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Title: Mystery of Love
Author: trinitystar1323
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Rating: PG-13 , for now….
Disclaimer: The WB owns Roswell, the characters, and situations. No
infringement intended. Nothing is mine.
Summary: AU. Max, Tess, Michael, and Isabel are aliens. Michael and Maria are going out, as are Isabel and Alex. Maria and Alex know of the pod squad's alien status.
Category: M/L
Authors Notes: I got this idea from a book, but I'm not going to say what just yet. At the end I will tell.


The word raced through Liz's mind and she couldn't think of anything scarier than that one word. She watched as the barren desert before her passed by and gave way to West Roswell High- her new school. She hadn't even set foot in her new home before she was shoved off to school. Looking over at her sister and then her aunt, Liz was not surprised to see that Serena once again looked bored and ready to cause trouble. Her aunt didn't miss Serena's apathetic look, but she did dismiss it.

"This is you last chance. You do know that, don't you?" Nancy said from her seat in the front beside her husband. She turned and started incredulously at the two girls, letting them know that she was not going to stand for any nonsense. As their uncle pulled the car to the curb, Nancy continued. "I don't know why you got thrown out of your last school, and I don't want to know why. I also know of some of your past doings, and let me tell, I will have none of it. But, if there's one trace of trouble at this school, let me just say that I am more than willing to send the both of you to your Aunt Fayes as your grandmother instructed. And you don't want that, do you?"

Liz shook her head vigorously as she gave her aunt and uncle an apologetic look. Aunt Faye's house was dubbed the abbey, a gray fortress on a deserted mountaintop- someplace Liz did not want to be. There were stonewalls everywhere and a gloomy atmosphere overhung the entire manor. And then there was their Aunt Faye who would watch their every move with her thin, parched lips and beady eyes. Liz would rather die then have to go back and live with her Aunt Faye; especially after having to stay there for a vacation only a few months ago.

Usually Liz was gung ho about accepting those in her immediate family, but accepting Aunt Faye was like trying to accept that she was normal- it would never happen. Though, Liz was sure that few knew or suspected anything, she was still careful. However, Liz knew that no matter where she went she would never be there very long, at least she was usually never there for very long.

Beside Liz in the back seat next to her, Liz's sister, Serena was shaking her head as well; though Liz knew that Serena hadn't heard a word their Aunt Nancy had said. Liz herself could hardly focus on the task at hand, or what her aunt had just said. She felt dizzy, untogether, and horrified, as if half of her was still back in New York, in the principal's office. She could still see the look on his face as he went through her records- it was the same face she had seen so many times before when she and Serena were about to be expelled.

Only this time had been worse than ever before. She could never forget the way the police car outside kept flashing its red and blue lights through the windows, or how the smoke billowed around the school, though mainly around the science room, or the way Craig McGurrick had cried out as the police had escorted him to jail. And Liz could never forget the way Serena had simply kept smiling victoriously as if it had all been some sort of game.

But that's all it was. They were humans and they were against people like Serena and Liz, so what was wrong with causing them a little trouble. Liz glanced sidelong at her sister. Serena was beautiful, and deadly, which wasn't a very good combination, or Serena's mistake. She always looked perfect; it was part of the charm of having ice blue eyes and long blonde hair, which tumbled down her back. Serena was as different from Liz's soft brown hair as night from day and it was her attractiveness that kept getting them in adversity, but still Liz couldn't help loving her sister.

After all, they had been brought up as sisters, and even if it wasn't true, it didn't stop them from continuing the façade. And beside, the sisterly bond was the mightiest bond there was, at least to a witch.

It was at this point that Liz learned her aunt had still been talking. Liz hadn't meant to tune her out, but she had been so deep in thought as they arrived at her new school that she couldn't help but let her mind wander. What would this new school hold for she and her sister- would people suspect anything of them or was the alien excuse enough to keep them out of hot water? It wasn't until her aunt whacked the back of her headrest with her hand and told them to get out.

The Lexus sped off, leaving both Serena and Liz out to watch its retreat. Their aunt and uncle had been paid a great amount to take them, and it appeared as though they had bought a car with the money they had received. Liz was standing with Serena under the sweltering New Mexico sun, in front of an old, but tidy, two-story building. West Roswell High. Liz blinked a few times as she tried to clear her mind and think of the best way to confront her sister.

"Please tell me you are not going to do the same thing here, Serena. There is already enough conspiracy to hide our tracks, but if something strange goes on here as it did back in Richmond then someone is going to notice." Liz said grimly.

"You've got to be kidding me! I've never done the same thing twice, and I don't plan to ever do the same thing twice." Serena looked appalled at her sister's words, but she laughed none the less.

"You know exactly what I meant. We can't get thrown out again…please Serena, I'd like to stay at one school for longer then a month or two." Liz pleaded with her sister, hoping that she would give her a break and not play games with people this time.

"Give me a break ok. Don't worry about Nancy's little threat- she was just doing as Grandma instructed her. She thinks she can just scare us into following her orders. I mean she's Human, Liz, we have nothing to fear." Serena pursed her lips before she straightened and tossed back her mane of hair and smiled sweetly at the passing students. "Anyway, why all this prittle-prattle? Shouldn't we be in the office picking up our schedules?"

"Serena, promise me!" When Serena made no move to answer or step ahead towards the office, Liz continued with her pleading. Her eyes grew dark and clouded over with anger. "Serena, this is the end of the line. If we screw up we go to Aunt Faye's, and I do not want that, do you hear me? All I want is to finish up the school year at this school without getting into trouble."

"We'd better hurry, we don't want to be late on our first day." Serena shrugged as she smiled sweetly at her sister, but her expression darkened. She didn't mean to avoid Liz's questions and desperate pleas, but if she answered then she might break a promise.

"You go on ahead… I'll catch up." Liz's shoulders sagged slightly as she admitted defeat. She sighed tiredly as she watched her sister turn and walk towards the entrance of the school. Her hips swayed, as did her hair, making her look even more perfect then she truly was- it drove Liz insane.

Liz took another gulp of air as she examined the building in front of her. It had arched doorways with a tan adobe-stucco type finish. Breathing outwardly, Liz sighed. She knew the drill- it had been instilled in her brain long ago. It was another semester, maybe a year if she was lucky, of walking quietly through the halls as others passed her by without a second glance. She knew she was different from all those around her, but sometimes it was hard and she had to be careful, pretending that she was always the same.

It wasn't all that hard. Humans weren't exactly the crème of the crop, but it did take a certain amount of concentration and skill.

"Beautiful, I know, but really, it's just a big old kiln." Liz jumped from the voice behind her. Turning she came face to face with a tall, lanky boy with short brown hair and matching brown eyes- a human. She laughed softly at his joke as she nodded in response; it was so easy to make them believe that she was like them. "Alex Whitman, and you would be?"

"Liz… Liz well, Parker I guess." She didn't truly know what her last name was now. She wasn't willing to go by her parent's last names as they had died when she was only a child. Liz had hardly even known her parents before they had been killed in an accident.

"And Liz, well Parker. It's nice to meet you. You must be new because you, as all other new students, are looking at the school as though it were some sort of mutant lunch meat." Alex stumbled over his words. There was something about Liz that he couldn't place, though he was sure if Isabel saw him acting the way he was that she would be describing it as being a hormonal jerk. Though that was her response to him any time he talked to anyone of the female and alien female species beside Maria and Tess. But there truly was something about Liz, and if there was one thing Alex had learned from dating an alien, it was to always follow your instincts. "Do you need any help? Maybe a tour of the school?"

Before Liz could answer a horde of male students, most of them jocks came up behind Alex and started pulling him away from her. He told them to beat it, but they didn't listen. She watched as a very distressed looking Alex tried to fend off their attack.

"Hey Whitman, gonna introduce us to your girlfriend?" One of them called out as they eyed Liz who in turn glared at them in response. She wasn't about to fall into this trap again. Usually it was Serena who was in the middle of these sort of things, but that was only because she had created them. Suddenly, Liz felt her sister's presence. Peering over the jock's shoulders, Liz could see her sister gleefully smiling as she watched the whole ordeal play out before her.

"How about letting me go before…" Alex didn't get a chance o finish his sentence before one of the guys had twisted his arm painfully backwards. Liz reached out to help him, but one of the other guys stepped out in front of her and took her hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet you."

"I'm sorry I can't say the same." Liz snapped back venomously as she glared at the offending male before her. Wrenching her hand from his grasp, Liz pushed past the jock and shoved her way towards Alex. He may be a human, but he had been trying to be nice, and he didn't deserve this; that much Liz knew. "Let him go!"

And then it happened, the amazing metamorphosis that even Liz couldn't understand. As she reached out with her heart and mind she suddenly became part of the jock. A strange obfuscation of Liz's perimeter over took her senses- she was herself, but she was the testosterone jock who was hurting Alex. Liz tried to overcome the jock's thoughts, telling him to release Alex, and slowly she could feel him giving up.

Alex watched in pain and wonder as Liz stepped forward and then, closing her eyes, she simply stood in front of him and waited for Paulie- that's who Alex thought it was at least- to let him go. And to his utter astonishment, Paulie finally let go. Alex's arm was sore- he swore he had heard his bone crack from the intensity at which Paulie had jerked it behind him- and Alex could feel the tears welling up as the crowd of jocks dissipated almost as soon as Paulie had let go.

But Liz stayed put, unmoving as Alex sat down beside her on the curb as he frantically tried to decide whether or not his arm was broken. Perspiration beaded on his forehead. He had never seen Paulie just give up like that and all Liz had done was tell him to let him go. Something was fishy- but Alex's arm hurt too much to care about that at this point.

"Th-hanks…" Alex stumbled through his words as he looked up at Liz while he continued to try and touch his arm. But it was futile, it was broke and now there wasn't a thing he could do. However, he continued to watch Liz as her eyes fluttered open and she looked down on him. "I think he broke my arm, bastard."

Liz knew- and Alex knew too- that Paulie had broken his arm. But what Liz couldn't believe was that Alex had taken the abuse simply because he had been talking with her. Never before had anyone showed her that they cared enough to try and be friends with her to endure something like that.

"Let me see your arm." Liz said gently as she knelt down beside him and gently took his arm into her hands. She held him and treated him as though he were a scared animal, that way he wouldn't be scared at what she would do next. Alex held still, letting her examine his arm as he closed his eyes and tried to suck up the pain.

Grabbing something from her neck while Alex's eyes were still shut, Liz pressed the cool stone to Alex's arm. With the carnelian hidden between her closed finger, Liz began to softly hum under her breath as she visualized what she wanted to happen- the bone slowly fixing itself and the tissues around it were soothed from their swelling as everything repaired itself.

Alex groaned as he felt a heat spread through his arm. His free arm was thrown over his eyes as he tried to hide from the offending sun light, which was pouring down on him. Liz knew exactly how he felt: feeble, nauseous, and incoherent. And while part of Liz felt sorry for him, she also knew that this phase would work to her advantage.

As she knelt before Alex a realization came to Liz- she had never done this before. She had healed animals and plants, but never had she attempted to heal a person. It was funny how she had somehow instinctively known that she would be able to. But after he had stood up for her and taken what he had, Liz felt as though she owed him something in return.

"You ok?" Liz asked as she quickly replaced the stone around her neck and sat back on her heels as she waited for his response. He still looked slightly dazed, and Liz was pleased because it would be easier to pass off what she had just done.

"Huh? Oh, um… yeah, sorry about that. I… I'm not sure what just happened…. And my arm…" Alex twisted and turned his arm as he gently rubbed it. No longer did it cause a sharp pain as it once had. He looked at her as though he were struggling to find a way to speak. "I think it's gone numb."

"Oh um, no…I think you just landed wrong- nothing's wrong with it." Liz fumbled with her words, trying to come up with an excuse that was plausible. She had thought that he would be disoriented enough not to ask, but that thought was quickly being proven wrong.

"What!" Alex scrambled up on his feet and peered at his arm. He stood there staring at his arm as though it were some sort of monster and were about to attack him. "I was so sure… how did you do that?"

"I… I di-didn't do anything." Liz tried to sound convincing, but it was hard when she was fretting for her life. The first rule she had learned was that humans were not to find out about what she was and the world she was connected with. Under no circumstances could anyone know besides those who were like she and her sister. Death was the punishment she would receive if anyone found out. But before Liz could do anything to protect herself and make sure that Alex thought nothing weird was going on, Serena interrupted. Grabbing Liz's arm, Serena pulled Liz away, not even giving her time to say goodbye.

"What were you thinking?" Serena said scathingly as she pulled Liz off towards the front office. Liz could see that her sister was furious with her and there was no doubt in her mind that Serena knew what had taken place. Usually it was Serena who caused all the trouble, but somehow Liz had managed to attract everyone's attention just by showing up. As the two continued towards the school, Serena continued to scold Liz for helping a human and for working her magic out in the open.

All the while, Liz couldn’t help but think that this was going to be a very long day.

Ok, here's the deal. The only reason I'm posting this is because I want to get everything I have, out there. Along with this post, and all others, I am going to include a list of all the sories I have left. You will get to vote on which one you want me to write next. I will then sit down and finish that one and then finish the next one. Of course I might stray every so often, but I will stick to one story.
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