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Title: Til We Meet Again
Author: Thea
Rating: PG
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters; I’m only borrowing them for a little while.
Summary: Max and Liz meet well before the third grade…at the age of six in Wilson’s Home for Children. They are placed with different families, and meet later in Roswell.

Note: I posted part of this before at the old board. I just now got around to finishing it.

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The Meeting~

Max cowered in the corner; he really didn’t like those big people who kept asking him stuff he really didn’t understand. Where had he come from? Where were his parents and what were he and his sister doing naked in the desert?

He really didn’t understand what those words meant. He kept thinking about night, when they’d been found. All he really remembered was feeling warm and safe, then suddenly trapped and suffocating. After that his memories were all disoriented, he did remember those cold, hard rocks and wandering around holding tight to the little girl’s hand. The little girl they called his sister – Isabel.

The girl, he knew her from before. She reminded him of someone. Who? He didn’t know. However, he knew she represented home and safety. He also knew that the memories of before seemed just beyond the reach of his mind.

A passing car had spotted them a little boy and girl about the age of six wandering alongside the road. The young couple had stopped and tried to talk to them, when they got no response they had called in the local children’s services and the town sheriff.

The children deemed Max and Isabel by the social workers clung together in tight form. The social service folks didn’t know quite what to make of it. These kids seemed to be too different to just have gotten lost. They seemed well nourished, but they had no vocabulary so to speak. They had to be taught how to do everything, yet they seemed highly intelligent and caught on very quickly to whatever they were showed. This was a very complex case of abandonment, or so it seemed.

Helen Walker, the social worker assigned to the “Desert” case watched the children. *Whatever circumstances these two had come from one thing was evident. There was a very special bond between Max and Isabel. One seemed to know where the other was at all times, with out even looking around. *

Max silently watched the other children as they played out in the yard. There were swings, seesaws, a merry-go-round, and even a slide. While it was still early spring and the weather was normally cool, today was exceptionally warm. For this reason most of the children went outside to play. All except for a few that were playing a game in the corner, Isabel who was playing with a doll, and a dark headed little girl at the art table.

The little girl had several coloring books spread out in front of her and a rainbow of colored crayons. She was working on a picture of a butterfly, when she began to notice that she was being watched. Max stood about three feet from the table and stared intently at her picture.

“Hi, I’m Lizzie,” the little girl said. “Who are you?

“Mmmax” he stammered.

“Hi Max, Would you like to color with me?” Liz asked.

Max just nodded. *There was something different about this girl* he thought, and that was when he noticed it. The large yellow and green bruise on her forearm, and peeking out from under her sleeve, a nasty black one on her upper arm.

“What’s that?” he asked, pointing to the bruises on her arm.

Liz just drew her arms around herself and then picked up a crayon and began to color. Max realizing she didn’t want to talk began to look for his own picture to work on.

Later after they had finished coloring, Max and Liz were playing quietly in the corner while the younger kids had a nap. He reached out to get her attention to show her something, in doing so he accidentally bumped her arm.

“Owwwww.” She cried. Liz turned to walk away and Max reached out again and this time his little hand was glowing softly. He instinctively passed his hand over her injured arm.

Liz looked down in wonder, her arm looked normal again. She couldn’t believe it didn’t hurt to touch it anymore. She just kind of stared at Max for a little bit.

“How’d you do that?”

Max suddenly looked panicked. He suddenly knew that nobody else could know about this. He was different.

“Shhhhh, Quiet. You can’t tell.” He said.

As Max and Liz stared at each other for a few moments, something unexplainable happened in the playroom of Wilson’s Home for Children. An unearthly bond passed between the two as a wide-eyed Elizabeth Hammonds nodded slowly at Max. He knew in that instant that his secret was safe with his dark-haired playmate.

A few moments later Isabel wandered over and the spell was broken.
Placement ~

After two weeks, a lot of visits to Wilson’s Home for Children, and a lot of string pulling on the part of the Evans’ the placement hearing date had arrived. If all went well Max and Isabel would be going home with Philip and Diane Evans this afternoon. They were going to be officially adopted as soon as all the other paperwork went through.

*Max and Isabel took the news very well, * Helen thought.

Isabel was absolutely thrilled; she was going to have a Mommy and Daddy. Philip and Diane had told her and Max that they could come and get them guardianship was granted. Max liked Philip and Diane, he felt safe with them. He didn’t realize that going with them would mean leaving Liz…


Meanwhile, a little later that morning Helen had other news to deliver.

“Liz, come here.” Helen called.

Obediently Liz walked over to where Helen sat. She liked Helen; she was always nice to her. *This poor child has experienced much more than one her age should ever have to deal with, * Helen thought. This was not Liz’s first trip to the Home. Mary, her mother was a poor slip of a woman who worked two jobs trying to make ends meet. Liz’s father Andrew Hammonds, was an abusive low-life that drifted from one job to the other wasn’t around a whole lot. A frantic call from Mary always meant one thing, Andrew was in town and he was drunk. Mary did the best she could to shield Liz from his drunken rages, but sometimes there was very little that she could do. So usually once every two or three months Liz would come and stay at the home for about a week. About the amount of time it took for Andrew to leave town again.

What had Helen worried at the moment was the call that Social Services had received that morning from Mary. She had said Andrew was leaving and she was going with him this time. He had promised a new start for them, one without Liz. So Mary wanted to sign custody over to the state. She had arrived an hour later and signed the papers, after which she quickly left. Not even wanting to say goodbye to the daughter she claimed too love.

Liz was going to be placed in a foster home later that afternoon. *With the Parker’s, they are a very nice couple. Liz should get along well with them, * Helen thought.

Liz sat quietly as she listened to Helen explain that her Mommy wouldn’t be coming to get her. That she would be going to stay with the Parker’s that afternoon.

Helen’s heart slowly broke as she watched the silent tears slip down the little girl’s face leaving a track of loneliness behind, before they dripped off her chin into oblivion.

As Helen gave her the news Liz’s mind drifted remember the good times with her Mommy. *Her Mommy was always tired from working; but Sundays were the best. She usually didn’t have to work but one shift and in the afternoons she took Liz to the park to play. * Liz spent a lot of time home by herself, especially in the evenings. Her Mommy always told her to be good and not try to cook anything. So most of her time was spent watching television or coloring. Her mom would come home late and fix them something to eat, and then it was off to bed. The next day the same cycle began again.

~ ~ ~

At the Parker’s

Jeff and Nancy Parker were excited; they were getting a new foster child this afternoon. They were a young couple and after being diagnosed with infertility decided to open their home to foster children, mainly fostering younger kids and babies, trying to not become too attached. The greatest desire of their hearts was to have a child to call their own. With each new child came the hope that this would be the one, the one to come into their home that they could shower with all the love and affection they held in their hearts.

Helen and Liz pulled up in front of the Crashdown. Liz looked around at all the alien stuff on the walls. *What kind of place is this? *

When they entered the restaurant Helen looked around, there were only a few customers occupying the booths that lined the walls. *Just as well that there aren’t many people here. The fewer people who are here right now the less nervous Liz will be. * Helen spotted Jeff Parker behind the counter clearing away the dishes from the lunch crowd.

“Jeff, great to see you again.” Said Helen

“Hi Helen, and this must be Liz. How are you young lady?” Jeff asked.

Liz didn’t respond she just stared up at him with wide eyes.

“Bashful today. Well I bet that’s nothing an Alien Blast couldn’t fix.” Jeff said, moving towards the milkshake machine and opening the ice cream cooler.

“Why don’t I go get Nancy and we can all get better acquainted.” Jeff said a few minutes later as he sat a tall milkshake down in front of Liz.

“That would be great.” Helen said.

Jeff disappeared into the back room for a few minutes before reappearing with a petite redheaded lady at his side. “Liz, this is Nancy.”

“Hi” said a very quiet Liz. “

“Liz, you’ll be staying here with Jeff and Nancy for a while. On Monday we’ll get you enrolled in school.” Helen said.

“I’m sure you’ll make lots of new friends here Liz” said Nancy. At the mention of “friends” Liz’s mind wandered back to her goodbye to Max earlier at the Home. Max and Isabel were also being placed that afternoon with the Evans’.


Max and Isabel were playing outside on the slide when Helen came to look for them.

“Kids come here, please.” she said.

Max and Isabel came shyly to stand before her. “Max, Isabel the Evans’s guardianship request has been granted and they want you to come and stay with them. Would that be okay?”

Isabel smiled and nodded; she liked Philip and Diane they felt like home to her. Max however was quiet and just stared off into space. He wasn’t sure he wanted to go. He really didn’t want to go anywhere new. What about Liz? He really didn’t want to leave her.

After Helen walked away from the two Max told Isabel that he wanted to go tell Liz about this afternoon. Isabel nodded and walked off towards the swings.

Max spotted Liz at the round table with her coloring books again. Max walked up to her and said, “Whatcha doing Liz?” Liz just showed him her coloring book. She really wasn’t in the mood to talk right now, Helen had just told her, that Mommy wasn’t coming back.

“I’m leaving today.” Max blurted out.

“Me too, this afternoon.” Liz said.

“I’m going to miss you a lot.”

“I’ll miss you too Max.”

”What if I never get to see you again? You won’t tell my secret will you?”

“No, I promise not to tell. I’m good at keeping secrets.” Liz said.

Max and Isabel move to Albuquerque with the Evans’s. They move to Roswell two years later…

The Third Grade

Max Evans hated the first day of school. This year it was worse because he was starting a new school. Mom and Dad were starting a law office in some stupid town obsessed with aliens. So, they packed up he and Isabel and moved them to a nice little house on Murray Lane.

There was a teacher standing on the front step supervising everybody getting off the buses and being dropped off by their parents.

“Max, we’re supposed to go see the teacher to find out where our classes are” Isabel insisted, while dragging Max towards the teacher.

“Okay, Okay Isabel – stop dragging me.” Max said as he pulled away from his sister.

“I do not want to be late, Max.” Isabel said, glaring at Max.

Max knew he and Isabel were in Mrs. Stamper’s class. They just needed to find out where it was. He and Izzy had been to the school last week with their Mom to get registered. The classroom location hadn’t been finalized yet and so now they had to ask the teacher.

“Where is Mrs. Stamper’s room?” Isabel asked the teacher on duty.

“I’m Mrs. Stamper.” She said, “If you want to wait with me a few more minutes you can come to class with me.”

The morning passed quickly, for the entire class was busy organizing their desks, new textbooks, and getting to know each other.


Max was thrilled when the teacher announced they had a twenty recess. Everyone lined up quickly by the door, anxious to get outside to the playground.

Isabel, the ever-popular princess was near the front of the line surrounded by several other girls. Max, being one of the last students outside stopped at the edge of the playground and surveyed the kids on the playground. There were close to fifty kids, with two classes on the playground. Some were on the jungle gym, swings, but most were either on the slide, playing tag, or kickball. A few of the girls were even playing jump rope. Many of the kids looked to be well acquainted, but Max being the new kid just stood back taking it all in.

While watching the girls jumping rope, Max spotted her. The dark haired little girl he’d thought he’d never see again. Liz was watching the rope intently as the other girls chanted a rhyme as a little blonde girl jumped to the beat. About then Liz looked up, to see Max Evans staring directly at her….

And as they say, the rest is history.

~ Roswell Fanfic Junkie ~

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