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Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Title~Nobody Knows
Disclaimer~I do not own the characters from Roswell or wrote any of the episodes.
Nobody Knows~By Live(Copyrighted cause I didn’t write this song)
Rating~PG-13(language,so far)
Sypnosis~A diffrent take on The end of the world,it's an Idea that I've been thinking about for awhile.

Prolouge~Nobody Knows

I was on the street
with a comman name.
I prayed for love,
yeah I even begged.
I had a vision of you,
that carried me through....

Liz Parker has lived in Roswell,New Mexico all her life.

The Crashdown cafe owned by her parents at the
moment;has been in her father’s family for four generations.

Jeff Parkers grandfather opened it up two years before the alleged 1947 crash of an alien spaceship. It wasn’t the Crashdown then. It was simply called Parker’s Place.

Her heart ached as Liz burned into memory every inch of Max Evan’s body. Praying to god she’ll remeber till the
day she die’s the most amazing night Liz has ever known.

They made Love and fell asleep into each other’s arms hours ago. Liz manage to slip from Max’s loving embrace,get dress,and pack the few belongings to take on her trip;without waking him.

By the time he wakes up Liz will be hopefully hours away from Roswell,to start her new life without him.

Now it’s just magic worlds,
in a shaman’s dream.
I fear no man,I fear no pain.
I had a vision of you,
that carried me through......

The lives of everyone she cared about depended on her breaking all ties with her family,friends,and especially

“Liz,it’s time to leave,”whispered a voice outside her bedroom window. Max stirred,but remained asleep.

“Shhh,Just wait by the car Alex,I’ll be there shortly,”she whispered back. Waking up Max now would be the worst thing that could happen.

He’d definatley find a way to make her to stay. Liz Parker knew she couldn’t resist him. Max Evan’s is the love of her life.

“Find,but the longer we stay here the worst it’ll be,”Alex said,then he went away to the his car parked out back in the alley of the Crashdown.

Alex Whitman,one of her best friends;was the only person who knew of her plans.

He discovered by accident the future Max. So they both had to tell him of his reason for being there.

“Alex,”Liz started to tell him two days ago on her balcony.”I have to find away to make Max fall out of love with me.”

“I’m sorry,can you repeat that?”Asked a disbelief Alex,his six foot lanky body pretty much folded in half as
he sat down next to Liz on one of the lounge chairs.

....And nobody really knows what I would
do for you.
nobody really knows how much I love you.
nobody really knows,nobody knows,
nobody knows,nobody knows........

“ Fourteen years ago,Max and I get very very close. WE become inseperable and cause a big rift between him and Tess,”I started to say,of course Alex wouldn’t let me finish and interupted me.

“What does that have got to do with Future Max being here,and you having to leave?”He asked scratching the top of his spiky black hair.

“We get married,and Tess get’s piss because well Max treats her like shit; and so she leaves Roswell,”I replied
trying so hard not to cry,”What Max and I didn’t realize is that thier enemies where closer then they thought,and
they pretty much came and conqured.”

“I still don’t get what this has to do with Tess?”Alex asked getting up and began pacing the length of the

“With Tess gone,the unit was broken,” I explained further then added,”They find the Granolith; it’s more
powerful then any of us could imagine.They used it to start total distruction on earth ,the three of them wasn’t
strong enough,and they slowly began killing us off.”

This got Alex’s attention,and he sat back down next to Liz who at this moment began to cry
uncontrollably”OMG,Liz,this is crazy!”

“So future Max and my future self,with the help of some scientist friend named Serena,that I’ll meet later,sent him here to prevent that from happening,”Liz replied taking the back of her shirt sleve to wipe her tears.

Alex pulled her close and comforted her the best way he could.”Alex,he’s telling the truth,Future Max told me things only present Max and myself would know,I’ve got to do this,it’s the only way....and you’ve got to help me please!”

Alex knew Liz was telling the truth. They’ve already been through so much,regarding the aliens that have come into thier lives. Though he hated the fact that he’ll be losing one of the best friends he ever had.

However,Alex knew he would help her and keep Liz’s secret till his dying day.

“Tell me how I can help?”He asked holding his crying friend,dreading everything that’s about to happen.........

Liz softly kissed Max’s cheek ,slowly got up from the bed and placed an enevolpe bearing his name on the pillow she laid on hours ago.

“I love you Max Evans,”she thought to herself before turning to the window that’ll take her to the balcony. Where down below Alex and future Max waited for her.

I cleared my mind,
and I turned around.
grateful to the one,
who had laid me down.
I was silent in love
pourin’ down from above.

like so much rain it fell,
and pireced my brains.
the trees all alive with thier colors,
like the dreams of man.
I had a vision of you,
that carried me through..

Liz landed with a soft thud on the pavement. She looked up at the balcony and said good-bye to her past one final time.

She vowed to never return to Roswell again. Let’s hope she can disappear to the point where everyone will give up searching for her.

“I’m sorry you have to do this?”Future Max replied from behind her.

She turned around and face the older version of her lover. His black hair was long and put back in a ponytail. Scar’s not healed marked his beautiful face. The man before her fought a terrible war he belived was his fault,thier fault.

Liz knew he was making a huge sacrifice being here,giving up his love. Just like what she is doing right now. The end of the world will not happen,and hopefully she’ll be strong enough to stay away.

Liz will have to realize that Max and Tess could end up together. Just think of all the lives that will be saved,”Liz thought to herself,as she waked to Alex’s car.

“He’ll probably try and look for me.”She stated,getting in the back seat.

“WE got to make sure that doesn’t happen,here this is for you,”Future max replied throwing a thick enevople at
her before getting in the front seat.”Serena put this together for you before I left.”

Liz took the enevople and looked inside. The contants were a fake ID ,a passport,one bith certificate and some

“You really thought this one through,”she replied placing her new identiy in a backpack next to her.

“Expect the unexpected Liz,”he replied closing the car door.

Alex started the engine and pulled out of the alley into a eerily quiet street.” Well take a good last look Liz
Parker,”She thought to herself as the lights of the Crashdown sign disappeared.”You’re now Skye McGregor of Boston Massachuttes.”

The tears came uncontrollably and for the next hour thats all she did,untill she was too tired to cry anymore and fell asleep.

.....and nobody really knows what I would do for you.
nobody really knows how much I love you,baby
nobody knows,nobody knows,nobody knows,
nobody knows,nobody knows,nobody knows.........


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Okay here is chapter 1 again. I lost the original part so I had to find my old notes. Thanks for reading. Enjoy.
Peace Carolyn

PART ONE~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sawyers

I SHALL BELIVE~By Sheryl Crow(Copyrighted because I didn’t write this amazing song)>

Come to me now,
lay your hands over me.
Even if it’s a lie,
Say it will be alright.
And I will belive......

One year later and two hours later..........

“Tell me about our wedding,”Liz asked future Max. The two of them were sitting on some swings in a park.
It’s located across the street from thier apartment building. It’s the fifth time they’ve moved in the last year.
This place is the nicest one yet. So,everynight for the past year. They’d go outside and talk,breath in some fresh night air(since Max doesn’t go out much in the day time,cause of who he is),and enjoy the stars,if they happen to be seen. Tonight the Moon was full and the star were shinning extra brightly this evening. It was moments like this that liz would actually relax for awhile. It made things a little more bearable since leaving Roswell,her family and friends behind.
“You know I can’t Liz,”Max replied enjoying this little game that they played. Liz always asked questions
about the life she would’ve had with Max if she didn’t run away,”I just can’t be sure if revealing things to you
would be wise;this timeline is still fra---”
“Who gives a Shit about the timeline Max!”Liz replied interupting him,then angrily added,”I’m so sick and
tired of the constant sacrifices that I seem to always be making. Is it wrong to want something to hold on when
things get to the point when I don’t want to hold on anymore?I want to smile Max. Can you do that for me?”
Actually,Max had every intention on telling her everything about the day they got married. He knew this
morning upon waking up. Things are about to happen. It’s been eatting at him all day. The air around him
feels unsettled,he’s feeling diffrent,forgetting certain memories,the furture’s definately changing. Max will be
leaving tonight. Though not before Liz has a smile on her face and laughing. That’s the last thing he wants to
see before disappearing.
“ Yeah Liz,I won’t argue with you,you’re right we did change the future,but we saved millions of lives,”He
replied turning to face Liz. Who in return was looking at Max.

Broken in two.
I know you’re on to me.
That I only come home,
when I’m so all alone...
But I do belive....

Max took a deep breath and began to tell Liz about thier wedding......
“We decided to elope,”He replied with a grin. The look of shock on Liz’s face was priceless.“NO way,I bet my
parent’s were pissed!”Liz exclaimed with a giggle
“ They were at first,but they got over it really quick,even threw us a party later on,”Max replied remebering that night when they went to the crashdown. Liz’s parents told them it was going to be a family dinner. However when they walked through those Crashdown door,they were suprise to see a resturant full of family and friends!”We were 19 years old and we drove to Las Vegas----”
“19 years old!God that’s so young!”Liz replied shaking her head in disbelif.
“Hey It was your Idea,you told me Romeo and Juliet we’re younger than us and if they could do it we can do
it better by not dying!”Max relpied laughing,god it was good to relive that night again. He always felt alive
being around her. This past year has been so hard, not being able to kiss her or hold Liz in his arms. However
Max was a bit older than this present Liz. Plus confuing her is not what he had in mind.
“NO WAY,you’re making that up!”Lis exclaimed hitting him on the arm playfully.
“Scout honor,it’s all true,”He replied holding up his three fingers then added using the most perfect Elvis
impersination she ever heard,”We got married at the Elvis chappel,Congradulations Kids.”
“It doesn’t sound very romantic,”Liz replied a little unsure if eloping to Vegas was exciting.
“Oh it was a beautiful wedding,afterward we called Isabel,Michael,Alex and Maria to meet us halfway at this
seedy little bar.”Max paused for a moment,a look of contentment appeared on his face than added with a
sign”ohhh we danced all night,”Max was beginning to feel nostalgic,he remebered the white starpless dress Liz
wore,she was so amazingly beautiful,that it hurt.The night bearly started when Liz decided to kick off her shoes and spend the rest of the evening in her stocking clad feet. Isabel and maria joined the fun.”Towards the end of the evening everyone sat down from exhaustion,except us that is. I shall belive came on so we had to keep on dancing”
“ I love that song!”Liz replied excitedly,her smile was the brightest and biggest he’d ever seen.
“I know,it’s been our song ever since,”Max replied enjoying Liz’s dreamy smile. He was so glad to tell her that. Max wished he could tell her other moments of thier life. But time was running out for him.

That not everything is gonna be the way,
you think it ought to be.
It seems like everytime I try to make it right,
It all comes down on me.
Please say honestly,
you won’t give up on me.
And I shall belive....
I shall belive....

Liz and Max sat in silence for a few minutes. He knew she was letting the beauty of that night sink in. Then Liz
turned to him and asked”Why tonight Max,what changed you mind in telling me?”
“So I could see you smile again,I’m sorry to cause you such saddness,it kills me knowing this,”Max
replied,then he suddenly keeled over and fell to the ground. Shit it’s coming faster than he expected.
“Max,what’s wrong!”Liz asked jumping down to the ground next to him. Her hands cradleding his face and
she forced Max’s face to look at her.
“It’s time Liz,it’s time for me to go,”He said in a raspy voice,Max felt so weak,but he wanted to do one more
thing.”Please’ he said in his head to the fates operating his dimise” just a few minutes more.’
“No,no,no,you can’t leave me know,”Liz cried throwing herself at him. Max instinctivly wrapped his arms
around her. Enjoying the warmth of her body and the sent that always made his stomach grummble with desire.
God,but did he love this woman.
“I’m sorry Liz, but it’s been decided,all of this is out of my hands now,”He replied trying to get up. Liz helped
Max get on his feet and steadied him till he was okay to stand by himself,”Remeber this Liz,I don’t care what
happens. I know deep down,he’ll always love you. It’s like what I always tell you,we create our own destiny,”
Liz nodded at him as the tears started to well up in her eyes. She knew he would leave one day. However Liz
grew use to having him around. This year wouldn’t have been easy to deal with if Max was not here supporting
her.Now she’s on her own.Liz has to continue what they started.”I will always love him...and You.”

Open the door,
and show me your face tonight.
I know it’s true,
No one heals me like you.
and you hold the key........

“Dance with me Liz,”Max asked Liz,holding out his hand to her.She nodded yes and took his hand. If she can’t
have her wedding dance,at least Liz will have this. Max twirled Liz into his arms and they slowed dance in the
park,in front of the swings to no music. However both Max and Liz could hear I shall belive clearly in thier
heads and in thier hearts. They danced in silence,they’re eyes locked onto each others. Liz could feel future
Max’s memories of that night pour into her mind. He was doing that mind reversal connection, just like the
one Max did all those years ago in the Crashdown. After he healed her,Liz was kind of scared of what she
discover about Max. However he came by that night to show her that even though he was from another palnet.
Max was also part human,that he’s still the same person that she knew even before that day before,when Liz
saw Max as just a regular boy.
Liz saw her in a white strappless mini dress,wearing no shoes and happily dancing with the man who was her
husband. They were alone on the dance floor as thier freinds looked on. The Max before her wasn’t the long
haired,scarred man who has seen what the horrors of war did to his family and friends. No it was her Max,his
black hair was short,his amber eyes glowed with love,Liz was his whole life,his whole world and he’d always be
there for her. They were so happy.

Never again,
would I run away from you.
I’m so heavy tonight,
but your love is alright.
And I shall belive..............

Max twirled Liz a couple of times before returning her back to his arms. Liz was smiling and laughing again.
Just the way he remebered all those years ago. Max doesn’t know what will happen to her. Will she return to
Roswell? Does Liz stay away? Does Max forgive her? Or will he be with Tess? He’ll never know the answers.
This is no longer his history. Max does know for certain that she will get through this. There’s no doubt in his
mind. Liz is quite the extraodinary woman.
“It’s time to leave max,”replied the voice in his head
“I know thank you for waiting,I’m ready,”he said hoping Alex will be here soon. Max called early this morning
waking Alex out of the comma he was in.Max urged him to find a way to get here tonight. He didn’t want Liz to
be alone after he left for too long.

That not everything is going to be the way,
you think it ought to be.
Seems like everytime I try to make it right,
it all comes down on me.
Please say honestly,
you won’t give up on me....
And I shall belive..........

“I love you Max,”Liz said,her head was resting contently on his shoulder.
“I love you too Liz,”Max replied pulling her away,after one last look at her face,he smiled and after Liz return
with one of her own,he began to twirl her around..twirling ...twirling.....twirling...Liz was laughing
uncontrollably,she stopped with her back facing him. Liz was a bit dizzy so she was steading herself. The Last
thing Max saw was her back. When she turned back to look at him;Max was gone. Liz held herself, trying to fill
the void future Max left. It was suppose to be summer,but her heart suddenly became cold with loneliness.
Liz looked up at the night sky. That’s when she caught a shooting star streak across her view.
“I miss you Max,”Liz whispered,plopping down on the ground ;her face went immediately in her hands. She
cried,realizing that her Max doesn’t love her anymore. He’s given up on finding her.Max may even be with
Tess. This made her cry even harder. Liz hoped deep down that he would find her,that Tess didn’t leave and
basically told max she didn’t want to be nothing more than his friend. Max would scoop her up in his arms and
say thier enemies have been defeated and that they we’re allowed to be together. They can know start being
happy and in love. That however is impossible now.
Liz took her face out of her hands and used the back of her shirt sleeve to wipe her tears away. It didn’t do
much good cause more took thier place. Well, she will leave tomorrow. Being here is too hurtful.Rent has been
paid for the month,so the landlord won’t be too pissed off at her. She’ll leave a message on his cell. Marcus
always leaves his phone off untill he wakes up which is usually around 12:00pm. He’s a late riser.
Liz got up and brushed the sand off her pants. She started to walk back to the apartment when something by the swings caught her eye. Picking it up she realize it was the back of a photo. The words I Shall Belive were
scrawled on it. Liz quickly turn the photo around and gasped. She knew this photo well. It was old and
wrinkly,and more worn looking then her copy,but it was still the same picture maria took of her and Max years
ago. It was a time of no Tess,no idea of what Max’s destiny was. It was Liz on his lap laughing because he was trying to tickle her.
Right then and there Liz knew she’d see Max again. She swore to herself that if the moment was right,and
there was no threat of world destruction by evil aliens. Liz will tell Max why she left Roswell. For now,she’ll
stay away. Untill destiny points Liz back to Max.......

I shall belive........I shall belive....I shall belive.....

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Chapter Two~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sawyers
Baby Don't cry~By INXS(Copyrighted cause I didn't write this song)
Baby don't cry,
Baby don't cry,
Baby don't cry,
Baby don't cry,

When you're down and confused,
nothing seems right.
And it's you who decides.
Who's going to make it right.

Liz trudged up the stairs to her apartment. She really hated living on the third floor. Here’s hoping her
next place will not invole walking up an insane amount of stairs.Liz is really going to hate leaving this
place.Oregon is such a very beautiful state. Plus her job at the bar was tons of fun.Felix Liz’s boss was the
best and Melanie has been her exception to the no making steady friends rule. She couldn’t help it,she
reminded Liz of Maria so much. If only she could take Melanie with her everytime she leaves. Of course it’s
just not realistic,and staying would just be too pianful. Liz stopped suddenly as she reach the landing to her
floor. Alex Whitman was stretched out on one of her lounged chairs,a sleeping bag covered his resting form.
This was such an amazing site to see. Liz knew Max called Alex so she wouldn’t be alone. Kneeling before
him,Liz shook him awake. Alex bolted up from his little nap. She wondered how long he’s been laying here?

Baby don't cry,
Baby don't cry,
baby don't cry,
Baby don't cry,

Well life ain't no joke,
But it's good when you smile.
Steal everything,
but you won't get far.

“Alex,”Liz said tears welling up in her eyes.She threw herself at him.
“Hey,”Alex replied wrapping his arms around Liz. Not really knowing what to say at the moment.
“When did you get here?”Liz asked,her words muffled in his chest.
“About an hour ago,”Alex replied pulling her away.”How’re you doing?’
“Okay, now that you’re here,”She replied standing up,”I can’t belive how much I relied on him being here
with me.”
“Made being away from Max,the present one that is, a little more bearable huh?”Alex asked as he pulled
the sleeping bag away and got up to strech his legs. They were cramping up on him majorly.
Liz shook her head yes,then began to rummage through her bag for the the keys to her place.”You must be
exhausted,are you hungry?”She asked pulling out a key chain and unlocked her apartment door.
“Tired yes,hungry no;I picked up some McDonalds before getting here,”Alex replied fallowing her into the
Liz turned on the lights to reveal a one bedroom apartment that really didn’t look lived in. The furiture was
light and if one had to leave in a hurry; not alot needed to be packed. She went to the kitchen sink and pulled
out a few broken down boxes. A roll of paking tape was grabbed from on top of the fridge. Liz started to
tape the boxes together. Alex realized she was packing to leave.
“Need some help?”Alex asked putting down the one back pack and guitar case,he brought with him, on the
floor next to the door.
“No thanks,it won’t take me long,”She said going into the bathroom.
Fifteen Mintues after Alex sat on her couch. Liz place two small boxes and a duffle bag next to his things by
the door. This is what it’s like to be on the run constantly. Alex couldn’t even start to fathom what it was like not to have a stable place to call your own. However,Alex is going to find out real quick. He plans on
being with Liz as long as this thing takes.

Baby don't cry,
Baby don't cry,
Baby don't cry,
Baby don't cry.

Sometimes you will fall,
What cha gonna do?
Give your friend a call.

“Sooo,how were you able to get away?”Liz asked a bit curious.
“Well,after Max woke me bright and early this morning,I went to my parents and told them I needed to
find myself,and that Roswell was just not feeling like home anymore.”Alex replied as he went back in time to
his parents kitchen table. They were eatting breakfast and getting ready for work and he just sprung this on
Mr.Whitman slowly lowered his newspaper before glancing a look of concern at his wife. They silently
spoke to each other with thier eyes,and nodded. Which made Alex belive they knew this conversation was
going to happen. Mrs. Whitman was the first one to speak.”Alex,hun,we know that you’ve not been yourself
since Liz’s disapperance,and when you decided not to attend collage last year,we accepted that.However,do
you really think that leaving Roswell is wise?”
Okay Whitman,you’re on.This has got to be one oscar worthy performance.You’re doing this for Liz,Alex
thought to himself as he willed with every fiber in his being to form tears in his eyes,”Not wise!”He replied
raising his voice,which is a little out of character for him,but necassary for effect,”I know I’ve not been
myself,I can’t get into my music anymore so I had to disband the Whits,which totally killed me,but It was
unfair for the guys if I was just going through the motions and not meaning what I was playing,my collage
career is a bust,and even my friendships have been disinagrating,cause I can’t seem to get out of this
funk!”Alex paused to take a breath and decided to get out of his seat and slam the kitchen table with his fist.
Amazed that he didn’t burst out laughing as both of his parents jumped simultaneously from the loud
bang,”I know you’ve been nothing but supportive,and I love you for it,but PLEASE for my own sanity,I need
you to trust me on this,I need you to let me leave with your blessing,cause I will leave no matter what.”
The Whitman’s looked at each other. Doing that silent conversation with thier eyes again. Alex never
really understood how they did it. Well people who have loved each other like they did for a long time,can do
crazy things. Alex just came to accept it. He held his breath patiently waiting for his parents response.
“Do you have any money?”Alex’s father asked as he folded his paper and calmly put it on the table beside
“Yes I do,I’ve been saving money aside to get a van for the band,but since that went no where.Why not use
it for a little road trip sabbatical,”Alex replied,sitting back down in his seat. He actually belived they were
going to let him do this.
“Will you be willing to call us at least once a day,just so we know you’re alive?”His mother asked,not
really beliving she’s actually going to let her only child leave Roswell to travel across the country by himself.
“I could do that.”Alex said matter of factly,but inside he was doing a celebratory happy dance.
“Well,If you’re going toleave than,I guess you’re going to leave,”Mr. Whitman said giving his blessing in
disguise,”You’re mother and I will miss you very much.”
“Thank you,you won’t regreat this,”Alex exclaimed as he hugged and kissed both of his parents.Then
dashed out of the kitchen back to his room to quickly pack and leave before they change his mind.
“After a five minute very tearful good bye from my mother,I left,well I said good bye to Maria,who may I
add was very cross with me. She made quite the scene in the middle of the Crashdown. I took her outside and
kind of did the same spiel I gave the parents,Maria still wasn’t happy,but dealt with it.”Alex said finding
himself back in the present sitting on Liz’s couch still feeling kind of weird that he’s actually here.
“I’m sorry you’re involed in all this,”Liz exclaimed,she got very upset and started to cry again.
“Hey-Liz look at me,”Alex said taking the bottom of her chin and made her look at him,”I got involed the
day you told me about them being aliens in that jail cell three years ago.”
“But Alex-” Liz started to say but Alex quickly interupted.
“But Nothing,Liz,You’re my friend,freinds go out of thier way to do things for each other ,”he gave her a
smile and added,”So I don’t want you to be guilty about my “Involement” anymore you got it!”
Liz gave Alex a little smile as she shook her head yes,”Good,”Alex said,slapping his hands on his knees and
got up from the couch,”Besides,I am really glad to be away from Roswell for awhile,especially Max’s
constant road trips to find the evil aliens hide out.”

Baby don't cry,
Baby don't cry,
Baby don't cry,
Baby don't cry,

We know that you can smile,
Even thought it takes awhile.
To lose your fears and say,
Gonna lose you fears and say..
Baby don't cry...
“So how‘s that going?”Liz asked,finally taking off her shoes. It’s been quite the day,so it was nice to kind
of sorta relax.
“Not very well,them pesky aliens are quite the evasive bunch,they always seem to be one step ahead of
us,much like yourself.”Alex exclaimed jokingly with a huge grin.
“Let’s not forget about Utah three weeks ago,Max almost caught us no thanks to you,”Liz exclaimed
hitting his arm playfully.”I could’ve killed you for that.”
‘That was not my fault.”Alex replied in his defense.
That day started off pretty normal. Besides working being insanely busy to the point where taking a break
was no option. Uneventful,was the word Liz described her day.That is untill Alex called;bearing of course
some not so very good news.
“Tell Alex I said hi,”Future Max replied.He was sitting on the couch looking at a Chinese take out menu.It was friday,so that was payday and Liz intended to order some Crab Ragoon and some chicken
fingers. If she diddn’t eat soon,Liz WILL pass out from hunger. Plus she’s almost certain Max is almost
convinced to got out and see a movie later tonight. The guy rarely goes out endless it’s dark and he’s got on a
hat and dark sunglasses.
“It’s just to risky,If I’m indentified and Max catches on to things before we can prevent my future from
happening,everything we’ve worked for will be for nothing Liz.”He replied being way to serious.
“Yeah,and I’ll die from boredom,come on It’ll be a nice change.”I pleaded geting on my hands and knees
and started begging desperately,”PPPPLLEEEEAASSEEE.”
Max chuckled and shook his head in disbelif,before answering,”Will see,lets eat first,”
Well that’s better than a no.Liz thought to herself as she bounced back on the couch. We’re starting to
tangent majorly. Back to Alex’s phone call....
“Alex,what’s up?” Liz replied into her cell phone. When she left Roswell,she had to change her number.
It was only given to Alex,so she wouldn’t get any suprise phone calls.He’d call a few times a week to check up
on them and keep them inform on the going ons. Especially the never ending search of the skins hidden
The harvest is the putting on the husks.The skins(the evil race on max’s planet who would like nothing
more than to kill him),so Kivar(he killed them the first time )will remain the king of Antar(That the palnets
name for those who don’t know),they can’t survive on the earth’s atmosphere.The air is too toxic for them to
breathe. They found this out from a few trails runs to the planet. So they created these husks as a kind of
conatinment suit,plus it makes them blend in with the locals,very handy. The only drawback is that in time
the suit dies. It’s made of living oragnisms that live of the toxins. The lifespan of these creatures is roughly
fifty years.When the suit shuts down the host shuts down with them.Which means the skins will die very
painfully. Taking this in consideration a back up crop of husks were sent down with them.They have to grow
for about thrity years.If the suit is put on too soon,the husks will refuse the host by pretty much eatting them
alive. This again is very painful.
Fortunatley for the pod squad,they have some Skins that belive Kivar shouldn’t be king. That he’s just
causing too destruction on Antar for thier tastes. This is where Courtney Summers comes into the picture.
She arrived on the scene three days after Nasedo’s(The pod squads protector untill A evil skin named
Congresswoman Whitker killed him)death.It seems she was working secretly with him on finding the
harvests wearabouts.Courtney was living among them,but very few knew where to find it. Nicholas,(the skins leader here on earth)was a very cautious alien.He knew there were rebel skins in his organization.So a need
to know basis was his policy.
Courtney left the skins in California.It’s been two days since she last spoke to Nasedo. Courtney was to be
the new protector if he were to get killed.Tess was the only one who knew about this,and was her way into
the royal fours lives. Rekee(a fellow rebel skin ),is now her conact inside the skins circle. The search has
been long diffcult and bearing very little sucess.Liz was hoping they’d find the harvest and destroy it.This
was the only other way to prevent the end of the world.She kind of hoped this would happen before Max’s
love would disappear along with future Max.Only then could Liz go home and maybe salvage her
relationship with him. However with every passing day,Liz’s hopes of that ever happening are quickly
“No time for chit chat Liz,”Alex replied on the other end of the phone,”You’ve got to leave and I mean
Liz didn’t like the tone in Alex’s voice.Future Max looked at her face go from happy to uh oh in a matter
of seconds.The news she was getting couldn’t be good.
“Leave,Why?”Liz asked getting up from the couch to the kitchen. She opened the top drawer and
removed dome plastic shopping bags,then began to fill them with non-perishable food from the cupboard.
Future Max,though not really understanding what was going on took this as his cue to get the duffle bags in
the closet nearest the bathroom and stared stuffing them with what very little they own.
“Yeah well yours truly along wtih Max and the rest of the gang are here in Utah,I say about ten minutes
from where you’re now residing.”Alex informed her;his voice was strain with agitation.
“Where are you?”Liz asked,putting down the shopping bags,and began to scribble a note to the
landlord.She palced the keys on top of it . Barney is going to be pissed. They only thing that’ll work in her
favor is that they paid the rent up for three months. Man she really hated to leave him hanging without
proper notice.He was awful nice and enjoyed having us as tenants.
Max had everything packed and was awaited for the next plan of action.
“At the shop-n-go,”Alex replied,this wasn’t good. They definately needed to leave NOW!
“This is great Alex,”Liz replied angrily grabbing one of the duffle bags and fallowing Max out the
door.”Couldn’t you’ve warned us maybe before you got into town.”
“Yeah,well you know Max,likes to make things diffcult for everyone,”He replied then added his
explaination,”He calls when theres a lead,says were leaving in an hour meet us by the railroad tracks and
thats when Max reveals our destination,he’s become quite parnoid these days.”
That’s when Liz heard a bang on Alex’s end;fallowed by a familar voice that broke her heart in
two,”Alex,did you fallin or what,come on already we need to go,”
“Max,”Liz whispered to herself,god did she miss him.
“I’m coming already,Jesus can’t a man get a little privacey,”He shouted in contempt,then he whispered in
his phone to me,”This is your warning now,just get out of here!”
The line went dead. Liz folded her phone and stuffed it in her jacket all the while taking the stairs
quickly praying she wouldn’t fall down them.
“Max and freinds are in town and they’re at the shop-n-go,”Liz said handing him the duffle bag,”Is there
a way to get on the highway without going pass there.”
“I’m thinking there’s not,”Max replied putting on his hat and glasses,he grabbed liz’s bag,threw it in
the trunck and slammed it shut,”Maybe we should just risk it.”
“Whatever,we need to leave,”Liz replied irritaed,she got into the driver’s side of the car. Then pulled
out of the space in front of thier former apartment. Driving down the main strip of Glory,Utah made Liz feel
tense. What if she saw Max?Would she be able to drive away? How was he doing?What did he look like?
The light turned red and she cursed thier luck. Liz felt Future Max’s hand go to her arm. It was kind of a
silent don’t-worry-we’ll-get-through-this-kind of touch. Liz felt herself relax just a little,that is untill she
turned towards her left across the street.
“Max,”She whispered to herself.He looked terrible. His hair was almost as long as the one sitting next
to her,it was looose and unkempt,Max actually grew a beard and she hated it on him. However,her insides
grew mushy cause he was still unbelievably handsome. For a split second Liz thought about just calling this
whole nonsense off. All she wanted to do was jump out of the car run into his arms and tell him
everything,damn the world!
Max(the one outside the car)stopped talking to Michael. He got this weird look on his face and began to
look around. Thier eyes meet,and the world started to disappear.
“Liz,”Max replied,she couldn’t hear it,for the window was rolled up,but it formed on his lip as
plain as day.He started to walk towards the car,he was moving in slo-motion. Liz practically willed him
towards her.
“Liz,the light is green,”Replied the Max in the car.Breaking the spell that was casted,he added with much
urgancy,”We must go!”
“I-I-can’t,”she cried looking back at the love of her life.
“Liz,please there’s too much at stake here!You must go!”He said rasing his hand and sent his
present self flying back.Liz stared in horror at Max laying flat on his back. She stepped on the gas and
turned towards future Max with much anger.
“WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?”She shouted banging on the steering wheel.
Max knew she was angry with him,and he could accept that.,”Be upset with me if you must,but Liz I was thinking of the future,of the many lives that we’ll be saving, you almost screwed it up back there,”He
exclaimed his voice loud with anger. It was awhile since she’s seen him so mad. Liz felt guilty about what she
almost did.What would have happen if future Max wasn’t there.
“I know,I know,I’m sorry,”Liz replied the tears started to pour down her face. “I just saw him and
started realizing how much I missed him.”
“I understand Liz,everynight I dream of my wife back in my time,many times I would be so close in
just calling the whole thing off,but his has got to happen,even though we rather it didn’t”Max replied
touching her arm again. hating to see her so upset.Liz nodded as she wipe the tears with the back of her
hands. The drove in silence,untill they stopped at the first rest stop.

Baby don't cry,
Baby don't cry,
Baby don't cry,
Baby don't cry,

Do you know who you are?
And Where you're going too?
Don't you know that love,
Gonna pull you through,
Gonna pull you through baby..

Alex found himself consolding his friend again. God,he hated what has become of his friend,What she had
to sacrifice so the planet could survive.Tomorrow they will leave this palce behind. Hopefully Max and the
rest of his friends will find the harvest soon.So they could finally go home.

Baby don't cry,
Baby don't cry.....

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Okay so I know I stated that this is an AU of TEOTW and what happens afterward. However I'm also taking so liberities with what happens before.
I thought Courtney was a great character,and wished she stayed on longer. As you know she's the pod squads new protector. I'm also making Nicholas a little older when he comes into the story.
Thanks for all the feedback and support. You guys have been amazing!
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Thanks for the feedback.I don't want to give it away.
Let's just say I'm not a big rebel fan!
Anywho I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything. However Saturday (the 9th) I will be posting a new chapter! Again thanks for reading
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Be patient with me. I love all your feedback
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Actually is Part 3. I need to rework somethings,but since it's been awhile I thought I post what I was happy with so far!

Chapter 3~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sawyers

(One year and one day earlier)
Max Evans couldn’t belive how well he slept last night.It was tiring to be constantly looking over ones
shoulders. Who’ll be after them this week. FBI agents?Evil alien skins?Some crazy UFO enthusiast wanting
to expose thwm?Sleep has always been the last thing Max would ever do(And not very well either).
Then last night Liz and max made love.It made all that craziness(even if it was for a little while)go away. All
that mattered was the two of them.Kissing ever inch of skin,getting lost into each others eyes. With a grin
Max thought it was high time to lose himself again..
He turned to gather Liz in his arms.Instead all he found was a very empty ,cold side of the bed.Cinfused
Max rubbed the sleep from his eyes.Then propped himself up on his arm;to scan the room.
“liz,”Max called out groggily to an empty room. Max then thought that prehaps Liz went out to the
balcony.He was about to go out and join her. Then he notice a envelope with his name on it. Why did this
make him suddenly uneasy?
Quickly Max ripped open the envelope. Hoping whatever was inside didn’t get destroyed from his
haste.Out came a single piece of notebook paper. Max was certain this came from Liz’s journal. Sitting up he
turned on thee lamp that sat on the nightstand beside him. Though it was moring,the light didn’t quite fill
the room. reluctantly Max unfolded the paper and began to read the letter. It was written in the familiar
penmanship he knew belong to liz.

You may not understand what I’m about to tell you.
Nor am I expecting you to.
It’s just that I’m leaving Roswell tonight,for good.
I”m tired of constantly looking over my shoulder.
Wondering what new group of alien hunters
or evil aliens will threaten my life this week?
I knew you’d never just let me go.Nor would
My parents.
So for my own sanilty and peace of mind.
I’ve decided to just leave without a word
to anyone;not even to Maria.
Maybe I’m being a coward running away.
Well I can accept that. What I can’t accept,is
living my life around others;especially yours.
I want a normal Life.With Normal people.
I want to get married,maybe have some kids.
I just can’t see myself doing that,if you’re in my life.
You have a destiny to fullfill Max.Which comes with an
endless supply of people who want to kill you or
experiment on you. I am Just an obstecle that will
prevent you from doing what you have to do.
There is one thing I need to warn you about. You
may not want to belive me.It’s just that alot of
peoples lives depend on it. The Granolith Is more
powerful than you’ll ever imagine. Don’t let it fall into
the wrong hands. Don’t trust anyone max.Trust what
your instincts tell you! It’s very vital!
I wish you all the best.I’m sorry having to end things this way.
I just think it’s better for the both of us;If I just took myself out of the picture.
I never meant to hurt you.I hope one day you’ll be able to forgive me.

Max reread the letter a few more times. He just couldn’t make himself belive that this came from Liz. That
she meant all these words.How could last night’s amazing experince of passion and love; completely turn into
chaos and heartache in a span of twelve hours? Not once did he sense discontentment,or plans of leaving him
from her. What’s even more fucked up is her knowledge of the Granolith.Max didn’t even know what ti
was,or what it could do. How in the hell could Liz know what abilities it has?She didn’t eben know what the
stupid thing looks like! THis doesn’t sound like liz at all. Something doesn’t feel right.Maybe this is nothing
but a dream. Max is really aslepp and Liz is actually snuggling contently beside him. It’s the only thing right
know that’s keeping Max from breaking down. Then to make matters even more surreal. Liz’s bedroom
door open up and in walked her Mother.
“Liz you sleepy--Jesus christ Max what the HELL is going on here!”Mrs.Parker screamed in suprise. Max
is totally kicking himself for not locking the door last night. Well he knows It’s kind of useless to make an
excuse for him being here in Liz’s bed ,naked under the covers. They slept together last night and well he got
caught. Max probably should say something.
“Ah well I-I-I’m not going to lie to you Mrs.Parker,Liz and I we’re here together last night,”Max said
quickly stuffing the letter undetected under the pillow. max then got up from the bed making sure the
blanket was position around his torso.
“Where the Hell is Liz?”Mrs.Parker demanded angrily,”Is she in the bathroom,Liz get out here now and
explain yourself.”
“Liz isn’t here,I don’t know where she is?”max replied nervously wishing he was dressed right now.
“What do you mean she’s not here?”Nancy Parker replied angrily.Not beliving what Max told her;She went
to the bathroom,the closet even checked out side the window that leads to the balcony. Liz really wasn’t
here. With a panick look in her eyes she asked Max,”Why isn’t Liz here!?”
“I-I-don’t know,I woke up and she was gone,I swear I don’t understand whats going on.”He replied almost
on the verge of tears.Mrs.Parker plopped down on Liz’s desk chair and started sobbing.Max felt weird
standing there witnessing Liz’s mother’s breakdown,in nothing put a blanket. Thinking to himself It
couldn’t get any worse. Well It’s about to get worse. That was when Jeff Parker decided to walk through the
“We’ve got panckes getting cold do-What the hell is this?”He shouted seeing his wife obviously upset,and
seeing of all people Max Evans,half naked. THis made the senerio just a bit more akward. Nervously Max
began to look for his clothes,hoping he didn’t trip over the blanket and make more of an ass of himself.While
Jeff Parker leaned in front of his Wife.
“Nanc,talk to me,”He replied taking his wife in his arms.
“This is what I came into,I don’t know why,but Liz is gone.”She replied her words muffled into her
husbands chest.
Jeff Parker’s gaze bore into Max’s.He always like the boy.Max seemed to be a together kis. Smart and
beyond his years. Whenever Max and Liz went out.Jeff trusted him enough to bring his daughter home
safely.Lately,His daughter and Max seemed to be having problems in thier relationship. What they were,he
never really knew or pressed to find out. For months Max would call the house,leave letters in the mailbox,send flowers,make apperances at the resturant. Hell,he even seranded Liz one night with a mariachi band. Cheesy,but very romantic. Max must’ve done something to put him in the doghouse. However,what guy doesn’t screw up once in awhile. His daughter was miserable without him,this much Jeff knew. However having inherit her mother’s stubborness. It’ll be awhile before Liz gives him her forgivness. As much as he loved and supported his daughter. Deep down,Jeff Parker was secretly rooting for the boy. What he didn’t expect was to walk into his daughter’s room. Seeing Max half naked and upset,and his daughter no where to be found. Something wasn’t right here. Not that he condoned his daughter having sex,but why would she leave her room unlocked?WHy would she leave Max ther by himself,knowing that he or her mother could walk in and find him there?
Jeff Parker looked at Max who was just as confused and distraught over Liz’s disapperance,as they were.
He felt kind of bad for him,he just was standing there wondering what was going to happen to him. Jeff
sighed in fustration and made a decision,”Max,get dress,then come downstairs for some breakfast.”
“Yes sir,”Max replied watching Mr.Parker lead his wife downstairs. Leaving him to breathe a sigh of
relief.Though he was kind of wondering why Mr.Parker didn’t kill him on the spot?Max wasn’t even
remotely hungry. However,he had a feeling breakfast wasn’t on the mind of the Parker’s either.
Liz’s letter was never mention.How could he without revealing who he really was to them.The truth was
watered down to a more reasonable white lie version.
:Liz and I broke up about three months ago,not to long before graduation,”max started to explain,”We had
a fight over my ex-girlfriend Tess. ALot of stuff got misunderstood. She thought I was going back out with
Tess.I swore to her I wasn’t.Liz however didn’t belive me.It’s true that Tess tried to convince me to take her
back.I tols her that I love Liz and that it wasn’t going to happen.Well,last night we finally talked things
out,and well stuff happen,I-I-I-honestly don’t know why she’s not here.”
Mr.Parker just sat there with a blank stare on his face.Probably trying to let everything Max had to say
sink in. He waqs acting way to calm for Max’s peace of mind. Unlike Mrs.Parker who just cried the whole
time MAx was in the kitchen. The pancakes remain untouched on the plates,and the mytery behind Liz’s
disapperance was still a mystery.After what seemed likes hours of silence but really it was about ten
minutes.Max pushed back his seat and announced that he should be leaving.Max decided it would be best to
let the Parkers have some time to themselves.
“I swear Mr.Parker,I will find Liz you will be informed on every step of the way,”Max promised at the
crashdown entrance.
“I know you will Max,”Mr Parker replied not once questioning on how a Max could find his missing
daughter.In fact he seemed to be supporting this endevor.The crashdown door shut in his face.Leaving Max wondering where he should start.
Walking about a block away from the resturant to where his jeep was parked.Max got in and started up the
engine.The vechile stood running still for about five minutes.Then he changede his mind about driving away
and shut the engine off. He threw the keys to the seat beside him.After this,Max leaned his forehead on the
steering wheel and started to cry uncontrollably. Reality has know began to sink in. This is no dream,Liz is
gone and it’s driving him crazy.Why did she leave? That’s the question that keeps going around in his
head.In her letter Liz stated that she didn’t feel safe around him. That she wanted a normal life around
normal people. Max refuses to belive that she would just give up all that they’ve been going through;for a
life of normalcy.Max WILL not belive everything that she’s told him has been a lie. Cause if everything in
the letter is true.Then why did he risk everything to heal her for? NO something else was going on here,he
just knows it. Max swore that when he finds Liz,and he will find her. He’ll demand that she tells him the
Last nights intense love making resurfaced in his mind. The look of love in her eyes as Liz stradled him and
made him forget himself. The touch of her skin that never seemed to be enough. The taste of her lips that
inflame the passion throughout his body. That is what he has. That is what he will belive. That is what he’ll
have agin.
Max took out his wallet and from inside pulled out a picture of Liz and himself. Maria took it last year.
Though it seemed alot longer. She was on his lap,laughing trying to block his tickling hands.MAx smiled as he remebered that glorious night. It was before Nasedo,Tess and the skins came into the picture to screw everything up for them. Max wished for the night again.When evrything was normal.
“Max are you okay?”replied a familiar voice that brought him back to the pesent.He found himself staring
at the exact same picture of him and Liz,it was just a little more worn than it was a year ago.Across the
street stood the crashdown,and as he looked up and stared out his dirty windsheild.Max saw Tess Harding
looking back at him.

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Peace Carolyn

Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sawyers
(Everything’s not lost~By Coldplay~Copyrighted because I didn’t write this song.

Chapter 4b


“Max are you okay?”replied a familiar voice that brought him back to the present. Ironically enough Max
found himself to be exactly where he was a year ago. In his jeep,across from the crashdown,looking at the
exact picture of Liz and himself.Except that it was a little worn from wear. God knows how long he’s been
sitting there,procrastinating about telling the Parkers his little encounter with Liz in utah. Looking up,Max
stared through his dirty windshield to find TEss Harding looking back at him...

When I counted up my demons,
Saw there was one for each day.
With the good ones on my shoulders.
I drove the other ones away.

So if you ever feel neglected,
If you think that all is lost.
Well I’ll be counting up my demons.
Yeah,hoping everythings not lost.

Great,this is what he doesn’t need right now. Tess breathing down his neck;insisting that they needed to be
together,cause it was thier destiny.Though lately he’s notice that she’s not been bugging him about that at
all. It made him wonder what she had going on in that curly blonde head of hers.She’s being way to
supportive,very out of character.Will she start up again thinking enough time has passed?Well it won’t
happen.Even though he’s unsure about how he feels towards Liz.It doesn’t mean he’ll jump into her arms to
play some rebound game with her. Love to him is not something to just play around frivously with.Max still
doesn’t love Tess and he may not Love Liz like he use too.It may just be best all around if he remains alone.
“I guess,it’s hard to tell right now,”Max said finally,stuffing the picture in his coat pocket.
Tess decided that Max may need someone to talk to. So she waled over to the passegers side of the jeep and
climbed in.Placing the purse on her lap she said with a sigh,”You look like shit Max,”
Max chuckled at this comment and said,”Yeah,well I feel like shit too.”After a short paused he asked,”So
how’s Courtney doing?”
“she’ll be find,you healed her up quite nicely.”Tess replied refeering to thier new protector.A skin,but a
good one.A few of the skins formed a faction that supported Max’s return to the throne on Antar. A week
ago,the were ambushed in colorado by one of Nichloas henchmen. Kivar’s right hand man wasn’t playing
around anymore.Courtney took a blow for Max,and could’ve died. Max healed her yes,but if he wasn’t so
distracted with thoughts of Liz and that unidentified man in the car with her.Courtney wouldn’t need any
“That’s good to hear,I’ve got to stop by and see her later,”Max said in relief,glad that another protector
wasn’t killed. Cuase this time it would’ve been his fault and that was something he just couldn’t deal with
right now.
“Soooo,”Tess began to say her voice with a hint of wonder,”You here to tell the Parkers about seeing Liz?”
“That’s the plan,”He said not really sure if telling Liz’s parents is the right thing to do at this moment of
time.They’ve been through so much.Why give them a false sense of hope.WHo knows if he’ll ever see her
again?Who knows if she’ll ever come home?Plus,why did it matter to Tess what he’s doing? She made it
perfectly clear how she felt about Liz. Suddenly Max’s head began to pound painfully.Instinctivly he began
to rub his temples,but it didn’t subduethe pain any less. It did however give his hands something to do. Max
decided he wasn’t ready to face the Parkers just yet. What he needed to do was go home,take a shower and
shave this beard off. It was really starting to annoy him. Plus he really did need to catch up on his sleep.Since
Utah he’s not been able to close his eyes. That day constantly haunted him.
Max felt her presence so strongly that day.It was really weird. He was with Michael and ALex in front of
some resturant. They were waiting for Courtney,who was off to meet some source. Something big was going
down,but she never went into it much.Courtney went to meet her friend alone,just in case it was some kind of
trap. This is always how it worked on these roadtrips.
“If I’m not back within the hour,you get the hell out of here,”She demanded everytime before taking
off,”You will stay in Roswell and go about your lives normally like we discussed.If I don’t make it back,a
new protector will take my place.You know who’ll it be when they get here.”
“So are we eatting or what?”Michael asked,breaking Max out of his trance.
“Yeah,sure,”Max said as he mindlessly walked to the edge of the sidewalk,looking around wondering if
he’s gone mad. Is she really here?Then that’s when Max spotted her.Liz was in a car at a red traffic light.
She was staring right back at him.Liz looked pretty shocked to see him there.However he sensed that she
might’ve known he was here.
“Liz,”he whispered causing Michael and Alex to look his way.Liz said his name,though he didn’t hear it
because her window was rolled up,but he saw it formed on her mouth clear as day.Without a second though
and not caring if he got run over by a car,Max began to walk towards the car.He was so happy and angry
with her all at once. With determination he walked faster. Finally things will end today. He felt his arm
strech out in front of him.Max could almost feel the car door handle in his grasp.Max stopped for a moment
when he saw movenent next to her.He couldn’t make out the face,but it was a guy,that he was certain. That’s
when the light turned green.Max started to walk again he couldn’t lose her again. Then Max felt a force hit
him hard it caused him to fly backwards and he landed hard on his back. By the time he got his bearings
back. Liz was gome,along with the answrs to his many questions.
“Jesus,what the hell just happen,”Alex replied him and michael stood over him.
“ Liz,I saw her and she wasn’t alone,”Max replied weakly,he felt like the wind was knock right out of him.
“Liz?”Michael replied a bit confused,he looked around suspeciously ready for a fight,”I don’t think she
did this to you.”
“We’ve got to find her,”Max said taking a hold of Alex’s hand. he tried to walk on his own but almost fell
back down. Michael grabbed hold of him tightly.
“Realx max,your not well,”Michael said positioning himself under Max’s arm,so he would fall on the
ground again,”What we need is to leave.”
“Okay,what’s going on here,”replied courtney,who sounded like she was out of breath,”I just saw Max fly
backwards by himself.”
“We don’t know,Max was walking across the street when all of a sudden he was thrown backwards and
landed very hard on his back.”Alex replied a little freaked out,he was on the other side of Max keeping him
propped up.
“He thought he saw Liz,”Michael exclaimed,deciding to lower Max gently on the sidewalk curb.
“Well,you’ve been busy,”Courtney exclaimed not liking what she just witness,”It must’ve been one of
Nicholas scouts,this is not good.We’ve got to leave for Colorado,there’s tons of skin activity there,and it looks like were going to be expected,So I’m sorry to say this but the humans have to stay behind,it’s going to be too dangerous.”
“I’m not going anywhere,”Max excalimed from the sidewalk,causing her to look at Michael for an
“Loverboy here,has other plans,”Michael exclaimed angrily.
“Well,Max’s only plans right now is the Harvest,Liz won’t matter if the world is destroyed.”Courtney said
hating the fact that they’re not on the road right now.
“Well,it’s not like I’ve not otld him this.”Michael replied crossing his arms across his chest.
“You guys do realize I’m here,right,”Max said hating that they’re talking about him as if he isn’t there.
Someones got to think rationally here Max,you’re too unfocus for any form of decison making.”
“Courtney,I don’t really care what you think.”
“Okay it’s time out for the two of you,”Alex shouted making a T with his hands,they all looked at him a bit
shocked.Alex never was one who got involed with alien scuffles before.”Courtney,Michael go get the
others,I’ll talk to Max.”
They looked at him kind of unsurely.What could Alex possibly say to Max to cahnge his mind that they
haven’t already tried.When they didn’t move he motion them to leave with his hands,”Go already,It’ll be
Reluctantly they left,leaving Alex and Max alone. Sitting besides Max on the curb,Alex took a deep breathe
and asked,”So how did she look?”Refering to Liz.
“Beautiful as always,”Max exclaimed really wishing he could hold his liquor,cause a drink really sounded
good right now.
‘Listen,Max,we all want Liz to come back home.”Alex replied hating that he’s living this double life. What
whould they all do if they ever found out what he’s been keeping from them.
“I know,It’s just-”He paused for a moment to run his shaky hand through his long black hair,”-I was soo
close Alex.”
“we’ll find her Max,but,”he replied knowing he needed to get max and Liz as far away from each other as
possible,”Courtney is right,the main thing is to destroy the harvest,and to save the world,”
“I don’t know if I can-”Max started to say,however Alex stopped him in mid-sentence.
“Max,let me handle Liz,”Alex said causing Max to look at him strangly,he explained himself by
adding,”Liz was here for a reason Max,maybe she even lived here.I’ll poke around ask some questions show
her picture around,maybe someone will recongize need to go to colorado,and kick some skin ass.”
Max shook his head,he actually kind of liked this idea,”You’ll keep me inform on anything you find,”Max
asked glad to have a friend like Alex on his side.
“I promise Max,you’ll know everything,”Alex said getting up from the ground,”You look better.”
“I feel better,”Max said taking Alex’s hand to help him up..That was the last time he saw Alex.
“Max,Hello,”Tess shouted breaking him out of his time travling trance.
“I’m sorry,I’m really tired,what did you say,”Max replied with a yawn.
“I said that I think It’s good idea that the Parker’s know that Liz is alive,”Tess said putting her hand on
Max’s shoulder.When he stiffen at her touch,she drew back her hand,obviously hurt.”Max why do you still
act uncomfortable around me,even after all that we’ve been through?”
Maqx felt kind of like an ass.He didn’t mean to be a jerk towards her.It’s just that he didn’t want Tess to
get the wrong singals.
“Tess,you’ve been a freind and a ally to us,I will always be grateful for that,it’s just-”
“You’ll never feel more,is that it?”Tess said finishing Max’s words and sounding quite pissed off. See this is
what he couldn’t stand,about this whole destiny thing.Hopes get shattered and feelings get hurt.
“Max,”Tess said softly,”I know I’ve been in your face about,you know us,and I’ll be honest with you,I was
glad Liz left.”
Max for the first time looked her way.This must’ve been really hard for her to say. Guilt was written on her
face.Max remanined silent so she could continue to vent out her feelings.”Liz is your world whether she was
by your side or halfway across the country,I-I-hated you for not loving me like you love Liz,and I hated her
for being the one you wanted to be with.Here I thought we would be able to reconnect,but you were so
obsessed in trying to find her,I couldn’t win.”Tess was nervously playing with the straps to her purse.Max
was amazed about how diffrent she’s become. This is not the same Tess that arrived in Roswell years
ago.”How silly of me to think that your feelings would change,I decided to go to courtney and ask for her
help in remebering our past,I thought that maybe if I could see that we were meant to be together then I
could show you this and maybe you too could realize the love we shared,that you were not meant for Liz but
Max was suprised at this.None of them really had time to remeber thier past.Since they were trying hard to
fight for thier future.”What did you learn?”Max asked actually curious in what she found out.
“That everything Nasedo told me was an utter lie!”Tess replied angrily,”That you never loved me,and I
never loved you.”
“What?”Max said not beliving what he just heard.
“Yeah,I was a skin,you a shapeshifter,our parents arranged our Marriage as part of some stupid peace
treaty,we loved others,yet we wanted peace and sacrified our lives for antar,”Tess said,she looked at Max
and angrily added,”Kivar,is my brother max,and I knew he was going to kill you on our wedding day,I
didn’t care If I didn’t have to marry you I was happy,I even helped him and the mother fucker killed me,just
because,his own flesh and blood,over some stupid throne!”
“jesus Tess,I had no idea,”Max said totally being blown away.
“Well why would you Max,our past was of no intrest to you,Liz was all that mattered,You didn’t even
know about Antar or the skins untill Nasedo and I came around,god I fell so stupid,and angry and
used!,”Tess replied clutching her hands in fists,”So I knew I had to fight by your side to right the wrongs
I’ve done,to finally do something I wanted to do,not what others demanded me to do,I want to make my own
destiny Max,you need to find Liz and I will do what I can to help you.”
“Thanks,I-I feel like an ass right now,”Max said sheepishly
“Yes,your are an ass Max,but I won’t hold it against you.”Tess said jokingly,”So what about Liz anything
“No,nothing,but I still have yet to talk to Alex,”Max said not really caring what Alex found.”It’s kind of
funny really,I’m not sure what my feelings are for Liz right now.”
“Are you telling me you don’t love her anymore?”Tess asked in suprise.
“Well,a part of me will always love her its just,that well I think it’s over between us,”Max said deciding to
do some revealing himself,”I had alot of time to think on our way back from Colorado,Liz obviously has gone
on with her life,I saw with my own two eyes that she’s found someone else,a normal human guy,It’s time to
forget about Liz Parker and focus on the Harvest.”
“Bullshit Max,”Tess shouted causing him to look at her in shock,”You of all people are not a quitter.”
“Tess,did you hear what I said she-”
“I heard what you said,and I think maybe you need to stop being such a coward and realize that you still
love her and that you need to find her and tell her that,”Tess said whacking him on the arm,”The two of you
have been through sooo much,FBI agents,Evil aliens,hell even me,and you’re going to sit here and tell me
that a human guy is going to end the love you two share?”
“Ah I don’t know,I’m really not in a right frame of mind to be thinking right now,”Max said,trying to
still let everything that transpired sink in. Tess does have a point. Who would’ve thought she’d be the one to
tell him like it is.
“Max,It’ll come to you when the time comes,go home get some sleep,”She said getting out of the jeep.
“Do you need a ride home,I’m making a detour to Alex’s before I go home?”Max asked as he started up the
“No thanks,”Tess replied slyly,a huge grin on her face,”I’m having a late dinner with Kyle.”
“Klye?”Max replied in suprise,thinking the moments are just getting weirder by the minute.
“Yes kyle,”Tess replied patting his cheek,”You yourself always said we make our own destiny,Well that’s
what I’m doing. Let’s see if I can pull it off.”Then with a giggle she turned around and bounced off to the
crashdown.Her destiny patiently waiting.
Max shooked his head amazed what he just heard. Tess is actually intrested in Kyle. She is going to help her
find Liz. The dark cloud that was storming over his head for months started to disappear. A smile appeared
on his face as he pulled out of his space in front of the UFO center.How stupid of him to think that Liz would
never be part of his life again. It’s funny what you mind belives what path you should take,most of the time
it’s not the right one,but your heart,your heart always points you back in the right direction.Max always
knew he loved Liz. Will always love Liz. With hope in his heart Max drove to Alex’s. Watch out Liz Parker
your destiny is coming for you.

When you thought it was over.
You could feel it all around.
and everybody’s out t oget you.
don’t you let it drag you down.

Cause if you ever feel neglected
if you think that all is lost.
Well I’ll be counting up my demons.
Yeah,Yeah,hoping everythings not lost.......

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I'm glad my protrayal of Tess is being recived well. Tess has always been a character you love to hate. I knew you had to put someone there to stir things up,but I hated what the writer's did to the whole Kyle and Tess relationship.I just hated the whole she's like my sister. I wanted them to be so much more. The sexual energy the shared living together was amazing!
Anywho I am working on part five. Alot tougher than I anticipated,but I think in the long run everyone will be pleased with it.
Thanks for reading Carolyn
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Some of you know I have another fanfic on this board. I've been neglecting it too long.So give me a few more days to post chapter five. You all have been very patient with me. LovinRoswell you know me all to well and belive or not I was kind of thinking about that senerio you had about FM.We'll have to see how it gores.
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New part will be up soon. I don't say when anymore cause I can't always get on my computer. It's moody*happy*lol
Anywho,I've just posted chapter 16 on Has to be
for those of you who fallow that also!
see you all soon
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So I'm finally putting up a new part after many failed attempts!Anywho I wanted to let everyone know I fixed a major error on my part. I originally stated that Liz was presently in Virgina. To far away for Alex to get there in a day. So I went back and edit to Oregon. It seemed more plausable*happy*
Anyway heres Chapter 5,enjoy!
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Chapter 5~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sawyers

Simon hated this stinkin planet. The food was bearly tolerable,the entertainment was mindless and hardly
enjoyable,and the walking monkeys that inhabit this place were dumb and pretty much useless. Though he’ll
have to give them credit for inventing cigarettes and coffee. These were the only two things he can’t seem to
get enough of. If he ever manages to get off this planet;Simon hopes to find away to bring back these guilty
pleasures with him. However right now,he has a little agenda of his own right now. Bringing back an exile
king to his throne is not it. No he’s on a mission of revenge,that’s why he volunteered to come on this stupid
planet in the first place.Nicholas will pay for killing his family. Yeah the scum bag is very powerful and
theres a good chance he’ll die. Well if that’s his destiny then that’s what will happen. Simon has to try,he
owes his family at least that much.
Simon lit a cigarette as he walked the early morning streets. They were still pretty much deserted.In a
couple hours however when the humans get up and start congesting this town;Simon will hopefully be
sleeping. They smelled bad,and little contact with thier dieased infested bodies the better. Colorado was
horrible and he was lucky to have survived that massacre.Courrtney needed him to meet her there. She had
a little package for Felix. Stuff about the royal four. I guess if anything happen to her,Felix was to be the new
protector. Not that he was a big fan of Zan,he could’ve prevented his sisters death. However,at least he
wasn’t Kivar. That son of a bitch has done nothing but bring war upon thier planet. So many antarians died
because Kivar was on this huge power trip. Simons parents didn’t support his reign. So he had them
killed,along with other families who dared to protest Kivar’s leadership. Simon was lucky to be alive. He
unlike his parents chose a more subtle approach of his dislike for Kivar. He along with a few other rebel
skins decided to infiltrate the palace by “Pretending” to be supporters. Simon’s idenity of course was
change,so he was safe for now. Hearing of his parents death was hard and if it wasn’t for Felix he’d
probably wold’ve gotten himself killed. So he managed to get a place on a ship travelling to planet earth.
News of the royal four’s whereabouts spread through out the planet.
“Think about it,you can’t get to Nicholas here,he’s too well protected,”Felix said in thier hidden lair where
thier plans of thier new kings dimissed were being constantly orchestrated.”Earth is far from home and
chances are he’ll be alot more focus on trying to find Zan and company.So his guard will be down,that my
friend is when we make our move.”
Well it did seemed like a good idea at the time. However Nicholas is still alive,someone tip him off that some
renagade skins manage to come to earth.So his first assaination attempt was a bust. Simon along with a few
others were lucky enough to escape without gettig killed. As each day passes;Simon is slowly beginning to
realize he might actually die on this god forsaken planet.The harvest is but weeks away and if Simon doesn’t
get his new husk,all that he has done will be for nothing.The harvest,now that’s a whole other problem.
Since knowing about traitors in his mist. Nicholas has become suddenly secretive about the harvests new
location.So whoever isn’t on Nicholas good side will not live another year after the harvest.
That’s why he along with the other skins that are scattered across this planet are trying to find information
on the location. To be honest things don’t look good. Even Courtney is showing signs of defeat. Her new duty
as protector has taken up alot of her time and energy. Kivar will win if this harvest isn’t destroyed.
Simon flick his cigarette on the sidewalk when he entered Felix’s resturant. He shook his head in disbelief
as he walked into the establishment. Felix on antar was a powerful man. Now he serves these undeserving
humans like a friggin servent. It should be the other way around. However felix loves it down here on
earth,loves the people that live here! Simon bearly recongizes him at times. His friend is even starting to
smell like one of them and it’s kind of discouraging. Someone bumping into him cause him to come out of his
little daydream state.
“I’m sorry,”replied a dark hair girl with the brownest eyes he’s ever seen.They looked like melted
chocolate. She was carrying a huge serving tray full of dirty dishes. She looked so petie,hardly someone who
could lift something that looked so heavy.
“It’s okay,wasn’t looking where I was going,”He muttered,looking at this girl. Oddly enough she looked so
familiar.A image of his dead sister suddenly emenated from this girl,in shock he said her named,”Lexania.”
This caused the girl to give him a strange look.She shook her head and said,”Ah no the name is Janice,are
you okay?”She asked while putting down the tray on an empty table. She was at his side cause it looked like
to her that he was ready to pass out.
“No,no,I’m find,”Simon quickly replied waving her hands away,”I just need to see Felix.”
“He’s out back,I’ll get him if you like,”Janice said a little taken aback.
“It’s okay,I know the way,I’ll go out back myself,”Simon replied making a quick exit,leaving Janice a bit confused.
Simon hadn’t thought about his sister in years. This whole revenge crusade has been invading his mind alot
these days.He just needs to eat something and get some sleep. He’s starting to halucinate and that can’t be
good. As soon as he arrived out back he notice Jacob washing dishes. He of course was another skin. Simon
was happy to see him.
“Well isn’t this a sight to see,you doing manual labor.”Simon said sarcastically.causing Jacob to stop what he was doing and immediately went over to simon to give him a hug.
“We thought the worst you know,”Jacob replied pulling away,leaving a wet mess on Simons coat.
“Well I’m here,I’m glad I was missed,”He said taking a towel from a nearby table a trying to wipe himself
dry.”Is he in the office.”He asked gestring his head towards a door marked private. Jacob shook his head yes
and took the wet towel that Simon offered him.”Good,make sure no one comes in okay,”
“No problem,”Jacob said as he watched Simon walk to the office and go inside.
“Is he okay,”Replied Janice who we all know is Janice. She put down the load of dishes on the table and
looked at the door with concern,”It looked like he was going to pass out.
Jacob looked at Liz and suprise in and said,”He had a long journey,he was on a errand for Felix.”
“Okay,well That’s the last of it for now,”Liz replied putting her hands on her hips,”You may need to wash
some silverware fast,were going to run out soon.”
“Yeah,”he said a bit distracted,then turned to her and said,”Felix said this is you last day,we’re going to miss
“I’m going to miss you guys too Jacob,but my family needs me,”Liz replied with some saddness in her
voice,”I’m just sorry I won’t be able to say good-bye to Melanie.”
“I’ll give her the message Janice,”He said suprising her by throwing himself in her arms and giving Liz a
huge bear hug.She laughed and hugged him back. She looked at Felix’s office. Wondering what was going on
in there. It was weird when that guy called her Lexania. For some odd reason the named seemed familiar to
her,even thought she never heard that name before intill that guy said it.Liz pulled herself away from Jacobs
grasp and went to the storage shelf. Liz had alot to do before 12:00. When Felix asked her to help out with
the breakfast rush Liz couldn’t say no. He had helped her so much since arriving in this town.These people
have been the closest thing to her family since leaving Roswell.She will miss them sooo much.It’s just she
can’t stay here,not with the memories of future Max and Alex as her campnion now.She knew too many
questions will be asked. Before going back out in the dinning area she took one last look at the office door.
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~
“So how’s Courtney?”Felix asked taking the brown manila envelope from Simon.
“She’s looking pretty tired,but that’s what fighting does to someone.”Simon replied lighting a
cigarette.Sitting down felt wonderful.
“Is there any new developments on the harvest?”Felix asked taking out what appears to be photographs.
“No,Colorado was a setup and a let down,were still no wiser to where the Harvest is.”He replied struggling
out of his jacket.
Felix let out a fustrated sigh and began to look at the photographs Courtney sent him.He knew sending these
through the postal system would’ve been easier. However they have to be cautious these days.Who knows
how far Nicholas reach went.
“Quite the handsome bunch.”Felix exclaimed looking at a group picture of the royal four.”It’s kind of weird
seeing Zan as a teenage boy.”
“Tell me about it,these teens are our last hope,God help us,”Simon replied rolling his eyes. after looking
through a few more photos of thier king and company,he stopped suddenly and Simon saw his face go pale.
“Why are these people here?”He asked tossing the picture Simons way.
“He looked briefly at the photo and said<”Those are the humans who have been trusted with thier
non-human status,pretty crazy huh?”
“That girl,her name is janice she’s in the resturant now!”Felix exclaimed,taking one of Simons cigarttes
from the pack he left on his desk.
Confused Simon took a closer look at the group photo. Indeed staring back to him was that girl he bumped
into when he entered the resturant.Indeed she looked a little diffrent,her hair was cut shorter,and she looked
older now,but it was the same girl.”Jesus,”was all he could say.
Felix looked a few more close up ones and stopped at a picture of Alex.
“This guy came to town yesterday,Jacob has this thing of taking pictures of newcomers that stroll into
town,”Simon eclaimed as he rolled his desk chair to a filing cabinet. He pulled out a folder and out came a
picture of Alex getting out of his car.then a few of Alex and Janice hugging on her porch.Felix turned over a
picture of Liz that Courtney sent over. In the back of it was a little history of her,”Well according to
Courtney this girl Liz Or as I know her Janice,was healed by Zan about three years ago. Our king fell hard
for her.A year ago she just disappeared. He’s been trying to find her. The closest the got was about three
weeks ago in utah.However she drove off with alot of unanswered questions.”He said putting down the
picture and added,”She gave her notice today,she’s planning on leaving Oregon.”
“It makes sense now.”Simon mummbled staring aimlessly at nothing.
“What are you ranting about?”Felix asked shooting a look of concern at his friend.
“This girl Liz,She’s Lexania.”Simon said putting on his jacket.
“Your sister,what are you talking about?”He asked getting up and walking over to Simon.
“Zan healed this girl,just like he tried to heal my sister on antar,Lexania was the love of his life,who’s to say
some of her essence didn’t make it’s way into Zan and in some way made her home into this Liz girl.”Simon
said going towards the door. Felix blocked the door before he could leave,”Simon you’re talking crazy,Liz is
human,she is not Lexania,you have to let her go.”
“I’m not crazy,I saw my sister in this girl,I thought it was nothing at first,but I know she lives,and I’ll be
damned if she dies again.Who knows what Nicholas knows.”Simon replied looking at Felix with
determination,”I will protect Zans love,you must get a message to Courtney,tell her everything.”
Felix knew this was crazy,but he liked Liz and would hate for something to happen to her.The only reason
he’d agree for Simon to go was to make sure she was protected.
“I will send Jacob to Roswell tonight,use your cell phone if things get out of hand,”Felix said removing
himself away from the door.
“You know I will,thank you my friend.”Simon said touching his friends shoulder in goodbye,then left the
Simon sat went to his desk and sat back down.He looked at the pictures one last time before putting them in
a folder.
Jacob came in and locked the office door behind him. He folded his arms across his chest before
“Could be,”Felix said writing something down then stuffed it in a envelope. HE sealed it and took a
cigarette from Simons pack that he left behind. After taking a drag he looked up at Jacob and said,”You’re
going to Roswell.”


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Lovin Roswell~Hitting the pavement has been a bit harder than I thought.Though I've been doing a little babysitting for my sister.It's good to spend sometime with the nieces.Plus,yes the extra time has been helpful with the fanfic writing.I'll be posting this next part shortly.have a few wholes to fill in(Research)
Thanks for your support and FB.And that goes to everyone reading it!
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mandyhanford originally wrote:


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TO all of those intrested. I'm in the final stages of completeing the next part! I want to have it up by tomorrow! Thanks for reading.
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I wanted to post this up on Saturday,but a bride fire cause alot of damage to cable and phone lines. Lets just say I wrote alot this weekend!
Here's part 6 thanks for reading!
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Chapter Six~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sawyers

Two days earlier when Jacob arrived in Roswell,he knew courtney wasn’t there. He could faintly feel her
presence.She was probably in a nearby state.Right now,Jacob could feel Courtney’s awarness of his closeness
stirring in the air. When through with whatever took her away from the Royal four;he knew without a
doubt,Courtney would find him,she always does.
As soulmates,they share a special connection,a bond few will ever experience.It’s been two years since
they’ve seen each other,it’s going to feel really good to hold Courtney again.
Felix and Jacob were somehow exposed to Nicholas,and that was considered treason(To this day they’re
unsure who revealed them as rebels).Of course they got tipped off and manage to bearly escape. They’ve
been hiding out in oregon awaiting what they could do for the cause.Since Courtney at the time was still an
inside player.Jacob couldn’t contact her in anyway. Doing so could not only endanger her life,but the mission
they’ve work so hard on, could end for nothing.Zan and the others need to be kept safe untill they’re ready
for thier return back to Antar. Bringing back a dead exile king would not end Kivar’s rule. Yeah,it’s
fustrating that thier relationship is put on hold.However,could they truly be together,raise a family,and just
ignore the fact that thier homeworld,that they love so much is ruled by an evil man.No,they couldn’t,and that
is why they do this.If not for themselves but for the future of Antar.Courtney now has the honor of being the
new protector of the royal four. It truly was a sad day when news of Nasedo’s death was sent thier way.He
was truly a great man.So for the last few days he’s been killing time by seeing the sites of the city.It’s been
quite an interseting experience.
“Would you like a refill Jacob?”Asked Maria,his waitress,which startled him from his daydream,”I’m
sorry,didn’t mean to scare you.”
Jacob laughed and said,”That’s okay,got lost in thought.”He loved coming here to the Crashdown,the food
was very good and he’s gotten to know both Maria and Michael.He still is getting use to the fact that a Royal
guard is flipping burgers for a living.Jacob felt that in Courtney’s absence,he keep an eye on things.
“I would love another cup and a piece of that Alien green lime pie.”He asked with a grin.
“You got it,”Maria replied filling his cup.”So what are your plans today?”
“Don’t know yet,but I’m sure something will come to mind.”Jacob said pouring sugar in his coffee.
The blond hair girl giggled as she bounced away from his booth.He kind of understood why Maria was one
of the chossen to keep the royal fours secret.He made her laugh and was very easy to talk to.In a way Jacob
was kind of upset that he has to keep his true reason a secret. Felix made it perfectly clear that Courtney
should be the one to introduce him.
“They’ve been through alot,and may not trust you,Felix said before Jacob took off,”Oh and another
thing,whatever you do keep Liz’s whereabouts on the down low,Let Courtney handle that also.”
Jacob was blown away by Janice’s true identiy. He was told of the healing act that happen in this resturant
almost three years ago. It was a very foolish thing for Zan to do.Bringing all that attention to them.Guess
Zan was in love with Liz,and didn’t care what the consequences were.Jacob thought falling in love with the
locals was a big waste of time. For one they couldn’t live on Antar,plus Nicolas could use them as a pawn in
this crazy war. Jacob remebered the first day he came to the Crashdown.He was waiting to be seated and
there staring right back at him was Liz with longer hair and looking so much younger. I guess being on the
run changes a person. He always wondered why she left?
Jacob turned around by the sound of the door chime announcing another patron has arrived.Waiting
patiently by the hostess station was Max and Isabel Evans.He has yet to talk to them,but has seen them
hanging around here once in awahile.
“Hey Max, Isabel,you can seat yourselves,I’ll be with you in a few,”Shouted Maria at the take out
window,gathering plates of food for her customers.
“Thanks Maria,”Isabel replied taking two menus from a pile that sat on top of the hostess counter.They
peoceeded to sit in the booth right in front of Jacob.He quickly took the book on his table and proceeded to
be engrossed in the pages of “The Hitchiker’s guide to the galaxy.” He has read it at least 12 times already,it
was one of his favorites.Jacob didn’t want to appear to be eavesdropping on thier conversation,even though
that’s exactly what he was doing.Isabel was facing him,while max’s back was towards them. Thier voices
were in a whisper,but Jacob had no problem fallowing the conversation.
“So I got a call from Alex today,”Isabel whispered,as she open up her menu.
“Really,”Max replied opening up his own menu,”How’s he doing?”
Max called Alex himself yesterday morning.Impatient that to get some answers to his questions.It was
unbearable to wait for his friends call,and he was just tired of hearing that stupid voice on Alex’s answering
service. So when Alex himself ansered he was relived to be talking to a real human being.Max could tell he
woke Alex up.However,he didnt’t care. Something didn’t sit right with Alex leaving Roswell. He told both his
parents and Maria,that he just needed a break from things,Liz’s disappearence hurt and shocked him.There
were too many distractions here in his hometown,and decided to take a little road trip to find himself. Max
knew that Alex’s story was complete Bullshit and he wanted an explaination.
“Alex,where the hell are you?”Asked a very pissed off max to a very groggy Alex.
“Max,good morning,”Alex replied with a yawn,then added,”I’m in Las Vegas.”Which of course Alex knew
was a lie. He was in Arizona with Liz,who at the moment was probably out getting breakfast.
“Why?”MAx demanded while pouring a cup of coffee,his parents have since left for work and Isabel is still
fast asleep in her room.’And I don’t want to hear some Lame ass story about wanting to find yourself
Max heard Alex laugh on the other end and replied,”Well,if you must know I’m looking into a lead about
“Liz,is she there now,?”Max asked anxiously
“No,it looks like a dead end,but that’s what one of her friends at this diner she worked at said that’s where
she might go,’Alex replied stiffling another yawn,”I knew it might’ve been a long shot,but I had to check.”
“You should’ve called me Alex,I could’ve helped.”Max said feeling suddenly useless.He needed to find Liz
and get some answers.Alex leaving totally made him start to panic. He had come to rely on him so much this
past year.
“Okay Max,listen to me,”Alex started to say,”First of all you were heading to Colorado,second of all,do you
really think me calling you wold’ve helped.Who knows what you were doing,I think a ringing cell phone
while you were trying to deal with the skins would’ve been a bad idea.”
“Okay,I give you that,”Max replied feeling less angry,He grabbed a pen and paper off the counter and
said,”Tell me where you are,I can be there by tonight,we can find her together.”
“Max be realistic,you can not drop what you’re doing right now;You need to be there with Michael,isabel
and Tess,the four of you need to stay together find this harvest,save the world,you know there’s a reason you
were sent together.”
What Alex had to say was true but Max had a feeling he was hiding something from him.He had every
intetion of finding out what.
“Max,I swear I’m handling things,and I promise you’ll be informed of anything new,I’ve got to go I’ll call
you soon,bye”Alex replied quite hurriedly
“Wait Alex--Damn it!”Max excliamed when the line went dead.He slammed the cordless phone down and
knew he wasn’t getting the whole story.
“Max,are you even listening to me?”Isabel asked waving her hand in front of his face.Max snapped out of
his daydream and shook his head no at his sister.
“No Isabel,I’m sorry please tell me again.”Max replied sheepishly
Isabel rolled her eyes in fustration and repeated her story,”Alex seemed okay,but I got a feeling something
else was totally on his mind,”she paused for a moment and added,”Do you think I should dreamwalk him?”
“You’re telling me you haven’t!”Max asked in suprise,this girl usally jumps at any chance of
dreamwalking someone.Especially Alex.
“Well,a while ago I promised him I wouldn’t”Isabel replied bitting her bottom lip.
“No way,”Max exclaimed totally floored
“Well,when he first learned of who we were and the powers we have,”Isabel said,”Alex asked me If I ever
walked in his dreams,of course I told him I did,you know when Valenti wasn’t on our side and we didn’t
know if he was going to rat you out,”Max shook his head remebering that day.He was so adement on keeping
Alex in the dark. He’s kind of glad that Alex is in the loop now,he’s been quite helpful many times.Isabel
contiued with her story,”Well he understood,but he kind of asked if I didn’t take nightly vists to his head
endless it was a life or death situation.”
“Well,I talked to Alex a few days ago,and I got a feeling he was hiding something.”Max said picking up a
knife and absently played with it.
“Do you think he could be in trouble?”Isabel asked starting to panic.
Max shook his head before saying,”No,I think he’s find,I’m thinking of something else.”
He looked at his sister and instantly realization hit her,”You think he knows where Liz is.”
max shrugged his shoulders,he couldn’t see any other reason why Alex just picked up and left,”I think you
should take a vist in Alex’s dreams tonight,I’m hoping that it’s all just me being parnoid.”
“Why would he keep Liz’s whereabouts a---”
“Liz,what about Liz!?”Maria asked appearing suddenly out of nowhere. Max nervously shifted in his
seat wondering how much of thier conversation she actually heard. Luckily Isabel quickly took care of the
“We were just talking about utah hun,and iz kind of came up,I’m sorry.”
Maria shook her head,she was using ever fiber in her being to not burst out in tears. She missed her friend
very much.Plus with Alex taking off Max can imagine how much she’s hurting.When Liz does come back
and she will if it’s the last thing he does. Maria will be happy to see her friend alive,but he’s got a feeling liz
will be getting an ear full of making her a nervous wreak.
“I-I just don’t know why she did this,”excalimed maria with a sniffle,she took out a bottle of cedar oil and
began to sniff the contents,supposedly the stuff is suppose to calm the nerves.”We’re suppose to be best
Maria put the small bottle back in her apron pocket,did a couple of deep breaths to compose her self,took
her order pad out and asked what they like to eat today.
Jacob aimlessly turned the page,taking all that he heard in. Isabel can’t find out what Alex knows right
now. He will have to get to Alex first make sure Isabel doesn’t see the wrong thing. He could block her from
entering but that would raise too many red flags. He’ll have to alter if needed. Suddenly a plate with a piece
of pie went before him.
“Sorry it took so long hun,”Maria exclaimed obviously distress.
“ Hey,no problem,I know the resturant business can be hectic,”Jacob replied putting down his book,rubbing
his hands together he picked up a fork and added”Oh this looks good.”
“Enjoy,”Maria replied as she bounced off to the hostess station to seat a couple that recently arrived.
Jacob smiled in delight as the pie went down his throat. He’s having a great time but he’ll feel alot better
when Courtney gets back. Waiting is always the hardest part.

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Chapter 7~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sawyers

It has been a week since Alex left Roswell.They’ve settled in some small Arizona town. Max thinks he’s in
Colorado somewhere. Of course with every stressing phone conversation he has with him;Alex has to talk
Max out of dropping everything to help “search”for Liz. There’s his constant proclaimation of love for
her.Now isn’t he not suppose to love her?Thats the impression he got from Liz that night when Future Max
made his exit. So the question is;If Liz is no longer a distraction to him,then why is Max making her one?
Why did they even bother going through all this bullshit if it didn’t even change anything. Okay,well,that
statement isn’t totally true. Things did change. Seems Tess and Kyle are involed now. That she(of all
people)was the one to encourage Max not to give up on Liz. So Alex figures that there may have been this big
enough window of time for Max to fall out of Love with Liz. Then changed his mind. Alex isn’t no expert on
the rules of time traveling. So we have a very hurt and angry Max. This causes the Future Max to “Poof”
disappear out of exsitance. So Tess has a little talk with him and Max ’s feelings are back to loving her again.
So wouldn’t that mean Future Max is still out there somewhere? Which brings him back to the theroy that
the future did change. So does this mean that Liz still needs to stay away? Would going back to Roswell and
starting things up again with Max,still bring The End of the World? It’s quite confusing to say the least,but
at the same time it still makes sense. The Harvests location is still unknown. So where do they go from
here?Are they doomed to waunder the United States forever untill the harvest is found? Then of course there
is the possiiblity that the skins could actually win this battle;leaving them to parish far from their family and
friends. Very grim but you have to think about these things at time. This is why Alex hasn’t said anything
about what he found out to Liz. Just in case them being away is whats suppose to happen. All this what if’s
are reeking havock on his nerves. Courtney has been out of down for awhile.She suppose to be back
today,and hopefully she has another roadtrip planned. Max needs to be distracted for awhile so he can get
off of Alex’s back for a change. One day Alex is sure to slip up,and he doesn’t want that to happen. Alex
prays that this harvest buisness is taken care of real soon. He’s homesick and wants to go back to Roswell
with his family and friends. Most of all he wants to see Isabel again. Alex has been dreaming alot about her
these days. He misses her so much at times that it hurts. Yeah,they’re no longer together. Isabel ended things awhile ago. However,he’s had alot of time to think about things. The first order of business when he gets
home(Whenever that will be)is to fix things with her.
“Alex are my fries done yet?”Liz asked,bringing him from his cluttered thoughts.
“AH,yeah,here you go,”He replied dumping a basket of cook fries on the plate in front of him.Alex got a job as a short order cook,in this dumpy,yet popular diner.
“Thanks Alex,”Liz said cheerfully,blowing him a kiss before bouncing away. If you haven’t guessed yet,Liz
is a waitress at the very same diner. This is there second day. They’ve decided to play a newlywed
couple,who’s traveling across the United states for a year. The husband and wife team who owns’s the
diner,named Lou and Sue’s,totally ate thier story up. They even rented out a studio apartment above the
resturant for bearly nothing. Liz told them they’ll probably only be here for a couple of months. Just in case they were looking for someone a little more stable.
“No,please you guys stay as long as you want,”Sue replied with a very romantic sigh,wishing she could live
thier very romantic adventure. If only she knew what was really going on.”Pay by the month,we weren’t
having any luck renting it out anyway,so it’s find,right lou?”
“Why are you asking me for,”Lou replied with a chuckle,he was behind his wife and added,”We all know
who’s the boss here,and it’s not me.”
“Well I got to make you think you’re part of the decision making process sometimes.”Sue replied as she
gave her husband a hug.
So for now,life is pretty calm. No suprise alien invasions. Max is still in Roswell. So untill the end of the
world offically happens or the skins are defeated. Alex is content on just being normal for once. Even Liz has
started to relax,she has been in one great mood for a change. When the resturant finally closed for the
evening. Alex couldn’t take his apron off soon enough. He had about ten minutes of cleaning up left to do.
Then it’s off to the apartment for some food and some well deserve sleep. Starting tomorrow,the diner will
be closed for a week. The Anderson’s have decided to go on a very a well deserve vacation. This has been
palnned weeks before Alex and Liz arrived. Business must be realy good if they were willing to not have
money flowing in for a week. Even Liz was shocked by this,having helped her father run the Crashdown
back home.
“I can help run the place for you if you like,”Liz asked forever the workoholic no matter who or where she
is.”I do have experince from past jobs.”
“I know you do sweetheart,but the staff is pretty much expecting the week off,"Sue replied tying up a trash
bag,’I’m pretty sure alot of protests will be made if we suddenly made them all come back ,so just enjoy yourselves,you are getting paid still.”
“Well,if your sure,”Liz replied holding a broom.Totally not sure if this was really happening.
“Janice,of course I’m sure,”Sue replied going out back.
Alex and Liz just looked at each other and shrugged thier shoulders. What in the hell were the going to do
for a week in this quiet small town. They have to see what’s happening in nearby cities.Alex never once
thought he’d be actually site seeing. It’ll be fun,he’s looking forward to it.
“Janice,”Lou asked while coming up front.
“Yeah,”She said as she emptied a dustpan full of dirt in a trash can.
“I know it’s a little short notice,and I don’t know what you two love birds have planned,”Lou said with a
wink,”But I was wondering if you could water Sue’s plants and feed her fish while we’re away.”
“Yeah,I can do that,”Liz replied with a nod.
“Great,”He said tossing a set of keys toward Liz’s way she caught them with no problem,”Don’t want them dying on us.”
“No,we don’t”Liz replied putting the keys in her apron pocket.
“I’ve got tons of DVD’s if you want to watch them,”Lou replied going to the cash register.”I picked up a new sound system,it’s pretty amazing.”
“Thank you,we may take you up on that offer,”Liz said as she began to put the chairs upon the tables.
“Excellant,”Lou excalimed taking the register drawer out to count the days sales,”We’ll see you in 7 days,stay out of trouble.”
Liz and ALex both laughed. The Anderson’s have been so nice to them.It’s going to be real hard to leave this place when the time comes.
“Are you almost done Alex?”Liz asked taking some forgotten menus up to the hostess area,while putting the menus under the counter she notice todays mail was still there.
“Yeah,give me Five minutes,”Alex shouted from the grill area.
Liz grabbed the letters from the shelf. She’ll just drop them by the office on her way upstairs.Somehow a few letters escaped from her grasp. Liz bent down to pick them up,when one caught her eye. Her jaw dropped in shock as she read the address.
This was pretty creepy. When Liz was an intern for Congresswoman Whitker,who end up being a skin. Katherine would constantly recive these letters. It was always marked private and she always insist that Liz was never to open these letters.She never question her wishes and whenever one came in Liz would bring them to her unopen. It probably was no big deal that
the Andersdon’s recived these same envelopes. This Universal League must be just a charity that they donate money too. However Liz thought other wise. Liz also had a feeling this is the location to the harvest. Are the Anderson’s skins? It was kind of odd to close a resturant down for a whole week,even if they’re doing well. Liz put the letters back where she found them.
Better to not raise any suspisions with thier new employers. Liz needed to talk to Alex NOW!
It seems she found what they were going to do. They were going to Coppersummit.
“Whew,glad that nightmare is over with,”Alex replied to Liz who entered the backroom,she
seemed a little preoccupied,”Do you know if there’s any leftover Chinese food still?”
“I’m not quite sure,”Liz said,looking at the closed office door. Then just proceeded to walk up the stairs,obviously something was up.
“Okayy,”Alex said fallowing her upstairs,it’s weird how her moods would change. You’d think she was happy getting on with her life,then she’d just get all freaky. Alex has kind of learn to deal with it. Guess he’ll just try and stay clear of Liz tonight.As he started to open the
door,Alex was suprise to have the door swung open wide,Liz looked outside the apartment then pretty much dragged him inside,and threw him abruptly on the couch.
“Are you okay Janice,”Alex said,using her fake name.They decided that you’d never know who’s in ear shot,so to be on the safe side,”Liz’s” real name would never be mention out loud.She placed her finger over her lips and pointed to a piece of paper that had some writing on it.
Alex,the Anderson’s are skins. I know where the Harvest is.
“Really,”He exclaimed wondering how she came to this conclusion.How could the two nicest people he’s met besides his friends,be evil alien skins in a matter of ten minutes.
Liz got up from the couch put on the radio and gestured Alex to come near her. As a U2 song blared throughout the room. Liz began to tell him of the letter she found in the Anderson’s mail and the ones she saw at Congress woman’s Whitker’s office.
“It never occured to me untill I saw the envelope how odd it is the they’re closing the diner,”Liz said in a whisper.
“Janice,it is possible that they’re normal humans who think they’re donating to a cause,”Alex said slowing beginning to realize his normal life is going to end.
“Alex,I know it’s there we’ve got to do something about it.”She said clutching his shoulder.
“Well,if what you say is true,what are we suppose to do about it.”Alex asked,”WE have no idea what kind of place this is,it could be crawling with skins,and we have no alien powers to protect us.”
“Then you’ve got to call Max,get him down here,”Liz replied going to the closet and pulled out a bunch of folded up boxes.Great they were leaving again.
“Janice,”He replied in a whisper,”You do realize what this means.”
Liz looked at him and nodded her head. Max will have to know the truth. Liz will finally after a year come face to face with the man she’s hurt.However this is what they’ve been searching for,and Liz will help them if she can.”Just do it Alex,I don’t care what happens.”
Alex shrugged his shoulders grabbed his jacket and went to the inside pocket that contain his cell phone.He then went into the bathroom and began to run the shower. After a couple of rings Max answered the phone.
“Hello,”Max replied
“Hey,it’s Alex,”He replied with a sigh,this is not going to go over well.
“Alex,what’s up?”He replied,Alex could feel the tension in Max’s voice. It is pretty late to be calling. He’s probably figuring it has something to do with Liz. Boy,is he so ever right.
“Max,you’re not going to belive this but--”Alex paused for a minute then after a sigh added.”I found your Harvest.”
“The Harvest,Alex how in the hell did you do that,”Max replied in disbelief.
“Well,the thing is Liz found it I’m with her now.”

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Peace Carolyn!
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Chapter 8~Nobody knows~By Carolyn Sawyers~Somedays are better than others~By
U2~Copyrighted cause I didn’t write this song.

Some days are dry,Some days are leaky.
Some days come clean,other days are sneaky.
Some days take less,but most days take more.
Some days slip through your fingers and onto the floor.

The Crashdown maybe closed for the evening. However ,what you don’t see is an after hours
gathering taking place behind closed doors.Courtney finally arrived in town today and has
decided to call a meeting right away. Probably to fill in everyone on her little road trip.They’re
still waiting for her though. So far she’s exactly 30 minutes late. This however isn’t a big
suprise. She’s constantly running behind on everything. Max thinks she does way too much.
However this is her job and there’s no rest for the weary or a protector of the royal four.
The whole gang is here,well not including Alex and Liz for obvious reasons. Maria was
leaning on Michael’s shoulder;exhausted from the days adventure in the food industry. Kyle
and Tess were sitting directly across from them,all cute and cuddly by thier new affection for
each other. In the booth behind them sat a very annoyed Isabel,who rolled her eyes by their
very public display of affection. Max who sat across from her,had a sneakin suspicion that
she’s missing Alex and wishing that he was here.Regretting her decision for ending things
between them. Isabel liked that Alex was mooning over her,but of course by having her cake
and eatting it too,she realized that she loved him.Of course you won’t hear Isabel admitting
that to anybody.Max notice Isabel was a little more moody than usual since Alex left town.
Dream walking him made it worse. It also made Max’s theroy of Alex being with Liz a bust.
Which made his instincts tingle even more that he was right,and this just confused him even

Some days you’re quick,but most days you’re speedy.
Some days you use more force than is necessary.
Some days just drop in on us.
Some days are better than others.

Some days..It all adds up.
And what you got is enough.
Some days are better than others.

“Someone should tell them to get a room,”Isabel whispered as she leaned in closer to max so
no one would hear her. Wouldn’t Alex just be beside him self in total delight seeing Isabel
carrying on so much.
“Leave them alone Iz,they’re in love,”Max said with a laugh.It’s good to see Tess happy. It’s
also good that since Kyle and Tess became an item,he’s been spared the endless task of trying
to avoid her constant advances and hearing her go on about them having to be together cause
it’s their destiny! If Nasedo was alive right now,he’d be in a total tizzy! It’s funny how all this
happen when Liz left town. Max wondered if things would’ve still happen this way if she
“Can’t you be moopy and depressed with me,”Isabel replied leaning back and began to pout.
Max just laughed at her and Isabel under her breath Muttered,”Whatever.”

Some days are slippy,other days sloppy.
Some days you can’t stand the sight of a puppy.
Your skin is white,but you think you’re a brother.
Some days are better than others.

Saome days you wake up with her complaining.
Some sunny days you wish it was raining.
Some days are sulky, Some days have a grin.
Some days have bouncers and won’t let you in.

“Poor Iz,”Max though to himself with a silent chuckle,he looked down at his watch and shook
his head. It was getting pretty late. Max than asked out loud,”Where is Courtney?”
Isabel was sipping her soda and gave him this Why-are-you-asking-me-this-look.Just than his
cell phone rang inside his jacket pocket. Max and Isabel shared a baffled look. Who could be
calling at this hour? Not his parents,they’ve already made thier excuses for not coming home
right away.
“Hello,”Max replied feeling that something was going to happen.
“Hey,it’s Alex,”He replied,the tone in Alex’s voice didn’t sound right.
“Alex,what’s up,”Max said wondering why he was calling so late. Isabel across the way was
giving him this anxious look. Could he have actually found something out about Liz?
“Max,you’re not going to belive this but..”Alex’s sentence trailed off,he was hestitant and that
made Max very nervous,Alex sighed in what appears to be fustration then added,”I found
your harvest.”
“The harvest,Alex how in the hell did you do that?”Max replied in disbelief,his voice was
getting louder and the others were giving curious glances his way.
“Well,the thing is Liz found it and I’m with her now,”Alex said,which caused Max to pale a
few shades whiter,Isabel was not liking the way her brother looked,and wished she knew what
was being said on the other end. Courtney at this time decided to come in,Jacob was with her.
Some of the gang recongized him as the tourist guy who came in to eat almost everyday this
past week. Maria was floored,she was his waitress,and they even had wonderful conversations.
“Max are you still there?”Alex asked a bit worried
“Oh yeah I’m still here,”He said calmly than shouted abruptly,”What the Fuck is going on
here Alex?”
“Max are th-”
“Not now Courtney,”Max screamed wanting to focus on what’s going on between him and
Alex.Courtney and Jacob took a few steps back in suprise.
“Liz and I are in Arizona and we-”
“Wait,I thought you were in Colorado,”Max said gettting out of the booth and began pacing
like a caged animal in the middle of the resturant.
Courtney glanced around at the sea of confused faces. Obviously no one knows what’s going
on.Just than her cell phone rings.She sighed her annoyance but knew she had to take this
call. What if it was one of her informants.Jesus this place is becoming a regular three ring
“Hello,”She said walking away from the commotion so she can hear better.
“Max I just can’t get into it right now,just come to a place called Destiny,Arizona,Alex said
quickly he didn’t want to give Max a chance to interupt again,”Theres a gas station on the
outskirts of the highway,Liz and I will be there.”Then Alex hung up.

Some days you hear a voice
taking you to another place,
Some days are better than others...

Some days are honest,some days are not.
Some days you’re thankful for what you got.
Some days you wake up in the army,
and some’s the enemy.

“Alex Wait...FUCK,”He shouted as he redailed Alex’s number,it of course just rang untill the
answering service picked up.In fustration he smashed the phone on the floor,”GOD DAMN IT,”
Max then proceeded to storm out of the resturant slamming the door loudly,Isabel fallowed him
out. Max was in a very unstable mood. THey didn’t need him destroying things with his powers
right now. Michael got up and began to fallow them out,but was quickly stopped by Courtney
who just got of the phone.”Don’t go out there,”
I don’t think so something is-”
“Just let Iasbel take care of it,”Courtney replied interupting Michael than added,”I think I may
know what’s going on.”
Everyone looked at her with much anticapation.Max never blew up like that. So something big
is going down and they really would like to be brought in the loop now.
“Courtney what is going on?”Tess asked holding onto Kyles hand for support.
“Yeah,and what’s he doing here?”Maria asked pointing to Jacob.
“He’s on our side that’s all you need to know about him right now,”Courtney replied,”As for
Max’s performance earlier,let’s just say we know where the Harvest is,and Liz and Alex are the
ones who found it.”
“Alex is with Liz.”Maria exclaimed feeling herself cry in happiness.
“So he actually found her.”Michael said holding Maria tightly as she cried in his chest.
“Actually he’s been with her a while,”Courtney answered hating that she’s the one giving this
news,”Alex went to a place called Concord,Oregon.We have some people there and well I’ve
sent some pictures of you guys to a guy named Felix,he’d be your new protector if anything
should happen to me.”
“I live and work with Felix,when we put the pieces together,he thought I should come down here
and inform Courtney of everything,”JAcob added,so they’d know why he’s here.
“Alex knew where Liz was,because that’s where he directly there from Roswell,”Courtney
replied,it all sank in everyone’s brain. Alex wasn’t in Las vegas or Colorado finding himself like
he told everyone. He actually was with Liz,helping her in some way to remain missing. The
question on everyone’s mind is why?
Maria shook her head in disbelief. Why would the two people she trusted the most lie to her.
For a year she’s been sick with worry for her friend. All this time Alex knew where she was.
“Well we need to go to her,get some answers,”She demanded,her saddness turned into much
“I agree,if not to ream Alex and Liz out but to destroy this harvest!”Michael replied stonedface.

Some days you work,some days you’re lazy.
Some days you feel like a bit of a baby.
Lookin’ for Jesus and his mother
Some days are better than others.

“I don’t know if it’ll be wise to bring the humans,”Courntey said,jacob next to her was shaking
his head in agreement.
“No way Courtney,I am not staying here,”Maria excalimed standing face to face with her,fist of
rage on her hips.
“It’s going to be dangerous,”Courtney said not wanting to worry about protecting humans and
deste\roying the harvest.
“Oh and the other roadtrips were perfectly safe,”Kyle retorted back.At this moment Max all cool
and calm came back in the resturant with Isabel.
“We’re going to Destiny,Arizona,”He announced looking at all the faces around him,”We leave
in an hour,whoever is coming ,go to the old railroad tracks,”and with that he left the Crashdown
with one thing on his mind.To finally be reunited with Liz parker...

Some feel ahead,
You’re making sense of what she said
Some days are better than others,,

Some days you hear a voice,
Taking you to another place
Some days arebetter than others....
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I had adiffrent chapter 9,and as I wrote what now is chapter 10,this came into my mind.Honestly I think it fits very well even if it is short. Enjoy.
Peace carolyn

Chapter 9~Nobody Knows~
Max looked straight ahead without saying a word to anyone. His knuckles looked like they were going to pop right out of his fingers,he was gripping the steering wheel so tight.Courtney filled him in on what happen in the Crashdown; when he was outside with Isabel.She's in Maria's Jetta behind Kyle's camero,who was behind the Jeep. Tess was with him.It was quite the caravan.Courtney sat in the back seat with Jacob. Michael had shot gun,and the tension was very high.
"I still think it's a bad idea to get the humans involed this time,"Courtney replied,leaning forward from the backseat. Jacob,deciding he was not going to get invole in the matter,he sat silent, looking out the window,being hypnotize by the Lane lines on the road.
"Courtney get over it,your suggestion doesn't hold water anymore,"Michael replied turning himself around to face her.
"I'm sorry if I want your friends to be safe,"She said leaning back,crossing her arms across her chest,and began to pout.Jacob put his hand on her knee.She smiled at him,but was upset. When did she start to lose control here. Courtney is the protector,she knows what's best for them otherwise she wouldn't have been placed in charge of thier safety.
"They've been through alot and risked even more for us Courtney,"Max quietly said,finally breaking his silence,he still looked forward,"They have every right to make thier own decisions,plus I really don't think we can do this without thier help."
"Hey,you're the king,"Courtney said giving a sigh of fustration,"I still think it's a bad idea,"
"You think everything is a bad idea,"Michael said turning back to face the road,he shook his head in disbelief and thought how everyday she's beginning to sound so much more like Nasedo.Just then Max's cell phone rang in the glove compartment.Michael knew Max wouldn't answer it;so he took the liberty.
"Hello,"He said wondering who in the caravan is calling.
"Michael,I need to pee,"Maria said,sounding like she was in agony.
"You've got to be kidding me,"Michael excalim rolling his eyes.
"I know,I know,we stopped only about an hour ago,"Maria said,"But I bought a big gulp and it went through me faster than I thought,Please for the love of god I'm dying here Michael."
"Hold on,"Michael impatiently said,he will not have a fight about going to the bathroom with her,he turned to Max and announced,"We need to make a restroom stop,Maria drank a Big gulp."
Max of course didn't want to stop but he shook his head yes anyway.Michael gave Maria the good news,folded up the cell phone,tossed it in the compartment and as he slammed it shut he exclaimed,"Why is it again that I'm with her."
This actually made Max smile a little,However Michael wasn't quite sure what Maxwell was going to do when they reached Arizona,and he is face to face with Liz again.He's never seen Max act this quiet before. yeah after Liz's disapperance,he changed. It's that this time something about Max is different,and not knowing is actually scaring Michael,and he doesn't scare that
"I can't belive he's actually stopping,"Isabel replied after Maria finished her conversation with Michael.
"Well,Max is the one driving not Michael,why wouldn't he stop,"Maria asked putting the phone in her purse that was inbetween the driver and passenger seat.
"You forget that the three of us are connected,"Isabel expalined,"Though we don't read minds,when things get intense we get an impression of the others feelings.Max is quiet impatient right now."
"He's not the only one,"Maria said,still feeling a bit confused about the current events in her life.Liz and Alex had lied to her,"I know I'm in a line,but when it's my turn,Liz and Alex will get a piece of my mind."
"I'm just wondering why?"Isabel said stiffling a yawn."What was it that made them think they couldn't trust us?"
"I don't know,"Maria said rolling down the window to let the cool air come in. It's going to be a long night."Liz always was the rational one,the thinker,I never knew her to just do something without a logical reason behind it."
"Well,let's hope she's got a good one,"Isabel said looking straight ahead,she can bearly make out the lights to the jeep."Because,honestly,Max is hurt,they lied to him,ruin his trust,and that 's just something he doesn't tolerate."
"Well,one things for sure,"Maria said shaking her head,"Alot of shit is going to be hitting the fan,and I'm not talking about Liz and Alex,we've got to be able to work together to bring down the skins,let's hope we can put aside our feelings for awhile so the end of the world doesn't happen."
"Maria,for once we agree on something,"Isabel said,wondering what the future had in store for them,then she fell asleep,Alex was going to be getting a vistor tonight.
"What was that all about?"Kyle asked,as soon as Tess shut off her cell phone,she turned to face him and replied"We're going to a rest stop,"
"Ahhhh,"Kyle said shaking his head knowingly,"Maria's Big gulp."
Tess giggled and placed her hand on his knee.Kyle looked at her and gave Tess this most amazing stare.Why did it take so long for her to realize what an amazing guy Kyle is?Well,Tess knew why,because Nasedo was hell bent with her and Max being together again.It was weird,that other life they made so many years ago felt real,yet it seemed like it was somebody else's.Tess knew the truth now,and it made her sick to think that she almost ruin not only her life,but Max's as well.Tess never loved him,she loved someone else on antar.Once in awahile she'd think of him.Tess vaguly remebers the man she once loved.She often wondered if he's still alive?Does he still think of her?Has he found another?It doesn't make a difference anyway.The past is the past. The future is with Kyle.This time she will do right by Max. She will make Kivar and anyone else pay for what they did to them.When the harvest is destroyed,and they are free of the skins,she will do what she can to forget about her past.Tess has enjoyed her new found enjoyness of being a human.Love is a wonderful thing,and now she's beginning to understand where Max is coming from.
"Hey,"Kyle said as he squeezed her hand,bringing her out of her thoughts,"You're a million miles away,what are you thinking about."
"You,and how happy you make me feel,"Tess replied,as she palced her head on his shoulder.With a sigh,Tess Harding for the first time felt contentment.
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Chapter 10~Nobody knows~By Carolyn Sawyers~Take my hand~By Dido(Copyrighted cause I didn't write this song)

Touch my skin and tell me what you're thinking,
take my hand and show me where we're going,
lie down next to me,
look into my eyes and tell me,oh tell me what you're seeing.

It's like how it was before.No Tess,No skins,just Max and Liz together and in love.He felt so real,warm,solid,safe as she leaned against his chest,not like a dream at all.It's always the same dream;them dancing slowly,not saying a word,enjoying the moment.It made her so happy being with him,even if it wasn't real, then the happiness would end when Liz woke up.
Tonight,however the dream went into a diffrent direction.Liz happen to glance around Max.Looking back at her was an alien.She was white,almost translucent like,with a large head,and black oval eyes.Liz knew it was a female,because she wore this pale blue dress that was almost see through.
"You miss him very much,don't you?"replied the creature,her arms folded delicately in front of her.
"Yes,very much,"Liz replied,suddenly all by herself.What was going on?Why did Max leave?She looked at the alien with much curiosity,then asked,"Who are you?"
"Oh,I think you know the answer to that question Liz,"She replied with a soft laugh.
"I have no Idea what you're talking about,"Liz said,wondering why this dreamed up alien was saying that,the only aliens she knew did not look like her.Then Liz tilted her head and paused in thought.A name floated through her conciousness,a name she heard once before.
"Lexiana,"Liz answered,quite unsure why she knew the answer.
"Yes,"Lexiana said nodding her head,her tiny little mouth formed a smile.
Liz shook her head in disbelief,thinking maybe this would make this strange dream,along with Lexiana go away,of course it didn't happen.Lexiana's black eyes bore through Liz's and it kind of creeped her out,"Okay,that chinese food is so not agreeing with me now,"
"You're worried about tomorrow,yes,"Lexiana asked suddenly sitting down on a chair that appeared out of nowhere.
"Yes,I am,"Liz said feeling a little weird about how this dream is turning out,she would really like for this to be over with now.
"Understandable,alot will happen,but you you must remain focus,"Lexiana said,crossing her ankles.
"Are we talking about Max here,or the Harvest?"Liz asked in confusion,vowing never to eat leftover chinese food again so late at night."
"A little of both,"the alien said,her smile still in place,"but I'm confident enough that our brother will be focused enough,he'll protect us."
"Our brother,protecting us,I'm sorry I don't have a brother,and you are the after effects of a dinner I shouldn't have eatten before bed."Liz replied,turning to hopefully walk herself out of this dream.Instead she found herself facing a very large picture window,it was open,causing the wind to blow the white curtains around Liz in a dance.She looked out to see a starry night sky,two moons beamed down at her.This caused Liz to feel a little sketched out.
"Pehaps Liz,"she replied from behind her,"it's time to let you in on our little secret."
Liz turned around,but Lexiana wasn't there.She wasn't in a room,but in a very large open courtyard.
"Ahh,Lexiana,what's going on?"she asked,obviously to no one,her voice echoed throughout the openness.The trees had purple leaves,the grass was orange,and familiar Antarian writing was on the cement ground tiles,and walls.Liz suddenly felt cold,because she was now in Lexiana's pale blue dress."What the hell?"
"You came,"replied a voice that sounded very familiar behind her.Liz turned around to see Max dresses in this white uniform.He almost looked like a navy soilder dressed in his very best.He was very handsome,she liked this part of the dream.
"Max,"Liz said happy to sse him.
"Who's this Max,"He replied with a laugh,"Lexiana,it's me Zan,what game are you playing?"
"Zan,"Liz thought to herself,thinking this dream has gotten alot weirder,She just shrugged her shoulders and decided to just play along."Uh,I'm sorry,I don't know why I said that name."
Liz smiled when she found herself in his embrace again.
"You haven't found yourself another on me,have you?"Zan asked kissing the top of her head.
Liz closed her eyes,getting caught in the moment,she whispered jokingly,"Would it matter if I did?"
Zan pulled away,a little upset.Not one bit amused by her comment. Liz bite her bottom lip,kicking herself for saying the wrong thing."Why must you hurt me so Lexiana?"he said turning his back on her,"You know I don't love Ava that way,this marriage was arranged and I hate it."
"I-I-I know Zan,I'm sorry-I just-I just love you so,"Liz replied trying to do some damage control.Zan turned around and gave her a smile,so he has forgiven her,and Liz's heart was melting to nothing. Zan held out his hand,and Liz took it gladly.

So sit on top of the world and tell me how you're feeling,
What you feel now is what I feel for you,
take my hand and if I'm lying to you,
I'll always be alone,if I'm lying to you.

"You know everyday after I met you;I wished to god I wasn't king,I want to marry you Lexiana,not her."Zan replied taking her hand,and leading her down a walkway.
Okay now it's making sense. This is some kind of dream therapy,to make her see what max's former life was like.Ava was Tess,Zan is Max,and in some twisted way,this is showing her it's important that even though it's not how she wants it to be,Max and Tess are going to be together.Well Liz is already one step ahead of herself,even though she'll see Max tomorrow,nothing will change.They're not meant to be together.In fact,as much as she loves being with Max ,she's really getting tired of this stupid dream.It would be really cool to wake up now.

See my eyes,they carry your reflection,
Watch my lips and hear the word I'm telling you.
give your trust to me and look into my heart ans show me,
Show me what your doing.

So sit on top of the world and tell me how you're feeling,
What you feel is what I feel for you,
Take my hand and if I'm lying to you,
I'll always be alone,if I'm lying to you.

"I know you do,so do I,"Liz replied wondering why she's still playing along.
"Lexiana,"replied a voice from somewhere in the courtyard.
"It's your brother,"Zan replied nervously,he planted a lovely kiss on her lips,took one last deep look in her eyes,and before letting go of her hand he said,"I love you Lexiana,please always remeber that,"Then he turned around and disappeared into the shadows.
"There you are,Mother is sick with worry Lexiana,"Replied the newest character of her dream,Liz looked at her "brother"and had this weird feeling of familiartiy
"I'm sorry,I was out for a nightly stroll,"Liz said dreamily glancing back towards the area Zan ran towards,she could bearly see his rushing figure escaping from a forbidden meeting.Lexiana's brother fallowed her gaze,sighed in fustration and replied through grit teeth,"Was that Zan?"Liz didn't say anything to him,but her body language gave him the answer,"The two of you are asking for trouble."
"Oh Seagus,just butt out okay,"Liz replied wondering how she knew his name.
"I won't,for both of your sakes,"Seagus said looking around nervously,"Walls have eyes and ears Lexiana,if your not careful someone besdies yours truly will discover your little secret."
"You can't help who you love brother,"Liz replied,with a huge smile on her face,the dream was actually becoming fun to be in.
"Well,in this case,you need to put your feelings for our king hidden away,it could start a war you know."Seagus replied taking his sister by the arm,and started leading her probably back to thier living quarters.
"I may not be truly with him now,but one day,whether it's this life,or my next one,our souls will find each other again."
The next thing Liz found herself laying on the Crashdown floor,bleeding to death.Max was leaned over her,scared that she might die if he didn't hurry.
"You need to look at me Liz,"He pleaded,his hand holding onto her chin.Max's warm hand was on her stomach.Liz knew what was going to happen next. The warmth of his healing powers filled every part of her being.Lexiana's alien face floated amongst the chaos of the moment.
With a start,Liz woke up in a bed that wasn't truly hers.

Take your time and if I'm lying to you,
I know you'll find that you belive me,you belive me.....
feel the sun on your face and tell me what you're thinking?
catch the snow on your tounge and show me how it tastes.

Take my hand and if I'm lying to you,
I'll always be alone,if I'm lying to you.
Take your time and if I'm lying to you,
I know you'll find that you belive me,you belive me.......

Liz knew the dream was over,and oddly enough it made her sad.Tomorrow Max will be in Arizona.Getting up Liz went to the window.It wasn't the big picture window in her dream,but the curtains did it's dance around her.Liz took a deep breath of the nightly air,and stopped short.A figure had stopped in front of the street lamp across the street.He looked up at her and Liz gawked in suprise.It was Seagus,the "brother" in her dream.It was odd how he stared right up at her,as if he was looking for her.His gaze didn't falter at all. A memory came to focus,she remebered a guy bumping into her back in Oregon.He was the one who called her Lexiana,and she blew it off as mistaken identiy.Liz tore out of her room,down the back stairs that lead to the street lamp below.He was still there,as if he was waiting for her to arrive.Her eyes never left him,liz dared not to for fear he would disappear.
"What do you want?"Liz asked,he was tall with slick black hair and piercing black eyes.He was smoking a cigarette and finished it before he answered her.
"To keep you safe,"He answered matter of factly.
"Why do you think I need protecting?"Liz asked crossing her arms across her chest.
"You did die before,kind of don't want that to happen again,"He said lighting another cigarette.How did he know that?What is going on?
"Who the Hell are you?"Liz asked feeling this conversation was going nowhere.
"I'm Simon down here,but you know me as Seagus,"Simon replied with a half smile.
"Who do you think I am?"Liz asked,somewhat afraid of his answer.For some reason she knew what he was going to say.
"Well,you're Liz Parker of earth,"He answered taking a drag off his cigarette,after exhaling he added,"Your also Lexianna from Antar,my sister."
Liz looked at Simon as if he had just grown three heads.Maybe she was still dreaming.If Liz waited here in silence long enough,maybe she'll wake up.When it didn't happen,Liz decided that maybe the best thing to do right now IS pass out.....and so she did.

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I was expecting Liz's brother to be Rath, wrong again! Thanks for wriitng!

It's funny but I was almost considering that.I decided to go a more AU route.Thanks for everyones support and FeedbacK!
New part will be up within the next couple of days.
I'm working on Has to be Right now!
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Chapter 11~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sawyers

"Hey Alex,"Isabel said,she was sitting down next to him on the fold out couch he's been sleeping on.
"Isabel,"Alex said with a start,he sat up suprised by her sudden pressence,"What are you doing here?"
"Well,I came here to say that I can't wait to see you again,"She explained playing nervously with the hem of her shirt.
"You must be pretty mad at me right now?"He asked looking down at his hands ashamed for lying to her.
"A little,but I'm sure there's a reason,Max is pretty pissed off,Besdies.."She started to say looking up at him,"I did break my promise about you know,this.'Isabel gestured her hand around her,referring to the fact that she's dreamwalking him.
"You've been doing that for awhile haven't you,"He asked,understanding why he's been dreaming about her recently.
Isabel shook her head,then shyly smiled and said,"I was worried about you Alex,I wanted to make sure you were Okay,"
Alex was confused by this. Yeah Isabel said they'd be friends,but he got a funny feeling that she regrets ending thier relationship.
"So,how come you didn't rat me out,"Alex asked confused that she didn't tell Max of his where abouts sooner.
"Cause,I didn't see anything out of the ordinrary..."She paused for a moment then with a huge grin added,"I just saw us,and our wedding,Alex it was beautiful!"
"You saw that,"He exclaimed turning beat red with embaressment.
"Yes."Isabel said,turning just as red,her smile made Alex's little heart beat fast."It's funny,I just was going to peek once,and then I couldn't stop myself Alex,I missed you."
"Really,"Alex said scooting closer to her,he really like how this dream was turning out,was it only a dream of him dreaming that Isabel was dreamwalking him.Or was this the real deal?
Isabel looked down embaressed,the hem of her shirt now twisted in her hands,then quickly glanced up and slowly inched herself closer to him and replied"At first, I kept telling myself it was only to make sure you were safe,"Isabel let go of her shirt and took both of Alex's hands in hers,"Alex cleared his throat nervously as her face inched closer to his,"Then I realized I was lying to myself that I regret breaking up with you,and that I love you soo very much Alex."
"I don't know what to say."Alex exclaimed,unsure if this was just Isabel playing one of her games again,or that he was just dreaming what he wanted her to tell him.
"I know I've been unfair to you Alex,"Isabel allowed,"I was feeling scared,unsure of my feelings,you have always been there for me,I just hope it's not to late for us."
Alex just stared into her brown eyes,enjoying the moment.Wondering what to make of it all.Isabel then took one of her hands from his grasp and placed it on his cheek.God it felt so real.He would really like to kiss her now.As if she was reading his mind;Isabel announced,"I think you should kiss me now."
Her lips were mere inches away from his.The warmth of her sweet breath bathed his face,at this moment,ALex didn't really care if this was his over active imagination.He just shook his head and replied,"I think you're right.
The contact of her lips on his was intoxicating.He dreamed of kissing her so many times,this kiss was diffrent,it actually sent chills down his body;when all of a sudden he felt a slap on his face.A very painful slap in fact.It confused him to be awake in his dark living room and Isabel wsn't there.He was rubbing his cheeck wishing he was back sleeping.When all of a sudden a lighter was activated,showing him a shadowy face of a man.
"Jesus christ,"Alex screamed backing himself up the sofa mattress,untill the back of the couch prevented him from going any further,he clutch his blanket up to his neck,knowing very well it had very little protecting value,"Who the hell are you?"
''Simon,"He replied calmly lighting his cigarette and added after taking a drag and exhaling it,"Don't worry,I'm not going to kill you."
"WEll that's good to know,"He squeaked,sounding very unmanly right about now,where the hell is Liz? Did he go to her first? He looked at the man puffing away at his cigarette and asked,"Wh-wh-why are you here?"
"Liz came down to see "Simon said,wondering why she would know this man?"I had alot to tell her,it was kind of overwhelming so she passed out,I brought your her up, Liz is safe and in her room uncouncious for now."
"If you hurt her-"
"Relax,I told you already I'm on your side,"He said putting his cigarette butt out in my half filled soda cup,"Nice place,it looks smaller from outside."
"Wait a minute,have you been-"
"Fallowing you,yes,"Simon said interupting Alex's sentence yet again,"Have been since Oregon."
This made Alex feel a little nervous.He threw the blanket off him and asked"I'm curious,why are you fallowing us?Do you just choose random people to fallow for kicks?"
Alex knew he shouldn't be so sarcastic.Who knows what this guys plan is. Not that he has this trust me demeanor or anything,it's just maybe he's distracting him or something,making him think he's harmless,but really he's not.
Simon chuckled and said,"Actually,I'm protecting you."
"Really,"Alex asked arching his eyebrow in confusion,"From what?"
"Well at the moment nothing,but since you know about the Harvest-"
Whoa,wait a minute,how did you know-"
"I'm a skin Alex,"Simon replied interupting him,He saw Alex's face scrunch up in fear and Simon said,"Don't worry,I'm a friend of Courtney's,the skins you have to worry about are Sue and Lou."
"That sweet old couple,no way,"Alex exclaimed not sure if he should belive Simon.
"It's true,big time Kivar supporters,"Simon answered sitting down on the recliner,"I saw them the day you got your jobs,and I knew something was about to go down,"He lit another cigarette,and after exhaling he contiued,"I broke in the resturant,saw the Universal Friendship Leauge letter,and knew we hit pay dirt"
"This is crazy,"Alex replied wondering how two nice people like Sue and Lou went from harmless to evil aliens in a matter of minutes.
"Yeah well,it's true,"He said going into his inside jacket pocket and pulled out a rolled up paper,he waved it in the air,"The lay out of Coppersummit."
Alex got out of the bed and turned the lamp on the end table next to the bed,he curiously walked over to simon who had the paper unfolded and layed out on the coffee table.
"Where did you get this?"Alex asked pointing to the map,it was so very detailed,from the roads the buildings,people who lived there.
"I have my ways,look,"He said flicking the asj into the soda cup,"This town is skin country,the original settlement of the first wave of skins to come to earth."
"No Shit,"Alex exclaimed in utter bewilderment.
"Courtney shit herself when I told her where the Harvest was,"Simon said with a laugh.
"She knows about this palce?"Alex asked scratching his head.
"Every skin does,"Simon answered,"The last place we, the rebels that is, thought the harvest would be is here."
"Well did you think to check it out?"Alex replied rolling his eyes.
"Yes we did,"He countered giving Alex a,We're-not-stupid-you-know-look,"He probably moved it,sent us on wild goose chases to cover his tracks,he's a sneaky bastard that Nicholas."
"So what's the next move?"Alex asked looking at the map again.Eager to help.
"Well,that's why I woke you up,try and figure out some stratagey before Courtney and friends get here."Simon said taking out a pencil from his pocket.
"So you know about them coming,"Alex replied not really suprised by this little fact.
"Yeah,called pretty much after you did,there was quite the commotion going on down there in Roswell."He said marking some areas with the pencil
"Jesus,"Alex exclaimed,not really looking forward to facing max and the gang again,well Isabel is the exception of course.Hopefully he'll be able to kiss her for real this a afterthought he asked,"Do you think we should try to wake up Liz?"
"No,let her rest,"Simon replied,looking up at Alex,"I have a feeling it's been awhile since she's done any of that."Alex shook his head in agreement and then Simon added,"We've got a bigf day tomorrow,so let's begin,shall we."
"Right,"Alex replied feeling a little weirded out by all this.Tomorrow,this hellish nightmare might actually be over with.Then again they could totally get creamed.Let's hope this simon guy knows what he's doing.
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Thanks to everyone for thier support!
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Like I promised! Chapter 12!I hope you enjoy it!
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Chapter 12~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sawyers

Liz woke up witth a headache,knots in her stomach,and a feeling of total exhaustion.It's like she never went to bed.The dreams she had last night were bizzare,and de ja vuish.
Voices from the living room wafted into her room.She turned her head towards the door,it was cracked about a inch.Someone besides Alex was here.Liz knew who it was without venturing out to see. It was Simon,making her wonder what was real and what were the dreams?Reluctantly,Liz dragged herself out of bed.Dread filled her exsistance. In a few hours she be seeing Max.What he must think of her!What will he say?What will she say?When all of this is over, will she be able to home again?She would like to,if anything to see her family again.
Swinging the door open,Liz remained in the door frame,her arms folded across her chest.It's time to get this day started.Two pairs of eyes looked in her direction.After about five minutes of silence(Thought it felt like years),Alex was the first to speak.
"Morning Liz,did you sleep well?"Alex walked up to her and gave her a hug.
"Not really,"Liz replied looking at Simon,nervously puffing on a cigarette."I guess I'm just a bit anxious."
Alex placed his hand on her back and lead her towards the coffee table,maps of coppersummit laid out before her.Liz looked at Simon and said,"Where did you get these.?"
"Don't bother asking,he wouldn't tell me either."Alex replied,his cell phone rang and he went outside on the back porch to talk.
"Sue and Lou are gone,"Simon replied sitting down in the recliner."We should really get going soon"
Liz sighed in fustration,and took a much closer look at the maps,she picked up some of the notebook paper and read through some of the notes,"You've been busy."
"This could be the last chance we get to the harvest,If we fail,we're all as good as dead,"Simon announced truthfully,placing his feet up on the foot stool.
Just then Alex came in,very anxious,he looked at me and said"They're about 30 minutes away,"He began grabbing a few duffle bags,it won't take long to load up the cars.Alex stood next to me,gestured his head toward the chain smoking alien and added,"So I take it you really do know this guy."
"Yes and No,"Liz told him,"It's really comp-"
"Tell me all about it later,"He interupted shaking his head,"I've already reached my quota of weirdness for the next month,I'll be downstairs in the car,can you handle the rest of the things."
Liz had a feeling Alex knew she needed some alone time with Simon.
"Yeah,we'll be right down,"She replied,feeling a little nervous,but at the same time,excited to be alone with Simon.After Alex left,the two stared nervously at each other.Simon got up,
gathered his maps,folded them up,and stuffed them in his inside jacket pocket.
"Sooo,are you okay,"He asked getting a I-guess-so shrug from her.
"Are you hungry,I'm sure we have enough time to stop by some drive thru."He asked nervously,this has got to be pretty weird for him too.Liz shook her head no,with a half smile.
"You're probably a little curious about last night,"He asked with concern,walking towards the small kitchen area.
"A little,yes,"Liz said finally, fallowing him to the kitchen,proping herself on the counter,not taking her eyes off of him.It's weird this is actually her brother,well not biologically,but because his sisters alien essence is inside her.What a way to get adopted into a faimily.
"Do you want to talk about it?"He asked turning on the faucet.
"I'm not sure,"Liz hesitantly replied,remebering the nights events.She was still trying to make sense of it all.
"When you are ready,"Simon said,giving her a smile,he began to drink handfuls of water,he shut of the faucet when he was through,with a sigh he asked,"You must feel weird?"
"Honestly,I thought I would be,but I'm not,"Liz replied crossing her ankles,"I was healed by an alien,I've seen and done alot beacuse of your little cause,It makes sense.Things happen for a reason,I'll just go with the flow and hope I don't screw up."
"Hmmm,I can see why she choose you."Simon replied leaning next to her,"You are a very well put together Human,you are so much like her it's scary,but nice because I miss her."
Liz laughed but shook her head in saddness,finally it all makes sense,"I love Max soo much Simon,Yet he only loves me because his former lover is inside me,"she sighed in disbelief ,she was on the verge of tears when she continued," I don't know what's worse,Him being with Tess,or Max loving me because he has too."
Simon laughed,he rolled his eyes,shook his head in disapproval,"Liz you do realize.Max loved you before he saved your life and unintentionally put Lexiana's essence in you."Simon grabbed another cigarette,looking at Liz's face fill with realization.
"He did didn't he,"Liz replied smiling but, feeling a little dumb.Simon shook his head to emphazie his comment.It was weird how comfortable she felt around him.Like Liz knew Simon all her life.
"You know Liz,"Simon said pausing to light his cigarette,he exhaled his first drag and added"For someone so smart,you sure do stupid things."
"Stupid things,"Liz exclaimed getting all indignant.
"Well for one you ran away from him," he said pointing his cigarette at her.
Liz waved the smoke floating into her face and in her defense said,"I had to."
"If I didn't,we'd have gotten married,Max would've treated Tess like shit,which made Tess mad and fustrated enough to leave Roswell,hence without Tess they weren't strong enough to defeat the skins,who took over the world and pretty much destroyed all of mankind,"Liz replied in a rush,leaving simon confused and at a lost for words.
"So what made you come to this conclusion?"Simon asked arching his eyebrow with curiosity.
"A future version of Max used the granolith to travel back in time 14 years from his future,"Liz replied understanding the look of disbelief on his face,she had that same look when Future max first told her a year ago.
"A time travelling max told you this,"Simon asked,not sure what to make of this.
With a sigh,liz proceeded to tell him from the beginning,when he appeared on her balcony,what they tried to do,and what they ended up doing to keep Tess from leaving,running away was the only option left,she needed max to fall out of with her,and being around him wasn't helping.Liz proceded to tell him the year she lived with Futurre Max,and the night he disappeared.Simon transfixed on Liz's story not once took a drag from his cigarette.It burned down to the filt when she finished her story.
"That's one screwed up tale,I can't belive there wasn't something else you could've done"He said tossing his butt in the sink and lit up another one,Liz has got to do something about his smoking.The man hasn't stopped since she woke up.
"Belive me,we tried everything,I almost thought about pretending to sleep with my ex-boyfriend Kyle,but I knew he'd never would've belived that,"Liz replied,"Everyday,I wish I could take everything I did back,but I can't"
"Liz,I'm sure if you tell Max everything he'll understand,"He said looking over at her,this girl did so much for her race,Liz sacrificed her love and her life."What you did was selfless,"
"Who knows what will happen with Max and I,"Liz replied saddly,'Right now earth is still in danger,which I thought would be safe when future Max disappeared,the harvest still needs to get destroyed,I feel like I've done all this for nothing."
"Liz,you yourself said things happen for a reason,maybe if you didn't leave Max and the others wouldn't know about the harvest,think about that."Simon pointed out,wrapping his arm around her.Liz shook her head thinking it was nice that Simon was trying to make her feel better."So lets put all our efforts in making sure we don't fail."
The sound of a angry horn pierced the air."I guess we should leave,it's almost time."Simon declared squeezing her shoulder in assurance then went to where the rest of her belongings laid,and began to gathe what he could carry.
It sounded simple enough. Destroy the harvest,the skins will be defensless.However,it wasn't simple.Alex told her about the many conversations Courtney had with them.These skins were very powerful,they could be gettting in way over thier head.One things for sure,Liz rather battle a whole army of skins,then have to face Max and the others right now.
This reunion is not going to be pretty.
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Chapter 13~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sawyers~I don't have anything~ By Vast~Copyrighted,cause I didn't write this song.)

I stood on moutain tops,
That overlooked the world.
I can't find anything,
except a void inside.
I went to places where,
I could forget your name.
I can't find anything,
except a void inside.

I don't have anything,
Because I don't have you.
I don't have anything...

Max didn't see Alex's car,or the blue Mustang that he knew was Liz's, from that day he saw her in Utah.They were early,but that wasn't a big suprise.Max was doing eighty from Roswell to Arizona.Isabel was thankful that they didn't get pulled over for speeding.She stayed in the jeep with him while the others went to find food ,drinks,or in Maria's case a bathroom.He looked conflicted right now.Which of course he had every right to be. The questions that must be racking his brain. Liz and Alex had alot of explaining to do.Isabel got a feeling that the harvest was a big factor in Liz leaving Roswell.Why though couldn't Liz just tell them?Why after a year tell them now?Then there was Alex,why was he involed? Let's just hope everyone gets the answers they've been wondering about.
On the drive here Max made all kinds of promises in his head. He will not overreact in anger,He will hear her out,he will love her no matter what,he will survive this battle with the skins,he needs Liz in his life,for the past year showed him he was nothing without her.He had no purpose to his life.Just a shell of a person going through the motions.Liz was what made him whole.Max lifted his head from the steering wheel and turned to see both Alex and Liz's car pull into the gas station.They parked in front of the empty gas pumps.Without hesitiation Max got out of the jeep and started walking towards them,Isabel stayed where she was,knowing they needed this time to work things out.Liz looked up from pumping her gas and went pale,Max was walking toward her.
"Go to him Liz,I got this,"Simon whispered in her ears,she felt his hand remove hers from the handle,Liz felt her legs shake as she began to walk toward Max.She willed herself to stay erect.He doesn't look happy,but he has every right to hate her,what will he say to her?,What will she say to him?,Will he listen to her explanations?,Will he hate her forever?,It doesn't make a diffrence Liz,'she thought to herself,'he doesn't love me,he's suppose to be with Tess.'

What can I buy to make,
The sky turn blue again.
Where can I go to feel,
Like I'm alive again.
Show me the palces,
Where I can forget your name.
I can't find anything,
except a void inside.

I don't have anything,
Because I don't have you.
I don't have anything......

Max felt like it was taking years to reach her.The closer he got,the more he didn't care about yelling at Liz,the closer he got the more anxious he was to hold her,kiss her,reaffirm that this wasn't a dream.Max took the final step,they stood inches from each other looking at one another,the chemistry wasn't gone,it was strong as ever.Not wanting to keep apart from Liz anymore he took her face into his was so soft,just like he remebered it.The smell of strawberries attacked his senses.A memory of her lying next to him a year ago,they had just finish making love.Tears strarted to flow down his faces.Max finally felt like he was home.
"Max I-"Liz choked out,she was crying too,Max stopped anything further she had to say by kissing her.This kiss was a year in the making,it was needy, it was passionate,it was long,deep and very reavealing to the both of them.Liz felt his anger,hate,his determination to not give up,his sadness,his desire,his happiness and his love,his love that didn't die even when he thought she was with someone else.Max felt her saddness,her loneliness,the disappointment in herself,her reluctance to stay away,the mission that was given to her by him,a future version of him,he did this,he told her to leave him.He told her to keep silent,Liz did this willingly to save many,she loved him,but sacrifice thier life together for her friends,her family,for humanity.Max felt like a jerk.This made him love her so much more.

I've been striped of everything,
Except some flesh that bleeds,
And I've been robbed of everything,
Except a soul,except a soul,
That,sweet you..

I don't have anything,
Because I don't have you.
I don't have anything......

Max pulled away,to look at her,to wipe away her tears,to whisper both forgivness and to apologize."I had no idea,"he said sullenly,his eyes closed,his forehead resting on hers.
"You weren't suppose to,"Liz replied,tighting her arms around him,afriad to let go,afraid that he'll disappear"Though every day I had to fight with myself not to tell you."
"I don't understand why you left,why did you leave?"he asked not really understanding the full story.
"Because I had to make you fall out of love with me,you had to be with Tess,your destiny,I had to make sure she stayed in town,that's what you told me."Liz said pulling away,to look him in his eyes,to get lost in them."You treated her very badly after we got married,she left and because of that,you weren't strong to beat your enemies,you never learned about the harvest,I couldn't let that happen,the thought of my home, my family,everyone that I cared about destroyed,I just had to do something."
"Well,I didn't end up with Tess,we found the harvest,and I still love you very much,so I guess my future self didn't have alot of faith in me."Max replied touching her face,then added with a grin"So we got married huh?"
Liz laughed as she shook her head,"We were 19 years old,and it was at a Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas."
"Really,"He said in suprise,kissing her lips,"that's kind of young."
"Well,I guess I didn't think so,I talked you into it."Liz replied kissing him back.
"You did not,"Max replied laughing,it was so good to hear her voice,hear her laugh,he is never going to let her go ever again.
"'Fraid so,"Liz said laughing with him,thinking this went alot better then she thought it would.
"Wait so it was me in the car back in Utah,"Max said suddenly seeing things alot clearer.
Liz nodded her head and said,"I was about to ruin everything and get out of the car,but you made yourself fly backwards and convinced me now wasn't the time to give up,that sounded weird didn't it."
"Wait my future self threw me across the street,not a skin."Max replied not sure if he could belive that.
"Yes,the two of you couldn't physically meet,some kind of time travelling rule,"Liz answered,feeling so much better now that the truth was out.
"Damn,and Alex,"He asked,wondering how he could be involed in this.
"He discovered Future you by accident and I kind of roped him into helping us with our plan,honestly if it wasn't for him,I don't think I could've pulled it off,"Liz replied bitting her bottom lip,then added,"Please don't be mad at him,he was only helping me."
"I won't,"Max said picking her up and twirling her around,"I love you Liz Parker,"He said stopping her,then after a long kiss looked her in the eyes and said,"Please don't ever do that to me again."
"I won't Max I promise."
"I was going mad without you,"
I was too,"Liz replied resting her head on his chest.
"I don't care what happens in the future or what's suppose to happen in the future,just come to me,never do this again."Max pleaded,kissing the top of her head,and touching her hair," this last year has been insane without you."
"Never again Max,I promise,"Liz muffled from his chest,then they just stood there enjoying the warmth of each other,not caring that thier friends looked on,happy that the reunion was a sucess.However,Courtney needed to end this touching moment.They had a harvest to destroy and it wasn't going to be easy.
"Max,I'm sorry to be the bad guy here but..."
She didn't have to finish the sentence,Max did it for her."I know,what's the plan,"he said with a sigh, reluctantly he pulled away from Liz,but snaked his arm around her waist,she will be next to him as long as possible.
"We need to get a hotel room on the outskirts of Coppersummit,set up a base of operations,someplace where the humans can be safe."Courtney suggested,wanting to get this operation on the way."Simon and Alex spent most of last night going over some maps of the city,they've got some good ideas,we need to go over them and come up with a game plan."
"Agreed,"Max replied,at this point of time the whole gang stood around him,he smiled when Liz's face went in shock by seeing Kyle and Tess arm and arm with each other.He kissed the top of her head and thought to himself,"As I always say,we make our own we got to manage to stay alive and keep that dream alive,not only for our sakes but for the entire human race"
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Chapter 4~Nobody Knows~BY Carolyn Sawyers
Liz closed her eyes as she sat outside her hotel room that she's sharing with Maria,Isabel and Tess. Maria is taking a nap.Alex,Kyle and Jacob just left to get some food for everyone else.In the room next to thiers the aliens are going over some plans about destroying the harvest.Time is running out,she knows this,action has to happen soon.Courtney was hoping that Felix would arrive in time with some back up. She wasn't too confident that 4 humans and 7 aliens(4 of which are still not at full potential in thier powers), weren't going to cut it against a town full of skins,Liz agrees totally with Courtney,but still, no matter who or who doesn't come,they've got to do this tonight.Liz sprung to attention when she heard a door open up.Tess stood thier looking at her.
"Can I sit down?"she asked nervously,"It's starting to become overwhelming in there."
"Yeah,sure,"Liz said reluctantly,For so long she thought of Tess as her enemy,even way back before she left Roswell.Tess wanted Max then and Liz honsetly thought the two would be together,because Future Max disappered,but Max still loves her;and Tess,according to Maria, fell for Kyle.Future Max was right,even though they changed the future. Max still loved her,he chose his destiny to love her no matter what,and Tess made her own destiny to be with Kyle.Liz wondered how that even transpired,it must've shocked the hell out of everyone.Hell,it shocked her.
"You okay?"Tess asked unsurely,this was kind of akward for her too,when she came to Roswell she hated Liz,because,well, she was with Max.All Tess ever wanted to do was fullfil the destiny that was told to her by Nasedo,what she belived to be true.In the long run it was nothing but a lie.Tess never loved Max,even when they were on Antar,her past regressions told her this.Tess always knew she was unhappy,now she knew the reason,she wasn't suppose to love Max;she was force to.Now Kyle,he made her feel alive,he was so wonderful and patient with her.Living with him and his dad Jim, was an exprience she wouldn't trade for anything.Tess was glad she realize her true feelings for Kyle when she did.That night at the Crashdown when she actually open up her heart to him,and showed Kyle that she had a human side,that she loved ,and cried and regretted all the trouble that she caused. He held her and told her it was okay,that it wasn't totally her fault and that no matter what anyone says,he'll be there for her.It made her realize that Max and Liz shared something speacial together,and if she played her cards right,then she can have it with Kyle.
"I'm not quite sure,"Liz said dejetedly,with a sigh she turned to Tess and added,"I've been through alot of crap and all I want to do is go home."
"I understand,"Tess replied shaking her head,agreeing with Liz,all Tess wanted to do was just go back to being as noramal as an alien girl can be,"Max kind of told everyone the water down version of your adventures,what you did was honorable Liz."
Liz looked at Tess,the confusion was still in her heart,were they actually sitting here talking cordailly to one another?she then added heistantly,"I-I-t's weird Tess that we're.... talking normally instead of-"
"Screaming and fighting like a bunch of insane people."Tess replied with a laugh,finishing Liz's sentence.
"Yeah,"Liz replied with a smile,Tess has definately changed,she's let her human side break through and it suits her.It'll be nice to get to know the real Tess.
"Well,we're diffrent people now Liz,and I have you to thank for it,"Tess replied streching out her legs in front of her.
"Me,why?"Liz asked not really understanding.
"If you didn't leave that night Liz,I would've left the next morning,"Tess replied staring out into the night sky,"Kyle woke me up to say that Max was frantic on the phone with the sheriff,something about you being gone.So I stuck around,wondering if this was the oppurtuinty I was looking for,"Tess looked at liz with a half smile on her face,"Courtney came the next night looking for me,she was Nasedo's replacement,and I out of the royal four knew what she looked like,who knows what would've happen if I didn't stay."
"Max probably would've thought her an enemy,might've even killed her,"Liz thought thinking about how close Congresswoman Whitker came to killing Tess and Isabel. Isabel killed the ingonito skin, to not only protect Tess,but herself and who knows how many others.Michael killed FBI agent Pierece to not only save the Sheriff's life,but to keep thier secret safe.Max told him how ruthlessly Pierce toutured him in the white room,there was no way he was going to let that happen to anyone else.Liz knew Max would hate to take a life,but if it meant saving the ones he loved,Liz had no doubt he would've done it.
"Exactly Liz,she told us about the harvest,if you stayed they would've been clueless,"Tess replied shaking her head remebering the past,"We went everywhere looking for any sign of the harvest,but in Max's mind it was an excuse to look for you,god...I was so angry with him and you,even gone you were there."
Liz just stood there in silence,deciding it would be better to let Tess say what was on her mind,"The harder I tried to be with him,the more determind he was to find you,his love for you grew stronger,I became desperate,I went as far as asking Courtney to help me remeber more about our past,I wanted to prove to him that we loved each other that were were meant to be together."Tess paused and shook her head,laughing,remebering the shocking truth of what really happen in her past,"I was lied to Liz,betrayed By Kivar,who was my brother,"Liz's face fell in bewilderment,she felt like she was in some weird alien soap opera,"I knew he was going to Kill Max,so I helped him,cause I didn't want to marry him,My parents forced me, because of some stupid peace treaty,but I was just as much of a pawn in Kivar's game and was used,he killed me without any remorse."Tess looked at Liz,she was actually crying,should she give her a hug,should she say something.instead Tess boke the akward silence and added,"I may have betrayed them then,but I've been given a second chance to make things right,and I-I- want to also say I'm sorry Liz,it would be an honor to have you as a friend."
Liz smiled and shook her head in agreement,"I would like that very much Tess."And decided that hugging Tess would be okay,"Here's to new beginnings."
"And new friendships,"Tess added,glad to have things off her chest and out in the open.
The two girls were still in an embrace when the guys came back from getting take out.They didn't notice thier arrival,untill Alex announced,"I can feel the love here folks."
"It's a kodak moment,too bad I don't have a camera,"Kyle added jokingly.
The two girls broke apart,laughing.It was kind of nice to feel like things were normal.Though the loom of the possibilitly that in the next couple of days,the end of the world could happen.It all comes down to if they can destroy the harvest tonight.Liz looked down at her watch,it was 6:00 in the evening.Felix and the rest of the calvary should be here soon.Liz was thinking about taking a nap,Maria had the right idea,they need to be rested and on thier toes.
"I think we should go inside before this food gets cold."Jacob replied,lifting up the two brown bags in his hand.
"Good idea,I'm starved."Tess replied getting help from Kyle,he kissed her on the lips when she got on her feet.
"You okay,"he asked noticing her eyes were a little puffy.
"Yes I am,"She replied turning her head towards Liz and smiled."Things couldn't be any better."
Then the door open up and Max came out suprised to see a party in front of the motel."Can we take this inside please."He asked folding his arms across his chest,"This really isn't discreet."
"Sorry,"Alex replied walking past him first.The rest fallowed,leaving Max and Liz alone.
"I love you."Max replied walking over to Liz and gathered her in his arms.
"I love you too,"Liz countered leaning into his chest,enjoying his warmth,"how are we doing?"
"I don't know,it's pretty crazy actually,"Max replied kissing the top of her head."I can see why Tess came out here,Simons making the whole room feel like a smoky bar."
"eck,I really need to help him stop,it's such a nasty habit,"Liz exclaimed making a face,"You should smell my car,"
Max laughed and looked up at the night sky,he sighed in contentment,the stars are out,the weather is warm,and he has Liz in his arms again,you couldn't get any better than this.
"Janice,or should I say Liz,"replied a familar voice from behind them,Liz glowed when she saw Felix there,she left Max's arms and threw herself into Felix's,he laughed as he replied,"It's good to see you again too!"
"Um,Felix,wheres everyone else,"Max asked a little nervous,looking over his shoulder to see that he was alone.
"Not to worry,they're all here,"Felix assured stepping out of Liz's embrace,"It's already a full house as it is,I will make sure they know what's to be done."
"Well Courtney's waiting,shall we,"Max asked walking to the door.Felix fallowed.
"Max,I'm just going to check on Maria,Okay."Liz announced taking his hand.
"I understand,"He said giving her a kiss,"I'll get you when it's time to leave."Liz smiled him a thanks,and placed her hand upon his cheek.They stared at each other lovingly,soaking in the little time they manage to steal for each other.Courtney of course could be heard from insdie the room asking for Max to hurry up.The exchanged another kiss before they reluctantly walked away from each other.Liz open the door to her room. The light was on and Maria was watching T.V.She beamed when she saw Liz come into the room.
"Hey girlfriend,how goes the pow wow."She asked taking the remote chained to the night table to shut off the T.V.
"It's going I guess,"Liz exclaim plopping on the bed next to her,"The calvary has arrived."
"Goody,I can't wait,"Maria replied sarcastically,sighing in defeat.
"I'm sure everyone will understand if you don't want to go on this feild trip,"Liz replied looking at her friend with worry.She was paler than usual,and the bags under her eyes told Liz she hasn't slept very well.Liz couldn't help but feel guilty about abandoning her freind like that.It's been a very long ,sad,and lonely time without Maria this past year.Maria has been gracious about understanding why she left and insisted that she don't beat herself over it.Well Liz couldn't help it,way back in third grade they promise not to keep secrets from each other. Well twice she already let her friend down.Once lying about the shooting in the Crashdown,and what Max did to her that afternoon,she told Max she wouldn't tell anyone.Well Maria freaked,but was happy her friend was saved, it took awhile for her to look at Max,and the others in the face without thinking they were going to melt her brain or something.Then Liz left town,not calling,writing,giving Maria any indiction that she was alive and well.Again,Max insited that sh keep this quiet,ewven if it was a future version of him.She felt like she was constantly letting her friend down,and getting away with it. Never again,she's had enough of this stupid alien nonsense constantly getting in the way of her friendships.Not that she wouldn't be the perfect memeber in the I-know-an-alien-club,but if anything this past year has taught her that there's no place like home,and don't underestimate your family and freinds,cause they'll never think any diffrently of you,no matter what you have to do.
"No-no,I'm defiantely going,"Maria insisted she rested her head against the pillows she propped up against the headboard,"If I'm going to die,I'm going to die with Michael,and help him destroy those bastards!"
"I hear Courtney wants us "humans" to stay here,and mind the palce like good little mammals,"Liz replied with a yawn,could she get a nap in before they left?"But I think the "humans" are pretty much against that idea."
"You think she's know us better than that,"Maria replied fallowing my lead and began to yawn."I mean how many times have I carted her sorry ass across the country,trying to find this stupid harvest,and now that it's found she wants us to stay out of it."
"I think her intentions are good,but this is our planet that's in Jepardy,I think we have every right to defend it."I said yawning,the bed was so comfortable, I felt my eyelids starting to get heavy.
"right,"Maria mummbled closing her eyes.Liz's went shut not to long after that.For the first time in a year,two friends slept soundly,no nightmares filled of guilt or saddness,just pure unadulterated Bliss.

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Great story.
Looking forward to some real fireworks when they get to Coppersummit and destroy the harvest.
Incidentaly....what happens to the skins who are allies if the harvest is destroyed. Surely they will soon need a replacement husk.

Good Question,and I do have a solution to that problem.Just keep reading! Thanks for your feedback!
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Chapter 15~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sawyers

"What,no Crab raggon or Chicken fingers left?"Maria exclaimed looking in the bag of left over chinese food,that Max brought over.He shrugged his shoulders innocently,as if he had no part in the consumption of the food.
"The saying you snooze you lose comes to mind,"Liz replied taking a half empty carton of Lo Mein,"do you have any utensils in that bag?"
"Yeah here,"Maria answered tossing Liz a plastic wraped Knife,fork,with napkin and salt and pepper packets,she sighed and grabbed a very unappetizing teryaki stick,she gestured it angrily at Liz and said,"You should've of hoarded some for us,before you came over here,with Alex and Michaels huge appetite alone,I'm suprise we got anything."
The two girls giggled as they hungrily ate the only thing they had all day,well If you call a cup of coffee and half a bagel subsistence.Max was sitting on the chair next to the bed,taking in the comfortable chatter between two very close friends.It's like Liz never even left.He stifled a yawn and began to rub his tired eyes,wishing he could've taken a nap with Liz.It's been so long since he felt the warmth of her body,smelled the odd yet arousing mixture of vanilla and Strawberries.He wanted nothing more than to take Liz in his arms and sleep for days.When this thing is over,he vowed that's exactly what they're going to do.Even if he has to delay the return to Roswell for awhile.Yeah he may sound selfish,but what's a couple of more extra days of reuniting Liz with her parents.Max bearly saw Liz now,with all the planning that's been going on.He can just imagine the lack of contact with her,when Liz's parents get a hold of her.It has not been easy for them,he knows this first hand.They called his house,they sat down in the booth with him;whenever he ate at the crashdown.It killed him to know nothing,to give them nothing.The day after he came back from Utah,he marched right in and told them he saw Liz.It was very hard to do,giving them this false sense of hope,but Tess was right, they needed to know she was alive.Jeff and Nancy Parker held each other and cried with total lack of inhibition. Thanking Max for this amazing news.Well,he didn't say anything to them,just sat there staring at them feeling useless,feeling that he should've had Liz there with them,feeling like he failed them by letting thier daughter get away.Now,however,Liz is with him,and she actually asked Max to call her parents and tell them she's coming home,with him.
"Shouldn't you be the one doing that,"Max asked baffled by her request.
"I-I'm just not quite prepared yet to deal with thier emotions,"Liz countered,hoping she wasn't sounding like a heal,"I feel bad for putting them through all this,it's just,I'm not ready that's all,I don't know how to explain it but-"
"It's okay Liz,I'll call them,"Max interupted,gathering Liz in his arms and stroking her hair,he kissed the top of her head and said asssuringly,"They'll understand Liz,don't worry,they love you."
"I know,"she said softly into his chest.He had alot on his mind and bringing back Liz home was important,that's why everything has to go smoothly at coppersummit.He can't fail his family and friends,but most of all he can't fail Liz.
"Max,are you okay?"It was Maria,she snapped him out of his power nap.How long had he dozed off.
"Yeah,"He said with a yawn rubbing the sleep from his eyes with his hands,he looked up to see Maria and Liz smiling down at him."was I out for long."
"About ten minutes,"Liz stated going up to him and planted a kiss on his lips."everyone's
Max nodded his head and after slapping his hands on his thighs,reluctantly stood up,he took Liz in his arms and lead her out with him.Maria fallowed,shutting off the light and closing the door behind them.It was time to go save the world.Felix and his band of skin rebels are at this moment making thier way to Coppersummit,to stake out the place.A rendezvous point has been set up,for everyone to meet later on.
They all decided to seperate in three groups,Courtney,Jacob and Alex in his car,Max,Liz,and Simon in the Jeep;which left Kyle Tess,Isabel and Maria in her Jetta.They all went diffrent routes,but in the long run it'll take then all to the same destination,Coppersummit.They didn't want to raise any suspicions by leaving all together at once.
"We all know what to do right?"Max asked everyone in the motel's parking lot.A sea of nodding heads assured him,they knew thier part."then let's go,be alert,and be careful."
Max walked to the Jeep,Liz's hand firmly in his,looking at her,memorizing everything about this woman that he loves so much!Her gentle smile,those amazing brown eyes,the way she walked,the smell of her skin,the flow of her hair,the way her kisses tasted,how amazingly strong she was.the list can go on forever.He wanted ever inch of her to burn in his mind,he needed to be strong,and she was the strength he needed.Max wanted to survie this, wanted to save Earth,because it was thier home.He was fighting for Earth,and at the same time Antar.Max knew nothing of his homeworld,only what was told to him.He was King,he was suppose to be married to Tess,they killed him on his wedding day and loyal fallowers created a way to give him a second chance at life,he was to take back his throne,when he was ready.It seemed so crazy like he was being told this fairy tale.He had no real memory of Antar.
Leaving those pods and walking the desert with his sister was his first memory,he was scared,cold and confused,he wanted to go home,and he knew this place wasn't it.When the Evan's pick them up,he was scared of them,he wanted to go back to the pod chamer,he tried running away,but Isabel wouldn't let go of his hand.She looked at him,her eyes telling Max to stay with her.So he did,for her sake.Max didn't warm up to his adoptive parents at first.Isabel adored them.He didn't understand why,these people weren't thier real parents.So Max,decided he would stay here,to patiently wait untill his real parents would find them.The summer passed with him keeping to himself, looking up at the stars from his window,talking to the sky,to the parents he never knew.One night Diane Evans heard his nightly ritual from his crack door.She knew it's been hard on him,he bearly talked,refused to be touched,and spent most of his time looking up at the sky.Isabel on the other hand,was quite thrilled with her new life,playing,talking,shopping,it was great to finally have children.It was destiny that they found these poor children out in that desert.Diane wanted to adopt them,she begged Phillp to call in any favors,to contact any of his connections that could help them.These children were left out in the desert alone for god knows how long,they shouldn't be in an orphange,they should be in a loving home with people who will love them back.The next day Diane went into his room,holding something wrapped in a towel.Max was at his usual spot on the bed looking out the open window,no expression on his face.He didn't even turn to look at her.
"May I come in Max?"She asked standing under the door frame,she will not enter his space without permission.Max nodded his head yes,though he still didn't look at her.Cautiously she walked in the room,it wasn't decorated yet,she wanted Max to do it himself,yet he didn't show no intrest in doing anything permant.Diane knew he was waiting for his parents to come get him,something she knew wasn't going to happen.There was nothing on them to indicate who they belong to,or where they lived before,they had no clothes on for god sakes,this boy was so loyal to people who obviously didn't care for them.Diane stopped in front of his bed and asked if she could sit down.Max looked at Diane finally,he nodded his head yes and turned back to the window.She placed the towel wrapped item inbetween them,she kept a reasonable distance from Max,not wanting to get to close and scare him,then with a sigh said,"I know we'll never replace your parents Max,all I know is that I want you to be happy,I don't know who your parents are Max,I want to help you,but you and your sister came to us in such a mysterious way."At this time she pulled apart the towel to reveal a toy house,"I have something for you max,this was given to me by my grandmother,I hated going away on camping trips,but my parents thought it was good for me to get out and meet people,She told me it was magic house,that if I wished hard enough I will be home.I thought she was silly,but I held onto that house ,closed my eyes,and there I was in front of the fireplace,playing with my dogs,having cookies and Milk,"Diane smiled at her childhood memories,"Maybe Max, if you wish hard enough it'll take you home too.In the mean time I hope you'll come to love us and know that we love you,and that no matter what,I'll always be there for you."Diane touched the house before getting up.She walked out of his room,took one fianl glance at him before closing the door to his solitude.Max sat there looking,of course,out the window,thinking about what his mom had to say.He turned around picked up the house and placed it on his lap.Max for awhile just stared at it.Then placed both his hands on the roof of the house,he closed his eyes and silently wished he was home,"Take me home please he," begged,then a memory came into his head,a memory of Diane and Phillp Evans wrapping them up in the coats these people had on,talking to them in soft gentle whispers as they buckled them into thier car.Telling them that it was going to be okay,that they'll take care of them.Max opened his eyes in suprise.He looked down at the house,his hands still on it.He got up from the bed and placed the house on his dresser.Then walked out of his room,maybe he'll give them a chance.Maybe they were sent here to be with the Evans.
Then came the first day of school,he was scared to death of going,he held onto Isabel's hand from when they left the house till they got off the bus.They walked toward the playground and he stopped, letting go of his sister's hand.Max for the first time saw Liz Parker,she was playing with her friends laughing,and he smiled remebering how beautiful she was.The little girl notice him looking at her and waved,then went back to playing.Max felt oddly happy,something in him changed that day.Maybe it was wrong for him to think that this wasn't his home.From that day forward Max Evans stopped calling for his unknown parents,instead of looking out the window each night he picked up the house and rembered that night when the Evans first came into his life.Roswell,NM located on planet earth was his home,his parents were Phillp and Diane Evans.He loved Liz Parker,hs favorite Musician is Moby,he has all the Simpson episodes on tape,he loves driving in his Jeep,eatting vanilla Ice cream,and hanging out with his friends,this was who he was.Not king of Antar.Was it wrong that he doesn't want to be king anymore,that he wants to stay here.That day in the cave,when he saw the image of his real mother stating what he had to do for his homeworld,made him happy to finally be seeing her,but he wished that he listen to Nasedo and waited to use the orbs, it open up a new chapter in his life that he had no idea how to close.A momentary longing to know who he was caused his two lives to collided,leading up to today,and the threat of destruction to the one home he only knew.It's his fault this is happening,so Max swore to himself that he will not fail,he will make things right.They think the human DNA inside Max weakens him,What they underestimated was the will of the human heart,the human spirt,and the will to fight for the ones they love.Max might be an alien,but he was also a human.
They will not suceed,they will not destroy his home.This is something that they can count on.
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Chapter 16~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sawyers

Coppersummit,was a very small,very secluded town,that appeared not to exist on any maps;except the one Simon had.It wasn't anywhere near any populated cities,and was about twenty minutes away from the Tucson Moutain Park Campsite,the rendezvous point Courtney had decided on.
Since a caravan of cars would only draw attention to themselves.They walked to the outskirts of town on foot,while Courtney,filled them in on what they've been doing since they left that morning.Felix along with Jason, the only Shapeshifter the rebels have left,since Nasedo was killed,went to the outskirts of town.The plan was to scope out the guards rotation patterns and shift changes.They'd patrol the area every half an hour,for ten minutes,each guard taking separate locations,except there was one,that always stayed behind.Four guards were on duty and they always shared that responsiblitiy.The entrance of the town had a almost army base feel to it,there were two small out post like buildings on either side of the road,these are where the guards end up at when thier patrol was completed. The gate looked like the ones that you see in parking garages,it stayed down the whole time Felix and Jack were there;it wasn't very welcoming to any tourists that manage to stumble upon this place,and that probably suited the skins just fine.
At 8:00 in the evening,the guards shift changed.The last one was 12:00 in the afternoon,the one before that was 2:00 in the morning,so every ten hours four new guards relieved the others.It was at 8:00, that thier victim was picked.They waited pateintly in the bushes,looking through Binoculars,as the rotations began. Jack focused on the guard he will be shapeshifting into this evening.Since the transformation caused a lot of fireworks,he'll go into the cave,they had discovered earlier that day,it was about five minutes away.Then when the guards patrol the area in thirty minutes,that's when Felix will ambush the guard, killed him, and disintegrate the alien body into nothing more than ashes.Jack then nonchalantly returned back to the outpost,taking the place of the now deseased skin.When it was his turn to watch the entrance alone,Three rebel skins,will sneak into the closed off town.There are more skins guarding possible buildings on the main street of Coppersummit, that may contain the harvest,so some mindwarping will need to be done.Courtney insisted that all this all should be done before she arrived with the royal four,time was crucial in all this.One screw up,and the whole mission could go to hell.
"Felix,Simone,"Courtney whispered,to her skin friends,placing a hand on Felix's shoulder,they were all crouching stealthly behind the bushes,he's become quite familar with.
"Courtney,"Felix acknowledged,spotting the royal four a few feet behind them."We're all set to go in about...ten mintues,"He looked down at his watch,then went back to surveying the area with his binoculars.Everyone was in place,the rest of the rebel skin army were sparatically hiding through out the wooden area,waiting for the singal to over take the town.
"Excellant,"She whispered.impressed with Felix's ability to get things done,they were lucky to have him on thier side.She turned around,still on her haunches and nodded to Max,it was show time. He looked at his sister,Michael and then Tess.They started walking towards the town.
"Simone,you're on."Felix ordered to the red headed skin who patiently waitied next to him.
Simone nodded her head,closed her eyes,and began to mindwarp the unsuspecting guards standing by the entrance.They will not see the Royal four walking towards them.Felix made a hand motion in the air,and immeditaely three skins ran towards the mindwarped guards,killed them without a second thought,then with a wave of thier hands,the skins became a pile of ashes,like thier friend did earlier. The three have the job of keeping up apperances,with the help of Simone's mindwarp,and if anyone new came along that could threaten the mission,they will be terminated.
""Go to your group Courtney,remeber,when you've done your task,protect your charges,"Courtney nodded her head before running off to the left of him,without missing a beat he ordered,"Erin,go to Simon,tell him it's begun,"Felix got up and started walking forward,"the rest of you come with me."
"The four of you each have your own unique powers,but when you're together,fighting side by side,you will feel yourselves getting stronger,feeding from each others strength and energy. You will feel the changes as the four of you become one in mind and spirt,Remeber what I taught you,what Nasedo had taught you,don't fight these feelings,let them take you over,don't doubt your abilities,show no fear,show no weakness,remain positive,you will be able to anticipate what the other will think,do,and act..Don't hesitate,I can't stress that enough,just fallow your instincts,trust in each other,there's a reason you were sent here together,"Courtney's words echoed in thier minds;as they walked towards the Universal Friendship League building.Determination in thier step,on thier faces,in thier hearts.They stopped in front of the building.Two guards stood at attention on either side of the huge wooden doors, looking past them,as if they weren't there.They were glad that somewhere in the shadows of the town,friends were there to help them get through all this.The people they love and care for are couting on them to not fail,that alone made them strong.Without a word,the four of them simutaniosly raised thier hands,causing the doors,along with the guards to fly into the building.They walked inside,not letting the dirt and debris bother them.Commotion stirred inside the building,power was charging up.The four of them stood there in a stance,thier hands outstreched waiting for battle.In the back of the building,pass the aisles of benches,containing some very pissed of skins,stood a stage,a man stood there dressed in a navy blue suit,black hair slicked back,evil green eyes staring at the intuders.They saw a smile spread on his face,gesturing his hands out before him,he smiled and announced,"Well,look who has graced us with thier presence..The royal four."
Thank You~By Led Zepplin~Copyrighted,cause I didn't right this song!
If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you
When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me
Kind woman, I give you my all, kind woman, nothing more
Little drops of rain whisper of the pane, tears of loves lost in the days gone by
My love is strong, with you there is no wrong, together we shall go until we die
My, my, my
Inspiration is what you are to me, inspiration, love sings
And so today, my world it smiles, your hand in mine, we walk the miles
Thanks to you it will be done, for you to me are the only one
Happiness, no more be sad, happiness, I'm glad
If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you
When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me

"I can't perdict what is going to happen,only what I wish to happen and that's to end this nonsense once and for all,so we can finally be together,"Max replied,holding Liz's hands in his.
"Why do I have a feeling your going to add a but,"Liz said with a grimace.
Max looked at her grimmly.
"Liz,I may not make it back,"He started to say,raising his hand up immeditaely to stop her interuption,"but I'm sure as hell going to do what I can so I will."
"Please,please come back to me,I can't even begin to imagine life without you."she cried letting go of his hand so she could throw herself into his arms,he held onto her for dear life,realing in the feel of her against him,rembering what it's like to be inside her.He wanted so bad to make love to her again,but time hasn't allowed it.God,he wish so much he could give Liz some kind of assurance,that he'd surive this ordeal,but that would be impossible.
"You know I'm going to try,that's all I can promise,I hope you do the same,"Max replied pulling away from her,he held Liz's face,and stared into her eyes,"I need you to have faith,to be strong for me,for us"
"I always do,"Liz replied not holding back her tears any longer,turning her head slightly to kiss his hand.
"I know,you,are what will keep me alive,you've helped us soo much Liz,I'm tired of the sacrifices we constantly make,It ends tonight,"Max promised,making Liz look at him again.They stared at each other,feeling as if time was stopping for them,if only it did,cause he wanted so badly to feel her naked skin beneath him,to feel her lips and caresses all over his body.What he wouldn't do to have another moment like they had a year ago.,he slowly brought his lips down to kiss her,he put everything he had in that kiss,since that's all he has right now to give her,he wanted her to know what she means to him.To know he loves her and will forever.
"Max,Courtney's ready to go."Isabel interupted reluctantly,Max and liz's lips parted with a sigh,there foreheads touching,theres hands linked,thier eyes close,enjoying the moment, hating to separate.
"I'll be there in a second,"Max whispered raggedly,Isabel left in silence,he added"Please be careful out there okay,I don't want to survive this and have you gone."
"You know I will,plus Simon's there,he'll protect me,"Liz finished opening her eyes to look back at his.
"I love you ,"he proclaimed kissing the tip of her nose.
"I love you too,"Liz cried,as he kissed her one last final time,then pulled away,reluctantly letting her hand go,she watched Max walk away,not daring to take her eyes off his form,he turned around and looked at her one final time before disappearing into the woods.Liz slid to the ground and cried uncontrollably,cursing the damn fates for bringing him back into her life,only to take him away again."Please,let us surive this"she prayed to anyone who'll care. Maria,Kyle and Alex found her not to soon after that,they had a group hug,knowing how the other felt,they all were worried about the ones they loved.Being there to console one another helped,but that didn't mean they still weren't scared that the worse was going to happen.
"I hate to interupt but...."Jacob said akwardly,the four of them looked up at the alien with tear streaked faces,they all smiled in embaressment.
"It's okay Jacob,what's up?"Liz asked,wiping the tears from her eyes,then got up from the ground with Kyles help.
"Simon needs you,things are starting,"he explain nervously,watching four friends look at each other,watching four friends feed of each others strength.They've been through so much together,will this fianlly be the end? What price will be paid for the safetly of the world? Who will die,who will live?
Things were indeed happening,they got there in time to see Max,Isabel,Michael,and Tess walk into the town.Five minutes later,a skin named Erin ran to Simon's side,that was the singal to porceed forward."Liz,"He shouted,wishing she stayed at the motel,but understood why she didn't.So Simon made sure the humans were in his group,he promised the Royal four they will be safe.
"I'm here,"Liz announced making her way to his side.a bat gripped tightly in her grasp.
"You all know what to do,stay alive,"Was all Simon said before he lead his group out of the woods,and into the unknown.

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Chapter 17~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sawyers

The speech was going to be amazing! He was working on it for weeks now. He must've had ten diffrent drafts before he decided on the perfect one.The speech was copied on numbered index cards,for his memory wasn't very good. It was important to say everything he's written down. He had just taken the stage,everyone had finished clapping,his head was bending down toward the mic to start speaking,when of course everything began to get chaotic. The Royal four of all people have decided to raise a little havock and uncoothly smash in the building's front door.Not only causing a terrible mess,but ruining his perfect speech,that he worked so hard on for nothing.How in the hell did they find out about Coppersummit?This smells of Courtney he's sure of it.Well,he should probably say something,instead of gawking like an idiot.He plastered a huge grin on his face,gestured his hands out before him and announced,"Well look who has graced us with thier presence...the royal four."
"Jasper let me kill them,They're-"
"Now,now Nicholas,lets not be to hasty,hmmm"Jasper replied calmly,walking down the two steps that lead him off the stage.Holding onto the lapels of his navy blue suit he announced,"I'm Jasper Higgins mayor of this fine town,and I'm sorry to say,but you have not been invited."
"Is this guy for real?"Michael asked,raising an eyebrow in disbelief
"Michael,"Max warned, never taking his eyes off of Jasper or Nicholas."We're here for the Harvest."
"Well that's nice,but you can't have it."The mayor replied walking closer to them,"it's not benifical to you,"
"It's not benefical to anyone,"Max replied angrily.
"Is Courtney around,"Jasper asked looking past the royal four out the hole that use to be the door,"It's been awhile since I've seen her."
"Jasper,what the hell are you doing chit chatting to these freaks,"Nichoals sputtered angrily,"thier obviously a distraction while Courtney and her friends destroy the harvest."
"Heads up guys,thier going to attack,"Max warned in his head,knowing that Michael,Isabel and Tess could hear him.
"Probably,"Jasper said smiling."What do you think we should do about it Nicholas?"
Nicholas raised his hand and yellow energy shot from his hands,Max was quick and brought up his sheild.The energy absorbed into the sheild,keeping them safe for now.
"Nice palor trick Zan,but that won't help you for long."He threaten,raising his hand up again.
"Don't retaliate Nicholas,aim for the ailse's"Max ordered quickly,"he won't be expecting that,let's keep them off guard."
So while Max kept up the shield and blocked Nichola's attacks,the other three began blasting the skins sitting down,this was to thier advantage for a little while anyway,untill they stared defending themselves.Max felt Tess get thrown across the room,flying over the benches,taking a few skins with her.
"I'm Okay,"Tess assured quickly getting up,and blasting a skin to dust.
"Max were going to get our asses kicked here,your shield isn't going to hold forever."Michael pointed out blasting a skin,before he got to Isabel.
"we've got to hold on untill Courtney gets here,"Max excalimed feeling his power draining.Isabel was beside him,adding strength to the field.
"Thank you Iz."
Isabel nodded her head,and continued to feed max her power.
"Isabel watch-"Tess started to warn,but it was too late Isabel got thrown across the opposite side of the room.Luckily Michael came to Isabel's resuce,running and dodging the battle,he hopped on a bench and pushed himself up in the air into a matrix style flip over the suprised attackers and retaliated.This gave Isabel enought ime to recover.
"Max is in trouble,"Isabel replied,feeling her brothers energy field fading.Of course it was too late and the green shield disappeared giving Nicholas an oppurtuity to blast Max back towards the destroyed entrance.
"Don't stop,keep fighting.I'll be find,"Max demanded feeling thier hesitation.
"But Max-"
"Do as your told Iz!"He ordered,rolling away from Nichola's assult just in time.
As expected a few skins manage to escape,Max thought he saw Jasper hightailing back up the stage and disappeared behind a curtain, but that wasn't thier problem right now,they'll get taken care of in due time.What's important is to stay alive,and take out as many skins as possible.
"You're so pathetic Zan!"Nichoals shouted Standing over Max,his hand raised over the exile king,he was going to kill Max."You didn't think you were actually going to win did you?"
"That's exactly what he thought!"Courtney announced,before blasting Nicholas across the room,landing painfully on the podium.
"You okay?"Courtney asked helping Max up,as her group of rebel skins made thier way into the building.
"I'm find now that you're here,"Max said,finding his second wind,"What took ya?"
"Oh,we had some unexpected company to take care of at the warehouse,"Courtney explained,blasting a few skins to thier deaths,without missing a beat"The harvest wasn't there,but neither is the warehouse,you missed a lovely explosion!"
"I'm sorry I missed it!"he chuckled,She patted Max on the shoulder and with a huge grin on her face,ran into the battle,with Max not to far behind.
"There's one weakness us skins have,"Courtney replied to the group of humans before they went into Coppersummit,she lifted up her shirt,and right where her back ends was a kind of scar,"This is the seal that keeps the husk together,you need to hit it as hard as you can with a nice solid object."
"What will happen?"Alex asked his eyebrows arched in curiosity
"They'll turn into a pile of dust ala Buffy the Vampire slayer."Courtney answered pulling her shirt back down,and faced the humans.
"Cool,"Klye excalimed with a grin.
"This is no t.v. show here folks,this is serious,they have powers,and you don't,"She warned,giving them a serious look,"You've got to be alert at all times,have each others backs,a freindly skin might not always be around."
Those words echoed in Liz's mind,as she laid flat on her back.A not so friendly alien hovering over her,ready to end Liz's very short life.Then a rain of dust fell onto her and thier stood Maria,a bat in hand,her face all serious."Take that you freak,"She screamed to the pile of dust,she let one hand free of the bat and offered it to Liz.Getting back on her feet,she quickly thanked her friend and walked a couple of feet where the skin with his powers took the bat from her grasp,"I really thought that was the end."
"No problem chica,"Maria excalimed proudly,they ran towards the entrance of the Museum,taking out a few skins,with a little team work on the way.Simon was there waiting for them,he was anxious,but happy to see Liz alive.
"Thank god,"He excalimed giving her a quick hug,"I was beginning to think the worse."
"Yeah,well it was touch and go for a little while,"Liz gasped shaking her head,with her thumb she gestured to Maria behind her,"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Maria."
"Simon,it's here,"Alex exclaimed,Jacob and Kyle was with him.
"Take me to it,"Simon demanded fallowing the small group to a old west set up,Jacob went behind the stagecouch,and fiddled with something behind there for a few second,then a protesting whine of gears started up and the stagecouch on it's platform slid backwards revealing a secret passageway.Flashlights were brought out and they bravely walked down the stairs.They all felt like things were finally going to end.Reaching the bottom,Liz and maria gawked at the sight before them.There were rows of huge plastic tubes,each one containing a husk,there had to be thousands of them.Equipment of some sort,obviously alien technology,that the humans would not even begin to understand,was set up aimlessly throughout the room.Probably what keeps this harvest up and running.It was very cool down here.Simon mention that refidgeration was a key factor in preserving the husks.
"This place is huge,"Maria exclaimed,taking off her backpack,while walking down a row,touching the tubes as she went.
"You couldn't tell from looking at the Museum that it was this big?"Liz pointed out,taking off her backpack also.
"It's like the friggin tardis!"Alex shouted taking off his back pack and pulled out a laptop computer,"Where do you want me Simon?"
"Over here,"Simon said with a wave,"This is the main console,everything is run from here."
Alex walked to Simon and asked,"Where do I plug in?" With his flashlight Simon looked around the very impressive and complicated piece of equipment,he smiled and pointed to an area on his right side."Excellant,one computer virus coming right up."He went to work setting up,grabbing a bunch of disks and placing them on the console.
"Will you be okay on your own Alex?"
Alex gave him two thumbs up,and Simon gave him a smile,and a wap on the back,before he left to take care of the rest of the plan.
"Okay people,I want you to place an explosive on every other tube."He ordered,taking off his own backpack,placing it on the floor,and pulled out cables,wires,connections,and what seems to be a ignitor of some kind."I want things up and ready in five minutes."
They all worked in silence,not thinking about the lives that were lost,or the commotion going on upstairs.Liz worked with intesity,knowing that those skins who died,wasn't going to be in vain.
Placing the last of the explosive putty on the tube,Liz looked up at the skin husk occupying the space,Simon's husk.In all the commotion Liz never even thought about what would happen to Simon,Courtney or the other skins fighting this battle today.
Liz recalls Simon's words at the campsite,as the were being brief, "They'll have only a little over a year before the husk eats them alive,"That means Simon will die too.Liz didn't want him to die.They weren't biologiaclly brother and sister,but she felt oddly close to this alien, like they could start having a realtionship after all this ended.
"You all done here Liz,"Simon asked,putting some wires into the putty, Liz jump by his sudden appearence,"Oop,sorry didn't mean--"He stopped as he fallowed her gaze to the tube that contain his husk.
"You're going to die too."Liz said with a sigh.
"I'm afraid so,all the husks are connected in this state,I can't fit into mine without the others fitting into thier's."He explained saddly touching her shoulder."there's no other way Liz,the harvest has to be destroyed,even if that means my death,or the others."
"No,I won't accept this!"She shouted her words echoing through the room.
"Liz,you have to understand,we all knew what we were getting ourselves into when we sighed up for this job on earth,to protect the royal four,no matter what,and death is a no matter what."he explained hating to see her upset.
"I know,but I still don't have to like it."Liz pouted, crossing her arms across her chest,"I wanted to get to know my brother,not watch him die."
"So me moving to Roswell is not a option."He asked,looking at Liz from the corner of his eyes,while he began hooking up some wires to his ignitor.
"You're going to move to Roswell,"she gawked in suprise.
Simon shook his head,"That was the plan but..."
"No I want you to,"Liz said slowly,"Maybe we can find a way to save you and the others."
"There you go turning a negative into a positive,"Simon cheered,patting her head,then shouted"Times running out people what's the status?"
"I'm done,"replied maria,peeking her head out from her row,fallowed by Kyle and the other skins.
"Excellant,Alex,"He shouted down at the other end of the room,to the main consoule,where Alex stood.
"Virus downloaded and activated!"Alex screamed back,giving a thumbs up.
"Great job guys,"He congradulated,fiddling with some wires on the ignitor,"just a few more adjustments,and we can kiss this Harvest good bye!"
"Not if I have anything to do about it!"It was Nicholas,and a handful of very pissed off,battle weary skins.Nicholas had Alex in a headlock.Maria and Kyle were also being held against thier will.So much for things going without a hitch.
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Well I'm back and I'm trying to catch up on everything! Anyway I'm working on Come to me so hopefully Nobody Knows will have a new chapter soon! Thanks for the support!
Peace Carolyn
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Well here's the new part! Hope you emjoy it! Thanks for everyones support!
Peace Carolyn

Chapter 18~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sayers

Things at Coppersummit,were starting to calm down a little.In the Universal friendship leauge building,very few skins were resisting the urge to fight the royal four,Courtney and the rest of the calvary.Most of them took flight,and the few who decided to stay and fight ended up dusted.Courtney demanded that the enemy skins be killed,no if's,and's,or what's about it.
"Remeber,they won't hesitate to kill you,so don't hesitate to kill them."Courtney warned earlier.
The room suddenly became quiet,a unsettled effect of dust from slain skins floated in the room,and spread aimlessly throughout the war stricken room,were the rebel skins that didn't get killed,Courtney Max,Michael,Isabel and Tess.Who were exhausted,ditry and lucky to have just some scrapes,cuts and brusies.
"Let's check outside and see what's going on out there."Courtney asked,wapping Max ethustacially on the back,"You did well Max,"Then turned around to face the others,"You all did,but there's more to be done."
Everyone fallowed Courtney through the gapping whole that was once the front door.Things on the main strip of town,were a bit quiet also.It appears that whoever didn't get dusted might've high tailed it out of Coppersummit,deciding to live out thier final days else where.Just then,Max turned,to see Courtney's face become pale and scrunched with concern,"Jacob,"She cried looking around anxiously.
"What is it Courtney?"Isabel asked,also noticing thier protectors sudden mood change.
"Jacob,he's in trouble,everyone who was with Simon."Courtney explained,looking to find the Musuem building;She knew they were assigned to."They found the Harvest,but before they could destroy it,they were found out,Nicholas,the mayor..."She never finished the sentence.
"Oh my god Liz,"Max said with worry,he knew by reading the maps,exactly where the museum was,he started to run in the direction,but not before he felt Michael's hand grab a hold of his shirt to prevent him from leaving."Let me go Michael."
"WE can't just go barging in there Max,we need a plan."
"Michael's right Max,we could be running into a trap."Tess agreed,she was worried about Kyle.They all looked at Courtney,she was more familar with the town,and the people than they were.She'll know whay to do.
"What should we do Courtney?"Isabel asked,hugging herself,hating that she wasted so much time trying to not be with Alex.And now who knows what's going to happen to him,and the rest of thier friends.
"If I know Nicholas,there's only one entrance to the harvest,"She said,her face deep in ponder,then shaking her head,added,"It's defantely under the building...I-I can't seem to come up with anything,they will have an advantage over us."
"You can't stand there and tell me there's no back entance,"Michael exclaimed anxiously.
"Oh,there's a back entrance,I only know where it is;inside the harvest chamber, it's leads out into the woods somewhere,it could take days before we find it."Courtney countered in fustration.
"In a couple of days Maria and the others will be killed."Michael said angrily."So what your saying is that we go in thier kamiaze style,with our powers a blazing,and hope some of us surive."
"The humans are safe for now,they're Nicholas' leverage.he wants you guys."Courtney pointed out,palcing her hands on her hips,then a grin formed on her face as she whispered,"Of course Jack."
"The shapeshifter?"Max said a bit confused at first,then realization dawned on him,"Ohhh, I think I know exactly what you have in mind."
"Well would you two like to let us all in on your little eipiphany here."Michael asked gesturing his hands out before him.
"I will in a second,Tracy,"She suddenly shouted,a petie blond hair skin stepped forward,"Get Jack at the front gates,"Tracy nodded and ran off,then without missing a beat,called out another skins name,"Josiah,find Felix and bring him and everyone else in your travels to the Museum building."Josiah shook his head with understanding,and ran off to fallow his orders.She glanced at the royal four and announced,"This is what were going to do..."
Liz,Maria,Alex and Kyle were tied up,and leaning against a platform that the Husk tubes sat on.Most of the rebel skins,in thier group, have been killed,because Nicholas decided he need to vent out some fustration.Simon,luckily was still alive,floating in some suspecion field in front of them. Jacob and two other rebel skins,were also in that suspension field.They were unconcious and Liz wondered how long before Nicholas decided he wanted to kill something.
"Where are you Max?"Liz thought to yourself,trying to loosen the rope behind her back,with very little sucess. The four of them remain silent per order of Nicholas,yeah he wanted them alive,so he could bait the royal four,but Liz had a feeling that he wouldn't hesitate for a moment to kill one of them, if they cause him to be unhappy.
"My lord,there's a problem."replied one of Nicholas' henchmen.
"What is it!"He shouted through grit teeth,whipping himself around to face the skin at the main consule.
"It appears,they've downloaded some virus in the consule's mainframe,"He explain,gesturing his hands to the laptop,"it's slowly shutting down all functions to the equipment,it won't effect the harvest,since it's incubation time is completed,however,if we don't get into those husks in the next hour,they'll start to deteriorate,but the thing is we won't beable to open the tubes endless we can reverse the process."
"So fix it."Nicholas ordered,getting very impatient,Liz had a feeling someone was going to die soon.
"I can't sir,it won't let me."He explain in fustration.,"Whoever encrypted this program is brillant."
Nicholas whipped his body around,so he was facing his human hostages,and pointed to Alex,"You,you were near the main consule when we got here,reverse the virus,or I kill one of your friends,"Nicholas threaten pointing to the alien hostages in the supension field.
"I only know part of the encruption,you've killed the other two who knew the rest."Alex explained in fear.
"Well,you're going to have to try your best,won't ya,"He shouted,snapping his fingers,which caused the henchmen guarding them,to quickly pick up Alex roughly by his arm and shove him to the main consule,Nicholas got in his face and sputtered angrily."Every ten minutes I will kill someone,you 've got thirty minutes,human scum,and then I WILL kill you."
The guard untied him and reluctantly Alex started typing on the laptop's keyboard.
"I'm so tired of waiting,"Nicholas screamed,pulling down one of the rebel skins from the feild,which instantly brought him to conciousness. The skin was kneeling before Nicholas,weak and disoriented.Nicholas placed his hand on top of the skins head,a yellow glow shined from his hand,causing the skin to scream in agony.Liz looked away,wishing she could block the sound.Maria leaned into Liz's shoulder,crying,Liz leaned against her head as assurance,she belived Max and the others will save them.That's the only thing keeping her from freaking out.
"NICHOLAS ENOUGH!"It was Max.Everyone's gaze went to the harvest Chamber's entrance.Liz smiled at seeing him standing there alive.He was dirty,and pretty beaten up from battle.Courtney and Felix flanked him.Where in the hell was Michael,Isabel and Tess?
Nicholas' hand left the skins head he was torturing,as he truned around to face the intruders.
"Zan,I was wondering when you'll get here,"He replied calmly,walking toward the entrance untill he was about six feet away,"Where's the rest of the royal four?"
"Dead Nicholas,they died in battle."Max announced,anger filled his face.
Liz gawked in horror, Maria started to wailed uncontrollably,Kyle gasp in shock beside her,and Alex,paled ten shades lighter,in front of the consule.
"Dead,"Liz thought to herself,"This can't be actually happening."
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Working on the next part now.It'll be up tonight or tomorrow night the latest,demanding on my fickle muse! lol
Peace Carolyn
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Peace Carolyn

Chapter 19~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sawyers

"Here it is,just where Jack said it would be,"a skin named simone announced,staring at a hugh boulder that towered over her by five feet.
"So what are we suppose to do now?"Michael asked,his hands propped on his hips,surveying the Rock,that is suppose to be the entrance,that'll eventually take them to the Harvest Chamber.Isabel,Tess,and Max,along with thier skin allys, stood there behind her,also staring,hoping this plan Courtney and Felix thought up will work.
"Max,needs to open it,he's the king,he'll be able to by-pass any command that was set up by Nicholas."Simone repiled softly,Max walked beside her,seeing no symbols of his homeworld or anything for that matter,to indicat that there's a opening here.Max was worried about Jack,who from shapeshifting into one of the skins, that guarded this town,had a memory flash of the entrance location.While Max and the others hoped to have the upper hand by using this entrance, Courtney and the others will distract Nicholas and compamy.Jack has taken the dangerous job of shifting into him,just like Nasedo did,when he baited FBI Agent pierce,to kill him.Of course Max got captured anyway,and was tortured by Pierce in the white room,when he went to rescue Liz,who Nasedo took hostage for leverage. Max hated that place,and tried not to think about it.But watching Jack make the transformation and seeing a mirror image of himself,brought the memeories of that night back.Let's hope they get there in time,before Nicholas catches on.Taking a deep breath,Max walked up to the rock and placed his hand on the rock,making it line up directly across from his face..Instantly,the rock in front of them turned into a cave opening.That was easier than he though it would be.Maybe he shouldn't have jinxed them,by thinking that.of course this is the easier part.Defeating Nicholas without killing thier friends, is going to be the hardest part.They made thier hands glow as the entered the dark cave,praying that they won't be arriving to late...
"You think you can defeat me,without the rest of the royal four Zan,"Nicholas said with a laugh,"I don't think so."
"YOU killed them Nicholas, and you're going to pay,"Jack exclaimed angrily,totally getting into the roll of Max.,praying he gave the real one and the rest of the royal four( who were very much alive),enough time to get into the entrance and make thier way here.
"Well I'm sorry ,but I didn't have the pleasure,wish I was there to see it."Nicholas exclaimed an evil grin on his face."Look Jasper,it's Felix and Courtney,the king's faithful little dogs!You two have been a pain in my ass, for the last time.
"Kivar is going to love that you're finally dead!"Jasper proclaimed,walking next to Nicholas."I'm going to love killing you."
"Well,you can sure as hell try!"Courtney exclaimed,throwing the two off guard by flinging
Jasper into one of the Harvest tubes,it didn't break,but the loud thud that echoed inside the chamber when the mayor of coppersummit crashed into it was very gratifying.Felix simutaneously did the same to Nicholas.However,he anticipated the move and raised a yellow sheild.Felix's attempt asorbed into the sheild,and Nicholas gave a satisfying evil smirk,"Nice try,but you're old Felix,not as powerful as you use to be."then returned back a yellow wave of power towards them,Courtney,Felix and Jack,raised thier shields up instinctivly together.This made Nicholas raise his eyebrows in confusion.,and exclaimed,"Your not Zan,you're a shapeshifter."He went on angrily,"Zan's shield would be green,yours is blue."
Courtney cursed herself for forgetting about that.That was how the Royal four was protected,in case a shapeshifter took the kings form,to try and endanger him.He smiled as if he already won this fight,"Courtney,you think your little rag tag team of scum,can actually come in here and defeat me."
"So where is Zan?"One of the guards asked curiously,from behind Nicholas.
"Dead,they're all dead Nicholas,but that doesn't mean we're not going to try and stop you from destroying this planet."Courtney lied,trying to stall time a little bit more.
Liz whipped her face up to the scene,that was going on at the entrance.Max,dead,it can't be.She would've of felt him die,she was sure of it.No something definately was going on. Courtney and Felix are planning something,and Liz has a feeling,that Max and the others are alive,and in on it.The thing is,what exactly are they up to?The ropes behind her back were not even remotly becoming loose.She needed to break free before things went down.The explosions weren't connected to the ignitor yet.Maybe if things got chaotic enough where the guards got distracted she could finish the job,Simon started.
"Nicholas,I belive you were looking for me?"
Liz spun around behind her to see Max and the others.Standing there in a battle stance,hands raised out before them,ready for anything.How in the hell did they get in here? Simon didn't mention another entrance.
Faces turned toward the Royal fours sudden apperance.Some were suprised,especially the ones who thought they were dead,and then others were not so suprised,and that included Nicholas,"I should've know you'd have found the back entrance,I guess I underestimated you,Zan"
"You're not going to get away with this,you can count on it."Max exclaimed,then with a thought Nicholas was thrown off his feet,and fell hard on his back,(This caused the suspension feild,that held Simon and the others to disappear,and with a thud, they fell to the ground a few feet from where Liz,Kyle,and Maria were tied up.) If Nicholas was injured or scared,he didn't show it,instead he just started laughing insanely,he got up,while dusting the dirt off his pants, then announced,"Oh this is going to be fun."The next thing Liz knew, skins from both factions filled the room,battling with one another.
"We've got to get out of here Liz,we're sitting ducks!"Kyle replied,manuvering his way up by sliding up the Husk tube.
"What about Simon,and Jacob we can't just leave them here,"Liz asked,fallowing his lead.She nervously looked at Simon on the ground,why was he still uncouncious?The other skin immediately woke up when Nichols pulled him out of the Suspension field.
"What do you expect us to do?"Kyle asked,bearly dodging a skin, that was flung his way."It's not like we can carry them,"
"Liz,you've got to leave."Simon whispered groggily,he was sitting up now,holding his head.Jacob,came around too,"You okay Jacob,"his friend nodded ,and smiled when he saw Courtney kneel beside Jacob,they embraced quickly,then she helped him up.
"Stay alive Liz,get to the redouvouz point as soon as you can,"Then the two ran off.To where,Liz wasn't sure.She kind of wished Courtney stuck around long enough to untie her.
"Simon,"Liz replied,kneeling down akwardly beside him,it was hard to balance,when your arms were tied behind your back,"I'm not leaving without you,besides,we still haven't finish the job we were assigned to do."
Simon smiled,then wrapped his arms around Liz,and with his powers,the ropes fell off her wrists.Liz immediately took Simon's arm and pulled him out of harms way.They nearly got trampled on by Michael and a skin he was fighting.Maria and Kyle was immediately by thier side.
"Jesus,that was close,"Maria said out of breath,they were having an adventure of thier own,while Liz was taking care of Simon.They encountered a few of Nicholas' henchmen,and would've probably been killed,had it not been for Michael.
"Are you two okay?"Kyle asked ,seeing them almost get trampled on.
"Yes,"Simon said standing up,going to both Maria and Kyle to free them of thier bindings
"Thank you,"Kyle and Maria said simutaniously,they watched as Simon with his powers, made his backpack,that was piled with the others,a few feet away from him,fly into his hands.
"Fallow me,"He ordered,running and dodging to the row of husk tubes that had yet to be connected to the ignitor.
"I can't belive they didn't disconnect anything."Maria pointed out,nervously watching her back,as the battle continued around them.
"Well thier stupidity is our victory,"Simon said with a smile,as he fiddled with some wires.
"Liz,watch out,"Kyle warned,but it was too late,a skin grabbed her.However, the next thing she knew ,a rain of dust fell around her.Liz turned around and saw Alex,holding his laptop like a weapon..
"Alex,"Liz replied,pulling him into a hug."Thank you."
"Anytime,"Alex replied,then pointed to Simon,"He's still trying to blow this place up."
Liz nodded as they watched Simon punch the number buttons on the ignitor.He stuck it on one of the tubes and with a press of a red button,announced,"Time to go kids,we've got Five minutes."
"You started it now!"Maria exclaimed terrfied,"What about the others?"
"We'll then we better start warning them then,"Simon said taking Liz's hand,helping his fellow skins as they weaved out of the way,"Erin,this palce will blow in less than ten minutes,spread the word as quickly as you can, and get the hell out of here!!" Erin nodded and ran off into the opposite direction.They reached the entrance,and said,"Now get out,go to the rendvouz point."
"I'm not leaving-"
"Without Max,I know,but you have too,"Simon interupted,grabbing a hold of her shoulders,"Liz you've got to listen to me,Max and the others will make it,they can't die just yet,I'm going back in there to find them,Please just go."
Liz reluctantly nodded her head,and watched as he went back into the Chaos.
"Are we really leaving Liz?"Maria asked,taking a hold of Liz's arm,Alex and Kyle stood nervously beside them.Watching the bloody battle going on in front of them.
"Yeah,I have faith in Simon,he'll bring the others back to us."Liz replied bravely,taking one last look in the chamber hoping to catch a glimpse of Max.In the middle of the Chamber,she saw him,using the green shield to block an attack from Nicholas.She saw Simon making his way toward Max,satisfied ,Liz turned around and left the chamber,with Maria,Alex and Kyle close behind her.

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lattegirlThank you so much,I'm glad you like the story.
Well here's the next part! I know it's kind of short,but I like how it came out!
Peace Carolyn

Chapter 20~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sawyers
Max breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Liz,Maria,Kyle and Alex leave the chamber.They are safe.Now all he has to do is surrive,yet another battle,and then they could go home,maybe actually live a normal life. He'll admit,Nicholas was powerful,but Max started to feel confident he could beat him.They countered each other evenly,neither one giving up on trying to destroy the other.Max knew Nicholas was starting to feel fustrated,and it was only a matter of time,before Max would feel the gratification,of seeing Nicholas on his hands and knees,begging for his life.Max will not spare it,not after what he did to Liz,Simon,and the many others he's destroyed or try to hurt.
Max immediately dropped his shield,and ducked as Nicholas took an oppurtunity to hit him.Max raised a hand,and with everything he had inside him,managed to make Nicholas go flying through the air.Max ran to where he landed,not wanting to give his enemy time to recover,and started to punch him,seing red,having no intention of stopping,all his fustrations went into his fists,and Max enjoyed every minute of it."You son of a bitch,all I wanted was to live in peace,and you-and Kivar are-"
"Max,you've got to stop this,"Simon interupted, trying to pull Max off of Nicholas."It's time to go."
"I'm not through Simon I need-"
"Max,just kill him now and let's go,this place is going to blow in less than five minutes."Simon explained loudly.Then ran off,leaving Max to stare down at a very battered and very beaten Nicholas.
Nicholas just started laughing,watching Max stare down at him with hate and anger,with swollen eyes, blood was running down his face,He spatted"Well,Zan,I guess you win this round,but because you kill me and destroy the harvest doesn't mean it's over,"
"Oh it's over Nicholas,I'm not going to buy into your scare tactics,"Max exclaimed,clenching his fists.
"We'll Zan,in time you'll see I'm right,"Nicholas exclaimed,reaching behind his back,"Don't get to comfortable,who knows what's lurking in your neighborhood."Nicholas flashed Max a smlie,Then right before Max's eyes,Nicholas truned into a pile of dust.He killed himself,taking control of his destiny,while Max stood there,thinking about the warning Nichoals told him.
"Max,are you nuts!"Simon shouted,Max was glad to See,that Isabel and the others were with him,"Let's go,endless you want to be killed."
Max looked at the spot where Nicholas died one last time,before running after Simon.
We see the ignitor clock counting down the last second.Then a ball of fire exploded through out the chamber,destryoing whatever was left behind.
Liz and Maria huddled together waiting anxiously to see any sign of thier significant others,and friend,come out of the museum entrance.It felt like they've been waiting for hours.Though if that were the case,the explosions would've gone off and whoever was inside would be dead.
"Wait I see somebody,"Alex exclaimed pointing to the entrance.
Indeed it was Simon,Isabel,Tess,Michael,A handful of rebel skins,running towards them.Courtney and Jacob were next,still no Max,and this began to make Liz start to worry.
"Where's Max?"Liz thought to herself,clutching Maria's hand tightly.
"Don't worry Liz he'll come out."Maria assured,feeling Liz tense up,thinking the worse.
"Who's here?"Courtney asked,looking disheavled,dirty,battered,but alive.
"I don't see max,"Liz screamed,as she started to pull away from Maria to run towards the entrance.
"Wait Liz don't!"Maria screamed.
Liz didn't get very far,a loud explosion was heard fallowed by the museum going into flames,glass,wood,and other materials flew in many directions.Causing everyone to instictivly shield themselves,with arms,alien sheilds,or flying to the ground.
"Max!"Liz screamed from the ground,her body was filthy,she was bleeding from a cut on her forehead."Oh my God,he's still in there!"
"Liz,you've got to calm down,maybe he used his shield to protect himself,it's possible,"Simon explain,going to her,and holding her back,knowing she'll probably run into the burning building with no care for her safety.
"He wasn't far behind us,I thought he'd make it."Jacob proclaimed,holding onto Courtney tightly,hoping to god Simon was right,and that Max had surrive.
"I feel him still,"Isabel announced hopefully,clutching herself.
"I also,"Tess added,looking at the burning building,"I can't tell if he uncouncious or not,it's kind of hard.."
"Wait,look someones coming out of the building,"Kyle exclimed excitedly,"Is it him?"
Liz managed to break free of Simons grasp and ran toward the figure,that had collapesd on the gorund just outside the entrance.Liz kneeled before the body and turned the body on it's back.Liz sighed in relief,It was Max,dirty,bleeding in a few places,his clothes were tattered,but he was alive."Max,can you hear me."Liz asked taking his face in her hands and placed a kiss on his lips.
"Yes I can,"Max said softly,coughing,"I love you."
Liz looked up and grinned at the others,"He's okay,but he needs help,he's hurt."Then she glanced back down at Max,kissing him again,"I love you too."They smiled at each other,happy that they've both surived this ordeal,now they can be with each other.No more looking over thier shoulders,no one trying to break them apart,because of some destiny.For the first time in quite a while,Liz Parker knew things were going to be okay.Things were finally going to be normal again.
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So okay the next part answers the questions about the fate of the rebel skins,the next chapter wil be some Max and Liz quality time & Liz's reunion with her parents!
Chapter 22~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sawyers
Exhausted and battered the rag tag team of skins,four hybirds,one shapeshifter,and four humans,managed to trudge thier way back to the campsite.They've won this battle.Ready to live a life without the threat of the end of the world.Though there was one thing that's been eatting away at Liz,since they've found the harvest.What's going to happen to the rebel skins?They've risked thier lives to protect thier exhile king.Destroyed a harvest that was benificial to them.However,in less then a year,they will be dead.The husks they wear will gradually deteriorate,in an attempt to survie, the husk will turn on it's host,slowly and painfully eatting away,and killing them.
Max also distracted in thought,was concern about Nicholas' last words.Was this really the last they'll see of the skins Kivar commands.Are they truly safe?One things for sure,at least they've made a few new friends that'll give them a hand.In case,Nicholas threats were real.
Arriving at the campsite,Max saw that there were more rebel skins who haven't arrived in time to help fight in the battle at Coppersummit.In all Max calculated that there was about 50 skins spread aimlessly throughout the site.
When thier pressence was known,the skins congregated around the royal four,and went to thier knees and bowed,showing respect to thier ruler.It made Max feel slightly uncomfortable,especially when Simon Jacob,Courtney,and the skins who fought by thier side did the same.
"Please get up,"Max announced with a sigh,they did as was told,and he went on,"the harvest is destroyed,but that doesn't mean we put our guard down."
Liz held Max tighter as she listen to his speech,"We lost people out there today,and I think we should mourn thier lost and not take the lives they've given up for granted."He looked at the sea of faces hanging on to his every word,then went on,"What I want you to do is go on with your lives,but keep your ears and eyes open,this fight may not be over just yet."
"Your highness,may I speak please."Replied Simone,the red hair skin,who was a major part of thier sucess,she was a mind warper like Tess,giving them the element of suprise when they walked into the skin infested town.Max nodded his head,urguring her to say what was on her mind.
"We will of course help as much as we can,but with the harvest gone,so is our second chance of life."Simone said softly,speaking for every skin in attendance,Max was confused,what did she mean by this.Then Liz suddenly spoke making things very clear for him.
"Max,many of the rebel skins came here with Nicholas,undercover,thier husks were destroyed in that chamber."she went on,""They will die without a new husk."
Max felt stupid for not realizing this earlier.So thier reward for being brave and fighting against Nicholas and company was death.No there's no way he's going to give up on his friends."There's got to be some way to reverse this."
"Yes,wearing a new husk Max,"Courtney replied,then added,"but the only way for us to put on those husks,was during the harvest,with the rest of the skins,rebel,and Kivar supporters alike,it would've been risky and illogical."
This was horrible.There's got to be some way to help save thier friends.They don't deserve this fate,not after what they did for them all.Then Liz had a flashback of what Future Max told her when he first arrived in Roswell..

LIZ: No, no, I don't...I don't know who you are, but're not Max.
FUTURE MAX: Liz, I know this is all hard to believe...
LIZ: Wh-what? You expect me to believe that the...the granilith is like some sort of time machine?
FUTURE MAX: It wasn't intended to be, but it does have an enormous amount of power, and we were able to modify it to artificially create a tear in time space.

"Ah Max,I think I may actually know of a way to save the skins,"Liz replied with a grin,all eyes were turned in her direction.Not a sound was made as they waited for her idea.
"What do you mean?"Max asked excited by a prospect,but confused in what it could actually be.
"We use the granilith."
Two days later.......

The royal four,Liz and Courtney stood in the Granilith's room,hidden behind the pod chamber,the place where Max,Isabel,Michael and Tess were born.The machine made a humming noise,and the purple bluish light,was what lit up the granilith's home.It was as tall as the room,the black funnel looking object,appeared to be floating above an almost black circluar base,the top was a glowy white.It looked very intimadating,but,this may be thier friends last chance of surival.
"So,a future version of Max used this as a time machine."Courtney asked,placing her hand on the smooth black surface of the granilith.Liz shook her head,looking at the granilith in awe.She's heard so much about the thing,but this was actually the first time she's seen it.
"Did he tell you how he did it?"Tess asked,her intrested peeked.
"No,he didn't go into details,"Liz replied,then added,"All I know is that this Serena chic made it possible-"
"Wait,did you say Serena?"Courtney interupted, whipping her head around,to look at Liz.
"Ah,yeah,"Liz answered slowly,a bit confused.
Courtney's lip formed a half smile and announced,"I know a Serena,big time smart,loves technology,she may actually be the one and the same,that Future Max knew in his time."
"So,she may be able to rig this thing to prevent the husks deterioration?"Isabel asked hopefully.
"Yeah,I think she might."Courtney replied,taking her hand off the granilith,"Liz your smart thinking may have saved me and my friends."
Liz smiled,glad that Simon may be around longer than she anticipated.Max pulled her close to him and after kissing the top of her head announced,"Well,let's bring this Serena here as soon as possilbe,we don't know how long it's going to take to rig it."
"I'm already on it,"Courtney replied,taking out her cell phone.She pressed the numbers,put the phone to her ear and after a few moments said to the person on the other line,"Hello's Courtney,"she paused as Serena spoke to her,she then went on,"I'm find,but listen, I need you in Roswell..yeah in New Mexico where else...Just get here,go to the downtown area,meet me at a place called the Crashdown Cafe okay....Well if you answered your phone once in awhile and got an answering machine,you wouldn't be so out of the loop...It's important,belive me,I'll explain everything to you when you get here okay..Okay see ya,bye."
"Well she's taking the next flight out of las Vegas,"Courtney announced,putting away her phone,"So we go back into town and wait."
Later that night..............

Courtney just finish explaining the entire story to Serena,starting with Future max's vist,to Liz's idea of using the granilith's harness power to save the rebel skins from dying."So do you think it's a possiblitly?"
Serena sat there in a booth,of a alien themed resturant.Sucking on the straw in her soda,letting everything Courtney told her,sink in her mind.She finished her drink with a slurping sound.licking her lips and replied,"So,because of something I did in a future that no longer exsits,makes you think I could rig the granilith into a skin saving device."
"Exactly,"Courtney said,thinking her request was as simple as getting a drink of water.
"How in the hell, am I suppose to do this?"Serena asked,gesturing her hands out before her.
"Ah,using your amazing intellect,"Courtney replied,as if this comment answered her question.
"Courtney,I have never seen the granilith,I've just heard stories.My future self seeing it doesn't mean I obtain the knowledge,in how to understand the schematics of it."Serena answered,her patience wearing thin.
"So do you want to see it or what?"Courtney asked,not giving up.With a sigh,Serena rolled her eyes,glanced at Courtney as if she was crazy to even think about agreeing to this far fetch plan of her's,and just gave in by shaking her head yes.
"Great,we'll leave now."Courtney replied,waving to get thier waitresses attention,so they can get thier check.
"Courtney you do realize,I might not be able to do this."Serena warned,hating that Courtney has put this task firmly on her shoulders.
"No,no,Serena,we must think positive here!"Courtney insisted,shaking a finger at her,"Standing face to face with the thing might trigger something."
"Or it won't and I'll look like a total idiot."Serena said grimmly.
"It's all about faith's all about faith."Courtney stated with a smile.
Serena huffed a sigh and wished she could belive things will work out in the end.However,Serena knew that someone had to be realistic here.She never took sides,never thought Kivar should be on the throne,but didn't like the vigilante approach the rebel skins sometimes took.Serena stayed in contact with Courtney,but tend not to get involed.Serena was happy with her life here on earth.She was a painter,and her boyfriend Charlie, knew of her unique heritage,and loved her no matter what. He didn't know she was going to die in less than a year,and Serena wanted it to stay that way.Why waste time being unhappy,when they can do so much more being happy.
When Courtney told her the possiblity to have thier second chance of life after all,she couldn't help but think of Charlie.She could stay,and not have to leave in the middle of the night when the change started.When Courtney said she was the key to that second chance,Serena felt her hopes drop.She hasn't touch a piece of her homeworld's technology since she landed on earth.Serena esacped that very same day,making her way to Las Vegas and never looking back.It's kind of hard to belive,she is the saviour of the stranded rebel skins.
"You coming?"Courtney asked,causing Serena to snap out of her inner conflicts.
"Yeah,I am."Serena replied,sliding out of the booth,wishing she said no to Courtney,and stayed in Las Vegas.
It was amazing!She could feel the graniliths power,right outside the cave.She stood outside the entrance,that Courtney open with the wave of her hand.Serena felt hesitant about going inside.She wanted so badly to help,but didn't want to fail even more.With a sigh she stepped inside the cave and checked out her surroundings.It was your avarge looking cavran,but the pod chambers she was familar with,decorated the back of the cave.A purple bluish light glowed from the bottom left pod.Serena walked toward the bunkbed like chamber,went on her hands and knees,and crawled through the glowing hole.Serena gawked in awe,as she enetered the room,the granilith stood there,daring her to crack it's secrets,and she knew she was up for the challange.
"Pretty impressive huh?"Courtney exclaimed,standing next to the granilith,that almost touch the ceiling of the cave.All Serena could do was shake her head yes,words failing to eminate from her mouth.Picking her self up from the ground,she brushed off the dirt from the knees of her pants and started to pace around the granilith.Sizing up the machine with intrest.
"Your there aren't you."Courtney commented,seeing Serena connect with the machine,she remebered the old Serena back on Antar.There wasn't a piece of Technology Serena couldn't figure out.You could only hide from you past for so long.
"I'm going to need some supplies,a computer,and a few helping hands."Serena demanded,finally touching the cool smooth black surface of the granilith.
"No problem,anything else?"Courtney asked folding her arms across her chest.
"Yeah alot of wishful thinking."

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Working on the next part as we speak,I'll try to have it up sometime during the weekend!
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Thanks to everyone for the feedback!
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Chapter 23~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sawyers

Max made good on his silent vow,by spending some quality time with Liz ,before taking her back to the Parkers.It sounded selfish,but they've been through so much together.The last couple of days were hectic and quality time wasn't an option.Max just wanted to feel her again.It's been so long since they've been together intimately. All he wanted was a few nights with Liz,alone and without any interuptions.So he told Michael(who drove Liz's blue mustang back to Roswell), to tell Liz's parents that they were a few days behind,that she wanted to settle things in the town she's been living at.
Max kissed the top of her head,as the two of them laid peacfully in each others arms,reeling in the after glow of thier lovemaking.Max was a little upset,cause they'll have to be leaving in a few hours.There's so much that's going on right now in Roswell,that his pressence would be required there.Plus,Mr. and Mrs Parker,are probably anxious in seeing thier daughter again.
Liz began to stir in his arms,he smiled as she lazily raised her head to look at him,"Morning,"Liz said,her voice groggy from sleep.
"Hey sleepy head,"Max whispered,gathering her up in his arms,her body running the length of his.
"How long have you been up?"She asked,kissing him softly on his lips.
"Awhile,I love watching you sleep,even your snoring is sexy,"He joked,laughing as she playfully slapped him on the arm.
"Jerk,"Liz excalimed,playfully pouting at him.then asked,"What time is it anyway?"
"12:00,"Max replied,feeling himself getting hard,Liz looked at him hungrily as she felt him on her stomach.
"So we've got a few hours to kill,before we have to leave,"She said,giving him this sultry look,that took Max's breath away.
"Yeah,just enough time for us to do some serious damage to this bed,"Max gasped,as Liz began to plant feathery kisses down his neck.
"Well,times a wasting,big boy,whatcha waiting for,"Liz asked,taking his lips hungrily with hers.
Max pulled away, out of breath,looking at her face,framed with her long dark hair.Before claiming her mouth he moaned,"absolutely nothing."
Max parked the jeep across the street from the Crashdown.The geers to his emergany break creeked as he pulled it back.After shutting off the jeep,he took the keys out of the ignition,and turned to her."Well,here we are,"He announced,taking her hand that was placed on his knee,Max lifted it up to his mouth and kissed her knuckles,then asked"Nervous?"
"A little yeah,"Liz replied quietly,bitting her lower lip,"I've worried them so,I feel like total shit Max."
"Hey,they love you Liz,"Max countered,intertwining his fingers with hers,"They're not going to hate you."
"At first,but then when they realize I'm okay,they're going to kill me."Liz commented,giving Max a pleaded look,"Let's go back to the hotel,make love a few more days,I'm not ready to face them yet."
"Liz,"Max scolded,"you're just procrastinating the inevitable."He climbed out of the jeep and walked over to the passengers side.Taking liz's hand to help her out of the jeep.Liz reluctantly stepped to the ground,he went on,"Besides,if I'm not mistaken,your mother is peeking out behind the blinds of the crashdown window,we're spotted,no turning back."
Liz sighed in fustration,looking towards the resturant,and sure enough there was her mother's excited face.Liz looked back towards Max and exclaimed,"You won't leave me right,you'll be my support so I can get through this."
"You know I will, Liz,"Max said grabbing her hand.He gently pulled her to the edge of the sidewalk.The two of them staring ahead across the street.With a sigh,Liz announced,"Okay,let's get this over with."
With determination they walked towards the resturant,feeding off each others strength,knowing they've got each other,and no matter they'll be able to get through long as they were together.
As Liz suspected,it was a tearful reunion.She was also crushed in death hugs by both of her parents.Max grinned by the look of embaressment all over her face.
The crashdown was closed for the day.The Parkers,wanted to reunite with liz without any interuptions.
Food was laid out on one of the tables,they told Max to help himself.He declined,but asked if it was okay if he stayed for a little while.
"Of course Max,you stay as long as you want,"Nancy Parker exclaimed,letting Liz go for the first time since she got here,and took Max in her arms.
"You're always welcome here,"Mr.Parker added,"You brought back our daughter,we'll always be grateful to you for that."
"I'm sorry for leaving like that,"Liz excalimed in guilt,she sat down at a table with a sigh,and added"I was not in a right state of mind at the time."
"We know Liz,Max said this was over a big misunderstanding."Jeff parker exclaimed,sitting across from her,covering her hand with his."You are an adult now,Liz,there will be choices you make that we'll not always agree with,but shutting us out,not telling us where you are,it just scared us."
"I know,I'm sorry,"Liz cried,her tears started to streak down her face,"I promise no more impromptu trips without telling you about them."
They all laughed and formed a group hug,Max was brought in on the moment,by Liz's mom dragging him in.He smiled at Liz,and she smiled back.gald that things were going to be okay.
Just then a ringing came from Max's jacket.
"Excuse me,"He said,leaving the group hug of love,and walked towards the crashdown's door,for some privacy."Hello."
"Maxwell,you home yet?"Michael asked,an urgent tone in his voice.
"What's up?"Max asked looking at Liz's family,glad that they were to preoccupied with each other and not Max's phone call.
"Serena had a break through,"Michael exclaimed
"I hear a but in your voice,"Max replied,switching the phone to his other ear.
"Yeah,well she needs to do a test run,make sure it actually works,"Michael proclaimed.
"Who's the guinea pig?"Max asked,going to the empty booth nearest the entrance.
"Simon,he insited he'd be the first one."Michael said unhappily.
"Wait a minute,could he die?"Max whispered,not wanting Liz to hear.The two of them were close. Simon's dead sister's essence is in Liz's body,So Simon has decided to adopt her as his own flesh and blood.
"If it doesn't work yeah,"Michael said,then added,"We won't be able to know for sure if it's not tested."
"Shit,"Max whispered,dreading to tell Liz what happen to Simon if the test wasn't sucessful."Don't do anything untill I get there!"Max ordered,getting up from the booth."give me thirty minutes,I need to finish up things here."
"Fine,"Michael said, then asked,"Please tell me you're not bringing Liz,it might be unplesant."
"Oh no,I wouldn't think of it,"Max said,hating that Simon would do this to Liz,"I'll see ya soon."
"Alright,bye,"Then Michael ended the transmission.
Max looked at the Parkers,laughing and eatting a late lunch.God he didn't want to leave Liz out of the loop,but he knew she'll want to be there, he couldn't bear to see her witness Simons possible death.No it'll be best to let her be with her parents right now.
"Hey,ah that was Michael,"Max announced,hoping she wouldn't see right through the lie he was about to tell her.
"What's up?"Liz asked,beaming at him,unaware of what's about to happen in the granilith's chamber in about thirty minutes.
"He needs some help moving some things,"Max replied,looking at Liz.
Liz shook her head knowingly,probably thinking it was alien related,which it is,but probably not what she's thinking about.
"Do you need any help?"Liz asked,getting up to be next to him.
"No,it's under control,"Max lied,encircling her in his arms,he kiss the top of her head,and added,"Stay with your parents,you've got some catching up to do."
"Alright,"She said squeezing him tightly,then glanced up at him and asked,"Will you call me later,tell me about it?"
"Of course,"Max said,kissing her cheek."I may even stop by,if you're not tired."
"I'll be up,just come by,"Liz suggested,she turned her head so she could look at her parents,"Is it okay if Max comes by?"
"Of course he can,"Jeff replied,he held his wife's hand,the two of them were in great moods.Better take advantage of it now,before it wears off.
"Then it's date,"Max announced,reluctantly removing himself from her embrace.After a final galnce at her smiling face,max walked out of the resturant.Leaving Liz with an uneasy feeling.Something wasn't right.He's trying to protect her from something.Hopefully when he comes by tonight,he'll tell her what happen.
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Chapter 24~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sawyers
Max climbed up the steep,unsteady hill,that'll eventually lead him to the pod chambers entrance.Damn that Simon,what was he thinking!?Liz did not need to lose Simon in her life right now.Thier bonding just began,and it would tear Liz's heart to pieces if she lost him.Waving his hand in front of the moutain,a silver hand print appeared.Max placed his hand over it,which caused a section of the rock to slide aside revealing an opening.Max bend down and entered,seeing that most of everyone was here,going about tasks that were asigned to them.
"Well it's about time you showed up,"Serena exclaimed,she looked ready to drop.Max had a feeling she didn't sleep since working on the project.
"Where's Simon?"Max demanded angrily
"In the chamber,"Serena said pointing to the pods,where he was born.she quickly added;sensing his anger at the situation,"Max,I was trying to talk him out of it,but he wouldn't listen to me."
"It's not your fault Serena,"Max said with a smile,"Simon has quite the stubborn streak."Then walked to the pods,going on all fours and crawled into the granilith chamber.
"Great your here,can we start now,"Simon asked impatiently,watching as Max rised to his feet.
"you're not going first Simon,that's an order."Max demanded,pointing at Simon.Michael grimace knowing there was going to be a fight.
"Try and stop me Max,"Simon said defiantly,standing his ground as max got in his face.
"What about Liz?you think about her feelings in all of this?"Max countered angrily.
"If it works than she'll not have to know,"Simon explained,starting to walk away from him.
Max grabbed his arm to stop him,and shouted,"and if it doesn't,than it's me that'll have to tell her what happen,she doesn't need that right now."
"Let go of me Max,"Simon demanded,his voice full of warning."I will hit you if I have to."
"I will not Simon,"Max said,standing his ground,"I'll do what it takes to prevent you from doing the test."
"Find have it your way,"Simon proclaimed,taking Max's arm and flipped him to the ground.Simon stood over him and was about to grab him by his jacket lapels when Max used his powers and shot him across the room,bearly missing the granilith.
"Ah we need some help in here!"Michael screamed,hating that he was right.Running over to where Max and Simon were equally kicking each others asses.
Courtney was the first to enter the chamber seeing what was going on exclaimed,"HOLLY SHIT,What the hell is going on in here!?"
"Max and Simon are having a slight disagreement in the upcoming test."Serena said,wincing as Max this time was throw across the room,the gramitlith still wasn't harm,but who knows how long before this testosterone filled battle damaged thier only chance in surving.
"Felix,thank god would you do something!"Courtney demanded,gesturing towards Max and Simon fighting a few feet in front of her.
"Jesus,"Felix gasped in exasperation,"Jacob,Michael,and Jack,some help please."
The three nodded as the cautiously walked with Felix to where Max and Simon were fighting.The two didn't even notice thier ever growing audience,or the four aliens that were going to end thier little tantrum.
"Jacob,Michael take care of Max,Jack we got Simon."Felix ordered raising his hand and with Jacks help raised Simon off Max,raised him in the air, and unceremonially let him fall to the ground,the two immediately held onto him so he wouldn't charge back towards Max.
Michael and Jacob were also restarining Max,who was not to happy with the interuption.
"This is redicoulous!"Felix exclaimed raising his hands up in fustration,"fighting amongst ourselves like a bunch of school children!"
"You shouldn't do the test,"Felix pointed to Simon who was about to rebuttle,but he quickly interupted him,"The king said no you fallow his orders!"
"Thank you Felix,I knew you'd see it my-"
"Oh and you're not getting off either mister!"Felix exclaimed,swinging his entire body towards Max,and pointed at him,"What kind of example are you showing your fallowers?"
Max bowed his head in shame knowing he was in the wrong.Simon too looked emabressed at his behavior.
"Now,I will do the test,"felix announced causing a few gsps to erupt through out the group.
"Felix,you can't you're--"
"The perfect candidate Jacob,"Felix replied softly,gripping his shoulder"I'm old and have little to lose if this test fails." He let his grip go and walked to stand face to face with Max,and said,"You know this to be true your highness I will voulnteer."
Max sighed knowing they had no choice,and indeed Felix was the one who should be the first to go.Reluctantly he nodded his head.Praying it'll work."Serena,tell me what you're going to do?"Max asked,waking toward her,his heart,heavy with worry.
"Well,as you know the granilith is powerful,it can be used for alot of functions,a weapon and as Liz told us a time machine."Serena explained,walking towards the machine.
"Yeah,well she also said it can only be used once,"Max pointed out,walking behind her.
"True,but think of the graniltih as a program,it shuts down when it's task is finished,"Serena said,putting down a bag she carried with her,"I just programed that about 81 skins will be passing through the granitlith,so when the last one get's it's new husk,the task is done"
"So what's going to happen if the granilith fails?"Max asked,watching her as she pulled out of the bag,a twelve inch purple crystal.
"It'll read that the task was unsucessful,it'll reset itself.Hopefully through my dignostics,I'll try and figure out the problem,reprogram the numbers,and start the process all over again."Serena replied walking around the granilith untill she stopped in front of the place where she wanted to be,shoved the crystal in the base of the granilth.A loud rumble echoed through the chamber,the lights turned a deep purple and disco ball like lights twirled inside the room,"The granilith will take thirty minutes to charge up,so Felix if you come with me,I'll prepare you for the test."then added"NO one is to touch the granilith,I don't know what will happen if any contact is made to it."
Heads nodded in understanding through out the room.With final glances at the activate machine most of the crowd left the chamber,leaving Courtney,max,michael and simon to stare in awe.praying that no one else will have to die.

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I just wanted to say that I read this story since you suggested in reposonse to my comments on your "Has to be" and I enjoyed it alot too. I like your interpretation of the EOTW situation and future M&L's insistance that they couldn't be together. My perosanl thought has always been that they stopped the End of the World not only becuase of Tess being there but becuase if Max had been "wrapped up in Liz" like he would have after they cemeted he never would have pursued the lead to Copper Summit and therefore never destroyed the Harvest.

Also Max embedding the essence of his past love in Liz was a very creative touch, that is not an idea of I have heard before, very cool.

Well, I think I'm gonna go read "Come to me" I'll let you know what I think.

I was wondering if you were going to give the other stories a try. Thank you,I too thought that The end of the word wasn't soely on Tess leaving,but Max's love for Liz and nothing else matters.Eventually I'm thinking about doing a sequal,and Liz starts getting powers,but I wanted the reason to be more than just Liz being healed by Max. I thought the essence of Max's lost love,may kind of be the reason.What do you think?
Anywho,thanks fro everyone's support and feedback.
I'm working on the next part sometime today.
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UruzBerkana originally wrote:
I love the idea that she gets powers becuase of the alien essence, that makes much more sense to me than it was just beucase he healed her. The would mean anyone (or anything he healed would be different) including that bird when he was a kid. *big*

My theory was always that Liz's changing had more to do with the second connection he made with her to show her that he was still okay. (I have a theory on everything dont' I *happy*!

Please write sooon!*bounce*

And you just keep those therioes coming Chinca! I love them! I too thought it was bad writing that whoever eh touches may deleope powers,I mean look at the list,the sheriff,Kyle,all those kids in the hospital,it's just way too confusing! Well I'm writing the next part and hopefully will have it up by the weekend!
Thanks for everyone's support!
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Chapter 25~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sawyers
Two hours ago,Serena,Felix and a few assistants,entered the granilith's chamber.Leaving strick instrustions,that everyone else should wait outside in the pod chamber.
"I don't care if I'm in there for two hours,or two days!I want nothing,or no one screwing this test up!"She ordered.Glancing at everyone in the cave,daring them with her eyes,to defy her!
Max assured Serena, that her wishes would be fallowed.
So they've been anxiously waiting,hoping soon they'll see Serena,or anyone else from her team,crawl out of the bottom pod with news.
Max was nervous,he really wanted this first try to work.Didn't enough people die for the good of Antar already.It's time his new friends got a second chance of life.There was no way back home once the graniltih was used,to regenerate new husks for the surving skins. They were stuck here, for god knows how long.Max suggested they use it to go back to Antar,but they wouldn't hear of it.
"We can't go back Max,"Felix replied sadly,speaking for the group,"Antar is under Kivar's rule,we are as good as dead;if we show up there.No our home is earth,we will stay and protect you and hope one day we can go back to a peacful Antar,just as I remeber it when, I was a boy."
Max paced impatiently,dying from the waiting.Micahel came up to him and handed Max a stryfoam cup filled with coffee.
"It's terrible,but it's warm and it's got quite the kick."Michael explain with a yawn.It's been a long day,and it looks like it's going to be an even longer night.Maybe he should call Liz and cancel,there's no way he's leaving this place untill he knows the results of the granilith's firtst test.
"Thank you,"Max said grabbing the stryfom cup,taking a sip,and making a face in disgust,"Yeow,you weren't kidding!"
Michael laughed and wapped him on the shoulder,"Just chug it Maxamilliien,it's the only way to drink this stuff."
Max laughed,but the levitivty was short.He couldn't help but look at the pod,that leads to the granilith's chamber.Wondering what was taking so long.Did something go wrong?Is Felix dead?Will Serena be able to get the granilith working safely,if it failed?Max began to pace again,and Michael looked on, feeling Max's anxiousness.
"I'm sure everything will work out Max,"Michael assured softly,knowing he too was having doubts of sucessfullness.
"I'm trying to be positive here Michael,"Max said sofly,not wanting the rest of the skins to hear his doubtfullness,"but I can't help but think the worse,everything always seems to go wrong whenever we
think things are going our way,I need this test to work."
"Everyone does,"Michael said with a smile,finishing off his coffee with a grimace,then he turned to Max and added,"Just be sure you don't blame yourself in case it doesn't.Everything is not always your fault you know."He gave Max a wink,and walked away,before Max could rebuttle.
Michael could always read him well.Yeah he blamed himself,but it's hard not to.He's king to a planet that's in a terrible war.He has a responsiblitiy to these people to keep them alive.They were here because of him after all.It's kind of humbling to know people actually die so you can live.It's all still very new to him,and Max didn't want to let these people down.Just then his jacket began to ring.He reached inside his coat pocket and pulled out his cell phone.Liz's number appeared on the window.Shit,she's probably wondering where he was.He kept telling himself he needed to call her,but of course he got distracted.
"Hey Liz,"Max replied,wishing she was here with him.
"So,why do I have a sinking feeling you'll not be able to make our little rendevouz tonight,"Liz replied on the other end.
"Well you're right of course,I'm still at the cave.I'm sorry Liz, I've been meaning to call you forever,I totally lost track of time."Max said apololgetically,walking towards a more private area of the cave.
"So,are you going to fill me in,or are you going to leave me here guessing?"Liz asked,making Max smile.
"Serena completed her work on the granilith,she's testing it right now."Max replied,making a chair out of a nearby boulder.Dying to sit down.
"Really,"Liz said excitiedly,then a thought occured and she said it outloud anxiously,"When you said she was testing it,do you mean it may-"
"Not be quite safe,Yeah ,you're assumption is right,"Max said,finishing Liz's sentence.
"So who's ah..."
"The guniea pig,Felix,he volunteered,"Max interupted saddly,glancing a look at the pod chamber,"They've been secluded in there with the granilith for hours,I'm starting to feel a little nervous."
"I'm sure Everything will work out,"liz assured him,sounding like Michael,a few minutes ago.
"Yeah,I hope so,"Max said,wishing he could make him self sound a little bit more positive.
"Felix wasn't the first choice was he Max,"Liz asked,wondering why she asked him that.The question just suddenly started echoing in her head.
"Yeah,"He huffed in suprise,God it was like she was reading his mind,he was just thinking about how he was glad Simon didn't go first,and then she goes and asks him this question.
"Simon was demanding to go first wasn't he."Liz asked,even though she knew the answer.
"Yes,that's why I ran off suddenly,I was going to demand that he not."Max replied.
"That's so like him,going off not thinking about himself,"liz said,then asked,"So you went there to talk him out of it."
"Well I tried,but he pretty much told me ,in not so many words,to screw myself ,that he was going to anyway,I was standing my ground,next thing you know we were creating our own little WW 3, in the grranilith's chamber,next thing I knew,Michael and Jacob were holding me back,while Jack and Felix took care of Simon."Max mused,shaking his head,"Felix wasn't too thrilled with us,I thought he was going to send us to our room without dinner."
Liz laughed as she listen to Max tell his story,"Well,I'm glad you interfered,I would hate to lose Simon again."
"Again,Liz you just meet him,"Max asked confused.
"Well,no I mean I-uh I sorry,it's a bit hard to explain Max,Lexiana's memories are still in my head, and sometimes you know.."
"Ah,no need to explain,it's an alien thing,I know a couple."Max joked,decideing to take another sip of his coffee,.made a face and wished he hadn't.
"Really,"Liz replied going along with the joke.
"Yes,nicest bunch you'll ever meet,"Max said,raising an eyebrow.
"Well,If you happen to run across the handsome dark haired one,"Liz quipped,"could you tell him if things don't run too late,could he come by anyway,even if it's for a little while."
"No problem,"He laughed,grinning from ear to ear,"I'm sure he'll be gald to do that,but he's thinking about maybe breakfast,if visiting tonight isn't possible."
"Breakfast would be wonderful,"Liz said with a sigh,then added,"I love you Max."
"I love you too Liz,"Max wispered,longing to feel her lips.
Liz ended the phone call,and Max smiled hoping Serena will crawl out of that Pod chamber,cause there's a girl who he would love to be holding and kissing right now.No sooner did Max put away his cell,Serena came crawling out,fallowed by one of her assistants. A huge grin on her face.
Max immeditaely was by her side,fallowed by some really anxious skins.
"It worked?"Max asked hopefully.
"It worked,"Serena assured,causing gasps of relief to echo through out the cave.
"So Felix is?"
"Resting nicely,"Serena confirmed,standing upright,"He'll be out for twenty four hours,when one is forced regeneration,it kind of takes a toll on the body."
"So when will the rest of the skins get a turn at the granilith."Courtney asked,clutching tightly to Jacob,overjoyness beamed from her face.
"Well the granilith had kind of created ten incubation tubes,for us to rest in,when the first stage of the regeneration is done,"Serena replied,grabbing a clip board from her assisatant,Simone"So I'll be announcing nine more names,and in twenty four hours I'll announce ten more untill everyone gets a turn."
"So the second stage of the process.."
"Occurs in the incubation tubes,yes,"Serena answered Max,handing a bunch of papers to Simone,"Pass these out and then bring the nine to the prep area."Simone nodded her head in understanding and went off to complete her task.Serena then turned to Max and contiuned,"The granilith has done it's job regenerating our cells,the incubation pods,contain,and sterile enviroment,let's the new husks get use to it's new host,without the risk of infection,or forgien contact."
"Intresting,"Max replied amazed by the whole process,then asked"So how long will it take to get everyone regenrated."
"I'm going to estimate about a week."Serena answered,taking the stryfoam cup Michael handed her,she gulped the hot, horrid, liquid ,and sighed when she finished."It could be longer,but who knows."
"Maybe you should get some sleep Serena,you look ready to drop,"Max suggested,concern filled his face.
"I'll rest when it's my turn for regeneration,"Serena replied,touching Max's arm,giving him a grin,"Untill then I've got lots of work to do,and it's not going to get done with me talking to you,"She paused,linking her arm with his and started leading him towards the caves exit,and added,"Why don't you go and see Liz,take the rest of the royal four with you,I've got things here under control."
"I will be back tomorrow,"Max proclaimed,unlinking thier arms and gave her a hug,then asked,"Do you need me to bring anything?"
"Yes,some better coffee,"Serena joked,pulling away from the hug.
"You got it,"Max replied with a laugh,then he got serious for a moment and added,"Serena,I can't even begin to thank you for all that you're doing,I know you were hesitant at-"
"No thanks is needed Max,"Serena interupted,sheepishly,"I should've not even for once hesitated,they're my people Max,this is the least I could do for them."
Max kissed her cheek,stared at her in appreciation,unitll Serena feeling kind of embaressed,insited that he leave."Go to her Max,you're through here."
Max smiled at her one last time,then turned to leave the cave,dying to see Liz. Longing to hold her in his arms.
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Lattegirl originally wrote:
yea!!!*bounce* great part carolyn and I have to tell you thanx for making micheal so nice in this. I saw you have been reading maxeo & lizzet too*wink* and I hate when micheal is mean. so thanx for redeeming micheal for me*angel* and I'll be dying for your new part and debbi's now*happy*

I know,debbi got me wishing horrible things to her Michael,but I really like the whole let's think max is my boyfriend! I just raotfl when max thought he saw max and Michael in a intamite situation!
I love michael,and yeah he's an ass sometimes,but he's not that big of a one that you hate him!
Oh well,To anyone who reads Has to beIt's been updated! Off to write another part to Come to me
Peace Carolyn:D
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Thnaks for the wonderful feed back! So since I've done so much writing these last couple of weeks,I've decided to chill a couple of days and catch up on some of the fanfics I've been reading.Sooo Nobody Knows Is what I'm writing next after my little TO.
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Well those few days off were much needed.I was writing so much I was starting to get writer's block!*happy*
Well here's the next part! Enjoy! Thanks to everyone for thier support! It's much appreciated!
Peace Carolyn

Chapter 26~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn Sawyers
Liz sat on her balcony for the first time in over a year.Everything was exactly as she left it.The lounge chairs,the twinkly lights,the candles.Well except for the telescope,her parents kept it in her room.So it wouldn't get damaged in unpredictable weather.It's now back in the spot where she usually kept it.By her window,right near her favorite full length lounge chair.Liz looked through the eyepiece, getting a closer view of the night sky.
It was so good to be home again.
Even her parents constant sufficating,was refreshing.However,saying goodnight to her parents and escaping into the santuary of her room,was heaven.To sleep in her old bed again.To walk around her room and embrace the familarity,of her things.The pictures of her friends,the posters on her wall,to climb out of her window and enjoy the night air on her balcony.
To finally be with Max,and not have to worry about the End of the world.
With a sigh,Liz lifted her head up from the eyepiece of her telescope and plopped down on the lounge chair.
She then, grabbed her leather bound journal,from a beaten up side table,beside her,and open it up to where her favorite foutain pen bookmarked the last entry she made over a week ago.It was the day when, she left to meet Max at the gas station.It felt like ages ago.Pulling the pen's cap off with her teeth,she thought for a moment then began to write,letting the words flow onto the page,she had alot of catching up to do.Didn't want to forget a single moment.Especially the two days she and Max spent at the hotel right outside of town.A smile formed on her face,reliving his gentle caresses,his passionate kisses,the way he felt inside her,the way he whsipered words of loves in her ear.
"Liz,"whispered Max's bearly audible voice,it came from the alley down below.
Liz bolted out of her chair,still clutching her journal,she ran to the edge of her balcony,placing her hands,and journal on the wall that came up to her waist,she looked down and smiled at the sight of Max.
"You made it,"Liz whipered a smile of happiness beamed form her face.
"Can I still come up for a little while?"Max asked hopefully.
"Are you crazy,"Liz exclaimed excitedly,"Get your butt up here mister!"
Max's smile beamed brighter as he ran to the latter,that'll take him to his soulmate,his eyes never leaving hers as he made the journey up the metal rungs.Placing his hand on the wall for levaerage,Max jumped over the ledge with ease,landed on the roof balcony with a soft thud,and took Liz in her arms.Inhaling her scent,reeling in the feel of her body,feeling whole once again."God I missed you,"He whispered into her hair.
"I did to,"Liz sighed,resting her head on his hard chest,"I love my parents,but they were getting kind of...well clingy."
Max laughed and pulled away just enough to gaze into her eyes,"Well,I'm going to have to take thier side on this,I may have to get clingy too."
"That's something,I'm counting on,"Liz quipped,leaning in on his decending mouth,and sighed in contentment,when thier lips meet.They parted at the same time,thier breath ragged,thier foreheads touching,thier eyes closed,enjoying the closeness of each other.
"I will never get enough of that,"Max gasped,framing her face with his hands,placing a quick kiss on her lips.Her hands went over his,she turn her head and placed a kiss on his hand.
Neither will I,"She replied dreamily,then with a start,pulled away,taking his hands in hers and bringing them down between them",If your here,that means..."
"Yes,the test was sucessful,"Max answered,finishing her sentence.Fallowing Liz's lead as she brought him over to a lounge chair.She sat across from him,enjoying the feel of thier still linked hands.
"I'm so gald,"Liz sighed in relief,bringing his hands up to her mouth and kissed both of them.
"Yes,we all are,"Max said,reeling in the feel of her lips,wanting to take Liz inside her room and make love to her all night long."Serena said,that everyone should be regenerated in about a weeks time,Felix is.........."
Max's words slowly began to fade,as the familar pain of a headache jolted through Liz's brain.They've been a fixture in her life since Future Max left her that night. She's learn to deal with them,knowing it was just related to stress,and her lack of sleep.
God,I can't wait for the pain to end,"She thought to herself,feeling her eyelids close.
"It really hurts, doesn't it Liz,"Replied a familar voice in her head.
"Yes,I just want it to go away,"Liz thought,almost in tears.
"Soon Liz,soon,"The voice assured her.

"Are you okay Liz?"Max asked,causing her to snap open her eyes,the headache ended as soon as it began,Max's concern face,filled her view.
"Yes,I'm find,"she tried to assure him,deciding to not mention the headaches."I'm just a little tired,it's been quite overwhelming these days." That's what she needs to do,get a good nights rest.The worse is behind her,and so will also these headaches.
"Maybe you should go to the hospital,"He wondered,getting up from his chair,walking towards the open window to her room,"I'll get your parents and-"
"No Max.please stop,"Liz demanded,grabbing his hand before he got to far,she made him face her and she assured him again,"Max,please,I just really need to sleep okay."
He looked at her,not really assured at all,but nodded his head anyway,and announced,"Okay,but if you still feel this way I want you to go to the doctor's okay."
Liz shook her head,and got to her feet,"I'm tired Max,Really,I think it's time to call it a night."She said reluctantly,hating to see Max go.
"Well,"He started to say,encircling her pettie frame in his arms,"Maybe I should tuck you in?"
"I think that would be a splenid idea."Liz agreed,pulling away from his embrace,and fallowed Max towards her window.Max entered first,so he could help Liz Inside her room.Max sat on her bed,as Liz began to get undress,comfortable enough with Max,that she didn't ask him to turn around.Max looked on,enjoying this little strip tease show.She was in nothing but her black bra and panties.Liz gave him a smile,before she turned towards her dresser,but stopped when Max asked..
"Wait,uh can I do something?"
"What?"She asked,her eyebrow arched in curiosity.
Max got up from the bed,walked up to her,and with a wave of his hand;Liz was now dressed in a black lingerie slip gown,that bearly touched the ground,it had thin spaghetti straps.Liz turned toward her mirror and smiled,admiring the transparent lingerie in the mirror.
"This is beautiful Max,"Liz exclaimed,running her hands down her stomach,enjoying the silky feel of the cloth.
"I saw it in one of the Victoria Secret cataloges and well......"he paused for a moment and,with a gulp, went on,"I-I wanted to see how you would look in it."
"Really."Liz said,turning around to face him,her arms gestured out at her sides,and then asked,"Well how do I look."
"Amazingly beautiful."he whipsered,willing himself to calm down,she was tired,now wasn't the time to be frisky.
Liz slowly made her way towards Max,drapped her hands around his neck,and softly kissed his lips.His hands went to her hips,enjoying the feel of the cloth on his hands.What he would really like to do now is, take this night dress off and see how it looks on the floor.Instead,he buried his desires,pick Liz up,with her gigling excitedly,and gently placed her on the bed."I think it'll be best if you sleep right now."He suggested,pulling the covers up over her,kissed her lips and added,"I'll see you tomorrow,I'll take you out for breakfast."
Max turned to leave, but Liz took his hand and said,"Wait Max,please don't go."
"Liz,I think-"
"I-I just want you to lay with me Max,untill I sleep,"Liz begged,pulling him down on the bed beside her."I'm tired,but I don't think I could sleep very well if I didn't know you were beside me,I liked having you in my arms when I slept,back when we were in the hotel."
Max smiled as he took off his shoes,"okay."Liz scooted over,as Max made himself comfortable,Sitting up,streching out his legs,He sighed as Liz's head snuggled close to his chest.
"Thank you Max,"She whipered softly,as a yawn escaped her lips.
"I'll do anything for you Liz,"Max said softly,stroking her hair,suddenly feeling tired himself."I love you Liz."
"I love you too Max,"Liz replied,and immediately her breathing changed,she was fast asleep now.He kissed the top of her head,deciding to stay for a few minutes more,just to be sure Liz was okay.However,Max never left,he felt his eyelids slowly grow heavy,and five minutes later Max also was sleeping soundly.
Jeff Parker saw that his daughter's room light was still on.He could resist the urge to check in on her one last time before heading off to bed.The door was slightly ajar,tempting him to push it open slightly more,so he could fully see the room.The sight of Max and his daughter sleeping in each others arms,prevented him from entering the room further. You'd think he would be angry,but in fact,a smile spread on his face.They looked so peacful,Jeff couldn't bring himself to wake them up.The past year has not only been hard on him and Nancy,but Max suffered a great deal also,investing any extra time in trying to find her.Jeff couldn't count the many leads that turned into nothing.Max kept them in the loop thought,telling them everything,even though Jeff could see he didn't want to,that he failed them everytime he came back without Liz.The parkers didn't hold anything against him,knowing he was doing everything humanly possible.Max really loved his daughter,and that made him feel good.Then there was Liz. Where had she been living all this time?He never asked her,though the question ate away inside him.There was more to Liz leaving then a misunderstanding between an ex-girlfriend of Max's.Liz was stronger than that.No,something else happen,and though Jeff knew Max would never hurt her daughter intentionally,Max was the reason for her disappearing in the middle of the night.Soon he'll get the answers to his questions.He prayed that he wouldn't have to hate Max.He made his daughter happy,and this made Jeff happy.
"Jeff,what-"Nancy Parker started to say,but she stopped when Jeff placed a finger over his lips,then pointed inside Liz's room.Nancy's face soften at the sight,and leaned into her husbands arms."They do look amazing together."
Jeff shook his head,then reached in and shut off the light,closed the door,and the two went off to bed,leaving Max and Liz,to sleep without the threat of anyone or anything to come between them.
Lexania floated above the sleeping couple,wishing she could touch his skin with her owns two hands.Yes,Liz is the home to her essence,but is this really living?This was the only time she could leave her hosts body,whenever Liz was in a deep sleep.It took alot of energy,to leave,but it was worth it,to look at Zan with her own eyes.She floated down to Zan's side of the bed,taking her white glowy hand to make, yet an another attempt to touch his face,to push his baings from his sleeping eyes.She sighed in fustration,as her hand past through him.His face remain the same.He didn't feel her,didn't know she was there,didn't realize she never stopped loving him.
Soon,my love,soon,we'll truly be together."she promised,staring longingly at Zan,her astral body,began to fade into nothingness,returning reluctantly back to her prison,Liz Parker.

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Well I fianlly finished the latest part to Come To Me.It was exhausting.I will have the next part up by tomorrow! Endless of course something unexpected happens.Thanks to everyone for thier FB,support and Bumps! It's greatly appreciated!
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Okay I know I was suppose to have a new part up by now!
But things got a little hectic,anywho I will try and get the next part up by tomorrow the latest,I'm hoping that I can work on it sometime tonight.
Thanks for all the support
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Foreverdreaming! Thanks for the bumps!
I'm sorry I'm taking so long to get the next part up!
It's just taking me longer than I thought.
I'm aiming for a post today.
Thanks for everyones support!
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This story is finished,but I already have the prolouge for the Sequel written,and it will also be up tonight. I'll edit the link in as soon as I'm done with the thread!
Thanks for everyones support FB and Bumps Enjoy ans see you over at Somewhere In between
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Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover
Epilouge~Nobody Knows~By Carolyn sawyers
A month Later..
With the threat of impending death to the Rebel skins now over,thanks to Serena. The destruction of the harvest,and thier enemies dead,or soon to be..Things have finally gotten back to normal.
Most of the rag tag band of aliens have returned back to thier towns,wondering what they should do next?They've been so involed in fighting the enemy,that the thought of living a life without the threat of the earth's destruction had them a bit baffled.
Though there are a few,who have decided to uproot and make Roswell thier new home.
Courtney and Jacob have just rented an apartment above the local flower shop two blocks fron the Crashdown.
Jack Wade(He's the shapeshifter),and Simon has taken residence in the same apartment complex, Michael lives in. Thier new apartment is on the third floor.Liz wished it was on the first, like Michael's. It would've made helping them moving in alot easier.
Liz leaned a box marked kitchen stuff, against the wall near the door,as she reached for the door knob.This of course was the time when a sharp pain shot through her head.Her hands flew to her temples,causing the box to crash to the floor. The door swung open,and Simon and Jack were immeditaely at her side.
"Jesus Liz,are you okay?"Simon asked,wrapping a arm around her shoulder,as his other hand caressed her arm,his eyes filled with concern.Jack had taken the dropped box and looked on,wondering if he could do anything.
"I'm find Simon,"Liz smiled assuringly,patting his hand,on her shoulder,"It just fell out of my grasp."
"Come on inside Liz,and sit down."Simon suggested,leading her through the open door.The apartment was filled with open and unopen boxes everywhere.He weaved Liz through the obstacle course,and planted her down on the couch."Jack go get her some water."Jack nodded,palcing the box Liz dropped on the kitchen counter.Went to the fridge and open it to get a bottled water.
"Simon,I'm fine really."Liz replied embaressed,"I just dropped a box,that's all."
"Still Liz,"Simon said grabbing the open water bottle from Jack,and handed it to her,"You've been going up and down those stairs all day,I appreciate the help,but I don't want you to keel over from exhaustion,just because you're helping us."
"Maybe you should go back home Liz,"Jack suggested,from behind the couch,he looked over at Simon,who was nodding his head in agreement,then added,"We can finish up here,all the major stuff is up,we can handle the rest."
"I agree Jack,"Simon replied,grabbing his jacket next to him,on the couch,"I'll drive you home."
"Simon,I'm find let me finish-"
"The matter has been settled,Liz"Simon interupted,getting up off the couch,"You've been a enomrmous help today,but I insist that you go home."
Liz sighed and gave him a smile,"Oh right,I know when I'm not wanted."
"Good night Liz,"Jack replied with a wave of his hand.
"Good night Jack,"Liz returned,to the tall,lanky man,with short cropped blond hair,his eyes were blue and he fidgeted nervously,kind of freaked out about the scene she caused.The lack of looking over his shoulder,must be getting hard to process just yet.Hell,she's even been having a rough time getting back to her old routine herself.Thank god for Max.If it wasn't for him,she'd probably would still have a hard time sleeping.Everynight,Max would slip beside her in bed,craddling her in his safe embrace.Making the past year,slowly becoming a distant memory.Liz longed to move forward,and focus on thier future together.
However,the constant headaches have her a bit worried.She hasn't told anyone about them,hoping they'd just go away.
"Are you sure you're okay?"Simon asked,opening the passenger side door for her.
"Yes,I'm find,"Liz lied,looking forward to getting home.Dying to see Max."I am feeling a bit tired."
"I could see that,"Simon replied,closing the door,and walking to the drivers side,as he buckled himself in he turned to her and replied,"You forget we have a special connection Liz."
"I know,I have a bit of your sister in me,"Liz said,still feeling a bit weird about that.
"Yeah,I miss her terribly,"simon sighed saddly,then asked"D-do you talk to her at all?"
"Well,it's weird,she communicated with me once in a dream,kind of like clueing me in on what's going on,but I don't have conversations with her persay,it's mostly just feelings that I pick up on,"Liz explained,glad that her headache is finally going away,liz looked over at Simon,who looked disappointedlike ,he was hoping maybe,Lexiana would send him a message through her,Liz reached over and touched his shoulder,then softly replied" I know she misses you Simon.."
"Really,"He exclaimed,a bright smile beamed from his face.Liz nodded,glad that she could keep the spirt of his sister alive for him."Thank you for telling me that,I feel like I failed her that day."
"You mean when she got killed?"Liz asked,Simon nodded his head,gripping the steering wheel."I guess I thought she might've hated me for not protecting her better,I keep raking my brain thinking if I did things diffrently,"He choked back a sob,hating to break down in front of Liz like this.
"Oh Simon,she doesn't blame you at all,"Liz assured him,touching his shoulder,"In fact she knows you done the best you could,she loves you Simon."
"I love her too,"He said softly,then with a shake of his head, abruptly announced,"Okay enough of this intense emotional stuff,let's get you home."
"Okay,"Liz agreed anxioulsy,tomorrow is another big day for her.Her parents asked her to cover a morning shift for them,and she agreed.It's time to get back to living.Headaches or no headaches.
Max was waiting for Liz to return from Simon and Jack's place,out on her balcony.He laid on her full length lounge chair,eyes closed,enjoying the feeling of actually being off his feet.It was a busy day at the UFO center,and Brody worked him like a dog.Thoughts of Liz,and being in her arms,kept him from insanity.
"Have you been waiting long?"Liz asked,from behind him.
Max bolted up,turned his head towards,and smiled seeing Liz standing there.He shook his heaad and answered,"No,but I would've waited forever for you Liz."
"Well,if it wasn't for Simon,that might've just happen."Liz quipped,sighing in contentment,as Max found his way into her arms."He felt I needed to go home and take it easy."
"Why,what happen?"Max asked in concern,pulling slightly away to glance over Liz for any injuries.
"Nothing happen Max,I just dropped a box,and Simon was concern that I was overworking myself."Liz replied with a laugh,"He's defiantely taken on the brother role,with gusto."
"Well I'm glad he's looking out for you,"Max said,planting a kiss on her head,"You've been out of sorts lately,did you see a doctor?"
"Yes I went today,"Liz lied,praying Max wouldn't pick on her fib,"Just before I went to help Simon,I'm just a little anemic,told me to take some more iron,multi-vitamins,stuff like that."
Max seemed to have bought it,by sighing in relief."That's good,"Max took Liz's face in her hands and kissed her softly on the lips,pulled away and added,"I don't want anything to happen to you,I nearly went insane when you left,I-I"
Liz shut him up by kissing him firmly on the lips,back away a little and announced,"I'm right here Max,"she raised her hand to his face,and pushed away his unruly bains from his eyes,before placing her hand on his face,"I'm not going anywhere-ever,I'm afriad you're stuck with me for a very,"Liz kissed him on the lips,and pulled away slightly"very,"she kissed him again,and whispered"Very, long time."
"That Ms Parker,is what I'm counting on."Max answered,bending down,taking her lips with his.Knowing that nothing or no one will ever come in between them again.Thier future for once looks unclouded,and obstacle free.All they could do now is go forward,letting thier past disappear behind them,with no regrets.
The End,but not over....
The sequel Somewhere In Between

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Everyone was wonderful with thier FB,Support nd Many bumps!(So more than others!)
I write because I enjoy it. I'm happy to write for one person,and the fact that ther was more than one thrills me!
Thank you!

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Link To Somewhere In Between~The sequel!

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