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Title: Desiderata~something desired as essential
Author: Elizabeth (BlackKnight)
Summary: There is none because I probably won’t be adding to it
Category: CC, Future Fic, their kids, kinda AU cause I don’t know when my universe begins and JK’s ends
Disclaimer: I own no rights to Roswell the books or the t.v. show, any characters besides for the ones that grace the show or books are mine. I made them up.
Rating: PG-13 at most for Lang.
Author’s note: I don’t think I’ll be adding to this, I just wrote it out last night for something to keep my mind busy

I walked down the halls of West Roswell High while clutching my heavy bio book to my chest. I didn’t need this. My mom was finally able to get her previous boss to let her go, and my dad had been able to relocate back to their hometown. Roswell, NM. The place where my best friends and all my family live. Almost all of the people like me go to the new high school that had been built due to the tremendous growth in population Roswell had mysteriously had but my parents had insisted I go to their old high school. So now I trudge through the dimly lit corridor to my new locker in the hopes of making it to homeroom before anyone would decide to try and help me find my way.

Quickly shoving my books into the new locker I grabbed my binder and took off for my first class. When I walked through the door I had that ‘being in a fish bowl’ feeling you always get when you’re late for something and you can’t seem to open the door quietly enough. The teacher quickly looked over and smiled. I have always had that aspect of instant teacher friendly material. The teacher walked over and took the note that was one top of my books from me, quickly scanned it, and addressed the class in that ‘class this is a new student, so let’s all look and stare and don’t forget to whisper’, voice.

“Guys this is Tara Evans she is a new student so be nice to her and show her around if she needs it.” Then turning and addressing me she said, “You can sit next to Nicole Anderson.” And then she pointed out the desk, said the customary welcome to Roswell high speech and turned back to droning on about whatever she was talking about before I disrupted her class. Oh this was going to be a fun day, I was already getting sized up by the popular girls and stared at by the other students. In fact I think I see one with their mouth open. Is that drool? Trying to attract the least attention or just not let onto the fact that I know people are staring and I hunch over my desk and refuse to make eye contact with anyone. Give them a couple of days and they’ll leave me alone. I’m just the new kid. They don’t know anything about me. They don’t know I’m not entirely human. Making a quick glance at the clock I realize I have to endure this for the next 6 hours. Oh what fun. My parents should have just stayed in Boston, at least there I wouldn’t have had to deal with this, I’d comfortably fit myself into the unnoticed but not invisible crowd. I knew people but didn’t necessarily linger in people’s minds. Why did that dude with a serious inferiority complex have to show up and threaten my mom. If he’d threatened my dad it would have been fine, but of course my dad went into over drive and said we had to move someplace safer and he wanted me to have a good high school experience not just one filled with books and phone conversations with Kallie. Oh great it’s only been 10 minutes. Someone get me out of this hell.


Well I made it through first half of the day only to face the worst of it. Lunch. The oh so fun social hour of the day. I’m so very thankful I don’t have an urge to fit in or else this is where you go and be social in the hopes of someone taking pity on you and allowing you into their little click. No thanks. I mean don’t get me wrong I have friends and I like hanging out with people and having fun but I don’t have this utter need to be social and be around people.

Wham! Okay note to self, don’t go off thinking about your social life when a bunch of jocks are playing football on the grass area of the quad near the picnic tables. Reaching up to rub her head where the ball hit she turned to see who’d thrown it only to come face to face with some guy she vaguely recalled from homeroom. Brian…Bart…no, Brad. That’s it his name was Brad.

“Hey are you okay? We tried to warn you but you must not have heard.”

“Yeah I’ll be fine. Thanks for asking.” I turn to walk away feeling like a complete idiot considering that pretty much everyone in the quad is now staring at me.

“Hey wait I was….”

“TARA! I’m so glad I found you, I’ve been looking all over. Can you help me with this math problem.” I turn around to find some girl I don’t even know talking to me like I’m her best friend. She gives me this look that says play along and since I don’t really want to be stuck chatting with some jock for the rest of my lunch hour I just nod and say sure. The girl pulls me over to a tree where 3 other girls are sitting talking and I guess she assumes that I will join them because she sits down and looks up at me expectantly.

What the heck I don’t have anything else to loose. I sit down and reach into my backpack for my lunch, when I look up I realize they are all staring at me.

“So, my name is Lauren. I’m from your math class. The guy you were talking to is Brad Davis, a real jerk and Nicole Anderson kinda thinks she owns him so it wouldn’t be a good idea to get caught chatting with him on your first day here.”

“Thanks for the rescue.” I don’t really know what else to say to her so I kind of just sit there and wait for her to say something like you can go now or something.

“This is Sarah,” she said while pointing to a blonde wavy haired girl who was smiling at me, then she pointed out a red head with this tough girl persona, Courtney, and then a spunky brown haired girl named Taylor. I smiled and said my hello’s, expecting that to be the end of it but Lauren just kept on talking, trying to draw me out and I figured what the heck.

“So where you from?”

“I was born in Boston but my parents grew up here and I’ve spent the summers here since I was 5 so I know the place pretty well. My parents decided to move back here because they wanted me to have a good high school experience and not be stuck in a huge city for the rest of my school career.”

“Really that’s cool, Courtney is from L.A. pretty much the only other person at this school that wasn’t born and raised here. So let’s get down to business.” And Lauren proceeded to point out every group of people in the quad to me. Warning me on some, saying others were cool, and telling me flat out that others were people to avoid.

“Those are the druggies” while pointing to some people that were pretty much slumped over each other on a bench in the corner.
Preps, skaters, loners, future jail occupants, populars, jocks, they all kinda blended, well until she started raving about one person in particular.

“That’s Skye Jacobson. He’s a senior and the captain of every sports team the school has, he’s got straight A’s and is a senior.” I could tell by the way that she was talking that she thought he was cute, but didn’t have a crush on him like the other girls did. They were flat out staring. I shifted to the left so I could get a better look at Skye and his buddies. One of them made eye contact with me and I knew I was screwed. This guy had short, spiked dirty blonde hair and green eyes and was kinda lanky and had the relaxed, laid back approach to walking.

So much for going unnoticed. He made a beeline straight for me, but I didn’t really mind all that much.

“Tara! When did you guys get here? Why didn’t you tell me you’d finally moved back? I would have asked for a ride to school.” I was pulled from the ground and given a bear hug while Lauren, Court, Sarah, and Taylor just stared at me with this look that said I’d been holding out. So I did the only thing I could do.

“Guys, I’d like you to meet my cousin, Jefferson Alexander Whitman, or Jeff. Jeff this is Lauren, Courtney, Sarah, and Taylor. They were just showing me the ropes.”

“Pleased to meet you, ladies.” Jeff said while doing a quick bow. I suddenly felt someone behind me and I just wanted to die right then and there. I knew who it was without even looking, but the glazed over, drooling look that Courtney, Sarah and Taylor all had confirmed it. I turned around to face full on the most crystal clear ice blue eyes ever to grace the earth.

I was staring right into the face of none other then Skye Jacobson…

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Desiderata: Something desired as essential

Part 2

Author’s note: I can’t believe I wrote a part two, I don’t think there will be a part three
Summary: I don’t know yet
Rating: PG-13 for lang.
The rest is in part one

“Oh hey Skye, I’d like you to meet my new friends, Taylor, Sarah, Court, and…. Lauren.” Jeff winked at the girls. “Oh yeah and this is my cousin Terror, er… I mean Tara.” I wanted to slap him. So ever since I was four my Uncle Michael called me that but he was the one that made a wise crack about my barbie, of course I had to get him back. Although pouring turpentine on his latest masterpiece was probably a tiny bit over done. I glared at Jeff for using that name, although turn about is fair play.

“Thanks Jess, I mean Jeff.” Ha take that jerk, I stuck my tongue out at him when everyone started to laugh. He turned beet red and started to try and explain that particular nickname. They didn’t call me Terror for nothing that’s for sure.

“Nice to meet you lovely ladies although I do believe I have P.E. with you, Courtney, and Spanish with Taylor and Lauren, correct?” The Courtney and Taylor nodded their heads wildly while Lauren just smiled and turned to talk to Jeff about his nickname, resulting in Skye turning his gaze on me. I shivered. I really hate it when he does that, you feel like your drowning and he can see right into your soul.


>>>8 years prior<<<
>>>a little girl around 8 and a little boy around 9 are laying with their heads next to eachother looking up into the night sky staring at the stars.<<<

“Skye where’d you get your eyes? I mean no one else in your family has them quiet the color that your’s are. Kiya has a lighter shade but your’s are different. Why is that?”

“I don’t know. I was born with them. My mom says I got them from my dad.”

“But I’ve seen your dad, he has green eyes.”

“That’s not my dad, that’s Matt and Ty’s dad. Not mine. My dad lives far away and that’s why Kiya left. She had to go see him.”

“If he’s not your dad and your dad lives far away then why don’t you live with him. I mean your mom died so shouldn’t you go live with your dad?”

“Then I couldn’t keep you safe. That’s my job, Tara, to keep you safe. I can’t keep you safe if I’m far away now can I?”

~~~~~~End Flash~~~~~~~~~

“Tara! Earth to Tara!”

“What? Oh sorry I didn’t realize someone was talking to me. What is it Jeff?”

“I was just saying I’ll see you after school. My mom is picking me up and I know you wouldn’t pass up a chance to rid in Lexi. Call your dad and tell him we’ll give you a ride home, ok?”

“Yeah that’s fine Jeff.” I call out as he and Skye are dragged away by some other guys I’ve yet to meet.

“So Tara what’d you think of West Roswell’s drool machine?” Lauren asks in a mocking tone but the twinkle in her eye shows she doesn’t mean any harm in her words. Courtney and Taylor seem to have come mostly out of their stupor, where as Sarah looks like she’s gone off into la-la Skye land.

“Skye? He was nice looking that’s for sure, but he’s not really my type. Reminds me too much of some jerk from my old high school. The guy was a real player. Anyway what do you guys do around here for fun?”

“Oh well we usually hang at the Crash and sometimes on Friday’s if your lucky you can go out to the desert and try to find the Rage. It’s like this one going party that never ends.”

“Sounds like fun. Oh I’ll be right back I gotta go call my dad and tell him my Aunt is gonna pick me up.” I get up to leave while still turning over that memory that had just resurfaced into my mind.

That was weird. I hadn’t thought about that night in ages. “Damn it, Skye I hate you, you know that? Stay out of my head!” I yell in my head at him. My eyes automatically search out the cause of my distress, his eyes look directly at me and I shiver again. He smiles a half smile that would make any girl turn into a puddle of drool. My God what is it with those eyes. Normal people probably didn’t understand them half as well as I do and they still baffle me at times. I’ll get him back later for this. For making me remember.