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Title: I'm nobody without someone like you.
Author: Maxcin
Rating: PG? Maybe a little higher, not sure
Category: A little of everyone, but mainly about how Max and Liz get back together. Then happy stuff.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Because if I had any investment in this show I would hope that I could do a little better pleasing the fans of this show...anyway.

Summary: Max's recalls life and losses, including his friends and his soulmate. Then how the dream couple get back together.

Author's Note: This is my absolute first fanfic!! I am not a writer at all. Had this idea that I couldn't get rid of, so if this totally sucks I'm giving you fair warning now. The song used is "Nobody Knows" by the Toni Rich Project. I think it fit really well when M/L weren't toghether after EOTW stuff. Anyway if you haven't heard the song you should find it and listen to it, its a great song.

Possible Spoilers: None
Feedback: Yeah, I would love some.

Side note: I started this fic a very long time ago, and for days all I could do was write... then BAM!! nothing, nada. Couldn't come up with anything, so now I can totally appreciate what it means to have writers block. I really apoligize if I left anyone hanging, I totally hate it when that happens. So again sorry. I can't promise how much more of this will get written but I have to go with what I have. So for now I'm going to repost what I prevouisly wrote (pts 1-9) and go from there.


Out in the quiet desert of Nevada ther sat a small rustic house. If you didn't know the person that lived there you would have never known it exsisted. The owner of this house intened it to be that way. He was a quiet reclusive man of about 30. He kept to himself, did his job...did what needed to be done, and just exsisted. That man is Max Evans.

After several failed attempts to hold everything together in Roswell Max decided to leave. Isabel had chose to go off to Max didn't feel like he could protect her. Michael, well we all know how Michael is, no matter what Michael did he would be his own man and do as he Max didn't feel like he could protect him. Then there was Tess who had become entirely devoted to Kyle( yeah, scrap the whole destiny thing)and chose to live a semi normal life with him in Max didn't feel like he could protect them. Now comes the really tough part, the humans. Alex had went back to Sweden with a study abroad program to finish his college courses, this was fine because Alex was always the least of Max's worries. Maria, well we all know how Maria is. She just pretty much hung around Roswell to pursue her on again off again relationship with Spaceboy while attending college locally. Which brings us to the biggy, Liz. After the whole Kyle sutuation things cooled off between Max and Liz. Eventually they started their friendship again, but that was it. Max often wanted more, who was he kidding, he ALWAYS wanted more, she was his freakin soulmate for crying out loud. He never pushed it, he new Liz would not let them go back to what they had before. Max didn't exactly know why either, but he excepted the just being friends if thats all he could have. Well Liz still wanted to study science, so she was going off to college also. It killed Max when she told him she would be leaving for Stanford, but Max knew he couldn't make her stay, he didn't hold that kind of clout with her he didn't feel like he could protect her.

With that were back to Max. Having all this turmoil of not being able to protect everyone he decided to do something with his life that could still help...he would join the FBI!! With the help of Sherrif Valenti he was able to get into the right programs, after a couple of years he got to go where he thought he would do the most good...Area 51 in Nevada. Being world famous for top sectret issues,and alien conspiracy stories Max thought this would be the place to accomplish his goal.

Thus bringing us back to the old rustic house. Max made the move to Nevada for his new position with the FBI. Here he is able to keep and eye on any weird alien things or suspicous projects that might come up. He does his job...does what needs to be done and just exsisted. Doing this made Max feel like he could try and protect everyone. This made him content with life. Content, not happy, big difference. The only thing that would make him truly happy is if his soulmate was there by his side, in that small rustic house....

Part 1
Today was no different than any other for Max. Get up, go to work, come home, eat, lie in bed thinking about the past...Liz, sleep.

***** Wish I had told her how I felt
Maybe she would be here right now
But instead....

I pretend that I'm glad you went away
These four walls closing more everyday
Now I'm dying inside and nobody knows
it but me.*****

Everyday he had the same routine, this kept things simple. Max always went to the same grocery story, always bought gas at the same filling station. He had just enough friends for outward appearances. He never allowed anyone to get to close or learn to much. That would be to risky. Besides no one would ever know him like his real friends or..Liz. Max never really got over her, he just lived life and went on.

*****Like a clown I put on a show
Pain is real even if nobody knows
And now I'm crying inside and nobody
knows it but me.*****

For the most part Max kept in touch with everyone, usually by phone. He rarely visited Roswell in person anymore. As time passed the 8 friends grew further and further apart, until the loss of one of their own brought them back together.
Max could never forget the day that Michael called to tell him Alex had died. He had been in a bad car accident and didn't survive. No one else was able to call because it was still to raw, unbearable to speak of. So there they were, the 7 friends and parents of Alex Whitman's funeral in Roswell. They all spent the night catching up on each others lives. Maria and Michael finally gave up and got married, so had Kyel and Tess. Suprisingly both couples had eloped. Isabel had become a writer(the sci-fi stuff she came up with about aliens sold like hot cakes)of fiction novels. Liz worked as a scientist in a research lab in southern California. Soon the 7 went their seperate ways, back to there lives of before, to try and start the healing process.

*****Why didn't I say the things I needed to say
How could I let my angel get away
Now my world is just tumblin down
I can say it so clearly but your no where
The nights are lonely the days are so sad
and I just keep thinking about the love that
we had, and now I'm missing you and nobody
knows it but me.
I carry a smile when I'm broken in two
And I'm nobody without someone like you
I'm trembling inside and nobody knows it
but me.*****

This night like many others Max lie in bed...thinking of the life he used to have when things were different. When things were simple, so to speak. He would lay there and recall the time he saw Liz and new instantly that there was something there that was meant to be, or when he got the vision of Liz in her cupcake dress. He would remember how they would just sit on her balcony together staring up to the sky and the stars above.
This night like all the others he would relive all these memories in his head to try an hold on to a piece of that happiness he once new. He would think about it until he found tears in his eyes telling him what would not be.

*****Lie awake, its a quarter past three
I'm screaming at night if I thought you'd
hear me. Yeah my heart is calling you and
nobody knows it but me.
How blue could I get, you could ask my
heart, but like a jigsaw puzzle its been torn
all apart.*****

Each day he would try to think of ways to bring some resemblence of his old life back, including Liz. Max didn't wat to be content, he wanted to be happy....with Liz.

*****Million words couldn't say just how I
feel, A million years from now you know I'll
be loving you still...
The nights are lonely the days are so sad
and I just keep thinking about the love that
we had, and I'm missing you and nobody knows
it but me.*****

After living this way for to long Max decided something had to give. He had nothing to lose. Max made a choice that would change his life, for the better or for the worse. He was going to see...Liz. He would tell her everything he had been feeling all these years, and hope that just maybe she felt the same way. What did he have to lose? Nothing he had already lost it all....

*****Tommorrow morning I'm hitting the dusty
road, going to find you wherever, ever you
might go and I'm going to unload my heart
and hope you come back to me...
Just say when the nights are lonely
since you been gone away
said I been missing you babe
I always thought that you'd be right by my
The nights are lonely the days are so sad and
I just keep thinking about the love that we

Authors Note: This story will change a little from being so sad to being a hopefull reunion of our favorite dreamer couple. Any ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Part 2

The next day Max woke up still tired. This was not unusual because he rearely got a good nights sleep with thoughts of the past running wild in his head. Max lay in bed for a long time after he woke trying to devise a plan of action. This plan was all about getting Liz back in his life. Max was a man on a mission. Nothing would stop him from accomplishing his goal, except....Liz.

As Max' day passed he plotted out his strategy. He decided the best way to reach Liz would be to drive there instead of flying. This was mostly for his own benefit so that he could have this time to think. Max knew he had to think things out clearly and rationaly so he didn't screw anything up. So yes the long road trip would definately be the best way to do this.

First things first, he would plan his trip. As he started pulling up maps on his computer a thought hit him like someone had just smacked him upside the head, " I don't know where exactly it is that Liz lives." (Now this might sound crazy, yeah right Max doesn't know where the love of his life Liz Parker lives. But when your in denial and running from the pain the less you know the easier it is). Max knew that Liz lived in southern California, after she finished college at Stanford she had moved to S. California to work at a new research lab. This was about all the info Max had got from Liz when they talked at Alex' funeral. Since this is the day and age of the information super highway Max saved his maps and went back to a search engine to see if Liz was listed online. After a couple of minutes he had found it.

Elizabeth Parker
2014 Johns Bay
Del Mar, CA 62198
(555) 789-1283

He crossed checked the telephone number with the one he had to make sure that this was his Liz Parker. After confirming that it was correct Max resumed his map search to get directions. While looking at the maps he silently wished he could also find directions on how to tell someone after so man years that your still completely in love with them, that there isn't a night that goes by that you don't dream about holding her in your arms again, that you still keep pictures of the two of you on your night stand. Unfortunatly there are no such directions.

When all his research was done he started packing and getting the house ready for the trip away. He didn't know how long he would be gone, so Max made sure he would have everything he needed in his big duffle bag. Next he would make the short trip to Rachel, (which is the closest town to Area 51) to get "Bob" an oil change and tune up. (Now I know your saying how in the world after all these years is Bob still around? Well after some repairs and a new engine the infamous Jeep has stuck through it all with Max.)

The next day was when he would leave. Max decided he would work part of the day, this so he could let his boss know he would be away for a while. Since there were no special projects going on right now it would be easy for Max to get some time off. As Max headed in to town to get Bob worked on he started thinking about what this meeting with Liz would be like. Would she be happy to see him? Would she be mad? After running these different thoughts through his mind he decided he needed some advice. While waiting for Bob to get finished he pulled out his cell phone to make a call.


"Hi Maria, its Max"

Max knew the best person to speak to about Liz would be her best friend. Even though Liz and Maria didn't see eachother a lot anymore they still talked all the time. And they were as close as ever.

"Hey Max, how are you?"

"I'm fine, hows everything back in Roswell?"

"Pretty much the same, everybody is doing good."

"Oh well thats good to hear"

After listening to Max ramble on trying to make small talk Maria knew something was up.

"Okay Max spill it, what are you really calling for?"

Max a little caught off guard by this proceeds to keep things calm for a moment. He knows once she finds out why he's really calling she is going to flip.

"I'm hurt, are you saying I can't just call a friend to see how she's doing?"

"Cut the crap Max, theres only two reasons why you call, one is when it is a holiday or someones birthday. Or two when somethings wrong. Since its neither a holiday or my birthday...Oh god Max is something wrong, is someone after us!!! OH GOD! OH GOD!

"Maria!! Calm down. Nothing is wrong, don't worry were all completely safe. Thats not why I'm calling."

Maria who is now trying to come down from her almost full blown panic attack asks Max "Then what is it?"

"It's Liz"

"What about Liz?"

"Maria I'm going to see her."

"Oh that should be nice, you two haven't seen each other in a while."

With a sigh Max says "yeah I hope so".

"Max why do I get the feeling theres more to this?"

"Because there is Maria."

"I'm going to see Liz because I want her back in my life, for good."

On the other end of the line there is complete silence.

"Maria!! Are you still there?"

"Yeah, I'm still here."

"Well say something please."

"Why are you doing this Max?"

"Because all these years I've been utterly miserable, I still love her, I never stopped. And I've finally accepted that I can't live without her."

"I'm sorry Max I just don't think this is a good idea."

"I don't understand Maria, when we were all still in Roswell you were the biggest supporter of our relationship."

"Max I still would be if we were all still back in Roswell with things the way they used to be. A lot has changed since then though. Max were all different people now, including Liz."

"Thats true, but my feelings for her have never changed."

"Well it's obvious that I'm not going to be able to talk you out of this. But Max, I SWEAR TO GOD!!! If you hurt her I will personally hunt you down and beat the crap out of you. Is that clear?"

"Maria you know I would never hurt Liz on purpose."

"I know Max, but none of the pain any of us have went through has been on purpose."

"I know...I know. All I want more than anything is to take everyone's pain away."

Someday Max, I think we'll all be just fine."

"I hope so."
"Maria I have one more question."


"Well when I get there I don't want to cause a scene or anything. I want to be totally prepared, so what I guess I'm there anyone else in her life right now?"

"Ooh Max"
"How can you ask that, you know that your the only man Liz has ever felt that way about."

"Thanks Maria, well I have to run now."



"Be carefull, with the trip and with your hearts."

"I'm going to do my best."

"Okay, bye Max."
"Bye Maria"

When they both hung up Maria decided she needed to call Liz and give her fair warning for what was about to happen.

After Max' Jeep was done he headed home. When Max had finished getting ready he decided he had to make one more Liz. He wanted to let her know that he was coming for a visit. So Max got ready for bed. Once in bed he picked up the phone and dialed he number...

Ring 1
Ring 2
Ring 3
Ring 4
"Hi this is Liz, I can't come to the phone right now, but if you leave a message I'll get back with you as soon as I can".......

Part 3

Authors note: Thanks for the feedback, its a real motivator to write more. The song in this part is Dido, "Honestly Ok".

"Great", the answering machine, Max thought to himself. It had taken him long enough to work up the nerve to call her in the first place and now he gets a recording. Max silently debated wether or not to leave a message. Well, he would have to leave a message because he wasn't going back on his decision to go see Liz, but he didn' think it would be right to show up unannounced. So he chose to leave a short and simple message. He surely wasn't going to spill his guts to a machine, no he would wait to do that in person.

"Um...Hi Liz its Max, well I guess your not home since I got your machine, gosh...I really hate talking to these things. Anyway I'm calling because I need to talk to you...but not on the phone. I have some very important things to tell you, so I'll be coming to Del Mar. I should be there sometime tommorrow evening. I guess I'll see you then. Bye".

When Max hung up the phone he lay back in his bed with a sigh. Tommorrow was going to be a very bid day for Max and he was starting to get nervous. He turned out his light and was going to try and get some sleep. This night would be no different from the others. As he lay there in the dark the thoughts started to creep into his mind. This time most of his thoughts were focused on the monumental trip that would come the next day. Max kept replaying the conversation he had with Maria earlier. One line in particular,
"But Max, I swear to god if you hurt her, I will personally hunt you down and beat the crap out of you. Is that clear"?
Max had to let out a small laugh at the thought of this. Here he was the " Fearless leader", a freakin king of another planet and Maria Deluca was threating him. The thing is, it did actually scare him. Hell Maria is the last person you want to piss off, she could put the fear of God in anyone, king or not. All joking aside, Max did take this comment very serious. The last thing he would ever want is for Liz to get hurt. He would rather die than to see her in pain. As the thoughts and visions started to slow soon Max fell asleep.

**********I just want to feel safe in my own skin,
I just want to be happy again
I just want to feel deep in my own world
but I'm so lonely I don't even want to be with
myself anymore
on a differnet day, if I was safe in my own skin,
then I wouldn't feel lost and so frightened
but this is today and I'm lost in my own skin
and I'm so lonely I don't even want to be with
myself anymore
I just want to feel safe in my own skin, I just
want to be happy again***************************

The next morning came rather quickly. Max got up and started getting ready for work. After he showered and dressed he started packing up the Jeep. After everything was situated he left for work. Once he arrived he went straight to his bosses office. He explained to him that he needed to take some personal time off. His boss had worked with him long enough to know what a private person Max was. So it would do no good to ask why. After everything was settled Max went to his office to finish up the work he had currently been keeping himself busy with. Max finally checked the time, he saw that it was almost 1:00 p.m. It was time to leave.

Hitting the road Max only had to make one stop before he got started, which was for gas and something to drink. Once this was done he had nothing stopping him. He made sure he had all of his maps and then pulled out on the highway.

The drive was long, Max thought he would never get there. This brought a grin to his face when he recalled the times when Liz, Maria and himself would be driving somewhere and simultaneously they would both say "Are we there yet". It was like they dad telepathy or something. Before he knew it Max was in San Bernardino, "Not far now Liz". With only about two hours left Max was a mess. Over and over in his head he would play different scenerios of how tonights events would play out.

"Liz, I love you, and we have to be together"
"Okay Max, your right, when do we get married?"

For some reason Max knew it wasn't going to be that easy.

"Liz, your the love of my life, and I can't
live without you."
"Well Max you've done fine all this years without
me, so go to hell."

Max really hoped this scenerio didn't play out. So max turned up the radio and tried to drawn out these thoughts for the rest of the trip. Soon he passed a sign that said "Welcome to Del Mar".

At the same time across town Liz is just walking in her house. She had been gone for a couple of days a a research conference. As she entered her house she sat her mail on the kitchen table a took her bags to her bedroom. When she was done putting her stuff away she walked around opening a couple of windows and the doors that led out the balcony off of her room. As she stood out on her balcony Liz watched as the waves crashed on the rocks below. Liz could just stay there for hours watching the ocean. She felt lucky, she had her dream job that allowed her to have her dream house right on the water, she had great friends. Liz had everything she wanted....almost. Before she got herself carried away with these thoughts she went inside to rummage through her mail and check her messages.

As she entered the kitchen she picked up her stack of mail, "junk","bill", "bill", "junk", pretty much the same stuff she got every time. Liz then walked over to the answering machine where she saw the red flashing light. She hit play....

"Hey chica! Its Maria, anyway you soooo need to
call me the minute you get home. Bye."

Liz hit the delete button while wondering what had Maria so freaked out.

"Hi Ms. Parker this is AT&T seeing if you would
like to switch long distance providers."

Delete, "boring".

"Um...Hi Liz its Max, well I guess your not home
since I got your machine".

Liz listened to the rest of the message and wondered what was so important that Max had to come and see her.

"Hey its me again, girl where are you at, call
me as soon as you get in. This is so important,

She was just about to pick up the phone to call Maria when the doorbell rang. Liz thought to herself "who is here at this time of night"? She had already started getting a strange feeling before the door was even open. She then looked at the person standing in front of her..."Max".

Max had been sitting outside her house for a few minutes trying to work up the courage to go to the door. It was late and he had thought about waiting until tommorrow. "no" there was no turning back now. He mad it to the door, rang the bell, then stood there holding his breath. The door opened and he heard Liz say his name. After he remembered to start breathing again all he could do is say "Hi Liz".......
Part 4

Authors note: This part is kinda short, but it hard writing reunion scenes. Since this is my first fic I have gained a whole new respect for you guys that do this all the time. I've also found that feedback is addictive, so here we go with part 4

They just stood there for several minutes looking at eachother. Max finally ended the staring contest and said:

"Can I come in?"

Liz stepped aside and let Max enter. She closed the door and followed him into the house.

"So...whats going on Max, your message sounded urgent. Is anything wrong?"

"No, nothings wrong, well yes something is wrong."

"What is it Max?"

"Its me, I mean its us, God I don't know what it is Liz."

Liz watched as Max started pacing around her living room. She remembered how when they were younger Max would pace around like this when he was nervous or scared.

"Max sit down your starting to worry me."

As he made his way to the couch he was also taking in his surroundings. Everything was so...Liz. From the soft lighting to the earthy color scheme. It was so calm and so organized. Just like Liz had always been.

"Your house is really great. How long have you lived here?"
"About 4 years."
"It's so you Liz."
"Yeah, its home."

That last remark stuck in his mind.."yeah, its home". To Max anywhere that Liz was, was home. At that moment he realized that was something else he had been missing. Since the day he left Roswell...and Liz, he never really had a "home". Hopefully that would all change soon.

"Max I'm glad you like my house, but I don't think thats what you came to talk about. What do you mean theres something wrong with you...or us?"

"Well that is kinda what I'm here to talk about. You, your home, your life, my life.....Are you happy Liz?"

"Yes, I guess I am Max."

"No Liz are you really happy? No hold on Liz, let me ask you this, think back over your entire life. Tell me what was the happiest day of your life."

Liz was speechless, she wondered where Max was headed with this. And that question, of all the things he could ask her, he asked her that. Without much thought she immediately knew the answer. The happiest day of her life was the day she had the flash. The day she really and truly had seen how Max saw her and felt about her. It was no monumental event or huge material item someone had given her, but an emotion. A simple emotion of seeing how the only person she has ever loved really felt about her. And that was the happiest day of her life.

Before she could even speak she could feel the tears start to build in her eyes. She had to turn away from Max. Liz had worked to hard all these years trying to bury these emotions away, pretend like they didn't exsist. She wasn't going to break down in front of Max because of one little question. After regaining some of her composure she turned back to face Max. Liz started biting her lower lip, which didn't go unnoticed by Max. He remembered how she would do that when she was nervous or scared. Max wondered why Liz would feel this way, was it maybe because of the same reasons he was? He hoped so.

"Max I don't understand what the relevance of this is. Yes I'm happy.....I have my dream job, a beautiful home, and great friends. I'm content with life."

There was that word again...Max was really starting to get hopefull over that one word.."content". To him it meant he might be able to get through to Liz.

"Do you want to know what the happiest day of my life was?"

Liz was really nervous now.

"That day for me was the day we connected and was able to see how you really felt about me. I never thought anyone would feel that way about me, but you did. And that was the happiest day of my life."

It was over for Liz now, as a single tear rolled down her cheek, everything came flooding back....

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Part 5

Thanks for the feedback, it really keeps me going, so the more the merrier.

"Liz I've come here for you. I finally given up after all these years. I realized that no matter what I do I can't go on without you."

Liz stood there trying to soak it all in. She was just trying to keep it together. At the same time she was grasping how truly connected Max and her had always been. The fact that they had both experienced this amazing moment. Yet seperately it was the happiest day of there lives. Liz wasn't sure if she should tell Max about her flash being the answer to his question. She was afraid of where her response would lead this conversation.
Max noticed Liz' silence, and when he saw the tears running down her face he couldn't help but feel concerned.

"Liz what is it? I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you."

"It's okay um..just brings back a lot of old memories."

"I never would do anything to hurt you, but these feelings, these memories are just really important, and...well its killing me Liz. I don't want to cause you any pain, but I need to fix this. I need your help Liz and I think you need mine. If you can honestly answer my question and it has nothing to do with me or our life back in Roswell I'll accept that, I'll leave. I will try to figure out another way to find my peace."

Liz still wasn't sure how to respond to all of this. She had spent so much time pushing Max away after her visit from the future version of him. She knew exactly what he meant when he said "it was killing him". Every single day since future Max disappeared from her balcony she had felt like a little piece of her heart was dying. Liz thought that after all this time she had finally moved on. Who was she kidding, she knew that it had all been a lie. Convincing herself that so she could try to lead a semi normal life. Here she was standing in front of Max Evans desperately wanting to tell him everything, especially that she still loved him. But she still didn't know what affect it would have on the future. Liz was pretty sure she had changed the course of events that would have happened, but she couldn't risk it now. She was at her breaking point though. She didn't know how much longer she would last here with Max like this. So she had to end this now.

"Max I don't think I'm your answer. It's late and I have to get up early. You can stay and we can visit more tommorrow."

Max could tell that Liz was shutting him out. Just like she had all those years before. He could understand looking back and seeing a couple of 17 year olds acting this way, but they were adults now. Max couldn't or wouldn't let this happen all over again. They had gone through to much and came to far to let it end like this.

"No!! I don't accept that Liz. Your pushing me away now. Like you did when we were teenagers, and I won't let you do it this time."


"Why are you pushing me away Liz? Why?"

"Because you asked me to....."

And with that Liz got up and went to her room. She went out on her balcony and began to sob. Max was right she was pushing him away, and he was right, it did have to stop.
In the other room Max just sat there. He could here Liz through the open windows. It was breaking his heart even more. He wanted to go to her and comfort her, but he knew that would do no good right now. No, she would come to him when she was ready. So he would wait for her, he would wait for her forever...
While sitting there on the couch Max noticed the pictures above her fireplace. He stood and went over to were the pictures were, the first one he saw was of Liz and her parents at her graduation, then there was one of the Alex, Maria, and Liz. As he moved on he saw more pictures of the old gang and some of the new friends she had made. Then Max came to the last picture on the mantle, it was the picture from prom night, the one of the whole group. Max remembered how that was the last night they had spent 'together' before their lives had changed so much. Max couldn't get how much Liz still looked the same, young and beautiful.
Max stood there and he realized he hadn't heard anything from Liz in a while, he wanted to wait for her to come to him, but he couldn't. So he slowly proceeded to the room he saw her enter, he assumed this was her bedroom. The door was cracked, he peeked in and didn't see anything, so he pushed the door open and went in. As he entered he looked around and didn't see Liz anywhere. Max was about to panic when his eyes landed on the open balcony doors...'Liz must be out there'. Making his way to the open doors he called for her.


Before he could make it any farther something caught his eye. He looked towards her bed and saw the light glaring off an object on her nightstand. When he got about a foot away he saw it clearly...another picture. Not just any picture, a picture of the two of them together, the same one Max kept on his nightstand. But as if being woke up from a trance Max was jolted back to reality by the sound of Liz' voice.


He turned to look at her, and when she realized what Max had been looking at she got an embarresed look on her face. Max saw this and wanted to reassure her.

"Liz, it's okay, I have the same picture on my nightstand to."
"You do?"
"Yeah I keep it there to remind me of the better times in my life."

Almost in a whisper Liz said " to."

"Max your right I have been pushing you away and it's going to stop tonight. There are things I need to tell you, I don't know what will happen after, but I can't do this anymore."

With that Liz motioned for Max to follow her out onto the balcony. When Max walked out there he was surprised by how much it reminded him of the one Liz had in Roswell. From the lights strung around, to the candles, and the chair she kept here, well he could swear it was the same one. The view was different, definitely better here, but so much was the same.

"Liz is that the same..."
"Yes, that area was always my haven in Roswell, my safe place. When I came out here I had to bring it with me. I guess my security blanket so to speak."

Liz led Max over to sit down like she had so many times before in the past. What really surprised Max was that she sat down with him. Liz sat in front of him on the chair and leaned back against his chest. Like an instinct Max wrapped his arms around her. And with that Liz began..

"Do you remember the night you came over to take me to the Gomez concert................"
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Part 6

Authors note: Thanks for the feedback

Max sat there listening to Liz recall the story of her visit from future Max. He had a hundred different emotions running through him. Sadness because she had to face this alone, anger because the future version of himself would do that to her. Most of all though he felt love, that Liz would sacrifice everything for all of them. Just because he asked her to. After Liz was finished Max didn't know what to say. What do you say to someone who gave up everything, to save you, to save the world? He didn't have to say anything though because Liz spoke first...

"That's it Max that's everything. This is why I've pushed you away for so long. So where do we go from here?"

"I don't know where we go from here, but I do know that we'll go there together."

"I'm so tired Max, tired of all these lies I've been living. It's like a million pounds have been lifted off my shoulders."

"It's over now, you'll never be left to bear any burdens alone again. From now until forever I'll be right here with you......Rest now, we'll talk more tommorrow."

With that Max picked up the blanket that Liz kept next to the chair and covered them both up. Within moments he could tell that Liz was asleep. This night neither of them would fight for sleep, for all their demons had been released. Now they could both sleep peacefully knowing that the morning would bring the start of a new life....together..........

Part 7

Max started to stir as the cool ocean breeze started to blow over his face. As the sleeping state he was in started to wear off Max realized that he was alone. Max' worse fear was that Liz had run away from him, but something in his mind told him that wasn't the case. As he looked around at his surroundings he saw that he was completely covered by the blanket they had shared the night before. It was tucked under his chin and tightly snuggled under his arms. A smile crossed his lips as he thought 'Liz'. As he started to move he lifted his arms to stretch, when he did he heard the crumple of paper. Max lifted the blanket to see a folded piece of paper laying on his chest. He picked up the paper and opened it up. It was a note from Liz....

"Dear Max,
I'm sorry I had to leave, but I have a very important meeting this morning that I couldn't miss. I was going to wake you but you looked to peaceful. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I'll be home after my meeting which should be done about 10:00. I'll see you then.
Love, Liz"

Max' heart skipped a beat, he had to do a double take of the closing line 'love, Liz'. Yep, thats what it said. They hadn't really brought it up in their conversation last night, having so many other things to discuss. But now Max was the happiest guy in the universe. Just because Liz had signed her note with 'love'.

He was giddy, like when they were younger and Liz would do something like this. Amidst his thoughts it dawned on him 'what time is it'? Max looked down at his watch and saw that it was 9:30. He couldn't beleive that he had slept that late, it's been years since Max woke up at that time. More importantly though was the fact that Liz would be home soon. He couldn't wait to spend the day with her, hell the rest of his life. Max had to hurry, he decided to make Liz lunch since he was sure she couldn't have had time to eat before she left this morning. First though he was in serious need of a shower. So he went to the Jeep and gathered his things, then took his shower. When the shower was done Max went scurring around the kitchen getting things ready. He was looking through cabinets, pulling out cans, rumaging in the frig, getting this and that. He was so busy fixing lunch that he didn't hear the door open.

Liz walked into the house surprised to see Max running around the kitchen.

"Max, what are you doing?"
"Oh, I didn't hear you come in. I'm fixing lunch."
"Well you know I didn't think you got a chance to eat before you left so I thought I'd fix something for us."
"You didn't have to do that Max."
"I know but I wanted to...Why don't you go change, or take a shower, it'll be ready in about ten minutes.

So Max finished up lunch, sat the table, and started taking the food from the kitchen to the dining room. He didn't have any of those silver covers to put over the food like they do at fancy resturaunts, so he covered the items with dish towels, so it would be a surprise. Boy would it ever.

"Liz, it's ready."
"Okay I'll be ther in a minute."

Max walked around the table making sure everything was there. He wasn't sure why he was so nervous about making a simple lunch....oh wait yes he was. This was the first meal he would be having with Liz in what seemed like forever. Max looked up and saw Liz coming down the hallway. She had just taken a shower so her hair was wet and tossled on her head and she had put a sweatshirt and a pair of shorts on, nothing special. To max everything about Liz was special.

Liz noticed Max staring at her and said "what?". Max was kinda caught off guard by this..."what, what?".

"You were staring at me...."
"'s look beautiful.."

This remark made Liz blush, she hadn't heard this from anyone in a really long time.

"Madame....your seat awaits you..."

Max motioned Liz to the table with this last comment. As she walked closer Max pulled out her chair and placed a napkin in her lap. He then made his way to his own seat. Liz was bubbly over all the trouble Max went through for her.

"So what do we have on the menu today sir?" Liz said with a big grin.

"Well first I'll pour us some juice, I was going to go with the wine,but, well we both know how well I do with alcohol."

Liz just giggled

"Okay, first on plate #1...we have....Macoroni & Cheese."

This caused Liz to let out a little laugh.

"On plate #2 we have pizza bagels....."

At this point Liz was trying her hardest not to laugh really hard.

"Wait wait, there's more. On plate #3 we have everyones all time favorite.....Beans & Weenies."

That was it, Liz was now laughing hysterically, by this time Max had joined her. They laughed so hard they cried. After a few moments of this Liz got a serouis look on her face and said....

"Thank you Max"
"Your welcome"
"No, really, thank you for doing all this for me. It means a lot to me...And with a big smile she said...And I haven't laughed that hard in forever..."

"Well I didn't do this as a joke. I am a bachelor you know. But I do have to admit it turned out to be pretty funny."

They sat there and ate the rest of their lunch. Making small talk about this and that until they were done. They both cleared everything off the table and took it to the kitchen. When they entered the kitchen Liz' eyes grew to the size of baseballs. She looked at Max and they both started rolling again. The kitchen was a disaster. All Max could do was shrug his shoulders. This was so cute to Liz it made her laugh harder. She laughed until her sides hurt. After this laugh fest was over they both started cleaning up. About a half hour later they were done.

"Well, what do you want to do now Liz?"
"Um...why don't we go take a walk on the beach?"
"Sounds perfect."


P.S. Next part some sweet moments between the two Sorry if that part was goofy, but I just couldn't get the whole Beans & Weenies scene out of my head......Feedback Please............
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Part 8

Author's note:Thanks for all of the feedback it really makes a person all warm and fuzzy, well it's either that or the wine coolers but thanks anyways.*wink* Just so you know there won't be another part until the 4th, I'll be out of town on business, sorry. The song in this part is Sarah McLachlan' Possession.

****************Listen as the wind blows from across the great divide. Voices trapped in yearning, memories trapped in time. The night is my companion & solitude my guide. Would I spend forever here & not be satisfied. I would be the one to hold you down...kiss you so hard I'll take your breath away & after I'd wipe away the tears just close your eyes dear. Through this world I've stumbled so many times betrayed trying to find an honest word to find the truth enslaved. Oh you speak to me in riddles & and you speak to me in rhyme. My body aches to breathe your breath, your words keep me alive & I would be the one to hold you down iss you so hard I'll tkae your breath away & after I'd wipe away the tears just close your eyes dear. Into this night I wander it's morning that I dread. Another day of knowing of the path I fear to tread. Oh into the sea of waking dreams I follow without pride. Nothing stands between us now & I won't be denied. & I would be the one to hold you down kiss you so hard I'll take your breath away & after I'd wipe away the tears just close your eyes.......*********

Before they headed out Max grabbed his jacket and Liz put on her sneakers. As they made their way out the door towards the beach Max tells Liz..."It looks like it might rain."

"This time of the year it's overcast a lot, so it might rain, it might not."

By now they were almost at the water. Since Liz lives right on the Beach it's not that far of a walk. As they make their way up the beach Max starts asking Liz questions about her life. He wants to know about everything he's missed.

"So what have you been working on at your lab?"

"Well some pretty exciting stuff actually. That's what my meeting was about today. At the conference I was at I gave a presentation about a new gene were working with that might be a break through in how certain diseased are treated."

"Wow, that's really amazing."

"Yeah, it's probably boring and nerdy to most people though."

"No, that's not true Liz. I bet all the work you do is really interesting. I wouldn't be surprised if you discovered the cure for cancer Ms. Parker."

"Oh stop...."

"I'm serious Liz, your so smart and talented. I mean you see a problem, you study it, and then you find the answers to it. Not many people can do that Liz."

They sat down on the sand a good distance from the house. Just watching the ocean roll in. There weren't many people on the beach today. A person would walk by them every once in a while, but they pretty much had the whole beach to themselves.

"If I'm so smart and talented then why couldn't I find the answers to our problems Max?"

"Liz don't, none of this was your fault..."

"But Max....what if I had done something different...?"

"Don't you see Liz, maybe you did find the answers. Maybe this is the way it was suppose to be. I always told you, we make our destinies Liz. So maybe we did those things in the past because we were meant to be together now."

"I want to beleive that, I really do...."

"Then you should, because I do."

They continued to sit there in the sand when Max saw Liz start to shiver. He took off his jacket and covered her legs with it. Then he moved to sit behind her and wrapped his arms around her to try and keep her warm.

"I feel like I'm dreaming Max."

"Well I hope your not because I don't want you to wake up if you are." He said with a grin in his voice.

"I'm serious Max, I've only had dreams of things being this perfect. Us sitting together like this on the beach...This is how I always envisioned it being between us."

"It's definitly not a dream. A dream couldn't be this perfect." he told her. Then there was silence for a few moments.


"I love you, you know that right?"

"Ooh Max....I've always known. But I think I love you more."

"Well you see that's just not possible Elizabeth Parker."

Liz thought it was so cute when he called her by her full name. And with a giggle she said...

"Oh and what makes you think that Max Evans....?"

"The way I see it, I've loved you from the first time I saw you. I've loved you for all these years. I'll love you in this lifetime and the next. I'll love you for all time, and when time has run out, I'll still love you.

Liz was silently crying with the words Max was saying to her. It amazed her how much he loved her, even after all that they've been through. Liz now new that he had one there little battle of loving. Even if she wanted to describe her love for him, it would never make it through her tears. So she would do the next best him. Liz turned to her side so that she could face Max.

When Max saw Liz turn to face hime he saw the tears running down her face. He raised his hand and gently wiped away the tears. He didn't mean to make her cry, but he also saw the joy and love in her eyes. It made him feel incredible that Liz was really grasping how much he loved her.

As if there was nothing more natural they both slowly leaned towards eachother to kiss. Their lips met and it was a slow sweet kiss. With their lips lightly brushing against eachothers.


The old connection came roaring back to life. They felt eachothers emotions pour over them in a wave. The kiss was about to deepin when it was rain. Not just a sprinkle either, it was pouring.

Max jumped up and grabbed Liz' hand and started running towards the house. It was a futile attempt though since they were almost completely drenched. Suddenly Liz stopped....

"Come on Liz, were getting soaked..."

Liz didn't move or say anything for a moment. She just closed her eyes, pointed her face to the sky and let the rain wash over her.

"I just need to be 'here' a little longer."

"Are you crazy, were standing here getting soaked."

"Yes, but this is something I've always wanted to do."

Max and Liz were now facing eachother. By now they didn't have a piece of dry clothing left on them. And the rain was still coming down hard. The rain drops were beaded up on their faces. And Liz just looked at Max with a smile on her face.

"Well, I still thing your crazy." Max said with a hint of laughter in his voice.

"Don't you see Max, how freeing this is? It's like the rain is just washing away all the bad things."

With that statement he understood...Max leaned in and rested his forehead against hers and whispered.. "yeah...
were free now Liz...."

On que he put his hand on the back of her head and ran his fingers through her wet hair. While slightly lifting his head he pulled her face to his for another kiss. This time they would not let the rain interupt them. This kiss was deep and passionate. It took Liz' breath away. With the flashes and emotions overwhelming them neither could pull away, not even for air. All the pain, joy, sorrow, happiness, and finally the peace they've found in eachother flew between them. So they stood thre on the beach, in the rain, with eachother, kissing. Just being free.......

Liz and Max spent the rest of the afternoon playing on the beach. Eventually the rain stopped and the sun came out. Even though they were fully dressed they still splashed in the water. It didn't matter since they had been drenched already by the earlier rain. They played in the water, walked some more, they even built a sand castle, which Max said was built for his queen. And every once in a while they would steal a kiss from eachother. What they were really doing was just enjoying spending this time together. It was something they both wanted and needed. So for today they would just be free. No major life questions, no talking about the past or the future. Today they would just be...........together.......
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Part 9

Author's note: Sorry for the delay.. I have this finished so I'll post everything over the next few days. Thanks for the feedback.

When the sun started to set they took a spot near the house. They sat together, Max behind Liz with his arms wrapped around her, and Liz then crossed her arms over his. They sat there in silence watching the sun go down. Even though they weren't talking their emotional connection was still buzzing. The love and happiness was bouncing back and forth between the two. Once the sun set they made their way into the house.

Night had come quickly when Liz' stomach started to rumble.

"Max do you want to order in some dinner?"

"What, you don't want me to cook for you again?"

"Well as much as I enjoyed lunch, I was kinda in the mood for some pizza...."

"I'm hurt.." Max said as he grabbed his chest, pretending like he had recieved a wound. Liz just rolled her eyes and laughed. "What do you want on the pizza?"

" about Jalapenos and Pineapple?"

"Okay, obvisouly were going to do half and half."

Liz called in the order, making her half plain Cheese, and his Jalapenos and Pineapple. Once the order was placed they had about 45 minutes to wait.

"The food will be here in about 45 minutes. I'm going to go take a bath and get into some dry clothes."

"Yeah I think thats a good idea, I'm going to grab a shower."

They headed off in different directions. Liz went to her bathroom, Max took the one off the hall. Max was done in about 10 minutes. He gathered up his things and put them back with the rest of his stuff sitting in the entry way. Max wasn't sure where to put these things, he would have to ask Liz about that later. Then he started thinking about what else they would have to discuss later, like the sleeping arrangements. He wanted nothing more that to go to bed with sleep. But he didn't want to push her into anything she wasn't ready for yet. Since they had only been back 'together' for a day he would do what ever Liz felt comfortable with. If that meant sleeping in a guest room, so be it. Max was jarred from his thoughts by the ringing phone, he answered it.


"Max?'s Maria. Whats going on? Is everything okay? Is Liz there? Where has she been? Maria got all these questions out in about a second and a half.

"Slow down trigger, yeah things are great....."

Max let a grin cross his face. He could tell by her tone that she was very anxious. Apparantly she was very curious to know whats happend with them. Maria was a bomb waiting to go off. TICK...TICK...TICK.....BOOOMMMMM!!!!

"OH!!!! I'M GLAD TO HEAR EVERYTHING IS JUST PEACHY!!! HERE I'VE BEEN FREAKING OUT OVER NOTHING APPARANTLY!!! I have been trying to reach Liz for days, CAUSE YOUR ON SOME MISSION OF LOVE, to only get her machine each time. Then when I finally get through, YOU PICK UP. You have some serious explaining to do.......Oh dear god where's my lavender at......"

Max started laughing now, experiencing a classic Maria moment.

"Maria...calm down...relax....breath..."

"OH!!...OH!!! I'm glad to see you find this so amusing. Do you have any idea what I've been going through. Do you know what kind of restraint it took not to tell Spaceboy what you were planning?"

Now Max was doing his very best to mask his amusement.

"I'm sorry Maria, your right this isn't funny. So you didn't say anything to Michael?"

"No. I didn't think anyone else needed any unneccasary stress until there was more info about this whole situation. Now spill it!!"

"Well, I don't know what to tell you....I got here pretty late last night, and we spent the night talking about everything, working things out. Speaking of which if someone should be upset, you knew about Liz' visit from the future me and never said anything?"

"Max I couldn't, I'm sorry. Liz made me promise."

"I know, she told me that to. I just had to rib you a little about it."

"Okay, well it's obvious I'm not going to get any details from you, so let me talk to Liz please."

"No can do, she's in the bath right now."

"I swear I will go nuts before I ever get to talk to her. You tell her to...."

"I know, I know, call you as soon as she steps foot out of the tub."

"Sooner if possible, but that will do."

"Okay Maria, I'll tell her. Oh and Maria?"


"Thank you for being ther for me the other night, I really needed a friend and you really came through for me."

"Your welcome Max, thats what friends are for. Anyway it sounds like things are headed in the right direction."

"They are, things are headed in the 'perfect' direction. Okay well I'll talk to you later."

"okay, bye Max."
"Bye, Maria."

Almost as soon as he hung up the phone the doorbell rang. Max went to the door and got the pizza. He took the pizza to the table. Then put out plates and glasses. Now he was just waiting for Liz. Max decided he would let her know the pizza was here, so he made his way to her bedroom. As he walked through the door to her bedroom he saw that the bathroom door was open a bit. When he got closer he could tell the lights were out and that there were a few candles as lighting. He couldn't help but think how many times he'd had this fantasy play out in his head. The idea of Liz in there, in the candle light, in the bath, naked..... This had to stop, this was not the appropriate time to be thinking like this. Max stopped about 3 feet from the door. For fear of going any closer might allow him to see something that would really send his thoughts into overdrive.


"The...dinner is ready."
"Okay, I just need a few more minutes."
"Take your time..."

Max went to the dining room to wait for Liz. Once he was in there he decided even though this wasn't a fancy meal, or a big event there was no reason why it couldn't be special. After looking in a few drawers he found what he needed, then he turned on some soft music.

Liz came out, and was a little suprised by what she saw. All around the room there were lit candles and the hum of soft music was floating in the air, there were also white roses scattered all around.

"'s beautiful..."

With a mischevious grin he said "yeah, the pizza does look good doesn't it."

"You know I'm not talking about the food."

"Oh...this." Motioning with his hands towards the candles and flowers. "It's nothing really..."

"I didn't know I even had this many candles. And the roses?"

"You didn't, I had to change most of them from some things I found in your drawers. I'll change them back when were done."

"No don't, leave it like this. I love it."

With that they made their way to their seats. They sat across from eachother at the table. As much as Max wanted to be as close as possible to Liz, he wanted to be able to look into her eyes more. So they sat across from one another, staring. Underneith the table their legs had managed to find the others and were now intertwined. There were not many words exchanged during this meal. None were needed. Soulful glances back and forth between the two were enough to convey their emotions.

Once they were done eating they gathered everthing up. With one swift motion of his hand around the room Max exstinguished all the candles. While they were in the kitchen washing up the dishes Max remembered something.

"I forgot to tell you that Maria called while you were in the bath. We had a pretty interesting conversation."

"Oh my god, I totally forgot to call her." With a giggle "I bet she is going freaking crazy."

"I think it's safe to say I got the brunt of her classic Maria rant. Maybe you should give her a call though."

"No way!! I'm not even opening that can of worms tonight. I'll call her tommorrow."

Now laughing at the thought Max had to ask..."Your going to make her wait, she might run out of cyprus oil by then and have a complete breakdown."

They were both laughing now at the thought of Maria in a frenzy.

"Look, if Maria can go this long waiting to talk to me, one more night won't hurt."

"It might. She might hurt 'us'."

Liz walked up to Max and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Anyway I don't want to deal with anyone else but you. Today is about you and me. We'll have enough stuff to deal with tommorrow."

Liz stopped the last statement by placing a light kiss on Max' lips.

"Got it?"
"Yes Mam....loud and clear."

Now they were just standing there holding eachother with their foreheads resting against the others. Enjoying this moment.


"There are a couple of things we do have to deal with tonight."


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Authors note: Well it's been a really long time since I've posted anything so I thought I should go ahead and bight the bullet. I've been done with this for a long time but between real life and reading everyone else's stories I just neglected my own. So this is proof to all the writers that don't think they can finish a story, if I can do it anyone can. lol

Anyway here is the last part then I'll put up the epilogue tommorrow.

Part 10

"And what would that be?"

Max paused for a second to think about what he was going to say. He wanted to phrase this just right, so as not to seem forward.

" well I'm probably going to be here for a while...and..well I don't know where I should put my stuff." Motioning to his bags still sitting by the front door.

"Thats an easy one, you can put your stuff in the closet."


"Which closet?"

It was now dawning on Liz what Max was really asking. Would he be putting his things in her room?

"Follow me I'll show you"

Max grabbed his bags and headed after Liz. And as if angels had heard his prayers she went straight into her room.

"Liz, are you sure about this? I mean I don't mind sleeping on the couch"

"Don't be silly you will not be sleeping on the couch. I've spent to many years away from you. The only place I want to be is in your arms, and it wouldn't be to comfy on the couch now would it?"

"I guess not. I just don't want you to feel...weird or anything."

"Max don't worry, I'll be fine, we'll be fine."

After a few glances at eachother and a final agreement they proceeded to put his things away.

When they were done they went out on the balcony to talk and learn more about their lives to this point. Max told Liz all about his work with the FBI, and she listened intently not wanting to miss a word. Liz was stunned when she realized they had really missed out on eachothers lives. Although she was also happy to know that from this day on it would never happen again.

Max had been telling Liz about one of his more interesting cases when he noticed he wasn't getting any response. He sat and listened for a few moments when he could tell by her even breathing that she had fallin asleep. So he stayed there for a while longer just enjoying the feeling of having the love of his life back in his arms.

A little while later Max realized that he was about to fall asleep himself. As much as he didn't want to disturb Liz, the thought of sleeping in a chair again wasn't to appealing. He slowly managed to move from under Liz without waking her up, he then gently picked her up and carried her inside. Walking to the bed he reached down and pulled back the covers, and put her softly on the bed. As soon as the blanket was pulled up she let out a soft moan. Max couldn't help but smile, the sound and how peacefull Liz looked warmed his heart. Max never dreamt things could be this perfect.

He then went around and turned out all the lights and closed the balcony door. When he was done he went and changed into is cottong pajama pants. Then he went to the side of the bed he would be sleeping on, and stood there for a moment. Standing there he thought about how many times he had prayed for a day like this. Yep, he thought there really was such a thing as soulmates. From what he had learned with this experience is that true love or soulmates get as many chances as it takes to get it right, whatever lifetime. Because it was meant to be. Right there he decided that was the last chance he would take. This time they were going to get it right.

Pulling back the cover Max lowered himself into bed. Liz was now laying on her side so Max snuggled up to her and draped his arm over her. With out any other movement Liz took Max' hand in hers and gave it a soft squeeze, and thats how they both slept for the rest of the night.

The End

P.S. Don't miss the epilogue, hopefully tommorrow.