First fan fic so be gentle. Also need lots of feedback to know if it should be continued.
Summary: Max and Liz and the rest . story takes place in a/u . Max has always had a strong connection to Liz if you wanna know more you'll have to read it !!

The boy opened his eyes, blinked , disbelieving. His flesh burned with fever, while his bones were chilled , brittle and weak. He squinted , and could see three other pods just like the one he emerged from. The boy walked up to each pod and put his right hand on each of the three pods remaining , as he touched them a bright white light sprayed out over the cave in a strange symbal. As if on cue a hand came ripping through the pod next to his and out emerged another boy just like him .The boy was grateful because he knew this other child was special just like him and he knew they shared a common bond. They embraced and there was a tap on the little boy's shoulder . Both boys became frightend because they knew not what to expect. They turned around and there stood a little girl who also was happy to see them. They all embraced . The little girl walked up to the cave wall and placed her hand upon it and the wall opened and a bright warm light cascaded the cave walls . She held her hand out and the second little boy took her hand and started to exited with her. The first little boy looked back at the one remaining pod and walked over to it and placed his hand on it . It glowed and revealed another little girl. He didn't want to leave with out her, he knew she was very important to him and felt a connection to her . The girl in the last pod remaining was still asleep and was not ready to emerge . A noise startled the little boy and he became frightend again , he turned around and the little girl that emerged first held her hand out to him . He took her hand and they left the cave with the door sealing behind them. He felt like he was leaving something very important behind . The three children were walking down the hills of the desert when they came apon a road , cars were driving up and down them and the second little boy became scared and ran away from the two children. A car stopped and two people came up to them and began to place them in their vehicle , they held there hands out to the little boy and he refused to take them . That was the last they saw of him and the little girl that did not emerge from the pod, until many years later.

Chapter one

Max Evans walked down the corrider of Roswell high and saw Liz Parker standing by her locker with her friend Maria Deluca . She looked stunning today and she wore a beautiful smile and she glowed with radiance. Max could'nt take his eyes of her . He has felt this connection with her ever since he stepped off the bus his first day of third grade , and the connection has gotten stronger everyday since . "Hello earth to Max" Isabelle Evans said aggitated. " Why don't you post a big sign on your back that says I love Liz Parker . " she sighed . " Please Isabelle not today , I have so much going on and I don't need any of your crap." Max said angrily as he walked away . Michael Gurrien walked up to Isabelle just as Max walked away. "What's going on Iz?" "Nothing much except for Max oogling Liz again. Michael you have to make sure my misguided brother doesn't spill our secret to miss perfect over there please watch him and don't let him do anything stupid !''.Iz said .

Max walked into his third period biology class and took his seat next to his partner who just happened to be Liz Parker . He sighed as he sat down and they exchanged glances and she smiled. Liz always got butterflys in her stomach everytime third period came because she got to share that period with Max Evans . He has these deep amber eyes that feel like their searching her soul , atleast thats always what she tells maria . Just as they were about to get started with their biology project the fire bell went off and they had to leave their seats .

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