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Title: China Doll
Author: trinitystar1323
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Rating: PG-13…
Disclaimer: UPN owns Roswell, the characters, and situations. No infringement intended. Some ideas do belong to Kierkegaard. Nothing is mine.
Summary: Alternate Universe. Max, Tess, Isabel and Michael are aliens. Tess and Michael are Jeff and Nancy Parker's adopted children. Max and Isabel are the Evans' adopted children. Maria and Kyle are brother and sister, but only because Amy and Jim married. When Liz is forced to move in with her aunt and uncle- the Parker's, everything changes.
Category: Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, and Isabel/Alex.
Authors Notes: Song credits go to the BT, Grateful Dead, Loudon Wainwright III, Beach Boys, and Jewel.

So here is a repost of part 27 and a new part 28. Enjoy.

Chapter 27

"Are you sure you're going to be alright?" Nancy asked for the third time causing Tess to cringe at her mother's affection towards Liz. Usually her mother was crying over leaving she and Michael, but with Liz in the picture suddenly her mother cried over leaving Liz and Tess believed that she was nothing but a distant memory. However it was the protective way in which Michael slung his arm around Liz's shoulders and pulled her close that really made Tess flinch in anger. That was what he used to do with her whenever their parents left.

"Oh, um…. Yeah, I'll be fine." Liz muttered. Good-byes were not something Liz was used to. Usually the only people who ever the band were groupies and the only ones who were Liz's friends never left because they never joined the band. All of Liz's groupie friends had been other band fans, and thus there was no reason to join AFM except for the ride, fun, and sex. "Have a good trip."

"Honey, are you sure you'll be alright? I'm sure Jeff and I can pull a few strings and…" Nancy rambled worriedly. She hated leaving Liz when she was about to have surgery, even if it was common. She should be there, holding Liz's hand and helping her through it all, but now it was Michael's job, and Nancy couldn't help but fret.

"Mom… mom, don't worry." Michael said soothingly while giving her a reassuring smile and nod. He was just as apprehensive about Liz's surgery as his parents were, but there was one thing that neither Nancy nor Jeff knew- the scars on Liz's back would disappear, and the surgery wasn't going to cause it.

After talking with Max and Isabel, the three decided that once the surgery was over Max would not only take away Liz's pain, but also slowly heal all of the damage. This way when Liz had to go back to Dr. Jonson two weeks later, it would appear as though the surgery had work for that amount of time and only that amount of time. But in reality everything would be completely healed and there would be no pain.

"Ok, you guys take care of each other… and if anything goes wrong call us and we'll be home as soon as possible- I promise." Nancy rambled on not wanting to leave for fear that something might go wrong. She could see it clearly in her head. In one day Liz would be undergoing her surgery and something drastic and horrific would happen and she would die.

Without warning, Nancy rushed over to Liz and pulled her into her embrace. She couldn't stand the thought of losing Liz, especially when she knew how it felt already. It was like losing Michael or Tess. Despite them being adopted, they were still her children and she loved them dearly. And though Liz wasn't her own she sincerely believed her to be.

"You take care, and if you need anything you just call. I've already called the school so you're cleared for the week… and don't do anything!" Nancy cried as she continued to hold Liz close to her. She couldn't bare the thought of letting go and having to miss something so important- something she was sure Liz would need as much support as needed. As Jeff started to pry her from Liz, Nancy nodded in acknowledgment, but then as soon as she had let go of Liz, she threw her arms around Michael and Tess. "You guys take care of her… and yourselves. I want to come home with everyone safe and sound- you hear me? I love you guys."

"I love you too mom." Tess whispered. She wasn't thrilled about taking care of Liz, but she was willing to be tolerable if it meant pleasing her mother.

"Ditto." Michael whispered. It had always been hard for him to voice his emotions and how much he truly loved someone, and while Maria had helped in, he had yet to show how much he really loved anyone in words. Usually actions spoke louder then words, but for Michael, he knew that the day he said those three words, they would mean more than any action. "Don't worry, she's in good hands."

"Nancy… come on." Jeff urged. He looped his arm around her shoulder and gave it a little squeeze as he guided he towards the car. He knew this was hard for her, it was just as hard for him, but he was better at hiding his emotions. "You kids be good, and we'll see you next Wednesday."

The three watched as Nancy and Jeff drove off. But it was Michael and Liz who waited until their car had faded off completely. Tess had left after they had reached the stop sign, neither caring about seeing her parents off, or watching Michael comforting Liz. She didn't understand why Michael was so close to Liz, or why he treated her with more respect, after all she was his sister not Liz. But for this week Tess was going to be nice to Liz, if only because of the invitation to the awards.


A period sitting room ringed with mirror along its tapestried walls. Sitting on a love seat next to a stack of costly gowns, Tess and Maria watched in utter disbelief as a seamstress continued to work her magic on Isabel. Maria was up next and so far she couldn't wait, neither could Tess. In the next room was Liz- the tailors and seamstresses and stressed that no one was to see her gown until the date of the awards, and Nate had wholeheartedly agreed.

Standing on a platform, Isabel grinned down at Maria and Tess. This was the life. Even if Liz said differently, Isabel knew she could get used to this. She watched as the seamstress fitting her into a sleek gold gown diligently worked. There were pins everywhere as the seamstress struggled towards a perfect fit.

And off to the corner was Nate, working equally as hard. He was making appointments in his date book and constantly giving the seamstress approval of Isabel's dress- something that the seamstress was always sure to look towards Nate for. He had been grateful that Isabel, Tess and Maria would be able to go with Liz.

"Maybe we should try a black satin…" Nate offered as he saw the smile fade on Isabel's face. But when Isabel shook her head 'no' Nate decided that it would do. He didn't want it to outdo Liz's dress, but he also wanted the three girls to look nice enough.

"This is beautiful." Isabel gushed, hoping that Nate wouldn't make her change to yet another dress. Some had been absolutely hideous, but this one was her favorite. Glancing over at Nate, she noticed that he was looking back at her with a weird twinkle in his eyes. And then she felt a weird shiver runt through her spin. Looking at Tess to see if she had felt it too, Isabel was disheartened when she saw that Tess was staring at the other gowns, as was Maria.

"What does Liz's dress look like?" Tess suddenly asked as she turned and gazed at Nate. She needed to know what she would be up against, and since Liz was the star, she knew that fighting for Max's attention would be hard. However, as her eyes met Nate's icy cold gaze she flinched and looked at the ground. Pure hatred had run through those eyes as he had looked at her and for the first time Tess felt completely unnerved.

"That would be none of your business." Nate answered coldly before continuing with his conversation on his phone. He was sure not to look at Tess, Isabel, or Maria in the eyes, otherwise he was sure his anger would be clearly evident. Liz had explained to him the contempt she felt for Tess, and as much as he wanted to tell her to just tuff it out, he too understood why she felt that way.

"So do we all get the same dress?" Maria asked, hoping to ease some of the tension in the room. She was just as curious as Isabel and Tess were about Liz's dress. Especially after seeing the work the one seamstress had done for Isabel.

All the while the seamstress continued to work as though she were deaf. She had heard many conversations of movie stars, but none of them were quite as amusing as the one she was listening to right now. She had thought that these girls wouldn't be as petty as the other celebrities in wondering who would be wearing what, but these three proved her wrong.

"Of course not, you will all have a dress that flatters you. The dress needs to distinguish who you are." Nate replied warmly as though his anger had dissipated into thin air. Then, glancing over at the seamstress he smiled jovially before silently letting her know he would be back. But before going Nate quickly walked over to the platform and smoothed his hand over the fabric down Isabel's back and along her hips. Pins have started to come out and Nate quickly pointed them out. Communicating to the seamstress with his irritated expression that it had to fit her better. "I'll be in the next room- I have a few things to discuss with Liz."

And with that being said he was gone.

Without even knocking, Nate entered Liz's tailor room. She was half-naked in only a bra and underwear and a string that was supposed to be considered her dress. Upon seeing him, Liz quickly stepped off the platform, ripping the life out of the little bit of the gown she had on. The tailors and seamstresses eyes flashed open in abject horror.

"This isn't a dress, this is a piece of toilet paper!" Liz shot out angrily. She was beyond mortified by the dress they had designed for her. The mere thought of letting anyone see her in so little made her flush in embarrassment. She hated her body and she didn't feel as though it was good enough to flaunt such a dress.

Before Liz could get another word out, Nate was behind her, unzipping the dress down the back. In her rush to get out, Liz stumbled, but her arms were pinned by the pulled-down dress, and she toppled into Nate's arms as the dress ripped some more. By this point the seamstresses and tailors were glaring angrily at Liz, and one was even screaming like an idiot. But with one stern look from Nate she quickly shut up.

"First, you fix it." Nate instructed, handing the shreds of the remaining dress to the closest tailor. He took the wad of material and nodded in agreement before scampering off with a few others. Then, Nate turned towards Liz. "And you… you will wear that dress whether you like it or not. I had it specifically designed for you and it will do some good for yourself off with your new homegrown boyfriend."

Liz stared at Nate incredulously. She couldn't believe him. He had yet to meet Max, even though he had promised he would meet him sometime this week. And it annoyed her even more because of the fact that he had been one to insist upon meeting him. But before Liz could voice her concerns and vent her frustrations, Nate cut her off.

"Now, you have four more outfits, so I suggest you get back up there and let them earn their money." Nate suggested calmly. Giving her his hand to help her back up on the platform, Nate smiled gratefully and leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek. "That's my girl. Anyway, don't worry I'm sure this young charmer of yours will love to see some skin- most men do."

"Bu-but I don't…" Already knowing her fears, Nate gently pressed a finger to her lips.

"You are positively beautiful, and you do have the body- so no worries. You will look positively radiant, all the reporters will gush over your dresses, and you and your boyfriend will be the talk for the week." Nate said assuringly. He always knew how to assuage Liz's fears as he had been doing it ever since he could remember. "Now, onto more pertinent topics. I want you and Max to stay apart- at least from the reporters and such- until the awards. I want him to be a surprise."

"A surprise…" Liz repeated softly. She felt sick. Knowing that this was all a game when she really felt something for Max made her feel like she would retch if it were true.

"Yes, a surprise, very good! However, I would like his name to get around, so when you go in for the private interview in two weeks, I want you to bring him along. Don't allow any pictures together, but perhaps mention that you are seeing someone." Nate suggested. He knew exactly what he was doing, and if all went as planned, by the end of the awards show, everything would be as it should be. "Are we all clear?"

"Perfectly…" Liz whispered. Not only was she disappointed in the plan, but herself. How was she to tell Max that all f this was just some horrible ploy for extra attention for the band, especially when he was taking it so seriously? They even had a date tomorrow- something Liz was dreading. What exactly happened during a date? How was she supposed to act? Was it just an over-glorified name for a make-out session?

"Great, then I must return to your friends and see…" Nate was cut off by the sound of shouting out in the next room. His eyes sprang open as he and Liz only listened for a second before knowing who was causing the ruckus. "And dear, you have my permission to…"

"Nate…" Liz warned, though fully knowing what Nate was leading up to saying. Laughing to herself, Liz prepared herself for the next outfit that was planned while trying to imagine what Tess, Isabel, and Maria would be wearing- at least it had to be better then what she had. "Just go see what Tess is fussing over now- it can't be half as bad as what I was wearing, so I really can't see what she would have to complain about."


Chapter 28

Sitting with Max and Kyle, Michael quietly observed the scene before him. The three boys sat on a fashionable fabric sofa, side-by-side, studying something with equal concentration, and slight concern. In the next room was Liz who was having the finishing measurements and touches to her numerous outfits put together. It was blindingly obvious that they were all trying to hold in their laughter.

"I suppose it's too late to start over." Max mused hesitantly. He was restless and it was showing through his words and actions. In less than three hours he would be picking Liz up for their first date and he didn't have a clue as to what to do. She had been unusually quiet the night before when she had come over to study. When he had asked if it was about their date she had brushed him off saying that it was nothing and that she wanted to go on their date.

Though he had heard from Isabel there had been a small fight between Liz and Tess about the dresses- something about Tess wanting to see what Liz was wearing. He couldn't wait to see Liz. And he hoped that she approved of the suit that had been made for him. Michael, Alex and Kyle had sworn that he looked good, but while their opinion counted, it didn't weigh quite as much as Liz's. However seeing Alex's tux, Max knew he had nothing to worry about.

And that led Max back to thinking about Liz and what they would do tonight. He had no clue as to what type of food she liked or what type of things she liked to do. No one would give him any hints. And when he had asked Alex for any ideas, he had just said to go have fun and let things workout on their own.

"It's too late to start over." Kyle laughed as he eyed Alex's ensemble with a raised eyebrow. It really was a funny site and while he didn't want to hurt Alex's feelings he couldn't help but wonder how Alex had come about thinking this humdinger up.

The three guys began laughing at Kyle's comment before all turning their gaze. They all chuckled as they watched the stylish fitter make a few changes to the final fitting. They hadn't seen his second suit yet but they could only assume that it would be just as classic as this one.

"You guys are heartless- Nate picked this out." Alex protested meekly. He was just as wary about the suit, but if Nate insisted that it would look great then Alex would wear it.

"And like I said, absolutely dazzling." Liz added as she joined the four men. She had just finished with her own fitting. When Nate had called saying that she would need to come in again, Liz had been furious. Today she was supposed to go out with Isabel and Maria to help them pick out some accessories and such and then she had to find something to wear for her date with Max.

"Boy, are Nate and Liz going to dress you everyday?" Michael inquired teasingly, which elicited chuckles from the other guys as well, all except Alex who glared at them all and Liz who simply stared at the three men.

"Yeah, it's in the contract." Alex finally retorted. This time it was Liz and Alex who laughed as the others looked at them completely baffled. They didn't have a clue as to how to respond especially when they weren't quite sure what they meant. What contract?

"So if you have any questions take it up with me boys." Liz instructed softly. At this the tailor working on Alex glanced over at Liz expectantly. He had worked on her numerous times and knew that her taste was impeccable. Motioning for her to come over, Liz went over to Alex as the fitter stepped back so as to let Liz show him what to do.

"Cut here, here… this line…" Her fingers lightly traveled over the lapel, the side stitching, and the cloth straightened down the spine, already giving it a better appearance. Kyle, Michael and Max watched in amazement as Liz and the fitter worked together. "… trouser width, this is all classic. Which means safe, something any guy could wear."

"Yes ma'am." The fitter was quick to agree as he continued to take noted. As they worked, Max turned towards Michael and Kyle. Seeing Liz only reminded him of how perfect he wanted this date to be.

"Come on, give me some ideas for tonight." Max insisted. Michael and Kyle merely glanced at Max before sighing in frustration. He had been bugging them all afternoon about where to take Liz and what they should do.

"Man just chill. What did you used to do with Tess?" Michael asked hoping that might sprout some ideas.

"No, I want to do something special. Everything with Tess… it was too ordinary- Liz deserves better." Max finally answered after thinking for a moment.

"But maybe Liz doesn't want better, maybe she wants ordinary." Michael protested with Kyle nodding in agreement. "She's had special and perfect all her life. This is her chance to finally have normal."

"But it isn't even normal." Max said pointedly, and Kyle and Michael knew exactly what Max was talking about. They knew Max had always hated acknowledging his alien side, but sometimes it was necessary. "How can I give her normal when I'm not normal?"

"Why don't you just go out for pizza and then go bowling." Kyle suggested. This was what he usually did on most of his dates, though most of his dates usually ended up in the back seat of the car before they even made it to the bowling alley. "Girls love bowling."

"How would you know? I've never seen you at the bowling alley." Michael shot back skeptically. He didn't have the foggiest clue as to what Kyle was talking about. "If you really want to impress her, go to that Mexican restaurant and then take her out to the cliffs or Buckley Point."

"And look whose being the horndog now." Kyle scoffed. He couldn't believe Michael was saying such things only to recommend something so lame. "Max, the way to go is bowling."

"Cliffs." Michael retorted with a raised eyebrow and a cocky grin.

"Guys, I don't want to do that sort of thing. This is our first date." Max protested.

"So?" Kyle asked in confusion. Usually the first date was the best. You could get laid without any strings. "I've never had any complaints."

"No. Now, I want to do something nice- something she'll always remember." Max sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. Going on a date with Liz was harder then he had expected.

"Hey, I've got an idea! Why don't you make her dinner? Then you guys can watch a movie together- you know do the home thing." Michael offered after thinking for a minute. It was a brilliant plan and it had worked many a times to get him some action with Maria. Not that he wanted Liz giving herself up to Max, but he knew it be damn romantic.

"Yeah, that would be great, but there's one problem." Max said in defeat causing both Kyle and Michael to look at him quizzically. Noticing their inquisitive looks, Max continued. "My parents are home and there's no way they'd leave for part of the night just to give me some time alone with Liz. Anyway, Isabel and Alex are already doing the movie night thing at our house."

Both Kyle and Michael sighed in disappointment. It had been a great idea, especially since they were sure it was something Liz would have never had before. However, at that thought Michael quickly remembered something.

"Whose the man?" Michael suddenly asked. Max and Kyle tried to hold their laughter when they saw Michael stick his chest out and beat it lightly with one of his fist, but when they saw he was serious they looked at him wonderingly.

"Why?" Kyle asked skeptically.

"You can use our house." Michael finally answered after thinking for another minute. "I mean, hell, my parents are gone and I can take Maria out for the night- sleep at her house or something."

"That's perfect, but are you sure?" Max asked hesitantly. He didn't want to get too excited over nothing. It was still a brilliant plan. He could make her whatever she wanted- hopefully getting her to finally eat- and then they could just sit and cuddle together while watching a movie alone. There would be no one there to harass or annoy them, as there would be at a movie theater. And the same would go with dinner.

"Sleep with Maria- hell yeah, I'm sure." Michael answered without even thinking. This immediately caught Max and Kyle's attention and their heads whipped around to stare at Michael in disbelief. And as his words caught up with him, Michael began to fiercely shake his head no. "No, man… I didn’t mean it that way- all we've done is sleep together… hell we haven't even gotten quite as serious as Tess and…"

"Tess… I completely forgot." Max interrupted. He had been so caught up in the perfection of Michael's idea that he had forgotten that Tess lived at the Parker's as well, and more then likely she wouldn’t leave so that he could have some time alone with Liz.

"Hey, no worries man, I can take care of her." Kyle stated surely. Michael and Max looked at him skeptically wondering what he could possibly do to make Tess leave so that Max and Liz could have the apartment to themselves. Seeing their imploring expressions, Kyle smiled slyly before leaning over and giving them a devilish grin as though that answered all their questions.

"Oh jesus, your not going to take her 'bowling' Kyle- she's my sister and I won't let you do that." Michael argued loudly, causing Liz, Alex and the fitter to look at the three boys in surprise. They had been so quiet, not disrupting the perfect environment while Liz helped the fitter with Alex's tux. And now they were rudely interrupting them. "Sorry… sorry."

"I wasn't going to bring her bowling. I was just going to take her out." Kyle answered defensively. As much as he liked Tess, he wasn't going to just use her- not yet anyway. First he wanted to get to know her, then if things happened to lead to them ending up in the back seat of his car by the end of the night then so be it. "Geez Max, I'd expect you'd to be begging me to do this, but you're just sitting their silent and pretty as usual. Don't you want a night alone with Liz?"

"Oh hell no! You leave by one, Maxwell otherwise I'll… I'll dismember you with fork and feed you to… to Kyle's dog." Michael threatened. He wasn't sure why he was so protective of Liz, but he was and the thought of Max and his grubby hands all over her didn't settle quite right with Michael. As much as he liked Max he did not want him getting too close to Liz, at least not yet, and maybe never.

"Dude, what'd Rip ever do to deserve that?" Kyle asked angrily. He couldn't believe Michael was threatening to feed Max to his dog Rip. Max was an alien and Kyle didn't have the foggiest clue as to how a dog would react to that sort of DNA or cell differences. He might be a king but there was no way he'd be fit to be doggie chow for Rip.

"I'm not going to be anyone's dog food." Max said, putting an abrupt halt to all conversation and once again causing Alex, Liz and the fitter to glare at them. Bringing his voice back down to a whisper, Max quickly sighed in frustration before continuing. "I'll be gone once Liz tells me to leave and what we do is our business Michael. However, I promise not to take advantage of her and I don't plan on doing anything she doesn't want to."

"Good, so holding hands it is." Michael replied quickly. This of course left Max and Kyle looking at him wide eyed and in shock. They had never known Michael to be so protective of anyone, but what was really weird was how protective he was over Liz and not as much so over Tess. Sensing their emotions Michael glanced at them after a moment. "What? I know Tess can take care of herself, but Liz… Liz is…"

"So maybe I should be the one taking her out." Kyle offered half jokingly. However he was quickly shot down as Michael gripped his shirt collar and Max glared at him with his voodoo alien eyes.

"Valenti, you touch her and I will personally emasculate you with a spork. You got that?" Michael asked warningly. Kyle merely shook his head in agreement as he was too shocked and scared to say anything in response. Happy with his response, Michael and Max loosened up and returned to their normal stance. "So, I'll take Maria out and Kyle, you'll take Tess to a nice restaurant then back to yours and Maria's house… the four of us will have a little sleep over."

"Now that we have that settled let's move on to some more pressing issues." Max pressed on after being sure that no one else had anything else to say. However before he could continue something caught his attention. Straining to hear he intently watched as Liz and Alex interacted and instantly was jealous with her more than intimate touches. Michael and Kyle caught these gestures and well and soon they too were watching and listening.

Running her hands over his jacket, smoothing it everywhere with a tenderness that approached transparency, Liz nodded in approval. Then, glancing back at the fitter she smiled in appreciation for his understanding and adaptation to change. Pinching his ear, Liz looked straight into Alex's eyes.

"Two things, but first two words…" Liz said seriously. "Major. Dish."

"Huh?" Alex asked in confusion.

"Manicure." Liz said in mock disgust. Looking down Liz cringed as she took in his nails. His nails were unclipped with layers of impacted dirt. She touched his fingertips, a little more softly than she may have intended. She really liked Alex and she wanted him to look his best for this night, especially since he was her friend and her project in some deranged way. After all it would be she who would make him big and get him his dream job.

Then looking down again she began to giggle before reaching down. Looking back up into his eyes as her hands rested on the belt of his pants, she leaned in so that only Alex could hear.

"Fly." Liz whispered before zipping his fly for him. Alex quickly turned crimson red as Liz's words sunk in. However with her touch so close to him he couldn't help the reaction he had, which only caused him to turn an even brighter red, if that was even possible.

"You didn't miss much." Alex choked softly as he avoided Max's deathly glare. There was no way he would ever be able to explain what had gone down to Max or Michael, as he was sure they would castrate him on the spot. Not that he had any say in what Liz had done, it had all happened so fast. Anyway, why was she acting that way anyway? Did she too feel some sort of spark between them? Not that it would matter, she was with Max and he was with Isabel.

"If I didn't catch it, who would?" Liz asked as she shrugged and turned on her heel. And then she was gone, walking towards Max, Michael and Kyle with a certain gleam in her eye. It felt good to finally be back to her normal life of being the center of attention in her element. This is what she had done- she had made everything perfect not only for Daniel but also for the band and everyone else. And most importantly she had made people see the truth. "So, whose next?"

"I am!" Kyle and Max shot up, but with one fixed glance from Max, Kyle sat down, hanging his head as Michael and Alex laughed. However it was Alex and Michael who carefully watched as Liz led Max into the next dressing room, both of their eyes slightly darkened with a protectiveness neither had ever felt.

"I don't like this…" Michael muttered. As much as he was Max's friend he couldn't help the twinge of emotion that surged through him knowing that Liz and Max were not going in the next room to make sure his tux fit him correctly. And while he trusted both Max and Liz, Liz was like his sister and he didn't want her being taken advantage of.

"Neither do I." Alex said in agreement as he met Michael's knowing gaze. While he loved Isabel dearly, he couldn't deny the slight bit of feelings he had for Liz. Sure she was like his best friend- his jam friend- but she was beautiful and famous. But then there was also the fact that she was important to Alex and he didn't want to see her get hurt again. She had been through enough.

As if a silent agreement passed through the two, Alex and Michael quickly jumped up and started towards the next room, fully expecting to see Liz and Max in a full out make-out. And when this thought reached Kyle's mind he too quickly joined them, though silently hoping it was Liz and another chick, though doubting that Max would have the guts to ask Liz for so much. He would definitely have to work with Max on this whole dating thing.

Tbc... ? What do you think? Is it totally sucking? And don't worry about the whole Alex/Liz thing... that will be dealt with... someone is just very cnfused about fame/friendship/love. But this is a Max/Liz fic, and no one else!

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Chapter 29

With flowers, two movies, and a present that had taken Max nearly three hours to pick out with Isabel's help and advice, Max was ready to go. The gift box was filled with fine spa and bath products - bath gel, body lotion, hand moisturizer, bath salts, body mist, a scented candle, loofah, netted body sponge, picture frame, and a journal. He wanted Liz to remember tonight for the rest of her life. It was important to him that tonight was perfect, if only for Liz.

Earlier that morning their plan had been put into progress. As Michael had promised, he had easily convinced Maria to go out for the night with Kyle and Tess, though the deal with Kyle and Tess had yet to be sealed. Max hadn't had that much faith in Tess going out with Kyle, but now, somehow or another Kyle had pulled it off and now Max would have the night alone with Liz.

While it was no fancy French restaurant, Max was sure that Liz would like this, even if it were in the Parker's home. The only thing he hadn't prepared yet was dinner. As Liz had worked on reworking his tux he had tried to pry from her what she liked, but she would never answer him, instead she would just look down t the ground as though she were sick. So he figured to just leave it and let her choose, then he would make it while she relaxed.

Nervously, Max rang the doorbell. While he knew the Parker's weren't there, Tess and Michael were, and that was bad enough. He had hoped that Tess would be gone by now- he really didn't want to rub his relationship with Liz in her face- but knowing his luck she would be there and then she wouldn't be willing to leave.

As the door swung open, Max shied away slightly, expected Tess to come bounding out. However after a minute with absolutely no one attacking him, Max took a chance and peaked through one eye. To his surprise, instead of Tess or Michael answering, it was Isabel and Maria, both giggling and chatting away all while pointing at him and laughing. He offered a sheepish grin, but both girls rolled their eyes in response.

"You, my dear brother are late." Isabel informed Max gingerly as Maria grabbed his arm and dragged him inside. Kyle and Tess were nowhere in site, only Michael, Maria, Isabel and Alex were around. They paid no heed to his protests, however a second later Max was completely speechless. He hadn't even known his sister would be at the Parker's with Maria, but now he knew why she was.

"So, do you like?" Maria asked. Liz had sworn she could dress herself, but Isabel and Maria had been unwilling to listen. They wanted Max to be knocked off his feet. Though when they found out what she would be wearing they were sure that would do it. Somehow or another since her trip to California Liz had started dressing as she used to, which included low cut, tight, hip hugging jeans with very high cut, flesh exposing shirts- just as she had first worn when she had first come to Roswell. So Isabel and Maria had settled to do her makeup and hair.

When Max didn't respond Maria gave him a small nudge. But Max was too far gone to comprehend anyone or anything else but Liz. She was wearing the shirt that he loved- the same shirt she had been wearing when he had first laid eyes on her. It was this little white lace tank top that came down to top of her rib cage. The top and bottom were only lace, but the middle portion- what little there was- was covered in a matching white fabric. And to finish the ensemble she was wearing a pair of tight fitting black jeans, her hair was down, and her ruby red lips looked more inviting then usual.

"Max!" Isabel said through clenched teeth. She could see how nervous Liz was and it wasn't helping that her idiot brother couldn't keep himself in check to at least tell her she looked good, or however he felt. God knew Isabel would never wear something like that, but then it was what Liz had grown up in so it really was no surprise.

Still not getting any sort of response except for the snickering of Michael and Alex who stood beside Maria, Isabel quickly remedied the problem by stomping on Max's foot. That got him going, only it wasn't quite the response she had been hoping for.

Instead of smiling and telling Liz how beautiful she looked, instead he cried out in pain while grabbing his foot in pain, thus dropping everything in his hands. This of course only made Alex and Michael laugh harder, and even Maria was fighting back her urge to laugh, but it was Liz who surprised Max the most. He had though that she would be understanding and come to his aide, but instead she was giggling softly as she glanced back and forth between Max and Isabel.

"Good one Max!" Isabel exclaimed angrily. Everyone immediately stopped laughing. They could sense that Isabel was genuinely angry, though for what reason they were drew a blank.

"I wasn't the one who…" Max suddenly cut himself off. This was not how he wanted his first date with Liz to be. Fighting with his sister or anyone else for that matter was no worth his or Liz's precious time together. Beside they still had to go out to the store and get whatever it was that Liz liked to eat. "… nevermind."

"Well, I think that's our cue to leave…" Alex chuckled. He could sense Liz's nervousness and knew that she was just as anxious to be alone with Max as Max was to be with Liz. And though he did feel a pang of jealousy it was quickly swept away when Isabel linked arms with him and led him, as well as Maria and Michael out of the apartment.

"Just remember Maxwell." Michael stated warningly, leaving Max with no drifting thoughts of what he and Liz would be doing. He knew Michael could and would protect those he loved and he knew there'd be hell to pay if he harmed any of those people in any way.

For the first few minutes Max and Liz simply stood in the family room gazing at one another. Neither knew what to say or do. This was something completely different from anything Liz had ever done; going on a date was a whole new experience. And while she had seen plenty of movies where girls got all dressed up, spending hours on end to make sure they looked beautiful, Liz had thought that the directors were merely joking around. Now she wondered if maybe she should have taken Isabel and Maria's advice and dressed up in some short little dress and curled her hair and all that other nonsense.

Max was still reeling over how beautiful Liz looked. Whenever he had gone out with Tess she had always dressed up, putting on layers of makeup, spending hours fixing her hair, and making sure she looked perfect. She needed none of it, though Max knew he never be interested in Tess so it really didn't matter. But Liz, his perfect Liz, wore what she wanted, even if it meant tattered jeans and a shirt, only a little makeup, and her hair simply lying flat don her back. And yet Max had never seen her look quite as beautiful as she did at that moment.

Now if only he could voice his feelings.

"Yo-you… uh…. You look…."

"I wasn't sure if I should dress up." Liz answered timidly before Max could continue. She now knew she should have dressed up- worn one of those new dresses Nancy had bought her. But that wasn't her. What she was wearing now was what she was used to, but Max looked so much nicer in his gray slacks and black v-neck sweatshirt. How could she have been so stupid to think that she could get away with wearing something that was her? "I'm sorry, I'll go change."

"No!" Max said forcefully. He was surprised that he could even find words to speak when only moments before he had been devoid of the ability to talk at all. "Don't… you look- exquisite."

Liz turned a questioning eye at Max, wondering if what he was saying was true. When she saw no deception or falsity to his statement she warily nodded her head. Still too afraid to say anything in response, Liz merely stood rooted in her spot. She would wait for Max to make the first move because right now she didn't have the first clue as to what to do.

They had skipped so many steps, at least according to the movies Liz had seen. Usually a boy would date the girl before they started kissing. Then after a few dates they would start doing other things- things that Liz knew she wasn't ready for, but if it came with dating Max she guessed she would do it. After all it was what girls were supposed to do, right?

Perceiving her distress, Max offered a shy smile before taking a bashful step towards her, offering the flowers and gift- that were no longer in his hand. His eyes darted around, looking everywhere as Max suddenly wondered if he had forgotten them at his house. Had he really been so distracted that he had forgotten the two things that he had spent so long trying to pick up?

The gift hadn't been the only thing to take forever to pick up. When asked, Alex and Michael had told Max that they didn't know what type of flowers Liz liked, or even what color. Again, with Isabel's help, along with three florist, and twenty minutes later, Max had come out of the shop with a bouquet of white roses, lilies, along with a mixture of white wild flowers around them.

Finally spying it on the floor, Max flushed as he remembered what Isabel had done, thus causing him to drop his gifts. Scrambling to pick them up, Max hastily retrieved everything before once again offering a timorous smile as he held out first the flowers. As the corners of her lips curled up, Max knew that he would have to thank Isabel and the florist later.

"I love lilies…how did you…" Liz cut herself off thinking that she knew the answer. Secretly smiling, she leaned over and inhaled the sweet scent of the flowers. The arrangement was unlike any she had ever received from anyone- not even some of the best florist in Hollywood could compare to this, though Liz figured she was being biased because of her feelings for Max.

"Oh, no! I didn't, well- you know." Max gestured slightly with his hands, letting Liz know that he hadn't seen it in her mind as he had seen the others things. He silently praised himself for taking Isabel's advice.

"Oh, well, thank you." Liz said sincerely. Just as she was about to turn and head off to the kitchen to put them in water, Max stopped her, extending his other hand that held a rather large gift bag. Liz looked at him suspiciously. Flowers had been part of the whole movie thing, though only with the sensitive guys, but this was something new. She looked at him quizzically, unsure what to do or say.

"It won't blow up, I swear." Max tried to ease some of the tension, but when all Liz did was shakily smile at him he knew he had failed. However the mood quickly lightened when Liz tentatively reached out and took the bag from her grasp. It was heavier then Liz had expected and for a moment she merely looked at it in wonder.

"You didn't have to get me anything Max." Liz stated as she continued to gaze at the gift bag resting precariously in the air. The two strings dangled against her fingers, the fine silk twine caressing her fingers as it swayed back and forth.

"I know, but… I-uh- I wanted you to remember this night… I wanted it to be special." If that didn't make Liz feel bad she didn't know what would. Here he had gotten all dressed up and gone all out to get her these gifts and she repaid him by dressing up in her normal everyday clothes and looking like a pitiful excuse for a date. And she hadn't even gotten him anything in return- she was a horrible date.

"I'll go change… I'm really sorry…" Liz's voice was broken. She had already ruined their first date and she couldn't help but wonder what else she would do to make the night even worse. However, before she could leave, Max was by her side, gently grasping her hands in his own as he gazed down at her.

"No, Liz, you look- you take my breath away. And… and I don't want you to change, just as long as you are comfortable." Max explained, hoping that his words would somehow calm Liz and reassure her that he loved the way she looked. But as he gazed down into her eyes he knew she was still questioning herself and how she had dressed. "I don't want you to wear something that isn't you… and this- this is wonderful, but only if it's what you want to wear."

"Are you sure cause I have some nice dresses I could go cha…"

"Liz, wear what you want, but know that what you're wearing right now is… is beyond words to describe how beautiful you look." This time, Max slowly leaned down and placed a lingering kiss in her cheek, hoping that it would show Liz that he meant what he had said. He was rewarded when Liz gave him a quick kiss back before backing away and looking at him shyly. Knowing it had worked, Max continued on with their night plans. "So, are you ready?"

"Oh, um, yeah… but where exactly are we going?" Liz asked. Michael and Alex had been unwilling to give her any clues as to what she and Max would be doing tonight. And while it was good to know they were honoring Max's wish to keep it a secret, Liz was dying to know, after all this was her first real date.

"Ah, now that's my surprise!" Max exclaimed while leading Liz out. Silently he prayed that Liz would enjoy their night as much as he knew he would. And somehow, Max knew she would.

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