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Roswell Life Begins Here

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Liz and Maria Parker non-identical twins. They thought they were just normal eighteen year old girls until one day they realised that they are something special and here’s how.


Zan was a prince of Xeaver . Zan fell in love with Ayna, a princess from Antar an neighbouring planet to Xeaver. They all had a happy life and got married 5 years later destruction happened. A sniper called Kivar and Nicholas shot Zan, Ayna her twin sister called Anie who was married to Rath Zan’s twin brother and Vilandra and Kerin and also Ayna and Aine’s cousin Ava. It was a sad day for both planets . Zan and Rath’s mother had an idea. They could be cloned and sent as babies to Earth and put with Earth families who know that they are different so they can be given a second chance and find their soul mates and be together again.

Part 1

Maria and Liz had just finished their lessons for the day and were at their usual café Crashdown.
Liz felt a strong sense of power that she had never felt before. She winked at Maria to let her know they had company, when two guys Max and Michael came up to them. Max had a black shirt on and blue jeans. Michael had a T-shirt which was plain black and blue jeans.
Michael asked "Hi, are these seats taken"? he pointed to the two empty seats. Maria and Liz looked at each other and smiled and answered "they are now" so they sat down.
The two guys were staring at the sisters and Michael asked "I know this sounds corny but have we seen the two of you before somewhere? My name is Michael and this is Max." Liz then replied "probably we go to West Roswell High. I am Liz and this is my sister Maria".
Liz suddenly felt dizzy and she got a ringing her ears and then she had what looked like a vision. Maria saw her sister looked worried and confused and asked "Liz what is wrong" Liz answered " Can I have a word with you in private?". The sisters walk outside and Liz starts telling her sister about her vision. "I know this sounds weird but I saw you get shot". Then all of sudden a gun went off and Maria tried not to scream in pain. Their best friend since childhood Kyle was standing opposite the café came running over to Maria and Liz. "Are you all right Maria? Kyle asked worriedly Maria looked down at her stomach and amazingly her stomach was healed. "I am fine". Maria grabbed shocked Liz by the hand and ran.
Meanwhile at the café Max noticed that the girls have left and Liz’s purse was on the table so Max took it and put it in his rucksack and left with Michael. In the car Max told Michael " I don’t know for sure but every time I see Liz I feel like she is the one that our uncle told us about. Do you feel that way about Maria?". I think so. I just wish we knew more about our people. Nesaido said we have to find our soul mates and then we will know what we will be one what ever that means. And we know that you connection with your partner is meant to be stronger than mine with my partner.
When they reached their apartment Maria shouted frightenly "What the hell happened" Liz answered "I had a vision that you got shot and it happened".
Liz felt another sense of power which was different to the power she got when she sensed Max and Michael. This power was somehow telling her to join hands with Maria Liz said to Maria. "Hold my hands I want to see if something happens. Maria replied " This is silly what do you think is going to happen ? a bright flash of light". Liz giggled and grabbed her sister’s hands and all of a sudden a connection was formed. It was a warm fuzzy feeling and they then noticed that they were in a light filled room. Then the two sisters saw a lady dressed in white she had long brown hair like Liz and Maria, blue eyes like Liz. The girls realised that it was someone that they know. "Hello Liz and Maria, I am your mother Kara. I think now you have guest that you both are special. You both have different names. On Earth your names are Liz and Maria Parker. But on our planet Liz you are Ayna and Maria you are Aine. We crashed on Earth twenty years ago". Maria asked "Why are we here?". Kara just answered "My children let me tell you a bit more about who we are. We are all from the planet Antar. There are others here on Earth belonging to our planet. "You have a cousin Ava she will be in trouble she can’t use her powers probably you must find her and help her in anyway. There are two more of our people you have to find. Your soul mates Liz you are destined to be with Zan. Maria you are destined to be with Rath. "What you mean? Our destiny. We have never met them" Liz told her. "My daughters you have met them and you will find out soon when the time is right".

Part 2

"Why are we here?" Maria demanded getting quiet annoyed. Liz put her hand on Maria’s shoulder to calm her down and then asked "How come we don’t remember any of this?" Kara just smiled at her daughters "Aine and Ayna, you were both always such curious children, you Aine especially. Your father Raven wiped your memories so you would be safe from the FBI. Find your family and take care of each other. My darlings we will speak again soon. Ayna from now on you will be getting visions of the future . Aine help your sister when she gets them. Your new life begins here and now. Good luck my daughters. One more thing to remember everything happens for a reason. Bye for now." And then the sisters found themselves in their apartment. They felt confused and scared.
All of a sudden there was a knock at the door which made them jump. Liz went to the door to answer and it was Max. "Hi what are you doing here and how did you know where we live?" "Liz, you left your purse at the café. When you both left very quickly. So I decided that I would bring it to you. It had you address inside it and that’s how I knew where you lived".
Max handed Liz’s purse to her and she said "thanks for giving it back". Max replied "No problem. I am glad I could help". Max seemed to not want to go. Liz of course did not want Max to go either. She wanted to get to know him. She was trying not to look at his lips she then had thoughts in her head, what would it be like to kiss him?. Liz snapped out of her thoughts when she could feel Maria’s eyes staring at her and Max.
Maria was feeling a bit uncomfortable as Max and her sister were having a staring match. Liz asked Max "Is anything wrong"? Max answered "I was just wondering if you both would like to go out with my twin brother Michael and myself tonight "? Your twin ? Maria repeated "I did not know that Michael was your sister" "Yes he is. So will you"? Max asked hopefully again.
Maria answered "No, we can’t sorry. " Before her sister could say anything. Max tried to hide his disappointed face and said " Well OK how about another time then"? Liz answered "Yes that will be great".
After Max left. "Maria what is wrong? I thought do you always liked Michael." Liz asked her sister.
"Yes I still do it just that fifteen minutes ago our mother came to us and told us that are not of this earth".
"Look it is all right. There is nothing to be worry about its just we now know that we are special. I still want to have a nearly normal life. Lets make a connection Liz said as she held Maria’s hand and they were connected. Liz explained "Maria, there is something I think you need to remember. Mum and Dad were taken by the FBI ten years ago cause they were found out. Do you remember? Ten years ago you, me and our six year old cousin Tess were playing in the back garden and I went into the house to get a drink. I saw three men in black suits carrying mum away and put her into a car. Dad dragged me out in the garden and put his hands on our heads probably to remove our memories and then told us to run into the woods and hide. Dad got caught. Ava somehow got separated and we were found wondering the streets and ended up in foster care. Where we were taken in by Nancy and Jeff Parker."

Part 3

Maria was shocked to hear this and asked her sister "How do you know all of this"? Liz answered "I don’t know. As soon as we made a connection the memories all came flooding back to me." "Do you remember now?" Liz asked Maria "Yes I do".
"What other powers to you think we have got? Maria asked Liz "We can do this Liz touched her hand on her sister’s cheek *Hello Can you hear me?* a voice in appeared in Maria’s head Maria realised that it was her sister. *Yes I can answered Maria* *We better not tell anyone about this till we know who to trust. Liz told Maria. Maria agreed. The rest of the night the sisters talked about their family and asked each other about their cousin. "Do you remember her" Maria asked Liz "Only a little bit. I wonder where she is now. We have to find her. "In the meantime what are we going to do about Kyle." Liz asked Maria " Oh my God! I forgot. He saw you get shot ". "Maria We can’t tell anyone until we know who to trust and what we have to do." Liz told her sister.
The next day at college Maria and Liz managed to avoid Kyle all morning but he found them at their lockers. "Hi Liz, Maria. How are my favourite girls? I was wondering if you would call to talk about what happened outside Crashdown ". Liz answered "Oh, sorry we were busy. And I do not know what do you mean" Maria lied. Kyle looked hurt that his two best friends would not tell him what was going on
Maria dragged Liz back into one of the empty class "Shit he know something is up" Maria said worrying. "Calm down it will be all right." Liz told her sister.
Liz was in her Biology class and Maria was in her Art class and they were called into the principal’s office. They were a bit worried because they had never been to the called in before to see the principal.
Maria asked Liz* What’s going on? do you think they have found out something about us?* Calm down there is nothing wrong ,but deep down inside Liz was just as scared as her sister. They knocked on the door belonging to Mrs Webb who told them to come in and sit down. "Liz and Maria there is a new student starting today and I would like it if you two could show her around the college and she will be taking Sociology and Physiology . And I know that you are both taking Physiology. Her name is Tess Harding and she is here from Albuquerque and is here on a scholarship. I just go and get her so you can meet her" when the Principal left Maria started to talk to Liz *Do you think that she could be Ava? Liz answered* I am not sure we will have to see.
Mrs Webb came in a moment later with a girl who had long blond hair and blue eyes and she was wearing a blue long denim skirt and a white T-shirt who look very familiar to both Liz and Maria.

Part 4

"Tess this is Liz and Maria Parker the two students I told you about . "Hi, welcome to our college" Maria greeted Tess "Its good to meet you" Liz said. "OK I will let the three of you get to know each other. Go to lunch now" Mrs Webb.
When Mrs Webb was on her own she picked up her mobile and dialled a number. It answered after three rings and she spoke.
"It is Susan Webb here I have got some more information about the project P.H.F.A." "Hello Agent Pierce?"
"Hello Agent Webb, what have you got"? A voice came out of the phone.
"Well. I have put three girls together who I think are definitely related to Julie Parker in fact I am positive that her sister daughters are here Liz and Maria Parker . So do you want me to carrying on watching them and report back to you?
"Yes I think that would be a good idea. Oh I am sending four agents to you."
"Oh thank you. I know just where to put them. So they can watch the girls. All right I call you later. Bye"
When the three girls came out of the principal’s office. Tess asked "So where do you go for lunch? I brought my lunch from home" Liz answered "Yes, we did as well the cafeteria food is a flee pit". "And to answer your first question Liz and I go and sit under a tree in the summer "Why don’t you come with us? (Maria has a quick look at Liz and she nods yes)."Well OK if you both don’t mind" "No not at all". All through the lunch hour Tess was asked about her life and Maria and Liz talked about their lives leaving out the Alien factor.
Tess could sense something differently about Liz and Maria. She felt that she knew them but she could not remember where from.
After college Liz and Maria went to their part time jobs at Crashdown . During their shift Max and Michael Evans came in and sat down at their usual table and the two brothers were smiling at the sisters , Liz notice that the guys were staring at her and her sister. Liz asked Maria* Max and Michael are looking at us do you want to serve them or me? * I know that you want to so go for it sis* Maria answered. Liz just nodded ‘thanks’ and then walked over to them.
"Hi guys, welcome to the Crashdown. I am Liz and I’ll be serving you, what can I get for you today"? Liz asked politely as she tried not to blush when she saw that Max was giving her the once over. Max answered with a smile, I think we have two Cherry Cokes and two Alien Blasts with saturn rings oh and can we get two Men In Black pies for dessert please and can we have a bottle of tabasco sauce. "All right it won’t be a minute" as she wrote their orders down on her pad and walked off.
When Liz left Max’s eyes was fixed on Liz. He loved her long brown hair, her beautiful smile, the way she walks. He was thinking If only she could know that he loved her Wait ! did I say love? I had only just met her how can I be in love? Unless she is my soulmate. Oh god I hope so.
Michael was thinking. Oh Maria, why do I feel like I know you ?
Liz came back with their drinks and their food "Well here you are. Enjoy your meal." Liz said politely and walked off.
When Max and Michael got home they found Nesado waiting for them. "Well any luck? Have you found them? "I think so" replied Max. Without warning Max collapsed onto the floor
When their shift was almost over Liz was cleaning in the cafe while Maria was cleaning the kitchen. Liz suddenly felt dizzy. She telepathically called Maria who came running as Liz fell down.

Part Five

Max realised he was with Liz was in a light filled room and she saw Max and her real mum. Kara told her daughter "Ayna and Zan watch this" Liz and Max saw two people who looked very familiar to her she realised that it was a older version of herself she looked about twenty five years old and the other person was a guy. "Max, that looks like you" Max could not believe his eyes he was standing with Liz and they both were looking at their older selves Max looked about twenty six years old. Liz noticed that her older version’s stomach looked big. Liz realised her older self was pregnant. Liz somehow knew that it was a baby girl inside her other self. Kara smiled at her daughter’s and her soul mates shocked faces "This is what should happen". "You mean Max is my soul mate" she looked at Max and smiled. Max took her hand in his "and we going to have a baby?" Max asked amazed "Yes but it is in danger of not ever coming true. You must be very careful from now on. You are both in danger of being discovered. Tell Aine what you saw. Go to each other now. All four of you are stronger together. This might never happen if you do not act now". And then she vanished.
Liz opened her eyes and found Maria looking frightened. She got up and said "We have to talk". So the girls finished cleaning up and locked the café with their keys and headed to their apartment.
Max woke up and looked at the worried faces of Michael and Nesado. I was right Liz is my soul mate. And then proceed to tell them what he saw
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ That night Liz told Maria about her visions. Maria asked "So Max was in you vision. So does that mean I am meant to be with Michael as well? cause they are brothers". Maria went on and started to grin while teasing her sister "And I am going to be a aunt wow. I never you wanted to have children at twenty- five. I wonder if I am going to have a niece or a nephew"." I don’t want to have any children till I am out of college, got a very good job and most of all married. I had a feeling that my unborn child is a girl. I don’t know about Michael. But we have to talk to Max and Michael. Another thing I am worried about is that the danger that our Mum told Max and I about. I mean know one knows about us. You know that every time I see Max I feel connected to him in a strange way".
"I feel connected with Michael but I don’t think in the same way as you feel with Max" Maria told her sister.
Maria asked Liz. "So when do you think we should tell them"? Liz answered "I think we need to speak to them tomorrow.

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