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I wrote this a while ago...well the week before ITLAITB to be exact...this is how I predicted the s2 finale would be...(based on promos) don't read if you haven't watched up to ITLAITB because it won't make sense. the rest is non-spoilerish for the rest of the season....besides that I watched the promos a couple times....

Title: 11100100100111011001
Author: crazeesmilee/juliet
Email: Jualweff⊕
Rating: um.....PG-13?
Disclaimer: not not mine...not not mine...
Summary: well just my take one why alex died and how things will turn out after ITLAITB
Category: Liz mainly.....hopefully eventually M/L
Author's Notes: FANFICTION GENERAL'S WARNING Ok.....this might border on the oh so slightly spoilerish because I have watched the promo and I have read the episode description. But everything else is purely my own imagination! P.S it's in Liz POV mostly. Other POV's are noted

Part 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I don’t where to go from here. If Alex didn’t go to Sweden, and Leanne is not Leanne, then what really happened? I read the school article on Alex’s trip, thinking that it is all a bunch of lies. Big, fat, horrible lies.


I turn and see Max, of course with Tess, calling out to me. He has the nerve to talk to talk to me after ending our friendship? I think not. I turn and continue walking. So naturally he wants to grab my arm and turn me around. But the most horrific thing, is that I saw what happened. I knew about his night with Tess. The knowledge popped out of nowhere, and deep in my gut somewhere, I knew it was true. Sure, I had done the same thing, but that was a setup. This was real and it hurt.

"I thought you went to Sweden."

Trying not to let him see my pain, I give him a glare.

"What’s it to you? I thought we, er…you, broke off the friendship"

"I was worried about you"

"Whatever. You have no right to butt into my life. We’re not even friends."

After he is gone, I try to read the article, but suddenly I don’t have the heart. Why should I anyway? None of it’s true. The paper is in the trash within the next two seconds.



It’s Mike, the guy I gave the binary code to. He’s running after me in the hallways waving a piece of paper around. Maybe he found something.

"I found you!"

"Hey Mike."

"Listen, I looked into that binary code you gave me. Doesn’t seem to be anything interesting. But I translated it for you."

“Thanks." He hands me the crinkled piece of paper with five numbers on it. They don’t mean a single thing to me. I feel my hopes sink even lower.

"No prob. I hope you find what you’re looking for."

"Yea! Thanks again." The numbers on the paper are just a bunch of numbers. 936409? I’m supposed to know what that means? Mike was nice enough to do it in groups of fours. 12, 4, 9, 13, 9. I think he realized this didn’t make any sense and tried to make up for it. What are you telling me Alex?


Max drives his jeep to the pod chamber, where the suburban is already parked. Tess is waiting for him when he gets out. She wraps her arm around Max and pulls him up the side of the cliff. Max starts firing away the minute they are inside.

Max - What’s this about Tess? Is something wrong?

Tess - No. Nothing’s wrong. Everything’s perfectly fine. Wonderful in fact.

Max - Are you sure? Because if something is wrong we should get Michael and Isabel here.

In response to Max’s questions, Tess takes his hand and places it on her stomach. A connection is formed.

Max - You mean?

Tess - I’m pregnant.

Max runs his hands through his hair and begins pacing around the cave. Tess is obviously distressed that Max is worried and not happy.

Tess - Max it’ll be okay.

Max - I know. I just -- I have to let it sink in. I need some space.

He leaves Tess staring after him on the cliff.


Knock, knock, knock. The door swings open to reveal...Max Evans at Michael’s door.

Michael - Hey man.

Max - Hey.

Michael, the good second in command that he is, sees Max’s distress.

Michael - Let’s go out.


Dribble dribble. He shoots, and...airball!

Michael - You want some water?

Max takes the bottle of water and chugs like his life depends on it. When he’s done he crushes and disintegrates the bottle. He shoots another airball and Michael plops himself down on the bench.

Michael - You alright man? I heard about you and Tess. It isn’t true, er?

He stops because the look on Max’s face tells him they were not just rumors.

Max - Have you ever thought about if we could have children Michael? About creating another life? Did you ever think it was possible? I never thought it could happen. It wasn’t supposed to be possible. At least not for us.

Realization dawns on Michael. He has a hunch as to what happened with Max.

Michael - So you got Tess pregnant huh?

His only response is to plop down on the bench. He stares at his hands.

Michael - You know Maxwell I never thought it would be you. Or Tess for that matter.

Michael - What are we going to do about this Max? She’s gotta go to the doctor someday you know that right? Amy won’t hear of it.

Max - Yea.

Michael - Abortion. It’s the only solution. There’s no way around it.

Max - Abortion?! How could even—how could even suggest such an idea!

Michael - What? And you have a better idea Maxwell?

Max - But we can’t just…end its life! It hasn’t done anything wrong! It’s completely innocent here!

Michael - Well then I guess we’ll all just risk our existence here on Earth because King Maxwell the Great was feeling a little horny earlier! Haven’t we done this before? Oh yes. When our great king decided to save Liz Parker. And what happened to her? You just dump her like yesterday’s news? Maybe you should have let her die.

Max - ENOUGH! I don’t want to hear it. I came here for a friend, not a lecture. If you don’t want to help then I’m going someplace else.

He throws the slams the basketball at the court and storms off.


If Alex didn’t go to Sweden, then where did he go? Where is Leanne? I look at the family photo, trying to glean any possible clues from it. Where are you Leanne?

It was the strangest sensation. Like heavy sandbags were being pressed onto my eyelids. The next thing I know, I’m in some room. There’s a lady off to the side facing away from me.

Lady - Leanne! Go get Alex. I wanna get I nice group picture of all you kids.

Leanne - Alright.

When she returns, it seems she’s got the whole entourage, not just Alex.

Lady - Oh good! Good! You got everybody! Here now let’s gather close now okay?

She takes the picture with a resounding flash that leaves everybody dazed for a second. Everyone but Alex.

Alex - You know what? I am so sick of this. Leanne you’re coming with me. We’re going to the library.

Lady - The library? Right now?

Alex - Yea.

Lady - Well ya know if you can’t find what you need, the central Albequ--

Alex - Right.

Leanne and Alex are gone before I know it and I find myself in my room again. I don’t care what happened, or how it happened. I do know that I’ve found a new lead. I pack my bags again for Albuquerque.


"I miss you. I miss how we’d smile and joke. I miss your corny jokes. I miss just being with you."

I’m at Alex’s grave. I don’t know why I’m here. Maybe I feel like I owe him at least that much, if I can’t find out his secret.

"Isabel misses you. She isn’t the same anymore. And Maria misses you too. You should see Michael. He’s being great. He’s been there for Maria, and even Amy. You would have loved to see this side of him."

I feel tears well up in my eyes thinking about my friends. And Max. It’s like nothing will be the same again.

"They’re saying it was - suicide. But I know it wasn’t. And I’m going to find out what really happened. I owe you that Alex. If I couldn’t do something to save you, I’ll at least find out what happened. I promise. I love you."

I leave my flowers and kiss the top of his stone before setting off for Albuquerque.


Albuquerque is so much bigger. There is so much more people here. That doesn’t stop me. I flag down every person I see. No one remembers a Leanne or Alex Whitman, but finally someone recognizes the faces on the worn picture I’ve been waving around all day.

"Oh hey yea! I remember them. Used to go to school with Leanne."

"Where is Leanne now?"

"Oh dude you don’t know? She passed away."

"P-passed away?" What am supposed to do now?

"Yea. Kinda sad. It was a car accident."

"Car accident?" Whoa. Coincidence or what?

"Yea. Musta been some slippery roads."

"What about Alex?"

"I don’t remember much about him."

"Tell everything you can think of."

"Well he was always with Leanne. or a computer. But he seriously had some personal issues. One minute he would crack jokes and the next he would be snapping people’s heads off."

"Can you tell me where Leanne’s family is?"

"Yea sure. I don’t think they’d mind and all" So now I know that Alex came here. But why?


Max shows up at the Valenti’s house again. He stands tentatively outside of the door. Tess, of course, has been waiting for him.

Tess - You came.

Max - Um, yea. I’m sorry for just walking out on you like that.

Tess - No. I’m sorry for just throwing it on you like that.

She stands aside to let him into the house.

Max - Yea, well?I had to get over the initial shock of it ya know?

Tess - I understand.

Max - Um…How did you know?

Tess - I just knew. It’s like we have this bond.

Max - A bond?

Tess - I can feel it. I know what it wants and needs.

Tess rubs her stomach instinctively.

Tess - I can feel it growing. Fast.

Max - Ca—can I?

With understanding, Tess agrees. She gently takes his hand in hers and places it on her stomach. Images flow through Max.

Max - I could—hear it. Understand it.

The enormity of the entire thing hits him. He’s going to be a father.

Tess - You want something to drink?

Max - Uh?yea.

Tess enters the kitchen looking for drinks. As she’s at it, she figures Max might want something to eat too. She reaches for a plate and the bag of cookies stashed away behind the oatmeal. Of course it was hidden, she lived with two men. Suddenly something went wrong. Tess and the plate of cookies went crashing to the floor. Naturally Max comes running.

Max - Tess! What happened?

Tess - Something’s wrong with the baby.

Max - Shh?don’t move.

He moves to connect with the baby again. What he sees blows him away.


Here’s the big moment. Where I reach out and ring the doorbell and Leanne’s mom opens the door. She’ll be surprised when a friend of Alex’s shows up. Then she’ll cry when I tell her I’m sorry about Leanne. Then she’ll burst into tears when I tell her about Alex.

Ding dong.


"Hi I’m Liz Parker. I was a friend of Alex’s"

"Oh! Alex! I never expected one of his friends to come visiting," Score one for Liz Parker.

"Yea um - I came to offer my condolences…about Leanne."

"Oh Leanne." I can see the tears welling up in her eyes.

"Well, Alex passed away last week also and.."

"Alex too?! What is this world coming to?" Now she’s all out bawling.

"I found your address in his stuff."

"Oh I’m so sorry. Here I’m bawling in front of a total stranger and I haven’t invited you in! Please do have a seat."

"Thank you." Her house is nice. Simple, cozy, just as it was in that half-dream that I had.


Tess - What happened?

She starts to push herself up.

Tess - Max? What did you see?

Max - The baby. He—He?

Tess - Yes?

Max - He needs to go home.

Tess - Home? Home as in?

Max - Yes HOME. If we don’t go…he’ll?

Tess - He’ll what?

Max - He’ll die.


"So…what happened?" It was inevitable. She was bound to ask this question.

"It was - a car accident."

"Oh. I’m so sorry."

"Don’t be. I just—I was looking through his stuff. I thought that maybe you would like to know. And--" Here it is. She’s going to think I’m insane. "Did you see anything weird with Alex?"

"Alex?" She hesitates. "Well, not really. He did get kind of grumpy occasionally. Why?"

"Oh I dunno. Just curious." Why did I come here? Was I really hoping she’d know what was going on? This poor innocent woman was busy mourning her own daughter’s loss and I come barging in on her! "Well, thank you for your time. I think I should be going now."

"So soon?"

"Yea. I didn’t mean to intrude."

"No. It’s no problem at all. You come if you have anything you need." Light bulb moment here, ladies and gentlemen.

"Well there is something I have to ask you? She looks at me expectantly. "Did Alex leave anything here?"

"Why, now that you bring it up. There is!" I thank whoever sent me that idea.


It’s a floppy disc! Praise you Alex. Thank you for using something that I can understand! Please no more cryptic messages. And please no more protected files. I open the file with Alex’s laptop, which I had unceremoniously dragged up here. It’s protected. Great. I bet it’s got some coded message that we have to decipher too.

Please enter password:
Invalid password

WHAT?! That was supposed to work! What am I supposed to do now? I try numerous passwords: Isabel, Leanne, computers, Studboy, geekgod. I tried everything and none of it worked. All those famous Alex lines didn’t work! Finally I spied something. Hmm....

Invalid Password

DAMN! Now I was really pissed. Ok one more try.

Invalid Password

Is this computer purposely trying to make me go insane? I think I’ve been staring at this screen too long. I need some fresh air.


Maria - WHAT?! You what? First Liz pulls another Houdini and now THIS?! Oooooh buster you are so dead! You and your raging hormones have not seen the last of Hurricane Deluca. And YOU! (points at Tess) YOU well better tell your son DADDY is very sorry when he can’t be there when he’s born.

Maria starts to swing her fists at Max to no avail. Michael holds her by the waist and just lets her swing.

Maria - MICHAEL! Let me go!

Michael - Maria. Chill.

Instead of chilling, Maria turns around and starts spewing Spanish expletives at Michael.

Michael - Whoa whoa whoa. Hey, listen. If you calm down I’ll give you these.

Now this catches Maria’s attention.

Maria - What is it?

Michael - You’ll be good?

Maria - Yes!

Michael - How would you like to go see Nelly Furtado tonight?

Maria squeals and hugs Michael, dotting kisses all over his face in the process. Max gives Michael a thankful look, but Michael just glares back.


I thought about everything that I had discovered. Everything. It had gotten me nowhere. Nowhere but lousy Albuquerque, New Mexico. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn’t even realize that I’d wandered into some dark alley filled street. I was lost. But I hear a pair of voices somewhere and follow them. It’s some guy and a girl fighting over something. Maybe they can help me.

"Listen, Matt Alex is dead" Whoa. Who is talking about Alex?


"SO? He knew who the girl was! That’s why they killed him!"

"I thought it was Leanne.?

“It wasn’t. And even it was, Leanne is dead too. What are we gonna do? This girl is the key to their existence! She’s their ticket home!"


"Yes really. God Matt don’t you care? Without her or the granilith they are not permitted to return!"

"So what do you propose we do? Hunt her down?"

"Well we can’t just hang out in alleys and not do anything! We need to find her before they get to her! If they’ve gotten to Alex that means they already know who it is!"

I’ve heard enough. If these people know what they’re talking about, which I think they do, they Alex was killed by aliens. Khivar most likely. All to find some girl. What would the others do if they knew? They can go home.



"Hey Maria."

"LIZ! Where the hell have you been girl? You’ll never guess where I am!!!"

"That’s great. Listen I found out some stuff."

"Yea. So have we."

"Um…it seems…Alex knew how they could go home."

"They? You mean?"

"Yea. Them."

"omigosh" I can just imagine Maria flailing her arms in an attempt to calm down at this point.

"Hello?" Oh great. I should have known Michael would be there.


"Where the hell are you Liz? You’ve got Maria going ballistic and now what did you tell her?"

"I was right. Alex knew how to get the four of you home."

"Home is where you should be."

"God you don’t get it do you? Home as in another planet home! And if you’re gonna go all Max on me and try make me come home I don’t think so."

"Whatever Liz. Where are you?" This is great. I call to tell them Alex died with the answers they have been looking for all this time and they want me to come home! That’s all they can think of? I don’t want to hear about it anymore. So I hang up on him

Michael - It’ll be okay Maria.

Maria - No it won’t! Now you can go home. You’re leaving me.

Michael doesn’t say anything, but he pulls Maria close as they listen to Nelly Furtado sing.

Though my love is great
Though my love is true
I’m like a bird
I’ll only fly away
I don’t know where my soul is
I don’t where my home is

The next part should be my take on the season finale....I can't even rightfully call it departure cause when I wrote it I didn't know what it was called....heee


I want to send my condolences to anyone who knows ANYONE in the twin towers or the planes or anything. this whole thing has got us all screwed up...

why can't we just all get along??

~Juliet :|

Jon~All of us have a destiny Garfield

I wonder what my place in history will be?

Garfield~Somewhere between Floyd the Whistling Snake and crab grass

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HI! I wanna thank Sara, Tabasco Liz, Mary, and Julz for feedbacking! *smile* this part is dedicated to you guys!

this part is actually my prediction for what would happen in departure. it's...different. basically I wrote it according to those promos that wouldn't stop talking about them leaving. haha

part 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lately I’ve been getting these flashes. I know it sounds impossible, but it’s true. Most of the time, I can’t tell what they are, but sometimes I can make out distinct faces. They always leave me with a headache. It’s like getting an electric shock from the person next to you, but with images. I got a flash from touching one of the lamps in my hotel room, and let’s just say I can’t sleep in that bed without thinking of certain things.

I’m feeling up for some more computer hacking, so I flick on the laptop to give it just one more whirl. I want to make this work, now that I have realized what’s at stake. Like before, nothing works. Maybe I should have asked Maria for more password hints. Once again that piece of paper that Mike gave me catches my attention. When I pick it up I get flashes, and suddenly I know what to do. 12, 4, 9, 13, 9.


It works. Joy and horror fills me at the same time. I finally opened the file. But what will it reveal? What will it say this time?

Liz is Leanne Liz is Leanne Liz is Leanne Liz is Leanne Liz is Leanne Liz is Leanne….


Max is in Tess’s room, watching over her. She is sound asleep, when Isabel walks in. She can barely tear her eyes away from Tess’s sleeping form.

Isabel – Max?

Max – Hey Is.

Isabel – Um…Michael….told me. About…..Tess.

Max – Yea.

Isabel – I’m really sorry. I—I’ve just been a pain the butt, and—and you have this to deal with.

Max – It’s okay. We’ll just forget about it okay?

Isabel – Okay. (pause) Listen….if you need anything…..I’ll be here.

Max – Okay.

Isabel starts to leave, but Max stops her.

Max – Wait! Iz. I need you to keep an eye out for Liz.

Isabel – Liz?

Max – She knows how to get back home.


The flashes just keep coming. The headaches pile on, and the images flow. It’s like I’ve become some sort of TV antennae. Then I have to deal with what I learned. Alex died because of me. He died protecting me from the same fate that Leanne faced. I also hold in my hands the power to send the pod squad back home. Through my flashes, I’ve learned how to activate the Granilith.

I don’t know if I really want to activate the Granilith. That would mean they leave for good. After all we’ve been through I wouldn’t want them to just drop everything and leave. Especially Maria. She’s been put through so much crap from Michael, that I don’t know if she can take his leaving for good. All these thoughts and more flow through my head as I walk the streets of Albuquerque. Tomorrow I’m going home. I want to make sure I know what I’m going to do when I get there.


Isabel POV

Here goes nothing. I mean, I’ve been in Liz Parker’s dreams right? It’ll be nothing. Hopefully not. Because I don’t want another boring love dream about my brother, and I want to find out where she is. As I enter the dream, I realize it could very well be another boring dream. At first I’m sitting on who knows what, and it’s pitch black. I take another look around and there’s an….Elvis?? I guess the dream is just starting because Liz and Max slowly come into focus. How did I know?

They’re getting married?! Liz Parker is in for a big shock when she gets back home. Which reminds me that I should be looking out for her current location. They say their I do’s and start dancing. They’ve got the whole ‘stare into my eyes’ thing and ‘I love you’ whispers going on. This is going to be a long night…

Come to me now
and lay your hands over me
Even if it’s not
say it will be alright
And I Shall Believe
Broken in Two
and I know you’re on to me
That I only come home
when I’m so all alone
That I can believe

Suddenly the scene fades and Liz is left alone in the dark with jeans. Maybe I was wrong; this dream could get better. Well what I see is definitely more interesting.

“Max?” I’m about to make some sarcastic comment when Max reappears. But he’s kissing Tess by some car in the rain. Liz just watches. The scene changes to Max and Tess in what seems to be their prom wear, still kissing. I’m officially starting to get wigged by this dream. Of course to top it all off, this scary looking Max with long hair and tight leather walks in. Can you say fashion nightmare?

“You know you’re just torturing yourself, right?”

“Go away.”

“You really should dream about other stuff.”

“Who are you to talk? This is all your fault!” She starts pointing at this weird Max’s chest. “If you had never—never come from the future, or if you had never loved me, or—or—if you had never saved my life Alex would still be here and everything would be alright!”

“You can’t blame me for something that you did.” What the hell are they talking about? “You could have ducked that day. You didn’t have to love me back. You didn’t have to pretend to sleep with Kyle.” All this time, the images of Max and Tess flash by: Max and Tess in bed ** AUGH**, Max and Tess with their son, Max whispering ‘I love you’ to Tess.

“I know.” Liz plopped down on the floor and started sobbing. Cool, calm, collected Liz began sobbing hysterically. At this point the dream must have ended because I was thrown out of the dream. I may not have found out where Liz was, but I discovered some other things that were as equally important.


I think I’ve had enough. With everything that’s going on, I can’t stay away any longer. I need Maria and everyone else. So I’m going home. That would be the decision that has me standing here at this bus station at six in the morning, watching my flashes. It’s almost like your own portable movie. Except you can’t understand any of it.

I’m given a jolt when someone rams into me. Everything, and I mean everything, falls out. After several “I’m so sorry”s and “Here you go”s, the guy is gone. Him and all my money. And so I’m left, standing there by a deserted station without any money.


Maria – Michael!

Michael – HHHrrrmmmm….?

Maria – Wake up!

Michael – I’m up…

Maria – I got a call.

Michael – It’s great to hear you’re so popular. Isn’t it a little early for school?

Maria – It’s Liz. She’s coming home today.


I’ve dug up every cent in my bag and pockets. Surprisingly I had quite a nice amount. Maybe I could at least get close to Roswell.

“Excuse me sir, but how far to Roswell would this get me?” I drop all the coins onto the countertop.

“Well lemme see here.” He pulls his glasses down and inspects my change. “Well it would probably get you about…here.” He points his thick nail at a spot on the map.

“You’re joking right?”

“Well maybe it would get you here,” He moves his finger approximately 2 millimeters further down. “But most likely you’d get to about here.”

“But that’s in the middle of nowhere!” It was true. The spot he had pointed out was nowhere near any cities or towns, and it was still a good distance from Roswell.

“I’m sorry miss.”

“Wait! Get me a ticket.”


I’m walking around in the desert like some person waiting for death. The only thing is that I’m actually trying to survive. The bus driver was really nice, and drove me to about twenty miles from Roswell, but his route went a different direction and he had to let me go.

Now I’m carrying my bags down this deserted stretch of highway. I keep stopping, but it’s not because my bags are too heavy. It stopped being that a long time ago. It seems the closer I get to Roswell, the more intense the flashes get. I can barely see past them, and I have to stop to make sure I don’t walk headfirst into any traffic (if any at all) that’s driving by. It’s taken me a long time, but I think I’m getting closer. I can see the lights of the town just over the horizon.



I don’t know what to do. I’ve never felt so out of control before. Usually I know what I’m doing, what I’m looking for, but this time it’s different. I know Liz is out there. But I don’t even have the faintest clue where she could be. So instead I’ve taken to driving around Roswell in the Jeep. Every figure I see is Liz, and everyone could have seen her.

There’s another figure on the street, cradling her brunette head in her arms. Bags are strewn on the sidewalk. I look again and it’s Liz, not just my imagination. My tires squeal as I pull up beside her. She doesn’t even acknowledge me. I think she’s crying.


Still she ignores me. It isn’t until I sit down and try to touch her that she reacts. She jumps up, right into oncoming traffic.


The visions are threatening to override my mind. Every step I take is torture. I’m sitting on the sidewalk resting. I’ve discovered that if I sit really still, the visions will calm down. It’s like sand in a glass of water. If it’s not moved or touched, it settles at the bottom. But at the slightest touch it flares up again. This logic has me sitting on the sidewalk, not moving, and tuning out the world.

Slowly, they fade and lessen. Until I feel something touch me. I don’t even have to look to know it’s Max, and I spring out of his grasp, approximately 5 feet from the car passing on the road. Tires squeal, and I know it won’t be able to stop. It’s too close and fast, so I stick out my arms stick out my arms hoping to maybe soften the blow. Somehow, the car stops. I don’t even stop to think; I just keep running. More tires squeal but I don’t look back. I head toward the first place I can think of.



“What is it?” The door swings open with an air of superiority. “Liz?”


“Glad you decided to drop by.” I push my way into his house.

“I need your help.”

“Ooooh no. Not that again. The last time I helped you, I damaged interplanetary relations.”

“It’s not that. I just—I’m seeing things. And they won’t go away.” I sit myself on the end of his couch and rest. His house has just as many flashes as the rest of the world.

“Hey man I’m sorry I was just kidding.” Out of the corner of my eye, I can see him reaching out to touch me.

NO! Don’t touch me!” I jump off the couch, away from Kyle.

“Trying to seduce Parker again eh Kyle? It’s Tess. She looks like she just woke up. Even sleepy, she can pick the worst topics.

“Hey man no.” Kyle looks at me, and I guess he saw my distress over the subject and said, “Listen just leave off it.”

“So what do you see?” Is Tess…being worried?

“I see…images. I don’t – I don’t know!” My mind is so cluttered it’s frustrating.

“Is it like, memories?” What memories are she talking about?

“No. Just, stuff I shouldn’t know. Like the future.” I see Kyle’s eyes light up. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that bit about the future…

“So, Parker. You wanna tell me tomorrow’s lottery numbers?”

“No Kyle. It’s not like that. I can’t control it! I don’t know what to do. I need help.” I sit down on the couch again. So do Tess and Kyle. Tess, of all people, puts her arm around me.

“You’re pregnant.” Tess jumps away like she’s stung. Her face is priceless.

“H—How do you know?”

“I just know things.” Like how their baby is dying. Max's baby. “You guys are going home.”

“Yea see, that’s the thing. Only you know how to do that…” Kyle really knows how to point out the obvious.

“You guys are going home. Next Monday. One o’clock. The Granilith.”

“Wait! How do you know?”

“I can’t tell you.” What would I tell her? That I’ll activate it for her? “Give this to Max.” I had an idea that something like this would happen. I also have this feeling that I won’t be able to see them again. So, while I was on the bus I wrote a little something for Max. “Give it to him after you get home. I have to go. Max is coming.”

I can’t leave out the front door- Max will see me. “Can I use your window?” Kyle nods. “Thank you. For everything.” Hopefully Kyle understands what I mean. I hug him and then run for his window.


Max bursts into the Valenti residence.

Max – Is she here?

Tess – Who?

The note is burning a hole in her pocket. Tess clenches her hands together.

Max – Liz.

Kyle – No she’s not.

Max – Did you see her?

Tess – Well…she was here a little while ago. She just left.

Max – I’ll be right back. I need to talk to her.

Tess – Max. It’s okay. We’re going home. Monday.

Max – How?

Tess – She wouldn’t say.


Michael POV

We’ve decided to tell Mr. and Mrs. Evans. It was more for Isabel and Max than for anyone else. I know if I had loving parents like them I would want them to know too. Plus, in a way, they were my parents too.

“Mom? Dad? We have something to tell you.” Max is silent, probably because he doesn’t want to tell any more than I do.

“What is it honey? Is something wrong? Are you in trouble?” Yea, just because I’m here, we’ve gotten ourselves in trouble.

“No. It’s not like that. It’s about us. About who we are.”

“Who you are?” Mrs. Evans is really, just too caring sometimes.

“Please Mom. You have to accept what we’re about to tell you. Don’t be mad at us.” Poor Maxwell.

“What’s this about Max?” Neither of them wants to answer.

“Listen Mr. Mrs. Evans.” Where did that come from? “The truth is we’re aliens.” Max and Isabel gave me the worst looks imaginable. I guess I never was one for beating around the bush.

“Excuse me?” At least I got their attention.

“Please Mom. We’re not making it up. It’s not bad. I told you so before.”

“Why are you telling us now?”

“Because…because we can go home.” Well, you know the story right? So, to make things short, they now know the story too…


Maria POV

We sat there, clinging to each other like there was now tomorrow. And there wasn’t. Tomorrow he would leave me. Leave forever. At that thought I clung to his shirt even tighter. But he let go.

“What is it?”

“Listen Maria. I want to tell you that I plan on coming back one day. I don’t plan on staying away forever.” He paused, and I knew he was having trouble finding the words. I let him think. “I love you.” Did he just say that? He did? I started crying. I think he was crying too.

“I love you too.”

“I want to show you. Show you that I’m coming back. I—“

“Shh…” I kissed him. I wanted to show him that I’d wait for him. That night was perfect. We showed each other our undying love. It was the perfect goodbye gift…


I stayed with Maria, instead of going home. I told her everything and she was understanding and supportive. She understood that I needed a little space. The day of their departure, I told her that I probably wouldn’t see them off, and she didn’t question my decision. She just nodded and left. It’s not that I hated them, or didn’t want to see them again. I was afraid. People were looking for me. Because of me, Alex was killed. I didn’t want that to happen to them. If they were following me, and they saw me go to the Granilith chamber, who knows what they might do.

I went for a walk. I had seen things in my visions. Nothing was clear or set in stone, but I could feel that things were changing. I knew I was not coming back to Roswell after this day. The only thing I wasn’t sure of, was whether or not I would see Max, and Maria, and the others. At this moment I decided I needed to see Max one more time. I turned and headed for the Granilith.

I rounded the corner to find big, broad shouldered men, or as Maria would call them, goons, following me. I walked faster, and eventually broke into a run. They fell further and further behind. At first I thought was because of their huge shoulders, but as I discovered when I turned the corner, it wasn’t. There were more “goons” in front of me. They grabbed me and I realized I wouldn’t make it to Max. So I reached out with my mind, and found him.

I screamed his name; I cried out to him. I struggled to free myself, until one of the big goons pressed his hand to my head. A burning sensation pulsed through my head. The last thing I saw were 5 glowing spots in the shape of a V, and the last thing on my mind was Max.



Maria already told me that she’s not coming. Tess has constantly reminded me. Yet I keep looking to the cave door. She has to come. She wouldn’t let me leave without saying good bye. At around 12:50, I think Tess finally got sick of me staring at the door.

“Here.” She crudely shoved the crinkled note into my hand and turned away.

Dear Max,
I know we have not really been on good terms lately, but I want to say goodbye. I have some things to tell you. I know your feelings have changed, but mine haven’t. What I have to tell you might not be important to you now, but they are to me. If I don’t tell you this, I’ll live to regret it for the rest of my life.
The four of you, Michael, Isabel, Tess, and you, make up a whole. Each of your powers completes each of the other’s. Without one of you, the rest fall. You, a future version of you, used the Granilith to travel back in time to change the future. You and I had gotten back together, and we pushed Tess away until she left Roswell. You, Michael, and Isabel couldn’t defeat your enemies without her, and Earth was taken over. So he asked me to make you fall out of love with me. I did everything I could: set you up with Tess, tell you all those lies, and pretend to sleep with Kyle. I hope you can understand that I would have died for you. I love you.

How could she say that? I still love her too. Now I’ll never be able to tell her. I fold up the note and save it for later. Tess tugs on my arm, signaling that it’s time to go. She gives me a sympathizing look. We give our last good-byes and head for the chamber.

At that moment I feel a tugging in mind. Like someone whispering my name at the back of my head. I turn and see Liz. There are these men, attacking her. She’s struggling and crying my name, but there is no sound. One of the men places his hand to her head, and a bright light beams across the wall. It’s the same one that came from my forehead that day in New York. She mouths ‘I love you’ and then the image fades.

“C’mon Maxwell.” My eyes linger on the spot again, before I finally tear them away. I follow Michael into the chamber, and leave Roswell forever.

~Juliet *tongue*

hey, if anyone is out there who reads this.....I wanna thank the mods and 'specially jen for doing such a great job on the board! *hug* thankee!

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ooo hey julz....I got the stuff for the code of I just incorporated it into the story. somebody actually took the boring time to translate the binary code back into regular numbers. *happy* it wasn't me. I don't deserve credit.

~Juliet *tongue*

Jon~All of us have a destiny Garfield

I wonder what my place in history will be?

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Hi!! thanks to everyone who replied! it makes me feel really special *big* Thanks Katie, Cleopatraroswellemperass, Julz, Mary, and Tabasco Liz!

My story may get kinda.....on the rough side. if ya got problems with that....I suggest you don't read. this part I suck at ratings but it isn't pg-13 for certain language and other actions....

Part 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Did you see that?” What I saw couldn’t have been my imagination. It was so real.

“See what?”

“I thought I saw something. This vision. Of Liz.”

“No man. I’m sorry.” Michael may know what it’s like to leave a loved one, but he doesn’t know what it feels to leave them like I have Liz. She’ll never know I love her, while Maria knows Michael loves her.

“Do you think we’re going the right thing?”

“I don’t know. But I hope so. We’ll come back. I promise.” I don’t remember how, but we leave. I’m pulled out of my sort of half daze when I hear screams. They aren’t really screams, because they communicate through the mind, but the startle me all the same.

**Oh your majesties! You have returned!**

**You have come back!**

**The queen!** I see Tess curled over on the floor. **Take her to the ward!** In the blink of an eye Tess and one of the other people have dissolved into thin air.

**Where is the other one?**

“What other one? Where are you taking her?” I wave toward where Tess was.

**She’ll be safe. Don’t you know about the other one? He contacted us. He was supposed to be here with you! It was crucial that he come with you!**

“There are only the four of us. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Liz must have known.” I don’t think I’ve heard Iz talk in a while.

“Did any of you talk to her?” It’s useless asking. I know where they were; they didn’t talk to her. “Why was he so important?”

**His powers surpass that of anyone this planet will ever see. He has the power to end the war.**

**Your majesty I bring bad news.** It’s the same person that “beamed” Tess away. **Your son has miscarried.** No. It can’t be. The reason I come home has died. It’s like everything has fallen apart. Clutching Liz’s goodbye note, I crumple to the floor.


**Whore** I could swear that person was in my brain.

**Get up** Whoever it is encourages me with a kick in the stomach. His words are less like words and more like ideas being planted in my brain. I force myself out of the haze I’m in and open my eyes. He spits at me, and when my hand comes away I find not only saliva, but blood. My blood.

“Where am I?”

He laughs an evil laugh and takes a swig of what I imagine to be beer. **Where do you think you are? You’re on Antar.**


**Yea. Your home planet. Get up you whore. It’s time to start training.**


**Your powers.** If it’s possible, he sounds exasperated. **Blow that up** He gestures toward the far end of the room where a lone rock is waiting to be destroyed.

“With what?”

**Your mind! Stop playing games and blow it up!**

“I can’t”

He slaps me squarely on the jaw. **Yes you can. Do it!** So I decide to humor him. I stick out my arm like I’ve seen Michael do so many times. Nothing happens. **What are you waiting for?!**

“I can’t do it.”

**You do what I say or you’re gonna regret it!** He grabs a bat from the corner and gives me a whack for good measure. Well now he’s convinced me. I stick out my arm again and focus. I don’t know what I’m doing but I imagine the rock blowing to bits. I don’t know if it was fear or sheer willpower, but somehow that sucker blew up.

**Took you long enough. Take her to her quarters.** From out of nowhere these men come to take me to my “quarters”. Some quarters they are. A little cot, and some showering facilities. I only have one set of clothing. I wonder where Max is. I wonder if he’s thinking of me now…


For the past few months they’ve kept me here. Teasing me and supposedly training me. After months of eavesdropping I’ve learned that I’m in a rebel camp. These people are fighting against Khivar and Max. A group of them kidnapped me and hitched a ride behind the pod squad’s spaceship. They are training me to kill the royal four, so that they can take over the throne.

I’ve learned to change molecular structure, as Max put it so long ago, and I can destroy whatever they put in front of me. They know about my past with Max, or Zan as he is known here, which would be their reasoning behind their calling me a whore. Secretly I’ve learned to mind warp. I warp the poor little dingots in my room. But they don’t really count because they’re little mice-like creatures with barely any resistance.

Up until now, I’ve obeyed their every command. I’ve heated their food, rubbed their feet, poured more alcohol. But one day, after a major win for their side, they brought in a prisoner. And they wanted me to do something I could never do.

**Rani! Get over here** That was their name for me. Short for Harani, whatever that meant. They showed me a haggard looking man. He was from a different camp, with a different seal on his uniform. I didn’t have to ask to know he was from wherever Max was.

**Kill him**

“What?” They were kidding right? I could never kill someone who had fought and lived for Max. I couldn’t kill anyone period.

**What? Are you scared? We’re doing this for your own good**

“I can’t kill him”

**Yes you can! And you’ll do it!** He grabbed my arm and forced it into that horrid position.

“NO! You can’t make me!”

**Whore! Do it! Or I’ll kill you**

“So kill me then!” I didn’t think he would do it, but I felt him start to gather up energy. I stared him down to let him know I wasn’t afraid. If this was how my life would end then so be it. At the last moment he turned away and blasted the poor soldier at the other side of the room.

“NOOOooooo!” They couldn’t kill him. I wanted to talk to him and ask him about the others. I wanted to know about Max’s son. He was my only link to my past…

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yea....ok THIS is the part that needs a little label. this is...I R? not nc-17 though.

Part 4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Our planet is divided into three warring factions. There are Khivar’s supporters, my supporters, and the Andites. For the past few months we have slowly eaten away at the Andites. It’s been a long and hard battle. We’ve both lost and won some. If we manage to defeat them, we’ll be able to move on to Khivar.

“I say we attack them here!”

“No Tess! That’s a completely useless base! We need to attack their main base!” It is useless. It’s a small secluded area off to the side. Nothing could possibly be there.

“How would you know? I heard there are swarms of them just waiting for us to attack so that they can back the others up! If we don’t take them out first we’ll be swamped!”

“NO! I say we go for the big one. We take them out now.”

“I agree with Maxwell. I’m ready to end this.” Another first. Michael? Agreeing with me? A lot of things have changed on this planet.

“Good. Then we launch a surprise attack tomorrow night. Get everything ready.”


“No buts. Final orders.”


The visions have pretty much stopped since I’ve been on Antar, but occasionally I get the wandering flash. I got one tonight. I’m not sure what it was, but I have a feeling it’s not good. The others, meaning my captors, have been edgy all day also. It’s like they’re expecting something to happen, but they don’t know what it is either.

I get out of bed when I hear yelling and explosions outside my chamber. I grab binky, my pet dingot and only friend here, and prepare to make my escape when the door blasts open.

**It’s her. Get her.**

“What? I didn’t do anything!” I let binky go when they grab me and I hope he found a way out.

**Don’t be so naïve.**

“What do you want?”

**I want repentance. You killed my best friend you whore.**

“Who? That guy they brought in? That wasn’t me it was—“

**LIES! All lies! They all said it was you.** No. They would turn me in to save their own skins. **Pin her down.**

NO! Let me go!” My screams were muffled by their gloves, as they pinned me to my own pitiful excuse for a bed. I became more and more frightened when they started tearing at my clothing. I could feel my energy start to build up inside of me. Then he put a wet kiss on my cheek and echoed **whore**, and then everything went blank. I vaguely remember screams and letting all my energy go before I blacked out.


**You're joking right?** I awoke to voices in my head

**No I'm not.**

**Her?!** He laughed a deep, incredulous laugh that ran shivers down my spine.

**Yes her. He tried to lay it on her, and she blasted him and his crew to bits** Oooh. Right. I had forgotten about that. I curled up as I tried to block the memories that came flooding back. I pulled my torn clothing closer around me when I realized I was in some sort of cell.

**So he didn't get any huh?**

The man let out a huge guffaw **You saw him. Did it look like h--** The man didn't get to finish his sentence.

**Where is she?**

The man sounded peeved **Who? How did you get in here anyway?**

**I have permission. Where is the girl? The one everyone is talking about?**

**She's safe that's all you need to know.**

**Here take this. Let me have her.** Is he buying me? Or is he bribing them?

**But Zan is coming in. What do we tell him?** Zan?! That's Max! Please don't let him find me. I can't face him after what happened to me.

**Tell him she escaped.**

**What?! No way. You take your money back.** No! Take the money.

**Fine take this too.** The man grunted and for a minute I wasn't sure if he had taken it. But the next thing I know the charged wall is dissolving and I'm being pulled out of the room.

**Don't worry. I'm here to help you** The man is an old, mature looking man in a robe. He kind of reminded me of my childhood physician. Somehow, he dragged me out of there with lightning speed. I was more than willing to let him, because just as we stepped out through the back, I heard Max's voice...


I sighed in content as I pulled the soft sheets around my softer pajamas. Then I realized I wasn't in my cot or cell and jumped out of bed. The old man from before was on the other side.

"What to you want? Where am I?"

**You're in my room. I'm here to help you.** He made a move towards me, but I stuck my hand out. To my surprise a shield formed. It wasn't like Max's. It was electric, and moving. It looked like a giant wall of lightning.

"Help me how? Who are you?"

**You can call me Wilson. I want to train you.**

"Train me?! Haven't you people trained me enough?? No. Get me out of here." I started to move toward the door.

**I wouldn't go out there.**

"And why not? How are you going to stop me?"

**Max is out there. You're safer in here with me.** I sighed and nodded my consent **Put, down, your, shield.**

"Uum, yea. I can't" The man, I mean--Wilson, laughed.

**Just relax. Don't think about anything. Breathe** I did what he told me to, and slowly my shield dissolved. **See? That's why you need to be trained.**

"No. I refuse to be trained"

**Sit down.** He gestured toward a chair. I sat down and he pulled another one up to me. **You have a lot to learn, and it's important that you learn it well, and fast.**

"Why?" They have a lot of people who can do what I do.

**People have prophesized about you since the beginning of time. Someone would be born who possessed great powers. That person is you.”

“I don’t even understand. How did I get these powers? I can’t do anything special anyway.”

**That’s because I have yet to teach you.**

“This about that training thing isn’t it? Can’t you leave me alone??”

**And can’t you let me finish?** I gave him a look, then I shut up. **Thank you. As I was saying, you have powers. Powers that no one on this planet has ever witnessed. You.** He leaned forward and gave me a look that bore into the depths of my brain. **possess the power to bring peace to our world. You can end the war.**

WHAT?! NO! No way am I saving another freakin’ planet! You—you’re just going to have to find someone else. I’m NOT doing this again!” Why me? It’s always me. I jumped up and headed for the door, but stopped when he grabbed my arm.

**Not even for Zan? For Max?** Ouch. He had hit a sore spot and he knew it. **Think about your decision. Millions of people will die. Millions of Max's people.** That did me in. I could deny Max anything. No matter how hard I tried.

“Fine. But no one knows I’m here. Especially Max. Ok?”

**Absolutely. But you’ll need a disguise. We’ll start with that hair…**


Wilson wasn’t kidding when he said he would start with the hair. He started by turning my hair a light shade of brown. Then he shortened it. He made it a bit long for a guy’s, but still workable. He left long bangs to cover my face with. The next thing he did was to fix my eyebrows and my eyes. I can barely recognize myself in the mirror anymore. To top things off, he gave me a big robe to hide myself in. It resembled his, but it was much less elaborate. Mine kind of reminds me of the robe Friar Tuck from Robin Hood wore.

Anywho, the conversation we had was nothing compared to what Wilson told me later on. Seems those Antarian prophets knew a lot more about me than I thought. They “foretold” of someone, maybe a guy and maybe a girl, who would be healed by a royal. He or she would be brought back with a love so pure, that it would change him or her forever, giving them powers unsurpassed by anyone. Unfortunately that love died, leaving me alone and with powers.

We trained for the entire past month, discovering powers I had never known. Powers he had never known. I not only had the powers to shield and manipulate structures, but I could mindwarp. I could dreamwalk as well. I think the best ability, would be my ability to move myself with my mind. One day, I just really wanted to be on the other side of the room, and I was there. That power will probably come in handy some day. Wilson also told me, that I have psychic powers. Through my dreams, and through flashes, I can see the future. That power scares me the most. The fact that my dreams may come true, well it just plain horrifies me. As does that fact that I will one day have to confront the Royal Four about my powers…

~Juliet *tongue*

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katie - I think I may be confusing some people here.... hehe if I am just tell me! *happy* well first off max has no idea that liz is anything special. he thinks the vision is either his own imagination (because michael didn't see it) or it's like what liz did in nyc. the people on his planet have no idea either. they just know that someone was supposed to come. someone who activated the granilith for the royal four. I hope that clarifies. *happy*

thanks julz for replying TWICE. haha it makes me feel twice as special *big*

*waves* hi mariana! thanks for reading my story!!

~Juliet *tongue*

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love ya'll! here's the next part! need to try and right more.....I'm so buzy with hw! ):

Part 5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Max - Tonight we send everything we've got. This war has gone on long enough.

Tess - Tonight?! Are you insane?!?

Max - No I'm not insane. I'm just sick and tired of people dying. My people. Our people.

Tess – Maax we’re not ready yet! Give Michael and me one more day to get ready. Then there’s no way they’ll stand a chance!

Max – But everyone is already suited up and ready to go right now.

His face started to turn his trademark red as he pounded the table and leaned into Tess’s face. For once, Tess did not back down but stared him down with as much determination. Suddenly, something snapped in Max. He pushed away and stood aside, rubbing his forehead like he often did now that he was in war.

Max – Fine. But there better not be any more excuses. Get out.


I tossed and turned but I couldn’t sleep for anything. By the sounds of it, Wilson had been asleep for hours now. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I carefully crept out of bed and out of the room I shared with Wilson. I stood in the cool hallway for a while before deciding to walk around for a little bit. The scary thing is where I wandered around to.

Somehow I managed to find myself in front of Max’s chamber. Max and Tess’s chamber. Even weirder, I disarmed the secured doors and invited myself in. I couldn’t help it. I wanted to see Max, just once, even if he was sleeping. Slowly, I moved toward his bed. He was, thankfully, on his side, facing me. I stood there for who knows how long, just staring at him. Wistfully, I brushed away a lock of his hair. And his eyes opened. Both of us froze, just staring at each other.

“Liz.” Before I could turn around and run, he had thrown his arms around me and was kissing me. “God, I missed you, Liz.”

“You did?” He nodded and pressed his head against mine. “I missed you too.” We kissed. We kissed slow, loving, languid kisses. I climbed into bed with him, and piece by piece our clothing disappeared.

“Max” Kiss. “Are you sure we should be doing this?” Kiss. “What about Tess?”

Without lifting his head, he managed to reply, “Yes. It’s always been you, Liz. I haven’t been with Tess since we left.” He brought his head up to my ear. “I want you.” My eyes shut in anticipation.


My eyes shot open. I wasn’t with Max anymore. I was back with the rebels. The man, the monster, was hovering over me. I tried to move, but found I was being held down again, like before. He leaned down over to kiss me.


I clutched at the bed sheets, clawing them to my chest as I sat up in bed. Slowly, I breathed in and out, in and out. It was just a dream. A very realistic dream, no doubt. And I probably woke up the entire base with my screams.

“Liz?” Yep. I did. Or at least I managed to wake Wilson.


“Did you have a dream? What happened?”

“umm…” I definitely did not want to tell him what my dream was about. But since my dreams usually meant something more than suppressed feelings, we had to analyze them. “It was…about the last time that…er…when you guys invaded the rebel base.” I hung my head, hoping that he’d get what I was talking about.

“I knew it. I could feel it. Something bad is going to happen. Go. Get out of here. Hide in the training room.” Wilson got up and shoved me toward the door.


Something propelled him. Called him out of his room. It woke him up in the middle of the morning.

He turned the corner and thought he saw someone turn the next corner. *Who would be up at this hour?* He snuck up around the corner, but they were already gone. Then he spotted a piece of paper on the floor. It read: TOMORROW. *Crap* Someone was leaking information.

Michael stepped around the corner, expecting to not see anyone, but instead there was someone walking slowly down the hallway. He was hunched over, creeping along the side of the wall. Michael called the guards and slowly followed the person. Without looking, the person sped up.

So Michael sped up. He sped up, then Michael sped up. Soon they were running.

The person rounded a corner, and Michael followed, hot on his heels. Without looking, he tripped and crashed.


I stood outside the door for a few seconds before I finally started moving. Wilson had never reacted that way before. He had probably had a vision. That was his power, the power of fortune. I didn’t question anything and started moving discreetly along the wall.

Suddenly I felt someone behind me. After the dream I’d had, I didn’t want to see who it could be, so I just walked faster. Unfortunately, whoever was behind me also went faster. I continued to go faster, and faster, but my pursuer went just as fast. By the time I rounded the corner I was in an all out run.

I must have kicked the corner, because I tripped and fell. What is it with me and corners? I figured I could at least try to get up and run some more when whoever was following me tripped over my back. Just my luck, I got up and ran back the way we had come. Right smack into a pair of friendly local guards. **You have to help me. There’s some—**

Wrong. They were not friendly. They grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me around. They pushed me down on my knees and pressed my head down. I tried to get up. **Hey but—**

**Shut up** They pushed my head back down. From the tops of my eyes I could see a pair of shoes come into my vision.

“Who are you? What are you doing?” Oh no. It was Michael. And Wilson had neglected to throw my robe out with me. “I asked you a question.” In the shock of seeing Michael, I had forgotten to respond.

**uuh…** My wavering answer obviously enraged him. He grabbed me by the arm and pressed me against the wall.

“Who the hell are you?? Are you a spy?? Answer me!” It was obvious he couldn’t see my face with my bangs, but there was no avoiding it. He was going to know whether or not I told him. Slowly, I looked up. My bangs fell away from my face and I looked Michael in the eye. It had been so long.

“I’m not a spy.” Michael gawked at me, then let me slide back to the floor.

“Liz.” Meekly, he waved off the guards and they hesitantly left us alone.

“Long time no see.”

“What the hell are you doing here?!”

“Long story. But basically I was kidnapped.”

“No ⊕#%$.” Jeez, Michael always had a bad vocabulary.

“Listen, don’t tell Max ok?”

“No way. I’m going to tell Max right now.” He turned to leave.

NO! You can’t!” I grabbed his arm and turned him back around.

“And why not?”

“Because I love him.” He looked at me, waiting for more.

“So? I’m still going to tell him.”

“Wait no!” He turned around again.

“Because—Because I love Max. and—but he…he loves Tess.” He stared at me for a long time. Minutes passed under his scrutiny, until he finally gave in.

“Fine. But it won’t stay a secret forever.”

“No, of course not. Thank you.”

~Juliet *tongue*

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new part new part!!! o dear! I'm sorry...took too long. :(

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Part 6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I don’t know why Michael believed it was me, or why he promised not to tell Max, but I don’t care. As long as he let me go. I hid in the training room, listening to the hustle and bustle of activity outside the room. It had been hours since I had my run in with Michael, and soon afterwards everyone else was awake. However, it wasn’t because Michael turned me in.

Turns out we were under attack.

Somehow, Khivar found out about some attack we were going to put on them. So they turned the tables and struck before we could. Not like it matters to me. I’m not allowed anywhere before Max and the others know. Fighting would only arouse curiosity. So, I sit in here and hide while people run around.

“Liz?” That sounds an awfully lot like…

“Maria?” There is no way that could be Maria. Yet, there she is.

LIZ! Omigosh girl! I can’t believe you’re here! I missed you so much.” Maria throws her arms around me and squeals that trademark Maria squeal.

“Maria! How did you get here? Oh, I thought I’d never see you again.”

“Well think again. I’m here. So tell me how has life been?”

“Oh, it’s been strange.” Should I tell her about my powers?

“Where are the others? Have you seen Michael?” Maria, as usual when she is really excited, doesn’t pick up on the vagueness of my answer.

“Uh…no. I haven’t seen anyone.”

“Well then let’s go see them!” Maria grabs my arm and drags me towards the door.

“Noo…Maria. I don’t want to see them. You can go by yourself”

** Liz!**

“What?” I’m not by the door anymore. I’m right where I’ve been hiding all along. Maria was never here. She was just a figment of my imagination. However, Wilson isn’t my imagination, and he really is giving me this impatient look.

**Don’t talk. If you talk the other’s will become suspicious.** I’m not allowed to talk, because if I do, other people will know that I’m not of this earth.

**Sorry. Forgot**

**It’s okay. You’ll get to talk soon.**

**What? What do you mean by that?** Please oh please, mean something other than what I think he means.

**I think you’re ready. It’s time to show yourself.**


People file into the room quietly and gather at one side of the room. On the other side of the room stood Max, Michael, Tess, and Isabel. There was a soft murmur as the crowd discussed what would be happening. Apparently this was what they were all waiting for; something that could change everything.

Finally the people stopped flowing into the room. In stepped Wilson with a robed and hooded Liz. They stepped into the center of the room, and the room fell into a hushed silence.

**Thank you all for coming today.** Wilson addresses the crowd. He turns to the other side. **Thank you Zan, Rath, Ava, and Vilandra.**

He continued, **Today, I am introducing you all to someone who will become a great asset to our army. I believe most of you know this person as Harani.** The room gasped and began talking. ** for you four,** he said, raising his voice above the chatter, **Harani is someone who comes from deep within the prophecies of Antar. Harani will be the deciding factor in this war.**

**In case anyone here has any doubts that this is Harani,** Wilson gestured to the robed figure beside him, **we are willing to put forth a little demonstration.**

**This** Wilson raised a shining, metallic piece of rock above his head, **is the strongest metal on Antar. It was used on the spacecraft that sent the royal four to Earth.** He set the rock down and stepped aside. Liz raised one cloaked arm towards the rock, and in the blink of an eye, blasted it to little bits. A fine granular shower fell on the occupants of the room. The shining bits were like a strange and mystical kind of snow.

Once again, Wilson interrupted the crowd. **If all of you would come together, the next part requires your assistance. I would like Harani to put up a shield. The rest of you will build your energies together and blast it towards the shield.**

Liz put up her swirling, purple shield, but no one was willing to do anything. They couldn’t believe that someone’s power could withstand the blasts of everyone in the room. Wilson gathered his power and blasted the shield, showing them that it was safe. Without a blink, Liz’s shield absorbed the blast. One by one, the others built up their powers. Liz pointedly looked towards Max, and they, too, charged up.

As if by some silent agreement, everyone let go of their energy at the same time

Before anyone could say anything, Liz turned once again and continued. She faced the four, who had no idea it was her, and proceeded to mindwarp the entire room.

She showed them what they missed the most. For Max and Isabel, it was their parents. For Tess, it was Kyle and the Sheriff. For Michael, she showed him Maria. Tentatively, they reached out and touched the fake images before them. The images responded with such likeness, that they couldn’t resist reaching out. It was the reunion they all wished they could have, brought to life.

The crowd watched on as Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess cried at the sight of their family and friends. Somehow, they never realized their royal party actually had lives off of Antar. The four hugged their friends, kissed them, told them what they longed to tell. And finally they broke free and the mindwarp ended.

Wiping the tears from her eyes, Isabel spoke up. “Who are you? How do you know our families? Are you from Earth?”

Silence. No one breathed, blinked, or moved.

**I believe you know Harani very well,** said Wilson. He made a gesture towards Liz, suggesting she reveal herself.


The wait was intolerable, yet no one moved. No one dared say anything.

Slowly, Liz pulled back her hood, revealing her newly dyed hair and eyes.

“I think you guys know me better as Liz.”

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Part 7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


More silence.

This silence was worse than the silence before. The crowd, waiting for the reactions of the royal family, and the royal four, in shock. Me, I was never more scared in my life. Being chased by FBI agents, fighting a pack of war-hungry skins, jumping off bridges ¡V none of them compared to this.

"No.¡¨ Tess finally spoke up. ¡§You can't be Liz.¡¨ Is she for real? Could there be any reason as to why I'm not Liz? ¡§Liz is dead.¡¨ Ok, maybe there is.

"I'm not dead. I'm right here. Who told you I was dead?¡¨

"Maria.¡¨ Is Michael serious? He can talk to Maria? "You can't be Liz. I'm sorry.¡¨ He looked in the back corner towards the guards and nodded. ¡§You're an imposter.¡¨

"NO! It's me! Liz!¡¨ All of them looked away. The guards came and dragged me away like I was some insane person who belonged in a mental institution. None of them were willing to look at me while they ordered my imprisonment.

And the silence came again.


They put me in the jailhouse. Nice little room surrounded by heavily powered walls. Walls that will probably knock even me out if I were to try and use my powers on them.

The guards look at me warily, not sure if I can or even will try to get out. I've been sitting here for the past day, thinking about what I did wrong.

Why did they think I was dead?

Why didn't they believe it was me?

Why didn't they trust that it was me?

All these questions and possible answers flood my mind while I sit here alone. They overwhelm my senses, my rational thinking, until I think I might just use my powers on the walls to sedate myself. But then all thoughts skitter away when I hear someone coming. The doors open, and in walks Wilson. I want to ask so many questions, but then I also don't feel like moving.


I just stare at him. I don't know what to say. After all, he is the one that let me make a fool of myself.

**They've been questioning me. Asking me about you...** He's afraid. There's something he is not telling me.

**I told them everything. About how you...** He's really nervous. **how you got here.**

**They didn't believe me.** Is that the really bad news? That's not that bad.

**They're going to question you later.** Wilson is making me crazy with suspense. **If they don't believe you...** They'll what?


"Then what?¡¨ My first words the entire meeting.

**They'll try you for spying and impersonation.**

"So? They don't have any evidence.¡¨

**They're the royal family. They can make evidence.**

"Oh. . .so...what happens when they find me guilty?¡¨

**They execute you.**

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