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Title: Spring
Author: Gwen
Email: gwen⊕
Category: Max and Liz + everyone else AU
Rating: PG to R/NC-17
Disclaimer: I SURE don’t own Roswell or the characters. You know that I don’t cause if I did S2 & S3 would have been a WHOLE HELL of a lot better.

Author Note: This is the story after Winter. Winter was my attempt to fix last 6 episodes of Season Two. (There is a TAG to Winter called Summer.) Spring finds our pod squad two years later, back on Anatar. If you read Winter first you’ll be a whole lot less confused.
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Part 34

The group decided to have dinner back in the King’s chambers, because Nyla was getting tired and the rest of the group was getting restless about what they were up against. They let Nyla eat first and the little quickly fell asleep afterwards. Her mother carried off the tired toddler into her bedroom and with one hand pulled back the sheets. Liz gently laid her down and was pulling off her shoes when she heard, “Mommy, I’ll be ok. I promise.”

Kissing the girls forehead, Liz said just as much for me own benefit. “I know you will baby.”

Nyla let out a big yawn and rolled over on her side. “My brother will be okay too. I won’t let anything happen to him.” Her little hand reached out and touched Liz’s abdomen. With a contented smile on her face and a sleepy, “…big sister…” She finally dozed off.


Zan had been standing just outside the hallway listening to everything. When Liz stood up he pulled her into his arms and hung on for dear life. Zan pulled his torso back just far enough so he could place a hand on each side of her head and softly planted kisses all over her face.

Trying to describe how she was feeling to Zan, Liz choked out through tears. “Do you remember once when I ask you how it was possible that I could be the happiest that I've ever been in my entire life and the saddest all one time?”

“And I told you I thought that was what being in love was.” Zan smiled as he remembered that moment. He had tried to take a step back. Sometimes how stupid he was back then…well since Liz could handle time travel maybe he should go back and give himself a swift kick in the ass.

Their emotions were running so high Liz heard his last thought and started laughing.

“What” the laughter was spilling over unto him too.

“I keep picturing a young me leaning over the balcony just then and watching you hit yourself.” Liz had needed something to break her tension and this was doing nicely.

Maria and Rath had over heard the conversation and were laughing a little bit too. “Hey Zan,” Maria started to laugh harder. “Could you remember to stop by Michael’s can kick his butt for me too?”

“Hey!” Rath sat up straighter.

“As long as I’m back there I might as well. Maybe I should coach Alex about going after my sister a little harder.”

“I think I did just fine on my own thanks.”

“Alex?!” The two women rushed over to the newlyweds. “I thought you guys were having a honeymoon for the next few weeks?” Maria was looking back and forth between them for an answer.

“Well that’s sort of my fault.” Vilandra said. I got this feeling and with everything our and Liz’s mother told me. I think I need to start learning all I can as soon as possible.”

“I told her I didn’t mind and I would be even more upset if we were off and naked while our friends needed us.” Alex looked at his wife show was slightly blushing and then around the room.

A second later everyone shouted when Liz yelled. “SHHHHH!”

Zan pulled Nyla close and whispered. “What is it?”

Liz’s body began to hum. “We can’t stay here. There’s another one of me somewhere near by, and it isn’t Selka.”

“How close? Like in this room?” Rath’s hand immediately spread out in front of him. No one was talking Liz or Nyla anywhere with him around.

“No, maybe not even in the palace but not too far away.” Liz tried to concentrate. It wasn’t someone in her family, but was it Seth? Someone like him?

Zan was trying to think of somewhere safe to hide his family. He remembered that Iset earlier said that Seth couldn’t go into her temple. “I have an idea.” Zan ran down the hallway scooped Nyla protectively into his arms and clutching Liz to his walked out of the room.


It was a tense group that made their way down the hall. Liz was ready at a moment’s notice to transport them all out of there, but using her powers would tell the “other” exactly where she was, so Zan was leading them silently down the corridor towards his mother’s rooms. Liz and Nyla were glued to his side, next in the party was Maria and Alex. Vilandra and Rath brought up the rear, because they were better equipped to deal with what ever. Not that it said much. They had both seen one of Liz’s kind in action before and they hadn’t made it. Rath tried to push it out of his mind and concentrate on getting to their destination.

Zan hadn’t replaced the picture and just waved his hand over the wall and pressed on the hand print.

“How did you know?” Vilandra had thought she was the only one who knew about this place.

“The vision Iset gave us about Nori bringing us back last time, and then the picture was the same one our grandmother had hiding the hand print.” She turned to the rest of the party. “Iset said we would be safe in here.”

Liz just outside the door as everyone filled into the hole in the wall. They had just thought she was making sure they all got in ok but when she looked back towards the group….

“Come on Liz. Hurry up.” Zan held out his hand urging her to get to safety.

What was the matter with her? “I-I can’t” She couldn’t understand why but she could not move another step in that direction.

Nori had transferred a lot of knowledge to Isabel in the parting touch between the two women, and something was surfacing. “It’s not her temple. She can’t come in.”

Liz made a snap decision, “If I can’t come in here and Seth can’t then whoever is out there can’t either. You’ll all be safe here.”

“What? No! I’m coming with you?” Zan handed Nyla quickly to Rath and ran out into his mother’s room. Liz smiled and held out her hand. The breath Zan had been holding finally left his lungs and he pulled her in for a sweet kiss. He felt her whisper “I love you” against his lips but when he pulled back further he saw tears in her Liz’s eyes.

Liz closed her eyes and squeezed the remaining tears out. “Take care of her.”

Zan arms were suddenly empty. “Liz?” He flailed his arms around in the air hoping to bring her back to him. “Liz!”


Liz concentrated on the presence she had been feeling all day, and she reappeared right beside the garden’s small pond. She wasn’t expecting someone she knew there as well.
“Kyle!” Liz flicked her fingers and Kyle was gone from the garden. She lifted her chin and walked in a defiant stance over to where Kyle had just been standing.


“What the hell? Where am I?” Kyle spun around to get a feel for his surroundings. He felt a little better when he saw Zan pacing the room too.

“Kyle?” Five voices chimed at once and the wall swung open.

“Where’s Liz?” Zan grabbed him roughly by the shoulders. Only Liz would have set Kyle here.

“In the garden...” Was all Kyle got out before thing got even weirder.

Zan ran out the door. Followed by Rath who grabbed Kyle and drug him along too. Alex kissed Vilandra who was holding a sleeping Nyla. Maria and Alex a few seconds later were running just behind them down the hall.


Liz’s heart was ripped apart when she ignored Zan’s demand to go with her but pushed it out of her mind. He couldn’t help her, he would only get hurt. “What do you want?” Liz stood nose to nose with person’s whose energy she had been feeling.

Kali fell to her knees and into a bow of respect. “I have come to protect you, Neith. You’re mother wishes it so.”

“Why should I believe you?” Liz could feel the energy churning within her. She would be ready.

“Because Mother told me she was coming. I was supposed to meet her here today.” Selka stepped out from behind a statue.

Zan ran up behind her and held Liz’s hand. She was all right! But this had done something to him; he didn’t care what the personal cost was. He was going to take Iset deal. He couldn’t stand there and watch his wife to that again. He just couldn’t. A look around the rest of the group told him that Rath, Kyle, Alex and even Maria felt the same way. He’d talk to them all tomorrow, and explain Iset’s offer.

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Part 35

Liz turned off the bathroom light and quietly stepped towards the bed. She had pretended to be asleep when he came in after putting Nyla to bed, because she didn’t want to look into his eyes and have him hate her. Every crisis in their young lives they had gotten through but standing beside each other. Relying on the love and strength their connection had to get them through it. Today Zan had begged her to take him with her, and she didn’t even warm him; she just disappeared. In her heart she felt the twinges of betrayal, but was her other choice? Have something horrible happen to Zan? He was no longer technically a mortal but his powers didn’t come close to what this war required. Iset had been trying to tell them that. Liz knew her husband was upset when they were walking back towards the room but she had no idea how much until Zan crawled into bed. It was the first night since they had started sleeping together that he hadn’t held onto her until he fell asleep. Instead Zan laid down quietly turned away from her and went to sleep. Liz sat down in the dark and stared out the window. She couldn’t bring herself to go back in bed, she just couldn’t. Looking over to her husband sleeping on the bed, “I’m sorry Zan. I love you so much. I just don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you, or our children.” Liz closed her eyes and cradled her still flat stomach, concentrating she could feel the faint life of their son.


Zan hadn’t felt this bad since the day before he saved Liz at the Crashdown. Back when he felt he had to worship her from afar. He thought he wasn’t worthy of his precious Liz Parker, and today after almost four years of fooling himself, turned out, he had been right. If he couldn’t keep his family safe what kind of a man was he?

Tonight when he had returned from putting Nyla in her room, Zan had come back and Liz was pretending to sleep. She didn’t even want to look at him. He almost left and went to sleep on the couch but it was too far away from her and he needed to be close to her right now even if he didn’t deserve it. So he made himself lay on the edge of the bed even though his body wanted to pull towards her. Zan wasn’t asleep yet when he felt Liz crawl out of bed and go into the bathroom. When she shut the door, he rolled over onto his back and pounded his fists into the mattress. “This is so stupid! It’s supposed to be easier now!” Zan heard the door open and the harsh light made him close his eyes. Liz was headed back to bed and then she turned the walked over to the window. From the dim light coming from it, Zan could see her face and she looked sad. She was whispering towards him, but Zan knew she didn’t think he was awake. He watched her hug herself and their son, and the choice was made for him….Stop being stupid! “Liz?”

The Queen jumped to her feet. “Zan! You’re awake!” She wasn’t sure if she wanted to have this conversation now, but NOT having it as killing her just as much.

Zan sat up, yanked the covers back and put both feet on the floor. In an instant he was kneeing on the floor in front of his wife’s chair. “Don’t you think I feel the same way?” He ran his fingers through her silky brown hair, “If anything happened to you…” He pointed in the general direction of their daughter’s room “to Nyla…..” Zan put his head in Liz’s lap and nuzzled his check against the top of her pajamas, “to our son. I’d go crazy. I don’t think I could live with out you. Don’t you understand that?”

“Zan, that’s why I couldn’t take you with me? Can you understand? What good is all the power in the universe to me if I don’t have the man I love with me?” She began stroking his hair as his head continued to rest on her stomach. “I remember a few things about when we first met, when we agreed to the test. I was never afraid of us failing, ever; but I also agreed so easily because I would rather have my existence end than live forever without you.”

“I’m not going anywhere.” Zan rose to his knees and stroked his thumb across her cheek.

“Neither am I” Liz turned her head slightly and kissed the palm of his hand.

“Liz I have to tell you something. You’re mother and I had a talk today, no yesterday I guess, right after I figured out about Nyla. In fact she’s the one that confirmed it for me.”

“Okay?” Liz knew Zan need to get this all out at once so she just coached him to continue.

“How about we get more comfortable, this might take a while” He stood, pulled Liz up out of the chair and led her by the wrist over to the bed.

When Zan made situated himself in the middle of the bed, Liz crawled over and rested across his chest. “Alright we’re comfortable, what did you two talk about?”


Liz was just as sick about Seth being near them at such an intimate time in their lives. Had Iset not intervened Nyla would have been dead, before they ever got to know her. That scared them the most. Then Zan began to tell her about the Goddess’ offer. “She offered me the ability to protect you. To be just as strong as you or Selka, even be able to fend off Seth if I needed to protect you.”

Liz pushed herself up and turned to look in Zan’s eyes. “Wh-what do you mean? How?”

“Well she didn’t give me the how exactly. But she did tell me it involves a test…” Zan flinched when Liz jumped off of him.

“Another test?!?!”

“More like a judgment.” His eyes pleaded with her to understand why he had to do this. “Liz, Liz come back down here, and I’ll explain.”

Slowly she lowered herself back down. What ever it was Liz knew it wouldn’t be good. “Okay another test. What is it this time?”

“Nothing, nothing at all like before, but..” Zan paused and didn’t know how to explain this to her with out it sounding as bad as it was.

“But what?” Her tone of voice urged him to hurry up before her chest exploded.

Just above a whisper Zan answered her. “I-I could…well…die”

“No! You-you’re just going to tell her to forget it!” Liz was shaking her head violently from side to side.

“I can’t just sit by and watch you do this alone…”

She knew it was pointless. No matter the danger Zan’s mind was made up. She would do the same thing if a situation as reversed. She wasn’t the kind of person to sit around while her loved ones where in danger and neither was her husband. Liz pulled her body up on the bed and put her head on the pillow beside Zan’s. Her hands went up and traced the worried lines in his brow and stroked the tension out of his jaw.

His hand went to the exposed skin of her arm and the down her side to the hem of the pajama top. Moving it up ever so slightly, Zan spread his fingers over the warm skin and pulled her flush to his body.

They took their time; hands were softly exploring each other’s bodies. Light gentle kisses to each other’s eyes, nose and lips. With out Liz even noticing Zan had rolled her slightly on top and was beginning to pulling her shirt off over her head. Breaking the contact of her lips on his skin, she sat up enough for the shirt be pulled off and dropped onto the floor.

With one hand on her shoulder and one on her lower back Zan pushed Liz down unto the pillow. Shifting his weight he straddled her hips and brought their naked upper bodies into contact. He only placed a few kisses down the side of her neck when he felt her thumbs hook into his waistband, and pull them down past his hips. The position they were in prevented them from coming off any further.

Zan took her hands in his and pulled his boxers back up. Bringing each hand in turn up to his lips and putting them back down on the pillow by her head. Sliding back further so he was over her knees, Zan began to worship her body. The parts that were exposed to him offered a million places to kiss and he made sure to hit each and everyone.

Just when Liz thought her body was going to fly into a billion pieces from being loved so thoroughly; she could feel his hands tugging her bottoms down and off her body. Her eyes opened when she couldn’t feel Zan touching her anymore. He was sitting back on his heels, naked, just staring at her. The look on his face told her everything she would ever need to know; he loved her and nothing would ever bring them apart again.

He couldn’t move when she was looking at him like that. The moment was too perfect, and any movement would break the spell, but then her eyes changed and Zan could feel the desire burning in them.

Liz made the first move reaching up to pull him flush to her body. When their heat came into contact with each other the silence was broken by their harsh intakes of breath. Reaching out Zan took her hands and entwined their fingers together, a second before he pushed inside of her joining their bodies and souls.

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Part 36

But Zan didn’t get to talk to his friends the next day or even the one after that. In fact it was over two weeks of keeping their guard up. Anatar didn’t run itself and Zan didn’t take that obligation lightly. The attack on Vilandra’s wedding only emphasized how much work still needed to be done. Zan had been assured that Seth would most likely not try anything, so he used most of his waking hours fixing the problems of the mortal realm.

Since the night Liz was aware of her presence, Kali had not left her side. The simplest solution was to keep Nyla next to her mother as well. They were more than able to deal with Seth long to get his daughter out of there. That was the only thing keeping Zan’s mind from running crazy while he worked on his people’s issues. But tonight he had asked everyone over for dinner; little did they know Liz would be taking them elsewhere for their meal. Tonight he would ask them once again to offer their life in the protection of his family.

Zan’s mind was too active for working at his desk right now, so he got up and began to pace. What gives me the right to ask them this? How will Liz feel about it? “How long is it going to be until I can enjoy myself?”

“I dunno? What time does Liz get back from the hospital fundraiser?” Rath had been standing in the doorway, leaning up against the jam. Zan hadn’t even noticed when he said hello. The look Zan threw him let Rath know now was not the time to tease. “You ok there buddy? If it’s about tonight, do you just want to talk about it now? Get some of the edge off before you tell everyone?”

“No. I think it be best if maybe I only had to do this once.” Zan flopped down into the chair. “Well I could tell you, it would probably stop me from going crazy all afternoon.”

They had enough going on without Zan’s head on other things. “We do have an evil afternoon ahead of us, first an agriculture committee meeting and then off to the Ministry of Defense.” Oh happy day!

“Well don’t sound too thrilled about it.” Zan’s mood was slightly lifting. “Not like we’re going to get anything done. I am looking forward to another round of “Twenty Questions about the Queen.” I think maybe we should come out with an official statement about what happened.”

Rath sifted his elbows on his knees and leaned in closer to Zan. “Your wife did take out an invasion force, in all on 30 seconds. Think Liz will be ok with this?”

“Yeah. I should have thought to do it the day after. With all the ‘other’ stuff going on it’s just didn’t occur to me.” Zan reclined in his chair, and rubbed the weariness out of his eyes.

“Back to tonight again.” Rath lightly pounded the arm rests for good measure. “Alright spill.”

With a deep breath, “I’m sure you remember when Kivar showed up and killed you…..”


Kali rode in silence across from Liz and Nyla. Her charges were taking a precious few moments to rest on the way back from the hospital. Neith had instead that she be called Liz from now on. Studying the sleeping Goddess, Kali thought it was funny that the all powerful Neith would wish to be know as something as uninspiring as that. “Liz” she was practicing saying it out loud. Neith’s name commanded respect among both realms, and now she didn’t want her friends to call her that anymore. Curious that she would choose to live as a mortal even know as her powers were almost at full strength.

They had been practicing everyday, for an hour each morning. None of the women wanted to overdue anything because of Liz’s condition, but it seemed of little consequence. Both Kali and Selka were throwing everything they could think of at her and she was holding her own. Not only were they perfecting her offenses, but also her inner strengths. Liz’s premonitions just flowed to her now. Kali had figured that out by how quickly Warrior Goddess reacted in defense. She wasn’t just getting faster; she knew what her opponent was going to do. Neith, no Liz, will be ready when the time comes.

But what of after the battle? Some of their kind were not going to be with them afterwards, immortal or not; and will Liz choose to stay on Anatar even then? She was pregnant with the chosen one Edjo had predicted, at least that is what Iset had told her before sending her off at a protector. If the chosen one was almost here, so was their war. Failure was not a possibility to Kali. The individual, who would decide the course of the universe, for its next age, was riding with her in a mortal transport and fast asleep. Kali couldn’t help but be happy for her old friend. Liz was truly happy.

“I can almost hear you trying to concentrate.” Liz’s eyes were slowly opening. As she sat up, “What is it?”

Kali shot Liz a crooked smile, “I think that when the time comes well be ready.”

“Me too.”



“When this is all over, are you ever going to be back, back? Like taking Zan and the kids and moving off of Anatar back?”

“Zan is needed here.” She thought about how to word this right, “Until our heir is old enough to sit in the throne. I know my help will be needed, but I can’t see why I can’t do that living here. I know need some time getting back into the swing of things. Mother told me I even have priests, priestesses, and temples I need to get back to.” Iset and Selka had been splitting her duties for the thousand years she was gone. Liz wasn’t going to let them pull her weight anymore.


Vilandra had a desk and comfortable chairs moved into her mother’s temple. She was hunched over the book of spells. She devoting all of her free time to learning the ancient ways, that and having her “honeymoon” with Alex.

“Hey there you ready for some lunch?” Alex knocked once on the open book shelf before entering and putting the tray he carried their lunches up with on the table. Pulling on of the chairs across from her at the desk he sat down.

“Starving.” Vilandra marked her place in the book and carried it back to the alter, but instead of walking back to her own chair she sat on Alex’s lap and kissed him thoroughly

After a few moments Alex broke them apart. “Eat first. You need to keep your strength up.” He really would rather just swipe everything off the desk and go for it but she had been at this since before dawn. With a wink he added, “For later”

“Oh alright.” Vilandra reluctantly pulled herself off Alex and headed to her own chair. With a “Thank You” she accepted the meal he had brought her and they began to have lunch.

Handing her a napkin he asked, “So, what have you been reading about this morning?”


“This is perfect!” Maria walked into the lobby of the Inn and knew this was where she wanted to get married. Maria was spending the day getting in a little mother and daughter time with Amy, as they began to plan the wedding. When Amy got a call from a friend saying her in had a cancellation, they rushed right over. Leaving a note behind for Liz, ho was supposed to meet them later.

Stacy, the owner, had to smile at the young woman’s excitement. “You haven’t even seen the back yard yet! Come on it’s this way.”

Amy followed quietly behind Maria and the woman. She couldn’t believe her daughter was getting married. Her daughter had grown into a headstrong, caring woman and she was in love. Five years ago, if Amy had been able to pick any boyfriend for her daughter never in a million years would it have been Michael Guerin. Amy laughed at herself when she remembered swatting him with a newspaper when she found them in bed together. The poor boy ran for his life! Good, a man should be a little afraid of his mother in law. “Oh my god I’m going to be somebody’s mother in law!”

“Yes mom and someday you’re even going to be a,” Gasp! “grandmother too.”

“Oh stop it.” Amy teasingly hit Maria’s shoulder. Looking out over the garden, “It’s beautiful!”

“Hey Aunt Maria!” Nyla ran down the porch steps and into Maria’s arms. Liz was only a few paces behind.

“Hey my little flower girl! Do you think this is the place?” As Maria and the girl rubbed noses.

“It’s perfect!” Liz looked around and saw ‘Maria’ written all over this place.

“Before you fall in love too hard remember the opening is in two months. Not too soon is it?” Stacy wanted them to remember the time constraints.

Liz and Maria exchanged a look and started laughing. “Too soon?” She had waited on him for four years.

Amy looked at Stacy and said, “I guess we’ll take it!”

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Part 37

“Awww our poor over worked men.” Maria popped into her sitting room with Liz and Nyla and immediately walked behind Rath’s chair and began rubbing his shoulders.

Rath rolled his head back and accepted a kiss from his future wife. “I take it things went well today?”

Liz pulled her head off of Zan’s chest, “In two months you and Maria are going to be married at the beautiful Little Plumb Inn.”

Nyla crawled up on her godfather’s lap, “Guess what?”

Rath smiled and turned her around to face him, “What?”

Very proud of herself, “I get to throw the flowers!”

Tousling her hair, “Well just make sure I have a clear path to Aunt Maria,” adding a wink towards the bride to be for good measure.

Good, Maria thought. Rath didn’t seem to upset that it was to happen so soon. “I can’t believe we are finally going to do this!”

Putting Nyla down on the floor Rath walked over and pulled Maria into his arms., “You better believe it! I’m not letting you get away from me.” He pulled her in for a kiss.

Zan, Liz and Nyla quietly made their exit, giving the couple some privacy.


It was nearing the dinner hour when people began to arrive in the Royal couple suite. Alex, Vilandra and Kyle were the first.

Alex and Vilandra said their hellos, and then Alex shared one of the huge overstuffed chairs buy pilling Vilandra down onto his lap. “Maria and Rath not hear yet? They‘re usually are the first ones here.” Alex quipped.

Liz sat down on the couch across from them, “Well they’re celebrating..” Liz began retelling their day on earth to the newlyweds.

Kyle had been unusually quiet, and was still standing just inside the doorway. “Zan?” Gesturing the King over with a jerk of his head. “Can I talk to you? O-over here?”

“Everything okay?” Zan put his hands in his pockets and leaned against the wall, confused as to what was troubling his friend.

“I dunno.” Leaning on the wall across from Zan, “I need some advice, on women.” Shifting his stance so that his back was flush to the wall, Kyle rhythmically smacked the back of his head into the marble lightly. “Never mind, maybe I’m just insane.”

Zan knew all about Kyle’s reputation, in fact he had heard most of the stories from Kyle himself. The man was soon going to have to switch planets again! So Zan knew something was seriously out of wack for the Captain to be coming to a married man like him for advice. Barely able to hide the humor he felt at this situation, “I won’t be able to tell you if you’re crazy until you tell me what it is?”

What have I got to lose? “Do you ever feel weird, when you’re with Liz?”

“Like how?” came out a bit harsher than Zan meant it too. Kyle was feeling things when he was with Liz?

“No, No. I mean like when you found about all that past stuff, and who she was. Did you feel wierd?” Kyle could still only see confusion on Zan’s face. “Being who she is… Damn I can’t get this out right……”

“Let’s try it a little different then. How about we actually talk about what is bothering you?” Zan had noticed Kyle acting weird around Liz for the past two weeks. He hadn’t thought about it much until yesterday, when Kyle had actually taken to ride in a different car in the motorcade. Maybe Kyle was having second thoughts?

“It’s like what good am I as a man if I can’t protect her? She doesn’t need me, like-likeI want her to.” The ‘her’ he was talking about wasn’t Liz, but Kali.

Before he could answer, Larek was knocking at the door. With a look indicating he would finish the conversation later with Kyle later. Zan let his old friend in, but before he could shut the door Maria and Rath appeared in the doorway.

Liz stood up, “Well were all here. Everyone ready?”

Receiving nods all around, Liz waved her hand and they found themselves in the Grand Hall on the other plane.

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Part 38

Iset had just conjured up the table, chairs, and food when the group appeared across the room. “Welcome.” She slightly bowed her head in respect for her guests. “Friends of Neith” Gesturing to the table, “Please sit.”

Everyone knew they had come to discuss the events following the wedding, but only a Rath, Liz and Zan knew of the real reason hey had taken the discussion off world. It was the safest place because, the only beings that could enter this room had to be a member of Iset’s family or summoned their by one.

It had been prearranged that Nyla be fed earlier and not be in the room for what was to come. So with a nod from Liz, Iset took Nyla off into the other rooms to play. They had agreed that the little girl shouldn’t be privy to the discussion. When her daughter was out of site Liz began the speech she had been rehearsing.

“As most of you know, I am pregnant again.” She could feel Zan reaching from behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist telling her in more ways in one he was behind her.

Zan quietly added, “With my son.”

Larek felt a slight twinge at the news but he was very happy for his friends and for Anatar. They would soon have an heir. It was an odd sensation, but he felt one step farther from the self inflicted pain he had been feeling for the past 80 years. “I’m very happy for you both.” And a genuine smile found its way to Larek’s face.

“Thank you,” was heard from both members of the royal couple.

“But that’s not why we asked you here.” Liz continued with her speech. “We asked you here tonight because we need to talk to you about the safety of our children, and all of you.” Around the room there was a mix of facial expressions staring back up to Liz so she continued. “Everyone here knows about Seth and what he has been doing to Zan and myself, but what you don’t know is that he thinks he is the father of my baby.” She could feel Zan pulling her closer to stop her from shuddering.

“What?!” “Huh?!?” “Why the hell would he think that??!”

“He tried…He tried to…” Liz didn’t want to even think about it let alone repeat it out loud.

“He tried to and thinks he DID rape Liz.” Rath was pissed. Some damn evil SOB was fucking with his family and all powerful or not Rath knew that he and Zan should go kick his ass.

The three other men in the room stood up so fast their chairs slid back with a loud noise.
Kyle wanted to make sure she was okay. But he had to stop the first words he had wanted to shout from coming out. Deep cleansing breath, he told himself. He heard Alex asking “Are you okay Lizzie?” She seemed to be taking it well but Kyle noticed her leaning hard on Zan. “Yeah Liz, you alright?”

Larek had been quiet and still since jumping to his feet. His eyes were shinning when his gaze finally lifted from the table. “So help me, if he hurt you…”

Maria had known about this story for quite some time now. She was quietly looking around the room, trying to judge their friends. If there had been any doubt about the people in this room, they had all fled Maria’s mind after such a powerful display of devotion. ‘Seth you evil bastard, you messed with the wrong bunch of people.’
“I’m fine.” She paused to relish the kiss Zan had just placed to her temple. “He never touched me. Mother saw to that, but he still thinks the baby is his. We had to continue letting him think that.”

“Not necessarily.” Selka and Kali took their cue and entered the room.

“What do you mean?” Zan was eager to put the monster straight, and was hoping they had an idea.

“I mean let’s think about it. Which is a harder thing to do? Neith, I mean, Liz protecting herself while she is pregnant or you all protecting her AND an infant.”

Liz shot a wary look over to her sister and repeated Zan. “What do you mean”

Kali stepped forward, “She means we stop sitting around and attack him first.”

“The three of us.” Selka looked between the three Goddesses in the room

If they killed Seth first Zan wouldn’t need to be judged or what ever the hell idea her mother had put in his head. That one thing made the decision for her. “Alright.” She felt herself being spun around so fast her stomach lurched and she almost tripped.

“No.” The only thing Zan had ever said with more conviction in his life was his professions of love for Liz.

“But…” Liz had to make him see the logic in all of this.

“Zan..” Selka started but caught her breath. Zan was staring at her. The power behind his eyes that shook her to the core.

“No.” Zan didn’t care what any of them said. She was not going to instigate something like this while she was pregnant. “I’ll go in her place.”

“No Zan.” Liz knew his mind was made up. Her mother should have come to her first. She never would have allowed her husband to be given the option, but Liz supposed that was the idea. She needed to talk to her mother. Whispering to him “I’ll be right back.”

Liz started to go, but Zan grabbed her by the upper arm and forced her to look in his eyes. Silently he asked her not to go off and do anything with out him. Slightly smiling, “I’m just going to talk to Mother. I won’t leave the palace until you do.” He reluctantly let her go.

She motioned to Selka and Kali to follow her, and they left down the hallway.

“How in the hell do you propose to take on Seth?” Rath wanted to keep her safe to, but he wasn’t about to let his friends go into a situation like that.

“That’s the second reason we wanted to talk to you tonight.” Zan felt foolish for ever doubting they would give their lives for his family, and he began the rest of the story.


“Liz?” Selka had wondered why they needed to talk to mother.

She continued in silence; following the feel of her daughter to where Iset had taken her. Finally she spoke. “Kali could you please take Nyla? My family needs to have a little talk.”

With a nod she walked over to Nyla, and scooped her up and walked out of the room. “Sorry to kick you out of another room today kid, but the big people have to talk.”

After being put down in the hallway, Nyla pulled Kali down to meet her eyes. “They are so sad. Daddy is worried about my brother and Mommy is worried about him.”

“Yes their afraid of losing one another.” But Kali stopped giving the girl lip service when she saw the serious look on Nyla’s face.

“They shouldn’t be sad.” Nyla’s lips grew into a small smile.

“Why’s that?”

“Daddy would never let that happen.”

Nyla had been shown by her grandmother a vow made by her father one night not long after she was born.

Zan and Liz were lying together in bed again and she was asleep. Tangling his legs around his sleeping wife’s in almost an effort of defiance, he whispered into the darkness of his room, “I hope Kivar gave you the message, because no one will ever take her away from me again.”

“Grandma we didn’t knock first. Why did we go into Mommy and Daddy’s room?” Nyla felt bad about breaking that rule, but something about the peace surrounding her parents drew her in.

Sensing Nyla’s discomfort over disobeying she took them back to the child’s bedroom. “Because you need to see the man you father is when he thinks no one is looking. He loved your mother do much it changed the course of the universe. I think it scares him sometimes that all the danger Neith is in was because he needs her. But you know what?”

Not really understanding everything, “What?”

“You’ll always be safe with him.”

“I know”

“Why’s that?”

“Daddy always keeps his promises?”

Iset smiled knowing she had gotten through.

Kali smiled at the girl’s faith in her father. “You truly are the daughter of Neith. Come on your mother didn’t want you overhearing anything.”

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It took me three days to get this part out. I'm sure how clear it is or if I explained it correctly, but it's some answers on what Zan has to do and why. I'm not sure about this one, so please let me know what you think.


Part 39

“That’s the second reason we wanted to talk to you tonight.” Zan felt foolish for ever doubting they would give their lives for his family.

“To help to with Seth?” Alex questioned
“To help me protect my children.” Zan said seriously. “Selka was right it’s going to be much more difficult once Zan in born and as much as Liz or I want to think we’ll be there to protect them.” His eyes drifted across the room meeting all six of them in the eye. “We can’t do it alone.”

“Zan you know before anyone could hurt Liz, Nyla, or even your son when he comes they would have to get through me. The problem it that is would take him all of, oh two seconds.” Kyle stiffened his resolve. “Not wussing out here but how exactly do you want us to do that?”

With a nod to Zan, Vilandra slowly rose and stood by her brother. “Well you know how I’ve been really busy lately……”


“Why did you tell Zan about getting the power to protect me?” Liz coolly addressed her mother. “You know how overprotective he is. The second her heard about it the fact that something really bad could happen to him didn’t even matter anyone.”

Iset knew there would be an argument from her daughter so she was ready for this. “Can you blame him for wanting his family to be safe?”

“I can keep us safe.” Liz seemed a bit annoyed.

Iset’s eyes narrowed in a question. “He didn’t tell you everything did he?”

Taking a step backwards, Liz didn’t even want to ask but she had to. “What?”

“What do you think? That his masculine pride is preventing him from letting you take your proper place? Neith? Selka?”

Selka had wanted to be left out of the conversation, but since her mother brought her name up. It was fair game. “Well isn’t that part of it? He absolutely flipped out the other day when she sensed Kali and didn’t know who it was. I know he is truly worried about her, but I don’t think that grants him or you the right to change who and what he is.” There she said it but as soon as she looked over towards her mother Selka saw a flicker of annoyance flash across Iset’s face.

“Is that what you think? That I would put Zan’s life in danger just to ease a husband’s fears? I am glad you think so highly of my reasoning skills.” She stared at her children in disbelief. “Maybe YOUR romantic involvements with humans have clouded your mind.” Taking a second to recompose herself, “I am sorry for sounding so angry, but there is so much to do and time is running out.”

Liz was very quiet “Then explain it to me, us, everything.”

“As you know when Nyla was born I locked powers away,” Iset floated the box through the air until it landed on her lap.

Liz reached over and lightly fingered the carvings, “All that power, in this little box?”

Smiling at her ever curious daughter, “Here in lies our problem…You’ve probably noticed she has been experiencing a few new abilities…”

Selka had about enough of her mother and Iset’s all in good time theory. “While the universe is still expanding mother…”

Iset paused to think of the concern that was behind Selka’s frustration, “Something happened and my powers were too drained when I had to trick Seth into thinking I was you. I didn’t have enough to maintain the seal on the box and some of the powers leaked out and I can’t get it completely shut anymore. The effort slowed my recovery. I simply need a new vessel.”

“And I need to make my family safe.” Zan had left the others when Vilandra began to explain the ritual they were to undergo.

“I’m still a little lost.” Liz didn’t quite understand everything yet but as Iset spoke her eyes widened in comprehension.

“If it continues to leak Seth and the others will be able to sense Nyla’s powers before everything is ready. Zan is going to be host to the powers until the chosen one needs them.” Iset smiled sweetly at her daughter’s love. “He is the perfect choice.”

“But he could die?” Liz knew this all sounded to easy for the anguish she had seen in Zan’s eyes when he told her about it.

“Yes. Worst case. The powers might…reject….him. Immortality or no, the destruction would be too great. He would die, and the powers would be unleashed and seek out Nyla. Seth would find out immediately.” The lovers instinctively clasped hands, and Iset knew it would work. “However, if Zan is worthy, he would have the command of abilities that rival if not supercede my own. No one expects him to be powerful and he would be of great use in the war which is to come.”

“Why Zan why not me? Or Selka?” Looking behind her Liz shot a ‘sorry to bring you in this sis’ look. “Why is he the prefect choice?”

“First off Neith, you and your sister already command a power of your own. You cannot assume another’s responsibility. Zan does not, but he was granted an eternal life, which makes him something between us and a mortal. He would be better able to accept the gift. Secondly, Zan is her father and the reasons for doing this are selfless. He is doing this for Nyla, and when the time is right he understands he has to turn the power over to her.”

“You mean the power will be more likely to accept him because he is Nyla’s father, and he loves her.” Liz was feeling a little better about this.

“It will work Liz I know it.” Zan kissed the top of her head for his own comfort as well as his wife’s.

“What do we have to do?” Selka could see the logic in her mother’s choice, and the sooner they got this over with the sooner they could breathe easy about Nyla for a little while longer.

“There is ritual. I’ll need you and Selka to help me with it. Zan’s soul will be judged and then prepared to accept Nyla’s powers.” It was an ancient majick something that hadn’t been done since the first of their kind had existed. It had never been use before. Iset herself was the only one who could summon such powers of the universe, her and some day Nyla. What the Mother Goddess didn’t tell her family in that room was the cost of invoking it.

Liz turned towards the door and pulled Zan out behind her by their clasped hands. “You’re sure you want to do this.” Her eyes darted back and worth making sure he didn’t have any doubts. “Say the word and I’ll think of something else.”

“Liz, I’ve thought about this. Your mother has thought about this. Nyla isn’t ready to take on Seth yet,” but I am. “and I need to be able feel useful in protecting my family. I know it sounds a bit chauvinistic, but I don’t want to just sit back and hide while you are in danger.” Liz opened her mouth to protest his needing to protect her but stopped when Zan asked. “Could you? Go hide in a small room while I had enemies attacking me?”

“No.” Even back on Earth when Liz was just plain old Liz Parker, human, she couldn’t let Max face something like that without her. A sentimental smile graced her lips. “I could never let you go without me.”

Pulling her close, Zan rested his chin on top of her head, “That test. One look into my soul and all that they’ll see is you. I’m not worried. We’ve proven ourselves already, what’s one more little thing? I know everything going to be ok Liz. I know it.”

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OOPS! I forgot to reply to the feedback last night (bad me!)

woodwinds- always a pleasure to see you reading my story. I hope PArt 39 cleared some stuff up for you, and BTW in Part 40 you'll see what Seth has been up to.

Becca - thanks for the FB! Hard to tell if anyone even looks at it unless they post.

Lillie - When I get stuck on Max I pop in Blind Date and White Room. I think those were the two most real moments of Max's character. So that's who I try to write about.

Antar - I think the longer Roswell is in hiatus the easier it is to write about M/L. S3 has all but killed my Dreamer streak. If it wasn't for Fic I'd have given up already.

roswellluver 'Ominous' is exactly what I was going for *wink*

Thanks for reading!
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Part 40

Seth began pacing his room. Selka’s little visit had gotten him thinking, and he didn’t like where that was taking him. So he had sent minions to watch Neith. Al first he had sent one of their own kind but when Neith began to take on more of her powers he knew she would be able to sense that. So he was now relying on his mortal contacts, which was driving him insane. So he bewitched the man’s eyes and now whenever Seth wished he could see whatever the young fool was looking at.

The God hadn’t been overjoyed when Drak had come to him for help. He was just a common solider in lust with a young aristocrat and she wouldn’t give him the time of day. Laughing to himself, Seth could see her point. What mortal would want an ugly man without two coins to rub together? So in exchange for a life debt Seth made him handsome and he asked for the power turn women into his willing sex slaves. With two years of ‘well fought’ battles, the new and improved Lieutenant Drak had his pick of assignments and women. That’s when Seth started cashing his debt. Drak was to ask for a placement on the Royal Guard. He had proved his worthiness to the crown and to Captain Valenti, and was immediately assigned to the Queen’s detail.

For six hours a day he was in close proximity to the queen. Seth was getting plenty of reconnaissance. He cursed himself when he saw that bitch Iset had sent Kali to protect Neith. Why wouldn’t she? Neith had conceived during the proper time. This was the savior the Gods had been waiting for. Then he saw them putting the Warrior Goddess through motions. She was relearning and from what Seth could tell stronger than ever. He would be in for a fight if he tried to take her now, and he didn’t want to risk harm to his son. Yes Seth knew it was a boy because Neith had been talking to her stomach one day and called it ‘Zan.’

Seth had been pissed but that was forgotten when he realized the image he was receiving of Neith had her barely dressed. Drak was looking into the dressing room of the Queen! The waste of a mortal was DARING to compromise his Goddess’ honor like that! Seth sent a jolt to the man through his tattoo and Drak yelped running from the room because the Queen had looked around to see where the noise had come from. If Seth didn’t need him so much his brain would be a pile of pudding leaking from his ears right now.

His mind snapped back to the present and threw out his hand and summoned Drak into his study. “What are you doing?!?!?”

Pulling his hand out of his pants and buttoning them up, Drak stuttered “N-Nothing?” Dropping to his knees, “What do you desire?” Drak had realized that if he concentrated he could tell when Seth was using his eyes, and he thought he had been in the clear. The Dark God’s reaction told him he had been right. If Seth knew what he had been looking at while he pleasured himself….

“I DESIRE TO NEVER EVER SEE THAT AGAIN!” Seth would never understand the fixation of mortals and their sexual urges. “I gave you the ability to ensnare women not your own hand.”

He almost but out a harsh comeback but thankfully he remembered his place. Keeping his eyes cast downward, “I will find a woman as soon as you return me, Lord.” And he had the perfect one in mind.

“Good! You seem to be in need of one.” Seth flopped down with his hands over his tired eyes. “Now REPORT!”

“They were gone all last night. I tried to talk to Captain Valenti and he said it was a personal matter. Next time I am with Queen Elizabeth I will ask her.”

It was fortunate Drak’s eyes were cast down towards the floor because if Seth had seen what flickered for a moment, the scum would not have lasted another second. “Do not you would not do it right and only cast suspicion onto yourself. My orders stand keep speech to a minium. Just observe.”

“Yes my Lord. My shift starts in less than an hour. Do you require anything else?”

“No get out of my sight.” Seth flicked his wrist and he was gone.

A blue white fire roared in one corner of the room. Seth would sit for hours when he had a problem and just stare into the dancing flames. Something about it seemed to soothe him and he needed to have his wits about him in the short time to come. Thought of Neith and his son swirled around his head. His plans that he had been slowly executing for the last eon were being finalized. He had to put everything he had into getting as many of them on his side as possible. As soon as he had Neith and his son by his side, they’d be falling at his feet. Ahh but Neith, she was ready to fight him to her last breath if Seth new anything about her. He would have to wait until they were two separate beings. He’d have to wait until she gave birth. And right now her last breath would spell the death of his son. His son. The thought actually made a smile cross the Dark God’s face. Seth stared at the flames for so long his eyes glazed over.


“Liz!” Maria called out to her friend as she opened the door the royal couple’s suite. “Liz!” She walked towards the bedroom and knocked on the door. “Are you decent?! I saw Zan and Nyla leave and figured it was safe?” She pushed the door open when Liz didn’t answer her. No one was in the bedroom so she breezed through into the bathroom, “Liz? OH MY GOD!

“MARIA!” Liz clutched her hand to her chest commanding her heart rate to slow down. “You scared me!”

“Why are you on the floor? Next…to the …toilet… Oh” No wonder Liz had been unable to answer.

“Yeah,” Liz sounded a bit harsh when she mocked Maria. “Oh”

Understanding how awful Liz must be feeling, Maria ran to the sink and ran a cloth under cold water. “Here”

Summoning a weak smile, “Thanks. Sorry I snapped at you. I just ….” Liz was stopped in mid sentence by the heaving contents of her stomach.

Maria took a seat on the edge of the tub, and looked down at her feet to give Liz some privacy. “Somehow I figured you’d be immune to suck things this time around.”

Liz slowly stood up and began to brush her teeth. “Well look at it this way if it’s like last time I only have two weeks of this.”

“And we’re not cooped up on a space ship this time either.” Maria pointed out before she walked out into the bedroom so Liz could finish up. Flopping down on the bed Maria yelled into the bathroom “So why did Zan take Nyla with him?”

Liz walked from the bathroom to the dressing room and explained. “Well she’s never seen either one of us sick before.” Pausing to get the dress over her head, “I think it was freaking her out.” Stopping again while she searched for a scarf, “SO Zan took her to meeting with him.” Liz walked out into the bedroom and flopped down beside Maria, “I think watching the Senate fight would be easier for her to take.”

Maria rolled over on her side to face her best friend. “You ok now. You want something to drink anything?”

“Let me lay here a few minutes.” Liz closed her eyes but continued to talk. “So six week until the big day. Everything going to be ready in time?” She was trying to make light conversation anything to keep her from running back into the bathroom.

Damn it Maria just ask her! Taking a deep breath she rushed out “Liz? Can I talk to you about last night?”

Her eyes popped open and her queasy stomach forgotten. Liz knew that tone in her friend so well, Maria was nervous. Using her best soothing mother voice, “Sure. Anything you want.”

“What does it mean exactly? Last night Vilandra tried to explain it too us, but I wanted to hear it from you.” Maria hoped she didn’t sound reluctant to help, but this was all so weird.

“Before I say anything do you think anyone else has questions too?” Liz thought maybe it was a good idea to talk now that everyone had the night to think on it.

Maria concentrated on the events of last night. “Alex got it first hand from Vilandra. Rath, well you know him. He’d do what ever he can to protect you or any of us. Kyle said a few things though…”

“Well then let’s go find Kyle and we can all sit down and talk about it.”


Zan carried Nyla to his office off of the chamber floor. He was surprised when he opened the door and saw Rath. Nyla squirmed down from her father and ran across the room to her favorite uncle. “Good morning, Uncle Rath!” When he leaned down she wrapped her arms around his neck and held on even as he stood up. The lingering doubts he was having ceased right there. The perfect little girl in his arms held the fate of the universe in her hands and he would do whatever’s necessary to keep her safe. Rath hugged her tightly back until she whined. “I can’t breathe.” He loosened his grip and set her down on Zan’s big desk. “Sorry. So your going to run the planet for us today? Think you can get the Senator from Hanar to give up the space port?”

“But,” Nyla rolled her eyes at him. “I heard you say the only thing he listened to was his di….”

She was quickly silenced by both men covering her mouth with their hands. Rath and Zan tried to hold back the laughter, “Maybe not.”

“I think Uncle Rath better watch out what he says when little ears are around.” Zan’s eyes grew larger with a friendly warning.

“Gee look at the time! You wanna bang the gravel to open the session today, Nyla?” Rath scoped her up and quickly walked out of the room. To himself he added, “Before you Daddy has me shot.”

Zan’s laughter finally broke and he called after his friend and daughter, “You’d better run!” Shaking his head Zan walked out onto the floor and into another work day.

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Lillie In MY book everyone gets morning sickness!

G - I still think you should let me kick him once...or twice.

Oh to clear up the Neith/Liz bringing people back thing. She can only bring back people if they have the bodies.(Very important note there)

Zan's body would go KABLOWE and he wouldn't have the body to go back into. That is why they don't want Seth or any of the other Gods getting to him first. The test would just kill him, but if Seth or whomever blew him up he'd still be alive just in itty bitty pieces blowing atoms in the wind kinda thing. Immortal, in MY book anyway, means your soul could never cross over. It stays connected to you body forever.


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roswellluver - I based that Rath. Zan and Nyla convo on something that happened with my own 4 years old very recently. Only we couldn;t get over there quick enough to stop her. Kids pick up everything.

woodwinds - Seth decided not to attack Liz until "his son" is born because he knows she's not going down without a fight and he doesn't want to risk hurting him. And....babies make excellent leverage *wink*

Thanks for taking the time to read, and I should have something new up either late tonight or tomorrow afternoon.

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Wow it's been a while! But I'm finally back in the Roswell spirit, and I am DETERMINED to have this thing done before the season finale. So I have three

Mostly a transition part, but a BIG question answered. Hope it isn't too bad for the first time out in a while.
Feed Back...I love it!


Part 41

“Kyle?” Liz and Maria found him in his office down at the guard barracks. He was hunched over the video screen. He didn’t seem to hear her, so Maria tired this time. “Kyle!”

“Oh hey Liz!” He couldn’t help the big smile at his two old friends. “Maria. What brings you guys down here?”
“I wanted to talk to you about last night, can you get away for a few minutes?” Liz missed their reactions last night and his body language eased her irrational fears.

Jumping up and coming around his desk he smiled, “Sure did you wanna talk here or where?”

Just then Liz felt swoony and grabbed onto Kyle’s arm for support. Kali ran from the other side of the doorway. She had been trying to give Kyle some time to let everything sink in, but Liz being sick was more important. But by the time she was there Kyle was holding her securely in his arms. “Liz? My Goddess? Are you alright?” Kali wasn’t sure what to do.

“How about we have this little talk at your place, with you on the couch.” Maria ran her hand up and down her best friend’s back.

“Yeah come on.” Kyle didn’t want to but finally turned his gaze to Kali. “You think you can get us there?” He couldn’t help himself and a smile that reached his eyes mirrored the request.

“No problem.” Kyle’s office was gone and they found themselves in Liz’s living room.

“Thanks guys.” Liz let herself be pulled down on the couch next to Maria and laid down with her head in Maria’s lap. “I’m having one of my bad morning sickness days.”

“Oh I remember those.” Kyle smirked remembering when Zan would piss off those elders his mother had brought for their first trip to Anatar by staying with Liz until she felt better. Speaking of which, “How did you manage to get Zan out of touching distance with you like this?” As soon as the thought left his mouth the answer came to him.

Liz had her eyes shut so Maria answered for her, “Nyla didn’t take to well to seeing her mother sick for the first time, so she is sitting in with Rath and Zan over a joint session of the Senate today.” A mischievous smile graced her lips, “I bet those fogies just love having a 4 year old there.”

“Well she is their Princess.” Liz reopened her eyes, having Maria stroke her hair was having such a calming effect if she didn’t talk she’d fall asleep. “Sorry to conduct this meeting sitting down…Wait a second can you get…”

“Alex and Isabel. I just popped in on them and asked them to come over here.” Kali said walking back into the room. She had never seen one of her kind ill before; tired and drained yes, but ill…Never mind Nyla it was creeping her out. Iset had told her that Neith’s body was human now, even if her essence and spirit was all Goddess, so Kali was told this might happen. It was all the more reason to have her standing guard.

“How about Larek?” Liz said through closed eye lids. “Please”

”I’m on it.” Kali popped out again.

Kyle finally allowed himself to relax. This was so weird to him. He really liked her but all his normal moves were pretty useless. He really had to talk to Zan, and try to make more sense this time. Looking away from the empty air that once held Kali, Kyle looked across the room and landed on Maria and Liz. “Hey Liz?” He called out softly.

Maria confirmed Kyle’s observation, “Nope out cold.” Maria smiled and continued to run her hands through her friend’s hair. “I don’t think she’s used to this either.”

“Do you think we should so this later?” Kyle’s concern for Liz was showing.

“No I think she really wanted to do this today, besides by the time it takes everyone to get here she’ll have taken a good 20 minute nap.” Maria and Kyle sat back and waited for everyone else to show up.


Liz woke up when she heard the sound of Larek’s voice. Sleepily she called out, “Larek? I-is that you?” She put her hands over her head and stretched before trying to sit up.

For just a second the sleepy way she called out his name, made Larek’s heart skip, but he just walked over to the back of the couch and smiled down at her. “Hey sleepy head, you almost missed lunch.”

She looked around the room and noticed not only had Larek shown up but also Alex, Vilandra, Rath, Zan and Nyla. “How long was I out?” Leaning on her elbows was as upright as she had gotten so far.

“Mommy!” Nyla ran over and hugged her so hard it landed her back down into the sofa.

“About two hours.” Maria said as she looked up from handing out the lunch dishes that had been brought to the room.

Zan came over and kneeled on the floor beside Liz. “How are you feeling? Better?” He ran his hand across her cheek and then down her arm and side checking to see if she was ok.

“Yeah fine, great actually.” But when she went to sit up, “ouch” her back was in knots.

Immediately she had four over protective people beside her. “Ouch?” Zan’s face was twisted with concern.

Rolling her eyes at the guys hovering, “Yeah ouch my back’s killing me. Remind me to have this thing replaced. Zan could you?” Liz turned so her husband could work his magic. “Thanks that feels wonderful.”

Feeling rather pleased with himself, Zan stood up and offered his hand out to Liz. “Alright now let’s get some lunch into you. Rath and I have to be back in session in an hour and a half.”

“Smells wonderful,” Liz sniffed the air. Her queasiness definitely gone, she quickly made her way over to the table and made herself a plate.

“Good make sure you eat enough.” Zan smiled at her attacking her plate. Her quickly fixed something for Nyla and himself and then sat down beside his wife.

When they all were seated Kyle got the meeting rolling, “Well Liz since I was the first one you wanted to talk with today, what’s up?”

Chewing quickly to swallow the enormous bite of food in her mouth Liz paused a second before she could answer. “I didn’t get a chance to hear how you felt about what I had Vilandra tell you all. I wanted to know your thoughts.”

Rath was the first to speak. “Well the only thing I want to know is when and where.” He was almost giddy at the prospect of being able to walk up and punch this Seth asshole up side the head. “So this mark of yours, Vilandra says it gives us the protection of your powers…”

“Something like that.” Liz was kind of embarrassed to continue, “How it is traditionally used is you guys pledge your loyalty to me and receive a gift and in return you are my” Liz swallowed uncomfortably, “disciple, I guess. Seth couldn’t hurt you then. My power would be protecting you.”

“Like Vilandra and Iset. Right Liz?” Alex was trying to help out. His friend seems weirded out by the whole thing, he figured he would be too.

Kyle put his fork down. “Liz I think we gave you our loyalty a long time ago. This would just be putting a mark on me.”

“Well you wouldn’t have to do it to me. If you guys felt weird Selka or Kali…”

“Liz babe,” Maria reaches across the table and grabbed Liz’s hand. “We’re all ok with this. Really. You’d be protecting us, just like you always do.”

Kali had been watching the friends in silence, and finally chose to speak. “Besides in exchange for the pledge Liz can bestow upon you a gift. If we are going into battle, you’d want something from her anyway.” Kali smiled down the table at her uncomfortable friend. Same old Neith fierce as all hell fire when her friends and family were in danger, and then humble at the thought of asking them for anything.

“Cool! I want a watch that stops time.” Alex comically rubbed his hand together.

“I don’t think my powers cover spy tech, sorry.” Liz chuckled at him.

“Well whatever then.” Alex tried to sound disappointed but couldn’t help smiling. He knew Liz was more at ease about all of this, and it made him happy.

“Larek?” Liz had noticed he hadn’t said much so far “Are you okay with this?”

“Elizabeth, I don’t think I could NOT protect you if given the chance. I can’t believe you had to ask.” Larek’s voice held an iron clad conviction. He would be there to protect her, for Zan and himself. He could not live through that again.

Zan put his hand on his old friend’s shoulder and got a flash. Immediately any jealous thought was knocked out of his head. He saw himself mourning over Liz and his son’s dead bodies. The grief stole his breath and he had to blink his eyes to stop the tears from flowing. Zan tried not to rip his hand off Larek and betray the man’s private feelings, but slowly pulled Liz closer to him. “I knew we could count on you.”

“So how soon can we do this?” Maria would be glad when she would be worried about everyone being killed by some all powerful lunatic.

“When ever you want.” Liz felt the weight lift off her shoulders. She stood up and looked around the table. “Tomorrow night? I was so afraid you guys would be freaked out about this.”

“Babe,” Maria said getting up and walking around to Liz. “I think by now we can handle anything.” Pulling her friend in for a hug Maria knew if they stuck together they could handle this.

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Had had meetings until 8 pm tonight, so I was kinda tired when I wrote this. Hope it makes sense..I think it does anyway, but I'm sure you all deliriously happy to know I was elected Sec/Tres. of the Leadership Clinton County Alumnin Association. I know you're all in awe now so read

Part 42

Everything had gone well with her friends, and Liz couldn’t believe she had even been questioning her friend’s willingness to have her mark on them. When Vilandra had shown her mark to Max, was when Liz had the idea. If Rath or Kyle or Alex had a mark just like that their live would belong to her, and offer them protection for what was to come. But they would be pledging their lives to her, even if it was for their own safety, should Liz ask them to pledge their souls to her? In the end the only question was ‘how soon?’
They would all cross planes tomorrow, uh looking at the clock, tonight and Liz would finally be able to rest a little easier knowing her friends would be safe. Where was Max anyway? Carefully moving Nyla off of her she got out of bed and walked out into the living room. Nope. He said his meetings would run late and not to wait up, but she didn’t know this late. Padding back into her room she picked Nyla off of Max’s side of the bed and carried her across the apartment and put her in her own room. She kissed her daughter good night and made herself comfortable on the new couch Zan had brought in this afternoon. Liz laughed as she stretched out, he had taken her seriously, and it made her love him even more.


Zan sat in his office staring at the wall. He hadn’t made a big deal to Liz but this afternoon he had his final meeting with Iset. She had a few things she wanted to tell the couple but Liz had been so sick he didn’t want to bother her. He was just supposed to be told what to expect, so he wouldn’t be surprised. Now as the pictures of his family began to swirl into a colorful blur, he wished he hadn’t gone either.

Everything they were doing HAD to be done. There was no other choice. They had to get Nyla’s powers out of that box and the sooner the better. Iset had told them both before she would need to take Nyla away for 24 hours at the end of which the ritual would preformed and then they could have Nyla back. It wasn’t like their daughter had never been away from them over night before. Then tonight while talking to Zan she casually mentions that when they get Nyla back she’d need new clothing. Like a fool Zan asked why, he had no idea what he was walking into with that one stupid word ‘why?’ He couldn’t remember one word that went on in his last meeting with the Agriculture board. Thank god for Rath, or nothing would have gotten done.

The quiet chiming of the Temple bells alerted him to Midnight, damn Liz was going to be worried. He got up and swiftly made his way home.


Iset had no idea what the fuss was. She would be taking her granddaughter away from her parents tomorrow night when they brought over everyone for Neith’s pledging rituals, and returning her before bedtime the following evening. This mortal concept of aging was ludicrous! She casually mentions that the room Nyla will be stored into would age her one solar year. Big deal! One piddily solar year and Zan acts like she told him Neith died again. Rubbing her temples lightly, Iset reminded herself to be patient with them. Taking a deep breath she turned her attention to anointing the newly born heir to the Ataxias throne.


Zan opened the door to their rooms and smiled when he saw Liz asleep on the new couch he had sent up for her. He knew she was just kidding but she was right, that couch was down right uncomfortable for sleeping on. Now seeing her stretched out on the fluffier sofa, he was glad he had indulged his whim. But quietly he slipped past Liz, snoring lightly and tiptoed into Nyla’s room.

His dark haired angel was sound asleep with the covers twisted all around and under her little body. How she ever slept like that Zan had no idea. Pulling the covers out from under Nyla he heard a sleepy little voice, “Daddy?”

“Yeah baby?” He finished the covers and sat down next to her on the bed.

Nyla had tears in her eyes when she looked up at her father. “Can you hold me? I was having a bad dream.”

“Oh a bad dream.” Zan scooped her and her cover up and walked over the chair that had been a main stay in his baby’s room since Liz nursed her in the middle of the night. Getting them both settled, he tucked the crown of Nyla’s head under his chin, “You wanna tell me about it?”

“N-no…” Nyla started sobbing quiet tears.

“Hey?” Zan pulled her slightly away from him and looked into her eyes that were the same color as his own, but Nyla’s were now wet with tears. There was only one thing Zan couldn’t handle and it was tears in the eyes of the only two women in his life. “Tell daddy what’s wrong?”

“I’m scared.” Nyla pulled her head under the over to hide from Zan.

“Hey! Look at me.” Zan pulled the cover back down. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Whatever it was I’ll protect you. You’ve got a pretty tough daddy,” He leveled her with a crooked grin, “and if I need help I’ll just call Uncle Rath.” He got a small smile out of her that time. “So tell me what it was about.”

“Promise it will be ok?” Nyla turned her big amber eyes up to her father like he held all the answers to life’s problems.

Damn he loved being her dad, “I promise so tell me.” Nyla snuggled back don underneath Zan’s chin and let out a deep sign. “It’ll be ok baby girl.”

“Alright…there was this guy, and he said Mommy’s baby wasn’t really my brother and took him and Mommy away…”

Oh Jesus Christ, Zan fought down bile rising in his throat.

“And he wanted to, oh Daddy he deaded you. I tried to help Daddy, but I just couldn’t…” Nyla was in full blown tears, and Zan silently joined her.

“It’ll be okay baby. It will be okay.” He kissed the top of her head over and over.

It was a long time before, Zan had Nyla calmed down enough to sleep, but he finally did and immediately went into the living room to find Liz. He needed her.

“Zan? You ok?” Liz was standing in the doorway to their bedroom. “I saw you in with Nyla but I didn’t want to ruin the moment. Is everything alright.”

“Liz.” Zan was across the room in a few strides and pulled her tightly against his body. “I need you but first I need to tell you something.”

Wrenching her head sideways for air Liz finally got Zan to loosen his grip. “Alright but let’s lay down.” She pulled Zan by the wrist into bed. “What is it?”

“That thing with Nyla, she had a bad dream. It was about Seth. I think she’s been listening more closely than we realized.” Zan paused when Liz interrupted.

“Oh my poor baby girl.” Liz almost ran into Nyla’s room but Zan was still holding her so tight she knew that wasn’t the only problem. “Zan, you can tell me.”

“I know…” Slowly getting up the courage to continue. “When you mother takes Nyla tomorrow, when we get her back she’ll be five.”

“She’ll be what?!!” Liz pushed him back to get a look at his face to make sure she didn’t miss the joke.

“The room she’ll be in. It ages her a year for every 24 hours she’s in there.” Zan swallowed the lump in his throat. “I don’t think your mother understood why I was so upset, in fact it was just in passing I even found out about it. She mentioned about bringing a new set of clothing for her when she comes out, and that’s how it even came up.” Zan looked at his wife. Her expression was exactly what his had been most of the evening. “I’ve was so zoned out downstairs I didn’t realize what time it was. That’s why I’m so late.”

Liz was still staring at the blur that was Zan’s face. Her baby, Liz was gonna miss an entire year of growing and new wonders of Nyla’s childhood. Pushing herself away from Zan she ran out the door, through the living room and down the hall into Nyla’s room. Falling to her knees beside the bed Liz studied her daughter’s tiny features, memorizing each one.

Zan stood in the door way just watching the two of them. Nyla and Liz were mirror images of each other, if it wasn’t for Zan’s eyes giving paternity away. It seemed like forever until Liz stood and broke the silence. “Zan?” she whispered.

“Yeah,” He answered softly.

“I need you too.” She knew how Zan felt when he had come to her earlier. The only constant in their lives was each other; she needed to feel his love right now. Wrapping her arms around his neck Zan picked her up and carried her off into their room.

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Lillie- thanks I like my Zan too. I like tot hink of him and begining of S2 "I'm comming for you Liz" Max.

roswellluver- thank you for reading ;)

I'm having some trouble thinking of "gifts" for Alex and Kyle...Any suggestions?

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Mara - Thanks for reading, glad you like it.

Usra- That's Ok posyt both places, make me look good ;) And you know I almost kissed the screen too when my writers block broke.

Belevn Max is not taking it as well as it seems. As for them missing a whole year, it is upsetting. Iset is being nonchallant about it because what is a year to someone her. But the REAL reason is that I need the abilities of a 5 year old and didn't know how else to write it in the story...
This is an inbetween part, but it really helped me get my ideas in order, and I almost have the next part done! Go me!


Part 43

Zan carried his wife through his room and laid her onto the bed. He peeled his shirt up and over his head before joining her on the soft mattress. Liz had pulled her top off to and the heat of her skin against his was sublime. As their lips met, Zan’s soul sighed with relief.

Liz could feel his warm hands sliding down her arms and brush lightly across the skin of her stomach. Each pass of his hand he put the tips of his fingers a little deeper into the waist band of her pajama bottoms. His soft lips were trailing across her shoulder and his teeth were nibbling the sensitive skin lightly.

Zan kissed his way down between her breasts, and planted little kisses along her ribcage and finally placed a chaste kiss on her abdomen, “My turn,” he whispered before hooking his hands in the waist of Liz’s pants and pulling them and her underwear down over her hips and off of her legs.

He was on his knees admiring his handy work when Liz sat up and reached for the buckle on his belt. She was stopped by his hands gently pulling her away. Instead, Zan pushed her back onto the bed with his kiss. His lower half rolled to the side fumbled one handed with the zipper and worked off his pants, while never taking breaking their sensual kisses.

Liz ran her hands over his skin tracing and contouring each muscle. Some part of her still was in disbelief that he was really hers. She couldn’t help herself, “You are so beautiful.”

Zan’s body was on fire. “Nothing could be as beautiful as you.” Zan slightly sat up and cupped her neck, bringing her in for a deep kiss, as he settled himself between her thighs.

“Oh!” Liz inhaled sharply at the contact Zan right where she needed him. He entered her slowly, both relishing in the feel of this perfect moment. Zan kept the pace slow because letting them feel each muscle pull and clung as he rocked in and out. When Liz had almost gone insane from his slow assault she flipped them over and set a new faster pace to speed up their impending orgasms. Zan held tightly to her hips and began thrusting up into her.

The familiar tingling started to travel up Liz’s body, “Oh God Zan.” He was right there with her, “Liz…” Together they finally exploded, and Liz fell onto his chest both of them panting for breath.

Silently in the afterglow each lover traced the other’s body with light finger tips thinking about how much they needed the other. For Liz, Zan’s love gave her something to believe in to whenever life seemed impossible. For Zan, Liz’s love was what made him feel complete.


Every morning when Nyla woke up , the first thing she did was get out of bed and walk over to he parents room, usually the door was closed and she’d knock an they would tell her to come in. But this morning, the first thing she noticed when she opened her eyes was that both of her parents had crawled into bed with HER something during the night. Her Mommy was still asleep but was holding her tight and her Daddy was awake and smiling at her, “Daddy?” Nyla called out in a sleepy voice, “”Did you guys have a bad dream?”

“No,” Zan chuckled softly so he wouldn’t wake up Liz. “We just missed you honey.” Liz started stirring and Zan was quiet for a minute until she fell back asleep. When he turned back to Nyla she had drifted off again too. “My two girls” Zan kissed each one on the forehead and got up to start his day.


Liz hadn’t let Nyla out of her sight all day, after telling Maria and Rath of the news Maria spent the rest of the afternoon with them too. Zan and Rath came back any chance they could to spend a little time with them too. Liz could tell Nyla knew something was wrong and had told the little girl that when her Grandmother was going to have her Nyla would get one whole year bigger and that was hard form them to think of her as growing up. “Oh” was all Nyla had said, and neither Liz nor Maria pushed her further.

After sessions Zan and Rath came back to the Royal suites for dinner and tried to keep conversation light, until Kyle, Larek, Alex and Vilandra showed up after dinner for their trip to the other world. Vilandra was going to speak with Iset as the rest of them received Liz’s mark.

Looking around at her friends Liz couldn’t help but give them one last out. “Everyone sure about this?”

“Oh damn you know what I just forgot I have a dentist appointment,” The look on Liz’s face was priceless. Kyle rolled his eyes. “Liz we’re ready. Let’s go get some cool toys.”

“I’m still sure, but could you check on that watch thing?” Alex teased Liz one last time and they departed other to the other side.


“I was about to go check up on you guys.” Selka hopped off the alter and smiled at her sister and then reached down to give Nyla a squeeze, while doing her best not to look at Larek. She needed to concentrate on help her sister tonight, and the last time she had been with Larek, well the thought of it made the fired in her eyes burn brighter and she just knew Neith would ask her about it. But she couldn’t help it, their gaze locked anyway, and they said a silent hello.

Larek thought she looked beautiful today. He hadn’t seen her since last week, but his skin still burned everywhere she had touched him. Larek couldn’t take his eyes off of her, until “Ouch” Zan elbowed him in the ribs and whispered, “See anything you like? You can stop staring now”

Larek cringed. Could I be any MORE obvious? I cannot screw this up. Please don’t let me screw this up.

Liz watched the exchange between her sister and Larek. “Selka? Can I talk to you a minute?” Liz shot Zan a look and he nodded in agreement. “Outside.” She gestured towards the door.

“Sure?” Selka’s eyebrows knotted together and she wondered if her sister wanted some last minute advice, but followed out the door.

“What’s that about?” Larek wondered as the two women walked out the door together.

“There’s been a change of plans.” Was all Zan offered before he changed the subject asking in what order they wanted to go in.


Selka was worried about the look on Liz’s face “Neith? Is everything OK?”

“No. In fact I have some doubts..” Liz was trying not to betray her thoughts a smile.

“Why? Is this about not wanting to use your power, because I thought…” Selka was interrupted by her sister.

“No, it’s not that, more like loyalties.. It’s…well…Larek.” Liz forced herself to look concerned.

“Larek???” Selka didn’t understand. Why would Neith be questioning Larek’s devotion?
Then she saw Neith fighting a smile. “Shut up.” and whacked her sister lightly on the arm.

Liz laughed at her sister’s obvious embarrassment “Seriously though, maybe you should be the one to put you mark on Larek. How would you feel being with him knowing his soul even in the afterlife belonged to me? I just thought since things seemed to be going so well between you two that maybe…you’d rather…”

Selka was quiet for a minute. “Neith, thanks for the offer but I don’t think I want him that way. I want him around because he wants to not because I own him.”

“Alright, I just wanted to give you the choice.” Liz turned to go inside, but Selka’s voice stopped her.


“No problem.” Both Goddess’ walked back inside together.

“Everything squared away?” Zan raised his eyebrows at his wife an sister in law.

“Yup, same as it was.” answering her husband’s question without letting Larek know the discussion. “Zan if you and Selka could take everyone else but Rath outside please we can get started.”

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belevn - I can;t wait to get done with the gifts too. I hope everyone likes them as much as I do. Should be up tomorrow night!

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Part 44

Rath looked up at Liz and couldn’t help himself, he felt nervous. Not because he was worried about pledging his life to Liz and Nyla, hell he had already done that a 1,000 times over. What kind of a godfather would he be if he didn’t? Nope, Rath had just never seen Liz look so, ethereal before. When she was pissed on the day of the wedding he had seen her unleash a big can of godly whoop-ass on an invasion force, but in his head that was just like himself times a 1,000. Something about the magnitude of what she was hadn’t sunk in then.

They were in the rooms Liz, Neith, had occupied for the millennia before she had met Zan. Rath did a once over and decided the room felt sad. A lonely woman had lived here, it radiated off the stone. Maybe that was why she was the Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare, or maybe the other way around? Somehow Rath couldn’t put these two women in the same category. Liz without Zan just seems so, he didn’t know, wrong.

She was up at the stone alter that lined on end of the grey stone room. It was three steps up from the floor he was standing on so he couldn’t tell what she was doing up there, but she had told him to give her minute and she wasn’t quiet ready yet. So Rath stared walking around the room and was drawn to the window. Rath had always wondered what the outside of this place looked like. Anatar??? Outside the window was the Royal Palace on Anatar!

“Selka tells me it was my favorite thing to look at.” Liz broke his concentration.

“Huh?” Rath was startled to see Liz just a few inches behind him.
“I haven’t changed things since I’ve remembered.” Liz started to explain the window, “We can see what ever we want to out there, and three guesses why I picked Anatar?”

“Oh I can just imagine.” Rath smirked at the thought of long they have annoying people with their famous ‘looks.’ “You two really make the rest of us look bad ya know.”

“You seem to be doing just fine on your own.” Her thoughts went towards the upcoming nuptials. “In six weeks you’ll be one of us old married couples.”

“Yeah.” Rath let a dreamy smile betray his thoughts, but quickly reeled it back in. “So we gonna do this or what?”

“If you’re ready, sure.” Liz walked back up to the alter and Rath followed just behind her. “Usually there is a calling ritual involved but since I’m the one that brought you here, you lucked out.” Liz got serious for a moment, “I really do want to thank you for protecting Nyla for me.” She put her hand down on her stomach and the other on Rath’s shoulder, “and this little Zan too.”

“No problem.” All this emotional talk was making him uncomfortable. He wanted to kick Seth’s ass just for making him take about his feelings. “This guy’s messing with my family. I’m not going to let anything happen to your children.”

“I asked you to stay first for a reason. I know you technically are Zan’s second but I’m giving you something more special than the other’s gifts because I need you to be with Nyla if anything ever happens to me. I need you to think only about getting Nyla to safety. Call it a premonition, but I need you to promise me that.”

“Yeah Liz, I’m not going to let anything happen to Nyla or your son. You know that.” Rath didn’t like the uneasy feeling he was getting with this.

“It will mean going against Zan, I just want you to be prepared for it.” Liz could feel those shivers raking her skin again. Oh Jesus this was gonna get bad.

“You have my word.” Rath emphasized with a nod.

“Thank you.” Liz cleared her throat to stop her emotions from overwhelming her. “Let’s do this.”

Rath knelt before Liz and bowed his head and wondered what exactly this would feel like. The room around him seemed to pulse with energy. From what he could see from the bottom of Liz’s gown her blue aura was glowing brighter and expanding outward from her body. Just when he realized he was holding his breath, he felt a small tingling and heard Liz speak.

“Your life belongs to me.” Lifting her hand off his shoulder, “Rise up Rath.” Liz’s head followed him up and he stood. Taking a second to send him a reassuring smile, Liz slowly turned and floated up to the alter and lifted an amulet off the grey surface. It was made of a flat silver metal, that didn’t reflect the light. The stone set in it’s center, glowed the same blue tone as pulse around Liz. She pressed the stone tightly between her palms and closer her eyes, whispering chant.

For a moment the light emanating from Liz’s hands got so bright Rath had to shield his eyes and look away. What was she doing? When he could look back up Liz was standing in front of his reaching up with one end of the chain in each hand. Rath bent down a little to give her better access to his neck.

“Please take this as a symbol of my eternal gratitude and your unwavering and faithful service.” Fusing together the ends, Liz let the amulet rest on Rath’s neck. She got a quick hug and grinned. “There that was painless wasn’t it?”

Rath fingered his new jewelry; well at least it isn’t a girly looking necklace. How did he get this thing off?

“It’s not a necklace” Liz stated. “It’s an amulet.”

Rath’s hand flew to the mark her had felt her place on his shoulder. “What like you can read my mind now or something?” He looked horrified.

“No.” Liz chuckled. “I just know you! And I gonna answer you second question. Now there’s a trick to getting it off only YOU can, and you have to WILL it off. There’s no way to encode it so only you can use the power. It doesn’t work that way, so I made it VERY difficult to take off.”

“What does it do?” Rath bent his chin down as far as he could hoping to get a better look at it.

“Well like I said, I gave you something a little different. That stone collect and retains my power. The wearer, that would be you, has access to one of my fighting abilities.”

“Wow!” Rath’s eyes lit up thinking of the damage someone could to with his baby. He was NEVER taking it off.

“Yeah but, it’s not indefinite. The stone only holds a small charge, and once you’ve expended it I either have to transfer power to it like I just did or it takes a solar day to recharge.”

“So I better wait until I need this to use it, gotcha.” Rath nodded in understanding.

“I know you won’t abuse my power, that’s why I’m giving it to you.” Liz waved her hand and they suddenly were outside.

“Uh Liz were you taking me?” Rath looked around to the rocky planet they were standing on.

“I wanted you to see what is could do.” Liz pointed to a peak in the distance. “Focus all your energy and aim over there.”

Rath regulated his breath and closed his eyes, After a few seconds he opened them raised his hand and let rip with everything he had. A white light shot out of the end of his hand and put a rather large crevice in the stone face.

“Now put your other hand over the amulet, concentrate, and try that again.”

A bright blue Flash flew out of the end of his hand, and a giant ball of energy raced over and encircled the entire mountain, from the outside in it collapsed on it self and took the mountain with it.

“Whewwww” A whistle escaped Rath’s mouth. “Is there something you’ve been forgetting to tell us Liz? I knew you had…WOW.” Rath still could not believe. “Are you sure….”

“Rath, yes.” Liz stopped his thought before it could form. “But remember who you will be fighting against. Demigods at LEAST and they fight back a little better than a mountain.”

“How long can I keep something like that up?”

“It should be about 10 minutes of fighting, which should be plenty of time to get Nyla out of danger.” Liz lifted her hands up to Rath again, and put the power back in the neck lace. “So what do you think?” Rath’s eyes lit up, and his face looks more relaxed than Liz had seen in a while. She knew he didn’t feel helpless anymore. “Come one let’s get you back, and no telling what you can do until we’re all together. No matter how many times Maria bugs you.” Liz could help but smile. Feeling their chances were getting better. With another wave they were back at in her old rooms. “Can you send Kyle in next?”

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It was late last night when I posted, so I was gonna reply to the posters this goes.

belevn Hope you likke the ceremony. Not much ritual to it. Usually one has to call the god to them, they ddin't have to its kinda a condensed version. The thing with Zan it gonna more like what Nori had to do.

roswelluver I know that's why my kids always end up in my bed.

haunted Bush's chocolate penis???!!!! Who told you what Liz was giving Maria. Damn you spoiled it for everyone;)

heartless Wel from my calculations we have a long way to go, so I hope I keep pushing it in the right direction.

Mara Thanks for reading!

woodwinds Yup the writer's block has been smashed. I even have the next 5 parts outlined. I'm even doing mythoilogy research again for Max's part.

Spicy Thanks I try *happy*

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Well I'm on a MAJOR roll. I have the next part done too, but I'm gonna make you wait until tomorrow, for that one. Cause I wanna see reactions to this part first, cause I had some trouble with it. Actually I wrote the NEXT part before this


Part 45

“That’s it?” Kyle had been told what to expect but the reality hadn’t come close to the strange ideas that had worked their way into his head. Maybe it was all those cheesy sci-fi movies he had watched in high school, but he kept expecting her face to turn into a bunch of snakes and bite him. Ok well that was a nightmare from some bad shellfish, but still. Kyle turned his wrist over and looked at the grey band that now, and possibly forever, adorned his wrist. “So what’s this doohickey happen to do?” He kept flipping his wrist back and worth getting used to something touching his skin.


“Well I’m glad you asked that question Alex.” Liz was hoping Alex would be just as pleased as Rath and Kyle. “Let me show you. Put you palm up like this.” Alex held his palm out flat. “No like you’re holding a softball or something round.” She demonstrated for him again. “Right now, Repeat after me. Show me the father.”

“You’re serious?” Alex’s eyebrows shot up.

“Just concentrate and do it.” Liz couldn’t help but smile hoping her friend would be pleased.

Alex peeked one eye open and smiled back at her before closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. “Show me my father.” He felt a tingling in his hand and couldn’t believe himself was a blue ball of light appeared in his hand and displayed a live image of his father sleeping. “Oh my god!” The image quickly changed and now it was Liz laughing at him. Whipping his head around he saw the real life Liz doing the same thing, Alex couldn’t help himself he started laughing too. “You know I never took that literally before. I’d better watch that from now on.” When he started laughing the image broke up and dissipated. “All humor aside this is cool!”

“Think of it as the ultimate spy toy. Here let me show you something else, remember you have to be SPECIFIC.” Liz cupped her hand and “Show me the location of everyone in the Royal Palace on Anatar.” A 3D map of the palace appeared and red dots were moving all around on it. “Just concentrate on one of them.” Liz did and a name appeared and the map would zoom in on the location and an image like the ones before of Vilandra and Liz would appear. “There are a few limitations, it doesn’t work in this plane if I’m not and it doesn’t work in the mortal plane if I’m not. Oh and if I find out you lent it to Kyle to look in the women’s garrison shower room I’m taking it back!” Flicking her wrist as a side thought, Liz sent them back from Earth.

“Kyle can use this too then.” So it did come off.

“Anyone can, but it won’t come off unless you will the band off your wrist. Because if that fell into the wrong hands……”

“Riiight. Gotcha. This thing isn’t coming off ever! I’m not letting anyone else get their hands in this baby!” He cradled it comically to his side. “It’s mine.”

“You like it then?” Liz’s face lit up.

“Not a watch that stops time, but I’ll deal. Thanks!” Alex hugged her.

“Hey I’m not the one who just pledged their eternal life here. Thank you.” Liz finally let go.

“Well no offense to you but I think the fact that Seth can’t come up to me in my sleep and fry my brain without you showing up, kinda makes up for it.”

Liz’s skin prickled and she pulled Alex back into a hug for warmth. “Just remember it works on which ever plane I’m on. OK?”

“I get it.” Alex could tell she was warning him for later. “You can count on me.”

“Ok well, I guess it’s Maria’s turn.”

“I’ll send her in. Maybe Rath can get a moment’s peace.” Alex chuckled as he headed towards the door.

“Hey if you guys want have Selka send you, Kyle and Rath back.”

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with if we leave and Maria comes in here. Larek and Selka will be alone out would it.” Alex raised an eyebrow at her.

“Nah.” Liz tired to keep a straight face but it wasn’t working.

“Alright see you back there.” Alex shut the door behind him, and when it opened again Maria came in practically running.

“You got to tell me what that necklace of Rath’s does!” She couldn’t believe it. Her future husband wouldn’t say one word!

“It’s an amulet, and I have one for you too.”


“Hey Larek.” Liz had sit down on the stone steps leading up to the alter after Maria had left.

“Hi Elizabeth.” Larek closed the door behind him but didn’t come into the room.

“So you mind sitting with me for a second? I’m getting a little tired.” She patted the step beside her.

Thankful to get out of the door way Larek quickly went over and sat down beside Liz. He was so close his thigh pressed up against her, and he jumped back and little and scooted down. “Sorry I didn’t mean….”

“Hey.” Liz reached over and laid her hand on his arm. “It’s ok. I don’t think that constitutes harassment. Calm down.”

“Ok” Larek just felt so weird right now. He had been outside alone with Selka after Zan took Nyla away. He just had too many feelings running around inside him right now. He and Selka have been getting closer, but what did it all mean. Maybe just to her it was just sex? Or, was it more than that to her? And what about his feelings for Liz. Sitting in the room alone with Elizabeth he still felt warm inside but that barely controllable urge to kiss her, was easier to hold back. What did that mean? That was a good thing right?

Liz had her hand on his and she heard every word of Larek’s mental whirl wind.

“Larek.” A soothing voice broke through his haze. “Yeah?” he turned to look at her.

“You and Selka, it’s a good thing.” She nodded her head yes. “You not kissing me is a good thing too. Zan’s gonna have some wicked powers come tomorrow.” She couldn't help teasing him.

Looking down at her hand on his arm, “Oh you heard that huh?”

“Yeah, you deserve to be as happy as Zan and I.” Liz swallowed and hoped she don’t hurt Larek’s feelings but, “I don’t think we should do this today.”

Immediately Larek sat up straighter. “But Liz, I want to protect…”

“I’m not in any way suggesting you don’t In fact after Zan, I trust no one else more with my life,” she was him relax his posture a little, “but I’m not the only Goddess that can do this you know.” Looking in his eyes hoping to see a flicker or realization…Bingo!

“Oh.” Larek hadn’t even though about that. “huh.”

“Yeah huh.” Liz was happy she got through. “I don’t think we have to worry about Seth until after Maria and Rath's wedding. So take a few weeks, and think about it, ok?

Larek’s face frowned in concentration. “Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.” Sighing, “This is ok with you I mean….”

“Larek, I don’t think ANYONE would question your loyalty. I just want you to be sure, if this it the right thing for you to do.” Liz wrapped her arm around his shoulders and pulled him closer and laid her head against his. “My sister is one lucky woman.”

They sat in silence for a few moments. “Would you mind…”

“No problem. We’ll see you when we get back.” Liz sent him back to his palace on his own planet.


Selka saw Liz come out alone. Looking past her sister into an empty room, “Where’s Larek?”

“I sent him home.” Liz studied her sister for a reaction. “I didn’t mark him.” Nothing. Ok?


“Well he is confused and I wanted him to think some more about it.” Still nothing.


“About you.” Oh! There it is!

Selka face shot up to meet her sister’s eyes. “ME?”

“He’s falling in love with you.”

Swallowing hard, “He said that?” Oh god I’m gonna throw up. How does Neith handle this?

“No but I could tell.” Liz leaned in. “This is a good thing, right?”

“I dunno. I mean I’ve been fooling around with the mortals forever, but I don’t think I ever felt for one of them before.” Selka slowly slid down and a chair appeared under her before she hit the ground.

“See what I mean. I don’t think I want in on this right now.” Liz made a chair appear beside her sister. “I do understand about not wanting him with you just because he HAS to be. I don’t think either one of you are ready for that yet.” She put her hand over Selka’s. “But I don’t think there’s nothing between you either. I’m sure were safe waiting until after the wedding to do this. Alright?”

“OK.” She was Selka Goddess of Judgment; she administered her punishment upon mortals as she saw fit, and here she was confused over a man. Oh I’m in trouble.

“I’m want to go see Nyla, are you coming?” Liz stood up and offered her hand to pull Selka up.

“Sure.” She took Neith’s hand and pulled herself up and started towards Iset’s rooms hoping to leave the confusion back there with there chair.

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Ummm not sure what happened here, but this part rewrote itself about 10 times before I could post it.

Part 46

Zan sat quietly with Liz on his lap running his fingers through her hair. It was just as much to bring some peace to his own mind as it was to comfort his wife. In Liz’s arms was Nyla who was lightly snoring. Liz was taking this time to commit every inch of her daughter to memory. Her hands gently skimmed her baby’s skin. “I love you, my baby girl.” Liz felt a gentle hand touch her shoulder.

Iset was trying to give them a moment as a family, but she needed Nyla for a full 24 hours, and they were cutting it close as it was. “I am sorry Neith, but it’s time.”

Selka’s heart was breaking was she watched Neith, release her hold on Nyla and allow Iset to take the sleeping girl into her arms. As her mother turned to walk in to the room with Nyla, Neith stood up and almost stopped them. Selka was about to comfort her sister, when Zan grabbed her from behind and pulled her into his chest, holding her back. But from the look in his eyes, Selka could tell it was killing him just as much as her sister.


“Liz said she didn’t want me to tell you, so just stop.” Rath had even tried to shut her up by kissing her, but that only worked for so long when other people were in the room.

“Well, she didn’t say anything like that to me.” Maria grumbled. “Fine. Kyle, Alex did you guys get amulets too. Looking at their neck Maria couldn’t see anything.

Kyle held up his wrist when he saw her do a once over on his neck. “Yeah but mine’s in wrist form.”

“Me too.” Alex’s wrist had a band too but instead of a flat grey like Kyle’s his was a metallic blue and a bit thinner.

The differences in appearance struck Kyle as odd, “Well Liz didn’t say anything to me about keeping this quiet. Mine kicks some butt if you ask me.” He fiddled with it on his wrist.

Rath was suddenly just as curios as everyone else. “Well what’s it…HEY!” The chip he had been about to pop into his mouth was suddenly going into Kyle’s instead. “How’d you do that?” Glaring across the table at the chip stealer.

Kyle smirked and nodded his head around the table, “Su-per speed.” Clearly gloating to each of his friends.

Alex bit his lip to keep from smiling, putting on a sullen face. “Wow that’s really cool.”

“What’s a matter Whitman, amulet envy?” Kyle was too please at himself and missed the twinkle in Alex’s eyes.

“Mine just does this.” Alex held out his palm and concentrated.

“You got fire balls or something?” Maria’s eyes grew large when a glowing orb appeared in his hand.

“Nope” He was concentrating on seeing his wife…Thinking Liz was still over there, but when nothing happened; Alex figured they were back here somewhere. Getting a picture in his head, “Anatarian Palace Security Control Room” an image of the room appeared and he could see his colleagues working at various stations.

“She didn’t pull out any stops on this did she?” Rath was appreciating the length Liz had obviously gone to.

Kyle’s smiled dimmed a little, but then he had an idea.


The royal couple stood silently staring at the doorway their daughter had disappeared through 10 minutes ago. Neither had spoken or moved since.

Liz kept trying to think about this rationally. Nyla was going to be a year taller, but she’d still be the same sweet four year old when she came out, right? Right? She wasn’t even going to remember a year had passed her by.

A comforting hand settled on both Liz and Zan’s shoulders. “Nyla will be fine.” Selka tried to clam her sister’s fears but she knew how much the couple worshipped their daughter. “She’ll be asleep the whole time. She won’t even know what happened.”

“I-I know” Liz was trying, but motherhood was winning over logic. “I just feel like I’ll have missed so much.” Thoughts were running through her head. “Will she be 4 or 5 when she comes out? Will she sound the same? What size shoes will she need? She’ll still need me to be her mom right?” She was trying to hold back her tears but it wasn’t working

Zan pulled her in to arms, and hold her a tight as he could. “It’s ok, she’ll still be four. Her birthday hasn’t changed. She might look a little older, but we’re her parents. She’ll always need us.” It was one of the many fears running through Zan’s mind as well, but he tried to be strong for her.

“Neith,” Selka bent down to catch her sister’s face. “I can’t even remember how old I am, and I still live with our parents. I don’t think you have to worry about that yet.” Selka couldn’t help smiling at how silly that sounded.

The stupid joke worked, because Liz let out a small laugh. “Yeah,” taking out a tissue and blowing her nose and then wiped her eyes. “I guess you’re right.” Signing she pulled Zan in closer. “I’m being silly.”

Zan kissed the top of her head, “No you’re being her mother. I’m freaking out too, I just don’t know what to do.” Standing there in silence they comforted each other.

“You guys, Nyla will be fine. Don’t you have some guests waiting for you?” Selka hated to interrupt the moment but the sooner they got busy the quicker the day would pass and they could have their daughter back.

“You right. Come on we need to get back.” Zan pulled away slightly to look into Liz’s eyes. “You ready?”

Liz nodded and then looked over at her sister. “Selka, you want to join us?”

“Sure I think I need to talk to Larek anyway.”

A second later Liz had taken them back to their bedroom in the palace. “Could you tell them we’ll be out in a second?” She reached down and grabbed Zan’s hand.

“Sure.” If Neith needed a minute alone she’d hold em off.

“Thanks.” Liz summoned a smiled for her sister.

When the door closed Zan pulled his wife back into his arms and sat down with her on the bed. “You ok?”

“Not even close, you?” Liz squirmed out of his arms, stood up, slowly opened the front of her gown, and stood in front of him straddling one of his thighs.

“Me-Me neither….Liz?” Not that he didn’t want her ever second of the day, but he really didn’t think she’d be in the mood right now.

Silently she took his hand and lifted it to her stomach. Placing her own hand top of it they both made a connection to their son. He was just over two weeks old, but they knew he could feel the life inside of her.

The loneliness he was feeling a few moments ago was replaced by warm feeling spreading over him. Not matter what happens they were all a family, his family. He had to keep that in mind right now. Zan closed his eyes and sent out love to his son growing safely in his wife’s womb. He could feel his son’s love wash over him in waves, and an image flashed in his head. “Liz!” His eyes popped open to look into hers. “Did you see that???” A huge smile plastered on his face. “I saw him.”

“He looks just like you.” Liz cupped his cheek with her free hand. If was nice to see Zan this happy, which didn’t happen too often.

“Well I think there might be a little of you in there somewhere.” But she was right, Zan had seen Nori’s images of him as a small boy and Zan really did look like him. Slowly he pulled their hands away from her stomach and replaced them with his lips and then his cheek. Wrapping his arms around her waist, “Thank you, He’s beautiful.”

Running her fingers through his hair, “Well you might deserve some of the credit.” Placing a kiss on his head, “I was thinking it might get a little confusing around here calling both of you Zan….”

Not relinquishing his hold on her, “Liz?…”

Liz cut his soft protest off, “I know his name will be Zan, and I know to the rest of the galaxy he will be Crown Prince Zan, but…”

“Yeah...” He smiled against her stomach and nuzzled it with his nose.

“What do you think about us calling him Max? That way he could be named after you on both planets, and sometimes I miss the having a Max around.” When Zan had shown them that flash and their little boy looked so much like his father; Liz couldn’t think of anything else she’d like to call him.

Like he ever said no to her, especially when his face was buried in her soft skin. Putting his lips back to her stomach he mumbled, “Well what do you think? You wanna be a Max too?” Immediately they received another flash, this time it was an image of their son and his sister. They heard Nyla call him Max. Placing a soft kiss on her stomach for good measure Zan let go of Liz and scooted her off his leg. His eyes danced as they looked up at her, “Well I guess we take that as a yes. Alright then Zan Maxwell it is.” He helped her button up her gown and then walked hand in hand out of the bedroom.

Alex had his arm with the bracelet over his head and Kyle was jumping up and down trying to pull it down.

“Damn it! Just for a second!” Kyle grunted between jumps.

“I said NO!” Alex looked somewhere between annoyed and hysterically laughing

“I. Showed. You. Mine.” When in the hell did this boy get so tall?

In a mocking tone Alex repeated, “And. I. told. You. NO!” He met Liz’s eyes and she doubled over laughing. Zan just looked on in confusion, but couldn’t help smiling because something had to be funny.

Maria got disgusted and smacked Kyle upside the head. “For the LAST time Kyle you are NOT looking in the woman’s shower!”


The Zan/Liz deal with Nyla one year older thing. I hope I cleared up their feelings over it. As a mother it SCARES the hell out of me to think I'd could miss a year of my kids, but these people are dealing with forver folks, So if they seem to be ok with it rather quick, don't be too mad at them.

What they are calling Prince Zan. I didn't want to type Prince Zan nor could I come up with a decent nickname for Zan. So while he'll be Zan also. Our inner circles will be calling him Max. I figured he might as well be a Junior on both planets, ya know. Hope it isn't too corny, but I thought it fitting.

Thanks for reading

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Part 47

Liz bit down on her lip to keep from laughing, “Kyle you wouldn’t be thinking of using that power for some sick sexual fantasy, now would you?”

Kyle let out a little yelp at being caught, and thrust his hands into his pockets and tried his best to look innocent. “Well….”

Rath thought about coming to his friend’s aid because just for a second the idea sounded good to him too, but a death glare from Maria wiped his smirk off his face. Oh hell what if Maria could now read his mind. Would Liz do that to me? OK don’t feel like dying today, time for a subject change. “Maria’s been bugging the hell out of me about this” He pointed to his amulet. “So is it still a secret?” Damn I’m still getting ‘the look’.

Maria shook her head, yeah I saw the smirk buddy boy. Oh well at least the guys had Liz laughing. Maria knew how upset her best friend was about Nyla right now and if Kyle being a horndog was making her laugh, Maria was just gonna bite her tongue on this one. Truth be told, Nyla had become a very import part of her life too and missing her subtle changes over the next year was killing her and Rath, too. They were just putting up a good front for their friends. Going with fiancé’s lead, “Yeah he’s not sharing. We’re missing one. I am assuming you didn’t have Larek in the bedroom with you guys.”

“He and Selka needed some time to talk, but they are meeting us tomorrow for lunch.” Liz just hoped Larek and her sister were happy whatever happened. “I wanted Rath to wait until we got back.” Without another word Liz took them to the planetoid Rath had been to before.


“Wow.” Kyle blinked a few times trying to register what he had just seen.

“Um Yeah.” Maria couldn’t formulate one single thought. Too many things were flying through her mind to narrow down one thing to say.

Alex let out a long whistle. He looked between Rath and Liz. “Wow Liz I know why you said we had to see it to understand.”

Zan pulled his wife tighter against his side. That was a lot of power, if that was just a little taste of what she could do…..What would they be up against when this a broke loose. A shiver went down his back and he tried to shake it off. “You better watch where you aim that thing.”

This was the second time he had used the new power and Rath still had to look at his hand in disbelief. He was sure his hand should be glowing or show some sign of the power he just commanded. “Hey talk to your wife. I just work here.”

Liz was shaking off the tingles she couldn’t stop, she whispered so only Zan could hear, “I just hope it’s enough.”

Maria didn’t need her new empathic talents to figure out Liz and Max weren’t doing too well. “Hey babe, you really out did yourself.” Pulling her slightly away from Zan, Maria crushed her in a tight hug.

“Thanks. I’m just sorry I have to ask so much of you guys.” Liz’s statement was finished back in her apartment.

Alex took his turn at a hug, “You didn’t have to ask. We know it’s mutual.”

Rath noticed Zan had taken himself away from the group and followed him into the his bedroom. He stood in the doorway just watching his friend for a few minutes. “Zan You ok?” He knew the answer was no, but Rath felt he had to say something. Zan looked so sad.

He was leaning against the window seat in the still quiet of his bedroom. Their sanctuary form the rest of the world. Out in the gardens he could see a few people strolling down the paths, and a few of the windows lit up along the other walls of the palace. Only when Zan heard his voice did he realize Rath had missed him and followed. “I’m scared.”

“Anything specific, or just everything?” Rath was careful not to sit down on the bed and pulled a chair over from Liz’s dressing room. Usually he just kept himself out of this room in general out of respect for Zan and Liz’s privacy, but he had broken that rule tonight because Zan needed him.

“Oh god,” Zan pulled his knees up to his chin and rested his forehead on them. “My wife is pregnant and some psycho all powerful god thinks he’s the father, my daughter is aging as we speak, said psycho wants to take everything away from me and I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop him.” He was almost hyperventilating, and had to remind himself to take deep breaths.

But it’s not just him, “It’s not just YOU Zan. Liz, Nyla and your son...” He was interrupted. Zan was now looking right at him.



“We decided tonight, we’re calling him Max.” A smile crept over his face as he remembered snuggling against Liz’s tummy when they decided.

Rath noticed the change in Zan right away. Was he ever gonna get to name his son? Where in the HELL did that come from? Shaking his head like an etch-a-sketch, “Not Zan?”

“Zan Maxwell, but we are going to call him Max. Liz’s idea, a little reminder of Earth.” Zan

“Sounds good to me.” If it made those two happy they could name the baby Kivar and he would go with it.

“Zan?” They both heard Liz calling him from the living room.

Zan’s head turned towards the sound of her voice, “I guess we’re finally missed.” He got up and started towards the door, but a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

“Just remember you are not in this alone. Never have been.” Rath patted his hand once more on Zan’s shoulder, offered a weak smile, and lead the way into the living room.


Kyle’s communicator went off, “Damn it.” Kyle walked into the hallway near Nyla’s room and flipped it open, “Yeah”

The voice of a young man came though, “Sorry to bother you sir but there is a problem, can you come down here please?”

“It is necessary?” Kyle wanted to stick around and keep Zan and Liz company.

“Yes sir. I’d rather not discuss it over an open channel.”

Kyle exhaled an annoyed breath, “On my way.” He snapped it shut and shoved it back in the hold of his uniform.

“Everything alright?” Alex asked when Kyle came back.

“It fine just something stupid, but I have to go handle it.” Grabbing Liz’s hand, “You sure you’re ok? I don’t really want to leave right now….”

“Go. It’s your job, we’ll make do. If it’s nothing to serious I think well all be up pretty late so come back if you can.” Liz rubbed her thumbs over the back of hands Kyle’s.

She didn’t look too good. Nodding ok, Kyle headed out to see what was so important. “This better be good”

“Come here.” Maria and Alex both reached up and pulled Liz back on the couch beside Alex. As both girls leaned their heads down on his shoulders, Alex placed a kiss on the top of their heads and the three friends hugged each other. They just sat there. No one said anything, they didn’t have to.

As if on cue all three sighed in contentment in unison. It has been so long since the three of them had been alone. No spouses, guards, coworkers. Just the two best friends each of them would ever have. It was nice to have people that knew you so well they could read your mind, and not an alien way either. They had just been through so much together that words weren't needed anymore. That’s when it occurred to them just how lucky they were. All the bad stuff was still there sure, but they had each other. Nothing had managed to kill them or break them apart yet, and they‘d be damned before they let it happen now. They would get through this. Alex, Maria and Liz straightened up and opened their mouths to talk. Shooting glances back and forth, they collapsed into a fit of laughter.

Liz cocked her head to the side and smiled. “I love you guys.”

“We love you too.” Alex and Maria went in for a quick group hug once again.

Looking around, “Hey where’s Rath and Zan?” Alex didn’t think they had left.

“I dunno?” Liz called out “Zan?”

Zan and Rath walked out of the bedroom, and had to smile. The three of them looked so happy.

“Having a good time?” Zan could feel the change in Liz.

Alex was feeling bold, “I’ve got two gorgeous women. What do you think?” He couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the hint of jealousy on the two men.

“Oh Alex!” Liz and Maria planted sloppy kissed all over his checks.

“Hey! Hands off my woman, Whitman.” Rath tried to remember who Maria was hanging on. It was Alex chill.

“You’re woman. I saw them first!’ He couldn’t help it. Alex wondered how close he was to getting his ass kicked.

“Oh Maria, don’t you just love when they get all,” Liz’s voice dropped an octave, “possessive.”

“Hey! That might be true for Maria.” Zan had reached his limit of seeing his love hang on another man, and pulled her up in his arms. “But I think I have you beat for Liz.”

Being this close to Zan was setting her body on fire, “Oh yeah” she whispered.

Rubbing his hands over her back and sides, he whispered back. “Oh yeah” Before capturing her mouth in a deep kiss.

Alex and Maria got to their feet and Rath was already heading for the door. Maria stuttered, “O-K. Well make sure Kyle doesn’t…um yeah.”

Leaning against the safe side of the door, the three exchanged looks.

Alex almost ran down the hallway, “I’m going to go find Vilandra!”

Rath was already dragging her towards their room, “Night!”

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Part 48

“I think they’re gone.” Zan mumbled against her lips not wanting to break contact.

“So what are you waiting for?” Liz started working her way down Zan’s neck when she felt her feet leave the ground and her husband striding into the bedroom.

Laying her out on the bed Zan quickly covered her body with his own. Maybe it was avoidance but he needed her now and from the way Liz’s hands were roaming down to his trousers Zan knew she was feeling the same way. With one hand he quickly removed his shirt cursing himself when a cuff got caught on his hand and he had to shake it off. He only bothered to open the first few buttons of Liz’s gown just enough to expose her breasts to him.

Liz gulped for air as Zan’s mouth finally left hers and trailed down her shoulder and across her chest. His light nipping was only making her want him more. She wanted to tell him to hurry up and end this torture but “Oh god,” was the only thing that came out.

Not moving his mouth off her body, Zan reached down and wiggled out of his pants and kicked them off onto the floor. In that moment his weight lifted off of her lower body and she took the opportunity to lift up under the skirt of her dress and begin inching her panties off. Zan got the idea and they quickly followed his pants. When he rested down on top of her they both gasped at the intimate contact.

“Please Zan.”


Kyle was more than a little perturbed at being called away tonight. For god’s sake he was the only HUMAN here what did they do before him. Thinking a moment, they got all of the Royals killed that’s what. Taking a deep breath, “What was so important you had to bother me tonight?”

“Well it was just a report among the men before, but today I saw it myself….I…I wasn’t going to bother you…but…I” He didn’t like to talk ill of his fellow guards. What if he was wrong?

Crossing his arms and leaning against the wall, “You gonna tell me this today or should I pull up a chair?” Kyle sounded very irritated and he saw it was only causing his other man to get more flustered. He walked over to the desk and leaned closer, raising his eyebrows for emphasis. “Just tell me. How bad can it be?” Kyle felt pricks of worry creep up his spine.

“I know how you feel about the Queen, Captain. I’m not sure but I think I saw one of the men going into her room today,” taking a big breath to get this out right.

“And this is different because…”rolling his hand in a circle in an effort to speed this up.

Almost in a whisper, “Her bedroom, while she was taking a shower.”

“HER HUH WHILE SHE WAS WHAT?” Kyle jumped back away from the desk and squared his shoulders. “Who?”

The young man cowered in his chair praying he wasn’t wrong about this. “Drak”


Seth sat in his chair by the fire, vision orb forming in his hand just staring at the scene in front of him. It was the royal palace on Antar, Neith pregnant with HIS son was having her body violated by that…that worthless man. ”Zan I’m so close, please” before he could see what Neith was begging Zan to do. The orb changed into a ball of fire and Seth hurled it across the room, obliterating the far wall of his chambers.

Shooting up out of the chair, Seth propped one arm up on the mantle and glowered into the flames. He was sick of this! He knew he wasn’t ready for a final move, but he couldn’t bare to think the holy vessel containing his son was doing that. Willing himself to calm down. Maybe Neith would…no, no she wasn’t ready to be told her child was not that bastard king’s. Oh but maybe he could……..He had to go to Thoth and check out a few things.

Seth disappeared out of the room as the wall behind him finished repairing itself.



Hearing his name being called, the officer jumped up accidentally push the woman that had been laying on top of him out of bed. “huh?” The sun streaming through the gap in the curtains forced him to shield his eyes with his hand. Looking down to where the girl had fallen he laughed at the stupid whore, she hadn’t even woken up. A sick smile of the satisfaction he had fucked her unconscious made itself known.

“Drak!” Seth pushed the naked woman and her clothes out the door with a flick of his wrist.


“Zan!” Liz awoke form a dead sleep and pushed herself off of Zan’s naked chest.

Immediately he was awake. “Liz?”

“He’s here. Seth he’s close.” Fear and panic shot through her.

Quickly Zan pulled on his clothes from yesterday. Not bothering to button anything up, he pulled Liz close. Taking comfort that Nyla was at least safe, “How close.”

“Not in the palace, but Antar definitely.” Mentally she felt out for her friends.

A knock on the bedroom door made them both jump even though Liz had just said Seth wasn’t in the palace. Zan tried to make his voice are kingly as possible “Yes?”

“It’s Kali. I figured Neith would be freaking out by now. I feel him too.” The couple didn’t realize they had been holding their breath, until it hissed out of them in relief. Chuckling from the other side on the door, “I guess you did. I’m right outside.”


Kyle had planned on talking to Drak first thing in the morning before his rotation today. After all Zan was with her last night and there wasn’t a thing in the universe that could save Drak if Zan caught him. Chuckling to himself Kyle walked down the hall of the barracks, and turned the corner the lead to Drak’s rooms when a naked unconscious girl slid across the floor her clothes soon following her. Something about the way they slid told him is wasn’t just Drak pushing her out the door in the morning.

Trying to be as quiet as possible he felt for a pulse on the young lady. She was still alive, one thing going for her this morning. Kyle picked up her clothes to try and cover her up as best he could, but Drak’s voice snapped his eye wide in fear, “Lord Seth!”

Holy Shit! Was Seth on the other side of the door? Caught between an urge to find out what he was doing and the prospect of having to test Liz’s mark so soon. Why if it took like 24 hours to take hold. Deciding he couldn’t do them any good if he couldn’t tell him about the royal guard’s connection to Seth but was in pieces on the floor, Kyle picked up the half dressed girl, used his bracelet and got the frell out of there.


Zan helped Liz into the shower and was washing her hair. He was trying to project as calm an outward appearance as possible, not wanting to upset his wife while she was pregnant. Leaning Liz’s head back into one of the shower streams, Zan couldn’t believe it. One fucking day! He needed one more day until he could kick Seth’s God-ass all over the universe. What the hell was he doing on Antar? Liz had felt when he left, and she had decided on a shower to relax, but Zan hadn’t wanted her out of his sight that long. He had meetings today but he was going to tell Rath to cover for him. No way was he leaving her sight. Not even if she had to pee!

Turning off the water and stepping out of the shower Zan quickly used his powers to dry himself off, and then offered Liz a towel and patted her skin dry. Trying his best to let every inch feel loved. On his knees as he patted her down to her feet. Zan couldn’t resist placing a kiss on her tummy on the way back up. Suddenly he wrapped his arms around her waist.

Liz understood how afraid he was of losing her, so she calmly ran her fingers through his hair. Trying to calm him down knowing that she had to let him deal with this his own way. Pulling back slightly so Zan could keep her wrapped in him arms Liz bent down and placed a kiss on top of his head. “I love you.”


Kyle dropped the girl off in an empty supply room and called one of the female officer to help her, and then headed up to the Palace. Liz had to know about Drak, the report he had gotten last night, and Seth. Kyle could feel his breakfast wanting to come back up. None of this was nice new to bring someone in the morning.

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Part 49

“Move!” Kyle shouted at the guard outside the door as he was coming down the hallway. Parting them before he knocked once on the door and strode inside “You guys ok?” He knew that Liz would have known Seth was close by or worse yet he paid them a visit too. Glancing around the room he left satisfied that everyone was together and nothing looked destroyed. His gaze shot across the room, and landed on the female he had been avoiding. “Oh hey”

Kali knew he had been acting weird around her and she knew why, Kyle wanted her. Maybe a little later she’d have to do something about that. “Hey Kyle. What’s up?”

“Last night when I got that call…” A knock at the door interrupted him followed closely by Rath’s entrance.

“Hey Liz, Maria’s waiting for you at our place something about colors? I dunno with her lately.” Rath suddenly noticed the atmosphere was a lot thicker in here. “Did I miss a memo?”

“Well Seth paid a morning visit somewhere on Antar. Kali showed up cause she felt it too. Kyle just ran in here like 1 minute ago looking just a freaked and that brings us up to you coming in.” Wow all that out in one breath, Zan was impressed.

“Al-right,” taking a seat on the couch beside Liz,

“He paid a visit to the male officer’s barracks.” Kyle finally took a seat.

Liz’s first thought was it had something to do with last night. “Are you ok?”

“Not to me.” Kyle decided this had to go from the beginning. “Last night when I got the call you know…”

“Neith! Elizabeth!” Larek and Selka materialized into the room. “What the hell does that bastard think he’s doing?” Selka stormed over to the window looking out on the grounds for a quick once over, and Larek nodded hello to everyone and took a seat.

How many times was this gonna take? “Buddha, give me strength.” Kyle mumbled rubbing his temples.

Kali heard him and leaned in and whispered back, “Do you need me to go get him?”

Kyle face was somewhere between disbelief and freaking out, “Ah no, no I think I’m good with the thanks.”

Kali shrugged, “OK your call.” And took her place standing behind Neith again.

“Last night when I got called away, I went down to the royal guard headquarters. There was a report of misconduct form one of the guards.” Kyle began again loudly just hoping to get it out.

“They called you away for that?” Larek didn’t understand why that would require the captain of the guards to report to duty in the middle of the night.

“Well because it involved Liz.” A round of “What?” and “Who?” went through the room. One of the men had reported it before but this time a superior officer had seen one of the guard sneaking in Liz’s room, well you two’s bedroom.”

“One of my men is watching Liz when she sleeps?” Zan and Rath exchanged looks and then simultaneously glanced over to Larek. Oh someone was gonna get beat.

“No in the shower.” Kyle flinched at the look on the three men’s faces. Zan and Rath exchanged looks and then simultaneously glanced over to Larek. If he had been turned around he would have noticed Selka’s eyes start to flicker. Not good at all but instead of interrupting him they just sat there simmering. “Anyway so when I went down to confront him this morning. A naked unconscious woman was being magically slid out the door. It slammed and I heard Drak say “Lord Seth” like he was ready to cry like a little girl. So I picked up he girl put her somewhere safe and hauled ass here. Woo got it all out without any….”

The door opened up ushering Alex and Maria into the room. “Sorry babe I got sick of waiting…..” Her smile got wider, “Oops did I interrupt something?” Thinking her friends were planning a surprise for her wedding, but on closer inspection no one looked partyish. “Guys?”

Alex and Maria found seats and everyone began catching them up.


It was almost 10 am when they convinced Zan to go with Rath to the meetings. There wasn’t much he could do anyway. Selka and Kali had promised to stay with Liz and Maria as started making wedding plans. Maria was glad she had planned the day with Liz because now it wasn’t just Nyla they were trying to forget.

Alex had started to go to his office but the look he got from Liz had him picking between the periwinkle or lavender. WAS there a difference? They are both purple, aren’t they?!?! Then his years of best girlfriend training kicked in at the last minute. “The periwinkle is much softer I like that one.”

“Me too.” Liz laid the fabric samples on top of each other one more time. “Definitely periwinkle. We’re getting these done here right?” Wondering how the royal tailors will feel about dressing her in something formal that wasn’t mostly gold.

“I was planning on it but when I went down there and said brides maid dresses, they just got this vacant look. Like I was crazy or something. I should have had Vilandra come with me. She would have straightened them out.” Maria thought for a second. “Speaking of which Alex where is she?”

“Last night when I got home she told me she was going to go back and was spending the night with Nyla.” Hoping the mention of her daughter’s name didn’t upset Liz, Alex chanced a look to see a sadness cross her eyes. Vilandra was staying over there, she explained to him why she needed to be there, and he was just glad someone was going to be there with Nyla. “She’ll be back tonight.”

Liz’s hand went to the fabrics again, her effort to cover not lost on her two oldest friends. “Well maybe this is lucky Maria, you can actually have the wedding YOU want, and no note cards this time.” Chuckling at her own lame joke, Liz slowly rose from her chair in a daze. “Guys I’m not…..”

“Neith!” Selka ran over form her spot in the window just in time to catch her.

“Liz? You still with us?” Maria grabbed her hand.

“Yeah just a little dizzy and nauseous. Remember I felt the same way with Nyla. I just forgot to eat breakfast this morning that’s all, and It’s almost lunch. I’m going to go splash some water on my face.” With Alex’s arm around her waist as she shuffled to the bedroom.

“I’ll order some…” Maria went to ring the kitchens but Selka had already set out an assortment of foods. Not missing a beat, Maria got an idea. “Do you do catering?”


Kyle, Zan Rath and Larek marched down the hallways to get to the senate building. It had taken all three of them to push Zan further away from Liz.
Rath ever the stater of the obvious, “What could you do anyway?” When Zan’s brow furrowed even worse, Rath silently appealed to the other men for help.

“She’ll be fine, man. He’s not gonna try anything today. We don’t even know what this morning was about?” Kyle clapped his hand to Zan’s shoulder.

“Right” Thanks for that save Kyle! Rath decided, “This we can handle. I say we find this Drak guy and beat the shit out of him until he talks. That’d make you feel better right?”

“Actually, “Larek finally spoke, “maybe we shouldn’t do anything to him yet.”

"The guy was looking at his wife naked in the shower.” Rath was certain that deserved a few good punches from the group.

Larek cut him off , “but maybe we shouldn’t let him know were onto him yet. Watch him for a week or so.”

Zan activated the ID plate on his office and they all four slipped inside. The rest of the guys made themselves comfortable on the sofa and chair, while Zan sat down in his comfy chair behind his desk. “Guys I appreciate the help, but I need to get through today first. Then tomorrow we can talk about kicking his ass. I just want my daughter with me and my son safe. OK?” His voice was instantly devoid of emotion as he pressed the button to call his appointment secretary, “What do I have first today?”

A male voice sounded over the speaker, “The Emperor from Cramid regarding trade lanes, in one half hour your majesty.”

Hitting the button one more time, Zan replied “Thank you.” His demeanor changed again. "I need you guys to get me through today and we’ll worry about this tomorrow.”


By four o’clock Liz was crossed over with Selka, they needed a few hours to prepare for tonight. Kali stayed behind on Liz’s request incase something happened and later she would be bringing Zan over for the ritual. “Hello mother.” The two girls called out as they entered the great hall.

“Selka, Neith” she nodded at each of them in turn. “If you’re ready I’ll take you to my temple.” Usually no one but Iset herself was allowed inside it was the one place she could truly be alone. For the time being she had lifted the ban form the three people that had to accompany her.

“Actually, is it possible to see Nyla?” Liz was hoping she would be able to see her daughter for a moment, she really needed to hug her little girl right now.

“I’m sorry. It’s for her own good. Once I get her out she CANNOT go back in, and the powers will go to her instead of Zan.” Iset felt for Neith she really did but it was only a few more hours. “Come let’s make ready.”

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Part 50

Liz was trying to keep her strength up, but just maintaining the connection needed with Selka and Iset was taking its toll. Whether it was her pregnancy or that she had taken such a long break from her powers, didn’t matter; she was exhausted. “I need to rest, just for a second.” Liz flopped down and a comfortable chaise sprung up from nowhere.

Looking down at her pale sister with concern, “Yeah I could use one too.” Sitting in another appearing seat across from Neith, “I think we had it that time anyway. No sense in over practicing.” Selka attempted a weak smile, hoping Neith didn’t push herself too hard.

Iset looked back and forth between her two daughters. She felt safe in knowing when she was gone they would be running things in her stead. It made her task easier. “It will be fine. You had it on the second try.” Taking a seat beside Selka, “It will be fine you’ll see.” Iset appeared lost in thought for a moment. “Ah Zan, good too see you again.”

What? Liz couldn’t believe he was here already. They couldn’t have been here more than 2 hours? “Why is he here already?” She whispered to Selka.

“Neith?” Not understanding, and then “Ohhhh, well you usually pop in and out so fast. Time here can run a bit different.”

And what a here it was. Zan couldn’t even understand where here was. His mouth hung slightly open as he scanned the platform? Slowly he ascended the steps up to where Liz was sitting.

In front of him was a white marble floor. The white almost hummed it was so bright and it had small veins of platinum running through it. At the far end of the ‘room’ were two 8 feet tall obelisks of the same marble. At their point, basins of fire that glowed with the yellow of Iset’s eyes; the flames flickered and danced intensely. It was beautiful.

The most intriguing part of the room however was the walls, or lack their of. Instead the floor appeared to be just suspended in space. Whole solar systems revolved around suns and nebulas flashed as gases exploded. In another direction if you looked long enough you could see rock and gas barely turning; from science class he knew it would eventually be a new planet. Zan had never seen anything like it.

“I know.” Liz reached up and gently grabbed his wrist, pulling herself up to stand beside him.

Zan wrapped his arm around her waist to support her. “I never even imagined…..” Zan searched for words to describe it.

Iset smiled at the couple. “Yes well I’m glad you like it. I find it relaxing to watch the universe work.” she expanded both her arms outward gesturing to the three different views, “Puts things in perspective.” Dropping her arms to her sides she looked straight into Zan’s eyes hoping he was ready.

Finally tearing his eyes always from the scenery, Zan took note that Liz was wearing something he had never seen her in before. It was more beautiful than anything he had ever seen her in. The striking fabric hugged her slight curves and is framed her body. It was pale blue almost white; the material was translucent but yet iridescent. The layers kept it from revealing too much as it floated around her caressing her skin even when she wasn’t moving. When he ran his fingers along her shoulder it felt like liquid. “Wow Liz, that out there,” he lightly gestured to the spinning planets without taking his eyes off her, “Nothing compared to how beautiful you look.” He leaned to steal a kiss when Selka broke the mood.

“Why thank you Zan. I’m glad you approve.”

Zan smiled at his sister in-law and finally noticed she and Iset were dressed in like robes of different colors. Iset’s being a pale yellow and Selka’s was a light green.

“Shall we begin?” Iset walked over to a waist high narrow alter in the center of the room that Zan was sure hadn’t been there a moment ago. “Please Zan sit.”

One last encouraging hug from Liz and Zan complied with the request. Crossing his legs underneath him, “Thank you.”

“Just relax Zan everything will be as it should.” Iset floated up to one to the fires and pulled the box containing Nyla’s powers out of the flame and floated back down, placing it in Zan’s lap. Immediately his head slumped forward and his shoulders rounded. With a nod to each daughter, Iset raised her hands out to her sides slightly higher than her shoulders, palms facing outward.

Selka repeated her mother’s stance, placing her right palm inches from Iset’s left and Neith did the same with Iset’s right. The two sisters then completed the circle with their free hands. Once their hands were in place, a blinding light started between Iset’s and Neith’s hand filling the space and traveling thought Iset then Selka, and returning back through Neith. The power swirled though them faster and faster creating a invisible vortex that was beginning to whip their hair and clothing up with it. Just as the force of it was beginning to lift them off the marble floor, it shot up out into space seemingly for eternity. The walls around them began to swirl and morph. Nothing like this had happened in practice. Liz almost began to panic because in the middle of all this Zan was unconscious, but she knew not to break the connection. So she closed her eyes and concentrated on keeping up her power.


Zan panicked for a second when he was alone. Why was he suddenly standing? Where were Liz and the others? And the box where was the box?

Everything around him was black, if he didn’t feel the pressure of a floor against his feet he would have thought he was floating. Checking to make sure his eyes were working, Zan scanned over his body. Himself he could see quite clearly right down to his shoes. Taking another look at his surroundings within the black he could see faint pricks of pale yellow and white stars. They seemed so far away and faint. He got the impression the light couldn’t quite make it to him.

That was all he had time for when Iset appeared before him. She was glowing in a vibrant yellow aura. One he recognized from Liz when she had her powers charged up. She smiled at him comfortingly, touched his cheek, and then turned away and disappeared. Suddenly a searing pain shot through Zan’s head, he could feel something or someone sifting through his mind. Images of him and his sister as children on Antar, images from his past lifetime with Larek and Rath, seeing Elizabeth, her death. Coming out of his pod, find Isabel, seeing Liz across the playground. Images of Phillip teaching him how to ride a bike, the years he spent sitting in the Crashdown. Healing Liz, telling her about himself, their first kiss, and almost making love in Michael’s apartment. They slowed and few regrettable images of himself and Tess passes by. Pictures stopped flashing when he kissed Tess in the rain. Zan felt self loathing toward his betrayal of Liz and everything she meant to him. Why did it stop here? At the one weak moment in his life?

Just as quickly things he had only been told about from Future Liz flittered his minds eye and he saw himself creating his son with Tess and the unforgivable way he treated Liz. Was that really him grabbing her so hard and physically pushing her around? The pain ripping through his heart brought him to his knees. He lived through the other him’s short existence over and over. Zan dropped to the floor in agony. His life with Liz never existed. He didn’t spend every morning making love to her until Nyla decided to knock and they had to break apart. His children were the most precious things in his life. Nyla and Zan they were gifts, the most precious things he ever created. No, it was just not possible; he’d been glad to be killed by Kivar.

Whoever was controlling his must have gotten what they wanted because new images flew though his mind again. Making love to Liz the first time, their wedding, the fight to take back his home world, Nyla’s birth. Faster and faster until the day he had heard Seth intended to father a child with Liz. When Iset came in said Seth did, he could feel all his emotions being pulled from his body studied just for a moment, and they began to move again. More slowly this time over the past few weeks frame by frame, sometime he was making love to Liz other times when he was holding Nyla promising to protect her, or when he would shimmy down Liz’s legs and talk to his son after she would fall asleep. Telling the little boy how wonderful it will be to meet him.

The pain in Zan’s head got stronger and began moving down his spine, through his veins, down his arms and leg and out to his fingers and toes. Squinting through the pain he could see his skin starting to glow with a low amber light and as the pain got sharper the glow intensified. It shot back up through his body and Zan let out a primal scream as a white hot burning shot through his eyes. He kept screaming until he heard and felt Liz’s arms encircle him and bring him to a couch.

Liz laid down pulling Zan on top of her. “Shhhhh. Zan I’m right here. It’s over. It’s over.” Pressing his head against her chest she rocked him back and forth. Tears were welling out of her eyes. It was over and Zan was still alive. “Oh thank you.” She lifted her eyes in a silent prayer and returned to placing kisses to Zan forehead. “Your alive. Oh Zan I was so worried.”

He was still writhing in pain, but the solace of Liz’s arms was bring him back to normal. “I knew it would be alright.” Still trembling he lifted his chin to meet Liz’s lips. He still kept the memories of betraying her with Tess, even though he knew it wasn’t him it is wasn’t for this woman right here it would have been, and he needed to feel her love for him to get the dirty feeling off right now. “I saw…”

“Tess I know. Mother told me you would. It wasn’t you. I’m your wife and I love you.” Gently guiding his hand down to her belly it gave off a soft glow, “We love you, and as soon as you can walk again we can go bring Nyla home.”

Zan willed his body into motion. The desire to hold Nyla was almost enough to get him going but his body was just to spent. “I’ll get up in just a second…” He couldn’t fight his eyes to stay open anymore and sleep over took him.

“Just rest my love.” Liz ran her fingers through his soft hair just happy to have him back with her and safe.

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Part 51

Liz was torn between wanting to see her little girl and wanting to hold onto Zan for dear life. Finally when her husband’s breathing evened out, she gently laid him back on the couch and the urge to see Nyla won out. She brushed her lips over his fore head and quickly left the room hoping to get Nyla the second she came out.

With the closing of the door Zan was wide awake. Liz had just left the room, he could feel it. This was something beyond their normal connection. Every molecule in his body was crying out for hers, and suddenly……

Liz was walking down the hallway to get Nyla when she bumped into something hard. “Zan!”

“You weren’t there anymore.” His eyes burned with flickering amber.

“No I wanted to go get Nyla.” Liz’s eyes darted back and forth studying Zan’s. “Are you alright?” She tried to comfort him by running her hand up and down his arm.

“No….I’m….” Why did he feel so groggy, and then it hit him again and his knees buckled a bit. “Tess.” His cracking voice gave away the pain his almost betrayal was causing him. He pulled Liz against him tightly. He tried to suck in ragged breaths but his lungs wouldn’t get full.

“I know.” Her arms flung around him as best they could under his crushing hug. “That’s never going to happen.” She smiled against his chest. “But it is time to get Nyla.”

“OK.” Was all Zan could get out, and he let his wife lead him down the hall and around the next corner.


Selka was waiting outside the chamber holding Nyla and the priestess. She was trying hard not to think about her conversation with Larek last night, and what they had done after. It had been easy to do when she was busy but now that she finally had a moment to herself, it all started spinning about in her head.

Neith was confident that Larek would be okay if they waited, and that’s was exactly what they decided to do. Wait and see how things progressed. Selka hadn’t bothered to ask, progressed into what? Cause she didn’t even know.

Was she in love? Well the ONLY experience she had with love was through her sister and over the mortals she watched over. One thing she did know, no one loved like Zan and Neith so that wasn’t anything to base it on.

Larek said he had been in love with her sister most of his life, and a part of him still was. Selka didn’t think she wanted to compete with those feelings, but who said it had to be either or? Did she even WANT this to be a Zan and Neith kinda thing? Sure she had relations with the mortals for a far back as she could remember so why now? When all the talking was over they decided to figure out what this was later and had some incredible sex. Just thinking about it now was making her shiver, so there she sat in the hallway with a silly grin on her face.

“Selka?” Liz didn’t want to interrupt her sister’s thoughts cause by the smile she was sporting. It was one risqué daydream, but she really wanted to get her daughter.

“Oh Neith!” She snapped up from a chair feeling busted. “Zan! Sit now!” She pushed her brother in law into the chair she had just occupied. “Why are you even walking?”

Zan reached out to intertwined his fingers with Liz’s. “She left.” His breathing was a bit ragged.

Liz threw up her free hand in disgust. “I left to get Nyla and he materialized in front of me.” She looked back down at Zan who was almost asleep again. “I think it has something to do with the memories he got of all the timelines. He’s upset about…” Stopping short of saying the actually name because he finally looked so peaceful.

“Oh right, right. I’d be too.” Zan loved her sister with all his being, and Selka had a feeling he wouldn’t take well to the memories of giving himself and his heir to that Gerbil Whore. Selka had been unseen but with him as he prayed for death at the hands of Kivar and thankfully received it. She had been disturbed by the whole thing as well, but then Neith still had the granolith and there was hope. “If he need to talk about it….”

“You were there, weren’t you.” Zan’s eyes had been closed but he forced them open to look up at Selka. Nothing else was said, they both reached a silent agreement. That lifetime was best left in the past where it belonged.

“MOMMY!” Nyla appeared in the doorway closely followed out by Iset and Vilandra?

Liz exchanged a questioning look with her sister in law but pushed it out of her mind concentrating on scanning Nyla for any changes. Liz picked her daughter up and held her close. “Hey baby! I missed you so much.” Planting kisses anywhere she could reach, “Did you miss me too?” Liz knew Nyla wouldn’t remember the entire year, but she just wanted to hear her daughter missed her too.

“Of course.” Nyla wrapped her arms around her mother and kissed her cheek. “Daddy!” Nyla squirmed down off of Liz only to be held close by her father.

“Hey Nyla. I love you so much.” Zan tried not to squish her, but he was still trying to cement this reality in his head and holding Nyla to him made it more real.

“I love you too daddy.” Nyla climbed up on Zan’s lap and leaned against him.

Liz couldn’t help the tears in her eyes at the picture those two made. The changes in Nyla were there but nothing like she expected. She had nightmares of Nyla being all grown up and not needing her anymore. Her baby’s hair was maybe 3 inches longer and she had grown maybe 2 inches. Liz still had a pangs about missing the subtleties but the relief of having Nyla back won over, and Liz dropped to her knees at Zan’s feet and joined in the hug.

Iset cleared her throat. “I think you should all get back and rest. This has been trying to all of us.” She did her best to stand tall, but the drain on her own powers then the surge of having them release when Zan opened the box was making her fight for consciousness.

“I think your right.” Liz didn’t; want to say anything because of how awful Zan looked but she didn’t feel well. Her body was telling her she needed sleep.

“Bye grandma!” Nyla waved as Selka took them all back to the palace on Antar.

Once back in their own home, Zan and Liz felt the drain of the day ten fold. While they were happy to have Nyla with them, they were exhausted. Nyla was feeling it too. Her eyes were starting to droop. “Hey little girl?” Liz tilted her head up, “You ok?”

“I’m sleepy mommy.” Nyla yawned again.

“I thought all she did was sleep in there.” Zan looked to Selka.

“She did but she needs to adjust. She’ll be fine after a good nights sleep.” Selka knew they entire family looked beat. “You want me to put her to bed so you can….”

Liz stood up and peeled Nyla off her father, and with her powers placed Zan into their bed. “No, I really want to do that, but do you think you could stay over here tonight. We still don’t know what happened this morning and I’d be able to sleep better if…”

“Kali and I were both here? No problem.” Selka sat down on the couch making herself comfortable.

Liz left the room with Nyla. She laid the sleeping girl under the covers tucked her in and kissed her lightly on the forehead. “Sweet dreams my Princess. I’m glad to have you back.”

When she entered the living room on the way back to her own, “Can I ask you one more favor? Go into Nyla’s room and somehow make her clothing to her new size. I’m too tired to do it tonight and I don’t want her to feel weird about it when she gets up.”

“No problem.” Selka stood up and walked down the hallway.

“Oh Vilandra,” Liz had forgotten to ask why she was in there with Nyla.

“You want me to stop by after breakfast? You don’t look awake enough for this tonight.” Vilandra started to the door. “I’ll see you then. Try to get some sleep.”

Her eyes only half open Liz padded to the other side of the suite and finally hit the edge of her bed. She just stripped her beautiful gown off and hung over the chair, before snuggling down into bed. Just seconds before she fell asleep, Liz felt Zan’s arm wrap around her waist and his even breath warm on her neck.

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Part 52

In the two weeks since Zan had received his powers, things hadn’t slowed down but were definitely back to normal. Only a month away from the wedding of Rath and Maria, Liz had been spending a few hours each day back on Earth helping Maria and Amy get everything together. Even Vilandra had been tempted away from her new studies to help out, and after an hour finally got the tailors to agree to dressing their queen in blue, and were well versed in Earth wedding dresses.

Liz’s pregnancy was progress nicely. If everything went like Nyla, she would be with that damn morning sickness soon and that was something to celebrate. Lately, by dinner she was exhausted.

In the evenings Selka would sit with Liz and Maria while Kali took Zan through the paces to learning his new powers. He was a quick learner, but she assumed the motivation of protecting his family pushed him ever harder. Sometimes she would come home amazed at the magnitude of his powers. It was almost incomprehendible that they came from such a tiny child.

The only ting that clawed at the back of their minds was Drak and Seth. He had been showing up for duty each day and even as they watched him closely nothing had been out of the ordinary. Seth had been quiet from since Kyle heard him in the barracks.


Liz sat on the bathroom floor with her head in her hands willing herself not to get sick. “Deep breaths Liz, deep breaths.” Maria and Kali had Nyla in the dinning area giving her breakfast. As usual the smell of food sent Liz running to the bathroom, but he good sign this morning was she hadn’t actually thrown up yet. Hey, she was gonna take whatever she could get.

“Liz? You okay in there?” Maria knocked form the outside of the door.

“I think so.” Liz finally lifted her head and the wave of nausea had passed. “I didn’t get sick this morning!”

Taking that as a good sign Maria opened the door and sat down on the floor beside her best friend. “Wow! First time in what three weeks?” Impressive!”

“Ha.Ha.” She pushed Maria with her shoulder. “Did Nyla eat yet?”

“Yup pancakes are all gone, but I made her save some eggs and bacon for you. Are you up for it?” Maria bent her head to judge Liz’s health, and then jumped to her feet offering the pregnant woman a hand up.

“Yeah,” grateful for the help. Liz took her hand and felt something off. “Maria, come here.” Liz put a hand on the woman’s upper arms and concentrated. A smile passed over her face.

“What?! What is it? Am I ok?” Maria was starting to get creeped out.

“Someone was getting busy last night.” Liz was trying to hold herself back.

Maria tried to be graceful and blush, but last night had been one for the record books! So instead a satisfied smile graced her lips. “Well last night was pretty good. Why do you…. Oh.” Her expression changed from satiated to vacant.

“You’re pregnant.” Liz pulled her into a tight hug.

Maria LOVED the idea of being an aunt, in fact Nyla was one of the best things about this place, but she had NO desire to be throwing up all day at the sight of food. “I need to sit.” She slumped against the steps to the bathtub. “What am I gonna do?”

Liz had many conversations about Maria’s opinion on child rearing, but she also knew deep down Rath wanted a family of his own. “You don’t have to make any decisions now. It’s just between us. Ok?”

“How did this happen? I mean we are SOO careful.” Maria almost had tears in her eyes.

“Sometimes it just happens.” Liz pulled one arm around her friend and leaned their heads together. “I know what you’re thinking, but if you don’t tell him he’s gonna get really upset.”

“But what if I don’t……” Maria wasn’t sure what to feel right now. Shouldn’t she be jumping up and down? See already proof she wasn’t a good mother.

“He’ll still want in on the decision. He loves you Ria. No matter what you decide I know he will, but you still should tell him.”

“I know.” Finally losing the battle to stop crying. Now was NOT the time to be having a baby. With the whole universe coming to an end and this crazy all powerful guy trying to steal her best friend. But Liz was happy about having her son, would Liz hate her it she didn’t have this baby.

“No! Get that out of you’re had RIGHT now.” Turning Maria to look in her eyes, “You’re not me. Heavens help you if you were.”

Maria hugged Liz tightly. “Can you come with me? Now? I don’t think can do this if I give it time to sink in.”

“Sure.” Liz smiled not releasing the hug yet. “Let me scarf down some breakfast quick and then we’ll go.”

Maria stood up, “Oh, council just started”

“No problem, I’m the queen remember? This we need to do. Arguing over 300 year old treaties can wait 20 minutes!”


Kali took Nyla out to the gardens, they didn’t want her overhearing anyway, and Liz transported herself an Maria to the hallway outside the Counsel floor.

The second she ported in Zan could feel her energy near buy, and Maria? She seemed upset but he didn’t think it was Nyla. He could always feel her but since having these powers it was a whole other level. He would definitely miss it when it was gone. “Rath.” Leaning over to whisper into his second’s ear, “Liz and Maria are here.”

Not two seconds later, the door opened and the girls strode unto the floor. Immediately all the Senators bowed deeply out of respect not only for their Queen but since the incident at Vilandra’s wedding her true origins.

Trying not to roll her eyes, she whispered to Maria. “Gee it only took the ability to wipe them out with a snap of my fingers to get respect.” Sharing a tense giggle, she addressed the crowd with a slight nod of her head. “You may rise. I request an immediate audience with King Zan and General Rath.”

The page at the front of the room immediately declared an hour recess.

Looking down from the bench at Maria, Rath cold tell something was wrong. She looked so torn. Rath almost knocked over Zan in an attempt to get over to her quickly. A brief acknowledge to Liz and he was dragging his fiancé into Zan’s office.

“Hey.” Zan kissed his wife hello. “How are you feeling?”

“Mmm” Kissing his hello back. “Actually I didn’t get sick today, only a little queasy, but they,” motioning to the doorway their best friends have just gone into, “have a little, um, situation.” Leading Zan into his office to help Maria with Rath.


“Are you ok?” Rath had her in a chair and was down on his knees in front of her. As soon as the entered the privacy of the office Maria looking into his eyes and started to cry. Now she was in tears refusing to look at him. “Maria, please?!”

She turned around to look at her best friend, “I- I Liz I don’t know.”

Rath shot to Liz, “Is she hurt? What?”

A quiet look between friends, told Liz Maria wanted her to tell him. “She’s pregnant.” Liz managed a small smile at him.

“You’re what!” Rath’s heart soared. They were gonna have a baby! “I love you so much!” He pulled Maria up into a hug and held her tight.
Not being one for public display of affection, the action of his best friend was not lost on Zan. Rath wanted to have a child, even more so since they hade heard about little Max. Maria’s body language didn’t say she felt the same way. “Congratulations?”

“She’s not sure what she wants to do.” Liz whispered to him.

“Oh.” Zan knew that little bit would crush his friend, if she didn’t have the baby.

“Yeah oh.” Pushed Zan in to a chair and crawled into his lap.

Rath finally let go of Maria, “How? When? You didn’t tell me you even thought…” His word came out on pants he was so excited.

“This morning I was helping Liz stand and when she touched me, she knew. As for when apparently last night had something a little extra.” Trying to be happy with him, but she was till so confused. They had talked about this. Rath knew she didn’t want to have kids, at least not until WAY WAY later. But he was so happy her next words were gonna crush him. “I’m not sure what I’m gonna do.”

The meaning was totally lost on Rath, “You’re gonna go home and lay down, that’s what. Zan cover for me, I’m going to go with her an make sure she’s ok. If anyone asks tell em I’m gonna be a father!” He picked her up and hugged her again carrying her out the door. “Come on.”

Maria struggled to be put down, “You might want to hold off on the announcement. I just told you, I’m not sure if I wanna have it.”

Blood drained from Rath’s face as he processed what she just said. “What?”

“I think you heard me.” Maria looked down at the floor. He looked so crushed. Could this be ok? He seemed so happy why wasn’t she.

She couldn’t even look at him. Was the thought of having kids with him THAT repulsive? “I gotta get out of here.”

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woodwinds Well she didn't want to have children.....but more of this in the next chapter.

starlady Maria is upset and I already have the decision written out..

I wrote 3 chapters yesterday, I'll post the next one up tonight.

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Part 53

“He’s not coming back.” Maria was laying across her bed refusing to move.

Zan had followed Rath and Liz was assuming he needed time to process all of this just like Maria did, but at least she had tols him so he could think about it. “He loves you. He’ll be back.”

“Why am I not happier about this? I’m defective or something.” Maria grabbed a tissue out of the box Liz handed her and forcefully blew her nose.

“You’re being WAY to hard on yourself.” Liz tried to calm her down but she knew what Maria needed right now was to talk it out.

“I mean, I love Nyla right? And I couldn’t be more happier about you being pregnant again. Why can’t I be happy?” She threw the tissue in the garbage and flopped back down on the bed.

“Who says you have to be?” Liz sat down net to her. “It’s scary. Maybe I don’t talk about that part you enough but it’s damn scary. We have all this stuff going on. Zan wanted to have a baby months ago. I made him wait cause I was scared, but something told me it was time, and the night before the Alex’s wedding…..” Liz stopped herself, not wanting to say too much about that night. “And it was a good thing too, cause that night started the Seth mess again.”

“But that bastard thinks the baby is his?” Maria lifted her head out of the comforter high enough to look at Liz’s face.

“So? It’s would be hard hiding I wasn’t and something worse could I have happened.” Liz took a deep breath. “Look I’m not saying your baby is here for a reason. I’m not trying to make you decision. Maria. Why don’t you think your ready for a baby, and forget about the whole intergalactic war thing.” Liz lay down beside her and looked at the mural above their bed. So that’s what Rath does when he can’t sleep.

“I just don’t feel ready.” Maria looked at Liz like she was crazy.

“I don’t feel ready either.” Liz absently rubbed her slight stomach.

“You don’t?” Rolling onto her back she put her own hands on her stomach. “Did you see how happy he was? I’ve never seen him so happy, and when I told him….” She closed her eyes to squeeze the tears out.

“Its how you feel; you had to tell him.”

“He was so happy. I can think about the thousand things that should tell me to not do this right now, but then again I love him. I can give him the ONE thing he’s always wanted. A family.”

Now on her side Liz stroked Maria’s hair, “Seems like you have a lot to think about.”


Zan stood pitching rocks off the cliff with Rath. “You didn’t even give her time to explain.”

“Explain what? Having an alien’s baby repulses her?” He picked up another stone and tossed it as far as he could.

“You don’t know that….” Zan tried to talk sense into him but was cut off.

“And what did I do? Get all gooey on her like a fucking moron!” Rage built up into him and he released an energy bolt at the latest large rock he tossed obliterating it before it hit the water below. “She probably doesn’t even want to marry me anymore.” He flopped back onto the ground.

“What you need to do it go talk to her.” Zan sat down beside him.

“I knew she didn’t want to have children yet. I knew it but when I heard I got so excited….” He propped his arms up on his knees and leaned his head against them. “What if she doesn’t go through with it? Before I didn’t think either way about being a father, but now I want this sooo bad.”

“Well you’re not doing anything about it here. She probably thinks you bolted the planet by now.”

“Yeah you’re right. Let’s go back.” He got up, dusted the dirt off his pants, and headed towards his transport.

The next morning a smiling Rath and Maria came into the royal living room. “We’re having a baby!” Maria smiled and ran towards Liz getting the hug she needed.

“Well that was fast.” Liz was happy for them but, Maria seemed to have a lot of fears yesterday.

“Well I’m not 100% sure this is the best idea we’ve ever had, but I know I want us to be a family.” Maria let out a shaky breath. “It feels right, even thought I wouldn’t have planned it this way.”

“Well then I mean it. Congratulations!” Zan was happy for them.

“She was worried about having a baby with all this other worldly crap going on.” The relief of knowing it had nothing to do with him, had loosened him up considerably. After talking most of the night, they had addressed each other fears and while they agreed the timing wasn’t perfect, this was a good thing.

Nyla ran down the hallway towards the sounds of her god parent’s happy voices. She stopped almost ten feet from Maria. “I’m going to get a baby cousin!”

“You told her?” Maria couldn’t believe Liz would have said anything.

“Not me…You can tell. Believe me goddess powers or not people are gonna be able to tell.”

Nyla hugged her Aunt, “Oh a another girl!”

“NYLA!” Liz pulled the girl away and looked into her eyes. “Maybe they wanted to be surprised?”

“A girl?” Rath looked to Liz for confirmation.

She just lowered her head and nodded yes. “I wasn’t going to say anything,” making a face at her daughter. “Especially until you decided what you were gonna do.”

“A daughter.” Rath ran over and hugged his soon to be wife.

“I know,” she hugged him just as hard back.

“It’ll work out guys you’ll see.” Zan tried to ease any left over fears. “Ready for work today, dad?”

“Dad?” Alex had knocked once and let himself in as he usually did in the morning.

“Maria you have something you want to share?” A huge smile plastered to his face.

“I’m going to have a baby.” She pulled away from Rath to get a hug from her other best friend.

“You are?” Kyle came in to give an update on Drak and heard the good news. “Wow.” He hadn’t even started dating one woman at a time yet, but there was …… “I’m happy for both of you.”

“Well WE have about twenty minutes before my wonderful day of meetings starts.” Zan kissed his wife and daughter good bye.

“And we have to get going or mom will have a fit. We have to finalize caterer plans today. Do you have the list of how many people from here are coming?” She looked to Alex for some help.

“Yup! You have 198 guests arriving by space ship.” He consulted his touch pad. Then he started laughing.

“What?” Maria asked.

“Nothing I’m just picturing Rath here telling Ms. Deluca he got her daughter pregnant before marrying her.” Alex could hear the rant from across the galaxy.

“Ha ha. But maybe you should come with me to tell mom?” Begging him with her eyes.

“No problem. Think you can handle stuff without me this morning, Zan?”

“Go and good luck.” Zan said before leading Kyle out the door and shutting it.

“Alright everyone ready for this?” Liz looked around to Maria, Rath, Nyla, and Alex.

“As I’ll ever be.” Maria muttered.

Liz closed her eyes and when she opened them back up they were in the break room of the Crashdown. “Oh clothes!” Waving her hand they all had street clothes on.

“Thanks,” was heard from everyone.

“Hey!” Amy came running down the steps. Took one look. “You’re pregnant!”

“Gee Mom, way to ruin the surprise.” Maria flopped down on the couch. “Is it that obvious?”

“Michael came, and I know it’s morning for you guys, it had to be something big. I already know you’re getting married, which is the ONLY reason I haven’t shot him by now. Congratulations you two.” She kissed them both on the cheek.


Rath walked into the conference room before the first meeting was even done with a dumb struck look on his face. “That woman’s a witch. She took one look at me there and knew!

“So I take it that went well?” Zan stopped the meeting for a minute.

“She just said ‘congratulations’ and that was it. I think I’d be less weirded out if she yelled at me.”

“Maybe next time.” Zan smacked him on the back.



OK guys the Maria being pregnant thing isn't going to evolve into one of the major story lines. I think I have enough of those to go around, but the supporting characters need to be moving forward too.

Just trying to explain my reasonings, and trying not to disapoint anyone if the dual pregnancies don't become a big thing.

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roswellluver - She's dealing but still not as happy as she thinks she should be.

Snowdove Next part will be up soon hope you like it too.

Bleven - God knows neither of my children were planned. There is alot more to this baby being a girl than will come out for a while. Little spoiler there.

woodwinds - I dont know if the self doubtis gone yet, but Maria's decided to roll with it. AND I have the next three chapters done ahead...GO ME!

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Part 54

“You know I hate you, right?” Liz watched as Maria ate her second stack of pancakes.

“Hey Mom said she didn’t get morning sickness either.” Maria laughed as Liz stuck her tongue out at her.

“Well at least mine stopped last week. I don’t think I could have watched you eat like this.” Liz put more eggs on Nyla’s plate and offered her husband some. “Zan?”

“No thanks. I think we should save the rest of this for Maria. She looks kinda hungry.” Watching the small woman halfway through her second plate.

“Hey! She’s eating for two you know.” Rath was amazed at the changes in her over the past two weeks. He had been watching in wonder at the subtle changes in her body happening already. At least she wasn’t sick yet like Liz seemed to get.

“Well don’t get any of those pregnancy vibes on me. I don’t think I want to join that club just yet.” Vilandra was excited; the minute Alex had told her she book marked her studies and ran through the palace to Zan’s.

“Don’t look at me either.” Kyle laughed between bites of omelet. “The Valenti DNA isn't ready to be passed on.”

“Oh I don’t think it ever will be Kyle.” Alex patted his shoulder. “The Universe it’s ready for another one of you.”

“Hey!” Kyle shook his fork at Alex. "I could arrange for the Whitman line to end right here."

Zan decided a change in subject was in order. “So everyone ready to go back to earth next week?”

“I’m ready to see Dad again. It’s been…..four years.” Kyle wondered how it could have been so long.

Zan and Vilandra hadn’t been back in that long either. “Mom and Dad were just here.” Zan started, but Vilandra finished. “Still it’s not the same.”

“We need to get some sort of story as to what we are doing, were gonna run into people we went to high school with. I’m sure.” Liz wondered how they were gonna explain Nyla. They had left without a word towards the end of Senior year. There was bound to be speculation as to why all seven friends plus Tess had left for. The best one Diane had told them was that they all joined a cult of alien worshipers.

“We stick with what Mom and Dad told everyone. Liz’s parents moved to Georgia, and invited us all along to work at their new restaurant while finishing school down there. Not the BEST story, but it works.” Zan looked around the table as everyone nodded their heads. “Nyla, could you go play in you room for a little bit while we talk?” Nyla hopped down and Kali followed her back. “The only people that should have any problems is Liz and I. Nyla is small even with the aging she had but they are still gonna wonder why they didn’t know she was pregnant when she left.”

“People have seen Maria and I with Nyla. We’ve left the Crashdown twice to go to the Inn and the flower shop. I caught a few looks but nothing big. Just be prepared if someone asks.”

“What we need to prepare for is the 200 odd out of planet guests coming. Left last evening and should be arriving and setting up behind the moon in about ten days.” Kyle was in charge of security and transports. “They have been briefed on not causing attention to themselves and local customs, but I still am worried something gonna happen.”

“Well deal with it when it happens. Everyone ready?” Zan stood up and pushed in his chair.

“Nyla time for the festival!” Liz called down the hall.


The Harvest Festival had been held on Antar since before the system had been united. The capitol city shut down for the day and everyone attended. There were plays, tournaments, games and an array of food from every corner of the globe.

Everyone had gathered for brunch at Zan’s because the royal family was expected to open the celebration and then tour the facilities. Tonight before the outdoor feast, was the blessing and thanks to the Goddess for another year of bounty. Last year and for the fifty before that Nori had been the presiding priestess over the ceremonies, this year Vilandra as going to take her place.

Liz adjusted her crown and smoothed her gown over her waist that was starting to stick out of the loose fitting gown she selected. Zan stopped her hand with his, taking the crown off his own head he bent down and placed a kiss in her stomach and then stood her neck and then finally her lips. “You look gorgeous.”

Holding him there for another kiss, “Mmmm, so do you?” His mouth came down on hers again.

“Stop it right there.” Vilandra didn’t mean to sound as rude as she did. “I don’t want to start the day off late.”

“Fine,” Zan glanced back at this sister. But whispered, “later” into Liz’s hair. “Everybody ready?”

The King and Queen followed closely by Princess Nyla and her bodyguards, Kali and Kyle descended the steps of the Senate building. Next came Priestess Vilandra and Alex and then General Rath and Maria. Once they group was seated and the cheering of the crowd died down Zan stood up from his chair to make the opening speech but never let go of Liz’s hand.

“I’d like to welcome you all to another festival. This year of especially good to us, I have seen your success from my travels around the continents,” he gave Liz’s hand a quick squeeze for support, “and at the palace we have some news of our own to report.” He pulled Liz up to stand with him and the people in the front rows got a glimpse of her condition and began to smile. “The Queen is expecting the next heir to the throne of Antar.” Zan pulled her close and kissed her forehand. “We all have reason to be thankful this year, so I officially declare the Harvest Festival OPEN!” As the crowd cheered, Zan help Liz stand and in the order they first appeared lined up with a compliment of royal guard for their tour of the grounds.


She had tried holding out for Vilandra’s ceremony she really did but being two and a half months pregnant, almost 6 months in Earth terms, was taking its toll on her back and legs. She wobbled a little bit and Zan’s hands were immediately steading her.

“You okay?” He held her tightly as the rest of the group closed in around her.

“Yeah, I just think I need to rest for a minute.” Liz started over to a near by bench when Kali moved it closer with a flick of her wrist.

“You should go up to our room and rest.” Zan who was now kneeling in front of her rubbed her calves with a worried quickness.

Liz closed her eyes content on taking a nap right here. “But Vilandra’s ceremony”

The priestess in question interrupted her, “Isn’t for at least 3 hours, when the sun sets.”

“I don’t want to miss it.” Liz tried to get back up but immediately thought better of it.

“Rest,” Kali gently pressed Liz down into the chair.

“I’ll come get you when it’s time, alright?” Alex smiled at her knowing Vilandra and Zan would be too busy.

A nap sounded so good right now. “Alright, just don’t let me over sleep. Ok?” Looking at Vilandra playing with Maria over on the grass, “Should I take her up with me?”

“You won’t get any rest with her in the room.” Zan reasoned. I think between the seven of us we can handle her for a few hours.”

“Ok,” Placing a kiss on Zan’s cheek. “See you later.” In a blink Liz had herself sitting on the bed in their room kicking off her shoes and gratefully tossing off the blasted crown. Falling backwards she immediately let her body feel the true extent of its tiredness and rolled over snuggling into the pillows before falling asleep.

An hour later he walked into the room as quiet as he could as not to disturb her. She looked so tired before coming up to the bedroom. The light from the huge window, made streaks of sun down on the floor on the far end of the bed. His love lay softly breathing in the shadows of the bed’s draped canopy and the light didn’t disturb her.

She looked so peaceful, her face and body relaxed as she lay sprawled on her side. One hands was tucked under the pillow while the other cradled his unborn son.

“So beautiful.” He whispered and crawled behind her on the bed as gently as he could, not wanting to wake her up and ruin the moment. His free hand laid atop Liz’s own at her stomach, he spooned up behind her.

Her warmth called to him and not of his own volition his lips softly caressed the juncture of her shoulder and neck.

“Hmmm” Liz stretched her legs careful not to move her neck away from the loving attention it was receiving. Sleep was still heavy in her voice, “Zan, is Nyla with you?” Hoping he could continue this further.

He whispered, “No.” and continued along her shoulder blade.

Willing her body not to betray her emotions, Liz heard his voice and was finally awake. Her sense came alive and though it felt quite different than she had felt before, Liz knew Seth was with her in Zan’s bed.

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Well the next part will be up later tonight after I get home from work.

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Maria don't have to wait too much longer. *happy*

Thank god for the phone ringing. I fell alseep WAY early and it woke me up. Back soon with the new part!
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REMEMBER They decided to name the baby Zan Maxwell, and call him Max. Trying to pretvent any confusion.


Part 55

Think, Liz, think. He didn’t come here to hurt you or Maxwell. You know that by his pretending to be Zan, but you can’t give him what he did come here for either. He obviously didn’t use his powers to get here. Liz was certain she would have woken up if he suddenly appeared on Antar, and also she was certain Kali would never have let him to on the bed. So she and Zan aren’t running to your rescue.

First thing you have to do it get his hand off your stomach. The thought of this evil being touching her innocent child….well it was taking all of the inner strength to not just toss him off. Sliding her hand up she moved him up to her rub cage and sent a great deal of energy to block any connection from happening. You must keep Max safe. Tell him you have to use the bathroom? Maybe she wasn’t in the mood? No, she didn’t want him to get violent.

She was to tired she wasn’t sure she could take him all by herself. That’s it she was still tired! If he thought Max was his son, he wouldn’t endanger the baby if she felt ill. “I’m so tired,” closing her eyes and pretending to go back to sleep.

His slimy tongue traced her earlobe, “I want you.”

I want you??? No hello, hey, how are you feeling? The voice may have sounded like her husband but no way would Zan just attack her when she had been sick. If nothing else had tipped her off that was most certainly not her husband.

“Besides, I’ll do all the work.”

She gasped when she felt her dress open in the back, trying to cover she let out a small “mmm” and fought down the bile rising in her throat when he began kissing his way down he spine. His hands went up to her shoulders pushing the dress open, exposing more of her skin. No! She was not going to allow herself to be violated. Liz’s eyes closed and she prepared to take him on right here in this room if his hand got any closer to her…

“Get your fucking hands off her!”

Liz felt the weight of Seth’s body fly off her and she rolled over and off the bed not needing a moment to think. She knew Zan’s voice the second the first syllable was uttered. His amber eyes flickered with a fire she had never seen in them, it resembled Selka’s when she was pissed. His skin was glowing in a similar light.

One hand was sending a steady stream on amber light into Seth pinning him to the floor, he came into the room and could feel Liz’s pain, fear, and anger. It only fed his own when she saw someone that looked like himself stripping his wife on their bed! Their bed! As far as Zan was concerned it was the most holy place in the universe. He used it to worship her body, like the gift it was and this malevolent son of a bitch was defiling his temple. He shook with the power and fury building up in his body, but dared to look over at his half dressed pregnant wife scrambling off of the bed. “Did he hurt you?”

As soon as her feet hit the floor her hand was raised in front of her ready to attack the bastard for daring to touch her. “No,” She panted. “You got here before he did anything more than kiss me.”

Sweet relief washed over him. They looked into each other’s eyes and Zan knew what she was thinking. She would never have let him touch her, she was about to do something herself when he came in. But her rumpled undone dress and her tousled hair told him more than he wanted to know about Seth’s intentions towards his love.

Zan’s jaw clenched and never took his eyes off the God struggling to get up and looking up back at him in wonderment. “Go”

“But..” Liz wanted his gone once and for all, but she was still weak from this afternoon. She maybe have the spirit of a Goddess but her body lately was all human.

A ball of energy came out of nowhere and engulfed the Zan looking Seth. Selka and Kali strode into the doorway behind Zan. Her sister shot her a look. “Go”

With a quick thought of love to Zan, Liz concentrated on Nyla and was in the room just outside of Vilandra’s temple. Before even getting her bearings she heard her friends and daughter running out to her. “You ok?” “Mommy!” “We were so worried!”

“Hey!” Liz rushed over and took Nyla in her arms warding off the memory of Seth kissing her. Instead she placed tiny butterfly kisses all over her daughter’s hair. “I’m ok. At least I will be.”

“You sure?” Maria placed a hand on her shoulder and started refastening her dress. A look of dread passed between the adults in the room. Liz looked very rumpled and her dress was falling off.

“Yeah now. Where’s Vilandra? She stayed to make sure the blessing happened.” Liz’s face fell a little sorry for all the turmoil they existed in day to day. They all deserved to be happy and carefree damn it! Not constantly worried that she shouldn’t be allowed to take a nap by herself.

“Hey don’t worry, I was getting a little tired myself.” Maria tried to relax her friend. Her eyes turned heavenward hoping nothing sexual had actually happened.

“What happened Zan just went all stiff and disappeared, and then Kali brought us here and took off again?” Kyle hated being out of the loop. He had a job to protect the royal family and right now he was helpless.

“You need to sit.” Alex knew they meant well but Liz had been ill before all this happened and she was noticing a slight shake in her hands. He helped her and Nyla over to a large chair with an ottoman. He exchanged looks with Maria and Rath who had picked up the tremors too.

Rath sat on the arm of the chair next to Liz. His eyes darting around the room for the first sign on an intruder. One hand was resting on his chest. Liz was in no condition to deal with anything else until she calmed down.

Maria noticed the protective gesture and was glad he understood Liz well enough to know she couldn’t deal with this right now. The blonde girl rubbed Liz’s arms in a soothing motion while Alex leaned her close to him and stroked her hair. “You’re alright now.”

Liz was staring off to a point on the wall. Not really focusing on anything. “I was taking a nap and Seth came in.” Liz shuddered and hugged Nyla closer, “He was Zan again.”

“Not Exactly.” Kali came in the room and took a long look at Neith making sure she was alright.

“What do you mean?” Liz didn’t move her eyes from the point on the wall.

“I mean that wasn’t exactly Seth. It doesn’t feel completely like Seth. Selka’s there. I didn’t get it all but when she felt Zan flare up she knew something was happening and came. Apparently she was at the festival with Larek. I didn’t get much more than that.” Kali looked at the shivers flowing through her Goddess’ body. She didn’t look well. “Neith?” No response. “Liz?”

“uh?” Liz was still staring at the wall.

“Mommy?” Nyla Put her hands on each side of her mother’s face and forced her to look down. “Mommy, I love you. You know that right?”

Liz couldn’t stop shaking, what the hell was wrong with her? It was scaring Nyla. “I know and I love you too.”

“Are you sick?” Nyla quirked her head to the side.

“It’s been a hard day.” Liz didn’t want to let her daughter go but she couldn’t get control over her shaking. Silently she begged Maria to take Nyla off her lap.

Kali observed the exchange and offered an excellent solution. “You should all get inside and take Nyla with you. It’s not safe for you all out here.” She tried to scoot them all inside.

“But…” Kyle began to protest.

Rath never forgot his promise to Liz, “We need to keep Nyla safe. We go inside.”

Kali kneeled before Neith. “Are you alright?”

“No.” Liz felt like a vice was tightening along her body and the shaking had yet to stop. “I need Zan.”

She had felt the three presences disappear. “He went over to chase Seth.” Kali began to explain. “I can’t leave you…”

A terrible pain ripped down her back and Liz inhaled to keep from screaming and scaring Nyla any further. “Something’s wrong. I need Zan.” Her hand shot out and grasped Kali’s with superhuman strength. “Get him.”


Liz was finally out of harms way and Zan concentrated his full efforts on pay back. “What made you think I’d let you get away with her like that?” She slowly walked up to the bubble he was currently encased in.

He finally had a chance to recover from the blasts Zan had shaken his body with. “You mean like last time?” Trying to goad him into making a mistake.

Zan took a deep breath, “She’s not yours. You lost. Deal with it!”

“Pathetic.” He finally got to his feet, and immediately felt defiant.

Selka set Kali off to find Liz, her sister didn’t look in any condition to defend herself right now. “This stops NOW Seth.” Looking at him with hatred and disgust.

“Oh no. I don’t think so.” Looking back at a very pissed Zan. “I know today was a mistake but its hard not to want her even more when she’s growing round with my child inside her. Tell me Zan did you really think you were man enough to sire a son. Please! I’ve seen that pathetic daughter of yours. It’s a same she even shares linage with my kind. I should kill her as punishment for blasphemy” Seth watched with glee as Zan’s glowing grew more erratic.

“It’s not going to work Seth. I’m through playing with you.” Zan advanced on him but Selka’s hand on his shoulder stopped him.

She couldn’t break concentration on the field surrounding Seth but she knew something wasn’t right. The resistance against it was…..wrong? Selka figured out he was up to something and he had consulted Thoth.

“I had to get another taste of that sweet body. I must say Zan you’ve trained her well for me. Maybe if your real….”

“Selka! Shield. down. now.” Zan ground out. ARGH! How he wanted to scream out that Seth had never touched his wife! That it had been Iset deceiving him as well, but he couldn’t put Maxwell in danger like that. “Selka!?”

“I KNEW IT!” The wheels in her head had been moving quickly piecing all this together. Seth’s consulting with Thoth. Why she was getting his weird other presence. Why they didn’t sense Seth’s arrival. She looked into Zan’s eye and motioned. Good he was ready.

“Now!” In less than a second the shield was down and Zan let all his rage loose on his doppelganger. The body burnt and bubbled, and turned into a pile of ash.

Zan’s shoulders slumped and he flopped down to sit on the bed. It couldn’t have been that easy. He blew out a breath that moved the bangs off his forehead. “That seems too easy.”

“It was.” Selka grabbed his arm and yanked him up. “We have to go.”

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Bubbles, Spicy, Colorado WOW thanks for the quick feedback.

I'm kinda sad I can see this fic winding down :( I've been doing the triology since LAST APRIL! I'm up to almost 600 pages. There might be 20? Chapters left.

Oh well I have two more parts done. *happy*

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Oh some stuff you're gonna have to know and/pr remember for the next part.....

Gods and Goddesses IMHO have specific duties, like you can't get go to The Goddess of the Hunt to help you get pregnant, well you COULD I just don't know how helpful it would be......ANYWAY I also believe there is a hierarchy of Gods and Goddesses some are much more powerful and have all emcompassing powers and some just have power to assist them with their assigned duties.

Since this is my fic...HAHAHA We're playing by my rules, there's going to be different levels of power comming into play. I've stuck in little bits and peices through out the story to lead up to this, but I know people read on different levels and I didn;t want people lost if they didn't pick it up.

Thoth is one of the limited power guys I was talking about. A little FYI on him. Ursa I'm sure this is review for you

Thoth was a moon god who played an important role in the Osiris legend and the judgment of the dead in the Hall of Maat. Thoth was said to be mighty in knowledge and divine speech. The inventer of spoken and written language. As the lord of books he was the scribe of the gods and patron of all scribes. He is credited with inventing astronomy, geometry, and medicine. Thoth was the measurer of the earth and the counter of the stars, the keeper and recorder of all knowledge. It was Thoth who was believed to have written important religious texts such as The Book of the Dead.
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I screwed up. I'll admit it. Someone caught it on my board , but when I wrote:

She had felt the three presences disappear. “He went over to chase Kivar.” Kali began to explain. “I can’t leave you…”

but is SHOULD have said

She had felt the three presences disappear. “He went over to chase Seth.” Kali began to explain. “I can’t leave you…”

I am rereading Winter to keep all my stuff straight and I was reading the part where Kivar has Liz captive in teh space ship about 20 minutes before wirting this part.

It was a slip.


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Part 56

Before Zan knew it he some being whisked away with Selka. Taking in his surroundings, “Where are we?”

“There’s more to our plane than our big house.” Selka knocked on a door. “You’ll see.”

The large wooden door opened and a very tall slender man opened the door. “Selka! Back so soon?” Looking down his attention shifted from the Goddess to the male standing beside her. He looked familiar and Thoth smiled, “Who did you bring with you?”

She pushed her way inside and said cheerfully, “This is Zan.” Selka didn’t want to be rude, Thoth didn’t get many visitors but they needed get what they needed and get to Seth.

His large black eyes grew even larger, “You mean Neith’s Zan?” He couldn’t help but smile. Neith was a wonderful person and he remembered so long ago when Zan and Neith got that stupid test Seth had passed on. Quickly Thoth stopped himself; he wasn’t supposed to take sides. “It’s nice to see you again.” He looked out into the hallway again, “But where’s Neith?” He figured once finding each other again they wouldn’t be apart, but why was he with Selka?

“I’m sorry but can you show me what Seth looked at again. He just…” Stopping herself to not got into too much detail, “Neith is in trouble. We need to help her and those scrolls will.”

Thoth turned and with huge strides walked into the center of the larger room just beyond this entry way. “I’ll get them.” He held out his arms and papers seemed to fly out of nowhere and land on the desk in front of Zan and Selka.

This was the first good look Zan had gotten at the room. There were tightly packed shelves running up infinitely into the ceiling, containing countless papers, books, and scrolls. Zan’s head was swimming as he looked up as strained himself to see the tops of the shelves. The King started to spin in a slow circle taking it all in, “There must be…”

“Everything ever written and even more.” Thoth couldn’t remember when the last time was he was a new visitor. Usually the Gods and goddesses came to consult soething made small talk and were busy and they left. Selka and Neith had always made an effort to not make him feel used, and now Zan was here. Thoth didn’t bother hiding his pride. “Impressive yes?”

“Yes. What you could learn in here.” Zan could spend months in here, years learning everything. “I’m sorry I don’t have more time today.”

“When Neith is safe, come back I’ll be happy to show you some things.”

Selka slammed a book shut. “Got the bastard!” She jumped up and briskly walked over to the men. “I’m sorry but we need to finish this tonight.” She led Zan out the door.

“Remember, come back any time!” Thoth shouted after them.


Next thing Zan knew he was in a large stone room. It was dark, the only light coming from a giant fireplace that ran the length of the short wall. A few high back chairs and a large dark wooden table were its only furnishings. It wasn’t the absence of light bothering Zan in here it was the feel of the room.

“Seth! I SWEAR TO YOU...” Seth trailed off as she disappeared down a hallway.

A jolt traveled up Zan’s spine. This was Seth’s home! From Selka’s insistence he was sure this after noon and not been the dark God’s demise. His anger at being so close to the one responsible for his and Liz’s problems boiled his anger. “SETH! It’s Zan!” Zan yelled as he followed down the only hallway. “I’m right here, you wanna play?!? …COME AND GET ME!” An evil smile so unlike Zan couldn’t help but show itself. Turing a corner he saw Selka banging on a door

“I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE!” She saw Zan approaching out of the corner of her eye. “Zan give me your hand.” Turning back to the door, “You wanna play dirty Seth?!” LET’S PLAY!” Sucking energy from Zan, she put her free hand on the door and a ripple of swirling amber and green energy formed a hard shell over it. “Have a nice rest!” She was so made she almost spit at the door for good measure.

Zan felt a little weak but nothing too bad, “What did you do?” Zan looked at her in wonder. “Why aren’t we dragging him out and finishing this.”

“He needed a time out.” Selka looked over her shoulder as they walked out of the hallway. “We couldn’t go in. No one but Seth and who he invites can. That’s his temple.” She explained, “Mother couldn’t even have gotten him out.” Not even in the old days, Selka thought.

“What did you do to the door? How is a DOOR gonna stop him?” Zan didn’t understand any of this. His emotions were all over the Map. Scared and Worried for Liz and his children. Pissed as hell at Seth, and Selka was frustrating him to no end. “Or why we went to the library?”

About to explain she was cut off by the appearance of Kali. “Zan, something is wrong with Neith. She is asking for you.”

Pushing his heart out of his throat, “I’m coming.” He concentrated on Liz and immediately was beside her. A few seconds later he was followed by Selka and Kali.

Liz looked so scared. She was clutching her back and stomach. “Get me to our room. Please!”

Immediately he was standing beside his bed, holding his wife. Selka came behind him and waved her hand over the bed changing the sheets, spread and canopy from what Seth had touched her on. Zan said a quick “Thanks” as he gently laid her out on the bed.

Liz immediately rolled over away from him curling her legs up and grabbing her mid section. “Something’s wrong. It’s our son Zan, I know it.” She cried. Liz couldn’t get her body to stop shaking. Like she was out in the middle of winter stark naked, but her body was hot. Burning pains were now shooting up to her rib cage.

Zan’ forced her to lie on her back and put his hands on his wife. Deducing nothing was actually “wrong” with Liz; his hands traced down to her stomach and gently caressed the growing firmness that contained his son. The connection was instant. His son was sick. Before he could start healing his son, Liz noticeably relaxed and so did the squirming child inside of her. Zan sat for a few minutes concentrating on his connection to Max and making sure he was alright.

Everything was quiet in the room even as the five friends and their daughter made their way from the safety of the temple. They rushed into the apartment, and went to the master bedroom. Their collective breaths held as Zan sat frozen with both hands over Liz’s abdomen.

Feeling drained, Zan slumped down in the bed beside Liz. “He’s fine now. Seth did something to him, but it’s alright now.” He whispered quiet reassurance into his wife’s ear.

Everyone in the door way opted to give the couple a moment’s privacy before demanding answers, and Selka stood to follow them.

“Oh Zan.” Liz pulled him half on top of her and she pressed kisses on his mouth. She couldn’t think of anything to say that would explain her feelings right now so she just kissed him. The kisses started to push the stress from the day out of her body.

“I know.” Was all Zan could answer. The last hours were too crazy for words. He broke the kisses and placed his forehead against hers. “I think we need some explanations.” Zan got to his knees and scooped Liz up in his arms. Getting off the bed with her he carried her out to the sitting room, where their friends were waiting.

Liz usually protested when he treated her so delicately, but she really didn’t think she could stand on her own.


Zan and Liz settled in to a large stuffed chair at the far end of the room. Nyla squirmed out of Maria’s arms and ran over to her parents. The little girl’s hands went to her mother’s stomach. “My brother is ok now?” Looking at her parent’s with tears in those big amber eyes.

Liz pulled her into a hug, “He’s fine. I’m sorry if you were scared.” and kissed the top of her head.

“I was worried.” Nyla kept her hands over her brother.

“I told you I’ll never let anything happen to you or Max.” Zan still had Liz in his lap so could only touch Nyla’s cheek.

“I….I know.” The look on her face was much older than the body it was coming from.

“The dark man hurt him.” She kissed Liz’s tummy and sat on the floor in front of her parents. “He didn’t like the other man trying to connect with him. It hurt him.”

Zan and Liz exchanged “how does she know that?” looks. “You’re right but I fixed him and Max’s better now.”

“I know he told me.” Nyla reached up and grabbed the box of colors she had left on the end table and began to draw, oblivious to the looks being shared by the adults. They all knew some of Nyla’s abilities had ‘leaked’ into her before Zan had taken them on. So far they all seemed mental, but what they had seen so far was amazing.

“Is he alright?” Rath questioned. Still unnerved at what had happened earlier. Certain Zan would never forgive him if his son died a second time on his watch.

“Nyla’s right. Seth tried to connect. Liz was blocking him but one sided Seth got through. Max couldn’t handle the connection……” Zan couldn’t say the words out loud. His unborn son had been in pain. How do you handle something like that.

“My body was taking most of the hurt away from him. It was too much stress right now.” Liz didn’t even want to think about an infant going through what she had just done. Maxwell surely would have died.

Zan wrapped his arms around her, knowing she must be feeling awful because she wasn’t protesting to him coddling her. They were safe for now, but what about Seth? He needed to ask Selka about their visit. “Selka you want to tell me what we did at Seth’s?

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One more part and I'm outta parts. I don't know if I'll get time for this story over the weekend. I'll post the next one on Saturday. Or you you want it tomorrow. I'm never sure if I should break up the postings so if I do take a break it doesn't seem as bad or if you are like me I'd rather have all at once.

Gretchen's gonna kill me if I don't do Hell and Bliss soon.

A note on Liz's body. I got asked about it...not on here but I'll address it here too. Liz is in a human body, yes she is immortal and yes she is as powerful as before, but her body is very much a human body. Think of her as a Goddess/Human hybrid. Which is my she still get's morning sickness and feels pain like we do.

But I think it's important because, while the other Gods are detached from too many emotions, she feels on a deeper level because she is different.

Does that make sense to you?

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ACK don't give up yet!

Real life is just kicking my butt. I'll be back I promise. You have NO IDEA how nice it is to see someone actually bumping this!

Thanks belevn