Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 28

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Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: PG-13 (For now!!)

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!

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Watching the young girl climb into the Mercedes, Diane deduced that Liz Parker certainly had a major thing for her son. She seemed a very nice person, with a flashy car indicating she was clearly someone who either had a good job or an influx of money.

As Diane climbed into her husband’s car, she couldn’t help but smile inwardly to herself. Max having a girl was the perfect incentive to get him back up on his feet and on the road to recovery.

And something told Diane Evans that the ‘friend’ in Liz Parker would be right there with Max every step of the way.


When she arrived back at the hospital the following morning, laughter was coming in droves from the private room occupied by Max. As she rounded the corner, Liz noted Isabelle was laughing heartily at a joke Michael was recounting to Max.

For a moment Liz stood back, afraid to break up the happy time they were all experiencing. A pang of worry hit her, it was clear she was an outsider to the obviously close ‘gang’, and interrupting them was not something she really wanted to do. A moment of self-doubt flooded her body, that maybe she wouldn’t be welcome now Max was awake and on the road to recovery.

Taking a step backwards, she headed to the left of the door towards some vacant seats. Choosing one, she sat down and proceeded to run her fingers through her silky brown hair. The laughter still filled the air, and she was sure she could even hear a little chuckle coming from Max. It felt good to hear him laugh again, even if it wasn’t her doing.

It was the first time she felt human since she had entered the hospital after Max’s accident. The previous afternoon she had gone home, had a long hot bath and then promptly slept for fourteen hours solid. It was much needed rest though, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d experienced so much unbroken sleep. Clean clothes, freshly blow-dried hair and a shimmer of make up made her feel happier with herself than she had in a very long time.

And once she had emerged from her rest, Liz had done something she knew she should have done a long time ago. No more did pictures or memories of Kyle decorate her house. She’d collected them all that morning and put them in a large cardboard box. At first she was going to offer them to Jim in case he wanted anything, but she then quickly realised he didn’t need any more reminders of Kyle. Jim remembered Kyle in his heart and mind; he carried his son with him every day. He didn’t need pictures and mementos to remind him how wonderful his son had been.

It was a huge milestone for Liz to have reached, but one she finally felt ready to cross over. No longer did she want to morn the loss of Kyle and put her personal life on hold, instead she was finally ready to look to the bright future, and experience the wonders of wherever it took her.

And go through the future with a new person in her life, or at least she hoped she would. She’d pushed him away so many times, hurt and wounded him with her callous, cold words.

In her heart, Liz was fully prepared to be rebuffed by Max, in his now healthier state. If he wanted nothing more to do with her then she’d understand, she reasoned. For he had done more good for her in the short time their paths had crossed than any other person in her life. He’d opened her eyes once more, for that she knew she’d be forever grateful.

He had practically picked her up and shaken her back to life. He’d reminded her what it was like to feel alive once more, something she hadn’t thought she would experience again after Kyle. So if Max wanted nothing more to do with her then she would walk away with her head held high and a smile, albeit a sad one, decorating her face. She’d do it with pride and dignity, safe in the knowledge that a bigger lesson had been learned. Oh she’d miss him, she’d cry a thousand tears and more for the ‘one that got away’, but then she’d emerge stronger and more prepared to risk her heart again. He’d given her the ultimate gift, one no money could ever buy. Liz just hoped she’d have a chance to say ‘thank you’ and show him she was finally ready to trust again.

“Liz?” A voice shook her from her dreamy self-induced haze.
“Oh, hi Isabelle.” Liz said, feeling somewhat silly that she was sitting all alone.
“What are you doing out here? Don’t you want to see Max?” Isabelle queried, sitting down next to her.
“Yes of course I do, but you guys seemed to be having so much fun I didn’t want to interrupt. It’s good to hear him laugh again.”
“Yes it is, but don’t be silly, you should have come in. Max was asking after you, and Michael and I are just about to leave. That’ll give you and Max time to talk alone then.” Isabelle said, with a mischievous glint in her eyes.
“You don’t have to ………….” Liz started, not wanting to be the cause of their leaving.
“Nonsense, we want to!” Isabelle responded grinning at the person she hoped would swiftly become her brother’s girlfriend.

“So, have to talked to Alex?” Liz queried casually, watching Isabelle’s face for signs of truth.
“Erm ……… no.” She replied, looking down.
“Isabelle!” Liz exclaimed. “First you lecture me about not risking my heart, but you’re just a guilty. How are you gonna snag him if you don’t call him?”
“I know, I know, but it’s not that easy. What do I do, just pick up the phone and call him at the office? What if he slams the phone down on me?”
”He won’t, Alex is too much of a gentleman.” Liz said simply, knowing her best friend too well.
”But he might.” Isabelle countered nervously.

“Ok ……… then go and see him at home. At least then he won’t slam the phone down.” Liz suggested.
“At home? Great idea, one big flaw ………. I don’t know where he lives.”
“Ahh, well I can help you there.” Liz said, delving into her bag for a piece of paper and a pen. Quickly she scribbled down Alex’s address before handing it to Isabelle.

“But ………..”
”Do it Is, at least this way you’ll know once and for all whether you’ve got a chance. At the moment you’re just hanging, waiting to see if he’ll ever come round. You can’t just hope, you have to do something about it. Don’t waste your life like I nearly did.” Liz said sincerely.
“Thanks Liz.” Isabelle said, smiling warmly at her. “Talking about waiting, go and see Max please!” She added firmly.
“Ok, you go and see Alex then.” Liz replied sternly but warmly before climbing to her feet.

After sharing a brief hug, Liz walked towards Max’s room and was greeted by Michael who was on the way out.
“Ahh she returns. You’d better go in he’s practically climbing the walls to see you!” He joked before stepping aside.

Pausing for a moment, she took the small step inside his room. She noted silently that he didn’t look so ill now that all the machines, tubes and wires had been removed. Somehow the bruising and grazing around his no so pale face didn’t seem to jump out so much.

“Hi.” She said softly, noticing his eyes were closed and not wanting to wake him if he was asleep.
“Hi there.” He replied, opening his eyes swiftly so he could see her.
“I can come back later if you want to rest ………..” She started, pointing and turning her body towards the door as if to indicate it was fine if he did. She didn’t want to go, afraid she might not have the courage to spill her heart again, but she would do it. If he was too tired or ill to chat she would leave him be.

“No, don’t go. I was just resting, I’m fine really.” Max replied quickly, not wanting her to leave so soon.
“Well you’re sounding much better than yesterday.” Liz commented as she sat down in the vacant seat beside his bed.
“Yeah, I feel a lot better too. The throbbing pain in my head is starting to subside now and they’re not doping me up on painkillers as much now. I don’t feel quite like the zombie I did yesterday.”
”That’s good.” She replied a soft smile crossing her face as their eyes locked for a brief second.

For a few moments, silence reigned supreme in the small, white room. Neither knew what to say, both feeling slightly uncomfortable about their current position and the evident emotions running high between them.

For Max, he wasn’t sure if he was reading the signs correctly, or maybe the bump on his head had impaired his judgement. It was clear to him that Liz had been worried, and her words of encouragement to bring him out of the coma still rang like sweet music in his ears. He’d heard her declarations of love, her tears of joy and relief when he’d finally opened his eyes. But had they just been said in the heat of the moment when emotions were high? Airing on the side of caution, he didn’t want to scare her off by presuming she had finally seen sense. He needed her to tell him how she was really feeling, to finally be honest with him.

Liz, on the other hand, was afraid of how Max would react to her news. She’d spent so long pushing him away; she was concerned maybe she’d pushed him too far. Maybe he wouldn’t want to know her now that she was finally ready to let him into her life. Oh maybe he’d believe she only wanted to know him now out of some sort of guilt because of the accident? She didn’t know Max as a cynic, but perhaps after a near death experience he may have had his own eyes opened to what else was in the world, stuff that didn’t involve Liz.

“So ….” Max started, for once lost for words.
“Yeah ……….” She breathed, unable to continue the conversation, the butterflies in her stomach fluttering intently.

“Oh, thanks for staying with me while I was out of it. I’m sure you helped Isabelle get some rest and not worry quite so much.” He said sincerely.
“It was nothing. I didn’t mind staying with you Max. I guess ……. I guess I kind of needed to be with you also.” Liz admitted. “I mean the accident really shook me up, and being with you helped to put it into perspective somewhat, made me calm down I guess. It was pretty scary there for a moment, but at least it’s all ok now. I’m just sorry you got hurt so badly for me.”

For a moment Max felt crestfallen. He’d believed she had stayed with him because she wanted to, because she had cared about his welfare. Yet, he could see now it was just because she was obviously feeling guilty about what had happened to him, and how close he’d come to not pulling out of the coma. All his hopes were dashed right then, the bubble of happiness forming inside bursting into evaporation.

“You don’t need to worry about me Liz, I’m ok now. You don’t have to stay with me. I pushed you out of the way for a reason; I didn’t want to see you get hurt. It was a decision I made, it was my choice. You don’t have to feel guilty about it. Just because I saved you doesn’t mean you have to feel obliged to stay with me until I’m better. I’d rather you left now and let me recover alone rather than accept your pity. I don’t want to get better and then you break my heart again, I’d rather you did it now and get it over and done with.” Max informed her somewhat harshly.

“Is that what you think Max? That I’m here because I pity you or feel guilty that you got hurt and I didn’t? Because if you do then you’re wrong, very wrong.” Liz told him somewhat astonished by what he’d said. She’d expected him to push her away in payment for all the times she’d done it to him. But to shun her because he believed she was there due to some sort of obligation or feeling of pity hadn’t even crossed her mind.

“Then why are you here Liz?” He asked bluntly, his eyes shining with determination. “You’ve made it perfectly clear we are nothing more than business associates, or we were until the merger was completed. I no longer work as a consultant for your company; I no longer have any ties to you at all. So tell me Liz, why are you still here if you don’t want to know me?”

“Because ……….. because I was wrong Max.” She said quietly.
“About what?”
”About everything. About work, about our friendship …….. about us.” She said, dropping her gaze downwards for a moment, unable to hold his intense stare.
“What are you saying?” He asked, unsure of her real underlying message. Hope sprang inside him; there was something in her words that instilled optimism in his heart.

“I guess I’m saying that I’m right here Max ………. If you want me that is.” She said simply.
“What?” He queried, somewhat astounded, after all her attempts to push him away was she really letting him close again, or was it just a ploy? His heart skipped a beat at the mere though, and he was silently grateful he wasn’t still linked to the heart monitor. It would have certainly spiked and sent alarm bells ringing in his room, of that he was sure.

“I know I’ve hurt you. I’ve pushed you away at every opportunity, but let’s just say I’ve had a change of heart.” Liz said, trying to play it cool.
”And just what caused this change?” He asked somewhat reservedly.
“You actually, without even knowing it.” She told him. “Ever since I lost Kyle I’ve made sure I kept anyone who might love me at arms length, never allowing them inside me. That was until you came along. You destroyed all my well-built defences and reminded me what it might be like if I let someone close again. I got scared I won’t deny it. The feelings you conjure up in me are so very strong, like nothing I’ve experienced before, not even with Kyle.”

“Why though Liz, why now?” He asked, needing to know what fuelled her change of heart. He had to know she was sincere before getting his hopes up too high.
“Because I always thought that if I kept people away I wouldn’t get hurt or loose them again. But the accident and how your life hung in the balance for a while there made me realise I can’t control fate. I can’t decide who lives and who dies, and I can’t decide whom I fall in love with. I pretended not to love you, yet you still got hurt and I so very nearly lost you.” She paused for a moment, her mind taking her to a dark place without Max. “Not loving you did nothing to prevent that. I guess if I had lost you it would have been even harder to cope with, since we didn’t even share the good times.” She said, looking down at his hand by his side, so as not to look into his eyes.

She was laying her heart on the line, right in front of him, and Liz was genuinely afraid. After everything she’d experienced, she knew the next few minutes could make or break her life. If he said yes, then there could be a ‘happy ever after’ ending to the long trawl, but if he said no …… well that didn’t even bear contemplating to Liz.

“So where does that leave us now?” He asked, lifting his hand to her chin so he could tilt it towards him in an attempt to see into her doe brown eyes.
“Well ………. that depends on you. It’s not going to be easy, I won’t lie, but I am prepared to learn to love again ……. If you’ll teach me that is.” She said honestly. “But if you feel you can’t love me I’ll understand. If all the pain I have caused you has made this impossible just be honest. If you don’t want to know me I’ll leave Max, and you won’t have to see me again. I’ll respect your decision.” She added hastily, not wanting him to think he had no option or she’d backed him into a corner.

“Liz, have you not learnt anything?” He exasperated happily, lifting his hand to cup her cheek. “I have been waiting so long for you to say those words. Do you really think I’m gonna let you go now that you’ve finally realised I might be good for you?” He said, looking deep into her stormy emotional eyes.
“I wasn’t sure ……….” She faltered.

His finger placed over her lips halted the rest of her sentence, the words of hesitation never slipped past to become vocal. This wasn’t a time for negativity or uncertainty. They’d played the waiting game for far too long, it was time for action.

Lifting his upper body away from the pillow, he lent in until he was barely inches away from her face. Their eyes locked and souls mixed just by a simple liquid stare. His fingers softly stroking her cheek made her heart race, the feeling of him touching her once more so very right.

A small smile passed his lips as his eyes softened into her beauty. The sparkle in her eyes was clearly evident, along with a shy coyness he hadn’t noticed before. No longer was she the fiery businesswoman keen to pick a fight at every opportunity. Right now she was putty in his hands, a naïve young woman hanging on his every move.

Slipping his hand to behind her neck, he covered the short distance and brought their lips together in a soft embrace. A simple, delicate kiss, but one that secured everything they were both feeling at that moment.

The magical feeling of his kiss made her feel like she was floating once more. It was a feeling she hadn’t experienced since their rendezvous in the restaurant, and that felt light-years away at that moment. His fingers knotted in her silky hair, his lips gently, so softly caressed hers. Immeasurable amounts of emotion filled every fibre of her body, all conjured up by a simple kiss.

Not wanting to overwhelm her, he started to pull away slightly, wanting to give her time to adjust. He’d finally got her close, he didn’t want to scare her away because of the passion he felt for her. She quickly halted his movement away though, moving her arms to wrap around his neck before bringing his lips crashing back down on hers.

This time the searing passion in the kiss was clearly evident. His lips took hers, tugging and grazing at her bottom lip to gain entry into the deep, dark crevices of her warm, sensual mouth. Their tongues duelled eagerly as their kiss seemed to loose track of time. No matter what happened around them, no matter who entered the room, it was clear they wouldn’t have noticed or even cared.

And so they made up for lost time, the kiss stretching eternally before they finally gave in to their body’s incessant need for oxygen and air. As he looked at her through warming eyes, he noticed the red tinge to her cheeks. A healthy, happy glow seemed to surround her as she returned his glance. At that moment, he conceded he’d never seen a more perfectly beautiful woman.

And that woman was his, there was no way she was going to slip through his fingers again. He was determined to do everything physically possible to keep her right by his side, to teach her the wonder of love once more.

They’d been through pain and heartbreak together, but as Liz climbed onto the edge of his bed and laid her head down on his shoulder, it all felt worthwhile. The pain he’d previously felt ebbed away into an unrecognisable dull ache, replaced by the wonder that they were finally together. The journey along the long rocky road had finally led to paradise. His arm encased her, holding her close as her body hummed from the feelings he sparked deep inside her.

To hold her close to his body, albeit in a hospital, was so much more than Max had dared dream about since she’d broken his heart in Jim’s vast house. But now he finally held her in his embrace, and it felt so right, as if it was always meant to be.

A little while later, as a nurse peered into the room, she couldn’t help but smile. They looked so sweet together, so clearly in love as they lay sleeping peacefully in the small hospital bed. She’d seen the young brunette sitting by his bedside, as he’d been deep in a coma; she’d seen Liz’s tears of emotion and tiredness. Yet the young girl hadn’t faltered, she’d kept going, and the nurse had no doubt it was that girl’s love that had helped him while he was lost to find his way back to those who loved him so dearly.

It was a success story from a precarious situation, so many people in his situation didn’t wake up, and it made her feel warm inside. She was sure they’d have a long, happy life together, their evident love would see to that.

Quietly closing the door, she walked away, unwilling to wake the young lovers as they slept so soundly. It was clear, even to her, that they had finally overcome whatever huge obstacle had halted their progress previously.

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