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Things Aren’t As They Seem

Rating: Not sure, probably PG-PG13
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell…we all get the point ok?
Couples: At the beginning its mainly UC, but don’t fret it will be CC! For your information the UC are Maria/Alex, Liz/Michael and even a little bit of Isabel/Jesse will be incorporated.
Summary: This is pretty angsty. Takes place as Max climbs up the ladder in End of the World. The rest will be pretty much described in the prologue.


Max walked up the ladder to Liz’s balcony. He had plans…he was going to convince Liz to see Gomez with him. Of course, that wasn’t the only thing he had planned. Before he left the house he placed a condom in his pocket. He had no intentions of forcing her into anything, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

He pulled the tickets out, nervously holding them in his hands as he took five steps to Liz’s window. That’s when he saw her…in bed…with another man…with…Kyle. Kyle. Suddenly there was a sharp pain in his heart. It was as if he had been stabbed over a million times. Yet, there was no trace of blood on the cement beneath him.

Max started to stumble backwards when his eyes caught a glimpse of the bathroom door. He had no idea why, but his eyes were drawn to it. There was a soft glow trickling through the crack beneath the door. But there was something else. A shadow. A shadow amongst the light. Suddenly it moved. Max knew something was in there…or more appropriately, someone.

Chapter 1

Maria sat in her room huddled up in the corner. The last thing she suspected was for Michael to cheat on her…with Courtney. Suddenly she found herself wondering how long he’d been cheating on her. Michael had seemed so casual when Courtney slapped his ass the day before. What EXACTLY was going on? That’s when she heard a knock at her door.

“Come in,” she stated solemnly. There was no point in getting up. No, she was much more comfortable in her current position. Maria pulled her knees closer to her chest as the visitor entered the room.

“Maria, it’ll be ok,” Alex stated as he strode over to where she was sitting. His lanky arms went around her in the most comforting matter. “He’s an asshole and believe me he got what he deserved…even though it did come at a price,” Alex said looking at his slightly crippled hand. It still stung from the blow he had taken at Michael.

“Alex, I don’t know if I can be alone tonight,” Maria cried out as the tears flowed freely. That was how she spent the remainder of the night…in Alex’s arms. Eventually they fell asleep. Maria had no idea that when she was hurting this much Alex was hurting ten times worse.


Michael tried to run after Courtney, but his attempts were failed. She was long gone by now. He hated to admit it, but even though he had been using her to see who she was, he had been turned on by their make out sessions. With her there was no fighting. Not like with Maria.

With Courtney he could be sexual without being considered a pigheaded man. Of course, that’s what he was. He had made out with Courtney when Maria and him were in an ‘on’ stage in their relationship. Sure, he had regretted the circumstances with Maria, but the first thing on his agenda was to find Courtney. She couldn’t have gone far…who did she know in Roswell? Then again posed the question, “What was Courtney, a skin, doing in Roswell?”

Michael immediately considered the reason was to extinguish the pod squad. Only, if she had wanted to extinguish him, why didn’t she do it earlier?

The more Michael thought about his predicament, the more questions popped into his head. He had to do something…and that something was to figure out what Courtney was REALLY doing in Roswell and why he had a physical attraction to her.


Liz stared in shock as Max walked past her. She jumped out of the bed when she realized where he was going. “Max don’t!” Liz screamed as she grabbed Max’s arm.

Max turned his head, a look of sorrow and disgust spread across his face. He looked at her standing there half naked and wasn’t in the least bit interested. Kyle had ruined any chances of this being an intimate or passionate moment. “Please get dressed,” Max said coldly turning back to the bathroom door.

Liz was oblivious to the fact that she was half naked until Max made it known. Oddly enough, she could care less. Her main goal was to make sure that Max didn’t go into the bathroom. She could live with being separated for the rest of her life, but if he was gone…if he didn’t exist she didn’t know what she would do with her life. She was nothing without Max, and a life without him scared her.

The more Max listened to Liz, the more his mind and heart told him to open that bathroom door. Something suspicious was going on and he was going to find out exactly what that something was. He opened the door to the bathroom and that’s when everything went black.

Chapter 2

Liz twisted the combination on her locker as Maria walked up to her. Liz tried not to look to depressed, but her life was a schedule. It was the same thing everyday. She would go to her classes, she would eat, and she would sleep with minor details like sleepovers with Maria, phone calls from Kyle and studying. She loved Kyle, but not in the boyfriend/girlfriend sense.

Maria described it as puppy love, but Liz knew no other love. What she really wanted was that take your breath away kind of love. Maria had that love with Michael…that was when they were in the ‘on’ stage of their relationship. All the same, Liz knew that they would end up together eventually.

“Hey chica,” Maria said trying to sound upbeat. The pain of Michael cheating on her was still present, but she had to stay strong. Girl power is what she called it.

“Hey, how are you doing?” Liz asked bringing Maria into a tight hug. She couldn’t stand to see her best friend, or anyone for that matter in so much pain.

“Better…Alex came by last night,” Maria stated.

“Hey,” a familiar voice said from behind Maria. There standing before them was Michael. He looked sorry for his actions, but he would never openly admit it.

“What do you want?” Maria asked coldly. Michael was definitely going to have to apologize for what he did this time. A brutal fight would have broken out, maybe even World War III if Alex hadn’t interrupted the group.

“Get out of here if you know what’s good for you!” Alex screamed protectively.

Liz stayed silent in the whole conversation. What was she supposed to do? Scream at the one person whom saved her life a year ago? She was in the Crashdown talking to Maria about her ‘puppy dog’ relationship with Kyle. There was a fight that broke out. Shots were fired and she just happened to be within the firing range. The Evans twins had been sitting at a booth. Isabel and Michael. That was when Michael ran to her and healed her. It was emotionless. As if he’d done it before.

At that point Liz and Maria discovered together that Isabel and Michael were aliens. They were the only ones. Soon, Alex was let in on the secret and before they knew it, there were mysterious aliens visiting town every week.

Now she stood in an awkward position. She desperately wanted to defend Maria. Yet, if she did Michael would tell her that she wasn’t thankful for her life. That she didn’t value it. That was far from the truth.

Michael just walked away from the group, heading to Isabel’s locker. There wasn’t anything he could do or say to make up for what he did to Maria. As much as he wanted to explain that Courtney was a skin, he couldn’t. It wasn’t his place to tell humans. In fact it would put them in more danger than they currently were in.

“Isabel, we have a problem,” Michael said arriving at Isabel’s locker.

“Don’t tell me we’re leaving town again…because I’m not going through with it. Whatever your bright little scheme is to get away from Maria’s glares it’s just not going to work,” Isabel said coldly. She looked in her mirror, checking her hair and makeup before slamming it shut.

“It’s Courtney.”

“What’d you do? Bang her up? God Michael you know how dangerous it is to even sleep with humans,” Isabel replied, walking with him to her next class.

“I didn’t fuck her! She’s a…skin,” Michael continued whispering his last word.


After dropping Maria off at her first class, Alex and Liz proceeded down the halls to their own classes.

“So you punched him?” Liz asked.

“Yeah…let me say, the alien bone structure…hard as a rock,” Alex replied. He held his hand thinking about the pain it caused even thinking about it.

“Wow…thanks Alex…for protecting Maria.”

“A friend’s gotta do, what a friend’s gotta do,” Alex said with a smile. “Well here’s my class, good luck breaking it off with Kyle!”

Liz smiled as she headed to her class. She had tried a million times before to break up with Kyle, but for some reason she never got around to saying it. Maybe it was the fact that he just kept changing the subject…or maybe it was her. Maybe she didn’t want to break it off. Either way, she knew her love was out there somewhere. But where, she had no idea.

Chapter 3

Max looked around him in a daze. Everything was so cloudy and hazed over. Was this a dream? That’s when he saw himself…or his future-self sitting on a bench with his head buried in his hands.

“Who are you? And what did you do to Liz?” Max screamed. Max sensed this person had something to do with Kyle and Liz in bed together.

The man didn’t move. He never thought it would be like this. There was no future. No Liz. He was heartbroken. His younger self was furious, but there was nothing he could do about it now. There was no past to go back to. Finally, after taking a deep breath the man looked up. “You want to know what happened? We…I…caused the end of the world. Our…my…being with Liz caused the end of the world. So I came here, the past, to stop it. We…you…had to fall out of love with Liz…and in love with Tess.”

“You have no right…I don’t care who you are!” Max interrupted defensively.

“You’re right…but now…now we don’t even exist…except on this plane of the universe…I don’t know where Liz is, and no, I don’t know if she’s safe…that’s what bother’s me the most.”

“How…how did we end up here?” Max asked puzzled.

“We met. You saw me. I’m your future self…and now…we seize to exist.”

Max fell to the ground. He had no idea how he was going to survive on this plane. Liz wasn’t there. Suddenly he felt jealous of the past. He would give anything to just see Liz’s face again, even if that meant they weren’t together. She was his sunshine to his cloudy day. His heart ached for her every moment they weren’t together. And now…now he wouldn’t see her. Ever again.

“We have to do something,” Max said.

“And what would you suggest? We can’t exactly go back in time now, can we,” Future Max said sarcastically.


Liz was waiting patiently outside of the classroom for Kyle. She was going to break it off now. In some weird way she couldn’t sit through any of her classes knowing that Kyle and her were still together.

When Kyle appeared in the doorway his face lit up. He loved Liz, but somehow he wished she felt the same way. He could sense his feelings for her weren’t returned. A sixth sense he called it.

“Kyle, we need to talk,” Liz said, breaking the awkward silence.

“Ok,” Kyle said timidly. Nothing good came out of the ‘we need to talk’ speech. “So what’s up?”

“Maybe we should find someplace more quiet,” Liz said pulling Kyle away from the classroom. She went into the eraser room locking the door behind them. “Don’t get any ideas.”

“Liz…it’s kind of hard not to get any ideas…babies were conceived in here.”

“Ok, well, I guess there’s no better time then the present,” Liz continued ignoring what Kyle had just said. “I think you’re a great friend, but…this…isn’t working. Kyle I love you like a brother. So…what I’m trying to say is…can we just be friends?”

Kyle’s mouth opened but no words came out. He knew it was coming. Actually, he’d known it for a while. “I love you Liz…” his voice trailed.

“I’m sorry Kyle,” Liz said looking down at her feet. “I have to go.” With that Liz left a dumbfounded Kyle in the eraser room, his mouth still ajar.

Chapter 4

“Well, if she’s a skin, then she has to be exterminated, as soon as possible,” Isabel said in her ice princess tone. She didn’t care about anyone, and everyone knew that. Michael was the closest person to her, but well even she could be icy to him.

“And how exactly do you plan to do that genius? She isn’t popping up in public…she isn’t at her house.”

“You went to her house?” Isabel asked. “What’d you do, check? Can you PLEASE not listen to your dick for once? Or is that physically impossible?”

“Can you stop being a bitch? Or is that physically impossible?” Michael retorted mocking Isabel.

Isabel slammed her locker and stormed off to her next class. The ice princess façade was full blown now. Michael couldn’t help the satisfactory smile that spread across his face. That was until he caught sight of her…Courtney.

“What the hell is she doing here?” Michael huffed squeezing through the crowds to reach her. She had to be vanquished and there was no better time then the present. That was, until the bell rang and she ran into her classroom. “That’s ok, I’ll just wait for you out here…” Michael said to himself thinking out how he was going to kill her.


Liz sat nervously through her next class. Kyle was sitting right next to her. It was awkward considering they had just broken up…and then there was the fact that he was looking at her…no…staring. “What a horn dog” Liz said out loud. She covered her mouth realizing that her thoughts had just been exposed.

Kyle gave Liz a curious look and focused his attention back to the teacher. He wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box. What he had heard Liz say was, ‘What a corn dog.’ The thought of food made his stomach rumble. “Only 3 more hours,” Kyle said to himself encouragingly.


Maria looked nervously at her history teacher. She had just failed yet another test. She was expecting the teacher to yell and threaten to call her mom like he always did. She looked at her paper, the big F marked in red across the front page.

“DeLuca, I’d like to see you at the end of class,” the teacher said sternly.

“Here we go…” Maria whispered to herself. Nothing could prepare her for what was next. Courtney walked into the classroom. Her archenemy. Nope, this day couldn’t get any worse…or could it?

“Listen, Maria…I’m sorry about what you saw last night…Mikey was over to…to…help me count the bodies in Braveheart,” Courtney spat out.

“You know I don’t give a shit what was going on there last night…we’re over. You two can go fuck each other day and night for all I care,” Maria said. With that she got out of her seat and ran out of the room. She was going to be sick and if her calculations were right, she would have to run to make it to the bathroom. On the way she bumped into a familiar person.

“WATCH IT!” the voice yelled. “Maria? Sorry…what are you doing?” Michael continued his voice getting softer once he realized who was really standing before him.

“Get out of my way asshole.” With that Maria pushed her way passed him, ending up in the bathroom praying to the porcelain god.


Max pounded on the padded walls. In the past 24 hours walls had formed around him with a door. It looked like a modern jail cell…those kinds for criminals that were too dangerous to put in the county jail cells. On the door was a portal looking out to the others.

There were millions of them…from what Max had attempted to see there were cells lined up with other cells. In his mind he imagined them to be long rows going for miles.

“So this is what hell is like…” Max said plopping down on the upper bunk stuffed in the corner. The room consisted of a bunk bed and a refrigerator. There was no need to have toiletries considering there would never be the urge to go to the bathroom.

“No…limbo…hell would be better than this,” Future Max argued.

“At least its something…unlike before.”

“It’s just a figment of our imaginations…the refrigerator doesn’t exist. Hell, we only get hungry because our brains THINK we’re hungry. None of this is real.”

“Then if this is our imagination can’t we imagine getting out of here?” Max asked looking at a surprisingly shocked future version of himself. This might just work.

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Chapter 5

Liz stared down at her math homework. This was impossible. No, not the homework…her life. Her entire life she felt as if her heart had been taken from its place. She didn’t regret a thing when she broke it off with Kyle. She didn’t even feel the tiniest bit of remorse…wasn’t she supposed to feel something?

Liz placed a hand over her heart. Physically it was there…but emotionally, that was a different story. She used to tell Maria about how she felt, but her best friend would just tell her that she needed a man. This led to matchmaking…horrible matchmaking at that.

Her most recent matchmaking had been Kyle, the all American jock. Maybe if he didn't have such a thick skull or if he actually cared about other’s emotions he would be an all right boyfriend.

Liz continued to stare blankly at her homework. She needed to talk to someone…but who? She didn’t want to bring up her pathetic boy troubles with Maria, since Maria’s problems were ten times worse.

Alex? No, he would be much better off comforting Maria. She was no good at this. Then again…her grandmother had given her a diary before she had passed away. Of course, the memory of her grandma was too painful to even glance at the diary momentarily. She had to do something…and this harmed no one.

Leaving her math homework behind she went into her closet, glancing the shelves for any sign of the diary. After finding it in the corner of the closet she took a pen and the diary out to the balcony, where she sat in her comfortable chair, every so often glancing at the burning stars above.


Maria tossed and turned on her bed. Her night had been restless, just like the night before. She’d tried to rest or even nap in her bed, but it’d been impossible. Thoughts of Michael and Courtney filled her head. The scene where Michael was at Courtney’s house and Courtney in a towel played continuously.

She glanced at her nightstand. There sat a picture of her and Michael. The couple in the picture was obviously happy. Maria grabbed the picture and threw it across the room. As it hit the wall, the frame and the glass inside broke and shattered into a thousand pieces.

Why did she even care? Michael wasn’t worth her time or her worrying. He was the scum on her shoe. No, the scum on the scum on her shoe.

“I’m going to get over him…starting tomorrow,” Maria vowed silently to herself as she turned around in her bed. Sleep finally caught up with her and she rested for the rest of the night.


Michael had been so concerned about Maria that he’d missed Courtney coming out of the classroom. He’d have to stake her out. In fact, that’s what he was doing at the particular moment hiding behind the bushes.

Michael pulled out his binoculars watching as Courtney walked into her house. There was a man…someone he recognized but couldn’t quite place his finger on at the door.

Courtney invited the middle-aged man inside as Michael took the opportunity to sneak closer to the house. He crossed the street and crouched below Courtney’s bedroom windowsill. The voices were muffled as he tried to decode what they were saying.

“I want it now!” the man screamed.

“I don’t have it yet…they know…he knows!” Courtney replied.

“What?! How could you be so foolish! I’m going to take care of you once and for all!” the man yelled.

Michael jumped up. He couldn’t let this happen. Before he had time to register what he was doing, he was in Courtney’s bedroom aiming at the man. His hand held up, ready to blow the man to smithereens. The man turned to Michael and he gasped.



Max and Future Max were no further than where they started. The sweat was glistening on each of their foreheads.

“Maybe if we combine our energy we can beat this…this other world,” future Max explained.

Together they molded their powers doubled. The world around them bent. It was eerie, as if something you would see out of “The Matrix.” Suddenly they were in another land.

“Home…” future Max spoke, exasperated.

“Home?” Max looked around at the scenery. It was dark and polluted. The clouds were covering any sign of sunlight. “This…this is the future? What happened?”

“The skins happened…we…I wasn’t prepared…and this happened. They took over the world and polluted it with their billions of ‘improvements.’ Nothing was ever good enough for them…they forced humans into slavery…there has to be a reason we’re here. Come with me.” Future Max walked a few paces ahead of Max.

“Where are we going?”

“To see Serena…or at least see if she can sense us.”
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Chapter 6

November 16, 2000. I’m Liz Parker and lately I’ve been feeling off. Like my life has been altered in some way that only I can feel. It’s every being of my soul. My heart especially. Lately, I’ve been feeling like I missed out on a major chunk of my life. I even find myself wondering about love.

What exactly is the definition of the word? A warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion. The definition doesn’t do the feeling justice. When I picture love I picture that spine tingling, passionate, soul mate thing. Which brings me to the next subject. Soul mates. I used to believe everyone had one…but lately I’ve believed that something happened to mine. Where is he? Why haven’t I even felt the slightest hope that he’s alive?

Liz shut her diary when she realized that the pages became stained with tears. Her grandmother was the one whom had taught her about love…and soul mates. She was a strong believer in it.

As she sat back in her chair she looked up at the sky, silently praying that her soul mate would come and claim her…soon before she broke into pieces.


Isabel sat staring out her window. She was getting bored with men…human men that was. They all seemed to have one thing in common: Sex Craved Addictions. What she was looking for was the sophisticated man that would steal her heart away.

A strong, knight in shining armor. She had longed for an alien love for a long time now. What it meant to actually be with a man that knew her every being and not cause her to keep painful secrets. Alex had been that guy…but there was something deep down she wasn’t quite ready for. She was afraid of that kind of love…although she would NEVER in a million years admit it.

She sighed taking one last glance at the moon before crawling into bed, pulling the satin sheets over her form.


Michael stared at the man in front of him. Sure enough, it was Nasedo. He held a look of guilt in his eyes. He had betrayed Michael and Isabel, but what was really going on?


It was the spring of sophomore year, when all the weird junk started to occur. A new face showed up at Roswell High, making Michael, Isabel, and the gang nervous. It was a blonde with tight curls and her ‘father’ that had moved in across the street.

Michael repeatedly claimed that it was “too close for comfort.”

It didn’t make matters any better when Tess had become buddies with Isabel.

Michael refused to believe that Tess was just another human. Call it alien’s intuition. He found himself regularly spying on Tess. He would hide in bushes, behind trees, in dark alleys. Isabel continued to call him nuts, especially when Tess started visiting the Evans’ house.

One day, he mysteriously made it into Tess’s house. What he found shocked him. After watching those detective shows on the Discovery Channel he had learned all the techniques. Tapping on the walls he listened for a change in the amount of time the echo took. He came upon a wall that was hollower than all the rest. Using his powers, Michael opened the wall and stepped inside a long corridor.

When he reached the end of the corridor he found computer equipment. To him it looked like surveillance cameras had been set up around the house and in this secret room. As he looked around he noted the bookshelves filled with…alien symbols.

About three months ago he had discovered a book with these same symbols on them. If only he could read them. His eyes wandered around the room further and he spotted an orb…one exactly like the ones he and Isabel had received.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing in here?” a feminine voice said from behind Michael. He turned and nearly jumped out of his skin at the sight of Tess. He instinctively raised his hand and concentrated his powers on her.

The next second she was set on fire, her skin making a sizzling burning sound. Another second after that she was blown up, her ashes lying in a pile on the floor.

“Shit,” Michael exclaimed, realizing what he had just done.

“What the…” Nasedo said appearing in the corridor. “TESS!” He knelt beside the ashes looking at Michael. “King Zan?” Nasedo asked confused.

Michael nodded.

~End of Flashback~


Max followed his older self through the streets of Roswell…the future Roswell. It looked horrible…like something you would see out of the Matrix.

His future self stopped in front of a freckled, redhead seated in a leather office chair. The chair turned as she looked at the two of them. “I knew you’d come…I’ve sensed your presence ever since the event.”

Serena stood grabbing her cane as she made her way to future Max. Max could clearly see that the woman was blind. He was thankful, knowing that her other senses were more in tune. Who knows, maybe she wouldn’t have even ‘sensed’ them if she wasn’t blind.

“Are you telepathic?” Max asked, suddenly feeling stupid. He wanted to know what was with this woman that he had just met and if there was more to the story.

“Yes…now we must get to business. The granolith has been tampered with and there’s no way to use it to get back to the past. Max…the teen one…you’ll probably be stuck here for a while. There’s something you two should know about Liz…”

“What is it?” the future Max asked.

“Is she ok?” the teen version said.

“Down boys…well there’s no way to say this, but she and…her and Michael are together now. Only, they’re not in love like you two were…you can’t let your jealousy cloud your judgment so stay attentive while I give you your instructions. Now, to avoid further confusion, the younger Max we’ll call Evans and the older Max we’ll call Senior.”

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Chapter 7

"Nasedo. Let Courtney go," Michael commanded. As if upon instinct, Nasedo grabbed Courtney into a headlock, his hand focused on her head.

"Move one step and she's a dead woman! I want answers and I want them now Rath," Nasedo said, staring down Michael.

"Rath? Rath doesn't least not in this life!"

"'re wrong...what doesn't exist is Zan. You think I'm dumb don't you?" Nasedo stated. "Well, I'm not...and I want the book and I want it now!"

"You'll never get you're damned book," Michael said.

"Oh no?" Nasedo said, looking down at Courtney in his arms. " Say goodbye to your precious whore." With a wave of his hand, Courtney fell to the floor...dead. "Now until you give me what I'm looking for...everyone around you will be terminated, until you're left with no one, but your pety self."

"You're going to rot in hell Nasedo," Michael said raising his hand. He attempted to repeat the actions that had caused Tess's death. Michael managed to cause a storm in the entire house, but it failed to touch Nasedo or himself. Nasedo was too strong for him to defeat by himself...he needed Isabel's help.

* * * * *

The next morning, Liz approached Alex and Maria standing in the quad. They had been busy talking...and Liz finally saw the Maria DeLuca smile again. She was happy for her best friends...they looked completely contempt in their own world.

"Hey guys," Liz said, attempting to get their attention.

"Hey Liz! We were just discussing this new song that Alex wrote. It's absolutely you wanna hear it?" Maria asked, excitement written all over her face.

"Umm...that's alright, I'll just let you guys work on it...see ya later," Liz said. She turned around and walked away. She definitely was happy for the both of them, but now she had the sudden feeling that she was no longer part of their group...that she would be the odd one out.

Liz spotted Michael sitting alone on the grass a distance away and decided to join him. She approached him and sat down. She didn't even bother asking Michael if she could sit down, it would only result in some witty, yet sarcastic come back.

"What do YOU want?" Michael asked. Sarcasm never seemed to fail the man.

"Well, considering my two best friends are hooking up over there I needed someone to talk you know where I can find that person? Because obviously I can't," Liz snapped back.

"Nasedo's after us," Michael blurted out.

"What? But, wait, I thought he was your protector."

"No...I went to Courtney's last night to find out what the hell the skins are up to. She's one of them. And now we're all in danger. Nasedo killed her for the book. Something's in there...something valuable."

"How exactly are we going to decode it?"

"I don't know...also...I'm not Zan. I don't know who is, but Nacedo said I'm Rath. I've been playing the leader my entire life only to find out I'm second in command? It doesn't make any sense."

"Well what are you waiting for? We need to find Isabel," Liz stated, bringing herself to a standing position. Michael's movements followed hers as they left school together.

* * * * *

"So, would you like to go to the movies Friday night?" Isabel asked Jesse Ramirez, a prominent lawyer at her father's lawfirm. Truthfully, he thought she was 20, not 17. Isabel did nothing to convince him otherwise.

"Sounds great," Jesse smiled giving Isabel a bright smile.

"Good, so Mr. Ramirez...we have this office all to ourselves...what do you want to do?" Isabel moved in closer to Jesse. She'd known him for a while now, but hadn't decided on acting on the relationship until last night. This was just what she needed, a man that was older and more mature... someone that didn't remind her of Alex.

"Mmm...Isabel," Jesse continued, moving in close to Isabel.

Isabel's eyes wandered over aimlessly to the clock on the wall. "Oh my god! I'm going to be late for me later," Isabel said, giving Jesse a quick peck on the cheek.

She ran out of the building and down the street. She'd told Jesse she went to the local community college. She knew him and she knew that he would be willing to give her a ride, but the college was much farther from Roswell High then her father's office was.

By the time she reached the Crashdown, a midpoint between the lawfirm and school she ran into Michael and Liz.

"There you are," Liz stated grabbing Isabel and dragging her into the alleyway.

"We need to talk," Michael said.

"Well, what WE need to talk about doesn't include her," Isabel responded coldly, nodding her head to Liz.

Liz never understood the hostility Isabel had towards her. But then again, she had been the reason the alien secret was out and had spread to Maria and Alex.

"It's about the Courtney situation," Michael began. He explained the situation to her as they started to formulate a plan together.

* * * * *

"Ok, you two, sit back. It may take a while for me to fit together what's going on. Basic physics and such," Serena said typing furiously on her computer.

"How can she use a computer without seeing?" the younger Max asked his older self.

"One of the advantages of modern day technology," Serena said. "While I'm figuring this out, you might want to grab some food."

"I'll get it. Evans, what do you want?" future Max asked.

"Whatever's here."

Serena sighed staring at the computer screen. "Evans...I need to tell you something. This in no way can be told to Senior. I know I shouldn't be telling either of you, but its better that I tell you instead of him. Liz...she was with Michael yes, but she died. She died attempting to save the alien race. I'm sorry I had to lie to you like that, but if you work extra hard that's the only way we're going to get her back. Senior over there...he's in way deeper than you are. Therefore it's best that your the one I tell. I need you to continue working hard for this...don't give up on her."

At those last words, future Max entered the room carrying burgers. "It's the future of McDonalds," he explained to his younger self. "Don't worry Sere, I got you your favorite." He placed Serena's meal in front of her, and gave his younger self the sweet and spicy sandwich.

"So where are we starting? Is there a possibility we can visit Liz?" Max asked Serena.

"No, you have to stay focused. Now, get the book translation off that shelf and start reading for anything that may help us. And you, Evans, help Senior, there's other translations of alien books all along that book shelf in the corner there."

With that, the three set to work. Max was trying desperately not to think that Liz had died...that what he'd done had caused Liz his life.

Author's Note: Yay, I'm back, but word isn't so if there are many errors, I apologize. I'm starting to do the cycle of fan fic updates so each of my fics get's equal attention. Internal Flame is next!
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Chapter 8

“Ok, so here’s the plan…Isabel…you dream walk Nasedo. Find out where that book is. Liz, you’ll help me with the break in plans. And when we get inside we’ll create a diversion. I’ll hold Nasedo back with my powers while you grab the book. Are we clear?” Michael asked as he paced the length of his room.

Liz and Isabel nodded their heads.

“Here’s a mental blueprint I made of the Harding residence,” Michael continued. “I marked all the rooms and doors…along with the few secret passageways.

“Here I go…wish me luck,” Isabel said before touching a photograph of Nasedo. She fell back onto the bed as she entered the dream plane. Glancing around she saw a haze. She walked further into the dream and found a horrible site. It was her, Michael…and someone familiar…someone she had never seen before.

It took Isabel a few minutes until she figured out the dream wasn’t a dream, but her past life…her life as Vilandra. Nasedo stood back in the shadows. It was as if she was seeing everything through his eyes. In the distance she spoke to Michael.

“Rath, I don’t know how to get out of this relationship. If I do what will happen? I’ve tried before…several times and Khivar has basically threatened an attack against you and my brother. I…I feel so trapped.”

“Stay calm Vilandra. My troops will take care of him…once and for all,” Rath responded.

“They think they’re so smart,” Isabel heard Nasedo say. “Khivar is going to love to hear this.”

Isabel snapped out of the dream world. “Trader.”

“What?” Michael and Liz said in unison looking to Isabel.

“Nasedo…he…he’s the one who betrayed us in our past lives. Michael…I didn’t betray you or Zan…Nasedo did.”

“That’s great Isabel, it really is…but HOW does this help us?” Michael said sarcastically. He felt frustrated that Isabel couldn’t keep her mind on the topic at hand.

“Michael…Nasedo was there…he probably teamed up with Khivar. He probably already is!”

“Isabel, figure out where the damn book is!”


“So, Maria, are you ready for your night on the town?” Alex asked, extending his arm to her.

Maria nodded and slipped her arm within his. “Always,” was her response. “So, where exactly are we going?”

“Let’s just say that we’ll have a load of fun!” Alex walked with Maria to the Jetta. “Of course…you’re going to have to drive…that is if you don’t mind. I mean…I would, but I don’t have a car.”

“Alex, it’s ok,” Maria giggled. “I don’t mind driving.”

“Ok, great! To the Bat-mobile! Or the Jetta…whichever works.”


“It’s on a shelf…somewhere dark. I didn’t see the actual location in the house, but from what I saw, I guess it looked like a basement or a cellar of some kind. Then again, you never said they had a basement,” Isabel explained after re-entering Nasedo’s dream.

“There is no basement. What you saw was probably the secret room…which makes sense. Hell, if I were him I’d probably use that room too. If we do go into this room we have to be careful. There are hidden cameras…that’s the conclusion I came to when he entered the room as soon as Tess became a pile of ash. They could be hand made…if you know what I mean,” Michael said trying to formulate a plan.


“Ok, take a right there,” Alex instructed. “Ok, park right here.”


“What?” Alex asked innocently.

“I love this place!” Maria said excitedly. Alex had taken her to the carnival held once a year in Roswell. “I haven’t been here since I was 10. Wow, they definitely made some changes for the better! Look Alex! That roller coaster looks sooo fun!”

Maria dragged Alex to the highest roller coaster at the carnival. Normally people would have to wait in line for a couple of hours to get on a roller coaster…but in Roswell most people didn’t have the time to go to the carnival. Therefore, the lines were short and Maria and Alex made it to the front of the line in no time. Maria begged Alex to take the front seat of the car.

The beginning of the ride started as an emotional thrill. The car made its way up the huge hill. Maria sat impatiently as she waited for the top to arrive. Alex on the other hand was preparing himself for the worst. He clutched his hands to the metal bar in front of him and squeezed his eyes shut.

“Alex, open your eyes!”

Alex slowly opened his eyes, only to find himself freefalling with the roller coaster as it turned to the left and then the right at high speeds. He was above and beyond screaming like a girl. He sat frozen with fear as the roller coaster was brought to a halt.

“Alex, that was so much fun. We HAVE to go again!” Maria exclaimed.

With wide eyes and a slightly agape mouth, Alex turned his head to Maria. His expression was absolutely priceless and Maria couldn’t help the giggles that came forth with his expression. “Alex…you…look…so…funny,” Maria managed to say in between bursts of laughter.

Alex removed himself from his seat, still traumatized. “Maybe we should stick to games,” he said.

“Yeah…ok,” Maria giggled.


“I’ll guard the door…Liz, you’ll grab the book, and we’ll be out in a matter of seconds. Iz, you’ll be on the lookout. If anyone comes, use your powers on them. Show no mercy.”

“Michael, what if it’s an innocent human being?” Isabel asked.

“What the hell would they be doing in Nasedo’s house that would make them so innocent?” Michael retorted. “Now, are we ready?”

Liz nodded her head. Her pulse was racing, but in some odd way she felt this was her destiny.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” Isabel responded.

“You’re either in or you’re out. Pick one.”

Isabel sighed. “I guess that means I’m in.”


“Prize goes to the little lady!” the fat concession worker said.

“Could I have that big fluffy dog?” Maria asked. She was ‘kicking butt,’ so to speak, on the games. Alex on the other hand watched his own money dwindle away.

“I tell ya, these games are rigged!”

“Alex, you’re such a kidder!” Maria laughed. “Come on let’s go home.”


“Ok, it’s right behind this wall,” Michael said, using his powers to blow up the entire door. After the particles from the wall had landed on the floor, Michael and Liz walked into the secret room, while Isabel stood outside on guard.

“There’s the shelf,” Michael said as Liz scampered across the room to grab it.

Liz looked through the shelf until she found the book she was looking for. When she touched it, she ran back to Michael. She made it half way before she fell and deteriorated into a pile of ash.

“I knew if I placed a trap it would work…you aliens are so dumb without your precious leader, Zan,” Nasedo said from further in the room.


Alex stood nervously on his front steps. The night was completely twisted. HE was the one who was supposed to be comforting her from the roller coaster, HE was supposed to be winning prizes, and HE was supposed to walk her up to her porch…not the other way around. Then again, this was Maria, one of his best friends since elementary school.

“So…” Alex said attempting to break the silence.

Before he had time to say anything else, Maria’s lips came crashing onto his. His eyes widened as he looked at Maria. Then he realized this was just where he wanted to be…just where he needed to be, and he kissed her back.


Author's Note: I finally got word back so I wont have as many errors...I'm not perfect so I will have some in there just not as many as in chapter 7. Thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it!
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Chapter 9

Michael found Maria and Alex arriving at school together the next day. They appeared to be happy and quite cuddly. He knew he had to tell them about the loss of their best friend. It was going to be difficult, but Isabel had ditched school today. She’d claimed that she was mourning Liz’s death, but Michael knew better. Isabel could care less about Liz. She just didn’t want to be the one to break the news to Alex. Hell, Michael didn’t even care much about Liz. He always made a point of not getting close to anyone. That included Maria. He wasn’t going to give anyone the benefit of the doubt that he had feelings. He knew he did, but he made a point of never letting those feelings surface.

So he stood there, leaning against the school waiting for Maria and Alex to reach him. “Hey,” Michael said, more in a stop there command than a hello.

Maria turned to face her ex. “What?” she asked slightly irritated.

“There’s something I need to discuss with the two of you. Alone. It’s uh, it’s about Liz,” he said scratching his eyebrow. He chanced a glance at them and the angered look that was once on Maria’s face was replaced with one of concern.

“What happened?” Maria demanded.

“She’s uh…she’s dead.” Michael’s head lowered in shame. He didn’t want to chance the expression that would cross Maria’s face.

“You better be shitting me Michael Guerin,” Maria started, “What…what happened.” Maria felt the tears making their presence known in her eyes.

“She was helping Isabel and I…we were going to kill Nasedo.”

“WHAT? You know she doesn’t have powers! How the hell could you allow her to help you? Didn’t you realize that she couldn’t protect herself!”

“Maybe if you and Alex had been paying more attention to her she wouldn’t have turned to Isabel and me!” Michael shouted.

Maria dropped to the floor, her sobs racking her body. Alex dropped to her side to comfort her. He rubbed her back gently and looked in Michael’s direction, giving him a hateful glance.

* * *

“Guys,” Serena stated from her seat at the computer. “I found something.”

Max and his future self made their way over to Serena seated at the computer.

“There,” Serena said pointing to the computer screen. “The pattern has been broken. Think ‘The Matrix.’ The code has been altered. Someone has messed with time…or death. I don’t know exactly what it means as of yet, but this might be the break through we’ve been looking for.”

Outside, thunder crackled and the power went out. “No, no, no,” Serena repeated. Before she had time to turn on the emergency lights there was another thunderbolt, but this time it wasn’t outside, it was inside the room.

* * *

“So Mr. Ramirez what is it you want to do?” Isabel asked, seductively running her hands up and down Jesse’s chest.

“Isabel…we’re in your father’s office,” Jesse responded shyly.

“So? I feel this thrill when I’m doing something dangerous. Tell me you feel the same,” Isabel said, tossing her head back.

“We can’t do this. You’re 17.”

“What are you talking about?” Isabel asked, pretending to be confused.

“Yeah, your father was talking about his kids…who coincidentally are both 17. I do believe the names Max and Isabel came up in that conversation. Unless you’re father has two Isabels,” Jesse said sarcastically.

“Jesse,” Isabel whined.

“No Isabel, we can’t be together,” Jesse said. He turned around and left the office, leaving a frustrated Isabel behind.

* * *

Michael ended up in the bathroom. He looked at his reflection. How had it come to this point? He didn’t want to blame himself for the incident, but the truth was if he hadn’t gotten Liz involved, none of this would have happened. Truth be told, he was surprised that Isabel and him got out of there alive.


Michael raised his arm in defense. If he was lucky, Nasedo would end up blown to smithereens.

“If I were you I wouldn’t even think about it,” Nasedo said. “You see this remote? All I have to do is press this red button here. It’s hooked up to your friend Vilandra…”

“Isabel,” Michael corrected.

“Whatever…one sudden movement and she’ll be dead.”

“You don’t have to do this. I’ll make a deal with you. Anything, just don’t hurt her. She’s all I’ve got,” Michael pleaded. He hadn’t realized how much Isabel meant to him until that particular moment. They were family and now Nasedo held the power to kill them.

“Hmm…a deal, huh? I think we could arrange something to that matter. I’ll let you go free if you agree to never come snooping around my house and if you agree never to kill a skin,” Nasedo added.

“And if we kill a skin?”

“Then I kill you and your precious lover Vilandra out there.”

“Deal,” Michael said regretfully, shaking Nasedo’s hand.


* * *

The Maxs and Serena looked over to where the lightning bolt struck. There in its spot was a human. Not just any human, but a girl.

“LIZ!” Max screamed, rushing over to her side. He knelt down beside her, “What happened, are you ok?”

Liz looked up at Max with a confused expression upon her face. She had no idea who this man was. He was a stranger to her. Where was she? One second she was with Michael stealing a book and the next thing she remembered she was a pile of dust.

“Who…who are you?” Liz asked, slowly sliding away from the male.

“It’s me. Max,” Max responded, a hurt expression on his face.

“Wh-where am I?”

“In the future. You’re the glitch in time. My name is Serena. Follow me and I’ll get you into some suitable clothes,” Serena said to Liz.

Liz arose and for some odd reason she trusted Serena. She followed her into a small bedroom in the dimly lit house. “You can wear my clothes, we’re both the same size so it’ll fit you perfectly. Now, I know this is all extremely confusing, but here is the basic information, you’ve been transported to the year 2014. Once you’ve changed feel free to join me out there and I’ll explain the complexities of the situation, and who those two men are out there. OK?”

Liz nodded, clutching the outfit Serena gave her. She looked down at the materials. It was nothing overly extravagant. She held a knee length tan leather skirt with a black tank top. On the floor, Serena had placed a pair of black leather boots that traveled up to her knees. “So this is the fashion of the future?” Liz chuckled to herself.

Liz changed into the outfit and looked at herself in the mirror. She did look a lot better and less like someone traveling from the past. She stepped out of the room and heard Serena talking to the two men from earlier.

“Don’t overwhelm her with information of your past together. She doesn’t know. I know deep down you’re hurting, but just give her time and she will open up to you. Senior why don’t you start the dinner,” Serena said to the older of the two guys.

Liz took a deep breath and stepped out of the hallway and into the living room. The younger male had tears brimming in his eyes, but when he saw her, his face lit up.

“I don’t believe we were properly introduced earlier,” Liz began. She held out her hand. “Liz Parker.”

Max shook her hand, although he wished he could be capturing her into a familiar embrace. “Max Evans.”

Then it came.


Author's Note:: WOW! I have been away from this fic for some time. I'm sorry to those who actually read this. Feedback is appreciated considering not a lot of people read this

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Chapter 10

Together, Max and Liz received a rush of images of Max’s past.


The first thing Liz saw was Max’s hands over her body. The blood pooled around her already dieing body and suddenly it was gone. She was seeing everything through Max’s eyes.

Moments later she received more flashes, this time quicker.


Max comforting her when she had received the news that her grandmother had died. His strong, but comforting arms wrapping around her as she sobbed into his shoulder.


“I better go,” Max said.

“Why?” Liz asked, slightly confused.

“Because if I don’t go right now, things are gonna change.”

“Change how?”

“I’m gonna have to touch your hair…because it’s so soft,” Max said, running a hand through Liz’s hair. “And I’d have to tell you that no matter what we go through, it’s all worthwhile for me because we’re together.”

“And then?”

“And then I’d have to do this…” Max leaned in closer and captured Liz’s lips.

Liz could feel the heat, the passion from the flash and just as she was about to think through the situation scientifically, another flash appeared before her eyes.


Max put his hand up to the brick wall on her balcony. When his hand moved away a huge heart was glowing brightly, inscribed with ‘M.E. + L.P.’


The closeness Max and Liz shared when they’d both contemplated consummating their relationship. The stars that they saw with each little kiss, and most importantly the love that was radiating off of them in waves.


The final flash that Max and Liz received was Max serenading Liz beneath her balcony. As he neared the end of the song he tossed the flowers up to her. Mid-air they turned from red roses to white roses, her favorite.

*End Flashes*

Liz stumbled backwards, until she hit a wall. In those flashes she saw everything through Max’s eyes and felt everything through Max’s heart. He loved her, but those flashes…they were events that had never happened to her. She was healed by Michael…not Max, this stranger whom she’d just met.

“Who…who are you?” Liz questioned, feeling the walls close around her.

“Max Evans.”

“No…no…WHAT are you and what have you done with me? You’re working with Nasedo aren’t you! He sent me here…and now…and now I…I,” Liz broke down into tears as she slid down the wall. She’s come to the realization that she was dead and no one could save her. It was one thing getting shot by a bullet, but it was another thing when you were turned into a pile of dust. Good luck trying to put that together, right?

* * *

“What happened?” Isabel said with ease. She could always read Michael like a book. The bond they’d shared over the last few years had grown. Although Jesse had turned her down, she knew that with Michael moping around the house she wouldn’t be able to get a wink of sleep.

“What are you talking about?” Michael pretended. He did NOT want to talk about how he screwed things up with Liz, Maria, and Alex. He’d ruined the lives of 3 people within the course of 24 hours, maybe even 4 if he wasn’t careful.

“Michael, I’ve known you our entire lives. Past and present. You think I wouldn’t know when something is bothering you? Tell me.”

“Fine. You wanna know what’s wrong? First of all…I found out, I’m not Zan! I’m Rath…the sister I’ve grown to know is actually the person I’m destined to be with. I’m a fuck up! I messed the Liz, Maria, and Alex’s lives up! And before you say another word…”

“How?” Isabel interrupted.

“Liz is dead. It devastated Alex and Maria…”

“Liz is what? Michael what happened? HOW?” Isabel screamed. “This is exactly why we don’t let humans in! Ok, you know what we’re going to do? We’re going to leave Alex and Maria alone…because if they ever got hurt…”

* * *

Maria laid in Alex’s warm embrace for the past couple of hours. Eventually the crying subsided and she was consumed by the thick silence. “Alex…promise me you’ll never leave.”

“I promise you I won’t leave,” Alex said sweetly, kissing the crown of Maria’s head. Gently his hands rubbed aimlessly up and down Maria’s arms, attempting to provide comfort both of them so desperately needed. Maria had been the first to break into tears, yet Alex felt that he had to be her stronghold, and in that he couldn’t cry. He had to be strong for her…he had to tell Maria Liz was going to be all right, even though he didn’t quite believe it himself.

* * *

Michael stared at the paint and the easel in front of him. This was his only escape from the events that had occurred. Now if only he could paint something. His thoughts drifted to Maria, her warm face smiling on him. The way her golden hair shined in the sunlight and the way her smile lit up his world comforted him.

Before long the blank sheet of paper turned into warm hues of red and pink. The colors representing the love and lust he’d felt towards her since he’d first seen her. The royal blue mixed into it reflected her vibrant, almost brash personality, the personality that’d complimented his own. The specs of black showed the way he’d been treating her lately, the pain that was obviously visible whenever she looked in his face.

Michael stood motionless, staring at the picture. Something was missing, but he was too caught up in the life of the painting to see what that something was. He’d been sitting there for such a long time, the painting had dried by the time he’d figured out what it was that the painting lacked.

Hurriedly, he ran to his closet, searching for the missing piece of the puzzle. He pulled a shoebox down from the top shelf and sifted through the various pictures. None of them showed the love he held towards her, so with a wave of his hand he glared at a picture of Maria as it turned from a simple smile to a picture in his mind.

The picture showed her playing her guitar, her eyes shut tight as she concentrated on the cords. The gentle hum of the guitar was reverberating through her mind, the music showing her heart and her soul. It was the perfect picture for the perfect painting. Using his powers, Michael laid the picture onto the painting with perfect measure.

* * *

“I swear to you…I would never do anything, ANYTHING to hurt you,” Max said kneeling down beside Liz.

Her arms wrapped tightly around her legs, hugging them to her chest. One look at Max and her heart did a flip-flop. In some strange, Romeo and Juliet sort of way, she believed him. She wasn’t sure if it was the love that flowed off of him in vibrant waves, the concern in his deep amber eyes, or just the gentleness and caution he gave as she sat curled up against the wall.

“I…I believe you,” Liz replied. For a brief second she swore she saw his eyes sparkle, but was detoured from her thoughts as Serena spoke.

“Look, I know this is a touching moment and all, but could we get to work? Something’s wrong with time…again. We need to get you back to your time and fast.”

* * *

Michael brought his fist up to Maria’s bedroom window. He lightly tapped on the glass as a figure stood and opened the window. Michael stepped inside the room, holding with him, the painting, wrapped in newspaper. It was the best he could do for an emancipated minor. Besides it was what’s inside that counts.

Alex had left Maria, in hopes to get a good night’s sleep, but deep down inside he had yet to mourn himself. He’d felt he had to be the rock, Maria’s stability, as she cried the night away, when in actuality he felt like pudding, slowly dwindling away to a thick gooey mess.

“What do YOU want Michael? Come to tell me Alex died too?” Maria spoke sarcastically.

“Contrary to your beliefs I actually wanted to give you this…and before you say anything else, it’s not a bomb, nor anything harmful…just open it, ok?”

Maria eyed the newspaper as she held her hand out for the gift. Bringing the gift to her grasp she held it, gently tearing away the newspaper. When the paper slid from the painting she gasped. It showed her every emotion, his every emotion.

With one quick motion, Maria’s lips attached to Michael in the most passionate of ways. She was ready. She was ready to consummate their relationship and bring it to the next level. Her hands worked their way to his shirt, pulling it up over his head, momentarily taking her hungry lips off of his own.

Once the shirt had been discarded her hands ran up and down Michael’s chest. Her tongue seducing Michael’s own as she pushed him onto her bed.

Michael’s hands came to Maria’s breasts. His hands worked their magic, gently massaging Maria’s tender mounds. His hands kneaded their way down until he came to the hem of her shirt.

Their wild actions led to fleeing clothing, being thrown around the room until both were laying in all their glory.

Maria rolled over so that Michael lay dominantly above her. His plump member ready to plunge into her depths at any second.

“Wait!” Maria screamed, just as Michael was about to dive in. He looked at her quizzically as she got up out of bed. She reached into her dresser drawer. “Condoms, condoms,” Maria mumbled as she searched for the small Trojan box. Once she found the package she hurried to where Michael laid with an amused look upon his face.

“What are you waiting for?” Maria asked as she handed Michael the condom. He rolled it upon himself as she regained her position on the bed.

Michael slid his throbbing member into Maria’s tight walls, feeling her break as he pushed through her barrier. When seeing the tears slide down her cheeks, Michael stopped his movements abruptly. He was afraid to move in or out at that particular moment. What was he going to say to her? He wasn’t sure if he should apologize or not. So he stopped.

That was, until Maria begged and pleaded for him to continue. After adjusting to Michael’s thick dick, Maria brought her legs up and around Michael’s waist, using her feet to guide him in further and further. The pace was slow, but filled with pleasure as Maria screamed out Michael’s name.

Attempting to bring Maria over the edge, Michael rubbed her nipples between his thumb and forefinger as he kissed his way between the valley of her breasts to her lips. Her short pants and grunts were then replaced with a long moan of pleasure as Maria hit her climax. The feeling of Maria hitting her maximum pleasure caused Michael to spill his seed into her.


Author's Note: for those of you that actually care, I'll be working on the next chapter of internal flame soon...I'm considering finishing this fic first...I know what I want to happen...I just have to put it together into a chapter. wow, has it really been a month since I last posted? okee doke, hope you liked that chapter!
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Chapter 11

"Ok, lovebirds. I found a wormhole for you to escape into. On the count of three it will appear. Don't be shy. Just jump in. By the time I reach five you better be in there, or else you're not only putting your life in danger but the other person's as well." Serena sat at her desk typing away as she started the countdown. "One. Two. Three."

As predicted a wormhole opened at the count of three. The hole was a mass of swirling clouds mixing together, warmly inviting Max and Liz. Liz still didn't understand who Max was, but deep down she knew he was important. That somehow they belonged together. Unconsciously Liz reached for Max's hand. Together they leaped into the abyss between universes.

"Well Evans, it's just you and me now," Serena stated as she proceeded to close the hole.

"WAIT!" the future Max shouted. He reached out for the wormhole, only to have it shut before his fingertips.

"What? What'd you see?" Serena asked, her blank eyes flickering as she reached for her cane.

"Someone…someone else was in there."


"I'm not sure, but I can guarantee that person didn't belong there."

* * *

Alex sat on his bed lightly strumming his guitar when a knock on his window brought him out of his reverie. He glanced at his window and saw the intruder. Isabel. The one girl he didn't want to see right now. He had given her everything,
even his heart for a moment, but she'd trampled all over it and used him.

Sighing, Alex gently placed his guitar on the bed and moved to the window, opening the panes so that Isabel could step inside.


"What? Did you come here to trample my heart again… to finish me off? Want me to bleed to death? I just lost one of my best friends, Isabel. I'm not in the mood for you right now."

Isabel's mouth opened slightly in shock. That was the last thing she'd expected from Alex. He'd always been so kind and gentle with her, but this Alex was irrational, hostile even. "Look…Alex…there's something I wanted to discuss with you."

Alex's eyes narrowed as he stared at her. "And what exactly would this "discussion" entail?"

"Us," Isabel responded, attempting to gage his response.

"Huh. Well isn't that a surprise?" Alex's sarcasm surfaced as he bounced back down onto his twin-sized bed. He picked up his guitar and began strumming again.

"Alex…please listen to me. I… I love you", Isabel whispered.

"And you came to this realization when? One second ago? I'm not falling for that bullshit anymore, Isabel. Not that it's any of your business, but I'm with Maria now." Alex kept his gaze on the guitar, humming to himself. He thought of Maria and their budding relationship.

"It's funny you should mention that, because I could've sworn I saw Michael heading to Maria's house on my way over here." Isabel's tone had gone icy as she explained to Alex what she believed was the reunion of her best friend and the human he fell in love with.

Alex's head snapped up in shock. He could see from Isabel's gaze she wasn't lying. Would Maria do such a thing to him? His eyes stared into space as his thoughts raced over the situation. Would she really betray him like that?

"Alex, I'm sorry," Isabel said, her voice soft. She moved to the bed and sat next to him, her eyes searching his. Without realizing it, Isabel leaned closer to Alex. Their lips met in a sweet, gentle kiss.

The kiss felt so innocent, almost comforting. It filled Alex's heart to see that Isabel actually cared for him. His thoughts slightly detoured as the kiss branded his emotions. She could be toying with him again. Alex had no idea how he would cope if he found out that Isabel was playing him, yet again.

"No! Stop it. You can't just…kiss me and make it all better. You're lying. Maria would never betray me like that. Get out of my room. NOW!" Alex's voice gradually raised as he regained his bearings. He ended his triad standing and pointing to the window.

Isabel flinched away from Alex's hostile response to her affections. Reluctantly she walked back to the window she'd come through. Glancing back one last time before finally climbing out and walking home.

Walking over to the window, Alex shut it and pulled down the shade. He then picked up his phone and called Maria. He needed to know the truth. Were Maria and Michael together again? The phone rang a couple times before a tired voice


That was all Alex needed to hear to confirm his worst fears. Michael had picked up Maria's phone. What was going on? Were they together now? Were they in bed at this very moment?

* * *

As they tumbled through the depths of the wormhole, Max and Liz were brought to a sudden halt. Something was preventing them from proceeding.

A loud shrill scream could be heard only feet away from Max. He turned to see Liz, and some sort of intruder holding his hand up to her head.

"Make one step, Zan and she dies." Where the man's face was supposed to be, there was nothing. No eyes, no nose and no mouth.

Adrenaline surged through Max. His mind scrambled with thoughts of how to save his love. He could somehow sense who this man was. "Khivar," Max stated. "Let her go."

"Not a chance in hell. I want to see you suffer. I want to see you die. I've had Nasedo watching you all…I know how much she means to you. I finally have you where I want you, Zan. Say goodbye to your 'precious' Liz." A light emitted from Khivar's hand and Liz's body went limp and he sent her floating deeper into the hole.

In an instant, Max was at her side, attempting to heal to her wounds. His hands went instinctively to her head in order to detect the source of the injury. He stayed with her for what seemed like hours. In this corridor, there was no such thing as time…it didn't exist. His attempts were futile. He'd tried everything and there had been no response. Now he held her to him, crying, while Khivar laughed and mocked his human weakness.

"You're going to hell Khivar," Max shouted and raised his hand.

But before Max could exact revenge on the man who had taken his love from him, Kivhar vanished into thin air.

* * *

"There. It's done," Serena said, typing the last commands into the computer. "We're going to die soon, you realize that Evans?"

"We did what we had to do. Now, I can live a happy life with Liz. Did the computer say who the intruder was?"

"It was Khivar. He won't get to you now. To think, all we needed to do was go back in time to stop Khivar. It's been a pleasure serving with you Evans," Serena said, her body slowly disappearing.

"And with you, Serena", the future Max said, disappearing from this hateful life he hoped he'd changed for the better.

* * *

"Liz!" Max was immediately at her side again. The tears flowed freely from his eyes as he tried to revive his love. There she slept, the type of sleep that lasts an eternity. He couldn't let this happen to her. He couldn't let it end this way. He'd kill the bastards who'd done this.

Khivar had mentioned something about Nasedo. Wasn't Nasedo dead? How the hell did he come back? Was there another skin among them? Who was this 'Nasedo?'

All around him the corridor began to collapse in on itself. Max felt himself being pulled from the wormhole. With a thud he landed onto a patch of grass, with Liz in his arms. He took in his surroundings and realized that he was back home.
He looked down into the face of his love, still held tightly in his arms. Now, he had to plan his revenge against this 'Nasedo' and any others that had schemed to ruin his life and had taken away the one person he loved.

Standing with Liz still in his arms, he walked around to the back of his house, hoping to get to his room without encountering his mother. When he opened the window he noticed that everything had changed. What had happened? The astronomy posters that usually adorned his walls were replaced with posters of bands, one in particular: Metallica. It looked like Michael had come in and taken over.

Laying Liz on the bed, Max rested beside her. He gazed at her peaceful face and brushed a wayward lock of her silky hair from her cheek. Once the revolution ended, he was going to give up. Give up his life and everything. It just wasn't worth living without his beautiful Liz.

* * *

Isabel tossed and turned in her bed, trying to find the most comfortable position. Every which way she turned she couldn't seem to get settled.

She knew it wasn't the comfort of the bed that was bothering her. It was Alex. Why had it take her so long to realize what he'd meant to her? Why did she mistreat him from the moment she met him? It wasn't a popularity issue, nor was it her alien history. She had been an idiot and pushed him away because he knew who she was and he still cared about her. She was afraid to love and be loved… until now.

Turning to the window she nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw someone standing there. That was, until she saw the person's kind, gentle face. It was Alex. She got up and opened the window, allowing Alex to step inside.

"Isabel, before you go off on me, you were right. Maria and Michael are back together. Are you happy? Not only has love life been a complete disaster, but I'm groveling at your feet."

"Alex." Isabel moved quickly to the spot where he was rooted in her room. Her arms pulling him into a deep hug. "Please, stay the night."

"I…I'm not ready for… that, Isabel." Alex pulled away from her slightly, eyeing her reaction.

"I'm not asking for sex Alex. I just want you to hold me?" Isabel asked, her puppy dog eyes pleading with him.

"Why, oh why am I a sucker for this," Alex mumbled, nodding his head in response to her question. He let Isabel lead him to the bed and together they laid peacefully, unaware that in the next room their friend lay dead in the arms of the love of her former life.


Author's Note:: special thanks to my new beta reader Tuesday! this chapter would not have been possible without you! I finally figured out some tips for great writing thanks to her and I'm gonna try those tips soon.
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oh, but they ARE getting better roswelllover. just stay tuned and you're sure to find out how...

stay tuned? what am I a tv show?

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Chapter 12

That night Max awoke with a start. Liz was still lying beside him…dead. The pain was unbearable. What was he going to tell everyone? He’d tried to save her, but now he had to save himself from the pain and heartache that he was enduring.

Bringing his hand up to his chest he shut his eyes and concentrated. He forced his heart down to a slow pace. The blood started to clog and he felt himself slowly dying. That moment was the longest moment he’d ever had to deal with, and now he was curled up next to his Juliet. Romeo was dead.

* * *

Maria and Michael walked together back to his place. They were intending to have another round of love making, until they saw Liz and some stranger curled up together on the bed.

Before they had a chance to question who this odd dark haired mystery man was, they were bombarded with memories. Memories of Max, and suddenly it became clear: this wasn’t Michael’s home. In fact, Isabel wasn’t even HIS sister.

Maria climbed into the window of Max’s bedroom. Making her way over to Liz she said, “Liz wake up.” As she reached the brunette’s body, she shook her, attempting to wake Liz up. “Liz, wake up, I have some fantastic news.” Maria continued to shake Liz, slowly realizing that Liz would never wake up again. Her excited tone changed from a dreary, tear stricken mood.

“Lizzie, please!” Maria’s hand gripped Liz’s and she fell to her knees on the floor. “Come back…I NEED you!”

Michael moved over to Maria, lightly resting his hand on her shoulder. Even though he lacked comforting words, his actions were enough.

“Michael, we’re going to kill the bastard who did this to her, right?” Maria’s glazed eyes looked up into Michael’s pained face.

Michael nodded in recognition, pulling Maria up from her place on the bed into his arms. His hold on Maria tightened as he spoke. “Yes. Nasedo’s a dead man.”

Moments later Isabel came into the room, followed by Alex. They’d been attempting to sleep when they heard Maria crying hysterically to Liz. It took them a few moments to put the pieces together. In the mean time Michael attempted to explain the elaborate plan to kill Nasedo. Once finished, he looked at the tightly knit group before him. This was either going to be the death of them, or possibly the birth of two more friends.

* * *

“Remember Isabel, he wants us dead. So we have to attack and attack hard. Remember, Max is dead and it’s all due to this sick bastard,” Michael said, reminding Isabel of the thorough plan. “Now Alex, are you prepared?”

“Ay, ay captain! Ships ahoy!” Alex responded. He’d been assigned to manipulate the cameras inside of Nasedo’s home to be visible inside the getaway van they’d parked across the street. Of course the van had an electric company name on it, as to not give away who would be inside. Alex was sitting in the back, the computer hooked up to a couple rented televisions. This way he could view all the action going on inside the house.

Maria was the getaway driver and she was to remain in the driver’s seat the entire time. If she moved and someone came out of the house, their getaway would be blown, and so would they.

On their way to Nasedo’s house they'd stopped by the UFO Center. The memories they’d received from Max had unleashed a startling revelation. While Max had been working at the UFO Center he’d found an odd pentagon shaped device. Michael had pick-pocketed it and later, Alex had checked out what the device did on a government site. Of course, that required hacking into the system, but for Alex, it was a piece of cake.

They’d figured out that the device could turn off the alien's powers in a certain code, but using a different code, it could turn off the powers of skins and unmentionable alien enemies.

Without another word Michael slipped out of the back doors, accompanied by Isabel. Before they reached the front steps Michael activated the device and tightly secured it in the inside of his jacket.

The door swung open revealing an angry Nasedo. “I thought I told you to stay the hell away from here or suffer the consequences. If you want her dead, all you had to do was ask. Now, are we going to do this the hard way, or are you going to make it easy on an old man?”

“Shut up Nasedo,” Michael said, holding up his hand in defense.

“I would watch your mouth boy. What you say could cost you. Hell, who needs to start with Vilandra when I can have my fun with you first. Then again…you might be fun to have around for torturing purposes.”

Michael released the anger that had been boiling within him towards Nasedo. A fire bolt was sent in his direction and Nasedo had been prepared to counter the action. Instead, he was fear stricken when his powers were gone.

Isabel joined her powers with Michael. Together they killed Nasedo, making him die a long and torturous death as his blood curtiling screams filled the house. Soon, there was nothing left but a pile of ash.

Outside, Alex had been watching the whole thing while Maria sat at the wheel. He honestly thought he’d seen it all, but this had to be the cherry on the sundae. “Get ready Maria, they’re done. Nasedo’s dead. Hopefully this will be the death of the Queen Bee.”

“Queen Bee?” Maria inquired.

“If Nasedo dies so do his minions and groupies,” Alex explained. With a flash of blinding light the scenery before him changed and he was in a different place.

AN: Guys, this story is coming to an end. There are three chapters after this one and one of those three is already done. so depending on feedback, I'll send it when I think everyone's ready.
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Chapter 13

One second, Maria was in the van, ready to push the petal to the metal, and the next, she was in the Crashdown, closing up for the night. It was alien voodoo at it’s brightest, she thought. What surprised her the most was Liz, sitting at the counter, rapidly talking about Max.

“Maria, he wants to be with me, but I can’t do it. His destiny belongs to Tess,” Liz said, looking down at the counter top.

Michael emerged from the kitchen. “Tess is a skin, Liz, and she’s dead.” Before Michael had any more time to explain, Liz had escaped to her apartment above the Crashdown. She’d actually trusted the whore. She believed that Tess was Max’s soul mate, when in actuality, Tess was merely an enemy, plotting against the love of her life and his best friends.

Liz felt her weight being pressed against her bedroom door. Just last night, she’d turned down Max’s offer to Gomez. If she were offered it again, would she take it? At that moment, Max appeared at her window, holding two concert tickets in his hand.

* * *

“What do you mean she’s dead? And what the hell is going on here Michael Guerin? You tell me this instant! One second I’m ready to drive you and Isabel off into the night for killing our best friends and the next I’m sitting here listening to my best friend talk about your best friend!” Maria shrieked. To say she was panicked was putting it lightly.

“Pixie, shut up. Killed Nasedo, killed all of the skins. Including Tess, but for some odd reason, it didn’t kill her memory. So we’re back to the way things originally were. Now, whatever you do you can’t tell Max or Liz. However hard that might be for you…you have to keep your trap shut,” Michael explained harshly.

“Asshole,” Maria responded. Personally, she wasn’t going to take the way he was treating her, so she did the best thing she could think of: counter-attack.


“Oh Michael,” Maria said before attaching herself to him. Their lips crashed together with a force unlike any other and in only moments, they had ended up naked together on the floor of the Crashdown, making earth-shattering love to each other.

* * *

“Isabel, can you just promise me. Promise me that you won’t break my heart. I’ve been down that road too many times and personally, I’d like to get on with my life. I just need to know, will that be with you, or without you? No games, just lay your cards on the table,” Alex said, attempting to be as blunt and straightforward as possible.

“I never meant to hurt you. I just…there’s no excuse for what I’ve done to you…countless times. Alex, I’d love to be with you, and live in the now. Take things as they come and cherish this new relationship we’re about to step into.”

Isabel stood in her room, surrounded by her things, yet none of it was comforting. She’d begun to fidget, the nerves slowly building up inside of her as she awaited Alex’s answer to her comment. The silence was deafening and Isabel didn’t think she could take much more. She looked up into Alex’s eyes. There was something different about him then and there - it wasn’t puppy love that she saw, it was the real deal. Alex moved in slowly and tenderly placed a kiss on Isabel’s lips. It was exactly what Isabel needed.

Of course, they’d parted before the night was over in an attempt to make sure things didn’t go too far. Alex was a complete gentleman, and he wouldn’t do anything Isabel didn’t want. At this particular moment, Isabel wasn’t ready for a fully intimate relationship, and Alex respected that.

* * *

“Max, no, I can’t,” Liz stated, shaking her head. It’d been more of an attempt to convince herself than to convince Max.

“Liz.” Max climbed in through her window and started to walk towards her tiny form, still leaning against the door.

“Please Max, no,” Liz struggled to say. “I…I can’t do this.”

“I love you.” Without warning, Max’s lips attached to Liz’s. The connection was immediately opened and before long they were both seeing the stars. The kiss was pressing and needy, both of them needing to drink each other in. Their tongues dueled, dipping into each other’s throats.

The tickets that were once in Max’s hand dropped to the floor carelessly as Liz pushed Max over to the bed. Their kiss remained unbroken while both fell onto the bed.

Max’s hands traveled up and down Liz’s back until he reached a small patch of skin that was exposed. Her shirt had ridden up a few inches and Max took the opportunity to explore the soft and silky texture beneath his fingertips. Meanwhile, Liz’s hands had begun to gently tug on the bottom of Max’s tight black t-shirt. When the shirt had reached as far up as it would go, she broke the kiss and lifted the shirt over his head.

Before her lips could crash back onto Max’s, Max spoke. “Are you sure?”

“I’m more than sure,” Liz nodded.

“Wait,” Max said. “Close your eyes.”

“What? Max…” Liz said, thinking this idea of his was absolutely absurd.

“I promise I won’t run away, I just want to make this special for the both of us. Close you’re eyes, please?”

Liz closed her eyes, adjusting her position on the bed so that she was sitting cross-legged.

Max quickly ran onto the balcony grabbing as many of the ‘romantic items’ as he could carry.

“Can I open them yet?” Liz asked after what she estimated had been five to ten minutes.

“I’m almost done,” Max said. “Ok, you can open them.”

Liz opened her eyes to find the room covered with candles. The candles from her balcony, all in various shapes and sizes, but with one distinct flavor combination: vanilla and strawberry. Liz had been so caught up in her daze attempting to figure out what Max was planning for her that she hadn’t felt the cotton bedspread change to silk.

Max’s eyes widened, as if he’d almost forgotten something. With a wave of his hand the radio turned on.

“'I Shall Believe',” Liz stated. “This is my favorite song.” Her face lit up in a full-blown smile.

“I know.” Max sat on the bed next to Liz, still shirtless. His lips inched closer to her and he tenderly kissed her, attempting to make the moment last forever.

Before long, they’d shifted into more comfortable positions. Both were laying down, Liz underneath Max. Slowly, Max began to move his mouth from Liz’s while he sucked and nibbled his way to her throat. The moan that escaped from Liz’s parched lips caused a tingling vibration against Max’s lips, only making the erection painfully sheathed in his pants.

“Max, please,” Liz moaned. “Make love to me.”

Max hands trembled as he discarded Liz’s shirt, reveling in the expanse of skin there. The last time he’d seen her this naked was the time he’d healed her. Of course, then he was concentrating more on the bullet wound than the amount of creamy skin located on her stomach. Now, he was worshipping every inch of her skin.

His hands kneaded her breasts, massaging them through the thin cotton bra she was wearing. Liz arched in pleasure, hoping to get greater pressure from Max’s hands. The magic he was erupting from her was almost unbearable. Wrapping his arms around Liz’s back, he attempted to unlatch the bra, but with a failed attempt, he resigned to using his powers. After pulling his hands back he tugged the material down slowly, allowing himself to take in all the beauty before him.

“Max…” Liz moaned. She was aching with desire and him staring at her like that just wasn’t getting the job done.

Max’s lips latched onto Liz’s in a hunger unlike any other. The penetration Max received from Liz’s nipples was enough to send him over the edge right then and there. He couldn’t come, not yet at least. He had to make sure he ravished every fiber of her being. Detaching his lips from Liz’s his mouth continued to nibble its way to her chest, which was heaving erratically.

Taking one breast in his mouth, Max ran his tongue over the tip, attempting to tease her and make her beg for more. What he didn’t expect was Liz’s hands to latch onto his head and in order for her to get deeper into his mouth. He sucked and licked around the perfectly shaped globe. When he thought he’d given the breast enough attention, he moved to the other one, repeating the same pattern: tease, suck, nibble, suck, and lick.

“Oh, Max,” Liz moaned. She could never get enough of saying his name over and over as if it was her mantra.

Liz’s soft moans didn’t go unnoticed by Max. He was completely devoted to giving her a night to remember. After letting the other breast go, he moved his way down Liz’s stomach, remembering the exact place he’d healed her. He’d even spent extra attention to that area, by sucking and nibbling. If he was lucky, she’d get a love mark there, something she could cherish from the memory of the first time they made love.

Max’s hands hooked onto Liz’s pants, pulling the button and zipper apart and sliding the material down her legs. Now, there was only one barrier hiding him from eating Liz. Taking the panties Liz was wearing, Max slid them down her legs and onto the pile of ever-growing clothes.

After gently spreading Liz’s legs apart, Max moved his mouth down to Liz’s swollen clit. Lapping like a kitten and a bowl of milk, Max took a sip of his new favorite taste. There was nothing like it, not only was it spicy enough for his tastes, it had a sweet and tangy taste to it.

Liz’s body was humming. Max was doing magic to her body. She’d never experienced anything so wonderful. The way his tongue reached deep inside of her as he nibbled onto her nub was going to send her over the edge quickly. Max’s mouth didn’t miss one crevasse. His tongue began to press and probe into her deepest corners, licking Liz’s walls.

Liz began to tremble. She was so close to tumbling to the edge, but Max pulled away before she could release. Instead of speaking she looked at Max, her brows furrowed inquisitively.

“The first time you come, I want you to come when I’m inside of you,” Max explained, sliding up her body.

Finally retrieving her voice, Liz spoke, “I suppose I should return the favor.”

Liz slid down Max’s body, until her mouth reached the tip of his head. She’d never seen anything quite so large in her entire life and it completely enthralled her that he could be so excited, because of her.

Liz opened her mouth, allowing herself to engulf Max’s full length. She started with the tip, putting little pressure on the head. Once she thought she’d fully covered the area, she moved down a bit farther and repeat the process. Her tongue was tantalizing to Max’s senses. With each movement she made he jerked forward.

Just as he was about to spew his seed into Liz’s mouth she pulled away. “I wouldn’t want you to come before we’re joined, the only way man and woman can become one,” Liz stated, rephrasing what Max said earlier.

Slowly, and seductively, Liz climbed up Max’s body. Resting their naked forms together, Liz’s lips attached to Max’s. Their tongues dueled in a war to claim each other.

Max took a hold of Liz, and carefully turned her over.

“Wait. I…I don’t have any protection,” Liz stammered.

Max reluctantly left Liz’s side. He walked to the pile of clothes at the foot of the bed and rummaged for his pants. After finding them, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet, sifting through the bills. When he found what he’d been looking for he returned to Liz’s side.

Liz on the other hand, watched as Max went to retrieve his clothes. She’d fully expected him to get dressed, but when she saw him pull out the small package a smile graced her face. Max was quite a boy scout.

Max fumbled with the package as he laid down next to Liz. When his attempts at getting the package open failed, he resorted to his powers. Once the latex material was carefully placed on his throbbing member, he made himself comfortable between Liz’s legs. Looking into her eyes he kissed her mouth, her jaw, her cheeks and her eyelids. “Are you sure?” he asked.

Liz nodded, grinding against Max’s pulsing pelvis. Max entered her slowly at first, careful not to hurt her in anyway. When he was about to break her barrier, Max kissed Liz tenderly, attempting to keep her fixated on his love and to forget about the pain.

Tears sprung from Liz’s eyes. Max was being so gentle with her. After the pain subsided, she began to get antsy. Max was going slow…too slow. She needed to feel him, harder and faster. “Max…faster.”

Max kissed Liz’s tears away as he begun to move faster within her. He covered her lips with his own, attempting to muffle the moans coming from their mouths. Immediately before the two came, they saw stars. Not the same stars from the visions they’d received together the past summer. These were different.

The stars were almost blinding as they both came. Max flipped them over, in his attempt not to crush Liz. Wrapped in each other’s arms, they cuddled together, both falling asleep with Max still inside of Liz and the silk sheets wrapped around them.

Chapter 14

Max and Liz were driving on a strip of never ending freeway. They were 19, and had been attending school at UNM together. They had just finished another round of love making when they’d decided that they needed to get out of New Mexico. Now, they were almost halfway to their destination.

“Max, why don’t we call the others? I can’t imagine doing this without them,” Liz said, looking at Max. He had been so radiant and alive after their lovemaking that afternoon.

“Max?” Liz asked. The man beside her looked completely sated as he stirred. Max turned so that he was lying on his side, his palm holding his face up. He gazed lovingly into Liz’s eyes.

“Remember a year ago, after graduation, when you proposed to me? You got down on one knee and it was the most beautiful speech I heard in my life,” Liz said, a smile forming unconsciously on her lips as she thought about the moment.

”I meant every word of it Liz. You’re my everything and you always will be. I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. I’m so lucky to have a fiancée as beautiful as you are, inside and out.”

“Well, about the fiancée thing. I don’t want to be you’re fiancée anymore.” Liz watched as panic spread over Max’s face. “I want to be your wife. Make me your wife Max. Let’s go to Vegas and get married.” Max’s face cleared as he stared at his fiancée and lover. Leaning in closer he claimed her lips as his.

Their tongues thrashed against each others as they made love for the second time in the past hour.

Max pulled the car into the nearest gas station. As he pumped the gas, Liz went to a phone booth to call the others. Her hands trembled with excitement as she called Maria.

“Hello,” a sassy voice said on the other line.

“Maria, guess what?”

“Chica! Where have you been, we’re all worried sick! Are you with Max again? You know, even though you two are still oblivious to the world, it is still turning on its axis. We still have school to attend and you have grades to keep up. Not to mention friends who are worried about you. Michael and Alex are turning the city upside down trying to find you two. Isabel is using her voodoo to see if she can contact Max.”

“Maria, stop! We’re fine. Actually, we’re on our way to Vegas,” Liz said, unable to contain the excitement in her voice.

“Vegas? What are you doing in Vegas?” Maria asked, but gave little time for Liz to answer as she continued speaking. “There are only two reasons why someone would go to Vegas to gamble or to…Lizzie! You’re getting married?”

Liz smiled as she thought about what Maria had just said. She was getting married. She was getting married to the man she loved and would always love for an eternity. “Yes, and Max and I want you, Alex, Michael and Isabel to be there. We’re halfway there.”

“We’ll be there. We might have to get plane tickets to be there on time,” Maria explained. “Oh, Lizzie, I’m so excited for you! I’ll have my cell on so when you get to the hotel you give us a call so we know where to expect you two.”

“Actually, we were planning on heading to the chapel first. We were thinking the Elvis Chapel would be most appropriate,” Liz said. “There’s another thing. Maria, would you like to be my maid of honor?”

“Of course! Call me when you arrive at Vegas, I have some calls to make to the gang.”

“Thank you Maria,” Liz said sincerely.

“Chica, it’s what best friends are for.”

* * *

The trip to Vegas seemed to take forever. Liz kept willing the time to pass. She was anxious to officially be Max Evans’ wife. He meant the world to her and this was just her way of finalizing their love. Liz turned her head to watch the passing scenery. The desert had started to change; becoming rockier. Somewhere along the line, Liz’s eyelids got heavy and she dozed off.

Max on the other hand couldn’t picture anything more beautiful. His bride-to-be was staring out the window, a look of complete bliss covering her face. They were going to get married within the next 24 hours. The excitement coursed through his body as he pushed on the gas petal. He wanted to get to Vegas…ASAP.

Max drove, and he drove fast for the next couple of hours and before he knew it, he entered the city of bright lights and casinos. He pulled his jeep along side of the Mirage Hotel. While Liz slept soundly in the passenger seat, Max gathered the bags, loading them onto a luggage cart. By the time the bags were all loaded and carefully placed for the hotel worker, Max moved to the jeep and gently lifted Liz into his arms. The valet carefully grabbed the keys away from Max, knowing that this was another one of the ‘young love’ couples that’d just entered Vegas.

* * *

Liz awoke and found herself alone in the hotel room. She sat up on the bed, rubbing her face. The last thing she’d remembered was driving along the never ending stretch of highway. Now, she was lying on top of the silkiest silk fabric, in what she could only imagine was the honeymoon suite. Roses in elegant vases were scattered around the room. Across the room a light emitted from the balcony, drawing her closer.

Liz scooted towards the edge of the bed when she heard a crinkling sound. She turned to where the sound came from and found a piece of paper.

I have something special for you in the bathroom.

Liz smiled. The handwriting was distinctively Max’s. Instead of heading out to the balcony, which had her curiosity piqued; she proceeded to the bathroom. There on a hanger was an elegant burgundy dress, with it another note.

Get dressed and go in to the Kitchen.

Liz stepped into the long burgundy dress, pulling it up and attempting to get the zipper, failing miserably. The dress flowed to her ankles and was strapless. The simple shade accentuated her features; namely, her dark hair and eyes. Looking at herself in the mirror, she smiled. Her hair draped down her back and was done so in a messy, but fashionable way. Now if only that zipper could be pulled up further. She would just have to wait to speak to Max about that one.

A sly smile came across her face as she moved into the kitchen of the suite. There, on a table, laid two candles, and two settings for dinner. Looking down at the table she noticed another note on a plate.

Take a seat and let the smells and sounds surround your senses.

Liz closed her eyes, allowing her other senses to take over. Slowly, some soft jazz music went from a barely audible sound to a comfortable dinner sound. Liz heard Max walk around the room, but she kept her eyes shut. She wanted her sense of smell to take over; and it did.

Slowly, Liz lifted her eyelids, only to find that she was staring into the deep pools of the one she loved. His eyes were darkened and she remembered her dress.

“I couldn’t get it zipped up all the way,” she explained.

Max stood from his seat and walked over to her. “Let me help you,” he said. Liz stood up and turned around, lifting her hair so it wouldn’t get caught in the zipper. Max’s hand trailed down her spine. His hands touched every expanse of exposed skin, sending Liz, spine-tingling goose bumps.

Liz turned around, letting her hair flow through her finger tips and down her back. “Thank you,” she said, not able to control the amount of seduction coming through her voice.

“You’re welcome,” Max responded. He brought his hand up to her face, gently caressing her cheek. Slowly he brought his lips down to hers. The kiss was gentle at first, much like their first kiss that night on her balcony. Quickly though, things heated up, and Liz knew she would be a goner.

“Max? This is going to sound like a silly question, but, what time is it?” Liz asked, already regretting breaking the kiss.

Max looked at his watch. “12:05.”

“It’s our wedding day. This is going to sound corny, but it’s bad luck to make love on the wedding day. I really want to Max, but I want the best of luck today,” Liz said, sheepishly looking to the ground.

“Liz, I love you and nothing you say could ever sound corny to me. In less than 24 hours, you’ll be Mrs. Elizabeth Evans. That’s all I need. I love you, and I can’t get enough of saying it.”

“Thank you, and I love you too.” With that Liz wrapped her arms around Max’s neck, pulling him into another kiss. She broke it short when she found the two of them were getting a bit excited. “The spaghetti looks delicious,” Liz said, changing the subject.

Max pulled Liz’s chair out for her. As Liz sat down he slowly pushed the chair in for her. After moving around the table, he sat down across from her, allowing her to grab some spaghetti first, and then he dug in. They stared across the table at each other, their eyes darkened, both thinking the same thing. They wanted each other, but their minds were telling them otherwise. Liz’s eyes shot down to her plate, breaking the trance.

She thought about the road trip they’d taken to get this far. Just then, her eyes shot up. Max looked at her quizzically. Words weren’t meant to be spoken between the two; they could read each other’s souls.

“Maria. I never called Maria. She’s probably worried sick,” Liz explained. She scooted her chair out, but Max halted her.

“It’s taken care of. They know where we’re staying. Once we’re done with dinner we’re going to meet them in the hotel’s ballroom. I wanted tonight to be special.”

“As long as I’m spending it with you…it is special. I love you.” Liz scooted her chair back in and Max grasped her hand from across the table.

He brought Liz’s hand up to his lips; delicately kissing each knuckle with precise care. “I love you too Liz, don’t ever doubt it.”

With one hand touching the other, the two lovers ate their dinner in bliss. The sound of the saxophone played what some would describe as a depressing song, but Max and Liz thought of it as a love ballad. It’s tune drifting through their soul and capturing their hearts.

Author's Note: Only two more parts left. I'll be sad to see the story end, as I am with all of my stories. I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

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