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IMPORTANT NOTE: This fic used to be called Antarian Lake, but because of how similar the title was to RosDeidre's Antarian Sky, I decided to change it.

Title: Welcome To Mystic
Author: Sugarplum17/Lynn
Disclaimer: The characters don’t belong to me, they’re from the show Roswell and I don’t own them or the rights to them. I do own bits and pieces of the plot, but what seems familiar to you is probably taken from Swan Lake/Swan Princess (Disney movie I think.)
Category/Coupling: AU/CC
Author’s Note(s): Alright so like I said this is slightly based on Swan Lake or is it Swan Princess? Either way, it’s not set in olden times or anything. It’s like they were born in the 1980's. Max and the others didn’t come out of the pods because they were born on Antar, and let me tell you, you guys will love what I have done with Tess. With this plot line, it is like guaranteed that she will not interfere! Maria, Liz, Alex and Kyle were all born on Earth. Liz is a Princess and Max is a Prince. That’s all I’m saying.


Part 1

Elizabeth Parker clutched her father’s hand as they stepped off of the ship and onto the richly colored planet. This was her first time visiting this place. As far as she could see it was beautiful. The colors were so rich and full, the sky was a deep, navy blue as they had landed at night. It was very much like her home as far as she could see, just much more vibrant in color.

“Come along Princess.” Her father said as he hoisted her up onto his hip. He was aware of the fact that a King shouldn’t carry his daughter in such a manor, but he didn’t really care. He never did this sort of thing on Earth at least not when they weren’t in the palace. It was too dangerous. But on Antar, he was safe and free. He was free to pick up his five-year-old daughter if he wanted to. Free to hold her up in the air and twirl her around without worrying about a sniper hiding somewhere waiting to strike.

“Are you nervous my sweet?” He asked her, nuzzling his nose into her soft little cheek. She barely nodded her head as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Oh I know you are my dear, but you mustn’t be. These people are friends. You’ve met Avana, she is nice, is she not?”

His little girl’s face lit up at the mention of Queen Avana. “She’s beautiful daddy.” She whispered to him, cupping her tiny hands around her mouth as if it were her precious little secret. “I hope that when I am a Queen I can look just like her.”

“And what of Lady Vilandra?” He asked. A small smile playing on his lips. “What do you think of her? Is she beautiful as well?”

His brown haired little girl vigorously nodded her head, her precious doe eyes widening as they looked into his. “It must be something in the water.” She said seriously, making her father laugh. A common Earth expression, yet not one that he’d thought she’d heard before.

“Shall we my lord?” Asked a man carrying bags. Liz recognized him from the Palace, and her friend Alex’s father. She’d been sad when she had to leave him and Maria, even for a few days, but her father had wanted her to come along.

“Yes Charles, lead the way.” As he started walking with his daughter on his hip, he turned his head to her. “Now my sweet, we can only stay for a few short days, and if you like it here you may return next summer.”

“Yes papa.” She answered back her dark head pivoting from side to side and tipping backwards constantly. She was intently taking in her surroundings, memorizing everything about this place. The grass was so lush and green, even in the dark, she could tell. The sky was such a dark blue and the stars sparkled like nothing she had ever seen. Not far off in the distance she saw flowers blooming by a spring. She wanted to go and explore it, her little five year old mind was thinking of picking those flowers and handing them to Avana.

“Papa!” She hissed before excitedly clamping her hands over her mouth. “Look!”

“Do you know what that is my sweet?” He asked, turning his full attention to what she had spotted not far off in the distance. “That is a deer, my pet. We have those as well. This planet is very much like the one on which we live.”

“Did that deer come from home papa?” She whispered as she looked at it curiously.

“I think maybe it’s relatives might have.” He whispered back. “I gave the King of this planet a few deer a very long time ago.”

As the deer wandered closer, her eyes grew bigger. “Wow...” She said in awe as it bent it’s head to drink the water from the spring.

Being sheltered inside the castle walls she never got to see this sort of thing up close. Pictures, movies and books were her only window into the wilderness. She rarely saw animals in the vast fields that surrounded her home. She knew then that she was going to like this place. This place that her father had told her to call Antar.


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Oh my gosh. I am such a retard. I posted one part and thought I'd posted the whole thing. lol

I'll be right back with those other parts. *big*

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AN: hehe!

Part 2

Jeffery tiredly rubbed his eyes as his little girl bounced up and down on his bed. She had fallen asleep on the ship and now was completely unable to sleep. She rattled on about how beautiful Queen Avana looked when she greeted them at the door of the palace.

“Liz, my sweet, please let me get some rest.” He told her trying to be firm and stern about it. He was able to maintain it for just a few seconds before smiling and then attacking her with his wiggling fingers until her giggles became too loud. “Alright, I’ll make a deal with you.”

He waited until he had her full attention. “If you go to sleep now, tomorrow in the morning, Charles will take you anywhere you want to go.”

“Even to the place where we landed?” She asked pushing her tiny body up into a sitting position and the hair out of her face. “Even to the water with the flowers?”

“Even there.” He said ruffling her hair. “But that’s only if we lay down and get some sleep princess.”

Without a moment of hesitation, Liz threw herself down onto the bed and snuggled under the covers next to her father. She hadn’t felt comfortable enough to get her own room, so Jeff had told Avana that it would be fine if she shared a room with him that night. He kissed her forehead as she squeezed her eyes shut and said goodnight to him.

- - -

The next morning Jeff woke up to find that Liz was gone. He scanned the room and found her sitting by the door trying to put on her little black Mary Jane shoes. He couldn’t suppress the smile when he realized that she had pulled out the dress that her mother made her, especially for this trip, and that she had it on backwards. He couldn’t stop the smile that spread on his lips as he saw her hair. She had tried to braid it herself and tied ribbons at the end.

“My aren’t you up early?” He asked, as he got out of bed and strode over to his daughter.
“I wanted to get ready for my big day papa.” She said lifting her head momentarily to flash him a smile. When she finally fastened her shoe, she pushed herself up and walked over to examine herself in the mirror. “Mommy does it better.” She told him sadly as she eyed her own reflection.

“Oh what are you talking about my sweet? I think you look like beautiful.” He told her kneeling down behind her. “But you know, we could fix this dress, the buttons go in the back remember?”

He smiled as she smacked her head with her palm. She’d clearly gotten so excited, she had forgot that the buttons belonged in the back. He quickly helped her fix the dress and then eyed her hair. “Your hair is so pretty.”

“Thank you.” She responded proudly, puffing out her chest and poking it with her thumb. “I did it myself.”

“Yes, I thought so. You’re very talented.” He told her. “But I was thinking that maybe we could get Avana or Lady Vilandra in here to make it...even prettier?”

Moments later Avana breezed into the room. “Jeffery, good morning! I trust you slept well?”

“I almost didn’t.” He said nodding his head in the direction of his daughter. “So my little angel here decided to do her hair by herself this morning, and we were wondering if you could...make improvements on it.”

Avana couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her lips as she saw Liz. “Well, Elizabeth, that is quite some hairdo you’ve got there.” She said laughing a little. “Let me see how I can, make it even better.”

She could’ve done them by hand, but she wanted to impress Liz, so she took out the messy braids that Liz tried to put in and combed them out with her fingers. “Now watch closely.” She said as she turned Liz’s head straight and caught her eye in the mirror. “My hands.” Waving her hands around Liz’s head, she smiled at the look of complete awe on the child’s face as her hair parted, and braided itself.

“Wow...” Liz said, her brown eyes wide. She’d never seen anyone do that before. Her father had told her on the ship that the people of Antar were special, but at the time she hadn’t even known what special meant, she had just nodded her head and pretended to know.

“Oh my, this is a lovely dress Elizabeth.” Avana said crouching down next to the little girl. “Red is my favorite color, and cupcakes, they are my favorite food on Earth!”

“They’re mine too!” Liz yelled, clapping her hands and jumping up and down.

Avana looked up toward her husband’s long time friend, “May I take her now Jeffery?”

He nodded his approval and watched on as Avana offered her hand to his daughter. “Would you like to go and meet my children now?”

“But papa said I could go to the water with the flowers.” She said as she turned her head to look at her father. “Charles is supposed to take me.”

Avana smiled, “You will Elizabeth. Charles will be with you while you take a short tour of our kingdom with my children.”

- - -

Liz stood outside the door holding onto Queen Avana’s hand. She was scared. What if the children didn’t like her? Suddenly her shoes didn’t seem black and shiny enough, her dress didn’t seem pretty enough, her tights didn’t seem white enough. The ribbons in her hair seemed like a stupid idea.

“Come along Elizabeth.” Avana said, looking down at her and flashing an encouraging smile.

She walked into the room gripping Avana’s hand tightly. A dark head of hair immediately caught her attention. It was a boy. She knew that much by the shortness of his hair, and the fact that he was dressed in a suit. But what ripped her attention away from the boy, who was facing the opposite direction, was the little girl standing right next to him. Her long golden curly hair was absolutely beautiful. It reminded Liz of Queen Avana’s hair when it wasn’t piled on top of her head. Liz envied the little girl’s barrettes that were fastened on each side of her head. The powder blue barrettes matched her eyes and looked much better than her bright red ribbons. The dress her mother had made her paled in comparison to the dress the little girl wore. It was a pale yellow, with a ribbon tied around the waist, matching her barrettes. She envied the white collar around the neck and the way that the skirt poofed out and swayed when she moved.

“Children, I have someone I would like you to meet.” Avana said softly. Her voice making her son turn around and look toward the door. “This is Princess Elizabeth Parker, from Earth.”

Two quiet little voices mumbled, “Hello Princess Elizabeth.”

“And Elizabeth, this is my son, Prince Maxwell and my daughter Princess Tessa.”

“Hello Prince Maxwell. Hello Princess Tessa.” Liz said quietly.

“No, I will leave the three of you to get acquainted while I go find Charles and Robert.” Avana pried her hand out of Liz’s grasp and turned to leave shutting the doors behind her.

Liz stood there, her hands clasped behind her back and her chin resting on her chest as she gently swayed from side to side. The little girl approached her first. She had removed the little white gloves that had covered her fingers moments ago and ran her hands over Liz’s brown braids, making sure to touch the ribbons at the end of both braids. Liz watched her hand with rapt attention as Princess Tessa touched her dress, as she traced the cupcake on her arm, and then touched the flimsy white collar at her neck.

Tessa crouched infront of Liz, daintily putting her hands on her knees and got up into Liz’s face, their noses almost touching. “You’re pretty.”

“So are you.” Liz told the little girl infront of her. Her smile mirroring the one on Tessa’s lips.

She let Tessa reach behind her and grab one of her hands. And she didn’t fight back when Tessa led her over to Prince Maxwell. “This is my brother Max. You can just call him Max.”

“Hi Max.” Liz said shyly, looking down at the ground. He looked at her strangely before walking away.

“It’s ok.” Tessa said to her new friend. She leaned over and cupped Liz’s ear to whisper, “He hates girls so he’s stupid.”

TBC! - So there it is folks! My guaranteed no Tess interference plot line. Because if Tess were to interfere in this one, that’d just be nasty! You know considering the fact that they’re brother and sister in my fic.

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AN: Eh, I’m not too happy with this part, but that’s alright. I’m trying to get their early childhood over because I don’t really like writing kids. Just so there's no confusion, this is next summer, Liz is six.

Part 3

Liz jumped down off of the ship, much to her mother’s displeasure, and took off toward the stream where the white wild flowers grew. The silver moonlight that shone down on them from the sky made it look as though they were glowing. She loved that.

“Elizabeth!” Her mother called after her as her daughter got farther and farther away. “Elizabeth!”

Jeff reached out and took her hand in his, giving it a gentle squeeze before bringing it to his lips and kissing the back of it. “Let her be my love. She’s fine.”

Ignoring the both of them, Liz threw herself onto the plush grass and rolled around in it. God how she had missed it. She’d waited a whole year to just roll around in the grass and feel it under her fingertips and feet. She had a freedom on Antar that she didn’t have on Earth. She could just be a kid, enjoying the feel of the grass. She didn’t have to be a Princess, setting an example for her subjects. She could be a girl who didn’t have any worries on Antar, she could go out without a guard hovering twelve steps behind her, she could run through the fields and the grass, play in the mud if she wanted to, she could get dirty.

When she had taken her first visit to this place at the age of five, she knew the moment she laid eyes on the lush green, green grass and the silvery moon, the deep blue of the night sky, the bright twinkle of the stars, the silvery shimmer of the running spring and the glow of the white flowers that grew next to it, she knew that she would like this place. And at five, for those few short days on her first visit, when she and Princess Tessa had played hide and seek in the marble palace, rolled around in the grass and had a tea party in the garden, she knew that she did like this place. But it was at the age of six, when the door to the ship had opened and her eyes focused on everything once again, that she had realized she loved this place.

- - -

Tessa stood outside of the door, looking in both directions. Her mother and father had told her to leave Liz be, but she’d been waiting for close to three hours and was beginning to become anxious. Looking around one last time, she reached out to turn the knob, and slowly pushed on the heavy wood. Her eyes grew into saucers as the door creaked. She opened it just enough to slip inside and then closed it again.

As quietly as the six-year-old could, she crept over to her sleeping friend and crawled onto the bed. She pulled the covers from over the little girl’s head and tried her hardest to stifle her giggles by putting her hand to her mouth. Liz was sucking her thumb! “What a baby!” Tessa whispered to no one in particular. Careful not to make too much movement, she got to her feet on the bed. Balancing herself, she looked down at Liz before starting to jump up and down next to her.

“RISE AND SHINE SUNSHINE!” Tessa yelled, beaming from ear to ear when Liz jerked up. “IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD!”

- - -

“How do I look?” Liz asked as she twirled around in a pale pink dress. Tess had told her that she needed to look nice today because her cousins also spent the summer with them, and Liz was going t meet them today. So Liz had pulled out the prettiest dress she had in her suitcase. It had a crisp white collar, and barrettes fastened on each side of her head that matched the ribbon around her waist.

“Beautiful.” Tessa said on a sigh as she clapped her hands together. “Let’s go, I bet my cousins are already here.”

Liz quickly grabbed Tessa’s hand and exited the room. Walking down a long corridor they stopped infront of the play room, the room where Liz had first met Tessa and Max. She could feel all those feeling she’d felt when she stood infront of the same door seconds away from meeting them, but Tessa gently squeezed her hand and pushed open the door.

“Isabel!” Tessa yelled as she dropped Liz’s hand and rushed to the pretty girl with long blonde hair. It wasn’t quite as blonde as Tessa’s hair. Hers was definitely more golden. Liz stood and watched as Tessa threw her arms around the little girl’s neck and as the little girl threw her arms around Tessa’s back. She took that opportunity to run her fingers over her hair, making sure that her barrettes were still in place, and then smoothing out her dress.

“I have a new friend Isabel!” Tess exclaimed after they broke apart. “This is Liz. She’s from Earth.”

“It is nice to meet you Princess Elizabeth.” Isabel said as she curtsied daintily. “My mother has told me so much about you.”

“Just call her Liz.” Max said as he strode into the room, another little boy who looked to be the same age, if not older, following close behind him.

Liz smiled at him shyly, looking down at the ground and shifting one foot a little behind the other and on its tip toe. “Hi Max.”

He looked at her strangely before shoving the boy that stood beside him in her direction. “This is Michael. He’s my cousin.”

She walked over to him and stuck out her hand. “Nice to meet you Michael.”

After looking from her hand to Max, then to Tessa and Isabel, he took her hand in his and shook it.

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Part 4

Nancy and Avana sat on a bench in the garden. They’d been sitting in silence for nearly twenty minutes just watching the girls have a tea party. They had been worried about how Isabel and Liz were going to get along, but it seemed as though everything would be just fine. They only needed to worry about how Max and Liz were going to get along. After all, it would help future plans if the two of them liked each other.

“I’ve been thinking Avana...” Nancy said, breaking the silence and turning toward her slightly. “What if we let Maxwell and Elizabeth choose each other? Instead of forcing betrothal upon them, why don’t we let them remain, unbetrothed and see if they choose each other?”

Avana seemed stunned by the notion, but quickly moved past that emotion to think it over. “What if they don’t choose each other?” She asked, cocking her head to the side.

“Oh I’m sure that won’t happen.” Nancy answered with a chuckle.

Avana turned back in her seat to watch the girls while she thought the idea over. Finally she turned back to Nancy. “I think that I like that idea. We should tell our husbands immediately.”

- - -

“We have to be very quiet.” Max whispered to Michael as he clutched his toy gun to his chest. Liz’s father had brought them from Earth as a present for Max. He’d also brought a toy bow and arrow, which Michael carried in his hands.

As carefully and as quietly as they could, they snuck around the garden until they had reached the palace. With their backs pressed up against the wall they shuffled along until they finally spotted their target. Max was about to give the signal to make a move on their target when a voice from the open window next to him, stopped him in his tracks.

“No! They will remain betrothed and that is final!” Max would recognize that voice anywhere. It was his father, and he sounded mad.

“But my lord-” He recognized that voice as well. It was his mother’s heavenly voice.

“That is enough Avana!” His father’s voice boomed. “Maxwell and Elizabeth remain betrothed and that is final. They will marry when she reaches the age of 16, just as you and I did.”

Perhaps if Max had been a little older, he would’ve been mad that his parents were planning his future with others. Perhaps if he had been older, he would’ve made his presence known to his parents and told them exactly what he thought of their plans. But his seven-year-old mind wrapped itself around his father’s words, and he turned to Michael and mouthed the word, “Yuck!” in complete and utter disgust. He was going to have to marry a stupid girl? The thought grossed him out and he shuttered.

Suddenly out of the corner of his eye, he saw his target move. All thoughts of marriage to Liz were completely forgotten as he raised his hand and gave Michael the order to attack, and as quickly as lighting they took the guard down.

- - -

“Now, Alezander. I understand that you want to do things the way that they’ve always been done.” Nancy started out softly. “But, think back on how much it bothered you when you were young to think that you would have to marry someone you didn’t even know.”

“Which is exactly why we have bended the rules and allowed the two of them to meet each other as children.” Alezander shot back, walking over to the shelf of books and busied himself with reading the titles.

Nancy shot her husband a pleading look, and finally Jeff stepped in. The wheels in his mind had been turning over and over ever since Avana and his wife burst into the room. Waving his hand, he motioned for his wife and Avana to leave the room, and shot her a look when she stood her ground. “Leave us be, please ladies. I would like to speak with Zan.”

The women reluctantly left and when the door had closed behind them he sighed. “They will not let this go.” He told his friend quietly. “So I came up with a plan.”

King Zan turned to look at his friend, his interest definitely piqued.

“We tell the women that they are right, we say that the betrothal is off and we tell the children nothing of marriage to the other.” He said, clasping his hands behind his back. “But when Elizabeth reaches the age of 16, if they have not chosen each other we will tell them of the betrothal then, because you see my friend, we will never actually call it off.”

Zan pondered the idea for a moment before a mischievous and slightly wicked smile came across his face. Rubbing his hands together he threw his head back and laughed. “Jeff, I love your way of thinking. Get the women in here.”

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AN: Kind of a short part, but I thought it was cute...

Part 5

Three weeks into the summer, Liz sat in the library staring glumly out of the window as she listened to Michael read from the book. Her parents had already gone home and she could see the rain pelting down from the gray sky and smacking against the stone floor in the garden. She really wanted to be outside, rolling in the grass, picking wild flowers, wading in the stream, swimming in the lake not far from the palace. But the rain was preventing any of that from happening. Avana had told them they must stay inside, because she didn’t want Liz getting sick. Of course Max and Michael had been mad at her. Max refused to speak to her for the rest of the day while Michael had called her a weak human girl.

“I have an idea!” Isabel yelled interrupting her brother as she bolted up right in her seat. When she had the attention of everyone else, she continued. “Let’s play house!”

“Isabel, Max and I are men. We are not playing house.” Michael said tossing the book to his side, not caring where it landed. “Army, tag, hide and seek, Simon says, Red Rover, Red-Light Green Light, Mother May I, whatever. Those are manly games, but not house.”

“Let’s go outside.” Liz suggested, turning from the window.

“It’s raining!” Tessa shrieked as she pointed to the window. “Besides my mom said no.”

“So what?” She asked, turning her palms up and shrugging her shoulders.

- - -

When the rain had let up, Avana went in search of the children to tell them they could go outside, but to stay out of the mud. The last place she’d seen them had been in the library. Entering from the main hall, she walked in to find it completely empty.

“Kids?” She called out, thinking they might be up on the second floor balcony. As she walked toward the stairs, she noticed the open window and tracks. Five little sets of muddy tracks. She followed along side them, and opened the side entrance that they lead her to. She followed them down the hall, up a set of stairs and down another hall. By the time she reached the door to Max and Tessa’s play room, there weren’t any footprints, just splotches of mud that had most likely fallen off of them.

She dreaded opening the door and seeing what a mess they had created, because she knew her children, she knew Michael and Isabel, and she knew Liz. There would be a mess. She could hear them screaming and laughing from the other side of the door. She couldn’t be sure, but it sounded like Michael, making those gun noises.

Opening the door, she gasped. The room was a complete disaster. Toys were strewn about, mud was rubbed into the carpet, some of it on the walls, Michael and Max had shoved everything off of a small table, overturned it and were crouching behind it pointing their guns at the girls. Who were standing on Tessa’s white couch throwing stuffed animals at them. From head to toe they were covered in mud. Her daughter’s golden blonde curls were matted to her head and as brown as dirt. The beautiful pale blue dress she’d been wearing earlier that day was ruined now, as the brown stained skirt wrapped itself around her little legs

She almost had to laugh though. She had to fight the urge to laugh when Tessa stood up bit the ear of a teddy bear like she was pulling the pin of a grenade out with her teeth and then pulled her arm back before yelling and hurling it at her brother. She wished that she had one of those earth inventions that were said to capture the moment, a camera, she thought they were called.

“What is going on in here?!” Avana yelled, her hands flying to her hips. She was trying her hardest to sound mad. She was trying not to smile at the image of five muddy little faces turning to her and the expressions that were on them. She tried not to notice Tessa’s lip quivering, or Max hiding behind Michael.

But her efforts were all in vain because as she turned her eyes on Michael, Isabel and Liz the expressions of shock and panic on their faces was just too much for her to handle and the smile broke wide across her face. “Well, I guess it’s time for a bath.” She told them, trying to suppress the laughter.

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AN: Again, kind of short, but oh well, it’s a part. *happy*

Part 6

Liz stretched her tiny little body, enjoying the feel of the grass on her bare arms and legs. It was just after dinner and beginning to get dark, which was by far her favorite time on Antar. The vibrant colors mixed so beautifully right before the dark blanket of blue was thrown across the sky, the millions of stars sparkling like diamonds.

She also loved the fire flies. Back on Earth, the light they gave off was a neon greenish-white. On Antar, the light they gave off was blue. She didn’t know why, but they were just the brightest and most beautiful shade of blue she’d ever seen.

“What are you doing?” He asked quietly, hesitantly approaching her. “Are you homesick or something?”

“No.” She answered not bothering to take her eyes off of the sky. “I’m watching the sunset.”

“Why?” He asked in confusion as he looked up at the sky. “What’s so great about it?”

“It’s pretty.”

There was a short silence as they watched the sun go down. Max had seen it before, and was unimpressed by it, but he’d stayed there to watch it with her anyway. Telling himself that she shouldn’t be out here by herself because she was a girl and that he would get in trouble if he didn’t walk her back to the palace.

“Wanna catch fire flies?” Liz asked pushing herself up from the ground.

He looked around and spotted some flying around not far in the distance before turning back to her and shrugging his shoulders. “Sure.”

- - -

Avana watched them in the clearing from her balcony. She could see Liz laying in the grass and Max hovering a few feet away from her, not really getting closer but not really getting farther either. She’d watched them until the sun went down and then listened to them laugh as they most likely tried to catch bugs. She couldn’t stop the smile that spread across her face. Her son, who hated girls, was out there laughing and playing with one. And not just any girl, but the girl he was to marry, the girl whom he was betrothed to when she was born. The laughter coming from the clearing couldn’t have made Avana happier.

- - -

Liz ran after Max, giggling as his reached out to capture a bug and missed. She was glad he was letting her play with him. For a month he’d been saying that she couldn’t and calling her a stupid girl, telling her to go play with his stupid sister. He was cute and she just wanted to play with him, she didn’t see why it mattered that she was a girl and he was a boy. Boys and girls played together all the time.

“I got one!” Max yelled from a few feet ahead of her. She quickly ran over to his side and peaked into his cupped hands, and sure enough there was a blue light glowing between them. “What should we do with it?”

“Let it go.” She told him, as if he should’ve already known.

“But what’s the point of catching it if we’re just going to let it go?”

She shrugged in answer to his question. “I don’t know. That’s just what me and my friend Alex always do.”

“You spend forever trying to catch it and then you just let it go?” He asked incredulously, bringing his cupped hands closer to his chest.

She nodded her head vigorously. “Alex told me his papa said it’s the right thing to do. You shouldn’t kill it because it’s beautiful, and beauty wasn’t meant to be kept in a glass jar. That’s what his dad says.”

Max looked down at the bug inside of his hands and sighed. It was just a stupid bug. He wanted to kill it, but he wasn’t about to tell her that. So he opened his hands and let it fly away. “Let’s go inside now. I’m bored.”

They turned around and walked a few feet before he realized that she had grabbed his hand. Rolling his eyes, he started to run, pulling her behind him.

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I just wanted to say, don't worry. I'm gonna continue. I just have to tap back into the happy. I've been getting all angsty again, which is not what this fic was meant to be about. Yet anways. *tongue*

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Sorry about the lack of new parts. I had some stuff to work through after part six was posted. A teacher of mine died. So I found it hard to write anything happy and just concentrated on one of my other, angstier fics.

Anyway, due to a serious case of insomnia (I haven't slept since the 27th!), I'm awake at 4:39 am on a tuesday night. So I'm currently trying to work on the next part. It's not coming along very well though, so I can't say for sure if it'll be posted today or not.

I hope you all haven't forgot about me! I will continue this fic if it kills me. I promise. *happy*
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So real life is really jacking me up right about now. I'm stressed and having a really nasty case of writer's block. Words are really not flowing to well right now. So I'm going to be taking a little break from writing. I'll be around the boards reading, I just won't be writing.

I don't know when I'll start writing again but the thing is I really want to see this fic finished. So if anyone is interested in finishing it for me, email me at sugarplum1702⊕ and I'll send the basic plot that I had in mind for this your way. Of course you could make changes if you wanted to.
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AN: I hope you guys haven't forgot about this! But just so there’s no confusion, the summer is almost over and Liz is leaving to go home w/her dad in this part. I’m not happy with this part, at all. But it’s better than nothing right?

Part 7

“Pappa!” Liz yelled, running through the clearing to the ship that her father had just stepped out of. They’d spoken every single day that they’d been apart but it wasn’t the same. She had missed him terribly, her mother too. Throwing herself into his open arms as he crouched, she wrapped her short arms around his neck, chocking the breath out of him and squealing as they fell backwards.

“Oh I missed you my little princess!” He growled hugging her little body to his chest. Before kissing the top of her head. “Tell me everything my sweet. Tell me what you’ve been doing with yourself here on Antar while I was away.”

She’d already told him over the orb that was used to communicate, but he’d missed her facial expressions. He’d missed the light in her eyes as she talked about playing with Max and Michael. He’d missed how excited she became and her hands gesturing wildly as she talked about playing with Isabel and Tess and how they’d dressed up in Avana’s clothes once.

He let her talk as he shifted her to his hip and walked over to the spring and stooped to pick a flower. Standing up straight, he tucked the flower behind her ear before kissing her forehead and watching her little facial expressions as she talked. Yes, he had missed his daughter. He had felt like a piece of him was missing when she was gone. When she wasn’t sitting under his table and tying his shoe laces together as he had a meeting with the General or a Duke, he missed her.

When she wasn’t sitting in his throne during a party, with her precious little crown perched haphazardly on the top of her head he missed her. He was so glad that he would be taking her home with him when he departed this time. His wife had missed her too. Several times that summer he had caught Nancy sitting in Liz’s room, smelling her things. She’d asked several times if they could bring her back any sooner. Maria had missed her and the boy Alex, a servant’s child that she liked to play with, he had missed her as well.

- - -

Liz stood by her father, holding his hand and completely awestruck with all the beautiful people that were in the room. She admired the fancy dresses and the beautiful sparkling jewels. She loved the way the men spun the women around on the dance floor and the way that their dresses twirled when they were spun. She loved the soft flicker of the candles that rested in the center of the tables and the shiny golden flatware that rested next to the golden plates.

She’d never eaten anything off of a golden plate before. And she’d never eaten anything with a golden fork either, or drank out of a golden cup. Her plates at home were made of porcelain, the forks and spoons were silver and the cups were either made of glass, crystal, plastic, or silver.

When she’d changed out of her play clothes earlier and slipped into the dress her mother had sent for her to wear, she’d felt absolutely beautiful. It was a silky red, and it was very formal. She felt like she’d jumped right out of a history book as Avana fussed with the bustle of the dress and curled the ends of her hair before piling half of it on the top of her head and securing it with a little golden crown.

She had giggled as she slipped her small feet into her tiny red satin shoes and twirled around infront of the mirror. Her father had told her that she’d better behave like a good little princess because the party they were attending that night would be in her honor, seeing as how she was leaving the next morning.

Catching a glimpse of Isabel out of the corner of her eye Liz released her father’s hand and made her way over to where Tessa and Isabel were sitting. Tessa’s curly hair was piled up on the top of her head secured with a tiny golden crown and her dress was very similar to Liz’s dress, only it was a light blue. She reminded Liz of Avana, more than ever before. Isabel was dressed in a hot pink dress, not much different from the dresses that Tessa and Liz wore. It was old fashioned as well, although much more fashionable, missing the puffy sleeves in exchange for off the shoulder ones. Her long blonde hair was left down, and curled.

The little girls clapped their hands and jumped up and down squealing, “Oh you look so beautiful!” At the same time before hugging each other.

“Oooo I think Max is gonna ask you to dance Liz!” Tessa whispered loud enough for both Liz and Isabel to hear as she cupped her mouth and smiled brightly. “He’s on his way over here right now.”

Sure enough she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around, greeted with Max, in his little black tux with a small crown in his hand. “My dad says I’m supposed to ask you to dance.”

“Okay.” She smiled shyly at him as she took his hand and led him out onto the dance floor. He stood there awkwardly holding his little crown and looking around at all the other people dancing around them. “Don’t you know how?”

He shook his head no as he looked at the floor. Some prince he was, he thought to himself. He didn’t even know how to dance.

“It’s ok.” She told him light-heartedly. Taking his hand, she held it up in imitation of the people around her. Gently she took his other hand and pulled it to her side, where she dropped it on her small hip. Putting her free hand on his shoulder she smiled at him. “Just copy me.”

Gracefully, in a movement that seemed to flow, she stepped forward as she gently pushed him back. In no time at all he had the hang of it and let himself be led around the dance floor by Liz.


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Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback everyone! It's really good to see that you guy didn't forget about this. *happy* I'm really happy about that.

Thanks for the kind words, Araxie. *happy*

AINGEAL, thanks. I can't wait for them to reach their teens either. *tongue*

No Lucy we don't want that. And don't worry, she won't find out about the arranged marriage for a long while. *wink*

Thanks Chaos. I'm not quite past it yet with this story in particular, but I'm getting there. I think once I get them as kids out of the way and move on to the real story things will flow better. Because I've got big things planned for this. *wink* No worries, I won't be abandoning it.
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AN: Okay, so there’s no confusion Liz is twelve in this part and they’re on Earth. Sorry there was no Michael/Maria action. Maybe I’ll have some later. I don’t know though. Oh and they have been alternating summers. One summer Liz goes to Antar, the next the Antar bunch goes to Earth.

Part 8

Liz walked along the garden pathway next to Michael as they watched the sun set. Her mind wandered to Antar, and she thought for the twentieth time how much she missed it. Reaching out she slipped her arm around the crook of Michael’s elbow and cast a sideways glance at him to flash him a shy smile.

He was walking next to her dutifully escorting her around the garden, but she knew he wasn’t enjoying it. He would’ve rather been fighting with Maria, listening to the heavy metal music that he was so fond of, or spiking his hair. Anything but strolling along with her at dusk. She knew it wasn’t that he hated her, it was just they enjoyed different things. She liked to be romanced, and he didn’t like to be the romancer.

She thought back to the day before and her smile immediately faded. She’d spent the whole night crying in her room because she’d been ease-dropping and over heard Max telling Michael that he hated her. She knew he meant it too. He’d been mean to her all summer, playing jokes on her, pushing her around, telling her she was stupid. Purposely stepping on her toes as they danced. Her twelve-year-old heart had broken into a thousand pieces when she’d heard that, and she ran to her room to cry in private. She definitely didn’t want Max seeing her shed tears because he didn’t like her the way that she liked him.

And so tonight, she was taking a romantic stroll with Michael, in a pointless attempt to make Max jealous or at the very least upset.

“Michael, I have a confession to make.” She said turning her head toward him.

He looked at her and raised an eyebrow. “What?”

“I’ve always had this...huge crush on you.” She said as she bowed her head and flushed with embarrassment. It was a complete lie, and she was embarrassed because she was trying to start something with him to get Max mad.

“Oh really?” He asked, giving her a cocky smile. He looked up at the sky thoughtfully before returning his gaze to her face and running a hand through his spiky hair. “Yeah I can see why you would. I am a stud.”

She giggled at his comment, momentarily resting her forehead on his shoulder.

An awkward silence surrounded them for a few short moments before he cleared his throat and spoke. “Look, you’re pretty and everything but you’re not my type, and even if you were you’d be off limits to me.”

“Why?” She asked. The hurt in her voice very tangible.

“Because.” He said as if it would answer the question. “You belong to Max.”

“I do not!” She said, angrily ripping her arm from his. “Max hates me and I hate Max!”

“No, you don’t Liz.” He told her gently, stuffing his hands into his pockets. “And you do belong to Max. You guys are betrothed.”

“What?” She asked in confusion. “How can that be?”

“Why do you think your parents keep sending you to Antar during the summer? Why do you think his parents keep sending him here?” Michael asked as he looked up at the sky. “They want you to like each other so that when they tell you, ‘hey kids you’re getting married’ you won’t cause problems.”

“You’re a liar Michael!” Liz said slapping him across the face before turning around and breaking out into a run.

She ran all the way up to her room, panting as she slammed the door behind her. She stalked around angrily before collapsing on her bed. Her heart was broken, her ego was crushed and eventually she was going to have to marry a man who hated her.

Burring her head into her pillow, she began to cry.

- - -

The guard searched the dark suspiciously before going into the little stone shed and removing his helmet. He pulled out the orb that was used to communicate and pressed the symbol that was embedded in the center of it.

There was a crackle as the connection was made. “What is it?” The voice barked over the communicator.

“My lord.” The guard whispered into the orb. “I have discovered their plan.”

“Well what is it?” The other voice asked, throughly irritated.

“King Jeffery and King Alezander plan to unite their kingdoms.”

“What?!” The man hissed. “That cannot be allowed. The kingdom will be too powerful.”

“How shall I stop it my lord? I am your loyal servant and I will do what you ask of me.” The guard told the other man.

“I don’t care how you do it. Just stop it from happening.” And with that command, the light on the communicator’s symbol died out.

He replaced the communicator back under the loose floor board and reached for his helmet. He’d been extremely grateful that Michael and Liz hadn’t paid any attention to him while they talked. He’d been on Earth for nearly two years, as a spy for his home planet. He’d joined the army and had been assigned to the palace. He hadn’t been able to gather any information of any real importance until the Princess had confessed her crush on Prince Maxwell’s cousin. She’d made his job so much easier. Now he just had to figure out how he was going to stop it.

TBC! - I know you guys were enjoying them as little kids, but I really couldn't write them as kids anymore, I was about to pull my hair out. I also know you guys wanted to see their feelings develope, but lets just say they kinda stayed the same. They had the like/hate relationship going all those years. *happy*
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Oh my gosh Lucy! I did lie! I'm sorry dude. Totally forgot I said that.

Anyway, it's not even gonna matter in the long run. I promise!

Thanks for the fb ladies and gents (if there are any here)!*angel*

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I'm here, I'm here. My writing time has been restricted though. I'll try to get a part out soon, I promise.
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AN: Michael and Kyle are 15. Max, Isabel, and Maria are 13 and Liz, Alex and Tessa are 12.

Part 9

The rest of the summer was spent in complete agony and misery for everyone. Michael, Max and Kyle thought they were better than everyone else and only hung out with each other, playing basketball and other such sports. Maria and Michael were constantly at each other’s throats, playing practical jokes on each other, or complaining about each other. Michael telling everyone that Maria was a vain, vapid, shallow and utterly annoying little girl while Maria told everyone that Michael was an arrogant, obnoxious, chauvinistic and unimaginative jerk. They couldn’t be in the same room with each other for more than five minutes without getting into an argument.

Isabel spent her summer pining over Liz’s cousin, Kyle Valenti. At her thirteen years of age, her body looked like that of a fifteen-year old’s. She was tall, pretty and just beginning to grow curves in all the right places. However, she was too young for fifteen-year-old Kyle. He barely acknowledged her as anything other than Michael’s little sister. Which made her angry and determined. She often complained about the whole entire thing to Alex, the stable boy that had grown to be Liz’s friend and Isabel’s as well. He was completely in love with Isabel, unbeknownst to her, and listened with a heavy heart as she told him all of her plans to win Kyle’s love.

Tessa, on the other hand, was completely smitten with Alex. It was obvious to her that Alex had a thing for Isabel, which angered her. She was both upset and overjoyed that Isabel couldn’t see what a wonderful person Alexander was. As far as Tessa was concerned, Isabel didn’t deserve Alexander’s attention and affection.

Liz however was the worst of all of them. Her heart had been broken, her ego crushed and as if that hadn’t been enough to completely ruin her summer, she’d been growing hair in strange places for months, she was always giving off a foul smell and she’d gotten her very first period. Something that should have made her happy seeing as how all the other girls had gotten theirs, but oddly enough it didn’t. Her mother had given her a pad, telling her that she was too young to wear a tampon. She felt like she was wearing a diaper underneath the black dress she’d chose to wear for the going way party in honor of their guests.

“Lizzie, what’s wrong?” Maria asked as she sauntered up to Liz and casually tossed an arm around her shoulder. “You seem so down and out. Is it Michael? Is he being an obnoxious little jerk again? Because I swear Liz, I’ll kick his ass.”

Forgetting about her foul mood for a few moments, Liz turned her head in her cousin’s direction. Smiling at the older girl. Maria was always ready to stick up for her. They were more like best friends than anything else. “No Maria, it’s not Michael.”

“So it’s Max then?” Maria asked, turning her head and eyeing her cousin.

“Well, yes and no.” Liz sighed, her shoulders slumping forward slightly. “Just never mind okay? Enjoy the party.”

“You sure?” Maria asked hesitantly, only removing her arm and moving away when Liz nodded her head.

Max watched from across the room. Liz had been acting strange for the last half of the summer, but even stranger these last few days. He was beginning to get worried about her. He watched her go out onto the balcony and after a few moments of thought, followed her.

“Liz?” He asked softly. The moonlight caught on the silver crown she wore on top of her head as it turned to the doorway where he stood.

“What do you want?” She asked harshly, turning her head once again.

He stepped out onto the balcony, toward her. “Are you okay?”

Max heard her exhale a harsh breath before she whirled around on him. “You know what Max, it’s none of your business!”

“God, chill out. I was just asking a simple question!” He yelled before allowing his voice to soften. “Sorry I care.”

She scoffed. “Oh yeah. That’s a laugh in a half. Prince Maxwell Evans cares? Suuure.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked stepping toward her some more.

“Everyone knows that Prince Maxwell is a selfish, arrogant, little jerk!” She spat out, poking him in the chest.

“Yeah, well everyone knows that Princess Elizabeth Parker is an ugly frigid little bitch with nasty b.o.!” He shouted, earning him a stinging slap across the face.

“How dare you! I hate you Max!” She angrily pushed past him but stopped at the door that lead back into the ballroom. “I wish we had never met!”

“Yeah well the feeling is mutual!” He yelled as she disappeared into the ballroom, leaving him alone on the balcony wondering what his problem was. He wondered why he couldn’t just be nice to her. He didn’t mean any of the things that he had said, but he’d said them anyway. He sighed as he leaned back against the stone railing.

“I’m such a jerk.” He told himself as he looked up into the sky.

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I know, I know. He was a little asshole, but he knows it and he feels bad. Which is wht he called himself a jerk.

alienchica - I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about. *wink*

Thanks for the feedback! And thanks to the people who will leave feedback after this post! It's greatly appreciated. *big*

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AN: I'm feeling generous. Don't get too used to it guys. *wink* It's kind of short but hey, I'm giving two parts in one day. Work with me here people. *tongue*

Part 10

The next morning at the ship’s launch pad Liz hugged Isabel and Tess saying her goodbyes and promising to orb them later and that she would see them next summer. She curtly said goodbye to Michael and pointedly ignored Max all together. She didn’t even allow herself to look in his general direction.
- - -

The summer months on Earth faded away to blowing leaves of red, brown, yellow and orange, which were eventually hidden in some parts of the globe underneath a blanket of white. As the days slowly passed, her periods came and went. Princess Elizabeth Parker was slowly changing. She often thought of Max, wondering what he was doing but quickly snuffed that idea and mentally scolded herself for thinking such foolish things. She hated Max and didn’t care what he was doing.

On Antar the seasons were different. The summer months on Antar faded but not by much, there were no leaves that changed colors and fell off the trees and they’d never seen a blanket of white cover the ground. There was only one place like that on Antar. It was nestled deep inside of a supposedly enchanted forest, and Max traveled there as often as he could. As he watched the seasons of earth play out in the circle of land, he often thought of Liz and wondered what she was doing at that very moment. When it snowed, he wondered if she was outside rolling around in it. When it rained in the spring season, he wondered if she was out playing in the puddles as she had when they were younger.

He had acted like a complete jerk toward her that last summer, but none of that mattered to him. He didn’t even care that she had claimed to hate him. He was going to make everything right again. He was going to tell her how he felt, how he had always felt, and he was going to do everything in his power to make her his. Max had no clue why he’d been such a jerk to her. He supposed it could be chalked up to puberty and it’s sick twisted little game, but for him, it still wasn’t enough to excuse his behavior.

- - -

He stood over her, the dagger clutched tightly in his hand. Could he really do this? He’d tried several times before, but always backed out. The time was fast approaching, and he had to put a stop to it. She was thirteen now, and he couldn’t allow her relationship with Prince Maxwell to progress, ever. He had managed to work up his courage on this particular night, but as he stood over her, looking down at her angelic face he couldn’t help but recall his oath. He had sworn to protect her. Long ago, when he had taken the pledge of a palace guard, when he had officially been sworn in, he’d promised his undying devotion to the royal family. To the King, the Queen and the Princess. He didn’t care about the King and Queen because they weren’t truly his, but the Princess was a completely different story.

He had watched her grow from a small girl and now as he looked down at the dagger in his hand, he realized that he was going to have to put a stop to that growth. She would never become a young woman. She would never bear children. The part of his brain that was completely loyal to his master was telling him what a good thing that was. She would never bear a future heir. That was good.

He raised the dagger into the air and closed his eyes against the sight of her face, which was seemingly glowing in the moonlight shining in from the open window. She was leaving for Antar in the morning, if he didn’t do it now, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to do it later. Her soft whimper didn’t fall on deaf ears as she turned over on her side and snuggled deeper into her soft sheets.

TBC! - Did he (whoever he is) kill her? Does Max redeem himself from jerkdom or is he permanently there? Oh the suspense!
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AN: This was three freakin pages long in Word Perfect. Three pages all about...Max! *Evil laugh* (On a side note, I don't know how happy I am with it, but I wanted to get something out before starting work on some of my other fics.)

Part 11

The day was passing by at an agonizingly slow pace for Max. He had got up at the crack of dawn and throughout the day, he’d checked his pocket watch every five minutes. He tried to will the day to pass faster, he tried to make the sun set and the moon rise, but it was to no avail. 11:00 p.m. seemed so far away, he didn’t know if he’d be able to make it till then. He spent half of his day walking around the palace, trying to figure out what he was going to say to her when she arrived. He’d spent all morning infront of the full length mirror in his bedroom, giving his reflection a speech. But as he walked around the garden, he decided that it wasn’t good enough. He decided that it would be better to live in the moment and speak from the heart.

He spent the rest of the afternoon drawing, swimming, taking walks, reading, doing anything he could to help pass the time. His parents caught him fidgeting several times. His sister had been following him around with varying expressions of confusion, puzzlement, knowledge and curiosity on her face.

Later that night, after they had eaten dinner, their parents were in a particularly...playful mood and retired early while Max and Tessa went to the library. Liz loved their library. Max thought to himself as he entered it. He stopped just inside, causing Tessa to run into his back. She pushed him out of her way and walked over to the magazine rack while Max inhaled the smell of bound knowledge and fantasy. “What’s your problem Max?”

“Huh?” He asked, turning toward his sister as she gingerly sat down in a big overstuffed brown leather arm chair.

“You’ve been acting weird all day.” She said as she eyed him, resting the magazine on her crossed knees. “You’re all fidgety and impatient. You’re always the picture of patience. You don’t fidget.”

He quickly ran his hand through his thick dark brown hair before taking out his pocket watch and glancing down at it. “I don’t know what you’re talking about Tessa.”

She eyed him before leaning back into the chair, smiling and opening her magazine. “Uh huh.”

He stalked over to a wall and pulled a book off of the floor to ceiling shelf. He didn’t bother looking at the title, whatever the book was he didn’t care, he would read it anyway. If only to pass the time.

- - -

At eight o’clock, Tessa heard his bored sigh as he slammed the book closed and tossed it aside, not caring where or how it landed. Discretely, she looked up in his direction, to where he sat in a similar arm chair and bit back a smile. He was looking at his pocket watch again and there was no doubt in her mind about why he kept looking at it. She was a younger sister of course. She knew all the tricks and trades of spying on a sibling. He was waiting, and rather impatiently, for Liz to arrive.

She watched as he closed the watch and fingered the silver design for a moment before returning it to the pocket of his faded jeans. A devilish smile broke across her face and she quickly looked down to hide it. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on her brother’s watch. In five minutes, when he took it out of his pocket to check the time, it would read 10:56. He would have three minutes to get down to where Liz’s ship always landed, but she was hoping he would notice. She was hoping that she would be able to see his face when he realized it was a joke.

Pretending to be absorbed in her magazine she heard him breathe out a harsh exhale. As discretely as she could, she raised her eyes to watch him push himself up off of the leather chair and pace around before coming to a rest leaning against the frame of the open window. He looked out into the sky as he reached for his watch.

She gained an immense amount of pleasure from hearing her brother’s breath catch in his throat. Seeing him stand up straight, his eyes widen, and his head whip around to look at the large oak grandfather clock that stood against the far wall.

“I knew it!” She yelled, jumping up from the arm chair and tossing the magazine aside. “I knew it the whole time! I mean, I wasn’t sure until just now but I knew it none the less!”

He was caught. “You knew what?” He asked dismissively, trying to play it off.

“You’re waiting for Liz, and rather impatiently I might add.” She stated, crossing her arms. “God, Max you’ve never been so obvious about something as you are about this.”

“My dear, dear, little sister I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.” He told her as he casually changed the time on his watch.

“What kind of dirty little joke are you going to play on her now Max?” Tess pinned him with a disgusted look before continuing. “It’s a good thing Uncle Rath and Auntie Vilandra took Michael and Isabel on that family trip. Michael is always teaming up with you, to help you play your pathetic little pranks on Liz. You know, I ought to-”

“Oh shut up little sister.” He said, replacing the pocket watch and leaning his back against the frame of the window once more. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh yes I do Maxwell.” She angrily shook her finger at him, opening her mouth to say something else, but was cut off before she even got the chance.

“Tessa, I’m not going to play a prank on Liz.” His cheeks and ears started to turn a light shade of pink. He was fourteen, and it was still slightly embarrassing to admit a crush on someone. “Infact, I’m going to apologize to her for all the past pranks, if you must know.”

“Apologize?” She asked, sounding and looking thoroughly confused, as if the concept was completely foreign to her. “You?

“Yes. Apologize. Me.” He told her, crossing his arms across his chest.

She eyeballed him suspiciously, in a completely over dramatic way, before uncrossing her arms and shifting her weight. To believe or not to believe, that was her question. She didn’t want to unknowingly get sucked into one of Max’s Liz pranks. He arched an eyebrow at her, a serious expression on his features. Stalking over to where he was leaning, she poked her finger into his chest. “You better not be messing around Max. If you’re gonna apologize to her you better mean it. She likes you. A whole lot. You’re an idiot because you haven’t noticed or chose to ignore it all these years, I hope you know that.”

He rolled his eyes at his younger sister, but his bored expression changed to a shocked one when she smacked him upside the head. “Say it you little jerk.”

“Fine Tessa, I’m not messing around, I swear.” They were only a year apart, and he was bigger and physically stronger than she’d ever be. Yet when she got in one of her moods, he was just a little frightened of her. “And I know that I’m an idiot, okay? I don’t need my little sister pointing it out to me thank you very much.”

Tessa rolled her eyes before turning away and walking toward the door. “Just as long as you know.” She called over her shoulder as she left the room.

- - -

He pee-patted around the library for a little while longer, picking up one of Liz’s favorite books. Pride and Prejudice. He quickly scanned through it before putting it down. “Nothing great about that.”

Sighing he went up to his bedroom and paced around for a couple of seconds before noticing the blinking light on the communicator, someone had tried to “orb” him and he’d been gone. They left a message. He quickly walked over pressed it, the blue light shooting up to the ceiling. He smiled slightly when he heard Michael’s voice.

“Maxwell, this trip sucks! We’re coming home earlier than planned. Mom can’t handle it here. She ordered dad to cut the trip down to two weeks. She says that’s about all she can take of this crap. Isabel is freaking out.”

“I am not!” Max heard Isabel’s voice yell in the background.

“Yes she is. It’s all weird bugs and swampy terrain. Not exactly the picture perfect vacation mom was thinking of when we signed on for this trip. These hills are not alive with the sound of music.”

There was muffled murmuring and the sound of fabric rustling. Even though it was muffled, he could hear his Aunt Vilandra yelling about something. Suddenly Michael was back on. “Well, we’ll see you when we get home. Tell Tessa and everyone that we said hi.”

He smiled as the light shot back into the orb and faded away.

- - -

At 10:50 Max was outside in the field, sitting next to the spring. He ran his hand over the white wild flowers that grew next to it, feeling the softness of their petals against his open palm. His pocket watch sat next to him on the ground, open. The moonlight was so bright that he could easily see what time it was, even at night.

He returned his eyes back to the flowers and wondered if they had always seemed to glow like that. It was obviously something to do with the moonlight, but he couldn’t be sure, so he picked one, intending to give it to Liz when she arrived. As he looked toward the sky, he slowly twirled the flower between his thumb and index finger. Seeing nothing, he sighed and looked down at the flower, fingering its soft white petals. Even after it was picked the flower seemed to glow. Taking a quick glance at his pocket watch he realized he still had two minutes, if she was going to arrive on time anyway.

Laying down, he put the flower on his stomach and clasped his hands behind his head as he gazed up into the sky. Before he could stop himself, his eyelids became too heavy and closed. His breathing had evened out and become deeper. He had fallen asleep.

TBC! - Yes I know, how mean of me to keep you in suspence. Does she ever show up or has she been killed? Ah!

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AN: Not exactly the best part I ever wrote but I wrote it in like no lie, under 20 minutes, I'm on a time limit here. So here's the part and I promise, after this part no more dragging out the "What happened to Liz" mystery. You'll find out in part 13! *wink*

Part 12

The sound of birds chirping and the warmth of the sun against his face lured Max from his restful slumber. With his eyes still closed he yawned and stretched lazily before bringing his down on his stomach, scratching his skin through the thin material of the green t-shirt he wore. His hand stilled when it touched something soft. He fingered the object before bringing his head up from the grass to look at it. The white flower that he’d picked last night was still laying on his stomach, where it had been when he fell asleep.

That’s when he remembered. Liz. She must’ve come and walked right past him! Pushing himself up into a sitting position, he looked around with wide eyes for her. When she was no where to be found, he pushed himself up off of the ground and started running toward the castle. He’d only gotten a few feet away before he turned around and jogged back to where he’d been sleeping. Bending over, he picked up the flower and started toward the castle again.

He couldn’t blame her for leaving him sleeping there, although he was surprised that he hadn’t heard the sound of her ship landing. But maybe he had, and his mind had incorporated the sound in his dream?

- - -

“Alezander, my sweet, none of the guards mentioned anything about Liz this morning.” Avana told her husband as she picked up a muffin. “And when I questioned a few of them, none of them knew anything about it.”

“Oh that’s because none of the guards went to escort her last night mother.” Tessa said from her spot at the end of the table. “Max took it upon himself to do it. I was going to check in on her this morning, but I figured she’d want some time to herself, you know to hide the evidence and all.”

Avana cocked her head to the side and looked at her daughter, curiously. “Evidence? Of what?”

“The murder.” Tessa said as if she should’ve already known. She spread the strawberry jam on her piece of toast. “I figured, if Max was going to go down there, there was bound to be a murder. I put my money on Liz murdering Max.”

Just at that moment, Max came barging in through the open doors that lead to the garden, out of breath and holding a white flower in his hand. His clothes were rumpled and dirty. For a moment, Avana was alarmed by her son’s appearance and the absence of their dark-haired guest, but scolded herself for being so gullible. “Max darling, where have you been?”

He searched the dining room for a few brief moments but only found his family. “Where’s Liz?”

“Sleeping, my boy. At least that’s what we’ve all assumed.” Alezander told him, gesturing toward Max’s empty chair. “Sit down son, have some breakfast.”

“No thanks dad, I’m not really hungry.” Max said as he backed away toward the door. “I’m going to go take a shower and change my clothes.”

- - -

At noon, Liz still wasn’t up and Max was growing increasingly impatient. He pulled Tessa from the garden, all the way up to Liz’s room by the crook of her arm, stopping infront of Liz’s door. “Go in there and get her up.”

“Max, she’s sleeping. Leave her be.” Tessa told him as she yanked her arm out of Max’s grasp.

“Tessa, come on. Go in there and wake her up.” He repeated, somewhat pleadingly.

“She’s. Sleeping.” She drawled out for him. “Let her sleep, god what’s your problem?”

“I didn’t want to do this Tessa, but you’re leaving me no other choice.” He told her, blocking her bath to the stairs. “If you don’t go in there and wake her up, I’m going to tell mom and dad that you have a thing for that stable boy. You know, the one back on earth?”

“You wouldn’t!”

“I would. Unless you go in there and wake her up.” He told her, crossing his arms over his chest, trying his best to look intimidating.

She eyed him for a brief moment, seeing the seriousness in his expression she relented. “Fine!”

She angrily threw open the door and slammed it behind her, expecting to see Liz sitting up in bed with a startled expression on her face, Tessa turned around and tried to look apologetic, only to find that she was looking at an empty bed.


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Eraser Room originally wrote:
Wait, am I being dense because I thought Liz was stabbed (or rather, the guard was hovering over her) on Earth. Max went to meet her and fell asleep. He assumed he missed her, the rest of his family assumed he escorted her room where she slept the rest of the evening. So she shouldn't be in that room on Antar. Right?

She should be on Earth (dead, wounded, kidnapped or presiding over the hanging of the guard). My only question is, whatever happened...why haven't her parents contacted Max's family?

Anyway, I can't wait for the next part. Max has to save/comfort her. You are being so mean! I have to know what happened. Please update soon!
No she shouldn't be in that room on Antar, but we already knew this. It was Max who didn't know this, because he had assumed she already landed on Antar and went to her room to sleep. Which is why he and everyone else is expecting her to be in the room.

I'm going to work on part 13 now, the part that sort of solves the "WHAT HAPPENED TO LIZ?!" mystery. *tongue*
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AN: Again, not the best part I ever wrote, but it'll do. The mystery is somewhat solved.

Part 13

Tessa looked around the room and saw no sign of Liz. When she went to the closet and pulled open the door, there was nothing but empty space and hangers. There were no suitcases laying on the floor, there were no shoes that could be seen. Thinking Liz was playing a practical joke on her, Tessa went to the bed and crouched down beside it, laying on her stomach she lifted up the blankets and peered underneath the bed. Nothing. Getting up and dusting herself off she went to the balcony that over looked the garden and found it deserted. It was clear to her now that she wasn’t going to find Liz inside of the room, but she looked in the bathroom anyway.

Confused, she slowly made her way toward the door, looking around the room one last time before pulling the bedroom door open. “She isn’t here.”

“What do you mean she isn’t there?” Max asked impatiently. He seemed to think for a moment and then relaxed his stance, crossing his arms over his chest and rolling his eyes at her. “Tessa, I’m not in the mood for another one of your practical jokes.”

“It’s not a practical joke bonehead. She isn’t in here.” She moved to the side and made a sweeping gesture toward the center of the room. “Be my guest Max, look for yourself.”

Tessa stood leaning against the wall, her arms crossed, as she watched Max look in every place that she had looked. “I told you I wasn’t lying.”

“Where could she be?” He asked in confusion, scratching the top of his head as he looked around the room once more.

Tessa shrugged. “Maybe she stayed home?”

“Yeah...maybe...” He wanted to believe it was true, but for some reason he couldn’t. He had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach that she hadn’t stayed home. “I’m calling King Jeffery.”

Max walked as slowly as he could manage, with Tessa following close behind, to his room where he picked up the orb. Concentrating on King Jeffery, he pushed the symbol and watched the blue light shoot up.

“Ah Maxwell, how goes it?” King Jeffery asked. “How is my lovely little girl doing? Her mother and I already miss her.”

“Uh, your majesty, Liz isn’t here. We thought she was back home with you.” Tessa said, grabbing the communicator from her brother’s hand. She looked at him strangely for a couple of seconds, he stood there, with his eyes closed looking like he was going to be sick. Tessa had never seen him like that, their race didn’t get sick.

“What? That’s impossible. Nancy and I saw her off.” He explained. “Maybe she’s just...hiding or something? Have you checked the castle grounds and the surrounding terrain?”

“No sir, we haven’t. But I can assure you, your majesty, I don’t think she’s here. Her bags were not dropped off in her room.”

“Maybe she’s staying in a different room Tessa? Have you thought of that?” He asked, sounding thoroughly annoyed. “I’m a very busy man, my girl, I’m trying to run a planet. I cannot be bothered with my daughter’s silly little hide and seek games.”

“Yes sir, but-”

“Have her call me, immediately after you’ve located her.” He said with finality. A moment later, the blue light shot back into the orb.

Tessa looked toward her brother as if to ask, “What now Max?” But couldn’t bring herself to do it when she saw the look on his face. He was ghostly white. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know.” He answered, “I just have this...really bad feeling.”

- - -

When they told their parents, there was a massive man hunt launched for Liz, and when they turned up nothing, King Alezander disappeared into his study with an orb, telling the guards outside that he did not want to be disturbed. Fifteen minutes later, he came out and informed everyone that King Jeffery and Queen Nancy had sent Liz off to Antar themselves. They watched her ship take off with their own eyes. Liz had asked them not to make her go, but they had refused her. They each gave her a hug, which she did not return, and sent her onto the ship. When she was on the threshold of the ship, she turned around and said, “Please?”

When they said no, she continued on the ship. King Alezander looked from his wife to his children. “I think she has run away, but King Jeffery will not believe such a thing. So, we will send them part of our army to aid them in their search.”

“Where are they looking?” Max had been asking questions left and right. He felt responsible, if she had run away, it had most likely been because she hated him. He wanted to know as much about what was going on as he possibly could.

“Everywhere my son. They will start on Earth first, incase it landed somewhere far away from the castle. It is possible the ship could have crashed. Once they are finished looking on Earth, they will search every single planet in the galaxy.” All their plans for uniting their kingdoms were swept away now, unless they found her. But Alezander had a feeling that they wouldn’t. And it wasn’t the fact that his plans were ruined now that made his heart ache, it was the look on Max and Tessa’s faces. Max had lost his future wife, not that he knew that, but Alezander could sense that his son had feelings for the young brown haired princess. Tessa had lost one of her best friends.

“They will find her children.” Avana told them, hugging them to her body. She wanted to take away all the pain they were most likely feeling at that moment, and replace it with hope. “King Jeffery and the people of Earth will never stop looking for her. They love her, just as much as we do.”

TBC - Okay, so it's not exactly solved, because we don't know where she is or if she's alive. But I'll try not to keep you all in suspense too long.

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kittens originally wrote:
What ever happened to a royal escort??? They don't even know what happened after the ship took off??? I feel real safe.
Maybe there was an escort?
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Eraser Room originally wrote:
okay, thanks for reasuring me *happy* After reading some of the other comments, I was starting to doubt my comprehension skills.
No problem. *big*

Now, on to the present part...YOU ARE SO MEAN! Sorry...but it's true!

And Kind Jeff was so mean to him.
Stress? Running a planet must get awfully stressful.

And what does King Philip mean, 'he doesn't think they'll find her'? huh? Just what do you mean by that? They have to find her!
His opinion, not mine. *big* *wink*

Did a shape shifter take her place? Maybe her parents were mindwarped? Maybe she was under some type of mind control...AHHHHH! I have to know!*bounce*
If I told you, I'd have to kill you. *angel*
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AN: It's been a while since the last part, so I thought I'd give a new one. Still doesn't solve the mystery but we're almost there. Just be patient with me my little kiddies, and I'll give you what you want. *wink*


Day after day passed, slowly turning into week after agonizing week. It had been awhile since they had learned of Liz’s disappearance, and they still knew nothing. They had no lead on her whereabouts. The only thing they knew for certain was that they were also missing a guard. He had gone missing on the same day as Liz, and they believed that his disappearance was in direct correlation to hers.

Joel Murphy from a small Idaho town. Upon further investigation, they learned that Joel Murphy, had disappeared from that small Idaho town, nearly two years ago. Nobody had seen or heard from him ever again. Not even his parents, who had searched for him until they ran out of money to search. Upon talking with these parents, they learned that Joel had hated the military and violence of any kind, according to his mother he never would have joined of his own free will.

In Jeffery Parker’s eyes, it meant only one thing. Joel Murphy was behind his daughter’s disappearance. His room, had been stripped and search, turning up nothing. All his clothes had been left behind, and there was nothing to suggest that he had planned on leaving.

Some of his friends told the King that he was probably onto something and had snuck aboard the ship in hopes of protecting the princess, they were willing to believe anything if it meant that their friend hadn’t betrayed his planet, his oath.

As the months passed by, it became harder and harder for everyone to believe that Liz was still alive. There had been no ransom note sent, nothing to indicate that she was out there somewhere living and breathing. The only people that still clung to that hope were, Maria, Kyle, Jeff, Nancy and Max. They desperately needed to believe that she was alive.

Max had traveled to Earth a week after he’d learned of Liz’s disappearance, unable to sit there and do nothing. Michael had accompanied him, but Michael too was losing hope, just as everyone on Antar was. Even Avana was slowly starting to believe that Liz was lost to them forever.

Slowly, months turned into years. They still hadn’t searched every possible place, and shortly before the third year, Antar withdrew from the search. It had created a rift between the two planets. King Jeffery was livid when his closest friend told him that he was taking back his troops. He was hurt beyond belief that Alezander wouldn’t help him search any longer, hurt that he didn’t believe Liz was alive.

Earth was barely holding on by a string. It’s trade with other planets had steadily been dropping. Jeffery concentrated most of his energy on finding his daughter, therefore most of the ships they had been using to trade, had been converted to ships for soldiers. He had lost all interest in Galaxy affairs, leaving his advisors and his brother-in-law James Valenti II, to run the planet. His soul purpose in life was to find his little girl.

He had been so nonchalant about her disappearance when Tessa had called him that day that he felt like kicking himself in the face. He felt that he deserved to be kicked in the face, for the way he had acted about it.

That ache he felt when she had been six and spent her first summer on Antar, had returned with a vengeance. He’d felt it every single time she left, up until she returned to him, but it was never so bad. He always knew she’d be coming back home. Now, he wasn’t so sure. He believed with all his heart that she was out there somewhere alive. He just wasn’t quite so sure he’d ever see her again. The thought of never seeing his daughter, would have torn his heart in two under normal circumstances, but there was just a cold emptiness where his heart should have been. It felt as if he didn’t have a heart left to break.

Nancy tried to keep herself as busy as possible, hosting a numerous amount of parties and benefits for various charities. There was at least one party every week, and of course she was the planner. Organizing this and that, setting places at tables, deciding on invitations and who to invite. Picking out what kind of music that was to be played and what would be on the menu for the evening.

She had to. She had to keep herself constantly moving, constantly planning something, because if she didn’t, she would do what she did at night when it was time to stop moving. She would break down and cry.

When she wasn’t busy, she found herself sitting in Liz’s room, running her hand over her things, and touching the clothes that sat in her closet. Several times, she woke up with a dull headache, and found herself laying in Liz’s bed.

They had tried using Antarian powers to find their daughter. They had tried to use the dream walking power, but it was to no avail. When dream walking hadn’t turned up anything either, it had led many to believe the princess was dead. Something Nancy wasn’t ready to believe.


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AN: It's been a while since the last part, so I thought I'd give a new one. Still doesn't solve the mystery but we're almost there. Just be patient with me my little kiddies, and I'll give you what you want. *wink*

Part 14

Day after day passed, slowly turning into week after agonizing week. It had been awhile since they had learned of Liz’s disappearance, and they still knew nothing. They had no lead on her whereabouts. The only thing they knew for certain was that they were also missing a guard. He had gone missing on the same day as Liz, and they believed that his disappearance was in direct correlation to hers.

Joel Murphy from a small Idaho town. Upon further investigation, they learned that Joel Murphy, had disappeared from that small Idaho town, nearly two years ago. Nobody had seen or heard from him ever again. Not even his parents, who had searched for him until they ran out of money to search. Upon talking with these parents, they learned that Joel had hated the military and violence of any kind, according to his mother he never would have joined of his own free will.

In Jeffery Parker’s eyes, it meant only one thing. Joel Murphy was behind his daughter’s disappearance. His room, had been stripped and search, turning up nothing. All his clothes had been left behind, and there was nothing to suggest that he had planned on leaving.

Some of his friends told the King that he was probably onto something and had snuck aboard the ship in hopes of protecting the princess, they were willing to believe anything if it meant that their friend hadn’t betrayed his planet, his oath.

As the months passed by, it became harder and harder for everyone to believe that Liz was still alive. There had been no ransom note sent, nothing to indicate that she was out there somewhere living and breathing. The only people that still clung to that hope were, Maria, Kyle, Jeff, Nancy and Max. They desperately needed to believe that she was alive.

Max had traveled to Earth a week after he’d learned of Liz’s disappearance, unable to sit there and do nothing. Michael had accompanied him, but Michael too was losing hope, just as everyone on Antar was. Even Avana was slowly starting to believe that Liz was lost to them forever.

Slowly, months turned into years. They still hadn’t searched every possible place, and shortly before the third year, Antar withdrew from the search. It had created a rift between the two planets. King Jeffery was livid when his closest friend told him that he was taking back his troops. He was hurt beyond belief that Alezander wouldn’t help him search any longer, hurt that he didn’t believe Liz was alive.

Earth was barely holding on by a string. It’s trade with other planets had steadily been dropping. Jeffery concentrated most of his energy on finding his daughter, therefore most of the ships they had been using to trade, had been converted to ships for soldiers. He had lost all interest in Galaxy affairs, leaving his advisors and his brother-in-law James Valenti II, to run the planet. His soul purpose in life was to find his little girl.

He had been so nonchalant about her disappearance when Tessa had called him that day that he felt like kicking himself in the face. He felt that he deserved to be kicked in the face, for the way he had acted about it.

That ache he felt when she had been six and spent her first summer on Antar, had returned with a vengeance. He’d felt it every single time she left, up until she returned to him, but it was never so bad. He always knew she’d be coming back home. Now, he wasn’t so sure. He believed with all his heart that she was out there somewhere alive. He just wasn’t quite so sure he’d ever see her again. The thought of never seeing his daughter, would have torn his heart in two under normal circumstances, but there was just a cold emptiness where his heart should have been. It felt as if he didn’t have a heart left to break.

Nancy tried to keep herself as busy as possible, hosting a numerous amount of parties and benefits for various charities. There was at least one party every week, and of course she was the planner. Organizing this and that, setting places at tables, deciding on invitations and who to invite. Picking out what kind of music that was to be played and what would be on the menu for the evening.

She had to. She had to keep herself constantly moving, constantly planning something, because if she didn’t, she would do what she did at night when it was time to stop moving. She would break down and cry.

When she wasn’t busy, she found herself sitting in Liz’s room, running her hand over her things, and touching the clothes that sat in her closet. Several times, she woke up with a dull headache, and found herself laying in Liz’s bed.

They had tried using Antarian powers to find their daughter. They had tried to use the dream walking power, but it was to no avail. When dream walking hadn’t turned up anything either, it had led many to believe the princess was dead. Something Nancy wasn’t ready to believe.


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I've been working on the next part, but it's not coming along very well. *sad*
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AN: This was a pretty difficult part to write, it didn't come out the way that I wanted it to but whatever. A part is a part, right? So there's no confusion, Max is 18, Michael is 20 and Liz would be 17.

Part 15

Max leaned his head up against the wall and looked out the window. He sighed heavily as he watched the stars whiz by him, they were on their way to Antar’s closest neighboring planet to hunt and his mind was once again occupied with thoughts of Liz and her whereabouts. He felt a fierce need to find her, now more than ever. Even when she had first disappeared and he had liked her, his need to find her wasn’t as strong as it was now.

Back then he wasn’t worried about getting married. He thought they would find her, and then when he turned seventeen, they would follow Antarian tradition and marry. However, they never did find her. And when he reached the traditional age, his parents broached the subject. They were going to hold a ball for him, but he had some how managed to finagle his way out of that one and the subject had been dropped completely.

However, his parents were growing restless, he was eighteen and they wanted a wedding. They were not going to allow their son to become the first unwed king in the history of Antar. And so his mother had started organizing a ball, where he was to pick a bride for himself or if he refused, which he most certainly would, have one picked for him.

He was sure that most of the women at the ball would be beautiful. There wasn’t any doubt about that. And he was positive that they would be nice, but the thought of marrying a stranger was unsettling. And what was even more unsettling was marrying a strange woman when you knew that your betrothed bride was out there somewhere, alive. He knew in his heart that she was. Over the years, he had gradually come to believe that she had not been kidnaped but that she had run away. A belief that left him wallowing in his own guilt. Because if she had infact ran away, it was most likely because of him. Because of the way he had treated her the summer before she disappeared.

He knew it hadn’t always been perfect, and that most of the time he had been a complete ass toward her, but he would much rather marry Liz over some stranger any day. He was positive that something could have grown between them had she just showed up that summer.

He had to come up with a way to stop this ball. A way to stop his parents from ruining his life. Turning away from the window, Max rolled his head to the side and looked across the aisle to where Michael was sitting.

His cousin was twenty-years-old and still unwed, a feat in itself according to Max. “Michael?”

“Hmm?” He didn’t bother looking up from his book.

“Do you think you’ll ever get married?” Max asked seriously. Michael had started a trend on Antar, his refusal to marry when he turned 17 was global news and sparked something inside of every Antarian male. Throughout the years of the tradition there had been refusals, but they were usually looked over and ignored by the people. But a member of the royal family refusing to follow tradition was something that made people sit up and take notice.

“Probably.” There wasn’t a moment of hesitation in Michael’s response to Max’s question. Leading him to believe that there was someone that Michael wasn’t talking about.

“To whom?” Max asked curiously, raising an eyebrow.

Michael shrugged in response before raising his book to block his small smile. Max would find out about Maria when the time was right. Until then, Michael wasn’t going to volunteer any information. They had been dating on and off since he was sixteen-years-old. At the time, Max had been to absorbed in the search for Liz to notice anything, and it wasn’t until two years later that he started suspecting that Michael was seeing someone. Every so often, he wanted to tell Max, but he and Maria had decided to keep whatever was going on between them private. And with the exception of Amy, Jim, Kyle and Isabel, nobody knew of their relationship.

The time was drawing near. Maria had started hinting to him that she was ready for it. In truth he would have followed his planet’s tradition and married her when he turned 17, but at the time she had only been 15, and that was entirely too young to be getting married. He thought so, her mother thought so, and even Maria thought so. And so he had refused his people’s long standing tradition, opting to wait until she was a little older and ready.

“I know you’re seeing someone Michael.” Max told him bluntly. “And I’m going to find out who it is.”

Michael’s smile grew wider behind his book. “Uh huh. You do that Maxwell.”

At that moment a guard came into the tiny room in which they sat. “We’ve arrived.”

TBC! They mystery will be solved in the next part. I promise.

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Thanks calishali! I think I may have drove people away with the prolonged mystery.

Anyway, I hope that I can update soon. Between spending my spring break with my friends and working, I literally had NO free time to write last week. Hopefully, now that things are back to normal, I can get back into the swing of it. *wink*

Thanks again for the bump and for coming out of lurkdom!

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Author's Note

Yes, yes, I'm here. *happy* At the current moment, I Am, another fic of mine is what I'm focusing on. After I get it up to a certain point, I'll come back to this and it will become my focus for a few parts before I move on to the mob fic. I feel like a retard for forgetting the title of that one, it came from a reader and I can't seem to wrap my mind around the name. I'm constantly forgetting it. *sad*

Anyway, please be patient with me. I'll be back and I'll solve the mystery, I promise! I'm not going to let this one drop off into my permanently unfinished pile. *tongue*

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This is next on my list. *wink*
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I'm going to try to sit down sometime Monday night and write the next part. I'm not promising anything, but I am going to try. *happy*
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AN: I'm not particularly happy with this part, but it's better than nothing right?

Part 16

Stepping off of the ship and onto the planet Salix, Michael sighed. “Our powers don’t work here.” He informed Max. “Stay close, Maxwell.”

They were there to hunt, as they had been doing since shortly after Antar called off the search for Liz. Michael had suspicions that they were conducting their own search, without approval from the King, under the pretense of hunting. Max had never specifically said anything, but he rarely ever shot his weapon. He was always looking for prints or tracks, whether they were made by an animal or not was of no concern to Max. He followed them anyway, irritating Michael beyond belief by slipping away from him.

Rolling his eyes, Max turned his back on his cousin and looked around. Salix was entirely covered in fog, but in some places there were large patches where the fog was thin. He had instructed his pilot to land in one of them. And he and Michael would hunt until they reached the end of the large patch.


Twenty minutes later, Max found himself turning around in a slow circle calling Michael’s name. Somehow, they had gotten separated and Max had ended up in the thick patch of fog. When he tried back tracking, he found that he couldn’t tell where he had been. In the fog, everything looked the same.

“Michael!” He called through his cupped hands. “Michael! Where are you?”

Sighing, Max dropped his hands to his sides and looked around him dejectedly. He supposed that it really didn’t matter which direction he picked, seeing as how he was lost anyway. He turned to the right and started walking, and walking and walking until it seemed that he had walked forever. By now, the fog was so thick that when he stuck his hand out, it disappeared. “Michael?!”

When he received no answer, he started walking again, on impulse making a sharp left and gasping when his foot met with nothing but air. He tried to catch to catch himself, but it was too late, he was already tumbling. Out of shock, he remained silent as he tumbled down the hill, until he felt his ankle twist. That was just great, just what he needed! He wouldn’t be able to heal himself or anything.

He released a small grunt when he hit the bottom of the hill, and laid there for a couple seconds on his back, staring up at the blue sky.

Pushing himself up into a sitting position, he immediately pushed up his pant leg and felt his ankle. He could move it a little, so it wasn’t broken. He decided that it was just a sprain. He could deal with that later, when they were on the ship and away from this planet. That is, if he ever found the ship again.

He cupped his hands to his mouth again, intending to yell Michael’s name once more, but only got the M out once he looked up and realized where he was.

He had landed in a small circle of grass, above him he could see a blue sky, beside him was a moss-covered tree. And behind him, there was the small hill he’d fallen from, a light dusting of fog rolling off of the top of it where the fog was so thick he couldn’t see anything but white. Infront of him, there were two large moss-covered trees, with a fogless path in between them, while the other side there was fog.

He had never heard of there being a spot without fog on Salix. Nobody had ever mentioned it. Then again, not many Antarians visited the planet.

Carefully, Max got up from his spot and looked around, finding a large stick to help support his weight, and limping, he made his way over to the path.


The path was lined with trees, and on the outside of those trees, the thick blanket of fog began. He wondered why it wasn’t coming through the gaps between the trees.

Finally, the path came to an end, and he found himself standing infront of a huge lake. Its water was so clear that you could see to the bottom. And in the center of it, there was someone swimming. He could tell that it was a girl, even though he could only see the back of her head. He watched her swim to the shore on the other side of the lake and started to get out.

Noticing that she was naked, he averted his eyes. He planned on going over to this girl for help, and he didn’t want her thinking he was some sort of peeping tom pervert. When he looked back at her, she was leisurely towel drying her hair, and wearing a dress made out of a gauzy white material.

Its sleeves were split from the wrist all the way up to where the dress hung, just off her shoulders, hanging free at her sides as she raised her arms to dry her hair with the towel. He could see from where he was standing, that it hugged her curves like a second skin, until it got past her hips, where it flowed free and loose around her legs.

Finally, his eyes settled on her face, and it was then that it felt like someone had punched him in the chest and knocked all the wind out of his lungs. “Liz?” He whispered to himself, squinting his eyes as if it would improve his eyesight and magnify the face across the large lake.


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Okay, okay. That was pretty evil. So I've decided that because I've neglected this, and all of you, I'm going to give this a couple more parts before moving onto the next fic on my list.

I'll explain where she's been, what she's been up to, and all the questions you want to know, before I move on down to In the Light of Darkness. Sound cool to you guys?
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I'll try to get a part out this week. I've been really busy since I posted the last part. But I'll try for something this week. *happy* Thanks for the bumps! You guys are wonderful! *big*
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Part 17

She had noticed him the second that she turned around. His face was downcast, as if he was looking toward the ground, and even though she was startled by this man and his presence on her planet, she found herself thinking of him as a gentleman.

When she saw movement from him, she averted her eyes, pretending as though she hadn’t seen him, she leisurely bent down at the waist to pick up her towel and dry her hair with it. She could feel his eyes roaming her body, but she could tell it wasn’t a sexual thing.

The rational part of her brain was telling her that she should be afraid of this stranger. Her brother had told her story after story of people who had come to their home, strangers who had killed their parents and all of the other people. Strangers who burnt down the towns, leaving only one building standing. Her rational mind was telling her to run. Back to her home, back to Nikolai where she knew she would be safe and protected.

But something else inside of her, coming from some place that she couldn’t quite pinpoint, was telling her not to be afraid. Looking across the lake at the dark-haired man, she felt an odd sense of familiarity. And the look that he was giving her, it looked as if he knew who she was, but that was impossible. After the strangers were sure that everything and anything had been destroyed, they had left and never returned. For a year after hearing that horrible story, she lived in fear that someday they would. But Nikolai assured her that they wouldn’t.

Turning around, as if she hadn’t seen him, even though they both knew that she really had, she started to head into the woods that led the way home. A part of her knew she wasn’t to get very far, a part of her was hoping that he wouldn’t let her.

“Liz! Wait!” He shouted from across the lake, making her turn to look at him as he tried his best to hurry along the bank. It was obvious that he had a sprained ankle, and before she knew what she was doing she took a step toward him. She was going to go to him, that is until something shifted inside of her and she became angry. Why should she go to him?! Why couldn’t he come to her?!

She didn’t know where it was coming from, but she crossed her arms underneath her breasts and took on a bored stance as he slowly hobbled nearer to her.

“Liz!” He said again when he was close enough to her. “Thank god, I thought I’d never find you!”

She stared at him blankly, wondering who this man was and why he was calling her Liz. He seemed to believe that he knew her.

When she said nothing, he continued. “Your father, he’s still searching for you. Earth never gave up hope that they would find you Liz. And neither did I.”

Her eyes roamed over his handsome face. He had obviously fallen, was he delirious now? Hallucinating? “Who are you?” She asked him calmly, a puzzled look etching its way into her features.

He gave her a puzzled look of his own before replying. “Max. Prince Maxwell Evans of Antar. Don’t you remember?”

“Well, Prince Maxwell . . . I don’t know who you think I am, but I’m certainly not this Liz person you keep referring to.” She told him, in the same calm tone she had used before.


He briefly wondered if she was still upset with him. If she hated him that much that she would pretend she didn’t know who he was. Or maybe she truly didn’t? Maybe he had changed so much, that she didn’t recognize him?

“You’re not?” He asked, throughly confused. Wondering if she was playing games with him as he had done to her years before.

She shook her head and the damp brown waves swayed, momentarily catching his attention. Her hair had gotten longer.

Deciding to play along with whatever was going on, he cocked his head to the side and scratched his forehead. “Who are you then?”


She couldn’t help herself when she noticed how adorable he looked when he leaned his head to the side and scratched his forehead. Something about the movement triggered something in her. It seemed as though she had seen this same exact man, doing the same exact thing he had just done, many times. But she completely dismissed it. She had been on Salix all her life, ever since she could remember.

“Bethany Daventree of Salix.” She told him, extending her hand to him and curtseying when he took it and raised it to his lips. A jolt of electricity passed through her hand where his lips connected with her knuckles, and another where his fingers held hers. It felt familiar, like she had felt it before. But she couldn’t remember where. It never happened when Nikolai touched her. Maybe she had felt it when she had been a baby and her parents touched her, before they died.


Looking at her, he could tell that she really believed her name to be Bethany. “Tell me Bethany, have you lived on Salix all your life?”

She nodded the confirmation, and he sighed. He could tell she truly believed that too. She wasn’t just messing around with him or trying to play games. She was serious.

Now it's time for work on In the Light of Darkness.*tongue*
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Thanks so much for the bumps and what not! I realize that I left this fic and all of you hanging, but have no fear, because I will finish it!

I'm not exactly sure when I'll get the next part out, because I have this horrible block and the only ideas that are coming through it are ideas for my other fic, BREAKAWAY. So I'm not making any promises on updates any time soon, but I can promise that I'll try my hardest to get something out! *wink*

Once again, I'm sorry I let it go this long without being updated!
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OH MY GOD IT'S A MIRACLE! I'm still alive, and back to writing, and with an update for this story no less! I really hope that people haven't forgotten about me, or about this story! I know the updates aren't coming as fast as some of you would like, but at least they're coming right?

Thank you SO much for all the constant bumps that you guys have done from May 2002 to August 2002! That's a really long time to go without an update, I know this. But you guys held out hope that you'd get one for all those months, and now here it is, September of the same year. It's not much, but at least it's something right?

This part is dedicated to all of the readers who bumped this fic and missed this fic when I wasn't working on it. But it is most especially dedicated to Abby or abbs007. It was when I was catching up on all the parts that I had missed to her fic UNDERCOVER, that I got inspired to work on this again. I can't say why, but that's when the inspiration hit, so thank you Abby!

Part 18

He shifted his weight, momentarily forgetting that his ankle had been sprained in the fall, and let out a small grunt of pain as he teetered forward slightly. Grasping his stick tighter in his hand, he immediately shifted his weight back onto his good foot and closed his eyes against the pain that shot up from his ankle.

"You're hurt." She observed with concern. When he had come toward her from across the lake, she knew that he had been injured. The slight limp and the walking stick were a dead give away, but seeing it hadn't gotten to her as the admission of pain had. Somehow hearing him grunt in pain made it all the more obvious, and more alarming.

"I'm fine." He said, opening his eyes again to look at her. He offered her a small, but weak smile before standing up a little straighter. "Don't worry about it."

Taking his forearm into her small hand, she led him over to a large, flat moss-covered rock and helped him to sit down on it. "Nonsense, you aren't fine. You've sprained your ankle."

"It's nothing that hasn't happened before." He told her, reaching down to cover her small hands with his as she tried to push up his pant leg. "Of course, then I could always reach down and heal it with my own hands. I can't on this planet."

"Heal it? With your hands?" She asked, looking up from the spot infront of him where she sat on her knees, her hands still gripping the hem of his pant leg.

"You know . . . " He told her, removing one of his hands and waving it in the air beside him. She looked at it in confusion as it waved back and forth in the air. ". . .That's right, you don't. I forgot."

"Forgot what?" She asked, pushing his other hand away and returning to her task of checking out his foot.

He tried to ignore the pain that her little fingers were causing as they pressed against his tender, bruised flesh. "I forgot that you're Bethany Daventree of Salix."

"Oh." She answered quietly, letting her eyes drift back up toward his. They were so familiar, and such a pretty color. She must have dreamed of a person with the same color eyes. It was the only way she could explain the feeling that she had seen them before. Because, she most certainly hadn't. The only eyes she had ever seen, besides her own, belonged to Nikolai. "Your ankle is definitely sprained."

Breaking the eye contact, she pushed herself up off of the ground. "I have some ointment at my home that will help you with the pain." She told him as she reached out to help him up. He took her hand and she felt that shock again when their hands touched, that spark of energy that jumped from his skin to hers. She released him immediately, watching him fall back onto the rock.

"Oh!" She exclaimed as she brought her hand up to her mouth to bite on her fingernail nervously. "I can't take you there! Nikolai is home."

"Nikolai?" Max asked curiously.

"My brother." She explained. "He doesn't like strangers coming to Salix. He would be furious with me if I showed you the way to our home."

She paced infront of him for a few moments while he sat on the rock, lost in thought. Who was Nikolai? He was vaguely aware from the murmur of her voice that she was speaking. Shaking his head he tried to push back his thoughts and suspicions long enough to listen to what she was saying.

". . .I can take you there." She said definitively, reaching out hesitantly to help him up off the rock. "He never goes there."


They must have walked a whole mile before they reached the place Liz had been babbling about at the lake. He was surprised to find himself staring a pile of charred ruins. There was no roof on the old stone building before him. One side had completely crumbled, the blackened marble stair case still stood, but there was no second floor on the building anymore. The stone steps leading up to the veranda were crumbled in some spots, and still in good form in others. Only one charred column still stood, vines growing up it, and moss coating the walls of the stone building.

"What is this place?" He asked, peering into one of the spots where a window once was.

"The ruins." Liz answered quietly. "Nikolai says that this is a sacred place. The leaders of our people lived here long ago, before the strangers came to our planet and killed them and set fire to everything. This shell of a building is the only thing that's left of our people and our heritage. Aside from Nikolai and me of course."

"Salix was invaded?" Max asked trying to sound intrigued, knowing full well that it wasn't. Salix had been abandoned. Nobody had wanted to live there because of the fog. It could have been quite possible that someone had tried, and thus the reason he was standing infront of a ruined house that over time had deteriorated, but there had been no people to invade and kill. No villages to pillage and destroy.

"Yes." She said quietly, staring at the building before them. "When I was just a baby. My parents were killed."

"How awful." He told her, trying his best to sound sincere. Her parents had not been killed when she was a baby. They were alive and well on the planet Earth. If he wanted to gain her trust, he was going to have to play along with her amnesia, at least until he found Michael again. He was going to have to find a way to get her onto his ship as well and he feared that her attachment to Nikolai, the man who was masquerading as her brother, would make that a difficult task to accomplish.

She made him as comfortable as she possibly could before setting off for home to retrieve the ointment. Hoping that Nikolai wouldn't question why she was taking it out of the house. She couldn't tell him that there was a hurt stranger sitting pretty at the sacred building. He would be furious with her! She thought a few moments on what she could tell him that would satisfy his curiosity before finally settling on a bird with a broken wing. He would shake his head at her and tell her what a big heart she had for always helping the hurt animals of their planet.


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