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authors note:

Hey! wow I was going through my roswell disks and found this story, I had written ONE, yes only one, line to it and I thought I would start writing it properly.. I got really into it so I decided I will post it and keep it going. Anyway I hope you guys like it, the name of it isn't confirmed yet, I may change it *bounce*

Ok so here it is:


Author: Nicola Clarke

Category: M/L, AU

Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or any of its characters

Summary: Liz gets an infatuation, with Max Evan’s one of the richest men in the world after she runs into him at work.


Part One.

Liz Parker and Maria Deluca were the owners to a small coffee shop on the corner of a busy street in New York. Their business was successful enough – many people were regulars there because they were convinced there was no coffee nicer.
They were open at eight-thirty in the morning till seven every weekday but not open on the weekends, once they finished work they went home to their small-but comfy apartment 4 blocks away. Their business was handed down to Maria after her father died, it is called Deluca’s.
Maria signed half of the business to Liz and since then they had been working there together for four years.
The uniform is a short black skirt, black stiletto heals, a tight black T-shirt with Deluca’s written in small white writing across the chest. They wear a dark blue apron around their waist and had to have their hair up and out of their face. Liz didn’t like the uniform very much, she felt it was revealing, but when she and Maria had tried to make up uniforms, they could not agree and had to compromise. Maria loved the uniform.
Today was the 16th of January and was a normal business day for Maria and Liz.

“Liz!” Maria squeaked as she pushed through the flip doors to the kitchen area. It was used to make sandwiches and small meals and snacks. “Please take the counter for a minute I need to fix myself up”
Liz chuckled “OK but you owe me- where’s Tracy?” Tracy was an employee. Liz washed her hands and dried them on her apron.
“She’s at the counter too, hurry it’s really busy out there” Maria left the room and Liz hurried to the counter.
“Hi welcome to Deluca’s what can I get you?” she looked up and smiled at a regular customer, he was a short man who always wore a suit, his name was Troy. He smiled “Good morning Liz, I thought Maria was supposed to be at the counter this morning?” – Oh Troy has a crush on Maria, but he’s married and Maria thinks he’s heinous.
Liz smiled “Yeah I’m taking over for her”
Troy looked disappointed “OK I’ll just have a chocolate moccachino” Liz handed Rachel the order (another employee) and then served the next customer. “Hey welcome to Deluca’s what can I…” she looked up and stopped talking in mid sentence. It was Max Evan’s. He was the owner of a billion-dollar business on the next block over; he also owned many businesses all over America. She had seen pictures of him and always thought he was gorgeous and wonderful, but so did every other woman on the planet. She figured because of that he would be a real jackass and really up himself. She never thought she’d see him, let alone serve him coffee. She could see every woman in the coffee shop was drooling over him. He cleared his throat and she snapped out of her haze “Hmm, sorry what was I saying?” He was wearing a black suit, with a navy blue tie on he looked wonderful.
He laughed and she blushed. His laughter was music to her ears.
“I’ll just have a black coffee with no cream, just milk” he held the money out to her and she smiled “Yeah sure, that will just take a second” she gave the order to Rachel then reached out to take the money from his hand. Her fingers touched his and she felt a spark and looked up into his eyes. He was staring at her too. She blushed and pulled her hand away. He watched her as she put it in the till. “Keep the change….” He looked at her nametag “Liz” he breathed out and took the coffee from her “Thankyou”
When he walked away she almost wanted to cry out no come back! He did look back at her before he went out the front door and Liz blushed as she caught his eyes again. She was acting like she was thirteen and still shy around boys! She chuckled at herself.
Some lady next in line cleared her throat and waved her hand in front of Liz’s face “Excuse me? I know you must be buzzing over just serving him, just as I am about standing behind him, but I am in a hurry and I need a coffee”
Liz only heard half of what the girl said, she hurried out the back and banged into Maria as she was heading back to the counter.
“Oh my god Maria!” Liz exclaimed, “You won’t believe who I just served!”
Maria raised her eyes “Ricky Martin? I will never forgive myself if you did! Stupid toilet break!”
Liz laughed “No! It wasn’t Ricky Martin, but it was Max Evan’s” she squealed- there she goes being a thirteen year old again.
Maria grabbed her arm “The major hottie billionaire Max Evan’s?”
“YES!” Liz shook Maria “Oh my god it was amazing Maria! And he was so kind and told me to keep the change and his hand touched my hand….”
Maria interrupted “He better of told you to keep the change he’s fucking loaded big time”
Liz groaned “My god Maria”
Maria went back to work and Liz grew big red wings and flew around work for the rest of the day. After they had closed up and all their employee’s had left at the end of the night Liz and Maria pulled on their coat’s and headed outside. “Should I get a cab?” asked Maria as Liz locked the door.
“No” Liz turned around and put the key in her pocket “Let’s walk”
“You have been buzzing all day Liz, is this because of the Max Evan’s encounter this morning?” They clung to each other as they walked down the cold street. Liz nodded “Yeah it is Maria, I don’t even know what happened but I know there was this thing between us. I felt it, I don’t know if he felt it but he was looking at me and wow it was just incredible. I get butterflies thinking about it”
Maria laughed “Oh Lizzie has it bad for a man she can not have”
Liz frowned “I know and that’s what sucks about it. He is so completely out of my reach. I am just little coffee shop girl and he is this internationally sexy Brad Pitt man” she swallowed “It’s so unfair. I mean he can have any girl he wants…”
“Including you” Maria interjected.
“Yes including me, but that’s not the point. The point is he can have any girl he wants, so why the hell would he want me? He can have some super model actress girl” Liz huffed as they stopped and waited to cross the road.
“Well Liz, he’d have to be pretty stupid not to want you. You are pretty enough to be a model. I mean not a super model…”
“Thanks” Liz laughed as the ran across the road.
“But a model all the same!” Maria giggled “Who knows maybe he’ll be back tomorrow!”
Liz stopped walking “OK don’t even tease me like that”


“Samuel called in sick, your gonna have to work the counter with me this morning” Maria was just opening the front doors to the coffee shop. It usually took Ten to fifteen minutes for the shop to get busy.
Liz was refilling the all the coffee necessities, “Yeah that’s OK”
Maria pulled down the last of the chairs on the tables and put the pot plant outside the door “That’s because there’s a chance lover boy might come in again”
Liz laughed loudly “Oh Maria I doubt it. You wouldn’t believe the dreams I had about him last night”. Matt- the new employee- walked in and Liz hollered for him to come over behind the counter so she could show him how to work the new coffee system. A young lady, who looked in her early twenties, with red hair walked in and ordered a coffee and biscuit off Liz. Maria started sweeping the front step of its leafs “You’ll have to tell me about them later”. While Liz was making the lady her coffee and showing Matt how the machine works Max walked up to the door and smiled. Maria dropped her broom and he picked it up for her “There you go” he walked inside and up to the counter. “I will, it was amazing” Liz answered Maria without looking up. “Yip great sure it was” Maria hurried in side with the broom in her hands.
The red head gasped and Liz looked up “What?” she asked politely. Turning her head she saw him and her breath stopped “Oh” she almost moaned. Quickly glancing at Maria she could see her silently screaming and saying “OH MY GOD” Liz couldn’t help but chuckle.
“What was Amazing?” Max asked with a grin.
She quickly handed the lady her coffee and the lady drooled over Max till she was out the door. Liz smiled at him “Oh nothing…” she breathed “What can I get you?”
He bit his lip “I don’t know, what do you recommend?” he had a little child’s grin on his face and Liz felt her knees start to weaken. Maria walked up behind her and pretended to look busy. Matt laughed and shook his head “Liz I’m gonna go start making the sandwiches OK?”
She nodded “Yeah I’ll be in there in a minute just get everything ready” Max was watching her and she felt small.
“OK what’s good” she mumbled “Maria what do you think we should recommend this nice man?” Nice, sexy, incredibly drool worthy man,thought Liz.
Maria bit her lip “I don’t know, what about…’
Max placed his hands on the counter “What’s your favorite?” he asked Liz.
“Me?” she chuckled “I work here I see coffee twenty four seven, I hate coffee”
Max laughed and pointed to one of the things on the black board “OK then, I’ll just have that” Maria grabbed a cup “Good choice, I’ll make it Liz”
“Do you two just work here or…?” Max started to ask.
Liz typed what he was having into the till “No we own this place, have since 98” she looked up at him with a smile “Is there anything else you want?”
“No thanks” he pulled his wallet out and opened it. Liz could see a picture on the open flap, it was of him and a tall blonde girl.
Maria saw it too “That’s a nice picture, is it your girlfriend?” she cleared her throat “I mean if you don’t mind me asking?” Liz buried her face in her hands – how embarrassing she thought.
Max pulled out a ten-dollar bill “No it’s my sister Isabel” he breathed in “What time are you open till?”
Liz took his money and to her disappointment her fingers didn’t touch his. “Seven, no wait it’s Friday isn’t it?” she shook her head “We’re only open till six-thirty tonight”
Max put his wallet away “OK great” Maria handed him his coffee and he took it “Thankyou”
He looked at Liz “Thankyou Liz see ya later” he headed to the door and Maria squeaked “Max!”
He opened the door and turned to face them “Yes?”
“Come back soon” she smiled. Liz turned red and nudged Maria “Oh my god” she muttered.
Max laughed “OK I will” he headed outside and heard Liz say to Maria “You are so embarrassing!”
As he walked down the street he chucked the coffee he just brought in the bin.


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Here's half of part two, the other half will be up later on today....


He didn’t come back again that day, so Liz spent the whole weekend annoying the hell out of Maria.
Friday night:
“Yes, he looked like he digged you.
Saturday Night:
“No, you weren’t retarted when you talked to him”
Sunday Night:
“Yes, I think he’ll come in tomorrow”
Monday Morning:
“Yes I think he’ll come in today”
And he did, when Liz was out the back. Maria was at the counter with Rachel.
“Wow aren’t you Max Evan’s?” Rachel started flirting. Max politely answered “Yeah I am”
‘Remember to fire Rachel later’ Maria noted down in her head, “Ahh Max isn’t it lovely to see you here again, are you going to become a regular?”
Rachel backed off annoyed and Max moved closer to Maria “I guess so” he smiled, he had his wallet in his hand.
“What would you like?” she asked wishing she could scream “LIZ, LIZ HE’S HERE!”
“Liz to serve me” he grumbled under his breath. He thought Maria hadn’t heard him but she did and her face lit up for her best friend. Liz walked out through the kitchen doors with a tray in her hands with sandwiches and biscuits on it. Max and Maria both noticed her come out but she didn’t notice them.
She walked up to a table with a couple sitting at it “Here’s your ham, egg and lettuce sandwich’s and your biscuits. Enjoy” she walked over to another table and started clearing the plates onto her tray. Max walked up behind her “Hello” he said.
Liz got a fright and banged into him, orange juice spilled onto his suit and her top “Oh god I’m so sorry!” she put down her tray and went over to grab a napkin, she started wiping at the juice on his chest but it did nothing.
“Hmm that’s OK…” he could smell her, she smelt wonderful.
“Um, come out to the back there’s water and stuff, you can get cleaned up” she looked up at him and he nodded. Liz picked up tray “Just through there” she pointed and he headed in that direction. Maria raised her eyes and did thumbs up to Liz. She blushed and looked away from her, Max held the door open for her and she quietly thanked him.
She put the tray down on he silver bench and headed over to the tap. Samuel was listening to the radio and a dance song was on, he was dancing around the kitchen while stirring a biscuit mix. Liz chuckled as did Max. Samuel turned around realizing there was someone else in the kitchen. He went red. Liz bent down and opened the cupboard doors to find a cloth to clean Max’s shirt. Samuel and Max both looked down and checked out her ass, then realizing they both did it, they looked away and laughed. Liz stood up and turned on the tap, she quickly wet the cloth and began dabbing his very expensive jacket. Max didn’t know what to do so he just stood there enjoying Liz being so close. Samuel was watching them “What happened?” he asked- still stirring his cooking.
Liz answered “Oh I just got a fright and banged into him” she turned on the tap and wet the cloth again.
“Can you…?” she handed Max the cloth “I just need to go change my shirt” he nodded and she walked through a door leading to her and Maria’s office.
“Aren’t you that Max Evan’s guy?” Samuel jumped up onto the bench he had been leaning against. Max took off his jacket and inspected the spill “Yeah I am”
“Wow, what’s it like to have that much doe? I would kill for that” – still with the stirring.
Max glanced at him “It’s OK, money’s not everything”
Samuel laughed “Yes to you maybe. That’s just because you have it” he turned down his music a little bit and Max pulled his jacket back on. “Yeah I guess”
“What are you doing getting coffee from this little place anyway?”
Max breathed in and Liz walked back in, he glanced at her then back at Samuel, Samuel mouthed ‘oh’ and chuckled “Good luck”
Max saw a little of Liz’s tanned stomach before she put her apron back on. He smiled. “Oh there’s a little wet patch,” Liz said inspecting his jacket “That should dry soon, don’t you think?” she looked up at him and he nodded “Yeah it should”
Maria chose this moment to walk in “Liz major need of you out there, Troy just walked in- get him away! He’s so stalkerish!” she shuddered.
Liz smiled “OK, um stay out here as long as you want, I have to…” she looked at Max one last time then headed out the door. Maria jumped onto the counter and folded her legs.
“So Max” she smiled ‘You like Liz, no?”
Samuel laughed as he filled the trays with the biscuit mixture. Max folded his arms and looked at Maria.
“OK you don’t even have to answer, I know you do” Maria smacked his shoulder “So cute! So when you gonna ask her out?”
Max swallowed “I don’t know if’ she’d say yes, I mean…”
“What the hell are you fucking… Excuse the French…. Talking about!” she yelled “She would probably combust in happiness, you know who you are don’t you? She would be the envy of every girl in the whole world!”
“Maria” Samuel interjected “The guy doesn’t want to ask a girl out who just wants to go out with him because of his money and looks”
Maria groaned “Is that what your worried about?” she grabbed his arm and shook him “Liz is not that kind of girl, I can assure you of that. She’s not me. Sure she likes looks a little, but money? Na, no way, never. And she likes you, she thinks you’re awesome. If you asked her out she’d be on cloud nine. Ask her out you guys would be great together”
Max and Samuel laughed.
“So you going to?” Maria asked.
“I don’t know…” Maria grabbed his wallet off the bench.
“OK, since your one of those shy guys I have an idea. Let’s just say…. OOPS you dropped your wallet and oh! She’s gonna have to ring you and she’s gonna have meet you somewhere to give it back”.
Samuel hissed “Oh that’s a good idea”
Max rolled his eyes “OK I’ll do that. But I really have to go. I am late for a meeting” he stood up and checked his jacket.
“OK she’ll ring you some time tonight, is your cell number in here?” Maria stood up and dropped the wallet on the ground.
Max nodded “Yeah on my drivers license” he opened the door.
“Good as, see ya later” Maria kicked his wallet just under the bench so it stuck out a little. Max said bye to Samuel then waved to Liz as he left. Liz smiled in return and quickly went into the back room.
“What did you guys talk about?” She demanded straight away.
Maria just fluttered her eyelashes “Oh nothing Liz” Liz looked at Samuel then at Maria, than back at Samuel.
“What?” Liz pursed her lips “Oh Maria your no good”
“Oh she’s good Liz. Trust me on this one” Samuel opened the freezer and chuckled to himself.
Maria looked at her feet “Oh Liz!” she bent down and picket up the wallet off the floor “Look, Max forgot his wallet!”
Liz gaped at her “Oh my god you didn’t”

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Thankyou guys for all your wonderful feedback- I love it. It takes me forever to post a new part, and when I finally do it has been posting it twice, so if it happens again just ignore it. It's the boards fault. I have been writing like mad so I'll have some story to post for you guys, tomorrow or really late tonight I'll post part three.
Part 2B is on page two, I really enjoyed writing it so I hope you like it.
Thankyou again for all your feeback

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Liz rang Max on her break, at 2:30.
“Hello?” his voice was so dreamy.
“Ah hi Max, it’s Liz from the coffee shop. You left your wallet here”
“Oh I was wondering what I did with it, Thankyou for ringing”
Smiles- “That’s OK, so if you could just come pick it up some time…”
“Actually, I am really busy for the rest of the day, maybe you could drop it off for me?”
Blushes- “Well I am working too, I can’t really come drop it off, what time do you finish what your doing?”
“OK, well I’ll stay here at the coffee shop till then, you can come get it?”
Sighs- “OK sure, see you just after seven-thirty”
“OK bye” Liz hanged up and put the phone down with a small smile on her face. She skipped out to the counter and served for the rest of the day with a smile on her face.

“Maria you can’t go through his wallet” it was ten to seven, they had closed early because there were no customers.
“Oh Liz, I’m just counting how much money he has in here” Maria was sitting on the counter pulling out note after note. Samuel came past “See you later” he said with a twinkle in his eye “Tell me about what happens with Max, tomorrow Liz” he opened the door.
Liz laughs “Oh watch your bottom Samuel! You shouldn’t even know about this”
“Bye!” he left.
“You won’t believe this- I am holding seven hundred in my hand and there’s still more” Maria laughed “Wow”
“Ria!” Liz grabbed the money and put it back in the wallet “You can’t go through his things” her gaze stopped on the picture of him and his sister “Look at them, they are so cute”
Maria leaned over Liz’s shoulder and looked “Yeah, it’s so sweet”
At Seven-fifteen Maria pulled on her coat “OK my Taxi’s here I’m gonna go home Liz, have fun”
Liz ran out from the back room “What? You can’t leave!” she exclaimed.
“What do you mean I can’t leave?” Maria opened the front door “Yeah I can, you’ll be fine. I’ll be at home waiting for your arrival. You have to tell me everything”
“Nothings going to happen, he’s going to come, get his wallet and leave” Liz huffed.
“Then make things happen. See ya at home”

Liz sat behind the counter on a stool, counting the money and filling out the bank booklet. Max arrived at seven-fifty. He knocked on the door and she looked up from her work. She got up off her stool, took off her glasses and put the book away. Her Jacket was sitting on the counter already, so she pulled it on and headed over to the door. After turning the lights out she opened the door and greeted him. He smiled warmly and watched as she locked the door. “Hard day?” she asked.
He looked down at her, her hair was down and the big jacket she pulled around herself made her look very cute “Not to bad” he answered,
Liz stepped away from the door and onto the street. It was dark and cold and there were only a few people walking down the street. She reached into her pocket and pulled out his wallet “Here’s your…” she held it out to him and he took it.
They were silent as they stared at each other for a moment. Finally Max said “Can I buy you a coff… or should I say drink?” he smiled “It’s the least I can do after you waited to give me my wallet”
Liz laughed “I’d love to”
He went to call a cab but she stopped him by putting her hand on his arm “Let’s walk” she said.
He nodded “OK then”
They walked in silence for a little bit. The footpath had snow on the sides of it and in the gutter, the street was lit with lampposts “How long have you been friends with Maria?” Max asked.
“Oh for the longest time” she rubbed her hands together “Since we were like two. We grew up just out of town and went to school together. Our parent’s were friends”
“Were?” Max asked.
“Yeah Maria’s father died four years ago and left her the coffee shop, we decided we’d own it together. Her mom moved back to Roswell that’s where her relatives are from. My parent’s still live outside the city, I see them whenever I can” she breathed in “What about you?”
“I have a friend I have known since I was four. His name is Michael, we only occasionally talk to each other now”
“Does he live in this city?” Liz wanted to snuggle up to his big jacket, it was like a tent. He answered yes before they crossed the street. “He’s busy and I’m busy, we try to get together when we can. My Father and mother live together in California. That’s where my sister is. They come and visit me all the time and I go see them”
“Where were you born?” Liz asked.
“Here” he smiled “I lived in California for a few years too. But I came back here a while ago. What about you?”
“Here” she looked up at him. He looked down at her. “I’ve always lived here”
They found a small restaurant “Oh let’s go in here” Liz smiled.
Max chuckled “OK”
“You mustn’t be used to eating at a place like this” she pulled off her coat and took a seat in one of the booths. He sat across from her “Yeah you are right” he looked around then looked at the menu “very interesting”
Liz laughed happily.
A waitress came up and asked if they wanted to order yet.
“Yes please, I’m starved. What about you Liz?” he was being silly, Liz raised her eyebrows at him.
“I am so Max, what would you like?” she picked up her menu.
“I would like… let’s see. The toast sandwich with cheese and afterwards a piece of peppermint pie” he grinned pleased with himself. Liz was in awe.
“And you miss?”
Liz bit her lip “I’ll have the same, but without the peppermint pie” she put her menu down and smiled at the lady.
“And your drinks?”
“Coffee” Max said.
“Apple juice” Liz said.
“OK, I’ll be back with your drinks in a second” she walked away.
“She was happy” Max commented.
“Would you be happy if you were working here at this time of night?” Liz folded her arms “I’m grumpy at the end of work usually”
Their drinks came and after a while their food came. They ate.

They talked about Max’s business and Liz’s business. Max had gone to college and once he had finished there his father handed his business to him. At first Max had been reluctant to accept it but after a little persuasion he said yes. Back then the Evan’s company had not been as successful, but with Max’s help and long hard hours, they got it up and making Millions. They got huge in the stock market and that’s when they started to get known. They specialized in computers at first, but now they were a whole rang of things. People all over the world were buying their programs and investing in their business.
Max was happy that all his hard work had paid off, the Evan’s company was now one of the biggest corporations in America- with thousands of people working for them. Max started to buy companies when his business got big. He invested in many things. Whilst he was doing this, the media had been grabbing at him and that’s how everyone found out about him. One person had started to whole, sexier than Brad Pitt thing and now he was stuck with the title.

Liz explained about how she and Maria had also improved the Deluca’s by changing the shop around and changing what they sold and everything. Not nearly as impressive as what Max had done.

“Excuse me” a man in his twenties walked up to there table with a napkin and pen in his hand. He was tall, with blonde hair and an earring. “I’m sorry to bother you, but my sister thinks you are the sexiest man alive and her birthdays coming up. Can you write happy birthday and sign it so I can put it in her card?”
Max glared at Liz and she raised her eyebrows in delight.
“Sure” he took the pen and napkin “What’s her name?”
“Oh. Um, her name is, er, Tammy” he winked at Liz and she smiled. Max handed the pen and napkin back. “Smashing, thanks” he read it “Wonderful, hey thanks a lot”
“My pleasure” Max said.
“Have a nice dinner aye” the guy walked away and Liz laughed.
“I can’t help but think that was for himself”
Max laughed then cringed “That’s disturbing”
“How often does that kind of thing happen to you?” she sipped her drink.
“Only occasionally” he leaned back “How old are you Liz Parker?” she looked at him with questioning eyes then answered “Twenty Five” she watched his face- it’s expression didn’t change at all. “How about you?”
“You mean you don’t know?” he smiled.
“No I do not” she ate the last of her toast “I haven’t read up about you sorry”
“Twenty seven”
“I figured you’d be around that age”
“You did?”
Liz couldn’t believe she was sitting here with Max Evan’s. Was this a friendly dinner, or did he actually want her? Liz could not believe that he could want her. He should be with a super model right now. God knows he deserved one, Liz frowned- he was perfect, he was funny, charming, polite, sensitive, giving, gentle, good looking. Liz suddenly felt she did not belong here with him. She was hoping he’d turn out to be a complete ass hole so she could go on with her life, but he wasn’t and she didn’t want to go on with her life.
Max noticed her expression change “What’s wrong?” he asked.
Liz blinked. Damit, know she’d have to ask him “Max why are we here?”
He raised his eyebrows questioningly “We’re having dinner”
“No I mean why are you having dinner with me? I’m just some little coffee shop girl, you should be off with some actress or super model” she blushed and put her head in her hands.
Max didn’t know what to say, so it took it a little while to reply “Liz” he reached out and took her hands in his “I’m here having dinner with you because I want to. Super model? Actress? What are you talking about? Is that what you think, just because I’m … rich, I’m too good for you?”
Liz pulled her hands away “Well you are”
Max frowned “No I’m not, I’m just a person. I do not want you to think of me different because of my background and wealth. I like you Liz”
Liz shuddered “I can’t believe this” she whispered.
“What?” Max asked.
She rested her head in her hands “Your Max Evan’s
“And every woman in the whole world wants you. But your sitting here with me and telling me you like me” she stood up “We need to go”
“What?” Max asked “Why?”
“Because you need to walk me home, it’s getting late and I have work tomorrow” Liz pulled on her coat and stepped out of the booth.
Max was frowning at her. Liz walked over to him and said, “Come on, let’s go”
“I don’t want to” he said.
Liz laughed “You may not have to be at work at eight in the morning but I do”
“I’ll leave when you say you will have dinner with me again”
“But I’m Liz Parker and you’re your….” She grabbed the waitress that was walking past “You’ve never seen me before have you?”
The lady shook her head “Nope, never”
“But you’ve seen him before haven’t you?”
“Yes” she looked confused.
“And he’s incredibly sexy right? Tell me wouldn’t you just love to take him home?”
Max raised his eyebrows and the lady walked away embarrassed.
Liz huffed “Hey buddy” she looked at the guy who had come up and asked for Max to sign the napkin for his ‘sister’ “You think Max is hot don’t you?”
“Yes” The man grinned.
Liz sat down next to Max “See. Everyone’s heard of you. But not of me. Your Max Evan’s.”
“Your point?” he was smiling.
Liz rubbed her eyes “Why do you like me?”
Max took her face in his hands and kissed her. At first she was in shock and just sat there, but then she let out a small moan and kissed him back. He broke away and she kept her eyes closed, “Now will you shut up?” he whispered.
“You just kissed me” she didn’t open her eyes.
“You noticed”
Max Evan’s just kissed me” she tottered unable to remain sitting up right.
“Liz please stop, I’m just a person” he tucked her hair behind her ears.
“A person who just kissed me” she chose this moment to open her eyes “Will you break my heart?”
“Don’t plan to”
“You sure?”
“Extra, extra positive?”
Laughs “I won’t break you heart on purpose”
“That’s good enough for me” she kissed him.
When she broke away she sighed then stood up and walked over to the counter “I just kissed Max Evan’s” she said to the lady behind the counter.
“Lucky bitch” The lady was wiping the counter.
“Did you see?” Liz laughed “Hmm he’s a good kisser”
“I don’t doubt it” the lady smiled.
Max came up behind her and placed the money for dinner on the counter “Thankyou” he said leading Liz out the door “Your scaring me” he whispered in her ear.
“I scare myself” Liz rapped her arms around herself “But I kissed Max Evan’s so I’ll get over it”
“Stop saying my name” he laughed.
“Max am I your girlfriend now?” she asked.
“Do you want to be?” he rubbed her arms.
“Max Evan’s girlfriend” she looked up at him “I think I can handle that”
He smiled.
“But maybe not….” Liz teased.
Max groaned “Do you want to walk home or get a cab?”
“Walk. Let’s walk through the park” They walked across the street and into the park. “It’s cold” she whispered.
“Yes” Max rapped his arm around her “We should have gotten a cab”
“Max” she said.
“Will you buy me a car?”
Laughs “OK”
“You did not just say yes” Liz gaped at him
“I said OK” he smiled.
“Mean” he hugged her to him more.
“I don’t want a car. Just wanted to see what you’d say”
“Oh OK” Laughs.
“You wouldn’t have brought me a car” she whispered “I wouldn’t let you. That would be wrong. Tell me about your last girlfriend”
“Why not?”
“That’s third date conversation” he answered smiling.
“I’ll look forward to it”.

Once they reached her apartment they stood outside and Liz stared into his eyes “You really want to go out with me?”
“Yes Liz Parker. Why is that so hard to believe?”
“Because your Max Evan’s” she smiled.
“Oh don’t start with that again” he tucked her hair behind her ears.
“OK I won’t” they leant into each other and shared a heart soaring kiss. Max moaned and held her close to him, not wanting to say goodnight. Liz let herself fly up to heaven.
The front door to the apartment opened and Max pulled away. “Yeah thanks for walking me home, enjoy your wallet” Liz said
Max laughed “I will” he glanced at Maria “Good evening” he said.
“Yes” she looked at them strangely “You did not just enjoy your wallet did you?”
Liz huffed “And what if I did?”
“I’d tell you to say goodbye to Max because you won’t see him again after a line like that” Maria walked down the steps and put the trash cans on the ground then walked inside and closed the door.
“I’d ask you to come in but that’s third date material and you made the dating rules so you’ll have to go home and kick yourself””
Max rolled his eyes “I guess I’ll have to” he breathed in “Does this count as first date?”
Liz laughed and whacked his arm “Goodnight Max” she kissed him again and again the door opened. She pulled back “Nice tonsils you have there Max, you’ll have to show me them again some time” she walked up the steps and Maria laughed “What did you just say to him?”

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oh! oh! I made these for my fafic, theres a different one on the first page apove part one, I hope you like it *happy*


“Oh what happened? It had to have been good, I saw you two smooching” Maria followed Liz into her bedroom. Liz had a big smile on her face “Yeah it was wonderful, but it is late and we have work in the morning Maria. I’ll tell you over breakfast” Liz pulled off her shoes and rubbed her aching feet.
“Oh come on Liz!” Maria exclaimed, “I can’t wait till morning”
Liz sighed “Your going to have to, I’m stuffed. I need sleep”
Maria groaned and walked to the door “OK but I want major details in the morning”
“In the morning” Liz pulled on her night wears and got under the covers “Night”
“I had a great evening with Andrew, he came over and we watched movies” – Andrew, Maria’s long time boyfriend.
Maria turned off the bedroom light and Liz groaned “OK tell me about it in the morning”
She closed the door and Liz closed her eyes. All she saw was Max’s face.

In the morning Liz and Maria stopped at a breakfast bar on the way to work and picked up some bagels and tea to go. When they got to the coffee shop they sat down at one of the tables and ate their food. Liz told Maria about her evening with Max and Maria told Liz about her evening with Andrew.
“He’s getting cutter by the second. Whenever he has to go he says ‘I love you, I’ll see you later’ it’s adorable” Maria sipped her drink. Andrew was tall and had blonde hair and blue eyes. He and Maria had met at a clothing shop, he had been trying to find something for his sister and Maria had helped him. He lived on the other side of town so they only saw each other a couple of times a week, sometimes more. He came from a big family of five kids.
“I’m so happy for you Liz. He’s really nice” Maria hugged her friend “It’s hard to believe though. I mean my best friend is going out with an international hottie”
“She is?” Samuel walked in and pulled off his coat “Good morning Ladies, Liz, honey, details, now”
“Sam, you are now looking at Max Evan’s new girlfriend” Maria grinned with all her teeth showing.
“Your shitting me” Samuel laughed “Holy shit!”
“They were all over each other on our front door step last night”
“Maria!” Liz laughed.
“Way to go Lizzie!” Samuel smacked her arm then pulled her in for a quick hug “I knew you’d do me proud”
Liz blushed.
“She asked him for a car!” Maria laughed standing up and pulling the rest of the chairs down.
“She didn’t”
“She did and that’s not even the crazy part. He said OK”
“What!” Samuel cried, “You’re joking”
“I was joking and he laughed and said Oh OK.” Liz said.
“WOW” Samuel walked over to the counter “Good morning Patty” –Patty, name of the coffee machine “Are you going to work nicely for Sammy today? Be a good girl?”
“How’s Erica?” Liz asked cleaning up her and Maria’s breakfast.
“She’s good, the pregnancy isn’t being very kind to her” Samuel’s girlfriend is pregnant with a girl.
“Give her my love will you?” Liz headed out back “Actually I might go see her today”
“No you can’t she’s at her mothers today” Samuel explained.
“Oh OK never mind” Liz put on her apron “I’m going to be in the office this morning, you guys can handle the front can’t you?”
“Yes we can”
“Good” Liz went out to her and Maria’s office and started working out the bills and stuff.

Max walked down the lobby of his building “Good morning Mr. Evan’s” nearly everyone greeted him and he was polite and said “Good morning” in return.
“Mr. Evan’s” Max’s friend and employee walked up to him “The cars out the front and everything you asked for is in it”
“Thankyou Ray” Max smiled.
“Oh just one other thing. The invitation you’ve been waiting for, the one to the get together on Saturday night at the Houston’s? Well it arrived last night. I placed it on your desk. Oh and don’t forget your appointment with Mrs. Raymond at four this afternoon”
Max nodded “I won’t, Thank you. I’ll be back by then” he walked out the front doors and stepped into his limousine. The man chased after him “Wait Max!” he knocked on the window and Max opened it “Yes Ray?” he asked with his eyebrow’s raised.
“Your sister called, she want’s you to ring her as soon as possible”
“Thank you” Max closed his window and the driver turned his head to him with a smile “Good morning Mr. Evan’s where to?”
“Do you know any good flower stores?” his eyes twinkled.
“I think I know a great place yes” the driver turned back to the wheel and Max picked up the phone in between the seats. His sister was on speed dial so he just pressed one number and put it on speakerphone.
He put the phone down and someone picked up a few seconds later “Hello Alex Whitman speaking”
Max smiled “Hey Alex, is your annoying wife in?”
Laughs “Hey Max yes she is. How are you?”
“I’m doing great right now actually. What have you been up to?” Max fixed his tie.
“Oh you know trying to…. Alex hand me the phone” Isabel grabbed the phone off Alex and Max laughed “Hello Maxwell”
“Hello Isabel”
“Why did it take you so long to ring me back? What have you been up to?” Isabel demanded
“I have been up to nothing. How is it you still manage to control me when your so far away?”
“Oh be quiet. I know you’re up to something I can feel it, which is why I rang. Me and Alex are coming to stay for in a few days”
Max rolled his eyes “That’s great I’ll look forward to your visit. In fact I have someone I want you to meet”
“Oh how exciting! What’s she like? Oh god don’t tell me she’s like your last girlfriend. But I guess I should just be happy you found someone you like, I mean that’s a big one as it is”
The driver pulled the car to a stop.
Max rubbed his forehead “Yeah. I have met someone Isabel. Look I have to go”
“Oh Max you sound tired, to many late night’s huh? OK I’ll be there on Wednesday or Thursday see ya then”
Max hanged up and his door opened. He hopped out of the car and found himself standing in front a small flower boutique. “Perfect” Max thanked the driver and quickly rushed inside. He bought one red rose then came back out and told the driver to go to Deluca’s where he’d stopped yesterday.

Max got out of the car and walked into the coffee shop. It wasn’t that busy in there but there were a few people sitting at tables and a few people at the counter. Two people he didn’t recognize were at the counter serving and Maria was putting down some food on a table. She smiled at him “Weren’t you just the most charming man ever last night” she grinned and walked over to him “miss her already?”
“Actually yes” he smiled and looked around “where is she?”
“Out the back in the office. Working her little heart out, paying the bills. I can’t do it myself so she’s all ways the one to do it…. She’s always been more intelligent then me” Before Maria could start a long conversation Max excused himself and went out back to find Liz. Samuel was out there talking to Rachel as they cooked.
“Max my man, hey!” Samuel laughed “I’m just kidding, Liz is in the office through there” he pointed to a door and Max smiled and walked towards it.
He could hear Rachel as she demanded what Max Evan’s was doing here. He smiled and knocked on the door. As he opened it he heard Liz’s tiny voice reply “Come in”
She didn’t look up from her work until he shut the door and when she did a big smile spread across her face “Didn’t get enough of me last night?” she asked.
Max smiled “Not nearly” He handed her the rose “For you”
“Thank you” she pulled off her reading glasses and stood up “May I ask why you’re here?”
He watched as she went over to the sink next to the toilet and fills a glass with water “I came to take you out to lunch actually”
Liz put the rose in the water and put the glass down on the desk “Really? You realize I am working don’t you?” she stood in front of him trying to keep from smiling and flying into his arms.
“Yeah but I figured you’d get a lunch break. And hoped you’d be able to expand it for one day” he reached out and took her hands in his “You can can’t you?”
Liz felt herself moving closer to him “I guess” she teased “If you beg me to?”
He laughed.
“I have to ask Maria if she can handle here without me…”
“I’m sure she’ll be able to” he moved very close to her and bent his head down so his face was very close to hers.
“Hmm” Liz breathed in “I think she’ll be able to as well…” Max pressed his lips to her neck and Liz threw her head back in delight.
He kissed a trail up her throat to her lips and ran his tongue along the entrance of her mouth; Liz opened her mouth and gave him the entrance he wanted. Max placed his hands on her hips and moved them up her body, up her rips then around her back. Liz felt her knee’s buckle and Max picked her up and sat her on the desk, still devouring her mouth. She opened her legs and he stepped between them pressing his hips into hers,
Liz couldn’t believe how quickly things could get so desperate when it came to kissing. The need was instant.
He kept kissing her and sucking on her tongue until they felt they would both burst in need of oxygen. He broke away for a second and Liz rapped her arms around his neck while she caught her breath. Max breathed in two deep breaths then picked up where he left off. Liz found that very inciting. She ran her fingers through his hair and moaned. He smiled against her lips then moved his devouring back to her neck. Whilst doing this he ran his hands under her shirt and up her back. She rapped her legs around his waist and pressed herself to him, trying to get as close as possible. Max rubbed his hands down her back then took them out of her shirt, his tongue flicked her ear and she heard him emit a small groan. He placed one of his hands on her thigh and it slowly moved up, taking the skirt with it, up, up, up… the door flung open and Maria stood there in shock. Max groaned and pulled Liz’s skirt down and pulled his lips away from her moist skin.

Liz wiped her mouth embarrassed about what her coworker had just seen. Max ran his hand through his hair and stepped away from Liz “We were just about to go have lunch” he quickly said.
“Right” Maria licked her lips “Well I’m happy for you, both, but this is a work place remember”
Liz got down off the desk and brushed her uniform down “I’m sorry Ria. Can I talk to you for a second?”
Maria had the biggest grin on her face “Yes Liz let’s go out in the kitchen”
Liz ran her hand over Max’s and mouthed ‘I’ll be right back’ then left the room with Maria.
“Holy shit Liz!” Maria squealed punching her “You haven’t even gone on a proper date with him yet! Who knows what would have happened if I hadn’t walked in”
Liz was still dazed “Yes I know. I don’t even know how we got like that, it just happened. Look is it all right if I have the afternoon off? He want’s to take me to lunch”
Maria laughed “You know it is, just try and be back by six before the after work rush”
Liz nodded “I will” she swallowed “God Maria!”
Maria shook her friend “It’s OK, he’s just a man. He may be an international sex god man but he is still just a man, don’t panic”
“I’m not panicking I’m perfectly fine” Liz stumbled on her way back to the office. “Have a nice lunch Liz!” Liz smiled and called out “Yeah if I make there”
She opened the door and found Max leaning against the desk waiting patiently. She closed the door behind her and walked up to him “How embarrassing” she whispered.
Max tucked some hair behind her ears “I think she’ll get over it”
Liz smiled “Yeah she will” pulling off her apron she said, “Ready to go for lunch?”
He laughed “Lunch? I thought we’d already had it” he stood up and took her hand “Yeah I’m ready let’s go”
“Wait” Liz, said, “I can’t go wearing my uniform”
“Why not?” Max asked heading over to the door and opening it. Liz did not move “Because” she bit her lip “Wait I have a sweater!” she dived behind the desk and picked up a gray turtle neck top. She pulled it on quickly and took the tiger clip out of her hair. She grabbed her purse off the desk and pulled her lipstick out. She quickly reapplied and then walked over to the door, grabbed her jacket pulled it on and smiled “Now I’m ready”
He laughed and took her hand “Good. I think I’ve made my driver wait long enough”
Liz raised her eyebrows “What?” he lead them out through the kitchen and out into the shop. “You left your poor driver in the car?”
Max opened the front door and she walked through “He gets paid a lot, he can handle it”
Liz huffed “Charming”
The limousine pulled up in front of them and Max opened the door for Liz. She hopped in and he followed her. He closed the door and the driver turned his head “Where to boss?”

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