recognize, but they flew by too rapidly for her to completely comprehend. . The feelings he was projecting were just as tantalizing, his lust for her body, and his pleasure in the feel of her untried passage as it stroked him, communicating itself to her in no uncertain terms.

“Liz …I can’t…I have to…” Complete sentences beyond his capabilities, Max slid a hand under her to lift her hips tightly against him. Panting hoarsely, he finally let go, driving deep and hard into the depths of her. Liz, who’d been swept away by the flashes and the feelings they provoked, felt her muscles fluttering around his pulsating flesh in response to the sound of that harsh breath and the feel of him coming inside her. She moaned as the wave overcame her, slight compared to before, but surprising because she hadn’t thought it would happen again like this. The languor of afterglow began to take over her body, and she smiled as she realized that if it felt like this now, it could only get better once they'd had some practice.

Max lay against her breathing heavily, small tremors still racking his frame from his release. Trying to catch his breath, and feeling the incredible softness of the girl beneath him, he became aware of her fingers gently playing with the hair on his neck, and a curious languor now stealing through his body. He looked down to find Liz with eyes closed, a contented smile gracing her perfect lips, and he wished he could just lay his head down and go to sleep just like this, wrapped in the arms of the woman he loved, safe from the world. Knowing he couldn’t do that, and realizing that she could probably barely breath, Max gently pushed a silky hair from her cheek and kissed her lips. Liz opened sleepy darks eyes to find him staring down at her with such a loving look that she felt tears prick her eyes. “You OK?” he asked, combing his fingers through her hair. Liz nodded, smiling at him in reassurance.

“I’d better….” Max reluctantly moved, slipping his hand between them to carefully help remove himself from her body. Rolling onto his back, he realized there was nowhere to discard the condom, so he concentrated for a moment, and it disintegrated into dust. Sometimes being an alien had its advantages. He got up briefly to grab the blanket off the back of the couch, then lay down once more beside Liz, spooning her against him and pulling the blanket over them. Pressing a soft kiss on her neck, he sighed and relaxed, unbelievably happy to be holding this incredible treasure in his arms, and so grateful knowing she felt the same about him, even after everything. Liz snuggled against him, completely safe in his strong embrace, totally at peace. Words were unnecessary as the contented silence cloaked them in a shared embrace.

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Well guys, this is it. Sorry it took so long to get it done, but here it is. I wish I could keep going on this, but I think it's gone as far as it can go. I'm not an adventure writer, so I know I couldn't do as good of a job as the rest of you, so I'll leave it here.

I can't tell you how great it's been writing this story. Most of you have been very kind in your comments and I am just glad that I came across such a great group of people who feel the same way I do about our favorite show.

Please, please, please let me know what you think of this and all of it because I'll be looking. And I might even start something new eventually. Thanks again for reading.

The Conversation - Conclusion

“I didn’t hate you.” Liz and Max were lying in front of the fire, still spooned in the same position they’d been in since they’d made love. Speaking quietly on and off, they’d been silent for a while, and Liz had started thinking about their conversation.

“What?” Max said a little sleepily, not sure he’d heard her correctly.

“What you said before about how you felt on that night; about how the people you counted on hated you. I didn’t hate you.” Liz could feel his lips against her shoulder as she spoke. “I felt a lot of things, but hate wasn’t one of them. I knew something was wrong, but I was too distracted by Alex's death to do anything about it. I guess I get a little single-minded when I’m upset.” There was a choking sound behind her, and she slapped the hand that rested on her stomach. “Jerk.” Her smile faded as she finished. “I never hated you, Max.

Max buried his head in her neck for a moment, kissing it in gratitude. “Thank you for saying that. I wouldn’t have blamed you if you had. I was being such an asshole, I’m surprised either you or Isabel even decided to speak to me again, much less this. When I think about it now, it’s so unreal. Like it happened to someone else.” He sighed, his breath tickling the little hairs on her neck. “I’m so grateful that you found out about Tess before we left. I just hope you never have a reason like that to be single-minded again.”

Kissing her neck again, Max rolled onto his back, and Liz turned over so she was resting on his chest. Their hands were entwined, and she looked at the ring on her finger, still overwhelmed by his surprise proposal. Realizing that she hadn’t really said anything about it, Liz grinned to herself thinking about what had distracted her. Propping her chin on her hands, she looked up at Max, and feeling her eyes on him, Max opened his. The corner of his mouth curved slightly as he looked back at her.

“I love my ring, Max.” It was beautiful, with a single diamond in the middle surrounded by smaller ones, reminding her of a flower. “How did you afford it?”

“Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to ask questions like that?” Max’s lips twitched when she pinched him, and he answered her question. “Brody gave me a loan. Interest free and I can make whatever payments I can afford. It’s why I’ve been working so much extra lately.” He looked at the ring and brought her hand up to kiss it. “It reminded me of you. Beautiful and delicate.” Liz smiled mistily at him as he kissed her hand again.

Propping himself up on one elbow to see her better, he said, “Liz, I meant what I said. I know that things are really uncertain right now, but…” He was cut off by a finger on his lips.

Liz crawled up his body until he lay back down and she could look him in the eye. “Max, I don’t need promises.” She leaned down to give him a heartfelt kiss. “ I just need you. Besides, I can’t exactly make a lot of promises to you, either.” She looked at him solemnly as she echoed the words of his proposal. “I can’t promise that I won’t make mistakes, because I’m human, but I do promise that I’ll try to learn from them and that making up will be really fun.” She felt a laugh rumble in his chest, and she leaned down to place small kisses on his eyelids and cheeks, loving that she had the freedom to touch him like this.

Propping herself up again, Liz looked down, her eyes tracing his beautiful face as she continued. “And I can’t promise that I won’t cry and be a mess when you have to leave.” She smiled sadly as he looked up at her regretfully. “But I do promise that I’ll be here waiting, no matter how long it takes.” Laying her head down on his broad chest, she ran her fingers lightly over the ridges in his abdomen, smiling at the in-drawn breath it caused. “And I can’t promise that you’ll always be my first priority, because….well we talked about that single-minded thing.” Max grabbed her hand as she started to tickle him, and she giggled and looked up at him again, her smile changing to one of loving sincerity, “But what I can promise is that I’m yours…mind, body, and soul….And that I’ll love you to distraction until the day I die…and beyond.” Liz felt tears prick her eyes at the look on his face, but she swallowed them back as she leaned up to kiss him. Max’s hand came up to tangle in her hair as he returned it, his own kiss portraying all the gratitude and love in his heart for this girl who had saved him from a life of misery.

Liz lay back down on his chest, feeling content. A little while later however, she became uncomfortably aware that she really had to go to the bathroom. Pulling away from Max’s arms, she sat up bringing the blanket with her. “I, um… I have to go to the uh…..” Looking down at him, she gestured toward the hallway. Max nodded. “Yeah, me too. Why don’t you go first?”

“OK.” Liz bit her lip uncertainly as she tried to decide how to do this gracefully. She didn’t think she had what it took to stroll casually around the room naked in front of her lover just yet, but she didn’t want to just take the blanket and leave him here uncovered either. Spying her dress, she reached for it and pulled it over her head, shimmying to bring it down over her hips before getting up from the floor. She winced at the soreness between her legs. Glancing down at Max, she saw him watching her movements with an amused look on his face, having missed her grimace of pain, and Liz stuck her tongue out at him before heading toward the bathroom.

Going to the bathroom only made the pain worse, and she frowned as she cleaned herself up, wondering how long it would last. Stepping over to the sink to wash her hands, Liz looked at her reflection in the mirror and stopped mid-wash to stare. The girl in the mirror didn’t look anything like her. That couldn’t be her tousled dark hair or her red, slightly swollen lips, or her flushed skin. As Liz continued to stare, she felt unbidden tears come to her eyes. She was suddenly overwhelmed by everything that had happened to her in the last few hours, culminating in the loss of her virginity. She covered her mouth to keep from being overheard, and grabbed several tissues to blow her nose. Wiping her eyes carefully, she realized that it wasn’t sadness, just a slight sense of loss, like she was saying goodbye to her childhood as she made this final step toward being a woman. She quickly fixed her face, making sure no traces of tears showed and took a deep breath before she went back into the living room. Liz didn’t want Max to think she was upset, because she didn’t regret making love to him for one minute. She ran a quick hand through her hair, and left.

When she stepped into the living room, she saw that Max had put his pants on and was standing in front of the fireplace as he finished settling another log on the fire. He turned when he heard her, and kissed her lightly on the lips as he made his way to the bathroom. Liz changed the CD, and went to fill their glasses with more juice before grabbing some pillows to put on the floor. She slipped out of her dress and pulled up the blanket, waiting for Max to come back so they could cuddle some more before they had to leave. She wasn’t ready for this night to end just yet. As she drank from her glass, she sang lightly along with the CD and smiled when she heard Max approach. Grabbing his glass, she turned and started to offer it to him, but stopped when she saw him head toward the couch without looking at her, an upset look on his face.

“Max, what is it?” Liz watched as he sat heavily on the couch and stared at his hands.

“You were crying in the bathroom.”

Liz felt her stomach drop. "How did you…"

"I had a flash while I was washing my hands." Max finally looked at her, his eyes filled with confusion and something close to fear. "Did….did something happen when….you know…you went in there? He continued to stare at her in trepidation as she quickly crawled to kneel in front of him, dragging the blanket with her.

"Max," Liz laid her hands over his tightly clenched ones. "Nothing bad happened. Everything was perfectly normal.” Max sighed with relief, but continued to look at her in confusion. "Then what is it?" He stared down at her beautiful features his hands unconsciously coming to caress the skin of her bare shoulders. He knew she didn't regret what they did because he'd seen and felt her joy and contentment. Liz closed her eyes at his touch, trying to get her thoughts in order.

"I saw myself in the mirror, and… I just…didn't look like me, you know." She opened her eyes to see him staring at her patiently and tried to explain. "I was kind of nervous about tonight because of….everything, and….then you proposed,….and then we….and I was just overwhelmed all of the sudden. Like everything just kind of came over me when I saw myself. I'm not a little girl anymore." Liz smiled self-consciously. " I know its silly.." She stopped as Max shook his head. "It's not silly. It's just…you."

Liz stared into his eyes, losing herself for a moment. God, there should be a law against someone having this effect. In the firelight, his amber eyes were almost translucent, and she could feel herself drowning as he looked at her. She took his hand and pulled his toward the floor. "Come lay down with me." Max quickly shed his pants and complied, pulling her against his chest as he lay behind her.

Liz felt his lips drift across her shoulder blades and shivered, marveling that even the skin on her back could be so responsive to his lips. "Max," He shifted a little at the sound of her voice. "Hmmm", he breathed, kissing her neck. "Max, did you have any flashes while we were making love?" His lips moved down the column of her neck to her shoulder. "Yeah." He seemed to be barely listening to her as he nibbled on her shoulder then licked where he'd nibbled. Liz closed her eyes in pleasure and asked a little breathlessly, "What was that blue stuff?"

She felt him tense slightly, and his lips stopped moving. "Blue stuff?"

"Yeah, you know, that blue gooey stuff we were in."

Liz turned to look at him directly and was surprised to find him avoiding her eyes. She could actually see the blush on his cheeks, even in this light. "Um….it was water." At her upraised eyebrows, he explained. "On my planet, apparently water is thick….kind of like Jell-O." He looked at her through his lashes.

"J-Jell-O?" Liz lay flat on her back, and covered her mouth with her hand as her shoulders started to shake. Oh, God he'd been fantasizing about them doing it in Jell-O. Her giggles finally burst forth, and Max had to smile at the sound of her laughter, only slightly embarrassed, however, his smile faded as he looked down. Liz finally opened her eyes, and noticing his expression, followed his gaze to see him staring rather fixedly at her bare breasts.

During her laughing fit, she'd lost hold of the blanket, and it was now down around her waist. Liz fought the urge to cover herself, feeling a little unnerved at the intensity of his gaze. Apparently the sight of bare, jiggling breasts affects all males the same, no matter what planet their from. Max finally looked up and before Liz could react, he closed his mouth over hers in a hot kiss, while sliding his leg between hers, the affect of her beauty on his anatomy obvious. Liz returned the kiss wholeheartedly, opening her mouth to his questing tongue, and gripping his shoulders tightly. When he shifted closer, however, the feel of him pressing between her aching thighs caused her to moan and pull away. Max looked down at her, eyes slightly glazed and asked, "What's wrong?" Liz shifted against him trying to ease the ache, and he immediately moved when she grimaced. Looking up at him apology, she said, "I'm sorry, Max. I'm just really sore." A little embarrassed, she closed her eyes, and felt the sting of tears.

"Oh God, Liz. I'm sorry…I didn't even think….I'm so sorry, "he said again as he stared down into her mortified face. Max felt terrible about his thoughtlessness, knowing it was his fault that she was in pain and upset. Looking past his own mortification and wanting to help, he said hesitantly, "Can I…do you want me to fix it?"

Liz opened her eyes to look at him in confusion. "Fix it?"

Max lowered his gaze, and gently laid his hand on her abdomen. "You know….fix it."

"Oh." Liz gazed at him open mouthed for a second, feeling strangely awkward about his request. It just seemed so… intimate, which was really silly because they’d just had sex. How much more intimate could you get. Still…this was just…different somehow. But looking up into his beloved face and seeing the sincere desire to take her pain away, Liz couldn’t say no. Besides….she really wanted to do it again. Lowering her eyes, she said, “OK.”

"Liz, you have to look at me." Liz opened her eyes to find him staring intently at her, and she gazed back as she felt his hand slide lower. A moment later, the pain was gone, and he removed it, still gazing at her with that look that melted her insides. Time stood still for a moment as the passion between them simmered like a tangible force in the room, then Max lowered his head to hers.

Tongues dueled, hands caressed and mouths spread teasing kisses over hot flesh, as they explored, each learning what pleased the other. Liz rolled them over, deciding that she wanted to be in control, and Max happily complied, not one to complain about the love of his life wanting to straddle his hips and have her way with him. When they finally joined, she set the pace, closing her eyes to savor the sensations this new position evoked, loving the feel of his fullness within her. Max looked up at her, and knew that if he lived to be a hundred, he would never see a more glorious sight then Liz, eyes closed in concentration, lips parted, satisfying herself on his body. When she reached her climax, muscles tightening convulsively around his hardness, she felt him jerk inside her as his own pleasure peaked, and they clutched each other tightly, breathing harshly in unison, the curtain of her hair surrounding them in a intimate embrace.

They lay there for a while as their breathing calmed, neither one wanting to give up the connection and oneness their bodies created. Finally, they had to separate, and Liz watched as Max disintegrated the condom. Glancing at her, he couldn’t help but smile a little smugly at his ability, and Liz rolled her eyes then quickly straightened her expression. “Very handy,” she said nodding solemnly.

“No! No, Max.” Liz shrieked as he grabbed her and pushed her back on the floor, looming over her threateningly, his fingers tickling her rib cage. “Please…please stop,” she begged even as she giggled uncontrollably. “I promise,” she huffed as he continued his assault, “that was the best alien trick ever.” Stopping for a moment to look down at her shining face, Max collapsed onto his back as they laughed together. Liz rolled over to lay her head on his chest, still giggling every few seconds and Max’s hands automatically buried themselves in her hair.

After lying there for a few moments to let their breathing settle down, Max finally sat up, pulling her with him. “I hate to say this, but we really need to get going.”

"I know." Liz looked up at him as he stood and rounded up their clothes and he pulled his on. "I just hate to go and face the real world, you know."

Max pulled her to her feet, his unbuttoned shirt forgotten as he wrapped an arm around her narrow waist, and looked deeply into her surprised gaze. Then he moved his free hand to her shoulder, and slowly ran it down her arm, both of them watching as he left a glowing trail on her bare skin. “This is the real world, Liz,” he said, moving his gaze from her arm to her upturned face. “ This is us…together.” And knowing he shouldn’t, but unable to resist her pull, he covered her mouth in a searing kiss. Liz moaned in relief, her eager hands pulling his head down as she opened her mouth and allowed his tongue in to mate with hers. Lifting her petite frame against him for better access, Max felt her soft breasts against his bare chest, and her tongue tangling with his, and he groaned deep in his throat as he felt himself start to harden again. God, at this rate he would never get that ring paid off. All of his extra money was going to be needed for condoms.

Tearing his mouth away, Max closed his eyes, fighting for control, and stepped back. Picking up her dress, he reluctantly handed it to her. “Liz….believe me, the last thing I want to do is watch you put your clothes back on, but…” he took a deep breath and swallowed, not looking directly at her. “We both need to sleep before we have to work tomorrow, and I really need to be in my bed before my parents get up.” He risked a glance at her, then wished he hadn’t when he saw her standing their looking tousled and sexy as hell, watching him through lowered lids. “Liz…please….you’re killing me..” Max knew he was begging, but he didn’t have the willpower to resist if she didn’t stop looking at him as though she wanted to devour him.

“OK.” Liz finally stopped torturing him, and Max didn’t know if he was happy or disappointed that she’d listened to him. Noticing his expression, Liz smiled, promising herself that she would make up for it next time.

She donned her clothes, and helped Max clean up the rest of the house. After making sure that the fire was out and the fireplace returned to it's original state, they made the rounds, blowing out candles and collecting all of the things Max had brought with him to prepare for the evening. Liz watched a little sadly as he turned their silk bed back into the carpet, and Max, seeing her expression said, "Don't worry. I kind of have these special powers, so I can pretty much make that happen any time I want." He leered at her, and Liz laughed at his silliness, happy to see his usual seriousness taking a back seat for a while. He hardly ever let anyone see this side of him, and she loved that he shared it with her.

As Max helped her on with her coat, Liz looked around the room rather wistfully as she made sure everything was as it should be. “Do you think we could come back here sometime? I mean, it’s just such a special place for us now.” Liz looked up at him, as he put his coat on.

Max grabbed her hand as he opened the door. “Count on it, ” he said as he shut it behind them. Telling her to stay put, he ran to the car to put their things away, then came back for her, lifting her easily. As they drove back to Roswell, Liz nodded off, her sated body giving in to the feel of the engine beneath her and lack of sleep.

Max welcomed her slight weight nestled against his shoulder, his own body strangely alive and humming with energy. Maybe this was what real happiness felt like. He couldn’t remember a time when he’d felt so at peace. He knew they still had obstacles to face, but they didn’t seem so daunting now. He felt strong and capable, and he knew that it was all due to the beautiful girl sleeping so trustingly by his side. She made him better. She made him complete. She made all the difference. He smiled as he headed toward home.

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