Title: Break Me Gently
Author: Phoenix82
Disclaimer: All the Roswell characters belong to Melinda Metz, UPN and the rest of those
people. But if I did own them… (Evil smile) The song ‘Break Me Gently’ belongs to the
Doves and can be heard on their CD, Lost Souls
Rating: PG-13 for now NC-17 parts will be labeled separately
Description: There’s thirteen days to the wedding and Liz’s best friend is realizing that his love for
Liz is a little more than ‘just friends’ sorry about the UC, it'll become CC quite soon
Feedback: Pretty please. I need to know what I’m doing right and wrong, so give it to me tough.
Lol. (But not too tough, ok?)
Author’s Notes: This story is based on my sister’s marriage last summer. I don’t have her
permission for this, but I’m a wild woman,

At the moment this is a little bit UC, but I see CC in the near future!!! *happy*
Part one
I blinked, the eerie, bluish light from the computer glowing in my eyes even in the
darkness. I had downloaded every song I could thing of, visited every site I knew and responded
to e-mails that had long since gathered dust in my inbox. I was willing to do almost anything that
would keep my mind off what was happening in the next two weeks; anything that would distract
my mind enough to not think of her… with him. Flipping off the computer, my eyes scanned the
room for something- anything, to do. I lifted a picture of my best friend and me into my hands,
staring at it remorsefully. We looked similar, almost as if we were siblings. We shared the same
dark brown hair and eyes, wide smile and strange sense of humor. I set it back down on my
desk, my gaze wandering to the tuxedo hung in my closet. It was so strange to me thinking that
no longer would we be ‘Max and Liz.’ No longer would we be able to climb out of our windows
and sneak through the hole cut in the fence just because we had an amazing idea that couldn’t
wait until the next day. I thought back to when we were younger, when things were so much
simpler than being an adult. Back then our biggest worry was whether we were getting a cookie
or a pudding snack pack in our lunch. But now- now life was complicated, serious, and more than
anything, confusing; I was confused about everything from what had been in the stew we’d eaten
just a few hours ago to what extent I loved Liz. I knew I loved her as my best friend, my other
half, but my heart was telling me it was more than best friend. I covered my face with my hands,
releasing a frustrated sigh.
‘You think you’re stressed,” I hear a familiar voice mumble from behind me, and I spun
in my chair to face Liz. She was sitting on my bed dressed in her favorite pajama pants and a
t-shirt I had gotten for her from a concert we had gone to our junior year of high school.
“You have no idea,” I replied, making my way through the dark room towards her. I fell
onto the bed beside her, resting on my back and cradling my head in between my hands.
“Aww, tell me all your troubles,” she said sympathetically, running her fingers through my
bangs. I shrugged, avoiding her eyes.
“It’s not that big of a deal,” I replied and she rolled her eyes, slamming my stomach.
“That, my friend, is a lie,” she told me, resting her head on my stomach. I bit my lip to
keep from releasing a groan as her soft hair brushed against my skin and she curled up beside
me, tweaking my ear with her foot. “Come on, tell me what’s really wrong.”
“I don’t particularly want to talk about it,” I told her uncomfortably and she pouted,
crossing her arms.
“Is there anything I can do to make it better?” she asked hopefully and I chuckled. Marry
me. Forget whatshisname, and take me as your lawfully wedded husband.
“Not really.”
“You sure?” she asked, her hand creeping up my side. I eyed her suspiciously, inching
away from her.
“Don’t even try it,” I warned her, and her face became illuminated with her smile as her
hands reached the spot she knew I was the most ticklish in. She began squirming her fingers and
I begged her to stop, doing everything but biting her to cease her actions. As I inched further and
further away I neared the edge of the bed, still pleading with her while trying not to awaken
everyone in the house.
“Tell me what’s wrong or I won’t stop,” she said wistfully and I jumped back, falling off
the bed and bringing her with me, shaking the walls as we fell. We became a pile of mixed limbs
and uncontrollable laughter, the sheets having become tied around us. As the laughing subdued,
she sat up a little, straddling my body as I steadied her with my hands on her hips. “Tell me you
love me?” she proclaimed teasingly and I grinned, going along with her.
“I love you.” I replied easily and she fell beside me, our breathing still unsteady.
“I’m getting married,” she breathed in awe, staring at the ceiling. I exhaled, releasing the
toxins from my body and wishing getting rid of the wedding would be just as easy. She extended
her hand out in front of her, staring at the diamond ring adorning her finger. Her hand fell on her
stomach, the other becoming a pillow for her hand. “I’m getting married Max.” she repeated
as if she had just realized that in a matter of days she would become my sister-in-law. She
rested her head on my chest and my arm came around her back protectively as she closed her
eyes, biting her lip nervously. Her eyes suddenly flew open and she sat up, pushing her index
finger into my stomach. “You have too much muscle,” she decided, prodding me again. To any
other girl that would be a good thing, but Liz was different. “It’s too hard to be a pillow.” I laughed,
hoping she wasn’t serious. She rested her head on my stomach again, closing her eyes and
curling up to me as she had before.
“I love you Liz,” I told her softly, kissing the top of her head. I sighed, closing my eyes as
well. I love her more than she’ll ever know.


I know this plotline has been done to death but I think I have a good twist to it that will
appear later in the story. Please tell me what you think!!!