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Summary: Takes place after the End of the World but before Viva Las Vegas. Liz and Max are trying to become friends again when something happens that will turn their lives upside down. As if that wasn’t enough someone they trust isn’t who they appear to be.

I decided to give this story another shot. I made some minor changes and revised a little and I wrote a new part. If you guys are still interested in this fic then I will update regularly. Sorry it took this long to get a new part out!


Liz awoke to the incessant noise of her alarm clock letting her know it was time to get up and get ready for school. She tried sitting up she just didn’t have the energy. She rolled back over and a smile formed on
her lips as she remembered her dream. If only. She thought to herself and pulled the blankets up over her head to keep away the bright light of the morning sun that was radiating through the windows. That dream was so wonderful, Max was there. It was almost too real for words. It started off slow and then he was suddenly there and the rest of it was fuzzy.

Well except for the part where they were making love. That
part wasn’t fuzzy it was just a little unclear as to how things ended up progressing so far. Ugh stop it! She yelled at herself. Here she was analyzing something that hadn’t even happened. It was a dream, Liz! Dreams don’t always have logical explanations. Oh but what a dream!

Felling more awake now than before, she hopped out of bed and started her morning ritual of getting ready.

Max hazily got up and went to take a shower before Isabel beat him into the bathroom. He knew if that happened then he wouldn’t get in there for another hour. He quickly got into the shower and as the warm pelts of water fell onto his skin his mind wondered back to the dream he had that night. I mean sure he had had those kind of dreams about Liz before but this one was so different. It was so much more real and passionate. He closed his eyes and leaned onto the tile wall. This was killing him. Even when he slept she wouldn’t leave him be. She was haunting him. Ever since he caught her in bed with Kyle he wasn’t able to function properly. They were becoming friends again slowly being cautious around one another. And now she was seeing Sean Deluca. Now that was bad, Liz deserved someone better than that. He loved Maria dearly but her cousin was a piece of work. The guy was an asshole
as far as Max was concerned. He shut the water off and reached for a towel. Stepping out the shower he started going through the motions of getting ready for a new day.

Forty-five minutes later Liz was almost ready to go. Her hair was done, make-up was on, and she had already picked out her outfit. Maria should be here any minute she thought.

As if on cue her vivacious best friend opened up her door already talking about something and plopped down on her bed. “I swear I hate him!”

“Who?” Liz asked smiling

“Who? Have you not heard a word I have said? You’re asking me who?” she said astonished

“Maria, you came in her mid way through you rant I didn’t catch it all. Now who were talking about? Sean or Michael?”


“Oh right.” Liz said as understanding dawned on her.

“Yeah so you seem chipper this morning. Anything I should know about?”

“No and I’m not chipper.”

“Oh please! You’re practically glowing! So what has you in such good spirits Elizabeth?”

“I hate that! You sound like my mother when you call me that” she said laughing

“Babe you can’t fool me so spill”

“Maria” she said and then sat down onto the bed next to her. “Okay don’t you dare tell a soul not even Alex.”

“Got it, not a soul” Maria said eagerly

“Oh gosh, this is like so embarrassing. I had this dream last night-“ she started only to be cut off by Maria.

“A dream? You are this cheerful over a dream. It must have been one damn good dream.”

“It was.”

“Mm hmm I’ll bet” she said suspiciously “Sex dream?”

“Oh god, okay I don’t want to talk about it anymore” she said flustered

“It was! Oh was it Max? Please tell me it was Max and not my disgusting cousin who you for some reason feel obligated to actually talk to on like a regular basis willingly might I add! Ewe oh my gosh it was Sean
wasn’t it? Oh Liz please say it isn’t coz if it is I might have to like I don’t know die from complete and utter disgust. But wait you’re happy so this can’t be about Sean because I know that anything involving him
is an unhappy experience.” She hurriedly concluded.

“Maria.” She said warningly “yes it was that kind of dream and yes it was Max. And I don’t think of Sean like that anyways”

“Good, so about your dream”

“Right it was just I don’t know it’s hard to put into words. It was seemed so real almost as if it was actually happening …you know? It was the most incredible indescribable thing.” She said seriously


“I know it’s crazy I mean hello it was a dream but damn it was soo good Ria. I just I can’t stand not being with him anymore. It’s so hard to see him and have him look at me like I’m the enemy. This dream was
like I was with the old Max. The Max whose heart I didn’t break.”

“Listen babe I know it looks bad now but if you told him what really happened I’m sure we could all work together to come up with something. Hell, I bet if you told Tess she would stay.”

Sighing she stared at her closet for a second “I have to get dressed” she changed the subject


“Maria please not now”

Nodding her head she agreed “Okay chica I’ll be downstairs waiting for you”


“Was it working?” a voice on the other end of the phone asked

“Of course it worked. They are none the wiser”

“Good because I will not have this screwed up again.”

“It won’t be so stop worrying okay.”

“Do not fail me again. You were given a second chance and I expect you follow through this time.”

“I will. Now I have to go. I’ll contact you later goodbye.”


Liz could not get that dream out of her head. To make things worse Max was in this class with her. She knew it was silly to get all worked up over a dream but she was. As Max took his seat next to her the smell of his cologne trigged her dream to flash before her eyes.

“What are you doing here Max?” she asked as she backed
away from him

“I had to see you?” he replied walking closer to her

“Oh and why is that?” she was backed into the brick wall of her balcony

“Do you really have to ask Liz?” he said huskily and then his lips were on hers…

“Liz…Liz” Max said for the millionth time. She finally looked at him seeming to come out of her daydream.

Taking deep breaths trying to calm her heart down she thought god it was just a kiss Liz! And it wasn’t even real! “Max…um hi” she stammered once she could form words.

“You okay?” he said concerned

“Yes” she replied a little too quick and enthusiastic

“Okay” he said then looked at her questioningly “You’re sure?” he asked again

“Positive” she said and smiled at him then walked away towards the opposite end of the hall.


Two weeks later

Maria and Liz were in Liz’s room. Liz was doing her homework while Maria went through her closet.

“You know Liz you really should consider getting rid of some of this stuff. I mean who wears these colors anymore! Ick!” still rummaging through the closet space Maria found something that caught her eye “Oh!
Liz this is so cute! Why don’t you ever wear it? Well since you don’t wear it then I’m sure you don’t mind if I do right? Liz?” Maria said

When she wasn’t getting a response she turned around and to see Liz leaning over her desk obviously asleep.

“Geez” she muttered as she went over to wake Liz. “Liz hon you should really get into your bed.” She nudged her and when she didn’t wake up after a few minutes she was getting worried.

She ran out of Liz’s room and down to kitchen where Michael was Michael!” she exclaimed

Giving her a weird look he nodded his head “Yes”

“Come on I think something is wrong with Liz”

“What do you mean?”

“Well she fell asleep at her desk and I can’t get her to wake up. I tried for like five minutes and her breathing is really shallow.”

“Come on” he said leading the way up to the apartment.

When they got their Liz was lying down on her bed sleeping peacefully. He gave her an incredulous look and shrugged. “Looks like it Maria”

“I swear. Why would I lie?”

“I know sweetie I believe you but she seems fine now” he said just as Liz sat straight up in bed clutching her stomach.

“Oh….Oh my god” she cried

“Liz! What’s wrong?” Maria asked panicked.

“I…I don’t know! I don’t know it’s my stomach”

“Michael do something!”


“Connect to her find out what’s wrong”

“Yeah okay, I can do that” he murmured as he went to Liz and placed his hand on her stomach looking into her eyes trying to form a connection. Their breathing slowed and he felt their heartbeats in rhythm with each others. That’s when he felt it. There was a third heartbeat. He quickly
scanned her for injury’s and finding out what he needed he broke the connection. He was shocked to say the least. Little Lizzie Parker was pregnant. Max was going to be heartbroken.

“Liz” he whispered

“Am I?” she questioned. She had a feeling that she was but wasn’t exactly positive.


“Oh my god” she whispered and closed her eyes as tears filled them.

“What is going on!” Maria yelled

“I’m pregnant” Liz said in a low voice

“Holy shit! Liz how is this possible?” Maria asked

“Well Maria when a boy and a girl-“

“Shut up! I know that but this is…”

“I know” Liz said


The three of them never noticed Max standing on her balcony. He got their just in time to hear Liz say the two words that completely crushed him. Turning slowly he climbed down the ladder and got into his car and sped away.



“This is what?” Michael asked

“Impossible” Maria replied

Liz was speechless. This wasn’t happening, not to her. This wasn’t possible. There was only one time that she could have gotten pregnant and that was almost like what six or seven months ago. So no way would she be pregnant now. Unless it was an alien thing. Which it very well could be.

“It’s possible Maria” this made Maria and Michael stop bickering and listen.

“What?” Maria whispered

“I’m saying it isn’t impossible.”

“But you said you were a virgin”

“I know what I said and I’m sorry I lied to you.”

“Why? Why would you lie?”

“Maria, it was a long time ago when this happened and then after future Max came I don’t know it was just too painful to bring up. I’m sorry I lied to you. Please don’t be mad at me.”

“Oh sweetie I understand”

“Future Max?” a clueless Michael asked


Max pulled into his driveway and got out of the jeep. He stormed into the house and went straight to his room. He could not believe this. Liz was pregnant. His Liz had someone else’s baby growing inside of her.
God what is going on with you Liz? He thought to himself.

He used to trust her more than anything and now he felt like he
didn’t even know her. How could she do this to him? He thought and then the rational voice in his head said she didn’t do anything to him. They weren’t together. She can do whatever she wants. But god he still loved her and he was going to kick Kyle’s ass.

“Max?’ Isabel asked while knocking on his door

“Go away Iz”

“Max what’s wrong?”

“Isabel I don’t want to talk about it okay”

“Yeah fine Max when you do you know where to find me. Well you know where to come find me in two hours because right now I’m going out with Alex but if you need me I’ll stay.”

“No go with Alex. Have fun”

“Okay. You’re sure?”

“Yeah go on”

“Bye Max. Love you”

“Love you too.” He said and laid down on the bed. He knew sleep wasn’t an option but he was so tired. Tired of everything. Maybe it was time to move on. With Tess. She couldn’t be all bad. But even as he thought it he knew it was stupid because he knew he would never be able to forget about Liz.


“Oh god” Michael said once Liz and Maria explained the whole future Max thing. “Liz thank you” he said going to her and pulling her into his arms for a hug.

“Don’t thank me. I just did what I had to do.”

“But Liz you said that that night you and Max would have made love so obviously that night hasn’t taken place.”

“Yeah? What’s your point?” Maria asked

“Who’s the father? I mean if it isn’t Max.” Michael said

“It is Max”

“Okay I’m confused Liz” Michael responded

“Alright well the night of Gomez was supposed to like cement our relationship. If that night would have occurred then Max and I would be together right now. The night we rescued Max from pierce was the first
time we told each other that we loved each other. We were on that bus and he was hurt and we were just so happy to have each other back and then the next day and your destines….I just couldn’t deal with it all so I made plans to leave for Florida. But the night I was supposed to leave Max came over and we went into the desert and talked about things. We ended up making love but it didn’t change things. He still had a destiny and a future I wasn’t supposed to be a part of. So I left for Florida anyway. And in future Max’s time line he and I got back together and that caused the end of the world. So as much as want to tell Max I can’t we can’t. He can never know this is his baby. If he does then well you guys know Max, he will never accept Tess as his future.”

“I don’t think you’re going to be able to hide it from him for long Liz” Michael said stating the obvious. Max was going to find out about this and when he did he was going to want to know who the father was and there was no way Liz would be able to hide the truth from him.

“Michael please”

“Liz we can talk to Tess” Maria suggested

“No. I don’t want to risk it. I won’t bring my baby up in a world that I know will be destroyed if I’m selfish.”

“Okay” Michael said

“That’s it? Okay?” Maria yelled at him

“Come on Maria, Liz needs to rest.” He said while dragging Maria out the door.

“Liz babe we will be in the Crash if you need us” she said while being pulled out of the room.

After the door was closed she pulled out of Michael’s grip and smacked him on the arm “Why the hell did you do that?” she asked

“Maria” his voice was stern “Liz can’t get upset. I didn’t tell her this for that reason.”

“Tell her what?”

“I knew that Max had to be the father. Max or another alien. I could feel it, the other presence, and she can’t have this baby without being given energy. Someone has to feed energy into her everyday or else
her body won’t be able to handle the changes.”

“Then you have to do it. We can’t upset her right now so let’s go along with her. And then when she is stronger we can press her to tell Max.”

“You do know he is going to kill me if he finds out I knew and didn’t tell him.”

“No he won’t he’ll be grateful to you for looking after the woman he loves and his child.”

Shaking his head “You know I still can’t believe they didn’t tell us.”

“Didn’t tell us what?” she questioned

“That they had sex”

“Oh get over it”

“I’m serious. I think we should get them back”

“Get them back?”

“Yeah when you and I have sex I say we don’t tell them”

She started laughing “Oh please” she rolled her eyes at him “That is more like an if we have sex. And believe me when I tell you it is a very big if spaceboy” she said walking into the restaurant.

“Maria” he replied following her out the door



Liz woke up about an hour later. She pulled the sheets down and looked at her clock. It was 6:30 and she was starving. She threw on her shoes and went down into the café. When she walked into the restaurant she
noticed Alex and Isabel sitting at a booth talking. She was about to go and approach them when someone grabbed onto her arm.

“Liz can we talk?” Sean asked

“Talk? Listen Sean I’m kinda really busy right now so um do you think it can wait?” she really did not need this right now.

“I’ll be quick okay”

“Okay but only for a second” she said and as they turned to go into the back room Sean placed his hand on the small of her back exactly when Max walked in.

He looked at their retreating forms and went to sit with Isabel and Alex.

“So Maxie what’s shakin?” Alex asked

“Max?” Isabel asked when he didn’t reply

“Oh yeah umm nothing…I’ll be right back” he said distracted as he got up and walked towards the back where Liz and Sean had disappeared. He looked through the window in the door and could see them talking.

“So what’s up Sean?”

“Look Liz I like you. Like a lot and I would love it if you would come with me next Saturday night to a concert.”

“Sean no. I can’t I’m sorry”

“Why not?”

“Look please I just can’t.”

“Liz are you okay?”

“No” shaking her head she confessed as her tears fell

“What’s wrong? Liz did someone hurt you?”

“No oh gosh Sean I’m sorry I didn’t mean to start crying I’ve just been really stressed lately.”

“Well then there is all the more reason for you to get out on Saturday”

“I can’t I have plans”

“You do?”


“With who?”

“Kyle” she said quickly making up a lie.

“Valenti?” he said not believing her

“Yes. I have to go now Sean” she said and hurried out the door. In her rush to get away from she Sean she didn’t realize that she walked right into someone until she felt their hands steady her.

“Max” she said looking up at him. Okay he’s still touching me, she thought. Wait why is he still touching me? Breathe Liz breathe.

“Hey are you okay?” he asked and slowly let his arms drop to his sides.

“I’m fine what about you? I almost ran you over.”

“It’s okay I’m alright… I umm I came by to talk to you”

“You did?” she said smiling “well umm let me just go let Michael know I’m up and then we can go upstairs if that’s okay”

“Yeah that’s fine” he said wondering why she had to let Michael know that she was up.

Liz went into the kitchen to find Michael.

“So you’re up”

“Yes and we need to talk”


“What happened to me up there? You never told me”

“Liz can we talk about this when I get off”

“Yeah. I’ll be upstairs and Max just came by to talk so…” she trailed off

“I’ll come check on you in a few minutes okay”

“Why do I need to be checked on? Is something wrong with the baby Michael?”

“No Liz look we will talk about this later on until then just trust me. Nothing is going to happen to you or the baby.”

“Yeah okay but you have a lot of explaining to do when you get off work”

“I know” he said under his breath “Are you going to tell him?”


“Liz please just think about it” he pleaded

“I have and you have no idea how much I want to but I just can’t okay”

“Liz he is going to be really upset if you keep this from him”

“I know” she said and walked away

She reappeared before Max and motioned him to follow her “Come on lets go”

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Liz opened the door to her bedroom and stepped aside so Max could get in. She closed the door behind them and sat on the bed. “So umm what did you want to talk about Max?” she tried to sound nonchalant but she
guessed it came off more sounding more forced

“I....uh.…it’s just that-“ he started and then she cut him off .

Standing abruptly she began “I can’t do this! Okay Max I have something really really important to tell you so please just let me say it and promise you won’t get mad at me. Okay” she continued without getting a
response from Max “I don’t know why this is so hard to tell you but…”

“You’re pregnant” he said lamely

“How did you? Did you feel it too?” she asked hopeful

“Feel it? What the hell are you talking about? I heard you, Maria and Michael talking about it”

“God Max I am so sorry you found out that way”

“Yeah I bet”

“Max what’s wrong with you?”

Completely ignoring her question he asks “Does he know?”

“Does who know?” she was really confused

“Liz! Could just give me a straight answer?!”

“Maybe once you give me a straight question I can!” she was getting upset. She could feel her energy draining and she was fighting to calm herself down.

“Max look” she said in a much more soothing tone “I can’t do this right now. When you want to talk to me let me know. I just can’t handle the yelling”

“Liz. Who is the father?” he said desperate

“What?” she whispered

I thought he knew. If he heard us talking then he has to know. Oh my god what am I going to say to him. If I tell him the truth I could risk the end of the world but if I don’t tell him then I’ll hurt him all over again. I can’t deal with that. I need him with me for this.


He cut her off before she could explain “Is it Kyle?”

She shook her head vehemently “NO! Max no not Kyle.”

“Not Kyle?” he repeated

“No” she whispered

“Someone else? Jesus Liz, I thought we…” he stopped talking and stormed out of the room. He was hurt beyond belief and he didn’t want to say anything to her that he might regret later. As he pushed past the
door leading into the café Michael saw him.

“Hey Max!” he yelled and he didn’t turn around. Michael assumed that things weren’t going to well and then he felt it. Something was wrong with Liz. He had no idea how he knew but he did so he bolted through
the door and ran up the stairs. When he reached Liz’s door she was sprawled out on her bed unmoving.

“Oh god Liz!” he ran to the bed and checked for a pulse. She had one but it was faint. Just like the other time. She must have gotten really stressed out talking to Max. He placed his hand over stomach and
started to form a connection. He poured some of his energy into her slowly and then pulled out of the connection.

Liz sat up groggily and looked at Michael “What happened?”

“You passed out again”


“He left. You scared the hell out of me. Geez” he said as he hugged her. “Liz” his tone was more serious “I could feel it.”

“Feel what?” Came a voice from behind them

“Max” Liz said barely above a whisper

“What can you feel Michael?” he said interested in what was going on between the two. He remembered he left his keys up here and came back just in time to hear Michael telling her she passed out again.

“Nothing…what are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same thing”

“I’m here for my friend unlike some people”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

Maria chose that moment to walk through the door “I thought I heard yelling” she said knowingly

“Maria please take Liz downstairs” Michael commanded

“What’s going on?” she asked worried

“That’s what I want to know!” Max yelled

“Max you have to calm down” Maria said while sitting down next to Liz

“Calm down? Maria, Michael was up here alone with Liz and now doesn’t want to say why”

“It isn’t your business Max” Maria snapped. She didn’t like what he was implying. Did he really think that Liz and Michael were seeing each other.

“Max go home” Michael yelled at him “You already upset her enough”

“Okay you know what stop it! I am not a child! I can speak for myself! Okay! So Max since you aren’t interested in anything I have to say please go. Michael go finish cooking and Maria stay with me.” She
shouted and then doubled over as if in pain “Oh” she breathed

Michael was by her side instantly “Are you alright? Liz?” he asked

“I don’t…I don’t know. I think the baby knows.”

“Knows what?” Max asked

“Yeah what does the baby know Lizzie?”

“Never mind…look I need to rest so if you guys could all leave I’d really like that”

“Okay you call me if you need me” Maria said placing a kiss on her forehead

“Ditto. I’ll be back to check on you too” Michael replied

Max was walking out behind Michael and Maria when Liz’s soft voice stopped him


“Yeah” he said without turning around to face her

“Can we please talk about this? I just really need for you to understand right now”

“I can’t yet Liz. It’s too soon okay”

“But if you would ju-“

“I can’t” he cut her off and walked out of her bedroom

She rolled over onto her side and rubbed her stomach “I promise you Mommy will fix this for you” she spoke to her unborn child “I love you” she closed her eyes as tears formed in the corners and willed herself to sleep.


Max raced home from the Crashdown. He had a million emotions flowing through him all at once, but the main thing he felt right now was anger. As he approached the door it swung open and Alex walked out with Isabel close behind him. Max pushed past them without a word and went to his room slamming his door closed.

Outside Alex looked to Isabel and without a word they rushed back into the house towards his room.

“Max!” Isabel yelled from outside his door

“Go away Isabel!” he shouted

“Max, dude are you okay?” Alex asked

“I’m fine” he snapped back

Turning to Alex Isabel whispered “Look maybe you should just go home and I’ll call you later. Something is going on with him and I just I don’t think I should leave. Is that okay?”

“Yeah its fine don’t worry about it Iz. Just call me later tonight.”

“Okay” she smiled and hugged him goodbye

“Bye Izzy. If you need me call”

“I will” she watched him leave and then turned back to Max’s door knocking again “Okay Max Alex is gone. Now what the hell is going on with you? What happened?”

“I don’t want to talk about it”

“Fine! You want to act like a child and sulk instead of talking about your problems. Then go right ahead but until you decide you would like to talk to me I’ll talk to you and when you want me to be quiet you’ll
just have to open your door and talk to me.”

When he didn’t say anything she started
“Have it your way. Okay so where do I start...Oh! The other day at
school we were having this discussion, and when I say we I mean me and Pam Troy. Now, there is a downright nasty bitch. By the way Max she totally wants in your pants, maybe even more than Tess.” She rolled her eyes and continued “But yeah, so anyways we are sitting in English class chattering away and then all of the sudden Tommy stands up on his desk and tells the teacher to fuck off. Which was pretty funny I mean
yeah it was inappropriate and all but the kid has guts. Come on! Who would say that to Mr. Olsen? Everyone knows what a dick he his. But Tommy got suspended and he isn’t allowed to go to participate in
any school functions for like a month. So then what happened was-“

She was cut off Max swinging open his door and pulling her inside. He quickly shut the door again and looked at his sister agitated while she smiled sweetly at him.

“See I knew that would work. But Max don’t you want to know what happened after that? I mean that’s the whole point of the story”

“Isabel stop” he said grimly

Hearing the tone in his voice she got worried. “Max what’s wrong?”

“Liz is pregnant.” He blurted out

“Liz? Max no” she couldn’t believe it. “How could you two be so careless?! Max how are you going to explain this to mom and dad? What if it isn’t a normal pregnancy? And why are you mad?”

“It will be normal because it isn’t my child.”

“What?” she said then “Max you said you slept with her before. What if”

“What if what?” he yelled cutting her off

“That was a long time ago Isabel, I caught her in bed with Kyle
in October. She just told me he isn’t the father so that leaves Sean. I don’t know if I even buy her saying it isn’t Kyle. And then there’s Michael”

“Michael?” she said confused

“Yeah he’s hanging all over Liz. I overheard him telling her that he could feel ‘it’. Don’t ask me what ‘it’ was but something was wrong with her before he got to her room because he also told her that she
passed out again.”

“Come on! Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“I don’t know” he said restlessly

“Well I do! Maxwell how could you even think that? For one Liz would NEVER do that to Maria! She wouldn’t do that to you either. And I know Michael can be pig headed but he is totally in love with Maria and he
wouldn’t do that to her or you”

“Isabel, don’t you think I’ve thought about all of this? You haven’t seen them together yet. They seem so close and I just don’t get it.”

“Well what did Liz say?”

“I left before she could really explain. I was so mad and I didn’t know what I would have done if I had to hear her talk about this. I need time to myself to think. I’m just going to go to bed.”

“Max, you have to talk to her eventually. I am so sorry about this and I love you no matter what and I will always be here for you. If you need me come and get me.”

“Thank you Isabel. I love you”

“Goodnight Max” she said and left his room. When she was on the other side of the door she felt her tears falling. She was heartbroken for him. She had no idea what she could possibly do for him now though.

Max laid on his bed and stared up at the ceiling. All he wanted was to sleep. Get lost in a dream world where Liz was still his and there was no such thing as destiny. He really despised that word. DESTINY he hated the word actually.

If I wanted to be with Tess then I would be by now, He thought. It’s her fault all of this started. God doesn’t Liz know how much I love her? That I would do anything for her? Tears were silently making their way down his face as he thought about what he was going to do. He just about died when she told him she was pregnant. He turned over on his stomach and tried to sleep. After lying there thinking about what to do he came up with the only answer. He was going to move on with his life. If she could do it then so could he. If she could dismiss what they shared then why couldn’t he also? Yes that was his new plan. Move on.
see her and act like I don’t care about her?
Sleep eventually came for him but when it did it
wasn’t a peaceful.


The next morning Liz woke up with a terrible headache. She didn’t understand why her head was killing her but didn’t really think too much of it. She had to hurry up and get ready. Her parents were leaving today to go on a sort of vacation. They were going to Florida for a week to visit her aunt who just had a baby. It was pretty ironic. They were going to stop and stay with her aunt then they were going to go
down to the visit the Keys then they would be home. So that gave her roughly 12 days to figure out what she was going to tell her parents about this baby.

What if it isn’t a normal pregnancy? What would I say to them? I’m pregnant oh and by the way the baby isn’t completely human. Yeah I don’t think that’ll fly with them. What the hell am I going to do? she was pulled out her thoughts when Maria barged into her room.

“Hey Liz”

“Hi” she smiled

“How are you feeling?” she asked sympathetically

“Honestly I feel fine.”


“Well yeah physically at least”

“Lizzie, Max will come around” Maria said knowing that this had to do something with the fact that Max and her were fighting. She didn’t get a chance to even ask Liz what was going on because when she went to check on her the night before Liz was already asleep.

Shaking her head negatively she said, “Maria I don’t know. You should have seen him. He was so mad and he wouldn’t even let me explain. I don’t blame him though. What is he supposed to think? All I have done
is lie to him lately. But I was going to tell him yesterday I was going to tell him everything but he just wouldn’t listen.”

“Sweetie I’m sorry. But I know Max and he loves you and that is why he’s acting like this. He’s hurt. Granted he’s still hurt because he is being a dickhead and won’t come talk to you but Liz you make him crazy.
He never thinks when you’re involved.” She said with a smile

“Yeah I know that and that’s why I’ve decided that I can’t tell him.”

“What?!” Maria exclaimed

“I’m letting him go, completely. I know what you’re thinking but I love him enough to do what is best for him.”

“What’s best for him?”

“Yes. It is best for him and for me. I have to be strong now Ria. It’s not just me I have to look out for now. I want him to know I really do but like you said, he doesn’t think when I am involved. You know he
would never accept being friends if he knows that I’m pregnant with his baby.”

“Oh babe, you don’t really think you can keep this from him do you? He’s an alien. When the baby ends up having powers or if this pregnancy isn’t normal then he will automatically figure it out. You can’t hide
this from him for very long.”

“I know.”

“You’re confused I get that. But you’re making a mistake Liz. A child needs both of their parents. Take it from someone who knows. I’m not saying that you aren’t enough by yourself but its hard growing up
without a dad Liz. And I have feeling Max is going to be a really good dad.”

Smiling at the thought “He really would wouldn’t he?”


“I think you’re right. And yesterday when Max was here the baby knew.” She said getting excited.

“What are you talking about?”

“It was like-“ Liz started and then was interrupted

“Knock knock” came a voice from behind them

Liz and Maria both spun around to see Liz’s father standing there. “Dad! Hi! Uh what’s up?” Liz asked trying her hardest to smile.

“What were you two girls talking about?” Mr. Parker asked

“Nothing!” they both said in unison.

“Nothing seems pretty interesting” he replied

“Right so Mr. P. what time does your plane leave?” Maria asked changing the subject.

“In three hours so we have to go now. You know how busy the airport is. Your mom is downstairs ready to go so come on and say goodbye.”

“Okay” Liz said and then dragged Maria down stairs with her”


Liz was busy sweeping in the front of the Crashdown. It had been a long day and it seemed like the moment her parents left the restaurant kept on getting busier. She was happy for the distraction though. Serving everyone kept her mind off her current situation. Max wouldn’t listen to anything she had to say and Michael really freaked her out earlier. If something was wrong with here baby then she wanted to know. It was eating her up inside all day not knowing if something was wrong. Plus there was the whole thing where the baby knew Max.

Liz walked into the kitchen where Michael was cleaning up. “Michael?” she said quietly


“Can we talk now?”

“Sure” he said and led her out to one of the booths to sit.

She took a seat and stared across the table at him. They were both silent for a moment until he spoke up.

“Liz the baby is well I don’t know how to explain this.”

“What? Is something wrong?” she said

“No…not really. The baby needs energy from an alien. It’s because your human and it’s half alien and it isn’t getting the energy it needs to grow from you.”

“So you’re saying what exactly? If the baby can’t get it from me then how does it get the energy?”

“Well it can be transferred to you through a connection. That’s what I did upstairs. The thing is our connection isn’t as strong as yours and Max’s. For now I think what I’m giving the baby will work but eventually it’s going to have to be Max. I also think you won’t need to make the connection as much as if Max is the one supplying the energy. I’m gonna have to stick close to you until you tell Max though Liz. I don’t know when the baby is going to need more energy. And tomorrow I don’t want you working Maria can cover your shifts”

“Michael I can work okay. I’m fine. As long as you stay close to me for a while I will be fine.”

“Liz please don’t argue with me. This is serious. We have no idea what to expect. The only person that we could ask that might know something about alien pregnancies is Tess.”

“No way! We are not asking her, we are not telling her anything about me being pregnant.”

“I know we shouldn’t but we could ask it as a hypothetical question you know?”

“Right and what exactly would you say?”

“I don’t know maybe I could tell her we think Maria is pregnant.”

“No. no no no. We aren’t saying anything at all to her. I don’t want her knowing I’m pregnant. That is if Max hasn’t already told her.”

“He wouldn’t tell Tess.” Michael assured her

“Yes I think he would. He told Tess I slept with Kyle.”

“You need to tell Max the truth about that, about the baby too.”

“I know but I don’t want to think about that right now. I can’t deal with it all. Besides I can’t get him to speak to me right now.”

“I think you should go to him and make him listen.”

“We’ll see. I don’t know. I just want to go to bed. Could you wait up for Maria and when she gets here tell her to take my parents room. You can sleep in the guest room.” She said.

Earlier they had all decided that Michael would stay with the girls at the Parkers in case something happened with Liz.

“Yeah. That’s fine. Go get some rest.”

“Kay. Thanks Michael” she said giving him a hug

“Your welcome. Get me if you need anything.”

“I will” she turned and retreated through the door making her way upstairs where she could finally get some sleep.

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“Michael!” Liz whispered sitting up in her bed. She thought she heard a noise and was getting nervous. ”Michael!” she said again but more loudly when she heard the noise again. He still didn’t hear her so she yelled for him.

He heard her this time and popped up in bed and rushed into Liz’s room
“Are you okay?” he said breathing heavily

“I heard a noise.”

“A noise? God Liz you scared the hell out of me! I thought something was wrong with the baby.”

“Sorry about that. I guess I’m just on edge.”

“It’s alright. I wonder why Maria hasn’t woken up yet” he said

“She won’t. I swear that girl is the deepest sleeper. Nothing could wake her up” Liz said smiling.

Michael smiled and then got back into protective mode. “Are you going to be okay in here? Do you want me to stay?”

“Would you? We can share my bed. I just feel safer with you in here.”

He smiled at her and kissed her forehead “As long as you don’t tell my girlfriend”

“Oh no. This will be our little secret!” Liz laughed

“Until she wakes up and sees us in here” Michael added.

“Yeah” Liz said and they climbed into bed.

Everything was quiet until Liz spoke into the darkness “Michael?”

“Yeah” he said opening one eye and cocking his head to look at her.

“Thank you for everything.”

“Your welcome.” He told her. He didn’t understand why he was so protective of Liz lately. Things between them were changing and he felt a closeness between them that wasn’t there before. It was like she was his little sister and he wasn’t going to let anyone hurt her. Including Max Evans. He may be his best friend but wasn’t going to let him upset Liz. Not again. Either Max was going to listen to what Liz had to tell him or he wad going to have to stay away from her. He would make sure of it.


Max was having no luck sleeping. He was tossing and turning all night and the words Liz is pregnant kept repeating in his mind. He could barely believe that any of this was happening. It was eating at him that she could sleep around with guys who didn’t love her when he was here begging him to let him love her.

He decided to give up on sleep and climbed out of bed. He threw some clothes on then put on his shoes and went out the window.

Max wasn’t surprised when he ended up in the back alley of the Crashdown. He wasn’t thinking about where he was going, he was just walking and he ended up here.

He debated on whether or not to go up to her balcony but decided he just needed to look at her so he made his way up.

To his surprise she wasn’t alone in her bed. Max walked closer to the window and felt uncontrollable anger crash through him when he saw who was sharing her bet with her. Michael. He couldn’t believe this. He was supposed to be his best friend.

Somewhere in Max’s mind he knew that there had to be a reasonable explanation for this but he ignored it. He was too hurt right now to think of anything else.

He felt tears his eyes as his anger turned into grief. Didn’t she realize what she was to him? How badly he wished that he was the one in that bed with her.

Obviously she didn’t. Well if she could dismiss what they had so easily then so would he. He hurriedly went down the ladder and headed in a direction opposite his house. He was headed for Tess’s.