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Title: Depression
Author: Justine aka aZNroSweLl anglgrl
Discaimer: Nothing.
Category: M/L and CC
Rated: PG-13
Summary: AU. Liz POV. Please read. Happy Ending for sure!
Author's Note: Feedback!



Ever have it? For me it's a everyday thing. Use to it. But why? I feel like I'm in a

wrong place. Everything is my fault. Since the day I was born. Badluck. Let's start

with my family. Dad. Don't give a shit just act like he does but inside nope. All he

cares is about his job. Big company. Lots of traveling. Bet his co-worker doesn't even

know he has a daughter. Leave littleLizzie alone. My nickname. Still call me that.

Stupid. He doesn't even know me anymore. Wondering about my Mom. Well, she left

us when I was 11. Why? Because she thought the biker guy was her thing. So they

left. Bet there on the street right now. I know that's cold. But then she left us. No

biggie. So if I have depression everyday why am I still living? Why I didn't kill myself

yet? That I don't know. I haven't even use drug yet. Maybe in the future. You never

know. I cry. Everybody crys. But then I quit that. It doesn't help. So all I do is listen

to some true music.Like Staind, P.O.D. and more. It helps I guess. So far. Do I see

a shrink? Of coarse not. Remember my Dad don't give a shit. Anyways, I'm moving

today. To Roswell. You know that town right? The whole alien thing. Why am I

moving there? Guess. Yep my Dad. Bussiness. He got a house already. Probably

not even gonna live in it. Just me. On my own. Who cares.

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Part 1

Ok. We talk about the family now the friends. Ask you can guess. I got no friends.

Yep none at all. Why? Well, when I was younger I got tons of friends and the reason

they hang out with me was because I got all these cool stuff. After that I quit them

all. And the cool stuff all gone. That's why I have no friends so when I move nobody's

heartbroken. Really easy. I'm a Loner. O.K. so you know that. Anyways, hopefully

when I go to school nobody talks to me. Lonely? Hm. Do I feel lonely being all by

myself? Nope. I enjoy talking to myself and thinking what would life be if I wasn't

born. But the answer is all the same. Nobody cares. I live in denial. Next one.

Boyfriends. Of coarse not. I quit on them too. Don't believe in that. They just make

you worst. Pain. That means I quit on guys too.
So I'm here Roswell, New Mexico. My Dad here? Nope. Got here 2 day early and on

bussiness trip now. I have a piece of paper in my hand right now with my address.

Need a taxi. Here's one. "Where would you like to go?" asked the Taximan. " Here's

he add" I said handling him the paper that was once in my hand. "O.K" Taximan guy


15 minute later.....

"Your here" Taxiguy said. "How much?" I asked. "$7.50" he said. I gave him $8

bucks. " Keep the change" I said slaming the door. O.K. the house. Hm... Not bad I

guess. Where's my stupid keys? Damn it. Oh great. I left it at the airport. On the

counter. Just wonderful. O.K. Let's start with the windows. Lock. Lock.Lock. All

Lock. Hm....Back door. Should be unlock. Please be unlock. Turning the knob back

and forth. Lock. Today is not a good day. What should I do? Call Dad. Nope didn't

even leave his number. Stupid. Well, I might as well camp out in the porch.

I've been sitting here for 15 minutes. Nothing has happen. I see no neighbors. Where

are they anyways? I mean it's Saturday. Great. All my fault. See I told you I was

badluck. My CD player. Yes. P.O.D. "Youth of the Nation" Oh yeah. Just make it

better. Wait. Is that a car coming? No it's a jeep. With a guy I think. He's parking in

his garage. He lives next door I guess. Not like he can help. Look like a Highschool

guy. Don't believe in them. O.K. back to P.O.D. Is that guy walking this way? My

way. Great he is. Probably think I'm a bum. "Hey" he said. I looked at him. Should I

talk? Yes No. Maybe he can help. "Oh Hi" I replied in my usual way when I am force

to talk. "What are you doing here? Your not suppose to there sitting on someone's

porch" the stranger said. Gee. Telling me what to do now. " I live here" I said. "Oh,

you must be the new neighbor." the guy who tell people what to do said. This is

getting annoying. " Yeah, that's me" I said. " Why are you outside?" he asked. " I left

the keys at the airport and I can't get in" I said. Doesn't it suck." My Dad has the

keys, I think he sold the house to your Dad" he said. Duh. "Finally I can get in" I

said. I get up ready to go in and he's standing there. Hellloooo....get the keys. He's

looking at me up and down. Oh please don't be checking out Liz Parker. No way. "

the keys" I said. "Oh yeah I kinda space out there" he said. O.K. Nice to know. " I'll

go get it" he said running back to his house. See the reason why I don't believe

them. They are s-l-o-w. Now I get to check out my house.

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