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Title: Truth
Author: Anniepoo98
E-mail: Anniepoo98⊕
Summary: Post EOTW (only eppys up until then matter)… Future Max comes but he doesn't know the consequences of his actions. After he is gone, the gang has a lot to deal with as the old timeline crosses into the new.
Category: M/L - Liz POV
Rating: R for now.
Disclaimer: I only own the story. Please don't sue. I am just a poor college student.
Author's Note: Yes, yes... I know. I am starting another story when there has been such long gaps between posts on my others. I wanted to let you all know that I have the next parts for "More Than Anything" and "Coming Back to Me" about halfway done. Just wanted to let you know. The rest of the stories WILL be worked on this weekend. I even schedualed in time and everything*happy*

Part 1:

I shall believe. I know that I always will because I always have. Yet, I can feel my heart break into a million pieces when I see that Future Max is gone. Part of me wanted our plan to fail. If it did, it would mean that Max and I were suppose to be together no matter what his destiny was.
However, my plan was foolproof. I knew just how to get to Max to make him hate me. That was the look that I saw in his eyes tonight, disgust. Only thinking that I slept with Kyle could make Max feel that way about me.
I sit down on my lounge chair, trying to hold on to the last warmth left by Future Max on my skin. I know deep down that it is the last time I would feel Max touch me, any version of Max. As it faded, my sorrow grew to fill its place. The tears began to fall and they wouldn't stop. I cried from the future I would never know. I wept for the pain I caused the only man I would ever love. I grieved for everything that had happened in that timeline to cause Future Max to come.
"It's for the best," I told myself over and over again. "He can fulfill his destiny. Michael and Isabel will live. Tess will stay. I did the right thing."
But it all was a lie. I was lying to myself. However, I had no idea how big a lie it was.

"Hello suicide-on-a-stick," Maria said as she approached my locker.
I rolled my eyes. "Would you stop calling me that."
Maria shook her head. "Not a chance in hell. At least, not until you tell me what is wrong with you. I know that something happened. Ever since the night of the Gomez Concert, which was two weeks ago, both you and Max have been walking around like zombies. Shit, he is hanging out with Tess of all people."
My soul sunk a bit deeper. "That is how it is suppose to be," I tried to say matter-of-factly.
Maria didn't buy it. "Not in the world according to me. You and Max are happily-ever-after soulmates. Alex and Isabel finally get it right and get together, like we both know they are dying to do. Plus, Michael gives foot rubs. That is how it should be."
I slammed my locker shut. "Well, in the realm of science-fiction that we have called our lives this past year and a half, I should have nothing to do with Max."
"That defeated attitude is what will allow evil to conquer good. There must be something I can do to change it." Maria looked around. She spotted Alex walking towards us and she waved for him to hurry up.
"Hello ladies," he greeted us, a big smile across his face, like usual.
"Hey Alex," I said, managing a weak smile. I seemed to be all the emotion I could show lately.
"Alex, tell her that this much moping is not good for her," Maria demanded. "She has been walking around like the dead for two weeks and she won't tell me what is wrong."
Alex placed both his hands on my shoulders and looked me straight in the eyes. "Liz, tell us what is wrong. You do look like you have big problems."
I could feel me defensives rise. I jerked away from him, backing up a couple of steps. "My big problems are that I have to deal with the whole Congresswoman Whitker thing, school, and friends who just won't believe that I am fine."
Alex took a deep breath. "I'll believe that you are okay when you and Max can stand to be in the same room as each other for longer than five minutes. Come on Lizzie, we're not stupid. Whatever is wrong with you is a you and him thing."
I could feel the tears rise in my eyes. Anytime I heard Max's name, it was like I couldn't stop them. I would just feel the loneliness I felt as all traces of Future Max disappeared that night. "I can't handle this," I told them, pushing my way past them and down the hallway.
However, I didn't look where I was going. Nope, things went from bad to worse as I ran directly into Max. Both of our books scattered across the hallway as I landed on my ass. He looked directly at me. It was the first time we had been near each other since that night.
"Liz," he muttered softly.
I began to look for my books. "Hi Max," I whispered.
"Liz we have to talk," he pleaded with me.
I could hear the roughness in his throat. It sounded like he was hoarse from crying or yelling, which I couldn't tell. "No," I told him as firmly as I could.
Max reached out and touched my arm. I familiar sensation filled my nerves. The images came to my mind. Max and I were in the same hallway, wearing the same clothes. I had bumped into him, dropping my books, and he was helping me pick them up. That is when the strange thing happened. The Max in the image leaned over and kissed me, passionately, on the lips.
I could feel my legs give out and by the time the image finished playing out, I was kneeling on the floor.
"Are you okay," Max asked, offering me his hand.
Did he not see anything? What was that anyway? What happened in the image never actually occurred. It was more like the weirdest sense of deji vu I had ever experienced. "I'm fine," I told him, ignoring the hand. I got up off the floor and proceeded down the hall to my class. Whatever had just happened was probably a figment of my imagination, what I really wanted to have happen back there. But I was lying to myself again. A habit I needed to break soon.

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What can I say, I had another part, so I thought I would post another part. So here is part two. I hope that everyone likes it*happy*


Part Two:

Have you ever needed to believe in something so bad that you could fool yourself into doing unspeakable actions? I was so convinced that I had done the right thing when I tricked Max into thinking I slept with Kyle, I allowed myself to lie to him over and over again. How could I ever lie to Max? Well, it's simple. I thought I had to.
But I was wrong. Something was seriously wrong. I went home right after school the day I bumped into Max. In fact, I went straight to bed. All of my energy had gone into maintaining my sanity after seeing Max, that now I was completely exhausted.
My bed felt warm and safe for the first time in two weeks. I fell asleep almost instantly. Images began to invade my mind. They were too realistic to be dreams. It was more like they were memories, but of things that had never happened. Max climbed up to my balcony and began knocking on the window. I was dressed in pajamas, but I still allowed him in without even grabbing my robe. The first thing he did was kiss me. I could physically feel his lips on mine, urging me to part them. This kiss was so intense, more than any other kiss.
I could feel my skin heating up as his fingertips began to explore the exposed area of my stomach. Hell, I was on fire, every inch of my being cried out for him to touch it. Our mouths broke apart. Max began to kiss his way along my cheek as he moved me back towards my bed. Then, I felt his hot breath against my ear. "You're mine," he whispered in a low, husky tone.
My mouth started to form words, ones that I had never said. "Always," I told him as I assumed a lying position on the bed. Max moved himself over me, and I turned my head for an instant, getting a quick look at the clock. It was 10:36.
The phone rang as Max in my dream began to kiss my neck again. I woke up instantly, shooting up in bed so fast that I nearly fell off of it. "What time is it," I groaned out loud. I looked over at my alarm as I reached for the phone. It said 10:36.
"Holy shit," I exclaimed into the receiver.
"Liz," the female voice on the other end asked. It was Isabel.
"Yeah, sorry about that," I apologized. "I was just a bit startled. What's up Isabel? Why are you calling?"
"I wanted to know what is up with you," Isabel said, sounding a bit snotty. "I mean you have been acting weird for weeks now. Not to mention, if I have to listen to Max's "Counting Crows" collection one more time, I will have to kill him."
"He's playing the "Counting Crows," I interrupted her. "Damnit." Max only played those CD's when he was depressed. But what did I expect him to be. I had knowingly stomped on his heart, then refused to even talk to him about it.
"Yeah," Isabel snapped on the other end of the phone. "So what is going on between you two?"
I sighed. "I can't talk to you about it Isabel."
"Is that so," she said. I could tell she was getting angry, but there was nothing I could do about it. Future Max told me that I could not let anyone know what happened. "Well, who are you talking to about it, Liz? I know that neither Alex or Maria have a clue about what is going on between you and him," she said harshly. "I actually saw him willing talk to Tess today."
God, how those words hurt, and I knew that was what Isabel meant them to do. She was trying to make me mad enough that I would let slip what was bugging me. "It is not going to work Isabel," I told her calmly as I could. "I am not going to get so mad that I will tell you what happen."
I could hear her take a deep breath at the other end. "I mean it Liz. We are worried about you. I know that you and I aren't close, but you have done a lot for Max, Michael, and I. I know that, and I want to you know that I am willing to return the favor if I can."
I smiled weakly to myself. "Thanks Isabel. But the best thing to do right now is to remind Max about his duty to his people, not to me." I could feel my emotions rise up, getting stuck in my throat. "That's the only thing that will save you," I squeaked. Quickly, I hung up the phone before she could say anything else.
The tears trickled out of my eyes, running down my cheeks. I grabbed my journal and headed to my balcony. I climbed out the window. On the far corner, I heard feet scrapping against the concrete floor. "Who's over there," I asked, getting scared.
However, my words were only met with silence. "Who is it," I asked again, trying to sound demanding. I heard the footsteps move closer as the person came into the light. It was Max.
The rims of his eyes were so red, that I could practically feel how much they were stinging him. "You did this to him," I thought to myself. "You hurt him that much. But it was for the best." However, see him standing there just looking at me, I was beginning not to believe myself.
"I knew it," he said lowly, but firmly. His jaw was clenched so tight that I wondered for a second how he even managed to talk. "Something is going on. There is something that you are not telling me. Why Liz?"
I just dropped my journal at my feet. He sounded so wounded, raw almost. I couldn't talk at all. I physically couldn't form words, at least not ones to hurt him any further.
Max seemed to be getting a bit irritated at my silence. He moved forward towards me, and I felt myself backing away from him. My body wanted so many things all in that second, for him to touch me, for him not to. Well, part of me got its wish. Max took me by both of my shoulders, making an attempt to force me to look in his eyes.
That's when I noticed he was wearing the same clothes he had been wearing in my dream. All I could think was, "Fuck deji vu." Unfortunately, I said it outloud at the same time.
"What," Max asked, a confused look on his face.
I tried to push away, but it was no use. His grip was too tight. Finally, I managed to talk. "Max, you shouldn't be here."
Now, don't ask me what I thought saying that was going to accomplish, but at that moment, I thought it was the best thing in the world to say. I was wrong, again. Max just looked at me. "We need to talk Liz," he told me. "And now seems to be as good a time as any."
"What is there to talk about," I asked him, starting to be angry. "I slept with Kyle. There is nothing to say but that."
Max winced, but he didn't let me go. "Yes there is. I heard you talking to Isabel. What did you mean by save us?"
I wiggled a little bit more, but Max held me tighter. "Damnit Max, you need to be with Tess. That is your destiny. I know that you say we can create our own destiny, but you are wrong. Destiny was predetermined, and your's even sought you out. Can you deny that?"
"Yes, " he said, without even flinching. "Unless you mean that you were my destiny. That I was predetermined to find you. Liz, my life started the day I healed you."
"No," I shouted at him. "That is the day your life started to end. But I won't let that happen. So stay away from me."
Max was so startled at my shouting that he let my shoulders go. I moved around him. Pointing to the latter, I tried my best to gather all my strength. "Leave Max."
"I know you are lying to me about something," he said plainly, moving to the edge of the balcony. "And I won't stop until I find out what it is." With that, he began to climb down the latter, disappearing out of my sight.
I stood in my place for a second, then walked over to my journal. Picking it up, I just thought about all the pain it held. All the memories of the love I had lost. I hated that damn journal in that instant, more than I hated any object in my life. So I threw it over the edge of the balcony, watching it fall into the dumpster below. "Good riddance," I whispered.
Fate is such a funny thing. She likes to show up at hopeless hours, causing your life to twist and spiral in completely different directions. Someday, I will have to thank her. Her and whoever pick my journal out of the trash.

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Hey all.... Thank you so much for the feedback. You know how much I love it. This part gets pretty intense towards the end... so be prepared. I would defintally have to rate it light NC-17. Just to let you know. I hope that you all like it*happy*

Part Three:

You know the saying, "It gets darker just before the dawn." Well, whoever said that must have had an insight look as to what was going to happen in my life. Come on, after giving up my true love, ripping his heart to shreds, and lying to the people that I am closest to, who could possible think it could get any worse. I mean that is what I kept telling myself. "It can't get any worse." Now, I just think that I need to see someone about my lying complex.
The day after Max came to see me on the balcony, he seemed to realize that he needed to leave me alone. I mean I didn't see him at all. In fact, it seemed as though I didn't see anyone. It was like they were all avoiding me. Now, I know that I haven't been little Miss Suzy Sunshine lately, but for everyone to start avoiding me was taking things to the extremes.
And that was what I spent first, second, and third period thinking about. Then, I decided to go to my locker during the break between third and fourth period. Big mistake. That is all I can say, big mistake.
While all of my friends have begun to ignore me, the only person who does decide to actually speak to me is the one person who wrecked my life. Do I even need to give you time to think about this one? Yup, it was Tess. She came bounding up to my locker, sort of huffy-like and giving me a look like I had just set her favorite stuffed animal on fire. Translation, she was pissed.
Not that I actually cared, that is until she slammed my locker shut and used her powers to keep it that way. "What the hell," I said, jumping back in surprise.
"How could you do that to him," Tess hissed at me. "How could you continue to hurt him after all that he has done for you?"
I really wanted to roll my eyes, but I didn't. I wanted to tell her to go away, but I didn't. What I actually did eventually say was something along the lines of, "What do you care? You've finally won."
With that, Tess turned and walked down the hall. I just looked back at my locker. "How in the hell am I suppose to get this to open now," I wonder outloud. My fingers graze the cool metal surface, and before I know it, I am bombarded by images. Tess approaching my locker, much in the same way she did just a few seconds ago. I could feel my own dread, fear that she had found out about Max and I. This version of me was so positive that we had been so careful in hiding it. Then, Tess yelled out, "You said you wanted to help me. What a lie! You just wanted to help yourself to him."
I backed myself as close to the lockers as I could, opening my mouth slightly to speak, but all I heard was Tess again. "Breaking promises is not a very nice thing to do," she told me, lowering her voice. "He is suppose to be with me. You know that, Liz. Just wait and see what happens when you fuck with destiny."
The last part came out like a definite threat, that I could feel my stomach turn in anger. "Tess," I said, finally getting my voice. "Don't say things you don't mean. We all have the right to form our own destiny. That includes Max and I."
The fire in Tess's eyes blazed again for a second, then cooled. She reached out to my locker and slammed it shut, welding it together with her powers. Then, she walked away, and I began to pull out of the flash.
Now, it is one thing to get flashes or dreams after being in contact with Max. After all, it means I actually got to touch him in some way, shape, or form. But getting a flash from touching just a plain, ordinary object. Hell no, is all I have to say. It is like doing all the work without getting any reward. Not to mention, what I actually saw.
The ringing in my ears was the first thing I noticed. It was harsh and high-pitched, causing my entire head to ache. Then came a wave of exhaustion. I don't think that I had ever felt that tired in my life. Now, everyone knows what happens when exhaustion and headaches combine. Yup, the ever horrible dizziness ensued, which was quickly followed by blacking out. And that was what I did. Passed out right in front of my locker.
The next thing I knew, I was lying on my bed with someone pressing a luke-warm towel to my head. As my vision began to focus, my heart nearly stopped when I saw who was sitting on the bed in front of me. It was Michael. "Oh good," he said, noticing that my eyes were open. "You're awake."
I blinked a couple of times, then opened my mouth to speak. "What the hell happened?"
Michael shrugged his shoulders. "Why don't you tell me. What was the last thing you remember?"
"Just standing in front of my locker," I said, bringing my right hand up to press the cloth closer to my forehead. "Why are you here?"
"What," he grumbled. "I was suppose to just let you lay there. I saw you talking to Tess, then you stood there, and then you fainted. I figured that was as good an excuse as any to get out of school, so I took you home."
I guess that my ears are still ringing a bit because I just lay there, staring at him. After a minute or two, Michael finally started to squirm under my constant watch. "What," he asked.
I blinked a couple more times. "Sorry. I guess that I am still a little out of it."
"No kidding," he said sarcastically. "So what happened Liz?"
I searched my brain for about six seconds, looking for a good enough lie. All I came up with was, "I just haven't been sleeping well lately."
Michael didn't believe me. It seems as though my answer came about four seconds to late. "Try again," he ordered me, getting off of my bed.
Now, it seems like any time some one challenges me like that lately, my temper rises and I turn into an ultra-bitch in record breaking time. This was no different. "I have no idea what you are talking about."
Michael gave a little laugh. "You aren't a very good liar Liz. First of all, you took too long to answer. Second, you didn't even look me in the eyes. Therefore, try answering my question again."
I shot up from my bed, ready to tell him where he could shove his answer, but I stood up to fast and a wave of dizziness came over me again. Michael grabbed both my arms and eased me back down to the bed. I reached over, grabbed the wash cloth, and pressed it back against my head. After a couple of moments, the entire world stopped spinning long enough for me to form a coherent thought. I looked up at Michael, who was standing over me. "Please leave," I asked him softly.
Michael's eyes were wide with anger, but they soften a bit when I asked him again, even quieter than before. He simply nodded and moved towards the door. Then, I called out to him. "Michael, please don't tell Max."
"Why," he asked me, not turning around. "Why can't I tell Max that you fainted?"
I took a deep breath. "Because it's Max."
Michael turned and looked me in the eyes. After a moment or two, he shrugged his shoulders, then walked out the door.
Soon after Michael left, I fell back to sleep. Dreams began to fill my head, just like they did the night before. I was sitting in a booth at the Crashdown, desperately waiting for Max to come. The second he walked thought the door I ran up to him, grabbed his arm, and pulled him into the back room. "She knows," I whispered as soon as we were back there.
"How," Max asked me, pulling me over to a chair. He sat down, and I sat on his lap.
I looked into his deep amber eyes. "I don't know," I admitted. "But she does, and believe me when I say that she is pissed."
Max ran his fingers across my cheek. "Does it matter? Maybe it's a good thing she knows that were are together for good."
I turned my face and kissed his warm fingertips. "Maybe," I whispered. But I could feel something in my gut telling me that I was wrong. "I just have a bad feeling."
Max turns my face to look back at him. Leaning forward, he captures my bottom lip with his teeth, lightly, pulling my lips to his. Sucking on my lower lip for a moment, he then flicks at it with his tongue.
I moan, slightly parting my lips, which he took full advantage of. First, he began exploring my mouth with his tongue, but I had other ideas. I started to tease him with mine, and soon we were fighting each other for control.
Finally, I pulled away from him, when I needed air. "That's playing dirty, Mr. Evans," I purred.
Max's eyes darkened even more. "I know," he whispered into my ear, before giving it a little nibble. "I like to play dirty," he told me, his voice getting deeper and deeper.
That is when I felt his hand. Somehow, in our little make-out session, his hand had come to rest on my leg. Well, now it was moving up to my thigh. I gave Max the you-better-be-careful-buddy look, but he just smiled wider and went back to his work.
He captured my mouth again, with just as much force and passion as before. Then, he moved his hand under the hem of my uniform. He didn't stop there. Slowly, with drawing little circles on my skin, Max maneuvered his way to the outer edge of my panties. I broke away from his lips when I felt him begin to trace the edge of my panties with his forefinger. "Max," I moaned softly, half knowing that he should stop and half desperately wishing he wouldn't.
"Yes," he said, teasing me even more with light kisses on my neck.
"You better behave or I will have to punish you," I told him, trying to get control of this situation.
"I don't wanna," he said, coaxing me to do something.
So I did. Now where my dream-self learned this little move, I will never know, but in one swift movement I went from sitting on his lap to straddling his lap. He was turned on… very turned on from what I felt prodding the side of my leg. So, I moved my hips slightly. I was instantly rewarded with a throaty groan from Max. "Much better," I proclaimed as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Max moved his hands to rest on my hips as I began to rock a little harder against him.
Just when things were about to go a little further than then they needed to in the breakroom, we heard Maria cry out. As quick as we could, Max and I straighten ourselves out and ran to the front of the restaurant. Michael was holding a sobbing Maria. When she saw me, she instantly ran over and flung her arms around me. "It's Kyle," she cried.
Something was wrong, so wrong that everything in my being was shouting for me to wake up. But I tried to stay asleep as long as I could to find out what happened. The surroundings in my mind began to fade, and I opened my eyes to see my room.
Things were getting worse. Whatever this was, was getting worse. I needed help, but I desperately didn't know who to talk to. Max was a no. Tess was a hell no. Isabel or Michael would probably tell Max what was going on. Maria and Alex would insist that I tell Max what was going on. That only left one person. Kyle. Quickly, I picked up the phone and dialed his number.

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Hey everyone,

I know, I know... I have been sort of MIA lately. I am so sorry. My life has become everything hetic, so I dont have as much time to work on my fics as I would like. But I promise that I am going to finish all of them. Anyway... here is a brand new part to Truth. I hope that you all like it*happy*

Nothing but love,

Part Four:

Do you know what the worst part about lying is? When you desperately need to admit that there is a problem, it is so hard to find where the situation originally started. Sure, you can say that it was all Future Max’s fault. But if you think about it, he was lying to himself too.
Deep down we all knew what the problem was, including Future Max. We were just to scared to face up to it. After all, everyone wants to believe the best about people, about ourselves. Yet, lying doesn’t change the past. It only fucks with the future.
I paced back and forth on my balcony, waiting for Kyle to get there. Deep down, I had this gut wrenching feeling, like I had to see him to make sure that he was fine. My mind kept wandering back to my dream. "What had Maria meant," I wondered aloud to myself. "What had happened to Kyle?"
Just then, I heard a noise in the alley, so I walked over to the railing and peered over. It was Max. He was just looking up at me, the light form the lamppost playing across his features. He was holding something in his hand, something that looked like a book, but from my vantage point I couldn’t tell for sure. Max stood there for a moment, looking straight into my eyes. However, when I opened my mouth to yell for him to leave, he turned on his heel and walked away.
At the edge of the alleyway, I saw yet another disaster in the making. Kyle and Max bumped right into one another. The only thing I could do was turn my head and shut my eyes. A couple of minutes later, I heard someone climbing the latter. Over and over, I kept repeating, "Please don’t be Max. I can’t lie to him anymore. Please don’t be Max." Unfortunately, I got my wish.
"Damn," Kyle exclaimed as he finished climbing over the railing. "Max Evans can’t take a hint, can he? I mean you pretended to sleep with me to get him to leave you alone, but there he was. Still hanging around."
Just seeing Kyle standing there, something in the back of my mind told me to hug him. Like I needed to make sure he was really there. So I did. I flung myself at poor Kyle, who had no idea why I went from being completely quiet to a pathetic crying mass in a total of three seconds.
Under my weight, Kyle remained still. "Oh God Liz," he said much softer than his previous statements. "I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry." I could tell that he had no clue what to do next, so I untangled myself from him, took a couple of steps back, and tried to regain some composure.
"No Kyle," I reassured him. "It’s all me."
Kyle took a deep breath. "Liz, tell me what is wrong," he firmly, but gently, demanded as he guided me over to the lounge chair.
I sat on it and Kyle grabbed the nearest stool. I looked him straight in the eye, then began to ramble on about my visions and dreams. Of course I didn’t tell him everything. Oh No. That would have been too honest. Liz Parker could never be completely honest with anyone. She had to keep something back for herself. This time it was Future Max.
Kyle sat on the stool, not making a sound or moving throughout the whole story. When I finished, he looked at me, then over to the railing, and back at me. "Do you know why you are having these visions and dreams," was the first question out of his mouth, but not the last. "Are you sure that is what they are?"
I rolled my eyes slightly. "Yes Kyle, they are visions. Trust me, I have had them before and I know what they feel like."
Kyle nodded. "So they are visions… but visions of what? And why are you getting them? Why not one of the actual alien gang we know?"
Taking a deep breath, I ran my fingers through my hair. "I don’t know why I am getting them," I yelled at him. "But I think that they are images of what might happen? Like in the future."
"So why did you tell me and not Max or the others," Kyle asked me. "They are way more into this alien shit than I am."
I got up from the lounge chair. "Did you not hear a word I said, Kyle? Something happened to you in my dream tonight. I have no idea what it was, but it was bad. I figured that you, out of all the people I know, should have knowledge that something might happen to you."
Jumping back a bit at my outburst, Kyle threw his hands up. "Sorry Liz. Don’t bite my head off. I was just wondering."
A long, awkward pause came over us. I was practically shaking from the emotions running through my veins. Did I know why I was having the visions? No, not for sure. But if I would have had some sort of brain working at the moment, I could have connected the dots, leading me back to Future Max.
Then there was Kyle. He was thrown into this whole alien bit because of me. I know that he never asked for it. Then a notion popped into my head, and before thinking, I blurted it out. "Kyle, what about Tess?"
His head popped out of his hands, where it had been resting for the past couple of minutes. "What about Tess," he asked right back.
"She could have something to do with this," I proclaimed right away. The second I saw the look on his face, I wished I had never said it.
"Go to Hell," he snapped at me.
My eyes widened at his response. "What?"
Kyle’s face redden with anger. "I said ‘Go to Hell.’ Not every one of your problems can be blamed on Tess. Have you ever given her a chance?"
I bit my lower lip. "No, but…"
"I bet you want it to be her," Kyle cut me off. "That would mean you could be with Max and not feel guilty about his destiny."
I turned away from him. His words hurt. Mostly because part of it was true. I wanted to be with Max, more than anything in the world, but she was in my way. Now, because of me, she could have him, and I hated it. But I was not about to let anyone else know how I felt about that. I willed the tears in my eyes to stop, and turned to look at Kyle over my shoulder. "Leave," I demanded. "Leave now."
Kyle gritted his teeth, then brushed past me in a huff and climbed down the fire escape. I sank to the concrete floor of the balcony, knowing now that I had managed to completely isolate myself from all those I cared about.

The next two days went by in a blur. Mainly because my visions kept getting worse. It seemed like every time that I would touch something any of the aliens had touched, I would get a flash. For instance, I picked up a pencil that Isabel dropped in the hallway between third and fourth period. My mind was instantly bombarded with a vision of Isabel crying, dressed in black. Alex had his arm wrapped around her and was leading her away from a tombstone, surrounded by the rest of our friends. All except for Tess. I tried to focus on the name written across the top of the grave marker, but the image was too blurry. I knew that everyone felt that this person should not be dead.
So, what did this all mean? I didn’t have a clue. Not one clue. In fact, all that vision left me with was more questions and a splitting headache. That was another difference between getting visions when I touched Max or getting visions from anything else. Max-induced visions cause ‘other’ sensations, not the kind that make me want to hurl or pass out.
Thankfully, I managed to make it through lunch, fifth, and sixth periods without any further encounters of the alien kind. I saw Maria during English, and while she didn’t really talk to me, she did acknowledge my existence. I don’t think that she will ever know how much that one little nod meant to me. Especially after what happened the night before with Kyle. Now there was hope that even though I was going completely insane, I still might have one person who would talk to me. Yeah, I know. I am grabbing at straws, but humor me. Okay.
The bell rang to end sixth period English and I nearly skipped to the door. I managed to be walking right behind Maria, who in turn was walking straight towards Michael. However, I didn’t notice this because I was off in my own little world. When I did realize that I was going to run straight into him, I managed to turn, avoiding a complete collision. But my hand grazed his arm ever so lightly. My mind had never been thrown in some many directions at once.
I saw Michael sitting on the couch in his apartment. Maria was sleeping with her head resting gently in his lap. Max and I were grabbing our coats and walking to the door. Michael simply nodded at us because he didn’t want to wake Maria. Now where I usually followed the vision version of myself, this time what I saw what happened after I left.
Maria jolted quickly when she heard the door shut. I could feel her pain as she looked around the room, then burst out into tears. Michael wanted so badly to make her feel better. I could feel that too. He reached out, trying to wipe away as many tears as he could. Everything had just going so wrong. I knew it somehow, deep down inside. Suddenly, Maria lunged forward, catching Michael off guard. She began kissing him with all her might. I could tell that she wanted to just crawl up inside him, just so she could feel safe again, happy.
But she settled for the next best thing. I watched as they kissed and explored. Michael just wanted to make her happy, to show that she hadn’t lost everything. Things started to fade as clothes were being taken off, and I was hurled back into the real world.
Stumbling back, Maria caught one arm, and Michael caught the other arm. I was so close to falling that I didn’t even realize it. "What happened," Maria demanded to know. "What the Hell is going on with you lately?"
I blinked away the fuzziness the flash had left me. I could see the I-knew-it look in Michael’s eyes, then the damnit-tell-me-something-now look in Maria’s. So, I did the only thing I could do… I ran. I headed home as fast as I could, climbed up my balcony ladder, and hid in the bathroom for the rest of the afternoon.
The next thing I knew, it was five o’clock and my father was knocking on my bedroom door. I emerged from the bathroom and answered the door. "Honey, I know this is last minute," he began.
"Who’s shift am I covering," I sighed. My father always started a conversation like that when he need a shift covered.
A small smile crept across his face. "Both Gladys and Maggie called in. I need you until close."
I nodded and turned toward my closet, getting ready to rummage through it to find my uniform. Then, my father called out to me. "Are you feeling okay, Lizzie? You’ve been acting kind of weird lately."
I couldn’t help grinning at the fact that my father still thought he had to protect me. "I’m fine, Daddy," I reassured him. "I have just been a little tired that’s all."
"Okay," I heard him say as I turned my attention back to my closet. "I was just wondering. It’s just you haven’t been hanging around with your friends the past couple of weeks. I mean, I saw them all downstairs, but when I asked where you were, no had seen you?"
My ears caught on his words and I jerked my head to look at him. "What do you mean they are all downstairs?"
"Max, Maria, Michael, Alex and Isabel are all at the usual booth in the Crashdown. It looks like they were discussing something, but of course you kids never tell an adult what is going on."
Now, I don’t think that I have ever gotten ready for work so fast in my life. But I just knew something was up. More than likely, they were also discussing my ‘weird’ behavior. God, tell me why I can’t get a break. I mean I was lying for all of the right reasons. Right?
Nope. Wrong again.

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Part Five:

Donning my alien apron and antennae, I ran down the stairs from the apartment and into the restaurant. Sure enough, everyone was sitting at a booth, trying their hardest not to look at me as I stormed over to them. "Hi everyone," I said sarcastically. "So is there so new crisis that I don’t know about or were you talking about me?"
"Come on Liz," Maria said, trying to act angry instead of guilty. "Why do you think we were talking about you?"
I looked into each of their faces, except for Max’s. They all avoided looking back at me. "Cause none of you can look me in the eye."
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Max stand up. I could feel a hand gently being placed on my shoulder, turning me to face him. "I can," he stated. I could feel my heart racing and a pocket of air get stuck in my throat. He ran his other hand up my neck, his thumb urging my chin upwards so I could look into his eyes.
That couldn’t happen. I would lose all control if it did, so I jerked away. "Leave me alone," I shouted at all of them. Why couldn’t they just leave well enough alone. I was doing this for them. Michael and Isabel would die if I didn’t. Something would happen to Kyle. My head began to spin with all the pieces of the puzzle Future Max left me to figure out. I ran out of the restaurant, back up the stairs, and to my room. I didn’t realize that someone was two steps behind me.
I slammed my bedroom door, unexpectedly right into his face. I heard the "umph" as he stumbled backwards. Opening the door again, Max pushed his way past me. "Ouch," he joked a bit, rubbing his forehead. Then, his expression turned serious. "Tell me what is going on with you Liz."
"So you have taken to ordering me around," I asked him, gritting my teeth. "Your Majesty."
Max winced at my words. So did I. I could feel the pain coming off of him in waves. I hate this. Why do I have to be the bad guy in this whole situation? Wasn’t it enough to give him up?
Obviously not. We stood there for a few moments in a deafening silence. The air was so thick with tension that it would have bent the fucking butter knife. I finally broke it. "Please leave," I pleaded, not having the energy to be forceful.
Max took a couple of steps towards me. "You don’t want me to," he said, seeming confident he was right. "Deep down, you know you don’t want me to go."
I reached out, placing my hand on his chest, just to push him away. A tingling feeling started at my fingertips the second I touched him. It ran up my arm to my head. Suddenly, the entire scene around me changed. I was wearing a black dress, holding my arm out, keeping a suited Max at arms length. Words I had never spoken, but that felt familiar, started spilling out of mouth. "It is all my fault," I cried, tears rolling out of my eyes. "I hurt everyone I know."
Max ran his fingers up my arm, reaching the shoulder. "Don’t say that Liz. It isn’t true. It just happened. It was an accident."
I shook my head. "I don’t believe that. Kyle was always so careful driving that car. It was like his baby. He would have never done anything to wreck it or hurt himself."
Max took a step closer to me. He had maneuvered my arm back along my side, and was pulling me closer. I rested my head on his shoulder, wetting his suit jacket with my tears. "I can’t believe he is gone."
"I know," he breathed out. "But it wasn’t your fault. You have to realize that."
I could feel his hand trace the line up my shoulder to my neck, then to my chin. I raised my head to look at him. "I love you," I whispered.
He leaned down, unconsciously licking his lips. Then, the image began to flicker. I could see Max in front of me, for a second he was clothed in jeans and a t-shirt, then back in his suit. Our lips made contact. He is so warm and inviting, the initial kiss is so gentle. However, our need takes over. I can feel his tongue tracing my bottom lip, asking permission to deep the kiss. I open up to him, and our tongues mate with one another.
As though they had a mind of their own, my hands begin to wander. I run them up and down his back, feeling the thin material of his t-shirt. I run them lower, fiddling with the belt loop on his jeans. "Jeans," my mind screams outloud. "T-shirt. The Max in your vision was wearing a suit."
I pulled away harshly, opening my eyes and focusing on Max. His chest is heaving, and I realize that I had kissed the wrong Max. And the Max that I kissed was very confused. "Liz," he said questionly. "What was that for," he asked. "Not that I minded, but one minute you are pushing me away and the next your kissing me."
I couldn’t speak, couldn’t think. What was happening to me?
Max reached out to me, grazing my face with his fingers. The second our skin touched, more flashes began to fill my mind, rapidly racing through my brain. A picture of Tess, then Kyle lying cold in the coffin. Next was Maria and Michael, back at Michael’s apartment. Images of Alex comforting Isabel followed. Future Max appeared, asking me to help him. I see the hurt on Max’s face at finding me in bed with Kyle. Kyle lying at the side of the road, medics trying to help him. Tess fading to the background in the funeral, acting strange.
The faster the images begin to come, jumbling what was happening with what had never happened. Faster and faster, blurring and mixing like swirling paints. Pounding racked my head.
I could feel a warm pair of arms wrapping around me. Max’s voice filtered into my thoughts. "Liz," he said frantically, holding me tightly. "Liz, are you okay? Oh God Liz, wake up."
I tried to open my eyes to look at him, but I couldn’t. I had no energy left. Everything around me began to fade out of existence. My room, the visions, Max standing in front of me. And lastly, Max’s voice. The last thing I heard was him crying my name, warm tears tricking down my face. Tears that weren’t mine.

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Part Six:

Everyone knows how much it sucks when a situation goes from bad to worse in a matter of seconds. Well, losing consciousness in front of Max was a turning point. However, at the time, I thought it was for the worse.
Subconsciously, I knew that he would try to connect with me. Even in the blackness that was my mind, I was well aware that I couldn’t let that happen. Having no idea what I did, I somehow knew he didn’t get any flashes when we connected. I also knew that it was upsetting him.
The next thing I remember was the feeling of moving. Not like someone was carrying me, but rather like I was in a car, driving off somewhere. I opened my eyes slightly, taking a quick glance around. I was in the backseat of the jeep. Isabel was driving, Michael was in the passenger seat, and Max was cradling my head in his lap, running his fingers though my hair.
"Are you sure about this Maxwell," I could hear Michael ask. "I mean, none of them have ever seen the Granolith chamber. Shit, we haven’t even told them about it," he stated forcefully, voicing his concern.
"Oh God," my mind screamed. "Why are they taking me to the Granolith? What the hell is going on?"
"We have no choice," Max snapped at Michael. "There is something, something alien, happening with her. We have to help her."
"But…," Michael protested.
"She’s DYING," Max cried out.
"What," Isabel exclaimed, turning to look at Max. A car horn sounded, and the car jerked, getting back into its rightful lane. Then, the tires screeched, the car came to a halt.
"What are you doing," Max yelled in frustration. "She doesn’t have much time."
"It’s a stoplight, Max," Isabel replied. "Getting us killed won’t help Liz any."
"Stoplight," I thought. "Were not moving," I processed slowly, my mind not trying to focus on the other things Max had said. I just concentrated on getting away from the car.
Summoning all my strength, I quickly pushed myself off of Max, surprising everyone in the car. My hand found the door handle, and I fumbled out of the car and to the street. Running as fast as my legs would carry me, I ran down the street and into an alley. I could hear footsteps behind me, Max yelling for me to come back.
I just kept going. Taking a right, I saw a little alcove I could duck into. I made my way to it, crumbing into the dark corner, hiding myself as best I could. I couple of minutes later, I heard footsteps running past. Holding my breath, I prayed they didn’t stop. They didn’t.
I sat curled up in the damp corner of the alcove long after the footsteps grew faint. My mind was finally processing what Max had said. "I’m dying," I laughed bitterly. "Max connected with me and found out that I am dying."
For the first time, I felt hatred towards Max. Not the one that was desperately running around, trying to find me. No, I hated Future Max. If he had been more careful in messing with the timelines, if he had never come, if he had never pleaded with me to help him, I wouldn’t be in this mess.
"Maybe Max was wrong," I hoped to myself. An instant later, I realized that hope was foolish. I could feel my body giving out. Max was telling the truth.
A calmness entered my mind as I thought of the irony of it all. I had done my best to convince Max that I wouldn’t die for him, yet here I was, dying to save the future, to save him. "I hope that after it happens, he will realize it is for the best," I whispered aloud, tears beginning to roll down my cheeks. "I hope that he will know I would, did, die for him."
Getting up off of the cold concrete, I started to stumble down the alleyway. "It’s not that easy," a voice said from behind me. I turned around quickly, getting dizzy with the movement. I stumbled forward a bit, then dropped to my knees as the world continued to spin.
I heard the voice’s owner approaching me, kneeing down beside me. "The time has come for the truth," she said.

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Part Seven:

"Tess," I hissed, seeing the bottom of the blond curls resting on her shoulders.
She reached down and grabbed my neck roughly, forcing me to look upwards at her. "To think that one little human could be so much trouble," Tess replied venomously. "What's the matter Liz? You don't seem happy to see me?"
Hell no, I wasn't happy to see her. She was the last person I would pick to spend my final moments with. "What fucking gives you that impression Tess? Am I not being my usual charming self."
Tess let go of my neck. I couple of seconds later I felt a crack across my cheek. I fell over on my side, clutching the side of my face. "I know your dying Liz," she informed me, standing up. "Alex came to the Valenti's to get me. Apparently, Max wanted us all to go to the Granolith chamber in order to use the healing stones to save you. Luckily for me, you want to die. But before you do, let me in on that little secret of yours."
I knew that moment, whatever credit I had given her was misplaced. "Where is Alex," I asked. What if she had done something to him?
Tess laughed. "Don't worry, he's safe for now. I need him alive. He is the only one smart enough to decode the Destiny book."
I curled tighter into myself as a wave of pain wracked my body, like electric shock pulsating through every nerve. "The Destiny book," I gasped. My brain came alive, finally starting to make the connections it should have made days before. "You killed Kyle," I accused her, raising myself up, slowly.
Tess jumped back a bit. "What are you talking about? Why would I kill Kyle? He is the only human that is useful. He did tell me that you were becoming suspicious of me afterall. He TRUSTS me Liz," she hissed, kicking me in the stomach.
I fell back to the ground. Every part of my body hurt. Things were getting farther and farther away. I could still hear Tess muttering. "If you all had accepted me in the beginning, things would be different. But no, you had to prove Nasado right. They abandoned me, never cared about me. Hell, all you fucking want from me are alien answers that I am suppose to have. Well, I am going to get what I want. I want to go home."
She bent over me, and I feebly reached out to push her away. I could hear her laughing. "Give it up Liz. You don't get to win this time. Max might want you now, but after your gone, he will come to me. I am his mate afterall. Then, I can turn him and the others over to Kivar and go back to where I belong." Then, she began patting her stomach. "Hopefully, with an heir in tow."
"You belong in hell," I said as loudly as I could.
A hand came down at the top of my head and the flashes began. I struggled to move away, but my strength was leaving me quickly. I saw Tess watching Max closely on the night of the Gomez concert. She saw him climb into my window. She knew we made love, that we were bonded forever.
I could feel her anger as she stormed back to the Valenti house. Kyle saw that she was angry and tried to cheer her up. She pushed him, sending a current through his mind that no one could've survive. He collapsed onto the bedroom floor, just as Jim entered. She then used the mindwarp to trick Jim into helping her get rid of the body.
I cried out at what I saw. Tess was evil, there was no doubt now. I needed to stop her, before she managed to hurt anyone this time around. My hand crept along the ground, feeling for anything I could use. Tess's hands were still latched to my head, searching through the flashes to get her needed information. Suddenly, I felt something cold and hard within my grasp. I clutched the metal object, and with all my might, I brought it down upon Tess arm as hard as I could.
She yelped in pain, letting go of my head. I rolled over on my back, opening my eyes to look into her face. Pure anger and hatred flashed in her eyes as she raised her hand towards me. I closed my eyes, accepting the fact that Tess was going to kill me. A second later, I heard a swoosh of air, then a thump. Isabel appeared by my side.
"She's over here," she screamed. "Max, quickly."
There was pounding along the pavement, and I saw Max. I smiled faintly. "Max," I whispered.
He placed a hand on my stomach, like he had done a year and a half ago. "Liz, look at me please."
I did what he asked. I could see the tears running down his cheeks. I felt him trying to heal me, but he wasn't strong enough. "You can't," I told him.
"Don't say that," he pleaded.
"I'm sorry I lied to you," I finally confessed. "I never wanted to. I just wanted to give you all a future."
He placed a kiss on my forehead lightly, then my nose, and then gently on my lips. I could feel a sigh well up in my throat, and I let it escape from my lips. "I love you," I said, feeling the last of my strength leaving my body.
I should have known Max would never have let things end like that.

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Part Eight:

This is going to sound stupid or sappy, something like that, but it is eerie to almost die. To be on that verge of crossing over. It's like telling the truth. At first you are scared because there is so much uncertainty of how the situation will turn out. But you do it anyway. After that, nothing else matters and inside you find this peace.
That is where I was, sort of suspended in this tranquility. I still felt pain in my body, but it was slipping away. Everything was slipping away. All accept for Max. I could hear his voice, talking to me, calling to me, even begging me to stay. It didn't take me a second to know that I would give up all that peace to be with him. To stay where he was. It might have been scary to be at the point of death, but it was worse to think about being without Max at all, especially since he knew the truth.
Strangely enough, Max might not have healed me completely, he did give me enough strength to hang on. And even though he was talking to me, it wasn't the only thing he, Michael, and Isabel were doing. While I couldn't feel it, they had moved my body from the alley and back to the car. From what I heard afterwards, they hauled ass out to the Granolith chamber.
I just lingered in that place, listening to Max's voice and trying to find a way out. That is where eerie comes in. Even though this place was peaceful, it wasn't home. It wasn't comforting. It wasn't where I wanted to be. I needed Max.
I screamed and wandered and fought, trying to get out of the darkness. I have no idea how long I carried on like this, but suddenly the air around me began to move. It was like some sort of electricity was flying through the air, making it alive, setting it on fire.
Flashes began to surround me. I saw Max healing me at the Crashdown, kissing me for the first time on the balcony, our first date at Senor Chows. The flashes came faster, growing more and more intense. I saw Max telling me that I was the only one, after Tess came to Roswell. It was followed by the intense fear for my life in white room. Then, the relief of holding me that entire night after he escaped.
I realized that what I was seeing was images from Max's mind, and I was feeling his emotions. The electricity making thing come alive was him. "Max," I called out. "Max."
The air around me swirled. I turned and saw Max standing there. I ran over to him, taking his hand as soon as I reached him. Suddenly, Michael appeared to the left of us, then Isabel to the right. A few moments later, two more figures appeared behind them. It was Maria and Alex.
They both ran over to me, giving me a hug. Surprisingly, a third person gave me a hug from behind. I turned to look and saw Kyle standing over me, smiling. We all took each other's hands, walking away from the darkness.
The next thing I knew, I felt something cold and hard supporting my back. Slowly, I opened my eyes and looked around me. The place was strange, somewhere I had never been before. I looked around and was met with the most beautiful site in the world, Max's loving amber eyes.
"Max," I whispered lightly.
He bent down closer to me, gently kissing me on the forehead. "Your alive. Oh God Liz, I was so scared I was going to lose you."
I felt his arms wrap around me, pulling me to him. "Max," I said again, a little louder. Everything hit me in that moment. I remembered all that I had been though, everything I had done, and the fact that I almost died. I put my arms around Max, leaned into his chest, and began to cry. The funny thing was, this time it actually felt good to cry.

Part Nine:

That was three days ago. Yeah, it's three days since I almost died… again. The difference was that everyone saved me this time, not just Max. No, he just allowed me to be saved.
The past three days have been spent reassuring everyone that I was all right, especially Maria and Alex. Alex was a little loopy after getting knocked out by Tess, then coming to heal me, but he just called and said he was feeling much better. I have a feeling that Isabel is helping him to recuperate.
Kyle and I made up as well. I have to admit that he is becoming a good friend. I just hope that he is coping with everything that had happened. Afterall, Tess was becoming part of his family before all of this.
As for Tess… when, Isabel sent her flying into the brick building, her neck snapped. She was dead before anyone had the chance to help her. Sheriff Valenti managed to make it look like Tess had runaway, or at least that was what people were saying now.
The only person I really haven't seen for the past few days was Max. That day at the chamber, he held me for as long as I needed to cry. Then, he took me home and tucked me into bed. I remember him saying, "I said I would always come for you," before I drifted off to sleep that night. But, after waiting three days, I decided he wasn't going to come for me. No, I was going to have to go to him.
I waited until it was dark, climbed down my balcony, and walked the few blocks to the Evans' house. I crept around the back, finding my way to Max's bedroom window.
He was standing near his desk, looking down at a black book he had just laid down. I lightly tapped on the window and Max rushed over. "Liz," he whispered. "What are you doing here?"
"I wanted to see you," I said, beginning to climb in the window. I felt Max place a hand on each side of my waist, balancing me as I climbed in. However, he didn't remove them when my feet were firmly planted on his floor. "We need to talk," I told him, looking into his eyes.
"I know," he said.
"Well, I have a few confessions to make," I began, trying to remember everything I had rehearsed saying before coming over. "I don't know what you saw when you healed me, but…"
Max cut me off by placing a finger against my lips. "I saw everything Liz. And what I didn't see, that cleared it up."
I followed to where his finger was pointing. It was the black book. I stepped away from him and made my way over to his desk. The black book was none other than my journal. I looked back at Max. "How did this get here," I asked, barely being able to form the words.
Max gave me a bit of a guilty smile. "That night I bumped into Kyle in the alleyway, I saw this book lying on the ground next to the dumpster. I don't know, something just told me to pick it up, so I did. However, after reading a couple of pages, I realized it was yours"
Nothing could have surprised me at this point, and I mean nothing. Okay, maybe a few things, but I was pretty sure they were not going to happen right now. I just looked at my journal and back at Max. "How much did you read," I asked, not really sure I wanted to know the truth. That book held everything. From Max saving my life to some pretty detailed fantasies to how it felt to let him go. It was the truth in its rawest form, but could he handle it?
"At first," Max began to explain, "only enough to know that you loved me. That is why I never gave up on you. The person who wrote those entries was the only person I could ever be with. Even though I was hurt about you and Kyle, those pages reminded me that you love was worth fighting for. They also sorta hinted that there was something else going on."
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Some how, deep down, Max knew I had never slept with Kyle. He knew that I could never betray him like that. I could feel tears well up in the back of my eyes thinking about how much Max trusted me. But I could tell that there was more he had to say.
"At first… what does that mean… at first," I asked.
"Well…" Max's voice trailed off. "After you almost… almost…"
I could see the emotion in his face. "Died," I whispered, hoping that it would help if I said it instead of him.
A tear ran from his eye and down his cheek. "Yeah," he said so softly that I barely heard him. "I came back here that night wanting answers to all the questions in my head. The first thing I saw was your journal. I knew you wrote everything in there, so it was kind of screaming at me 'answers here.' I've been reading ever since."
Hearing all of this, I took a step closer to him. I hated that I lied to him, I hated that I had put him through so much, and I hated not knowing what was going to happen next. But I wanted the truth now, no more lies between us… ever.
"You've been reading for three days," I asked, almost doubting that it was true.
Max looked into my eyes. "Yeah," he answered, giving me a little smile. "Whether or not you know it, you wrote a lot in that book." Then, his grin turned a little wicked. "Plus, there were some parts I had to read over a couple of times."
I could feel myself blushing as I stepped forward to give him a playful smack on the arm. However, Max intercepted, taking my arms in his hands, guiding my body to his. He leaned over, lightly pressing his lips to mine.
My lips tingled at the slightest touch. Max moved away a bit, but my lips followed his, pressing against them harder. This was right. I no longer needed to breathe or think or worry about what was going to happen because Max was the only future I needed.
Max's lips came crashing back to mine. He drew my lower lip into his mouth, nipping and sucking at it. It was like he was asking permission to deepen the kiss. And I was not about to deny him. Our mouths fused together, our tongues mated with each other. We had finally come back to each other and this kiss was reaffirming that. It was what we both needed.
Finally, we broke apart, due to the fact that we needed air. I had to tell him everything, right then and there. I wanted nothing left between us that could keep us apart. I began to speaking, finding that once I started, I couldn't stop. I told him all about Future Max and what he had said, what I saw in my visions, and all the feelings I had been repressing for the past few weeks.
Max stood there, listening, occasionally wiping a tear away as it would fall from my eye. When, I was finished, he moved me towards his bed, gently urging me to sit down. I sat on the edge of his bed, looking up at him as he placed a little kiss on my forehead. Without a word, he moved over to his radio, turned it on, and put a CD in.

Come To Me Now
And Lay Your Hands Over Me
Even If It's A Lie
Say It Will Be Alright
And I Shall Believe

The familiar words hit my heart like a ton of bricks. "How did you know," I gasped.

I'm Broken In Two
And I Know You're On To Me
That I Only Come Home
When I'm So All Alone
But I Do Believe

Max smiled at me. "When we healed you, I got flashes from your memory. I saw you and the other me dancing to it on your balcony." Max then looked down at his shoes. "I knew it was our wedding dance."

That Not Everything Is Gonna Be The Way
You Think It Ought To Be
It Seems Like Every Time I Try To Make It Right
It All Comes Down On Me
Please Say Honestly You Won't Give Up On Me
And I Shall Believe
And I Shall Believe

Nothing is more amazing than when everything fits together like a puzzle. That is what fate does. She might like to play her little games, but she makes sure that all the clues are there for us to fit together.
In that moment I knew that by fooling myself, I was ignoring her clues. I wasn't the only one who had… Future Max did as well. He in someway needed to trust Tess, to think that she was on our side. Hell, we all did. She had represented his alien side, the part of himself that he did not understand. He wanted to trust her because he wanted to trust himself. In doing so, he ignored all the signs of her betrayal.
So he fooled me, and I allowed it. I began ignoring the signs, but deep down, I knew something was wrong. My lying caused more blindness and confusion. So fate forced me to see someone about it. She dropped my journal at his feet like a bread crumbs, and he followed the trail. Fate had made sure I was forced to see someone about my lying complex, and that someone was Max.

Open The Door
And Show Me Your Face Tonight
I Know It's True
No One Heals Me Like You
And You Hold The Key

Now, he was here with me, knowing the whole truth about what happened, and he still managed to amaze me. I didn't know it, but tears were now freely falling from my eyes. Max walked back over to me, knelt down by the bed, and began to wipe them away.

Never Again
Would I Turn Away From You
I'm So Heavy Tonight
But Your Love Is Alright
And I Do Believe

"Are you okay," he asked. "Did I say something?"
I couldn't form words to answer him. I could barely think beyond this moment. So I did the only thing I could think of. I kissed him. I left nothing out of the kiss. It was all I was thinking and feeling. I could feel Max shifting, leaning into the kiss too.
The next thing I knew, we were lying back on his bed. I knew where things were going, where they needed to be. And this was right.
"I love you Max," I mummered against his lips. "Thank you."
Max sighed. "I love you too. You and no one else… forever."

That Not Everything Is Gonna Be The Way
You Think It Ought To Be
It Seems Like Every Time I Try To Make It Right
It All Comes Down On Me
Please Say Honestly
You Won't Give Up On Me
And I Shall Believe
I Shall Believe
And I Shall Believe

Now, that I have told you everything, I think that it is time for you to skidattle. I want some alone time here. Go…. I mean it! Bye bye… for now.

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