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Category: AU M/L
Rating: (R, NC-17)
Spoilers: None
Summary: An ancient book of the black earth capable of destroying humanity has been scattered amongst a group of six to ensure the survival of mankind. The Ancient Ones minions seek out the book to open the gateway to our world; they must be stopped at all costs.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, title courtesy of the occult book by the same name.

Note: This idea just came to me today and I had to write it down. I would really appreciate feedback even if it’s just one word; I’m interested to see what you guys think. Thanks in advance.



This is the testament of all that I have seen, all that I have witnessed while in possession of the book. I write this as my own life draws to a close. I am weak and fear I can no longer resist the crow’s temptatuous calling.
My conscience is heavy and in an attempt to redeem my damned soul I write this warning to mankind, for you do not understand the horrors that lie in wait or know the evil that lies just outside the realm of this world lusting for release.

Through my studies of this Grimoire I have found the gateway of the damned, a porthole leading to the domain of the Ancient Ones whom seek passage into our world. I have stood on the threshold of deaths door and stared into its fiery abyss. Solicited my soul to become a tool of its dark workings. My humanity erodes daily under Satan’s acrid touch.

I have taken measures to prevent the damnation of mankind. The book has been scattered, divided amongst the circle of KIA, in my absence the responsibility of mans salvation and survival rests in their hands. The book will be sought by the Ancient Ones minions, the scourge that walk in our world and the next. It is imperative that the book remains within the firm grasp of good for all shall be lost if the gateways of hell are opened for this book is the book of the dead, the black earth, the NECRONOMICON………

Part One

Blonde curls danced in the breeze as she walked briskly alone the sidewalk. Clutching her shoulder bag in both hands she glanced quickly back along the road stumbling when she hit a hard body.
Mumbling sorry she sprinted in the direction of the cathedral its grand spire guiding her way. Her hair lashed against her face as she cast a hind wards glance over her shoulder, her breath quickening as she caught sight of her pursuer.

Reaching the front doors she fumbled with the handle pushing frantically against the doors with her shoulder the woman fell forcefully to the ground when they opened in. Scrambling to her feet she ascended the spiral staircase jumping two steps at a time. Her breath came in short pants as she felt her way through the darkness occasionally grazing a limb against an undistinguishable object. Her body froze rooted to the spot as she heard the bang of the front doors. She held her breath as she crouched in the foot space between two pews; her eyes squeezed shut tightly as she heard footsteps advance toward her. She stifled an anguished sob biting down on her closed fist, as the echo grew louder.

Her gaze travelled from the stairwell to the alter, crawling on hand and knee she pushed through the gaps in the seating in a desperate attempt to reach the alter. She lunged forward the last few inches slashing her knee upon the cool marble stoop. Hosting herself up she turned in a full circle trying to locate her pursuer. Shadows danced all around the walls amplified by the flickering of the lit candles that adorned the alter. She rubbed her balled up fists over her teary eyes repeatedly to try to focus her vision. From the corner of her eye she saw a shadow move, a startled gasp escaped her lips when her lower back connected with the wooden table. She felt frantically grasping handfuls of tablecloth in an attempt to find an object of defence.

She held the crucifix outstretched as if it were a shield as the robed figure drew closer. Adrenaline coursed through her veins inducing an alertness that made her aware of every sound, every footfall. She stood transfixed as the cross was ripped from her grasp. She felt a sharp pain as a hand struck her face the impact sending her hurtling to the floor. She pushed along the buffed marble with her rear and hands, all the while her gaze transfixed on the figure that towered above her menacingly. With one gesture of his hand she was propelled against the wall, her body suspended and twisted in the air before dropping to the floor. She bent double gasping for breath as a searing pain travelled from the base of her skull as she was yanked roughly by the hair. Her head turned upwards towards the figure that stood before her.

A clawed hand scrapped roughly down the length of her face until it reached the base of her neck fingering the amber stone of her pendant. She winced in pain feeling the hot blood trickle down her cheek absorbing into her blouse.
A snarl escaped the creature’s lips as he gripped the woman firmly. “I want the book!”
The woman whimpered as his grip turned vice like “ I- I don’t know what you’re talking about”
He grabbed her roughly around the throat lifting her effortlessly to his eye level. “Don’t deceive me I know you are a member of the KIA circle” he hissed.
The woman’s legs dangled in the air as she gasped for breath, the creature loosened its hold but she remained suspended.

She inhaled deeply her lungs burning as they readjusted to the supply of oxygen. A clarity of mind and calmness descended upon the woman as she came to the realisation that her time was near, clutching her pendent firmly she raised her chin defiantly “you’ll never find the book it’s been scattered, the portal will remain closed for another millennia.”
The creature’s mouth stretched into a Machiavellian smile as its nostrils flared “you’ve served your purpose then.”

A piercing scream was expelled from deep within her throat she felt the blood pound in her ears as pain saturated her senses. Her eye’s bulged as she felt razor sharp claws boar into her flesh gutting her body. She snorted blood gagging as she began to drown on her own injuries. With one last thrust the contents of her abdomen spewed forth. Her inert body was elevated in the air impaled on a clawed hand as the creature howled in satisfaction. Her limp body slumped to the floor the cracking of bone echoing around the cathedral walls. The creature knelt before the woman’s battered body as he ripped the pendant from her neck, clutching it firmly he disappeared into the shadows an eerily unnatural laughter reverberating off the walls…………….


The stench of death was rampant; amidst the crimson puddles of congealed blood lay the body of a young female. Max Evans watched as the coroner gently turned her on her back. He cringed outwardly when his gaze fixed on her wounded abdomen, entrails spilled forth from her riven torso ripped from the confines of her body. Blood matted blonde curls to her face obscuring her features. He stepped back to let the forensic team document the evidence. He gestured for the coroner to follow stopping a short distance from the body. “Well what caused this?”
The elderly doctor cast a sideways glance at the body pinching the bridge of his nose as he answered “Well doctor Evans from my preliminary examination I would say that this was most definitely an idimmu”
Max sighed loudly as he racked a hand through his hair “can you give me any indication what breed of demon it is that we’re dealing with?” The doctor’s brow rose as he looked directly towards Max “Well I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess without performing an internal examination.”
“I understand that doctor I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me, thank you.”

Max’s gaze travelled to the bloodied corpse that lay a few feet away, he gravitated towards it dodging pools of blood as he proceeded. He knelt before the body swallowing convulsively he felt his stomach retch, the acrid taste of bile firmly lodged at the base of his throat. He turned his gaze toward the woman’s face shuddering involuntarily when his eyes locked with hers, pale pools that stared lifelessly ahead. He reached out a hand saying a silent prayer for this woman’s soul as he closed her eyes. He jumped slightly when he heard the ring from his cell phone, fumbling in his briefcase to retrieve it he placed it to his ear and pushed send. “Yes? I understand I’ll be right in.”

Max rose from his crouched position he moved briskly towards the two-armed men positioned at the front doors of the cathedral gesturing for the doctor to follow.
“ Doctor I’ve been called in by Carter, I want the body moved to the facility and this mess cleared up, as far as the general publics concerned this never happened.”
The doctor nodded solemnly before max turned and preceded out the doors, he stopped short of his car when he heard the doctor call his name. “Doctor Evans I almost forgot we know the woman’s identity we found her drivers license in her purse.” He handed Max the woman’s wallet that contained her named identification. Max examined it closely finding it hard to comprehend that this face was one in the same as the woman that lay murdered in the cathedral. He sighed deeply frowning as he read the name on the drivers licence aloud “Tess Harding”…………………


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Just thought I'd say a special thank you to Roswellluver and Eccentric One for their feedback I really appreciate it. I'm coming to the end of the road with The Seeker which will be updated as often as possible but this is my new baby. Anyone that happens to read this story let me know what you think, good or bad I'd be interested to hear your comments.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone new part out later tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

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Category: AU M/L
Rating: (R, NC-17)
Spoilers: None
Summary: An ancient book of the black earth capable of destroying humanity has been scattered amongst a group of six to ensure the survival of mankind. The Ancient Ones minions seek out the book to open the gateway to our world; they must be stopped at all costs.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, title courtesy of the occult book by the same name.

Note: Thanks to everyone that left feedback hope you enjoy this part! Please leave feedback.


Part Two

Liz Parker bit down anguishly on her lip the rhymic tapping of her foot unsettling the sand sending clouds of dirt into the air around her. She watched the excavators burrow deeper into the rock face. Her breath caught when the digger stopped, moving forward her head tilted to inspect why the machinery had ground to a halt. She stopped in her tracks heart pounding furiously in her chest as she surveyed the gapping hole burrowed into the rock creating a passageway. She ran towards her jeep hosting herself over the edge she rummaged around in the flat bed to retrieve her briefcase. She walked briskly towards the opening signalling over her shoulder for her companion to follow. “I want this area sealed off, noone enters or leaves without my say so.” The men stood rigidly around nodding mutely as they made preparations to secure the site.

Sour fumes of stale earth filled her nostrils as she walked through the opening, hesitantly she viewed her surrounding, the cavern was relatively small with a single opening carved into the rock. Crumbling pillars and marble archways supported the cavernous crypt. Liz withdrew her flashlight as she stood on the threshold of the entrance, a flood of yellow illumination guided her alone the narrow tunnel. She stumbled on some loose granite turning grateful eyes to her companion as he steadied her from behind “Thanks Michael.”
They preceded alone the passage noticing how cold the air had turned. Behind them camera flashes reflected off the walls as the excavation team documented the site. A ripple of excitement coursed through her body when she saw the glint of gold, gasps of appreciation echoed around the cave as the team of eleven gazed at the solid door. Grotesque deities and demonic creatures adorned the doorway, leering menacingly at their spectators. Liz stood transfixed by the splendour before her; she took a tentative step forward halting when she felt a hand clasp firmly around her upper arm.

Michael Guerin raised concerned eyes to his friend and colleague “Liz there could be booby traps, we really don’t know what lies behind that door.” Liz shook her head as she pried Michael’s fingers from their vice like hold “Michael no matter what potential threat looms behind that door we still need to open it.”
Michael sighed deeply as he nodded “I had a feeling you were goina say that Parker.” Liz stepped forward her progress unimpeded as she placed both palms on the door. The coolness of the metal beneath her palms sent a shiver down the base of her spine leaning her body into the door she pushed forcefully stunned when she heard the rusty hinges creak. Turning to face the group huddled behind her she flashed the torch in a semi circle illuminating their faces as she spoke. “I want everyone out.” The team looked between each other, as they stood in their positions reluctant to leave without knowing the secrets housed within the cavern.

Liz moved forward a few paces as she stared down the people stood before her “ I said leave!” she shouted angrily. Her outburst was enough to send the team of men scurrying back down the passageway. Michael laughed as he ran a hand through his unruly hair “ That was a little harsh Liz, I mean imagine if you were being denied the opportunity to see what lay behind that door”.
“It’s for their own safety Michael to be honest we could have anything lying in wait for us, you see those markings there a warning.” Michael shuffled closer tracing his hand over the embossed lettering “What does it say?”
Liz repeated Michael’s actions as her fingers glided over the lettering “It’s written in Sumerian, it says beware to those that cross the threshold of fire for the unrightous shall perish.”

Michael swallowed back the lump that had risen in his throat as his eyes sought out Liz “and your absolutely sure the scroll is in there?”
“I’ll stake my life on it Guerin.” Michael drew in a deep breath as he stepped forward to join Liz at the door “well then that’s get this mother opened.”
They leaned their bodies against the frame pushing forcefully the door slowly opened. They stood just outside sharing a quick glance before they entered side by side. As they passed over the threshold they were rendered immobile as their bodies were engulfed in a hue of orange. A warm tingle travelled the length of their bodies it’s light caress probing until it was satisfied. The probing light left their bodies culminating in the centre of the room as it swirled and pulsed before disappearing. Michael stood rooted to the spot as Liz proceeded further into the room he rubbed his chin nervously as he spoke “ So I’m guessing that was the fire, well at least we past the test guess that means we’re righteous.”

Liz barley heard Michael’s words as she surveyed her surroundings, in the center of the room stood an alter covered with a fine film of dust. Shelves lined the walls each containing volumes of scrolls. Sunken into the walls were carved ornaments of grotesque creatures. She ran a hand along the cool marble marvelling at the possible secrets that lay in wait begging to be deciphered. “Michael isn’t it amazing, I never expected there to be this volume of writings.”
“Yeah me either and that poses the question of how in the hell are we goina find the scroll of Adar amongst all this!”
Liz looked pointedly at Michael, she was surprised that he didn’t share her enthusiasm “Well I guess by a process of elimination.”
Michael nodded in agreement glancing over his shoulder as he spoke “ well if we have everyone work on this we should be done in about a week.” Liz stepped towards Michael shaking her head from side to side as she touched his arm to draw his attention “No Michael you don’t understand, the only people that go through these scrolls are us. As far as the crypts concerned it’s off limits to everyone but ourselves, any unauthorised personnel found in this cave will suffer the consequences.”

Michael’s brow wrinkled in confusion as he looked towards Liz “ I don’t understand what aren’t you telling me Liz?” Liz frowned as she gazed at Michael above all else he was her friend and it hurt keeping secrets from him “Michael I’m not at liberty to disclose any information, what you know is all I can tell you for the time being.” He smiled in reassurance understanding that it was part of their job “Don’t look so upset Parker I know the drill, now lets get out of here.” They exited the cavern squinting as their eyes readjusted to daylight, the team had gathered around the entrance eagerly awaiting an update on what they had found, all eyes turned expectantly toward Liz.
“Look I know your all curious as to what’s down there but from this moment on that’s classified information. The only other person beside myself that is allowed access to the site is Michael. Anyone found in this restricted area will be assumed a threat and therefore eliminated, I don’t think I need to make myself any clearer.”

The ringing of her cell phone distracted Liz; she rummaged in her bag retrieving it she stepped away from the crowd as she answered, “Hello? Yeah this is Parker I understand I’ll catch the next flight.” Clicking her cell closed she gestured for Michael to follow her “I hate to drop this on you Guerin but Carters called me back to base, you’ll have to deal with this on your own.”
“What’s up?” Michael raised his eyebrows in question.
“Carter didn’t go into detail but it looks like there’s been a development on the home front. I’m goina have to pack then go straight to the airport, keep me up to date with this Michael it’s important that you do that okay?”
Michael noted the anxious expression on Liz’s face, he rubbed her shoulder soothingly as he spoke “You can count on it Parker.”

Michael watched as the jeep kicked up dirt as it speed down the dirt track towards town, he sighed loudly wondering what had caused Carter to call Liz back. A sense of dread rose from the pit of his stomach, as the jeep became nothing more than a blip on the landscape; he had a really bad feeling………..


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Just had a chance to read over the feedback (thanks guys) and I noticed that some of you had questions. I just wanted to reassure you that everything will be explained eventually so just keep reading. Sorry if I confused anyone*big*

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Okay just thought I'd answer some questions sorry if there are holes in my plotline.

1.It wasn't Tess or Liz that wrote the testament in the prologue. I probably should have given a time frame on that. The testament was actually written over a thousand years ago. In the next couple of parts you'll learn more about the author.

2.To answer Jen's question yes both parts are in the same time frame. This is present day not set in the future.

Well I hope that clears up some of the questions anymore just shout them out and I'll answer as soon as possible. Sorry If this stories a bit sloppy.

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Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the feedback. The next part will be out tomorrow hopefully it should clear up some questions.*happy*

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Category: AU M/L
Rating: (R, NC-17)
Spoilers: None
Summary: An ancient book of the black earth capable of destroying humanity has been scattered amongst a group of six to ensure the survival of mankind. The Ancient Ones minions seek out the book to open the gateway to our world; they must be stopped at all costs.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, title courtesy of the occult book by the same name.

Note: Thanks for the feedback everyone, the interest’s pretty low on this story but I’ll continue regardless. To those of you that have read and left feedback I really appreciate it.


Part three

Orpheus, according to legend could sing so sweetly that wild beasts would follow him in a trance; trees and plants would bow down before him, and the wildest of men would become gentle. The most famous myth of Orpheus is the tale in which he descends into the underworld to fetch his dead wife back to the land of the living.
The Orpheus facility was founded over four decades ago, a covert facility established by the Roman Catholic Church in conjunction with the government to investigate and control paranormal activity. A small cluster of people, professionals of the highest calibre know of the facilities true purpose. Daily they fight the good fight against primeval forces to protect humanity.

Born in Roswell New Mexico, Max Evans was the son of two prestituous doctors renowned in the field of Psychology. He had followed closely in their footsteps partaking a degree in Psychology at Oxford. Later in his university career his interest turned towards the more unorthodox practice of Parapsychology much to his parents distaste. He excelled in this field, his final thesis paper causing quite a stir amongst the alumni. Evans’ academic standing had brought him to the attention of the Orpheus facilities founders. He had been head hunted, recruited right out of university five years ago and he’d worked at the facility ever since.

His nostrils were assaulted by the strong stench of disinfectant as he walked briskly down the corridor leading to the security checkpoint. He greeted the officer on duty at the desk engaging in pleasantries as his badge and weapon were examined. Swiping his security clearance card in the door he scanned the office in an attempt to locate Randolph Carter. Spotting Carter at the far end of the room in an alcove that housed the computer terminals Max walked slowly towards him.
“Ah Evans” Carter said “how good of you to come in so promptly. Lets proceed to my office for an informal brief, we can talk freely there.” Max nodded his head in agreement as he followed closely behind Carter.

Randolph Carter had helped found the facility. A tall slenderly built man, seventy-five years of age but still in remarkable health. He was dressed in a grey tweed suit with a plain black polo neck. His grey hair conservatively cut and swept backwards, glasses perched on the bridge of his nose. He was a shrewd character even for his late years. Despite living in New York for the past Fifty years his English accent remained strong, twanged occasionally with a hint of ‘New York’. He was a trained Psychiatrist, aptly versed in the workings of the human mind.

Carters office was an oval station elevated two feet from the facilities ground floor giving him an eagle view of each station and department below.
In the center of the room stood a large antique oak desk. Rows of text stretched out in shelves the length of the office. A bulletin board hung from the wall cluttered with remnants of newspaper clippings and photographs of projects past and present. Carter gestured for Max to sit as he sank back into the plush leather lounger his hands clasped together as he spoke “sometimes Evans I fear that perhaps our jobs are a little too macabre but I’m getting off topic. I suppose you’re curious as to why I called you in so hastily.”
Max nodded his head his brow rising in question as he spoke “well it’s a little unorthodox even for you Randolph.”

A hearty laugh erupted from deep within Carters throat, the muscles around his mouth twitched as his laughter died. Carter removed his glasses rubbing absently at his temples before turning his attention toward Max. “I called you here on a matter of great urgency. Tell me Evans what do you know of the Necronomicon?”
Max leaned forward slightly in his chair looking Randolph directly in the eye “well from what I can remember the documented evidence on the Necronomicon is sparse.”
Randolph nodded his head in agreement “that’s quite accurate!”
“It’s been a few years since I’ve read the text but it’s basically a satanic book, sort of the Holy Grail of the Underworld.”

“I couldn’t have put it better myself Max.” Max’s brow rose in question as he spoke “So my being here has something to do with the Necronomicon.” Carter rose abruptly from his chair hands clapping together nervously as he looked directly towards Max. “What I’m about to tell you remains strictly within the confines of this office understood?”
Max nodded in agreement as he watched Carter pace the length of the office. “Over the years I have listened intently to the scholars quibble over the existence of the Necronomicon. I know there is a divided opinion but we have information that would end the debate once and for all.”

Max’s interest heightened as he listened to Carters words “What sort of information?”
Randolph walked towards Max perching on the edge of the desk as he spoke “Most people are only familiar with the mad Arabs testimony, some believe its contents whilst others refute them. In his writings he talks of the book having been scattered amongst a circle of six.”
Max looked expectantly towards Carter waiting for him to continue, “Every word written in that testament is the truth Evans. The book has been scattered and we must retrieve it!”
“Ah…” Max sighed nodding his head in understanding “and you want me to retrieve it for you.”
“Yes I do and soon. It is Imperative we have the book in our possession. We have precious little time before the Daluth find the remaining five sections.”

Max shook his head in confusion “Daluth demons? I thought they were extinct, now your telling me that this Iddimmu breed are looking to assemble the Necronomicon.”
“Well it’s widely believed that the Daluth race are extinct however nothing could be further from the truth. The myth of their demise was one that the facility was eager to promote.” Carter replied.

Max raked a hand through his hair as he spoke “what do the Daluth want with the Necronomicon?” Carter blinked his face twisting into an anguished frown “the Daluth serve the Ancient Ones. Their grunts so to speak, foot soldiers for their masters bidding. You’ve read the Arabs testament the incantations housed within the Necronomicon open the gates of hell and allow the Ancient Ones passage into this world. They want to seize control of our domain Doctor Evans, they intend for mankind to perish.”
“Why have the Daluth waited so long to seek out the book?”

“They had no other alternative Max, the sacred incantations can only be recited every millennia.” Carter said. Max’s gaze locked with Carters as he spoke “how am I supposed to find this council of six?” Carter shuffled behind his desk retrieving his glasses as he looked towards Max “over the years we have managed to identify the KIA circle from various sources. We’ve withheld this information until the time came to use it, you’ll be briefed fully tomorrow.”

Max nodded in understanding as he rose from his seat “well until tomorrow Randolph.”
“Oh just one more thing Max I’m assigning you a partner for this project. I know you prefer to work alone but Liz Parker is well respected in her field. It was actually Father Faraday who suggested her for this assignment. I gather that she is well versed in the Necronomicon.”
Max sighed deeply as he scratched his forehead “yeah I’ve heard about Parker, she’s a maverick, unpredictable. I’m not sure how I feel about working with someone like her.”
Carter stifled a chuckle smiling briefly before looking towards Max “Ah Doctor Evans perhaps you see a little too much of your own character in the lovely Miss Parker. You have my solemn oath that she will be invaluable. She’s flying back from Iraq as we speak you’ll meet her tomorrow at the briefing.”

Max exited the office descending the spiral staircase he pondered being teamed with Liz Parker. He had heard of her reputation of being difficult to work with, she was an independent character. He smiled slightly shaking his head at Carters words; perhaps they were too similar …………..


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Okay I need some help, I have four fics out at the moment and due to time constraints I can't regularly update them all so I need to know if I should update this story or just leave it on the shelf for awhile. If anyone is interested in updates on this story let me know.

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Category: AU M/L
Rating: (R, NC-17)
Spoilers: None
Summary: An ancient book of the black earth capable of destroying humanity has been scattered amongst a group of six to ensure the survival of mankind. The Ancient Ones minions seek out the book to open the gateway to our world; they must be stopped at all costs.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, title courtesy of the occult book by the same name.

Part Four

It had been a long and restless Flight for Liz thoughts of the dig in Iraq had plagued her waking thoughts and more horrowing ones had plagued her dreams invading her senses for the first time in over two years.
She had been six years old when Father Faraday had scooped her from the smouldering reminants of her home. He had found her huddled in a toybox in her playroom at the back of the house, were her mother had placed her when the bad men came, only they weren't men at all they were monsters, demons that savagely ripped her parents from limb to limb as she cowered in the safe cubby her mother had hide her only child. Liz had listened to every blood curdling scream of agony, every plea uttered from her parents lips. She had urinated on herself when she saw the monsters stalk into the playroom looking for their last victim but thats when Father Faraday had come.

Father Faraday was the closest thing Liz had to a father, he was her mentor and friend. The Orpehus facility had adopted her when she was orphaned and she had been there ever since. They had groomed her for her current role as chief of excavations. Liz's field of expertise was ancient languages and archaeology she was one of the facilities most revered members.

Liz jumped, startled by the slight touch of a hand on her arm, she turned quickly a warm smile on her lips as she embraced her surrogate father "Father Faraday it's so good to see you" she clutched the old man too her tightly letting go of him reluctantly.
Daniel Faraday studied Liz closely she looked troubled "Elizabeth why didn't you let me know you'd arrived I would have arranged for transportation."
"I managed just fine Father, so do you want to bring me up to speed on this or do I have to wait for Carter" Liz questioned as she slumped back into an armchair.

Father Faraday sat opposite staring intently at Liz "There was a murder in Saint Annes Cathedral a few nights ago, a particularily brutal murder of a young woman named Tess Harding.."
Liz shrugged her shoulders unsure if the name was supposed to mean something to her "I don't recognize the name, was she a civilian?"
Father Faraday nodded "yes of sorts."

Liz raised a quizzical gaze towards him "of sorts? why are you being so cyptic father, what aren't you telling me?"
Daniel clutcehd his hands together nervously as his gaze locked with Liz "we've had Miss Hardy and a number of others under servailance for sometime now."
"What kind of servailance?" Liz was beginning to join all the dots and see the real picture but she needed confirmation from Father Faradays own lips.
"We believe that Miss Hardy was affiliated with the Kia group-

Liz sprang from her seat startling Father Faraday into silence mid-sentence. "She's one of the six, a member of the Kia Order that spilt the Necronomicon" Liz could hardly contain herself she'd been working towards this most of her life preparing for when she'd have her change at revenge "you said you'd had them under servailance for sometime?"
Father Faraday avoided Liz's eyes "yes."
"Then why the hell haven't you acted sooner, if we had retrieved the book then Tess Harding may still be alive" Liz replied her anger building at the thought of the carnage still to come "Father why didn't you till me about this sooner?"

Father Faraday reached for Liz's hand he clutched it gently "I wanted to Elizabeth but Carter was adament that noone should know about this, not even you my child. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you."
Liz felt her anger ebb " I understand father, no really its fine. I assume that Carters called me back here to track down the book."
"Yes on my suggestion but there's one more thing you should be aware of Elizabeth" Father Faraday ventured cautiously knowing that Liz would not be pleased with this development "Carter wants one of his best men to partner up with you."

Liz rounded on Faraday her face colouring "what? does Carter think I can't handle this alone is that it?"
"Its not that Liz, Carter just thought that you could use this mans expertise..." father Faraday tried to reason knowing that it was futile.
"I work alone, alone or with Michael that's the way it's always been" Liz thought aloud, speaking more to herself than Father Faraday "I don't like this" Liz said walking towards the door.
"Oh Elizabeth" father Faraday called to her retreating figure "you have a briefing in two hours."
"Good it'll give me a chance to have a word with Carter" Liz was determined to make her feelings known.
She stopped short of the door turning to father Faraday in question "by the way whats this partners name?" Liz asked disgust for the situation evident in her voice.
"Doctor Max Evans I believe, he's very well respected.."
"Yeah well as long as the good doctor knows whos in charge of this operation we should get along just fine." and with that said Liz was gone leaving father Faraday to offer up a prayer to the heavens that strong personalities woldn't clash, too much....

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