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I Won't Fear Love

An Alternate Universe Fiction

By Kristin80

Title:I Won’t Fear Love; Taken by a Sarah Mclaughlan song by the same name.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything or anyone. Certainly not Roswell or any of the characters. I am just borrowing them and will be sure to return them when I am done.

Desciption: M/L Primarily I am a Dreamer so this is a fic for the Dreamers. Liz and Michael are siblings. Liz attends Stanford as a Bio major. She has come to fear many things in her life, one of them being love.

Rating: Parts will vary from PG to NC-17 I will label NC-17 parts accordingly.
I will continue based on Feedback. I am a feedback moster. Feedback is like my crack. So please leave feedback if you want to keep me out of fanfic rehab and writing! Also I am up for any ideas and or suggestions.



All the fear has left me now
I'm not frightened anymore.
It's my heart that pounds beneath my flesh.
it's my mouth that pushes out this breath
and if I shed a tear I won't cage it.
I won't fear love
and if I feel a rage I won't deny it.
I won't fear love.
Companion to our demons
they will dance and we will play.
With chairs candles and clothes
making darkness in the day.
It will be easy to look in or out
upstream or down
without a thought
and if I shed a tear I won't cage it.
I won't fear love
and if I feel a rage I won't deny it.
I won't fear love.
Peace in the struggle to find peace.
Comfort on the way to comfort
and if I shed a tear I won't cage it.
I won't fear love
and if I feel a rage I won't deny it
I won't fear love.
I won't fear love.
I won't fear love...

Part 1

“Liz, ummm Liz Guerin” Liz heard the words being called out but couldn’t quite shake herself back into reality. She felt a strong tap on her shoulder. “Liz, so glad to have you with us” Mr. Harpin her advanced psych teacher said to her with a smirk.

“Sorry Professor, it won’t happen again” Liz said shaking her head like a dog and then adjusting herself to her surroundings. Here she was, at school. Her school, Stanford. How did she end up here again? Liz scanned her mind back to High School, growing up in San Francisco with her brother and father. Her mother had died when she was only thirteen.

Liz felt herself slipping away again so she slowly looked the Professor in the eye, trying desperately to keep her attention focused. It was just that today was the day, the anniversary of her mother’s death. Liz always found herself a little out of it on this day, she had just loved her mother so much and when she had died of cancer it had tore Liz’s heart out.

Her father, and her brother Michael had made a promise that no matter what they had going on in their life’s that they would always spend this evening together remembering her mother.

They usually went out to dinner, all feeling a little sad and then ended up laughing at so many old stories of this wonderful person who had been taken away from the too soon.

Liz knew that it was good for them, to cherish her mothers memory, but no matter how many times she told herself that she still started out the anniversary day with a lump in her throat.

Liz glanced at the clock seeing that there was only 5 minutes left in class, she then glanced down to her minimal notes seeing that she had only written her name, date and class at the top.

“Good going Guerin” she said to herself making a mental note to re read the chapter that was covered today in lecture. How could she ever expect to keep her 4.0 average and scholarship if she was daydreaming in class?

Liz gathered her books and headed for the door when the professor called her name. Liz was surprised when she had arrived here to see that most of her classes, being upper division were not that much different from High School. Most of the teachers knew her name and face and were very involved in her academic life.

“Yes Professor” Liz answered turning around to face him. “Miss Guerin, I just wanted to make sure that everything was okay with you is all, you just seem a little distracted today, and it is so unlike you.”

Liz smiled taking in his concern. “Thank you sir, but really I am okay, just having a rough day, I promise I will be back to normal on Monday” Liz answered hoping he could understand that she was just having an off day.

“Yes Miss Guerin” he smiled. He really had just wanted her to know that he was there if she needed anything.

Liz walked into her small apartment closing and locking the door behind her.

“Maria, are you here???” she called hoping that her roommate would be home to talk to. Liz really only trusted Maria to talk to about her mother, Maria had been around before and after her mother’s death and she understood what Liz had gone through.

Liz walked over to the freezer, pulling out her one indulgence, Dreamery Ice Cream in Grandma’s cookie jar. Liz found it kind of ironic that this was her all time favorite since she had never really known either of her grandmothers.

Her father’s mother had died before she was born. And her mother’s mother had never even met her, they had not approved of her father and refused to have anything to do with her mother after they had married and had Michael.

Liz flipped on the T.V. searching mindlessly for something to take her mind off of things.

It wasn’t until she felt Maria shaking her and calling her name that she realized that she had fallen asleep.

“Lizzie, baby, don’t you have dinner with Michael and your Dad tonight?” Maria said once Liz had opened her eyes.

“Yeah, yeah” Liz said as she grabbed Maria and hugged her. Maria had remembered, of course she had. Maria was always there for her.

“Thanks Ria” Liz said as she headed to her room to get dressed.
I Won’t Fear Love

Part 2….

Liz checked her image in the mirror one last time before leaving for dinner. Her hair was down, falling softly to her shoulders. She had applied light makeup, trying desperately to cover the dark spots beneath her eyes.

She wanted to appear happy, healthy. She knew how much her father and Michael worried about her and she wanted them to know that she was okay, that she could take care of herself now.

She flashes a fake smile into the mirror, hoping to fool herself as well. “This is as good as it gets” Liz laughed to herself.

Liz pulled her small car into the parking lot of the small Italian restaurant that she had agreed to meet her father and Michael at.

“Ristorante Italiano” Liz whispered in her best Italian accent. Her father knew how much that Liz loved Italian food, just as her mother had.

“Are you going to get out of the car or just sit here all day” Liz was brought out of her trance with Michael’s strong voice. “Mikey” she laughed as she climbed out of the car. “Lizzie” Michael laughed using his lifelong nickname for her.

“How are you my little girl.” He jokes. Liz smiled giving him the puppy dog eyes that neither her father nor brother could resist.

Liz saw her father standing behind Michael, a bright smile on his face, apparent from just seeing her.

“Daddy” Liz said walking past Michael and taking her father into her arms.” “I missed you” Jeff Guerin said taking his only daughter into his arms.

“How about some food” Michael laughed lightening up the moment as usual.

“Good Idea” Jeff continued. “Liz I heard that they have the best Fettuccini Alfredo here, I know that’s your favorite.”

Liz smiled. It always seemed as though everyone was thinking about her, especially her father and Michael. They had always been there for her, always thinking about what would make her happy and what was best for her.

“Thanks Dad, I can’t wait.” Liz smiled stepping between Michael and her father, wrapping an arm around each of their waists.

As they entered the restaurant Liz’s eyes immediately. The room was dimly light, small tables filled the tiny yet cozy restaurant.

Each table had a small vase with flowers in it and a small candle in the center. Liz found the restaurant very romantic. She just wished that she were coming here under better circumstances.

“Mom would have loved this place,” Michael said, reading Liz’s exact thoughts. “Yeah” Liz whispered.

An older petite woman greeted the three at the door. “Welcome To Ristorante Italian, my name is Florence, three today?” she said in her thick accent.

“ Yes, thank you” Liz said with a smile, she liked this place already.

They followed the woman to a booth in the corner. Liz slid in slowly, with Michael on one side of her and her dad on the other.

“Your Server will be right with you” The lady confirmed while handing them each menu’s.

“So Lizzie, how are you feeling?” Her dad asked as soon as they were seated.

“Good Dad, good” Liz answered.

“Have you been eating okay?” Michael asked pinching the skin on her flat stomach.

“Funny” Liz answered with a smirk.

“I just don’t want to look over there one minute and see that you have wasted away!” Michael joked.

Liz was taking a sip of her water when Michael said this and she almost spit it out all over him. Her face was growing red with the urge to hold back her laughter and therefore hold back her water. ‘Just Swallow the damn water’ Liz said to herself.

Liz lifted her head to keep her mind off Michael and his antics long enough to swallow her water. She looked toward the ceiling but instead of stucco her eyes met someone else’s.

Someone else’s beautiful eyes. Liz felt herself being swept away in them. ‘Dark Amber eyes, filled with so much knowledge, so much feeling, so much sexual frustration’ Liz thought before finding herself smiling at her last comment.

Michael smiled seeing his little sis eyeing this waiter like a little kid in a candy store. He felt the need to tease Liz, that was until he saw that this waiter was looking at Liz with the same emotions. No one spoke as Jeff looked over his menu, Liz was lost in the beautiful waiter’s eyes, the waiter seemed to have forgotten his job, and Michael was just taking it all in.

Michael cleared his throat trying to bring them both back to reality.

“Ummm, Hi, My name is Maxwell and I am going to be your waiter today.” The waiter began. “So, umm, can I get you some beverages to start with?” Max said without his eyes leaving Liz once.

“Cherry Coke” Liz answered almost immediately. Max smiled; she even liked the same drinks as him. “I will have a glass of Chardonnay” Jeff said after noticing Max’s presence. “Just water” Michael said quickly, not knowing how much more of this sexual tension between this Max and his sister he could handle.

“Umm, okay great, I will be right back with those” Max said as he walked, backwards away from the table. He waited until the last possible moment before moving his eyes away from Liz’s and entering the kitchen.

“Maxwell honey are you okay?” Florence asked watching him attempting to pour a glass of Chardonnay.

“I’m, well, I’m better than okay” Max answered as Florence took the bottle out of his hand.

“Okay honey, but then why are you trying to Chardonnay into a bowl instead of a glass” Florence laughed.

Max just blushed looking at the bowl in his hand. Florence poured him a glass and set it on the tray with the other drinks.

“Now Lover Boy, I think that table 5 is still waiting for their drinks, and try not to drool all over the table.” Florence said with a laugh.

Max took a deep breath and walked out of the kitchen, towards the table of his dream girl.

Part 3

As soon as Max walked away Liz let out a huge breathe. No one had ever affected her like he did, as she had just met him minutes before.

Michael gently squeezed her knee to bring her back into reality as a giggle escaped his mouth. He had never seen his sister like this before, and he thought that it was really cute. I was about time that Liz had someone who cared about her, and this Max guy just might be that one, that is as long as he didn’t hurt his little sister. Michael added with a groan as his protective instincts set in.

Liz smiled, trying desperately to calm herself down before Max returned to the table. There was something about him that made her fall into his eyes, something that excited her, yet scared her at the same time.

“So Liz, what are you going to have honey? The usual?” Jeff Guerin asked his daughter. “Yeah daddy, the same as usual” Liz answered with a smile; ‘with a side of the waiter that is’ she added to herself.

As soon as Max walked out of the kitchen door his eyes met hers. ‘She has a mischievous smile on her face, almost like she was thinking something bad’ Max thought to himself, the very thought of this beauty thinking of something bad made his body temperature rise instantly.

Max reached the table and picked up Liz’s Cherry Coke first. “Umm Cherry Coke?” he said with a question as if he wasn’t sure who had order it. In reality he knew that this gorgeous beauty in front of him had ordered it.

“That would be mine” Liz said reaching her hand out to take it from his grasp. Her fingers lightly brushed his as she took the drink from his extended hand.

As their fingers touched Liz could swear that she had seen sparks, she knew that she had felt them.

Max held her hand a moment longer before meeting eyes with her father who now was studying him closely.

“So Ummm” Max began clearing his throat while trying not to look into Liz’s eyes again, he knew he would be trapped for several more minutes and he himself found that hardly appropriate in the presence of her father. “So what will it be?” Max continued repeating thoughts of mud in his head. ‘Mud, Alex always said to think of mud when you are overcome by a girl.’ Max repeated thinking of his best friend and roommate.

“I will have the Chicken a la Vaka” Jeff said while handing his menu to Max. My daughter Liz will have the Fettuccini Alfredo” he continued gesturing towards Liz. “And Michael?” Jeff added looking towards his son.

Max shifted his eyes from Jeff to Michael. He took a sharp breath in as he saw Michael moving a small piece of Liz’s hair out her face. What he wouldn’t give to be touching her hair.

Max’s gaze met Michael’s as he looked toward him to take his order. Max could swear that he felt some sort of threat in his glaze. “The Pasta E Fagoli” Michael said handing Max the menu a little harshly.

“Max smiled; “Thank you, I will be back in a few moments with your food” he added walking toward the kitchen.

Max turned his head and immediately put his head down. ‘Here he was dreaming about this girl, and she was there with her boyfriend’

The way that Michael had touched Liz made Max heart boil. What he wouldn’t give to touch her at all, to even sit next to her, to even feel her leg touching his.

He somberly placed the table’s order with the cooks pile. And went about checking on his other tables. Luckily the night was pretty slow so he didn’t have to put much thought into
his work.

Liz watched Max intently as he went about his work. He didn’t even seem to glance her way once. What had she done wrong? She had thought that Max, this mysterious waiter had someone found her attractive, she thought that they had made a connection. “How stupid can I be’ Liz thought to herself as she excused herself from the table.

“I am just going to the rest room, I will be right back” Liz said as she motioned Michael to slide out of the booth.

Liz walked quickly towards the restroom sign that she saw ahead. She didn’t want to run into Max on the way. She felt utter humiliation, complete embarrassment of the way that she had acted when he obviously wasn’t interested in her.

Liz walked into the bathroom closing the door securely behind her. Luckily no one was in the small restroom. Liz leaned against the counter and tried to compose herself.

‘Why was she so upset, she had only just met this guy and somehow she felt as though she had lost something special.’

Max saw Liz walking towards the restroom, he wanted to walk up to her and talk to her. Say anything to make her not walk out of his sight.

Max stopped in the middle of the floor in mid stride. Max could tell that Liz was ignoring his glance. ‘I am sure it is for the best, just because you see a pretty girl doesn’t mean that you have found anything special’ he told himself.

Max found this a good time to check in on the table where Liz’s party was.

“Sir;” Max said approaching the table. “Is there anything else that I can get for you?” Max asked as he cleared away the dishes left by the family.

“No thank you, umm Max” Jeff said eyeing Max’s name tag.

“No Problem” Max said pulling out their check. “You can pay me whenever you are ready.” He continued.

“Now will be fine” Jeff said handing him his credit card. “Sure, I’ll be back in one moment.”

Max raced to the credit card machine at his work station as quickly as possible. He wanted to give them the credit card slip as fast as possible so he wouldn’t have to see Liz again. “Liz, Liz, Elizabeth” he repeated out loud. “What a beautiful name”.

“Yes? How do you know my name?” Max heard a voice behind him reply. He turned around to see his dark haired goddess looking into his eyes.


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Part 4

Liz looked at Max with a question in her eyes. Max stood frozen. ‘How could he talk to her, should he try to explain what he was feeling?’

“I, umm I….” Max tried to find his voice but his mind kept wandering to everything about this girl in front of him.

“So, ummm Max how do you know my name?” Liz questioned once again wondering how he could possibly know her name, and more important yet why she had found him muttering it to himself.

“I, well I just heard your father say it to you, and I just well, I thought it was a beautiful name is all.” Max continued somehow finding his voice.

Liz opened her mouth to speak but instead found her voice shattered when she felt eyes upon her. She swung her head to see Michael and her father standing next to her.

“Lizzie, are you ready to go?” Michael asked coming to stand next to her.

Max felt his stomach grind into knots as he thought of this girl leaving his presence.

Before Liz could even speak Michael took her arm and lead her to the door.

Liz turned her head around to look at Max as she left. Somehow she knew that leaving was taking away her chance to ever know this amazing person.

Liz walked, not even seeing where she was going. How was it possible to feel such a connection to someone that she didn’t even know? Somehow this dark headed stranger had seemingly opened his soul to her, she could just feel it.

Liz walked her father and Michael over to the SUV that her family had owned for years. Jeff looked at his daughter. “Liz, why don’t you come home with us and stay in your old room tonight?” he asked suddenly feeling protectiveness over her. She looked really worried or upset. He knew that this day was really hard for her, sometimes he even thought that it was harder on Liz than it was on him and Michael.

She had lost her mother, her mother who should have been there for her to talk to about boys, her mother who should have been there to take pictures when she attended her Senior Prom. Her mother, her connection to the female world. Jeff and Michael had done there best, trying to bring around as many female friends as possible to help Liz. To make her feel more secure, to make her not feel so alienated in the world around her.

Jeff himself almost lost it when Nancy died. He didn’t think that he could ever go on without her. In all honesty perhaps the only reason that he survived was seeing Liz every morning, seeing the way that she smiled just like Nancy, hearing her voice, so soft and angelic just like his late wife’s.

She was his savior; she was the light of his life after Nancy had passed.

Jeff took Liz into his arms, wanting to make sure that she was really safe. He felt sometimes that the only reason that he was still living was to take care of his angel, to be there for his children, the gifts that Nancy had left behind for him.

Liz smiled at her father, “Daddy, I will be fine I promise, besides me and Maria have a ice cream date” she smiled.

“Okay honey, well call us in the morning okay”? “Of course Daddy”

Liz watched her father and brother get into the car and drive towards Hwy 80. She smiled. Tonight hadn’t been a complete disaster; she had just made a fool out of herself in front of her father, brother, a gorgeous waiter, and an entire restaurant.

‘This was minor to the stupid stuff that I normally do’ she thought to herself walking towards her car.

Liz smiled knowing that she definitely needed an Ice Cream party with Maria tonight. How could she have ever thought that this mysterious hot waiter was interested in her? He probably has a wife and five kids at home!

Liz slid in her car slamming the door behind her. Without the necessary force the door would never shut. She slipped the key in the ignition and turned it. The car groaned to a start as Michael waved to her from the turn lane they were occupying. Liz watched them driving away. She would call tomorrow and make up some excuse for her erratic behavior tonight.

Liz threw her car in reverse and it slowly began to back out of the parking space. When all the sudden the car moaned to a stop... “Damnit” Liz yelled with a groan. “Piece of ⊕#%$”

She turned the key again, this time with even less luck; a small clicking noise was all that occupied her ears.

Liz climbed out the car, kicking the tire as she walked away towards the pay phone.

“Just my luck” she said as she threw some change in the phone and dialed her home number. It rang, and rang. Until she heard her own light voice pick up.

“Hey you have reached Liz and Maria, leave a message and if you are one of the lucky few we might return you call! And please remember to leave you number, Maria has a bad memory!” she smiled hearing her own voice. Maria and her had made that message one night while they were drinking. Somehow at the time it seemed like a really good idea, well now Liz couldn’t believe that she had never changed it to something more appropriate.

“Ria, it’s me, where are you honey? I thought that we had an ice cream date tonight?” What is up with that? Well my car just broke down, I have no idea what is wrong with it, but I am not far away so I am just going to walk home. If you get this message I am going to take Cedar so maybe you can meet me halfway? See ya soon, Bye”

Liz walked to her car, taking her purse and keys out locking the door.

‘I hope they don’t tow me here’ Liz thought. Then weighing her options, she decided that it would be better to have her car towed then to have to go back in and explain to Mr. Waiter Boy that her piece of ⊕#%$ car is dead in the parking lot.

Liz turned towards Cedar Street and began walking home. As she passed all the businesses she looked in the window eyeing all of the people inside, looking at all the women she couldn’t help but hope that one of them would turn around and be her mother.

What Liz didn’t see was Max following her a block behind.

Part 5

Max walked slowly behind Liz watching her every step. He didn’t want her to see him following her; the last thing that he wanted to ever do is scare her.

Everything about her memorized him, the way her hips moved when she walked, the way her hair shone in the street lights, the way her feet just lightly touched the ground when she walked, almost as if she was an angel, and to Max she was.

He followed closely enough behind to her watch her every move, yet far enough away that she wouldn’t see him. He really just wanted to make sure that she got home safely; I mean they weren’t in the best neighborhood. ‘Keep telling yourself that Evans’ he laughed to himself, lying to yourself just didn’t work the same.

Liz smiled actually enjoying the cool air on her face. It had been way to long since she had taken a nice walk, being so busy with school and things she never really had time to just get outside and enjoy it.

She loves the cool evenings on the Bay area. Being outside in the cool air always reminded her of the mother and the times that they used to go camping at Big Sur. The last summer before her mother died was the last time that Liz had been there. They thought about continuing to go, but someone they all knew that it wouldn’t be nearly the same without her mother.

Liz felt a tear slide down her cheek as she thought of her mother, and this being eight years since she had passed. Liz could still remember almost every detail of her mothers face, her laugh, her movements, everything. It was still so hard to comprehend that the world had continued without her in.

Liz wondered if she was just being selfish, people die all the time, and life must go on. The very thought of this made Liz’s own mortality seem so real. When you are young you are supposed to life under the illusion that your life will never end, you will be the one person who never dies, and even if you did how could life go on without you?

All of these thoughts and immaturity had died for Liz Guerin eight years earlier on this very evening. She was now forced to relive that loss every year. That was probably what scared her most, knowing that she would live with this pain forever, it had gotten easier but this kind of heartache never really goes away. Liz was a smart girl and she knew this. Perhaps this reality was even worse then living in denial?

‘Think of something happy’ Liz told herself. A flood of images came to her mind. Hanging out with Maria, eating Ice Cream, laughing about Liz’s car breaking down, talking about boys, well Liz listen to Maria talk about boys! Liz hadn’t been able to let anyone new close to her after her mother’s death. She was her best friend and Liz didn’t think that she could handle the pain of loosing someone again.

Liz walked down the street deep in her thoughts until she reached the USAVE grocery store. ‘Ice Cream’ Liz thought as she glanced at the flashing lights. It was Ice Cream night, and she knew that Maria would never remember to but some on her way home.

Max watched Liz even as she continued towards the grocery store. He pondered the thought of turning around and going back home. How horrible would it be if Liz turned around and saw him watching her? She would probably send her boyfriend to kick his ass, thinking that he was some kind of a pervert following young women home.

Max did wonder why Liz’s boyfriend had left with her father? Wasn’t that kind of strange? Max also couldn’t ponder why anyone would leave her alone to walk home? They had a car, why would they not have given her a ride?

From this thought Max let his mind wander. Maybe Liz’s father and boyfriend were head of the Mob?? Maybe they were headed to knock some guy off for looking at Liz the wrong way? Maybe they were doctors and there was an emergency at the hospital? Max could see it now, fifty car pileup on the highway and they were off to save the day, and Liz knowing how important they were to others survival is the martyr sending them off quickly saying that she will walk home, others must need them so much more right now!

Max could almost hear Liz’s sweet voice say those words, something about her just made his heart leap, he wanted to save her, but he still didn’t know from what. The thing that really got him was that he didn’t care what he would have to save her from. He had only just met this girl and already he knew that there was nothing that he would ever deny her.

He watched her petite body move through the entrance of the grocery store. He wanted to follow her in, but he knew that might be taking it a little to far. She was sure to see him, and maybe notice him from the restaurant in the small grocery store. Then she would be sure to be scared of him and hate him. He stood away from the door hiding from her view by the soda machine. He still couldn’t help himself from peeking in the window and watching her glance through the frozen foods as though she was looking for something very particular.

Liz scanned the Ice Cream looking for her favorite. She had gotten it here before; she knew that they must have it. Walking to the large store on the other side of town didn’t seem too appealing at the time, yet she knew that if she had too she would, Ice Cream was a pure addiction to her. Maria would often speak of Liz and Ice Cream in terms of Ice Cream being her version of Crack.

At first Liz had been embarrassed by Maria’s jokes but now she laughed when Maria called her the ‘house addict’.

Liz saw the familiar container out of the corner of her eye. “Mine!” she yelled as she plucked it off the shelf.

Liz walked towards the register with the Ice Cream in one hand, taking her wallet out of her bag with the other. Liz noticed one customer in front of her. An older man, his head was almost completely bald. Liz noticed him in particular because of his clothing. He looked as though he was homeless. Liz felt immediate sympathy for the man. She could never imagine how it would be to not have a home, to be alone night after night. She was so lucky to have Maria and her family.

Liz thought about how her life was a cakewalk compared to this mans. She saw him whispering urgently with the clerk, she assumed that he was asking for some kind of help, free food or something of the sort. Liz glanced in her wallet seeing that she had a little cash. She stepped around the man, standing by the window trying to offer the man her money to pay for whatever item that he obviously couldn’t afford.

Max smiled as he saw Liz step into the line with Ice Cream, he was afraid that maybe she was going to buy bottles of liquor or something else. He had always thought that you could tell a lot about a person by their groceries. He smiled as he now knew that his theory was right, Liz was sweet, as was her Ice Cream.

Max saw Liz rummaging for money in her bag. He wished that he could just step inside and offer to pay for her Ice Cream but then she would surely know that he was following her. And also watching her purchase her Ice Cream. ‘Not worth the risk Maxwell’ he laughed to himself. For now he was content just watching his angel.

It almost happened to fast. He saw Liz walking around the counter, holding money out to the cashier. He smiled seeing her face for the first time in a few minutes. Her cheeks were flushed from the cold weather; this of course made him want to offer Liz his coat. He was lost in her eyes for a moment. Lost in the look of her soft skin and the urge he was fighting to run inside so he could touch it, feel her skin, feel her soft hair.

He was almost too consumed to catch it, but by luck he did. He saw the man pull the gun out of his jacket before Liz even did. To Max everything was happening in slow motion. He saw Liz begin to back up, he hands held in the air. Her Ice Cream had dropped to the ground, spilling its contents over the floor.

Max didn’t think, he just followed his instinct, his instincts to protect this girl. He walked inside, throwing his own body in front of Liz’s pushing her light frame towards the door. He didn’t want her here, he didn’t want her even inside this place, he wanted her to walk out and continue home safely. He wanted Liz safe, at any cost.

Her light frame fell towards the door at Max’s touch, her hand remained in the air. Max’s eyes met hers as he heard the gunshot. He felt the pain seconds later. He found it so ironic that his eyes were met with his, such an amazing feeling, yet mixed with the feel of his own blood next to him on the ground. He saw the man run from the store. He saw Liz walking towards him. He felt her take him in her arms, not at all concerned with the blood that surrounded his form. “Max” she said. He smiled, he actually smiled knowing that she remembered his name.


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Part 6

Liz saw it happen. She saw the bullet being fired and she saw it reach Max. For just a moment she broke the eye contact that she had been holding with him and she looked toward the cashier. “Call 911” She yelled surprised that she still had a voice.

Max was watching her just watching her as she rushed to his side. “Your arm” Liz said aloud and she touched him gently. The blood was seeping through his sweatshirt and was now forming a good size puddle on the floor.

“I, ummm I am okay” Max said looking only at Liz. “You aren’t okay Max, you are bleeding, we have to get you to the hospital and have them look at this” Liz said. Max looked up at Liz. “Okay, Okay” he said knowing that he could never argue with anything that she said. He knew that he had to go to the hospital, he was pretty sure that the bullet was still in his arm, but he wanted to appear brave for her.

He could barely feel any pain with her near. He was overwhelmed by the smell of her hair as she kneeled over him. The softness of her skin, everything about her. At this very moment Max Evans knew that he would have shot himself much sooner in life if it would have meant being cared for by Liz.

Liz lifted the body up and Max could only stare at her. She lifted her sweater off over her head and Max groaned. She was wearing a very tight shirt underneath it. Max could hardly believe his eyes. Liz was taking her clothes off?

Liz pulled her sweater off and as she did she heard Max let out a groan. “Max, did I hurt you? Are you okay?” She asked innocently. Maybe she had bumped his arm while moving.

Max’s face turned as red as his blood. “Liz, no it’s just that I don’t really think that this is the time or…” Liz quieted Max with her voice. “Look I just want to wrap the wound” she said with no idea what he was talking about.

Max blushed again; “yeah wrap the wound, good idea.” He mumbled and Liz wrapped her sweater around his now exposed arm.

Max silently watched Liz work on his arm noting the attention she was paying to her moments to be sure not to harm him.

Max cursed internally when he heard the sirens coming. Pain or no pain he wanted to be here in Liz’s arms. They would take him away and she would go home and forget that he even exists. Max didn’t want that; he wanted her taking care of him.

The sirens screeched to a halt outside the small store. Several men rushed in the door and pulled Liz away from Max, surrounding his body. His eyes searched for hers even as he heard the man asking him questions.

‘What had happened?’ ‘Did this hurt, did that hurt?’ ‘Where is the shooter now?’

Throughout all these voices Max’s eyes still searched for Liz’s. He couldn’t see her; he couldn’t feel her presence.

Liz saw the men coming, and felt a strong hand on her shoulder urging her away from Max.

Liz let this force lead her, yet she looked towards Max as she walked. The man led to the entrance of the store and outside. Liz found herself shivering in her light clothing.

Her eyes stayed transfixed towards Max, she couldn’t see him, yet she knew in reality he was right on the other side of the small wall.

“Hello Miss, I am Sheriff Jim Valenti, Palo Alto Police Department and I just have a few questions for you”

Liz heard the voice but she didn’t turn towards it. “He is going to be okay right?”

“Who?” The Sheriff asked innocently trying to get information out of the young girl.

“Max” she answered.

“Max is going to be fine, we just need a little information from you. Now do you know Max’s last name? Did you see the shooter?”

“Max, I..I don’t know his last name, just that his first name is Max, and that he saved me.” Liz began continuing to tell the story of the homeless man and the shooting.

“Okay Okay, now we have police cruisers out all over the city right now looking for the man responsible. I would just like to take you home to make sure that you are safe tonight” the sheriff continued.

It was then that Liz saw Max being taken out of the store and into a waiting ambulance. “I, I want to go with Max please” Liz pleaded hoping that she would be allowed.

“Umm, I must have misunderstood something Miss…” “Parker” he continued glancing at his paperwork. “I thought that you had just met this young man?”

“I have, but I would really like to go, just to make sure that everything is okay.” Liz pleaded.

“Sure, look Johnny will take you in the front, we really aren’t supposed to do this, but we have some more work to do here.”

“Johnny, this girl would like to ride along to the hospital with you and the young man please” the sheriff asked.

“No problem” the man Liz assumed was Johnny said taking her hand.

“First of all, let’s get you something to keep you a little warmer” he continued handing her a blanket.

“Thank you, thank you, Mr. Ummm Blanchard. Liz said eyeing his nametag. “Please, it’s Johnny, and no problem, your friend is going to be just fine, we really just want to get him checked out.”

Maria stood at the doorway unable to find enough strength to ring the doorbell. Here she was, at Michael’s apartment. I mean they had always flirted throughout the years, but really they had just been friends.

That was until they had run into each other at a restaurant last week. Michael had been there with friends, and Maria had been on a date with some loser.

She had seen him at the bar immediately thinking that he was hot. And then he had turned around and she had been face to face with him. He looked almost as surprised to see her, as she had been to see him.

This was Michael, Lizzie’s brother, yet somehow Maria had felt her heart beat much faster than normal.

They hadn’t seen each other in a few months, what with school and all. Michael had never gone to college. Instead he had gone to work with his father in construction.

Maria assumed that was where all his newfound muscles had come from. She had to admit that he was looking fine.

Well they had got to talking that night after Maria had ditched her date and he asked her to come over and hang out tonight.

Michael had also asked her not to tell Liz, he didn’t want Liz to be uncomfortable or jealous that he would be hanging out with her best friend.

“Teflon babe; Teflon” Maria repeated to herself and she reached out and pushed the doorbell.

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Part 7

Liz felt instantly better as Johnny placed a blanket around her shoulders. “Here sweetie, you can climb in back, just try and stay out of the way” Johnny whispered as he took Liz’s hand leading her to the back of the ambulance that Max was loaded in.

Liz started to protest, thinking that maybe Max wouldn’t want her back there, I mean maybe he was angry with her, it was her fault that he was hurt in the first place. Johnny just put his finger to her lips and helped her in the double doors.

Max was being told for the fifth time since they loaded him in the ambulance to stay still. They were trying desperately to apply medication to his arm, but with very little luck. Max didn’t care what they said, he didn’t care about his arm, he only cared about getting another look at his angel.

He hadn’t seen Liz since they had moved her away from him inside. He was just hoping that she was okay, he hoped that she hadn’t gone home, without another thought to him. He had no way to contact her now, and besides he didn’t want her walking home alone right now.

Liz stepped into the ambulance quietly. Instantly her eyes met Max’s. “I, Max…” Liz began apologetically. Max just smiled, amazed that she was even still here. He held his hand out to her, with his good arm and she took it.

She took a seat next to him; still holding his hand while the paramedics fussed over his wound. Max didn’t seem the least bit interested in his bleeding arm. His eyes met Liz and that was all that he could see.

Max gently squeezed Liz’s hand, letting her know that he was glad that she was here. Liz wanted desperately to ask Max why he had been at the store tonight, in fact she wanted to ask him a lot of things, but she knew now wasn’t the time.

Right now Liz just wanted to be there for him, friend, or stranger or whoever he might be; somehow she felt that she just needed to be there for him, with him.

Maria smiled as Michael answered the door. He looked as though he had just stepped out of the shower. His hair was wet, and spiked, just the way that she liked it. The very thought of him in the shower, all wet made Maria’s heart skip a beat.

Michael brought Maria out of her fantasy with his voice. “Maria, hey, come on in” he said opening the door just wide enough to let her slip in, but not without touching his body on the way. Maria smiled squeezing through the entrance.

Liz jumped out of the ambulance following Max as they led him inside. She followed them down the corridor until someone stopped her. “Excuse me, are you related to this man? Because only immediate family members are allowed to visit in the Emergency Room” the nurse continued looking at Liz. It was obvious to her that this girl was very upset. She wished that hospital policy didn’t make her screen everyone.

“I umm..” Liz began. The nurse smiled “You must be his sister, you look just alike” she added with a wink. Liz relaxed. “Yeah, that is right, my brother Max”

“Right this way, we can bring you in there” the nurse said taking Liz by the hand.

When Liz walked into the hospital room she heard Max’s voice speaking to the doctor. “Excuse me sir, I know that you are busy sewing up my hand and all, but do you think that someone could check and see if a girl named Liz is waiting for me outside, I would really like for her to be here.” Max continued.

“Puppy Love?” the doctor asked with a smile.

The nurse continued into the room, “Max, good luck, we found your sister” she said winking at the doctor.

“My sister?” Max began. “Ohh, I see yes thank you nurse.” He laughed.

Liz walked to Max’s bedside taking his hand again. It just felt so normal to be touching him, so normal to be around him.

The nurse took some information from Max while the doctor continued stitching up his injured arm.

“So your full name?” “Maxwell Phillip Evans” Max answered.

Liz smiled; she was going to get all the goods on him, without even asking.

“Birthdate?” “July 17th, 1980”

“Do you have insurance?” “Yeah, I would get you the card, but it is a little tied up right now” Max said motioning to his back pocket.

“No problem, just stop by the desk when they clear you to leave, and we will just need to get a signature and a few forms filled out”

“Sure thing” Max said looking back over to Liz.

“Your sister can even help you,” the nurse added with a smile as she left the room.

Michael led Maria over to the couch. “Maria, you look really nice tonight, I am so glad that you could come over.” Michael said sitting next to her on the couch. “Thanks for having me” Maria smiled. “So I rented some movies, and I ordered some take out, I hope that sounds okay to you? You don’t have any classes tomorrow do you?”

Maria just smiled trying to block the dirty thought out of her head. “Nope, I am free all day tomorrow” she answered.

“So, I ordered Chinese food, I ate dinner earlier with Liz and my dad, but you know me, I can eat anytime, anyplace. And I rented…lets see, we have Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, ummm Flight of the Navigator, The Boy who could fly, and ummm Mallrats”

“You remember all my favorite movies hun?” Maria asked. She felt so special that he had remembered all the movies that she had loved when she was younger.

“Let’s watch them all!”

Max forced himself to look away from Liz as the doctor began speaking to him.

“So Mr. Evans, you are going to be just fine, we have bandaged you up pretty well, you are free to go home but you will need to come back in two days to have the wound checked for infection. Try not to use that arm, and you are going to need to rest, you did lose a significant amount of blood tonight. I got the police off your back; they want you to go by the station in the morning so they can get a statement, but for now I told them that you were too weak. So just sign the paperwork that the nurse will have for you on the way out, and she will give you some instructions on how to care for the wound.”

“Thank you doctor” Max smiled glad that he could go home, or at least get out of this place. He thought that this was hardly the place to get to know Liz.

“So, are you ready?” Liz asked as she stood next to him.

“You bet” Liz took Max’s free hand leading him out to the nurses station.

“I see that you are free on bail” the same nurse as before asked eyeing Max leaving the room.

“Lucky me” Max laughed.

“So I just need you signature and a copy of your insurance card” she smiled.

Max took the forms, signing at the small indicated X’s.

“Liz, I umm, well I was wondering if you could get my wallet of out my back pocket for me?” Max asked feeling his face turn red. “It’s just that I can’t really move my arm that well..”

“It would be my pleasure” Liz answered feeling a little outgoing at the though of her hand in his back pocket.

He turned to give her better access and she took advantage. Little Liz Parker, the quiet girl next door was thoroughly enjoying the feeling of sliding her hands in Max’s pants.

She wrapped her whole hand around the wallet, sliding her hand against his ass she pulled it out.

Max’s whole face turned red, his skin felt like it was on fire from the touch of this girl.

Liz looked at him asking for permission to open his wallet to retrieve the insurance card.

Max smiled, ‘I have nothing to hide anymore’ he thought

Liz took it out handing it to the nurse.

The nurse smiled as she made the copy. “Okay girl, you are in charge, now here are the instructions for aftercare of the wound. He is going to want to take it easy.” The nurse said speaking to Liz.

“ I will make sure of it, he is coming home with me” Liz smiled.

Max felt his jaw drop. Coming home with her?

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Part 8

Max was in shock as Liz led him out into the cold air outside the hospital. Liz searched for the cab she had asked the nurse to call.

Max finally found his voice; “Liz, you really don’t have to do this,” he pleaded.

“Don’t have to do this? Are you joking? You just saved my life! Of course I have to do this, I mean this is the very least that I have to do!”

Max smiled, he really wanted to go home with her, but he wanted to make sure that this wasn’t just something that Liz was doing out of pity for him.

“Liz really I am fine, please don’t feel like this is something that you have to do!”

“Max, this isn’t something that I have to do, this is something that I want to do,” she said quietly.

Max just smiled. The cab pulled up to the curb and Liz helped him in before sitting next to him.

“ Hello, 1529 Broadway Please” Liz said smiling at the cab driver.

“You got it lady,” the husky man answered.

Maria was having a perfect night. She couldn’t believe what an awesome time she was having. Here she was watching one of her favorite movies, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and all she could think about was if Michael was going to kiss her.

Michael inhaled deeply enjoying the scent of Maria’s soft hair. Her head was laid on his chest and he thought that he was in heaven. He had spent so much time looking for the perfect girl and she was really in front of him the whole time.

Michael leaned forward picking up two fortune cookies from the coffee table and sliding them behind his back.

“Pick a hand,” he said to Maria with a flirty tone in his voice.

Maria smiled, “Can I just pick the person with the two hands?” she asked innocently.

“Sure, but you can pick a hand too” Michael laughed.

Maria smiled concentrating on Michael’s strong arms. “Ummm this one” Maria said pointing to his right hand.

Michael swung his arm around opening the chosen hand for her.

Maria picked up the fortune cookie with a smile. She broke it open, discarding the cookie and opening up the small paper.

“What does it say?” Michael asked trying to sneak a peek at her fortune. “It says; ‘You are having the best night of your life’” Maria giggled, “What about yours?” she asked.

Michael opened the small paper in the remaining cookie holding it out of sight of Maria.

“It says ‘you are going to kiss a beautiful girl’”

“Oh really?” Maria asked feeling her heart speed up.

“Really” Michael answered moving himself closer to Maria on the couch. Maria took a sharp intake of breath, not really sure that this was happening. Michael brought his lips to her gently at first. Tasting her full lips, letting his teeth lightly graze over her bottom lip. The kiss was slow, sensual, and more amazing that Maria had ever imagined that it was.

He slowly began to pull away, not sure if his attention was indeed wanted by this beautiful girl in front of him, Maria moved her hands up, not wanting him to move any further away. She brought her hands to his face, pulling him in for an even deeper kiss.

Max held Liz’s hand not wanting to lose contact with her throughout the short cab ride.

The Cab stopped in front of a small building with trees surrounding it. “Thanks” Liz said handing the cab driver a ten-dollar bill. “Keep the change,” she added opening the door.

She slid out of the cab shutting the door behind her. Max was confused, hadn’t she said that she wanted him to come with her. He frowned; he knew that it was too good to be true. She must want him to take the cab back to his house now.

Just as his smile began to fade he saw Liz open up the door on his side of the cab. She held out her small hand helping him from the cab.

“I think you have this backwards,” he laughed. “I am the one who is supposed to open the door for you and help you out of the car!”

“And next time we go out I will be glad to let you do so” Liz smiled.

‘Next Time!’ Max thought. ‘So there is going to be a next time!’

Liz took Max’s hand leading him to the entrance of the small building.

Liz stopped walking when they reached a small wood door. “Listen Max, my apartment isn’t really much, it is small, but it is my home, I just want to apologize in advance for anything that is ummm awkward.” Liz finished.

Max just smiled. She was worried about what he might think? How is that even possible? He was sure that she was too good for him already.

“Liz” he said putting his finger to her soft lips. “Please, you are here, and that is all that matters” he finished.

Liz did what came naturally to her; she kissed his warm finger before turning around to open the door with her house key.

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Part 9

Liz kicked open the door to her apartment scanning the room for Maria. She could just see Maria attacking Max with a bat or something because he was a strange guy. Not that she could really blame her, Liz might feel the same way about Maria staying out all night and then coming home with a strange boy.

To Liz, Max wasn’t just some strange guy; he was well different? She didn’t really know how, but she knew that he was different from any other guy that she had ever met.

After scanning her apartment for anything too embarrassing she opened the door wide enough to allow Max access.

Max smiled walking into Liz’s small apartment; it was decorated mostly in a fashion that screamed Liz. Soft colors, lots of pillows, and candles throughout the room. Max considered asking Liz if he could just stay forever! He was in heaven, with Liz and the surroundings.

Liz led Max over to the small couch, motioning for him to take a seat.

Liz smiled; “So, what can I get for you? The doctor gave you a prescription for some painkillers, I can walk over to the pharmacy in a few minutes and get them filled, would you like some tea? Soda? Coffee? Anything really, if I don’t have it I can go get some” Liz blurted out in one breath.

“Liz!” Max groaned interrupting her run on sentence. “Really, I am fine, sitting down in your house is enough for me, why don’t you just come and sit with me?” He said looking up at her with his big friendly eyes.

“I just, Max..” Liz said sitting down next to him. “I just don’t know how to repay you, I mean I know this is silly but you saved my life, if it wasn’t for you I don’t know what would have happened in that store.” Liz’s voice trailed off after the last statement.

“Liz, it was nothing really, I mean anyone would have done the same thing seeing someone in trouble” Max said; knowing full well that he might not have done the same thing if it wasn’t Liz standing there with a gun pointed at her.

“No Max, see that is where you are wrong, not anyone would have done that, I was scared, you weren’t, you saved me, and you hardly even know me. I mean you saved me and you weren’t even scared.”

Max took her hand in his, “Liz I was scared, and the only difference was that I was scared for you, I was scared that you might get hurt somehow.”


Maria moaned lightly, the sunlight was entering her eyes, she wondered briefly how her curtains had gotten open, she made a point of always closing them before bed, she was a late sleeper and not ashamed of it.

It wasn’t until Maria moved to stretch her arm that she realized that she wasn’t alone.

Scared to open her eyes Maria scanned her memory for the events from last night. Suddenly she smiled and opened her eyes, remembering that she was with Michael.

Maria opened her eyes to Michael’s beautiful face. “Good morning beautiful” he said seeing that she was awake now.

“How long have you been awake, looking at me?” she giggled seeing that he was comfortably lying with his head on a pillow on his soft couch, with her in his arms.

“Not nearly long enough” he answered. “We just fell asleep after the movies, I’m sorry I hope that you aren’t angry. I woke up and you were in my arms, and well I didn’t want to wake you. You just looked so peaceful.”


Liz watched Max sitting there thinking that she could just look at him all day. Finally she broke the silence. “So, you must be hungry, I’m going to order us some food. What do you feel like? I would make something, but I really don’t have hardly anything in the house.”

Max smiled, “Whatever you feel like is fine, do you like Pizza? Pizza My Heart is right around the corner, and they have pretty good Pizza.” He added.

“Sure sounds good” Liz said picking up her cordless phone. “So what kind do you like?” Liz asked. “Anything is good with me, except anchovies” Max laughed.

Liz smiled dialing the phone, “Hi, I would like to order a pizza for delivery please. Yeah, one large, half pepperoni and half cheese please; 1529 Broadway Apartment 3 please. Can we also get a bottle of Coke? Okay thanks.”

Liz hung up the phone looking at Max, “Sorry I am a soda junkie,” she laughed.
Max smiled, “Great Minds Think Alike”


Maria took a seat at Michael’s kitchen table while Michael was cooking pancakes for them. “Michael?” she almost whispered. “Yeah sweetie?” he answered.

Maria’s mind whirled ‘He called me sweetie! Oh My God! Where the hell is my cypress oil??’

Michael watched her thinking that she was spacing out. He hoped that he didn’t freak her out by calling her sweetie!

Maria threw herself back in reality sensing Michael staring at her. “Umm, I was just wondering if I could use your phone to call Liz, I mean she is probably worried about me.”

“Sure, you could do that, but why don’t we just go over to your place after we eat, I mean I don’t see any reason to keep it a secret from Liz that we are spending time together. And maybe she is not busy today and we could all go do something fun together?”

“It’s a plan.” Maria said wondering exactly what they were going to tell Liz when they got there. Wouldn’t she wonder why they had come back together? Would she think that they had slept together?


Liz took her position next to Max on the sofa. “So Max, can I ask you something?” she said sweetly.

“Anything” Max replied.

“I just really was just wondering is all, do you have a girlfriend?”

Max smiled. “No Liz, I don’t have a girlfriend.” He smiled; excited that she would want to know that. He wanted to ask her about Michael but then realized that he didn’t even want to know. Right now he was content just being next to her, even if he was just living in a fantasy world with someone else’s girlfriend right now.


Maria and Michael pulled up to the apartment together in his pickup truck. He walked around and helped Maria out of the raised truck; taking her hand as they began walking. Maria was the first to speak; “So what exactly are we going to tell Liz?” she asked.

Michael stopped walking looking at her; “Well I would like to tell Liz that you are my girlfriend, I mean if that is okay with you?” he asked.

Maria’s jaw dropped; “I think that might be okay” she joked. Here she was with her dream guy, and he wanted to be her boyfriend!

He kissed her on the cheek and led her the rest of the short walk to the apartment.

Maria searched for her key, but then found that the door was unlocked. They walked in together hand in hand to find Liz and Max asleep in each other’s arms on the couch.

“What the hell?” Michael asked dropping Maria’s hand and moving towards the couch that Liz and Max occupied.


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Part Ten

Max’s eyes flew open to the sounds of voices surrounding him and Liz. He had been dreaming of her, it was all so real, she was laid on his chest, her hair smelled so good.

But now someone was pulling Liz off of him, someone was hurting Liz again. Not just anyone but that guy she was with last night. This must be her boyfriend, and now he had found her and Liz in an interesting position on her couch.

Max stood up instantly from the couch. “Get your hands off of her!” He yelled at Michael who currently held Liz’s arm.

“Lizzie, who is this guy?” Michael asked with anger in his eyes.

“Michael, what the hell is wrong with you! I am not a little girl anymore! If you are going to act like this then you can get the hell out of here! Why didn’t you knock anyway?" Liz yelled fuming that Michael had the guts to act this way.

“I’m, umm well I am with Maria” he said his face turning a different shade of red, before it had been anger, but now it was embarrassment.

Max walked closer to Liz determined to get her away from this guy whoever he might be.

Liz ripped away from Michael’s grasp coming to Max. Max took her in his arms as though it was the most normal thing to do.

“Liz, are you okay?” Maria asked speaking for the first time since arriving at her own home.

“I am fine, thanks to Max” Liz said looking up at Max.

“Okay, Max?” Maria said walking towards them. “I am Maria, Maria Deluca, nice to meet you, sorry for the rude awakening, we well we just weren’t expecting to Liz on the couch with some strange guy.” Maria said to Max hoping that he wasn’t immediately filled with dislike for her and Michael.

Besides, maybe this development would make it easier for Liz to understand about Michael and Maria.

Liz smiled seeing that Maria was being polite to Max.

“I need to talk to you” Liz said to Michael who stood transfixed on the image of Liz in Max’s arms.

“Outside, Now” she said walking out the front door leaving Maria and Max to get acquainted.
Liz slammed the door just barely missing Michael’s form as he slinked out the door.

“Who the hell do you think that you are?” Liz yelled. She had never been so mad at Michael before in her life, and she was going to make sure that he knew that.

“That guy saved my life last night, besides it is none of your damn business who he is or why he is in my house, I wouldn’t care if you would have walked in my house and we were going at it like rabbits, I am twenty one years old and you are not my father.” Liz said, as her face grew redder with anger.

“Liz, that is what I am worried about, you going at it like rabbits with some guy that you don’t know!” Michael returned.

“Michael, have I ever done anything like that before in my life? No I haven’t, so I expect you to take your ass back in there right now and apologize to Max!”

Michael nodded like a little kid who has just lost his best friend. It wasn’t until Liz had stood up to him that he realized exactly how he had been acting. He took Liz in his arms kissing the top of her head.

“Lizzie, I am really sorry, I guess I just still think of you as my little Lizziepoo; I know that isn’t fair to you, but I just want to protect you honestly. I am really sorry about how I acted.”


Max caught sight of Liz hugging this guy, and him kissed her head. He felt his stomach come up his throat immediately.

Max looked towards Maria who was currently sniffing something out of a small bottle. ‘Glue?’ he thought to himself.

“So Maria, I guess that is Liz’s boyfriend?” Max said realizing that he needed to know the truth about Liz and this other man, if only to save himself future pain.

Maria immediately burst into tears. “Liz and; and Michael? Oh My God, that is the funniest thing that I have heard all day!” Maria shouted giggling through her words.

Max just looked at her with confusion in his eyes. ‘So this mystery guy’s name is Michael.’


Liz led Michael into the small apartment wondering what Max must think of her due to her brother behavior. She took Michael’s hand, they had been so close growing up, and it was no wonder that Michael was so damn protective of her. The problem was that she was growing up and he needed to realize that.

She had never treated Michael this way about any of the countless girlfriends that he had been with over the years.

Liz looked Max in the eye as they entered the room.

“Max, I would like you to meet Michael” she said nudging Michael towards the thoroughly confused Max.

“I think that I should be going” Max said looking away from Liz. ‘Now she wanted him to be all buddy buddy with her boyfriend? What the hell was she thinking? How stupid was he to think that she actually may have liked him. She was just feeling guilty over what happened. A guy like Max could never get a girl like Liz.’ Max knew this, how could he have kidded himself this long was beyond him.

“Max, please; I don’t want you to leave” Liz pleaded as he headed towards the door.

“Liz, I am sorry about all of this; as strange and awkward as it was I really enjoyed meeting you. I seem to have this problem of not doing things the rational way. I intruded myself upon your life and I obviously am not needed in it.”

Liz looked towards Max pleading in her eyes. She didn’t’ care how she had come to know him; she didn’t care anything about him. All that she really knew was that she didn’t want him to leave.

Max looked towards Liz one last time before turning to walk out. Liz started to walk after him when Maria stopped her.

“Liz you have to let him go” Maria’s voice echoed in Liz’s ears.


Author's Note~Thanks for continuing to read you guys! Here are answers to a few questions...I have a bad memory so if I missed your question please yell at me about it...*big* Okay so there are no aliens involved green people. And yes Alex will be here...he just isn't yet, but I promise some Alex coming up! Some other characters will have minor roles but since I am an obsessed Dreamer we are going to focus on a world revolving around Max and Liz..with a little M&M thrown in for balance! Okay next part up before tomorrow evening!
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Part Eleven

Liz looked back and forth between her best friend in the whole world, and this new person who made her heart swell.

“Maria why would you say something like that?” Liz asked.

“It is nothing personal, it is just that you don’t even know this guy. I mean for all you know he could be a murder or worse. The best thing is that he thinks that Michael is your boyfriend so maybe he will leave you alone now’ Maria said.

Liz tried to talk in what Maria was saying. “He thinks what?” she asked.

“He thinks that Michael and you are; you know together. He said something of the sort to me and I didn’t correct him. I mean it can’t be bad if he thinks that there is a guy around to protect you. You don’t even know this guy, this is just so unlike you Liz.”

“Maria, that guy just saved me life! I know that this isn’t like me, but maybe that is why it feels so right. I just met him, I realize that but I don’t care. I feel like he knows me better than almost anyone. I understand that you and Michael are trying to protect me. But God Maria let me live my own life!” Liz said as she walked out the door to find Max.

Liz walked out the front door searching for Max. She stopped, leaning over the balcony to look for Max’s figure. She saw him getting a cab. “Max!” Liz yelled hoping her voice would stop him; at least so she could find out where he lived, so she could explain her crazy life, and crazy friend and that Michael was her brother.

Max didn’t turn around. She would never know if he heard her or not; she just saw him slide into the back of the cab and take off down Broadway Street.

As Max slid into the cab he thought that he heard a voice calling his name. Reality told him that it couldn’t be. He had stood outside Liz’s apartment for a moment hoping that Liz might come to stop him, or explain something to him, anything so that he could stay.

Inside he knew that it was just ridiculous. How could he ever expect something to come out of him following some beautiful girl down the street? Michael was probably just going to pat Max on the back and say thanks for taking care of his girl.

‘I guess nice guys do finish last’ he thought to himself.

Just moments later he arrived in front of the house that he lived in with his roommate Alex. For a minute Max felt like a total asshole. He should have called Alex to let him know that he was okay last night, there had just been so much on his mind.

Max paid the cab driver and walked towards the front door. He walked in to find Alex sitting on the couch yelling at someone on the phone.

“Hey Alex” Max said walking inside and closing the door.

“Where the hell have you been?!” Alex yelled jumping off the couch.

“I called the hospitals when you didn’t get home last night; they said that you had been admitted and discharged; but then you never came home. I called the restaurant and they said that you were still scheduled to work this afternoon and that they hadn’t heard from you. They said that you left right after your shift last night and that they assumed that you were coming home. But with your car in the shop I was so worried!”

Max smiled; “Alex, I am really sorry that I didn’t call. I don’t even know if I can explain what happened to me last night in words. But it was amazing and horrible all at the same time. I fell in love at first sight, got shot, and walked out on the girl I fell in love with all at the same time.”

Alex laughed; “Come sit down dude; I think that we have some things to talk about. And don’t worry, I forgive you for the whole not calling your best friend in the world thing. Just don’t let it happen again or if you aren’t dead I will kill you when you come home!”

Liz walked back into her apartment still trying to deal with the emotions that meeting, and loosing Max had caused.

Maria smiled when Liz came in the door; “So Liz, me and Michael have something important to tell you!” she squealed.

This little emission from Maria was the straw that broke the camels’ back to Liz. She looked towards Michael and Maria with anger in her eyes.

“Maria; I don’t really care what you have to tell me right now. The same goes for you Michael. Why do you deserve to have exciting news and I don’t. Why do you deserve to be happy and I don’t? What causes this double standard? Just because I have never been in love and had a real long relationship with someone doesn’t mean that I am just here to listen about all of yours forever! I really liked that guy; I fell in love with him at first sight. I felt so full of magic and life when I was with him. And you two waltz in like you are the only people whose feelings matter! What about my feelings; What about my feelings towards Max; Doesn’t that mean anything?” Liz’s face was red and tears were streaming down her face by the time she was done.

Maria looked up at Michael before she spoke. She had never seen Liz like this before, and she was relatively sure that Michael never had either. His jaw was dropped and he continued to stare at Liz in a way that confirmed this for Maria.

Max sat next to Alex on the couch telling him every detail about her. When he had finished the story Alex cleared his throat and began to speak.

“So why did you leave? Did it ever cross your mind that maybe Michael wasn’t Liz’s boyfriend, but just a good friend? Did you ever even ask? You say that this girl just memorized you but you are willing to give up the chance to get to know her so easily?”

Max wasn’t sure how to respond to Alex’s statement of the truth.

“Alex, I think; I think that I am just scared; scared of letting myself feel something for her. I really don’t think that it is possible for a girl like her to have feelings about a guy like me.”

Alex laughed; “A guy like you hun Max? What do you mean? That a girl couldn’t have feelings towards one of the most awesome, caring, generous, sensitive people that I know? You are making no sense! Max you are an awesome person, and a great friend. But know you may never know how this girl did feel about you because you got scared! Is that worth it to you?”

Max listened to Alex carefully. Alex had never lied to him and he didn’t think that he was about to start now.

Alex had been Maxi’s best friend since they had met in third grade, and Alex had always been honest about everything to Max.

“So what am I going to do about it now?” Max asked looking over to Alex.

Liz stared at Maria and Michael for a moment; happy to see the shocked expressions on their faces. Maria began to speak first. “Liz, I…”

Liz stopped her; “I am going to go take a bath and lay down. I had a long night and I just want to clear my mind.

Liz walked into the bathroom and started running the hot water. She just wanted to be alone for a while.

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Part 12

Liz stepped into the shower letting the hot water rinse her body clean. It had been a long day, well long two days really since she hadn’t really slept.

She wished that Max hadn’t left like that; that she could have at least explained some things to him.

The previous day’s events seemed like a dream to Liz. It had all started with her car breaking down; she hadn’t even had time to deal with that. Now she would have to go talk to Michael or Maria to get a ride to her car. Better yet Michael, maybe he would fix it for her out of guilt for ruining her morning.

Liz stepped out of the shower feeling a little better. Thank God it was Saturday; she never would have been able to deal with classes today! She would just go take a little nap, and then go get her car. All in the world of Liz was improving.

Maybe Liz should just take Maria’s advice. Everything happens for a reason; that maybe Max left for a reason; or maybe Max was there for a reason? This was all too confusing to Liz.

She walked in her room to lay down and relax for a while. Maria and Michael had left a note; they had gone for a walk to talk a little bit. Liz was happy to be alone in her apartment; the only thing better would be to be alone with Max in her apartment.


Max thanked Alex for the talk as he ran into his room. He knew that he should sleep but it was the last thing from his mind right now. Liz was the only thing that was on his mind right now. He had to see her, to make things right between them.

He just had to, even if it resulted in her never wanting to see him again. He gathered some clothes and stepped in the bathroom to freshen himself up a little. He couldn’t take a real shower due to the huge bandage on his arm, but he could definitely use a shave.

He had met this girl just the night before but he wasn’t about to let everything get so out of control and messed up so quickly.

He just hoped that Liz wouldn’t be mad at him for what he was about to do.


Maria walked back in the apartment to find it quiet. Her and Michael had taken a nice walk to clear their minds of what had happened in the last few hours.

It wasn’t until they were about three blocks away that they realized what Liz had said; that this guy had saved her. Saved her from what? They wondered.

Here they were being so damn nosy and overprotective that they didn’t even realize that they should have been thanking this dark haired stranger for looking out for Liz when they weren’t around.

Maria felt like a complete ass for acting the way that she did. Let alone the fact that she had ditched Liz for Michael the night before. Liz had obviously needed her and she hadn’t been there.

Maria walked up to Liz’s closed door and knocked lightly.

Liz responded with a light “Come in Maria”

Maria smiled opening the door. “How did you know it was me?” she asked.

Liz laughed; “You always knock so light that I almost can’t hear you. Michael would lock really loud to make him presence known” Liz laughed.

“Liz, I just, I wanted to talk to you about before. I wasn’t here for you last night and that is not cool. I should have been thanking Max for being there for you when I was too wrapped up in my own problems to care.”

“It’s okay” Liz began. “So you were with my brother? This I have got to hear about!” Liz yelled.

“Okay but first I think that we should try to find your dream man so I can fix the mess I created.” Maria said as she leaned forward to hug Liz.

“So, do you think that we can find him?” Maria asked turning detective on Liz.

“Well I know where he works so I think so” Liz answered as Maria ran for the phone book; then ran back into the room; “I can never find anything in my room, and that is the last place I saw it so just call 411”

Liz smiled picking up her cordless phone and dialing the three numbers.

“Yes, do you have a listing for Restaurante Italiano please?”

Liz thanked the operator and wrote down the number.

“Here goes nothing,” she said as she dialed the number. Someone picked up on the first ring.

“Restaurante Italiano; this is Alex, how can I help you?”

Liz found her voice. “Hi, I was, well I was wondering if Max Evans was working tonight?” she asked shyly.

“No I am sorry but he has taken the night off of work. Would you like to leave a message for him? I can make sure that he gets it.” Alex said wondering if this was the girl that Max was so in love with.

“Umm, no that is okay, I wouldn’t want to bother him. I just really, well I will try back another night” Liz muttered loosing her nerve.

Maria laughed at her. “No go hun? Damn how are we going to find your prince charming now?”

Liz sighed at Maria’s loss for ideas. How would she find him now?

The doorbell of the apartment interrupted Liz’s thoughts.

Michael’s voice called out. “I’ll get it”

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Part Thirteen

Michael headed to the door while Maria and Liz held their breath. “Was it Max?’ Liz wondered hoping with all her being that it was.

Somehow something had to make this situation better. Only in her life would a perfect meeting of two souls turn into a total catastrophe ending in one of them being shot and being verbally assaulted by Michael.

Michael pulled open the door with his protector façade in full mode. Even if he was going to be nice to guys that his sister might or might not be involved with, he still had to let them know who was boss.

He had cared for Maria and Liz since they had been children. Especially after Liz and his mother’s death. Lizzie was always his little girl two; even though they were so close in age. And with Maria not having a father in her life Michael and his dad were like her father and brother too.

Even if it ended up with Liz being angry at him he would rather have that then to have her harmed.

Michael was surprised to open the door and see a young kid in an apron and hat standing in front of him.

“Fergman’s Florist” the boy mumbled. “I have a delivery for a umm Liz at this address. No last name, just Liz. Is she here?”

“I will take those” Michael answered reaching out for the flowers. “Well is Liz here?” the young boy countered holding the flowers out of Michael reach.

“I can sign her name if you like” Michael answered becoming increasingly more annoyed with this kid.

“And by the way how do you know I am not Liz? Prejudice against gender naming; are we? I could sue for that” Michael yelled as Liz pushed him out of the way.

Liz smiled assuming that her father had sent her flowers; seeing how upset she was and all. “Thank you” she said to the young kid as she signed her name receiving the flowers. She slipped a five dollar tip into his palm; more for dealing with Michael then for delivering her the flowers.

“Ohhhh flowers!” Maria squealed. Liz smiled. “They are probably just from my father” she answered not wanting to even allow herself to think that they might be from her mysterious Max Evans.

Maria jumped next to her trying to reach the card. “Maria some privacy please?” Liz reasoned.

‘I thought that you said they were from your father?” she answered with a knowing wink.

“Ohhh come on Lizzie; let me live vicariously through you and your romantic life!” Maria yelled. As soon as the words were out of her mouth she knew she shouldn’t have said them.

Michael rose from the couch with a groan. “Well I am outta here, not that you girls and your fantasy lives aren’t fun but I am sure that I have a poker game or something.” He said walking out the front door.

“Well another one bites the dust” Maria said. “I always find a new way to fuck up everything!”

“You and Michael? You and my brother?” Liz asked surprised. “That is what you guys were going to tell me? I thought that you kicked his ass at foosball or something!” Liz yelled.

Maria smiled; “Yeah, long story short relationship! Now open the damn flowers before the suspense kills me! We can talk about me and spaceboy later!”

Liz laughed; “Spaceboy?!? Cute nickname; awww see you are already a couple! I was wondering what was taking you guys so long!”

Maria gave Liz a glare; then moved her eyes to the card in front of her. Well for you information I call him Spaceboy because he is so damn spaced out all the time. Must run in the family!" “Okay okay” Liz said tearing open the card.

Liz- I just wanted to thank you for everything that you did to care for me last night; and I wanted to let you know a few things. One I fell very lucky to have met you; even just in knowing you such a short time I know that you are an amazing and special person. I understand that you may be involved with someone else in your life; and that is okay. I also know that I would never again be able to sleep at night without telling you this; I feel an incredible connection to you, your beauty inside and out. When I saw you that first time in the restaurant I felt something that I have never felt before in my life. I am leaving you my phone number, you can call me anytime; even if you feel differently then I do. All that I know for sure is that I would like to have you in my life somehow; anyway that I can. I never believed in love at first sight until I saw you; and now I also believe in fate.

Love and Hope,
Max 521-5896

Liz sucked in a breath after reading the words that Max had written to her. It expressed exactly how she felt towards him as well. How could she not just melt on the spot? The man of her dreams just told her that she was the girl of his dreams. Does this mean that perfect love really exists?

“Oh my God girl; how perfect was that?” Maria asked as Liz realized that she was still leaning over her shoulder.

“Damn near perfect!” Liz answered honestly. “So, should I call him?” Liz asked.

Maria laughed “Are you kidding? If you don’t I might!”

“Well it is getting late and I am sure that he is sleeping so I will call him tomorrow; besides I have to figure out what I am going to say when I do talk to him!” Liz said

Maria just smiled; Liz deserved every good thing that happened to her after what she had been through in her life. Not only her mother’s death but the only other boy that Liz had really cared about in High School had cheated on her with the biggest slut in the school. Liz had trust issues and Maria hoped that this Max was the one to help her with those.

Liz yawned; “Well Maria, I am going to go to bed and dream about Max” she said grasping the card and flowers and heading into her room.

“You go you little dreamer!” Maria laughed. “I am going to go eat some candy and think about what to do about your brother!”

“Okay candygirl” Liz said imitating the voice Maria had used when calling her a dreamer.

“Goodnight Liz; I love you”

“Love ya too ‘Ria” Liz said closing her door and falling onto her bed to think about Max Evans.


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Part 14

Max was still lying on the couch when Alex got home from work at the restaurant. “So, any news yet?” Alex asked taking a seat next to Max on the couch they had gotten as a hand me down from Alex’s parents.

“Not yet” Max said motioning to the phone sitting in his lap as it had been since much earlier that day.

“I am sure that she will call really soon, maybe she was still asleep when the flowers got there?” Alex said hoping to make Max feel even a little bit better.

Max smiled half-hearty. Alex smiled. “She may have even called the restaurant; a girl called and asked for you tonight. I wasn’t sure if it was her so I offered to take a message but she insisted that she would call back.” Alex said hoping to make Max feel better.

“Really;” Max asked sitting tall on the couch. “You should have asked her who it was? Asked her to call me!” Alex laughed. “Max we are not going to desperate here….”

Max laughed; “Okay Alex I get the hint” Alex was always good at making Max see reality when Max was really just a dreamer. He always wanted to reach for the impossible, do what everyone always told him he could never do.

He had made it so far already, look at him, he was a junior in college working off several academic scholarships. He was accomplishing his life’s dream to be a doctor, slowly but surly.

Max wanted to heal a person, that was his lifelong dream; rather than shying away from a responsibility like that he yearned for it.

And the first person that he wanted to heal was Liz Parker; he was drawn to her in the same way.


Liz lay in her bed unable to remove the smile from her face. She kept reaching for the phone; then throwing it back across the room. She didn’t want to wake him, or seem to eager but she was dying to hear his voice again.

She must have re read the note one hundred times by now; but she still felt butterflies when she read it. Liz had thought that romantic things like these only happened in the movies, but here it was happening in real life.

“Must take advantage,” she said to herself clicking on the phone. Rather than the familiar dial tone she heard Maria’s voice chatting away to someone.

Liz clicked the phone off and let out a groan; ‘Okay this is a sign’ she told herself. A sign that she should wait to call. ‘Maria always says that it is best to play hard to get, if they don’t think that they can have you then they will want you!’

Liz looked around her room with all the light candles. She loved candles they always soothed her and calmed her down. She was listening to Ben Harper in her CD player and she really was happy and excited for the first time in a while.

Maybe it was finally her turn for the happiness she so desperately wanted? Her whole life she had done what was expected of her, well starting the next morning Liz was going to do what made her happy, for once it was going to be about her.


Alex smiled looking over to Max and seeing him sound asleep with the phone clutched to his chest. He had suggested that they watch a movie to take Max’s mind off of this mystery girl and Alex had put in “Shrek” he and Max had always loved that movie. Max had quickly fallen asleep; he was obviously very tired.

Alex covered Max with a blanket before heading off into his own room. It was so nice to see Max excited about a girl, so happy. It had been a while since Max had met a girl that he really liked, he had dated a lot but never found anyone really special. Alex just hoped that this mystery girl “Liz” wouldn’t break Max’s heart.


Liz awoke the next morning with the smell of coffee in the air. She glanced to the clock seeing that it was only barely nine in the morning. Maria was never up before noon so Liz was shocked to hear movement around the house.

Liz slipped her fuzzy robe over her small frame and walked into the living room of the apartment.

Maria smiled seeing her; “Hey girl, me and your brother are going to go hiking today. Obviously his idea but I agreed because it is warm out and I might get him to take his shirt off!”

Liz laughed; “Maria that is my brother that you are talking about! Only pertinent information please!”

Maria held out a plate to Liz; “Pancakes, breakfast fuels your energy for the whole day!”

Liz took the plate from Maria gratefully; it was filled with Pancakes with butter and syrup. Maria handed her a glass of juice. “Thanks ‘Ria” Liz said taking a large bite of the warm pancake.

Maria took a seat next to Liz at the table. “So do you want to join us? I promise not to drool too much over your hot brother!” Liz laughed; “Actually I have a phone call to make pretty soon,” she said blushing.

Maria laughed. “Mr. Lover Boy got shot man! Cool, you should call him, me and Michael should be home for dinner…..” Maria said as a loud honking interrupted her.
“My Brother is a regular Romeo” Liz said as Maria rushed out the door.

‘So, ummm time to call Max, maybe I should finish eating first. Ummm maybe I should take a shower’ Liz reasoned to herself. She knew that she was just nervous, what if Max had changed his mind? What if this was all some big joke on her and a hidden camera would pop out while an announcer yelled, “You’re on Candid Camera!”

Liz pushed these negative thoughts out of her head as she picked up her cordless phone. She slowly dialed the number that she had already memorized off the card.

The phone rang once before a male voice picked it up. “Hello?” Liz froze; it didn’t sound like Max. “Umm hi I was wondering if I could speak to Max please?” she asked hoping that she had gotten the number correct.

“Sure, may I tell him whose calling?” the voice asked. “This is Liz, umm Liz Parker” she answered slowly. “Just a second” the voice said holding the phone away.

Alex looked to Max still sleeping on the couch. “Max! Max! Wake up, phones for you!” Alex said in a mixture between a whisper and a yell.

Liz listened to this conversation with amusement. She hadn’t meant to wake him up but the thought of his sleeping right now was a cute mental picture.

Max sat up slowly on the couch. “Liz” he mumbled groggily. “Wake up! Stop dreaming about Liz and talk to her on the phone!” Alex yelled a little too loud. He looked at his outstretched hand holding the phone.

“Oops” he mumbled handing Max the phone. Luckily Max had just woken up so his mind wasn’t clear enough to understand what Liz had just heard Alex say.

“Liz? Hello?” Max said holding the phone to his ear.

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Part Fifteen

Liz smiled upon hearing Max’s strong voice, particularly her name. His voice softened when it spoke her name and that didn’t go unnoticed by Liz.

“Hi Max” Liz spoke finally. “Thank you so much for the flowers, they are beautiful.”


Max smiled “I am just glad that you called”

Alex took interest in the conversation and sat down next to Max on the sofa.

Max turned his back on Alex trying to gain a small amount of privacy; he wanted to be totally focused on Liz.

“So, I just hope that you don’t think that I came on too strong with all the things I said in my note. I really just wanted to be honest with you and let you know what was going on inside my head, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t at least try.”

“Max, stop, really I am so glad that you did. I, well I guess the easiest way for me to say this is that I feel the same way, really it was as if you took the words out of my mouth.” Liz said shyly.

Max had opened himself up for rejection and now the least that Liz could do was the same, she was just sure that something as magic as this must be some kind of sick joke on her.

Max blushed; “Liz, I really can’t tell you how happy that I am to hear you say that. So can I see you again?”

“Yes!” Liz yelled a little too loud. “That would be awesome, really that would be great. Who knows, maybe we could have an evening where no one gets injured!”

Max smiled; “That would be a plus, but I guarantee that I won’t let anything happen to you”

Liz felt her stomach swirl in knots, ‘How could he be so perfect? How could he always know exactly what to say?’

“Well in that case, how can I refuse. It’s a date!”

Max caught his breath in his throat; there she had said date! He was actually going on a date with this girl, not just following her around like a little puppy dog!

Max found his voice trying not to skip a beat; “So how about tonight? I mean would that be okay? I understand if you already have plans…”

“No, tonight would be great Max” Liz answered glad that he was as eager to see her as she was to see him. It had only been a day and already she was craving him like air, how could she have ever lived without him in her life before was a mystery to her now.

“Okay, I will pick you up at eight?”

“Okay I’ll see you then,” Liz said hanging up the phone with a smile on her face.

Liz wanted to make Max Evans see stars tonight; she wanted to look beautiful when she saw him. But first things first. She picked up the phone dialing the number for AAA. “Hi, my name is Elizabeth Parker and I need to have a car towed..”


No more than five seconds after Max had hung up the phone Alex was asking questions. “Max, what did she say? You guys are going to go out tonight? That is amazing! I will take you to get your truck from the shop then!”

Max laughed, “Alex calm down, you are so funny. I am going to pick her up at eight, I was thinking of taking her too see a movie or something. I just don’t know what she would like, I want to make it special.”

Alex smiled; “What you need Max my good friend is a date planner, lucky for you I have expertise in this area, I mean come on, all of my good friends besides you are girls! All I have to do is call a couple of them up and see what they think!” Alex said reaching for the phone.

“Thanks Alex, but I think that I can handle this one on my own, I have a good idea of what I would like to do with Liz Parker”


Liz was just getting out of the shower when she heard someone knock on the door. “Finally” she said to herself as she answered the door. Her car had at least been towed here, now she could have Michael take a look at it when he got back.

She couldn’t be without a car! She had classes in the morning and Liz Parker did not like to miss class.

She signed the small slip that the tow truck driver held out and said thank you as he walked away. There sat her car in all its glory!

She liked to call her car “Big Red” well because it was red and ever since Maria had said it once joking around it had kind of stuck.

Liz walked back into her bedroom flipping the stereo on. No Doubt filtered onto the radio. Liz sang along to the words as she let herself get excited about that night. It had been a while since Liz had been excited about something like this! And she thought that is was long overdue.

Liz’s voice echoed out the lyrics.

I’m just a girl in the world
That’s all that you’ll let me be!


Next part is the date
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Part Sixteen

Liz sat on the edge of her soft couch waiting for a knock on the door to alert her that Max was here. Her mind swarmed with thoughts ‘What if he changed his mind? What if he sees me again and realizes that he doesn’t feel the same?’

Liz was saved from her own insanity by a knock on the door. It was five minutes until eight. ‘Early’ Liz thought to herself standing from the couch. She smoothed her hands on her dark blue jeans and pulled down her dark green shirt.

She opened the door to find Max with his hands obviously full. He smiled upon seeing her. She was ever more beautiful then he had remembered. Her hair was down, falling softly past her shoulders. The deep green color of her shirt brought out the green flecks in her eyes. She was wearing jeans that fit her just right; Max couldn’t help but wish that he were the pair of jeans.

Liz looked Max over closely. He was wearing a pair of black slacks and a blue button down shirt. He looked gorgeous. The top button on his shirt was undone, allowing just a peek at his beautiful chest. She resisted the urge to unbutton it further and take in his tanned skin.

Liz spoke first; “You look..” Max interrupted her “Amazing. Liz you look amazing.” Liz smiled; “I was just saying that about you” she laughed.

Liz looked deeply into his eyes, finding herself once again in a trance by them. Max’s voice brought her out “Cold” he said. Just one word.

“Cold?” Liz questioned, “This is cold” Max said looked down into his arms. It wasn’t until then that Liz realized that he was carrying things.

“Cold” Liz repeated with a laugh leading her into her apartment.

“What is all this stuff?” she asked looking over the items he was carrying.

Max began setting items on the counter explaining them as he went.

He pulled a container of Ice Cream from under his arm. “This is what is cold,” he laughed.

“Grandma’s Cookie Jar!” Liz exclaimed a little too loud. “How did you know?” she asked Max grabbing it out of his cold hands.

“The night, well in the store, this is what you were buying right? I remembered you dropping it and well, I just figured since you never got it that night that you might want some.”

“Sweet” Liz said. “You are so sweet, well the Ice Cream is sweet too. I guess I just like all sweet things” Liz finished as her face turned red.

“Beautiful” Max said continuing the one word theme. He held a dozen white roses out to her.

“I guess that I like all things beautiful,” he continued handing Liz the roses.

“Thank you” she said with a smile.

“Let me just put these in some water and then we can going.” “Sure, let me help you” Max said following her into the kitchen.

“Where are the vases?” Max asked eyeing the small kitchen.

“Above the sink, gathering dust until now” Liz laughed walking over to the cupboard.

‘Never again with this girl’s vases be gathering dust’ Max thought as he walked behind her.

“Let me” he said reaching above her small frame. Liz could smell his cologne as he reached above her for the vase. She could feel his body behind her, yet she made no effort to move. She liked being this close to Max and she didn’t want it to end yet.

Max stretched above Liz and reached the vases. He could see a large assortment of them in the small cabinet. Yet he didn’t want to end this unexpected contact with Liz. He looked them all over before asking in a low voice. “Which one would you like?”

Liz thought over this question and answered; “The purple and blue one please” she answered positive that it was in the very back. She wanted to keep Max near, and she wanted to feel his body lean up to reach the vase.

Liz tried to hide her evil grin as Max groaned. ‘Was he groaning from his body stretching or does he feel the same way that I do’ Liz wondered.

Max hoped that Liz couldn’t feel exactly what her body was doing to him when he reached for the vase. He brought the vase down waiting until the last possible moment before moving his body away from hers.

“Thanks” Liz said taking the vase from his and turning to fill it with water. Max found his glance wandering to Liz’s ass in her tight jeans. “Down Max” he mumbled under hot breath.

He really didn’t want Liz to think that he was some sort of pervert before she even really got to know him.

Liz could feel her hands shaking as the water poured into the vase. How did Max Evans make her feel like this? She wanted nothing more than to turn around and grab him. ‘Okay Liz calm down, you don’t want him to think that you are some kind of whore’ she thought before turning around to face him.

Max took the wrapping off the flowers before lowering them into the vase.

“There beautiful” Liz said taking the vase in her hands. “Very” Max said without his eyes leaving her face.

Liz put the Ice Cream in the freezer resisting the urge to open it up and start eating. She hadn’t eaten today with being so nervous of seeing Max.

“So are you ready?” Max asked.

“Yeah, so where are we going?”

“You will see Liz, your destiny awaits” Max said holding out his arm for Liz to take, Liz linked her arm with his as they walked out the door together.


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Hello..this part was done yesterday afternoon..but for some Godforsaken reason I couldn't log on here :( Isn't that horrible? So I am sorry for the delay...But here is Part 17..aka..The Date..Part Seventeen

Liz concentrated on the feeling of her arm touching his on the walk to the car. Their arms were linked and she could feel the muscles in his side contract and release and he led her to his car.

Liz was tempted to stop walking, lift up his shirt and kiss his strong stomach. ‘Then I would certifiably be a total freak!’ she reasoned to herself. Somehow the strength of his arm and stomach just memorized Liz, besides the fact that she was having chills from even touching him.

Max slowed down a little on the way to his car. He didn’t want to lose this connection with Liz, even for a moment. In what still seemed like way to short of a period of time they reached his jeep.

Max reached for his keys and opened Liz’s door for her. He took her hand and helped her in the Jeep.

Liz thanked him as she slid into the seat. Max shut her door securely before walking around to the other side.

‘This is supposed to be the ultimate test’ Max thought thinking of what Alex had told him. If Liz reached over and unlocked his door for him, then she was a keeper. Max knew that she was a keeper either way but it was fun to see if Liz would pass even Alex’s exam.

Max had walked halfway around the car when he saw her arm reach over and unlock the driver’s side door for him. “Score” he whispered under this breath as he climbed in the Jeep.

“Thanks” he said acknowledging her move of unlocking the door.

Liz smiled; “You know my brother always told me that was the test of a girl, if you helped her in the car and then she reached over and unlocked the door for you, then she was a keeper.”

“I agree with your brother” Max said. “Definitely a keeper.”

Liz blushed. “You met my brother; remember Michael?”

“Michael?” Max croaked. “Michael is your brother?”

“Yea” Liz smiled. “Why, who did you think he was?” Liz asked responding to the look of shock on Max’s face.

Max stuttered. “I, well never mind” Liz looked over at his blushing face. “Oh My God, you thought? Oh no…that is gross!” she laughed.

“Well let’s just say that we can both be happy that it isn’t true then,” Max laughed finally letting out the breath that he had been holding.

Liz blushed again. ‘How could Max have even thought that?’ she wondered. ‘Yet he still wanted to take the chance to get to know me.’

Liz feeling bold slipped her hand over to Max and grasped his with hers, squeezing it gently. “So Max, where exactly are we going?” she asked.

“It’s a surprise, we are almost there!”


Max stopped the jeep in front of a place called Senor Chow's
He then walked around helping Liz out of the high Jeep.

“It’s a good thing that you are here to help me out of the jeep otherwise you could probably keep me trapped in there! I would most likely fall flat on my face trying to get out!”

Max laughed, he loved that she was so real, everything about her was real, the way she smiled, the way she laughed, how sweet she was, and most importantly the way that she looked at him. The looks she gave made his heart melt.

Max took Liz by the hand as if it were the most natural and normal thing to do, Liz however didn’t complain, it just felt right. Like her hand belonged in his.

Max opened the door for her; “I really hope that you like Chinese food. I should have asked. This place is wonderful, my parents used to bring me here was I was little.”

Liz found herself imagining Max as a little boy, dark hair and big brown eyes. He must have been the cutest kid ever! Her mind then wondered to what her and Max’s children would look like if they had kids together. ‘Slow down girl’ she found herself thinking as they were led to a table in the back.

There was candlelight all around them; the small table was perfect, small and cozy, and set away enough from the other tables so that you couldn’t hear everyone else eat.

Max of course being the perfect gentlemen held out Liz’s chair for her before he sat himself.

“Max this place is so nice, I can’t believe that I have never been here before!”

“I’m glad you like it. I wanted to bring you somewhere that we could just talk and get to know each other, but still have some good food.”

Max was greeted by almost everyone working at the restaurant. It seemed that he really did come here often. Finally there were greeter by an older woman who introduced herself and Mary.

“Maxwell, sweetie, how is life treating you honey?? I see that you have brought a pretty lady in here with you tonight. It’s about time!” Mary joked. “I know what you want Maxwell, the usual. Now what will it be my dear?” she asked turning to Liz.

“Ummm well Max what do you recommend?” Liz asked being caught of guard. Apparently she had been too busy staring at Max to stare at the menu a little.

“Do you like chicken?” Max asked. “Yep”

“Okay then we will have two of the same then please” Max said to Mary handing her the still folded menus.


Over dinner Liz and Max talked about everything on their minds, their goals in school, why they loved and hated living in California. Everything but their families. This struck a familiar cord with Liz and she was about to question it when Mary brought the bill to Max.

“Thanks Mary” he said giving her a wink as he went to pay the bill.

Liz was lost in her thoughts when Max returned back to the table “The night is young” he said helping her to her feet. “And we have another place to go.”


Max pulled the Jeep to a stop at the entrance to a state beach. “Well were here” he said jumping out of the Jeep. Liz smiled, it was a perfect night for the beach and she was with a perfect guy.

Max helped Liz out of the jeep, and then reached in back to take out two brown bags and a large blanket. “Illegal drugs we can sell at the beach?” Liz asked sarcastically.

“Nope better than that.”

Max led Liz under a lifeguard stand in the center of sand. He then began to spread out the blanket. Liz watched him laughing when the wind would blow up whichever corner that he had just smoothed down.

“This looks like a job for two people!” she laughed grabbing one end of the blanket, and holding it to the ground.

Max smiled at her wrestling to keep the two corners of the blanket on the sand.

“It’s harder than it looks hun?” he joked with her. Liz threw herself down on top of the blanket, stretching out to cover the whole edge of the blanket with her body.

“See perfect” she laughed looking up at the stars.

Max gave up fighting with the blanket and took a seat next to Liz. “The sky is so clear today,” she said looking up to the stars. “Spring is my favorite time of year, when it just warm enough to lay on the beach at night and Stargaze.”

Max smiled just watching Liz take in the surroundings. “Well I am sure that looking at the sky is fun, but just in case you get bored; I brought us some dessert,” he said reaching for the paper bags.

“Chocolate I hope!” Liz squealed reaching for the bags.

Max stopped her; “You just sit down and relax and I’ll set it up”

Liz was watching Max more than the items that he was pulling out of the bags. Tonight was perfect and she had a feeling it was going to get even better.


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Part Eighteen…

Max reached his arm into the large paper bag pulling out several items. Candles to set the mood; some sparkling cider with glasses; a bowl of strawberries with chocolate, and a couple of old sweatshirts of his in case they got cold.

Max took out a lighter and began to light the candles. “This is perfect” Liz said looking at the surroundings. The moon was low in the sky leaving just enough light for it to be perfect with the surrounding candles.

“You are perfect” Max said stopping what he was doing and looking at Liz. What he didn’t notice was that his sleeve shirt was directly over the now light candle.

“Max you’re on fire!” Liz yelled stepping back from the flame.

“Ummm thanks Liz” Max said not really understanding the intent of her comment.

“No really Max you are on fire!” she yelled throwing the contents of a bottle of water that she had in her bag at him.

The water hit him mostly in the face, but a small amount managed to hit the open flame extinguishing the small fire on his sleeve.

“Are you okay?” Liz asked moving in closer to survey the damage. She just hoped that his arm hadn’t been burnt.

“I’m fine” Max said more than a little embarrassed. “Really are you sure?” Liz asked insisting to see the wound. His skin was just slightly hot, really the same as a hot shower might do, or steam.

Liz leaned forward lightly bringing her lips into contact with the now sensitive skin.

“A kiss to make it better” she said looking into his eyes.

Max smiled; “All better thanks” Liz sat back to survey the damage. It was then that she started giggling uncontrollably.

“Something funny??” Max asked with a half smile himself.

“Well, I’m sorry; it’s just that you are covered in water now. I just realized that I almost missed your arm completely in the heat of the moment!” Liz’s face was totally red from her trying to suppress her giggles.

Max struggled to stay serious. “Oh really? You think that me being covered in water is funny hun?”

Liz tried to calm her laughter. “Well” she began. Her laughter overtook her. “Very funny!” she laughed

Max turned away from Liz, allowing a small smile to escape him; she was so cute that he knew that he couldn’t suppress him laughter much longer.

He picked up the bottle of sparkling cider. Shaking it behind his back, out of Liz’s view.

“Max, I am really sorry. I wasn’t laughing at you I swear!” Liz said still laughing without control.

Max tried his best to look hurt while he continued to shake the bottle. He then brought it around to his side, popped the top off and let the contents spill over him and Liz.

It was then that Liz really lost it. She was laughing so hard that it was almost impossible to catch a breath.

“Max!” she yelled grabbing his hands with hers.

Max loved hearing his name on her lips; he loved the way that her cheeks were red when she laughed. Come to think about it he loved everything about this girl.

He took her hands in his, pulling her closer to him as he let the bottle of cider fall out of his hands.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered pushing her hair out of her face.

“It’s okay” Liz laughed allowing her body to fall on his lap. “I deserved it”

Max felt dizzy with her lips so close to his.

“Liz, ever since I have met you my life has been different.” He began

Liz silenced him by bringing her lips to his.

The kiss was amazing, Liz was glad that she was sitting on his lap; otherwise she was sure that her knees would have given out.

Max let his hands release from hers, moving them to her face to gently cup her cheeks while he tasted her mouth. Her lips were so sweet and soft.

Liz shifted bringing her hands around to the nape of his neck. She let her fingers gently massage his neck while opening her mouth to allow him more access.

“Liz” Max mumbled as he brought his mouth back to hers.

Liz took her tongue gently massaging the outline of his lips before allowing his to taste it.
Max was going crazy under the delicate touch of her tongue.

They were both lost in the taste of each other as Max pulled Liz even closer so that she was now straddling his lap. His hand moved through her soft hair as her hands massaged his neck.

Liz was in heaven, she had kissed guys before but never like this, she had never felt anything this amazing before.

Max could only imagine what it would be like to make love to Liz when his whole body was on fire from this kiss. She was like a drug that he had always craved and now he was getting his first taste; and he would never get his fill.


Maria walked behind Michael up the steep hill on purpose. With him in front of her, she was sure to get a nice view of his ass climbing the hill.

“Maria are you coming?” Michael yelled behind him. He had tried to get her to walk in front of him so he would have a nice view while climbing the hill. For some reason she kept falling behind him.

“Coming” Maria yelled never taking her eyes from him.

She moved faster catching up to his form.

“Wow it is hot out here,” she said in her best poor woman mode.

Michael laughed at her eyeing a small pool of water off to his left.

“So Hot” Maria continued in her sexiest voice.

“Well, I might have a way to cool you off” Michael said

“Really??” Maria asked looking up at his with her best puppy dog eyes.

“Yeah” Michael said dropping his pack and picking Maria up by her waist and hoisting her over his shoulder.

“Michael?” she asked unsure of his plan for the moment.

Michael began running to the small body of water even faster. Lucky for him Maria was facing the other way and couldn’t see him impending plan.

Before she knew it she was being thrown in the water.

Upon instinct of being thrown she grabbed onto Michael’s neck with a new intent.

Michael let go of her body, but thanks to Maria was pulled into the freezing water with her.

Maria yelped upon feeling the cold water. Michael was still in shock that he himself was also in the water.

“Hey! I wasn’t that hot!” he laughed as Maria looked at him innocently.


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Part Nineteen

Liz finally pulled back from Max after realizing that her lips were actually sore from kissing him.

Max let out a small groan at the lack of contact. He and Liz had been kissing for what seemed like hours now. He didn’t think that he could ever get sick of tasting her sweet lips.

Max wrapped his hands around Liz’s back making sure that she would stay firmly planted on his lap.

“You are amazing,” he said finally looking up into her eyes. Liz blushed upon hearing his words.

“From the way you kiss Max Evans, I would say that you are the amazing one!” Liz laughed.

Max smiled wondering how he had been so lucky to find this amazing person. He had always believed in the idea of soul mates, and now he was positive that Liz was his. There was something about her, his whole body and mind felt different when she was around.

“We do still have some dessert,” Max said gesturing to the strawberries and chocolate on hand.

Liz suddenly felt bold. She blinked her eyes the way Maria had taught her when they were little and wanted to get something from her dad.

“But Max, I thought that you were my desert” she said coyly.

Max felt himself grow hard at the thought of Liz ravishing on his body. His face turned red and he didn’t have a word running through his mind that he thought would be appropriate to say to her.

Instead he just moaned a deep primal moan, a moan of wanting, needing and desire. Liz shifted herself on his lap so that she was in a perfect position to feel his hard erection.

“Liz! You are going to be the death of me!” Max yelled with a smile. Liz laughed kissing him on the nose before sliding off his lap to retrieve the easily forgotten fruit.

Max watched Liz a little to closely as she crawled across the blanket to where the strawberries and chocolate still lie.

He wanted her more then he had ever wanted anything in his life, but he didn’t want her like this, on the beach, cold out, when they hardly really knew each other. He wanted it to
Be special, he wanted Liz to know that he would wait for her. These rational thoughts were floating through Max’s mind at the same time his fantasies of what he would like to do to Liz with the chocolate and strawberries were.


Michael looked at Maria with shock. Maria smiled victoriously. She had finally beat Michael at his own game or at least gotten him to play with her.

“Maria! You are going to pay for that!” Michael laughed swooping up her light body at once with his strong arms.

He dived under the water taking her light frame with him holding her body tight to his but underneath it.

He finally surfaced with Maria held close to him and a very shocked look upon her face.

Michael gave her a sexy half grin as he pulled her even closer to him. Maria licked her lips in anticipation of the kiss that she was hoping would come.

Michael took her lips softly at first, then with more urgency. He had always found Maria incredibly sexy and to tell the truth he had imagined kissing her full lips on more than one occasion.

Maria leaned into his kiss, letting him know that she was his for the taking. He parted her lips with his tongue allowing him full access to her mouth. To Michael; Maria’s kissed tasted like nectar of the sweetest plant in the world.

He loved the way that she knew when to let him take control, and when he needed to by put in his place.

Maria brought her hands to Michael’s sides wrapping them around to his back, letting her hands gently massage his strong muscles. She wanted to let him know that even though she was letting him take control of the situation, she was enjoying it just as much as he was.

Maria dueled her tongue with Michael’s, wanting to taste him just as much as he did her. Today had been a perfect day and she didn’t know anyway that it could get better.

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Part Twenty

Liz opened the bag of strawberries and chocolate, grabbing the two items and moving back over to where Max sat. Someone she just felt a connection, a need to be near him.

He smiled seeing what she had brought back for them.

Max reached for the bag, hoping to grab a strawberry out without Liz seeing, but Liz swat his hand away.

“No way Max, you have to wait until everything is ready!” she laughed seeing the hurt look on Max’s face.

Liz then pulled out a strawberry herself and dipped it in the chocolate. Max eyed the strawberry and Liz, not sure which he should reach for at that moment. Luckily Liz made the decision for him.

Liz took the Strawberry, sucking it into her mouth. She licked the outside tasting the sweet chocolate before bringing the whole Berry back into her mouth.

Max couldn’t believe what he was seeing, this had to be the most erotic thing that he had ever witnessed. The great thing about it was the eye contact that Liz and Max held throughout the game.

Max wished that it was something other than a Strawberry that was being sucked in and out of Liz’s small mouth, and he had a feeling that Liz wished the same thing.

Some sort of desire had overtaken him and he knew that even in the most dire situation there was no way that he could break eye contact with Liz, he had fallen under her spell.

Liz pulled the strawberry half way out of her mouth, one last time before taking a soft bite and swallowing the fruit.

‘Max you really should try these” Liz said softly. “They are so good”

“I bet they are” Max said reaching again for a berry.

Liz’s hand stopped him, instead getting a berry for him and dipping it into the can of chocolate.

“Here let me” Liz said as she brought the fruit to Max’s mouth.

Max slowly took the berry in his mouth, making sure to look Liz in the eye while he ate it. He took the whole berry in two bites and was left licking the chocolate from his lips. Max then looked down to Liz’s hand, seeing that some of the chocolate had dripped onto her fingers.

He pulled her hand to him taking her finger in his mouth and sucking all of the chocolate off.

“Mmm good” Max said before moving his lips to kiss Liz.

Liz leaned in capture Max’s mouth with hers. Their kiss was a mix of passion and chocolate.

Liz pulled away first. “Max, what do you say that we head back to my apartment? It is getting a little cold out, and it is nice and warm there.”

“I can’t think of anything that I would rather do” Max said pulling Liz to her feet.


Maria held onto Michael for dear life. His kisses made her weak, this boy really knew how to take a girl’s breath away.

Her feet were no longer on the ground, but instead she floated in the water with her legs wrapped around Michael’s waist.

He kissed her with his hands holding her up strongly, letting her know that he had no intention of letting her go.

When he finally pulled away they were both out of breath and surprised by what had just taken place.

“Michael..” Maria began

“I know Maria, that was incredible.” Michael finished.

Maria was shocked that he had finally let his true feelings for her show without being embarrassed.

“Now,” Michael began looking down at Maria’s body, which he was still holding; “I think that we should get you out of those wet clothes.”

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Part Twenty-one

Max opened the door for Liz to step into his truck. He helped her in before shutting the door and walking around to his side. He had only known this girl a few days and already he felt as though he could survive the rest of his life on nothing but her.

Max stopped before opening his car door and joining Liz inside. He needed a moment to gather himself. He wanted Liz so much right now that it physically hurt. Yes ladies and gentlemen the old myth of blue balls was happening to Max himself. He wanted so much to just grab her and show her how he already felt about her, but something stopped him. He didn’t want Liz to think that he was just using her, he didn’t want her to think that he was ‘that kind of guy’. In fact Max was the opposite.

Max Evans had never been with a girl before, not due to lack of opportunity, he had just always known that he was going to wait for ‘the one’. Max was positive that Liz was ‘the one’ was the last thing that he ever wanted to do was scare her away with that information.

Max closed his eyes, took a deep breath and tried to think of anything that would cause his hard erection to return to it’s normal state. All that came into his head was thoughts of Liz and all of the things that he wanted to do to her.

“Useless” Max muttered before opening the car door to climb into the truck.

Liz sat in the truck for a moment after Max shut her door. She needed to calm down before she could face Max again, otherwise she would do what her body was telling her too, climb over the seats and straddle him as soon as he got in the truck.

Liz had never been attracted to anyone the way that she was to Max. Something about him, well everything about him called out to her in sexual tones. Liz wasn’t the kind of girl to want to jump some random guy’s bones either. Hell she had been in a relationship with Kyle for almost a year before they had broken up and deciding they were better off as friends; and she hadn’t even slept with him.

Liz had always had this dream of meeting one person who would just blow her off her feet. One person who she could imagine spending eternity with. Liz thought that Max Evans might just be this person. The very thought of being with Max made her nervous and excited all at the same time.

‘Control yourself girl” Liz said under her breath as she squirmed in the seat.

Max climbed into the car, shutting the door and starting the engine. “Are you warm enough?” he asked eyeing Liz sitting next to him. “Actually it is kind of warm in here,” Liz said with a smile. “It’s very warm in here!” Max laughed putting the truck into reverse.

Just a few seconds after they had left Max had reached over and taken Liz’s hand with his. Liz smiled at the very thought. She wanted Max to know that it was okay, and more so that she liked the feeling of his hand holding hers. She wrapped her small hand around his and squeezed it gently.

In what seemed like warp speed they were in front of Liz’s apartment complex with the truck stopped. They both sat in silence for a moment before Max reached over claiming her lips with his. He knew that it was only sheer torture to kiss her like this again, until he had come to the conclusion that he would always feel this way around Liz, excited, loving and sexual.

Liz struggled to find the release of her safety belt as she leaned her body closer to Max’s. “Damn, damn, damn’ she thought trying to secretly reach her hand down to release the strap holding her body in place.

‘Maybe this is a sign’ Liz thought to herself. ‘A sort of godly force meant to keep me from climbing on Max’s lap!’ she laughed.

Liz let out a small giggle as she thought. Max pulled away instantly. Max’s head reeled; ‘Was she laughing at me? Does she think that I am a bad kisser?’ the questions just wouldn’t go away.

“Liz??” he said questioningly.

Liz’s face immediately turned beet red. “Oh, Max, I am is just this damn thing, well it isn’t really the things fault” Liz said trying to gather her thoughts.

Upon hearing her Max’s face turned as red as Liz’s ‘By thing does she mean my dick? I know it was hard, but I didn’t think that she would laugh at it. Does she think that it is small? She must have felt it while kissing me.’

Liz finally composed herself long enough to reach down and unbuckle the seat belt. “There all better” she said. “I couldn’t find the button to unlock it”.

Max let out a sigh of relief; she had only been talking about the seat belt! ‘Sometimes you are a first class moron!’ he said to himself.

The moment had now been pretty much ruined. “We should get inside” Liz said noticing Max’s drastic mood change.

“Yeah” Max said opening his door and walking around to the other side. He opened Liz’s door for her, taking her hand as she was climbing out. Luckily for Max she began to slip and he ended up grabbing her entire body and lifting her weightlessly to the ground.

“Thanks” Liz said with her face just inches from his. “Anytime” Max laughed.

They walked hand in hand to the apartment door and Liz fished for her keys in her bag.

“So” Liz began “Would you like to come in?” she asked not even believing the words as they came out of her mouth. She wanted nothing more then to be with Max tonight.

Max was instantly filled with desire for the girl in front of him.

“I would really like to” Max said “But, I just, I mean we both have classes tomorrow and I think that maybe it would be best if I just went home” he said kicking himself mentally even as the words were still coming from his mouth.

“Ohh okay” Liz said suddenly feeling very foolish. She had been sure that Max was into her but now with his dismissal of her invitation she was sure that she was wrong. When guys are into girls they don’t turn down invitations to stay over.

Max caught the hurt look on Liz’s face; “Maybe we could have lunch tomorrow?”

Liz’s eyes lit up at the mention of seeing him again. “That sounds great, I only have morning classes and then I have a break from twelve until two.”

“Okay great, why don’t you meet me at the “Chill Out Café” at twelve thirty or so?”

Liz smiled; maybe she was wrong, maybe he did want to spend more time with her!

“That is the new place on Campus right?” she asked Max nodded. “Okay, I will see you there” Liz finished opening her door completely to slide in.

Max stopped her by gently taking her wrist with his hand and pulling her back to him. He kissed her hard on the lips, leaving no doubt in her mind as to if he sexually desired her. She opened her mouth to allow him more access and he gladly took it. Neither wanted to pull; Liz’s neighbor and good friend Kay walked up, looked Max up and down and let out a smug “Go Liz!” the voice brought them both back to reality and they realized that they were putting on a show for the entire neighborhood.


Maria felt her heart skip a beat at Michael’s mention of “Getting her out of these wet clothes”. Exactly what did he mean by that? Maria only hoped that he meant what she thought he meant!

“Oh really?” Maria replied coyly. “Really” Michael said in a husky voice; letting his fingers fall to the edge of her shirt.

Maria leaned forward, kissing Michael deeply; giving her consent as to what may happen next. Michael took this as his cue, pulling Maria’s shirt up and over her head. He smiled seeing the red bra she was wearing. He always did figure her for a racy underwear kind of girl.

Michael wasted no time unclasping Maria’s bra and letting her breasts fall free. Michael wrapped one hand around her body to hold her close to him; using the free hand to grasp her free breast.

“Beautiful” Michael moaned before taking her tight nipple into his mouth. Maria moaned in feeling the contact of Michael’s warm mouth with her cold skin. As soon as he touched her she knew that she couldn’t wait much longer.

Maria reached behind Michael pulling his shirt over his head; and began kissing the nape of his neck. She was sure that she had never seen a more beautiful man in her entire life.

Michael reached down under the water fumbling with the button to Maria’s shorts. Feeling his touch Maria released her legs from around him to allow him to pull of her shorts and red thong with one movement.

Maria brought her legs back around Michael rubbing her naked flesh against his straining erection.

Michael looked down to see Maria looking at him with desire in her eyes. At that moment he knew that he couldn’t wait much longer.

He reached down unfastening his pants; letting them fall. “Maria; I want you now” he said in between heated kisses.

Maria smiled thrusting her tongue into Michael’s mouth. She reached down to take his hard member into her soft hand. She wanted to tease Michael a little before giving him what they both desperately needed.

Michael groaned from the touch of Maria’s skin with his. Maria took his lower lip with her mouth, gently sucking on it before grazing it with her teeth.

Michael released his hands, letting them roam freely over Maria’s breasts, then moving down to her ass, gently nudging her body closer to his.

Maria wrapped one arm around his neck, using the other to gently lower herself onto his erection.

Michael let out a load moan as he felt Maria slide onto him. He had dreamed of this for so long; and now it was finally happening and it was almost too much for him to handle.

Michael held Maria’s body tightly in his arms; controlling her pace. Maria began kissing Michael’s neck lovingly, concentrating on nothing but the feel of him inside her.

Maria worked her way up to Michael’s ear; licking it gently before whispering seductively into his ear “Michael; you feel so good inside me. I want to feel you cum.” That was all that Michael needed to pick up his pace. He picked Maria’s body up; lifting her before bringing her back down to him.

The sound of Maria’s moans echoed in his ear as he lost himself in the feeling of making love to her.

The two of them spiraled into climaxes together, holding each other for dear life; thankful for the wilderness they were enveloped in allowing them to make as much noise as they desired.

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Part 23

Liz felt herself blush upon hearing Kay’s words. “Hi Sweetie” Liz said acknowledging Kay’s presence. Max still held tight to Liz, not yet willing to let her go, besides that fact he had become extremely aroused and didn’t want to scare of any of Liz’s neighbors with his current state.

Kay laughed. “Sorry to interrupt you guys, but I mean it is not everyday that I get to see two hot people making out on the porch!” she laughed.

Kay took her queue to leave; “So Liz, I’ll see you tomorrow morning!” she said walking into her apartment; giving Liz a wink before shutting the door.

“Welcome to the neighborhood” Liz laughed pulling Max closer to her. Max nuzzled her neck, kissing it lightly while taking in the scent of her.

“I, umm I should go” he finally said pulling away. This girl really meant something to him, and he wanted their first time to be special, amazing, and perfect.

Liz stuck out her bottom lip, leaving no doubt to the fact that she was pouting over his departure.

“I’ll see you tomorrow” Max called out as he got in his truck. He wanted nothing more then to walk right back into Liz’s apartment and show her how she made him feel. Do everything to her, that he had been daydreaming about since he had first met her. But self-control was luckily one of his strong points, but Liz Parker pushed it to the breaking points.

Liz walked into the apartment; closing the door behind her and walking into the kitchen to pop open the Ice Cream. Her face seemed to have a permanent smile that she couldn’t help.

Before the spoon had even hit the Ice Cream Liz heard a knock on her door. ‘Must be Kay here to get the dish’ Liz thought as she strolled to the door, Ice Cream in hand. Liz opened the door with the spoon in her mouth. She almost dropped it when she saw Max there.

“I just, I just wanted to see you again, I was going to go home, but something came into my head…well a thought really. Carpe Diem, you know seize the day. Well I think that with you I was to seize the day.”

Before Liz could even tell Max how happy that she was to see him, she was in his arms. The Ice Cream was quickly forgotten about as they moved towards the couch. Liz hit it first, pulling Max on top of her.

She loved the way that he smelled, the way he touched her, everything, most of all she loved feeling Max’s strong body above hers.

Max kissed her deeply, showing her just how much that he desired her. Liz pulled him closer, allowing him to rest between her open legs.

“You make me feel..” Liz began in between kisses. “Amazing” Max finished moving his way down to her neck.

Maria let her whole body relax in Michael’s arms. Nothing had ever felt so wonderful, so amazing, and so right as being with Michael just had.

After staying in the water for several minutes just enjoying each other.

Michael gently carried Maria out of the water, dressing her and bringing her over to his truck; wrapping her in a fleece blanket.

Maria was amazed at how gentle that he was with her, how loving. This wasn’t the Michael Guerin that she really knew, she had thought that it was hidden there somewhere under the surface, and now he had finally opened himself up to her.

They climbed in the back of the truck, Michael sitting and Maria sitting in his lap. They were so close in both body and mind.

They sat there in silence for a few moments, just enjoying the feeling of being next to one another.

Michael broke the silence first. He pulled Maria closer to his body, whispering in her ear. “Maria, I love you”

“I love you too Michael” she spoke back upon hearing his words of truth.

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Warning; NC-17

Part 23

Liz moaned enjoying the feeling of Max’s body weight covering hers. She had never felt this way before, sure she had messed around with guys, but not with guys that made her head spin.

There was something different about Max, something different about the way that he made her feel. She arched her body up to met Max’s as she continued to kiss him passionately.

Liz reached her hands up, unbuttoning Max’s shirt as they kissed. The sight of his naked chest took her breath away.

Max brought his hands up Liz’s sides, cupping her breasts lightly before looking into her eyes for more permission.

“Are you Okay?” he asked lightly feeling slightly odd since his obvious erection was still pressed between Liz’s open legs.

“I am better then okay” Liz whispered seductively before taking Max’s hands and placing them firmly on her breasts.

Max moaned at the aggressiveness that Liz was showing. The way that she showed him that she not only allowed him, but wanted him to touch her was turning him on in a whole new way.

He moved his hands to the edge of her shirt, pulling it up and over her head to reveal her bra and soft skin. Max began kissing the skin all around her breasts before removing her bra.

His lips grazed from her shoulder blades, all the way to her ribs, leaving Liz moaning in desire. “Max Please” she moaned.

Max had never heard more wonderful words in his life. “Yes Baby”

“I want you to kiss my breasts” Liz said arching her back to make herself more accessible to Max and his waiting mouth.

“Anything” Max said as he gently unclasped Liz’s black lace bra letting it fall to the floor. He took one of her nipples in his mouth, enjoying it as much if not more as Liz was.

Max took it in his mouth gently at first, just tasting the sweet taste of her skin, before he knew it Liz was moaning and grinding her lower body into his which made Max come close to the edge.

Nothing had ever excited Max as much as seeing Liz like this did. He was amazed to see how hot she now was, and the best part was that he was doing it to her!

He pulled her closer and began flicking her nipple with his tongue, which caused Liz to cry out more in pleasure.

He ran his teeth lightly over her nipple before releasing it from his mouth.

Liz pulled Max up to kiss her, before running her hands over his six pack stomach to the buttons of his pants.

Max wanted Liz to take his pants off; he wanted Liz to feel how hard that he was for her. But he was a little uncertain about doing it on this couch!

“Liz, is there somewhere that we can go a little more private?” Max asked

“My room” Liz said pointing towards the doorway in front of them.

Before Liz even had a chance to move, Max picked her up in his strong arms, carrying her into the bedroom and laying her down on the bed.

The whole room smelled like Liz to Max and he couldn’t get enough. He stood above her bed just looking at the beauty before him.

“Come here” Liz said pulling him onto the bed with her. She was still topless which was not something that got by Max.

Liz laid him down on his back, getting on her knees above him. She started trailing light kissed down him body, beginning at his lips. Finally when Max was quite aroused she made he way to the button of his pants.

She slowly undid the button, pulling the pants and boxers down over his slender hips. She worked her way down, kissing around his thighs before bringing her lips to the tip of him, sucking lightly which elicited a great moan from Max.

Max sat up taking Liz with his arms; “If you do that again this is going to be over before it starts!” he laughed laying her down on the bed.

Liz’s hair fell down around her pillow as she lay with a smile on her face. Max couldn’t imagine anything more perfect. “You are so beautiful,” he said kissing her once again.

Max smiled as his hands drifted to her pants. “Well I am a little bit more naked then you; I think that maybe we should do something about that.

He pulled her pants down revealing black lace underwear. Max looked into her eyes for permission before removing them too.

She pulled him on top of her, their naked forms just lying together while they kissed. Liz could concentrate on nothing but the feeling of his cock resting between her thighs.

“Max I want you” she said breathlessly between kisses. “Are you sure?” He asked not sure if he would be able to stop even if she said no.

“Yes, please now” she said opening her legs to gain him further access to her body.

Max pulled himself up on his elbows allowing the tip of him to rub against her wet folds.

“I need a condom,” Max said with obvious unhappiness.

Liz smiled; “It’s okay, I am on the pill” she said reaching up and pulling him down into her.

He gently slid into her, very slowly at first. Max wondered if Liz knew that he was virgin as he let out a hungry cry upon feeling himself inside her for the first time. He pushed in deeper feeling Liz moan with discomfort and stopping to make sure she was okay.

It wasn’t until then that he had realized that she was a virgin; that she had just given herself to him for the first time. Somehow this filled him with overwhelming love and desire at the same time.

“Are you okay” He asked kissing her face softly.

Liz nodded and wrapped her legs around him to encourage him to continue.

Max continued his journey into the depths of Liz’s body, feeling how tight she was around his hard length.

Liz began moaning when he entered her fully; her moaning soon turned into full out cries of joy. These sounds were driving Max over the edge.

They held onto each other right as their bodies rocked together as one for several minutes, each wrapped up not only in their own pleasure, but also the pleasure of the other.

Max felt Liz’s tight walls begin to tighten further as she gripped onto him tight. Her name was on his lips as he spilt himself into her waiting body.

Liz welcomed it holding Max as close to her as possible.

After the climaxed rocked their bodies Liz pulled Max on top of her, not allowing him to remove himself from her warm folds.

She held him on top of her body as they both shook with pleasure and held onto each other tight. Neither of them had ever experienced anything like that before and they were going to cherish being in one another’s arms for as long as possible.


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I Won’t Fear Love

Part 24 Teaser

Max lay above Liz, their bodies were still as one when they’re breathing finally evened out. “Liz” Max said kissing her lightly on the forehead. “Mmm mmm” she mumbled. “I, well I love you” he said softly. “I love you too” she answered without hesitation.

Max rolled his weight off of her, pulling her into his arms as he curled his body around hers. He then reached up and covered them both with the Liz’s down comforter before he himself fell asleep.

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Part 24

I Won’t Fear Love

Part 24 Teaser

Max lay above Liz; their bodies were still as one when they’re breathing finally evened out. “Liz” Max said kissing her lightly on the forehead. “Mmm mmm” she mumbled. “I, well I love you” he said softly. “I love you too” she answered without hesitation.

Max rolled his weight off of her, pulling her into his arms as he curled his body around hers. He then reached up and covered them both with the Liz’s down comforter before he himself fell asleep.

Part 24

Maria woke up content for the first time since she could remember. She was in Michael’s arms. She was safe and warm with Michael in his apartment. Maria felt like there was a permanent smile across her face after what she and Michael had shared the night before. He was so sweet to her now, she was falling for him before, but now she things that she has already fallen.

“Good morning sweetheart” Michael said sitting up in bed. “How about some breakfast?” “Sounds good” Maria said eyeing his body up and down. Michael got her hint and pulled her back under the covers with him.


Max woke up from the most amazing dream. He had made love with Liz. And it had been awesome, like nothing that he had ever imagined possible, more amazing. Max stretched his arms above his head and felt a body next to him. Upon opening his eyes he realized that he was not in his own bed. He was in the bed from his dream; he was in Liz’s bed. It had been real; he had been with Liz the night before.

He glanced over to see his sleeping beauty next to him. Liz’s hair was fanned out along her pillow; she looked like an angel to him, his angel. He would be content just to watch her sleep. Something told him, something in his heard made it known to him that he would be content just to have her in his life forever.

“Good Morning” Max said finally seeing Liz’s big brown eyes slowly begin to open. “How long have you been awake?” she asked hoping that he hadn’t been laying around waiting for her to wake up.

Max looked at Liz unsure of how he was supposed to react in this situation, he wanted with every ounce of his being to just hold her in his arms and make love to her again. As a matter of fact he never wanted to stop making love to her. He wasn’t sure if it was the just his hormones, or the excitement in the air last night but he knew that he had never felt anything like being with Liz.

Liz moved closer to Max on her soft bed seeing the look in his eye, the look that made him look a million years away. “Max honey, are you okay?” she asked touching his face with her soft hand. “Yeah, I am fine now,” Max said after listening to the sweet manor in which Liz had said his name.

Max leaned forward kissing Liz and pulling her into his arms. He just wanted to be sure that this wasn’t some one-night thing for Liz. He had felt last night that she was a virgin, he was pretty sure that she was but he didn’t know how he would deal with it if she didn’t feel the same feelings for him. Her kiss said it all to Max, she felt the same way about him, she felt the connection, the feeling and passion that their kiss held.

“Liz can I ask you something” Max said when their lips finally separated. She now sat wrapped in the safety of his arms. He didn’t want to start their relationship out with any sort of misunderstanding or distrust between them. “Anything” Liz said smiling into his eyes. “I was, well I” Max mumbled unsure how she was going to react to the question at hand.

Liz placed her hands on either side of Max’s face; bringing him in for a long gentle kiss. “It’s okay Max, you can ask me anything” she said in a soft voice. Max was amazing at how she has calmed him down. ‘Would just one kiss from this dream girl always have such an effect on him?’

Max found his voice. “I was just wondering if you were a virgin, I mean before last night when we made love” Liz’s face went slowly blank. For a moment Max was afraid that maybe he had been wrong? Or somehow hurt her feelings with his assumption?

Liz climbed slowly off Max’s lap and stood looking out the window. “Liz what is it?” Max said coming to stand behind her. “Was I really that bad. So bad that you could tell.” Liz whispered through tears. Max wrapped his arms around her frame. “No baby, no, what me and you had, what we did, it was so amazing I can’t even find words for it. I was, well afraid that maybe I hurt you. I really just wanted to make sure that you were okay. Liz, I needed to tell you, I wanted to tell you, that I am, I was a virgin too.”

Liz turned around to face him. “You?” She said looking Max in the eyes. “Please how is that possible? You must have had hundreds of girls. I see they way that look at you, even when we are together.” Max felt his cheeks turn a deeper shade of red. “Liz, the only person that I see when I am with you is you. I have been waiting for someone, waiting for the one that I wanted to give myself too, body and soul. Liz, I think that I may have found her.”

Liz wrapped her arms around Max’s neck, using his body for leverage as she pulled her body up into his arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he started backing up towards the bed. Liz kissed her way down to Max’s ear whispering in is seductively “So Mr. Evans, you said that last night was amazing? Let’s see if we can make this morning really amazing!”


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Part 25

NC-17 Rating

Max and Liz finally stirred in her bedroom in the afternoon after much more exploration of each other’s bodies.

“What do you say about some breakfast?” Liz asked “I think that I worked up an appetite” Max said kissing Liz once more before climbing out of bed with her.

The great thing was that as Liz stood in front of Max she wasn’t the least bit nervous or ashamed of him seeing her body in that light, the morning after light. Max watched her body move and desire filled him again. He walked towards her taking her once again in his arms and whispering in her ear. “You are so beautiful”

Liz smiled running her hands down Max’s naked back. His skin was so soft, and smooth under her touch, she kissed his shoulder lightly before pulling her robe around her shoulders.

“Liz I am really sorry that you missed classes today” Max said realizing once again that him being there had caused Liz to miss all of her classes that day.

“Didn’t you have classes today too?” Liz asked

“Yeah I did, but that is the last thing on my mind right now” Max said pulling his shirt over his head.

“Well mine too, besides, I have not missed one single class this quarter. I don’t think that this one time will do me harm. And Max Evans…believe me when I say that it was worth it” Liz said winking at Max as she walked into the bathroom.

Max followed Liz into the bathroom with the strong thought in his mind that he just wanted to be near her, just wanted to be in her presence. He still couldn’t believe that he had met, and been with this amazing girl.

Liz started the hot water, making sure to lock both doors leading into the bathroom, one from Maria’s room and one from Liz’s the steam filled the room quickly and Liz let her robe fall to the floor.

She climbed into under the hot water letting out a small sigh as the water hit her back. Sometimes there was nothing like a hot shower to relax you…well almost nothing.

Max sat transfixed watching his love stand under the warm water with drops running down her gorgeous body. He couldn’t move his eyes away from the vision in front of him. Liz looked over to him before asking innocently, “Aren’t you going to join me?”

Max took of his jeans and shirt faster then he probably ever had in his life before joining Liz under the water. The shower was small which meant that in order for them to both stand in there, under the water, their bodies had to be almost completely touching. Neither of them seemed to have a problem with this.

Max began planting soft kisses over Liz’s neck and shoulders pulling her body close to his. She was wrapped up in the warmness of not only his body, but also the warm water cascading them together.

Liz had never felt so warm and protected in her life as she did at that one moment with Max holding her in his arms. His arms were strong and he held her body tight for several minutes before finally pulling back.

Max picked up Liz’s scented shampoo asking permission first. “Can I??” He asked. Liz just nodded her head. Max poured just the right amount of the shampoo into his hands before turning her around with her back to him. He slowly began lathering her hair, making sure not to miss one strand. Liz laid her head back just enjoying the feeling of Max supporting her weight and massaging her head.

Max used his strong hands to rub away all of the tension from Liz’s neck and scalp, holding the weight of her head in his strong hands.

Max turned Liz around laying her head under the warm water rinsing the shampoo completely out of her hair as she giggled. “What’s so funny?” Max asked pulling her back close to him. “Nothing really, it’s just that I could really get used to this.” “Please do” Max said kissing her once more before pouring conditioner in his hands.

Liz once again allowed Max to run his fingers through her long hair massaging her scalp again before rinsing the conditioner out of her hair expertly.

Liz stood on her tiptoes, which still left her slightly shorter then Max, looking up into his deep brown eyes before asking in a sweet voice. “Well now my hair is clean, but what about the rest of me?”

Max needed no more encouragement from the beauty in front of him. He reached out getting a handful of body wash before letting his hands roam Liz’s body. He started at her shoulders, massaging them softly before moving down her back. She now had her back to him and he pulled her close, letting his hands move up to cup her breasts and become coated in the silky wash.

“You are so sexy” Max said as his hands continued to roam. By this point Liz could feel how excited that Max was getting by the erection that was now pressing into her. Max then ran his hands down her stomach to her thighs. Liz arched wanting his hands to be somewhere other then where they currently were massaging her skin.

“Please Max” she moaned leaning her body back against his. Max knew right at this moment, just as he had known before that he never would be able to deny his love anything. He moved his hands gently up her thighs before sliding his fingers between her wet folds.

He used one hand to steady Liz against his own shaky body. Liz began moaning Max’s name which hardly helped Max to keep steady. Hearing his name on her lips way the biggest turn on he had ever experienced. And to be touching her, and know that he was the one bringing her so much pleasure.

There was nothing more in the world that he wanted other then to bring her pleasure like this. This was heaven for Max Evans. Liz then did what Max did not expect, she reached her hand around him and took his cock in her soft, wet hand.

Max almost exploded on contact, he let out a large grunt as her hand slid down the length of him, with a moan still escaping her mouth.

“In want you” Liz moaned bringing her hand back up to slide down Max’s hard length once again.

Max couldn’t resist any longer, he pulled Liz closer to him, lifting her hips slightly, allowing his fingers better access to her sweetness. He then ran his tounge along her neck, whispering in her ear, telling her just exactly what she was doing to his body and mind.

He quickly took Liz’s clit between his fingers, rolling it gently in a circular motion.
This movement from Max made Liz’s hand clamp down harder on his already throbbing cock.

Liz quickly lost it, her world started spinning and she was pretty sure that the only thing that was holding her up was Max. She called his name over and over again as her body moved in tune with his fingers.

Max felt Liz’s hand press harder on his erection and this caused a primal groan to be released from him. He didn’t want to come before Liz, but he wasn’t sure how much longer that he could hold out. As soon as Liz screamed his name and bucked her hips back towards him the way she did it was all over. Max moaned holding her body close and using his fingers to bring her over the edge.

They both worked continuously stroking each other to bring pleasure to the other before themselves. Max finally let go, spilling his seed over Liz’s warm hand as her body still shook from the force of the orgasm that he had given her.

“Baby come here” Max said pulling Liz close in his arms. “I love you” Liz said as she kissed him over any part of skin her mouth could find.

Max and Liz walked out of her bedroom lost in each other’s eyes about an hour later. As if on cue Maria and Michael pulled up in his truck just as Max and Liz were walking outside. Michael walked upstairs, walking towards Max rather then Liz, “Hey Max, How’s it going?” Michael asked sticking his hand out to a very surprised Max.

“Good man, great, How are you?” Max answered taking Michael’s strong grip with his own. “Good Good” Michael answered then turning to Liz. “Hey my girl” he said seemingly in a better then usual mood. “Hey” Liz laughed hugging Michael and then taking Max’s hand in her own to leave no question as to why they are now leaving together, both freshly bathed.

Maria walked behind Michael winking at Liz as they passed by. Liz called to them as they entered the apartment. “Do you guys want to go to lunch with us?”

“Yes Yes!” Maria squeals. “Yeah, sure” Michael added seeing how excited Maria was about hanging out with Liz.
“We will meet you in a few” Maria said running into her room to change. “Where are you guys going?” Michael asked trying not to focus on Max and Liz holding hands.

“I think we were just going to go to Eddy’s, you know the little 50’s diner on the corner of Broadway and Cedar” Max added wanting to show a small amount of protectiveness over Liz, even if it was only towards her brother. He wasn’t about to let anything come between them, even Liz’s own brother.

“Okay sounds good, we will see you there then” Michael said walking back inside. Liz and Max turned around to leave but were stopped by a familiar face.

“Hey sweetie.” “Hi Kay Kay” Liz said using her and Maria’s childhood nickname for her next door neighbor before pulling her into a hug. “I just wanted to let you guys know that I am having a birthday party on Saturday night. It would be really cool if you and Maria could come, and whoever else” Kay said glancing towards Max smiling.

“Thanks Kay” Liz smiled. “We will definitely be there”

Max and Liz walked down the stairs hand in hand. Max opened Liz’s door and helped her in the truck before walking around, where she had once again unlocked his door for him.

“Still perfect” Max whispered to himself before climbing in the truck.


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Authors Note~ A little short..really transition, but I needed to bridge the gap between the last part and tomorrows part! Next part is Much part longer and guaranteed to satisfy!

Part 26

It was Saturday Afternoon and Liz was lying on her bed wrapped in a sweatshirt of Max’s listening to Maria sing along to the new Alanis Morisette song. “So what do you think girl?” Maria laughed. “ I am so the next Alanis!”

Liz smiled pulling Max’s sweatshirt up to her face. It still smelled like him. She herself was even astonished at how she had fallen for this guy.

“Maria, two things, one yes you are definitely the next Alanis, and two, I am so in love with Max Evans!” Maria laughed jumping on the bed with Liz smiling as she lay down next to her.

“Did you ever really think that it would happen Lizzie?” Maria asked “That we would fine our ‘ones’ the guys that you dream about all your life but you are never really sure that they are real?”

“Not until I met Max, he is the one, he is the only one that is meant for me. There is just something about him I can feel it every time I am around him.”

Maria smiled “ I know I feel the same about…well anyway I won’t gross you out with the details; so what are we going to wear tonight?”

“I don’t know” Liz answered. Glad that Maria had spared her some details on her and Michael. She just needed a little more time to get used to the idea before thinking about them being together as a couple. And being together like her and Max were.

“I’ll pick us something out,” Maria said heading into her closet.

Hours later and after several compromises Liz and Maria were ready to go. Liz was wearing one of Maria’s many ‘party’ dresses. It was black with sheer ruffles at the edge and around the neck. With it she wore a pair of Maria’s black strappy high heels. Her hair was done up with curls trailing down her neck, and she wore a dark red lipstick that made her look much different then her everyday look.

Turns out the party had been moved to Kay’s parents’ house a few miles away because so many people had been invited.

Kay had the house to herself since her parents were out of the country, which meant that Liz and Max, and Michael and Maria, were invited to spend the rest of the weekend there relaxing in style.

Liz had packed her backpack with the essentials needed for her first weekend “away” with Max. Her bathing suit, toothbrush, some clothes, and a new piece of lingerie that Maria had helped her to pick out earlier that day.

Max had worked an afternoon shift and gotten off early so that he could come with her tonight. She hadn’t seen him since last night, and it seemed like an eternity.

When his truck pulled up in the driveway an instant smile swept over Liz’s fact without even her realization.

She ran outside, heels and all to meet Max. “Hey Beautiful” Max said getting out of the truck and pulling Liz into his arms. “Liz, you look so sexy,” he said taking in the sight of her. “Are you sure that we have to go to this party” he said pulling her body closer to him.

“Well we do have our own room there. And I talked to Kay earlier and she said that she saved a really nice one for us.” Liz said letting her hand fall to lightly brush over Max’s lower anatomy.

“I feel like I haven’t seen you in days” Max laughed. “And even worse I feel like I haven’t made love to you in days!”

Liz smiled. She felt the same way. One hour away from her lover was like a lifetime. “Well I am under the assumption that our room will be pretty far away from everyone else’s tonight so we can be pretty vocal about just how strongly you feel that.” Liz said running her lips along Max’s jaw.

It was going to be a long night, but a fun one at that.


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Part 27


Liz and Max walked arm in arm into the house to get Liz’s things and wait for the car that would be picking them up. Max and Michael were going to drive, but Kay had insisted on sending cars to pick them and their things up. All of this known, Maria had poured Champagne for everyone. Max, Liz, Michael, and Maria all toasted to a good night; Liz winked at Max as she took the first sip of her champagne.

The car arrives just as everyone was finishing their drinks and Max took Liz’s and his bags carrying them out to the car for them. The “car” turned out to be two black Limos loaded with everything that you could need. Max and Liz climbed in one, with Michael and Maria in the other.

As soon as the car door was shut Liz looked over at Max with mischief in her eyes. “So, you look nice tonight” Liz said smiling seductively at Max. “Why thank you” Max said with a smile; as his eyes moved down towards Liz’s legs. “Do you think that we could just stay in the car all night?” Max asked as he moved his hand over to Liz’s thigh. “It would be kind of rude, although tempting.” Liz answered as she moved closer to him, bringing her lips to his neck. Max looked up, pressing the button to shut the sliding door between the driver and them before turning his attention back to Liz.

Liz snuggled closer to Max, before lifting herself up and straddling his body. His hands had now moved up her thighs and under her dress, tracing the edge of her panties. Liz watched out the tinted window. She had to admit, this was a rush, she had never done anything like this before.

Liz leaned down to Max’s, whispering “I want you” lightly into his ear before tracing the lobe with her teeth. Max let out a moan upon hearing Liz’s words. He wasn’t used to her being so vocal. Well to tell the truth he really wasn’t used to any of this, at least not in any other form other then his fantasies.

“So take me” Max answered. Liz looked around seeing that they were still several minutes away from Kay’s parents house then back at Max with a smile.

She then reached down between their bodies, unbuttoning Max’s pants and pulling his erection out of his pants. Max just watched her in awe as she began to stroke him with her warm hand. Just as he was getting close to the edge Liz positioned her body on top of his, sliding her panties off, bringing her weight down directly on top of his straining need.

Max moaned out Liz’s name as he slid into her warmth. “That is what I wanted,” Liz said before she began to move. Max took him hands, placing them on her face and bringing her in for a deep kiss. “I love you Liz,” he said before sliding his hands down her body, bringing them to her hips.

“Move my body how you want it to move for you” Liz said giving Max the control. Max rested him hands on her hips, moving her hips slowly up, then gently down at first, teasing both of them with her slow movements.

He then began pulling her hips high off of him, almost removing himself completely before bringing her down fast, plunging her body back down onto him, causing him to moan louder each and every time. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck, just enjoying the feeling of him inside her as she allowed him to control her movements.

Every thrust brought Max closer and closer to the edge, and finally after moving Liz’s body faster and faster he could tell he was about to lose it. “Liz” he whispered asking her permission to let himself go. “Let go baby, let go” she said bringing herself down harder upon him. Liz watched his face as she felt his erection become harder and harder in her soft flesh. The sounds of Max’s joy and look of pleasure on his face was enough for Liz to lose control herself. Max heard her cry in pleasure as he slid his hand around from her hips and allowed his thumb to find her clit. He rubbed it softly, slowly increasing the pressure. This brought Liz over the edge with Max. Liz arched her body up, wanting to feel Max more and more as her climax ripped through her body. Max held Liz close to him, watching her arch in pleasure as he spilled his seed into her warm body.

Just as their breathing calmed Liz felt the car begin to slow. “Almost there” Liz smiled pulling her dress down and straightening herself out. “Let me get that” she said as Max reached for his pants. Liz reached down and fixed his pants perfectly. Sliding her lace panties into his pocket at the last minute. Something to surprise him with later. “I love you,” she added just before the door opened with the driver to help them out of the car.

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Part 28

Max climbed out of the Limousine with Liz close behind him. He knew that he was blushing and he knew that other people could tell by the look on Maria’s face when she saw Liz. Luckily for Max, Michael was oblivious to the whole scene.

Maria walked next to Liz, winking at her before saying hello. “So how was the ride over?” Maria asked smiling at Max and Liz. “Fine” Max mumbled holding Liz close to him. “Just fine?” Liz joked letting her hand slide down Max’s back. “I thought that it was really fun!” she added.

“Geez Max, it’s not everyday that you get a ride like that” Michael said blind to the real topic of the conversation. Max’s face turned a million shades of red as Maria and Liz broke out in a fit of laughter.

“Let’s go inside!” Maria said taking Michael’s hand and leading him towards the front door. Max and Liz followed behind.

“I cannot believe he just said that!” Liz whispered to Max. “He was right though” Max laughed. “It isn’t everyday that I get a ride like that!”

The walkway up to the house was in itself amazing. Trees lined the whole area, with vast lawns, manicured to perfection. Liz knew that Kay’s parents had acquired money over the last few years, but she had no idea how much until now.

Max had thought that the Limo was a little over the top, but now after seeing the outside of the house he wouldn’t be surprised if they owned a whole yard of them. Maria, being the most outgoing led everyone to the main entrance.
Before Maria even had a chance to ring the bell the door was opened and an older man was there to take their things. They were told that their bags had already been taken to their rooms, and they would be shown there later. As for now the only agenda was to have a good time.

Liz took in the ceiling first. They were high cathedral ceiling that made you feel as though you had traveled back in time. It wasn’t until Liz looked down that she realized that Max was taking her in.

He leaned in close to her. “You look so beautiful tonight.” He whispered kissing her on the neck before being interrupted by Kay. “Lizzia, Ria! You guys look awesome, as well do your dates!” Kay said hugging Maria and Liz. “And now it is time to party!”

As if out of no where, men and women dressed in black and white covered the floor with trays filled with finger food and drinks. Liz and Max each took glasses of Red Wine, and when Liz looked over Michael and Maria were talking shots.

“So we get dressed up to party like we are in High School?” Liz laughed watching everyone cheer as Michael downed another shot of Tequila. Max laughed; “Except now we don’t have any curfews!” he said taking Liz’s hand and leading her onto the large dance floor.

Liz could feel the temperature rising all around her; no doubt from the wine, Max’s proximity to her, and the music flowing through her body.

Liz and Maria both started laughing hearing the music begin for the Ludicrous song ”What’s Your Fantasy” They used to blast this song dancing around the apartment when it came on the radio. “Oh you are so dancing with me to this song!” Liz said winking at Max. Maria and Liz both grabbed their partner singing along to the song.

Give it to me now, give it to me now
Give it to me now, give it to me now

Max felt his face turn red and Liz sang the words to him with a sweet smile on her face.

I wanna li-li-li-lick you from your head to your toes
And I wanna move from the bed down, to the down to the, to the floor
I wanna ah-ah, you make it so good I don't wanna leave
But I got to kn-kn-kn-know what's your fan-ta-sy

Liz made sure to bring her body close to Max’s moving up and down his body during the down to the floor verse leaving a very excited Max before her.

You know what I need
Somebody that who can come li-li-lick the clit
And a nigga who ain't thinking 'bout a Trina LP
And I'll make him go and get my shit
We can go from a fly ass jetta to a Coupe De Ville
Hotel tally ho or the Beverly Hill
A real nigga not the run of the mill
To come and spank me and make me shoot to kill
From the kitchen then you can move me
To the jaccuzzi and out the booty
Come and do your duty
Me and fat dick Ludacris making us a movie
Butt naked in a bed of cash
Make tough stuff stutter when I shake my ass
Damn she back, I though she a thing of the past
Cause I'm a bad bitch and I'm off the glass (Okay)
Having sex in little jets menage'tois
Getting buck wild no matter where we are
Indie 500 in the back of the car
In a dark ass club on the back of a bar
Never want, never ever wanna leave
Work for me like league over seas
I want a man to fulfill my needs
To keep my body trembling and buckle my knees

Max grabbed Liz pulling her closer to his body as if laying his sexual claim over her at this point.

I wanna do in the canopy
I wanna do it where your girl gon see and get mad at me
I want a nigga that'll grab the weave
And turn my eyes Chinese
Tell me baby can you handle me?
I wanna do it all in your mouth
Then I'll pull the ass out
Make you bounce till you pass out
Or we can cut up in the grass
And give the neighbors a flash
Can you tell me who the bad motherfucker now?
Said I wanna take-ta-take-take a nigga back to the crib
And I wanna do, do all the things that I never did
Like I up on the top-to-top-top of the projects getting head
Or you can find me in a dro-drop-drop-drop on dubs in the candy red
I like a nigga when he face down, mouth wide
Polo down with them blades on the ride
Give me a pound with the case on the side
But it's okay I'm gon break something tonight
Oh see get on your knees
And I'll show you what's my fantasy
Like up in the coupe, coupe
Tell your bitch she ain't gotta be mad at me

Liz continued to sing the words, only now they were directly only at Max, because she could tell by the look on his face that she was driving him crazy.

I wanna li-li-li-lick you from your head to your toes
And I wanna move from the bed down to the down to the to the floor
I wanna ah-ah, you make it so good I don't wanna leave
But I got to kn-kn-kn-know what's your fan-ta-sy

I wanna li-li-li-lick you from your head to your toes
And I wanna move from the bed down to the down to the to the floor
I wanna ah-ah, you make it so good I don't wanna leave
But I got to kn-kn-kn-know what's your fan-ta-sy

I wanna li-li-li-lick you from your head to your toes
And I wanna move from the bed down to the down to the to the floor
I wanna uh-uh, you make it so good I don't wanna leave
But you gotta let me kn-kn-kn-know what's your fantasies

The song ended with Liz finding a very stunned, and aroused Max in front of her. Liz took him by the hand to a table in the corner, sitting him down and then bringing herself on his lap. “What’s wrong Baby?” She asked wondering if she had gone a little too far back there. She looked out on the dance floor to see Michael and Maria making out in the middle of it.

“Nothing is wrong” Max said “That was the sexiest thing that I have ever seen. Hearing you sing those words, and watching your move your body. I guess I just wasn’t prepared for it. I was fighting the urge to take you right there in the middle of the floor!”

Liz smiled. “Well we do have a room waiting for us upstairs, we should hang out for a few more minutes but then maybe we can sneak away for a few minutes before this party really heats up”!

“That sounds great” Max said kissing Liz. Just the thought of her and him upstairs alone was enough to make him think that he might not be able to get up from this chair for a few minutes. “I can’t wait” Max looked out over the dance floor to see what Maria and Michael were up to when his eyes caught a familiar face. “Alex??”

Liz looked at Max in confusion. “Max, did you just call me Alex??”


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Part 29 Teaser

Liz looked at Max in confusion; one minute they had been in the middle of a conversation about sex, the next Max was calling out the name Alex? That made no sense at all. Then Liz’s mind really started to whirl Was Alex a girl? Maybe short for Alexandra? What was going on? Before Liz got any of her questions answered Max was waving someone over to their table.

Liz stood shocked as a lanky guy about her and Max’s age walked over to greet them. “You must be Liz” Alex said walking over to greet Liz first. “Yeah, Hi” Liz said reaching out to take his hand while keeping one eye on Max. Max smiled. “Liz, this is my roommate Alex” Max said.

“Alex, I would like you to meet Liz” Max said walking closer to Liz and putting one arm around her. Alex spoke first. “Liz, so this is the wonderful Liz that I have been hearing so much about!” He laughed Liz smiled, the look on her face of confusion was replaced by one of realization.

“Alex it is so nice to finally meet you! Max has told me so much about you!” Liz smiled with a slight blush on her cheeks. She couldn’t believe that she had actually thought that Max had called her another girls name! It seemed so silly to her now.

“So Alex, what are you doing here?” Max asked with confusion in his voice. This was the last place on earth that he would have expected to see Alex Whitman tonight.

“Kay is a friend of mine. I met her a while back at school. Well she invited me tonight; get this, as her date! Can you believe a hot chick like Kay would want me as her date! Well anyway we have just been hanging out tonight having an awesome time until I saw you. I didn’t know that you knew Kay Max?” Alex finished just as Kay was walking up behind him.

“Actually I didn’t used to” Max began. “Liz knows Kay, they have been good friends since Childhood.”

“Yes we have” Kay sad walking up next to Alex. “Now would you like to dance?” she said turning to Alex. “I would love to” Alex said taking Kay’s hand before winking at Max and Liz.

“Well this should make for an interesting night” Max joked. “Honey, this night is going to be interesting no matter what!” Liz said with a smile before sitting next to him.

Maria smiled at Michael as they danced together in the main room of the huge house. “You wanna take a break and get a drink?” Maria asked “Sounds great” Michael answered taking her hand and leading her towards the balcony of the room. The cool air felt nice as it hit Maria’s warm body outside. They had been drinking and dancing for hours now and the air was a welcome cool down. “So are you having fun tonight? Maria asked as Michael handed her a glass of punch off a small table placed outside.

“I am with you? How could I not be having fun?” Michael answered seriously wrapping his arms around Maria as they looked at the amazing view of the balcony.


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Part 29 Teaser

Liz looked at Max in confusion; one minute they had been in the middle of a conversation about sex, the next Max was calling out the name Alex? That made no sense at all. Then Liz’s mind really started to whirl Was Alex a girl? Maybe short for Alexandra? What was going on? Before Liz got any of her questions answered Max was waving someone over to their table.

Liz stood shocked as a lanky guy about her and Max’s age walked over to greet them. “You must be Liz” Alex said walking over to greet Liz first. “Yeah, Hi” Liz said reaching out to take his hand while keeping one eye on Max. Max smiled. “Liz, this is my roommate Alex” Max said.

“Alex, I would like you to meet Liz” Max said walking closer to Liz and putting one arm around her. Alex spoke first. “Liz, so this is the wonderful Liz that I have been hearing so much about!” He laughed Liz smiled, the look on her face of confusion was replaced by one of realization.

“Alex it is so nice to finally meet you! Max has told me so much about you!” Liz smiled with a slight blush on her cheeks. She couldn’t believe that she had actually thought that Max had called her another girl’s name! It seemed so silly to her now.

“So Alex, what are you doing here?” Max asked with confusion in his voice. This was the last place on earth that he would have expected to see Alex Whitman tonight.

“Kay is a friend of mine. I met her a while back at school. Well she invited me tonight; get this, as her date! Can you believe a hot chick like Kay would want me as her date! Well anyway we have just been hanging out tonight having an awesome time until I saw you. I didn’t know that you knew Kay Max?” Alex finished just as Kay was walking up behind him.

“Actually I didn’t used to” Max began. “Liz knows Kay, they have been good friends since Childhood.”

“Yes we have” Kay sad walking up next to Alex. “Now would you like to dance?” she said turning to Alex. “I would love to” Alex said taking Kay’s hand before winking at Max and Liz.

“Well this should make for an interesting night” Max joked. “Honey, this night is going to be interesting no matter what!” Liz said with a smile before sitting next to him.

Maria smiled at Michael as they danced together in the main room of the huge house. “You wanna take a break and get a drink?” Maria asked “Sounds great” Michael answered taking her hand and leading her towards the balcony of the room. The cool air felt nice as it hit Maria’s warm body outside. They had been drinking and dancing for hours now and the air was a welcome cool down. “So are you having fun tonight? Maria asked as Michael handed her a glass of punch off a small table placed outside.

“I am with you? How could I not be having fun?” Michael answered seriously wrapping his arms around Maria as they looked at the amazing view of the balcony.

Part 29

Kay led a slightly nervous Alex out to the dance floor with a smile on her lips. “Come on Whitman, I have heard stories about you, and a certain cops uniform. Don’t disappoint!” With this remembrance of Alex’s younger, drunker days his face turned bright red. Who had told Kay that? He was going to have to kill them!!

Liz sat next to Max with a smile on her face. Tonight was turning out to be a great night. Of course every night that she had spent with Max over the last week had been great.

Max pulled Liz’s hand into his lap, kissing her palm before intertwining his fingers with her. He looked over to her and smiled. “I really am having a great time tonight” he said before leaning over and kissing her on the forehead. “Me too” Liz said wondering how she ever was so lucky to find a guy like Max.

Liz smiled hearing the first few cords of her favorite song come onto the huge speakers. “Max, will you dance with me, I love this song.” She asked standing up out of her chair. “I want nothing more right now” he said leading her out onto the dance floor.

Come to me now
And lay your hands over me
Even if it's a lie
Say it will be alright
And I shall believe

Sheryl Crow’s voice filled the room as couples began to pair off, slow dancing in the room that was now dimly lit.

I'm broken in two
And I know you're on to me
That I only come home
When I'm so all alone
But I do believe

Liz pulled herself close to Max as she listened to the words of the song. She had always loved this song, and being with Max now just somehow made everything perfect.

That not everything is gonna be the way
You think it ought to be
It seems like every time I try to make it right
It all comes down on me
Please say honestly you won't give up on me
And I shall believe
And I shall believe

Max leaned down to Liz’s ear, “You like this song Baby? I think it is beautiful”

“I love this song” Liz answered with a smile. She had heard it on the radio and always thought that it was the perfect love song.

Open the door
And show me your face tonight
I know it's true
No one heals me like you
And you hold the key

“Well then I think that this should be our song” Max whispered into her ear lightly.

Never again
would I turn away from you
I'm so heavy tonight
But your love is alright
And I do believe

Liz closed her eyes, just enjoying the feeling of Max’s warm breath on her ear and her body moving with his. “I love you Lizzie” Max said before moving his lips down to kiss her neck. “I love you too Max”.

That not everything is gonna be the way
You think it ought to be
It seems like every time I try to make it right
It all comes down on me
Please say honestly
You won't give up on me
And I shall believe
I shall believe

Liz got up on her tiptoes to kiss Max when the song was over. “Baby are you ready to go upstairs?” Liz asked. “I have a surprise for you” “I love surprises” Max said taking Liz’s hand and leading her to say goodnight to everyone.


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Part 30


Max led Liz over to Michael and Maria to say their goodnights. “So Maria?” Liz said approaching Maria who was currently looking deep into Michael’s eyes. “I guess we will see you guys in the morning for breakfast?” Liz finished still slightly thrown aback by the sight of her best friend and her brother lusting after each other.

“Night Lizzie” Maria said without breaking glance from Michael. Michael waved, which stuck Liz as somehow funny considering the fit that he had previously thrown over Max Evans. But now that he was preoccupied with Maria he didn’t seem the least bit worried that his little sister was off to spend the night with her handsome young boyfriend.

Max and Liz headed for the stairs were several people awaited to show guests to their rooms. “I wish I knew where Kay was” Liz said looking around the still full room. “I wanted to say goodnight, and happy birthday again.” Max stopped helping Liz look for Kay; he spotted her in a corner, kissing none other then his roommate Alex Whitman. “Well Baby, I think that Kay is a little busy right now, but don’t worry you can catch up with her in the morning. We still have her birthday breakfast and her present to give her.” Max said. Liz just laughed; she could still feel the red wine from earlier.

“So Surprise?” Max said with a small grin. “Right Surprise” Liz said walking with him towards the stairs. They were greeted at the stairs by members of the staff; to take them to their room. “Ms Guerin, Mr. Evans, right this way please.” An older man said leading them up around behind the stairs to an elevator. “I didn’t know this place had an elevator” Liz said as the man inserted a key which opened the previously sealed door.

The older man smiled; “This elevator was installed mainly for the help, but it is the fastest way to get to the fifth floor. Five flights of stairs just seems unnecessary for some, especially after one of Miss Kay’s parties. Liz smiled at this. Kay always had been one of her best friends, and she was definitely one of the most fun to be around. Liz and Max stepped into the elevator together, with their escort following. The elevator moved slowly, but quietly to the fifth floor; which was hidden from the front view of the building.

Max held his arm around Liz as the doors opened and they were led down a hallway with just one door at the end. The older man spoke “This is the old Master Suite, from the original layout of the house. Kay requested that you two have this room for tonight. I will arrange to have a call made for you in the morning to make sure that you are ready for breakfast on time. And you just let me know if you need anything else.” He said winking at Liz before turning and walking away back towards the elevator.

“What was that all about?” Max asked as soon as the elevator door had closed. “Nothing” Liz answered with a smile. “So you are not having an affair with the Butler?” he joked. “No way, you are the only man for me” Liz said before sneaking in the door to the suite.

Max sneaked in behind Liz only to find it totally dark inside the small living area except for some light candles. “Wait here” Liz whispered as she disappeared behind a door that Max assumed was the Bedroom door.

Liz slid into the Master bedroom to make sure that everything was in place for the evening that she had planned for Max. The room was lit with candles, just like the rest of the Suite, and next to the bed there were Strawberries and chocolate, just something that reminded her of their first date.

Liz walked into the bathroom and slid out of her dress and into a black lace slip. She let her hair down, put on some red lipstick and checked herself in the mirror before she went to greet Max in the next room.

Liz slid into the room to find Max sitting on the small couch, smelling the white roses that were left in the room for them. “Hi” Liz said softly to bring his attention to her. “Hi” Max said looking up to see the view before him.

He immediately rose from the couch to greet her. “You are so beautiful” Max said as he approached her. He almost didn’t want to touch her for fear that she somehow might break from being so delicate. Sometimes he still couldn’t believe that she was really his, his girlfriend, his lover, his Liz.

“Come to me baby” Liz said taking Max by the hands and leading him into the bedroom. He followed her into the room, not able to take his eyes off the beauty before him. She sat him on the edge of the king size bed, and then standing in front of him.

“I love you” Liz said softly before leaning down to kiss him. Max still found himself in shock of the amazing woman in front of him. He still didn’t understand how he was so lucky to have her. “I am so in love with you Liz” he said as Liz brought her lips down on his neck.

Liz kissed his neck slowly, before bringing her body closer and closer between Max’s legs. Max saw his opportunity and took it. He wrapped his arms around Liz, grabbing her ass with his hands laying back on the bed and pulling her on top of his. Liz let out a deep laugh as she landed on top of him.

“I want you” Max said letting his hands push the light lace up over the thighs and ass leaving her lower half bare. “Well I think that you are wearing way too many clothes for that.” Liz laughed

Max laughed picking Liz up from on top of him and laying her down next to him on the bed, he then managed to strip his clothing off before returning next to her and pulling her right back on top of him. “Better baby?” He laughed. “Much better” she said letting her hands wander down to his now completely stiff cock.

Max let out an instant gasp upon feeling himself in Liz’s firm grasp. “I want you” Max repeated making his intentions know. Liz smiled lifting herself up on top of his form and straddling his rigid cock. “Is this what you want?” she teased beginning to lower herself slightly onto him.

Max let out a deep moan wrapping his arms around her and pulling her body down onto him hard. Liz let out a cry of pleasure at the instant completeness that she felt. Max lifted her body up bringing himself down on top of her.

“Liz I have wanted you all night” Max moaned “When you were rubbing your body against mine on the dance floor I wanted to take you right there” he moaned bringing himself deeper into her wet folds.

“You can have me all night baby” Liz answered. “I am yours all night, all night long if you want”

Max kissed Liz face, her eyelids, her nose, and her mouth, anywhere that he could as he felt the tension building. He felt himself growing closer to the peak and he reached down to rub the cluster of nerves she so desperately wanted him to.

Max took Liz’s clit between his thumb and finger, squeezing it gently while thrusting into her at the same pace. Max spilt his seed inside Liz’s waiting body as her loud moans echoed in his ears.


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Part 31

Max opened his eyes to Liz laying across his chest, her hair laid perfectly across his chest. Max took his hand, letting it run through her soft hair with a smile upon his face. “Good Morning” Liz said surprising him sorry baby, I didn’t mean to wake you” Max said “I was awake” Liz said moving up to lie facing him.

“How long do we have before the big breakfast?” Liz asked pulling herself into Max’s embrace even closer. She never wanted to leave the warmth of his arms, she would be happy for eternity just lying warm next to him.

“Oh, it is still early, we still have a couple of hours. I just woke up, and saw you sleeping and had to watch. You look like and angel when you are sleeping.”
Liz smiled feeling herself blush at Max’s words.

“However will we pass the time?” Liz joked. Max smiled. It was nice to be spending time with her, he wished that he could just spend all day with her in bed like this, but he knew that Michael and Maria, and Alex and Kay would expect them for breakfast in a couple hours.

“Well, how does a nice warm shower sound? I did happen to notice that there is a huge shower with double shower heads in the bathroom” Max said kissing Liz’s neck.

“Ohhh you just happened to notice?” Liz laughed. “Sounds likely! There is nothing that sounds nicer then taking a shower with you right now” Liz said rolling over Max and climbing out of the warm bed. Max was quick to join her and they ran into the bathroom and started the water running.

Liz waited for the water to get warm before stepping into the large shower. Max followed her closely. Liz had to say that it was nice to have separate showerheads and temperatures. She sure did feel spoiled in her house.

“Hey Max?” “Yeah Baby” he answered. “Do you think that we could put one of these in my apartment?” Liz laughed “Yes honey we could, but your shower is so small that it wouldn’t make a difference!” he laughed.

“So why don’t we just wait until I finish school, and then I will buy us a house, and you can have a bathroom the size of your whole apartment and you can shower in it all day!” Max joked.

Liz was speechless. Did he really think about their future that way? About them being together after school? That was amazing to her, she thought that way, but she wasn’t really sure that he did. That he thought about the future, and them being together in the future.

“What’s wrong?” Max asked pulling her into his arms, seeing Liz’s face go white. “Nothing, Nothing, I’m sorry” Liz said trying to shake it off. “Liz, come on, was it something I said?” Max questioned moving the hair out of her eyes.

“It’s just that, well it is just that I had never really heard you talk about the future before, as in the future between us.” Liz said.

“Liz, I love you, I don’t think that I could ever feel this way about anyone else, everyone else would just be second best to you. You are everything that I have ever wanted. I, I understand how that could have taken you a little off guard. I guess it just seems so natural to be with you. Is that not what you want?” Max asked not sure if he wanted to know the answer.

“Of course that is what I want. I love you too; I just had never heard you really say that is what you wanted. Okay this is stupid. I am sorry. That just surprised me to hear you say that.” Liz smiled calming down a little. Why should it surprise her so much that Max felt the same way about her that she did about him?

“So, can I wash you hair?” Max asked with his puppy dog eyes. “How can I resist an offer like that?” Liz laughed.

Kay and Alex waited by the main door for everyone to greet them for breakfast. “So I guess we are the early birds?” Kay joked smiling at Alex. “That might be because we didn’t sleep!” Alex joked. “I’m sorry!” Kay laughed “I had fun though, it has been a long time since I have just stayed up and talked with someone all night.” “It was great,” Alex said taking her hand.

Michael and Maria walked down the stairs first to find Kay and Alex waiting. “Well Good Morning” Maria said giving Kay a wink. “Where are Max and Liz?” Michael asked looking around?” “They should be coming” Kay answered. “I made sure that everyone got wake up calls this morning, I am sure that they didn’t get very much sleep last night either!” With this statement Maria and Kay burst into laughter leaving Michael and Alex with twisted looks upon their face.

Max and Liz wandered downstairs finding themselves in the middle of a fit of laughter. “What?” Max asked seeing the girls laughing and the guys blushing. “You don’t want to know Max!” Maria said as they all started towards the cars. They were going to a small diner for breakfast, Kay had gone there almost every year for her birthday, even before her family had money and she wanted to continue the tradition.

“Pancakes and Tabasco sauce here I come!” Kay shouted as she jumped in the back of the limo waiting for them. Groans followed from the members of the group. “Did she just say Tabasco Sauce?” Max asked with a disgusted look on his face. “Hey my birthday my food!” Kay laughed.

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Part 32

Max took Liz’s hand once they had all entered the small restaurant on the other side of town. Kay stepped in front of the small group. “I have a reservation, it should be under the name of Kay, please” she said. “Right this way” the young girl said leading them all to a large table in the back.

Maria sat next to Michael before speaking “Wow Kay, it has been while since we have been back here, the three girls! Back at the old hangout; The Egg Shell!” Maria laughed as the waiter approached the table.

“Liz, Maria, and Kay!’ He said with a smile. “It has been a while; nice to see you back. Now girls, I know what you want. I will give the rest of you a couple of minutes to decide. I am Derrick if you need anything.” He said handing out menus to the rest of the table.

“So come here often?” Max joked picking up the menu. He was surprised that he had never been here. He had heard of the place, but it was on the opposite side of town from where he lived so he had never made the effort to come and check it out.

Just as Max, Michael and Alex had made up their minds Derrick was back with Coffee and water for the table, and Tea for Kay, Liz and Maria.

The guys ordered and Liz sipped her tea before winking at Kay across the table. Kay smiled. “So Kit Kat Kay, you know you can’t wait any longer. Me and Max have something for you!” Liz laughed pulling out a small box from her bag and sliding it across the table to Kay.

“Ohh you really shouldn’t have” Kay said as she snatched up the box ripping the bow off as quickly as possible. She opened it up to find a small silver charm bracelet inside. “Well I saw the bracelet and it reminded me of you, and then I just picked up some charms along the way. The star charm reminds me of the time that you Maria and I went camping up north. And all the starts that were out in the sky. The birthday cake is obviously from today. The little girl is for you when I met you and the hope charm is something that Max and I picked out together. We just think that it is always nice to have a little hope in your life.”

Before Liz had even finished Kay had gotten up from her chair and ran over to hug Liz. “It is perfect Lizzie, I love it really. You too Max!’ she said hugging Max as well. Max just smiled. He wasn’t used to being so willingly accepted by others and he had to say that it felt nice. “Happy Birthday Kay” Liz said as Kay went back to her chair. Maria then handed over her present; a complete set of cypress oils and candles. Kay had gotten addicted to sniffing Maria’s oils to calm down back in High School and the candles were something that Maria, Liz and Kay had all always loved.

After all the gift giving the attention was brought back to breakfast upon the arrival of their food. Kay had never looked so happy to eat in her life. Liz had ordered her favorite, Strawberry Waffles. And everybody else looked just as famished when the food hit the table. “Anything else?” Derrick asked looking around the table.

Liz with a mouth full of Waffles just shook her head laughing. “Okay” Derrick said with a smile.


After Breakfast and saying Goodbye to everyone Max and Liz were dropped off back at Liz’s apartment. Max being the gentleman as usual carried the bags inside while Liz ran ahead and opened the door for him. He set the bags down on her bedroom floor before coming back out into the living room to greet her.

“Max Baby” Liz asked in her best convincing voice. “Yes Love” Max said picking her up completely of the floor and into his strong arms. “Do you really have to go to work tonight?” she asked with a pouting lip. “Ohhh Lizzie, you know that I wish more then anything that I didn’t. I wish that I never had to do anything other then spend time with you!” He laughed.

Liz smiled not able to look at his happy face and not break a smile. “Okay, well then; do you want to come over after work? I don’t know if I would be able to sleep without you next to me in bed.” Liz said in all honesty.

“There is no where else I would rather be” Max said smiling. “But you know, I don’t have to leave for the restaurant for another couple of hours. You might want to show me just exactly where on my bed that you want me to lie later. I mean exact positions might be important.” Max said trying to keep a straight face. “Very Important” Liz said wrapping her arms tighter around Max’s neck as he carried her into her bedroom.


Maria followed Michael into his small apartment as he set down their bags. “I had a great time with you the last couple days” Michael said as they sat down together on the couch. “I feel a but coming up here” Maria laughed. “Well I was just wondering when you were going to tell Liz what is going on” Michael asked taking Maria’s hand.

“It’s just that she has been with Max the last few days. I will tell her tonight okay? I promise. Max is going to work anyway. I will go home and tell her tonight I promise” Maria said wondering how Liz was going to take the news that Michael and Maria had for her.


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Part 33

Liz smiled to herself laying on the couch and flipping on the TV after Max left. Even thought she wished that he didn’t have to go to work today, it would give her a little time to relax, and she could get a little ahead on studying for finals.

Liz walked into the kitchen grabbing a diet coke and cookie before sitting back down to flip through the channels. “Days Of Our Lives? Jerry Springer? Uggg nothing to good..” She said to herself eating her oatmeal cookie. Before anything worth watching was found on TV the phone rang.

“Hello?” Liz said still with a mouthful of cookie. “Lizzie? It’s Daddy” “Hi Daddy! Sorry I was in the middle of eating a cookie” Liz laughed. “I just wanted to check and see if you wanted to go to dinner on Saturday night. Michael and Maria are going to be there. And I thought that maybe you could bring this new mystery guy of yours.” Jeff Guerin said with a laugh.

“Sure Daddy” Liz answered. “I have to clear it with Max, I mean make sure that he is not working.” “Okay sweetie, well maybe we can go to that great Italian restaurant that we went to before, you know me and you and Michael?” Jeff said. Liz choked on her half eaten cookie. Her Dad still didn’t know how she and Max had met. How funny. She only hope that he thought the story was funny.

“Umm Daddy, well I was kind of craving Mexican, how about El Palomar?” “Sure thing” Jeff answered. “Gotta Go Pumpkin, Love you” Jeff said as he hung up the phone.

Liz laughed thinking how awkward it would have been to take poor Max to his work for dinner. Well at least maybe they could have made Alex wait on them?


Maria walked up to the front door of the apartment with her cedar oil in her hand. She was nervous about talking to Liz. It was so foreign for her to be nervous to tell Liz anything, normally she could talk to Liz about anything but this was different. She was afraid that Liz might be angry with her, or worse disapprove.

Maria took a whiff of the oil before slowly turning the doorknob. “Lizzie you here?” she asked as she walked into the apartment.

“Just getting out of the bath!” Liz answered walking out of the bathtub in her bathrobe. Spotting Maria’s all to familiar Cedar oil she knew that something was up. “Oh Maria what is wrong?” Liz said grabbing Maria by the hand and leading her over to the couch to sit down.

“Nothing is really wrong Liz, something is right. Well I just have to talk to you about something.” “Okay” Liz answered feeling slightly nervous herself. If Maria was this upset about telling her something that could only mean that Liz would be upset afterwards.

Maria forced a smile to herself before picking up Liz’s diet coke off the table and taking a sip. “Stop Stalling Ria!” Liz laughed. “It’s me…Liz; what’s up?”

“Well Okay, it’s just that Michael and I, well Me and Michael, well he asked me, and I think that it is a good idea, well me and Michael, okay well I am going to move in with Michael.” Maria said finally her face flinching after the words finally left her mouth waiting for Liz’s reaction.

“Really well that’s great!” Liz said before coming to the realization that this left her alone. “So, umm when? Like in a few months? I mean I will need to find someone to move in here. I really don’t want a stranger,” Liz said suddenly feeling nervous about the situation.

Maria forced a smile; “Well see I am here right now to start packing. I am going to finish moving this week and weekend. I just really want to be there right now. But I, well me and Michael, we can pay this next months rent. So you will have a little over a month to find someone!”

Liz let out a deep breathe suddenly feeling very exposed in her light robe. Who would she find to move in here? She wouldn’t be able to walk around in her robe anymore. Her and Maria wouldn’t be able to have girls’ nights anymore. She felt like she was loosing her best friend to her brother.

Liz knew that the worst thing that she could do right now was ruin the moment for Maria. “Maria, that’s great. That’s awesome. Don’t worry about it. We will work it out really, Michaels place has more then enough room for the two of you, and you have been spending all your time over there anyway!” Liz reached in and gave her a hug.

Maria finally let out the breath that she had been holding since she left Michaels apartment earlier that day. “Liz I am so glad that you are okay with this, I really am, I was so worried that you would be mad or upset. I love you girl!”

Maria jumped from the couch heading towards the bedroom. “So I am just going to grab a few things and then head back over. Then I have class tomorrow but on Thursday me and Michael will come back to get some more okay sweetie?”

“Sounds great!” Liz said trying her best to sound happy. “And I will see you at school tomorrow too”

Liz walked her to the door letting her outside; closing the door behind her feeling as if this was her own apartment. The main problem being that Liz was having enough trouble covering her half of the rent on her own.


An hour later Liz laid in bed listening to music when she heard Max come in the front door. Counting Crows was playing on Liz’s stereo and the lights were off in the entire house.

Max walked quietly into her bedroom, stripping of all his clothes except for his boxers before climbing into bed beside Liz and bringing her body next to his. “Baby are you awake?” he whispered softly.

“Yea, just thinking” Liz answered taking his hand and intertwining her fingers with his. Max kissed the crook of her neck softly before speaking again. “Are you okay Love?” he asked.

“Yes I am okay, I just have a lot on my mind tonight” Liz answered not wanting to burden Max with all her problems.

Max waited for a moment, wanting Liz to tell him. When she didn’t speak he wanted her to know that the reason that he was there was for her right then. “Tell me baby” He said softly helping her around to face him and kissing her gently on the nose.

Liz smiled resting her head on his shoulder; and started to explain some of the things that were running through her mind.

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Part 34

Liz and Maria helped each other pick out their outfits for the big evening that awaited them. It was Saturday night and each was slightly nervous for their individual reasons. Maria had known Mr. Guerin so long; she just wanted this to go smoothly, the whole transition from his daughter’s best friend, to his son’s girlfriend. The whole thing was weird for Maria herself, she assumed that it had to be weird for Liz’s Dad as well.

Liz was excited for Max to meet her Dad; she was more just a bundle of energy then anything else. Liz kept telling Maria that she could feel the nervous energy off of Max. She had even called Max twice that day at work to make sure that he was okay. Max had ended up switching for the lunch shift so that he would be able to attend dinner with everyone.

Michael was sitting in the kitchen, eating a microwave bean burrito when Maria and Liz walked out of Liz’s room, finally ready to go out. “Michael!” Both girls said at the same time. Liz started “Michael why are you eating if we are going out to dinner in a half an hour? What is wrong with you?” Maria took over from there. “You are going to ruin your appetite, eating junk food no less!” Michael looked back and forth between the two girls before whispering the word “Uncle” and dropping the uneaten portion of the burrito in the trash can.

“That was frightening” Max said walking in the front door. Liz and Maria stood up tall attempting to scare Max into thinking that they had control over the situation. “Oh what happened to my sweet Liz?” Max asked grabbing her around the waist and dipping her head back before kissing her.

“Hey that’s my sister Casanova?” Michael yelled before walking out the front door.

Max caught himself from laughing at Max’s last comment. He had a much better idea first. He turned to Liz with a serious expression on his face. “So Liz” he began. “All my friends call me Nova; like for Casanova”

Liz tried not to laugh recognizing the line from American Pie, one of her favorite movies. “Oh Really” she added with an innocent look on her face.

Max winked at Liz before letting out the magic line, “Suck me Beautiful”.

As soon as the words left Max’s mouth Liz burst out laughing. She just couldn’t take it anymore. Max laughed just from seeing Liz laugh, and just as they had almost calmed down they noticed Michael in the doorway with his jaw dropped, which brought them both back into hysterics.

Liz and Max climbed into Max’s truck, with Maria and Michael getting into his. Max took Liz’s hand as soon as they were in the truck and they headed towards the restaurant.

“So Max, how was your day?” Liz asked squeezing Max’s hand lightly. “It was okay, the lunch crowd was interesting.” He laughed. “I haven’t worked a lunch in a while, I seemed to have forgotten just how many picky older people come in there on Saturday afternoons!” he laughed.

Liz smiled imagining Max waiting tables on the grumpy over 65 crowd and doing his best to be polite at the same time.

“That good hun?” Liz laughed before her tone went serious. “Max I just really want to tell you how much it means to me that you are coming tonight, and that I am so glad that you are going to meet my father tonight.”

Max looked away from the road, over into Liz’s eyes for a moment. “Liz I love you, I think that what you need to know is that I would do anything for you. I would do anything that you asked me too.”

Liz felt her cheeks blush. She wished that Max wasn’t driving so that she could kiss him until his lips were flushed right then but instead she slid over next to him, whispering into his ear. “I love you Max” and she moved her lips down to kiss his neck. She moved her other hand gently massaging Max’s knee with it, before beginning to move it upward.

Max enjoyed the feeling of Liz kissing and sucking on his neck as he drove to the restaurant, but he was beginning to get a little to excited. “Liz baby, Oh My God, that feels so nice, but if you don’t stop, I am afraid that I am not going to be in the best shape to meet your father” Max joked.

“I don’t want to hang out with my father” Liz smiled. “Let’s go home and I will show you just how appreciative that I was that you were willing to meet me father”

Max groaned shifting uncomfortably in his seat as they waited at the red light. “Liz, you are killing me here” he laughed kissing her on the forehead.

“Okay, okay” Liz said sitting up in her seat, but not before brushing her hand directly across Max’s very obvious erection. Max let out a nervous laugh as the light turned green. He wanted nothing more then to pull this car over and make love to Liz right there, but he knew that he couldn’t make that kind of first impression on Liz’s father.

Liz pretended to pout in the passenger seat of the car, but everyone time Max glanced at her he could see her fighting off a smile. "Almost there” Max said as they rounded the corner. Suddenly Liz’s face went blank. “Oops” she said as her cheeks suddenly flushed a bright red.

“What?” Max asked suddenly afraid to hear her answer.

Liz burst out laughing only motioning to Max’s neck, he looked in the rear view mirror seeing that he had a huge hickey on the side of his neck, the kind of hickey that looked like it had been caused by a blood sucking vampire.

How was Mr. Guerin going to feel about his little girl being the blood-sucking vampire in question?


Author's Note~ Thanks for all the great Feedback, I just had to get something out today. This part is a little short, but I have been trying to pick up the pace. I will try to make it up to you guys!

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Part 35

Max and Liz pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant with Liz laughing hysterically and Max trying his best to stay calm. The last thing that he wanted Jeff Guerin to think of him was that he was using his daughter for sexual reasons.

“Liz, this isn’t funny,” Max said watching Liz trying to catch her breath from laughing so hard. Max watched Liz laughing himself trying to keep him cool. Somehow just watching Liz be happy, make him happy itself.

“How bad is it? Max asked as he pulled his truck into a parking spot a little further from the restaurant then he might have parked under normal conditions.

“It is, well I’m not going to lie to you Max, it is a very noticeable hickey” Liz said as she surveyed the damage. “Oh, this is so horrible” Max said as he tried to pull his collar up slightly to cover the damage.

“Max, come on my dad isn’t that naïve, I am sure that he knows that we have kissed at the very least. If anything he will probably be glad that I gave it to you and that you weren’t cheating on his little girl!” Liz said with a smile.

Max let out a deep breath before seeing Michael and Maria come pulling into the parking lot.

“And besides” Liz began pulling herself on top of his lap. “I will make it up to you later, I promise” she purred in her more innocent voice.

Max let out a loud primal groan as he struggled not to grab Liz and have his way with her right then and there.

Liz kissed him lightly before sliding off of him and jumping out of the truck. Max let out a laugh before getting out of the truck to join the others.

Michael and Maria walked over to meet them. “So nervous Max?” Michael asked Max. “No more then I would be meeting the president of the United States.” Max joked back. Michael had seemed to take a liking to Max, and Liz just watched without interrupting, she knew that eventually Michael would come around, once he realized that Max was here whether Michael liked it or not.

“And here comes the president himself” Maria joked and Jeff Guerin pulled into the parking lot. “Lizzie!” He gushed jumping out of his car and taking his daughter in his arms. It was obvious to all that was present that held Jeff’s heart.

Liz smiled glad to see her dad too. “Hi Daddy.” Liz said hugging him back. “I want you to meet someone,” Liz said taking her fathers attention to Max.

“Daddy, this is Max Evans.” Liz said stepping back to allow the two men to size each other up.

“Hello sir, it is nice to meet you” Max said extending his hand. “Nice to meet you too.” Jeff said shaking Max’s hand strongly, anxious to show some power over this relationship.

“Hey Dad” Michael said punching his dad in the shoulder.

“Old Buddy, Old Pal” Maria laughed running up to hug Jeff.

“Hello Maria, I knew you would never be able to resist the old Guerin charm” Jeff joked. Max slipped his arm around Liz and they continued into the restaurant.

Once they got inside Liz could feel Max’s hands getting slightly warmer and his cheeks slightly redder. She leaned over to him whispering in his ear “It’s okay baby, he isn’t going to attack you!” Max smiled and started to relax.

They all sat at a large round table and waited for their waitress to arrive. Max sat next to Liz, Michael next to Maria and Jeff on the other side of the table directly across from Max.

The waitress finally approached the table after several minutes. “What can I get you guys to drink?” she said before her eyes set on Max.

“Max Evan! You shy little creature! Where have you been?” the waitress asked pulling a chair up next to Max on the outside of the table.

Max tightened his grip on Liz’s hand before responding. “Natalia, hi. How are you? Long time no see. I would like you to meet my girlfriend Liz. This is her father Mr. Guerin and Liz’s brother Michael and his girlfriend Maria.”

Natalia’s eyes never left Max’s face even as he introduced the people around the table from him. “Well Max you are looking sexy as ever. It is too damn bad that you have a girlfriend now. I wish it could be like it was in the old day, you know me and you.” She added winking at Max very noticeable.

Liz let go of Max’s hand under the table. ‘Back in the old days?’ what was that supposed to mean. Liz didn’t have those kind of back in the old days stories. Max had said that he was a virgin too. What if he had lied to her? What if he was just using her? Liz’s thoughts ran wild as she slid her chair out from the table.

Liz looked Natalia up and down, trying to get a feel for this woman who supposedly knew her boyfriend. She wore a button down white shirt over a short black skirt, knee high black boots and her hair was loose and wild. This combined with dark eyeliner and lipstick made her seem mature in contrast to Liz’s jeans, white tank top and neutral lipstick.

“Excuse me one moment. I will be right back.” Liz said trying to hide the emotion in her voice as she headed towards the restroom.

Liz walked towards the restroom but was cut short when Natalia approached her around the corner.

“Liz is it?” she asked with obvious attitude in her voice. Liz just nodded her head. “Well Liz, I just wanted to give you a warning, I mean I thought that I should let you know that Max Evan’s has a tendency of chewing up women and then spitting them out when he gets what he wants from them.”

“Umm, I will keep that in mind.” Liz said trying to move around Natalia into the restroom but Natalia just followed her.

“Really Liz” she continued. “He is going to fuck you and then dump you like he did to me” Natalia said before applying more deep red lipstick and walking out of the restroom.

Liz hid in the stall knowing that this wasn’t the place or time to deal with her feelings, but somehow she just couldn’t help it.

Something told her that Max couldn’t do something like that, but how long had she really know him? Obviously not as long as Natalia the waitress had.

Back at the table Max was torn between running after Liz and keeping up appearances for her father. “So Max what do you do?” Jeff asked along with the other normal getting to know you questions.

Max answered each question as honestly and completely as he could, although his words were mindless. He needed to know where Liz was, and that she didn’t believe what Natalia had said to her about Max and his past.

Maybe it was time for Max to tell Liz about his past, but this sure as hell wasn’t the way that he wanted to do it.

Max was brought out of his thoughts by Jeff’s newest question.

“Say, Max, you really do look familiar. Have I meet you somewhere before?”

With this line of questioning Michael let out a laugh and Maria excused herself to go find Liz.


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Part 36

Liz leaned up against the wall in a bathroom stall trying to catch her breath.

Why would this girl say these things to her? Were they true?

It just seemed typical to Liz that she would find Max and then he would turn up to be someone totally different.

Her heart was torn in two, she was so sure that she had seen Max’s soul, but what reason did this girl have to lie to her?

Maria burst into the bathroom door calling Liz’s name. “Lizzie Girl, where are you?” Liz didn’t answer but Maria could hear her crying under the stall door.

“Unlock the door please” Maria said standing in front of the door.

Liz reached forward just enough to unlatch the door and then fell back against the floor.

“I am never coming out of here,” Liz said burying her face in her hands. “Okay” Maria answered taking Liz in her arms.

“Did he leave?” Liz asked sure that Max would have left once his secret had been found out.

“Nope” Maria answered. “Your father is grilling him right now.

“Oh, shit. “Liz answered. “Well I guess he deserves that.”

“So you think that it is true?” Maria asked surprised that Liz had just instantly taken this girls word at face value.

“Why would she lie to me?” Liz asked looking more innocent then Maria remembered her seeming.

“You love Max don’t you? Maria asked. “With all my heart” Liz answered.

“Then don’t you think that you should at least give him a chance to explain?” Maria reasoned.

“I think so,” Michael answered walking into the Women’s bathroom.

“Umm Michael Women’s Bathroom” Liz said clearing her throat. She didn’t want Michael to see her cry.

“Whatever” Michael said as he walked in the stall.

“Look Liz, you know that I am not Max Evan’s biggest fan, but come on. This girl is obviously a huge slut. She was probably just saying that to piss you off, or to piss Max off. Dad is out there trying to get Max’s social security number. Give the guy a break. At least give him a chance to explain before you get upset over nothing.”

“Oh Michael you are so smart” Maria said grabbing Michael and kissing him.

“Do you guys not realize that you are making out in the middle of the woman’s restroom?” Liz asked standing up in the middle of the stall.

“That is pretty gross,” a voice said from the doorway.

Liz peeked out from her stall to see Max standing in the doorway.

“Max…” Liz said in a soft voice. Michael and Maria hardly seemed to notice Max’s entrance into the bathroom party.

“I am busy” Liz whispered slipping back into the stall.

“They look busy” Max said walking into the bathroom “You don’t”. He said looking to Liz

Max tapped Maria on the shoulder as he reached them to which Maria turned around with an annoyed look on her face. “Oh Max Hi” she said lightly. “Oh Max Hiiiii” she said again this time with an obvious reminder of the current situation.

“Me and Michael were..” “Just leaving” Michael finished taking Maria’s hand and leading her out of the restroom.

Max knocked on the stall door, which was currently occupying Liz.

“Nobody is home,” Liz answered.

“Oh really” Max answered not able to help a smile from forming on his lips. “Baby don’t make me come under this stall door.”

“Why bother there is no one in here,” Liz answered

Max took this as his clue that Liz had no intention of unlocking the stall door.

He lay down on the floor sliding under the stall door into the large stall.

“You don’t look like nobody to me,” he said as he pulled his body up next to Liz.

Max took his hand running it under Liz’s eyes. “You were crying Baby,” he said more stating a fact then asking.

“Max I need to know” Liz whispered to him. “You never tell me anything, I know nothing about you, who is this girl? Did you sleep with her? You always change the subject when I bring up your past. What are you hiding from me? What is more important then me?” Liz asked

“Liz, nothing is more important then you. I want to tell you, it is time to tell you. Natalia is no one, and no I never slept with her, nothing-even close. That is why she is angry with me. I will tell you everything. Just not here, not like this. Let’s go home.”

Liz looked at Max searching for truth in what he was saying. The thing was in looking in his eyes all that she saw was love, love for her.

“Okay Max, lets go home,” Liz said as Max helped her off the floor.


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Part 37

Liz took Max's hand as they walked out onto the main floor of the resturant towards the table that Jeff Guerin was waiting at.

"My Father" Liz said remembering that he was waiting out here, seemingly all alone since Michael and Maria were now having there own private conversation.

"Max, we have to talk about this, but I think that we should try to talk to my father first. Is that okay with you." Liz said sliding her hand out of Max's not quite sure what her feelings were at this point.

"That's fine" Max answered. "As long as there is more then one person at the table. I think that your Dad knows more about me then I know about myself."

The concept of anyone knowing anything about Max struck a nerve with Liz and she cleared her throat as she began to walk a little faster to the table. She wondered what of it was true, and what was a lie.

"Sorry Daddy, I wasn't feeling to well" Liz said as she took her seat. "Wasn't feeling to well about Mr. Evans." Jeff said always being one to get straight to the point. "Perhaps" Liz answered "And perhaps me and Max will discuss that later." Liz was very firm when she said this and Jeff noticed this change at once.

This wasn't something that Liz would have said to him anytime in the past.

Michael even stopped his conversation with Maria to look at Liz.

"So what is everyone going to have?" Liz asked wondering how she was going to approach the whole Natalia issue when she came to take the orders. Just as the thought crossed her mind Maria leaned over and whispered to her. "Don't worry girl, I don't think that we will be seeing that bitch for a long time."

Liz couldn't help but let out a snicker and when the rest of the table looked at her, she self consiously turned it into a fake cough. "Something caught in my throat" she said trying not to laugh.

Just as Liz was beginning to settle her laughter a man dressed in a suit came running over to the table. "Ms. Deluca!" he said upon seeing Maria. "Yes" Maria answered doing her best to sound bothered.

"I am so sorry that you and your party had to wait at all. And the horrible treatment from that waitress! Spilling things! Not taking your order promptly, I can assure you that she will not be working that this calibar resturant for a very long time. Now I would like to get you all a free round of drinks to make up for this inconvience. What can I get for you all." The Man said obviously kissing Maria's ass as if she was someone much more important then a College student.

Liz wondered what wonderful story that Maria had dreamt up this time.

The whole table ordered drinks and food before the silence set in. "So Max, tell me where did you grow up?" Jeff asked doing his best to keep the attention focused on Max Evans.

"Umm, well I grew up kinda all over the place, I never really settled down for that long" Max said looking to Liz.

Liz closed her eyes briefly wondering what she should do. She wanted the answers to Max's past more then anyone at this table, but if making Max uncomfortable was the way to getting those answers then they could wait.

"Well, now he attends school with me" Liz answered changing the subject altogether.

After a few moments the food arrives and Max seemed to be safe. The group ate mainly in silence with an occasional comment about the food.

As soon as she possible could without being obviously rude Liz yawned and began her goodbyes. "Daddy, I really should get going. I am really tired." Liz said taking a sip of her water.

The others took Liz's cue and began to get up from the table. "Elizabeth, outside now" Jeff said as he gave everyone else a stern look telling them to take a seat.
Liz followed her dad out the front door quietly.

"What the hell is going on?" Jeff asked. "Who is this guy and what has he done to my daughter?"

"Nothing is going on Dad" Liz answered

"Something is obviously wrong with this picture and I want to know what it is" Jeff said not backing down at all.

"Whatever you think is wrong with this picture is between me and Max, not you and me. I need to talk to Max and work this out. I will call you tomorrow Dad." Liz said walking inside without giving Jeff a chance to say another word.

"Let's Go" Liz said when she reached the table.


AN~A Little Short but I got something out. Part 38 Hopefully Tommorow during the day!

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Part 38

Liz slid back into Max’s truck quietly after waving goodbye to Michael and Maria and
promising to call Maria later.

Right now she only had one thing on her mind, Max Evans. She needed to know
whatever he was hiding from her, and she needed to know what the story was with the
bimbo from the restaurant as well.

Max got in the truck slowly, looking at Liz for a few moments before starting the

“Where are we going?” he asked not sure if he should even talk to Liz right now.

“My house, you are going to answer my questions” Liz said looking straight ahead.

Max just nodded in agreement and pulled the truck out of the parking lot, headed for
Liz’s apartment.

The entire ride was silent with Liz lost in thought, and Max lost in fear. He wanted so
much to tell Liz the truth, the whole truth but he had always been told that no one would
love him after knowing the truth and he didn’t know how he would survive if Liz left

Max pulled the truck to a stop in front of the apartment and Liz got out without saying a
word and walked into the apartment waiting for Max to follow.

Max took a deep breath and then followed Liz inside. Max took a seat on the couch and
Liz grabbed a chair pulling it up in front of him.

“A little interagative don’t you think?” Max asked quietly.

“I just want to know what is going on with my boyfriend” Liz said sitting in the chair
facing Max. “Please Max, just tell me what is going on with you.” she pleaded.

Max could see the angusih in her eyes, and it broke his heart.

“Liz baby, the last thing that I ever wanted to do was hurt you. I love you” Max pleaded.

“People that love each other are honest” Liz said coldly.

“I never lied” Max countered. “I never lied to you, I just couldn’t bear to tell you the

“You just didn’t trust me then.” Liz spat back

“Liz Please” Max yelled.

This was the first time that Max had so much as raised his voice at Liz. She sat stunned.
“You don’t understand.” He continued.

“Make me understand” she said.

“Liz, the reason that I didn’t tell you about my past is not because I didn’t love you, it is
because I did love you. I didn’t want to burden you with my past, I didn’t want you to
even have to think about any of the things that I have gone through. You are my future
and that is all that matters to me right now.”

Liz sat silent.

“Liz, when I was born, I was nothing to anyone. I grew up in foster homes all over the
place. All over in Los Angeles county. Me and Alex, we met when we were nine and we
were placed in a group home together. Alex’s parents died when he was just a baby and
he had no relatives to take him in. My, well I don’t even know what happened to my
parents, I was just found, just found.”

Liz sat stunned. She was expecting for Max to say that he was some sort of drug dealer,
or something worse, not that he had gone through something horrible, and still come out
on top.

“The reason that I know Natalia, is because she was there with me and Alex. Liz we were
kept there like it was a jail. Natalia was abused as a child and that is why she ended up
there with us. She has alot of problems and she chose to direct them towards me.”

“I kissed her a couple of times before I realized what was going on, after that I told her
that I didn’t want anything to do with her in that way. That is why she is so angry with
me. I didn’t even know that she was up here. I swear. Me and Alex moved here as soon
as we both turned eighteen. We moved here to get away. We moved here and swore that
we would never tell anyone about our past. About what we had gone through. We wanted
a fresh start.”

“Max, I...”Liz began to speak

Max sat looking down unable to look at Liz while he spoke.

“Liz, I never wanted you to love me out of pity, or to not love me because of who I used
to be. I am a different person now. That is all that I can tell you. My past means nothing
to me anymore, my future is all that matters, you are all that matters to me anymore.”

Liz sat stunned.

“Max I have always loved you for who you were.” Liz said climbing next to him on the
couch. By this time tears were streaming down both of their faces. “Max, I am sorry I
never should have doubted you.” Liz said taking Max’s face between her hands and
kissing him softly.

Liz pulled Max into her arms holding him tightly as he they wept together. They fell
asleep in one anothers arms, with no secrets between them


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Part 39

~*~Warning, NC-17~*~

Liz woke in the morning with Max in her arms. It was a nice feeling. For the first
time she felt as if she had been comforting him at night, usually it was the other way

“Goodmorning Beautiful” Max said as Liz’s eyes met his. “Right back at you” Liz
smiled looking at Max. Liz began to climb off of Max, feeling as if she might be crushing
him after laying curled up with his form all night.

“Where do you think you are going?” Max asked placing his hands on Liz’s hips
and pulling her back down on top of him. Liz smiled, her Max was back again. “I was
just going to make some Coffee”

“Coffee hun?” Max asked with a grin. “Does that mean that we actually have to do
something today?” Liz relaxed against Max before answering. “Well Michael and Maria
are coming to get the rest of her stuff today. And then I need to decide what I am going to
do about that big empty room in there. And...” Liz’s mind started to whirl.

Max put his finger to her lips, calming her instantly. “It’s okay sweetheart. We will work
it all out. “ Liz let out a deep breath and smiled. “I know” she said allowing herself to

“And as for now, how about you let me work it out” Max said moving his body behind
Liz’s and bringing his strong hands to her neck. He began to press on her tired muscles,
eventually moving them down to her shoulders.

Liz let out a soft moan when he hit a tender spot in her back. “I like hearing you moan”
Max said rubbing the spot with a little more care. “Well I like it when you make me
moan” Liz replied feeding the conversation more, which was already dripping with
sexual tension.

“I think that I can get this knot better if you take you shirt off” Max said pulling Liz’s
shirt up and over her head. Liz had no complaints. In fact she wanted nothing more in
that moment then to feel Max’s strong warm hands on her skin.

Max returned to work on Liz’s back, moving his hands gradually lower and lower until
his hands rested on her hips. He brought his mouth down to the nape of her neck and
began kissing his way down her back as his hands ran up her stomach to cup her breasts.

Liz leaned back into his waiting body enjoying the sensations of Max’s mouth and hands
on her body. Finally after Max had kissed his way up and down her spine he brought his
mouth to her neck, and then her ear.

“I love you Liz Parker” he whispered into her ear as his hands molded her breasts. “I love
you Max” Liz said as she turned herself around to straddle him.

Liz’s hair was loose and hanging down in her face, and she was now naked from the
waist up as she brought her body to sit down upon Max. Max moaned as he leaned up to
kiss her, gently at first and then with more passion.

“Do you think we should move this in the bedroom?” Liz asked pulling slightly away
from him.

“Baby I don’t think I could make it that far” Max said with a grin.

Liz just smiled. He looked so sexy and hot when he gave her that smile. She could never
resist it before, and she sure as hell couldn’t now.

Liz reached down pulling Max’s shirt over his head, then bringing her mouth to his chest,
tasting his skin as he had hers. Max had his hands in her hair, running them through
softly as she kissed his warm skin.

She moved her way back up to his shoulder, finally kissing her way around to his neck
before Max pulled back.

“What’s wrong?” Liz asked. “Nothing, everything is just so right.” Max said. “I just want
you so badly.” Liz smiled as she reached for the button on his pants, pulling them down
in one swift moment over his lean hips. She then reached for her own, pulling them down
as well before standing before him.

“Come here my love” Max said taking Liz’s hand and bringing her closer to him. She
positioned herself above him on the couch, before bringing herself down onto his waiting
manhood swiftly and smoothly.

“Ohh Liz” Max cried out as he entered her. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck,
holding him close to her as they moved in unison. Max continued whispering in her ear
as Liz turned her head enough to continue her earlier assault on Max’s neck and shoulder.

She continued kissing him warmly and sucking gently on his skin, it was as if she
couldn’t get enough of his taste. Liz felt the sexual tension building in both of their
bodies, it was as if they were totally connected in every way possible when they were
making love.

Liz kissed her way down his shoulder, before running her teeth gently along the edge of
Max’s collarbone. She then held onto Max’s even tighter as she prepared to ride him to

These movements were what sent Max over the edge. He cried out her name as he spilt
his seed into her waiting warmth. Liz let go as well, concentrating not only on the feeling
of her lover inside her, but also how erotic it was to hear him calling her name over and
over in the throws of ecstasy.

As soon as Max was able to catch his breath he began to kiss Liz anywhere that he could,
her breasts, her neck, her arms. “You are amazing” he whispered. Not pulling himself out
of her, put instead urging her to wrap her legs around his body. Liz easily complied
pulling herself in Max’s arms where he carried them into the bathroom to shower for the
day ahead.

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Part 40

Liz lay in the bathtub leaning back on Max’s strong chest for support. Her eyes were closed and her body relaxed.

Max was humming along to the radio, and the vibrations were calming Liz even more. Just the sound of his voice could melt all of her worries away. The song playing was Colorblind by the Counting Crows, Liz had always liked this song, even more so now that she knew Max liked it. Liz began singing along with the lyrics.

I am colorblind
Coffee black and egg white
Pull me out from inside
I am ready
I am ready
I am ready
I am
Taffy stuck, tongue tied
Stuttered shook and uptight
Pull me out from inside
I am ready
I am ready
I am ready
I am...fine
I am covered in skin
No one gets to come in
Pull me out from inside
I am folded, and unfolded, and unfolding
I am
Coffee black and egg white
Pull me out from inside
I am ready
I am ready
I am ready
I am...fine
I am.... fine
I am fine

“You like that song?” Max asked when the song was over. “Yeah” Liz answered. “I’ve always loved that song.” “Me too” Max admitted. Liz could see how. Now that she knew the truth about Max’s past. She could understand how hard it much have been for him to let anybody in. This thought led to her next question.

“Max?” she whispered. “Yea Baby?” he asked pulling her hand to his mouth and kissing it lightly.

“I have been thinking, about some of the things that you told me last night. Well I just can’t even imagine how hard that it must have been for you to let anyone in, to trust anyone after….well after what happened. I was just; well I just wanted to know. How, why did you decide to trust me?” Liz asked pulling his arms around her.

“I didn’t really have that much of a choice Liz. I mean something in me, I just knew. I knew that I could trust you, that you were the one for me.” Max said honestly.

Liz smiled. She knew that Max was telling her words of truth, how could she have been so lucky to find the perfect guy, well her perfect guy. “I love you so much” Liz said rising out of the bath and turning around to kiss him.

Max wrapped his arms around her welcoming the kiss she was offering. “I love you too Liz” He finally said after they pulled apart to catch their breath. “You are everything to me”.

Liz smiled she wanted nothing more then to spend the whole day in the bath with Max, but she knew that Michael and Maria would be there soon to start moving Maria’s things out.

“Hide Me?” Liz asked sliding under the water. “I don’t want to deal with reality today” Max laughed. “Whatever you say my Princess.”

“Okay Okay, fine I will get up and deal with Reality.” Liz laughed as she started to get out of the tub. Max reached up and grabbed a towel for her, wrapped her up first, and then himself in another towel.

“To the bedroom we go Princess” He said as he swept her off her feet literally and carried her into the bedroom to get ready for the day ahead.

Michael and Maria arrived just as Max and Liz had finished getting dressed. “Well Hello” Maria said as she strolled into the living room giving Liz a look of death. “And why haven’t you called me?” Maria asked Liz with her hands on her hips. “I’m sorry Mom, I was busy” Liz said laughing.

Michael gave his typical head nod, and Max replied with a hello.

“Me and Liz must converse” Maria said grabbing Liz’s hand. You boys should have no trouble getting my bed out of there and into Michael’s truck right?”

Liz gave Max a look of apology before being dragged by Maria into Liz’s room.

“What’s going on?” Maria asked. Liz told Maria that her and Max were okay, without giving Maria any of the details of Max’s past. That was Max’s life and his decision.

“So when is he moving in then?” Maria asked. “What?” Liz answered with a look of shock.

“Max, when is he going to move in?” Maria asked. “What gave you that idea?” Liz asked.

“Well I just assumed….:” Maria trailed off. “But if you don’t want him too”

“No, it’s not that, it’s just that, well I don’t want us to rush into anything, and I’m not so sure that he would want to leave Alex is all.” Liz answered. To be honest the thought hadn’t really occurred to her, she didn’t want to rush into anything.

“Liz, rush into anything? You and Max have already been on a train ride as it is. Look how long you have known each other. It is obvious that you are soul mates. Destined by the stars!” Maria yelled throwing her arms out for dramatic purposes.

Liz laughed. “Well, maybe I will bring the subject up later and see what he thinks about it.” Liz answered wondering if Max really would want to live with her. That was a big commitment, she was ready to take that step, but she wasn’t really sure if Max was.


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Ever since Liz’s eyes had met Max’s it was as if she could feel his energy as well as her

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Liz sat at the kitchen table pretending to listen to Maria as she rambled when really all
that she could think about was what Maria had said earlier to her about Max moving in.
She wanted so despretly to live with Max, she just didn’t want to pressure him. She
would ask him tonight, Liz had made up her mind. When he came over after work.

What do you think about that?? What will she do?? Hehe

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Part 41

Liz sat at the kitchen table pretending to listen to Maria as she rambled when really all that she could think about was what Maria had said earlier to her about Max
moving in. She wanted so desperately to live with Max, she just didn’t want to pressure him. She would ask him tonight, Liz had made up her mind. When he came over after

If she wanted to really be with Max, which she did then she couldn’t be afraid to scare
him away, truth be told Liz would commit to spend the rest of her life with Max in a
heartbeat. She just knew, she knew that he was the one for her, always. Nothing could
change that, even Max not wanting to move in.

“Maria I have to do something, just lock the door on your way out” Liz said in mid Maria
sentence as she picked up her sweater and ran into her room, slipped into a black dress
and out the door

She wanted to make something perfect, she wanted to show Max how much that she
wanted to be with him. And she wanted to do it in a way that would show Max just how
she felt. When Liz arrived at the restaurant Max still had an hour left on his shift. The
place was packed, but his eyes met hers as soon as she entered.

“Are you meeting someone?” The Hostess asked as she walked into the door. “Actually
she is” Max said whispering that he would just be one moment as he went to attend to a
waiting family.

Liz smiled watching him take families order. He was so friendly and helpful, especially
with the kids even though she could tell that he was dying to come and find out why she
was here. Ever since Liz’s eyes had met Max’s it was as if she could feel his energy as
well as her own.

In just a moment she was in Max’s arms, he whispered softly in her ear. “Baby, what are
you doing here?” Liz looked up at his with her big brown eyes, teasing him in her own
way. As if to ask if he didn’t want to see her. Max thanked the hostess and then led Liz
over to the bar.

“I am so glad to see you, it is just a surprise” he said pulling out a chair for her and then
standing with his arms around her. “And you just look so gorgeous.” Max said kissing her

Liz felt herself blush although the only person who seemed to notice was Alex who at the
moment was tending Bar. She gave Liz a wink when she turned to look at him. “Hi Alex”
she said shyly. “Well Hello there beautiful” Alex said back.

Max kissed Liz again, on the cheek this time obviously not paying much attention to
Alex. Max leaned into Liz, whispering in her ear. “Lizzie, I have missed you alot today, I
think that you might have read my mind coming in here to see me. You can hang out here
with Alex at the bar until I get off work. The only problem with that is that you look so
damn hot in this dress I don’t know how I am going to control myself.” Max then kissed
her once more, a real kiss full of passion before waving to Alex and heading back into
the kitchen to check on his orders.

Liz felt her face begin to heat up and her eyes met Alex’s. “Don’t worry Liz, I don’t even
want to know what he just said.” Alex laughed. “All that I want to know is what I can get
you to drink.” Liz laughed and ordered a glass of red wine.

Liz sat there watching Max, catching his sly glances at her, but most of all wondering
how she hadn’t really paid attention to just how hot he looks when he wears nice clothes
to work. He had on black slacks,and a white button down shirt. His hair was slicked back
and as Liz sipped on her wine she couldn’t help but watch his ass as he moved back and
forth between the kitchen and the serving area.

“Another glass for the lady?” Alex asked as Liz set her empty glass on the table. “No
thanks Alex, Max is just clocking out. How many did you already pour me anyway?” Liz
asked with a smile. She knew that she had a few glasses, but she didn’t really feel drunk,
so no harm no foul.

Max walked out of the backroom with a smile on his face, finally his night was over and
he could be with Liz. Seeing her sit there in that sexy black dress, drinking at the bar had
done a number on him tonight. He reached over to one of the unoccupied tables and
grabbed a rose out of the vase on the table before he reached Liz at the bar.

“My Love?” he said holding out his hand for her. Liz took his hand surprised when he
held out the white rose from behind his back. “I Love you” she mouthed and she leaned
in to kiss him.

“Red Wine, my favorite.” Max said licking his lips. Liz giggled as she stepped down
completely from the chair. She wobbled slightly as her feet hit the floor. Max threw his
arms around Liz to hold her safely.

Max looked instantly to Alex.’Alexander Charles Whitman!” Max grumbled. Alex turned
around slowly obviously aware that something was wrong by the use of his surname.

“Yes Mr. Evans” he said trying to keep a straight face.

“Kindly tell me exactly how much that you served this beautiful lady” Max said
motioning towards Liz.

“I am a bartender, I tend bar, I just kept her glass full.” Alex said trying to defend

Max raised his eyebrows at Alex before giving him a look obviously implying that Alex
would be hearing more about this later.

“Goodnight Alex” Max said “Goodnight Mr. Whitman” Liz giggled as Max led her out to
his truck. Her car would need to spend the night there now. Seeing her car in the parking
lot reminded him of the first night that they had met. With this thought he pulled Liz a
little closer as they walked.

Max unlocked the door to the truck, loading Liz in and locking her door before walking
around to his side, as always, even in her intoxicated state Liz had unlocked the door.

Max climbed in the truck and leaned over towards Liz. He looked at her with a smile on
his face, she was his woman, his perfect woman, his lover his life his everything.

“You will pass any test I could ever give you” He laughed remembering the silly car lock
test from so long ago.

Liz leaned in only interested in kissing her lover. He accepted, he kissed her deeply,
wanting to taste everything that she had to offer, the taste of her full lips, the sweetness of
the red wine, and Liz herself. When he finally pulled away Max looked Liz in the eyes.
“Home?” he asked.

“Nope” she answered. “There is one more test we have to pass first” Liz said.

“What test is that?” Max asked confused. “Take us to Seacliff Beach, I will explain
everything there.” Liz leaned over and took Max’s hand gently kissing it before placing it
in her lap for the ride to their final test.


AN~Just a warning for you all. We are rounding the final turn in this fic. Don't worry we still have a few more parts left, but then we will be complete. But I have started work on another fic. Of Course just full of dreamy goodness and I will start to post that soon! And I will be finishing Reality, as well as still working as the head writer for

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Part 42

Max gently rubbed his thumb over Liz’s hand while they drove in silence towards
Seacliff beach.

For the life of him he couldn’t figure out what was on Liz’s mind.

She hummed softly as she looked up into the sky, and Max couldn’t help but glance over at her
every so often to take in her beauty.

“Baby” Max said. “Yes” Liz answered. “Are you feeling okay?” He asked suddenly
concerned over just how drunk that Alex had gotten her.

“I feel, I feel amazing” Liz
answered. And the truth was that she did. She felt on top of the world.

“Max, I am with the only man that I love, driving towards the beach on a
warm night. The stars are in the
sky and there is no where that I would rather be.” Max smiled at Liz’s statement.

He wasn’t sure if it was the wine talking or not, but her words themselves were just beautiful
to him because he felt the same way. Max Evans knew that there was no where else in the
whole world that he would rather be at that moment.

When they arrived at the beach Max was happy to see that it was empty. The waves were
low so even the occasional night surfers were scarce tonight. Max got out of the truck, and
before he could even get around to help Liz out she was already out of the truck and
heading for the waves.

Max smiled grabbing a couple spare blankets that he always keeps in the back of the truck and running after her.

Liz ran as fast as she could, losing her shoes and sweater along the way. All that she cares
about was reaching the water. She wanted to fell the cool water mist on her face, she felt
free and she wanted to be free.

Max chased her but the hefty blankets that he was carrying slowed him down
considerably, and the fact that he was stopping to pick up Liz’s shoes and sweater didn’t
help either.

When Max finally reached a small cove he threw down their belongings and pulled of his
shoes and shirt, following Liz towards the water. By the time that he reached her Liz was
splashing in the water laughing uncontrollably.

Max grabbed her and kissed her thinking that he had never seen anything so amazing in his

“Your plastered aren’t you?” Max laughed kissing Liz’s neck and shoulders. “No, I am
just happy.” Liz answered seriously.

“You Make me happy” Max answered kissing her again. “Let’s go sit in the cove before
you catch a cold.” He said lifting Liz out of the water. Liz instinctively wrapped her legs
around his waist and began kissing him, softly at first and then deeper.

Max barely made it over to the Cove, setting Liz on her feet only to spread out the blanket
on the sand under the large rock overhang.

Max picked Liz up again, laying her down on the blanket, then bringing himself on top of
her. “Now I feel drunk” Max laughed. “You make me feel drunk” Liz smiled running her
hands down his strong chest.

“Max I have something to ask you” Liz said picking this particular moment to bring it up.
“Anything for you” Max answered moving her hair out of her eyes with his fingers.

“Okay make that a couple of questions” Liz laughed. “The test” Max laughed. “Okay fire
when ready” Max replied.

“Okay Number One” Liz began “Do you love me” Max frowned at this question. “Liz, I
love you more then I ever thought it would be possible to love anyone. I love you more
then life itself.” Liz smiled.

“Okay A+ so far. Number Two. Do you love Alex” Max
coughed at this question. “Liz where are you going with this?” he asked suddenly forming
a bad mental picture in his mind.

Liz suddenly realized what Max was thinking and began
laughing. “No, No not like that..just I mean, Alex is your best friend right?” Max smiled.

“Yes, Alex is my best friend in the world. Me and him have been through so much
together. I owe him my life in some ways, we owe each other.” Max answered suddenly
getting serious.

“Okay last question. This one is very important” Liz said emphasizing the word important
and pointing at Max. “Now, did I forget to tell you that this test is Pass Fail?” Max let out
a groan as he took Liz’s arm pulling them above her head and pressing his body harder
against hers.

“Now, did I forget to mention that I have the teacher in a very compromising
position?” Max joked.

Liz let out a moan as she lifted her body up to press into his highly aroused one.

“Okay, I
hope that you are ready Mr. Evans. Final question. Max, I love you, I want to be with you
day and night. I want to know if you will move in with me. I want to see your beautiful
face morning and night, I want to wake up in the middle of the night with you holding

Max didn’t answer, he just leaned down to kiss her. “I want that more then anything.” He
answered. “I didn’t want to ask, I was waiting for you to come to me. I can’t stand being
apart from you at all Liz. I want to hold you in my arms every night when I go to sleep,
and be holding you when we both wake up. I want nothing more.”

Liz let out a giggle as she heard his answer. “I love you so much” she said. “Now it is
time for your reward, you did get an A+ on your test.” Max smiled. “My reward hun?” he

Liz gave him a smile as she slowly lifted him off of her body and laid him flat on his back.
She then began kissing him, working her way down his body until she reached his black
work pants. She used her hands to undo his belt and then her mouth to slowly bring down
the zipper. Her hands brought the pants slowly off his quivering body as her mouth
followed closely behind her hands actions.

When Max finally lay in the moonlight unclothed Liz kneeled before him. She lifted her
dress over her head and it was then that he saw that she was nude beneath it.

“Gorgeous” he whispered when he saw her still damp body in front of him in the

Liz came to him and they made love in the moonlight, closer then they had ever been


I know this is pretty short, I just wanted to get something out. I am at my Mom's house visiting family until Saturday Night when I hope to have a new part out. So The new part will be posted Saturday Night or Sunday. Depends on how tired I am when I get home....LOL

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Part 43

Liz let out a soft moan as she felt the warmness of her feet in the sand. She lifted
her feet up and down and let the sand filter through her toes. It was then that she
remembered where she was. She was at Seacliff beach, she was with Max.

“Goodmorning Beauty” Max whispered into her ear. “Goodmorning”

“I have never slept on a beach before” Liz confessed “Me either” Max laughed. “Actually
there are quiet a few things that I had never done on a beach before last night” Max

“Oh really Mr. Evans” Liz joked.

The sun was just begining to rise, yet they were still partially secluted by the cove that
they were laying in. Liz had never imagined anything like this before in her life, anything
so perfect, so romantic, so amazing.

“So are you sure?” she asked turning over and looking into Max’s eyes.

“Am I sure about what?” he questioned.

“You know, about what we talked about last night.”

“I am so sure Liz, I want nothing more then to be with you, when I met you, when fate
brought us together that night. Nothing has been the same for me since. But the thing is
that I don’t want anything to be the same for me. Ever again.”

“Are you sure Alex won’t be to mad. Like I am trying to steal his bestfriend?” Liz joked.

“I am sure that Alex figured that this day was coming. Besides, Alex is a big boy, I am
sure that he can handle himself.” Max answered wanting Liz to know that he was
completely sure of his decision to be with her.

Liz just smiled Max could be so perfect, well he was so perfect. It was like she was
waiting to wake up from some perfect dream.

“I love you.” Liz said before grabbing him and kissing him deeply.

“Wow, I have to agree to move in with you more often” Max laughed.

“I’ll move in with you! I’ll move in with you!! I’ll move in with you!!” Max yelled
pinning Liz to the blanket. “Now, what did that earn me?” he asked innocently. Liz took
her hands and brought them to his face, brought her mouth to his, kissed him deeply once
more before whispering “I hope that you are going to be this excited about moving all
your stuff over.”

Max let out a groan before falling onto the blanket. “Sounds like a party.”

Liz giggled as she sat up to look into the morning sky. “God, Max is it so beautiful out
here.” Her eyes wandered the morning sky along the horizon until her gaze caught an
unfarmiliar figure.

“What the hell??” There along the sand was a Lifeguard trudging right towards there
little cove.

“Max clothes now!” Liz yelled throwing her dress over her head.

“What?? No more Max morning loving?” he joked.

“Max Lifeguard, expensive ticket. Indecent expousure, Sleeping on the Beach Clothes
now!” Liz said almost to fast for Max to hear.

Max caught on to what she was saying as he handed her her shoes and sweater.

“Okay Liz, go” he said handing her the keys.

“What?? Who are we Bonnie and Clyde?” she asked.

“Ohh come on, take the keys and go get in the truck. I will be right behind you, just go
around that side of the cove!” Max said pointing.

It was just then that the Lifeguard seemed to notice them and the disturbance they were
having. Luckily he was still a few yards up the beach, but now he was making strides
towards them.

“Okay” Liz said taking the keys and running barefoot through the sand. She couldn’t hear
Max behind her, but she kept runnning anyway with a smile on her face. This had to be
one of the most daring things that she had ever done.

She jumped into the drivers side of the truck and started the engine. It was then that she
saw Max trudging down the sand with the blankets flying behind him. Liz wished more
then anything that she had a camera with her.

At that point it didn’t matter if they got caught or not, this had to be one of the funniest
things she had ever seen. The Lifeguard was now chasing Max, calling out for him to
stop, but Max was determined.

Liz threw the truck in reverse, and pulled out of the parking spot, making it easier for her
and Max to complete their getaway.

Before she knew it Max was in the car and yelling “Go Lizzie!!”

Liz hit her foot to the gas and the truck screeched out of the Seacliff State Beach parking
lot, and right past the hours of the public beach sign that they had ignored coming in.

“You are such a bad ass” Max joked as they turned down a side road, far out of sight of
the still running Lifeguard.

Liz burst out laughing. “Bad Boys Bad Boys, what ya gonna do....What ya gonna do when
they come for you...” she sang as loud as she could.

“So Liz, is it true what they say about Bad Boys then?” Max asked.

“What is that?” she said trying her best to sound innocent.

“That Women find them sexy?” Max said winking

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Part 44

Max and Liz still couldn’t compose their laughter as they stumbled into Liz’s apartment.
“I never took you for such a rebel!” Max laughed closed the door behind them. “Well I
never took you for a Batman lookalike! You should have seen yourself! Blankets flying
behind you in the wind!” Liz giggled struggling to get the words out between fits of

“Hey I got away didn’t I?” Max countered. “Yeah with a little help from you
official getaway driver!” “I suppose that I would have to repay you somehow then
wouldn’t I?” Max whispered pulling Liz into his arms and both of them onto the couch.

“It would only be fair” Liz teased. Max took her lips with his kissing her softly at first,
then with more passion. His arms held her body tight against his.

Just as they were beginning to get into the moment they were brought back to reality by
the sound of someone clearing their throat. Max snapped up from the couch barely
catching Liz again in his arms before she fell onto the floor. Liz looked up to see Maria
starting down at them from the hallway.

“Hi” Liz said as she felt her face begin to turn red. “Dare I even ask?” Maria answered
looking at the scene before them. Neither of them wore shoes, Max just now realized that
his shirt was on inside out, and they had been making out on the couch at the break of

“No offense Maria, but what are you doing here? I mean didn’t you move out?” Liz asked
wondering why Maria was in the apartment at such an odd time.

“Well, yes, but the thing is that MichaelGuerinisacompletejerkyouarenevergoingtobelieve
whathedidtome.....!!” Maria began without taking a break. “Maria calm down!” Liz
reasoned. She did not want to get in the middle of anything between her best friend and
her brother. How had she gotten herself into this mess??

“So, I assumed that I would just move back in.” Maria said walking over to the couch
and sitting directly in between Max and Liz.

Max looked down to the ground as Liz looked to him for support. “Okay Maria, but first
you should know that Max is going to live here now.” Liz whispered half hoping that
Maria wouldn’t hear her.

“Ohhh let me tell you girl, that is a bad idea!” Maria squealed “No offense buddy, but I
think that men have some sort of weird mental problem that prevents them from actually
putting the toilet seat down. I actually fell in Liz!! It was frightening!”

With this admission Max couldn’t help but chuckle. He was doing so well at holding it
inside until his eyes met Liz’s. After that it was all over with and they both burst into a fit
of laughter together.

Maria looked on in awe sure that they could not possibly be laughing at her.

Liz tried to cover her mouth with her hand to take away a little of the shock from Maria’s
face but it was no use, she was now at the point of laughing out loud. Luckily she was
saved by the bell, the doorbell that is.

“I’ll get it, I wouldn’t want to spoil your fun!” Maria said picking herself up off the floor
and walking over to the door. She swung open the door putting on a show of suprise
when Michael was standing behind it. She had to have know that he would come for her.

“What are you doing here?” Maria asked putting her hands on her hips to block his
entrance into the apartment. Luckily for Michael entering the apartment was not what he
had in mind.

“Hey Lizzie, Umm...Hi Max” Michael said before quickly turning around and picking
Maria up. He lifted her light frame over his shoulder and saluted at Max and Liz before
beginning to leave.

“I think that Maria forgot that she lives with me now.” He joked “And one more thing,
there is sand all over the carpet, you really should clean that up.”

As soon as the door shut Max and Liz fell into each others arms in another fit of laughter.
“I haven’t had this much fun in, well in a really long time.” Max laughed

“Yeah, you know what else might be fun?” Liz said innocently.
“What’s that?” Max asked.
“Taking off these sandy clothes. I mean we don’t want to have to clean anymore of OUR
apartment do we?” she asked emphasizing the word “Our” before walking seductively
towards the bathroom where she started to run a hot shower.

TBC...A Little short but I am trying to get back in the groove of things. Update to "Learning to Breathe" tommorow. And maybe part 55 here if I have time. If not then Wednesday!
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Part 45

Max followed Liz into the bathroom as quickly as humanly possible. “Let me help you with that” he said pulling her clothes gently off her body. “Thanks” Liz said giving him a seductive look before stepping into the steaming shower.

Max stripped his body of his own clothing before opening the shower door and peeking inside. “Baby, mind If I join you?” he asked Liz. “I was hoping that you would.” Liz answered motioning for him to step inside.

Max stepped into the shower, standing to the side of Liz, allowing her to continue rinsing the sand from her body. Max just watched as Liz stood under the hot water allowing it to caress her body.

Liz seemed to be paying no attention to Max standing next to her, the fact that she was seemingly unaware of his presence, yet still looked so sexual was only making Max’s desire grow.

Liz moved her body around under the hot water, allowing Max to have a clear view of every inch of her. Finally she turned back to face him and moved her hands down her chest, bringing them gently over her breasts caressing them softly. She could tell that this was really affecting him when he let out a deep groan.

“Baby, you’re killing me” Max groaned watching Liz tease him.

“It’s okay, it’s your turn to rinse off” Liz said innocently as she moved and gestured for him to step under the water.

Max moved under the running water without taking his eyes off of Liz. “Wow, baby you really got a lot of sand on you.” Liz said as she ran her hands over his chest. “I wonder how that happened?” She asked giving Max an instant flashback to their lovemaking on the beach the night before.

“I could show you how..” Max mumbled with desire evident in his voice. Liz loved what she was doing to him, mind and body, normally she was much more reserved, and they both played in the lovemaking progress but this time Liz wanted to have a little more power and she could see in Max’s eyes that he was burning up with desire.

“It’s okay, I won’t miss a spot” Liz said softly as she licked her tongue over Max’s right nipple. This caused another primal groan to erupt from Max’s throat.

Liz then picked up her bottle of body wash, taking a large amount of the silky liquid in her hands before applying it to Max’s body. She started with his chest and arms, and began working her way down.

She moved down his body slowly, skipping the one area that she knew he was dying for her to caress. She then moved down his legs, paying special attention to every inch, caressing it softly, especially the sensitive points such as the skin behind his knee, and his ankles.

“I think you missed a spot” Max said as Liz finished washing every other inch of his body.

“Ohh, I guess I did” Liz said with mock surprise in her voice. She poured more liquid into her hands before taking his now achingly hard cock into her grasp.

As soon as Liz’s hands were around him Max leaned back against the wall, this time as he spoke her name was on his lips.

She began slow, teasing him softly, just moving her hands slightly up and down his shaft, just enough to let Max know who was in charge at the current moment. Max grew harder and harder with each sweep of her soft hand over him.

Liz could tell that he was starting to lose control when she saw all of his muscles tighten and his jaw clench. She turned him around into the stream of warm water and rinsed him clean, using her hands to massage the liquid from his skin.

“I need you Liz” Max said looking up with his eyes dark with desire. “Take me then, I am yours” she answered. Max needed no further persuasion.

He put his hands on Liz’s hips, lifting her small body up off of the shower floor and leaning her frame against the wall. Liz was shocked by this move from Max. It was so unlike him, yet so erotic at the same time.

He then positioned himself underneath her before allowing her body to slide down the wall and onto his waiting cock. Liz and Max both let out a moan of pleasure as the contact was finally made between their waiting bodies.

Liz wrapped her free hands around Max’s neck holding onto him tightly as he moved her body up and down on his hard errection.

“Liz, I love you so much” Max said as he continued to make love to her body and soul.

“And I love you” Liz answered using her arms to hold onto Max tighter as she was about to climax.

“You are amazing” Max yelled as he continued to pump in and out of Liz’s waiting body. Just hearing Max’s husky voice sent Liz’s tumbling over the edge that she had been wavering over.

She arched her head back and began to moan as the waves of ecstasy began to overtake her body. Max watched her, feeling her get tighter with every thrust that he made. Just seeing her in so much pleasure sent him tumbling right after her. They rode the waves together, their moans and screams as intertwined as their bodies.

After they had finally come back down to earth Max spoke first, “Don’t move” he said “Just hold on to me and lay your head on my shoulder” Liz did as she was told wrapping her legs around Max’s strong body and holding onto the man that she loved more then anything in the world. Max stepped out of the still steaming shower, turning it off with one hand after they had exited and headed towards the bedroom.

He stopped on the way only to pick up a towel and lay it over Liz’s wet frame. He then crawled into bed, lying down with her lying next to him.

“Liz, that was amazing” Max said moving her hair back so that he could whisper in her ear.

“You were pretty amazing” Liz giggled.

“Okay, but I meant you” Max said. “Liz, you are the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen. And when I watch you, when we are making love. It just makes my heart swell. You are so beautiful, so alive. So much more then I could have ever dreamed of.

Liz silenced him with a kiss, pulling the blanket over both of their heads.


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