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Title: Where The Light Isn't

Author: Kari

Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell or anything related to it except for the stories I make up with the characters…

Summary: This is sort of AU, sort of not. Everything is the same except that no one ever found out about the destiny crap, so Tess and Max never created a child together and Alex was never killed. Isabel never even met Jesse. Also, Future Max never came, so Liz never ‘slept’ with Kyle. Oh, and here Isabel isn’t a year older than Max, they are fraternal twins. This takes place during the summer after they graduate from high school. I won’t say any more…I don’t want to give anything away!

~*Chapter 1*~

Maria pressed down on the gas pedal, taking the Jetta up to a risky 75 mph. “Faster!” laughed Liz, the wind blowing in the through the window and whipping her hair around her face. “We’re free, Maria! We are no longer high school students!”

Maria and Liz laughed joyously, thinking about all the fun they were going to have this summer. All of them (Maria, Michael, Liz, Max, Isabel, Alex, Tess, and Kyle) were planning on going on a road trip all the way to New York City. Liz was a little nervous because at one point in their junior year, Tess Harding had liked Max. Liz decided to forget about it for now…she didn’t want to bring down her mood by obsessing over the likes of Tess the gerbil.

Maria took the Jetta up to 85 mph and looked at Liz with a mischievous glint in her eyes. “Liz…want to see how fast this thing can really go?” she asked.

Liz giggled and nodded. “Sure…we’re the only ones on this highway for miles around. Why not?”

Maria continued to take the Jetta up to higher speeds, far past where her mother had always told her was the limit for the old car. They were going 103 mph when the car gave a horrible shudder. Maria looked down at the wheel with an unmistakable look of fear in her eyes.

She tried to look calm for Liz, but wasn’t succeeding. “Maria? What’s wrong? Is something wrong with the car?” asked Liz, instantly regretting telling Maria to go faster.

“Oh my god…Liz…the brakes aren’t working! I can’t…can’t stop the car!” Maria said in a panic, turning to look at Liz.

“No, Maria! Look at the road! Take your foot off the gas and just…you know…steer. The car should stop eventually, right? I mean, it can’t go forever.”

Maria nodded her head. “Ok. No foot on the gas. We’re just gliding. See, ok, this should work.” Liz had never heard more fear in her friend’s voice than at that point.

“Liz…uh, I think we’re going downhill…meaning we aren’t losing speed. If anything, we’re gaining speed.”

Liz took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. She jumped as she heard a shrill ringing. It was her cell phone. She grabbed it quickly and yelled into the phone, “Help!”

“What?! Liz, what’s going on?” she heard Alex ask. “Are you in some kind of trouble?”

“Alex, Maria and I are in the Jetta. We were going like, 100 mph, and then the brakes went out…we have no brakes, Alex!”

“We’re going to die!” yelled Maria.

“No, Maria, we’re not going to die,” said Liz in an unsure way. “Alex, do you know how we can get the car to come to a complete stop?”

“Uh, don’t use the gas and kind of glide till you’re down to a pretty low speed, then turn off the ignition.”

“Alex, we’re trying the gliding thing…but we’re going downhill.”

“Oh, uh, here, Michael’s at the door. Hold on, I’ll go get him.”

“Ok,” said Liz. She turned to look at Maria. “He’s getting Michael.” Maria nodded and continued to concentrate all of her attention on the highway and the car. She happened to look up at her rearview mirror and gasped.

“Liz, that car is coming straight at us…and they aren’t slowing down!” Liz looked out the back window and saw a car full of high school guys, presumably from their graduating class, gaining on them. Liz leaned out the window and tried to signal to them that they had to slow down. The guys just thought she was flirting, so they honked their car horn and made obscene gestures out the windows at her.

She pulled herself back into the Jetta and looked at Maria. “I think they’re going to hit us,” she said, forgetting that she was still on the phone with Alex and Michael.

“Hello? Hello!” Michael yelled into the phone. He looked at Alex. “I’m getting no answer.”

Alex grabbed the phone and yelled into it, “Liz! Maria! One of you answer me, damn it! Michael says there should be an emergency brake somewhere! Are you there?”

Alex pulled the phone away from his ear as he heard an earth shattering scream and then he heard Liz scream, “They’re going to hit us! Oh my god, we’re going to die!” There was a grinding, ripping sound of metal on metal and many more screams. Then the line went dead.


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~*Chapter 2*~

“Oh shit,” said Alex, running out the door, Michael right behind him. “We need to tell Valenti!”

“What? Are you crazy?! We need to get Max and get out there pronto! We need to heal them!” Alex nodded and jumped into his car, driving them towards Max’s house. He pulled up and Michael jumped out the door, running up to the Evans’ house and running in without ringing the doorbell.

A few seconds later Max came running out and hopped into Alex’s car. “I don’t know exactly where they were,” said Alex. “But I assume they were on 285, so that’s where we’re going.”

“All right,” said Max. He was very pale, his eyes sunken in. To Alex and Michael he looked like he had aged 40 years in 40 seconds.

“Where are Isabel and Tess?” asked Alex.

“At the mall, shopping, where else? I mean, today they graduated, and then they head right for the mall…I’ll never understand those two.”

They drove in silence the rest of the way. Alex got onto highway 285 and sped up to slightly above the speed limit.

“Alex, I see something!” yelled Michael, pointing to the road ahead of them. They all saw a glint of sunlight bouncing off the metal of what was unmistakably a terrible car wreck.

Alex got them there in record time and Max and Michael were out of the car before Alex even pulled onto the shoulder of the road. As Max and Michael ran up to the wreck, Alex got out his cell phone and dialed the sheriff’s station.

“Sheriff Valenti here. What can I do for you?”

“Sheriff, there’s been a terrible accident!”

“Alex, is that you?”

“Yes. Liz and Maria were in a car accident on 285. Hurry!”

“I’ll be right there. Are some of the…well, can anyone there heal them?”

“Max and Michael will try.”

“All right. Just hang on till I get there.”

As Alex was on the phone, Michael and Max were running towards the wreck. Some of the guys from the car that had hit the Jetta were laying on the side of the road, but Michael and Max just passed them by. All they could think about was their girls.

Max spotted an arm sticking out of the window of the Jetta, which was flipped upside down. He ran over and looked in the window. “Michael! This is Maria! Get her out of the car while I find Liz.”

Max ran to the other side of the car and looked in the passenger window. He saw Liz curled up in a ball, her head bent at an unnatural angle. “Oh my god,” he breathed. He used his powers to cut a hole in the metal of the car and gingerly picked Liz up and took her to the shoulder of the road, where Michael was bent over Maria, crying and trying to heal her.

Max concentrated on making a connection with Liz and placed his hands on her neck. He concentrated. He concentrated harder. He heard sirens approaching, but they seemed to be in a different world. He concentrated even harder, moving his hands to a different spot on her neck.

“Max,” he heard Valenti saying. “Max, just stop. She’s gone. Max, it’s no use. Max, she’s dead.”

Max finally looked up and saw Valenti’s face. “Max, Maria and Liz are dead.” Max and Michael looked at each other, tears in their eyes.

“That’s bullcrap,” said Max, tears streaming down his face. “Liz can’t die, we were all going to go on a road trip and have the time of our lives. Someday I was going to ask her to marry me. Someday we were going to have a family together! Damn it, she can’t die! She isn’t dead! She’s alive, and she’ll be fine! Damn you, you don’t know what you’re talking about! Liz isn’t dead, neither is Maria!” Max stood up and pounded on Valenti’s chest, wildly flailing his arms, knocking Valenti’s hat off. Max collapsed back to the ground and curled up into the fetal position, hardly aware of Alex trying his best to comfort Michael, who was crying and holding onto Maria’s hand.

“No,” he whispered. “I can’t lose her. She can’t be dead.” As the tears streamed down his cheeks it really hit him. The love of his life was gone.

(TBC)Sorry this was so short, but the parts will get longer, I promise....and now I have three fics I'm working on! Lol, yesterday I couldn't seem to create a thread that could be properly viewed, so there are two other threads on this board with the first chapter in them, but this is the only one I am updating!

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~*Chapter 3*~

“No!” screamed Maria. “What’s going on? Liz, what’s happening?”

“I don’t know!” yelled Liz. “Why are we there and here? Why can’t they see us?” Liz tried to run towards Max, wanting to comfort him and assure him that everything was ok. That she was alive and the Liz laying there dead next to him wasn’t real. She turned to Maria.

“They think we’re dead. Why? What has happened to us? Where are we?” As she asked her last question, the highway and the forms of their heartbroken boyfriends blinked out of existence. They were in the dark. Just the two of them. Maria held onto Liz and whimpered.

“Lizzie, I’m scared. Are we in heaven?”

“Why is it so black?”

“Oh jeeze, we’re in hell then, aren’t we? Lizzie, did we die and go to hell?”

“I don’t know, Maria, but we’re not in Roswell anymore.”


“Max, you need to eat something,” said Isabel, smoothing back his hair. “You haven’t eaten in days.”

“Who cares?” he said. “Something as trivial as food doesn’t matter right now. Liz is dead. Maria is dead. Who the hell cares if I don’t eat or not? Maybe it’s for the best. I could starve myself to death.”

Isabel slowly stood up, wiping the tears from her face. She left Max’s room and went to her own. She didn’t know how to comfort Max, or Michael for that matter. Michael was even worse than Max…

“Michael, you need to stop dwelling on this and start to move on,” she said, sitting on his couch and pleading with him.

“Move on? Move on to where? Huh? Without Maria, I have to life to move on to! Don’t you get it?! I never had anything in my life! I never had a family…even you and Max weren’t my family! But then I found Maria, and I had a life. I had a reason to wake up in the morning. I had someone who cared about me! I just lost it all! And you want me to stop dwelling on it and move on?!”

“Yes, Michael. Move on. You aren’t the only one who lost someone you love. Don’t be so selfish. Alex just lost his two best friends in the entire world. How do you think he feels? And how about Max, huh? Have you even taken one damn second to consider Max’s feelings? He lost the love of his life too! And me and Tess and Kyle…we were friends with them too! We need you and Max to stop acting like you’re the only who are hurt by this…we need you!”

Michael stood up and yelled, “If you need someone, go to Alex! Go comfort each other! At least you still have the person you love! At least you still feel like you’re living! I…I feel dead. I can’t eat, or sleep, I can’t even think. My whole life is disappearing right in front of my eyes Isabel!”

“Michael, please, don’t yell,” said Isabel, cowering on the couch. “You’re scaring me.”

“I don’t care Isabel! I really don’t! Leave! Get out of my apartment and don’t come back until you’re ready to accept the way that I’m feeling!”

Isabel sighed and picked up her telephone. She needed to call Ms. Deluca and Mr. and Mrs. Parker to see if they needed any help with the funeral services. She had made a resolution with herself when she had heard about Maria and Liz…she was going to mourn them, but she wasn’t going to dwell on their memory. She couldn’t, or she would become weak like Max and Michael. What no one knew was that Isabel had loved Maria and Liz as sisters. They were her best friends, and now that they were gone, she was lost and didn’t know what to do. She felt like she needed control and organization. So she wouldn’t become weak. She wouldn’t break down like the others. Her heart was stronger…or so she hoped.

~*Chapter 4*~

Liz held Maria to her, trying to calm her down. Maria had been crying nonstop for who knew how long. She truly believed they were in hell. Liz was starting to believe her. After all, it was warm…not really hot though…and it was dark. They hadn’t seen light the whole time they were there. Of course, they hadn’t seen flames and the devil, either…

Maria sniffled one last time and sat up. She looked around and said, “Something’s different.”

“What?” asked Liz. “What do you mean, Maria? Nothing is different. And even if it was…it’s too dark to see anything.”

Maria shook her head, which Liz just barely was able to see. “No, Liz, something is definitely different. Doesn’t it seem…a little lighter?”

“Maria, that’s just your imagination. We’re stuck here in some strange world in the dark and you want it to be lighter so badly that you’re imagining it.”

“Liz, hold up your hand in front of your face.” Liz did as she was told and gasped. She could actually see her hand. She looked at Maria and could make out her facial features. She broke into a grin.

“It’s get lighter, Maria! Oh my god, it’s getting lighter!” The two girls stood up, grabbed hands, and jumped up and down, dancing in crazy circles, happy that something was changing. Their future looked brighter…literally.


Max rolled over and reached his hand out towards his night stand, meaning to grab his glass of water. He knocked it onto the floor instead. He groaned and reached out his hand and used his powers to clean up the floor of spilt water and broken glass. He looked at his digital clock and slowly sat up. He shuffled his way into the bathroom to take a shower. It felt good…he hadn’t been out of bed since the day Liz and Maria had died, not even to shower. He wouldn’t have bothered today…except today was the double funeral service. In one way he wanted to go, to say goodbye to his true love and to one of his best friends. But in another way, he didn’t want to go…to see Maria and Liz lying there, dead. (They were having an open coffin service.) Max also had to go because he, Michael, Alex, and Kyle were going to be pallbearers.

He didn’t know if any of them would be able to actually carry the coffins. Knowing that Maria and Liz were dead, inside of them. Max shuddered and stepped out of the shower, toweling off his head and muscular chest. He wrapped a towel around his waist and headed back to his room to get dressed and ready for the funeral.

As he was getting dressed, tears streamed down his face. Max no longer noticed when he cried…it had become such a regular part of his life.


Maria and Liz finally exhausted themselves and sat down again. It was still growing brighter, but now it was obvious that the light was coming from one certain spot far up in what was presumably the sky. They both stared up at it in wonder and awe until it began to hurt their eyes. They looked at each other, not being able to wipe the grins off their faces. Neither said it, but both believed that if they truly were in hell, that the light was from heaven, calling them up. Telling them they were in the wrong place.

The light continued to get brighter and brighter and then there was one last fantastic burst of light, which forced them to cover their eyes. The grins were wiped off their faces as they heard a spine tingling evil laugh near them. This person did not sound friendly at all.


Alex took a deep breath and walked into the funeral parlor, looking around desperately for one of his friends. He spotted Isabel across the room, trying to comfort a crying Ms. Deluca. Alex hurried over to see if he could be of any help.

“Ms. Deluca? It’s me, Alex? How are you feeling?”

“Alex? Oh, it’s so good to see you!” Ms. Deluca grabbed Alex in tight hug, crying on his shoulder. Isabel watched and gave Alex a lopsided, depressed smile. Ms. Deluca let Alex go from her death grip and smoothed her blouse. She dabbed at her eyes with a soaking wet tissue and said, “Well, I’m going to go see how the Parkers are doing.”

Alex and Isabel sadly watched her walking away. Alex turned back to Isabel and gave her a tender hello kiss. Isabel hugged him close. “Please, Alex, just hold me for a little while. I’m…lost. I need to know you’re here for me.”

“Of course, Isabel. I’ll always be here for you.” Finally they separated themselves and walked into the main room to take their seats. Alex looked away as he passed Maria and Liz’s coffins. He couldn’t bring himself to look at them like that, at least not yet. He sat down with Isabel, Max, and Mr. and Mrs. Evans. He looked around to see who else was there. In front of him were Mr. and Mrs. Parker and Ms. Deluca, along with Sheriff Valenti, Kyle, and Tess.

The old cook from the Crashdown, Jose, was in the back of the room. Some of the teachers from school had shown up, and many students that Alex didn’t know. He sighed and turned back towards the front of the room. A pastor started to talk, but Alex was lost in his own thoughts. He was remembering…

Liz and him in jail together after the rave at the old soap factory, when he had first found out about the aliens, helping to get Max out of the white room, punching Michael and comforting Maria after the whole Courtney thing, fighting the skins, going to the prom…

He started to cry as Sheriff Valenti got up to say a eulogy, his heart breaking again, just like it did everyday when he thought of how he had lost his two best friends.

~*Chapter 5*~

“Who the hell is that?” whispered Maria. The laughter continued, getting louder and louder. It seemed to be coming from the light, which the girls noticed was now starting to fade.

“I don’t know,” said Liz. “And I hope we don’t have to find out.” They continued to look in the direction of the light and laughter and all of a sudden the laughter stopped and a figure emerged from the light.

He was tall, with brown hair. He wore all black and had a very pale complexion. What terrified Maria and Liz the most was that his eyes were pure black.

“Oh my god, that’s the devil,” yelled Maria, huddling behind Liz as if Liz was her shield.

The man’s laughter started again, causing a shiver to run up and down Liz’s spine. “I am not the devil, dear girl, although I like to think of myself as a devil-in-the-making.”

Liz tried to look the man in the eyes, but couldn’t. Every time she looked into his eyes, they seemed to burn her own. They seemed to be deep pools of a mixture of evil and…nothing.

“Wha…” Maria tried to speak, but her voice cracked. She took a deep breath and tried again. “What do you want from us? Where are we?”

“All of your questions will be answered in time, dear girl, but for now I must take you to a different place. Please, if the both of you would stand up and come near me.” Liz and Maria slowly stood up, but neither of them wanted to move closer to the sinister man. “I said, come here!” he yelled. They scuttled over to him and held each other’s hands, not wanting to be separated for one second.

“Where are you taking us?” asked Liz.

“Don’t you listen? I said that all of your question would be answered in time. Right now is not the time!” He raised his hand and then brought it down quickly. As he did so, the three of them were enveloped in the bright light. Maria and Liz felt as if they were flying…no, soaring. But they couldn’t see the ground, so they couldn’t be sure.

As quickly as it all started, it was over. Maria and Liz collapsed onto the ground, looking around them. They seemed to be in some sort of hospital room.

“This is where you will reside until I return,” said the man. “Make yourselves at home.”

“Please, can you tell us who you are?” asked Liz.

Before stepping out the door, the man said, “The name I go by is Khivar.”


It was a week and a half since the tragic car accident and Max was still lying in bed, as he did most days. He wouldn’t be surprised if when he got out of the bed there would be a mold of his body formed in the mattress.

He lay staring at the wall, wishing he’d been able to say goodbye to Liz one last time. But he hadn’t. Before she had driven off with Maria (to pick up some new suitcases for the road trip they had planned) he had been to involved in a conversation with Kyle about some stupid little thing. He had just waved goodbye to Liz, not saying anything, not giving her a kiss.

Max practically fell out of bed as his phone rang, startling him. He leaned over and picked it up, mumbling into it, “Hello?”

“Uh, hey,” he heard Michael saying, sounding much like himself. “I uh…was wondering how you’re dealing…cause I’m…I’m not doing too well.”

Max didn’t know what to say. Michael NEVER admitted to Max that he had feelings or that he couldn’t handle something. He was touched, though, that Michael had chosen to talk to him about it.

“I’m not doing well either,” said Max, sitting up and rubbing some of the sleep from his eyes. “Do you want to come over and talk?”

“No, actually, I was thinking maybe everyone could come over to my place. There’s just some stuff I think all of us need to talk about.”

“Ok,” said Max. “I’ll tell Isabel and have her call Tess. You call Kyle, and I’ll call Alex. Is an hour ok?”

“Yeah,” said Michael, hanging up the phone and heading for the bathroom to make himself presentable. He thought over in his head what he wanted to tell his friends, but couldn’t come up with an easy way to tell them. He knew they wouldn’t take his news well, they might even forbid him to do it…but he had to.

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~*Chapter 6*~

Maria and Liz crawled up onto one of the beds in the room, huddled together. Maria started to cry again. “Liz, this is some weird alien thing. Don’t you remember a long time ago hearing Isabel saying something about a guy named Khivar?”

“Yes,” said Liz. “He killed the royal family.” Maria looked at Liz, her eyes wide with fear.

“Maybe…maybe he’s holding us hostage to get to them to kill them again, in this life time.” Liz fell back onto the bed.

“Maria, I really don’t want to talk about this right now. I’m scared and lonely and confused and everyone thinks we’re dead. I need to sleep.” Maria silently lay down next to Liz, falling asleep also.


Michael hurried to get the door, hearing voices out in the hall. He flung open the door to reveal to him his best friends. Max looked lost and alone, the same way Michael felt. Kyle and Tess looked uncomfortable. Alex looked like he hadn’t gotten any sleep since the tragic accident. Isabel looked worse than everyone else put together.

“Come on in,” said Michael, stepping back so that they could step in. “Can I get you any sodas or something?”

Everyone shook their heads and headed for the living room. They sat down and looked at Michael.

“What did you want to tell us?” asked Max.

“First,” said Michael, turning to Isabel. “I apologize to Isabel for blowing up at her the other day. I’m upset and really lost right now, but that doesn’t give me the right to yell like that at someone who’s always been like a sister to me.”

Isabel, teary-eyed, stood up and hugged Michael, making a few others in the room smile. They pulled apart and Isabel sat down again.

“And the other thing I need to say is that I have decided that I need to leave Roswell.”

“What?” yelled Max, standing up quickly. “You can’t just leave Roswell…not now!”

“Why not? We haven’t had any weird alien stuff go on in over a year. I need to leave. Everywhere I go, all I think about is Maria. This whole town is one big memory of Maria. It’s too painful. I can’t stand to be in this town one more day. I love you all, and I’ll miss you, but this is something I have to do. I didn’t call you over here today to get your permission. I called you over to tell you that I’m doing this and I have a ticket for a flight to New York City that’s leaving at 6:00 p.m. tonight.”

Isabel stood up, tears now streaming freely down her face. “Michael, you said I was like a sister to you. Well, I feel like you’re my second brother. I need you here. We all do. This is hard for all of us. Please don’t leave us!”

Michael shook his head sadly. “I’m so sorry, Izzy. I’ll come back someday…when it doesn’t hurt anymore. I’ll write to all of you every day, I promise.” He slowly walked to the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. He slid to the floor, putting his hands over his face, trying to hold his tears back. The sobs wracked his body as he thought once again of how he would never see Maria again. Never be able to kiss her or hold her. He’d never get to hear her call him Spaceboy again or bicker with her in their flirtatious way. He’d never be able to love again.


Liz slowly opened her eyes and saw the face of Khivar looking down at her. She gasped, waking Maria. Maria saw Khivar and also gasped. Khivar threw his head back and laughed.

“What the hell do you want?” hissed Maria, trying to sound brave, but instead sounding like a meek little kitten.

“Just to answer a few of your questions. The place you were in when I first found you was called The Land Where The Light Isn’t.”

“That’s the name of the place?”

“Yes, but people seem to sometimes shorten the name down to Where The Light Isn’t. It’s really just a place between dimensions.”

“So, are we in a different dimension now?” asked Maria. “Like, compared to the dimension earth is in.”

“Yes, you are in my dimension now.”

“Are we on Antar?” asked Liz.

“No, that exists in the same dimension as earth. We are now in a dimension without a name. But it’s mine. Everything in this dimension, the whole universe in this dimension belongs to me. The people are all my slaves.”

“Well, why are we here?” asked Liz.

“To bring Vilandra to me of course.”

~*Chapter 7*~

“Vilandra?” said Maria in confusion. “Who’s…” Then she remembered. “Oh. Isabel. Why do you want Isabel? And how can you use us to bring her here…everyone thinks Liz and I died in a car accident.”

Khivar chuckled. “They don’t just think that. In your dimension, you two really are dead. It is only in this dimension that you can exist.”

Liz looked at Maria. “This keeps getting weirder and weirder.”

Khivar’s smile widened. “It will be getting even weirder very soon. And I’m going to let you in on a little secret…you were drugged while you were sleeping.”

“What? Why?” cried Maria, trying to stand, but unable to.

“So you can’t try to escape or fight me. As you are beginning to see, you can’t stand, much less put up a fight.”

Liz growled low in her throat. Khivar smirked. “Hmmm,” he said. “Girl’s got spunk.” The smirk quickly disappeared. “Keep that in check or you may not live in this dimension either.”

“Don’t threaten her!” yelled Maria. “You idiotic bastard! Michael and Max will figure out eventually what happened and will come to save us!”

“Rath and Zan? Interesting…” He left the room.

“Interesting?” said Liz. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“What it means,” said Maria. “Is that we just dragged Max and Michael into this. I don’t think Khivar had even considered them coming to save us.”

Liz gulped loudly and closed her eyes. The last thing she wanted was to get Max hurt. He must already be hurting enough because on earth she was dead.


Michael got up off the bathroom floor. He had heard everyone leave. Now he had to pack. He slowly walked into his bedroom and opened the closet. He kicked some junk around until he found his suitcase. His trusty old suitcase. The one he had used each and every time he had switched foster homes. He plopped the suitcase down onto his bed and opened it. He grabbed some clothes from his dresser and threw them in. He three in some books and then grabbed some stuff from the bathroom: his toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and a comb. He had put all of this into his suitcase and was about to close it, when he remembered the most important things he’d need: his Metallica CDs and his sketches and pictures of Maria.

Sure, he was leaving Roswell to try to get away from the memories of Maria, but he needed the pictures. They were kind of like a security blanket to a little kid. He’d be scared without them.

He finished packing and took his suitcase into the living room. Just as he was about to turn on the TV, he heard a knock at the door. He walked across the room and opened the door to find Alex standing there.

“Hey Alex. Uh, what’s up?”

“You’re really leaving, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. That’s the plan.”

Alex grabbed Michael in a hug. “I’m going to miss you. We all are.”

Michael hugged Alex back. “You take care of Isabel,” he said.

“I will,” said Alex, breaking the hug. “Well, I should go.” He turned and left. Michael shut the door, not knowing that would be the last time he’d ever see Alex alive ever again.

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~*Chapter 8*~

Liz opened her eyes, feeling very groggy. She must have fallen asleep again. She tried to lift her arms to stretch, but her hands were held down by restraints. Just as she was getting ready to look for Maria, a white sheet was thrown over her head.

“What the heck?” she yelled. “I demand to know why the hell I’m strapped to this bed! Where is Maria? I-UH!” Liz yelled out in pain as someone (someone with a very hard fist) punched her in the stomach, knocking the breath out of her.

She cringed back her tears as she felt the hospital-like bed being moved. She strained to see if she could make out any shapes or people through the sheet over her face, but with no success.

She relaxed her clenched muscles and tried not to think about the crazy mess she was in. The ride to wherever she was being taken was very long. She was starting to drift off again when her bed finally jerked to a halt.

The sheet was removed, but all that Liz could see was a dull gray ceiling. She heard whispering from across the room. Then she heard another bed being wheeled into the room. Liz smiled when she heard the other person in the bed. It was Maria.

“Get me out of this damn bed, meathead!” she said. “I’m serious…I could have you sued! I could put you out of business! Or better yet, Michael, well you call him Rath…anyways, he’ll beat the crud out of you bozos! Max too…that’s Zan to you…” All Maria received in response to her threats was laughter.

A man, still chuckling at Maria, leaned over Liz and untied here. She rubbed her wrists, observing how red and raw they were from the chaffing rope. She sat up and looked across the room at Maria.

“Where the heck are our clothes?” asked Maria. Liz looked down, realizing for the first time that she and Maria were now dressed in weird jumpsuit things. Maria’s was buttercup yellow and Liz’s was minty green.

Liz shuffled across the room to sit on Maria’s bed. They sat for a few minutes in silence before Maria said, “Liz, how do you think Khivar is going to use us to contact Isabel and get her here?”

“I don’t even want to think about it,” said Liz. “And I’m not going to do anything that might hurt Isabel in any way. She’s alive on earth and I plan on keeping it that way.”

“No, but Liz, this could be our one chance! Maybe if Khivar has Isabel he’ll let us go! We’ll be with Michael and Max again!”

Liz looked at Maria in shock, not wanting to believe she’d heard those words come from Maria’s mouth.

“M-Maria! How can you be so selfish? Let Isabel live her life in peace! All you’re thinking about is yourself!”

“Why?” yelled Maria. “Why should I leave her in peace?” demanded Maria, standing up angrily.

“Because she has her whole life ahead of her!” Liz’s voice softened. “She has a life and we don’t. We’re probably buried already. And think of how Alex would feel if Khivar got Isabel.”

Maria’s eyes widened and she collapsed into Liz’s arms. “I…I can’t believe I even said what I said,” sobbed Maria. “You’re right, Liz. I’m selfish. I wasn’t thinking of Isabel or Alex. All I could think about was being able to see Michael again.”

Liz brushed some hair out of her friend’s face. “Shhh…I know,” she said. “I’d do anything to see Max again.”

“Aww…how revoltingly touching.” Liz and Maria looked up to see Khivar standing in the doorway. “But on to business. I need to start some of the tests.”

“Whoa, what?” yelled Maria. “Tests? What kinds of tests?”

“I need to test your mental state. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt…much.”


Michael picked up his suitcase and stepped into the hallway. He took one last look behind him at his apartment and shut the door. He planned on calling Max from New York City and telling him to take whatever he wanted from the apartment and sell the rest. He also wanted to arrange to have Max tell his landlord he was gone. He didn’t want to do it because he still owed two months rent. He knew it wasn’t fair to stick Max with that problem, but he couldn’t handle it, at least not at the present time.

He walked the two blocks to the bus station and boarded the bus for Albuquerque, where he’d catch his plane.

Just as the bus passed out of Roswell, Michael had a strong feeling that Maria was alive. He sighed and told himself not to think like that, he knew she was gone, he’d helped carry her coffin to the grave. He’d held her lifeless body. Yet, he couldn’t shake this new feeling…


Max looked out the window of the Crashdown, where he was eating an early dinner. He saw a Greyhound bus pass by and he saw Michael looking out of one of the back windows.

“Goodbye, Michael,” he whispered. “I love you, man.”

~*Chapter 9*~

Max left the Crashdown and got into his jeep. Instead of heading for home, he turned onto the highway, heading for Blue Moon Canyon. He’d started going there every time he needed to be alone ever since him and his friends had found Enigma there. It had been New Year’s Eve. He’d been with Liz…

Max’s emotions took over and he started to sob. He reached the canyon and blindly pulled over and got out of the jeep. He sat down on the ground, leaning against the jeep for support.

He sat there and let the memories wash over him like waves: saving Liz on that fateful day at the Crashdown, telling Liz he loved her after she helped get him out of the white room, going to the prom with her, their countless meetings in the eraser room, their trip to Las Vega, fighting the FBI and the Skins, going to Enigma.

Max slowly got himself composed again and looked up at the sky in surprise. He must have been sitting there for close to three hours because the sky was dark and the starts were starting to appear. He looked up at the sky, trying to picture what heaven would look like. He smiled to think of Liz in heaven. An angel. His angel.

He slowly stood up, brushing the dirt and sand from his pants. He heard a car approaching him from behind. He turned and identified the car as Alex’s. He waved and Alex pulled over next to him.

“Hey Max. Whatcha doing way out here?” asked Alex.

“I could ask you the same thing,” Max, giving his friend a small smile.

“I…uh…I came out here to kind of…just…meditate.”

“Meditate? Have you been hanging out with Kyle again?”

“Hey, some of that Buddha stuff really makes sense. I’m really considering becoming a Buddhist. This…whole thing…with Maria and Liz gone…and Michael leaving Roswell…I’m really messed up. I need a new perspective on life, you know?”

“Yeah, I know,” said Max, getting into his jeep. He waved to Alex and headed back into town. As he was going home, he noticed Isabel’s car outside of Michael’s apartment building.

Max parked and went into the building, up to Michael’s place. The door was slightly ajar. He walked in, but the living room and kitchen were empty and dark.

He saw a sliver of light from the crack below the bedroom door. He walked towards it. He stopped, with his hand on the doorknob, listenigng. He knew Isabel was in there, but he didn’t know if she’d like him barging in while she was crying. He flinched as he heard her cry out, as if she was in a lot of pain.

He slowly turned the doorknob and pushed the door open. She was lying on Michael’s bed, holding onto a pillow. Her hair was all messed up and her makeup was running. She looked like a little girl.

Max walked to the bed and sat down, gently scooping his sister into his arms. “Shh…it’s all right,” he said, giving her a quick kiss on the top of her head. He gently rocked her back and forth as she clung to him.

“Max, he left. Michael really left us,” she managed to choke out.

“I know Izzybear,” he whispered. He hadn’t called her Izzybear in years, but now it seemed like the only appropriate name to us.

Isabel sat up and hastily wiped at her eyes. She looked Max in the eyes and said, “Max, I need to go after Michael. I need to go to New York City.”


Michael was the last one off the Greyhound bus. He trudged into the airport and flopped into a chair. Just as he was contemplating whether or not to splurge and get himself a burger, his flight number was called to board.

He walked towards the area where the flight attendants were letting people onto the plane for New York City. He sighed and took his ticket out of his pocket and handed it to the woman. “Thank you for flying Midwest Express,” she said. “Have a nice trip and let us know if you need anything at all while onboard. You will be receiving dinner and a movie will be shown on your flight.”

Michael nodded his head and headed onto the plane, quickly finding his seat. He put his one small suitcase into the overhead baggage carrier and sat down. Next to him, staring out the window, was a girl with long dark hair and dark eyes. She looked a lot like Liz.

“Uh, hi,” said Michael. “I’m Michael.”

“Oh, hi,” she said. Her voice was warm and cheery. “My name is Serena.”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you,” said Michael. “Can I ask why you’re heading for New York?”

“Well, I just need a break. I just graduated from high school and my parents want me to go to college, but I just don’t think I’m ready. I mean, I have good grades and everything, and I’m a really social person, I just don’t feel like going to school again yet.” She blushed and looked down at her hands. “I’m sorry. Look at me, practically telling my life story to a stranger.”

“No, it’s ok,” said Michael.

Serena looked up at him. “So, Michael. Why are you going to New York?”

Michael looked away from Serena and said, “My best friend’s girlfriend and my girlfriend died in a car accident. I need to get away from the memories.”

“Oh wow, I am so sorry,” said Serena, reaching out and giving Michael’s arm a friendly and encouraging squeeze. “Well, this is kind of a long flight, because we have a layover in Chicago, so if you need to talk to someone, I’m here.”

“Thanks,” he said. “I’ve really wanted to talk to someone about this, but I can’t talk to any of my friends, because it’s just as painful and hard to hear about for them as it is for me.”

Serena nodded in understanding. “Why don’t you tell me about your girlfriend?”

“Well, her name was Maria….”


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~*Chapter 10*~

Michael and Serena talked nonstop for the entire flight. Michael surprised himself by telling her a lot about his life…practically everything unalien-related. He usually wasn’t this social, even with his lifelong friends. He thought maybe it was just his way of dealing with losing Maria and Liz and leaving Roswell. For whatever reason, he liked Serena. She was a great listener and a really good friend.

The plane landed in New York City and everyone started to file off of the plane. “Where are you headed?” asked Serena.

“To go look for an apartment,” said Michael, walking quickly through the crowd of people.

“What? You don’t even have a place to go yet?” asked Serena in disbelief.

“Well…this was sort of a last minute trip.”

“Well, I’m going to be staying with an old friend of mine and he has this huge apartment…and well, I’m sure he’d let you crash there for a few days.”

“Uh, sure, thanks,” said Michael, stopping to look down at Serena. “It’s nice to have someone nice to help me out during this.”

Serena just nodded her head and led Michael outside, where she hailed a cab. The cab driver shoved their bags into the trunk of the car and Michael and Serena got into the cramped back seat. The car smelled like cough drops and rotten eggs. Michael tried not to breathe much.

“Where to?” asked the cab driver, sounding bored out of his pants.

“I’m not sure of the exact address,” said Serena hesitantly. “The large white apartment complex on 5th Avenue…”

“I know where that is,” said the driver, causing Serena to smile and sit back with relief. Silence fell upon the car as no one knew what to say.


“AAAAHHHH!!” Maria screamed in agony as the needles slowly entered her brain. Her vision started to fade and she was enveloped in a whiteness, almost cloudlike. She tried to control her breathing and not think. Khivar and his evil minions had been doing tests on her and Liz for what seemed like days now. First they had tried tests to see if Maria and Liz had any telepathic powers. Now they were conducting tests to test their mental state and how much strain they could handle. They were probing their brains for information about the aliens, too. That was why Maria was trying not to think…she didn’t want to accidentally give any important information to Khivar.

She grimaced in pain and disgust as she felt the microscopic needles retracting from her brain, making her feel woozy. Her vision began to return and she could vaguely sense someone wrapping a bandage around her head. She laid back and fell asleep, not wanting to be awake if another test was going to be done any time soon.


“What?” asked Max, hoping he had heard his sister wrong.

“I need to go to New York, Max. Michael can’t be alone now. He needs me!” Isabel started to struggle out of Max’s hold on her. “He needs me, Max! Let go of me! Michael needs me!” She continued to struggle and Max let go of her, causing her to fall to the floor with a thud.

“Oh, shit! I’m sorry Isabel!” cried Max, leaning down to help her up. She allowed him that, but then pushed him away.

“Don’t try to stop me, Max. I need to do this.”

“Isabel, be rational! New York City? That’s all the way across the country! What are you going to tell Mom and Dad? And what about Alex, huh? His two best friends die, then one of his other friends goes to New York…I don’t think he’ll be able to handle you leaving him too.”

“Max,” Isabel whispered. “I need to.” With that said, she left Michael’s room and walked out of the apartment and drove off in her car. Max chased her down the stairs, but wasn’t quick enough. All he could see of her when he got outside where the taillights of her car, fading into the distance.

Max sighed and got into his jeep and sighed. “Why?” he asked himself quietly. “Why am I losing everyone I love?” He slammed his fist down on the horn again and again, letting out his anger and misery.


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~*Chapter 11*~

Liz waited impatiently for Maria to be brought back into their room. Finally a door on the other side of the room was opened and Maria was ushered into the room, holding a hand to her head, a look of confusion on her face. Liz hurried over to Maria to help her walk to a chair to sit down.

“Are you okay?” asked Liz looking down at her friend with concern. Maria had been having more tests conducted on her than Liz, but neither knew why.

“No,” said Maria. “That was the worst one of all. They stuck needles into my head,” Maria looked up in fear at Liz. “Why?” she asked. “Why are they doing so many tests on me and not you? I mean, I don’t have anything wrong with me do I? If anyone would be different I’d think it would be you, since you were the one that was healed by Max.”

The two girls sat in silence, holding hands and trying to make sense of the confusing events that their lives were now made up of. They were both lost in their thoughts when the door opened again and Khivar walked in.

“Hello ladies,” he said. “I have the results of your tests. I must say, I am very excited!” Maria sent him a death glare, which he chose to ignore. “Liz, you seen to be closer to Vilandra, so I’ll be using you to talk to her through dreams. Maria, you…you’re quite an amazing human. You seem to have telepathic gifts and I think you’ll come in handy with communicating with Avana, Rath, and Zan.”

Liz rolled her eyes. “Will you please call them by their names? They are Isabel, Tess, Michael, and Max. The names you use are from their other lives. Those Antarians don’t exist anymore!”

Khivar once again chose to ignore Liz. “We will be going back to Where The Light Isn’t in a few hours. I’d recommend that you get some rest now, Maria, you’ll need all of your strength.” Khivar left once again, except this time he turned off the lights in the room, plunging the girls into almost complete darkness. They heard him chuckling from the other side of the door and saying, “Get used to the darkness. You won’t be living in my dimension anymore. You are going to be living in The Land Where The Light Isn’t.”

Maria and Liz held onto each other, lying down on one of the beds. “What is he going to use me for?” asked Maria, trying to disguise the fear in her voice but not succeeding.

“Maybe he needs you to communicate with someone in our dimension. Don’t worry Maria. I’ll be there with you. And at least we won’t be in this place anymore. We’ll be in The Land Where The Light Isn’t from now on, just us.”

“Somehow, that doesn’t comfort me a lot, Liz.”


Tess sighed and crawled under the blankets on her bed, trying to get comfortable. There was someone she needed to talk to. She concentrated on entering the dream plane and tried to find the entrance into the dream, or more precisely, the mind, of the person she had to speak to. Finally she found her way and entered.

“Ah, Queen Avana, welcome,” he said, walking up to her and enveloping her in a hug. “How are you doing?”

“Good. I need to speak to you though. I want to know when the next part of our plan is going to go into action. It should be soon…we may be having some problems here.”

“Really? What types of problems?”

“Isabel and Michael, excuse me sir, I mean Vilandra and Rath, have left Roswell. They are going to New York City.”

“Why in the world are they doing that?” exploded the man, starting to pace back and forth angrily. “I asked you to be sure everyone was easily accessible and then you just let those two slip through your fingers?! What is wrong with you? Do I need to get someone else to help me?”

“No sir, I can handle the job. Just give me some time. They may be accessible for communication, even in New York City. When are you going to attempt a communication?”

“I wanted to wait a few more days, but I can’t wait any longer. The subject is as strong as she will ever be, and so I will be trying shortly. Tell me, how is Zan doing?”

“Upset, obviously. I haven’t really talked to him much lately. I spend most of my time with Kyle. He’s quite a pleasant human.”

The man nodded his head and said, “I have to go now. I will speak to you again in two days, Avana.”

“Yes sir, Khivar.”


Isabel pulled over towards the dusty, rundown looking rest stop. She got out of the car and placed her hand over the car, filling it up with more gas, since she was very low. She walked towards the building and opened the door, looking around for signs that anyone was around. She saw an elderly woman behind a counter, reading a trashy tabloid magazine.

“Hello,” said Isabel. “Is there a restroom here that I can use?”

“Yes deary, right that way,” said the woman, pointing to Isabel’s right. She smiled a thanks and walked to the restroom. She walked in and was surprised at how much cleaner and more modern it was as compared to the rest of the building. She relieved herself and then splashed some water on her face and brushed her hair. She left the restroom again and was about to walk outside when she heard the woman call out to her.

“Young lady! You look tired, would you like a cup of coffee? On the house…”

Isabel turned around and smiled. “Yes, thank you. That would be wonderful. I have been driving all night and I still have so far to go.”

“Oh my. Where did you come from and where are you going?” asked the woman as she poured coffee into a huge styrofoam cup.

“I’m from Roswell, New Mexico. I’m going to New York City.”

“That’s a very long trip for a young lady to travel alone. Why are you going?”

“Um, two of my close friends recently died in a car accident. And one of my other friends couldn’t deal with it, so he flew to New York City yesterday. I just have this gut instinct to go after him. I feel like he needs me.”

“Oh, so it’s a boy you’re chasing after?”

“Yes, but it’s nothing romantic or anything. I grew up with him and he’s like my second brother. My boyfriend is back in Roswell.”

“How is he handling your decision to leave?”

“I uh, didn’t tell him, or my parents. Only my brother knows…” Silence fell over them. Finally Isabel said, “Well I should go. Is that coffee done?”

“Yes, here you go,” said the woman, handing it to her. “Have a safe trip.”

“Thanks.” Isabel walked back to her car, sipping her coffee. She set it in a cup holder and pulled back onto the highway. She passed a sign that read ‘DALLAS, TEXAS 100 MILES’. She sighed and turned on the radio, enjoying the feel of the wind coming in the windows and the sight of the rising sun.


The cab stopped in front of a huge white building and Serena said, “We’re here.” Michael and Serena climbed out of the cab and got their bags from the trunk. Serena turned to Michael and said, “Before we go up, I need to tell you something about my friend.”

“Sure,” said Michael.

“Don’t talk about Maria or Liz while you’re around him. A few years ago his sister was in a car accident and died. He hasn’t gotten over it and if you talk about your girlfriend and friend, his feeling are bound to resurface and upset him. Also, his name is Lucas, but don’t ever call him that. Luke is the only name he’ll allow someone to call him.”

“Ok,” said Michael. “And you’re sure this guy is going to let me crash here for a few days?”

“Totally. Luke has a huge heart. He totally won’t mind.” Serena led Michael up the small stairway to the third floor and stopped in front of room 3K. She knocked and the door flew open almost immediately.

“SERENA!” Luke yelled, grabbing her into a hug and swinging her around, totally oblivious to the fact that Michael was also standing there. Finally Luke set Serena down again and noticed Michael. He sent Serena a questioning look.

“Luke, this is Michael. Michael, this is Luke.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Luke, sticking out his hand.

Michael shook it as Serena said, “He’s got nowhere to stay so I said that you’d let him crash here until he finds a place.”

“Yeah, that’s cool with me,” said Luke, leading them into his apartment. “Come on Michael, I’ll show you to your room.”


Khivar returned a few hours later and dragged Liz and Maria to their feet. “We’re leaving now,” he said. They walked with him down a long hallway to a big room that looked strangely like a high school gymnasium. They stood in the center of the room and all of a sudden they were enveloped in the brilliant light just like when they’d been brought to Khivar’s dimension.

This time the trip seemed to take longer and the sensation of flying or soaring did not occur. The landing was not as rough either. One minute they were in the light, the next they were standing on solid ground in total darkness. Liz and Maria could feel Khivar still holding onto their arms. Apparently he wasn’t going to let go and risk losing them in the dark until they did as he wanted.

Khivar spoke up, “Maria, I need you slowly sit down on the ground. You too Liz.” They did as he asked and then he let go of Liz’s arm saying, “I don’t need to work with you now, just Maria.” He grabbed both of her hands and said, “Maria, I need you to just take deep breaths and concentrate on what I tell you to do. Can you do that for me?”

“That depends on what you’re using me to do and what the consequences might be.”

“I need you to help me get in touch with Rath. We need to convince him that Vilandra shouldn’t be with Alexander Whitman.”

“No!” said Maria, pulling her hands back from Khivar in disgust. “I know that Isabel and Alex are in love and I’m not going to help you break them up!”

“Fine,” snarled Khivar. “We’ll do this the hard way!” He roughly shoved Maria to the ground and held her down and he placed his hands on her head. “I have received word that Rath and Vilandra are in New York City. Think of New York City, Maria. Think of Rath and Vilandra.”

“Their names are Michael and Isabel,” said Maria angrily. “I know the dupes as Rath and Vilandra.”

Khivar took his hands off Maria’s head and looked at her, which she couldn’t see in the darkness. “What? There are duplicates?”

“Yeah. Two sets of pods were taken to Earth. One set in Roswell, one in New York City.”

Khivar smiled excitedly. “So there are four dupes in New York City?”

“No, only three. Zan was killed, so only Ava, Lonnie, and Rath are alive.”

“Seven,” muttered Khivar. “There are seven hybrids on Earth…” He slowly stood up. “We’ll do this some other time. I need to make some changes in my plans. Oh, and I guess I could do what you want me to do and call them Isabel, Tess, Michael, and Max. Now that there is another set…” He walked away from Liz and Maria, still muttering and mumbling excitedly to himself. There was a bright flash of light and he was gone. Liz and Maria were once again alone in the dark place between dimensions.

To be continued....sorry if I confused anyone again, lol

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~*Chapter 12*~

Max slowly drove home, not at all looking forward to having to tell his parent and his friends, especially Alex, that Isabel had gone after Michael. He pulled the jeep into his driveway and sat in the silence, staring up at his house. It looked so big and empty in the moonlight. He finally dragged himself out of the jeep and walked quietly in the front door, hoping not to wake his parents. He was in luck, they were sleeping soundly in their room. Max shut his bedroom door, threw his jacket on the floor and sat on his bed.

He wanted to tell his friends right away about Isabel and just get it over with. He looked at the clock. It was 1:00 a.m. to late to call anyone. He sighed and fell into a laying position, falling asleep as his head hit the pillow.

The next morning Max awoke to hear pounding on his bedroom door. “Come in,” he called out, his voice cracking because his throat was so dry.

“Max!” said his mother, walking into the room. “Wake up! It’s noon already. Have you seen Isabel? I haven’t seen her all day, and her bed doesn’t look like it’s been slept in.”

“Mom, sit down.”

“What? Max, why would I want to sit down?”

“Please Mom. Just sit down.”

“Alright…but I really don’t see why…”

“Mom, I have something to tell you about Isabel. She, uh, she went to New York City.”

“She what! I thought your group of friends canceled the road trip!”

“We did, but Michael felt like he needed to leave Roswell and yesterday he flew to New York City. Isabel went after him in her car.”

“Why didn’t you stop her? Why would you let her go!” Mrs. Evans started to cry. “Her two friends just died…she needs to be with family and friends right now. What made her think leaving was going to solve anything?”

“Mom, she left because she didn’t want Michael to be alone. She kept on saying that he needed her.”

Mrs. Evans stood up. “Well, I better go call your father and tell him. You need to get out of bed and do something today, mister. I know you’re very upset…about Liz…and I don’t blame you. You loved her-”

“I still love her Mom! That will never change. She’s the only woman I will ever love.”

Mrs. Evans shook her head sadly. “Oh Max…” She left and Max shut the door after her, deciding there was no time like the present to tell his friends that Isabel had gone after Michael. He walked to his phone and called the Valenti house. Kyle picked up on the second ring.


“Hey, Kyle? This is Max.”

“Oh, hey dude. What’s up?”

“I think you and Tess need to come over here now. I have something I need to tell you. Could you call Alex for me and tell him to come too?’

“Sure, bye.”

Max set the phone gently in its cradle and headed for the bathroom to take a shower. As he was showering he thought about how he wanted to tell his friends. Did he want to just come out and say it, or sort of leave hints until someone else figured it out? He stepped out of the shower and got dressed, finishing just as the doorbell rang. He ran to answer it and let in all three of his best friends remaining in Roswell.

“Hey Max,” Alex greeted him. He looked into the living room. “Uh, where’s Isabel? Let me guess…she’s upstairs doing her hair.” Alex chuckled and then realized Max wasn’t laughing with him. “Ok…I guess not…”

“Let’s all sit down,” said Max, ushering everyone into the living room. “I uh, well, I don’t really know how to say this. I’m just gonna say it and get it over with…Isabel went after Michael to New York City.”

“She what!?” yelled Alex, standing up quickly. “Why would she do something crazy like that?”

“She felt that Michael shouldn’t be alone at a time like this…that he needed her.”

Alex scowled and cried out, “But I need her too! I’m her boyfriend! And besides, Michael left to get away from Roswell…that includes getting away from us!”

“Hey, I don’t understand it very well either,” said Max, shrugging his shoulders.

“I’m out of here,” said Alex angrily, stomping his way out the door. Max looked at Kyle and Tess.

“Um, you two can leave too, if you want to,” said Max sadly. Kyle and Tess stood up and silently followed Alex, giving Max encouraging but sad smiles.

Max sighed and flopped down onto the couch, covering his eyes with his arm. Mrs. Evans walked into the room and sat down next to him, comfortingly rubbing his back. “So, you told your friends?”

“Yeah. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Alex didn’t take it too well though.”

Mrs. Evans nodded knowingly. “Well,” she said. “I am going out to the market. Care to join your old mom for the afternoon?”

Max thought about it and said, “Sure Mom. I’d love to…I do need to get out. And thanks for being so supportive of me. I really appreciate it.”

“I love you Max.”

“I love you Mom.”


Khivar walked into his private chamber, which was actually about as big as a regulation size football field. He sat down in a plush velvet chair and called out to Tess.

“Tess? Can you hear me?” he said.

“Yes,” she replied. “Why aren’t you calling me Queen Avana?”

“You aren’t the Queen. Ava, in New York City is.” Tess gasped in surprise. “That’s right, Tess. I know about the dupes now. And I am very very angry with you for not telling me about them. They are the rightful royal four.”

“No,” said Tess. “We are. They’re mistakes! I am the Queen, not Ava!”

Khivar fell silent for a moment. “Let’s suppose,” he said. “That there are two queens…do you think this is possible? That there are two queens, two kings, two second-in-commands, two unloyal sisters?”

“Uh, sir, it could be possible. We do all contain the DNA of the Antarians as they were in past lives…”

“So, there are two Vilandras? Lonnie and Isabel? Both of them?”

“Uh, yes, I suppose you could look at it that way, sir.”

“Very well then. Our plan has changed. We get Isabel first and then she brings me Lonnie. I can have both of them.”

“Very well sir. As you wish.”


Isabel turned into the parking lot of a small roadside motel outside of Louisville, Kentucky. She walked into the motel office and requested a room. She was given a key and she walked silently to her room. She opened it and flinched at the sight that greeted her.

The carpet was dingy and worn through to threads in some places. The bedspread had holes in it and the overhead light was burned out. She peeked into the bathroom and saw that where there used to be a shower stall there was nothing. The toilet looked old and as if it hadn’t been used in a long time. She sighed and walked back to the car, deciding to spend the night in there, rather than try to make herself at home in the dump that almost passed for a motel.

She was in very low spirits. She had been having a bad couple of days…all of the motels she could afford to stay at were like this one or worse. She had to eat greasy fast food if she wanted to eat at all. She’d spilled coffee on her favorite pair of pants. And she missed Alex. She missed him more than she thought she’d ever miss someone in her whole life. It was like she was literally traveling farther and farther from her life, from herself, with every mile she drove towards New York. She wished Alex were with her right now, holding her in his warm arms. If she could have that, everything else would be okay.


“Maria?” Liz whispered into the darkness, unsure if her friend was awake or not.

“Yeah chica?”

“I don’t feel good.”

“Neither do I. I feel more depressed than I ever have before and I think I’m going through Michael withdrawal.”

“No, Maria. I mean, I don’t feel good like I have a stomachache.”

Maria sat up and felt around until she felt Liz’s arm. She grabbed onto her friend, hugging her to her and said, “You’ll be ok. I think it’s just because you’re scared. Don’t worry, I’m here Liz.”

Liz shook her head and pushed herself away from Liz. “No, Maria, it’s getting worse. My stomach feels all cramped up and I think I’m going to puke.”

“Maybe that’ll make you feel better,” said Maria, pulling Liz’s hair back in case her friend was really going to puke. They waited in silence and then Maria flinched at the retching sounds coming from Liz. She continued to hold her friends hair back and rubbed comforting circles on her back. “It’s ok,” she said soothingly.

Liz finally stopped and sat still, unsure of whether or not that was the end of it. “Maria,” she gasped out. “I can’t…breathe! I can’t…”

Maria cried out and Liz collapsed into her arms, trembling and wheezing. Maria didn’t know what to do other than to scream at the top of her lungs, “MICHAEL! I NEED YOUR HELP!”


Michael flinched and fell to the ground, twisting his ankle at a dangerous angle. “Oh my God!” yelled Serena, leaning down to help him up. “Are you okay?”

Michael looked at her in confusion. “Yeah…I think so…did you hear that?”

“Hear what?”

“Someone called my name. I heard someone call out, ‘MICHAEL! I NEED YOUR HELP!’ clear as day!”

Serena gave Michael a strange look and said, “Maybe going out to the movies wasn’t such a good idea. You should go back to the apartment and get some rest. I thin k the plane ride wore you out.”

“Yeah, ok,” agreed Michael. He was getting kind of freaked out. He could swear that the voice he had heard cry out to him had been Maria’s.

To be continued...

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~*Chapter 13*~

Alex slammed his bedroom door and then looked around his room. There were so many small reminders of Isabel that he just couldn’t stand to look at. How could she leave him without saying goodbye?

Alex remembered back to the funeral when she’d asked him to hold her because she felt lost. He’d promised her he’d always be there. She obviously wasn’t always going to be there for him. He was sick of her mind games…one day they were together, the next they were just friends.

Alex grabbed a framed picture of Isabel off of his desk and threw it in a cardboard box he’d gotten from Mr. Parker. Alex planned on clearing his whole room of Isabel-related items. Maybe he’d give them back to Max or something. Just as long as he didn’t have to look at them everyday.


Maria cried as she cradled Liz’s head in her lap. Liz had been unconscious for hours after she had what had appeared to Maria as an asthma attack. Except she knew Liz didn’t have asthma…

Liz shifted slightly and Maria held her breath, hoping that her friend would finally awaken. No such luck.

As Maria sat there she thought about everything Khivar had said. She was telepathic. Was it possible to communicate with someone from her dimension without the help of Khivar’s powers?

Maria closed her eyes and took a deep breath, preparing herself to try a telepathic communication. Except she didn’t know what to do next. She sat perfectly still for a moment and then, in one quick second, she focused all of her energy in calling out with her mind, “Michael, we’re alive!”

Maria passed out and slumped to the ground next to Liz as all the energy flowed out of her body.


Michael dropped the glass of water in his hand and grabbed onto the counter for support. He’d heard the voice again. This time saying, “Michael, we’re alive!”

There was no doubt in Michael’s mind now that the voice he was hearing was Maria’s. “Ah shit,” he muttered. “They’re not calling out to you. Stop imagining things!”

Except this burst of power he’d felt directed at him both times wasn’t just his imagination. It was very real and excruciatingly painful.


Isabel let out a small sigh of relief as she entered Philadelphia. Now she could finally find a place to rest for the night. She was more exhausted than she’d ever been before. Who would have thought that driving could be so tiring?

She saw a Holiday Inn and pulled into the parking lot, dinging her bumper on another car. She grabbed her purse and as she passed the bumpers of her car and the other, she held out her hands and fixed it. She was too tired to even look around to see if anyone had noticed her.

She flung open the door and stepped into the air-conditioned lobby. “May I help you?” asked a bored-looking girl who was probably her age.

“Yeah, I need a room for the night.”

“Sure, sign this and show me some form of ID. You can pay in the morning.”

“Ok,” said Isabel, signing her name with a flourish. The girl handed her a key attached to a keyring that said ‘Room 41’.

“You’re on the fourth floor, first door to your left at the top of the stairs,” said the girl.

“Thanks.” Isabel trudged up the stairs and found her room. As soon as she opened the door she started squealing with delight. She’d finally found a place to stay the night that was clean and modern. She ran into the room and jumped onto the bed. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of a cozy place to sleep. Within a few minutes Isabel was fast asleep.

When she awoke she saw a vast heaven of stars above her. She blinked in confusion as she realized that she wasn’t in a bed in the Holiday Inn. In fact, she wasn’t in a bed at all, but lying on the dewy green grass of an immense orchard at the foot of a mountain. She looked up and saw that the summit of the mountain was obscured by a few stray clouds.

There were a few trees around her and large bunches of every wildflower imaginable. She plucked one that looked pale orange in the starlight. She held it to her nose and inhaled the fresh scent. It was unlike anything she’d ever smelled before. It was vibrant and…new. Everything around her seemed new, as if this were a world born into the universe just seconds ago. A place unscarred by humans or by natural disasters. It seemed like paradise.

Isabel looked around her. She felt that she wasn’t alone here. Yet, she knew she was in no danger. Whoever else was here was friendly. In fact, she felt an almost overpowering wave of love coming from this other person.

She slowly stood up and slowly turned in a circle, searching for the other person. She spotted the person, watching her from behind a patch of large weeping willow trees. Isabel gasped in surprise as the person’s face came into focus.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.


To be continued....but the parts will be taking longer to get out now that I have started another fic and I am about to start a sequel to another I wrote......please be patient! Thanks for the feedback!

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~*Chapter 14*~

"What are you doing here?" repeated Isabel. She looked into Liz's light brown eyes and saw so much pain and confusion that she felt her own heart ripping inside her chest.

"Isabel, help," said Liz, reaching out for Isabel. No matter how far she reached out she couldn't seem to grab onto Isabel. "Isabel, we need you."

"Liz? Tell me where we are. How can you be here? You died!"

"Yes, I did," said Liz. "But I didn't. Help us Isabel. Maria and I need to find a way out of here. She isn't sick yet, but I am. We can't survive in Where The Light Isn't. The atmosphere isn't right. That's Khivar's one mistake…sticking us here were we can't survive. He wants you to come to him. He thinks you are Vilandra. You are in danger. You need to contact the others and form a plan. The dupes are in danger too."

"Liz, what are you talking about? How can you be dead and not be dead? You've met Khivar? Liz, give me a better explanation! I'm not Vilandra…Liz!" Isabel watched in horror as Liz began to fade. "Liz, come back!" Isabel fell to her knees and began to cry, not knowing what was happening.

Liz completely disappeared from Isabel's sight. Isabel looked around her and realized that the sky was brightening and that she could now hear birds twittering among the few trees.

She blinked and she was back in her bed in the Holiday Inn. She looked at the digital clock by the bedside and realized that it was the next day. She rubbed her hands over her face, trying to convince herself that what she'd experienced was nothing more than a crazy dream. Yet she knew it wasn't a dream. It was some horribly real nightmarish reality.

She went into the bathroom and showered, trying to clear her mind and not think about what Liz had said. But that was impossible. The conversation haunted her mind. Liz was dead…yet she wasn't. How? She'd mentioned being in a place called Where The Light Isn't. What the hell, or where the hell, was that? What did Khivar have to do with anything? Isabel had heard of Khivar from Whittaker a few years ago, along with hearing about the fact that in her past life she was Vilandra. Vilandra and Khivar had a secret affair and she had ended up being the main cause of Khivar killing the Royal family.

Khivar was obviously still alive, and for some reason was still searching for his Vilandra…but then why had he killed her on Antar? Isabel rinsed her hair and tried once again to push the thoughts out of her mind. And once again she failed.

Liz had said that the dupes were also in danger. She'd said that Isabel had to contact the others. And the thing that had scared Isabel the most was the fact that Liz was so scared. She said that she and Maria weren't going to be able to survive where they were…which meant that they had to be alive. If they weren't alive it wouldn't make sense to worry about dying. Isabel had to tell the others, but how? Just call them up and say, "Hey, guess what? Last night Liz contacted me and told me that she and Maria are dead, but they aren't, and they can't survive where they are. Oh, and if that isn't confusing enough, Khivar is somehow involved, and he thinks I'm Vilandra. We, along with the dupes seem to also be in danger."

Yeah, like Michael, Max, and Tess would believe that. They'd tell her she was just stressed out, they'd tell her to return to Roswell. They'd tell her she was just imaging things. She sighed and turned off the flow of water in the shower, getting out and toweling off. She put on her clothes she'd been wearing the past few days and used her powers to make them cleaner and fresher. She quickly used her powers to dry her hair and then she grabbed her purse and went down to the main desk in the lobby.

The same girl was behind the counter, this time she appeared to be checking her e-mail. She looked up and said, "That'll be $35 please."

Isabel handed her the money and the key to the room and left. She pulled out of the parking lot and drove through Philadelphia, getting back on the highway and heading towards New York City. She figured that she'd be there by sundown.


Khivar stared at Tess, waiting for an answer. "Well?" he finally said.

"Sir, I don't know. This is a delicate situation. We can't just make this decision at the blink of an eye. This needs to be well thought out. A few years ago Max and I did go to New York for the summit meeting. At that time they were living in the subways. Who knows where they could be now. The dupes didn't exactly strike me as people who stay in one place for very long. They could be anywhere by now."

"That's not my concern then. You need to track them down. Our plans have changed. We don't capture Isabel first, we capture Lonnie. And Ava and Rath could be useful too. You need to find out where they are and report back to me within one week in earth time…or you will no longer be a part of this."

"Sir, I can't leave Roswell! That would look too suspicious, with Michael and Isabel already gone."

"You will do whatever it takes, whether you are in Roswell or New York City and you will do it by the one week deadline. No excuses. Do you understand what I can do to you if you don't? I can torture you. I can keep you alive for many decades while torturing you the whole time. You don't want that, do you Tess?"

"No sir."

"All right then," he said, an evil grin overtaking his face. "Just so we know who's in charge here…"


Alex shifted the box to his other arm and rang the doorbell. After a few seconds the door was flung open by Mrs. Evans.

"Why, hello Alex," she said. "How are you?"

"As good as can be expected, Mrs. Evans."

"Oh, you poor thing. I'm surprised that Isabel didn't say anything to you before she left. This whole thing is just so unlike her…"

"Yeah, uh, is Max around?"

"He's in his room. You go right on up."

"Thanks," said Alex, walking up the stairs. He stopped in front of Isabel's room and looked in. Everything looked the same. It looked as if she'd been there just seconds ago. Alex sighed and moved on down the hallway to Max's closed bedroom door.

He knocked and slowly opened the door. Max was reading a book while lying on his bed. He looked up and smiled sadly. "Hey Alex, what's that?"

"This," said Alex, setting down the box. "Is a box full of stuff I had over at my house that belongs to Isabel or reminds me of Isabel."

Max slowly walked over and inspected the box. "Well, uh, you can just go set it in her room. I, uh, really can't bear to look through it now. She hurt me too, you know. She left when everyone here needed her to stay. We all needed each other. We still do."

Alex nodded and picked the box up again. "Well, I'll go put this in her room now. Go back to reading your book, Max. I'll see you later."

"All right, later."


"You need to see a doctor!" Serena insisted.

"I'm fine, really. This happens sometimes." Michael lowered himself carefully onto the couch, trying not to make any sudden movements because he was very dizzy.

"Well, this isn't normal. Please. You're a guest here in Luke's apartment and I'm sure he doesn't want a dizzy, headachy, messed up guest!"

"So now I'm messed up?" muttered Michael, holding his hands to his throbbing temples.

"That's not what I meant, Michael. I'm just worried. You could be really sick."

"I'm not sick. I just need to figure out what exactly is causing this."

"Which is what a doctor could do for you!"

"No, a doctor wouldn't be able to help me with this."

"How do you know that?" asked Serena, standing up and looking down at Michael, hands on her hips.

"I know, ok? Please, just let me figure it out. I can't see a doctor. Maybe some of my friends in Roswell can help me…figure it out."

Serena sighed and said, "Ok, I guess. But if this continues for much longer, I'll make you see a doctor. I'm really worried."

Michael gave her a crooked smile. "I met you on a plane. We don't even know each other that well. Why are you so worried about me?"

"I'm a dedicated friend. I'll do almost anything to make sure that my friends are ok. And although we met on a plane, I feel like I know a lot about you. I consider you my friend."

"Well, thanks," said Michael. "Same to you."

To be continued...

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I am responding to the people who left me feedback on all my fics since the latest parts went up.....I kinda feel bad that I only have one person to respond to on this one!

roswellluver---Yup, it's a relief to finally have someone know that Liz and Maria are alive, even if it's only in a different dimension! Serena is a great person, isnt' she....and you'll find out later in the fic just how great a friend she can be...she's very self-sacrificing! Thanks for the feedback....I can always count on seem to read all of my fics, thanks so much!

I hope to have part 15 by the weekend, I have been working on it for 2 days now and it's only like a third of the way done....


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Lucky Star---Thanks for the feedback!

Finally, here is part 15.....YAY! This part took me all week to write, and compared to what I usually write, this part is really long! I probably won't update this fic for another week, because I want to write new parts of Freaks On The Run, and Finding Ourselves. And now, here is....

~*Chapter 15*~

Tess gave Kyle a quick kiss on the cheek and stood up from the couch where she’d been sitting with Kyle, watching old reruns of ‘The Brady Bunch’.

“Where are you going?” asked Kyle.

“Kyle, as much as I love you, I can’t stand to sit through another episode where Jan keeps muttering to herself, ‘Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. Everyone loves Marsha,’ or I am going to die a slow and torturous death.”

“Hey!” said Kyle, putting on his best sad-puppy face, but Tess just shook her head.

“Kyle,” she said seductively, leaning down towards him and licking her lips.”

“Yes?” he whispered, watching her lips. She leaned closer until he could feel her ragged breath against his ear.

“Get a new hobby. Television is so overrated.” He sighed in frustration and looked up at her, an amused smirk was spread across her lips. “And now, Buddha boy, I’m going to bed. Good night.” She turned and walked towards her bedroom.

“Wait!” yelled Kyle. “My dad works third shift tonight. Come on, Tess! Don’t you have a lamp that needs trimming or something?”

Tess giggled at his use of their code word for sex, but continued on to her room. She needed to get down to business and try to locate Lonnie.

“Hmmm,” she murmured to herself. “I’ve been looking for an excuse to dreamwalk…”


Michael finally escaped again to the confines of the small bedroom he’d been occupying for four days at Luke’s apartment. He hadn’t seen Luke around much, but that was ok with Michael. He was bothered enough everyday by Serena. She was a sweet girl, but bothersome.

Michael got onto the bed and stared up at the ceiling. As he studied the cracks and chips of paint on the ceiling, his mind wandered back to the what had happened a few days earlier.

Michael was now one hundred percent sure that the voice he’d heard was Maria’s. He wasn’t, however, completely sure if he was sane or not. As much as he wanted to uphold a hope that Maria was alive, he couldn’t. No matter how convincing the evidence, he couldn’t see it any other way. She was dead. Gone forever. He’d held her lifeless body, he’d seen her in her coffin, he’d seen her buried in the Roswell Cemetary. There was no possible way for Maria to be crying out to him!

He groaned as he felt the all too familiar prickling of tears at his eyes. ‘Why?’ he thought. ‘Why does this have to happen now? Why does my mind have to keep playing these games and putting on these pointless charades?’

Michael sat up quickly and grabbed for the phone by the bedside. Without making a conscious decision to do so, he dialed collect to the Evans’ home, just wanting to hear a familiar voice.

“Please state your name,” read the recorded message.

“Michael Guerin.”

There were a few bleeps and blips as the lines were crossed and Michael could hear a faint humming on the line that always seemed to accompany long distance calls.

Faintly he could hear, “Hello?”

“Hello. Will you accept the charges for a call from Michael Guerin?”

“Of course!” Michael smiled as he heard that, knowing it was Max. Their connection was put through all the way and Max said, “Michael, how are you?!”

“Good. I met this really nice girl on the plane. Her name is Serena. The guy she’s staying with is letting me crash here too.”

“That’s good. So, has Isabel gotten there yet?”

“Excuse me?” said Michael, getting confused. What was Max talking about?

“Isabel left Roswell like seven hours after you did. She was going to drive all the way to New York City.”

“Maxwell, are you crazy? You let her! It could be dangerous!”

“I tried to stop her. I really did. But she kept saying you needed her.”

Michael sat in silence, absorbing what Max had told him. Finally he said, “Does she have her cell phone with her? Has anyone tried contacting her?”

“She left it at home. We have no way of reaching her. We don’t know if she’s safe. My mom is upset and my dad is highly pissed off.”

“How’s Alex?”

“Not good. He feels like she just abandoned him. Which, in all honesty, she did. Yesterday Alex brought a big box of her stuff over that he’d had at her house. I told him to just stick it in her room. I can’t go through it. I’m too…upset. I needed her here, with me. And she just left.”

“Your time is up,” came the voice of the operator.

“All right,” said Michael. “I’ll talk to you later Maxwell.”

“Yeah. If you see Isabel tell her to call. Everyone here in Roswell is worried. Bye.”



Khivar stepped out of the bright light and walked to the two girls who lay huddled together on the ground.

“Wake up,” he snapped at them. He waited impatiently for a response, but didn’t get one. “Wake up!” he yelled, kicking savagely at Maria’s leg.

Maria slowly blinked until her eyes came into better focus. As soon as she realized that it was Khivar standing over her, she tried to stand up. She got up on one knee, but found she didn’t have the energy or the strength to go any further.

“What the hell is the matter with you?” asked Khivar, looking down at Maria with disgust.

“I don’t know,” she said. Her memory was hazy. She didn’t remember much of anything since Liz had gotten sick…

“Liz?!” she cried out, gently shaking her friend. Liz moaned quietly, but didn’t open her eyes or acknowledge Maria in any way. Maria looked at Khivar with pleading eyes. “Please, you have to help her! She couldn’t breathe before, and then she just passed out!”

“Damn,” muttered Khivar. “I was hoping this wouldn’t happen. We are going to have to go back to my dimension. Where The Light Isn’t seems to be too close to your dimension, where you two are dead. It appears that you can’t survive long here…you would eventually die.”

Maria looked up at Khivar, totally and utterly speechless. For the first time in her life, or the lack thereof, Maria Deluca was unable to utter a word. They were dying all over again? Liz was dying all over again because of the dimension they were in? But she…

“I don’t think I’m dying,” said Maria.

“What? You’re too weak to stand. You aren’t talking much or spewing out insults at me left and right! Of course you’re dying!”

Maria shook her head. “No, really, I don’t think I am. Neither is Liz. I think the dimension’s atmosphere just caught up with her and made her ill for a little while. And then, maybe, she did what I did.”

“What did you do?”

“Contacted someone on-”

“You contacted someone without my supervision?! Who?”

“Does it matter?”

“Of course it matters! What did you say?”

“That’s not your business! You’re holding us hostage here! I don’t owe you any explanations.”

Khivar chuckled. “Hostage…you think I’m holding you hostage? That is the farthest thing from the truth, child. You are dead on earth, but I am allowing you to live here! It is a great honor to be in my world. Holding you hostage…no. You’re more like…a puppet. Yes, you two are my cute little human puppets to help me lure Isabel and Lonnie here.”

Maria’s eyes grew dark with rage and hate. “I am no one’s puppet! I’m a human being!’

Khivar grabbed Maria by the hair, pulling her weak body into a standing position. He brought her face right up to his, staring into her eyes. Maria wanted to look away from those eyes. The eyes that revealed the horribly sinister and grotesque corners of whatever he had in place of a heart.

“You’re a human being?!” yelled Khivar mockingly. “Do I look like I give a shit that you’re human?! You, and all humans, should be annihilated! You’re vile creatures, practically useless!”

Maria whimpered softly as his gaze became more solid and steely. He slowly loosened his hold on her hair, his hands slipping to her cheek. He stroked her cheek, almost gently. Maria whimpered again.

“Do I scare you?” asked Khivar. “Do you suddenly turn cold when I’m around? Can you see the bottomless pit of darkness in my eyes? Do you?!”

Maria quickly shook her head, eyes wide open. She kept shaking her head, knowing she wasn’t being honest at all, but not wanting to send Khivar over the edge.

Khivar smiled. “I know you’re lying. You’re scared of me, you wish I’d die. I don’t like the way you look at me…with so much disgust. I’d like to make a deal with you. If you stop looking at me like that, I might not be forced to give in to my physical needs and do this…” He roughly grabbed at her breast with one hand, squeezing it painfully.

Maria held in her cry of pain and fear, not wanting to provoke him into going any further. He let go of her and stepped back.

“Remember, stop looking at me with all that hate and I might be nice. And since you believe you aren’t dying here, stay. But don’t you dare try to contact anyone…or you’ll pay the price, with your body, if you know what I mean.” He turned and walked away, soon disappearing in the flash of bright light.

Maria fell to the ground again next to Liz, curling up in a little ball. The tears slipped down her face and the sobs wracked her body. She cried the way she had when she was little and she’d found out that her father had left and wasn’t going to come back.

But this time she wasn’t just sad and confused, she was terrified. What if Khivar raped her? What if he took from her the one thing she wanted to share with Michael? Maria slowly cried herself to sleep, thinking about Michael.


Isabel pulled over and parallel parked between two cars. She got out of her car as quickly as she could with so much traffic zipping past her. She ran across the street to the pay phone she had seen and got into the small pexiglass cubicle surrounding it.

She reached into her purse for two quarters, only to realize she had no change. “Shit,” she muttered, running her hands through her hair in despair. Why hadn’t she just brought her cell phone with her? She needed to call Max in Roswell and see if he knew where Michael was.

Isabel turned to go back to her car when she decided to reach out her hand and see if there was any change in the coin return slot. She expected to find nothing…how many people actually left their change there?

But her fingers felt two small metal disks. She quickly fumbled them out and realized she was holding two quarters…enough for a phone call! She did a little victory dance in the phone booth, which was difficult, considering the limited space, and then her face fell in disappointment.

Yes, she had $.50, with which she could make a call…but only local. And she’d decided earlier not to even try a collect call because if Max answered he might not accept the charges, and if one of her parents answered, they might try to coarse the operator into disclosing information on the location of the phone from which Isabel would be calling from.

She slumped against the phone, not knowing what to do. She then caught sight of a dark-haired girl walking down the sidewalk. Isabel gasped as she realized how much this girl looked like Liz.

The girl saw her and the combined looks of despair and recognition much have talked to her heart, because she came rushing over to the phone booth. “You look like you’re not having a good day. Can I be of any help?”

Isabel was touched at the girl’s kindness and sighed with relief. “I don’t have enough money to call by brother in Roswell, and I need to find one of my friends here in New York City…” She took a deep breath, trying to get her frayed nerves under control. She definitely didn’t want to break down in tears in front of a stranger…no matter how nice the stranger seemed to be.

A look came over the girl’s face, she seemed to be thinking about something. “Did you say Roswell? As in Roswell, New Mexico?”

“Yeah,” said Isabel.

“And you’re looking for your friend? Is your friend a he who arrived here a few days ago?” Isabel stared at the girl, in shock. Was this girl psychic…or a Skin? The girl noticed Isabel’s discomfort and said, “I don’t mean to freak you out. My name is Serena and if my guess is correct, you are Isabel, and you are looking for Michael. I met him on the plane. He told me about all of his friends back in Roswell, including you.”

Isabel broke into a smile. “Do you know where he is now? I need to find him.”

“Yeah, me and him are staying at my friend Luke’s apartment. Come on, we’ll take your car. It’s only six blocks from here.”

Isabel, still in complete and total shock from her coincidental good luck, lead Serena to her car.

“Just take this street past these lights and at the next set of lights turn right and go for four blocks. It’s a big white building.”

Isabel began driving, then said to Serena, “Do you have a cell phone? I’ll pay you back for the call, but I really want to talk to my brother before I see Michael.”

“Sure,” said Serena, handing her cell phone to Isabel. “And don’t worry about paying me back.”

Isabel dialed to her home in Roswell, all the way across the continent. It was picked up on the third ring by Max.




“Yeah. Um, I’m in New York City. I’m about four blocks from where Michael is staying.”

“How’d you find him so quickly?”

“I met Serena, this girl he met on the plane…”

“They’re staying at the same place, I know,” finished Max.

“Have you talked to Michael?”

“Yeah…he seemed like he wasn’t telling me something. Something big.”

“Well, I have something HUGE to tell you. I can’t now…but me and Michael will talk, then I’ll call you again, ok? I have to go now Max. Tell Mom and Dad I love them.”

Max snorted in amusement. “Isabel, they’re worried sick over you! Telling them you love them won’t ease their minds much.”

“Are you angry with me Max? Because I came for Michael. I wasn’t being selfish.”

“Maybe,” said Max. “But Alex doesn’t see it that way. Bye, Isabel.”

Isabel stopped the car in front of the apartment building and handed the cell phone to Serena. “Well, I guess we should go up and see Michael now.”

Serena reached over and squeezed Isabel’s shoulder comfortingly. “Hey, what’s wrong? I’m sure he’ll be ecstatic to see you.”

“Yeah,” said Isabel. “But I have some news for him that he may not take well.”


After Michael got off the phone with Max he headed into the kitchen to grab an apple. “Hey,” said Serena. “I’m going for a walk. I’ll be back later. Are you feeling better?”

“Yes,” he lied. If anything, he was feeling worse than before. He couldn’t shake this weird feeling…like someone was talking to him, but he couldn’t hear them.

He headed back to his room, munching on the apple, and flopped down onto his bed once again. He felt drained…everything that had happened since graduation was so emotionally exhausting. He fell asleep, the apple, now turning a pale brown, slipping from his fingers as he slipped into a place unfamiliar to him.

He never had the sense of waking up there…he was just there. The place we bright and sunny, full of flowers and trees. A stream flowed past on his left, and to his right was a large mountain range.

He looked around and gasped in shock when he realized who he was looking at. She was wearing a yellow robe-like thing. Her eyes were haunted, her face seemed aged. Yet there was no denying it. He was looking at Maria.

“Michael,” she said calmly. “I’ve been trying to properly contact you for hours. Liz and I are still alive in another dimension. Khivar is using us to lure Lonnie and Isabel to him. You need to help us. Get us out of Where The Light Isn’t. It’s so dark…so lonely. We’ll go crazy if we stay here much longer. Help us Michael. Get Max and find a way to get us back.”

Michael was too in shock to do anything but nod weakly. His lips were crying out to touch hers, his hands to touch her. But his muscles wouldn’t cooperate. He could do nothing but look at her longingly.

“I have to go now, Michael, the connection is getting weak. But first, I have two things to say. First, if you and Max find a way to get us back to earth, our bodies there need to be ready to receive us. On earth we really are dead. And secondly, I love you. I love you and I was saving myself for you. If Khivar has his way with me, know that. I love you and no one else.”

Michael blinked and he was back in his room in Luke’s apartment. He heard Serena coming back from her walk and yelling, “Hey, Michael! Your friend Isabel Evans is here!”


Tess entered the dream plane and after only a minute or two of searching, found Lonnie’s dream. She stepped into it and walked up to Lonnie.

“Where are you?” she asked, seeing no point in beating around the bush.

“What?” asked Lonnie. She, being an Antarian hybrid, knew about dreamwalking and knew this wasn’t a dream Tess, but the real one. “What the fuck do you mean, where am I?”

“Where do you live?”


“Give me an answer.”

“The same place in this shithole subway system as when you and goodie two shoes Max came here for the freakin’ summit meeting. Why the hell do you care?”

“Never mind,” said Tess, stepping out of the dream and smiling in her sleep. She was now well on her way to handing Lonnie to the waiting hands of Khivar.

To be continued...

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~*Chapter 16a*~

“Alex, you have to relax!”

“I am relaxing, Kyle! Ok, ok, let’s try again,” Alex took a deep breath and tried to clear his mind. Kyle was teaching Alex how to meditate, but Alex wasn’t doing too well. He couldn’t seem to completely clear his mind. There was too much stuff all jumbled up, stuff he couldn’t ignore for even a few seconds. Primarily Isabel.

Kyle sighed and stood up. “Let’s just take a break,” said Kyle. “Maybe you just need to loosen up a little. I’ll go get us some sodas and something to eat.” Kyle went into the kitchen, leaving Alex alone in the Valentis’ living room. He looked around and saw something sitting on the coffee table that looked vaguely familiar. He went over and picked it up. Instantly he knew that what he was holding had belonged to Liz. It was a small white teddy bear.

Alex slumped down onto the couch as he held onto the teddy bear tightly. He was beginning to feel sleepy, but Kyle wasn’t coming back from the kitchen yet. Alex slowly closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

He woke up in the same place that Isabel and Michael had woken up in, although he didn’t know that. He looked around him, puzzled as to why he was standing in a pasture near a mountain. He gasped as he heard someone call out, “Alex!” That voice…could it be?

He turned and was shocked to see not just Liz standing there, but also Maria. Maria smiled at him as if it was a daily occurrence for Alex to see his two dead best friends standing in front of him. He closed his eyes and murmured, “Wow, this meditating thing is weird.”

He opened his eyes, expecting to be back in the Valentis’ living room. Nope, just the pasture and two dead girls. “What…what are you doing here? What am I doing here?” he asked.

Liz smiled reassuringly. “Alex, don’t be frightened. We’ll explain. Maria and I are alive in another dimension. We are, however, dead on earth. We need you and everyone else to help us. Khivar is holding us here. Isabel and Michael know this too. For some reason, I can’t contact Max. I need you to tell him, Alex. Tell him I’m alive. Tell him he has to find a way to bring me back. Tell him I love him.”

Alex blinked and Liz was gone, he was alone with Maria. “Alex, I know this may be scary and confusing, but trust us. You need to talk to Max. I know how much you love Isabel and Liz and I, and we’re all in danger-”

“What does Isabel have to do with this?” interrupted Alex.

“Khivar is holding me and Liz to try to lure Lonnie and Isabel to him. He will do anything it takes to get his Vilandra back. Help us Alex.”

Alex blinked again and was back in the Valentis’ living room, Kyle was leaning over him. “Yo, man, you were like asleep. I was calling you for like five minutes. You ok?”

“No,” said Alex. “I need to go, sorry.” He fumbled to get his jacket on.

Kyle’s face fell. “Aw, come on. Stay for another few minutes. You haven’t meditated yet. You are like a beautiful butterfly, trapped inside its cocoon. If you could just get out, your world would be so much bigger and more beautiful. You might even meet a female butterfly!”

“Isabel is my female butterfly,” said Alex, and then realized what he had just said. He shook his head. “No, Kyle, you know what, stop it with the butterfly thing. I have to go talk to Max. I’ll see you later.”

He practically sprinted to his car and drove like a maniac to the Evans’ house.


Michael stumbled out of his bed and ran out into the main room of the apartment. There before him stood Isabel. He ran to her and they both began to cry, holding onto each other desperately. Serena noticed all the tears and slipped out of the apartment to give them some privacy.

Isabel pulled back from Michael’s embrace and looked into his eyes. “Michael, I need to talk to you.”

“And I have to talk to you.”

“Maria and Liz-”

“-are alive.”

They stared at each other in shock. “You knew?” asked Isabel.

“Yes, Maria contacted me. Khivar has them.”

“Liz contacted me. They could be dying or something, Michael! We need to figure out what to do!”

Michael flinched at the mention of Maria or Liz dying all over again. “Isabel…Maria told me that Khivar might rape her.” He stared down at the carpet as the tears continued to run down his cheeks.

“Oh my god,” breathed Isabel, leading him to the couch. She sat him down and then picked up the phone. “We won’t let that happen,” she said. “I’ll call Max. We’ll figure something out…some way to get them back before Khivar can do anything to them.”

Michael grabbed Isabel’s wrist and stopped her from dialing. “But Isabel,” he said. “What are we going to do? They’re dead here. Even if we found a way to bring them back, how would we explain that to their parents? We need to concentrate on keeping you safe. Khivar wants you.”

Isabel dropped the phone onto the couch and sank down next to Michael. “We have to do something to help them,” she said quietly. “We can’t just ignore them. They are still alive, Michael. Not in this dimension, but they are still alive.”

“I know,” said Michael, massaging his temples. “This is so…stupid! First my girlfriend dies. Then I find out that she is alive in another dimension, being held to lure you there. And Khivar might rape her. I feel so helpless…”

With a determined look on her face, Isabel picked up the phone and called Max.


“Master, she says she is staying in the same place as she was when Max and I went there for the summit meeting.”

“Very well. You have done good. Do you know if Rath and Ava are with her?”

“Probably. I can dreamwalk them too and find out if you wish.”

“Yes, do that, Tess. Thank you. You may be excused…you’re using up my powers by elongating this meeting. I must bring Lonnie here, and soon. Thank you for your help.”


To be continued...

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Oh, just a quick note about this part, there is mention of rape.........

And without any more interruptions, here's Part 16b

Lonnie lay wrapped in a threadbare blanket on the cold floor of the subway, awaiting the return of Ava and Rath. They’d left to try to find food and had been gone for hours. As she lay there her mind drifted back to the night before when Tess had entered her dream and asked her where she was. Why? No one had ever cared about her much…what difference did it make where she was living?

She sighed and closed her eyes, wishing the floor wasn’t so cold and wishing the squeaking rats would go away. As she was drifting off to sleep her arms began to tingle. She scratched at them and then sat up as the tingling spread to her legs. She was beginning to get very annoyed. ‘Damn,’ she thought. ‘If I’m allergic to something, that’ll just make my day!’

She continued to scratch as the tingling got worse and slowly turned into a burning sensation. She kept scratching, realizing that if she didn’t stop soon, she’d be scratching off her skin. As she continued to scratch she noticed the light dimming.

In the last second before she lost consciousness, she saw the darkness envelope the light, and she felt like her body was going up in flames.


Alex pounded on the Evans’ front door, and then, without waiting for a response from anyone inside, he barged in and ran up the stairs to Max’s room.

“Alex?! What’s wrong?” asked Max, sitting up quickly from where he was lying on his bed, instantly concerned because of the look on Alex’s face.

“We have to find a way to bring them back! She loves you and we have to get them back! They aren’t dead! They’re-”

Alex was cut off by the ringing of Max’s phone. He held up a finger to tell Alex to wait a minute and then picked up the phone. “Hello? Isabel? What’s wrong?”


Isabel took a deep breath as she heard the rings and then Max saying, “Hello?”

“It’s me.”

“Isabel? What’s wrong?”

“Michael and I have some big news. I really don’t know how to say this Max, but Liz and Maria aren’t, uh, completely dead.”

There was a loud thud in Isabel’s ear and then she thought she could hear someone saying, “Max? Max! Why’d you faint? Max?”


Alex watched in fear and slight amusement as Max’s face paled and the phone slipped from his fingers, falling to the floor. Max slumped down to the bed and Alex ran to his side. “Max? Max! Why’d you faint? Max?” Then he realized that Max had said Isabel’s name…could she be the one on the phone?

He picked it up and said, “Hello?”


“Izzy! What did you say to Max to make him faint?”

“Alex, Liz and Maria are alive!”

“I know.”

“You know?! How?”

“Somehow they connected with me. How do you know?”

“The same thing happened to me and to Michael. Get Max to wake up, I need to talk to him now!”

Alex patted half-heartedly at Max’s cheek and said quietly, “Isabel, whatever you and Max and Michael decide to do about this, let me and Tess and Kyle help too. Especially me. I uh, I know why Khivar is holding Maria and Liz…and well, I don’t want him to get you…so…”

“Thanks Alex, that’s sweet.”

Max groaned and opened his eyes. He looked at Alex and said, “Did Isabel say…”

Alex nodded his head and handed the phone back to Max.


Isabel sighed and said, “Max? I need you to not pass out now. We need to formulate a plan. Khivar is holding Maria and Liz in a place called Where The Light Isn’t to try to lure me and Lonnie there. Liz is very sick and Khivar may rape Maria. They aren’t in this dimension, in fact, they really are dead in this dimension. We have to help them Max.”

Max closed his eyes and inhaled, trying to calm himself down. Which wasn’t easy to do. Liz was alive in another dimension. But she was very sick. Khivar wanted his sister. How were they supposed to deal with this?

“Max, Michael wants to tell you something.” There was a moment of silence as Isabel passed the phone to Michael and then he spoke.

“Max, Maria connected with me or something and she told me things. Anyways, what I’m getting at is that she said that if we find a way to bring them back to this dimension we have to have their bodies ready to receive them.”

“Wha—what?” gasped out Max, grossed out at the thought of having to dig up Liz’s dead body.

“She didn’t explain it any better than that. So, uh, I’m guessing you have to somehow get the bodies out of the coffin and keep them somewhere.”

Max sighed. “Michael, how do you recommend I go about doing this? I mean, the guard at the cemetary will notice if I go in there and then come out with two bodies. Besides, where would they be kept? They’ll be decaying…” Max gagged at this thought, unable to bear the thought of having to see his beautiful Liz like that.

Michael groaned. “I know. This sucks. But if we do this, that’s part of what has to be done. But the thing is, we have no idea how to get them back to this dimension.”

Michael covered his face with his hand and then said, “Let’s just think about this for a while. We’ll contact each other if we have any ideas or if they contact us from the other dimension.”

“All right,” agreed Max. “I’ll talk to you later.”

Michael hung up and turned to Isabel. They stared at each other, unsure of what to do next. All Michael knew was that he had to keep Isabel safe. He could sense that Isabel was sad because she really didn’t get much of a chance to talk to Alex, but that wasn’t the most important thing right now. Her safety and keeping her from Khivar was what was important now.


Maria woke up to feel Khivar’s hand over her mouth, his other hand under her arm, dragging her away from Liz. She tried to struggle, but found that she didn’t have the strength.

Khivaar growled. “Don’t have the strength to fight me? No wonder…I told you not to contact anyone, but then you contacted Michael and that other human boy, Alex. Now, you will pay the price.”

Maria’s eyes opened wide in fear as she realized what Khivar was about to do to her. “NO!” she yelled out, struggling with renewed energy.

Khivar pushed her to the ground, as he laughed. “Yes, child. You disobeyed me and you knew what the consequences would be. Also, you could think of this as a celebratory kind of thing…I know have imprisoned Lonnie.” He leaned over her and kissed her. Maria grimaced in disgust at feeling his slimy, cold lips on hers. The way they felt made him seem dead and lifeless. She whimpered as he held her down and lifted her shirt off, looking at her with his dirty, disgusting eyes.


Rath laughed quietly at Ava as she stumbled over a crack in the sidewalk and they headed down to the subway. They walked along in silence until they reached their little alcove.

“Yo, dude, where’s Lonnie?”

“I don’t know…who cares? Just means more grub for us!” He opened the bag from the fast food place and pulled out a huge hamburger, dripping with grease. He took a big bite and grinned at Ava, who looked away in disgust.

“Seriously, Rath. She said she wasn’t going to leave. What if something happened to her?”

“What the hell could happen to her? In case you need reminding, we are hybrids. We have powers. What could happen to her?”

“I don’t know!” yelled Ava. “But I have a bad feeling. Something happened.”

Rath rolled his eyes and took another huge bite of his hamburger. “You chicks complain and worry too much. Leave me alone.”

Ava walked further along to the small couch they had and sat down. She noticed a piece of paper sticking up from between two cushions, next to her. She apprehensively picked it up and read it. Then she reread it. Then she screamed and fainted. When Rath came to her he found her unconscious on the couch holding a small scrap of paper saying:

Rath and Ava,

Nice little home you’ve all made for yourselves, very cozy. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve kidnapped your dear little friend Lonnie. Don’t expect her back.



Michael cried out as the wave of fear and pain washed over him. Faintly he could hear Isabel crying out to him, asking him what was happening. But all he cared about was Maria. Maria was terrified. Maria was extremely upset. Maria was heartbroken and lonely. Maria was disgusted and confused. The waves of emotion Michael was receiving contained all of these feelings, but most of all they contained the knowledge that Maria had just been raped by Khivar.

Michael cried as he clung weakly to Isabel, his heart breaking all over again. In that moment he made a pact with himself. If he ever saw Khivar he would personally kill him with his own two hands. He wanted to wring the life out of Khivar’s disgusting little body.


To be continued...

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~*Part 17*~

Serena returned to Luke's apartment, thinking she'd given Michael and Isabel enough time alone to talk. She was a bit embarrassed to walk in and see that they were both sitting on the couch, crying. They didn't notice Serena standing in the small entryway and so they continued their conversation.

"What's going to happen to me?" sobbed Isabel.

"Nothing," said Michael, in a determined way. "Khivar won't lay one hand on you. He has already raped Maria. He's not going to do the same, or worse, to you. I won't allow it. Max and Alex won't allow it either."

Serena stood there in shock. Isabel was in danger of being raped? Or worse…what could that mean? Death. Michael said Maria had already been raped. Serena recognized that name, but couldn't place it.

"I'm so scared, Michael. Who knows how powerful Khivar is. What if we can't do anything to stop him?"

"We will," said Michael. "Because we're going to find the dupes, and we're going to get them to help us. They should be willing to, considering Lonnie is also in danger."

Serena groaned inwardly as Michael talked about danger. She had just met Michael a few days prior, but that didn't mean she wouldn't care if he got killed. She knew she should interfere, but she knew she wasn't even supposed to be hearing all of this. And then she remembered that Maria was one of the girls that had died, Michael's girlfriend. Although, he hadn't mentioned to her that she'd been raped.

"I just feel like we'll be too weak. Our powers aren't as fine-tuned as they could be. And there may be a way for Khivar to rid us of our powers. Besides that, how will we ever find our way to Where The Light Isn't or Khivar's dimension? And Maria and Liz are dead here, it'll be a risky and not to mention morbid job to dig up their bodies!" said Isabel.

Serena paled and took a step back. What the hell was going on? Powers, other dimensions, digging up dead bodies…it all amounted to something that Serena didn't even want to consider. She couldn't consider it, it was too bizarre. But was it? It was the only thing she could come up with to explain all of the things she'd just heard Michael and Isabel saying. She'd never believed in the supernatural, had always left that for the less stable people, the people who couldn't rationalize correctly or see the simple explanation for something. But now she was beginning to change her mind. Because if her guess was correct, Michael and Isabel were not human at all.


Lonnie raised her head, looking around in confusion. She didn't recognize the place she was in. She was in a hospital bed, but not in a hospital. The room was huge with drab gray walls and a ceiling that was probably 30 feet above her. She slowly sat up, wincing at the pain in all of her joints. Her skin itched and felt like she'd been severely sunburned. She looked down at her arm and noted that the skin looked normal. She slowly stood up and shuffled to the closest wall, searching for a door. Searching for anything to tell her where she was or how she could get out.

She had to hold herself up with the wall because she was so weak, dragging herself along. It took her half an hour to walk completely around the room. She crawled back to the bed and with her last strength, pulled herself up and into it. She lay down and tried to catch her breath. She had to think. What had happened to her before she'd woken up. She had to think for several minutes before it came to her. She'd been waiting for Ava and Rath to return with food. And then…there'd been pain. That was all she could remember.

Lonnie slowly fell into a restless slumber. As she was beginning to fall deeper into the depths of sleep, a light flashed, so brightly that she could see it through her closed eyelids. She opened her eyes slowly and was taken aback by the sight of the light, enveloping the room. She cringed as it got brighter and brighter. It was far worse than looking directly at the sun. And as suddenly as the light had appeared, it disappeared. She reluctantly opened her eyes, unsure of whether it was over or not. She saw a man.

He was dressed in black. He had brown hair and he was very tall. He stared at her, an odd smile on his face. "Hello, Lonnie," he said quietly.

"Who the fuck are you?" she asked.

"My my, watch the language, love."

"LOVE? Answer me, who the fuck are you?!"

"My name is Khivar."

A cold fear settled into Lonnie's bones. She knew about Khivar. She knew about Vilandra betraying her brother and the second in command to be with Khivar, only to be killed anyways. She knew that she had Vilandra's DNA in her. She knew she was in danger.

"What do you want?" she asked, her voice no longer strong and fearless.

"You, my dear. You are Vilandra, aren't you?"

"I'm Lonnie. I have Vilandra's DNA. Why do you want me?"

"We belong together, love. But I do realize you aren't the only one with Vilandra's DNA."


"Yes, Isabel. I'll have her here soon, too. But I may not even need her, if you are the true Vilandra."

"What do you mean?"

"One of you should be more Antarian, more Vilandra, than you are human. I need to find out."


"Like this." Khivar leaned over her and placed his hands on her head. She tried to fight back as he fought to invade her mind. He dug deep into her mind, into her memories, forging past the ones of her human life. Deeper, into the recesses of her mind, to the memories she held of her past life, memories she never knew she had. He pulled them to the surface. And finally she fully understood what had occurred in her past life.

"Zan, he's not evil! And you cannot forbid me from seeing him! I love him!" Zan turned to face Vilandra, a look of pure anger and hate on his face.

"You cannot love him! Are you a fool? You and Rath have bonded! You are destined now to be with him! You cannot take that back! Once you bond, you cannot be with another!"

"I'll do as I wish, brother!"

"And by doing so, you will kill Rath! Is that what you want? To kill the King's second in command? You cannot do this!"
"You are not a King yet, Zan! You have no authority over me! Rath is not the second in command yet! You are a prince and I am a princess. I can and will do as I please!" Vilandra turned and fled from Zan's quarters, tears streaming down her face. How dare he boss her around as if she was a child! So, she had bonded with Rath! That meant nothing to her! No one really believed that fairy-tale myth that if you bonded with another, the first would die.

And even so, it was a sacrifice Vilandra was willing to make. She loved Khivar and she hated Rath. She hated Rath for the way he never payed attention to her, yet always claimed her as his, as if she were a possession. She deserved better, and Khivar could give it to her!

Vilandra fled from the palace, running towards the transport building. She needed to go to Khivar, she needed to bond with him before Zan could stop her or tell her father. As she ran, a terrible explosion knocked her to her feet. She looked behind her, in shock.

The palace had just been bombed! She'd just barely escaped! Within that instant she knew that her parents were dead. The connection she had to them had been completely severed. Somehow, and to her dismay, Zan and Rath were still alive.

She stood up, trying to find someone, to ask them who had bombed them. She let out a yelp of surprise as someone grabbed her arm tightly and spun her around. She stared in shock at Khivar, wondering why he was here, on Antar, when he should be far off on his planet, Remes.


"I could feel it coming and I used the emergency transporter to get here. I had to see you, to hold you, to know that you're ok."

Vilandra hugged him to her. "Khivar," she whispered. "Who did it?"

Khivar pulled back from her and looked down at her sadly. "Rebels from Remes. I knew nothing of it, love, or I would have stopped it. I would have had them all killed."

Vilandra nodded, accepting his explanation without a second thought. Everyone knew that there were dangerous rebels all over Remes, rebels who wanted to conquer Antar and kill the Royal Family.


Vilandra stared with hate up at Zan, sitting in his throne in the newly rebuilt palace, even more grand and glamorous than before, looking as if he owned the world. She sighed as Rath sat next to her, pulling her close. She didn't want to be near Rath, fearing he'd be able to tell what she had done. She'd slept with Khivar the night before, bonding with him. Rath, however, could tell that something was wrong.

"What is it, Vilandra?" he asked. "Are you nervous about something?"

"No, Rath. I am just tired. This whole ordeal has been exhausting. Losing my parents, and then Zan becoming the King and you becoming the second in command."

Rath beamed with pride at the mention of him becoming second in command. "You should get some sleep, Vilandra," said Rath, showing no indication that she was allowed to get up and go to her chambers. She rolled her eyes and looked on at the ceremony that was playing out in front of her. She wanted it to end soon, so that she could visit Khivar. He told her he'd be waiting for her in her chambers.

Finally, after a lot of political mumbo-jumbo, the ceremony was over and Vilandra was free to escape to her chamber. She walked as fast as she could to her chamber, annoyed at people when they stopped her, wanting to talk. She understood that it was expected of her as a princess to keep up appearances and interact with the common people, but now was just not the time! She finally escaped the crowds and was free to lift her skirts high enough of her ankles so she wouldn't trip, and run down the halls. She reached her chamber, breathless. As she was about to enter it, Rath came around a nearby corner, startling her.

"Vilandra? What is the rush to get into your chambers this evening? Is someone in there?" Rath looked down at her, almost as if he were willing her to say no.

"Rath," Vilandra said, taking a deep breath. "I am so sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I love you. I thought I loved Khivar, but I love you."

"NO!" Khivar bellowed, throwing Lonnie off the bed and across the room. "You aren't Vilandra, not the one I knew! You chose Rath!"

Lonnie lay on the floor, not moving, hoping he'd think she was unconsciousness and go away. He slowly strode up to her and looked down at her, hate and fury in his eyes. "What do you want from me?" asked Lonnie. "I'm not who you're looking for. Let me go."

Khivar shook his head. "No, that would be too easy. No fun. You aren't the one I'm looking for, but you can be used as bait. I need Isabel. Maybe Ava and Rath will capture Isabel and hand her over to me in exchange for you. Stand up."

Lonnie struggled to her feet, eyeing Khivar warily. Immediately and unexpectedly the bright light enveloped them. From the inside, though, it wasn't as bright. Just as she got accustomed to the light and the sensation of flying, it was over and she was alone, in a very dark place.

"Is anyone here?" she called out, happy to be rid of Khivar, but terrified to be all alone.

"Maria…and Liz too! Who are you?" a voice called out from a little distance away.

"Lonnie. I remember you, from Roswell."

"Lonnie! Try to find us! Maybe you can help Liz?"

"And why the hell should I help Liz? Why should I do anything for you?"

"Because if you don't, she may die. Besides that, we're stuck here and there's no point being stuck here with nothing to do."

"All right," said Lonnie grudgingly, slowly finding her way over to Liz and Maria.


To be continued...

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~*Part 18*~

Serena slowly walked back to her room, trying to explain away everything she'd heard. But she knew that what she'd heard Michael and Isabel discussing had really been said. And their tears had been real tears of pain and fear.

Serena sighed and crawled onto her bed, trying her hardest to fall asleep. She wanted to forget that Michael and Isabel had ever mentioned powers, rape, Khivar, and other dimensions. She especially wanted to forget the Khivar part. Because he was her father.


Rath and Ava read over the letter from Khivar again. "What are we going to do?" asked Ava, trying desperately to hold back her tears. She cared deeply about Lonnie and didn't want Khivar to do anything to her. She and Lonnie hadn't gotten along for a long time, but eventually Lonnie had felt remorse for helping to kill Zan and she had become closer to Ava.

"I don't know!" snapped Rath. "I'm trying to think! Stop your blubbering!" Ava backed away from Rath and sat back down on the couch, hoping she wouldn't pass out again. She had no idea how they were going to be able to get Lonnie out of Khivar's clutches. They didn't even know where he was holding her. For all they knew, she could be on another planet.

"We have to call our dupes," Rath finally said.

Ava raised her head slowly, trying to gauge if Rath was really serious. He'd never liked the others in Roswell, saying they were genetic mistakes, too human. If he felt that the only thing they could do was turn to the dupes in Roswell, things must be worse than she thought.


"Alex and I have something to tell you," said Max, choosing his words carefully. Alex was sitting next to him in the Evans' living room, while Kyle and Tess sat across from them in armchairs.

Kyle and Tess sat and waited for Max to continue. Kyle had absolutely no idea what Alex and Max had to tell them, but Tess did. Tess was very upset that what was happening with Khivar had already been discovered.

Max took a deep breath and quickly said, "Maria and Liz are still alive. They're being held captive by Khivar, who wants Isabel."

Tess tried to act surprised, but it was hard to do. Kyle, on the other hand, felt like he'd been punched in the stomach. He never in a million years could have thought up that scenario. He'd believed without a doubt that Maria and Liz were dead. "How?" he managed to ask.

"It's complicated," said Alex. "They really are dead here, in this dimension. But Khivar is allowing them to live in a place called The Land Where The Light Isn't, which is sort of a place between dimensions. Khivar wants his Vilandra, but doesn't know if it's Lonnie or Isabel he needs. And Michael and Isabel know all of this."

"How did you find out about all of this?" asked Tess.

"Maria and Liz have been communicating with me, Michael, and Isabel," replied Alex. "They sort of bring us into this dream place, and they can't uphold a connection with our minds for very long."

Kyle shook his head in disbelief. "This has got to be the weirdest alien crap we've ever had to deal with." As he was about to say more, the phone rang. Max motioned for Kyle to hold his thoughts for one moment and leaned over to pick up the phone.

"Hello?" he said wearily. There was a moment of silence, in which a look of shock passed over Max's face and then he said, "Well, hi Rath. Never thought I'd hear from you again."


Lonnie placed her hands over Liz and helped Liz even out her breathing and slowly brought Liz back to consciousness. Liz's eyes fluttered open and she looked up into Lonnie's eyes. "Wha-what are you doing here?" she asked.

Maria leaned over Liz so that she could see her too and said, "You were unconscious for a few days Liz. Lonnie helped you." Maria helped Liz sit up and that's when Liz noticed Maria's ripped clothing and the bruises on her arms.

"What happened?" she asked.

Maria swallowed back a few tears and said, "Khivar raped me." Liz grabbed Maria into a hug.

"Oh god, Maria, I'm so sorry. I should have been awake to stop him."

"There was nothing you could have done," said Maria. "He's too powerful."

Liz nodded weakly and then turned back to Lonnie, who was watching their display of emotions with little interest. "Can you heal her bruises and stuff?"

Lonnie nodded and leaned over, placing her hands on Maria, healing her quickly. "Not as good as Zan…or your Max could do, but that's the best I can do. I'm the only female with the power to heal."

"Thank you," said Maria quietly. "Why are you here? Are you the Vilandra he wants?"

"No, Isabel is, but he still wants to hold me captive. He invaded my mind and looked at my memories of my past life. It ends up that I have the part of Vilandra in me that was faithful. I have the pure essence. Isabel doesn't."

The three girls sat huddled in a circle, thinking about everything that had happened to them and everything that lay ahead of them.


"Khivar has Lonnie," Rath burst out.

"What?" asked Max, in slight disbelief.

"He left us a note saying he took her and not to expect her back. We don't know where she could be and we'd appreciate your help in finding her."

Max sighed and then proceeded to tell Rath everything he knew about Khivar and Where The Light Isn't. "So Isabel is also in danger, but I'd be glad to help you get Lonnie back safely," Max finished.

Rath sighed. "Well, since you've agreed to help us get Lonnie, we'll help keep Isabel safe. Should Ava and me come to Roswell?"

"Actually, Michael and Isabel are in New York City now."

"What? Why?"

"After Maria died, Michael needed to get away from Roswell, and then Isabel decided to chase after him. They're staying with some people they barely know." Max gave Rath the address to Luke's apartment, which Michael had given him on the phone earlier. They hung up, with Rath promising that he and Ava would go over there and see that Isabel was protected.

Max turned back to his friends and said, "Khivar already has Lonnie. Rath and Ava have agreed to help keep Isabel safe, if we try to help them get Lonnie back." Tess sat there, listening with disgust. Khivar was going to be extremely upset to know that he had so many people who were prepared to fight against him. She wasn't looking forward to telling him. And she really didn't look forward to pretending she was on Max's side in all of this.


Serena opened her eyes and looked at her clock. She must have dozed off for awhile, because several hours had passed. She sat up and stretched, getting out of bed and walking to the living room, knowing what she had to do.

Isabel and Michael were still in there, but they'd changed positions and were watching television. "Hey," said Serena, sitting down across from them.

"Hi," said Isabel.

"I, uh, need to talk to both of you," said Serena. "It's really important."

Michael turned down the volume on the television and turned to Serena. "Sure," he said. "What is it?"

Serena took a deep breath and hoped that they wouldn't hate her for what she was. "Well, first of all, I know you're aliens."

A thick silence fell across the room, the only thing that could be heard was the faint sounds from the television.

Serena continued on. "Don't worry, I'm not going to turn you in to the FBI or kill you. But I need to know some things about Khivar."

Isabel looked at Serena, shock in her eyes. "How…how did you know?" she whispered.

"I heard your conversation. And I know who Khivar is. I'm his daughter."

"You're what?!" Michael screamed, standing up angrily.

"Michael, calm down. I'm not like him, I'm not evil. I don't want to hurt you or your friends. I want to help you. But I need to know exactly what my father has done."

"Like damn hell you aren't like him! You're his daughter! How can I trust you!"

"Michael, listen to me! I was born with a genetic defect, I have absolutely no powers whatsoever. Khivar hates me, he denies that I, a Remian without powers, is his daughter. We haven't talked much in the course of my life, and when we have, we argue. I know he's evil and I want him to be stopped. If you feel any danger from me, you could easily kill me. I'm as defenseless as a human. Although, if you do kill me, that will just be pleasing to Khivar."

Michael slowly sank back down onto the couch, looking in amazement at Serena. "This is…too much…" he said.

"What is a Remian?" asked Isabel.

"A Remian is a person from Remes, the planet I was born on, the planet my father is king of. Remes has been at war with Antar for half a century now. Khivar wants to rule both planets and be the king of the entire Whirlwind Galaxy."

"Which would make you a princess?" asked Isabel. "Like me?"

"No," said Serena. "Khivar disowned me and sent me to Earth to live like a human because I have no powers. I am not a princess. Now please tell me exactly what Khivar has done." Michael and Isabel filled Serena in on all they knew.

"Well, I will try to keep you safe," said Serena to Isabel. "And I do know a way to get to Where The Light Isn't or to my father's dimension."

Michael stared at her in shock. "You mean…you can help us get Maria and Liz back to Earth?"

"Yes," said Serena. "But remember what you said…their bodies have to be ready to receive them. Someone in Roswell will have to dig them up. When their souls come back to Earth they will try to find their rightful bodies. If they don't find them within 24 hours, the souls will be lost forever, and they will truly be dead."

Michael looked at Isabel and nodded. "We have to try. It's the only chance we've got. We should call Max."


A few minutes after Max had hung up with Rath, the phone rang again. Max picked it up and said again, "Hello?"

"Hey, Max, it's me Michael. I have something to tell you…" He told Max first about how he knew that Maria had been raped. Then he told Max about Serena and how she could get them to Maria and Liz. Max tried to hold back his shock long enough to tell Michael that Khivar had Lonnie and that Rath and Ava were on their way to help protect Isabel. Eventually they hung up.

Max looked at his three friends sitting with him and then said, "We're going to the cemetary. We have to dig up Maria and Liz's bodies. Then me and Tess have to head for New York City."

"What!?" yelled Alex, standing up quickly. "If you're going to New York City, Kyle and I are going too!"

"It's too dangerous for you," said Max. "Only the aliens should go. Now let's get to the cemetary. I'll tell you what Michael told me on the way there."


To be continued...
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roswellluver--Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

Ok, guys, I have come to a decision about this fic. Not many people are reading it, or at least that's how it appears from the amount of feedback I'm getting. I know this may sound selfish, but if you are reading this, please tell me through a post on this thread or a b-mail or an e-mail or something. If I don't get at least 10 responses, I will no longer post new parts on this board because it'll be a waste of my time! For those of you who are reading it, if I do decide to stop updating, I can arrange to send you new parts in e-mails because I will finish it for my site!

Please let me know what you think!

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You are all in luck. I have decided to keep this fic going on this board. I really don't care how many people read it, but I do appreciate the ones who do and who leave fb. It would be too much work to e-mail it to people, lol, I am lazy! Anyways......expect Part 19 by Thursday sometime, possibly Part 20 also. This is the oldest fic I have going (besides Welcome To College) and I want to finish it soon......but I have the feeling it's not even half way done! Thanks again to the people who read this!

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Thanks a billion times to the people who read this, I'm glad you're glad the story is staying on the board!

~*Part 19*~

Michael, Isabel, and Serena sat in the living room of Luke's apartment in silence. They were waiting for something to happen…Luke to come home from work, for the dupes to show up, anything.

"So, uh, Serena," Michael said, shifting slightly in his chair. "What exactly do we have to do to get to, uh, Khivar's dimension?"

Serena sighed. "I'd rather wait until Rath, Ava, Max, and Tess are here so I have to explain it only once. I think I'll be taking you, Max and Tess with me, while Rath and Ava guard Isabel."

They only had to wait 15 more minutes before there was a knock at the door. Serena opened it and much to her amusement, let Rath and Ava in.

Rath's hair was long, longer than at the Summit. He had piercings everywhere: eyebrows, ears, tongue, lips, nose. You name it, he probably had a hole in it.

Ava had grown her hair out, too, very long. It was all twisted into multicolored dreadlocks that hung past her hips. Isabel would never admit it, but the look really worked well for Ava.

Rath and Ava stood against a wall, surveying Michael and Isabel. "Hey, it's been awhile," Ava said amiably.

"Yeah," said Isabel, letting out a sigh of relief. "I'm just so glad you could come to help me. And believe me, we'll all be trying hard to get Lonnie back for you."

Ava nodded distractedly while she studied Serena's face. Ava recognized her from somewhere, but she just couldn't remember…

"Would you like anything to drink?" asked Serena, nervously wringing her hands and brushing imaginary lint off her pants.

And then Ava remembered. Serena's mannerisms…so much like his. She remembered, from her past life. Khivar. Somehow Serena was related to him.

"We ain't not thirsty," replied Rath, trying to sound nice. What was it with humans and always asking you if you wanted anything to drink? If he ever wanted a drink, he'd either say so right away or go get it himself.

"You look familiar," blurted out Ava. "You look like Khivar."

"What the hell do ya mean by that?" burst out Rath. "Why would ya go and say a thing like that?!"

"Well, she does," said Ava quietly.

"She's right," said Serena. "I do look like Khivar because I'm his daughter."

"You's his WHAT?!" exclaimed Rath, an angry expression spreading over his face. He turned to stare accusingly at Michael and Isabel. "Is she shitting me?"

"No, she's really Khivar's daughter," said Isabel. "But we can trust her. Besides, she has no powers."

Serena explained everything to Rath and Ava, who began to calm down again.

"So what do we do now?" asked Ava.

"We wait for Max and Tess," said Serena. "In the meantime, let's get something to eat and try to find a way to talk Luke into letting Isabel, Ava, and Rath stay here too."


"Grab a shovel," said Max to Kyle and Alex. The three guys were going to be the ones to dig up Maria and Liz…a job none of them were sure they'd be able to go through with.

Tess was going to be their look out of sorts. She'd form a mindwarp so that anyone passing by would just see them standing over some graves, mourning the loved ones they'd lost.

Max stood over the grave of Maria. He and Kyle were digging her up, while Alex dug up Liz. Max knew that there was no way he could dig up Liz…it'd be far too painful. It was bad enough having to do it to Maria's body. He sighed and closed his eyes, pushing his shovel into the soft ground and digging out a shovelful of dirt. He threw it to the side and shoved the shovel into the ground again.

"So, uh, you really think we can trust that Serena chick?" Kyle asked Max. "I mean, she is Khivar's daughter. Couldn't she be lying to Michael and Isabel about her identity to deliver them straight to Khivar?"

Max shook his head. "No, I don't think it's a lie. And even if it is, we have to take the chance. She says she knows how to get to Maria, Liz, and Lonnie…that's reason enough for me to at least pay some attention to her. If she is going to stab us in the back…well, hopefully we can get the girls out safely before that happens."

Max and Kyle continued digging together, while Alex went on alone. The sun set, and still they toiled. Tess was still holding up the mindwarp, which Max knew was draining her of power. He was sorry that she was going to be so drained afterwards, but they had no other choice. At this particular moment, Tess was the only think keeping them safe from prying eyes and inquiring minds.


Tess concentrated on the mindwarp she had created, the illusion of the guys standing over the graves, mourning. She sort of locked that image into her mind and then concentrated on another thing…contacting Khivar. He had to know what was going on, immediately.

Finally she managed to tap into his mind's wavelength. "Khivar?" she spoke tentatively in her mind.

"Yes, what is it?" asked Khivar, making himself visible to her, letting him also see her.

"There is a huge problem here."

"I'm not in the mood to listen to you wag your tongue about a bad hair day. As a wise man once said…I don't give a shit."

"Sir, this is really important. Max, Kyle, and Alex are right now digging up the bodies of Maria and Liz. Rath and Ava are helping everyone now. And the last thing is…your daughter, Serena, is helping them all. She claims to know how to get to your dimension and to The Land Where The Light Isn't."

"WHAT?!" bellowed Khivar, startling Tess, causing her mindwarp over the guys digging to break for a few seconds.

"Sir, it's really not my fault…"

"You were assigned to help me! You were assigned to be my little evil sidekick in all of this! You CAN'T handle this! I'm firing you!"

"Sir, let me explain! Serena is powerless, right?"


"So, she's no harm to you. Rath, Ava, and Isabel are most likely going to stay in New York City. Me and Max are joining Michael and Serena and coming over to your dimension. But with Serena powerless and me on your side, we can easily take down Max and Michael. We can still succeed in this, sir."

"Go on."

"Well, if we hold Max, Michael, and Serena captive along with the three girls already in Where The Light Isn't, Rath, Ava, and Isabel will get worried. Maybe even Kyle and Alex too. If we can lure Kyle and Alex here, it'll give Rath, Ava, and Isabel even more reason to come to Where The Light Isn't to try to save everyone. Then you can get Isabel…Vilandra, and either let the others go or kill them all."

"This is a plan, Tess. A horribly thought out plan with no skeleton to it at all. But it does appeal to me. Ok, we'll try. But if you fail me, even one more time, you will die!"

"Yes, sir," said Tess, breaking the connection with him and concentrating all of her energy on the mindwarp. She couldn't risk having the guys get caught and arrested, they were too valuable now…


To be continued....Part 20 is already in the making!

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Thanks to those of you who have left me feedback, this part is just for you! And aren't you lucky......this part is very morbid! Just a's not exciting, this part is transitional, but I need to get some of this stuff out of the way before Max and Co. can go off and be heroes! If you don't think you can handle reading about dead bodies and stuff, then maybe you wanna kinda just skim this part....

~*Part 20*~

Max threw one last shovelful of dirt behind him and threw the shovel to the ground. He sighed and looked up at Kyle. They both looked at Alex and they shared a look of fear and unease.

They could see Tess standing in the distance, still upholding the mindwarp. They had to hurry now, before Tess ran out of strength.

Alex joined Max and Kyle at Maria's grave. They looked down at the top of the white coffin, a light layer of dirt still covering it.

"It's now or never," said Kyle quietly. "We have to do it."

"I know," said Max sadly. Then he had an idea. "Hold on for a few minutes guys, I have to talk to Tess." Kyle and Alex gave Max confused looks as he ran to where Tess stood.

"Tess," he said. "Can you mindwarp me, Kyle, and Alex into seeing Maria and Liz as if they're just asleep? It'll make our job easier."

"Sure," said Tess. "But now we have to work even quicker. Creating another mindwarp is going to drain me fast."

Max nodded and ran back to the graves.

"What was that about?" asked Kyle.

"Tess is going to mindwarp the three of us into seeing Liz and Maria the way they'd look if they were just sleeping. It should make it easier when we have to carry them."

"But we still know they're dead," said Alex. "It's still gonna be mighty gross and upsetting."

"But at least they won't look dead," said Max, fighting back the tears that were threatening for control of his eyes. He stepped forward and motioned for Alex and Kyle to step back. He stretched out his hand over Maria's grave and concentrated on opening the coffin.

He saw the lid slide off and a peaceful looking Maria lay inside. He concentrated on levitating her body, lifting her slowly up unitl he could set her gently on the grass.

Kyle carefully picked up her body, muttering under his breath, "She's asleep. She's asleep. She's asleep." He began to walk towards the jeep, where he'd lay her on the blankets in the back.

Alex and Max moved on to Liz's grave. Max took a few deep breaths, trying to prepare himself. But there was no way he'd ever be fully prepared to see Liz again knowing she was dead. He concentrated on moving the coffin lid and lifting Liz's body out and onto the grass. Alex quickly picked her up and took her to the jeep.

Max rested for a minute and then used his powers to close both girls' coffins and to replace the dirt and grass to resemble the way it had looked before.

He jogged to where Tess was and nodded to her. She broke off the first mindwarp. Together they quickly went back to the jeep and crammed themselves into the already extremely crowded jeep.

Max, Tess, and Alex sat in the front, while poor Kyle had to share the backseat with Liz and Maria.

Max smiled apologetically to Kyle through the rearview mirror and drove towards his house.


Serena opened the door to the apartment and walked in, leaving Michael, Isabel, Rath, and Ava in the hallway. They'd just gotten back from an extremely late dinner, (more like a midnight snack) and Serena had to ask Luke if the three people that had shown up the day could stay.

She walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table across from Luke, who was working diligently on some bills and other paperwork.

He looked up and smiled. "Hey," he said. "Where's Michael? Out enjoying the nightlife of New York City?"

"Actually, I need to talk to you about Michael," Serena said.

"Why, did he break something?" asked Luke, only half kidding.

"No, uh, nothing like that. It's just that, um, some friends of his showed up today and they have nowhere to stay."

Luke nodded slowly. "So you're wondering if I'd let them stay here. Why, Serena? Don't these people have money? Can't they find an inn or motel or something?"

"I…Luke, these people are just really…important. Please, for one night?"

"And if I said yes, where do you expect me to put these people? Michael and you have the two guestrooms. I only have one couch."

"Well, two of them are used to…challenging conditions. They won't mind sleeping on the floor, I swear."

Luke looked at Serena for a moment and then sighed. "I'll probably end up regretting this, but…ok. They can stay. But only tonight."

"Thank you so much," said Serena, standing and going to the door to let everyone in. She showed them where they could sleep for the night and introduced them to Luke. She introduced Rath as Michael's twin, since there really was no other way to explain it.

As everyone settled in for the night Luke began to think that maybe something was going on…something strange. And he was going to figure out what it was.


Max ran ahead of Kyle and Alex and Tess to open the doors to the small tool shed in his backyard. His parents hadn't used the shed in years and he'd decided that it was the safest place to keep the bodies until they were needed.

Kyle and Alex followed after, carrying the girls, while Tess leaned on the jeep for support. She was losing strength now at an alarming rate and she could barely stand. She had two mindwarps going again, one so that the girls didn't look dead, and another so that anyone who saw them thought they were only carrying bags of dirt, not bodies.

Max threw open the shed door, letting sunlight into the shed. Kyle and Alex stooped low to enter the low-ceilinged shed and gently set the girls down on the ground, wrapped in the blankets from the jeep. Kyle and Alex quickly exited the shed, unable to be near the bodies any longer without breaking down and crying.

But Max looked down at them sadly. A wisp of brown hair was peeking out from one of the blankets. He knelt down on the concrete floor and ran his fingers through the hair. "I love you," he whispered. "We're going to get you back here, I promise. We'll be together again."

"I love you too Max. I trust you…" Max blinked in surprise. That voice…it had been in his head, but he was sure he hadn't made it up…it was Liz. For the split second that she'd been talking he'd felt their connection spark to life, only to sputter out again. But she had contacted him! She'd reached across the dimensions to tell him she loved him!

Tears sprung to his eyes as he slowly stood and stepped out of the shed, padlocking it behind him. He slowly walked back to where the others stood, gathered around the jeep.

"You ok?" asked Kyle, noting the tears in Max's eyes.

"She contacted me," he said.

Alex gave a sad smile. "That's great Max, I'm happy for you."

Tess sighed and said, "Well, I guess we should be going then, huh?"

"Uh, yeah," said Max, feeling a bit uneasy. He was going all the way to New York City while Liz and Maria's bodies lay in his shed. He didn't want to leave them there, but he knew he had no choice. "Yeah, let's get to the airport."


To be continued....we're coming into the homestretch now! Things are really going to start picking up and going quickly...but not too quickly. There's A LOT that has to happen and most of it's going to be exciting stuff! Also, I need your opinion on something....should Luke find out what's going on? If he does, he could be beneficial, but if he doesn't, that can also be worked out with the plans I already have for the story. Just wondering what you all want.
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oopsie, double post

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Hey, I'm here with two new parts for you today! Have fun reading! Oh, and thanks to Eerie, roswellluver, and especially Lucky Star for the fb and bumps!

~*Part 21*~

They drove in Tess's car to the airport, wanting to leave the jeep behind in Roswell, in case, for some emergency reason, Alex or Kyle needed to move the bodies. Max knew that Alex and Kyle would be very squeamish at the idea of putting the bodies in their cars, and since the bodies had already been in the jeep, it made sense to use that vehicle if they needed to be transported.

As Tess drove, Max rummaged around in her glove compartment until he found two random pieces of paper, both of which he turned into tickets for their flight. They didn't have time to actually go to a desk and buy them.

As Tess sped towards the airport, Max sat and reflected. This was without a doubt the riskiest, weirdest, and scariest thing he'd ever done. Sure, he and his friends had been in danger before. But nothing like this. Because this time, two of them were actually already dead.

He tried to push these muddled thoughts out of his head as he noticed that Tess had pulled into the airport parking lot and was getting out of the car. Neither of them said a word to each other as they ran to the terminal, Max handing Tess her makeshift ticket.

He'd noticed that she'd been uncharacteristically silent for almost the entire day since he and Alex had told her and Kyle about Maria and Liz. He kept trying to tell himself that she was just in shock. After all, she had been friends with Maria and Liz…not the best of friends, but friends none the less. Also, she could just be tired now. After all, she was very drained of energy from the mindwarps, and besides that, it was nearing 3:00 am now.

As they found their gate and boarded their plane Max realized that he hadn't told his parents he was leaving. Hopefully Alex or Kyle would take care of that.


Alex turned over onto his side and then flipped onto his stomach. He'd been tossing and turning fitfully all night. He glanced at his clock. 4:30. Their plane would have left Albuquerque by now. And he couldn't stop himself from thinking that he and Kyle should be on that plane too.

They'd always been involved in other 'alien missions'. What made this one so different? In fact, this one affected two very human girls whom he loved deeply…and one not so alien girl whom he loved even more.

In the dim light of the moon Alex stood up and began to dress quietly, not wanting to wake his parents. He grabbed his car keys and light jacket and jumped into his car, but not before first writing a note to his parents saying he'd be back in a few days. He headed down the street for the Valenti's.


5:00 am. Luke shuffled to the kitchen to make coffee. He couldn't sleep anymore, something was tugging at his mind, something he couldn't get rid of. The thing was, he didn't know WHAT was tugging at his mind. But it was important. It was big. It was right underneath his nose.

As he passed by the living room he did a double take. There stood Rath and Ava, looking like…well, like security guards, or bouncers. They stood in front of the couch on which Isabel slept.

"Uh, morning," said Luke. "Any one wants some coffee?"

"Sure, thanks," said Ava, smiling at Luke.

"Nope," said Rath. "That stuff tastes like piss."

Luke nodded and moved on into the kitchen, fighting the urge to ask Rath how he knew what piss tasted like. He threw some coffee grounds into the machine and opened the refrigerator to see if he had anything he could make for breakfast.


Great. First he let all these people into his home, and now, being the nice host he was, he wanted to make breakfast. But he had nothing in the refrigerator save for a few bottles of beer, some ketchup, and moldy bread.

The coffee was done, so he poured two mugs and was taking one to the living room when he heard whispers. He stopped and stood still, listening carefully. It was his apartment, and if these people were here he deserved to know what they were up to. Maybe they'd give away a clue.

"…have to protect her at all costs."

"I know that Rath. You've only told me this a million times."

"Just makin' sure you know your job."

"I know. I'm not gonna fuck this up, Rath. If I do, if WE do, we may not get Lonnie back."

Rath growled low in his throat. "That idiot…how could she let herself get caught by the likes of Khivar? We's the royals…we's supposed to have more power!"

Luke stood there and listened, a perplexed look on his face. What did they have to do if they wanted Lonnie back? Who was Lonnie? Who was Khivar? Why had he taken Lonnie?

Luke's eyes opened wide at a new thought that entered his mind…where these people messed up in some sort of kidnapping or hostage situation. Was he harboring criminals in his apartment?

All of a sudden he didn't want to give Ava her coffee. He didn't want to go anywhere near her, or Rath, or Isabel. Even Michael…and Serena. They were probably all in on it.

"Just fantastic," he muttered to himself.


Max sank into his seat on the plane and fastened his seat belt. Almost immediately he was dozing off, before the plane even took off. He dreamed restless dreams. Nightmares. About not getting Liz back. Or finding that Khivar had done something horrible to her, like raping her. Like he'd done to Maria.

Periodically Max would wake up and look over to see that Tess was still there. The entire flight she just sat there and stared out the window. She seemed to be deep in thought, and Max thought it'd be rude to bother her.

About an hour before the end of the flight Max dozed off again. This time, however, when he awoke, he was not on the plane. He was in a bright and sunny field of flowers…and Liz was standing before him. He didn't think he'd ever seen her looking more radiant than at that moment. He studied her for a minute or two before speaking, to try and engrave this vision of her into his mind for eternity.

Her hair looked longer than he remembered it, and darker. No longer a dark brown, but a jet black. It whipped in the wind, accentuating the petite features of her face. Her eyes sparkled and her lips looked so inviting. The clothing she was wearing, an outfit much like a cross between a jumpsuit and a bathrobe, wasn't very snug, yet it showed off her gentle curves in a very flattering way.

Max stepped forward and raised his hand to her cheek. It was so warm and soft. He wasn't dreaming, he couldn't be. Everything seemed too real.

"Liz, where are we?" he asked.

"I don't know," she said. "But when Maria or I communicate with people, we end up here. I think it's a place in our minds. It resembles a world Maria and I dreamed up when we were younger. Everything is fresh and new. Eternal spring. Always peaceful."

"It's beautiful," said Max.

Liz smiled.

"I miss you so much," said Max.

"God, Max. I miss you too. The thought of you is what's keeping me going." Liz fell into Max's arms. Max reveled in the feel of her against him. He closed his eyes and inhaled the scent of her hair. This is what he thought heaven must smell like.

"Max, I can't keep up the connection much longer, but I just had to see you again. I had to hold you."

"I'm glad you did. And we're coming. We'll be there to help you soon. And then we can hold each other soon, for real."

"I love you Max," said Liz, fading away.

Max woke up smiling.


Liz woke up and smiled. She laughed and then she burst into a fit of giggles.

"Chica, you ok?" asked Maria, her voice coming from the darkness around Liz.

"I'm better than fine," said Liz. "Max loves me, I love him, and we're going to be saved. They're coming, Maria. We'll be out of this place soon. And we can go back to earth and live with the men who love us."


Alex knocked on Kyle's window lightly. Almost instantly the window was flung open.

"Hey, Kyle. That was quick."

"Couldn't sleep. What are you doing here man?"

"We are going to New York City, my friend. Whether Max and Tess want us to or not. My two best friends are in another dimension and my girlfriend is wanted by some crazy alien. I have an obligation to be in New York."

"Hey, you don't have to tell me twice," said Kyle. "I'll be ready to leave in 10 minutes."

"Ok," said Alex, going back to his car.

He leaned against it and was surprised when the Valenti's front door swung open and Jim walked out.

"Uh, hey Sheriff," said Alex. He wasn't sure what to say next. Did the sheriff know what was going on?

"You and Kyle are leaving for New York City?"

"Yeah," said Alex.

"Ok. I'll keep watch over the bodies."

Alex blinked in surprise.

Jim chuckled. "Kyle told me about everything when he got home. And I'm more than willing to take a few days off work to help you guys out. Believe it or not, I loved Maria and Liz too. And Isabel. I'll do all I can to help get them all back in Roswell safely."

"Well, thank you Sheriff," said Alex wholeheartedly. Just then Kyle came running out.

"Stop your gossiping," he teased. "We have to get to the airport!"

Jim nodded and said, "I can even drive you there and buy you your tickets. Alex, you can just leave your car here in my driveway until you get back."

They all hopped in Jim's car and headed for Albuquerque.


Max and Tess stepped off the plane and into the airport terminal. "We need to get a cab," said Max. "We can be with the others in an hour at the most."

"All right," muttered Tess under her breath. "Let the show begin."


Part 22 posted in a few minutes...
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~*Part 22*~

Diane Evans hummed to herself as she walked up the stairs towards Max's room, a basket of folded laundry in her arms. She knocked on Max's door. There was no answer. She laughed slightly. He must still be sleeping. She'd just put the laundry basket on his floor and leave.

She slowly opened the door and was surprised to see that Max wasn't in bed. In fact, Max wasn't in the room at all and his bed didn't look like it'd been slept in. She put the laundry basket onto his bed and walked to Max's window that overlooked the driveway and back yard. She pushed back the curtain and saw the jeep sitting there. Odd…

She decided he must be out with some friends somewhere for an early breakfast.
It wouldn't be until much later that day that she'd become worried.


This was it. The large white apartment complex on 5th Avenue. And this was apartment 3K. Max raised his fist and knocked, unsure as to if anyone would be awake yet inside. It was only 7:30 am.

The door was flung open by a man Max didn't know, so he assumed it was Luke. "Uh, hi, Luke? I'm Max and this is Tess."

Luke gave them a blank look.

Max's face fell. "Didn't anyone tell you we were coming?"

"No," said Luke. "But please come in, everyone else in New York City seems to be here. Everyone's in the living room. I'm leaving for work now. If anyone breaks anything, you all have to leave!"

"Uh, ok," said Max. "We'll only be here shortly. We're leaving today."

"Good," said Luke gruffly, stomping off down the hallway. Max and Tess shared amused looks and walked into the apartment. To their left they heard voices, and so proceeded down a short hallway towards the living room.

Isabel looked up in surprise at Max and Tess and then stood up, jumped over Ava, who was lying on the floor, and threw herself into her brother's arms. "Max!" she exclaimed. "I'm so happy to see you!"

Max laughed and hugged his sister. "Same here," he said. Finally Isabel let him go and then turned to give Tess a hug.

"Hey girl, glad you came to help us."

"Where else would you expect me to be at a time like this?" asked Tess, hoping she sounded genuine.

Isabel turned and said, "Max, Tess, you already know Ava and Rath. This is Serena. Serena, this is my brother Max and our friend Tess."

"It's great to meet you," said Serena, getting out of her chair to shake hands with them. "And now we need to get right down to business. Last night, while everyone was sleeping, I was making plans. Now, these plans need to be followed exactly."

Everyone took their seats and listened attentively to what Serena was saying. "First, I'm going to be the leader until we're actually there, for obvious reasons. I am the only one who knows how to get there. When we arrive, Max should take over. He's the king, plus…well, he's a guy. No offense Tess, but males fight better against Remians like Khivar. Anyways, Michael, Max, and Tess will be accompanying me while Rath and Ava keep Isabel safe. We'll check all three of them into a hotel before we leave, so as not to leave Luke with perfect strangers in his apartment."

Serena sighed and sat down, then continued, "Once we get there we need to be cautious. We'll be in a dimension owned solely by Khivar. There are literally trillions of citizens there…and they all serve Khivar. We shouldn't run into too much trouble though, and if we do, we can fight back. Remian powers are miniscule compared to Antarian powers. Now, I think all of you know this, but I'll say it again. I have no powers whatsoever. It's a genetic defect. So if we ever have to split up while in Where The Light Isn't, I'll go with Michael, and Tess will go with Max."

Everyone nodded and waited for her to go on. She sat in silence for a moment, thinking. "When we get there, if we run into Khivar, he probably won't recognize me. He hasn't seen me since I was a toddler. Also, he has extremely bad eyesight."

Everyone raised their eyebrows in amusement at this. Khivar wanted to rule the Whirlwind galazy and he had his own dimension. But he had bad eyesight and he didn't wear glasses. Not always a good idea…

Serena took a deep breath and said, "I'm willing to sacrifice myself to save your friends."

"What?" asked Max. "What do you mean? You're willing to die?! No one is going to die!"

"It's only as a precautionary measure. I don't expect to have to do this…but if I have to, I will let Khivar kill me, thinking it's Liz."

Everyone's eyes opened wide at this comment. They couldn't believe she'd be so self-sacrificing and willing to help.

"If Khivar thinks he's killing Liz," Serena went on, "then maybe he'll let Maria and Lonnie go…and the real Liz, whom he'll think is me."

"But what if he wants to really kill you?" asked Michael. "He doesn't strike me as the loving father figure."

"He wouldn't risk it because even though he disowned me and sent me to earth, his citizens still know I'm his daughter. An uprising against him would start if they found out he killed me and he'd lose his power. Well…I think that about covers it," said Serena.

"We have the bodies ready in Roswell," said Max.

"Good," said Serena. "Well, if we're done talking I think we should all take bathroom breaks and get ready to go."

"Oh yeah," muttered Michael. "Always have to remember to take bathroom breaks before hopping into another dimension."


"This is the place," said Serena. She, Max, Michael, and Tess were standing in Central Park, hidden in a tangle of trees. They'd already dropped off Isabel, Ava, and Rath at a hotel with instructions not to leave unless absolutely necessary.

"This is the place?" asked Michael. "We're standing in a bunch of trees."

"No, we're standing in a doorway to Where The Light Isn't." Serena took Michael's hand and he took Tess's, who took Max's.

"Now, don't let go of each other. This may feel weird. And when we get there it will be completely dark." With that said, Serena tapped a tree. Part of the trunk slid back to display something much like a computer keyboard. "Fake tree," she said to the other three, who had amazed expressions on their faces.

Serena hit a few buttons and all of a sudden they were enveloped in a bright light and they felt like they were flying. All too soon the sensation ended, and they were back on solid ground, in complete darkness.

"Welcome to The Land Where The Light Isn't," said Serena. "Now let's get moving."


Kyle and Alex ran up the stairs and knocked on the door to apartment 3K. No answer. They knocked louder. They pounded on the door. Still no answer. Kyle glanced down at the slip of paper with Max's handwriting on it.

"This is the place," he said.

"What if we missed them?" asked Alex. "What if they left already?"

"No way," said Kyle. "They probably went out for brunch. We'll just sit here and wait." And so Kyle and Alex sat down outside Luke's apartment to wait.


To be continued...I anticipate about 5 more parts, maybe a few more, or even less...but this fic is almost done!
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My main goal as far as fan fic is concerned is to get out the next part of Welcome to College asap, and then to finish Where The Light Isn't. I know that some of you know that I plan on starting another polar fic and I said I'd start writing it in May...that's been moved up to June.

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Hey, here with a new part! Woohoo! Hope you enjoy it, I know I enjoyed writing it! 5 more parts after this, so this is coming to an end soon!

~*Part 23*~

"Where the hell are we going?" Michael grumbled, stumbling over yet another rock in the dark.

"Will you shut up?" hissed Serena. "Do you really want my father to find us? Because if you keep jabbering, he will find us and he will not hesitate to kill at least you."

Michael instantly shut up, and kept following Serena. They had decided right away to split up from Max and Tess because no one had anticipated just how dark this place was. It was so dark you felt like you were suffocating. They knew that if they stuck together, there was virtually no chance they'd find Maria, Liz, or Lonnie.

The only thing that now bothered Michael was the fact that Serena was the only one who knew how to leave this place and get back to their dimension. If Max and Tess found the three girls, they'd have to leave as soon as possible…but they wouldn't be able to because first they'd have to find Michael and Serena again.

"Shit," muttered Serena, breaking Michael out of his thoughts. She stopped suddenly and caused Michael to walk into her.

"What is it?" he whispered as quietly as he could.

"A dead end."


"This place is actually like a small village, you know. The people that are slaves of Khivar, and Khivar included, can see in this darkness. Apparently we are walking on a dead end street."

"Wait a minute," said Michael. "If these people can see in the dark, shouldn't they be able to spot us?"

"Yes, but I don't think they're here, I think they're all back in Khivar's dimension. This is a place between dimensions, but it also serves as a rest stop for troops. I don't think there are any battles going on now, and they don't really like going to our dimension very often, so they don't come here often. We should be safe."

"Geeze! You should have told us this before! This is, like, vital information!"

"Michael, I really don't think anyone's here. Besides, you have powers. Like I said before we came here, the Remians are no match for Antarians when it comes to powers. Now let's stop talking, and find another road. We need to get to the girls before my father finds out we're here. I'm sure he's probably been tracking you ever since he captured the girls, and I know he tracks me. We need to hurry up!"

Michael didn't need to hear anymore, he knew they needed to hurry up. And they just couldn't afford to lose any more time. What Michael didn't realize was just how little time they really had.


Max gripped Tess's arm and helped her over a large hole in the ground. It just wouldn't do to have someone sprain their ankle at a time like this. They continued walking, an eerie green light coming from Max's palm. He'd had the idea of lighting their way with his powers. He hoped that with this, he'd either be able to spot the girls sooner, or the girls would spot the light and call out for help. But nothing had happened so far, and he estimated that they'd been in Where The Light Isn't for almost three hours already.

A brief while ago Tess had seemed almost catatonic, as if she were dreamwalking someone, but Max couldn't believe that. He knew she wouldn't drain her powers like that, and besides, who did she have to dreamwalk or talk to?

They continued on down the road they were on, looking in every direction for any indication that the girls were near.

What had surprised Max when he'd started using his powers for light was the fact that there were actually buildings here! He'd thought it would be a dark place, devoid of all life, or manmade creations. But he was wrong. This was like a primitive village, and he'd seen animals too…something that slightly resembled a deer had crossed their path an hour earlier.

They trudged along together, helping the other if they were about to stumble over some obstacle, when all of a sudden, they were in a clearing, and there, lying in front of them were none other than Liz, Maria, and Lonnie.

Maria was the first to spot Tess and Max and she immediately jumped up and started screaming, "Oh my God! Liz, Lonnie, wake up! Wake up! We're saved! Thank God, thank Buddha, thank someone, our heroes are here!"

Lonnie raised her hand in a wave at Tess and Max, a grin spreading across her face, a grin that she rarely showed to anyone. "Thanks," she murmured to no one in particular.

Liz slowly awoke and looked up at Max. She thought she was dreaming. She had to be. There was no way she could be staring at Max right now. Yet, it was undeniable, what with Maria practically having a heart attack, hugging Tess, and then Lonnie, and then swinging them around in a wild, frenzied dance.

Liz slowly stood up, not breaking eye contact with Max. His eyes were tearing up, and so were hers, until Max's face was nothing but a blur to her. She hurled herself into his arms, holding onto him with a death grip. He did the same to her.

He inhaled the scent of her hair.

She reveled in the feeling of being held in his strong, warm arms, his hard chest up against her.

He smiled down at her and whispered, "I can't believe I'm holding you."

"It's amazing," she breathed, snuggling into the crook of his neck.

"I…" He choked back a sob and then started again. "I held you in my arms after the accident. I just held you and tried to heal you. And it didn't work. You'd been ripped away from me. I thought I'd die then, knowing you were dead. Knowing I'd never get to see your smile again. Knowing I'd never get to kiss you again, or hold you."


"Let me finish," he said gently. "I went to your funeral and I thought I'd completely lose it. I was a pallbearer. That was so hard. To carry the coffin, knowing you were in there. Knowing you were so close and yet so very far away, too far away to touch. I don't think I've even really been living since you died. I've been walking around in this blank state, not caring about the real world, only dreaming of being with you. And then I found out you were alive."

Liz smiled up at him, tracing his jawline with her finger, waiting for him to continue. "I found out you were alive and I felt like I was alive again. I had a reason to live. We…we had to dig up your bodies. Geeze, that was hard to do. But I knew that it was the only way to get you back, to have the bodies ready to receive your soul. And so I did it. And now here I am, with you, and we can go back to earth and just…be together."

Liz wiped away a few of Max's tears and did what she'd been wanting to do for weeks. She touched her lips to his. She kissed him. She poured her heart and soul, all of her love, into that kiss. And she was taken aback by what she received from Max.

Flashes. Not just any flashes. She was seeing and feeling all the pain Max had been feeling since she'd died. She'd never felt such pain before, didn't know pain could exist in that degree without killing someone.

As the kiss broke she realized she was weeping. She collapsed fully into Max's arms. How could someone love her that much? How could this wonderful boy, whom she loved more than her own life, love her back that much?

It could only be a miracle.


Luke slipped his keys out of his pocket as he stepped out of the elevator, shifting his briefcase to the other hand so he could more easily open his apartment door. And then he noticed them.

Two men, barely men…probably just out of high school, sprawled in front of his apartment door. As if they were waiting for someone. Him. Great. Just what he needed. More guests. He needed to have a serious take with Serena because she was just plain taking advantage of his apartment now.

He lightly tapped both of the guys on the leg and waited for them to wake up. They saw him and stood up quickly. One of them, the more gangly and tall of the two, stuck out his hand and smiled. "I'm Alex," he said. "This is Kyle. We're looking for our friends."

Luke didn't shake Alex's hand, but pushed past him and unlocked the door to his apartment. "And who would your friends be?" he asked, knowing full well who they were.

"Um, Michael, Max, Tess, Rath, Isabel, Ava…and Sabrina?"

"Serena," corrected Kyle, smiling sheepishly.

"Wait out here," said Luke gruffly, slamming the door in their faces and throwing his briefcase to the floor. He walked into the kitchen and yelled, "Is anyone here?!"

He received no answer. He checked all the rooms and found no one. He went back to the door and opened it. Alex and Kyle were standing there, waiting.

"They're not here, no one is. Now will you people please just leave me alone?" He started to shut the door, but Kyle's hand shot out and pushed it open.

"Please," he said. "Do you have any idea where they could be? It's urgent."

"What the hell are you people up to?" asked Luke. "You think you can just come into my apartment and I'm not supposed to ask questions?! I've been hearing things I don't even want to begin to try to comprehend, but if my wild guess is correct, you're all wrapped up in a conspiracy of some kind. I want nothing to do with this!"

"Please!" yelled Alex. "Is there any clue as to where they could have gone?"

Luke sighed and said, "Serena left some stuff here, go ahead and get it, maybe there's some clues there. After that, I want you gone."

Kyle and Alex instantly pushed past Luke. "Where?" asked Kyle. Luke sighed and pointed towards the spare bedroom Serena had been staying in. Alex and Kyle hurried in that direction while Luke went to his liquor cabinet. He needed a drink. In fact, he needed a few drinks.


"I gotsta do somethin!" Rath yelled at Ava. "I'm not just gonna sit around on my ass all day, waiting for those preppy pansies to save Lonnie! I'm going in, and you're staying here with Isabel."

"No!" yelled Ava. "Why do you get to go, and I get stuck here, protecting her alone? Besides, if Khivar tries to take Isabel, I can't protect her alone. If Khivar gets Isabel, we get blamed and them 'preppy pansies' won't help us get Lonnie back!"

"Just shut up and do as you're told!" Rath bellowed, walking out of the hotel room and slamming the door behind him.

Ava sunk down dejectedly onto one of the beds. "This sucks the big one," she complained.

Isabel studied Ava for a few moments and then said, "I want to help too. I know Khivar is after me, but I can't just let everyone else do all the work."

Ava turned onto her side and raised her eyebrow, brushing a few dreadlocks out of her face. "And so what are you saying?" she asked.

"I'm saying, we give Rath a little headstart…and then we follow him."

Ava smiled at Isabel. "I like the way you think," she said.


"Ok, break it up, you two, you can cuddle, or whatever, when we're safely back home," said Maria, pulling Max and Liz apart.

They smiled at Maria, but still held hands. "You're right," said Liz. "We need to get out of here now, that's our first priority."

"Ok," said Tess. "Then we just need to find Michael and Serena and we can leave."

They all started moving back towards the direction from which Tess and Max had come from.


"Shh! Stop!" hissed Serena. Michael stopped walking, standing as still as he could.

"What?" he whispered back.

"I heard something."

"You're just being paranoid."

"No, she's not," said another voice. Serena and Michael slowly turned around, not wanting to see who was behind them.

As soon as they saw him they knew. It was Khivar.

"Welcome to The Land Where The Light Isn't. Too bad your tour is going to be cut short. And Liz, why…I wouldn't have expected you to leave Maria and Lonnie all alone. Good for you. Growing a spine. I'm proud."

Serena stood there, staring at her father blankly. He thought she was Liz. It just might work. She knew now though, that she would be killed, no question about it. The question was, would Michael make it back to the others? Could any of the others escape?


"Kyle, I found something," said Alex. Kyle came over and stood next to Alex, who was holding a small slip of yellow paper.

"Well, what is it?"

"This is what we're looking for." He read from the paper. "Dimension slipstream-Central Park-near large cluster of trees and bushes, red flag as marker, white stripe on largest tree."

Kyle and Alex smiled at each other. They were going to Central Park. And then they were going to go help their friends.


To be continued...

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Thanks to my beta reader, Alexandra, for helping me out with this!

~*Part 24*~

“You sure this is the place?” Kyle asked Alex. They were standing among a small copse of trees in Central Park.

“Yeah,” said Alex. “Are you ready?”

“No, but I guess that doesn’t really matter does it?”

“Nope,” said Alex. He walked up to the marked tree and tapped it. Nothing happened. He tapped it harder and a computer-like thing appeared.

“You know what you’re doing?” asked Kyle.

“Sort of. I think I can hack in and figure out how this works.” Alex’s fingers began to expertly tap away at the keyboard, the computer giving small bleeps and blips occasionally. Finally Alex held up his hands in victory. “I got it!” he exclaimed. “We’re leaving in 10 seconds…9…8…”

Alex stopped counting and grabbed onto Kyle’s hand. As Alex had predicted, a few seconds later they were enclosed in a bright light and when it was over, they were standing in a world completely devoid of light.


Max and Liz led the way as Maria, Lonnie, and Tess followed behind. “We’re never going to find them,” Tess grumbled to no one in particular.

“Shut up, shut up, shut up,” muttered Maria. She’d always hated Tess and her whiny little voice wasn’t making this situation any better.

“Hey!” said Lonnie, stepping between the two bickering girls. “Does I gotta break this up? If you two start duking it out I’m gonna throw some punches and the both of ya’s gonna get it!”

Maria and Tess obediently shut up and walked on like scared little puppies with their tails between their legs.

Max chuckled and pulled Liz closer. He didn’t mind the bickering. It was just good to know they were all ok. As soon as they found Michael and Serena they’d go back to their homes and live happily ever after.


Tess slowed her breathing and walked blindly with the others. Now that they’d found the girls, Khivar had to be warned and told that Serena might try to pose as Liz.

Tess had tried to contact him earlier, but her attempts had failed. This time she HAD to contact him, or else risk losing his respect…and maybe even her life.

She continued to slow her breathing and when she felt fully prepared, she stepped quickly into the dream plane, which was always present within the recesses of her mind. She hastily found the mind of Khivar and stepped in.

“What the hell do you want?” he snapped. “I’m busy! Michael picked up Liz and they tried to get away! I need to get them to a holding cell now!”

“That’s not Liz!” Tess said quickly, before Khivar had the chance to throw her out of his mind.

“What? Of course it’s Liz.”

“It’s Serena.”

“My…offspring?” asked Khivar in absolute disgust.

“Yes. I’m with Max, Lonnie, Maria, and Liz now. If you give me directions, I can lead them to you.”

“Perfect! Keep walking, I can track you and meet you. Just make sure Max doesn’t find a way to get out of this dimension before I get there!”

“Yes sir.”


“Well, that’s a good head start. I say we follow after Rath now,” said Isabel, pulling herself up off the bed where she’d been lounging.

“All right!” said Ava excitedly. “This’ll be great!”

“Remember,” said Isabel as they left the hotel and walked in the direction of Central Park. “Khivar is looking for me, not for you. If worse comes to worse, I’ll give myself up while you find the others, then you can come back for me.”

“Yeah, I know,” said Ava. She was grinning broadly. “I just can’t wait to get my hands on Khivar. I think I wanna rip his head off.”

“Same here,” sighed Isabel. “Same here.”


“Where are you taking us?!” Michael yelled angrily. Khivar was using his powers, most obviously far more developed than other Remian powers, even more powerful than Antarian powers, to take Serena and Michael somewhere. Neither of them could move except when and where Khivar wanted them to.

“A holding cell,” said Khivar. “I’ll keep you there until your friends are found.” They went on in silence, and after a little while Khivar’s breathing became shallower and he seemed to be paying very little attention to what he was doing.

Finally his breathing returned to normal. He stopped walking, levitating Michael and Serena over the ground. He studied Serena for a moment and then laughed out loud. Michael shivered. That laugh was so…inhuman.

Khivar walked closer to Serena and then reached out and stroked her cheek. “I know who you really are now,” he said. “And I’ll enjoy killing you, daughter.”


“Where are we going?” Kyle whispered to Alex.

“Gee, to the candy store,” said Alex sarcastically.

“Really?” asked Kyle hopefully.

“NO!” yelled Alex. “I don’t know where we’re going, but we have to concentrate on finding the others.”

“But I’m hungry…” said Kyle, sounding like a fussing child who’s been stuck in a car for far too long.

“Oh fine,” said Alex, digging in his jacket pocket. “Here, eat this.” He handed Kyle a slightly smashed, but otherwise perfectly edible, Milky Way bar.

“I prefer Snickers,” said Kyle. “Would you happen to have a Snickers?”

“No!” snapped Alex, taking the candy bar back. After all, if Kyle was just going to complain about it, Alex may as well eat it.


Ava and Isabel easily found the spot that Serena had told them about in the trees. They found the computer, typed in the code, and within seconds they found themselves in The Land Where The Light Isn’t.

“This is some creepy shit,” murmured Ava, trying her hardest to see. But her attempts were futile. There was no light and no way to see.

“Well, let’s go,” said Isabel, walking carefully. “Let’s just be quiet and listen for the others.”

Ava and Isabel walked along, holding hands so they wouldn’t lose each other in the darkness. All of a sudden Isabel thought she heard a familiar laugh. A laugh she’d know anywhere. It was Alex’s laugh.


“I think we should go this way,” said Tess, pointing in the opposite direction from the way Max wanted to go.

“Are you sure we should go that way?” asked Liz.

“Yes. This is the way we came from.”

Max squinted and tried to see into the distance, but the light he’d created with his powers was quickly ebbing and all he saw was shadows. “If you’re sure…” he said skeptically.

“I’m positive,” said Tess. “Let’s go.”

Everyone followed after Tess, not knowing they were walking into a trap that could mean the end for all of them.


“Alex?” Isabel called out, but not too loudly. “Is that you?”


“Alex? Where are-”

Isabel bumped into something…or rather, someone.




“What are you two doing here?” asked Isabel.

“Trying to save you!” said Alex. He felt around until he found Isabel’s arm. He pulled her into his arms. “I’ve missed you.”

“God, Alex, I’ve missed you too. I just had to leave…but I never meant to hurt you.”

“I know,” he said. “I didn’t know that before, but I know that now.”

“Ok, are we done with the lovey dovey crud?” asked Ava, only half mocking.

“Ava?” asked Alex.

“The one and only. And now we better go find Rath and the others.”

They began walking again, staying close together. “Hey!” said Kyle, brightening suddenly. “Ava, would you happen to have a Snickers bar with you?”


To be continued...four more parts!

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This is for bumper queen!

~*Part 25*~

“This don’t seem like the right way,” grumbled Lonnie, trudging along as she shot looks of anger at Tess’s back.

“It is,” said Tess. “Trust me. We’ll meet up with Michael and Serena and be out of here in just a little while.”

Lonnie sidled up to Maria and whispered. “I don’t trust her. She has some evil looks abouts her.”

Maria studied the form of Tess walking slightly ahead of them and whispered back, “You know, I NEVER liked her. Two years ago she tried to steal Max from Liz and any real friendship I had with her was over.”

“I don’t mean evil like that,” said Lonnie. “I means like…really evil. Likes she’s planning against us. Almost like she’s helping the big K.”

“The big K?” asked Maria in confusion. “Oh! Khivar!”

“Nothing gets past you blondie,” said Lonnie teasingly.

Max, who still had his arm around Liz, turned to Lonnie and Maria and said, “Shh…I hear something.”

“Awww, is Maxie hearing spookies in the dark?” asked Lonnie in a kidding manner.

“I’m serious! Shut up for a second!” snapped Max. Lonnie shut her mouth, but not before smirking at Max and rolling her eyes.

The five of them stood there in silence, listening. Tess looked impatient, but the rest seemed unfazed by whatever was getting Tess’s panties in a bunch.

‘Oh hurry up,’ Tess thought. ‘Khivar doesn’t have all day to wait for you!’

They all stood in silence, listening for whatever Max had heard. Then Liz’s head snapped to the right. “I hear it!” she said quietly. They all listened and then they all heard it. Voices. Very very familiar voices.

“I said I want a Snickers!”

“If you don’t shut up you’re going to get the chance to ask Khivar himself for a Snickers. And even if you get it, it’ll be your last meal!”

“But I’m so hungry! And everyone knows that if you’re hungry you HAVE to have a Snickers!”

Then they heard the sound of someone being slapped on the head.

“Ow! Ava, that hurt!”

Liz turned to Max, her eyes sparkling, but worried. “It sounds like Ava, Isabel, Alex, and Kyle. But what are they doing here? It isn’t safe here! Especially for Isabel!”

“You’re right,” said Max, grabbing Liz’s arm and leading everyone in the direction of their friends voices.

“Where are you going?” sputtered Tess, jogging to keep up with them.

“To get our friends, you blonde-haired dimwit!” Maria yelled back over her shoulder.

Tess scowled at Maria. “Hey, you’re blonde too!” she called back, but her words fell on deaf ears as Maria spotted Alex and ran at him, screaming excitedly.

Alex hugged Maria and immediately clapped his hand over her mouth. “Ria! Quiet!”

She blushed. “Oops. Sorry. I’m just so…god…I didn’t think I’d ever see you again, Alex!”

Alex’s smile was from ear to ear. “And I’m glad to see you!” He waved to Liz. “You too Lizzie!” Everyone smiled and hugged Maria and Liz…and Lonnie.

Ava started to cry when she was hugging Lonnie. Lonnie held Ava at arms length and said teasingly, “Now don’t go cornball on me A!”

Ava just smiled and pulled Lonnie in for another hug.

Tess stood away from the others and rolled her eyes. “Ok, now that that’s over, can we get going again?”

But once again, Tess’s words fell on deaf ears as an unkempt Rath stumbled into the midst of their group. He was gasping for breath and was bent over, clutching his side, as if he had a cramp in it from running too much.

He didn’t even seem to notice that Isabel and Ava were there, very much against his orders for them to remain safely away from Khivar.

Lonnie rushed to Rath’s side and let him lean on her. “What happened?” asked Max.

“I…I heard…Khivar. He’s got Serena and Michael. He thinks Serena is Liz.”

Liz and Maria both tried desperately to hold back tears. Maria because she loved Michael and knew he was in imminent danger, and Liz because she felt guilty for the very plausible death of Serena.

Max pulled both girls into his arms, kissing Liz’s forehead and rubbing Maria’s back comfortingly.

“We need to find them!” said Alex valiantly. Isabel smiled at him, amazed at the bravery and determination she could see shining in his eyes.

“I agree,” said Max. “But how? We’re literally in the dark here. We have no idea how big this dimension is or if Khivar is even keeping them in this dimension.”

As everyone discussed plans and ideas on how to located Michael and Serena, Tess closed her eyes and called out for Khivar’s mind. She was granted immediate access.

“Well? Where the hell is everyone? I’ve been tracking you all and you are extremely off course! I thought you told me you were going to lead them to me!”

“Gosh, I’m trying. We ran into Alex, Isabel, Kyle, Ava, and Rath on the way. And Rath apparently knows that you have Michael and Serena. Except Rath thinks that you think Serena is Liz.”

Khivar laughed. “I did think she was Liz and I guess Rath didn’t stick around long enough to hear me tell Serena I’d enjoy killing her. Although, I do believe I’d like to kill Liz as well.”

“So, what do we do now?” asked Tess.

“Try to keep the group in that relative area. Michael and my daughter will be kept in a holding cell while I come to collect the rest of the members of this disgusting little group.”

Tess nodded and was snapped back to the group.

“So what are you saying?” Maria was yelling. “That we just stand around and wait?!” She jabbed her finger at Max’s chest. “Don’t you dare tell me we have to stand around and WAIT! Khivar has Michael and I refuse to just sit here and give Khivar more time in which to kill him! I fucking refuse to!”

Tears began to fall in a waterfall from Maria’s eyes and Liz tried to pull Maria into her arms, but Maria angrily pushed her away and ran off into the darkness.

“Maria!” everyone yelled after her. But it was no use. She was lost to them in the darkness.

And then things got worse.

“Hello friends,” said a deep voice. Everyone turned around and Liz yelped. “What, I don’t get hugs?” asked the man sarcastically.

“Khivar, unhand our friends!” bellowed Max.

“Ah, that would be the sucker ending to this whole soap opera, wouldn’t it? No, I think I need to have a little more fun.” Khivar rubbed his hands together and looked around at everyone, smirking. “Anyone up for dying?”


Thanks for reading...three more parts to go!

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No, I haven't died. But almost.

I'll give you the short version of my story.

I got sick. That threw my diabetes out of whack and I got sicker.

I went to the emergency room, then spent 48 hours in the ICU, and now I'm home.

I'm still sick, I'm tired, and I've had a migraine for 5 days. I can barely sit up, so I will not be writing fan fic for awhile. I'm sorry, but until further notice, I won't be updating my fics.

Maybe I'll start writing again in a week. Don't worry, I don't think it'll go beyond a week.

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Thank you to the following people for their feedback/bumps: Eerie, Lucky Star (5x), shelbecat, roswellluver, rossieaddicted, and starlady! You guys are so great, I really appreciate your feedback!

Well, I finished Part 26 and I sent it off to my beta a little while ago. I should be able to post it by tomorrow, maybe even tonight...Lexa is usually pretty speedy when it comes to getting stuff back to me...

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Part 26

Isabel screeched in fear and then collapsed into Alex’s arms. Alex struggled to maintain his balance under Isabel’s dead weight. She had completely passed out.

Without warning, Khivar raised one of his hands high up over his head and shot out a blast that seemed to blow everyone but Isabel backwards by ten feet. Then he raised a force field around them, one that was far more powerful than anything Max could ever dream of creating with his powers.

Liz started to sob as she watched Khivar slowly approach Isabel’s fallen body. He kneeled next to her and gently moved a few stray strands of hair out of her face.

“Vilandra,” Khivar whispered, looking down at Isabel in wonder. “My Vilandra. We are finally reunited.” Khivar continued to stroke Isabel’s hair, occasionally caressing her cheek.

Lonnie, Rath, Ava, Liz, Max, Tess, Alex, and Kyle all stood watching and waiting with bated breath behind the force field. For a short time they’d all forgotten about Michael, Serena, and Maria. They couldn’t think about anything but the horrible scene unfolding before them.

Eventually Isabel blinked and moaned softly, trying desperately to raise her head. Khivar helped her sit up and then looked into her face.

Isabel screamed and batted desperately at Khivar’s hands, which were around her arms. She hadn’t realized who was helping her sit up until she’d seen his face with the aid of the dim green light from the force field behind which her friends crouched.

Khivar, however, would not release Isabel from his firm yet gentle grip. “Vilandra, do not fight me,” cooed Khivar, raising one hand to cup her cheek. “It’s me, Khivar. Your bonded mate…for all eternity.”

“I am bonded to no one, and especially not for eternity,” Isabel replied coolly, removing Khivar’s hand from her cheek. “I would rather die than be with you for an hour.”

“Oh, tsk tsk, Vilandra,” said Khivar, speaking to her as if she were a child who’d been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. “That’s the wrong answer! Now, you either agree to stay here and live with me, and…renew our bond…or you and your friends are going to be sent to the fiery depths of hell. I’ll even lead you there!”

Isabel met Khivar’s gaze and seemed to be thinking of his proposition for a few seconds…and then spit in his face.

“Did I just see Isabel Evans spit?” Kyle whispered to Alex, completely amazed.

Alex didn’t answer because he was straining to hear what Khivar was saying and because he felt that this was no time for humor of any kind.

“Damn,” Khivar muttered under his breath. He ran his hand over his face, removing the spittle from his cheek. “That’s no way to treat your lover.”

“Ha! The only man who has any chance of being my lover is Alex!” Isabel replied.

Alex blinked in surprise, then smiled to himself.

Khivar release his grip completely on Isabel and raised a smaller force field around her. He spun around and studied the large group of teenagers standing before him. His gaze finally landed on Alex.

“Alex, you lucky dog,” said Khivar, an evil grin cascading over his face. “You win the grand prize.”

“I-I have?” squeaked Alex, for once happy about the force field that separated him from Khivar.

“Yes. Come here.”

“I-I can’t,” said Alex, pointing dumbly at the force field.

“Oh, but you can, Alex,” said Khivar. “Go ahead. Try.”

Alex looked at the other teens standing around him. None of them said anything, but Max was shaking his head.

“I have to,” Alex said, more to himself than to Max. “Maybe I can help get Isabel away from him.”

“Alex, don’t,” commanded Max. “If you go over there you are just signing your own death warrant. Khivar is evil. We all know that. If you think that you are just going to walk over there, pick up Isabel, and be able to escape, you’re dreaming. He’ll kill you Alex.”

Alex let Max’s words go in one ear and out the other. He looked at Isabel and the look of pure desperation on her face and he knew that his mind was made up. There was no way he could just leave Isabel on that side of the force field, alone with Khivar. If that dirty, slimy bastard were to touch her even one more time…

Alex thought of what he’d like to do to Khivar, fueling his rage, making him feel stronger and more confident. He took three steps forward. He was now standing directly in front of the force field.

‘This is it,’ he thought to himself, taking a deep breath. ‘You may like…disintegrate trying to go through the force field…or you may get through. Just do it, Whitman!’

Alex took a deep breath and stumbled forward a few steps, almost losing his balance. Khivar chuckled and Isabel breathed a sigh of relief.

“I-I’m alive!” Alex exclaimed happily.

“I told you that you could do it, Alex,” said Khivar

“Whatever,” Alex mumbled. He started to run to Isabel’s side but suddenly found himself unable to move. It was almost as if he’d been…frozen. Without the cold aspect of freezing.

“You will stay away from her,” growled Khivar. “Vilandra is mine now. I’ve allowed you to come to this side only to say your good-byes.”

“Are you blind?!” Alex yelled so suddenly that everyone jumped. “Are you a deaf idiot?! SHE DOESN’T WANT YOU! She HATES you! You held her friends hostage when they should have been resting in peace! You disowned your own daughter because she has a genetic defect. You killed Vilandra, Rath, and Zan in their last lifetimes! Does ANY of that sound familiar to you? Why would ANY woman want to be with a man like you?”

Alex’s gaze softened as he turned his eyes on Isabel. Isabel gasped as she saw the pure love and admiration that seemed to be pouring forth from his eyes, his smile.

“Isabel is the perfect woman. She deserves the perfect man. I’m not worthy of her, and Khivar, you most definitely aren’t even a runner-up. But you heard what she said. I’m the only one she’d consider being with. If you cared at all about her Khivar, you’d want her to be happy. You’d let her go. You’d let all of us go, and you’d let her be with me.”

Alex fell silent and all eyes fell on Khivar, waiting to see what his reaction would be to Alex’s words.


After Khivar had promised Serena that he would kill her, and enjoy doing it, he left. Serena finally allowed herself to break down and cry, collapsing into Michael’s arms. As the sobs wracked her body she wondered to herself how she could even be related to such a vile and cruel man. What kind of man said he’d enjoy killing his only offspring?

Michael, concerned for the small woman in his arms, held her and let her cry on his shoulder, knowing she needed to let out her anger, confusion, and fear somehow. This was as good a way as any.

Finally Serena’s sobs subsided to a few sporadic sniffles, hiccups, and an occasional desperate moan that somewhat terrified Michael. After all, if Serena was so distraught how would they even have a chance of finding a way out of the holding cell they were in and locating the others? She was the one who had even a remote idea of how to get around in Where The Light Isn’t.

Serena raked her hair out of her face and turned away from Michael, glad that it was so dark and he wasn’t able to make out her face. ‘I must be a mess,’ she thought to herself.

“We have to get out of here somehow,” Michael finally ventured to say.

“Yeah, I know,” said Serena. “But I don’t have any ideas on how to get out of here. This is a cell with no doors. Khivar transported us here with his powers.”

They fell silent for a long moment, wondering if their friends were safe, wondering how all of this had come about so quickly, and wondering how the hell they were going to escape from their holding cell.

“You have to blast a hole in one of the walls,” said Serena, sighing in defeat. “It’s the only thing to do.”

“I can’t,” retorted Michael. “My powers aren’t strong enough for that type of thing. I can barely blow apart a rock, much less a solid brick wall.”

“Michael, you have to!” Serena yelled, letting her fear get the best of her. “Do you want to be killed!? Don’t you want to see Maria again!? You have to at least try!”

Serena’s words must have had an affect on Michael, at least to some degree, because he slowly raised himself off the floor where he’d been sitting and shuffled blindly to the wall across from Serena. “Stay back,” he warned. “Like I said, my powers aren’t strong, but if I do manage to create a blast strong enough to rip a hole in the wall, bricks may fly.”

Serena shuffled as far into a corner as she could and waited.

Michael raised his right hand in front of him and pointed it at the wall a few feet in front of him. He tried his hardest to even out his breathing and calm his racing heart. He concentrated on the bricks. They looked red, but their wasn’t really any light so it was hard to truly tell their color.

As quickly as he could and with as much power as he could muster, he let a bolt of pure energy rush from his hand. It spilled out of his fingertips. It exploded from his open palm. The energy blast hit the brick wall and created a hole

A hole big enough to stick a hand through.

“Damn it!” Michael cursed, flipping up his middle finger at the wall, as if that would somehow coax the small hole he’d created to expand.

“What happened?” Serena asked, now standing at Michael’s side.

“I made a hole,” said Michael.

“I don’t see it.”

“Get closer.”

Serena walked closer to the wall and then let out a sigh. “You’ll have to try again, Michael,” she said.


“What do you mean no?! Michael, you are our only hope of getting out of here. Now try again!” Serena retreated back to her corner and Michael turned back to the wall.

“I can’t do this,” Michael complained, even as he raised his hand and prepared to once again attempt to break a hole in the wall.

“Just shut up and do it already!” Serena snapped, Michael’s complete lack of self-confidence grating on her last nerve. Didn’t he realize that his power was mostly fueled by the confidence that the powers could be used well? If he didn’t believe anything was going to happen, then nothing most likely was going to happen.

Michael concentrated once again on the wall in front of him. He aimed his hand at the small hole he’d already created, hoping that he’d be able to make it bigger.

He let out a blast of energy and was blown backwards, knocking over Serena, by the force of the wall exploding inwards into their small cell.

“You were supposed to blow the bricks outward, you ass!” Serena yelled, her voice muffled. Michael was sprawled across her chest and head. He quickly rolled off her and assessed her for scrapes or cuts.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“I’m fine. But you should have blown the bricks outwards!”

“Well excuse me! I’ve never done that before!”

Serena’s gaze softened a bit and she said, “I know. I’m sorry I’m being so uptight and bitchy. I just really want to find the others and get out of here.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Michael asked, pointing to the wall he’d demolished. “Let’s go find them!”


“You are a fool if you think that I would let any of you go without keeping Vilandra here. Vilandra is my bonded mate, and either I have her in this lifetime, or you all will die.”

“NO!” Alex bellowed. By an amazing show of strength, he managed to leap at Khivar, overpowering the freezing effect Khivar had placed upon him. As Alex leapt at Khivar, things started to happen. Everyone else saw it happen so fast that it was practically a blur. They were unsure of what had occurred until a few moments later. But Alex saw it all, in slow motion.

He was in the air, hurtling towards Khivar, his arms outstretched as if he were going to choke Khivar. Khivar calmly raised his hand and Alex could see a blast of energy so bright it looked like fire shooting outwards, straight at him. And then from the corner of Alex’s eye, he saw movement. Isabel.

She dove at Khivar and diverted his hand. The energy blast didn’t hit Alex. It his Isabel. She crumpled to the ground with a thud that turned Alex’s stomach. Alex hit Khivar, knocking him over.

Blindly Alex began to pummel Khivar, punching him. He broke Khivar’s nose. But it wasn’t enough. No, he had to kill Khivar. Because Khivar had killed the only woman he’d ever love.

Khivar had killed Isabel.


To be continued, and yes, I know I'm evil, how many times do we have to go over that!?

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Thank you to the following people for feedback for Part 26, so far: roswellluver, Lucky Star, shelbecat, and BlondeDramaQueen.
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Part 27a

Khivar rolled over easily, pinning Alex’s body to the ground. This time Alex could not break free from the powerful bonds holding him in place.

Faintly, Alex could hear the other teens crying from behind the large force field, trying to get to Isabel and him. Khivar only chuckled and wiped half-heartedly at the blood pouring from his nose, the only blood Alex had been able to draw from this sick bastard who had killed Isabel.


Maria stumbled blindly in the darkness, unsure of where she was and wishing she hadn’t left the group. Yes, she wanted to find Serena and especially Michael…but she had just put herself in more danger by going off on her own. She realized that now…when it was a bit too late.

So she continued on, hoping that somehow she’d either manage to find Michael and Serena, or that she’d stumble upon the larger group of teens again.

She just didn’t like being alone in the darkness. It was creepy.


“Hurry!” Serena called back behind her to Michael. “We have to get there before something happens! I can feel it…something BIG is about to happen!”

The only response from Michael was his panting and labored breathing from trying to keep up with Serena’s insane pace. She sure as heck could run a lot faster than you would think a petite young woman like her could.

“Wait, stop!” Serena hissed, holding up her hand. Michael, not able to stop quickly like Serena, ran smack into her hand.

“Shit!” he cursed, rubbing at his nose. “What? Why are we stopping?”

“I hear something, or rather, someone. We aren’t alone here.”


“Can you do anything?” Kyle asked Max as they all watched helplessly as Khivar pinned Alex to the ground next to Isabel’s dead body.

Max let out a heart-wrenching but frustrated groan from deep in his body and let his head collapse into his hands. “No,” he mumbled. “Nothing. There’s no way I could ever break through this barrier. I can’t…I can’t do anything.”

Liz pulled Max into her arms both of them crying for Isabel and also for Alex, who was almost sure to lose his life soon as well.

“I’m so sorry,” Max cried out through his tears. “I should be the one out there, not Alex or Isabel. It should be me!”

“No, Max, don’t say that,” said Liz, clinging to him. “Don’t ever say that!”

“But it’s true. I’m the King. Besides that, it if weren’t for me, Alex, you, Maria, and Kyle wouldn’t be involved with any of this. This IS my fault.”

“Max, no!” Liz yelled, swiping angrily at her tears and pulling Max’s hands from his face. He had no choice but to look into her eyes.

“No,” she said in a quieter tone. “If it weren’t for you I would have died that day at the Crashdown, and you know it. Any ambulance would have been too late. You saved me. You are the most wonderful thing to happen to me. And Michael is the most wonderful thing to happen to Maria. And Isabel is the most wonderful thing to happen to Alex. And Tess…well…whatever Kyle sees in her… Anyways, my point is that you, and even the dupes, have made our lives more complete and whole and wonderful then they ever could have been had you not decided to save me that day. You gave us ALL live, Max. And we all love you for it. This is not your fault. You know that as well as I. This is Khivar’s fault. You only loved me, and the rest of our friends. You’ve done more than any friend should ever hope for from another friend. This IS NOT your fault.”

Max’s eyes began to tear up again and he quickly crushed Liz to his body and concentrated only on matching his heartbeats to hers.

The only thing he could do now, the only thing he WANTED to do, was hold the woman he loved and never let her go.


“Please,” Alex begged Khivar as he tried desperately but to no avail to free himself from whatever force Khivar was using to hold him to the ground.

“Please what?” asked Khivar. “Let you go?”

“Yes,” said Alex. “Let me go. Let my friends go. What do you want from us? You wanted Vilandra. You got her…and you took her.” Alex stumbled over those last words and tried desperately not to start crying hysterically again. He needed to keep himself calm and collected until he and his friends had escaped harm, and then he could curl up and cry for the rest of his life.

“What do you think I want from you, dimwit? I thought it was only too obvious. I want to kill you all. Did you really think I would ever let you go, even if I had Vilandra? You should know better,” Khivar barked back at Alex.

“Please,” Alex begged again. “Let my friends go. I’ll stay. You can kill me. Just let my friends go. Please?!”

Khivar only laughed and lowered the force field that was holding back Liz, Max, Kyle, Tess, Ava, Rath, and Lonnie.

Everyone shuffled towards Alex and towards Isabel’s lifeless form. Max immediately crouched next to Isabel and placed his hands on her head. He grunted in annoyance and anger almost immediately.

“She’s really gone,” he said in disbelief. “I thought maybe I could…god…she’s dead. My sister is dead.” And once again tears fell from Max’s eyes.

Through all of this, Alex was still begging for his life, and still Khivar insisted that he would kill them all. No one tried to fight back, knowing that they would immediately be killed. They stayed back and hoped that somehow they’d be able to escape unharmed.


“Who’s there?!” Serena’s voice demanded into the darkness. “Answer me!”

“It’s-it’s Maria,” a small and scared voice came back. “Who-who are you?”

Michael didn’t give Serena a chance to respond as he ran frantically in the direction of Maria’s voice, yelling, “Maria! Keep talking. I’ll find you!”

“Michael! Oh god, is that really you!? Michael, I’m over here,” Maria yelled back, turning slowly in a circle, trying desperately to see Michael’s approaching form in the darkness. All of a sudden Maria felt a hard body crashing into hers and together they both tumbled to the ground.

“Maria, gosh are you ok?” Michael asked, pushing hair out of her face. “I’m sorry. It was dark and…” His words were cut off by Maria’s demanding mouth closing over his.

From where Serena stood she could hear two content sighs from the two reunited lovers. She smiled slightly to herself before she jogged in the general direction of the two, who were still sprawled out on the ground, kissing each other desperately.

“All right,” said Serena. “Sorry to break this up, but we need to get our rears in gear and find the others before something happens.”

“You’re right,” Michael replied, reluctantly pulling back from Maria’s lips. “Come on Ria,” he said, helping her to her feet.

“I’m Serena,” Serena said to Maria, although that was sort of ridiculous, since Maria probably had that already figured out, and besides, it was too dark to see anyone as more than a vague shape.

“And I’m Maria,” said Maria, sounding a little miffed that her make-out session with Michael had been cut short.

“Well, let’s go,” said Michael, grabbing onto both girls’ hands and leading them in the direction that Serena told him to go.

“I feel like I’m trapped in some weird version of the Wizard of Oz,” muttered Serena.

“Yeah…too bad there’s no yellow brick road to follow,” Maria replied.


More coming at ya VERY VERY soon. Like...tomorrow.
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Lol, ok Sherry...the witch will do as you ask...I'll give you more Candy goodness...and Stargazer goodness (yes, I realize Isabel is dead now)...and Dreamer goodness. Heck, I might even kill the bad

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You feedbackers are crazy and demanding, you know that? Lol. Now...don't hate me after this part, ok? Everything will be better at the end, whether you believe it or not...

Here it is!

Part 27b

Before anyone knew what was happening, Alex was running at Kyle. "Give me your pocket knife!" he hissed at Kyle, who immediately whipped it out, thinking that Alex was going to try and use it on Khivar.

Alex took the pocket knife and whipped out the blade, holding it up above his head. "You won't kill me Khivar!" Alex yelled in a practically hysterical voice. "You can't! I would never allow someone so evil to take my life away! Never!"

A look of fear passed over Khivar's face, as if he knew what was going to happen soon.

"You took the love of my life away from me. You killed her! But you can never kill me!" And with these words…Alex plunged the brand new, very sharp pocket knife into his own chest.


"Are we almost there?" Maria whined, holding onto Michael's arm and dragging her feet.

"Shh…keep your voice down," said Serena. "We should almost be there, so now we can't talk much, ok?"

Michael and Maria nodded in agreement, which was useless in the darkness, as Serena couldn't really see them.

"I hear someone," whispered Serena so quietly she almost wasn't heard. "Stop. Listen."


Khivar stared in surprise at Alex's body and then smiled. "Well good," he said. "Less work for me to do. Tess, can I speak to you?"

Max's tear-filled gaze whipped away from Alex to Tess, his eyes flashing with anger. "What?" he spit out. "Why would Tess talk to you?"

"Oh, don't be so dense!" Khivar chuckled. "Have you really not figured it out yet? Tess is on my side."

"You…bitch!" Liz screamed at Tess, who only shrugged off the insult and smiled at Khivar.

Khivar led Tess farther into the darkness, away from the group of distraught teens who were all crying over their two lost friends. Lonnie and Max, the two healers there, were trying desperately to heal Alex, but it looked like it wouldn't work. Ava, Lonnie, and Liz crowded around as well, wanting to see it happen if Alex was saved.

"So, what's the next part of the plan?" asked Tess, rubbing her hands together in glee and anticipation. "I want to do some of the dirty work, if you get my drift. I'd really like to kill Liz. That stupid little-"

"All in good time my dear," said Khivar. "Right now I need you to just wait here until I call for you…"


"That's Khivar!" Maria squeaked as she and Michael and Serena stood listening to the conversation they had accidentally stumbled upon.

"And Tess," Michael grumbled. "That stupid hussy is working on his side! The idiot was probably feeding him clues and tips the whole time since you and Liz…died."

"Shh," said Serena. "Come closer. I have a plan. But we need to synchronize this well…"


"Are you ready?" asked Khivar, looking closely at Tess.

"Yes. You go ahead. I'll be along soon."

"All right," said Khivar, not able to stop a smile from spreading across his face. "Let's go kill 'em…"

Khivar jogged ahead and before any of the nervously waiting teens could do anything, raised his hands over his head and shot out a large blast of pure alien energy…hitting Kyle, Lonnie, and Ava head on.

Killing them almost instantly.


"Oh fuck," Michael muttered from his vantage point in the distance. Khivar's energy blast had lit up the small clearing they were in for a few seconds and in those few seconds he saw not only Kyle, Ava, and Lonnie crumple to the ground, but he also saw Isabel and Alex lying dead near them.

Michael could tell that Maria had at least seen Alex's body from the way she gasped and then started to sob.

"Maria, keep it together," said Serena, putting a comforting arm around Maria, who was already also in Michael's arms.

"But Alex…"

"I know baby," Michael whispered into her ear. "I know. God, I swear…I'm going to kill that man for what he's done to all of us. Especially what he did to you…"

Maria sobbed louder as the memories of Khivar raping her came back. "Do it," she said to Michael. "Kill him."

"I will, but we have to stick to our plan," said Michael, stroking her hair, placing tender kisses all over her face. "We need to kill Tess first."

"Let's do it," said Serena, standing up.


Tess stood by herself nervously watching on as Khivar killed Kyle, Ava, and Lonnie. Something wasn't right. She could feel it, everywhere. There was an eerie feeling in the air, in the light from Khivar's energy blast, even in her bones. Something just wasn't right.

Tess spun around as she noticed movement out of the corner of her eye. "Who's there?" she called out quietly, her hand held out in front of her.

"Don't even try," said a male voice. "You really don't have any idea of how powerful I am, do you?"

"Come here," said Tess, intrigued. She created a small light with her other hand and smirked as Rath stepped out of the shadows. "You?" she asked incredulously. "What are you going to do to me?"

"Whatever he does, I'll help him," came another voice from behind Tess. She spun around to face Michael.

Michael nodded at Rath as if to say, 'Hey dude. How's it going? Gonna help me kill her? Cool.'

Tess started to look a bit nervous, standing between Rath and Michael, who both also had their hands raised in front of them, pointing at her.

"Boys, boys," she said, her voice cracking. "Can't we work out a compromise or something?"

Rath and Michael shared smiles over Tess's head and then both shook their heads. "No can do, rodent bitch," said Michael, using all of the power he could muster and aiming it straight at her as Rath did the same.


"I'm nervous," Maria whispered to Serena as they slowly approached Khivar. "I mean, like really nervous. Like, my hands are clammy and my stomach is all twisted up and I'm starting to sweat, and I think I'm gonna freak out and-"

"Maria, chill until we get to Khivar. Then you can ramble and babble all you want, ok? Just take a few deep breaths and you'll be fine."

Maria did as Serena said and then whimpered as Khivar spun to face them.

"Do it!" Serena hissed at Maria. "Babble! Ramble! Just distract him!"

"Uh, hey," said Maria. "Nice weather we're having, isn't it? I bet…"

Maria continued to babble and go on and on, never giving Khivar a chance to see what was going on behind him. Michael and Rath (Maria wondered how he had come to help Michael, but shrugged that thought off) were killing Tess as Serena ran towards Max and Liz and told them of her plan that would either end in the killing of Khivar…or the killing of all of them.


Part 27c should be up tomorrow....
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Ok, now to clarify...things are going to get better...after they get worse. Yes, things are going to get MUCH worse. But don't worry! I will make things all good at the end! I PROMISE!

Ha ha...laughing at Sherry's comment about her being a basket case...hee hee hee...

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Shameless bump! Ha ha. Part 27c will (hopefully) be up today...

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Ha, that was kind of funny...right after I put up my shameless bump, I checked my e-mail and my beta had sent back Part here it is!

*NOTE: I know you will all want to kill me after this part, but I swear, it will be all better in the end!


Part 27c

Rath and Michael continued to aim all of their power and energy at Tess’s body until finally she slumped to the ground, unmoving.

“Yo, is she dead?” asked Rath, staring down at her.

“I don’t know,” said Michael. “Check to see if she has a pulse.”

“I don’t wanna touch her. You do it.”

“I’m not touching her. Just do it.”

“You a chicken?” asked Rath, smirking.

“No,” said Michael. “But I just don’t want to touch her. Who knows what kind of diseases she’s carrying! I could like…get infected and die!”

Rath’s smirk vanished and he frowned down at Tess’s body. “Dude, you’s right.” Rath slowly reached out his foot and kicked Tess. She rolled over, but didn’t do anything else.

“I don’t think she’s breathing,” said Michael, leaning over farther to try and see if Tess’s chest was rising and falling.

“Dude, we fried her!” Rath exclaimed happily, giving Michael a high-five.

“Good,” said Michael. “Now let’s go help Serena and Maria. They’re…” Michael continued to talk to Rath in a low voice, telling him of their simple plan to try and defeat Khivar at his own game. Maria was going to distract Khivar while they (Michael, Max, and now Rath as well) used all of their energy to kill him.


“Think you can do it?” Serena asked Max, looking hopefully into his eyes.

“Yeah, I should be able to,” he said. “As long as I know that Michael and Rath are behind me…”

“They will be. Well…I know that Michael will be for sure. Just be careful ok? Don’t hit Maria with your energy blast.”

Max nodded and then turned to Liz. “You just stay here, ok?”

“But Max, I want to help!” Liz protested.

“Liz, shh…” Max took Liz’s hands into his own and looking directly into her eyes. “I don’t want anything to happen to you. Please stay here, it’s safer. I love you too much to lose you all over again. I can’t have that happen, ok? Please?”

“Ok,” said Liz, pulling Max into a hug. “I love you too Max. Now go kick some Khivar ass.”


Rath and Michael had finally reached the rest of the group and Michael had to try his best not to laugh at the look on Khivar’s face. Maria had been babbling and rambling Maria-style for quite a while now, and he looked ready to either fall asleep or try and make a run for it.

Serena and Max walked nonchalantly towards Michael and Rath, not wanting to draw too much attention to themselves. Everything would work much better if Khivar was paying attention to Maria.

“Ready?” Max asked Michael and Rath.

They both nodded and then all three raised their hands in front of them and waited a few seconds for Maria to move out of the way. Then they fired. Michael and Rath were already weak from killing Tess, and Michael had blasted through the cell wall earlier, but somehow they managed to muster up almost as much energy as Max.

“No!” bellowed Khivar, even as the powerful energy blasts were ripping through his body. “You can’t kill me!”

“Ahhhh!!!” Max screamed, partly in victory as Khivar slowly sank to his knees, and partly in fear, as he was now the only one shooting out power…Michael and Rath were drained.

“You can never kill me!” Khivar shouted again, turning to face Serena and Maria. He raised his hand and looked as if he were about to blast energy at them.

“NO!” Michael screamed. He and Rath bolted away from Max’s side and tried to dive in front of Maria and Serena before the energy blast could reach them.

They watched the last second of Maria and Serena’s lives in fear and terror. They had been one second too late. One second.

As Maria fell from her standing position, Michael caught her body in his arms and then screamed in rage at Khivar. “Noooooooooo!!!” He sank down to his knees, cradling Maria in his arms. He hugged her body to his chest and sobbed, tears blurring his vision until there were no longer any solid shapes around him.

Rath watched Michael helplessly, not knowing what to do now. What COULD he do?

Khivar laughed in glee as he watched Michael’s heart break all over again, even as Max’s energy ripped through him again and again.

He tried to gather up Max’s energy before it could harm him and tried to fuse it into his own energy.

As Max’s energy ebbed and then died away, leaving him desperate to do something, anything…Khivar shot out almost all the rest of his energy at Rath and Michael.

Max and Liz could do nothing but look on in horror as Rath and Michael died as well.

Everyone had died except for Max and Liz.

As Khivar cackled and chuckled happily, Max and Liz shared a longing gaze at one another, wondering if they too were going to meet the same fate as all of their friends had. Did they even have a chance now? Would they get a chance to live life together? Would they be able to get engaged, and married, and have children? Would they have a chance to grow old together?

Max had no energy left, and Khivar had managed to kill all of these other people. What was stopping him from killing them as well? His powers certainly were replenished much more quickly than the powers of the Antarians.


Everything began to move in slow motion. The connection between Max and Liz flared to life until it had completely enveloped them, bringing them together into the world of flowers and mountains and rivers that very much resembled the world Maria and Liz had used to talk to Max and Michael and Isabel and Alex before.

Liz stood there, teary-eyed, sobbing. Max walked towards her, crushing her into his arms, his own sobs drowning out her own. They clung to each other for as long as they could, knowing that one of them would be killed next, that they’d have to watch it happen. They clung to each other and whispered promises of meeting the other in heaven.

And then the connection was ripped apart.


“Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!” Max screamed in anguish. Pain ripped through him, so emotionally damaging that it became physical pain. His heart felt like it was no longer fully formed, but was now sliced into many small pieces.

He was watching Liz die at Khivar’s hands.


Liz heard Max’s anguished screams and pleas with Khivar, but could do nothing to respond. She was slowly beginning to float away on a beautiful white cloud. Even as she cried, she couldn’t help smiling. This time, she was going to heaven. This time she was dying the right way.

“I love you Max,” she said with her last breath. “And I’ll see you in heaven.”

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*big* Part 28 is not written yet, lol. But I will write it today and send it to Lexa (my beta) and hopefully get it back to post today.

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Well, here we are. End of the journey. Ah, I think I'm gonna cry!

Heh, just kidding. I'm actually very happy that this fic is over. (Gee, it only took like 8 months...)

First, I have to thank Mon (Lucky Star). That girl is ALWAYS bumping this fic, along with my others. Either she's one of my biggest fans, or she just likes the word 'bump'.

Second, a big thanks to Lexa (Alexandra86) for being my beta for this fic. I know you only betaed like part twenty-something or other and up...but you are so quick and you always catch my lil mistakes and all...thanks!

Third, thanks to everyone else who has left me feedback. This is one of my favorite fics I've written, and it's the fic that's gotten the smallest amount of feedback from anyone. I know that tons of readers were lost when the board when down in January and a weeks' worth of posts were lost...kinda sad...

Well, I could go on and on like this for days, but I won't make you wait any longer for the ending! Lol, here it is. Enjoy!

Part 28

Without thinking about what he was doing, Max ran at Khivar. He jumped on him, knocking him to the ground and then closed his hands around Khivar’s throat.

Khivar, finally drained of power, struggled for a moment with Max, then realized he was no match for the anger that Max held towards him. There was no way he could win.

Max choked the life out of Khivar and then, when he was sure that Khivar was definitely dead, he released his grasp on Khivar’s neck and pushed the body away from him. He crawled quickly to Liz’s body and grasped her right hand in his.

“Liz, please,” he begged. “Not again. You can’t be dead again. I can’t…I can’t live without you.”

Liz just laid there, her eyes shut and a look on her face of not pain, but of peacefulness and tranquility. One of Max’s tears fell from his eye and onto Liz’s lips.

Max stared at the drop of glistening water, shimmering and otherworldly. He leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on Liz’s lips.

“Good bye,” he whispered. “I love you Liz.”


“I love you too silly,” giggled Liz, looking up at Max, a smile spread across her face. Then she shot up to her feet and looked around in amazement, as Max was doing. And so were Alex, Isabel, Michael, Maria, Kyle, Ava, Lonnie, Serena, and Rath.

“Holy crap!” yelled Rath. “We’re alive! All of us!”

“How? Why?” asked Maria, instantly demanding answers. “Hey Spaceboy, you listening to me?”

Michael just smiled and placed his lips over Maria’s, silencing her. Everyone smiled at Michael’s typical way of shutting up Maria.

Alex turned to face Isabel and grabbed her hand, pulling her away from the group of people, as Max did the same to Liz.


“What happened Alex?” asked Isabel. “Why was Rath so surprised that we were all alive?”

Alex sighed and then said, “Isabel, in Where The Light Isn’t…Khivar killed you. Then I took my life. I’m guessing that from what Rath said, he killed all of the others too.”

Isabel shook her head in disbelief. “That can’t be true,” she said. “We’re all alive. We can’t die and then be alive, and…”

Alex pulled Isabel into his arms and said, “Let’s try not to think about that now, ok? Let’s just be happy we’re together and we’re alive, and we have our whole lives ahead of us.” A thought flew through Alex’s head and then he asked, “Isabel, did you mean what you said? About me being the only one you’d ever even consider being with?”

Isabel smiled back at Alex and slowly nodded her head, losing herself in his eyes. “Yes, Alex. I want to be with you. Only you. There could never be anyone else. I’m just so sorry I left Roswell like that, without even saying goodbye. I was confused and scared for Michael…I didn’t know what I was doing. Can you forgive me?”

“Of course,” said Alex. “I love you Isabel.”

“And I love you too Alex. So much,” said Isabel, gently kissing Alex.


“Max, what happened?” asked Liz. “The last thing I remember was floating away on a white cloud. Are we in heaven, Max?”

“No,” said Max. “I think…” he looked around and then chuckled. “I think we’re in Central Park in New York City. We’re all alive, Liz.” He looked around again. “Well, except I don’t see Tess or Khivar. Thank Buddha, as Kyle would say.”

“You mean…we’re really truly alive? What about my…body…that you dug up?”

Max thought about this for a while and then said, “Whatever was supposed to happen upon bringing you and Maria back here has probably happened. I think it’s safe to say that you and Maria are just as alive as the rest of us. As for explaining this to all of our parents and everyone else in Roswell…that’s going to be the hard part.”

Liz smiled and buried her face in Max’s chest, inhaling the scent that was his own. “Max,” she mumbled against his chest.


“Can we take our road trip?”

Max looked down at Liz and laughed. “I had totally forgotten about that,” he admitted. “After you and Maria died, no one even thought of going on the road trip.”

“Well, we should do it now,” said Liz. “All of us. We can take a road trip back to Roswell. We don’t have much summer left before college, do we?”

“No,” said Max. “We don’t.”

“We’ll make it worth it. This’ll be the best summer of our lives, Max.”

Max smiled down at Liz, studying her face and the way her eyes lit up every time she said anything.

“What?” she finally asked, when he wouldn’t stop looking.

“Just thinking about how much I love you and how I just want to sing and shout to the heavens because somehow you’ve been brought back to me. We’ve been given another chance.”

Liz blushed and ducked her head, but Max placed his hand below her chin and gently raised her face until her eyes met his again.

“I love you too,” she whispered as Max’s lips met hers, their connection flaring to life and flashes of stars and other planets enveloped them.


“Seriously, Michael, what’s going on?” asked Maria, pulling reluctantly away from Michael’s wonderful lips.

“I haven’t the faintest fucking idea,” said Michael. “And I don’t care. All that matters is that you’re alive. I’m alive. And we’re here, together. It’s like…we’ve been given another chance.”

“You mean, like…God gave us another chance?”

“Something like that. I don’t know. Maybe it was Buddha,” joked Michael. “But whoever, or whatever, it was…they deserve our thanks. But right now…all I want to do is kiss you. I…I love you Maria Deluca.”

“And I love you Michael!” shouted Maria, jumping into his arms for another round of kisses, thoughts of Khivar, killing, and rape flying out of her head. She was with the man who she loved, who loved her back. Nothing else mattered at this moment.


“Wow, this is…weird…” said Kyle, looking around uncomfortably at Ava, Rath, Serena, and Lonnie. “Where’s Tess?”

Rath smiled weakly and said as gently as possible, “Dude, she was a traitor. She was in cahoots with the big K.”

Kyle looked at Rath in disbelief but then saw that he was serious. “Tess? I don’t…I…I should have known! I always sort of hated her. I was only with her cause Liz, Isabel, and Maria were taken and she was the only other chick around who even spent any time with me.”

Ava raised her eyebrows and then laughed. “Dude,” she said, slinging her arm around his shoulder. “You’re funny. Kinda cornball…but you’re ok.”


A few hours later Lonnie, Rath, and Ava went off to their underground lair, making promises to keep in contact with their friends in Roswell.

Serena helped everyone get ready to head back to Roswell in Isabel’s car and a rental car that Max would drive. She decided to stay behind with Luke for a few more weeks to try and help him to forget about anything he may have over heard while everyone had been camping out in his apartment.

Alex, Isabel, Michael, and Maria drove in Isabel’s car, as Max and Liz went in Max’s rental car.

They made it back to Roswell three weeks later, after having seen much of the east coast and the mid west. That first night, Alex and Isabel made love under the stars as the others camped five miles further down the road.

By the time they had reached the Texas state lines, Max and Liz were engaged to be married, and Michael and Maria had had six large arguments and six make-up make-out sessions.

Although they all tried their best to completely forget about Where The Light Isn’t, they all had a fear, for the rest of their lives, of the dark.

Upon entering Roswell they realized that it really HAD been the best summer of their lives. They’d died (some of them had done it multiple times), fought evil aliens, made life long friends, went on the road trip they’d been planning for years, and had truly found their soul mates.

Life was good again. Life was normal.

Well, as normal as life can be for three alien hybrids and their soul mates.

The End
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Oh, and don't ask me who or what gave the group a second chance at life. I don't know. Lol.