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NOTE: This part is a little bit, okay, a lot smutty *tongue* And I had to split the post into two parts. SO be sure to keep reading.

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Chapter 17
Monday morning a trip to Liz’s doctor confirmed her condition. So Max and Liz immediately set to work trying to rearrange things to accommodate for the new addition to their family. In between this new planning and taking their finals, they also had to figure out how they were going to tell their parents, parents who had specifically warned them to be careful. When Liz’s mom called on Wednesday to discuss some final details for the graduation/wedding reception, Liz was near tears through the whole conversation. Then she talked to Max’s mom and by the time she was off the phone she was a sobbing mess and had to call Max. He’d done his best to calm her down over the phone, but they were both worried. The news of their marriage hadn’t been easy and neither of them could even hazard a guess as to how their families would respond to news of the baby.

By Thursday they were able to eliminate some of their stress as they finished off their finals. After Saturday graduation would be over with followed by the party and then all they’d have left would be telling their parents. For now, they were going to wait with that news until Liz started her second trimester. It would give them some time to get used to the idea themselves.

Liz spent her Thursday afternoon shopping with Isabel and Maria. Their intent wasn’t necessarily to buy but to scope out everything they’d be able to buy with their graduation money. They’d only been at the mall less than twenty minutes when they lost Liz to the baby store. Both girls had been informed of Liz’s condition and fortunately they’d reacted better than Michael. So they all spent an enormous amount of time oohing and awing at all of the cute little baby clothes. After that they had to check out all of the babies stores. Then they decided to take a break to get some food. Liz was starving.

As she sat there gorging on a piece of pizza, Maria started laughing. Liz stopped chewing mid bite. “What’s so funny?”

“It’s nothing…it’s just that…well, I was thinking about you and Max in Costa Rica. You guys were like bunny rabbits. Then I was thinking that you should like own stock in condoms or something. Obviously though…that form of contraception doesn’t work for you two. So do think baby Evans was a product of your ‘Jungle Love’?” Maria asked.

Liz felt herself blushing. “Yes…we’re fairly certain we know when the baby was conceived. There was only one time we didn’t….” she let her words trail off not wanting to finish the sentence.

Maria was laughing again. “Was it that last night after you and Max had that fight and he sang to you? I remember Max coming to the door of the hotel room. He was like…frantic is the only word I can think of. Michael made he and Alex play rock, paper, and scissors for a condom. It was so funny. Alex ended up winning and then I guess Max, like took the rubber right out of his hand and ran off. You guys must have had one hell of a night.”

Despite her embarrassment Liz was laughing at Maria’s description of events. Max hadn’t told her about taking the condom away from Alex. “Actually, I fell asleep before Max came back. We didn’t do anything that night.”

“God…so it must have happened like the first time then because you guys weren’t alone that much,” Maria commented.

Isabel was glaring at the both of them. “Can we please change the subject? We’re starting to tread on dangerous ground here. I really do not need to know this information.”

“Then shut your ears princess because I don’t want to be out of the loop,” Maria informed her.

“Maria…that’s really private. It isn’t something I feel comfortable sharing…”

“Oh come on Liz. Was it that time when we all took that boat out to the Island and you and Max snuck off to that secluded place in the cecropia trees?”

Liz’s mouth dropped open. “How do you know about that?”

“Well, we were looking for you to ask you a question and we might have seen something that…”

“OH MY GOD! I can’t believe you! You were spying on us?” You were trying to find out what was going on for your stupid bet weren’t you?” Liz was furious. She was so angry with Maria right now. She’d taken something that was completely private for her and Max and made it into some kind of show.

“You knew about the bet?” Isabel asked.

“Of course we knew. Did you guys think we were stupid? It’s why we started to pretend to be together at first and then…that night at the club it just sort of happened.”

“Isabel do you know what this means?” Maria asked, trying to keep a straight face.

Isabel shook her head in confusion.

“It means…that Michael and Alex really did win the bet. How crazy is that?” she said before she burst into more laughter. She calmed down when she saw the look on Liz’s face. She was clearly not amused.

“Okay…Liz, I’m desperately sorry for the invasion of privacy. I promise that it was a mistake. And as far as badgering you for details, I will do so no more. Forgive me, please?” Maria gave Liz her best apologetic face.

Liz relented. She didn’t want to have to add being mad at Maria on her list of things to do. It would be much easier to just move on.

And move on they did. They spent the rest of the afternoon shopping, with both Isabel and Maria giving Liz a bad time when she looked for things for Max. They were, however very helpful.

In the meantime, Max had plans of his own. He was working on a very special night for Liz. They’d been so busy making plans and worrying that they’d barely had any time to celebrate. The celebration wasn’t just about the baby either. Max had gotten other news to celebrate and he planed to do so over a romantic dinner. He’d let Maria and Isabel know his plans so they’d agreed not to bring Liz back to the apartment until closer to dinnertime.

By five thirty the apartment was aglow with candles spread everywhere. The small kitchen table was set with their good dinnerware and there was music playing softly in the background to set the mood. Everything was ready. Max had even paid off Michael to make sure he kept himself scarce for the evening.

He’d just finished fixing dinner and had set it to warm in the oven when the door to the apartment opened. Liz walked in, all smiles from her afternoon. Max turned around when he heard her come in and smiled at the surprised look on her face as she took in the sight of the apartment.

“Max…” she said, her voice catching as she finally looked up at him. “What is all of this?” He moved forward so that he was standing in front of her. She’d dropped her shopping bags to the floor by then so he reached out, taking her right hand in his and brought it up to his lips, kissing her knuckles tenderly.

“This…is for you. We’ve been so preoccupied with other things these past few days that we never took the time to celebrate…the baby, each other, being done with and school and now…. my new job.”

“Oh, Max…. wait…. did you say new job?” she looked up in excitement.

Max nodded, his own face settled into a grin. “Yes, as a matter of fact, I did. I got the call this afternoon. The public high school, the one that’s only about a thirty-minute drive from where you’ll be finishing school, wants me to teach eleventh grade English. I go in next week for the details but it means that we don’t have to worry so much about things. With my salary and health insurance we should be just fine, even when you stay home with the baby.”

Liz could barely contain her excitement, especially when she could see how happy Max was over this. This day just kept getting better and better.

Over dinner, Max told Liz more about the job. “It’s exactly what we wanted. Plus…I think I talked them into including a housing allowance. I was thinking that after the graduation/wedding reception is finished we could maybe start thinking about looking for a new place to live. We can stay here through the end of July so there’s no rush, but it might be nice to figure out where we’re going to live before we get busy with other things.”

Liz nodded her head in agreement. She loved watching Max talk about this. It was incredible to see how animated and excited he was and we thrilled about how everything was falling into place for them.

“So tell me how shopping went?”

“Well…. I wasn’t going to buy anything today but we passed a baby store and I couldn’t help my self. All of the things in the window were just so cute that I had to go in and look.”

Liz couldn’t sit still. She got up from her seat and went to retrieve the shopping bags she’d dropped earlier.

She found the bag from the baby store first. “I know this is silly but I had to buy it. And it was so little and…” she pulled out a pair of small yellow pajamas with little footies. “What do you think?” she asked.

Max felt his grin getting bigger as he stared at his wife, the woman carrying his child. Looking at the baby clothes suddenly made it that much more real to him. “It’s so tiny,” he said, the awe apparent in his voice.

Liz walked over and sat down in Max’s lap, letting him hold the little baby pajamas. They both just sort of looked at it for a moment. “It’s hard to believe that in seven months we’re going to have something that little to take care of and love,” Liz
said. In response Max kissed her neck and settle his hands over her womb.

“It’s absolutely amazing,” he told her.

They sat like that for a little while, just enjoying the moment.

Liz’s thoughts soon changed direction though and she was no longer thinking about babies but rather the hardness that was poking into her rear. This made her think about shopping this afternoon. Sitting up a little straighter she reached for the shopping bags again.

“I got you some things today too while I was shopping,” she told Max.

“What?” She could tell by the way he was looking at her that he really didn’t care about what she’d gotten for him. He’d definitely care soon enough.

“Socks,” she said, pulling them out of a bag with a flourish. “Half of yours are getting holes in them and I’m going to throw them away the next time I do laundry. Oh…I found you three new dress shirts. Isabel helped with the styles but I decided on the colors because there are just certain colors that I really like when you wear,” she told him. Max told her thank you and was about to kiss her to show her how much he appreciated being thought of when she pulled away again. “I also found you a new tie to wear for graduation. Your mom told me on the phone yesterday that she didn’t like the one you wore to dinner the last time and I know that’s the one you were planning on wearing. And if your mom is anything like my mom, you’ll never hear the end of how you wore an ugly tie for such an important day. Especially when she sees the pictures.”

“Wait a second…I picked that tie out myself. I don’t think it’s ugly,” Max said, suddenly feeling the need to defend his taste in clothes.

“Oh… it isn’t ugly Max, it just doesn’t really match. This one does,” and she pulled the tie out and draped it around Max’s neck.

“So it looks like you bought out the store. Are you hiding anything else in those bags?” he teased. He was rewarded with a smile and watched in fascination as a gleam appeared in Liz’s eyes.

“I got myself something. Want me to try it on for you?” She looked like she really wanted Max to say yes and he could never tell her no so he nodded.

“You go do that while I put the dishes away and clean off the kitchen counter.” It was a good excuse, giving him a little bit of time to set up his plans for the rest of the evening.

So Liz jumped off Max’s lap, her shopping bags in hand, and went into their bedroom to try on her new something for Max. She couldn’t help but smile as she changed. She had a feeling that Max was going to be more than a little surprised when she walked out there to show him what she’d gotten.

He was just putting the dinner plates into the dishwasher when Liz cleared her throat. He looked up and the plate in hand dropped to the floor, causing it to bounce off the other dishes in the dishwasher. He wasn’t even aware that the plate had broken. “Wow…” he said under his breath.

Liz was standing in the doorway wearing a black lace and red silk negligee. It barely covered anything and yet it didn’t reveal enough. Max fought to breathe air into his lungs because the sight of his beautiful wife had taken his breath away. For a second all he could do was stare at her. She was so beautiful, more beautiful than he’d ever seen her…she was practically glowing. The effect would have been almost ethereal if she hadn’t been dressed like a temptress.

“Well…what do you think?” her voice had taken on a sort of husky quality. “I suppose I should mention that I actually got this for you too,huh?” Max was in front of her in three long strides, lifting her up into his arms. “You are too good to me,” he told her as his hands moved to cup her ass. Liz laughed and moved herself closer to him. “Does that mean you like it?”

Max could only nod in response. He went to kiss her but was thwarted when Liz started talking. “Do you realize that we haven’t made love since before we found out I was pregnant? I think this is something we seriously need to take care of, Max. I’m going through withdrawal.”

“Me too…” his words trailed off as his mouth moved in to taste the hollow of her throat. He knew that his plans for the night had been shot to hell, but he didn’t care. This was just as good, if not better than what he’d had in mind.

Liz sighed as Max continued to leave wet, warm kisses on her neck. This is what she’d had on her mind all afternoon. As soon as she’d seen the nightie all she’d wanted was to come home to Max, go straight to bed and make love until they were too tired to move.

His hands pulled her more tightly to him. “Max...let’s go to bed,” Liz told him. He readily agreed and followed Liz into their bedroom. She immediately began to work at getting Max out of his clothes. His sweater came off easily enough and her hand tossed it on the floor at the foot of the bed before going for his belt. She pulled it out of the loops and flung it aside. Max could barely think straight as he watched Liz move swiftly. Her nimble fingers soon had his pants pooling on the floor around his feet.

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The next thing he was aware of was being shoved backwards onto the bed and Liz crawling up his body and straddling him.

“Max...what’s wrong? Have you forgotten how to do this?” she teased.

He smiled and shook his head. “No...I’m just surprised. You aren’t usually this aggressive. Not that I don’t like it. I do, but....”

“Max. Shut. Up. And. Kiss. Me.” Liz said punctuating each word with a kiss to his exposed chest.

He obeyed and was soon caught up in the feelings that always came with loving Liz. Their mouths dueled fiercely, each trying to devour the other. It felt so good to be touching each other like that again. Max’s hands roamed freely over the expanse of bare skin as well as the supple flesh that tantalized him from beneath coverings of silk and lace.

Liz let out a string of breathy sighs as she felt Max’s hands on her body. His light caresses teased her...then he would squeeze her flesh, making her moan and want more, only to have him resume his teasing.

Max was insanely aroused. He was so hard already that he felt like he was going to burst. It could have been due in part to the longest period of abstinence he had experienced since he and Liz had gotten together. Or it could have just been the fact that his wife was damn sexy. She kept rubbing against him, her lace covered wetness moving back and forth over his arousal. He wanted to turn her over and rip her panties off and thrust into her with everything he had. But he knew he couldn’t. If he did he’d lose it fast and he didn’t want that to happen unless Liz was right there with him.

“’t hold back,” Liz whispered against his ear as she ground her bottom harder against his erection. It was like she could sense that he was almost she knew he was trying to hold out.

Max groaned out loud and Liz kissed him deeply. Then she was pulling away from his mouth and sliding down his body. He arched off the bed as she drew the tip of his penis into her mouth, letting her tongue trace around it. Her tiny hands lightly caressed his length as she licked the head like a popsicle.

“Sweet....Jeeesssuss...Liiiiizzz, I’m gonna cum,” Max hissed out, feeling the way his balls began to tighten. Almost as quickly as she started, she stopped and in the next instant she was impaling herself on his cock. She squeezed the inner muscles of her vagina around him once...then again as Max tried to thrust up into her tight body. She felt too good....he couldn’t hold back and came quickly with a loud groan. Liz continued to rock her her hips against Max’s as his seed filled her.

After Max had calmed down some he was able to open his eyes. When he did so he saw Liz’s eyes, bright with arousal, looking down on him. He immediately felt guilty and opened his mouth to apologize but Liz stopped him by covering his mouth with her own. “I wanted to watch you cum,” she whispered against his lips.

At her words, Max knew he wanted the same thing, to see her shatter into a million pieces. He kissed her again, switching their positions so that she lay beneath him. He sat back for a moment, contemplating his plan of action as he surveyed his wife’s warm, welcoming and waiting body.

Her nipples were hard and pushing against the confines of the lace that pretended to cover her breasts. They became his first target as he brought his mouth to an engorged bud and began sucking it, flicking it with his tongue until the lace was soaking wet with his saliva. Then he moved to the other nipple, imparting the same attention. He looked up at Liz and delighted in the way her eyes were closed and her neck was arched back from the pleasure. He slipped down her body, leaving wet kisses along the silk and evading Liz’s hands that were trying to pull him back up to her breasts. For a moment he almost gave in but he had something else in mind. The silk material of her nightie had bunched up around her thighs, leaving the tiny scrap of lace that covered her in view. With one hand holding on to her hip he used the other to spread her legs. The scent of her arousal washed over him, letting him know just how much she wanted this. He nuzzled his nose against her inner thighs before doing the same to her center, eliciting a loud gasp from Liz. He moved his mouth over lace that was already soaked with her juices. After a moment of that he used his teeth to drag the panties from her body. Immediately he lapped at the pink, puffy flesh open before him. His tongue strokes were long as he licked up and down her folds, careful to avoid the nub at the top of her sex that gave her the most pleasure. His ministrations were furthered by the mewling sounds coming from Liz. Her hands moved from where they gripped the sheets to grab onto his hair, holding him closer to her.

It was at this point that Max became aware of his own stirring arousal. Hearing Liz’s softly cried pleas, Max finally took her nub in his mouth, twirling his tongue around it. Then he began to suckle on it, much like he had her breast. At this Liz’s hips began to buck upward. “Oh....God....Max...Yes...Yessss..Harder.....oh god!” she cried out as she felt the movement of his talented tongue against her sensitized flesh. She could feel the fire in her belly building, tightening her muscles and then she was gasping in release as the waves of her orgasm pulsed through her.

As she lay there panting in the aftermath, she wasn’t sure she’d ever be able to move again. She was paralyzed by the pleasure that made her body throb.

“Mmm...Max,” she finally purred, her voice one of complete satisfaction. Max moved up her body and was now on his side, facing her, his one supporting his head as he looked down at her, the other caressing her still heated flesh. Liz opened her eyes slowly, giving Max a contented smile. “Thank you,” she whispered.

“It was my pleasure,” he told her and then he had to kiss her again. As the kiss deepened, Max pressed himself closer to Liz and she could feel his arousal poking into her hip.

This time, Max took the rest of Liz’s nightie off so he had free reign over all her skin. They went slowly, the urgency to join together, somewhat satisfied from their earlier releases. They came together that time and it was an exhausted, but completely satisfied couple that fell asleep in each other’s arms much later.

“Liz....sweetheart, are you okay?” Max asked. He was leaning outside the bathroom door, waiting for Liz to come out. It was Saturday morning, the day of graduation and their dual purpose reception. Liz had woke up ten minutes earlier and run straight for the bathroom. He could hear her being sick inside but the door was locked and he couldn’t go help her.

He heard the sound of the toilet flushing and then running water before the door to the bathroom finally opened. Liz came out looking tired and pale. “Morning sickness,” were the only two words she could manage.

Max winced at the thought and pulled her into his arms. Then he took her back to bed, crawling in with her. It was early still, only eight o’clock. He would stay with Liz and she could rest for awhile. They weren’t meeting their parents until lunch at noon. The graduation ceremony was at 2pm and then followed by the reception. Max hoped Liz would start to feel better or they were going to have to break the news sooner than they had originally planned. He was worried about Liz though. This was going to be a full day and he didn’t want her to wear herself out.

At ten o’clock they both got up to get ready. Max went to get Liz some crackers and tea while she took a shower. He sat her tea on the nightstand by their bed and sat down to wait while she finished.

The nausea stayed with Liz as she finished up her shower. All she wanted was to go back and curl up in bed again. She made her way back to their room. Max got up immediately to help her to the bed. “Are you feeling any better?”

Liz shook her head in response. “My stomach’s still queasy and I’m really tired.” Max tucked her into bed again and kissed her forehead.

“I put some crackers and tea on the nightstand. Go ahead and try to rest. I’m going to get myself ready. I’ll wake you up in an hour,” he told her. Liz barely managed a nod before she drifted back off to sleep.

Max cast a worried glance at Liz as he left the bedroom. He knew that the morning sickness was just a part of the pregnancy, but he didn’t like seeing her so pale and knowing that she felt terrible.

He got ready quickly and did his best not to disturb Liz in the process. Although from the soft snoring sounds she was making, he knew she was out. Which was why he felt bad when he tried to wake her a little after eleven o’clock. “Sweetheart....Liz, wake up. Our parents are going to be waiting for us at the restaurant in less than an hour. You need to get ready if you’re feeling better.”

Liz’s eyes fluttered open then. For a moment she managed to give Max a smile. He was about to ask her how she was feeling when a look of panic came over her face. “Oh my god! We’re going to be late!” she exclaimed, jumping out of of bed.

Max was startled to say the least. The woman that was now running around their bedroom could not be the same woman who he’d practically had to carry back to bed earlier that morning. But it was and Liz was obviously feeling better. And as wonder woman Liz worked quickly to get ready, Max thought about all the other things he was probably going to learn through this pregnancy.

They met both sets of parents at the restaurant at noon. Both mother’s commented on how pretty Liz looked and how she and Max made a stunning couple. Liz’s father shook Max’s hand and gave him a nod. Max knew that meant that so far it seemed like he was doing a good job of taking care of Liz. It was obvious their parent’s anger over the marriage had quickly dissipated and now they were proud of the couple. Despite this, there was still some uncomfortableness. Luckily, Alex and Isabel showed up, distracting the parents momentarily.

Lunch was fine....until Max’s father decided he wanted a cup of coffee. No sooner had the waitress brought it out and set it down in front of Phillip, then Liz dropped Max’s hand into his own lap, using hers to clamp over her mouth as she went off in the direction of the restrooms.

Everyone looked startled and then questioningly at Max. “Uhm....” he stuttered...”Uh...Liz, uhm...she-she’s just really nervous about this afternoon,” he told them. They all nodded, seeming to believe him. Except for Jeff Parker, who gave Max a suspicious look.

“I’ll...uh...I’ll just go...check on her,” Max mumbled. He got up from the table and went in the direction Liz had gone.

He stood in front of the ladies room debating whether or not he should go inside. By the time he’d made up his mind to go in after her, Liz emerged, her cheeks looking pale. Max immediately pulled her into his arms.

“You okay?” he asked, his fingers sifting through her hair. She nodded against the crook of his neck.

“The smell of the coffee made me nauseous,” she told him.

Max left Liz to wait for him while he went to get her purse for her. He assured everyone that she was fine and told them that they were going to go ahead to the auditorium. They’d see them after the ceremony.

Liz was feeling ten times better than she had earlier that morning. Her mind began to focus on other things, like the reception they were going to following the ceremony. She was going to have to meet and greet a hundred new faces. She wasn’t very excited. What she really wanted was to go home and ravish Max like she had the other night. But it would, unfortunately, have to wait.

Commencement went off without too much difficulty. Maria tripped walking to get her diploma, letting out a huge shriek. She’d quickly tried to brush it off, but Michael had been howling with laughter, making everyone else there chuckle with him. Of was even funnier when the exact same things happened to him during his turn. Liz and Max had gone one after the other and after Max had been handed his diploma, he’d gone to walk off stage and found Liz waiting for him so they could do it together.

Thousands of graduation pictures had followed, only to by cut short when the mother’s left to go take care of last minute reception details.

Max and Liz were instructed not to show up at the reception until five o’clock. So they decided to go back to their apartment for awhile. What they didn’t expect was to find Michael and Maria there. The couple had jumped quickly when Max and Liz had first entered the apartment, obviously surprised to be interrupted.

“Hey guys...what are you doing here?” Maria asked, trying to appear casual.

Liz wasn’t fooled though. Both Michael and Maria were acting suspiciously.

“Did we interrupt something?” Liz asked, raising an eyebrow. Michael was shuffling nervously on his feet, obviously hiding something behind his back.

“Uhm...yeah..actually,” Maria finally said looking at Michael with a ‘What do I do?’ expression on her face.

“Yeah...” Michael jumped in. “See we were going to ....uhm...have sex on the couch. But now that you’re here...we won’t be ...uhm..doing ...that anymore.”

Max looked back and forth between Maria and Michael and then glanced at Liz. He could see the wheels in her head turning. He knew she was going to question them and frankly....he didn’t even want to know what was really going on.

“Come on honey, lets just go into our bedroom for a little while,” Max suggested, taking Liz’s hand and pulling her away.

As soon as the door to the bedroom shut, Maria sank back down onto the couch. “Oh...geez. That was close,” she said, giving a sigh of relief. Michael sat down next to her, nodding his agreement. As soon as he did though, she smacked him on the arm. “Sex....on the couch? What were you thinking?”

“Hey! It was all I could come up with on such short notice. Besides, don’t blame this on me. You’re the one that left this here, not me,” he said, gesturing to the videotape in his lap.

“Whatever. We’ve got it now let’s go. Mrs. Parker wants us to have it all set up by the time Max and Liz get there. She’s being really anal about every detail. I think that must be where Liz gets it.” They left the apartment as quietly as possible.

“What do you suppose Max and Liz are doing to pass the time?” Maria asked offhandedly as they walked out to her car.

Michael smirked. “Hello...were you not in Costa Rica with the rest of us? Max and Liz are doing what they’ve been doing since this whole thing started. Wild Monkey Sex.”

“Oh...Michael. You do know how to make it sound so romantic,” Maria said sarcastically, rolling her eyes as they headed off for the reception.


“Mmm.... right there... yes... oooh... lower..... oh... yessss.... right there... oh god, Max, you’re so good at this,” Liz groaned out as Max’s wonderful hands worked their Magic.

“I try,” Max said with a smile as he continued to massage the tense muscles of Liz’s back.

After a few minutes they switched and it was Max’s turn to be on the receiving end of the massage.

“Part of me wishes we could skip this,” Liz told him as her hands worked the corded muscles of his shoulders.

“Yeah...I know, but our mother’s worked really hard to put this together.’s a celebration for us and I like the idea of celebrating being married to you. I’m excited to get to show you off,” Max told her.

Liz giggled. “Well, when you put it that way....I guess. Plus, presents, we’re going to get lots of presents.”

“Oh you think so huh....oh yeah...that’s the spot right there...” Max groaned as Liz’s tiny fingers rubbed out a knot near his shoulder blade.

“Yes, presents. As in lots of houseware and maybe money. We can put the money we get aside for the baby, don’t you think?”

“That’s probably a good idea,” Max agreed. Liz giggled again and he felt her whole body wiggle against him as she straddled his rear. Unable to stay face down any longer, he quickly flipped over so that Liz was now straddling his waist. He looked over at the clock. It was almost four thirty pm. “So...Mrs. Evans, we’ve still got some time to kill....wanna make out with me?”

Liz laughed and then nodded. “Sure...why not? Just no more than kissing okay? We can’t be late.”

TBC The reception is next...wonder what Michael and Maria have up their sleeves? Will Max and Liz make it on time? Stay tuned. *big*
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Chapter 18

Nancy Parker looked at her watch again. It was five o’clock and there was no sign of Max and Liz. She looked around nervously at the banquet hall full of people. She was a little worried. It wasn’t like Liz to be late for anything.


The small bedroom was fairly quiet...that is if you didn’t count the sounds of deep breathing and moans. Liz let out a content sigh between Max’s kisses. They were laying on the bed...making out like a couple of teenagers. Liz’s skirt had been hiked up to her thighs and Max’s hand teased her over the top of her panties while the other felt up through her blouse. Liz had unbuttoned Max’s shirt, leaving his tie around his neck because she hadn’t been able to undo it. Her own hands roamed the bare skin that was still partially hidden by the shirt.

As Max’s hands continued to tease Liz, one of her own wandered down to cup him through the front of his slacks. They continued to kiss and every once in awhile Liz would giggle and Max would smile down at her with so much love and adoration in his eyes that Liz would have to kiss him again. She liked this....being with him without the usual sexual urgency.

“Mmm...what time is it?” Liz finally asked between kisses. She was vaguely aware of the fact that they probably needed to get going.

Max pulled back and Liz smiled at the sight of his messed up hair and puffy lips. His eyes widened as he looked at the clock. “Shit!’s a quarter after five pm. Our parents are going to kill us!” he exclaimed. He quickly pulled his hands back from her body and began to try and straighten her up. Liz pushed him away and told him he’d better worry about fixing himself up. He was quite the ravished sight.

Fifteen minutes later, after speeding through every stop light, they made it across town to the banquet hall. The parking lot was full and they had to park in the last row. They practically ran to the front doors. When they reached inside, both slightly breathless, they were pounced on by a very nervous Maria and Isabel.

“You’re late!” they exclaimed simultaneously before Isabel grabbed Max and Maria grabbed Liz, pulling them in opposite directions.


“What the hell is going on?” Max asked, pulling out of his sister’s grasp.

“Max...there’s no time for an explanation. I could have explained if you would have shown up when you were supposed to. But since you and Liz were probably off doing....what you do best, you don’t get that explanation. get five minutes to get your ass dressed,” Isabel informed him as she shoved him into a small room.

“What are you talking about?” Max was more than a little confused.

Isabel didn’t answer she just shut him into the room and went off to check on any last minutes details.

Max turned away from the closed door in frustration. His eyes landed on a garment bag draped over a chair. Isabel had said something about getting dressed. She must have meant whatever was in the garment bag. He unzipped the bag and his eyebrows rose at what he saw.


Liz was having much the same reaction as her husband as Maria sequestered her in her own room.

“Liz, me. Just put the dress on. As soon as your read...we can get this show on the road,” Maria told her.

“No. Not until you tell me what’s going on,” Liz demanded. She wasn’t going to let this go any further until she understood just what ‘this’ was.

Maria was saved when the door to the room opened, revealing Nancy Parker. “I’ll take it from here Maria Why don’t you go make sure that Mr. Parker is ready.”

“Sure thing Mrs. P,” Maria responded. She gave Liz her imitation of Alex’s classic thumb’s up gesture and left the two women alone.

“Mom... what’s going on? Why did they drag Max and I apart? I thought this was supposed to be our wedding reception?”

Nancy smiled at her ever curious daughter. She felt herself start to tear up. Her baby girl was all grown up now. “’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony,” she told her.

“What do you mean?”

“I’re getting married today Liz. We wanted you and Max to have a real ceremony with all of your family and friends here to share it with you.”

Liz was so surprised and moved by this she couldn’t speak. This meant they were accepting her’s and Max’s relationship. They were giving them their blessings and full support.

Before Liz could start crying, Nancy drew her attention to the beautiful white dress hanging up near the door of the room. “I hope you like your dress. I had Isabel and Maria help me pick it out.”

Liz hugged her mother. “Thank you. It’s wonderful.” And it was. It was exactly the kind of dress that Liz would have picked for herself. It was a-line with a slit up each side to allow movement. The neckline was scooped with two thin straps. The white silk was stunning and the whole dress was beautiful in it’s simplicity. It looked even better on Liz than it did on the hanger.

“Honey....your beautiful,” Nancy said as she helped Liz zip up the dress. “Max is going to be speechless.”

Liz bit her lip and giggled. “He’ll definitely be surprised.” Liz looked at her mother and sighed. “ don’t know how much this means to me. I just...this is really special. Thank you.”

After another hug, Nancy left Liz alone while she went to retrieve her husband. They were going to give their daughter away today


He was standing at the front of an archway, waiting for her. Michael stood by him, his best man. His parents smiled on from the front row of chairs lined up in the banquet hall. Alex and Isabel were sitting next to them, holding hands.

The music started and Maria came down the aisle holding a small bouquet of flowers. Max smiled at her and she gave him a wink. And then he saw Liz.

Her father walked her down the small aisle. Liz thought it was taking her forever to get to Max. Her feet wouldn’t carry her fast enough. But then, suddenly, she was there, and her father was handing her over officially to Max’s care.

Max smiled at his beautiful bride. Her own smile reflected everything he was feeling. They both knew how special this moment was to them. Even more so because all of their friends and family were there to share in their happiness.

The preacher began the ceremony....

They renewed their vows...vows that had been made in their hearts several times. But this was a declaration to those closest to them that they had made a choice to love and cherish each other forever.

After he’d kissed her thoroughly, Max pulled Liz close to him. “Each time I say I do...I mean it even more than the time before, because I love you more each day. I’d never imagined that I could be this happy,” he told her. Liz smiled through her happy tears and kissed him. The kiss was interrupted by catcall and whistles and clapping from all the guests. They pulled apart, smiling at everyone and laughing somewhat sheepishly.

“You realize that this gives us the whole ‘we’re newlyweds’ excuse again?” Liz asked as they watched the hall being cleared and tables get set up for the reception. “We can act like sex fiends and be guilt free again.”

Max laughed and pulled his wife to him for another kiss.

The reception was soon in full swing. The food was served and people were chatting...dancing. Max and Liz were dutifully making rounds and talking to all of their guests, telling them thank you. The whole time, Max kept Liz close, keeping an eye on her. They had had a long day and with the added excitement of their impromptu wedding and her being sick that morning...he was sure that Liz was going to break. After an hour of mingling, Liz decided she needed to sit down and Max was quick to go off in search of water. He sat with her, holding her hand, asking if she was okay. After the fifth time, she rolled her eyes and laughed at him.

“Honey...I’m fine...really. I’m not going to break. This has just been a crazy day, that’s all.”

Max nodded. He was about to say something when someone starting clinking the champagne glasses. Michael got up then and gave a quick speech and had everyone raise their glasses in a toast.

Across the room, Jeff eyed his daughter suspiciously as she ignored the flute of champagne in front of her and toasted with a small glass of punch. Maybe he was being paranoid but he had a sneaking suspicion that there was something going on that Max and Liz weren’t sharing with anyone.

After Michael’s speech, Maria took the microphone.

“ honor of Max and Liz’s special day, we have a special presentation to make.” As she spoke, a screen lowered off to Maria’s left. The lights in the banquet hall dimmed. “This is a tribute to Max and Liz put together by some of their closest friends and family. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

Everyone quieted down and the video started. Liz gripped Max’s hand not sure what to expect.

It started off calmly enough as pictures of Max and Liz as children came up on screen as well as some family footage from home videos. It was all a little embarrassing but everyone oohed and awed over what cute kids they were. Suddenly...Alex’s head popped up on the screen. He waved at the camera. “Hey everyone..I’m uhm, Alex Whitman and now that you’ve gotten to know Max and Liz separately, it’s time to learn about them together.

Isabel’s face filled the screen.
“For some of may seem that this relationship blossomed over night. But those of us who know Max and Liz best, know differently. It started back in their freshman year of college. Let me tell you...Max was practically impossible to live with when he came home for Thanksgiving that year. He brought Michael with him and being the nosy little sister that I am....I eavesdropped,” she said with a mischievous smile.

Michael came on screen then. “Max was smitten the first time he saw her. He had her in his Freshman Seminar class. I was the lucky guy that got to be his roommate and so I got to hear all about her after every class. It was always ‘ Liz has the most amazing smile’ and ‘She’s the smartest girl I’ve ever known.’ I think that he thought the sun and moon set in her eyes.”

Liz glanced over at Max, smiling. He looked a little embarrassed but it only made her love him more. He’d wanted her that whole time.

Maria’s face replaced Michael’s. “Of course...the attraction wasn’t one sided,” she segued to Liz’s roommate from Freshman year.

“!” the girl, Anna, had a nasally voice and thick glasses. “Liz used to write his name all over her notebooks. And she’d talk about him like he was Prince Charming. I’m surprised she ever got any work done, she spent so much time day dreaming about him. She was so shy though, that she never could work up the courage to ask him out.”

“Obviously, they were both oblivious,” came Maria’s voice over as a picture of Max and Liz filled the screen. It was from that first year. They’d been working together on a project. Max and Liz were surprised by the picture. They were sitting side by side looking at each other. Their attraction was clear by the looks on their faces.

A collective ‘awe’ went through the room of guests as they saw evidence of blossoming love.

“So what kept our lovely couple apart?” Alex’s voice asked.

“None of us is sure, but we all witnessed the longing looks exchanged across campus.” There were chuckles around the room.

Max and Liz were both laughing. They were passed being embarrassed and now they were actually enjoying this little display.

The video continued.

“The time apart lasted until the Spring semester of 2002 when ‘fate’ brought the couple together again and gave them a little push. Everyone meet ‘fate’” Dr. Seligman’s picture, one from the Costa Rica trip, was displayed on screen. “This is the man responsible for reuniting Max and Liz,” Alex’s voice explained. There was more laughing among the guests.

Michael’s voice came next. “Costa Rica became the tool that fate would use.” More picture of Costa Rica flashed up on the screen then. There were some shots of things they had all seen....even a picture of the penis palm came up, spurring some murmuring from the audience.

“Here’s a glimpse of how it all happened....” Isabel’s voice trailed off as actual video footage of Max and Liz working together on the trip spliced in. Through little snippets you could see their relationship blossoming. One of the scenes was Liz talking to Maria and Isabel. Every other word out of her mouth was about Max. “and...then he found this flower and he said it reminded him of me....”

Michael’s voice interrupted then... “Max has always been Mr. Shakespeare,” he said somewhat sarcastically. The next scene was the waterfall with the whole group minus Liz.

“Max...buddy. Lighten up, it’s a waterfall,” Alex yelled from the water to Max, who was standing on the rocks.

“Sorry,’s just not as fun without Liz,” came Max’s response.

Again...a collective ‘ sweet’ ran through the guests.

The next scene was their wedding at the resort hotel.

Liz squeezed Max’s hand a little harder as they watched their first wedding take place. She could feel herself getting emotional over it....then she had to laugh because watching Maria try to translate the wedding was actually quite funny.

The scene cut away to Isabel. “Of wasn’t all paradise. They were only married a day when Max had to do a little bit of groveling for his new wife.” At that, footage of Max singing to Liz in the bar on the last night in Costa Rica came on.

The room burst into laughter. Max felt himself blushing. He’d been unaware that that had gotten videotaped. Liz felt Max shift uncomfortably as he serenaded her on screen. Chuckling she pulled his face to hers and kissed him, mouthing ‘I love you’ against his lips.

They turned their attention back to the video screen.

“So they started their life together...both only sure of one thing....”

A picture of Max and Liz came up....they were sitting there...Max leaning his forehead against Liz’s, his eyes closed...a look of contentment on both their faces. Liz’s voice could be heard.... “He’s the one...” she said. “I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life. He just...makes my entire life that much better and being with him is more satisfying than any award or research grant or even a Nobel prize in Chemistry. He’s everything...”

Max’s voice followed. “There’s just something about her. I can’t describe it. There aren’t adequate words and I’m an English major, so I should know. I do know one thing though. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I’ll spend my life making sure she knows just how much she means to me.”

Max pulled Liz closer to him, wrapping her in his arms. He remembered saying those words....and meaning each one.

The screen changed again from the picture to video of Michael, Isabel, Alex and Maria.

“So their journey together is really just beginning and we know it going to have some rough patches...but we have every confidence that theirs is a love that will last,” Isabel said. “Good luck brother and to my new sister too.” She winked. “You’re going to need it, Liz.”

Michael went next. “My only advice is for Max. Always remember that Liz is right and you are wrong. Even if you know it’s not will certainly keep you off the couch.”

“My turn,” Alex piped in. “Max...buddy, always leave the toilet seat down.” That was all he said. He might have said more but he was interrupted by Maria.

“To say that I’m speechless would be a huge lie,” she told the camera with a cheeky grin. “I’m so excited for you two. You’ve got your whole future ahead of’s all happening...”

The rest of Maria’s speech was ignored as Max and Liz looked at each other in shock. Maria had just outed them.

Looking up they saw flabbergasted expressions on the faces of their parents. These expressions changed quickly as their gazes landed on Max and Liz.

“Oh God,” Liz said, gripping Max hard in her panic. “They’re coming this way.”

Sure enough, the parents were all head directly toward them.

Max swallowed hard, hoping to god that Jeff Parker hadn’t brought that shot gun.

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Chapter 19

“Shit!” Maria said as she watched the parents barreling down on Max and Liz. “That’s my fault, isn’t it?”

“Sure is, Blondie! I thought you said that you’d fixed that?” Michael said somewhat accusingly.

“I forgot to. There was just so much going on and I didn’t even think…”

“Maria, calm down. It’s going to be okay,” Isabel assured her. “They were going to have to tell everyone sooner or later. Liz isn’t going to be that skinny forever, ya know. This is just probably a little bit sooner than they had planned.”

Alex couldn’t talk. He was too busy laughing at the whole thing.
“Max…hide me!” Liz said to her husband as she watched their parents come charging towards them.

“Do you think we could make it to the doors before they reach us?” Max asked, grabbing a hold of Liz’s hand.

“I…” Liz swallowed hard. There was no way to escape. It was too late. The moment of truth would soon be upon them and there was no way to stop it.

Max held Liz’s hand tightly as the faces of their shocked parents came into clear view. He could feel himself start to sweat. He hadn’t been this nervous since they’d had to tell their parents about getting married. Everyone knew how that had turned out. Max looked down at the table quickly. Good…paper plates. No glassware in sight. That only relieved him a little bit as he looked up and met the eyes of Jeff Parker.

“Do you two have something you’d like to share with us?” Diane asked, eyeing her son and daughter-in-law.

“Uhm…You’re going to be grandparents?” Liz said lamely. She felt like a child again with them all glaring down on her and Max like they were passing judgment. She was at a loss for words.

“Were you planning on ever telling us?” Nancy asked, trying to mask the hurt she was feeling at being left out.

“Yes…of course we were going to tell you. But not like this. We wanted to invite you all to dinner and tell you then along with our other good news,” Max explained.

Jeff Parker raised his eyebrows at them. “What else could you possibly add to this?”

“How about that Max got a really good teaching job at a school close to where I’ve been accepted to Grad School?”

Max nodded. “We just didn’t want to share any of this news with you over the phone. It’s too special for that.”

Liz jumped in then…tired of feeling like she and Max had done something wrong. “That aside…I think that it’s time you all recognized that Max and I are adults and you don’t have to treat us like children. We’re married and we’re going to be parents now, something that we’re particularly thrilled about. So, unless you’re going to congratulate us and be happy for us…we don’t want to hear anything else you have to say.”

Both Max and Liz stared expectantly at their parents.

Diane opened her mouth and then closed it again. Liz’s own mother looked stunned. And as they waited for a response Liz felt tears prickle her eyes. It sure seemed like they weren’t going to be happy about their own grandchild.

Surprisingly, it was Jeff Parker who broke the silence. “You’re right Lizzy. Congratulations…we’re very happy for you and Max,” he said with a smile. “It’s wonderful news…a little surprising but wonderful nonetheless. Please don’t misconstrue why we seemed so upset. We worry about you because this is another big adjustment and no matter how old you get…you’re always going to be our kids. Someday…when this grandbaby of mine is older…you’ll understand. As for my grandbaby…this is going to be one spoiled child,” he said. Then he bent down and gave Liz a hug from where she was sitting. After that he shook Max’s hand.

It might have been Max’s imagination but he could have sworn he saw an evil gleam in Jeff’s eyes. He felt the man’s grip on his hand tighten and tried not to wince. He was getting ready to bolt and run for his life when Jeff surprised him and smiled. “Welcome to the family, Max”

Jeff laughed inwardly at the frightened look in Max’s eyes. It was good to know that he could keep Max on his toes. It meant that he knew just whom he’d have to deal with if he ever hurt Liz.

As soon as Jeff had spoken the others got over their shock and began to congratulate Max and Liz. The excitement of a new baby had them quickly forgetting the shock of the news. Hugs were exchanged along with handshakes and the parents put aside any doubts they had in favor of supporting their children. Because sometimes you have to learn to let go. And besides…they’d get their revenge on Max and Liz when their own children started to wreak havoc in their lives. Then they’d know just how frustrating being a parent could be.


The next few weeks went by quickly. Max and Liz had to find a place to live and so the search for a home took up the majority of their time. Their first instinct had been to find a two-bedroom apartment near the University so Liz wouldn’t have to travel very far to get to her classes, but after consulting with both sets of parents they’d been advised that an apartment wouldn’t be the best choice.

That’s how they ended up taking a whole Saturday to house hunt with their parents.
“This is much better than renting a place, Max. You can make payments toward the house and it will eventually be yours. If you had an apartment you’d still be paying in every month but you wouldn’t be getting anything out of the investment. Besides no grandbaby of mine is going to grow up in some cramped apartment,” Jeff explained to his son-in-law.

“Yeah…that makes sense,” Max responded, not wanted to argue with Jeff at all. They still had a pretty tenuous relationship.

Currently they’d all gathered for lunch at Applebee’s before they were scheduled to meet up with a Real Estate agent. Max’s mother had insisted that this woman really knew her stuff and she’d be wonderful to work with.

Max and Liz had already discussed everything they were looking for in a home. They knew exactly what they could afford and what they needed. They knew they had to have game plan before coming into this. So while they would take their parents suggestion into consideration, they’d promised to keep each other from being swayed toward something that they hadn’t discussed and agreed upon.

“Why don’t you two tell us what you have in mind?” Nancy suggested. Maybe if they heard what the kids were thinking about they could all be more helpful.

“Well…we told the real estate agent that we want a small house with a small back yard. No more than three bedrooms and maybe one and half bathrooms. We don’t need a dining room as long as the kitchen isn’t too small and…” Liz explained, her voice trailing off as her stomach growled. They were waiting for their food and she was starving. At four months she was starting to show.

Max loved it. He’d been very thorough exploring all of the changes her body was going through. Of course he’d discovered quickly that Liz’s hormones also played a big role in the ever-changing state of her body. He’d made a comment about her breasts, asking when they would start to get bigger. She’d gotten very mad, yelling that he didn’t find her attractive. After she’d finished ranting, she’d started crying. Unfortunately for Max, Liz’s mother had chosen that moment to call. Liz had then told her the whole story. By then she’d at least calmed down. As soon as that happened, Nancy had Liz give the phone to Max and she’d proceeded to give him a twenty-minute lecture on hormones and pregnancy and learning to be more careful about what he was saying. Then she’d asked if he wanted to talk to Jeff, saying it might be helpful to talk to someone who’d already lived through the experience. Max had politely declined. He hadn’t been about to sit through a conversation with Liz’s father on how to deal with a pregnant woman. He didn’t want the shotgun nightmare to come back again. Once Max had gotten off the phone he’d apologized profusely and then done everything in his power to convince Liz that he adored every inch of her.

It was that episode that had them convinced that make-up sex was definitely the best. They’d even talked about having more fights…just so they could make up all the time.

When their lunch finally came, Max watched Liz tuck into her meal with enthusiasm. After she finished off her plate, she ate the rest of Max’s fries for him before ordering herself desert. The parent’s had all watched with barely contained amusement. Max was getting use to Liz’s voracious appetite. He even found her cravings for odd things sort of cute, disgusting, but cute. Although…her craving for sex had surprised him. It seemed like she wanted it…him, morning, noon and night. He was more than happy to oblige, he’d be a damn fool not to enjoy that.

Lunch conversation was pleasant and after Liz was finished with her desert, they met the real estate agent, Estelle. She took them to the first house. Max and Liz looked around the home feeling somewhat uneasy. It looked brand new, not really what they were looking for.

“The carpet’s just been put in along with new tile in the both bathrooms,” Estelle informed them.

Their mother’s looked sufficiently impressed by everything Estelle told them. Jeff and Phillip just wanted the price information. Max and Liz, on the other hand, knew that this wasn’t the house they wanted.

Two hours and four houses later, the parents were getting fed up. So far Max and Liz hadn’t shown any really interest in any of the houses they’d seen. When Diane told them that they weren’t taking this seriously, Max had gotten a slightly upset.

”I realize that you’ve all like the houses we’ve already seen, but Liz and I are the ones that have to live in the house and make the payments and take care of it. We know what we can afford and what we’re looking for. We’re not going to make a hasty decision about something this important. We don’t want to get in over our heads.”

After that, no one said a word. From then on, the parents kept their opinions to themselves unless they were asked.

By the time they got to the seventh house, everyone was near exhaustion. Liz was hungry again and Max had the start of a headache.

As they pulled up to the house, Liz was immediately taken with it. It looked a little run down; the outside definitely needed a paint job. But she absolutely adored the picket fence the separated the house from its neighbors. “Max…it even has a front porch!” Liz exclaimed, practically jumping from the car.

Both Nancy and Diane raised their eyebrows in surprise. That was the most excitement that was unrelated to food that they’d seen out of Liz the whole day. That had to mean something.

“The outside needs a little bit of work,” Estelle explained. “An older couple used to live here but they decided to sell the house and move to an apartment. The neighbor has been taking care of the lawn. I know that the owners used to keep a garden, so there’s room for that if you’re interested.”

Liz was now listening to everything Estelle said with rapt attention.
“Do you want to see the inside?” she asked them.

Liz nodded and quickly followed.

Seeing Liz’s excitement, Max knew that this could be the house they would live in. The location was good…it would only be about a twenty-minute drive to his school and Liz’s University was fifteen minutes away. And he knew for a fact that Liz had always wanted a home with a picket fence. She told him once that it was one of her life’s goals. He definitely wanted to help her achieve that goal if it would make her happy. That meant the house had already met some of their criteria.

Inside the house they went through the kitchen first. The stove and microwave looked brand new, as did the refrigerator. “We’ll have to paint in here,” Liz told Max. “The wall colors don’t match the linoleum.” Max thought it looked fine as it was but he just nodded.

Off the kitchen was a small sitting room that led to a larger family room. There were two bathrooms, one off of the master bedroom and another close to the kitchen. The other two bedrooms were across the hall from the master bedroom. One was smaller than the other. “We’ll make the bigger room the baby’s room and we can set the other room up as office space for us. What do you think?” Liz asked excitedly.

Max smiled. “I think that this is the house you want, isn’t it?”

Liz nodded enthusiastically. “I know that it will take some work to fix it up but we’ll have some time this summer yet because we can move in right away and I don’t mind painting and…”

“Okay…Liz…I agree with you. I like this house too. It seems pretty perfect. Why don’t we look around some more before we say anything to anyone else.”

The parents were still in the kitchen. They’d decided to back off completely this time. Nancy could tell that Liz was smitten and she was sure that Max would go along with whatever Liz wanted.

After Liz saw that there was room for a swing set in the back yard, she was completely convinced that that was the house they were meant to live in.

In the end, the asking price on the house was less than all of the other’s they’d looked at that day. This was the part where the parents were needed. “We know that this is the house we want,” Liz told them excitedly. “We just don’t know what to do next.”

Phillip stepped in then, explaining to them the details involved in buying the house. After Max had answered a few of his questions he told them that their next step was to get a loan.

“Actually, that’s already taken care of,” Max told them.

“How?” Jeff asked in surprise.

“Well, Liz and I both have good credit. Plus, the school is giving me a housing allowance. We went to the bank and asked if we’d even be eligible for a loan after you all suggested the house idea. That’s how we figured out what we’d be able to afford.”

If they hadn’t already been fond of Max, both Jeff and Nancy would have given in and liked him after hearing that. Max was a smart young man and he’d proven his responsibility many times. They knew that they could trust he’d do his best to care for their Lizzy.

“Well, Congratulations kids…It looks like you’ve got yourselves your first new home,” Jeff told them with a smile.

Three weeks later they were back at the house unloading the moving truck. Everyone except Liz, that is. It was the end of June and her stomach was steadily increasing in size. So she’d been given the ever-important job of directing traffic, telling everyone everything went.

“I don’t believe we actually have this much stuff,” Max exclaimed as he took a break.

“I know,” Liz agreed. “I can’t believe that all this stuff actually fit in the apartment to begin with.”

While they were standing there another large truck pulled up. The logo of a furniture store was emblazoned boldly on the side.

“What’s this?” Liz asked curiously.

The parents came out of the house, followed by Michael and Maria, Isabel and Alex.

The truck driver came up to the porch. “Are any one of you Max or Liz Evans?” he asked.

“I’m Max Evans,” Max indicated taking a step forward.

“Could you sign here?”

Max nodded and took the clipboard and pen from the man’s hands, signing his name quickly. As he signed it the guy asked another question. “So…where would you like your new couches?”

Max looked up in surprise. Looking over he saw that Liz was as surprised as he was. He looked questioningly at his parents. His dad smiled. “We thought you kids might like to have a place to sit down aside from that old recliner of yours, Max.”

Four hours later, the little house was filled with boxes and new furniture. Max and Liz stood on the front porch waving at everyone as they drove off. He turned to Liz. “Well, wife, are we ready to spend our first night in our new home?”

“Yes, husband, I believe we are,” she giggled as Max picked her up, swinging her into his arms to carry her over the threshold. Once inside he kissed Liz thoroughly. It felt good to know that his was their house. There was no one to interrupt or walk in on them. They could make love on the kitchen table or in the front room. They could even walk around naked. It didn’t matter because it was their home.

Liz pulled away from Max’s kiss. “Are you hungry? I’m hungry. Let’s order pizza.”

Max was only a little disappointed by the abrupt shift in the mood. He was pretty hungry himself so he ordered the pizza already thinking about what they’d do after they’d eaten.

While Nancy, Diane, Maria and Isabel had been there; they’d gotten a lot of the unpacking done. There were only one or two boxes left in the kitchen and the bathroom things were all put away. The guys had spent the afternoon putting the bed together in Max and Liz’s room. They’d also set up the dressers and then the desks in the study. Liz had barked out instructions as to how to set up their new sofa and love seat. After that they’d set up the entertainment center that Max had bought. All that was really left was to unpack their books and clothing and maybe do a little bit of decorating.

“It’s already starting to feel like home,” Liz commented as she got out cups and silverware for their dinner, along with paper plates. Max was still sort of scared of china plates.

The pizza came twenty minutes later and they shared their first meal in their new home. After cleaning up Liz turned to Max. “Should we christen the kitchen first or the bedrooms?” she asked as if it were a common occurrence.

“Well…uh…we haven’t made the bed yet and we are already here in this room so…”

“My thoughts exactly,” Liz said. She quickly reached for the hem of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head, tossing it onto the floor. She unclasped her bra next and it landed in roughly the same place. “Maaaax…” Liz said. “Are you just going to stand there or…”
She didn’t get another word out before he had her backed against the cupboard and had captured her lips with his own. As he made love to Liz on the kitchen floor he thought to himself that he really liked this house already.

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Chapter 20 : Epilogue
(December 18th, 2:30 am)

“Max...Max...sweetheart...WAKE UP!” Liz whispered into her sleeping husbands ear. When Max didn’t respond she leaned over as best she could and pushed not so gently on his shoulders.

“huh...wha...?” a sleep-eyed Max responded as he sat up it bed. He turned to Liz, his eyes wide. “Is it time? Did your water break? Are you okay?”

“No, no and no. I want some ice cream but I just got comfortable. Will you go get me some?”

Max reluctantly got up knowing that the sooner he did what Liz asked, the sooner he could go back to sleep. Sleep that he desperately needed because Liz was due at practically any moment and he was positive that would make for a very hectic, restless, couple of days in the Evans’ household.

Truthfully it seemed like the past few months had been incredibly busy. As Liz’s stomach had increased in size, so had her mood swings and cravings. He’d encountered the full extent of Liz’s temper by now and knew enough not to tell her no or fight her when she got one of her cravings. He was looking forward to experiencing the non-pregnant, non-hormonal version of Liz. Of course that meant baby Evans would officially be part of the world. Which was probably equally as terrifying as Liz’s mood swings....but about a thousand times more exciting.

They’d just managed to finish decorating the nursery. Max had spent a months worth of weekends painting and repainting the room to Liz’s liking. Liz had then spent several days stenciling animal shaped clouds all over the new light blue walls. Their mother’s had raved over how cute it was. Thank god it was finished though, Max thought has he passed the baby’s room on the way to the bathroom where he made a brief detour before heading to the kitchen.

He grabbed a large bowl from the cupboard and a clean spoon from the dishwasher he hadn’t had a chance to empty yet. For a man who was still have asleep, he figured he was doing pretty well. That is until he looked into the freezer. He couldn’t help but groan out loud at the sight before him. There were Liz’s favorite cherry popsicles, fudgesicles, even rainbow sherbet and frozen yogurt. But no ice cream.

He knew it would be a lost cause but he went back to their bedroom anyway and found Liz sitting up in bed with the TV on while she rubbed her swollen stomach.

“Liz, we’re out of ice cream but we still have cherry popsicles. I know you like those so would it be okay...”

Liz didn’t let him finish “ I really feel like having ice cream Max. Please?” The ‘please’ was accompanied by the one look that Max couldn’t resist. Big doe eyes looked up pleadingly as she bit down on her bottom lip.

Max said nothing and gave in. He started to search for his clothes, pulling his jeans up from the floor and grabbing a t-shirt from his dresser drawer. After tying his shoes he grabbed his keys and headed out the door.

“Max...Get Ben and Jerry’s....the Phish food...” Liz hollered after him.

Max drove ten minutes to the nearest Wal-Mart Supercenter. It was the only place around that was open twenty four hours and had the ice cream Liz liked. He only knew that because this wasn’t the first middle of the night snack run he’d been forced to make. The last time he’d done this he’d spent a good hour trying to find just the right jar of pickles per Liz’s instructions. When he’d finally come back home Liz was fast asleep. To top it off, the next day Liz remembered that they were the pickles that didn’t agree with her.

Max sighed, hoping this would not be a repeat of that experience.

Twenty minutes later he was pulling back onto their street. When he pulled up in front of the house the porch light was on and Liz was making her way towards the car. She opened the passenger door and got in, putting her seat belt on.

“Liz...what are you doing?”

Liz smiled. “My water broke while you were gone. Will you go get my suitcase? It’s sitting on the front porch.”

Max could only stare at Liz in shock. Finally the question “You’re in labor?” stuttered out of his mouth.

Liz nodded. “My back has been killing me all day...I guess I just didn’t realize...” her voice trailed off for a second as she took in Max’s stunned expression. “ suitcase? We need to get going. I already called the doctor and he said he’d be there.”

Max jumped out of the car and ran up to the porch, grabbing Liz’s suitcase and trying to remember if there was anything else he needed to do. When he couldn’t think of anything he threw the suitcase into the back seat before throwing himself into the front. The drove off to the hospital the, tires squealing as Max tried to hurry.

One thing was for sure...Max was wide awake now.

Twelve hours and a bout a hundred I hate you, get the hell away from me’s later, Nathaniel Parker Evans came screaming into the world. Grandparents and friends were called and it wasn’t long before the whole gang was gathered together again.

Maria, Michael, Isabel and Alex all stood outside of the hospital nursery, their faces practically pressed to the glass as they tried to search for baby Evans.

“God...can you believe that one of us has one of these?” Maria exclaimed in awe.

“Don’t go getting any ideas, Deluca,” Michael grunted even as he tried to get a better look at all the babies.

“If I was having ‘ideas’ it wouldn’t necessarily involve you,” Maria retorted.

Michael’s head snapped toward Maria quickly. “Why the hell not?”

“ honestly think I’d let a child of mind risk having your bad hair genes?”

Isabel laughed at this before ignoring the new onslaught of Michael and Maria bickering. “I’m so excited. I can’t believe that I’m an aunt. I wish we could see him....Wait a that Max in there with those scrubs on?”

They all looked closely. The green clad, masked individual that had just entered the nursery turned toward the group at the window and waved.

“That has to be Max,” Alex stated. “No one else on earth has ears like that.”

There was a collective chuckle that was silenced as they watched a small blue bundle being placed into Max’s arms. A moment later, Max, the proud new papa, made his way to show off his new son to his friends. Isabel immediately teared up at the sight of her nephew. “Oh my gosh...” she exclaimed softly, unable to continue speaking.

“I’ll say,” Michael inserted. “Alex, you’re definitely wrong about Max being the only one on earth with those ears.”

Maria immediately smacked him. “Shut up! Your ears aren’t that great either. Besides...I think Nathaniel looks more like Liz.”

Alex rolled his eyes. “How can you tell? His face is still red and squashed together. The only distinguishing feature on that kid leaves no doubt about who his father is.”

Isabel shot her boyfriend a glare. “That’s enough about the ears. He’ll grow into them eventually.”

“Someone should have told Max that,” Alex quipped. The look on Isabel’s face then was enough to severely chastise Alex and he knew that there would be no nookie for him for awhile.
(Six years later...Max and Liz’s bedroom)

“Momma...where is you and daddy goin?” four year old Lydia asked as she watched her mother packing a suitcase.

“Well, sweetheart, you remember how daddy always tells that silly story about how we met in the jungle?” Lydia nodded, the brown hair of her pigtails bobbing with the movement. “We’re going back there with mommy’s students. And while me and daddy are gone, you and Nate get to stay with aunt Izzy and uncle Alex. You can be a big girl and help aunt Izzy take care of baby Jordan.”

Lydia smiled again. “Uncle Awex is funny.”

Liz helped Lydia down from where she’d been perched on the bed. Hand in hand they walked through the house and out to the backyard where Max was playing catch with six year old Nate. Lydia dropped Liz’s hands and ran straight for Mall hollering ‘daddy’ until he noticed her and picked her up.

Liz watched in happiness as Max swung Lydia around in his arms. Nate wasn’t one to be left out and was soon running to join them and share the fun.

She could hardly believe how fast time flew. It seemed just like yesterday that she was getting ready for the trip that changed her life forever. Not once had she ever regretted that trip. Maybe that was why she was looking forward to this trip so much. After finally finishing her PhD in Biochemistry, she’d gotten a great teaching position at the same University where she’d gotten her degree. Then a few months ago she’d gotten a call from Dr. Seligman asking her if there would be any interest from her students to take the trip to Costa Rica. Things had gotten all worked out with the administration and now both schools were taking the trip together. Now she was incredibly excited about going back to the place where she and Max had first fallen in love.

Michael and Maria Guerin were helping chaperone the trip much to Dr. Seligman’s dismay. There had been so much interest that more people were needed to help keep tabs on everyone. Liz had thought that, along with Max, they’d be the perfect choice. Besides... Maria had practically begged for an excuse to take a break from their very exuberant three year old son Trevor.

Now that they were actually on the plane though, Maria was having second thoughts. “What if something goes wrong? What if he breaks all of my mother’s good stuff?” Maria panicked.

“Maria...your mother doesn’t have any good stuff,” Michael informed his wife before handing her a bottle of cyprus oil to sniff. Her only response was to snatch the bottle from him and give him a very dirty look.

“Come on Maria. You were the one who wanted to do this. You insisted that it would be romantic. That we could rekindle the passion that we started with.”

“What was a I thinking? Who cares about all of that shit? I want my little boy. And since when do you actually listen to anything that I say...” As Maria continued to rant incessantly, Michael got up and went to the back of the plan toward the restrooms. Maria quickly got up to follow him. “Don’t walk away from me, Michael Guerin. I know all your dirty secrets and I have no qualms about telling everyone just what they are...”

Across the aisle from them, both Max and Liz laughed at their two friends. Some things still hadn’t changed.

Liz sighed. “I know its only been a few hours but I miss the kids already,” she admitted.

“Me too. But they’re in good hands. Plus...both our parents agreed to take them for a few days. Which means they’re going to be spoiled and completely worn out from all the attention. They’ll hardly notice we’re gone,” Max assured her. He brought their clasped hands up, kissing Liz’s knuckles. “Besides.....I promise to keep you too preoccupied. Our Anniversary is coming up in a few days.” That earned him a bright smile. She was just about to lean in and kiss Max when a throat cleared next to them. Liz looked up and saw that it was Dr. Seligman.

“Sorry to interrupt but I wanted to talk to you for a moment Liz. There are several couples among the students. I’m sure that they’ll be responsible but I don’t want any repeats of the situations like the year you two went on the trip. I don’t need or want to have to be a full time baby sitter on this trip.”

Liz had to bite back a smile at Dr. Seligman’s words. She was positive that she and Max were part of the ‘situations’ that Dr. Seligman was referring to. She’d been almost positive that their elopement had almost sent Seligman into an early retirement.

“I understand completely sir. And I’ve made sure that all of my students understand how they are to conduct themselves as representatives of our school,” Liz informed he reassuredly.

“Good. I’m glad that we’re on the same page. Enjoy the rest of the flight.” With that he got up and went back to his seat leaving Max and Liz sitting there fighting off laughter.

“I don’t think it’s the students he should be worried about,” Max commented.

Liz raised her eyebrows wondering what her husband was implying.

“Michael and Maria have been in the bathroom for an awfully long time, don’t you think?”

A look of comprehension passed over Liz’s features.

It was already starting.

“Have you seen Dr. Evans?” Dr. Seligman asked the group of students that were sitting outside cabins on the surrounding picnic tables. It was their fourth and final day at the La Selva research station.

A student he didn’t recognize spoke up. “I haven’t seen Dr. E or Max for a while. Max was telling us that it’s their 7th anniversary. He mentioned something about taking a walk down to the River,” the boy explained.

Seligman nodded his thanks and moved on. He was trying to find Liz and Max to enlist them in the search for two of his students, Ava Harding and Sean Deluca. He’d seen them together earlier and they’d been a little to public about their affection for each other. They hadn’t checked in for awhile and he was absolutely positive that they were up to no good. He’d already gotten Maria and Michael to help him look but Maria hadn’t seemed too worried.

“Dr. Seligman, Sean’s my cousin. He knows not to pull anything because it might ruin the Deluca name.”

Seligman had merely rolled his eyes. Pointing out the fact that Sean was related to Maria was not exactly reassuring. Not to mention that Ava was Tess Harding's younger sister. He still had nightmares about what he’d witnessed between her and that Kyle Valenti. It hardly left him with a good feeling about what Ava and Sean could be up to.

Seligman headed off behind the cabins to the trails down there, wondering if they’d found a secluded spot down that way in which to maul each other. Damn horny kids anyway. As he made his way behind the cabins, the sounds of heavy panting and moaning filled his ears. He stopped moving to listen for where it was coming from. His face reddened in anger and embarrassment. When he determined that the source of the noise was the cabins he took off around to the front. He really hated his job. Why couldn’t those college students keep their hands to themselves for a least five minutes? Storming around to the front entrance he marched inside. Trying to open the door, he found it locked and was forced to use the master key.

What he found when he opened the door shocked the hell out of him.

The students still at the picnic benches watched in confusion as a very red faced Dr. Seligman high tailed it out of the cabin mumbling something about never again and retirement.


“Oh God ! Max!” Liz exclaimed. She sat astride her husband, their bodies glistening with sweat from the heat of their movements. Liz rose up and came down again swiftly with Max thrusting himself into her in the same rhythm. Her hair was loose and the feelings that Max was stirring caused her to arch her neck, her hair falling back and brushing against Max’s thighs, further exciting him. His thrusts became faster and soon their movements were frantic and disordered as they clamored for release.

With a breathless cry of Max’s name exulted from Liz’s lips, he felt her warm sheath pulse around him and it was enough to put him over the edge, releasing a loud groan as his seed filled her.

Liz collapsed on top of Max, a sated smile gracing her kiss swollen lips. “Mmm...Happy Anniversary.” She looked into his eyes seeing the same love she felt reflected in them.

“Happy Anniversary,” he repeated softly against her lips before kissing her tenderly.

A moment later, lips still pressed together, they were startled apart when the door to their room swung open abruptly. Reflexively Liz rolled off Max, trying to cover herself. When she looked up at the intruder, she wasn’t sure who was more surprised. She and Max for being caught of Dr. Seligman for catching them. If Liz hadn’t been so mortified she might have laughed at Dr. Seligman’s expression. The poor man didn’t know what to do.

He couldn’t find any words to say anything so he did the only thing he could think of. He turned around and left as quickly as possible, leaving an embarrassed, giggling Max and Liz behind.

Later that night after a joint shower and another quick and quiet session of lovemaking, Max and Liz lay away, listening to the sounds of the quieting rain forest and talking softly.

“I think we should call the kids tomorrow,” Max said as he ran his fingers through Liz’s still damp hair.

“Definitely. I miss hearing Lydia’s stories and Nate’s sports talk.”

Max laughed. They were both silent for a long moment, content just being able to hold each other. It was Max that spoke up, breaking the silence. “It’s hard to believe that seven years ago you and didn’t know each other that well. Of course that didn’t seem to stop us, something that I’m sure Nate will thank us for at a later date.”

Liz laughed. “The poor child is going to be mortified if he ever finds out he was conceived at a waterfall. Of course....Lydia’s story isn’t much better.” Five years ago, for Liz’s birthday, Max had reserved them a themed room at a bed and breakfast. He hadn’t specified which room they wanted and coincidentally they'd ended up with the jungle suite. It had come complete with vines hanging from the ceiling and palm trees...with leopard print sheets and even a loin cloth for Max. It had been a very eventful night.
“We should definitely try for a more normal conception for our next child,” Max said, remembering how he’d spent the majority of the night tied up to the bed with those stupid vines holding him down while Liz had her way with him. It had actually been a very enjoyable experience.

“The next one huh?” Liz asked, leaning up on her side to look down into Max’s face.

Max smiled. “Yeah...the next one.”

“Maybe we better start practicing for that ‘normal’ conception. I’m not sure I remember what ‘normal’ is for us,” Liz suggested leaning in to kiss her husbands very inviting lips.

“I guess I’ll just have to remind you,” Max responded, quickly flipping Liz onto her back.

And of course...nine months later after many midnight ice cream runs, Tyler Jeffrey Evans made his debut into the world. Yet another product of Max and Liz’s Jungle Love.

The End