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Title: What Now?
Author: Angelalien
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Category: M/L
Rating: NC-17
Summary: future fic. Title says it all.

Chapter 1

Max stood gazing up into the sky with an emotionless face. Tess had killed Alex several months ago; also she was going to turn Isabel, Michael and myself over to Kravier. The deal Nasedo made forty years ago was for Tess to get pregnant with my child, and hand us over to Kravier she could live as queen.

Isabel walked into Max's room to see him staring into space. Walking up behind him she noticed small tremors running through his body. Placing her hand on his shoulder Max turns around wrapping his arms around her.

Liz was right, because who I am got Alex killed whispered Max.

Max, Liz doesn't blame you she was mad, and hurt when she said that. Plus she still loves you or she wouldn't came to the pod chamber to warn us about Tess. Isabel said in a soothing voice.

Across town at the Crashdown Michael was finishing up an order, when Liz came fown the stairs shaking a little. She walked over to the couch and sat down and took a couple deep breaths. Michael who was watching her walks over worried. Liz looked up when she felt Michael's presence. Michael jumped at the red-hot anger that he could see in Liz's eyes.

Before Michael knew it, Liz started shaking, then there was a huge energy bolt was released. Liz's locker door had a fist size hole in it. Liz blinked a couple times before the shaking stopped. Sorry about that whispered Liz.


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Chapter 2

Oh...Liz what the hell was that yelled Michael in a scaried voice.

Before Liz could say anything. Maria came running through the dorr with a worried look. Maria looked from Michael's scared face, to Liz to Liz's locker. not again Liz I thought it was the last time whined Maria.

Again Liz? What the HELL pleaded Michael.

First, I need a galaxie sub with extra cheese said Maria.

Brody's sandiwash can wait growled Michael.

Maria just flashes Michael a sweat smile. Liz laughs and Michael blushes which causes both girls to start laughing. But seriously the sandiwash isn't Brody's.

Oh, Michael turns to go into the kitchen but over his shoulder he said Liz we need to talk.

Liz: sure Michael but after closing.

Maria walks back into the dinner room with a smile. The bells jungle Maria looks up to see Mrs. Parker walk in and right up to the counter. Maria still smiling walks over to just then Mrs. Evans sit down next to her.

Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Evans can I help you asked Maria.

Yes a couple cups of coffee replied Mrs. Parker.

While Maria was pouring there coffee the bell jingles. Maria looks up again to see her mom waslking in, Mrs. Parker also looked up at the door. Amy Deluca was walking in.

Amy over here let's get a booth, Amy do you want something to drink asked Nancy.

No thank you asked Amy.

Nancy Parker, Diane Evans and Amy Deluce were sitting at the Czech's regular booth.

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Thanks for the feed back

Chapter 3

Maria turns around with her mouth wide-open to Michael who has the same facial expression. After recovering from his shock Michael yelled order up but Maria was still in shock. Michael delievers the order, on his way back into the kitchen he stops in front of Maria.

Michael raises his hand to Maria's jaw as soon as his hand was holding her jaw Maria relaxed. Michael leans down and whispered, "Breath Maria."

All of this doesn't go unnotice by the mothers.

Amy I can't believe the wonderful changes Maria has done to Michael. I mean he used to talk only to Max and Isabel, but now he talks to Phillip and myself. Michael is lucky to find someone like Maria. Amy should be proud of her, she and Liz have brought Isabel out of her Ice Queen phase said Diane.

And Nancy your Liz, when she was going out with Max. I couldn't believe how much a different person he became. Max has always been shy and guarded even around us but when he was seeing Liz even as friends it was like he came alive talked more but still shy and not as gaurded. Now he so gaurded we sent him to see a shirk said Diane.

Diane did Max become more guarded last summer? Asked Nancy.

Yea, right when the summer started why? Asked Diane.

Well, Liz came home after staying out all night. She said she was in the desert, well when she came home she asked if she could go to Florida for the summer. So she spent the summer their. When she came back she was happier but I still could see a fint of saddness in her eyes. Then before christmas she had this saddness to her. I knew she went out on some dates with Sean DeLuca, but when she got home she was quiet. I've asked about it but she would change the subject or Maria would show up said Nancy.

Amy do you have any idea what's going on asked Nancy.

No, not really all I know is Max and Liz broke up last summer but when I asked Maria she goes quite. I mean a couple times during the summer I would come home to find Maria and Max eatting their way throu a cream pie. Once I did hear Max ask Maria why Liz wouldn't talk to him or if she had heard from Liz said Amy.

Now Michael is a different story, I knew they broke up, got back to together, gone to Arionzia, Las Vegas, and Southern New Mexico without telling me but, I have seent he changes in Michael. He also has had an effect on Maria she's more level headed well other than the running off but hey there young said Amy.

Well I believe then we are making the right choice. My Aunt has a house large enought. Plus, I believe theu need this after everything that has happen this year.
The only thing is they have to have a passport, birth-certifice. Diane I believe the cerrifice you have for Max and Isabel will work but here is the problem "Michael" said Nancy.

I'll get Phillip to check into that said Diane.

So how many are going? Asked Amy.

Let's see: Liz, Maria, Michael, Max, Isabel and Kyle. I asked Jim about Tess, but he told me she went to see some friends said Nancy.

Let's keep this a surprise until everything is in place. How about we have lunch tomorrow to finalies everything said Diane.

Fine with me answered Nancy and Amy.

They got up and went there different ways.

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Chapter 4

Later that night Maria and Michael were cleaning up when they heard the door opening. Maria turns around to see Isabel and Max walking in. I know I locked that door smiled Maria. Turing back around she sees Michael's smirking at her. Hey watch it buddy or I'll get Liz after you said Maria. Michael's smirk slide from his face to be replaced with a worried and a little fear. This doesn't go unnotice by Isabel.

What Michael you scared of Liz? Asked Isabel smiling.

Looking at Isabel in a serious voice. You didn't see what she did to her locker eariler today.

Her locker? asked Isabel walking to the back coming back out a moment later what are talking about there nothing wrong with her locker.
Michael looks from Isabel to Maria noticing how quite Naria has becme. Maria what did Liz do? DId she fic it asked Michael.

Maria's fidgening looking at the floor to Isabel to Max but not Michael while looking at Max she notice how he has been just sitting in the booth looking at the table. Forgetting Michael's question, she walks over to Max. Placing a hand on his arm to get his attention. Maria almsot gasped at the hurt look in his eyes. Max are you Ok?

I'm ok, Maria just scared what's to come. A single tear rolls down his face.

Maria did Liz fix the locker after I lefted? Michael almost yelled.

Yes, but Michael don't push her she's fragile right now more than every.

Max had been listening to everything around him, feeling a pull he getd up and walks through the door to the back to Liz's locker. Everyone just following him quietly.

Max waves his hand over her locker a small silver handprint glows. Max turns to see the scared and worried loks on his friends faces but the fearful look on Liz's face as she sits on the stairs watching Max's reaction.


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