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Title: Loners’ Conquests
Category: M/L AU
Rating: R for language and other stuff.
Author: Teddybehr783
Email: Teddybehr2001⊕
Summary: Max has to live with his cousin Michael, Aunt Diane and Uncle Phil because he got in trouble at home. When Liz is the one problem he can’t control and the one conquest he can’t achieve, it intrigues him even more.
Author’s Note: I really wanted to write a story where Max was a troublemaker and a rebel, but in a very different way than Michael is. Max has no direction in his life, and his saving grace is Liz, who is just as, if even more screwed up than he is. They are two loners that find out that being alone isn’t always the answer.

Part 1

“Do you realize the pain and trouble you’ve caused? Your mother is in hysterics. Your father would be turning over in his grave. We aren’t going to tolerate that type of behavior here, Max. Do you understand?”

His uncle peered over at him from the back seat, while Max sat in the passenger seat and sat in silence.

“Are you going to answer your Aunt Diane?”

“Yes. I understand.” Max said through clenched teeth and looked out the window again.

“And don’t even think you will be having any type of driving privileges with your past track record.”

“Yes, Uncle Phil.”

“Good. Welcome to your new home, and don’t fuck it up.” That was his uncle: blunt, direct, to the point, straightforward. He didn’t take any crap from his own rebellious son Michael, and he certainly wasn’t going to take any crap from his nephew Max. His sister-in-law had told him Max’s previous behavior in New York, and he wasn’t going to tolerate that. Diane and Phil both got out of the car and Max stared in silence at his new home: typical Middle America Suburbia, USA. Green law, picket fence, golden retriever playing in the front yard, and blue mini van. Oh yeah, this was going to be his new hell.

When he walked into the house, he hadn’t expected to see Michael the way he did. Last time he saw his cousin, he had been a pretty much clean cut kid. Now he had spiky hair and a standoffish attitude. Max thought they would get along great, both being the rebellious type, but Michael wasn’t as welcoming or as friendly as he had expected when he first laid eyes on him. Guess you really couldn’t judge a book by its cover.

“This is my room. You sleep on the floor cuz the guest room isn’t cleared out yet. Don’t touch my stuff. Metallica is the only music that is played in this room. Don’t answer my phone, don’t take messages, don’t bother me. Got it?”

“Yeah. Got it.” Max put his bag down and sighed as he sat down on the bed exhausted.

“You did some crazy shit back in New York, Max. Stupid shit. I might just be some kid from the suburbs but at least I have some kind of awareness of other people. I’m going out.”

With that, Michael slammed the door and left Max alone.


“Liz…this is becoming a habit.”

“A habit? You consider this a habit? Very professional, doctor.” She was once again in the dark confinement of her therapist’s office, and she wasn’t in the mood to discuss this yet again.

“This is your third attempt. A plastic knife?”

“We ran out of disposable lady bics.”

“Unless you are going to discuss this in a serious and mature manner, we are not going to get anywhere. You are never going to get well. You have a lot of potential, Liz. You’re a smart girl, a very smart girl that has so much to go for, but if you keep on holding yourself back like this…”

“This is holding myself back? How much are my parents paying you, anyway? Oh I forgot they are just made of money. Send their crazy daughter off to therapy, make her sane again, make her the carbon copy of the perfect child with the perfect life, the perfect grades.”

“Liz, you are number one in your class. You could have skipped at least two grades with your talent. There’s nothing worse than…”

“…Wasted talent. Yeah, stop taking lines from movies and tell me how I’m wasting my talent. I’m getting good grades, I’m planning on college, I’m not causing havoc among this wonderful town, so tell me how I am wasting my talent exactly…”

“Your social skills…”

“Oh, the ‘I don’t have friends speech.’ Whatever, I live my life the way I want to live it. I shouldn’t apologize for it.”

“You live your life? You’ve tried to end it three times. Doesn’t that say something to you?”

“Is it the wisest choice to be disdainful to a suicidal patient?” Liz lifted up her wrist, exposing her bandage. “Don’t tell me who I am supposed to be. I don’t need you, I don’t need anybody.”

“You need help Liz.”

“Yeah, and I need to get to school. See you on Tuesday.”


It was his first day at this school and his cousin had already deserted him to go skip with his friends. In all honesty, Max would have skipped also, but his Aunt Diane had driven him to school with a watchful eye and dropped him off. She was going to escort him to the Administration office, but he said he would go on his own and when he reminded her that she would be late for work was the only way for him to get her off his back.

“Mr. Evans, you are quite infamous. We’ve read your file. We can’t say that we are not the least bit…apprehensive about your school term here. You have made a lot of mistakes; let’s hope you don’t make any here. This is a fine school and maybe you’ll be able to pull up your grades and go on to a good college.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll try to make you proud,” Max said in his sarcastic tone but Principal Wilson didn’t catch his attempt at humor, or he just chose to ignore it.

“Very well. Liz Parker will be here any minute to escort…I mean show you around the school.”

Ah, so they bring an upstanding honors student to make sure he doesn’t cause complete chaos on the first day. He loved those, he loved to annoy them and make them completely miserable. He was quite good at it, and being the type of guy he was, he never got tired of it. That was, until he saw this upstanding honors student.

“Ah, Liz, you’re here…”

“Yeah.” She crossed her arms in front of her chest. She hated this, having to be the new tour guide to all the new students. It went along with being valedictorian, next thing you know people would think she was student class president.

“Max Evans…Liz Parker.” Principal Wilson gestured. Liz nodded silently and held the door open for Max as he grabbed his stuff and followed.

“The bathrooms are down the hall on your right. The auditorium is straight ahead. The principal’s office is where we just left, but with your clean cut, jock image I don’t think I’ll ever see you in there.” Liz eyed Max. He looked a little mysterious, but a cooperative guy none the less. With brown hair and short bangs dangling over his forehead, and soft amber eyes, he would be the next ‘it guy’ for the girls of the high school.

“You don’t know anything about me. The principal didn’t tell you about me, did he?” Max raised an eyebrow and shifted his bag, looking over at Liz. “I am quite infamous for being quite the opposite from what you described.”

“Oh?” Liz let out a laugh. “Don’t try to impress me with your macho, rebellious façade, it won’t work.”

Out of the glimpse of his eye, Max saw her long sleeve shirt expose a bandage on her wrist. Intrigued, he added, “What’s with the bandage?” with a slight glimpse of concern in his voice.

She stopped in the middle of the hall and turned to him.

“Max, that would mean that we have established some trust and since I just met you, what, five minutes ago, that would be a no. So, to make this easy, short and sweet and considering nothing would damage your bad boy reputation more than by hanging out with me, your class is down the hall, hope you find it ok,” she handed him the schedule. “Oh by the way, be careful for Mr. Seligman, he spits. See you at graduation in 180 days.”

“What is that bitch’s problem?” Max said to himself as he turned and walked towards his class. He sat down in the first available seat to find a blond sitting beside him, eyeing him closely.

“Maria, Maria Deluca…” she held out her hand and Max reluctantly took it. “You must be Max Evans?”

Max lifted an eyebrow at her. “How did you…”

“Gossip travels fast. You’re already the talk of the school, with your reputation and all. Although I would think you would look more like Michael….”

“Because we’re cousins?”

“No, as in clothes. You seem so…”

“Clean cut? Jock type?”


“It’s part of my strategy. Wolf in sheep’s clothing type of thing.”

“Hey, I could introduce you to some of my friends…”

“I’m more of the loner type.” Max said quickly and then stayed silent for at least ten minutes while Maria blabbed on and on.

“You don’t talk a lot do you?” she finally said.

“I guess you could say I’m the strong, silent type.”

“Ah, mysterious hazel eyed, strong silent rebellious type. Maybe I should dump Michael for you…”

“Michael? You and Michael are together?”

“Yeah. Everyone is pretty much shocked too. He really is much softer than how he seems, don’t tell him I told you that, he’d kill me.”

“Swear on my heart.” Max said as crossed his heart with his hands. Maria smiled. He was being completely fake, but then again if he could get any dirt on his cousin he was willing to act friendlier than he was. When it was for informational purposes, he could deal with talking to people if it got him any closer to where he needed to go. At this point, he wasn’t sure where that place was yet, but he always had a conquest in mind.

“Liz…thanks for joining us. In the library again?” Mr. Seligman commented as Liz walked in late to the class. Max would expect her to apologize and Mr. Seligman to smile at her sweetly, her being the high school sweetheart that all the teachers adored and admired.

“Well I’m sorry if I don’t find the Big Bang Theory as interesting as lovely Sylvia, I’ll make sure to be five minutes early tomorrow to get a wonderful view of your toupee.”

“And you will be here five minutes after school dismissal for your daily detention. You just earned yourself another one, Liz.”

“Oh I can’t wait!” Liz mocked enthusiasm and sat down at the desk all the way in the back in the corner, away from everyone else.

“What’s up with Liz?” Max said as he looked over at Maria. It was obvious that she was the gossip queen of the entire school, so she must know what was up with her. Liz intrigued him somewhat. Despite his reputation, a girl never resisted his charms and he was always able to succeed in that respect. She had pretty much blown him off from the start.

“Oh, word is it that the girl is nuts. She spends hours in the library reading Sylvia Plath, and it’s said that she tried to commit suicide like five times. God knows why she isn’t in a psychiatric hospital, but that might be due to her parents and their situation. She doesn’t talk to any body, people say she’s almost a genius with all of her intelligence. She pisses off the teachers but still gets the highest grades of our class, they say she’s going to go off to Harvard. She’s kind of a loner. She and Michael used to be friends but that ended in like Middle School. She’s such a big…”

“Bitch? Yeah I encountered her already. She was my lovely tour guide. She said, ‘see you at graduation.’”

“She actually talked to you?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Nothing, she just hardly never addresses anyone directly or actually talks to them. She usually gives her tours to some poor freshman who is too scared to say no. For some reason she stuck with you.”

Now he knew where he needed to go, where he wanted to go. His conquest was set. He was going to get Liz Parker if it killed him, and he was going to cause as much trouble while he did it. Nothing was more boring than this town, and nothing was more challenging than Liz.

“I’m the mysterious hazel eyed, strong silent rebellious type. Was there ever any doubt?” Max then looked over at Liz and gave her an egotistical grin. Liz just squinted her eyes at him and opened up her Sylvia Plath book and remained that way for the rest of the class.


What do you think? Should I continue?

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Part 2

“Jeff and Nancy, the fact that your daughter used a plastic knife says something. She was determined to cut through that skin. Do you know how long it takes with a plastic knife? It must have taken hours. She wanted to end her life and if you hadn’t caught her when you did, she would have. She needs more help than I can provide. Our therapy is going nowhere. I suggest you send her somewhere that has more facilities that can help her needs.”

“Dr. Sullivan, I realize that Liz has a problem, but we’re paying top dollar to make sure she stays in school. We can’t commit her anywhere, her chances at Harvard will fail. Please, there has to be something you can do,” Nancy said in response.

“We can pay for whatever services you require,” Jeff added.

“I fear, Mr. and Mrs. Parker, that whatever Liz requires cannot be paid with money. This isn’t just some problem that can be fixed.”

“No, this is exactly what this is, a problem. And I want it fixed. I want our daughter sane and we are willing to pay. Now if you won’t take our offer, we’ll just go to another psychiatrist. If you can’t help Liz, that is out of your own inadequacies.” Jeff stormed out of the office with Nancy Parker in toe. Now Dr. Sullivan started to see more insight into Liz Parker’s world. With parents so involved with money and reputation, they fail to see their own daughter’s needs. And while Liz would agree that she can’t and won’t be shipped off to some loony bin, he was sure that Liz might be more troubled that even he could be able to detect.


“Mr. Evans, already I see you in my office,” Principal Wilson ushered him into his office and shut the door. “I hear that you tried to pull the fire alarm.”

“That’s because I saw a fire,” Max said matter-of-factly.

“Well at this school, a lit bunsen burner does not constitute as a fire.”

“I’ll just have to write that down,” Max responded.

“I don’t know what you’re used to, but this is strike 1, Mr. Evans, on the first day, no less. I am going to disregard this seeing as this is your first day and you might not be well adjusted yet. But do know that for your punishment you have detention after school.”

“Oh, Principal Wilson, I was counting on it.”


“Ah, Max, nice of you to join us,” Mr. Seligman said as Max entered the room. “Liz and I, we were just…”

Liz looks up from her Sylvia Plath book and gives him a cold stare. “…Liz was just reading. Feel free to pull out any work that you have to do.”

Max nodded and sat down in the chair next to Liz. He placed his head in his hand and stared over at Liz, looking over her shoulder.

“I’ll be right back. Don’t move,” Mr. Seligman said as he left to go to the bathroom.

“You know what I always liked about Sylvia…” Max said as he leaned in closer towards Liz’s ear, “her raw bluntntess.”

“Don’t you ever shut the fuck up? How’s that for blunt?” Liz looked at him and then returned to his book.

“Oh, I think I’ve succeeded,” Max crossed his legs at his ankles and put his hands behind his head, stretching triumphantly.

“What, your little attempt at being a firefighter? Real rebellious.”

“No, I managed for Liz Parker to say more words to me than she has to anyone else in this school.”

“Was that supposed to be a pick up line?”

“The question lies, Liz,” as he pointed his finger up, “Did you want that to be a line?”

“Ugh.” Liz said in response and returned to her book, remaining silent for the rest of detention.

“Can I go to the bathroom?” Max asked as Mr. Seligman entered back into the room. He eyed him wearily. “I have a bladder condition.”

“Not many people would find that so funny, Max. Hurry up.” He said as he ushered Max to leave the room.

He walked down the hall a little distance and whipped out his cell phone. After dialing the number and waiting for someone to answer, he finally said…

“Hey Aunt Diane…no I did not get detention, I’m signing up for some extra curricular activities. Listen, I don’t need a ride home, someone offered to take me. I’ll be at the house at 5. Yes, I’ll come straight home…bye.”

Max walked back into the room and Mr. Seligman looked at him.
“That was quick, Max.” he commented.

“False alarm.”

“Aren’t they always, with you?”

Finally, it was 4:45 and Liz could leave. She quickly put the book in her bag and slung it over her shoulder ready to bolt out of there as fast as she could. If she was lucky she could get an hour drive by herself before her parents would get home from work.

To much of her surprise, Max Evans was following her. She didn’t want to humor him with any type of speech so she just rolled her eyes and continued walking. When she reached outside, it had started to rain.

She began running to her car, pressed the button on her controller to unlock the doors, and climbed into her Mercedes. To much of her astonishment, Max opened up the passenger door and climbed in himself. He sat in the passenger seat.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m getting a ride home.”

“Not from me, you’re not!”

“Why because you have everything and I have nothing? Poor girl has a Mercedes, has to make a poor guy like me walk all the way home in the rain no less.”

“Actually that’s exactly it,” Liz said as she leaned over Max and opened the door for him, not caring that the rain was entering her car.

“That’s going to ruin the leather interior.”

“I don’t give a flying fuck about the interior. Get out.”

“Why? Because Liz Parker can’t associate with anyone? Afraid of a little challenge? You’re going to have to drag me out and I don’t think you are strong enough to handle it, so you’re stuck with me. So either you can drop me off really fast, or we can just stay in here all day, and I have plenty of time in the world…” Max crossed his arms after shutting the door.

She reluctantly started the engine and began to drive Max home.

“Max, let me explain something to you. I walk alone, I breathe alone. I don’t need anybody and I certainly don’t need you. So don’t trying to be all buddy buddy with me because I am by myself and that’s the way I like it.”

“That’s the façade you put on for everyone else.”

“I don’t like you, Max. I don’t think I ever will. I don’t like people and I certainly don’t like you. So stop staring at my bandage, stop making comments about what I read, stop trying to get to know me because I don’t want to get to know you.” She ended as she pulled into his driveway and stopped the car.


“Oh, because it seems rather questionable from where I’m sitting.”

“Don’t judge me Liz, you don’t know where I’ve been or what I’ve done.”

“Ooh, I’m shaking. Don’t plan on seeing or speaking to me in school.”

“Oh and Liz? After you dashed out of science class, I did the pleasure of putting us down for lab partners.”

“You bastard. I’ll just have to fix it.”

“Oh, Liz…you try. But someone needs some tutoring and who’s better than the number one student in the class?”

“I hate you.”

“Well that’s the most you ever felt for someone so I feel honored.” Max bowed triumphantly and headed into his house, happy with his achievements thus far.

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UPDATE: Thank you SO much Niki for sending me part 4 and part 3 (with the right margins). Lol So I edited Part 3 so it wasn't so damn annoying.

Part 3

Something was bothering Liz Parker. No, a lot of things were bothering Liz Parker. For one, Max Evans seemed to storm into the school and take control. He managed to get her to say more than she wanted to, he managed to get her to give him a ride home, and he managed to get the school’s attention as soon as he walked through those doors.
Everyone was talking about Max Evans, the rebellious Max Evans. The bad boy Max Evans, but what did he exactly do? No one knew for sure. One rumor said he was a drug dealer, one said he was a pimp, but no one had any concrete information about what it was or not. That’s what was bothering Liz Parker. What the hell did Max Evans do? From what she could tell so far, those rumors weren’t true. Well…maybe except for the pimp one. He seemed to have an extremely high self-esteem, especially around her. But you better watch out Max, because Liz is not going to make this easy and she is going to find out exactly what’s wrong with you in the process. She laughed at herself and snorted. Something seemed extremely odd about that last statement. Her, of all people, finding out what’s wrong with someone else, when she’s the most fucked up person she knows.


“Max, you’re home just in time for dinner,” his Aunt was almost done cooking the chicken as Max walked through the door to the house, 5 p.m. on the dot as promised.

“Dinner?” He said curiously as he stuck his hands in his pockets, walking his way into the kitchen. Inside, his cousin Michael and Uncle Phil were already sitting at the table, ready to eat.

“Yeah, you know that’s when you sit down and eat?” Michael quipped sarcastically and Max gave him a stare that could kill.

“Yeah, I’m sorry it’s early, but I have to meet a client later, so I’m cooking now. Sit down, Max.”

“Actually, I’m kind of not hungry right now. I’ll just be upstairs.”

Max then turned around and headed up the stairs towards Michael’s room. He wasn’t used to actually sitting down and having dinner. After his father died when he was 6, it was just he and his mom, who was always working trying to pay the bills. She never had much of an eye on him, being busy, so he got away with a lot. The good ol’ days, in New York, when he had stuff to do, now he was stuck here in no man’s land.


“Lizzie! Come down for dinner!”

“I don’t want to come down for dinner!” Yelled back just as loudly, if not louder. It was a surprise that her parents were able to hear her in such a big house. They had used the intercom to summon her down, after all.

“Martha, please, will you handle this? I am so busy trying to organize this charity function,” Nancy pointed upstairs and held her phone to her ear. Martha nodded and headed upstairs to Liz’s room.

It was big and spacious, extremely white and bright, the antithesis of Liz. White walls, white carpeting, white furniture. Everything looked so sterile. Liz called it her padded room. Martha wasn’t sure to laugh at the dark humor or cry. She had watched Liz grow from a little girl, taken care of her most of the time. She used to be so happy. No one was really sure why that changed so drastically. She rapped lightly on the door and then opened it, looking apologetically at Liz.

“They really want you to come downstairs.”

“Sending the housekeeper to do the dirty work for them, I see?”

“They want to have dinner as a family.”

“Ha. Family. When she gets off her lazy ass to actually come up here and get me, and when she turns off the cell phone, that’s when I’ll eat with the family.”

“They do care about you, they just have a weird way of showing it.”

“Oh by pushing off the problem on someone else? Dr. Sullivan? You? Sure when its award winning Lizzie they are glad to show me off, when it’s crazy Liz they shove me off to another person to fix the problem. I’m not hungry and I’m not coming downstairs.”


“Goodbye Martha,” and Liz shut the door in Martha’s face and sat back down on her bed.


Finally Max couldn’t take it any longer and his hunger was overpowering his willpower. He really would hate having to sit down with the fam’ to eat dinner, but his stomach was growling and he hadn’t eaten in a day. Walking down the stairs, he overheard his Aunt and Uncle whispering.

“—troubled kid. What he needs is some comfort right now,” his aunt tried to reason with her husband.

“What he needs is a little discipline. Ever since my brother died, it’s been lacking in that household of his. Now, I love Jill with all my heart and she has suffered a lot, but she has never been able to handle Max.”

“It’s true, he has made a lot of mistakes, but he also has a lot of baggage to deal with. The recent event he’s had to deal with, it’s got to be hurting him right now. He needs a family support system. He won’t even come down to eat dinner with us, Philip! What does that say? When he keeps on isolating himself from the world, that’s when things go wrong.”

“I’m not babying him, Diane. I won’t allow for it. He’ll just get away with more. I don’t want him going out after school until he improves his behavior, and that’s final!” Philip quickly got up from the table and headed off into his office.

On second thought, maybe Max wouldn’t be having dinner with the Evans Family Clan. He walked back up the stairs and opened the door to Michael’s room, heading straight for the window. He opened it and crawled out, he would just have to go to McDonald’s for dinner.


“What do you mean, she won’t come down?”

“I’m sorry Nancy, she just won’t. She slammed the door in my face and locked the door.”

“I’m sick and tired of this. I take time out of my busy schedule because Dr. Sullivan says she needs more family interaction and she refuses to participate! All I do is try and it never gets me anywhere! I’m going out!” With that, Nancy Parker grabbed her things and stood from the kitchen table.

“Jeff! JEFF!”

Suddenly her husband ran in quickly and he looked at her confused.

“We’re going out. Princess Liz does not want to come down for dinner, so we are going out.”

“You sure that is the best choice?”

“I don’t care, Jeff. I’m tired…I’m just….tired.”

“Let me get my coat.”

After getting their coats on and bidding farewell to Martha, they left the house. Not a second later, Liz had pressed the button on her intercom to talk to Martha.

“Hey, is the coast clear?”

“Yeah, Liz, the coast is clear. You can come down now.”


After grabbing on to a tree and making his way down slowly, his hit feet the ground. He was almost home free when he heard some leaves rustling behind him.

“Where are you going?”

“Hey, Michael….buddy…my man.” He gave Michael a playful punch to the shoulder.

“My parents don’t want you leaving the house.”

“I’m just going to Mickey D’s to eat something. Oh, so you’re a pussy now?”

“No, but I didn’t get my best friend killed either.”

Michael hit a wound, a wound that Max hadn’t been able to forget or heal. Max walked over to him in silence. For a second, he didn’t do anything but stare. Then he shoved Michael and his fist hit Michael’s face.

“You don’t know anything about that! You motherfuckin…”

That’s when Max pounced and went all out and started punching Michael as much as he could.

“Max! Michael! Get in here, what are you doing? Philip!”

“See, Diane! See! I knew he was trouble from the start.”

After pulling away Michael and Max, it was obvious who had won. Michael’s face was bloody and messy, while Max’s left clean and unshaken. There lied so much hatred in his nephew’s golden eyes, like fire was brewing.

“Now, how did this begin and I want answers.”

Michael bought his hand to his nose and wiped off some blood. Max stood there silent. Neither said a word.

“NOW!” Philip added and finally Max spoke.

“We were just having a misunderstanding, that’s all. Maybe you’re right Michael, the Rangers won’t win the game.”

“You guys were fighting over a hockey game?!”

Diane yelled with disgust and crossed her arms and she walked into the back yard, looking at her son and nephew and disbelief. After Max raised an eyebrow at Michael, Michael stared straight ahead, eyes unmoving and gaze never faltering.

“Yeah mom, we were just fighting over a hockey game.”

Finally, Philip let go of the grip he had on both of their shirts and said, “Get inside, both of you.”

Max and Michael silently walked into the house and Philip turned to his wife.

“I’m telling you, the kid is psychotic,” he tried to keep his voice low so Max wouldn’t hear him.

“I’ll call Dr. Sullivan tomorrow, I’ll set him up for an appointment.”

“Now what do we do with both of them?”

“Have Michael sleep on the couch and Max will take his bed.”

“Diane, are you serious?!”

“He’s our guest.”

“Yeah, quite the guest he has turned out to be,” Philip gave a defeated look and turned around walking back into the house, leaving Diane following slowly.


“Thank you Martha, it’s always been my favorite,” Liz said as she dug into her mac and cheese as Martha sat with her at the dinner table. This was the only interaction she knew and the only interaction she actually enjoyed. She was able to tell Martha almost anything.

“I’m happy to please.”

“Sorry I slammed the door in your face.”

“It’s ok, you were angry. Rightfully angry.”

“If only my parents were as understanding as you…” Liz said as she took another bite and swallowed. She wasn’t even close to halfway done when she pushed the bowl away saying she was full.

After some silence, Liz finally spoke.

“I notice there isn’t a razor in the bathroom.”

“Oh…you did?” Martha looked into her newspaper, trying to be nonchalant.

“I need to get the hair off my legs.”

“Well we have some Nair in the closet, or you can get your legs waxed like your mother.”

“Martha, I’m not a baby. The last time was a mistake.”

Martha then put the paper down quickly and stared Liz straight in the eyes.

“Who are you trying to convince?”

“I’m not hungry anymore,” Liz quickly got up and headed upstairs and slammed her door.

Martha wasn’t apologizing for taking the razor or any other sharp objects out of her room. Because if she didn’t, Mr. and Mrs. Parker certainly wouldn’t, she knew that for a fact.

After Liz slammed her door she walked over to her dresser, picked up the closest thing she could find, a vase, and threw it, smashing it against the wall. The pieces shattered to the ground. They were jaded, sharp, and the colorful pieces fell. They were a distinction among the consistency of the white. They stuck out and it drew her eyes in.

One sharp point was all it took. All she needed was to take one piece and the pain would all be over. She’d have that sigh of relief when the first trickles of blood would appear. But instead, she left the pieces on the ground, a constant reminder that she didn’t like the sterile, she didn’t like the white. The white hurt her eyes. The white gave her nightmares.

It was sort of like in “The Yellow Wallpaper,” where the woman went crazy because of the nasty yellow wallpaper on the walls. She imagined a woman encaged behind the patterns, yearning to go outside instead of being cooped up by her husband in the house. Everyone thought that woman was crazy; everyone thought Liz was crazy.

When Liz saw white, she saw infinite emptiness. No hope. No conquest. No journey to be taken. Just blank. Everything in Liz’s life was blank, and the only person who understood that was herself.

Across town, though, someone felt just as empty and just as misunderstood. Now, more than ever, he had his eye on Liz Parker and he was determined to get her.

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Author’s note: The poem used in this chapter is “Apprehensions” by Sylvia Plath. This chapter is longer than what I usually write (I am not sure if it loses interest or whatnot) Hope you enjoy and please respond with what you think! THANK YOU SO MUCH NIKI FOR SENDING THIS TO ME!

Part 4

“Psstt…did you see what Liz Parker was wearing today?”

“Yeah I know, did you see her in the library reading again? I swear, that girl is psycho.”

Max listened closely as he overheard the two girls next to his locker talking. He had to hand it to Liz; somehow she had put the entire school on some spell. While he could tell she hated attention, somehow she caught herself in a trap. Attention was all the girl got. And with that attention came fear and confusion. That part of the equation Max realized was what she liked about it. They were afraid or confused so they kept their distance. She was a loner and she liked being that way. That much, he knew.

“Hey Max,” a tall blond passed by and gave him a wink and a wide flirtatious smile.

What he hated about this school was that they looked at him the entirely wrong way. While back in New York he obviously had the huge bad boy image, he was a loner, much like Liz. No one talked to him and he liked it that way. Sure, girls were interested, they were always interested, but he wasn’t the playboy that somehow this school had played him out to be. He didn’t really respond to any of their charms, he just kept to himself. Knowing that they were interested was enough. He didn’t actually need that kind of attachment.

The fact that Liz Parker was the one girl he couldn’t have was fuming him. Somehow she resisted him, maybe to the point of even hating him. Now that she was the one thing he couldn’t have, he was determined to get it. If he could make her like him, then maybe it was possible for someone to care.

He made his way to his science class and took a seat, waiting for Liz. Today she actually walked in on time, while they waited for Mr. Seligman who happened to be late. She wore a black turtleneck; black pants and carried a black bag.

She sat down next to him in silence. She placed her poetry book on the table.

“What’s with the black?”

She looked through the corner of her eye, but kept her face straight ahead. “Because it’s the opposite of what you are wearing: white, my least favorite color.”

“Liz, add a beret, some round sun glasses and a bongo and you could be this town’s very own beatnik.”

“Was that supposed to be funny?” She looked over at him and he shrugged with a smile. She brought a hand to her chest and overdramatically apologized, “oh I’m so sorry, your parents must be devastated with your humor, and they’d just drop dead with shame.”

“My dad’s dead,” he said abruptly, not really sure why he brought it up.

“Boo fucking hoo, not getting any pity from me,” she said as she turned her head, her tight ponytail waving.

“Oh right…the princess trying to make everyone feel sorry for her because she has all the money in the world. Crazy Liz Parker suicidal…please,” Max said rather loudly.
Maria and Hannah, who occupied the seats in front of them, both turned around and gasped when he said that, astonished that he would say something like that to Liz Parker. It would be interesting to see what her reaction would be.

She turned to him and stared him down. Her eyes left a chilling sensation with him. They were almost completely black. The darkness of them left some mystery and endless amount of questions.

“So, you think I’m crazy,” She said as she raised one eyebrow at him.

“Ah, my opinion does matter to you then,” he said as he crossed his arms and looked back at her.

“Max, just because I refused to fuck you doesn’t mean that somehow I think your opinion matters. Actually, I would think it would prove quite the opposite.”

The students in the classroom all turned their heads and were almost all engrossed in their conversation by this time. A couple of “oohs” had come from their little audience and while Liz didn’t like the spotlight, if it meant embarrassing Max she was willing to be a part of it.

“And really, signing us up for lab partners because you were really that desperate. Max, stalking is not a good thing. There are things called restraining orders and if you don’t stop calling and harassing me because you can’t find anyone better than crazy Liz Parker to fuck, because everyone else here knows that any other option is much better, I might have to actually get one. Excuse me,” She grabbed her poetry book and her bag and started walking out of the classroom when Mr. Seligman entered.

“Liz, where are you going?” the teacher asked as she brushed past him.

“Library.” She said as she shut the door and headed out of the room.

Max just stared at the door as Liz stormed out. This was going to be a lot harder than he thought. There was a bright side, though. Something had struck a chord in Liz Parker and he was the cause of it.

* * * * * *

“Guess who…” hands covered his eyes and he immediately smiled. He turned his head slanted, pretending to think.

“Oh I don’t know, it couldn’t be a cute blond now could it?”


“By the name of Maria?” Michael’s smile grew wider.

She leaned down and whispered in his ear, “You might just be able to find out in the eraser room.”

“Yes! Let’s go!” Michael almost immediately jumped up. Skip fourth period to kiss Maria in the Eraser Room? Oh, he was definitely up for that.

He grabbed her hand swiftly and they almost began running through the hall. They tried to be nonchalant but when everyone saw they were headed straight for their destination, there were a couple of whispers and giggles. To say people were surprised the ended up together was an understatement. They had almost hated each other all their lives. While some saw sexual tension, no one ever predicted that Michael Evans and Maria DeLuca would ever end up together.

They looked on with interest as the least likely couple was now bursting into the eraser room to see…Liz Parker.

Liz Parker and who?

Who was the guy? People immediately started squirming to have a better look. They didn’t know any guy that was brave enough, despite her beauty, to venture into that place with her. They’d turn up dead.

No guy even remotely let himself get halfway interested in her. Except for…

Max Evans. Could it be Max Evans? By that time their little fight in Science class had gotten around the entire school. Max Evans and Liz Parker? They were already taking mental notes to ostracize him immediately. He was no longer on the A-list. Hell, he wasn’t even on a list of theirs anymore.

“Liz,” Michael said as he held open the door and Maria looked away. To say this was awkward was an understatement. They grew up being close friends and then their friendship ended at the end of Junior High, to say Liz hated him was putting it mildly.

“I was just leaving,” Liz said as she pushed past Michael and Maria. When everyone else tried to get a peak of who she was with, they were disappointed.

“A book? Who the hell reads in the Eraser room? That room is like solely reserved for cum stains and eraser dust,” a girl commented quietly to her friend.

It was sick, but true. It was where most of the girls in the school had lost their innocence. However it was secluded and private. And after the outburst she had with Max which she didn’t even intend on showing any emotion whatsoever, she wanted to be somewhere on her own and somewhere quiet.

Michael turned around and watched as she walked her way down the hall and disappeared into the realms of the library doors. Somehow he wasn’t interested in the eraser room as much anymore.

“That’s so sad that that is the future of our class,” one girl commented as they watched Liz pass.
* * * * * *

“Liz, honey, it’s time for your appointment,” Martha knocked on the door.

Liz had come home in silence and locked herself in her room without saying a word. Martha’s head collapsed against the door, out of exhaustion and frustration. Her white hair almost blended in with the white door and her smile began to fade.

“Come on, you have to go…” She then looked down at the doorknob and began to jiggle it. She had been up there for ten minutes and now she was getting worried.

She was the one who had found Liz in the bathroom the last time. She had the plastic knife in her hand and Liz was lying on the white tile, not moving. She had waited too long to come up and get her, and she almost had to break the door down.

“Liz…speak…say something…” Martha then began to panic, jiggling the door again. “Open the door.”

She didn’t know what must have happened today, but it had some effect on Liz, maybe even worse than normal. And while Liz liked to lock herself in her room, she usually answered Martha. She might not answer her parents, but she always answered her, not to worry her. Now it was becoming more and more possible that she had attempted a fourth time and might have succeeded.

When Martha began to hyperventilate even more, the door finally opened and Liz stood there. She leaned against the doorframe and looked down at the ground.

“I really don’t want to go today,” She said in barely a whisper.

Martha quickly hugged her out of relief. She then made a mental note to herself to call the locksmith to change the lock and give her a key to Liz’s room.

“But that’s the whole point of going, is to help you through whatever it is…”

Liz quickly looked up with a determined stare, “I’m fine.”

“No…you’re not. And I am driving you to Dr. Sullivan. Get your coat.”


“No buts. I don’t care if you sit in there silent for an hour, you are going.”

Reluctantly Liz went back into her room and put on her coat and followed Martha out the door.

* * * * * *

The ride home from school was filled with tension. The car was silent. Max sat in the back, while Michael drove and Maria sat in the passenger seat.

“Hey Max,” she said as she turned around and smiled. She tried to make it less uncomfortable but Max didn’t say anything. “That was quite the conversation before in Science class, I still can’t believe you said that to Liz.”

Michael quickly snapped his head in Maria’s direction but then turned his head back to the road.

He then looked through the rear view mirror at Max.

“What did you say to Liz?”

Max again, stayed silent, so Maria answered for him.

“Oh, he just called her crazy and mentioned how she was suicidal. Michael, do you even live on this planet? The whole school knows about it!”

That’s when Michael squinted his eyes even further at Max. Sure, he and Liz weren’t on speaking terms but how dare Max even judge someone he doesn’t even know? How dare he say things like that when Liz is in fact suicidal?

“Yeah and I had quite the effect on her,” Max gave an aurora of cockiness in his addition to the conversation which made Michael even more mad. Whatever Max was planning or doing, he didn’t care who he hurt in the process, and that meant Liz. Max had his eye out for her; she was his target for whatever new problem he was trying to cause. And with Liz being in the state she was in, it was obvious Max’s plan would have disastrous effects and the bastard didn’t care. He didn’t even think twice. He was in it for the pure selfishness of it and that made Michael grip even tighter on the steering wheel.

“I wouldn’t be so sure of yourself, Max,” Michael finally spoke directly to his cousin since they had the fight the night before. “I would give up on whatever you’re trying to prove, because Liz isn’t going to give you the time of day, I know that for a fact.”

“Oh Michael, why don’t you explain to Maria how you walked into the door again?” Max quickly changed the subject and tried to stifle his laugh.

“Yeah, you do have some nasty bruises from that,” Maria said as she touched his face and he flinched. No way in hell he was going to have her know that Max kick the shit out of him, he would rather her see him as clumsy than as some wimp.

After driving some more in silence, Maria was dropped off and Max moved up to the front seat.

“Where are we going, this isn’t the way to the house?” Max questioned as he looked at his surroundings, they were driving down a dirt road.

“I know. I’m driving somewhere to kick your ass.”

Max replied with a maniacal laugh. “You wish.”

“Actually, I’m driving you to Dr. Sullivan’s office. Seeing as you are completely screwed up and tend to screw everyone else over, my parents set up an appointment for you.”

“What? I am not talking to some therapist. I’m not crazy,” Max immediately refused and then Michael turned into the parking lot and Max saw Liz’s car.

“Oh, really? Well my parents felt for someone who was so mad over a hockey game was crazy. I mean…that was the brilliant excuse you gave them for your outburst.”

“Just drop me off,” Max abruptly cut him off while Michael was expecting some bitter response.

“Well, ok then,” and before he was at a full stop, Max jumped out of the car.

* * * * * *

There is this white wall, above which the sky creates itself---
Infinite, green, utterly untouchable.
Angels swim in it, and the stars, in indifference also.
They are my medium.
The sun dissolves on this wall, bleeding its lights.
A gray wall now, clawed and bloody.
Is there no way out of the mind?
Steps at my back spiral into a well.
There are no trees or birds in this world,
There is only sourness.
This red wall winces continually:
A red fist, opening and closing,
Two gray, papery bags---
This is what I am made of, this and a terror
Of being wheeled off under crosses and a rain of pietas.
On a black wall, unidentifiable birds
Swivel their heads and cry.
There is no talk of immortality among these!
Cold blanks approach us:
They move in a hurry.

Liz read her book of poetry as she waited for Dr. Sullivan to end his session with whoever was occupying his office. Suddenly the door opened but she didn’t lift her eyes to see who it was. That was until…

“Ah, the resident beatnik. Fancy meeting you here,” Max said as he took a seat.

“I already told you about the restraining order. But just in case you need a definition, it means that you can’t come close to a certain number of feet of me. Really, you have to stop following me, it’s almost becoming a new type of pathetic.”

“Why would following such a lovely and amiable person as you, be pathetic?”

Liz rolled her eyes and returned to her book.

“So maybe you really are as unstable as you steer people to believe?” He picked up the nearest magazine and began flipping through it. Or, at least he tried to make believe he was, but was really waiting for Liz to have some type of reaction.

“My parents force me to come here, even if that is any of your business. Yes, my filthy rich parents waste their money sending their crazy daughter to therapy, if that’s what you wanted to hear. Is that why you followed me in here?”

“For someone who hates interacting with other people, you are so sure of yourself that someone would want to follow you. In fact, if you must know, I am here for my 4:30 appointment.”

Liz then looked at her watch and then threw her book down.

“That’s impossible. I am here for the 4:30 appointment.”

Now while Liz would want to be anywhere but there, the fact that Max was stealing her appointment made her mad for some reason. She wasn’t going to let him have his way.

“Oh really, what a coincidence! It must be fate!” Max said enthusiastically as he snatched her book.
She immediately stood up and walked over to him, reaching for the book, while he held it in his hands.

“And why are you so apprehensive, Liz Parker?” he gazed at her after reading the poem’s title with a slightly amused and questioning look.

She quickly snatched the book when Dr. Sullivan opened the door.

“Stay the fuck away from me,” Liz yelled and Dr. Sullivan stared in astonishment. She quickly turned and said, “who has the 4:30 appointment?”

He quickly eyed his secretary as she checked the date book.

“Greg, it looks like we might have double booked the 4:30 appointment.”

“Ah, well. You must be Max Evans. It seems as though you already met Liz…” He eyed them both carefully. “Anyway, it looks as though I’ll have to let you two decide who will have the appointment. I’m very sorry that this happened, it rarely does.”

“Liz, why don’t you take it?” Max cut her off as she opened her mouth to say something.

Ugh, he was actually offering her the appointment? No. No way in hell she was taking it now.

“Actually, being as this is Max’s lovely initiation into the world of straight jackets and Prozac, I’m going to let him take this one,” she padded him on the shoulder and while it was meant to be mean hearted, Max couldn’t help but get a content sensation knowing that she touched him. It meant physical contact, and physical contact meant some kind of reaction. And some kind of reaction was better than indifference. Any type of passion, whether hate or love, was better than no type of attention at all.

He could have sworn she gave him a smug little smile but it passed so quickly that he had to blink to make sure it was there. He shook his head as Liz turned around and walked out the door of the office, leaving Dr. Sullivan waiting for Max.

“Max…please just take a seat…”

Dr. Sullivan held his hand out motioning towards the chair in the office. Max looked back at the open doorway and closed the door and silently took a seat on the chair. He didn’t say anything. He stared at his hands and started to play with the silver ring on his right hand. He looked back up at the therapist, he was surprised he looked the way he did.

Max had anticipated a short bald man with glasses, uptight in his 40s, with a notebook in hand ready to scribble down anything interesting Max had to say. What he saw was the opposite. Dr. Sullivan was a man in his mid thirties, with most of his hair in tact. He had blond hair, green eyes, youthful. He held nothing in his hand, and he sat in his chair with a calm ease. Usually Max would just blow the guy off by some half-ass comments, but Dr. Sullivan looked different.

“Aren’t you supposed to have a notebook?” Max finally asked after he shifted in his seat uncomfortably.

“I guess you would also assume I had glasses and a receding hair line? I don’t use a notebook. I find it makes my clients anxious. I make my own mental observations and I do most of my therapy through talking, not just listening. I’m not as conventional when it comes to practice as some of my colleagues are. Since I deal with teenagers, I take a more easy going approach.”

After a long pause of silence, Dr. Sullivan spoke again.

“So…are you going to start the conversation or should I?”

“Oh, you mean this is the part where I talk?” Max replied somewhat sarcastically.

“Ok then, why don’t we begin with what brought you here in the first place. Why don’t you tell me about Brian?”

“No. Brian is not up for discussion.”

“Excuse me?”

“I just met you, what, 2 minutes ago? No. I am not talking about him with someone I don’t even know. Sorry.”

“Is it that it hurts too much to talk about or you don’t feel I have the right to know about him?”

“Don’t blatantly dissect me like that. It’s insulting.”

“Fine why don’t you tell me what you want to talk about then?”

After a while of just trying to decide what he actually did want to talk about that wasn’t too personal, he thought of the perfect choice.

“Liz. What’s wrong with her?”

“I’m not allowed to discuss my other patients with you.”

“So that would be the actual conventional part of your practice?”

“I guess you could say that. Why don’t you tell me why you are so interested in her?”

“I thought we weren’t allowed to discuss her.”

“I’m not allowed to discuss what I discuss with her or why she comes to see me, but I can ask why YOU are so affected by her. She can have quite the…impression; I guess is the word I would use. So tell me Max, out of all the people to discuss, your mother, your father, your aunt and uncle, Brian, or even your cousin, you decide to bring up Liz. And I am curious why that is…”

“I thought you said you were easy going with teenagers.”

“I’m willing to talk if you are. You brought it up. We have an hour, Max…”

* * * * * *

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Greg Sullivan gave an exasperated sigh as he eyed his watch again.

“If my calculations are correct, doctor, we only have ten minutes left.” Max smiled smugly and crossed his arms.

“Ignoring me with silence for an hour isn’t going to hide anything, Max. In fact it communicates more than any words that could ever leave your mouth.”

“And how is that possible? If I don’t give anything away, what’s there to know?”

“Well, for one, refusing to talk about Liz or Brian shows that you feel close to them in some way and don’t feel I have the right to know the truth. Or, you’re afraid for me to know the truth. In that sense, it makes me feel like you’re more attached to them than you would be if you just nonchalantly spoke about them. So, again, let me ask what’s the interest with Liz? Somehow I have feeling it is a very different attachment than there was to Brian.”

After a little silence, Max lifted his head and stared Dr. Sullivan straight in the eye.

“No. You can’t do that to me.”

“What am I doing?”

“You’re trying to trick me because in this situation I can’t win. If I discuss Liz, I have ‘feelings’ for her and if I just sit here and give you the silent treatment, I still do. Do you like to trap your clients this way?”

Once again Max shifted in his seat uncomfortably.

“And why would having these ‘feelings,’” Dr. Sullivan used his fingers to make a quotation mark motion, “be considered a bad thing? Why would it be some kind of punishment?”

“Because,” Max said rather matter-of-factly, “she’s…”

“Crazy?” Greg finished his sentence for him and Max leaned back and laughed.

“You couldn’t be any farther from the truth,” he put his hands behind his head. “I don’t think anything like that at all. If anything, I think you are just aiding in the misconception.”

“Aiding in the misconception?”

“I don’t think anything is wrong with her. People just tell her she’s crazy so therefore she has to be. You wanna know how I really feel? Therapy, its bullshit. This,” he motioned between the doctor and himself, “is bullshit. It’s the most superficial form of conversation. Why? It’s fake. You think you know me. You think you can dissect me. You think you can figure out the deep inner workings of my mind. You have no basis to judge me.”

“But I do have a police report. That night, it’s still haunting you isn’t it?”

“I told you I wouldn’t discuss this, and I’m not going to,” Max stood up and looked at his watch. “Oh well, five minutes left. That gives you time to play with your tape recorder.”

With that, Max stormed out of Dr. Sullivan’s office.

“Max! We’re not done yet!” Dr. Sullivan gave another exasperated sigh. Liz Parker and Max Evans, two of his most challenging patients. Why? Well they both had wit and animosity, both were withdrawn and lonesome, and both pushed each other’s buttons like hell. And the most disastrous thing would be if they pursued their feelings for each other. Not because they would hurt each other, but because they were so much alike that they wouldn’t know how to deal with it.


“Now I want you to document all of your findings on the lab sheet. Make sure that you clean up after the lab and no equipment should be left on the desks,” Mr. Seligman began to wrap up the rest of the lesson. Max sat in his seat and Liz hadn’t shown up yet. He wasn’t very surprised, she tended to skip the class, but he really wanted her to be there. He knew he was getting somewhere with her, he could feel it. She just had to show up to make it possible to actually achieve anything.

Suddenly the door swung open and in walked Liz. She immediately took the seat next to Max and opened up her book.

“You know, you should actually…I don’t know…show up for class so we don’t fail?” Max leaned against the lab table while Liz gazed up at the instructions on the board and began to get the equipment ready.

“Well if someone didn’t sign us up to be lab partners, you wouldn’t have to worry about it. Plus, look who I’m talking to. Like you care if you fail or not.” She looked at him and then returned to the lab.

“Shouldn’t you wear goggles?”

“They disrupt my fashion sense.”

“You don’t have a fashion sense. You don’t care about fashion sense.”

“Again, thinking you know me…” She turned around to the back to get more equipment and Max followed. “You know, maybe the reason I didn’t show up was hoping you wouldn’t be here. Ah, but alas, you are. You can go,” she said as she looked to the front and they noticed the teacher had momentarily left. “I’ll take care of this. The less we have to work together the better.”

“I’m not gonna leave. I think he would notice.”

“Since when are you afraid of consequences, it has never stood in your way before.” She looked at him with a raised eyebrow and folded her arms over her chest.

“Again, thinking you know me. I’m not stupid enough to do something to actually get me caught.”


She poured the liquid from the test tube into the beaker and her long sleeve shirt slid up a little revealing her bandage. Oblivious to that fact, she poured the solution in, got the response she was expecting and documented it on paper.

“Ah,” Max said as he pointed to her wrist.

“Come on Max, you were doing so well with the not talking thing. The only way I can have your ass not fail is if you just shutup.”

“…the infamous bandage. Now that I have a better look I see it so clearly now.” He leaned against the lab table after continuing his sentence oblivious to her last remark.

“What that I’m crazy? I thought we already covered this.”

“Nope. You wanna know what I think, Liz?” At that moment he leaned in close, staring her dead in the eye, but her gaze never faltered.

She just raised her eyebrow at him and then he continued…

“I don’t think there is anything underneath that bandage. I think your wrist is completely immaculate. Perfect. No scars there. I think its all show. And I think you know I’m right.”

After a second of staring him in the eye, she looked away for a second and then said, “Yeah Max, you got me. You are completely right. It’s fake. There is absolutely nothing underneath it. Wow. You’re soooooooo smart. Can I marry you now?”

“So,” Max interjected after some silence. He put both of his arms on the lab table and leaned forward. “What do you think of Dr. Sullivan?”

“Greg? Oh I think he’s a good fuck.”

“That’s not funny.”

“What makes you think I was trying to be funny?”

“You know, can’t you just be real for once?”

“Like you’re being real?” She looked at him and laughed a little bit louder than she expected.

“Yeah. I am being real. I think he’s an ass who makes presumptions about who I am and what I’ve done and therefore can judge me for it.”

“Oh you mean exactly the same thing you’ve done to me since that day I had to haul your ass around this school and show you around?” She finished documented the findings and began bringing the equipment to the sink in the back to wash them out.

“Look I’m just trying to understand you. Something you rarely let anyone do.”

“You have to earn trust to understand me. You have to know me to understand me. And, you have to have intelligence to understand me. You lack all three. Since you got us in this stupid predicament, we’ll come here, we’ll do the work. But if you think I’m going to chit chat with you and make small talk and bond with you over the fact that we happen to have the same shrink, you got another thing coming. I told you I like to be alone. I don’t think there is any other way I could possibly communicate it to you.”

“You think you’re the only one with secrets. Well, I have them too.”

“Good, Maxie. Now relish in those secrets so you feel all masculine and finally become a man.”

“That’s funny, coming from a scared little girl.”

“Oh look! All cleaned up and oh, what is that sound I hear? Could that be the bell?! Well, I guess I’m out,” she said as she picked up her bags and left the room.

“Liz, where are you going? The bell hasn’t rung yet,” Mr. Seligman said as she passed.

“In my little head it has.” She said as she passed and barged through the doors.


“Yes, I have it right here. I just can’t believe you didn’t send me this information before,” Greg Sullivan said into the phone as he looked at the new folder that had been sent to his office about an hour prior by another therapist.

“I didn’t know, she said she was alive and on an excavation. It seems as though her parents weren’t very close with her, so they didn’t feel the need to tell us.”

“But, this explains so much. Especially about the first time. I mean, it was at such a young age and now it makes perfect sense. What was her grandmother’s name?”

“Claudia,” the other therapist said.

“Her and Liz must have been close, for her to go out of her way and lie that she was still alive. Liz can be sarcastic at times, but usually she doesn’t outright lie like that.”

“I was her doctor four years ago. I don’t think she talks about it at all now.”

“Yeah, well, considering her parents, who could blame the girl. That is such an unhealthy environment to live in. I’ve noticed she wears long sleeves all the time. When her sleeve goes up her arm I see scars and bruises. Who knows what goes on in there.”

“She’s a tough patient to handle. Greg, I admire your effort.”

“Thanks for the info. I’ll let you know if anything comes of it.”

He put his phone on the receiver and stared at the file again. This was going to be harder than he thought.



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Author’s Note: Ok I apologize so much for making you guys wait so long, I have been SWAMPED with college work, and I just procrastinated my work to finish this and plan to do my work tomorrow because I get off for the holiday J. Procrastination, don’t you love it? Anyway, thanks to all the people who emailed me and left me feedback, it’s wonderful motivation. I’ll try to have Chasing Max out soon.

Part 6

“Uh…you sure? You want to buy this? Five cans of black paint?” Kyle looked at Liz warily and stared at the cans. She didn’t respond so he stared at them.

She put her hands on the counter and then leaned over.


He jumped. “Shit…don’t…do…that!”

“Why shouldn’t I do what you expect?” She said as she handed him the money and then grabbed the bag and left.

“That girl is weeiiiiiiiiiiiird.” Kyle eyed her as she left the store and then shivered after she left. “Hey! You forgot your…”

******** *******
She could hear the echo of the second hand on the clock. Once again, she found herself in Greg Sullivan’s office. He had called saying he needed to see her that day because he had to cancel his next appointment. She reluctantly agreed, not that she really had much of a choice.

“Liz, I want to discuss someone we haven’t spent much time on before,” Greg Sullivan pulled out a picture and flipped it over, leaving Liz stunned.

“Grandma Claudia? Where…?”

“How come you didn’t tell me that she passed away Liz?” He set the picture down in his lap and then grabbed a box of tissues from his desk. Liz eyed them and she swore to herself she wasn’t going to cry. Grandma Claudia was strong and didn’t cry. She didn’t want Greg to see her break down.

“The subject never came up?”

“Don’t give me that. She died when you were 13.” He crossed his arms across his chest and she did the same in defense.


“Your first attempt at suicide was at 13. Don’t you see a connection?”

“Why dwell on this. I was cleansed that summer, wasn’t I?”

“Your parents were trying to help. That’s all they knew to do.”

“Did you get a fucking raise? Give me that picture. Give it to me!”

Greg Sullivan handed over the picture and Liz snatched it out of his hands. She slowly tore the picture, tears forming in her eyes, watering them, making his reflection flicker and shake in her dark irises almost the same color of her pupils.

“That isn’t going to erase her.” He said as he held out the tissue box. She hit it out of his hand. It flew and landed next to the pieces of the picture laying on the carpet.

“Yeah well at least you can’t memorize her like you try to memorize me. Go ahead, tell me all Liz Parker facts. Liz Parker. Insane. Bi Polar? Schitzophrenia? Massive Depressive? 17. 5’2”. 110 pounds. Or is it 113 pounds? She might be packing on more lately…” She said as she looked at herself and pulled on her baggy shirt.


“How dare you? I don’t have to let you in. You feeling that I am required to because my parents pay you to fuck with my head by the hour is highly pretentious AND unwarranted!”

“We won’t talk about it then, we’ll talk about something else,” he began to get a little nervous. He felt he was finally getting somewhere with her and she was about to close down…again. Even though she didn’t like to admit it, they shared a mutual respect and it took him a long time to earn that.

“No! You broke my trust. I can’t believe you investigated me!”

“I didn’t…I didn’t investigate you.”

“Fine, you know what,” she shifted on her feet and nervously scratched her head, then pulling a hair behind her ear. “I’ll play your stupid game. I’ll pretend to be happy and sane and little miss perfect. I am only doing this so I can get away from you. Anything is better than having to deal with you…”

As the door slammed, Greg Sullivan realized that he had just made the worst mistake he could. He actually had a breakthrough with Liz Parker. Problem was, they both knew she wouldn’t let him do it again.

******** *******

“Hey…” Max said as Michael walked into his room and headed straight for the closet.

“Just because you stole my fucking room doesn’t mean I can’t come in here anymore to get my clothes.”

“That wasn’t what I meant. I just meant ‘hey.’”


“Look, its not like I came here to take your room away. I didn’t even want to come here in the first place.” Max looked out the window and Michael drew him back into reality.

“Oh poor baby. Get over it. Some people have worse problems. Be happy that you have all that you do.” Michael leaned over to pick up his shoes and was about to leave the room.

“What exactly is that? What do I have?”

Michael stared at him for a second, hesitating to say what he truly thought. Then he finally said, “The gift of very persuasive manipulation.”

“Who exactly do I manipulate?”

“Everyone. Because no one sees you. Not the Max Evans that used to visit when he was younger. Not the Max Evans in the core.”

“Like you don’t hide behind spiky hair.”

“Everyone hides.”

“Then what makes me so bad?”

“The way you do it.” Michael then swung the door open and left.

******** *******

Max wasn’t surprised in the least. Liz hadn’t shown up to class. He even looked in the library but she wasn’t there.

“Ok class, we will be moving onto perception of light…” Mr. Seligman began his lecture and suddenly the door swung open. It wasn’t a surprise who it was but it was a surprise how she entered.

“Hi Mr. Seligman! I’m ready to learn!” She said with a wide smile and she wearing pastel blue.

She slowly slid into her seat and as Max eyed her and smiled, she said “Say anything and I’ll fucking kill you.”

After the class ended, Liz left the room, running away from Max who couldn’t keep his eyes off of her all period. It wasn’t because of her outfit, he happened to think it looked horrible on her just because it wasn’t her.

“Hey Maria!” She waved to Maria with a huge grin. Maria looked at her like she had five heads.

“So, like Maria, do you want to hang out or something?” Liz tried desperately to hide her animosity through her voice. She was hoping it would work.


“Ok, don’t worry about it. Kyle!!!!” Liz ran after Kyle as he walked down the hall. He tried to speed up but she touched him on the shoulder and turned him around.

“Umm….you forgot to take your change and just left, I tried to run after you to give it to you, but I couldn’t catch up. Please don’t kill me…” He held up his hands in defeat and
gave the sweetest smile she could muster.

“Wanna do something on Saturday, I don’t know, come over my house or something?”

“Please don’t kill me…”

“Now why would I do that,” She giggled. Max was there standing and watching and he still couldn’t believe that Liz Parker giggled.


“Great!” She gave the best believable squeal and turned on her heel heading in the other direction. Max followed behind.

“What the fuck was that?”

“Don’t talk to me Max, I already made it clear that I don’t necessarily like you.”

“You’re smiling. You never smile.”

“I had a breakthrough in therapy. You have always been right, I’ve had this façade up the whole time and since you figured me out I realized there was no more use for it.”

“If anything is a façade…”

“Oh, so you were wrong?”

“Ugh. So can I come over after school so we can work on this project.”

“Fuck no.”

“You are letting Kyle Valenti come over on Saturday.”

“That is between Kyle and I.”

“So it’s Ok to be nice and happy to everyone else BUT me.”

“But Max, you’re special….” She said with pure disdain sarcasm in her voice and then turned and walked away.

It was the truth, he was special, he just didn’t realize how special.

******** *******

“Martha can you get that?” Nancy Parker was balancing her check book as the phone rang.

“It’s Greg Sullivan. He said he wants to speak to you.”

“Oh, hand me the phone…” Nancy quickly picked up the phone and answered, “Ah . Greg. What can I do for you?”

“I was wondering why Liz didn’t show up yet. I’ve been waiting a half an hour, she was supposed to have an appointment with me.”

“Oh, I completely forgot! We really meant to call, but we don’t think she really needs to see you anymore. She’s been happy and smiling as she even has a guest over. She is beginning to socialize. What is his name, Martha again? Oh, Max. Yes that’s it. Max is here.”

“Mrs. Parker, I think it’s crucial that she comes to see me. She’s trying to hide whatever she’s going through. Things like this don’t take this quick a time to resolve.”

“Well Liz has always been a fast learner. Plus, she already expressed to me how she feels she doesn’t need help anymore.”

“She doesn’t know what she needs.”

“She said that you would say that too. I think we have paid you enough, Dr. Sullivan.”

“I thought money wasn’t an object.”

“Excuse me!” She then hung up the phone and Greg Sullivan looked defeated at his phone. To reach Liz he might have to go against the privacy between himself and patients. He might have to ask the one person that knows her better than anyone, and surprisingly enough, that was Max Evans.

******** *******

Meanwhile, Liz still stared Max down in her bedroom, confused as anything as to why he was there. Deep down she knew, she was just interested in his justification.

“So, you still refuse to tell me what the hell you are doing here?” Liz sat on her bed confused. “God, one look at you and I bet Martha couldn’t fight the urge to let you in.” She snorted and rolled her eyes.

“Was that a strange compliment?” Max said as his eyes lit up at her. He walked across the room and eyed the cans of paint. “So, black paint…”

“Yeah, I’m repainting my room.”

“But who would want to get rid of these cheery white walls? It would go along with your new cheery attitude.”

“I do what I have to. And I like black. We have already settled that.” She walked over to the paint and picked up a paint brush and was about to paint her wall. Max picked up a brush himself and then she hit his arm, causing a huge splat of black paint on her white wall.

“Ever thought of sponge panting or blot painting? Solid black…I don’t know, it’s drastic.” He said as he looked at the wall and the room.

“I like drastic.”

She began to scratch her wrist, her bandage was itching her. Finally she got so fed up because it was causing her problems while painting.

“I’m going to the bathroom. Hopefully you’ll be gone by the time I come back.”

“You know I won’t.”

She looked at herself in the mirror, she wanted to hit it herself for everything she had put on for the past few days. The lies, this wasn’t her, and if anything it just made her drown more. She ripped off the bandage violently and eyed the scars. Those wonderful beautiful scars, she traced them with her fingers. They were cathartic in some weird way. She took a deep breath, pulled her sleeve over her wrist and walked back out in the room.

They continued to paint the room in silence, and as it grew hotter, Liz without even thinking pulled up her sleeve. Out of the corner of his eye Max saw two things. One was a collection of bruises and marks up and down her arm, and the second that made him regret ever saying anything to her, was the more prominent scars on her wrist. Finally he just put the brush down in frustration and stared at her.


“What are you hiding from?”

“What are you talking about?” She said as she continued to paint.

He snatched the paint brush out of her hand and then grabbed her wrist and held it up to her eyes. She had never seen the scars that up close before, and his touch and that sight, so bold and vivid in her mind made her embarrassed, ashamed, even queasy. She looked away and looked at the ground.

“You’re so real huh? You can’t even look at it!” He let go of her arm.

“You’re so gentle and caring.” She said sarcastically.

“I am not going to give you pity. You’d hate me for that.”

“I never asked for it. I never asked for you to come into my life and just start asking questions. Go ahead, leave. Leave like everyone else.”

“They don’t leave, Liz, you shut them out.”

“Oh really, well I guess I’m shutting you out too.” She pushed him towards her door and once he was through it, she slammed it.

She slid down the back of the door and she started sob. She sobbed for the picture of her grandmother, she sobbed for losing the catharsis of the scars and she sobbed because Max Evans got too deep. But now she was going to find out his secret, and she was going to make him pay.

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Author’s note: Here is part 7, finally I know. I have been incredibly busy with so many things and I’m sorry it took me this long. Ok, to clarify, a snippet of this chapter is really discussing the same idea only cutting back and forth between two conversations. I thought it was an interesting way to do it. I hope it translates ok in this part! Anyway, alas Part 7 is here. Please leave feedback!


“Hello, Liz…” Diane Evans held the door open widely, looking at the person at the other side with sympathy and wonder. She hadn’t heard from Liz Parker in years, and she had always wondered how this poor girl was doing. She considered Liz a daughter of sorts and here she was, standing on her porch.

“Hi Mrs. Evans. I was wondering if maybe I could talk to Michael?”

“Sure, honey…come on in. So, how are you doing?” she put a hand on Liz’s shoulder and looked at her compassionately. In all honesty, Liz always liked Diane Evans. She never seemed fake to her and her empathy didn’t seem fake. She wasn’t in it for the interest of gossip, she truly cared about Liz. In many respects, Diane Evans reminded her of her grandmother.


“Good,” Diane Evans gave her a wide smile and ushered her into the house.


After Max had left Liz’s house, he began to drive. He was such a fucking idiot. You don’t talk to someone like that. Not someone of that mental state. Jesus, now he was referring to Liz and “mental state.” She was no crazier than he was. Maybe they both were crazy, who knew at this point. The fact of the matter was that Liz never made him feel crazy or the rebel or the outcast, or the loner. She made him feel like he had a purpose and wasn’t just null and void, despite how she addressed him. To him, she recognized he was there, and it really didn’t matter in what capacity.

He started to question when he really started fucking up. He didn’t really know when it started. First it was out of boredom and just this sense of wanting to be noticed. But then, Brian’s death happened and it just escalated. In all honesty after it had happened it wasn’t that people thought he was this untouchable rebel, it was that no one wanted to be associated with him. Then, he tried to pretend like he was this rebel just so that he had an excuse for how everyone viewed him.

He pulled off into a side dirt road and drove a little, and then stopped by a clearing. He got out of the car and took out one bottle of beer he had in the trunk and began to drink. He took a sip and then threw it out of frustration, it hitting the ground and shattering.

He squinted when he saw two bright headlights coming towards him.


“Michael!” She screamed up the stairs and then turned back to Liz. “I’m sorry Liz, sometimes he just can’t hear me with that loud music. MICHAEL! YOU HAVE A VISITOR!”

“If it’s Maria tell her I’m busy!” He screamed back.

“If Maria was here she’d hear that and kick your ass!” Liz screamed in response. She then turned to Diane and said, “I’m sorry Mrs. Evans for the language.”

“That’s alright Liz,” she said with a smile. “You’re a big girl now. And call me Diane, you always used to.”

“Ok,” Liz gave a tiny smile and down came Michael from the stairs and turned, looking at Liz.


“Hey Mikey. Can we talk outside?”


“Mr. Evans, well, well, well…I was figuring how long it would take you to get yourself into trouble.”

“Were you following me, Sheriff Valenti?” He looked at him and backed away from the car.

“I would have thought that you would know better than to drink and drive,” he said as he smelled the tiny amount of alcohol that was actually on Max’s breath. He then pointed to the broken bottle on the ground. “Plus trespassing…”

“There’s no sign saying this is private property. I only had one sip of beer anyway. Look at the puddle right next to the bottle you so poignantly pointed out.”

“Well, I think we should go back to the station just to make sure.”

“God, this is so fucking unfair! How can you do this to me? I didn’t do anything! See, look…” Max walked in a straight line and then stopped. “Or how about…z,y,x,w,v,u,t…”

“Considering your record, we can take care of this there. Max, come with me…”

“No…” Max pushed Jim Valenti lightly and then cursed himself realizing he just ‘assaulted a cop.’

“Fine, if that’s how you want it,” the sheriff took out the handcuffs and put them around Max’s hands. He guided him to the car and put him in the backseat. Oh, the Evans would be mad…


“Mikey, so we’re on speaking terms now?” Michael said as they walked into his backyard and Liz just stood there.

“No, we’re not. I have a proposition for you.”

“A proposition?”


She looked at him for a second, contemplating whether she should go through with this. She hated Greg investigating her, who was she to investigate Max? Oh right, because he completely butted into her life and pretended like he knew her, like he could pull at her heart and make her feel things, like he could sense exactly what she was feeling and thinking and wanting all at once, and for making her dream the impossible and expect the ridiculous. This was the test to see if he was really like her or if he just had a very wimpy excuse for what he was doing. She shifted on her feet slightly and then continued, “It’s about Max.”

Michael rolled his eyes. “Jesus. Liz, I thought you were smart…”

“I am. I want to bring him down and I want you to help me. All you have to do is tell me what you know.”

“You expect me to betray my family? I might hate him, but I still have to live with the guy. No…” Michael shook his head and then began to walk away.

“You mean like you betrayed me?” She crossed her arms and said it louder than she wanted to.

Michael turned around abruptly. “What? I’ve tried to talk to you and YOU have blown ME off. Not the other way around.”

“Summer after 8th grade.” Her voice began to get shaky. She took a breath and it stopped.

Michael stared at her for a second, was about to say something but decided against it. He would just look more foolish if he did. “Oh.”

“Oh? Oh? You know what? I don’t need your help, I can do this on my own.” She began to head back into the house and then get to her car to go home.

“Wait, Liz…I’m sorry…” he pulled on her arm and turned her around. She was crying. “I’m really sorry, I just didn’t want to have to think about how big of an asshole I was back then. You never told me what happened that summer…I’m ready to listen.”

“Oh really?”

“I think I owe you that at least,” he said as he motioned towards the swinging bench that they used to sit on as kids and Liz nodded.



“So…” Greg Sullivan held his coat in his hands as he walked into the police station.

“Look, I couldn’t call my Aunt and Uncle, this would kill them. Plus, they wouldn’t believe me anyway. I pulled off the road to stop and think. I happened to have a beer with me. I took a sip, then threw it. Valenti had been following me and found me, thought I was drunk and driving. He wanted me to come into the station but I hadn’t done anything wrong, except underage drinking, which he didn’t even have any proof for. He had no reason to follow me in the first place. So I pushed him and he handcuffed me. You have to believe me…I didn’t mean for this to happen…Can you please talk to him for me? Please?”

Max was sitting in the chair holding his face in his hands, running his hands through his hair in frustration.

“Max, make me a deal.”

He looked up at him with wide eyes, and then they squinted when realization hit in. “You want me to talk, don’t you?”

“About everything…strictly confidential…”

After about a minute of deliberation, Max said “Ok.”

“Sheriff Valenti…”


“Did you miss her?” Michael looked at Liz to make sure she was ok. He slowly stopped the swinging but she pushed off the ground with her foot and they started again. She needed the rhythm to keep her composure.

“Yeah. Well, you know she was the only family member I had that really listened to me or spoke to me. I still miss her, ya know? She understood me and didn’t want to just show me off all the time.”

“Why’d you do it?”

“Well, when she was first diagnosed with cancer I would sneak off and visit her without my parents knowing. She had a fall out with my Dad and we weren’t supposed to talk to her. When she got sick they didn’t even want to see her. I think my parents kind of resented the fact that I was close with her. She didn’t care about what awards I won and everything. She tried to tell them that it was just too much, to treat me like a normal kid. Then my parents found out about it…and they forbid me to see her and then she died. I just wanted to be with her because it seemed like she was the only person who cared.”

“You never told me about this…”

“I was afraid you’d tell my parents, so I didn’t tell anyone. Luckily for them the summer came and they could take me off to a hospital to have me taken care of. They wanted it done by the fall so I could start school. Obviously, you know the rest because when I came back you didn’t want to associate with crazy Liz. You started dating Maria and you were happy and you spoke about me behind my back.”


“Don’t say anything, just tell me what you know about Max…” After some silence, she turned to him, “Please? He has it out for me, I know it. Michael, I won’t be able to handle it if he wins.”

“What exactly will he win? You have never cared about other people before…”

She knew if she said what she really thought she would dig herself into a whole. She simply leaned in closer and said, “Please?”


“Sheriff, Max was on his way to see me, I had asked him to bring the beer for me to drink. He stopped, got upset, took one drink. He wasn’t doing anything wrong, his breathalyzer is fine, and we both know that shove was nothing.”

“Well, considering his police record…”

“He’s under my supervision as a psychiatrist with the authority of a judge. To be prejudiced against him any further would be denying him of his rights. Come on, Jim, you know me, I’m getting somewhere with him.”

“Well…” Jim Valenti eyed the folder and then looked at his watch, figured he should get home to see Kyle anyhow. “I guess I could let this slip, but just this once.”

“Thank you, Jim! Max, let’s go…”

“See I told you I didn’t do anything—“ Max began to yell and Greg interrupted, “Let’s go!”

Greg pushed Max out into the parking lot and said, “Spill, tell me about Brian. Now.”




“Where do I start?” Michael looked up at the stars and then looked back at Liz. “I guess I should tell you about Brian.”

“Brian? That isn’t his lover or anything is it?” Liz tried to lighten the mood and Michael smiled slightly and then continued.

“No, Brian was just Max’s best friend from home.”


“Well he was my best friend. After my dad died he became like my brother…”


“…Max started acting up ya know? His mom expected him to be exactly like his dad but he was so young. He couldn’t take on that type of responsibility. So, he started acting up and trying to act all tough…”

“Wow…” Liz said for a second. Max had told her about his father dying, but she didn’t really take it seriously. Now she felt like a bitch for what she did.

“Yeah… he got new friends but he was still close with Brian. He was really the only true real friend Max had…”



Max kicked the tire on the car furiously and then tried to control his anger. He stopped kicking and then looked up, continuing his story.

“One night I decided to go out with a group of the guys and get drunk. I didn’t know Brian would follow us. He was never into that scene. He was a friend of mine, but he always had his head on straight. Anyway, he followed us to the party. Everything was fine, except I got a little drunk…”


“Max got in some fight with a guy at the party and ended up wanting to leave. Of course, he was smashed. Brian ran after him, trying to get the keys out of his hand but Max punched him. Max got into the driver’s seat and Brian ran and got in the passenger side…”


“He said to me, he said… ‘You’re not leaving unless I’m coming with you.’ He thought that I wouldn’t be stupid or dumb enough to have someone else with me in the car. But I was trashed and I was stupid and I was always fucked up. When he realized I wasn’t going to get out of the car, he tried to grab the keys. He opened the door, to get out. I got mad. I got mad that he would yell at me and then leave. He had the fucking door opened and I put the car in gear and started driving really fast. Brian closed the door but he didn’t have a chance to get his seatbelt on. And all I remember were these two big lights and then I woke up in the hospital.”


“Liz, you should have seen his face when he asked my aunt where Brian was. How she had to tell him he died from the crash because of him. The torture in his eyes…it was incredible. We all thought after that he would get to his senses, but he just kept getting worse. The asshole doesn’t even care. He just kept acting up and my aunt just couldn’t take it anymore. She couldn’t take having to face everyone around her because Max was so fucking selfish. So, she sent him here….”

“I…I don’t know what to say…” Liz stuttered and then looked at Michael.

“Stay away from him Liz, he’ll just get you into trouble. You don’t know him, he won’t mean it but he is so focused on himself and trying to deny and forget everything that he won’t bother to care about you.” Michael looked at her insistently. “Promise me, Liz.”

“Maybe people have to stop shutting him out and getting through to him,” she stared back at Michael.

“Liz, you have yourself to worry about. You always wanted to save the world, then you detached from it. Don’t try to redeem Max for him, he has to get to that on his own.”

“You can’t just write him off…” Liz whispered quietly. “Believe me, I know what that feels like.”

“We all care about Max, but the safest thing for you is to stay away.”

“Thanks for everything Michael.” She began to get up and walk away.

“Liz, remember what I said.”

“Yeah. I will.”

She turned around and went into the house, walked through, said goodbye to Diane and got in her car.


“You happy?” Max glared at Greg and silence followed, for a long time.

“I’ll drive you to your car.” They both got into Greg’s car and Greg started the engine. “I need you to something else for me…”

“I just poured my soul out to you, and you want more?”

“Something tells me you won’t be too disappointed about it.”


Greg smiled a tiny bit, almost sensing Max’s enthusiasm. That was of course, in the biggest sense of sarcasm. He was just interested in Max’s reaction. He could tell that Max was interested in more than just friendship and it wasn’t just a conquest for Max. He definitely thought there were feelings between the two of them and he was curious as to whether Max would try to hide those feelings and if he would be successful in doing so.

“I want you to help me with Liz.”

“No,” Max said with an angry expression and distaste, with a tint of solemnity.

Either Max was really disgusted with Liz, or with the proposal. Something told Greg Sullivan that it was the latter.



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Author's Note: Sorry it's taken me so long, but the next chapter should be up tonight/early tomorrow morning. Keep your eye out for it ;)
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Author’s Note: This chapter is a little shorter than usual but I wanted to get this out tonight because I had promised in my author’s note from earlier today. In compensation for the length, I plan to post part 9 really really soon (as in a couple of days) but feedback always helps! So please, feedback, any at all please leave!



“No. I have my reasons.” Max sat straight and looked out the window. He realized this was for the best. He already killed Brian. After reliving the event that night he had to blame himself. He wasn’t going to harm Liz, not in that way. What if something happened or he hurt her or she…?

Oh god, he couldn’t even think about that.

“Max, have you seen her arms?” Max turned silently to Greg and they just stared at each other for a moment. Her arms did look bad…

“I think something is going on with her,” Greg continued. “Will you at least help me check it out?”

“What do you think is going on?” Max crossed his arms over his chest and looked out the window.

“Well…what do you think I think is going on?”

“Oh, fuck! Jesus, do you have to play this stupid circle, psychological game with me right now? Just lay it on me. What. Do. You. Think. Is. Going. On?”

Max was having enough with this. He wasn’t in therapy. He wasn’t the patient, he wasn’t the one in trouble at the moment. They were talking about Liz. That’s all he wanted to know about, that’s all he wanted to discuss. He could give a rat’s ass if Greg knew how much he cared or how upset this made him.

“Ok, Ok.” Greg paused, “When you went over her house, did you meet her father? Does he seem like the type of guy that would…”

“—hurt her? You don’t think that…” Max’s eyes dawned on realization and he quickly stared at Greg. “As long as I don’t have to talk to Liz, I’ll check it out.”

“Thanks, you don’t know how much this might help…”

“As long as I don’t have to talk to Liz or see her…” Max reiterated as he looked at Greg again. “This better not be some fucked up trick.”

Greg ran a hand through his hair, “Believe me, its not.”


“How are things between you and Liz anyway?”


“Are you happy with that?”

“Greg, please, not tonight. Just…not tonight.” Max ran a hand through his hair and looked out the window.

Greg silently nodded and turned back towards the road.


“Now, in order to determine the findings of the experiment….Mr. Evans, nice of you to join us.”

“Sorry.” Max walked in, dark circles under his eyes and took his seat next to Liz. She silently surveyed him, not really saying anything. Every time he would look in her direction she would snap her head back towards the front of the classroom.

She began to notice little things in that moment she never noticed before. The way his eyes could be so soulful yet permeate such loneliness. Loneliness she knew, loneliness she once thrived on but now she was beginning to question whether it was all worth it. She might have just found someone that was just as fucked up as she was, or possibly even worse. And for once, deep down she wanted to help him. She wanted to tell him she knew it would all turn it out OK. She wouldn’t allow herself to dwell on it too long, when she would turn her attention back to Mr. Seligman she would also erase the thought from her mind. But every single time she would look back at those downcast amber eyes, she would be reminded. She would question why she held so much against him and why she refused to let him in.

However, she couldn’t let herself dwell on it and she couldn’t let Max even know a hint of it. She would try her best to make sure of that.

After her recent knowledge of his history, she figured the best approach would to be quiet around him, not insult him but not encourage him either. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and read over the lab assignment.

“You’re quiet today,” Max looked over at Liz, a little tease in his voice but overcome by his solemnity from the course of happenings of the last night.

“I need the flask. We are supposed to fill it with 50 mL of NaOH.”

“Why am I not surprised you ignore me as usual?”

“Max, the flask?” she looked down, refused to look him in the eye. She had to say she felt sorry for the guy. “You know I’m always quiet. I don’t think either of us are what many would consider morning people.”

In that instant, she smiled. Max Evans had seen Liz Parker smile. And he would give his life to make her smile just one more time. Just one more time to see the light truly reach her eyes. The held eye contact for a minute and she cleared her throat and looked away.

“The NaOH?” She asked, reaching out her hand but not looking in his direction.

“Oh, yeah.” He picked up the bottle and handed it to her, leaned forward on the table on his elbows and watched her conduct the experiment. He just watched. Despite her love for Sylvia Plath and English, she was good at Science. Really good at it, just naturally talented at it.

It was only after the bell rang that he remembered that he vowed to himself to keep his distance from her. She was smiling today, that meant something. That meant she was getting better. And despite himself and the fact that although his best intentions, he was still drawn to touch her and talk to her, he couldn’t allow that to happen again. He just had to exert more control next time. Control? Liz Parker? Ha, that was a joke.


“Mr. Evans?” Principal Wilson called after Max as he was making his way out of school. Jesus, didn’t this guy ever leave him alone?

“Yes, Principal Wilson?” Max begrudgingly turned around.

“I got a call. You were arrested last night?”

“First of all, I don’t see that is any of your business. Secondly, even if it happened, it has nothing to do with my attendance of this school.” Max shifted his backpack uncomfortably.

“Right…I just wanted to say that ever since that fire alarm, you have been under good behavior. I don’t want to see you ruin that now.”

“Right…” Max gave a closed uncomfortable smile and turned back around.

“How’s it going with Liz Parker?”

Max quickly turned around. “Everyone seems to be curious about that these days. Liz and I are lab partners. In fact, we can barely stand each other…” Max looked down for a long pause and then met Principal Wilson’s gaze. “I have to get home, can I leave now?”

Principal Wilson glanced at his watch quickly. “Oh yeah, sorry. Go ahead Mr. Evans..”

Max wanted to get home. He wanted to nap. He hadn’t slept at all the night before and he was pretty sure the nap at home would be useless as well. He just kept on thinking about waking up in that hospital, seeing his mother’s eyes, filled with unshed tears, some out of relief and some out of terror, horror.

He walked outside to realize that Michael had left without him. Well, that figures. He was about to walk home when he heard a voice call from behind him.

“Hey Max, need a ride?” Kyle Valenti stood hands in pockets. Great, Sheriff Valenti’s son. The one who had a date with Liz at her house on Saturday. Max didn’t know why but he already hated the kid. Oh wait, he knew why. For the two reasons already mentioned.

Kyle seemed like a good enough guy, nice. Not the smartest in the bunch, but nice. What infuriated Max was that Kyle got what Max always wanted, and whatever Max could possibly want in the future, Kyle already had in the palm of his hand.

Well, a ride was better than no ride at all.



Liz had drove home and she let down the roof of her Mercedes convertible. For once she felt kind of happy. It was strange and for once she didn’t want to push that feeling away.

She felt good and she didn’t need anybody to help her. She didn’t need Dr. Sullivan, she didn’t need Martha, she didn’t need her parents, she didn’t need Max. It was just her in the car, letting the wind rip against her skin, the music playing softly against the rhythm of the tires against the pavement.

A tiny smirk came over her face and she noticed it was unintentional. She didn’t want it to disappear either. She let it grow into a full blown grin.

Ok, so this wasn’t a cure but it was a start.

She didn’t know where this came from, what inspired this tiny change. It wasn’t sudden, but she just started to realize small things. How Mr. Seligman’s would laugh to himself when he told a corny joke and only he would find it amusing. Or how Principal Wilson would blush when Ms. Warren, the new substitute teacher, would pass him in the hall. Or the way that only she could notice how Max would shuffle on his feet awkwardly like a four year old meeting a new friend whenever he would walk in the room and they would make eye contact.

She noticed other people, she didn’t shut them out. She found that it caused her to smile.

And she didn’t want to erase it from her face. In the privacy of her own car on an empty dirt road, she enjoyed relishing in it and she began to think as the breeze cleared her mind. Everything made sense now. What was so wrong in pursuing it? Why was she refusing the idea of Max? If she could relate to anyone it would be him.


“So…you’re going over to Liz’s on Saturday?” Max leaned his body towards the door of Kyle’s car.

“Yeah. I still don’t know why she invited me. To be honest, I was scared to turn her down.” Kyle chuckled softly to himself and made the turn onto the street.

“Right,” Max said as he glared over at Kyle’s direction. Not that he wanted to, but he just couldn’t help it.

“Everyone is interested in what her speech will be for graduation. Steve put down ten bucks that it’ll be a suicide letter,” Kyle pulled into Max’s driveway. He turned and was a little dumbfounded to see the passenger seat empty, but then felt Max dragging him out of his open door and slamming him against the side of the car.

“Don’t say anything like that again, ever. OK?”

“Jesus, I was just joking. Lighten up, Man. I wasn’t even the one who said it,” Kyle held up his hands and Max reluctantly let go.

“Wear a fucking seat belt,” He said as he pushed Kyle away and began the walk to his house. “Thanks for the ride.”

“Ummm…yeah….Uh, you wouldn’t be at Liz’s house on Saturday would you? Because if you are, then I’ll just forget about the whole date thing. Ok? Max? Max?”

Max shut the front door of the Evans house without turning around or acknowledging Kyle. Kyle fell back against the car and let out a much needed breath.

“Why me?” He said as he shook his head and got into his car. “And I offered him a ride.”


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Author’s Note: Ok I really hope you guys like this chapter and doesn’t seem completely uncharacteristic of them ;) Please leave feedback!


God, he hoped she wasn’t home. He reluctantly brought his hand to the door and he knocked.

“May I help you?” Martha said as she answered the door. “Ah, Max.” She gave a pleased grin she tried to hide. “What are you doing here? Do you want me to get Liz?”

“Um, no.” He was being a lot more cautious than he planned. Ah, screw it. “Where is he?”

“Where is who?”

Max pretty much pushed himself through the door and passed Martha. She stumbled backwards and said, “You know I like you Max, but unless you tell me who you’re looking for…”

“I’m looking for Mr. Parker. Where is he?”

“Jeff? Well he would be at work like usual. He works, Max.”

“Oh, so he works huh? Makes money? Then what does he do when he gets home?” Now Max was pacing around the hallway frantically looking for him.

“He and Nancy have dinner. What…?!”

“Oh don’t play fucking dumb with me! Her arms. Her fucking arms. Bruised and black all up and down. Scrapes, scars. What do you think I’m asking? Where is he so I can kick his ass. I don’t care if he has the most money in this town (which he probably does). He has no right to…”

“Max…listen to me…” She put both of her hands on his shoulders and he steadied. Her heart broke because his eyes were almost full of tears. “He doesn’t have time. He doesn’t care enough either way in order to do that to her.”

“So…you’re telling me that it’s possible that she inflicted all that pain on herself?” His voice was low, almost a whisper. Martha simply nodded.

“Max, what are you doing here?” Liz began walking down the stairs and looked at Max questioningly.


“I’ll just leave you two alone,” Martha quietly left the hallway and went into her room.

Liz silently walked past him and opened the door. She looked him awaiting some type of response.

“Oh, so you want me to go?” Great, she wanted him to leave. He should have realized by now that she despised him in every sense of the word.

“No…are you coming?” She said as she held open the door and he followed her.

They began to walk along her spacious backyard and she looked at him and then looked back at the ground. She pulled her sleeves over her hands, feeling extremely self conscious.

“It wasn’t nothing, was it?” She looked at him with those doe eyes and for once he could swear he saw complete innocence and vulnerability. Her guard was down.

“No…it wasn’t.”

“Then what was it?” She turned to him and pulled on her sleeve again, “because it had to be something.”

“I…was just coming to check up on you.” So he wasn’t completely lying. Just leaving out a couple of details, if she knew the truth, it could be damaging and make her mad. If it was both, who knew what the consequences would be.

She looked at him with a hint of disbelief.

“So, you just assume that you can just come here and check up on me?” She crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow at him.

“Well…” he stammered and then shoved his hands into his pockets, a thing he hadn’t done in a while. When trying to perpetuate his rebel attitude, he couldn’t afford to do such a thing.

He was looking at the ground. He was. And then all of a sudden Liz Parker was standing underneath him, looking at him. He couldn’t really decipher the look, it was just there. This is the closest they had ever been to each other before, in every sense. He then saw the heels of her shoes lift off the ground, and as his eyes showed another level of bewilderment, he felt them. Her lips on his. Smooth like velvet. A soft, desperate kiss. He immediately closed his eyes so that his senses could experience this to the most heightened capacity. He put his arms and grabbed her tiny waist, aiding in the fact that she was standing on her toes, the reason for the heels of her shoes lifting off the ground just moments before. Now it felt like an eternity. A blissful eternity. Where both of their nightmares, problems, both of their fucked up lives faded away.

He felt his head leaning further, wanting to savor, wanting to continue this moment because he knew it eventually had to stop. He opened his eyes and he realized the world was still how it was before. Their fucked up lives, their problems. She continued to shut her eyes and he wished she would never open them. He wanted to shelter her from that world, make it disappear from those chocolate pools. But alas she opened them. And the only way he thought to even remotely achieve that would be to do what he dreaded, what he had to force every limb in his body, every beat of his heart, every thought in his head to go against the urge he was feeling at the very moment to take her in his arms and kiss her again.

He stepped back. He gave her distance.

“I have to go…” He couldn’t look her in the eye. He didn’t have the strength. He began to walk away. Quickly. She was chasing after him. Her legs were shorter than his. If he could just make it to the car…

“What? You can’t just leave like that.”

“Oh I can’t. Why can’t I?” Max turned towards her for a moment, his eyes still diverting her gaze.

“Because…you spend all this time lecturing me about being real and opening up, and here you are shutting down. I know you felt something. And shit, I would be the last one to take a step like this so if I’m making the effort here, you should too.” She put her hands on her hips. He had to admit it, she wasn’t like the average girl he knew. The average girl he knew would watch him walk away, easily taking the rejection. But Liz wasn’t like that. He loved her for it, but why couldn’t she be like that? It would make this so much easier. The more distance they had, the better. He had to end this quickly before it got too complicated. He wasn’t going to let his own selfishness kill her. He had been selfish before and it got him nowhere. Liz taught him to be selfless, even if it was indirectly. And he wasn’t going to give that up, not for anything, not for his own purpose.

“And what if I said it was a mistake?”

“Mistake?” She huffed. “Then why can’t you look me in the eye? Isn’t it my mistake to make?”

That’s when he looked her straight in the eye and said, “That’s the thing. It isn’t.”

She watched his back as he walked to the front of the house, her standing defeated in her backyard. What she couldn’t see was that his eyes were closed, shut so tightly, and as tightly as he shut them he couldn’t start the single tear from releasing.


Max looked in the rear view mirror after shutting off the engine. Checking to make sure there were no implications of him crying, he opened the door and walked into the Evans house. He immediately went upstairs, avoiding any contact with anyone. He didn’t want to talk. He didn’t want to eat. Hell, he didn’t want to sleep. He just wanted to be alone.

When he opened the door to his room and sat down on the bed, holding his face in his hands about to break down was when he heard Michael.

“Where were you?”

“Shit, you scared me.” Max jumped off the bed and tried to gain composure.

“Where. The. Fuck. Were. You?”

“None of your goddamn business,” Max pushed past him towards his drawers and was rummaging through them to find his Counting Crows CD. He hid them in the drawer so no one knew he liked them. Counting Crows were for pansies, at least in the rebel definition. But when times when he would think of his father, and be really down, he would listen to them.

“You think you can just take my car and get away with it by not telling me?” Michael did have a point. The Evans had suspended all driving privileges. At the moment, he didn’t want to drive anywhere and he didn’t give a shit.

“I could tell mom and dad any minute now, you’ll be under house arrest for a month.”

“Do whatever the hell you want. You know what? Good. It serves me right.”

“Max, do I have to ask you again?” Michael crossed his arms and then realization hit. “You went to see her, didn’t you? You went to see Liz?”

Just lay the fuck off!” Max had practically burst into tears, his eyes watering, his voice quivering as he raised it to the level of volume. Why couldn’t he find that fucking cd?

“Oh my god. What happened?” Michael immediately was worried about Liz. His tone now grew of concern.

“Haven’t I made it painfully obvious I don’t want to talk about this?”

“This is still my room, I don’t care what my parents say. You’re scared. I’ve never seen you scared like this. You’re shaking…”

“Great, I’m glad you find happiness in my weakness. Please just leave me alone.”

“Something happened…”

“No shit Sherlock.”

“I swear to god if you hurt her Max, I’ll kill you…”

“Don’t you see that’s exactly what I’m afraid of? She kissed me, ok?”

“She kissed you?”

“Hello, did I ask for a fucking broken record?”

“Sorry. So what did you do?” Michael sat down on the bed and Max did as well, placing his face back in his hands.

“What do you think I did? I left.”

“Jesus Max…”

“I know, I know, I can’t do anything fucking right…” he threw the pillow and hit against the wall.

“I’m sure you could. I’m sure there’s a right way to go about this but I’m not going to tell you because I have no fucking clue. I can tell you care about her. My suggestion is that you talk to someone else that can help you out. Don’t sweat it about the car…” Michael slowly got up from the bed and headed towards the door. He turned around quickly. “The Counting Crows cd is in the bottom drawer of the desk next to the bed.” He slowly walked out and shut it behind him.

Max glanced for the phone for a while and then dialed the number. “Yeah…Dr. Sull…I mean Greg…I need to talk to you tomorrow…”

Then he placed the Counting Crows cd into the cd player and shut his eyes, pleading for sleep because in sleep he didn't have to feel, he didn't have to think, and he didn't have to regret leaving...

I am color...blind
Coffee black and egg white
Pull me out from inside
I am ready
I am ready
I am ready
I am
taffy stuck, tongue tied
Stuttered shook and uptight
Pull me out from inside
I am ready
I am ready
I am ready
I am...fine
I am covered in skin
No one gets to come in
Pull me out from inside
I am folded, and unfolded, and unfolding
I am
Coffee black and egg white
Pull me out from inside
I am ready
I am ready
I am ready
I am...fine
I am.... fine
I am fine


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Author’s Note: First I had a bad case of writer’s block. Then I had a bad case of insomnia. Now I’m attempting to use the insomnia to cure the writer’s block. So, if there are a lot of typos/mistakes in this part, please don’t hold it against me. *happy* I am really very sorry for lack of updates, god knows I wanted to write for this fic but nothing that came out sounded right. Hopefully this next part sounds right. Feedback always appreciated.

Part 10

“So…” Greg crossed his arms and leaned back against his desk. “Are you going to tell me why you called me so urgently yesterday to tell me that I had to see you today?”

“Listen, maybe it was a bad idea…” Max abruptly got up but Greg jumped in the distance to the door.

“Max, you have to stop this hesitation thing with me. You can tell me things. I’m not here to judge you.”

Max sighed and looked down at the ground, “I made a mistake.”

“A mistake? What kind of mistake?” Greg motioned to the seat and Max took it.

“By going along with that stupid plan of yours to spy on Liz--”

“Max, both of us had good intentions. Believe me, if I had another option…”

“—If I didn’t do that then none of this would have happened. I wouldn’t have left. She wouldn’t have kissed me. I wouldn’t feel this guilt…”

“Wait. What? She kissed you? After you left?”

“No wrong order. She kissed me and then I left. I’m such a fucking idiot. I should stay away from her. That’s the best thing, right? Stay away from her completely. God, I’m so fucking confused!” Greg handed him the tissue box and Max threw it across the room.

“The fact that you’re so confused says something.”

“Yeah, that I’m confused.”

“Funny.” After pausing for a minute, Greg continued, “Ok I might be going on a complete whim here, but I think, that just maybe, you care for Liz.”

Max’s eyes shot up and then back down.

“Well it doesn’t matter anyway, does it?”

“It certainly matters to you if you are reacting this way.”

“No, what I mean is, I can never act on it, at least not now.”

“May I ask why?”

Max began to play with the material of his jeans covering his knee caps with his hands. He began to fiddle with his ring.

“Because…I don’t know…it just doesn’t seem right. It doesn’t seem right for two very screwed up people to be dependent on someone else when they aren’t even dependent on themselves. I mean, couldn’t jumping into something too fast, especially with someone who is…well like Liz is…cause major consequences?”

“Well, someone…like Liz…” Greg paused and thought maybe it would be best not to actually say the word ‘suicidal,’ and then continued, “lacks comfort or support, at least significant emotional support from people around her. Gaining said lacked support could help in her healing process. I don’t think it should be her only healing process, but you shouldn’t stay away from her or stop being her friend because of it.”

“But what about…more?” Max blushed slightly and looked away. He never really blushed like that before to someone he knew or he trusted. He began to see Greg more as a friend lately and less as an enemy. He had the ability to tell him some of his darkest secrets, things he hadn’t told anyone before.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you said I shouldn’t stop being her friend. But what if, I wanna be…you know….more?”

Greg gave a heavy sigh and scratched his nose. He took his glasses off, which were straining his eyes and said, “I’m not going to lie to you. I don’t advocate beginning romantic relationships to my patients until they are more stable with who they are, themselves as individuals. And I never advocating two of my own patients dating each other. Rushing into something too quickly, like that type of relationship, with anyone could be disastrous to themselves.”

As he said it, Max walked to the window and peered outside where dark clouds were coming in. It looked like it was going to rain.

“Right. That’s why I left. I knew it would hurt her to reject her like that but better to finish it before it got worse, ya know? I just couldn’t live with myself if she did….something….because of me? I’m not worthy of her and I’m definitely not worthy of her pain.” Max looked out the window and he didn’t realize he could really sound this passionate about anything, at least not out loud in actual words to another human being. His feet fidgeted on the carpeting of the office and he walked back towards the chair.
“But,” Greg continued and Max looked at him quickly, “how can I put this…”

Max sat back down at the chair and looked at him expectantly.

“Max, do you believe in fate?”

Max shrugged. “I don’t know, never really thought about it I guess until you know, what happened with Brian.” Max looked down at the ground again and tried to gain some composure. “I knew for a fact that he wasn’t meant to die that night. And no matter how hard I try to forget it, I know if I didn’t go to that party and did what I did, if I wasn’t such an asshole he would still be alive. Whether I was fated to be an asshole that night I don’t know.”

“Well, I am a man of science, always have been. I always studied human behavior to try and determine why we do the things we do. I don’t believe that someone or something is guiding those actions, sometimes we aren’t even ourselves when we’re doing them, but I do believe some things happen for a reason.”

“Sorry Greg, but can you tell me what this has to do with anything we’re talking about?”

“Ok, let me put it this way. You and Liz are not my average patients. You don’t have an average relationship. You met in weird circumstances and you both seemed to fight this with every fiber in your being from the very beginning. So what I’m trying to say is, it’s not like Liz is jumping hold to you just because she feels she has to. She's abandoning every security she has to be with you. She's not a girl who needs a boyfriend to feel secure. In fact, most of the time she detaches from everyone she knows…what I’m trying to say is…whatever it is that’s going on between the two of you, it’s not wrong. And it might not be right either at the moment, it just is. Like some things in life that just happen that you can’t necessarily fight, it just is.”

“You’re not going to tell me what to do, are you?” Max looked up.

“I never tell my patients what to do.”

“Would you if I paid you?” Max pulled out a ten dollar bill jokingly and Greg gave a little chuckle.

“Max, just go with your gut. Whatever Liz does…if she hurts herself…it’s because she’s not ready to be herself. That doesn’t mean it’s a direct result of you.

“That sure helps a lot,” Max said sarcastically and headed out the door. He turned back before he left and he said, “Thanks.”


Max gave a small smile and he headed out of the office, perhaps a little more confused than earlier, but felt a hell of a lot better for getting some of that off his chest.

Walking into school he took a deep breath. Deciding that today wasn’t the best day for approaching academia, Max turned around and was about to head out the door. That was, well, until Principal Wilson was standing there.

“Principal Wilson…”

“Max…you wouldn’t by any chance be trying to leave the building through these doors to the parking lot would you? You know a student of your record could not afford being caught skipping.”

“Umm, no Sir, of course not.”

“Right. So I will be seeing your body doing a 180 and going in the other direction, in just about,” he said as he glanced down at his watch, “10 seconds so you will make your class as the bell rings?”

“Right…ass…” Max mumbled under his breath.

“What did you just say?”

“Oh, I said ‘Right…class…” as he still eyed the parking lot from the view of the open doors.

“Mr. Evans…NOW!”

Ok, so maybe cutting today wasn’t an option. All he knew was he had Mr. Seligman’s class next which meant he would have to see Liz. In all honesty he didn’t think he could go 24 hours without seeing her, but it was her seeing him that would be the problem.

He knew what was awaiting him: awkwardness, bitchiness, guilt, hate, and not to mention her hair. He had such a thing for her hair. He found his hand involuntarily reaching for it at times. It was just looked so soft. It was just so shiny. Hair with that much shinage deserved, hell demanded, to be run through by fingertips.

He took a deep breath before entering the classroom. He spotted Liz right away, taking the notes Seligman was writing on the board down into her notebook. He walked towards his seat and sat down. He cleared his throat.


“Max.” she answered back completely monotone. They both faced forward and dared look at each other. Both knew they would become weak if they did.

“Liz…” his eyes drifted in her direction but snapped back. He dare didn’t move his head.


“How are you?” He tapped his pencil against the table.

Silence. Five minutes of pure silence.



“Look, I am trying to be nice here. We have to work together for the rest of the year and I don’t want to fail.”

More silence. He began to fiddle with his pencil even more out of nervousness. She truly hated him. He didn’t know whether to feel successful or completely heart broken. Forgetting about going crazy with the pencil in his hand, he dropped it and it hit the floor. Both Max and Liz at the same time went down to grab it.

“Here,” Liz snapped as she picked it up and handed it to him. He lifted his head and hit her smack dab in the forehead with his own. “Great…” she mumbled. He looked at her then, took one long hard look at her, her eyes were downcast and she really was upset.

“Whatever happened yesterday…”

“Yeah what did happen yesterday?”

“Look, I can’t really explain it,” He whispered and looked around to be make sure they weren’t disturbing the class. They were the last table in the room so no one was around looking at them. Everyone was at their prospective tables working on the lab. He continued, “but it wasn’t about you…I mean…how can it not be about you, it involved you…and…” he began to babble out of nervousness. The cold glare she was giving him with her arched eyebrow wasn’t helping. “…you know…us kissing…but it’s nothing you did. I mean you did kiss me…”

“God, can we get over the stupid point that I kissed you and move on to why you left? I mean you did kiss me back, if we’re talking about what we did and didn’t do.”

“I just don’t think…you…I…we’re ready. I mean, I want to…you know…but…wow could this come out more fucked up?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he whispered and leaned in close to her. “If you know what I mean…”

“Yeah, you don’t want me to hurt myself over you, right? God,” She stood up. “You just don’t get it!”

She started packing up her bag and putting her stuff away.

“Where are you going? I thought we were talking…”

“Where am I going? You want me to talk? I’ll talk. You, Max Evans, are just like every other chauvinistic male, who thinks I am going to make my life all about you. Well, here’s a clue,” she moved in and she whispered in his ear, “I would never kill myself over you Max.”

She grabbed her bag and stormed out of class. To much of Mr. Seligman’s discontent and yelling of detention, Max followed as well.

Out in the deserted hallway, Liz was walking briskly and Max had to run to catch up to her.

“Max, quit following me…”

“No, I wanna know what you meant by that last comment.”

“Fine.” Liz turned quickly and stared at him. “The reason…I do the things…I do is never because of some guy. I’m not that type of girl. I’m not the kind of girl who would kill herself over not having a boyfriend. Believe me, I’ve gone long enough without one. The fact that I kissed you, well, it meant something because I was reaching out to you not because I had to but because I didn’t have to.”

“Don’t you realize that forming an emotional and romantic relationship, with me no less, could be painful in ways you might not have guessed?”

“Max, you give yourself way too much credit.” She shook her head and turned around and walked away.

And now, Max Evans was more confused than ever before.


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Author’s note: OK, OK I really don’t have any excuses for lack of updates. Honestly I was just kind of lazy and forgetful. I hope you forgive me and enjoy this chapter. I think it sucks, it’s mostly transition and I hate transition. I don’t deserve feedback but I’d be really happy if you left some.

From part 10:

“Where are you going? I thought we were talking…”

“Where am I going? You want me to talk? I’ll talk. You, Max Evans, are just like every other chauvinistic male, who thinks I am going to make my life all about you. Well, here’s a clue,” she moved in and she whispered in his ear, “I would never kill myself over you Max.”

She grabbed her bag and stormed out of class. To much of Mr. Seligman’s discontent and yelling of detention, Max followed as well.

Out in the deserted hallway, Liz was walking briskly and Max had to run to catch up to her.

“Max, quit following me…”

“No, I wanna know what you meant by that last comment.”

“Fine.” Liz turned quickly and stared at him. “The reason…I do the things…I do is never because of some guy. I’m not that type of girl. I’m not the kind of girl who would kill herself over not having a boyfriend. Believe me, I’ve gone long enough without one. The fact that I kissed you, well, it meant something because I was reaching out to you not because I had to but because I didn’t have to.”

“Don’t you realize that forming an emotional and romantic relationship, with me no less, could be painful in ways you might not have guessed?”

“Max, you give yourself way too much credit.” She shook her head and turned around and walked away.



After Max’s stunt in Mr. Seligman’s class, Liz decided to drive home. She knew that Martha conducted all the errands today and her mother was out shopping so she would have the house to herself. After quickly parking the car in the driveway and slamming the door shut, she walked into her house.

Who the hell did Max Evans think he was? Did he think he was another psychiatrist to analyze her? She thought he was so much more than that but she obviously was wrong. She stomped up the stairs and entered her room, it wasn’t completely painted yet but it was getting there. She was so happy some of the white was gone.

She plopped down on her bed and lied down, staring at the ceiling. Normally on any other day she would be angry and would want to throw something. On a day like today she would probably be screaming and wishing Martha hadn’t hid away her razor. But she wasn’t like that today…

Today she was actually…she was actually smiling. She thought of Max’s utter bewilderment on his face when she said he gave himself too much credit, the lines on his forehead, the furrowed eyebrows and she smiled. She smiled at how cute he looked.

Ever since Max Evans entered her life, she realized she had been more animated. Sure, she was more of a bitch to him but she felt alive at least. And while she still had problems, with her parents, and she was still angry at Greg for investigating her, ever since Max came she began to examine herself and not let everyone else examine her.

For her parents, their findings were she was simply a trophy to parade and for Greg he was just a mystery for her to solve. Originally it seemed to Max she was just a loner, the ultimate conquest to be conquered. But when she really thought about his actions today he had changed.

While she was still mad he made assumptions about her character, that she would hurt herself over something so trivial as a problem with a boy, she did realize one thing. He was willing to back down, he was willing to let her go and surrender the conquest. What he didn’t realize was that she was the most stable she’d been and was actually getting better. She was getting better on her own. She was defining her own happiness without medications or prescriptions and without academics or competitions for her parents to flaunt. She had found herself and it wasn’t that bad…and she knew exactly who she wanted to tell that to.



“THANK YOU!” Max grabbed the sandwich and took a bite quickly. Then he looked up and gave a smile of gratitude. Instead of going out to lunch he immediately went to Greg’s office, since his thing with Liz hadn’t gone so well. Plus, he was still kind of confused over the “too much credit” comment she said to him.

“Next time, tell me when you’re skipping lunch so I can be prepared,” Greg smiled. “You were staring at my sandwich. I thought you were going to kill me for it.”

Max looked up with a big chunk of sandwich still in his mouth and said “Sorry” although you could barely make out the word.

“That’s ok. So…tell me what’s going on, after you swallow that sandwich…”

Max swallowed and then picked up the coke nervously and chugged it. He put the empty can down and then wiped his mouth with his hand.

“Well I talked to Liz.”


“It didn’t go very well…” Max fidgeted in his seat. He tended to do that a lot when talking about his mishaps with Liz. To him it just broadcasted his failures more and the exact reason why a guy like him didn’t deserve a girl like her.

“Let me guess, Liz caught on to that fear of yours.”


“Liz is very smart and very perceptive. What did she say?”

“She said I gave myself too much credit.” Max frowned. Greg laughed. “What’s so funny?”

“Well, you do Max. Sometimes you do. You put so much blame on yourself you would think you had some cosmic power.”

Max crossed his arms in a childish way, looked away, and mumbled, “No I don’t…”

“Come on…”

“Ok well maybe I do…” Max turned to his direction and squinted his eyes “but only a little.” Then he cracked a smile. “Ok, maybe a lot.”

“You have to stop doing that. Seriously. Not everything that happens is a result of you. You have to focus more on yourself and not let everyone else dictate who you are. Not your mom, not your aunt, not your uncle, not Brian, not Liz, and certainly not me.”

“Would it sound cheesy if I said I felt that I was my best when I was around Liz? I mean, she makes me feel different, she makes me want to be…different.”

“She’s like that. She has that certain quality. She brings out a lot of things in you, mostly good things…and…” Before Greg could finish the rest of his sentence, Max interrupted him and blurted…

“I love her.”

They shared eye contact for a second, both unsure of what to say next. Both knew the implications of such a bold statement. Usually Greg would challenge such a statement saying it was so premature to declare it. But Greg also disregarded any previous practices ever since Max and Liz because they were so different and they didn’t deserved to be boxed or caged that way. Slowly Max continued…

“I’m in love with her. How can I not define myself by her?” Max looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to answer. To Greg, this was a serious question. Love was a powerful thing and Max already realized that.

“Love is a partnership. She isn’t all of you, she’s a part of you. She makes you the better person that deep down you are. She doesn’t change you, all she does is accentuate what is good about you. But I also think that you are two very strong individuals if you both give yourself the ability to be. You don’t define each other, you just compliment each other.”

Max gave him a strange look and crossed his legs awkwardly. Greg gave a knowing look.

“Too much coke?” Max nodded in reply.

“Well, jesus, you know where it is!” Greg let out a little chuckle as Max got up and sprinted towards the bathroom. He walked around to the back of his desk and pulled out some files to look at them while he waited. Liz Parker’s was on top.

He sighed and sat down. He was relieved to know her parents weren’t physically hurting her, but they still weren’t the support system she needed. She needed someone like Max who truly cared for her and was willing to support her. He knew after today that this simply wasn’t teenage hormones, Max seemed genuine.

As he was flipping through the file, he went to grab his mug of coffee when he jumped back. Liz was sitting in his patient chair.

“How’s the reading?” Liz gave him a smile.

“Liz, what are you doing here?” He gained some composure and ran his hand through his hair.

“Miss me? So soon?” Liz got up from her seat and grabbed a napkin to help clean up the splattered coffee. As she dabbed the table she looked over at the open file.

“That must have you on the edge of your seat…waiting for something to happen.” She motioned with her head towards her folder and crumpled up the dirty napkin and threw it away.

“I was actually waiting for you to come back here. I’m glad to see you did.”

“Look, I’d just thought I’d let you know that I’ve been getting better. I’ve been feeling better, and I wanted to let you know, so that you didn’t worry or anything…”

“Really? You’re getting better?” He looked at her with a little scrutiny and disbelief. But she nodded and in his eyes he saw a light he hadn’t seen before.

“Have you been getting help from anybody?”

She shrugged. “Just myself.”

“Sometimes that’s the one thing you need,” Greg nodded.

“So how are your other patients?”

Just then Max returned from the bathroom and stood in the doorway. He stopped short when seeing Liz and knowing he shouldn’t interrupt and cause her to storm out he stayed still, hoping to god she wouldn’t turn around and notice him. Good thing she covered him so that Greg couldn’t say anything.

“My other patients? You know I don’t discuss my other patients.”

“It was just a conversation opener, is all.”

“Right. You wouldn’t want to know about say….” He knew he shouldn’t go there knowing Max was just in the bathroom but there was no sight of him getting back yet so he continued, “Max?”

“Max?” Right then Max’s face turned white. He just knew that Greg must have spotted him and Liz was going to turn around and storm out. “No not at all.” Max gave a breath of relief. “Max just thinks the world revolves around him and until he realizes otherwise I have no intention of even interacting with him.”

“I’ve gotten to know him and I think your assumptions about him are wrong.” Jesus, how long could one guy pee? Greg knew he was walking on dangerous ground if he continued this conversation longer. Max smiled at the defense. Greg wasn’t that bad of a guy after all.

“He just shuts down all the time. It’s like, just once, I wish he would tell me what he’s really thinking instead of closing himself in all the time. That’s where I realized where my problem was. So I was thinking that maybe, I could come back here tomorrow and we could talk a little. But I’m not taking any medication or anything, no diagnosis, nothing psychiatric, I just want to talk.”

“Sure, Liz, that’ll be great.”

She was about to turn around and Max darted back into the hallway.

“Look, I’m not sure if I can pay you. With my parents…”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not psychiatric, remember? 3 o’clock Ok?”

“Yeah that’s fine.” She turned around and was about to leave when Greg asked…

“Do you really hate him?”

Liz turned around abruptly, a little surprised by the question.

“No. I feel my best when I’m around him.”

Greg nodded and smiled, thinking of how Max had said something so similar. Liz left the room and walked out and Max wiped the sweat off his forehead when she hadn’t seen him. He stepped back into the room and sat down.

“So, did you fall in or something?” Greg asked.

“No…the door got stuck.”


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