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Title: Feels Like Home
Author: Danielle M.
Email: Opel70⊕
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don’t worry I don’t own any of the characters . . . Roswell belongs to Melinda
Metz and Jason Katims, but I can only dream of what I’d do to Max/Jason if I owned him!
Summary: I wrote this fic the summer after season one and forgot about it. I found it the
other day and decided to post it. This is AU, and Max and Isabel have to come from Wyoming to spend the summer with the Parkers. Read on to find out more!
Category: Max/ Liz (of course, have I ever actually written about someone else?)

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Liz Parker and her parents Nancy and Jeff were sitting in the living room. Her father read
the paper while her mother was attempting to make a dress for her five year old niece. Liz
stared at the television.

The phone started to ring.

“Can someone get that?” Nancy asked.
Liz continued staring at the T.V. and Mr. Parker studied the paper.
Mrs. Parker sighed. “Fine! I’ll get it!” She got up with a huff and picked up the phone.
“Hello?...Diane!” Nancy walked off into the kitchen with the phone.

About an hour later she returned to the living room. Her husband and daughter still in their same position.
“Guess who was on the phone?” After no reply Nancy frowned and turned off the T.V. and grabbed the newspaper.

“Hey!” Liz cried out.

“Honestly, what I have to do to get your attention! Now guess who was on the phone?”

“I don’t know.” Liz said and rose her eyebrows. “Who?”

“Diane Evans!”

“Who’s that?” Mr. Parker asked.

“You don’t remember? She was my college roommate.”

“Oh that’s right.” Jeff nodded.
“Don’t you remember them Liz? We visited them in Wyoming when you were seven. It
was about a year after they adopted Isabel and Max.”

Liz nodded. “I remember them now. Isabel was really mean and Max didn’t talk, he just

“Oh . . . well, anyway, Diane is having some problems with her husband Phillip. So I invited
Max and Isabel to stay with us for the month of August. That way she and her husband can
be alone. Is that okay with you Jeff?”

“Yeah that’s fine. I’d love to have them.”

“And Liz, I expect you to spend time with them.”

“But Mom, I have plans, you know with Kyle and Maria and Alex!” Liz complained.

“Well Liz, I think you can do this one thing for me.”

Liz frowned and went to her room.

Two weeks later:

Liz and her mother were at the Albuquerque Airport waiting for Max and Isabel. They were
standing outside the terminal when the two came out. Mrs. Parker spotted the two first.

“Max! Isabel! Over here!” Nancy waved and started jumping up and down. Liz took a
step back from her.

Max and Isabel saw her and walked over.

Liz gazed at the two. She thought Isabel was beautiful and Max was pretty good looking as

“Hey guys!” Nancy exclaimed. “This is Liz.” She said while touching Liz’s shoulder.

Max gave a little wave.

“Hi.” Isabel said without smiling, looking disgusted.

This is gonna be great. Liz thought.



That night everyone was sitting down for dinner.
“So how was your flight?” Mr. Parker asked.

“It was fine.” Isabel replied.

“Oh, while you guys were at the airport, I got a call about your jeep. They said it’ll be here
tomorrow.” Jeff said.

“Thank you.” Max said, stirring his fork around in his mashed potatoes.

“Liz is going to show you two around the town tomorrow.” Nancy said.

“But Mom-“

Nancy gave her a look. “Right Liz?”

Liz sighed. “Yes Mom.”

“And you guys can work at the Crashdown. Isabel, you can be a waitress with Liz.”

“I’m not really a service oriented person.” Isabel replied.

“It’s not that bad, you can-“

Mr. Parker cut his wife off. “If she doesn’t want to, she doesn’t have to. Max will help
though right?”

Max looked up from his plate. “Uh yeah, sure.”

“Good. Jose and Michael could use help cooking.” Jeff said.

After dinner, Liz was bringing towels to the room Max was staying in. The door was
halfway open and she could hear Max and Isabel talking.

“I can’t believe Mom made us come here. I mean these people are practically strangers.”
Isabel said. “And all this alien stuff is creeping me out.”

“It’s not that bad. It’s only for a little while, but we just have to get use to it.” Max paused.
“Maybe we’ll find some answers.”

“I don’t think so. And the only reason you’re being positive about this is because you like
“I do not!” Max retorted.

“Oh please, don’t give me that. I know you too well.”

Liz had heard enough. She just set the towels outside the door and walked away.

Isabel was staying with Liz in her room.

Liz rolled out a sleeping bag beside her bed.
Isabel eyed it cautiously. “I’m not sleeping in that.”

“Well, I’m not.” Liz said. “Can’t you sleep with your brother or something?”

“Ugh, no! I’m not sleeping with him! Besides he snores. You sleep with him!”

“I’m not sleeping with some guy I hardly know!” Liz exclaimed.

“Fine, then we’ll just both sleep in this bed.”

Liz groaned. “Fine.”

Isabel flopped down on the bed.

Liz crossed her arms. “That’s my side.”

Isabel grumbled and scooted over. Liz got in beside and turned off the light. She made a
countdown of how many more days Isabel would be here as sleep finally came to her.

Liz woke up feeling awful. Isabel kicked, rolled and grabbed the sheets from her all night.
Not to mention she muttered about how beautiful and popular she was in her sleep.

Isabel was waking up as well. She sat up while yawning and stretching her arms. “I
actually slept well. How about you?”

“Yeah, great.”

“I get the bathroom first.” Isabel said while standing up.

“Yeah, sure . . . go ahead.” Liz sighed.

Still in her pajamas, Liz padded down the hall into the kitchen. Max was at the table
dressed and eating a bowl of cereal.
Liz smiled. “You’re off to a great start for your job as a cook.”

Max smiled back. “Thanks. I call it, Cereal de Max.”

Liz giggled and grabbed a bowl and spoon from the cupboard. She then joined him at the
table. “Did you sleep okay last night?” She took the cereal box and started to empty the

“Pretty good.”

Liz reached for the milk.

“How was Isabel?” Max asked.

“Um . . . ” Liz paused and finished pouring her milk. “Let’s just say that she’s not a still

“Oh, sorry.”

“Ah, it’s all right. I’ll get used to it.” Liz shrugged her shoulders. “I mean it’s only 30 days,
14 hours, 17 minutes and . . . ” She glanced at the clock. “43 seconds.”

Liz smiled at a stunned Max and then started to dig into her cereal.



Liz showed Max and Liz around the town that day. Max was cooperative, but Isabel was
being stubborn, complaining the whole day.

That evening Liz walked into the living room. Max was on the couch flipping through a
“Hey Max.”
Max looked up and smiled. “Hi Liz.”
“Where’s Isabel?”
“Oh, she’s out with some people.”
“Yeah, she met them this afternoon.”
“Oh . . . ” Liz sighed. She was trying to clasp her necklace but couldn’t get it. “Max, can
you help me get this on?”
Max stood up. “Um . . . sure.”
She handed the necklace to him and turned around.
Max watched as she held up her hair and gulped. He brought the necklace around her
Liz felt his warm breath on her neck and his fingers brush her skin. She closed her eyes
and tried to ignore it.

Max finally got it clasped. “There.”
Liz let her hair down and turned back around. “Thanks.” She glanced down at the chain.
“My boyfriend Kyle got this for me and to be honest I really don’t like it very much. I only
where it when we go out.”
Max’s face fell. She had a boyfriend? Of course she does, his inner voice told him, she’s

The doorbell rang and Liz glanced at the door before going to it.
“Kyle!” She kissed his cheek as he stepped inside. “Let me grab my purse.” Liz went
toward her room.
Kyle plopped down on the couch next to Max. “Hey, you’re Matt right?”
“It’s Max.”
“Oh right, and you have a sister, Annabel?”
Kyle nodded. “Close enough.”
The two sat in silence until Liz walked back in. “Oh I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce the two of
“We just did.” Kyle remarked.
“Oh okay.” Liz gave a wave toward Max. “See you.”

The next morning Liz met Max in the kitchen. She was wearing her waitress’ uniform and
Max couldn’t help think how cute she looked in it.
Liz placed on her alien antennas. “Okay Max, are you ready for your first day of work?”
Max gave her a thumbs up. “I couldn’t be more thrilled.”
Liz giggled and handed him an apron. “Here, put this on.”

Max did and they headed downstairs to the Crashdown Café. Liz brought him into the
backroom. The morning crew was already there.
“Hey everyone, this is Max I was telling you about. He’s going to help cook. Max this is
Michael, Jose, Maria and Agnes.”
“And me!”
“Oh yes and Tess.” Liz added. She usually got along with everyone, but not the Tess
monster, a name given to her by Liz and Maria.

Michael stared at Max for a moment and then looked away. He knew this guy, but how?

Later during the day, when it was busy, Michael started talking to Max.
“So, where are you from?”
“Wyoming.” Max replied.
Michael nodded. “And you lived there all your life?”
Max paused for a moment. “Well, my sister Isabel and I were adopted here in Roswell
when we were six.”
“Really? So were Tess and I.”

Tess, Liz and Maria were behind the counter cleaning.
“Liz, Max is just sooo hot! You have to set me up with him!” Tess exclaimed.
Liz looked over at Maria who was rolling her eyes.
“He kind of keeps to himself.” Liz replied.
“Oh that’s fine by me!” Tess countered with a huge grin.

Liz frowned and scrubbed the counter harder. Why was she jealous?


Also, I'm making Roswell CD's/soundtracks. Email me at carebehr83⊕ if you are interested! *bounce*

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Title: Feels Like Home
Author: Danielle M.
Email: Opel70⊕
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't worry I don't own any of the characters . . . Roswell belongs to Melinda Metz and Jason Katims, but I can only dream of what I'd do to Max/Jason if I owned him!
Summary: I wrote this fic the summer after season one and forgot about it. I found it the other day and decided to post it. This is AU, and Max and Isabel have to come from Wyoming to spend the summer with the Parkers. Read on to find out more!
Category: Max/ Liz (of course, have I ever actually written about someone else?)

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That night Liz saw Max watching television and she flopped down next to him. "So, what are you watching?"
Max glanced over at her. "Baseball, it the Yankees and the Orioles."
Liz grinned. "I love the Yankees!"
Max glared at the TV and then back at Liz. "You like baseball?"
"Oh, I love it. I've just been so busy lately that I haven't been watching."
Max looked over at her again. "So you aren't going out tonight?" Max asked.
Liz shook her head. "No, Kyle's out with friends, Alex is at a computer workshop and Maria's with Michael."
"Are they going out?"
Liz rolled her eyes. "Who knows? One day they are, then they're not and then they're back together again. The pattern just keeps repeating."
Max paused for a moment. "How long have you and Kyle been together?" Max didn't want to sound like to pry, but he wanted to know. He couldn't help but be jealous of Kyle.
"Almost four months."
Max nodded.
"Do you have a girlfriend?"
Max shrugged. "I don't really date much."
"Oh." Liz turned her attention back to the screen. "What inning are we in?"
"Bottom of the sixth."
"Okay, good."
They watched till the game ending, both of them cheering for their favorite team, the Yankees.

Liz laughed at something Max had said and threw popcorn in his direction. When she stopped laughing, she looked over at him. "All right Max. Every Wednesday is our night to watch baseball or whatever."
Max glanced down to where her hand was resting on his knee. "Yeah, sure."
Liz smiled at him. "Okay." She leaned back into the couch and removed her hand from his leg.
It felt empty now that her hand wasn't there anymore. Max sighed and watched the screen.

The next day Max was working with Michael in the kitchen while Liz and Tess were waitressing. Max could feel Michael's on him as he flipped burgers. He turned his head. "What?"
Michael seemed startled. "Nothing." He then sighed and raked his fingers through his hair. "Well actually, I feel kind of weird saying this but…you just looked really familiar to me."
"Oh." Was all Max could reply.
"You said you and your sister were adopted when you were six right?"
Max nodded.
"Do you remember anything before that?"
Max shook his head. "No."
"Neither did Tess and I…and for some reason I trust you, which is something I rarely do with people."

Max had to admit that Michael did seem familiar in a way to him as well. "Well, I was adopted here in Roswell before we moved."
Michael's eyes widened. "Really?"

"Oh Max!" Tess leaned over the counter that looked into the kitchen.
Max turned his head.
"Is my order ready yet?"
"In a couple of minutes." Max replied.
"Okay, I like to keep my customers satisfied." Tess said in a seducing voice.

Who was this idiot? Max thought and turned back around.

"Hey, do you want to do something after work?" Michael asked. "Bring Isabel if you can, I haven't met her yet."
Max nodded. "Okay." He just had to figure out a way for Isabel to meet them.

"Come on Iz." Max pleaded. "Can we just meet with him tonight?"
"I already said no Max." Isabel replied and went back to her nails.
"But, I have this feeling about Michael. Like…" Max sighed. "I don't know."
"They could just be UFO nuts, trying to get information about us and find out our secret. I mean this is the right city for it."
Max got on his knees and stuck out his lower lip. "Please Isabel, for me?"
"Oh God, you look pathetic. Geez I'll go."
"Thank you Iz!"


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I know it’s been awhile, but I was really busy with schoolwork. Trust me, I’d rather spend my
time writing fanfic!!! Just a reminder: Even though Tess is in this fic, I still don’t like her but
it fits for the story later on.


It was 10 o’clock and Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess were sitting in Michael’s apartment.
They just sat there, either looking around at each other or their hands, not sure what to say.

Tess nudged Michael on the arm. “Let’s just tell them what we discussed.”

Michael nodded and sighed. “Okay, like I told you before Max is we trust you and that’s not
something I normally do. Now we were all adopted when we were six here in Roswell. You
don’t remember anything before that do you?”

Max paused for a moment and then replied. “No.”

“Neither do we.” Tess spoke up.

Michael let out a shaky breath and ran a hand through his hair. “God, I never thought I’d be
telling anyone this, but Tess and I we have these gifts . . . powers really. We . . . we think
we were in the ‘47 crash.”

Isabel spoke for the first time. “Let me see them. I mean your powers, to prove what
you’re saying is true.”

“Fine.” Michael snapped his fingers and a flame arouse from his thumb. Then he went
over and grabbed an apple. He placed it on the table and it exploded.

Tess squinted her eyes shut hard and moved a chair across the room. “You two are like
us, aren’t you?” She looked at Max.


A tear slid down Isabel’s cheek. “I thought Max and I were the only ones.”

“What can you two do?”

“I can go into people’s dreams and can heat things.” Isabel answered.

“That’s so cool Isabel!” Tess said. “I can do something like that too. I can go into people’s
minds and erase anything they were thinking or saw.”
“Isn’t that dangerous?” Max asked.

Tess shook her head. “Not at all. What can you do?”

“Um, I can heal and . . . ” He held up his hand, creating a green shield around himself.

“This is so amazing . . . ” Tess gazed at Max. “I could feel you from the first time I saw

Max only nodded.

“We’ve got something you might like.” Michael said. “It’s the only thing we have from our

“What is it?”

“The pod chamber. The place we emerged from.”

“Can we go now?” Isabel asked, standing up.

Max glanced at Isabel, he had never seen her so happy.

Tess nodded. “You can drive us Max.”

Max rubbed his eyes and stared at the clock in his jeep; 6:10 a.m. He had just finished
taking everyone home. They all had spent the night talking at the pod chamber. They
discussed anything they knew or could think of about there past. Now he needed to think
by himself.
He drove around town and then went to bottomless lake. He got out of his jeep and sat
down on the hard cool ground. He wasn’t sure what to think. This was all incredible, but ...


He quickly turned his head around to see an angel standing before him . . .


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Author's Note: Hey guys, I wanted to tell you about my Valentine's Day! Okay, I'm a lifeguard at the Hotel Hershey and I also have to be a costume character (a giant Reese's peanut butter cup!) So, last night, a man wanted me to help him propose to his girlfriend. I dressed up as the Reese's and he gave me the ring in the box. We walked into the restaurant together and I handed her the box. She opened it and started crying and he got down on his knee. She said yes and they hugged, it was so cute! Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you guys!

"Max?" Liz repeated.

Max shook his head slight to get out of his trance. "Uh, yeah?"

"What are you doing here?"

"Well, it's allowed isn't it?"

Liz smiled. "Yes. Sorry for my being rude. It's just that I didn't expect anyone to be here. Whenever I can't sleep or need to think I always come here."

Max nodded. "I was trying to do the same thing."

"Mind if I sit here with you?"

"No, go ahead."

Liz sat down next to him, stretching out her legs. "For some reason I couldn't sleep at all last night. Nothing's really stressing me out right now. I mean, it's summer . . . and I did have the whole bed to myself." She grinned and picked up a rock. She examined it for a moment before throwing it into the water. "Where was Isabel anyway? With friends?"

Max nodded while studying the stick in his hand.

Liz frowned and placed her hand on his shoulder. "Is everything all right? Is it your parents?"

Max shook his head. He turned to face Liz. She hardly knew him but the worry in her eyes showed him she was concerned.
"It's just . . . " God, how badly he wanted to tell her, just spill out his soul to her. He sighed. "Yeah, I guess it's just family problems."

Liz nodded and curled her legs up to her chest. "I think maybe I am nervous about the school year. It's only a few weeks away. I've been number one in my class for the past two years and everyone looks up to me. Besides, my parents own the Crashdown which gives me more attention. I'm just tired of having to put on an act when I'm around people. The only time I'm really myself is with Maria and Alex."

"What about Kyle?"

Liz shrugged her shoulders. "I don't think he'd understand." Liz sighed. "Sometimes I just wish I could be invisible." She picked up another rock and threw it into the lake. She looked Max in the eyes. "I've never told anyone that before."
Max slightly smiled. "Hey, anytime you want to talk, I'll listen."

Liz smiled. "Thank you."

They talked for the next hour and then went home. Liz was amazed by how easy he was to talk to.

Later that day Liz was working at the Café. She and Maria were waiting at the counter for their orders when Tess strolled over to them.

"Hi guys."

"Oh, hi Tess." Maria replied.

Tess rubbed her eyes. "I'm sooo tired."

Liz sighed. "And why is that?"

Tess smiled. "I was up all night . . . with Max." She sighed happily. "We were out in the desert and talked the whole night."

Liz frowned. Isn't that what her and Max just did this morning?

"Liz! Order's up!" Jose called out. Liz grabbed her plates and walked off.

Liz was finishing applying her make up just as the doorbell rang. She rushed over to the door as Max walked into the room as well. She glared at him, she felt like such an fool, talking to him that morning right after he was with Tess. As soon as she opened the door, she grabbed Kyle, kissing him hard on the lips. When she pulled away, Kyle looked at her slightly surprised.

"Let me go get my purse." She whispered and kissed his lips once more. She looked over at Max. He was staring at them but quickly looked away and sat down on the couch.

Kyle plopped down next to him and grinned. "Hey Matt."


"Oh yeah."

Liz came back into the room. "Ready." She laced her hand with Kyle's and kissed him again. She left without saying goodbye to Max.

Once in Kyle's red Mustang, he leaned over to kiss her again, but she moved away.

"I'm not in the mood Kyle." She said crossing her arms.

"What?" He looked at her in utter confusion and sighed. "I'll never understand women." He muttered as he started the car.

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Hi guys! Remember me?*wink*

I'm so sorry that I haven't posted for so long! Real life was very hectic and constantly getting in the way! But, now that school's over, I'll be able to focus on fanfic again! I'm typing up the next part to this fic now!*bounce*
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“He’s staring at you again!” Maria told Liz.

Liz looked back into the kitchen and saw Max. “He is not, and if he was I really could care less.”

“Ouch.” Maria replied. “What did he do?”

Liz sighed and told Maria how he talked to her right after Tess.

Maria shook her head. “What a jerk! Who does he think he is?”

Liz shrugged. “I don’t know, but I really don’t see the need to talk with him.”

Maria nodded.

That night after dinner, Max knocked on Liz’s door.

“Come in!”

Max opened the door and stepped in.

“Oh, Max. I’m uh really busy.” Liz said, looking down at her book.

“Liz, I know that we still don’t know each other very well, but you’ve been ignoring me.”

“No, I haven’t . . . ”

Max frowned. “Yes, you have. I mean, I thought we were becoming friends.”

“So did I.” Liz sighed. “Tess told me about how the two of you were up the whole night talking in the desert. And then you talked to me that morning. Do you have some kind of plan?”

Max shook his head. “No, we were together for a totally different reason. And Isabel and Michael were there with us. They knew something about me and Isabel’s birth parents.”

“Really?” Liz paused. “That’s why you were so confused that morning.”

Max nodded.

“I’m sorry for assuming something else.”

“It’s okay.”

Liz smiled. “It’s Wednesday night . . . ,isn’t there a baseball game on?”

Max grinned back at her. “Yeah, there is.”

“But Kyle, you promised . . . ” Liz said into the telephone. “...fine, see if I care!” Liz slammed the phone into the cradle.

“Having problems?” Isabel asked while walking into Liz’s room.

“It’s just Kyle.”

“I’ve seen him. He’s got a nice ass.”

“Yeah, well don’t get any ideas.”

Isabel laughed and walked out.

Liz frowned. She and Isabel weren’t exactly becoming friends.

Max knocked on the side of her doorway. “Hey.”

“Hi Max.” She smiled. “What’s up?”

“Well, I got tickets to the diamondbacks/ Yankees game and I was wondering if you would like to go with me.”

“Oh, I’d love to Max! I’ve never seen the Yankees play up close! Thank you!” She got up and gave him a hug.

Max grinned. “The game starts in about four hours, so we’ll have to leave now.”

“Okay, give me a few minutes to get ready.”

Their seats were in front of 3rd base and three rows back.

“These seats are amazing!” Liz exclaimed. “Ah, look! Derek Jeter’s warming up!”

Max smiled at her. The seats were expense, but this was totally worth it.
The vendor walked down the aisle. “Hot dogs!”

“Over here!” Liz waved her arms and grinned at Max. He could just make out her face under the brim of her hat. She looked amazing.

“And did you see how he slid into home just before the pitcher tagged him!” Liz’s whole face lit up as she talked to Max on the way home. “I can’t thank you enough! This was the first gave I’ve ever been to.”


“Yeah, it’s hard for us to go on vacation since the restaurant is always busy.”

“Well, I’m glad you had a good time.”

Liz was at work the next morning when Kyle strolled in. “Hi Liz.”

“Hey Kyle. What’s up?”

Kyle got up on a stool at the counter. “Do anything special yesterday?”

Liz bit her bottom lip. “Why?”

“Just wondering. I mean since we didn’t go out, what did you do?”

“I went out with a friend.”

“Maybe to a baseball game?”

“How do you know?” Liz asked.

“I was watching the Yankees game on TV. After Jeter hit a home run, they showed the stands. They zoomed in on you hugging Max.”

“Oh . . . ”

“What’s going on between you two?”
“Nothing. We just went to the game.”

“That better be all.”

“It is. I would never cheat on you Kyle.”

Kyle’s face softened. “Yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry, I don’t know what got into me.” He leaned forward and kissed her cheek.

“It’s okay.”

“I’ll pick you up at eight, we can go to the new dance club you were telling me about.”

Liz smiled. “I’d like that.”

“Maria! Kyle’s taking me to Eclipse tonight! You and Michael should come with us.”

“Sounds great!” Maria replied.

“Hey, I’ll come too! I’ll take Max!” Tess said while walking over to them.

Liz frowned. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“We have to go to the mall. I have nothing to wear!” Maria said.

“Oh, I know!” Liz agreed. “Tess, you’ll cover for us, right?”

“Well, I . . . ”

The two girls were out the door before Tess could finish her sentence. She frowned and walked over to Max in the kitchen.

“Liz and Maria are going to the new dance club with their boyfriends. Want to go with me?”

“Wait, Maria didn’t tell me anything about dancing.” Michael called out from behind the grill. “She knows I hate that.”

“Well, they’re off to the mall.” She turned to Max and touched his arm. “So, what do you say?”

“Um . . . ” If he went, he would see Liz there, of course she’d be there with someone else . . . Max sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Sure, I’ll go.”

“Great! I’ll go ask Isabel to come!”
Max nodded.


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Here it is...Part nine will be out soon...


Maria and Liz were up in Liz's room getting ready for their night at the club.

"This isn't too much?" Liz asked as she glanced in the mirror. She had on a tight black glittery halter top with a short black skirt.

"No! You asked the same thing at the mall!"

Liz blew out a breath of air and turned back to the mirror. "I just don't want Kyle to get the wrong idea. Lately he's been hinting that he wants us to go farther in our relationship. I mean, I know you and Michael have been . . . "

"Whoa chica! That doesn't mean you should!" Maria exclaimed.

"I know, it's just I want to save myself for something really special, and well, I don't think it's Kyle."

Maria nodded. "That's –"

"Hello girls." Isabel said as she breezed into the room. "Nice outfit Liz. Very becoming." She smiled that fake smile of hers. "Well, Tess invited me to go out with you guys tonight."

"Great." Liz sighed.

Isabel glared at the two girls on the bed. "Well, I have to get ready too you know."

Liz rolled her eyes. "Come on Maria let's do our hair in the bathroom." They went in and Liz slammed the door. "God she's so rude! I can't stand her!"

"Come on Liz, don't let her get to you. Now about your hair . . . "

By 9:00 everyone seemed to be arriving to the club. Lights and music were blaring loudly. Liz and Maria got their boyfriends to dance with them for the next hour.

"I need take a break. I'll be right back." Kyle leaned forward and kissed her quickly.

Liz watched Kyle go and then looked around her. Michael and Maria were dancing happily. Then eyes roamed over to Alex and she stared in shock as she watched him dance with Isabel. Maybe she wasn't such an ice queen . . . She flinched when she saw Tess with Max. She didn't know why she felt so jealous. Tess was boogieing away but Max didn't seem so into it. That made her feel better.

She glanced at her watch, where was Kyle? He should have been back by now. The music slowed and she looked around for Kyle.

Max saw Liz standing alone as Tess wrapped her arms around him. "Lets take a break." He said as he took her arms off him.

"Why Max?" Tess pouted. "We just took one."

"I know, but I just want one."

Max left Tess and went over to Liz. "Hi."

Liz turned around and saw Max. She smiled. "Hi."

"Um . . . would you like to dance?" Max asked nervously.

Liz's whole face brightened. "Yes."

She placed her hands behind his shoulders, not getting to close.

"I didn't get a chance to tell, but you look really great."

She looked up at Max who was blushing and smiled. "Thank you." She found herself moving closer and she wrapped her arms around his neck. She was amazed by how perfectly she fit in his arms. She could tell Max felt it too because he pulled her closer. Liz rested her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes.

"Hey Kyle, look." His friend Paulie pointed to Max and Liz dancing.

Kyle was watching the basketball game looked at Paulie. "What?"

"Over there."

Kyle stared at the two dancing. He shook his head and pounded a fist into his hand. He got out of his chair and walked over to them. "Thanks for keeping Liz company Max. I'm here now."

Liz lifted her head up quickly. "Kyle . . . I-I didn't know where you went and Max asked me to dance, so I-"

"Yeah, it's fine." Kyle interrupted.

Liz pulled reluctantly away from Max. "Thank you for the dance."

Max nodded with his head hung low and walked away.

Kyle watched as Liz watched Max go. "Liz is something going on between you two?"

Liz shook her head quickly. "No, we're just friends."

"You're sure that's it?" Kyle asked.

‘I don't know' Liz thought. "Yes." She answered.


Kyle found Max later that night leaning against the bar counter with a soda. "Max."

"Oh, Kyle . . . hi." Max said slightly surprised.

"I don't know what the hell is going on between you and Liz, but I want it to stop. Now. Liz is my girl. We've got a good thing going on right now, and I want to keep it that way. So back off. Are we clear?"

Max held his hands up. "Completely."

"Good." Kyle gave him a nod and stalked off.

Max leaned his head and sighed.

The next night:

Liz's eyes opened as Isabel kicked her in the side. Liz groaned as she looked at the clock, it was only three in the morning! Isabel kicked her once more. "That's it." Liz mumbled as she grabbed her pillow. It was a hot night and she didn't feel like dealing with Isabel.

She trudged over to the living room and threw her pillow on the couch. She walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out a carton of milk.

"Can't sleep?"

Liz gasped and dropped the milk, spilling it all over the floor.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." Max said walking toward the mess.

"It's -" Liz stopped and openly looked at his figure. He only had on a pair of boxer shorts and she couldn't help but gape at his tan muscular form.

"Um . . . Liz?"

Liz looked back up at him startled. "Oh . . . um, what are you doing in here?"

"I couldn't sleep. So I came for a glass milk." He glanced down at the floor. "I guess I won't be now."

Liz blushed.

"Here, let me help you clean up."

Liz grabbed some paper towels and bent down on the floor.

As they quickly started to wipe up the liquid, Liz kept on sneaking glances at Max, watching as his muscles moved.

"Seems good." Max said standing back up.

Liz nodded. "Thanks." She outstretched her hand. "I'll take that."

As he handed her the towel, their hands brushed and the contact was like fire.

Liz whispered his name and Max sucked in his breathed as her burning eyes met his.

Before either of them could stop what was happening, Max was sweeping Liz up into his arms and his mouth crushed down on hers. Liz moaned into his mouth as the kiss intensified and she wrapped her legs around his trim waist. Her hands trailed up his back and into his soft hair.

Max leaned against the counter for support, becoming drunk from Liz's kisses. He found himself walking to the living and they fell down onto the couch, never breaking their kiss. His mouth trailed down to her neck, suckling on her sweet skin.

"Mmm Max . . . " Liz dragged his mouth back to hers. Hearing his name brought Max back to his senses and he pulled away.

"We can't do this Liz." He said, still breathing heavily. "Kyle."

"Kyle." Liz repeated and frowned. She had forgotten all about him.

Max sighed and leaned his forehead against hers. "I'm sorry." He whispered and stood up leaving Liz alone in the room.

Liz watched him go down the hall and bit her bottom lip. She felt like crying. She laid back down on the couch and slowly traced her fingers over her lips. That was the most amazing spine tingling kiss she had ever received in her life.

Max flopped down on his bed and pressed his fingers to his lips. He couldn't help but smile. He didn't have a lot of experience with girls, but the kiss he shared with Liz was different . . . it was incredible.

It wasn't so much that Kyle was stopping him from being with Liz. Even if Liz didn't have a boyfriend it would never work out. Max tried to convince himself. August was almost over and he'd be going back to Wyoming soon.

And another thing was stopping him . . . his race.


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