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She came into his mouth and he savored her essence,

he'd always loved her tastes. He pulled his body up and

looked down at her limp sated form as he licked more of

her from his lips. He bent her legs up at the knees to

spread them wide in front of him. Max pushed the head

of his penis between her folds and gently probed inside

of her. She pushed her hips up to meet his and he was

finally in the place he loved most, Elizabeth Parker-


He'd been deep inside her her before, many times

actually, but everytime was like the first. Just like

everytime he tasted her she tasted diffrent, better than

the last. He laid his full weight on top of her so he could

go an inch deeper and kissed her...........slowly, lazily,

never moving. He ran his hands up her slicked body and

softly squeezed her breasts, then gently rolled her

pebble like nipples between his fingers. He listened to

her making that high keening sound deep in her throat,

that she made everytime, and smiled against her mouth.

He loved teasing her when they were making love. It

was almost as good as the actual act, almost. She

wiggled beneath him and purred out his name in pleasure

and anticipation. She said it in such the same way as

she had when they'd first become freind's. He pulled out

slowly until just the tip was left in, then pushed back

inside to the hilt. He listened to the sighs and gasps she

made as he speeded up and she met him for each thrust.

Their wet bodies glided against eachother causeing a

delicious heat to rise in the room, he could swear he

smelled smoke. He felt her movments still and her body

clench around his as her orgasm hit. He kept going,

faster and harder with each thrust until he felt the

sparks of his own climax bursting in the base of his spine.

She tightened around him again and that cued his

release into her. he stayed there with his head resting on

her breasts until long after her breathing had deepened

and evened out with her sleep.

He thought about all the things they'd gone through to

get to this place and they were only 24. He rolled

through his memories until he got

to the first day of their freindship way back in Roswell


*Author's note*


I know I'm asking alot but if you read and remembered anything that was happening in the 3rd ch. of Violently Happy, could you reply on that thread and tell me. I didn't save any of the chapters and I don't write them first so I really can't remember what I wrote about. It would help alot. Thanx!!!*angel*

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Chapter 2

8 years earlier, 2002

She and her crew blew into The Crashdown and took the

first booth farthest to the right, as usual. Max tried not to

stare at her but was failing miserably, she was

absolutely gorgeous. The only thing that brung down his

high of seeing her again the first time this summer was

that HE was with her, HE always was. Max tried to bite

back his temper as he gided her onto his lap and gave

her a thorough kiss on the lips, he felt ill. Max had

thought he was over his jelousy and resentment of the

other guy. He was, that is, until Liz came to town.

Max didn't even try to get her attention, earn her

affection, he knew he'd never get that over his big

brother by 2 seconds. Whatever or whomever Zan

wanted, he got, no questions asked, no thoughts

otherwise. He'd always been the favorite son, the one

with all the respect and all the girls. Max had always

been pissed about that but came to a realization late one

night. All the people who would choose Zan over him in a

heartbeat, including but not limited to, his parents, the

extended family, Liz, pretty much everyone, couldn't

help it. He was the epitemy of the "Bad Boy." Hair in tall

neon blue and green spikes, as many tattoos and

peirceing allowed by law, that "I-Don't-Give-A-Fuck"

attitude that everyone pretended they hated but

knew deep down they loved, girls anyway. And when it

came down to choosing between the all American Star

QuaterBack and total the Badass, well, that really

wasn't a choice was it?

He realized the burgers he was grilling were burning and

hurriedly turned them over. He couldn't afford to loose

this job, he needed it, they needed it. The rent on the

trailor was coming up and with his dad in a continual

state of alcohol induced coma and Zan pretending as if

they owned the fucking Ritz-Carlton, the bill fell to him,

just as they had since he was 12. He looked up at Liz's

laugh that was just a tad too loud and instead of seeing

the girl on her brothers lap who was wearing a tight

black corsette with a illegally short mini skirt and stilletto

glittery heels, he saw the shy 12 year old she once was

and still was. Not his brothers 17 year old creation, the

girl he'd made grow-up way too fast.

When he saw her hand drop to Zan's thigh he had to get

out. He slipped into the dark breezy alleyway and

dropped down the wall into a sitting position. He then

brought his knees up and brought his hands around

them. He was in love with Liz. Zan had always gotten

everything hadn't he? Well maybe it was time for Zan


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Chapter 2

Liz let the wind blow through her hair hoping it would help clear the knot in her stomach. Why hadn't he been there, he works there everyday after football practice and he had been nowhere in sight, she felt slightly disappointed for some reason but put it out of her mind. What'd he care what she did or where she was and with who? He never had.

She bite down hard on her bottom lip to try to curb the anger and resentment that wanted to spill forth. She wasn't that young, sweet, 12 year who had set eyes on Max and fell instantly in love. She was 17 and dating the most wanted boy in HighSchool, why couldn't she get over a stupid grade school crush, why couldn't she stop scannig the rooms she entered hoping she'd see his smiling face?

That was along time ago though and with Senior year starting next week she really had to let this thing go, it was bordering unhealthy. Max didn't smile anymore anyway, he had this tortured artist thing going on and Liz didn't get it. She knew that his family had gone through some trouble a couple of years ago and had, had to move from their home but she wasn't sure where they'd moved.

She dated Zan 6 years and had never seen his house. That struck her for some reason, she'd never been bothered before that they limited their excursions to his car or her room, but she suddenly felt ill. 6 years of her life, gone. 6 years with a guy who's house she'd never seen.

No, she shook the thoughts from her head and glanced at Zan's profile, he was so handsome, any girl would be lucky to date him. she was lucky to be with him. She had to keep telling herself that. She felt someone pushing her from the car and felt white hot pain flair from the shoulder that had connected with the dusty driveway.

"What's wrong wit you's, you deaf or sumfin? I been telling you to get out fo like five minutes." "Sorry" Liz said as she climbed up off the ground, trying to keep from lashing out at him, that was just his way, he had never been what you'd call tactful.

"Good" with that he disappeared into a cloud of dust and Liz brushed her clothes off and let herself into the house, or mansion, it had 12 bedrooms, 13 bathes and a den, parlor, diningroom, all the rooms you could think of were in that house. She'd never liked it though, it was too big for the 3 people who lived in it.She'd always wanted a small cozy home, filled with happiness and love, not a huge house that felt like a mauseleum.

She made her way up the grand sweeping stairway toward her room. At least Zan liked it, when they got married and had kid's it wouldn't feel so empty anymore. She wondered for the second time that day why all her old dreams made her feel slightly nauseous now

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Max drove up to the trailer and leaned on the wheel of his jeep, well their jeep, at least Zan had left it this time. He really hadn't felt like walking the 15 blocks to the park. He stepped from the car and was about to unlock the front door when he heard laughter from the inside, female laughter.

Max held his head and tried to get his bearings strait. Zan had Liz in their doing God knows what to her and he didn't think he could handle listening to it all night. Just then the door burst open and a very drunk blond came stumbling out pulling the spagetti straps up on her teeny tiny red dress and trying to pull on her heels at the same time. That wasn't Liz.

"Thanx for tonight," she said in a very breathy voice that just dripped sex, "I didn't know guitar was easy to learn." Zan brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked eachone slowly, "or could taste so good."

She giggled and ran to her little red car. Max was stunned, what the hell had just happened here. "That wasn't Liz" Max said in a slightly stunned voice. "No shit" Zan quipped and stepped back inside.

He was cheating on her. Max knew Zan was using her for sex or money or whatever but he was cheating on her too. Somhow that idea had never crossed his mind, and made the whole affair that much worse.

"Why are you doing this' Max asked in almost pleading voice. "You have the best girl in Roswell yet you do stuff like this, why?" He was really stumped.

"I do it cause I can" Zan said matter of factly. "Liz knows too, I can see it in her eyes when she comes back to the table and some other girls just getting up." "She knows, but remember this little bro, theres no lie a woman won't beleive if she really wants to."

He punched Max a little to hard then slowly swaggered to his room. He watched in a combination of disgust and awe. How could Liz stand for this, how could she let him do this to her over and over again?

He slowly walked to his room pondering that question. She could so much better. So much better than Zan. If only she'd open her eyes to the guy behind him.

A week later

Liz ran through the halls of Roswell High trying to get to her class before the bell rang. Everyone knew the Senior Science teacher was a tyrant when it came to be on time for his class. She swung in just before the bell and was going toward Zan when a leggy redhead grabbed the seat next to him. He shrugged.

"Bastard," she said under her breath and scanned the room for another seat, they were all filled except one next to a guy she really didn't wanna sit by. Max Evans.

"This is what I get for being late," she said softly and climbed onto the stool beside him. "O.K" the teacher said loudly to get everyone settled down." This is a senior class and your first project is worth 40% of your final grade.

The classes groan could be heard down the hall. What kinda teacher assigned somthing so important the first day of school? An asshole, that's the kind her mind answered back immediately.

She laughed, and watched as Max gave her the eye. Great now he thought she was insane, like she cared. The thing was she did so she pushed the thought away.

She watched Zan and the redhead shamlessly flirt from the corner of her eye and suddenly felt intense hate. How could he embaress her like that? She realized she must have missed somthing important when she noticed the teachers and everyone else in the rooms eyes were staring at her expectantly, Shit!!

"Um yes sir," she said hoping that would be the correct response to whatever the question was. "So you and Max are down for space exploration of other galaxies." She didn't know what the hell he was talking about but it wasn't like she could say no now,"correct sir," with that he moved on.

"Why'd you want such a hard subject, we'll be working on this forever" Max asked in a slightly annoyed slightly wondering voice. "Because only idiots don't know about the other galaxies besides ours the..........StarLight Galaxy," and quickly turned toward the front, she would never admit she didn't know what the hell their project was about. She'd never give him the satisfaction.

Max tried to hide his smile. The StarLight Galaxy, did she just make that up from the top of her head? They had a very hard subject to do about evidence that other galaxies exist and she didn't even know the name of the one they now lived in, MilkyWay by the way. It was due in three weeks too, the only good he saw from this was that he'd be spending alot of time with Liz Parker for the next three weeks. Maybe fate was telling him it was time to go after the thing he'd always wanted, her.


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O.K I've been reading my posts and some people don't get why Liz doesn't wanna be aroung Max but she never did. She loves him but she hates him because him because she feels like he mistreated her when she first came to town and liked him. Does that answer your questions and Eccentric one, She came to town when she was 12 and liked Max, but ended up with Zan.I hope thate xplains things.*happy* And keep reading and replying.
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Yes it is like 2A.M, and I'm not sure when I became a insomniac but it's kicking in now and your reaping all the benefits*tongue*full of myself, aren't I?, I don't know. It's two A.M.

"Damn heels," Liz muttered angrilly as she stalked down the hall to her locker. Not only did Zan ignore her but she got stuck with Max. She tried to quell the little flicker of excitment she felt in her belly at his name, he wasn't interested in her. That was all to clear.

She didn't notice that he was waiting by her locker for her until it was too late to run, "Fuck!" She went about her buisness in her lockere and then stood waiting for him to talk. Nothing happened.

"Are you trying to make us late or somthing cause I really can't afford another detention, I'm already on probation."


He stood there and couldn't get the words out. That project had been the answer to his prayer and now he was blowing it. Although, she didn't seem quite as hostile as usual. "I um.........I.....wanted to ask when you wanted to get together for our project."

He was almost sure he saw her face fall as if she was expecting him to say somthing else. Probably just wishful thinking though, there was no sign of it now. "I don't know. Any time would Okay." How about today after school."

That's cool," she responded quietly and wondered why he was still there. "It's confirmed for sfter school, I'll drive. Be there at 3:15." With that she walked away. "Please God," he mumbled softly to himself, "don't let me screw this up."


Liz didn't have to wait a moment. When she exited the school he was already waiting for her by her Porsche. She smiled softly, he was so diffrent then Zan to see they were identical twins.

She would've been waiting a hour for him, only to go look and find him flirting with some other girl. That was what absolutely drove her insane about him. She never actually caught him doing anything but flirting and he was so freaking charming.

If she even brought the subject up he made her forget all about it within the hour. She watched the way the he looked up at her and smiled. It was funny, she never remembered his smile being that beautiful.

"Shake it off girl," She thought and proceeded to the car. She was so beautiful, with the sun in her hair, he thought. Zan had no idea what he had. She walked up toward him happily. "I didn't have to wait at all for you. This project is getting off to a great start."

They jumped into the car, "I'm gonna wait a minute to say bye to Zan." "He doesn't deserve you," he said quietly. Max hadn't even realized he'd said it outloud until he felt her stiffen.

He wasn't gonna take it back though. He didn't deserve a Goddess such as he and right now he felt bold. Max grabbed the ends of her hair and focused on them.

They looked like spun gold in the light and at that moment he felt it wa one of the most beautiful things he'd ever seen. He looked up into her face and swore he saw her about to say somthing.

"Hey guys," Zan broke into there moment seeming to have noticed what was going on. He realized they must have begun moving toward eachother cause when they'd heard his voice they'd flown apart like two kid's caught in the cookie jar.

"Can I borrow 30 bucks Liz, I'm running a little short." "Sure," she said quickly and pulled the money from her purse to give to him. "Thanx," he gave a sloppy kiss and Max turned away, that was just too much to take.

They say there awkwardly after he left for a few moments. "Well lets go,'' she said as if nothing had just happened. He looked out the passenger side as she pulled off, "yeah, lets go."


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Thanx so much for the totally awesome feedback, I'm sorry I haven't updated lately, I've just been woring on the other two stories.

This chapter is rated R for themes and violence. Don't turn away though, things can only get better I promise.

He ran into the trailer and into his room, he was in no mood to get into it with either Zan or his father. The night had been great and he didn't want to spoil it with a match of who could scream the loudest.

Liz and he had talked. He knew, that sounded stupid but when you hadn't really spoken to the girl you were in love with in six years, that was a big step.

They had gotten some of the peoject done and then ate some pizza from the night before. She'd warmed it for him!! What more could any guy ask in life but for the girl you loved to microwave day old pizza for you? Really, what?

Just then he heard someone come crashing into the house, daddy was home.

Max tried to to pretend he was sleeping. For some reason his dad didn't like him and whenever he came in the house mad and drunk, his room was usually the first stop.

"Wheres my food," he yelled angrilly and began throwing things around in there. "Shit, I forgot about the food" Max muttered suddenly alarmed, there was about to be a fight in the Evans' houshold.

He slowly got out of bed, unlocked his door, and exited the room. His father was no where to be seen. "Wheres the food boy," he heard from behind him, turned toward the voice, and grimaced.

His dad had obviously already been in a fight he didn't do to well in. His eye was blackened and his lip was bruised and bleeding, he was probably pissed and since he hadn't won that fight he had come home looking to win this one.

"Theres no food in the house because you didn't go shopping for any." There it had been said and He still had not responded but had a confused look on his face that Max didn't particularly like. Yeah there was going to be a fight tonight.

"You back talking me boy?" He had a incredulous look on his face and Max was proud, he'd surprised his father and himself by standing up for himself. The dark look that came over his face also told Max he'd be paying for it.

The back hand was swift and painful as it connected with the side of his jaw. He flew into the wall and slid down it, he wiped the blood from his lip and looked up at his father with no expression what so ever on his face.

He knew that really pissed him off and if he was going to get his ass kicked tonight he was going to make sure that he got some of it to. For the first time, he fought back.

Max jumped back and punched him hard in the stomach, he was stunned. "Get up dad," Max said in a angry tearful voice. He just couldn't take this anymore.

He stood up looking at his son with disbeleif and was that respect deep back there? "Looked my boy," he said in a monotone voice, "finally becoming a man. Well it's time you come and get what you asked for like a man."

He said as he wobbly got to his feet. Max swung and was vaguely surprised when his dad caught it and gave him a swift uppercut. Just then Zan walked in, he'd help Max, they were brothers and no matter how much of an ass Zan was he'd nevere stand there ad watch him get the shit kicked outta him.

"Help, plesae," I asked as he pulled back my arm and I heard a distant but loud crack. My arm was broken. "Sorry man," he said pulling a bagel from the bag he held in his hand, "I don't wanna get involved in this."

Max had never hated anyone as much as he hated his father and his brother in that instant. His dad punched him hard in the face then got up and spit on him. "Guess you're not the man you thought you were eh boyo," he asked. A teasing note in his voice.

"Come on Zan lets go get us a drink," his father said laughing as they exited the trailer. He laid there on the floor for about a hour before crawling to his room and doing somthing that he hadn't done in a long while.

He cried.

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I know I threw that last chapter at you from nowhere but it was pivotal to what I had in mind for later in the fic. Well since I did that t you guy, I decided to give you a present.

******Warning*******This chapter contains NC-17 material of a sexual nature then graphic descriptions of the acts taking place. I know, you are very welcome. I hope this is hot enough for ya.

P.S.: I made it extra long for you.

Chapter 7

“Shit,” Liz said quietly as she picked up Max’s Science book from her floor. It was 2 A.M, maybe she could give it to him tomorrow at school but even as she thought this she felt herself moving to pick up her car keys from the dresser.

She glanced at herself as she was about to go through her door and realized she was still in her sleeping clothes. The baby T strapped shirt and little shorts she had would not do in public but she had the odd feeling she was being rushed. That she had to go over right now. “I guess this’ll have to do,” she murmured as she ran down the stairs and got into her car.


Max dropped the jeeps keys on the counter as entered the Trailer. The doctor at Emergency told him he hadn’t broken his arm but if It had been pulled an fraction of a inch more, it would’ve been. When he asked how this had happened and Max’d given the lame excuse that he’d fallen the doctor didn’t seem to believe it but let it go and he was released.

He went to his room slowly and searched his bag for his Science book, it was nowhere to be found. “Shit,” he said a little to loudly, “I left it by Liz’s.” He looked at the clock, 2:30, way to late to call her. She was probably sleeping. He gently laid down on the bed and closed his eyes totally forgetting that he’d left the front door wide open.


Liz rejoiced as she spotted Max’s jeep in the front of one of the shottier trailers and got out of the car. She thanked God that she’d noticed him saying earlier that he needed to bring back food to the trailer or she would’ve had no idea where to begin the search.

She went to the front door and when she saw that it was agape peeked her head in. There were signs of a struggle and Liz ran back to her car to get her cell. “We’re sorry but your phone is in a dead area right now, please try again in another location.” She banged it back down into it’s cradle and went to the cars trunk to retrieve the crowbar inside.

She breathed deeply and went back onto the trailers porch then stepped inside. There were pots, pans, and broken glass all other the house. “ Max,” she called out, suddenly scared at the houses stillness. “Max!”
She ran through the house looking for any signd of him, Zan or his father and saw none. “Max,” she screamed again in a loud shrill voice. She ran into the room farthest back to the right and saw him on his bed staring back at her with wide eyes.

“Oh Max,’ she screamed as she dropped the bar and ran to hold him, “I was so worried.” “I came to bring your Science book and the door was open so I stuck my head in and saw that there was a fight and I called you but you didn’t answer, I was worried,” she wailed as she stuck her head into the crook of his neck.

Her mind must’ve finally registered his face because she moved so she could look at him. “What happened,” she asked as she reached out to try to touch his face. “Nothing,” he respndeed as he casually batted her hand away. “ Just got into a fight.”

“Was it Zan, did he do this to you cause if he did I’ll kick his ass.” He looked at her face and realized that she meant it and it made him feel better. Not that he thought she could actually kick Zan’s ass but that she would try, for him, she would try and that was worth the truth. “Not with Zan, my old man,” there was a long silence after that.

He knew there would be just like he knew that if he looked in her eyes right now there’d be pity and he didn’t want that. Not from anyone, especially not her but when he did look he was surprised. There was no pity but anger. Anger and something else.

They stayed that way for a few moments until she pulled away and stood back by the door. “Well heres your book,” she looked around the room and then seemed to remember something. “Fuck, I’m sorry, I left it at home.’ He hardly heard her though.

All he kept noticing was that she wasn’t wearing a bra and that her nipples were hard, was it cold in here? He wondered what color they were.


There was something weird going on in this room, she vaguely registered that her nipples were getting hard and that moisture was pooling between her thighs, she had to get outta there. “I guess I’ll bring it to you tomorrow,” she turned to leave and wasn’t very surprised when he stepped up behind her and closed it.

“No,” he said close to her ear, sending shivers down her spine. “Don’t go yet.


He slowly turned her toward him and slipped the straps from her arms revealing her soft breast to his eyes, he always dreamed they’d look like that. He dragged his index finger around her areola and watched as she looked down at his hand in rapt fascination. He grabbed her pebble hard in between his fingers and piched, they were dark and he felt himself harden at her gutteral moan.

“Are you wearing panties,” he whispered in her ear. She was still staring st his hand on her breast and he decided to the delightful job ob of finding out himself. He dragged his left hand down her body and slowly pushed it up her short legs.

There were panties and Max was glad, he’d finally be able to pull them off of her. He slowly fondled the sopping wet material between her thighs and wanted more than anything to just pull them down and finally, after years and years of dreaming, be inside of her.

But he held back the urge, he wanted her screaming and shaking with want before he took her, he wanted her to beg him. He smiled softly against her forehead and pushed his hand inside her panties.


She knew this was wrong, she had a boyfriend but things with Zan had never felt this good. He grabbed her hard little nub and began to pinch and roll it between his fingers, she wanted to scream and beg for him but she wouldn’t.

Liz had a feeling they were playing a game and she wanted to win but how would she stand a chance if he kept this up. She tensed her body as he used one of his fingers to slightly probe her and felt like she was about to come when he spoke to her in rusty broken voice. “Relax for me Liz, relax I promise, I’ll do all the work.”

She relaxed against the door as he gently pushed inside of her and made a low sound deep in his throat. She heard a soft laugh as he began to talk again, “You feel so good.”
He swirled his finger slowly, so slowly she wanted to scream but she wouldn’t give in. All of a sudden he stuck two more fingers in and began to pump.

Fast, until he felt she was about to come then he’d slow down. He’d speed up and slow down until she didn’t care who begged first. “Please,’ she said in a whiny high pitched voice, this was really to much.

“You know I can’t say no to you,” then he shoved them up as high as he could without hurting her and splayed them. She came, hard. She was pretty sure she had screamed pretty loud because when she came out of her orgasm induced haze he had a huge smile on his face.

He then pulled his hand from her panties and brought it to his lips. His tongue slowly snaked out and licked some off, “Umm, tastes good.” Is it possible to come from just three words cause she felt like she was about to again.

He then picked her up and laid her down on the bed, he pulled his shirt over his head and laid down next to her. “Now I’m gonna finish what I started.

Part 7B COMING SOON!!!!!!
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Wow, long time no see huh? Sorry I've like dropped off the face of the Earth recently but I've been having some problems at school. There pretty much all cleared up now so I'm back and the title says it all. 7B is finally here!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy and don't forget the feedback.

Chapter 7B

Her face looked anxious for what she knew was about to happen. Max slowly brought his lips down to connect hers, he'd been waiting his whole life for this, he wasn't about to mess it up.

Max manuevered his body to where it was halfway covering hers and grabbed the sides of her light pink panties. "The lights still on," Liz said hesitantly as she stopped his hands.

She was not a virgin but she and Zan never slept together with the lights on. She was feeling shy and felt stupid. What if he didn't like what he saw?

He smiled that Maxwell Evans patented smile and looked into her eyes, "I wanna see you." Liz felt like the wind had been knocked from her lungs. "I wanna see you," those were possibly the most erotic words he'd said to her all night.

The thin material between her thighs dampened coniderately more as she released her grip on him and let him pull the last stitch of clothing away from her body.

His gaze did not waver as he looked over her nude body. She pulled her legs up until they bent at the knee as if in protection from his probing gaze, she'd never been looked at that way before.

He brought his palms to her knees and gentlytried to seaperate them when he met with her resistance. He smiled down at her playfully as if he weren't about to make love to his brothers girlfreind but as if he were about to show an old freind somthing really cool.

"Come on and open up for me," he said. She could hear the laughter in his voice and her body responded and parted her legs for her. He stared for what felt like forever. Liz had to fight not to shut her legs on him but she also felt happy to be doing ths for him, he seemed so amazed.

Almost like a little kid who has just discovered somthing and runs to tell everyone, but she was sure he wasn't ging to be telling anyone about this. He was so much diffrent from earlier. No longer the seducer but the gentle explorer.

He ran his palms up her thighs until he could run them in the wet hair near her opening. She felt like she was about to pop again, this really was just tomuch, when he abruptly pulled away and stood back beside the the bed.

Liz's eyes flew open as she watched him watch her with an unreadable expression on his face. She was suddenly afraid, did he not want to continue? Her question was answered as he began to unbutton and pull down his jeans and boxers.

Whoda thunk it, Max wore boxers. Before this night she'd pegged him as either the tighty whiteys type or the none at all type. Tonight she was learning she'd been wrong alot when it came to Mr. Maxwell Evans.

She wantd to help him with undressing but with all the things he'd shown and was about to show, if prior activities could be trusted. She'd be surprised if she could walk tomorrow.

He climed back on the bed and settled between her thighs. She'd been expecting to feel him penetrate her but when after a few seconds that felt like centuries theat touch didn't happen she opened her eyes to that grin on his face again, only this time it was mischevious.

He looked at her wondering face and slowly dragged himself against her heat. He listened as an almost inaudible groan escaped her throat and watched as her fluttered up in her head. She tried to close her thighs on him and he grabbed thier inside and pushed them backout, if she did that, he wouldn't get to his punchline.

"Liz," he whispered as he brought his lips so close to hers they touched at every word he spoke, but it wasn't really a kiss. Her eyes didn't open and he called out again. "Elizabeth Parker, you awake?"

She smiled softly as her eyes fluttered open to see his sweaty face hoveribg above hers. "May I come inside you please?" She wanted to burst out laughing, who said stuff like that in bed. Nobody but Max.

"Yes Max, you may." The touch she felt of him inside of her was eletric. It'd never felt tlike this with any ofher other partners. She felyt her legs trembling as he pushed inch for inch inside her hot wet quivering body slowly, too slowly.

She looked up expecting to see that smile but only saw his beautiful face concentrating on the task at hand. She was so warm and tight, he felt as she grabbed every inch of him and had to concentrate not to cum, not yet anyway.

He had pushed his entire way inside her and still wanted to go deeper, he wanted to touch her soul. "I love you Liz." Her eyes flew open but she had no time to think on what he'd said as he began to quickly move inside her.

He'd wanted to go slow, make this last but his body wasn't letting him, she felt so good.He wante her to know how he was feeling, not the pleasure from the sex even though that was so good also but the pleasure from a dream finally being realized. The dream of being inside the only girl he'd ever loved. Inside Liz Parker.

He began to push harder inside her body, trying to make her feel a semblance of what he felt when her legs tightened around his hips and her walls violently clenched around him.

His whole body tensed as he came from the force of her orgasam and collapsed on her chest. He ran his index finger over her nipple until it perked back and licked the sweat from between breasts as he looked up into her sleeping face and smiled, he was glad she'd enjoyed.

The first thing Max felt as he was awakened from his peacful sleep was a warm body. Liz, last nights events came rushing back to him as he felt his body come to attention.

"Max!" The voice was as unexpected as it was unwelcome. The screen door was pushed open as someone else ebtered behind his father and called out to him. Zan was home.


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You know, I could take you guy's advice. I could make Liz walk out of Max's room buck naked except for a sheet and tell Zan to shove it as far up his ass as possible, run into Max's arms, tell him she loves him and they run away and live happily ever after. End of story. That's the problem, end of story. I'm not quite ready for that yet, I've got a few more curves to throw your way.*big*

Chapter 8

Max bolted upright and the bed and began to throw his clothes on. He could hear Zan walking down the hall toward his room calling his name, things would not be pretty if he cought Liz in his bed.

Zan was getting steadily closer and closer and Max walked out just as he was about to push his door open. "Looks like your healing well little brother," Zan said as he reached out to touch him. Max hit his hand away and Zan sneered as he said, "what you been doing?"

A thought popped into his head "your girlfreind, that's what or rather whom I've been doing, and an idea that scared him in it's pure visciousness came right afterward. He could let him into his room.

Let him see his girl lying naked in his little brothers bed, tell him how he'd made her forget his name. Sure, Liz would be angry and Zan would kick his ass but it'd be worth it.

A moments release from the hell that was living in this house. A tiny taste of revenge for all the wrongs that had happened to him. "Wheres Liz?"

"I'm here, Zan." She slowly walked from his room, fully gressed. "I came to see youy last night and Max let me wait here for you, I fell asleep and Max gave me his bed." "Really," Zan asked, accusion laced through every word. It would be so easy.

Answer that question a moment to slowly and he'd know. Liz wouldn't hate him because he hadn't told and he'd have everything he ever wanted. The girl and the vengence. Max looked from Zan's suspicious face to Liz's pleading one in a half second.

"Yes," he saidf slowly, "I let her have my room for the night." Zan smiled and Max couldn't miss the sigh of releif. "Come on Liz," he siad grabbing her hand, "let's go a little drive." He waggled his eyebrows suggestively at her.

"I'll be right there, I just have to get somthing." He quickly kissed her and ran to the car out front. "Max," she said softly. He could already hear what she was about to say next. "It was all a mistake, I was worried and scared and things escalated so fast, it's no ones fault really, Please don't tell Zan,' and that's pretty much what it boiled down to, not telling Zan.

He cut her off before she could say those things and ruin the memories and the dream come true of last night for him. He wondered suddenly if she'd heard him tell her he loved her? He prayed that she hadn't, "it's O.K Liz, I wont ever tell Zan, Promise."

She smiled that happy bright smile that just night he'd thought was only for his eyes and quickly kissed him on the cheek before running out to her car. Before running out to Zan. Before leaving him in the dust.


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Thanx soooooo much for all the feedback. I thought yall would be so mad at me that you quit reading and leave, guess not.*big* I promise though that the last chapter will be fixed. I mean, you already know the ending to this story.

Chapter 9

He loves me.

The thought kept circling throught Lizs head as she stepped into her home and ascended the stairs to her bedroom. Zan had wanted to hang out with her but she blew him off, she was still in her PJ's for God's sake.

She's gotten rid himas quick as possible so she could go think, she'd slept with Max and he'd said he loved her. She could just say it was in the heat of the moment that he'd said that but Zan had never let thode three words sleep from his lips no matter how hot things had gotten between them.

Not that their encounters were half way as good as her one with Max. He was utterly amazing, and in love with her. The thought made her want to jump around the lushly decorated room but she stopped herself.

She could never be with Max, Zan would kill him before he let that happen. Litteraly, he was psychotic about people taking his things even if he didn't really like them that much and as much as she used to deny being on that list, she was. She was probably number 1.

Liz flopped down on the bed and pondered her predicament. There was a guy out there who loved her and had the best hands in the universe, then there was his brother. Whom she'd been with since the age of 12 and who never even once during all those years told her he loved her.

The answer was pretty obvious but when you factored in that one of the brothers was totally insane and would die before he let her leave, well, that kind of muddles things up a bit. "

Go with the brother who I think I'm falling for or stay with the one I've been with forever because he'll kill before he lets me go?" She thought them over and over until she'd fallen asleep, not even close to an answer.

Max flipped the burgers at the Crashdown with little interest, things were horrible in every aspect of his life. "I need a alein Blast shake and two men in BlackBery pies please," the new waitress said with a flirty lilt to her voice.

She was pretty, not Liz calibar pretty but who was? She had long blond hair and big brown eyes, eyes that reminded him of Liz even though they laked the clarity, the vitality of her yes. Maybe that's why when they were closing up together and she asked himout he didn't decline.

Maybe that's why when she came close to kiss him he didn't back away, and maybe that's why when he brought her home and she invited him in he went. Because Maria's eyes looked so much like Liz's.

Weren't expecting that were you? I know Maria has green eyes but what can I say, authors license.

Will Max sleep with Maria? Stay tuned to the next update of.............IDENTICAL OPPOSITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Thanx so much for the feedback. Here is the much awaited chapter, did Max sleep with Maria?

Chapter 9

It was decided, she was going to tell him. Liz grabbed her keys and flew down the stairs toward her destination, she was going to tell Max she thought she was in love with him. Damn the conseaquences and damn Zan.

She'd changed into a light blue sundress with little yellow flowers on it and some strappy high heeled shoes. She might be changing her skank attitude for Max but she still loved high heels.

She grinned uncontrollably as she jumped into the car and drove toward the Crashdown, it was about to open in 30 minutes and she wanted to talk to him while he was opening, so they could be alone.

She revved the engine and pulled out of the driveway, things were about to change for her. No more loveless relationship, no more put downs, nomore of the things she used to do. Today was the first day of her new life, her new life with Max. If he could forgive her.

Max and Maria were quiet as he walked her to The Crashdown to open up with him. They were quiet because they had nothing to say to eachother. "We're here," he uttered, the first words spoken between them that entire morning and they walked to the resturant and he let them in.

Liz watched him with that new waitress and had to suppress the urge to run up to him and scream. Maybe they hadn't done anything. Yeah right, her mind countered itself. Their walking to work together at 6 A.M. because he accidently went to her house last night, slept with her then walked her back here, sure.

She shook those thoughts from her mind and began the long walk across the street. It would hurt her if they'd slept together but she wouldn't give up onhim, not the only person who loved her.

She straitened the sundress whitch in the light of day seemed so inadequate and took the leap of knocking on the front glass door.

Max head straitened up from cleaning the grill to the face in the window, Liz. His heart jumped and he pushed it back down, they were freinds now, but freinds didn't sleep together did they and freinds didn't want to keep sleeping together. No, not usually.

"I'm coming," he said even though she couldn't hear him. He pulled the key from the ring around his belt loop and unlocked the door so she could enter.

They awkwardly stood in front of eachother, all of Liz's practicing on how she'd start the conversation and how he'd respond flying from her head. "You look beautiful," he said eyeing her attire. "Thanx," she replied, "well that's what freinds are for right?"

He tried hard to keep the bitterness out of his voice as he said those words but knew he hadn't when she winced. They stood there in silence again and Liz opened her mouth to say something when Maria came taward him and shyly kissed his cheek, 'Thanx for last night." She then walked back to what she was doing and Max raised his eyes to see Liz's reaction.

There was nothing.

'Can I talk to you in private," she asked, her voice a bit tight. Max detested that he felt triumphant in making her jelous, that was such a juvenille thing to feel. "Sure, we can go in the back."

He took her into the workers lounge area where they slipped into another silence. "Did you sleep with her," she wasn't supposed to ask like that, she wasn't supposed to ask at all. It was none of her buisness bt the words had just popped out and Max seemed very angry.

"That's none of your buisness," he spat at her and walked into the mens bathroom. When he turned and discovered she'd followed him he was shocked, girls aren't allowed in the boy's bathroom and he'd thought if he came in here she'd stay out. No such luck.

'Get out Liz," he said exaspertly, "I'm sorry I asked that," she said ignoring his request. "The question just popped out it is none of my buisness and I'm sorry I asked," she mumbled. Max could here that she was sincere and sighed loudly as he took peeks at her downturned head.

"I didn't sleep with her," he said suddenly. Her head popped up with a bright smile plastered across it that she just couldn't hide. "I came really close," he said quickly, " but when it came to go time," he turned away from her gaze. "I just couldn't go through with it. We ended up talking the whole night and I fell asleep over there."

"Why didn't you do it?" He whirled on her angilly," maybe I couldn't do it because some peolpe unlike others don't like to fuck anything that walks." He watched her face crumple at the harsh words that were obviously aimed at her. He was surprised that he didn't really care.

"I only ever slept with Zan," she defened herself, "and me," he added. She lowered her head again.

"I only sleep with peolpe I love, I don't fuck, I make love," he added in a quiet voice and stared at her until she raised her eyes to his to show that, that stament was also aimed at her.

She took a deep breath and stepped up toward him. "I think I might be in love with you," she blurted out and watched as his expression changed to shock. Those were probably the last words he expected to hear from her.

"I thought about it all last night," she continued ," and I realized I needed you. That what I felt with you that night was like no other experiance I'd ever had with Zan, and I am so sorry for the trouble I caused you, for driving you to almost make a horrible mistake and compromise your values, you'll never know how sorry I am for all the time we've wasted. All the time I've wasted," she corrected.

"There wasa no movment in the room in the room for a full minute before she felt him grab her up, sit her on the sink and begin to kiss her. "I love you too Liz, you don't know how I've dreamed of you saying those exact words to me.

He kissed her hairline, the crown of her head, her eyelids, her cheeks, and finally after what felt like forever, they touched lips. "I love you Max," she murmered between their fevered kisses. "I'm in love with you."

The two lovers had no idea that their intimate moment had been seen in whole. That a furious man was behind one of those stalls watching the girl that he loved in the arms of his brother.

What will Zan do? Will he break up their intimate moment or will he wait undetected in the stall for a better moment to pounce? Stay tuned to the next update of...............Identical Opposites!!


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Forgot to tell the fans of Violently Happy that I have finally updated it. I did it last night and after your finish reading and updateing here go there and do the samr. Thanx!!
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Thanx so much for the feedback old readers and newcomers alike. I'm so happy that you were happy with the last part but you guys know me, I like to jerk you around*tongue*. But I promise you will get your happy ending, I can't change that, it's in the first chapter.

P.S- When have you known me to leave strings untied? I'm going to explain all about how Zan got into that bathroom, don't worry.

Chapter something or other, they're all screwed up

Zan awoke in the alley of some resturant and shakely got to his knees. This was a regular occurance in his life, after drinking and hoing he usually fell asleep anywhere.

He glanced at his watch, 6:05, and got to his feet. He surveyed his surroundings, this place looked slightly familiar. The Crashdown, he looked at a discared carryout bag with t's logo imprinted on it. "The alien lovers resturant."

He kicked it vengfully and was about to take the long walk home when he remembered Max was supposed to open the resturant today, he would be inside and he could get him to give him the keys to the jeep. He seriously felt like shit and if he had to walk the 3 miles to the trailer he would literally die on the highway.

He was about to circle to the front when he saw the new waitress enter the workers lounge. She was a nice one but right now was not the time to pick girls up, he needed to get home. Zan knocked on the side entrance door and watched as the girl debated whether or not to let him in.

"I'm Max's brother, see the resemblance?" She smiled all of the sudden and quickly walked to let him in. Max had a fan and even though he hated him, he loved him too. He was his twin, and deep down he wanted him to be happy.

She unlocked the door and allowed him entrance. "I need the keys to the jeep but I gotta take a whiz first." with that at exactly 6:15 he entered the mens bathroom as Maria exited to the dining area.

Now he was watching them practically have sex on the bathroom counter. "I'm in love with you." Zan felt his heart being ripped out because yes he cheated on her and put her down but in his own twisted way, he really did love Liz. She was the only one who'd ever treated him well.

He turned away from the scene playing out in front of him and weighed his options. Wait until they leave to exit the stall or confront them?

Max ran his hand through Liz's hair never knowing of the storm brewing inside of those stalls. "Say you love me again," he said with a devilish grin." "Maxwell Evans I Elizabeth Parker, love you with all my heart and soul," she grinned and grabbed his face back into a kiss.

She dragged her hands down his chest until they rested on his belt buckle. Max grabbed them and pushed them out on either side of her. "Can we meet st your house tonight," he asked. "Sure, as soon as we finish here," with that she tried again to unbuckle his belt and he again hindered her, "not here.'

"Why not," she asked in a whining voice. "Cause I refuse to make love only our second time on a counter in the mens bathroom. She smiled sheepishly and let him guide her hands to her lap. "Lets go," he began to pull her up when she asked shyly, "I have to pee, do you think I could use this bathroom?"

Max laughed and joking flourished his arms in the direction of the stalls, "by all means, please do." With that he left Liz to her buisness.

She smiled after his retreating form and went to open one of the stall doors when she felt blinding pain and herself falling back and hitting the sink with a thunk. Her head had connected with the marble and she had to shake away the dizziness that came afterward.

She waited for her vision to clear and saw Zan. He'd never looked this way before, he looked..........violent. "Whore," he spat out at her. He'd heard, the thought hit her like a ton of bricks.

"Zan please," he came at her again and she cowered waiting fir the inevitable pain of his fist. When it didn't come she opened her eyes to his desperate pacing around the room. "How could you?" he kept babbling on and on about how they'd betrayed when he stopped and pointedly looked at her.

"I'm going to kill him," this wasn't the statment of someone making idle threats. The truth of those 5 word seeped from his tone of voice, his posture, to the blank look on his face. He meant what he said.

Liz began to bawl. up until now she'd been able to keep her emotinons in check but with that revealment of what Zan planned to do she broke down. Liz was on all fourd as she crawled toward him and grabbed at his legs. "Please don't," she begged, "I'll do anything."

Zan looked down and realized he had an even better form of revenge in the person heaped at his feet. "Anything," he drawled slowly. "Anything," she answered back. He smiled visciously, the plan already forming in his mind.

What will Liz do? Follow his plan, whatever it may be or risk Max's life? Stay tuned to the next update of.......Identical Opposites.


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I'm in an updating kind of mood today. Gosh Crimson, was it really necessary that you call me out on that plug? and it was that shameless*wink*. Thank you guys for the feedback and am I going to go the Moulin Rouge route? I was, but I don't think I will now.

BTW: Thanx StarLady, for the chapter number.

Chapter 12

Liz walked out of the bathroom feelingless. She couldn't do this, keep telling lies and hurting people, hurting Max. Zan knew and he was far sicker than she'd ever thought. He needed mental help, preferably from someone who could prescribe drugs.

She should tell him, she knew but would he hate her? Hate her for the things she'd done in the past that were tied in with what Zan wanted. Max knew she wasn't some innocent virginal girl but he really had no idea the things she done and with who and with how many diffrent people.

When she told him she'd just slept with Zan and him, that had been a lie. The reason she'd come to Roswell was to get away from her reputation. She'd lost her virginity at 11 and things all went down hill from there.

His name was Jacob, he was 1 year older than her so he'd been 12 at the time. He was tall and quiet and beautiful. He'd reminded her of Max, maybe that's why she'd hated him when first met all those years ago. He was similiar to Jaco that it scared her.

He'd gotten sick and 3 months later he died. To say the least, she'd gone crazy. There'd been so many guys in such a short span of time, she'd gotten a reputation. The sweet little girl who'd been the star in the Easterling elementary school concert was now the whore of Brocks Jr. High.

Her grades had slipped, she'd started acting out in school, being flip with the teachers as well as her parents. when she got kicked out though that'd been the last straw, her mother came into her room one night and told her they wer moving here, to the midle of nowhere Roswell and now, here she was.

Actually, maybe it wasn't his resemblance to Jacob that'd made her dislike Max. Maybe she saw his capacity to love her early on and thought she didn't deserve it.

Liz stepped from the side door of the Crashdown to avoid Max until there date tonight. She had so much to think about. Tell him about her horrible past or start that horrible past up again so she wouldn't have to face his disgust and hate of her. She fought back the tears, what wa she going to do?

Wellllllllll......... What will Liz do in this situation? Start back up her whoring ways or face Max's reaction to the truth about her. Stay tuned to the next update of............Identical Opposites!!!

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Thank you so much for putting up with me like, never updating this story. Until now that is. Heres the new part ans P.S. Awesome feedback guys, thanx so much! and I'll try to start writing longer chapters but it's really hard for me.

Chapter 12

Liz sat trembling on her bed. It was almost time for Max to come over. he checked her watch for the tenth time and began to pace the length of the room. She was going to tell him. She had to tell him.

The lies were beginning to pile up and it was time she let herself go. Max said he loved her and God, did she love him. She glanced at her watch one more and tore it off. It was absolutely driving her crazy.

She was so engrossed in thought she didn't hear the slight tap at her window.

Max watched her nerveous moments and couldn't beleive she was still worried about them, they'd be together forever. He knocked again, harder this time and watched as she nearly fell over trying to look at him.

She didn't move for a split second then slowly made her way to the window and pulled it open for. He pulled himself through and stood to look at her. She was wearing a knee length low necked spagetti strapped blue dress that sparkled in the right light. She was breathtaking.

"You look so beautiful Liz," he said in a voice tinted with the awe he was feeling that she actually picked him over all the other boy's she could've had.

Liz hoped that the tears she was trying so hard to conceal wouldn't spill over, "Thank you."

There was a silence that stretched in the room as Max slowly approached her. She seemed upset about something, he was going to make her feel better tonight.

He walked across the room to her and gently took her in his arms. He kissed the crown of her head, her eyelids, her hairline and finally her lips, just like in the bathroom earlier.

Liz burst into tears.

She pushed Max away and leaned back onto the wall. "What's wrong," he asked with concern in his voice. "You're going to hate me for this Max but I want you to know that I love you and that's why I'm telling you this."

Max was scared.

"What is it Liz." She didn't answer and he was about to ask again when she said these next words.

"When I told you that I'd only slept with Zan besides you, I was lieing. I've slept with other guys, lot's of other guys."


How will Max react to this revelation about Liz's past? Will he stay or will he walk out? Stay tuned to the next update of ................Identical Opposites!!!!!

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DraemingofMax and all the others who love this story, I am so sorry.

I know I know, it's been like a century since I updated this story but that's because I'm having very mixed feelings about it. I'm really not liking it and I don't want that to show through in my writing so I'm waiting until I don't hate it as much to update again.

I am so sorry that this has happened but I don't want to update until I'm nuetral about this story once again. I feel like that'll be soon so look out for my other story, "Bad Boy," and my completed one, "Violently Happy."

Thank you guy's so very much for your support.

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