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Title: She's The One
Author: trinitystar1323
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Rating: R/NC-17
Disclaimer: UPN owns Roswell, the characters, and situations. No infringement intended. Nothing is mine.
Summary: Alternate Universe. Liz Parker has been in love with Zan all of her life, and when they are finally married she doesn't think her life could get any better. But when Zan dies at the hands of their enemy, it is his brother who Liz must marry according to Antarian law.
Category: Zan/Liz, Max/Tess, Isabel/Kyle, Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, Isabel/Alex, and Kyle/Ava.
Authors Notes:

The strawberry scent of her hair filled his nostrils and her soft skin surrounding him held captivated. He couldn't tear himself away from her and he didn't want to. And it didn't even matter that they were in a dark ally where anyone and everyone could find them. All that mattered was that they were together.

Her moans of pleasure drove him on, bringing him to the brink of insanity just as he liked. Finally, Zan's mouth left hers to suck on her neck. His soft facial hairs tickled her skin causing another muted half moan half giggle to escape her lips. His hands groped at her as he hoisted her up, using the wall for extra leverage. Her fingers wound in his hair urging him up so she could kiss him again.

Their tongue fought for supremacy as they once again fused their lips together. It was times like these that always made Liz remember how much she truly loved all of Zan. As his hands began to grapple with her dress, Liz began working at his own attire. Her hands molded to his body, caressing his muscles as she tore at the buttons on his shirt. And once her dress was pressed far enough up, it wasn't long before Zan had his hands molded to her thighs, urging them apart.

Their labored breaths mingled together as they tore their mouths away, sucking in as much air as possible. But being away from her was too much and soon Liz moaned out as Zan attached his mouth back on her neck. His fingers fumbled with her panties and when he grew frustrated he merely ripped them from her body. He could smell her wetness and it was driving him crazy.

"Zan…" Liz's quiet gasp of his name only made things worse for Zan as he slid his fingers between her thighs and began rubbing her folds. Finally being able to feel how wet she was and knowing it was all because of him finalized his thoughts. He needed to have her, and now.

Nudging her legs apart, Zan pressed himself against her heat, letting her feel his arousal. Liz's only response was to arch into him for she needed him just as much as he needed her. Hearing her silent pleas whispered in his mind, Zan only waited a moment before guiding his throbbing member inside her body.

An animalistic growl came through his gritted teeth as he fought to keep from crying out how tight and good she felt. Burying his face in her, he began to slowly rock against her while nipping at her exposed skin. This was how it had always been- sex was never a problem, but it always had to be perfect. Zan never wanted to have anything less, and Liz was not one to complain.

"Zan… love…" Liz whimpered, needing more but not receiving. It was the only indication that Zan needed to know that she wanted more and faster. Though there were clothes in their way, their sweat mingled, easing part of Zan's job, though between he and the wall, Liz was not going anywhere. His chest heaved as he thrust into her, wanting and needing to be as deep as possible.

As soon as he could feel her inner walls begin to pulsate and clamp around him he knew that he had truly found his home. And to think that he had traveled all the way from another planet to find her awed and amazed him. Because nothing felt quite right without Liz by his side. She was his reason for living, breathing- existing. Her body was his temple and he forever wanted to pay homage to it for as long as she would let him.

Despite his jacket and shirt, he could still feel her nails as they dug into his skin. And as her muscles continued to clamp down on him, Zan finally let himself go completely, embedding his seed deep within his love. He could feel her body trembling against his and it filled his heart with pride to know that she was quivering in ecstasy because of him.

"Za…." Liz's voice trembled as she tried to speak so as to let Zan know, but he already knew.

"Shhh…" Zan hushed her as he pulled out of her. Both immediately felt the loss and groaned in response. He touched her cheek tenderly, placing a ginger kiss on the tip of her nose. Then, for the second time in his life and all to the same person, he whispered the three words that he loathed to say, for fear that she would never reciprocate his feelings- though now he knew she would. "I love you…"

"I love you too." Liz whispered back.

Helping her readjust her wedding dress, Zan quickly ran a hand over her flushed and ravished face, returning it to the beautiful smudge free look that had been there before he had attacked her. He checked over her, making sure she looked just as she had before they had decided to give in to their need for each other. After all this was her day and he wanted it to be perfect because she didn't deserve anything less than just that.

"Yo yous ready?" Zan asked, leading her back towards the front of the church. It hadn't been his intent to take her behind the church, but she had looked so beautiful and he hadn't been able to keep himself away. He just had to have her and it seemed that she needed him just as badly.

"Yes…" Liz whispered. Her eyes sparkled as she gazed at her soon to be husband.

Everything seemed to fly by for the two in the next half-hour. One minute they were out in front of the church trying to make themselves look presentable and the next they were at the front of the church, exchanging vows and gazing into each others eyes loving. The small congregation of people watched on in awe. Ava, Lonnie and Rath had had a hard time believing that Zan would be marrying a human. But it was Maria and Alex who really cheered the two on And while it pained Ava to know that Zan never loved her like she loved he, she was happy enough knowing that he was happy.

"And do you, Elizabeth Parker take this man…" Again the minister's voice faded away as Liz and Zan gazed at the other. They were unwilling to completely separate form each other and at all times had to be touching the other in some way. They were so caught up in each other that they never even heard the minister ask Liz for the second time if she took Zan as her husband. It wasn't until Maria and Alex gave the two a little nudge.

"I do…" Liz murmured. The whole time, Zan's eyes were trained to her mouth, watching as her little pink tongue peeked out as she spoke. Only half an hour ago that same tongue had been caressing his own as they had made love just outside the church. He would forever remember their wedding day, though now it would be for two reasons.

"… by the state of New York, I now pronounce you husband and wife." Zan didn't even wait for the minister to tell him to kiss the bride- he didn't need anyone to tell him to kiss Liz, who was now his wife. His wife.

Those two words made him the happiest man on earth and he knew then and there that nothing would ever compare to finally living his life with Liz in every way possible. As he kissed his wife, Zan faintly heard someone coughing behind him and when he finally tore his mouth away from Liz's he turned and glared at Alex, his best man, wondering what was going on.

"Um… we haven't reached that part yet." Alex whispered. This immediately caused Maria and Liz to burst out giggling, and even a shy grin slipped across Zan's lips as he shook his head before turning and looking at the minister expectantly.

"You may now kiss this bride…" And that he did.


"Class of 2002 you may now turn your tassels!" Principal VanGurp stated, eliciting a loud cry of joy from the senior class of West Roswell High. The audience clapped as they joined in the student's joy to finally have graduated.

Soon after the students filed out of the auditorium, eager to be with their friends and family to share their happiness of finally being free. In that crowd was Max and Isabel Evans' who were joined by Kyle Valenti, boyfriend of Isabel, and Tess Harding, girlfriend of Max. The group had been friends throughout high school and their friendship had only grown stronger as the years wore on. Now, as they stood together, overlooking the rest of their peers, they couldn't help but reminisce.

Tess clung to Max, wrapping her arms around Max as he placed a gentle kiss on the crown of her head. Kyle had his arm loosely draped around Isabel's shoulder. And Michael stood alone, watching as his friends and only family clung to their loved ones. He had never found that special someone and he wasn't willing to date Isabel even if she was his destiny. It just wasn't right, now if only Max would admit that he truly felt nothing for Tess then maybe this nonsense would be forgotten.

However their peaceful moment was broken when their protector Ed Harding appeared before them. Michael, Isabel, Max and Tess instantly knew something was wrong. The usually stoic look on his face was gone, and instead a look of anger and resentment overtook his features. For the first time he looked mad.

"Nasedo?" Max questioned quietly, only he never answered, he merely motioned for them to follow him. Kyle knew all about their alien status so he too followed along side his girlfriend. Once in a secluded area, Nasedo pulled Max aside, making sure that Tess did not follow. "What? Did something happen?"

"An important issue has come up that we must discuss." Ed Harding stated. The corners of his mouth twitched and looked as though he were physically sick with what he had to say next. "When we were chosen for this mission, your parents briefed us on our task…"

"We?" Max immediately asked. Before Nasedo had only used 'I.' So this new development of 'we' made Max very nervous.

"Yes, we. There were two sets, you four, and another four in New York." Seeing the confusion written in his king's eyes, Nasedo tried his best to explain better. "We were sent to protect the royal four, only there were two sets. I took you four while the other took the other four to New York. That way if anything were to happen to one of you there would another to replace you."

"And the other set- something has happened to them?" Max asked cautiously, unsure if he really wanted to know.

"Their king died." Nasedo informed him quietly. Max's eyes immediately flew open as the word king came from Nasedo's mouth. Not that he was thrilled about the idea of being king, but Nasedo had always said that he was king, but if there was a second set then how could there be two kings?

"King… but I thought you said I was the king." Max whispered so as to not be overheard by anyone else.

"I thought you were, but Zan- your duplicate- married before you and thus he became king." Nasedo said regretfully. He had just been informed of all of this and he too was trying to comprehend everything the other protector had said. But then there was still more to tell and he was positive neither Max nor Tess would be very happy with the news. "He didn't marry Ava…"

"What?" Max asked, completely bewildered by the sudden turn in events and what it had to do with him. While he was saddened to know that his duplicate had died, he couldn't find any connection. Though it did confuse him as to why his duplicate wouldn't have married his destined mate.

"He married a human- now Antar's queen…" Nasedo dreaded saying the next part, but he knew that if he didn't say it now he never would be able to. Everything had been going so well between Max and Tess and now this human, the queen, would ruin it all because the other king had been careless. "And yours as well…"


Chapter 2

Tucked under Alex and Maria's arm, Liz wept as she listened to the preacher finish up the burial service. She was trembling as if she would convulse throughout her husband's funeral. To most, Alex and Maria seemed like a mere pleasant diversion to Liz, but to those who knew about the three best friends also knew that they were anything but diversions for the young widow. They were the legs which she stood on during this whole ordeal. They were her shoulder, or chest, to cry on when she had nothing else to do. And they were the one who provided her with the love she so desperately needed to fill the void, which her husband had left her.

Lonnie, Rath and Ava stood to the right of Liz, Alex and Maria, holding each other as their minds ran rampant, thinking of all the times they had spent with Zan and just how great of a guy he was. The royal four's protector stood to the left; keeping on eye on the queen, who looked as if she were ready to collapse, and the other eye on the priest who was conducting the service. He stood towards the back, looking on as the service was conducted in the still pouring rain. Everyone else at the service had an umbrella, all except Liz, Alex, and Maria, who stood at the foot on the casket, soaking wet with tears sliding down Liz's cheeks as she held on tightly to her two best friends and only family.

Mr. and Mrs. Parker had long ago died, leaving Liz to fend for herself. At their funeral, Liz has screamed shrilly at one of the younger attendants who had placed a small arrangement of flowers on the ground instead of the on top of the casket as everyone else had. Everyone knew she had finally lost it when she had started screaming that no one else had the right to be having a burial service while her parent's were being buried as well. That night she had fallen asleep at her parents grave- she was only eight. And that night she had met and fallen in love with Zan.

He had cared for her since that day for he had loved her too. At first Ava hadn't cared for she felt nothing. But as the years wore on she had grown jealous, though she knew it was for the best that he dated and married Liz. After all she liked Liz, even if she would never admit it. She just hoped Liz was strong enough to get through this and move on with her life.

Right towards the end of the service Liz was unable to hold in her emotions any longer and after escaping Alex's grasp, threw herself at her husband's casket. Most thought that she believed that if she threw herself in front of her husband she could save him just as he had saved her. Her cries and pleas for her husband to return echoed throughout the cemetery like that of a bird singing its last song.

After trying to pry her from her husband's casket, Alex and Maria did the only thing they could. Kneeling down beside her, they wrapped their arms around Liz and let her weep, not caring that everyone was looking at the three of them. They used their bodies as a blanket to shield her from the pouring rain while she continued to sob to the heavens to give her Zan back.

Everyone was at a complete loss of what they should do. The heart-wrenching scene was causing everyone to cry; even Rath shed a few tears as he watched the normally strong Liz Parker break down before everyone around them. Maria was disturbed by Liz's sudden outburst. Even at her parent's funeral she had not had such an outburst, and Maria knew that Liz and her parent's had been much close, though Zan had been the love of her life, and her husband.

"Zan, no, come back to me!" Liz cried as the priest motioned for the casket to be lowered into the ground. Her grip was still strong as she held on to the top of the coffin, crushing the flowers beneath her as she tried to stop her husband from leaving her forever. No longer were tears rolling down her cheeks, but streaming down, leaving tread marks as they pushed her chalky make-up down her face. "No, Zan, don't leave me!"

"It's ok Liz…" Alex whispered reverently as Rath tried to pry Liz away. The protector quickly came to the queen's aid and turned and glared at Rath, telling him with his eyes that he wasn't to touch Liz. Rath complied and immediately let go of Liz. Her form slumped down on the ground as the casket was lowered and she reached down trying to reach for her husband.

Noticeably missing at the gravesite was the funeral home fake green carpet covering the pile of dirt and concealing the walls of the grave. Most assumed dirt had grown ugly to modern eyes when it is associated with a grave. But as Liz sat clutching at the ground, her knees sliding deeper and deeper into the mud, she cried willing her husband's coffin to come back up. Her legs were covered with mud, and she was thoroughly soaked, but every witness understood the girls anguish.

The rain continued to pour down long after the service. Everyone had left to gather at Zan and Liz's for an after service reception. Liz never did complete the final act of the service where she was to shake hands with everyone who had come because she never left the ground as she continued to cry to her husband. So the protector performed the act for her, thanking everyone who had come, but his eyes never left the queen's shaking form.

Long after everyone had left, Liz continued to lie at her husband's gravesite, not caring that she was soaked through and through or that her skin was quickly becoming a pale blue from the freezing cold and being wet. However, the protector, Alex, and Maria did notice, and they watched over her carefully, unwilling to leave her alone. They remembered the way Liz looked as the four gravediggers stomped down onto the grave to press the dirt down. It looked as if her heart were being trampled by the eight feet, and they wished there was something they could do, but they couldn't when even they could still hear the sound of their steps echoing in his mind.

By this time Liz was as pale on the outside as she felt on the inside. She had been lying at Zan's grave for nearly four hours after the service before she willingly picked herself up. Alex's jacket was draped over her slender shoulders giving her some protection from the weather. Looking over at Alex, Maria and the protector, Liz let out a small whimper as she realized what she had just put them through. Alex's white shirt clung to his body and was now completely transparent, his hair lay flat against his head as water droplets dripped down into his eyes from the small strands which laid over his forehead. He was sitting right next to her, his hand resting on her back as he waited until she was ready. Maria was in just as bad shape with her hair drenched the curls gone and the smile on her lips gone as well. Her black dress was equally soaked. And then there was the protector, standing off to the side, silently watching with remorse in his eyes.

Despite all his attempts to have Ava and Zan together he couldn't deny that Liz truly was the better queen. She had stood by Zan's side until the end, unwilling to let him fight alone. And event though she was only seventeen, he had been amazed by her strength. Even Lonnie, Rath and Ava respected her, which told a great deal considering they didn't respect anyone except each other. So to say she had been the queen they always wanted was an understatement at the best. She had brought out something in Zan that had never been there, and their protector was proud to know that she was the queen and that he was to protect her.

"I-uh… go." Liz pleaded, not only with Alex and Maria, but her protector as well. Right now she needed to be alone with Zan. She needed to tell him goodbye- let him know that he would always hold her heart, mind, and soul, even if she had to give her body to his duplicate. It pained her to know that she had to wed Zan's duplicate, especially when she didn't even know him. But it had come with marrying Zan, even if Liz hadn't known it.

And as queen, Liz would accept that responsibility. Zan had taught her many things, including how to be the type of queen that was not only respected but also loved. Part of being queen also meant doing what was best even if it was something that Liz did not agree with.

"But Liz…" Alex and Maria started to protest, but her protector shook his head sadly and ushered them away. He would keep an eye on her, but from a distance so as to give her the privacy she needed.

When her protector had told her that she was to wed Zan's brother, Liz had been shocked and unable to speak, especially since Zan had been killed only the day before. Their marriage had lasted for a little over one year, making her seventeen and very much alone. It hadn't been hard for Zan to change their ID's to show they were eighteen, and though they were young- Zan only being seventeen when they had wed- both knew that they only wanted each other.

At least she had been alone until she found out that by brother, the protector really meant duplicate. As in a duplicate in Roswell, New Mexico. How she was supposed to marry and love this man was beyond Liz, but she would do it if only for Zan. However, she would only give her body, if that, to Zan's duplicate, for her heart, mind, and soul would always belong to Zan.

Once she was sure her friends and protector were out of earshot, Liz picked herself up and looked over at her husband's freshly made grave. She wasn't sure how she was supposed to survive without him, but she knew it was her duty to do so. Their enemies were still out there and unless they got rid of them then she and the others would always be on the run.

"Zan…" Her voice was meek, sounding completely broken- aged with knowledge of years beyond her actual age. "Oh god, Zan… I love you so much and, and I hope you're ok…" The tears were steadily making their way down Liz's cheeks now. As a cry was torn from her throat she covered her mouth and crumpled to the ground. "I-uh… I just want you to know, this guy Max… I'll never love him, and I'll try to keep him away, I promise I will… because only you will be the father of my children. And it's you who holds me heart, my soul, my mind, and my body… but our protector- he said…" Liz didn't even want to talk about the prospect of having sex with Max, but she knew he would probably demand it from her, after all he was the king now. "He might take my body, but its you who holds it." Liz knew she couldn't take much more. "I'll miss you and I love you- I always will."


"What do you mean, she is his queen?" Tess snapped angrily. The whole group was cramped into the Harding's kitchen, discussing the situation at hand. Michael, Isabel and Kyle were shocked into silence, unsure of how to react or what to say. Nasedo had never mentioned another set, and in the last year he had continued to insist that Max was the king. However it was Tess who was taking the news the worst. "I am the queen."

"No, you are not." Nasedo stated calmly. As much as he hated to say it, it was true- Tess was not the queen, and Max wasn't the original king. He hadn't even known the other set had advanced as much as they had, or that Max's duplicate had married thus making him the king. "Had you and Max married before Zan and Liz then you would be the queen, but now Liz is the queen."

"But Liz is a human." Tess pointed out. Her nostrils flared making her look much like a bull getting ready to charge. Isabel and Michael had to hold in their laughter for they knew this was no laughing matter. However they couldn't help but inwardly laugh at the fact that Tess was once again getting shafted "Human's can not be queens of another planet. I am Max's destined mate and queen."

"No you are not!" Nasedo finally yelled. Tess was getting on his nerves. And as much as he hated the idea of a human being the queen he had to accept it for not only would the queen be moving down to Roswell, but the second in command and the king's sister would be as well. Along with the royalty two friends of the queen and the protector would be coming as well. "Besides, she isn't quite human…"

"What?" Michael blurted out. This was a whole other turn of events. Originally Nasedo had only said that the queen was a human and now he was saying something completely different.

"When they consummated their relationship not only physically, but emotionally- they became bonded. By doing so some of Zan's powers were given to the queen…"

"Liz." Tess corrected. She would not hear of anyone but herself being the queen, at least she wouldn't as long as she was around.

"No, the queen." Nasedo retorted. "She is his equal, as are Lonnie and Rath's, and because of that their powers are much stronger then yours."

"Stronger?" Isabel questioned. She didn't like what she had heard so far. If what Nasedo was saying was true then there would three very new aliens in their lives who were not only stronger, but also in a much higher position then she was.

"Yes, stronger. Had you and Michael and Tess and Max done as they had then it would be you four who would be the true royal four and have the stronger powers. Now it will only be Max- at least it will be once he and the queen have bonded." Nasedo informed them. The last statement made Tess fume. The mere idea of Max giving himself to anyone but her made Tess angry beyond belief. And that's when it hit her, she would just have to be Max's first and get him to marry her before this Liz character came, then she would be queen. "With the queen and Lonnie and Rath coming, their enemies will be coming soon as well, so you two will need to bond as soon as possible."

"What?" Max asked. He hadn't really been listening, instead he had been focusing on what his life was about to become. He was barely out of high school and now he had to marry some complete stranger who had been his duplicates wife. And while he couldn't exactly say that he loved Tess, he was sure that she had to be better then his duplicates wife- not that Zan had had bad taste, after all loving someone was a very personal decision.

"With their enemies following you won't have much time, so you will need to, well, to borrow a rather crude human colloquialism, you'll need to be diddling her in the very near future." The color drained from Max's face as realization of what Nasedo was telling him sunk in. It had been bad enough to know that he would have to marry Liz, but to have to have sex with her just so his powers would be strong enough was too much.

Beside there were still so many problems to deal with. The first and largest was the fact that he and Isabel still lived with their adoptive parents. If he was to marry Liz out of the blue then he knew his parents would question him, especially when he had been dating Tess for the last three years. And where was he supposed to keep her and her friends, as well as Rath and Lonnie and their protector.

"No way!" Tess fumed angrily. "Max is my destiny, you told me and we've all heard it…."

"Tess, that is enough!" Nasedo bellowed. His voice rang out through his home causing Max, Michael, Isabel and even Kyle to back away like cowards. They had never seen Nasedo like this before and it worried them. It also made them wonder what the other protector was like. "Everything you knew is now wrong. Max has a new queen whether you like it or not. Maybe if she does not satisfy him then you may continue to service him, but you are not the queen and you never will be until she has died."

The room remained silent as the group mulled over Nasedo's words. Before he had been so forceful about their destiny he had even yelled at Isabel when she had started dating Kyle instead of Michael, but now it appeared as though he was revoking everything he had said.

"Not to-uh change the subject, but what are we going to do with these people? We don't exactly have room for all of these new people to be entering our lives." Michael stated. Max nodded in agreement, not even willing to voice his questions of where he was supposed to keep his new wife and what he was supposed to tell his parents.

"Their protector will secure a home for them, though for a few days you might be housing them." Nasedo directed his answer directly to Michael, but then his gaze fell on Max. "Well, all except one."

"And what about that one? Not to burst your bubble but Max and I still live with our parents and I don't think they will take to kindly to Max just up and marrying someone who he hasn't even known for a day." Isabel inquired, just as intrigued as Max and Michael to know how Nasedo planned to work all of this out.

"Again a house will be secured for you two, though you might have to house the queen for a day or two depending on whether or not their protector has already found a place." Nasedo said bluntly.

"You aren't actually serious! Mom and dad will freak! There is no way they will allow some strange girl to stay in our house, let alone in Max's room." Isabel exclaimed. All of this seemed to be nothing but a horrible dream or some sort of alternate reality that wasn't supposed to be coming true.

"She could stay in your room." Michael offered, though as soon as the words escaped his mouth his eyes grew wide and wondered where they had come from.

"No, she can't actually. The queen must be with the king- no exceptions will be made." This made everyone's head turn as they stared at him in disbelief. Things just seemed to be getting weirder and weirder with each passing minute. "I know this is hard to adjust to, but I'm sure if you all just made a few adjustments then everything would work out just fine. And as for your guardians, Tess can take care of them."

"What?" Tess asked, shocked that Nasedo would even think about making her participate in the losing of her boyfriend and destined mate. "I will do no such thing."

"Yes you will. You are loyal to Max and you will be loyal to our queen." Nasedo informed her evenly, letting her know there was no room for discussion. "Now, I suggest you start preparing for they will be arriving tomorrow. And Max, preparations for your marriage will be made so you will have nothing to worry about, though if I were you I would try my best to prepare for that night."


Chapter 3

Through the mist of the foggy morning, walking down the desolate street in black leather pants, a form fitting black tank top and a black leather jacket, a seventeen year old woman walked down the street whimsically. This had become her dress of choice after fighting a war for the last year. Anyone who passed by her would see a shimmer that refuses to fade, and a courage that would never be surpassed. Her long brown tresses cascaded down her back freely, swaying softly as she walks, but still a few stray strands continued to push their way in front of her face. With little to no make-up and a stoic expression, she caused many heads to turn, especially from the male species, all of who would gawk and drool as she passed by.

But she didn't notice a single one of them, instead her eyes were set on the road ahead of her. She had been walking all morning trying to come to terms with the fact that she would be leaving her home. After she and Zan's relationship had started to blossom a couple months after meeting, Zan had found an apartment for them to live in. He had said something about not wanting to share her and that he didn't think the sewer was good enough for her.

Of course when they had gotten married, Zan had once again said the apartment wasn't good enough and had once again moved them, giving Rath, Lonnie, and Ava the apartment. They had been appreciative, though Liz guessed that they still liked their sewer fixture better then anything. After all home was where you made it.

A wistful smile took over Liz's lips as she reminisced. When she had first met Zan he hadn't told her he was an alien, he hadn't told her anything, he had simply held her, promising to take care of her. Then when their relationship really took off he had told her. And despite his fears she had not run off, instead she had cupped his face and kissed him, telling him that she had always known he was different but that she still loved him.

Then she had met Maria and Alex. They had run away when they were thirteen and the three had met when they were all fourteen. At first Zan had been furious that Liz had become friends with another male, especially when she had described the instant connection she felt between she, Maria and Alex. But when Alex had made it clear that he only had feelings for Lonnie, Zan loosened up.

The four became friends, and after a few months Liz had persuaded Zan to tell Maria and Alex his secret, or rather, their secret as he now called it. Even though she wasn't like them at that point, there really was no difference between Liz and Zan. And Liz was sure that had Lonnie and Rath given Maria and Alex the time of day then they too would have found happiness together.

But as long as everyone was happy then she was too. Soon after Alex and Maria moved in with Lonnie and Rath in their sewer home. Liz had wanted them to come live in the apartment she shared with Zan, but he had said something about wanting her all to himself- Liz was fifteen and she had lost her virginity that night. It had been on of the most incredible things ever and to this day she could never describe what her love making with Zan was like.

Rounding the bend, Liz came to a sudden halt. She had come just in time to watch as Lonnie, Rath, Maria and Alex got inside the car. They were to arrive in Roswell within the day. Their stuff was being shipped over and they were to take a plane. It saddened Liz to know she was leaving her home and her husband. But one day she would return and her body would be buried by her first husbands just as it should be.

Continuing over towards her family, Liz slowed as she reached the apartment- her apartment. She hadn't been able to return to any of their apartments since his death, instead she had opted to stay at a hotel or anywhere else that she and Zan had never been together. So many memories were held in that apartment, such as the time she and Zan had stayed up all night talking about their hopes and dreams, and then of course there were the little moments. Like how he would always come home bringing some sort of gift and no matter how small or insignificant it had been Liz had always loved it.

"Liz… come 'er!" Zan yelled as he shut the door. They had just moved into this apartment after their wedding and as much as he hated to say so, Zan loved it. There was an extra room where they could put a baby- their baby- and a large master bedroom.

"Hey." Liz was immediately in her husband's arms, giving him his usual evening greeting. It wasn't that he worked, he was often just out with the others, working on things, or being the great king that he was. And while Liz would usually go with him she had decided against it for the day.

"I gots ya somethin'." Zan stated, smiling down at his wife and only love. He wasn't quite sure how he had been lucky enough to find her but he thanked everything for giving her to him.

"Zan, you know you don't ha…"

"Shhh, my queen deserves somethin' good." Zan laughed though he quickly grew serious as he handed her a small light bulb. Liz looked at it quizzically, wondering why he had gotten her a light bulb. "You light up my life."

"Oh, Zan!" Liz cried, throwing herself into his arms as she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him another kiss. "I love you…"

"I loves you too."

A wistful smile graced Liz's lips as she recalled that moment. She had never gotten such a sweet gift, but Zan always ceased to amaze her. One day he'd tell her how he had talked to a man out in the park, telling him how he met an angel, and the next minute he'd give her a light bulb, saying that she lit up his life. And it was moments like those that made her day.

Arriving at the car, Liz suddenly noticed that Ava had yet to get in. She glanced back at the car and then back at Ava, looking at her questioningly. But when Ava simply gave Liz a shaky smile and shook her head, Liz understood. No words were needed, neither were any explanations. Without even talking Liz knew why Ava would not be accompanying them to Roswell.

"I'll miss ya, cornball." Ava murmured to Liz as they embraced. She had made sure to use her pet name for Liz, seeing as it would most likely be the last time she ever saw her. Liz merely nodded her head as she hugged the small girl back. She knew that there was no real reason for Ava to come. Liz would be with Max- the only other king for Ava to be with, and if their protector was right then Liz would already have to deal with Tess, Ava's duplicate.

To some degree, Liz was sad that she had taken Ava's destined mate, but Liz couldn't deny what she and Zan had. They were soulmates, there was no other way to describe it. But it didn't make Liz feel any better. Though it did help to have Ava's blessing. She just hoped that Ava would one day meet someone who loved her just as much as she loved them.

"You take care of yourself… and if anything happens or you need us, you know where we are." Liz whispered back in response. Pulling away, the two girls grimaced before Ava offered a slight wave to everyone. Then, turning on her heel, she started back towards the apartment. There was no need to draw out their goodbye.

This was when the first wave of depression hit Liz. As she stared first at the car and then Ava's retreating figure, she couldn't help but think about how much she was going to miss this place and the people she had gotten to know. However, when she suddenly felt an arm come around her shoulder and give it a little squeeze, Liz suddenly felt uplifted.

Shifting her gaze, Liz was surprised to find that it was their protector who had given her the comfort. According to Antarian rules he was not to touch her- only Zan was- and by breaking the law, it spoke volumes for how far they had come. He offered her a shy smile before removing his arm and starting towards the car.

"Your highness…" Opening the door, he waited until Liz was completely sitting and buckled in before shutting the door. He made his way around the car, started it up and waited patiently for Liz's ok.

Again a wave of sadness overcame Liz at the prospect of leaving her last reminder of Zan and the life they had had together. It was so short-lived. Married for a year and now it was all over, only to be replaced by some duplicate in Roswell, New Mexico. Sensing their friend's distress, Alex and Maria reached forward, both giving her shoulder a squeeze. It was then that Liz nodded her head in acceptance, and with that, they pulled away. Liz watched as her home sunk deeper and deeper into the street as they pulled forward, much like her own heart was sinking deeper and deeper into herself.


"I don't believe this." Michael mumbled as Nasedo handed him a fifth cot. They had just found out that indeed Rath, Ava, Lonnie, Maria and Alex would be staying with Michael for a few days while their protector found a home. Of course Liz would stay with Max, as would the protector, for it was the queen they were most careful with.

When Max had found out that Liz would be staying with him he had freaked out, saying that he needed some air. Instead he had gone to work for the day, completely disregarding what Nasedo had told him to do. And Tess had blown up again and then she had tried to get Max to sleep with her, only to have Nasedo stop her, telling her that she had to wait until Liz and Max had bonded. Then if Max chose to, she could bed with him.

"So when do these people arrive?" Isabel asked. She and Kyle sat in Michael's kitchen, snickering as Michael grumbled about one thing or another and Nasedo fumbled around to make everything fit in the already cramped one room apartment.

"In an hour or so." Nasedo stated blankly. He hadn't even needed to look at his watch, though that was only because he had been looking at it every few seconds. As time drew closer he began to wonder how these two groups would merge. He had told his four that the other protector didn't talk much, was extremely cold, and gave curt answers.

Of course, Nasedo had missed the secret looks shared between Michael and Isabel. They had long ago argued over whether or not everyone on Antar was like Nasedo, or whether it was just him. His words only solidified Isabel's argument.

"And you promise they won't be here too long, and that you'll support them?" Michael had accepted having the four guests on two conditions, that they wouldn't stay past a week and that Nasedo would pay for all food and utilities while they were there. Of course Nasedo agreed because he had no where else to put them. His apartment with Tess was much too small and couldn't another person in it, and Kyle wasn't exactly an option. Of course there was Max, but Nasedo and the other protector had agreed that Liz and Max would need to spend some time alone, thus making it impossible.

"Everything will be fine." Nasedo assured him, causing Kyle and Isabel to laugh.

"And what about my parents? I mean, how are we supposed to explain Liz and their protector?" Isabel queried. She was genuinely interested to hear how he planned to play this one off.

"Tess will be mind warping your parents, making them believe that Liz is Max's long time girlfriend and fiancee of one year. Her protector will be her father and coming to meet your guardians." Nasedo explained. A smile cracked over Isabel's lips as she tried her best to image that actually happening. If Tess was going to do this then there was bound to be some fun.

"And the whole sleeping thing? Where is her 'father' going to sleep?" Kyle asked, though a little afraid to find out.

"He will not. His job is to protect the queen." Nasedo said flatly. He did not feel like explaining this to them right now.

"Ah… how long were Liz and Zan married?" Isabel couldn't help but ask. It still awed her to know that a human had married one of their kind, and had even accepted the responsibilities of being queen to a whole other planet. That had to take guts.

Kyle couldn't believe the charmed life Max was living. Not only did he have to have sex with some girl, but he also got to become king and sleep with Tess if he chose to. So unless this queen Zan had was old and frumpy then he knew that Max Evans' still had the perfect life.

"A year." Nasedo said dismissively. He didn't know that much about Liz and Zan's relationship, just that they had married much against their protectors will, though now their protector didn't seem to mind all that much.

"How sad…" Isabel murmured. She could never imagine losing her loved ones, but to lose your husband had to be all that much worse. "How old is she?"


"What? Do you mean to say she was sixteen when she and Zan married?" Michael asked. He wasn't sure he'd ever get married, but to do so when you were only sixteen made his stomach churn.

"Whoa there cowboy! She and Max can't get married." Kyle interjected. Seeing Nasedo's questioning expression, Kyle pressed forward. "Max is eighteen- the legal age to get married. Now if what you're saying is true, and Liz really is seventeen, then they can't get married. Because see, in the US we have these laws about age and marrying, drinking, drugs… all that fun stuff."

"And I've seen you drink and you're not twenty-one. So what is your problem?" Nasedo pressed, staring Kyle straight in the eye. For a moment Kyle felt unnerved, but with a reassuring squeeze of his hand by Isabel he felt better.

"Well, yes, what I do is illegal, but getting married is this whole other thing. What about her parents?" Kyle inquired.

"Died when she was eight. I don't know anything more except that she and Max will be wed this coming Saturday. Now come, we must go pick them up at the airport." Nasedo stated impatiently. "Where is Max?"

Everyone froze as an uncomfortable silence fell over the room. The three averted their gaze as they were unwilling for if Nasedo caught any of their eyes he would know. And right now they knew Max needed some time alone to come to terms with his coming life style.

"I told him time after time to leave today clear, but does he listen to me? Sometimes I swear this boy would be lost without me." Nasedo ranted causing Isabel to roll her eyes, Kyle to snicker, and Michael to shake his head. "Come on, we'll pick him up on the way over, along with Tess. And Kyle, you're sure you're ok with driving a few of them?"

"Yeah, its cool." Kyle couldn't wait to meet the other humans. It would be nice to finally have three more humans who would know the secret he knew. Sometimes it got lonely being the only human. Though, according to Nasedo one was only part human, and the queen, so he really only had two other humans to talk with. "And let me guess, Maxwell's supposed to drive Liz and bodyguard?"

"Yeah, remember, you're dropping me off so I can pick up the Jeep." Isabel reminded Kyle. With that being said, Nasedo nodded in agreement before ushering them out. Taking one last look he hoped that it would be good enough for Rath and Lonnie, and hopefully Max would play nice with the queen, otherwise things could get ugly.


Chapter 4

The airport was practically empty as Michael, Isabel, Kyle, Tess, Max and Nasedo stood waiting for their new friends and family. To Michael and Isabel, they saw this as a great opportunity to let destiny slide because Rath and Lonnie had already completed it, thus they could lead their lives as they wanted to. Of course, Max once again fell victim to it, only this time it was much worse.

"Where are they?" Tess implored impatiently. They had been waiting for a little over twenty minutes now and their plane was supposed to arrive nearly half an hour ago. And as much as she hated watching Max pace, watching him pace for the reason at hand was not making her feel much better. He had already broken things off with her, telling her that he had to do this, if only for Antar.

As Max continued to pace the length of the terminal he could feel his heart rate picking up. He was nervous beyond belief. Sometime soon he would be meeting his future wife, and not only that, he would be sharing his first time with her. He had always thought his first time would be with someone he loved, but now it was being forced.

Of course Max had tried to escape his life by going to work at the UFOCenter, and at first it had worked. Brody had been nice enough to just let him work in the back, restocking the shelves and counting inventory. But then Nasedo had come, demanding that he go through with the plan that it would be he who brought Liz back to his home.

Liz. Elizabeth Parker. No, that wasn't right- now it was Mrs. Zan. It perplexed Max as to how Zan had gotten away without having a last name, though he guessed that his duplicate had merely used his powers. That was one thing Max was adverse to. He hated using his powers and only used them when absolutely needed. He wondered if Liz used her powers a lot. He wondered what type of powers she had. Could she heal just like he could? Could Zan heal? All of these questions and more ran rampant through his mind.

Only now her name would be Mrs. Zan. And it wouldn't be Elizabeth Parker- whomever that was. Because in less then two days her name would be Mrs. Max Evans'. Suddenly, Saturday didn't seem far enough away.

But foremost, Max wandered what she looked like. He knew it was petty and that it didn't matter because he had to marry her anyway, but he was curious, after all he was a teenager. And it would be nice to have someone who was nice to look at, though he knew that if she was nice enough he could easily love her anyway.

However, knowing that she had grown up in New York, Max couldn't help but wonder what she would act like. Would she be mean and rude, as was the stereotypical New Yorker? What about her friends, both human and alien? Would Rath and Lonnie be like Michael and Isabel or would they be more edgy and rude as would be expected. According to Nasedo they had lived in a sewer, so Max could only imagine.

He wondered if Liz had lived in the sewer as well. Nasedo had mentioned something about an apartment, though Max wasn't sure if he was referring to he and Liz getting an apartment, or if that was where she and Zan had lived. Either way he was already fretting over that. How was he supposed to sleep with someone he hardly even knew?

Already Max had pulled out his sleeping bag. He would give Liz the bed until they moved into their own house or apartment. And once she was ready to sleep with him then he would go along. If this were what his people expected from him, then Max would comply, even if he didn't like it.

While Max knew that he had not loved Tess, he did love her, as a friend. But when Nasedo had informed him that she was his destiny, Max had gone along with it, knowing it was easier to give in then dig your heels in and fight against it. And that was why Max was going along with this as well. Although the terms were a little different.

Isabel watched as her brother suddenly stopped and nervously stared at the incoming plane. It had just started its landing and was quickly approaching the front of the terminal. She could see that her brother was nervous, as anyone in his position would be. She didn't have the first clue as to how he could possibly be handling this so well, especially when she had thrown a fit, insisting that she would never date Michael.

She too was nervous about meeting Liz, for not only would she be becoming Liz's wife, Isabel's sister-in-law. That scared Isabel. While she hadn't been thrilled about the idea of Tess being her sister, the concept that a complete stranger would be taking that spot left Isabel shaken.

Grabbing his hand in her free one, Isabel gave Max a quick and hopeful glance before releasing his hand and grasping both of Kyle's in hopes of steadying herself. She watched in anticipation, waiting for the door to the plane to open.

Beside Isabel, Michael watched in nervous expectancy. While Tess was his supposed sister, Michael had to consider Liz like his sister as well because when she and Max were married in effect she would be like his sister-in-law. He had never seen himself, as Max's second, just as he had never seen himself as Isabel's boyfriend or more. Instead they were like a family- brother and sister. And soon that family would be growing by four people.

As the plane touched down and came to a halt in front of the six people, they watched with baited breath. And when the doors finally opened their eyes were glued to the people filing out of it. So far they had seen no one who they instantly recognized and they wondered if this was the wrong plane. But then they all remembered that none of them knew what to expect these people to look like. Their protector had given Nasedo no physical descriptions of the four, or rather seven including the protector and humans. And now Nasedo wondered if he should have pressed for more information.

However, a few moments later the group knew they had found the others when Michael and Isabel stumbled backwards, gasping for air as looks of disgust covered their expressions. Kyle looked out the window wondering what could possibly be so bad, however that wasn't such a good idea considering he burst out laughing as soon as he picked out who he believed to be Isabel's duplicate.

The fours square alien symbol tattooed on both Rath and Lonnie's shoulders were the dead give away that those were in deed their new family members. Of course the fact that they looked almost identical also served as a good point. Of course, Rath having a mohawk, piercings galore, torn shirts, and no decency quickly gave away the mere idea that he was Michael. And Lonnie's poor excuse for a shirt, tattoos, gelled down short hair, and no fashion sense also gave away the fact that she was not Isabel.

With Rath and Lonnie pin pointed Max began to grow worried. While Lonnie did look ok, she was quite unique, and definitely not Max's type. He wasn't sure he'd be able to tolerate someone who was pierced, tattooed and in tattered clothes on their own accord. His eyes remained glued to the plane as he tried to make out who might his wife, but so far he saw no one who appeared to be with those who he assumed were Lonnie and Rath.

Finally, after an eternity it appeared as though everyone had gotten off the plane. There were to other standing beside Rath and Lonnie. One was blonde with shoulder length hair that had been curled; she had ruby red lips, wide, innocent, green eyes, and a mouth that Michael couldn't even describe. He wasn't sure who she was, but he prayed she wasn't Max's bride, otherwise he didn't know what he would do.

The other was a tall and lanky kid with dark chestnut hair, brown eyes, and a grin that made Isabel smile in response. However with that thought in her mind she quickly banished it from her mind. She couldn't be thinking about that right now, she was with Kyle. Though she couldn't help the jealousy that coursed through her as the boy hugged the blonde girl standing next to him.

Nasedo watched with interest as the four remained in their spot, watching the plane intently. No one had gotten off for some time now and he wondered if they were waiting for some luggage or something else. However, a moment later, he watched as a man descended the steps with a young woman behind him. He was more then surprised by her beauty - though he couldn't see her all that well- especially when he caught site of Rath and Lonnie. Momentarily he wondered how why someone like her would marry Zan, though he figured it was most likely because she wanted the power when she found out he was king of another planet.

Kyle's heart almost leapt out of his throat as he watched the young beauty coming down the steps behind the man. If she was indeed Max's bride, then he truly was living a charmed life. Maybe he could convince Max to let him have a test drive with her; after all she should have the right to have a bachlorette party and Kyle was more then willing to strip for her.

Her low cut blue jeans hugged her curves in all the right places, and the pink halter-top she wore gave Kyle a great view of her more than faultless stomach and her perfect breasts. The top had this bow on it and Kyle couldn't help but wonder what would happen if he released it. She didn't wear all that much makeup, just a little lip-gloss, blush, and eyeshadow. But all in all she was a goddess and Kyle couldn't believe how lucky Max was. He also couldn't believe that she would date and even marry someone who could possibly look like Michael's duplicate. Why would someone as perfect as she date or marry someone like that.

"Max, you lead a charmed life…" Kyle muttered while giving Max a good slap on the back. Of course this earned him a good smack upside the head from Isabel. But it was when she and Kyle looked over at Max that they finally noticed he hadn't even glanced at Liz, he was looking at the floor, his hands were clutched to his side, and he looked ready to puke.

Deciding to have some fun, Kyle looked at Isabel for permission. She simply shrugged, knowing exactly what Kyle wanted to do. If Max was going to not look at his wife to be- and this was quickly confirmed by the mere fact that she and the man beside her had gravitated towards Rath, Lonnie and the two strangers- then they might as well have some fun with him.

"Really charmed… I'm sure if you just bring her out at night then no one will notice." Kyle laughed, trying his best to come up with something else to say. Max's knuckles grew white and his brow furrowed as he tried to block out Kyle's voice, only it wouldn't work. But what it did do was catch Tess' attention, and she quickly glanced back at Rath and Lonnie. She had been disgusted at the site of them and had looked away, refusing to see just how ugly Max's bride would be and how ruined her reputation would be once people found out Max had dumped her for some heifer. "Man, can we say cow?"

As soon as Kyle's comment slipped out, Tess began laughing. However her voice caught in her throat as soon as she caught site of the petite brunette. She gave her a good, hard, long look, scrutinizing everything about her. There was nothing all that special- just an everyday girl. She didn't see what Kyle found so terrible about her, and she was happy to know that Max would probably not find anything that great either. After all, her breast were bigger, her waist narrower, and her hair and eyes better. What was there to compare?

With a little nudge of his elbow, Michael tried his best to bring Max out of his shell and to look at the only person Michael could think could possibly be his wife. There was this grace to her that Michael couldn't even begin to describe. He knew she was the queen and as much as he hated to admit it, she was beautiful, but in a sisterly way. He knew she would be perfect for Max if her outside were anything like her inside.

Finally chancing a look, Max's eyes immediately fell on the small brunette who was wrapped in the arms of the normal looking guy. A rage of jealousy swept through Max as he watched the young man wrap his arms around her waist, her back flat against his chest- they were looking right at him and laughing. It was unlike anything he had ever experienced and while Max tried to control his urge to go and rip that guys head off, he was finding little to no control over himself.

“Mooo…” Kyle laughed, also eliciting a laugh from Isabel and a smirk from Michael. Max’s eyes nearly bugged out and Kyle knew within a moment that Max now too believed he lived in a charmed life.

She was beautiful. And with his luck she would be the blonde girl's human friend, thus making the blonde his wife to be. Not that he didn't think the blonde wasn't pretty, she just wasn't his type. The brunette was his type. He could feel it in all of his being- she was everything he had ever wanted and anything he would ever need.

He watched in a daze as her hips swayed back in forth as she laugh with the blonde and the guy who was holding her. Her bronze skin was showing all over- her taut stomach, her narrow shoulders, her delicate arms, her beautiful face- making Max wanted to skim it with his fingers, if only once to simply see if it was as soft as it looked. Then there was her hair. He had never wanted to run his fingers through hair so badly. And of course then there was her lips- the lips he wanted to taste so badly he could almost imagine what they tasted like. Vanilla, no strawberry, just like her hair, but the rest of her body would smell and taste like vanilla- that much Max was sure of.

Only he knew that she wasn't his wife-to-be, at least not with his luck. She was probably with the guy holding her, after all if Zan looked anything like Rath then there was no way someone as perfect as that would go out with a bum like Rath, or in this case, Zan. But until he was married, Max would continue to look, at least he would until her boyfriend probably beat him to a bloody pulp.

"Well, let's go introduce ourselves." Nasedo insisted, while taking the first step towards their new life and world.

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Chapter 5

"Yo, this is total cornball." Lonnie exclaimed in disgust as she watched her duplicate through the window. The smile fell on her face as she caught site of Rath's duplicate as well. However the smile soon returned when she reached Ava's, of course accompanying her smile was a snort of laughter. And lastly she stared at her brother's duplicate. He was the worst of them all, and though she hated admitting looking out for Liz, she wondered how her sister-in-law would ever survive being with someone like him.

Ava and Zan's dupes looked as though they deserved each other. With their pristine clothes, haircuts, and nail manicures, Lonnie was surprised that they had even taken the time to come out and greet them. Then of course there was the old man who had to be the protector, and then some jock beside her own dupe. He looked sort of cute, but she wasn't his type- Rath was all she ever needed. But it was Zan's dupe that still got to her. While Liz did dress like a priss, she didn’t act it, and Lonnie didn't mind it quite as much for some reason or another. But there was the fine line between Liz and these people she was looking at.

"Yo, let's bounce." Rath whispered in her ear, tickling her earlobe with his tongue. But before they could go anywhere Rath felt their protector's arm snake out and drag him back to his place of standing. He never talked so Rath never questioned him- the only time he did talk was to Zan, and when Zan gave permission- to Liz. Of course that had changed slightly since Zan's death. "Ok, we stays."

"Oh my god, I can't believe we're here… I swore that flight took forever, and those stewardess were absolutely dreadful, I mean I'd think they'd know a queen when they saw one…" Maria continued to ramble on as Liz relaxed against Alex's strong chest. She hadn't slept since Zan's death over a week and a half ago and it was finally starting to catch up with her. So when Alex had pulled her into his arms upon noticing how tired she looked, she gratefully accepted, even if their protector objected- he objected to any guy touching her.

"Maria, chill." Alex said softly, trying his best not to disturb Liz. He was worried about her. On the plane ride over she had dozed off only to be jolted awake, screaming Zan's name and crying. That was when he had told her protector to shove it as he collected Liz into his arms and comforted her. Finally she had fallen asleep, though it had been a fitful sleep and again she had woken up, Zan's name torn from her mouth, and tears streaking down her cheeks. "Well, are we going to stand here all day or are we going to go meet them?"

"Yo, let 'em come to us. She's the queen." Rath stated with a decisive nod. Despite his tough exterior and his unwillingness to display any real affection, Rath was fiercely protective of Liz. Zan was sort of like a brother, and Liz was like the sister Ava should have been. Only, Ava wasn’t a sister to Rath, she was more of someone he could screw around with because Lonnie wasn’t in the mood and Zan wasn’t giving it to Ava.

And if on command the six inside began to walk towards the six outside.

"Oh my god, Lizzie… that one must be Ava's dupe… Ava looks so much better, I mean, yeah, the pink hair is so last year… maybe we could convince her to dye it purple or blue- that would be so cool… but this girl, eww. Oh my god, she has to bleach cause there is no way her hair is that blonde…" Maria quipped, causing Liz to giggle. Ever since she could remember, Maria had been complaining about how horrible Ava looked, so it was a breath of fresh air to hear that Ava looked better then her dupe. But at the mention of Ava's name, Liz once again felt a wave of sadness over the loss of her husband and friend. If only Ava had come with them. "Oh, but Zan's dupe is hot… how'd you luck out?"

Once again sensing Liz's distress, Alex gave her a quick hug, letting her know that he was there for her and always would be. He and Liz had always had a great relationship- she was like the sister he had never had- and it had killed him to see her so sad after Zan's death. She had pushed everyone away at first, but then she had come back, acting like the Liz he had originally known and loved. And he knew it was because she knew she had to once again assume her role, as queen for her king was gone.

"Can you believe what she's wearing? Leather in the desert? I mean, that's like insane… oh, and Ava's dupe isn't much better… who would ever wear something that low cut? And that color does absolutely nothing for her complexion, not that she really has one, but still, I mean..."

"Maria, I think we get the point." Alex interrupted, unwilling to listen to anymore fashion jargon than he had to. He could already feel Liz tensing up and he knew this was hard enough without Maria blabbering on about how badly these people were dressed. He didn't even want to imagine what it would be like to have to marry someone you didn't even know, let alone after losing the love of your life and husband only days ago.

"Oh my god…" Maria started, only to be hushed by Rath.

"Yo, keep yo's trap shut." Rath growled. He too could sense that Liz was growing nervous and he didn't want her anymore so then she needed to be. As much as he hated admitting it, Liz was a pretty cool person, and even though she was a total cornball, he liked to hang out with her- as long as Zan wasn’t around because then it would just be them with their hands all over each other. And while he would have loved to get his hands on her, she was Zan's woman and he wasn't going to disrespect Zan- even after death.

"Geez, I'm sorry… I was just going to say that your dupe looks so much better then you do!" Maria said quickly, not letting Rath or Alex interrupt her. Abruptly after Liz began laughing, as did Lonnie and Alex, though it was more because of Rath's reaction then his response.

However, soon Alex was dumbstruck as he watched Lonnie's dupe walk out onto the runway. While Lonnie was a goddess, her dupe was even better. She had this hair, and these lips and eyes, and these curves that just kept on going. And of course she had some jock attached to her arm. Alex knew that she would have a boyfriend, he just wished she didn't.

Taking the initial step forward, their protector motioned for Liz to lead. He fell in step beside her as they started towards the other group, meeting them halfway. He had noticed the way the other king was looking at Liz and it pleased him to know that she was good enough for him, however he feared he would not be good enough for her. Her heart was already given to Zan so it was doubtful that she would ever truly love this man as much as he had seen she loved Zan.

When the two groups came to stand before each other, once again Alex and Maria assumed their positions behind Liz with Alex wrapping his arm possessively around Liz and Maria placing her hand on Liz's shoulder. They were not going to let her go through this alone. The groups sized each other up, remaining silent as they looked over one another. But Liz's eyes remained glued to the ground. She had seen Zan's dupe and while he was cute, there was one problem.

Zan. Her body had reacted to him the moment she had noticed him, just as it had always reacted to Zan- her heart began to pound in her chest, her blood boiled, her palms became sweaty, and a smile lit up her face. She was drawn to him and it scared her. There was no doubt in her mind that the man standing before her was Zan’s dupe. He was handsome, just as Zan was, and she was more then positive that had she grown up in Roswell instead of New York that she would have fallen in love with him instead of Zan, but she hadn’t grown up in Roswell. And she loved Zan. How could she ever disrespect Zan by sleeping with another man- his dupe or not- less then two weeks after his death?

"Ah, welcome to Roswell… it is good to have you all here." Nasedo said warmly. This was the first time his group had ever heard him speak so graciously. Though they knew it was all an act for the queen. But who wouldn't want to please her, after all she was the one with the power. "I hope you had a good trip out… I know those planes can get a little bumpy at times."

"It was coo'." Rath answered, though their protector who had yet to say a word quickly shot him down with a glare. He was still sizing Max up, trying to determine whether or not he truly was worthy of Liz. Physically he looked similar to Zan, except for the absence of tattoos, piercing, and facial hair. He obviously lacked Zan’s attitude and decision making abilities, and this the protector knew because had this been Zan, Liz wouldn't ’till be in Alex's arms. But what he feared was how he would treat Liz, often these West Coast kids loved them and left them, and if he was to marry Liz then he would have to know it would be until one of them died.

"Nah, we enjoyed it." Maria said thoughtfully. Sticking out her hand, she smiled at the six in front of her, though her eyes suddenly remained locked on Rath's duplicate. "I'm Maria… Maria DeLuca."

There was a god. Michael had never heard anything sweeter. She wasn't Max's bride and that made her fair game, as long as she wasn't with the guy holding Max's bride-to-be.

But it was Max who was really thanking the gods above. How he had been lucky enough to end up with someone so beautiful was beyond him, but he would forever be thanking the stars above for sending her to him.

"Hello Maria…" Again the five other's were surprised by the warm tone of Nasedo's voice. He was really putting on a great show because usually he treated humans as though they were lower then dirt. Directing his attention to Rath and Lonnie, Nasedo smiled at them, trying his best to let them know he accepted them. "You two must be Rath and Lonnie- it's great to finally meet you."

"Yo." Lonnie answered shortly but not taking his hand in her own. Rath just snickered and gave him a heads up while flicking his nose stud with his thumb.

"Yo's guys always dress so cornball?" Rath asked lazily. Again this received him a glare not only from their protector, but Liz as well, and that's when Rath felt bad. He hated disappointing Liz. "Sorry."

Nasedo was amazed. With one mere look she had made Rath apologize and that was something he knew hardly ever happened, especially if Rath was anything like Michael. He would definitely have to talk with the queen sometime soon.

"Cornball? No, see these…" Tess started only to be cut off by Nasedo.

"These are the normal attire in Roswell, though we do not expect you to change just for the town- it will do it some good to have some diversity." He knew he was kissing up, but he had to. However he had to thank Zan for not marrying some freak as Lonnie and Rath were. He couldn't help but wonder what had possessed the young woman- who was still wrapped up in another man's arms- to marry someone like Zan. "You must be Liz…."

"You will address her as your highness." Nasedo was shocked by the coldness in their protector's voice. And he quickly reminded himself to have a nice long talk with him about whose turf he was on.

"Your highness." Nasedo amended, slightly bowing. When he reached to shake her hand their protector once again intercepted him. Isabel, Michael, Kyle, Tess and Max watched on in wonder. They had never seen someone treat Nasedo in this manner and it was funny because they knew he could do nothing otherwise he would be upsetting the queen, and that was a big no-no. Keeping himself in check, Nasedo gestured towards Max, giving him a nudge forward. "This is Max Evans'- your husband-to-be."

"It's my pleasure." Liz said softly, swallowing the bile that had risen in her throat. The mere thought of remarrying someone else made her stomach churn, but she plastered on a shy smile and delicately shook his hand. The electrical current that ran through their bodies sparked to life as their hands met. All of their emotions for each other were released: desires, fear, love, sorrow, lust, apprehension, and over ruling all of them was their confusion for why their connection was so strong. Liz bowed her head in shame for letting Max learn that she was drawn to him, as she was sure that Zan was watching right now and she would surely go to hell.

Immediately Max wondered if he had died and gone to heaven. Her voice sounded what he believed an angel would sound like- that was if he believed in god and angels. And the feel of her soft skin against his rough and callused was unlike anything he could describe. The thought that in only a few days she would be his wife didn’t seem so bad anymore. And suddenly, Max was looking forward to his wedding day.

"No, the pleasures mine." Max squeaked. He immediately shut his eyes and silently scolded himself for being so stupid. Here was this beautiful and perfect woman who was about to be his wife and he couldn't even control his voice. Then the big question came, how was he supposed to control himself while sleeping in the same bedroom? There was no doubt that he was attracted to her- he had been since had first laid eyes on her. And while he knew it was their duty to have sex, he didn't want to have sex with her, he wanted to make love to her. He wanted to give her pleasure beyond belief.

"Well, now that introductions are over…"

"Wait, aren't you going to introduce us to everyone else?" Maria interrupted, not even caring about the stern look Liz's protector gave her. "As you know, I'm Maria- this here is Lizzie and Alex, and these two lunk heads are Rath and Lonnie, Ava was supposed to come with us, but she decided to stay behind cause she really didn't see any point in leaving, beside she really liked New York. I loved it to, but I go where Lizzie goes- so does Alex, as you can see…"

"Whoa there motor mouth." Michael wasn't quite sure where that comment had come from, but somewhere in his mush for brains he had come up with that brain buster to impress the girl he found attractive, and with that, Michael knew he was doomed.

"Motor mouth?" Maria asked angrily. Her eyes flared up in rage as she started to step up to Michael.

"Maria…" Liz warned.

"Sorry." Maria apologized, but rolled her eyes as she did so.

"Hello Maria." Isabel offered, hoping to end the feud already growing between she and Michael. She wondered what it would be like with Maria and Michael sharing an apartment tonight- she couldn't wait to see Michael tomorrow. "Alex, Rath, Lonnie, Liz… and, I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name."

Everyone turned and gazed at the man standing protectively by Liz's side. His face remained expressionless as he stared back at everyone.

"He ain't got no name." Lonnie replied after a moment. They had never asked and he had never told them.

"He doesn’t have a name? So what do you do when you need him? What, do you call out, 'hey you!' or something like that?" Kyle asked sarcastically. This time it was Isabel who rolled her eyes at her boyfriend's lame joke.

"Well it's nice to meet you as well. I'm Isabel, this is Kyle, Michael, Tess, Nasedo and as you know, Max." Isabel introduced each person, making sure there was no mistakes in who was who.

"Nasedo?" Rath and Lonnie snorted in mockery. They had a hard time believing their protector's name to ever be something as corny as Nasedo, though they did have to give him props for originality.

"Well, why don't we head on home. I'm sure you are all extremely tired after your flight, and you must be famished." Nasedo said as he motioned for everyone to follow him. As if on instinct, Rath and Lonnie followed blindly, followed by Kyle, Isabel, and Michael. Following them was Maria, who gave Tess a little nudge when she noticed her eyes lingering on Max- Max belonged to Liz now and if Maria had anything to do with it, Ava's dupe would not be getting her grubby little meat hooks near Liz's man. After pushing Tess ahead, Alex took charge and followed along, though his hand never left Liz's as she followed along faithfully by his side, with Max falling in step with her. And finally the protector of the New York six came up in the rear, making sure as usual that all was safe.

As they approached the three cars, the four of the six looked around casually, wondering whether they were to follow or if they would be personally escorted to their living quarters. But Liz looked on dejectedly. None of the cars were like Zan's, not that she had been expecting them to be, but somehow she had hoped that maybe he would just pop up and return in her life as he always had before. Only this wasn't like all the times before, he was dead.

"Ok, Rath, Lonnie you'll be going with Michael, Tess and I. Maria, Alex, you'll be going with Isabel and Kyle, and Li… I mean your highness, you and your protector will be traveling with Max." Nasedo instructed while pointing to each person car, though not without receiving some glowering looks from others.

"No, no, no… see we go where Lizzie goes." Maria stated firmly, pointing between she and Alex. She only proved her point by going and standing beside the jeep with Alex coming up beside her. Since Liz was still holding his hand she too was by his side as soon as he moved over. Unsure of how to respond, Nasedo merely looked at Max so as to ask if he was alright with giving Alex and Maria a ride as well.

"It'll be a little cramped, but if you want…" Max offered, wanting to make Liz as comfortable as possible. And if that meant giving her friends a life then he would do it. Beside they seemed like nice people.

By this time Kyle knew that he was going to love Maria and Alex, as well as Liz. Though it was easy to tell that Max had staked claim on her, especially by the way he seemed to hover around her, his eyes always lingering on her, and the worst part was he was always giving her these shy smiles. He was whipped and she had barely spoken a word to him.

"If it isn’t any trouble. I don't want to inconvenience you." Liz looked at Max skeptically, unsure if he had had different plans or what. This of course made her protector flinch. Liz was always willing to bend over backwards to accommodate to others needs and he did not want to see Max taking advantage of Liz, especially in her time of weakness.

"No, its no trouble at all." Max insisted. Taking Maria and Alex's bags, he loaded them up into the back before finally taking Liz's and placing it along side her friends. Their protector didn't have a suitcase so Max could only assume his stuff was with one of the others, or something like that. He quickly helped Alex and Maria into the jeep as everyone else loaded up into the other cars, but suddenly stopped, unsure of whether or not Liz wanted to sit up front or in back.

Noticing his hesitation, and knowing that she had to get used to him, Liz motioned for their protector to take the back seat. At first he seemed irresolute as to whether or not he wanted Liz up front with Max, but after a watchful eye he gave in and climbed in, unwilling to take Max's offered hand. And when Max moved to offer Liz his hand as well, it was once again their protector who intercepted and helped Liz in instead. This of course elicited a chuckle from Alex and Maria.

"Hey man, you gotta lay up on Mad Max- he's trying to be a gentleman, you know, win our fair lady's heart and all that." Maria teased, giving Liz's protector a playful punch. She had never understood why he acted the way he did, but to her he was like one of those English guards that you could do anything to and they would only glare back at you. She had many hours of fun with him. And after two years she believed that he had finally accepted her because he stopped glaring at her and instead remained impassive as he usually did. "Well, come on, Max… off we go."

And with that, they were off.


Chapter 6

Liz's discomfort was obvious as they rode back in a strained silence. Originally Max had thought that this turn of events would be the worst, but after seeing and meeting Liz, he knew that this had been the best thing that ever happened in his life. It was as though his life had begun as soon as he laid eyes on Liz. She was his breath of fresh air, of new life, and this time around he wanted it to be perfect.

As expected, the first problem came when Max went to drop Alex and Maria off. At first they got out, as did Liz and her protector, which made Max look at them questioningly. Had Nasedo not told Liz and her protector that they would be staying with him? But it was when Nasedo came over and told Maria and Alex to follow him and that he would meet up with Liz and Max later that the real fun began.

"No, see, like we said before- we go where Lizzie goes." Maria stated firmly. Only this time Nasedo wasn't willing to fool around. This was time for Liz and Max to get to know one another before their wedding in two days.

"I'm sorry, but Liz and Max need their time together, beside there is not enough room." Nasedo retorted forcefully, while grabbing their bags and starting towards Michael apartment. He was not up to fighting with these humans; right now he had to make sure Liz was comfortable. "Now if you'll…"

"No, see, that isn't ok. If its so crowded and since Liz seems to be staying with Max, then why is it such a problem for us to stay over as well?" Maria queried angrily. Right now Liz needed her, not some honey groping hick boy from New Mexico. Just because he was acting all sweet didn't mean that he was perfect, and Maria was not going to let her friend get abused. Beside she had seen the way that Tess chick had been eyeing Max and Liz.

"Well, there is no room at Max's house either."

"I doubt that considering it’s a house and not an apartment." Maria argued. "We're not looking for beds here- we'll take the damn floor, but we're going with Liz."

All the while Max watched on in dismay. He had sincerely hoped that he and Liz would get some time to talk and get to know one another. He really wanted to get to know her and not just jump into this marriage blindly. Yet, while a part of him wanted Liz all to himself, he also knew that he would understand if she wanted her friends to stay with her. Beside, Tess could mind warp his parents- even if he hated the idea.

"Nasedo, it's…"

"No, Maria, Alex… stay here." Liz said forcefully, causing everyone but her protector to turn and look at her. Max hadn't thought that someone so small and fragile could be so strong and charismatic, and Nasedo was blown away by the authoritative tone to her voice. Maybe she truly had been Zan's choice of a bride instead of vice versa.

"But Liz…" Alex started to argue as well, but with one sharp look he knew he had better do as she said.

Liz watched on forlornly as her friends disappeared. As much as she wanted her friends to be with her, she also knew that she and Max needed to spend time alone and get to know one another. She would not jump into this marriage blindly. First she wanted to set some ground rules and then they could get to know one another.

Once her friends were gone, Liz started back towards the jeep, getting in by herself before anyone could even move to help her. Soon afterwards her protector and Max followed.

Again the drive to his house was silent except for the radio playing softly. However with the top down it was hard to hear anything at all. Not that Liz minded. It was nice to finally have some time to herself. She could feel Max's eyes on her and it sickened her to know that she would soon be giving her body away to a man beside her true husband and lover. Though she guessed his duplicate was better then anyone else, and at least with Max she felt something towards him, though she would never admit it was love. She could have had to give herself to Rath- now that would have truly scared her.

As soon as they reached his house, Max hoped out and grabbed Liz's bag before moving to open her door. This time it was he who helped her out. He held her hand gently within his own, caressing the backside of it with his thumb as he took in how warm and soft she was. However, it was Liz who jerked her hand away and waited off to the side for their protector to join them.

Tess had supposedly already started the mind warp, or rather memory remover, or whatever it was that she had done to his parents, so Max didn't have to worry too much about just showing up with Liz. At least that was as long as Tess had held up to her end of the deal with Nasedo. To his parents it would just seem as though their favorite son’s fiancée was coming to visit/stay with them again- definitely nothing weird about that.

Ushering Liz to the door, somehow his hand seemed to naturally gravitate to the small of her back, and without even noticing until he had opened the door and watched, did he notice that the whole time he had been touching her bare back. It had felt so natural and so right that he hadn't even known the difference. But that thought was quickly smacked down as their protector walked in, giving Max a stern glance before continuing over towards Liz.

His mother and father weren't home yet, as he suspected, so instead of introductions, Max merely motioned for Liz to follow him upstairs. As Nasedo had asked, he had cleaned up his room so as to make it presentable, though he felt a little silly knowing that his room was never this clean and was thus giving off a false impression to Liz. Placing her bag at the foot of his bed, Max waited until both people were in his room. Nasedo had said that the protector would most likely sit outside the door, though now Max wasn't all that sure.

"I know its sort of cramped, but…" Max started only to have Liz cut him off.

"Its great… don't worry about it." Liz smiled shyly. She knew this was his room and knew without a doubt that she would most likely be sharing a bed with him tonight. And while it pained her to know she would be disrespecting Zan by doing so, she had to for the better sake of Antar. Beside, Max didn’t seem like that bad of a person. "But um… what about, him?"

"Oh… well, Nasedo said he didn't sleep, but we have an extra room… you two could share it or I could take it and you could take this room, or… whatever you want." Max assured, hoping that she wasn't getting the wrong idea. He watched as she suddenly gave him a genuine smile. Her eyes lit up, making her whole face glow.

As much as Liz wanted to take the extra room, she knew what she had to do.

"He will take the extra room, you an… and I will sha… sha-share this room." Tears were now forming in Liz's eyes and she couldn't believe that something as simple as sharing a room was making her break down. Only it wasn't something as simple as sharing a room- she was sharing a room with another man, a man who was to be her husband in only two days. And more importantly she would not only be sharing a room with him, but if he demanded so, sharing his bed in every sense.

"Are you sure? I mean… really I can share a room with Isabel, or you could… whatever you want." It pained Max to see her crying, and knowing that it was partially his fault, or rather Antar's fault, only made it worse. However it was a blessing to see that she was just as upset over having to share a bed together as he was, only he figured it was for another reason. To lose your husband and then be forced to marry another had to be unlike anything Max had ever felt. But to then have to sleep with someone who wasn’t your true love, Max couldn’t even fathom how she felt. He just hoped he could somehow make her happy. "How about I take the floor… you can have the bed… and we'll leave the door open."

This was all the protector needed to hear to know that this man was worthy of Liz, as long as she was willing to let him in. He knew it would take time, but one day they would love another- though he knew that Zan would always be number one in Liz's heart. He offered Max a slight nod as he walked out into the hall, closing the door behind him. Right now he would give the two some time alone, and then later he would have a chat with the boy about their queen.

Max and Liz stared at the now closed door, neither sure as to what they should do next. It had been a surprise that their protector had left so abruptly and usually Max would hear an earful from Nasedo, so it was nice to not hear anything at all. Though it would have been nice had he acknowledged him.

Offering her a seat on his bed, Max and Liz sat down beside one another, hesitantly chancing a glance at the other. Max was beyond believing anything at this point. To even think that this raving beauty was sitting on his bed and would be his wife in two days was beyond belief. So he tried to remain unhopeful, thinking this was only a really good dream. For not only was she beautiful, but smart, insightful, charismatic, soft-spoken, and from what he could tell, she had a heart of gold. It was no wonder Zan had loved her for Max knew had he met her first he would have fallen in love and married her first.

"So…" Liz implored. This was harder then she had thought. With Zan words hadn't really been needed, they had simply come together naturally. But then she and Zan had had almost eight years to get to know one another before they were married. She and Max now had thirty-six hours.

"This is really awkward, isn't it…" Max was about to go on, but he wasn't sure how too. Not sure how to continue, Max's eyes began to shift about the room looking for some topic of discussion that would somehow hopefully spark a conversation. Finally his eyes landed on her bag and he chided himself for not offering before. "Oh, um… I know we're moving in a few days, but I cleared out some space in my dresser and closet… you know, for your clothes and everything."

"Oh, Max, you didn't have to do that." Liz insisted. She felt a small pang in her heart about how sweet Max was being. And because of that it was making things a little easier on her, but not by much. He was still taking the place of her husband, and even if he was his dupe, he could never truly be Zan. But he was handsome, and he seemed to genuinely care about her, which surprised Liz to say the least. She had suspected that he would either be sharing a bed with his Ava

For a moment neither was sure what to do, but when Liz's gaze landed on her bag she decided that if they weren't gong to talk she might as well hang up something- get used to the feeling of being around Max, after all soon they would most likely never be apart. Zan had been a lot messier and Max’s room seemed to be immaculate, though she guessed that was probably because his parents demanded it. As she got up she noticed that Max watched her every moving. She offered him a shy smile before pointing to her bag as if to ask permission to unpack. She only had a few things that would wrinkle and even those weren't all that bad.

"Go ahead… do you-uh… do you want some help, or…" Max stuttered. She had just opened her bag and it didn't even look like she was paying attention, and yet Max knew that she was intently listening to his every word- she was just that sort of person. Yet he was captivated by the way her hair had fallen over her face, catching in the light that was spilling into his room and bathing her skin. He swallowed the lump in his throat and tried to bring himself back under control, but she was so beautiful- literally unlike anything he had ever seen.

Pushing himself up and off the bed, he came to stand before her bag. He watched as she delicately removed a long and elegant white dress that was in a clear plastic bag- he could only deduce that that had been her wedding gown because he was sure there were no other occasions they could have used it for. Zan was one lucky man. Not only had he married this beauty and loved her, but also she in turn had loved him back- and worn that dress. Nasedo had told him that these people were uneducated and that he should get used to their inappropriate English and speech, however Liz, Maria and Alex seemed to know a lot more than Lonnie and Rath, and Liz seemed to be the smartest of the bunch, though that easy to see.

"Closet?" Liz asked quietly, searching the room, which had two different places that she suspected, could be the closets. She had been surprised when Max had gotten up as well. And she wondered if he was trying to help her. Zan had never been one to put clothes away, but Liz had broken him of that habit …

“Zan,” Liz called as she made her way through the house. She walked into the small kitchen and watched as her lover played a game of poker with Rath. She held a basket of laundry in her arms and waited until he looked up at her.

All of Zan’s concentration was soon lost as he looked up and caught sight of his lover in nothing but his favorite shirt. Her hair was rumpled as though she had just woken up and she had the sexiest grin on her face. He growled to Rath that it was time for him to leave and within a moment Rath was gone. Never once did Zan take notice to the pile of clothes in Liz’s arms.

Stalking over to her, Zan immediately took her in his arms and began hoisting her up so that he could properly have his way with her. However it was Liz who stopped him.

“Baby, I need you help,” Liz pleaded softly. Her bottom lip trembled and she did her best to give him her best pair of puppy eyes. Of course Zan was willing to do anything for Liz anyway, but to see her like this only made him into putty in her hands.

“What the lady wants, the lady gets…” Zan mumbled, pressing wet kisses to her neck. It was at that point that Liz shoved the load of clothes into Zan’s arms. This not only took him by surprise but also killed the mood. He looked at Liz incredulously.

“Put away these clothes, please…” Liz smiled at Zan tentatively, waiting to see if he would do as she asked. He had never put his clothes away and was never willing to put away their clean clothes. She had tried almost everything and had almost given up when she remembered just how possessive Zan was and just how much he loved showing that she was his. Thus she had come up with the idea of wearing his clothes, which he seemed to love for some odd reason or another. And so far it seemed to be working.


“Zan, please… I’ll do anything you want afterwards.” Liz begged. She began edging his shirt to reveal her naked skin. This set Zan to work instantly. He grabbed the clothes from her with one hand while hauling her back into their bedroom with his free hand. Not three minutes later the clothes were neatly put away and Zan had Liz pinned to the bed, feasting on her before making love.

"To the right." Max instructed as he continued to eye the dress. She was careful with it, as though it would fall apart with just one touch. She reverently ran her hand down the bag, smoothing the fabric of any wrinkles and bunched up areas. It was then that he noticed he was in her way of the closet. Deciding he may as well help out, he opened his closet, taking the dress from so as to put it away. But as soon as his hand came in contact with the hanger he was assaulted with images that were not his own.

"Zan, what have you done now?" Liz asked. She was completely in the dark- Zan had blind folded her, telling her he had a surprise and that she had to wait until he had it all together. They had been married for a little over four months now and usually Zan never left Liz's side, let alone blind folded her unless it was during one of their kinky love making sessions, if only for safety sake. But tonight he had insisted upon it.

"Just one secon' baby" Zan promised. He hurried to his feet, making sure that everything was in place. When he had seen the dress he knew that it would be perfect for Liz, and it would be even more perfect then all the other dresses at the prom- something he knew Liz wanted to go to, even if she wouldn't admit it. Coming up behind her, he slid his arms around her waist and leaned in to whisper in her ear. His breath tickled her skin causing goose bumps to form all over from his silken voice. "Ok, nows open 'em beauties up."

Time froze for Liz as she took off the blind fold. She covered her mouth, concealing the gasp of surprise. Her bottom lip trembled and tears sprung up in her eyes. She had never said a word, but it had always been her dream to go to prom, just like all other kids. The only problem was she never attended school, and neither did Zan- they were self-taught. So prom and ball were out of the question, at least until now.

Its bodice was of a brilliant red satin silk with a matching lace overlay which looked like it was intricately embroidered. It also had beautiful matching red lace appliqués, which made the waist V, and the heart shaped neckline. All of the red silk and laces and appliqués were hand dyed. The beads were little glass rubies and were generously emphasizing the regal pattern of the embroidery. The bodice had a becoming open V back bordered by an exquisite wide embroidered lace, which was also dyed red. Its elegant tight sleeves were of an off white color and were made from the same regal lace, as on the bodice though this time not dyed red. They ended in a V and were attached to the middle finger with an embroidered loop. It was a one-piece gown and its skirt was made of off white satin silk which opened in a V in the front to show the red satin silk with it’s stunning border, which matched the work on the bodice and had the same exquisite lace as on the back edging it.

"Oh Zan!" Liz cried out, turning in his arms and throwing her own around his neck, planting kisses all over his face. Of course that action quickly ended up with Liz in Zan's arms and he brought her to their bed. And after making love, Zan hurried her off so she could become Cinderella for the night, only she never turned back into the housemaid only to return to her evil stepmother and stepsisters at midnight for that was something Zan would never let happen. "I love you baby… I love you so much."

"I love you too…"

"Max… Max, are you ok?" Liz watched Max worriedly. He was just standing in front of his closet, grasping onto her dress as well as the side of the closet door. His breath was slightly labored and a pained expression had taken over his face. "Max, please, sa-say something."

All Max could do was stare at Liz in wonder. So it hadn't been her wedding dress, instead it had been Zan's present to her. Along with the flash he had also seen images of Liz and Zan at the prom. They had danced the night away, not caring about anyone or anything. He specifically remembered numerous guys coming up to Liz, trying to get her to dance, but Zan always wrapping his arms possessively around her and telling the boys to leave his wife alone.

And that's when Max realized that he had finally seen Zan, only he hadn't. It was as though a blob had been placed in front of his face, but the rest of his body was shown. There were tattoos all over his arms, and from what Max could tell he looked very similar to himself, only dressed like Rath. But above all he had picked up how much they both loved each other.

"Oh god Max, please… just say something- or move…" Liz was becoming frightened. She wasn't sure what was wrong with Max. Sometimes Zan had frozen up like this, but that was only when he got visions of things- like when he touched her he could see what she had done that day. But Liz wasn't sure if Max had the same abilities as Zan and she did. Beside was their connection already powerful enough that it would allow him to receive flashes from her, just as Zan had when they had first met?

"I-uh… I'm fine…" Max whispered hoarsely. His mind was still a haze as he gingerly hung up the dress. As he had expected she had looked beautiful in it. It had clung to her body and there was no doubt in Max's mind why his dupe had bought it for her- she looked like a goddess in it. Noticing the shirt in her hands, he reached over and took it, grasping one of his hangers he quickly hung it up. There were no flashes this time, just random emotions from different times she had worn the shirt.

As the two continued to put her clothes away, Max found himself becoming more and more acquainted with Liz and her emotions. Sometimes he would get a few random images of Liz and her time with Zan, but most of the time he only received an emotion or two. But it was those simple emotions that gave Max the most foresight into her life.

Soon they were done, and Max was more then surprised to find that Liz had hardly any clothing, though he guessed more would come along with her other belongings. And it wasn't until they reached her other clothes that Max saw his dupe for the first time. Liz had just pulled out a pair of white lace thongs, and without even thinking, handed them to Max.

At first he had taken them, prepared to put them in his dresser, when he suddenly came to terms with what they were. His hand shook as he eyed the bundle of lace in his hands. More images assaulted him- even more then the dress. Zan had bought them for Liz for their wedding, only they were never used as they had been torn off and shoved in his pocket before they even got into the church to be married. Images of Zan and Liz intimately touching each other filled his mind and he could quickly feel himself hardening as it was suddenly his hands all over her body instead of his dupes. And suddenly it was his mouth searing hot kisses down the column of her neck. The cool satin of her wedding dress was pushed aside and he was buried deep within her.

This time Max was violently shaking, grasping onto his dresser for support as he rode out the flash. He had never seen anything so clearly. And maybe that was why when the vision was over his fists unclenched, making him drop her panties. Of course Liz was staring at him with concern written all over her face. She rushed to his side and cupped his face in her hands, looking at him with concern written in her eyes. Gingerly she brushed his bangs away while trying to ascertain what he was seeing and or feeling. Her connection with Zan had been much deeper for when she touched him she would be brought into the flash as well, but with Max she had to fight to find out what was wrong. However her gaze was suddenly averted to the ground.

That's when she caught site of the underwear now lying on the floor. She rushed to pick them up, and in her haste she knocked over the picture of she and Zan that she had been holding before Max had gone off the edge. It had been packed away in her things so that she could at least look at it when Max wasn't around or not looking.

She watched frantically as Max took a hasty step forward, eyeing her and the scrunched up lace in her hands warily. Had he gotten a vision or was he deathly afraid of lace underwear? However all of that was forgotten as he bent down and picked up the picture frame containing the only picture Liz had of she and Zan. A wistful smile spread across Max's face as he looked down at his dupe.

How or why Liz had ever given this guy a chance was beyond Max. Zan looked like a street thug, and Liz- she looked like an angel from above who deserved to be with some Harvard yuppies who was making millions of dollars and would make her happy. Only she hadn't chosen that, she had chosen Zan. And for the first time Max understood the phrase, 'opposites attract.'

"When-uh… when was this?" Underwear forgotten, Max took a seat on the bed as he continued to stare down at the wedding picture of his dupe and his bride. They looked so happy together, as though two parts of a whole. And it pained Max to know that this life had been so harshly taken from Liz. She deserved to be happy- to be with her husband. And with that thought, Max made a promise to himself; he would give Liz the type of life she deserved and wanted- if only fulfill the future his dupe hadn't been able to.

"Last year…we had just gotten married, and even though I told him we didn't have to, he insisted on getting a professional picture- he said…" Liz suddenly chuckled, covering her mouth as she remembered what Zan had said, only his choice of words had been a little cruder. "He had said that Rath and Lonnie couldn't take any decent pictures, neither could 'Ria or Alex… and so he made us go and get them done…"

There were tears in her eyes and again Max found himself promising to give her the life she not only deserved but wanted. Gingerly, with the pads of his thumbs, Max wiped away the tears that streaked down her cheeks with his thumbs, while gazing loving into her eyes. And though he knew he'd never be Zan, he would try his hardest to be all that she wanted him to be.


Chapter 7

After putting away her things, Max found himself having a hard time concentrating on anything but the images he had received. More importantly, he couldn't get the image or feel of Liz pressed up against him in that one flash of she and Zan on their wedding day. Despite the fact that he had never tasted her sweet skin, he could already taste her from that vision, and if it was right then he had been correct when he had believed she would taste like vanilla but her hair would smell like strawberries. He had been right- at least in the flash he had been.

And then of course there was the ever present problem he had since he had somehow felt what it was like to be buried deep within her depths, just as Zan had been that day behind the church. Max hadn't though Liz would be that type of person, so he was more than surprised to find out what she and Zan had done right before their wedding. However that wasn't important, right now he had to figure out a way to get his body back under control, otherwise he was sure he'd scare Liz away.

Remaining seated on his bed, he watched as Liz made her way around his room, looking at the few pictures he had of he and his friends. There was one of he, Michael, Isabel, Tess, and Kyle, a few of he and Tess, and he and Isabel. And of course there were his prom pictures with Tess, and then the group pictures, which Michael was effectively missing from since he decided not to go. Max would have followed in his footsteps, only Tess had wanted to go.

"You guys look really happy together." Liz commented after staring at the picture of he and Tess. It reminded her so much of she and Zan only a few months ago when he had brought her to some nearby schools prom or ball. Only they didn't look quite as fake as these two did- Max stood rigid and Tess had this smile plastered on that just screamed Barbie. It disturbed Liz slightly. "I hope I didn't step between you or ruin your relationship…"

"Oh, no! We weren't all that serious." Max answered quickly, effectively stopping her from continuing. They hadn't been serious- Tess had been serious. Max, on the other hand, had taken things slowly, trying his best to get to know Tess before he would have to marry her out of duty and honor to his planet. Though now it appeared as though there would be a change in plans, and for the better.

"I know this isn't your idea and I know you aren't that happy about all of this, so I would like to extend my deepest apol…" Before Liz could finish Max was shaking his head feverishly and waving her off.

"No apologies. This isn't your fault either- and it wasn't Zan's or anyone else's except the people who made up this stupid law." Max insisted. And while he was speaking the truth, he couldn't help but thank the Antarians before him for creating this law because it brought Liz to him. "Beside, Tess and I never really clicked… it was always a friends thing for me, but..."

"But it was she who wanted the relationship…" Liz ended. Noticing his surprised look, Liz offered a sad smile before continuing. "Ava really loved Zan, and while it hurt me to know I was taking her away from him I knew that Zan and I belonged together. Zan never loved Ava- only like a sister."

"So it was like love at first site?" Max inquired. He watched as Liz suddenly flinched away from him as though his question had somehow scalded her. It had been nice when she was talking to him so openly, but just as quickly as she had opened up she had closed down, building up walls that he was sure would take years to break down. "I'm sorry… I was just wondering."

"I'd just rather not talk about Zan and me right now…" Liz criticized herself for sounding so childish. This man was about to become her husband so she had better become used to talking with and being around him. The only problem was Zan had been the only person Liz had ever been able to truly open up to. And while Max was a wonderful person, he wasn’t Zan.

Knowing there was no way around it, Liz tentatively took a seat beside Max. There was quite a bit of room between them, but that was for Liz's benefit. Right now she needed to work her way up to having to sleep with this man. Her plan was to have him hold her tonight, kiss him tomorrow, and bond on Saturday after their wedding- at least that was when both protectors wanted them to come together; either then or earlier. It tore Liz to pieces to know she would be betraying Zan, even if she was only sleeping with his dupe.

Since Liz was unwilling to throw herself at Max, both because of her self-decency and love for Zan, she opted to work her way up. Her worst fear was that she would reject Max- not only physically, but emotionally as well. And that was unacceptable, especially as queen. It was her duty to sleep with him, even if it meant breaking her own heart and Zan's in the process.

She sniffed the air, taking in Max's scent. It wasn't very different from Zan's, only his leather jacket was blocking her ability from getting a good idea. Though she guessed that it probably would be the same. Everything else was the same as well, except for the obvious like hair, dress choice, tattoos, piercings and such. Same height, build, color tone, and mannerisms.

Taking a deep breath, Liz shifted over just enough so that both of their clothed bodies touch: her thigh lightly touching his and her arm brushing against his own. It was a shock to do anything this intimate with another man beside Zan or brotherly like with Alex. But it helped that Max felt so much like Zan as well.

"So, um… you just graduated?" Liz asked quietly, with a tone of awe in her voice. There was no time like the present to get to know her new husband. She did have to admit that he was cute and he seemed to genuinely care about her, though she couldn't help but wonder how much of that was just because he wanted to get in the sack with her. Though Max really didn’t seem like that sort of guy. But then that was what was supposed to happen so she couldn't really blame him if he was just waiting for her to give in and let him take her as she was supposed to.

"Yeah, actually it was just this last Wednesday." Max turned and offered her a half smile, but it was all for his own benefit. He cast a secret glance, taking in her profile. She was just as beautiful. However that thought was quickly cast from his mind when he felt Liz shift slightly, causing their already touching bodies to graze each other. Her touch was like fire to his skin and he felt himself blushing as the image and feeling of himself being buried deep within her conjured in his mind. "Did-uh… did you go to school?"

"No…" Liz answered grimly. School had always been the one aspect of life that Liz had wanted to inspect and find out as much about. She wanted to attend, but street people didn't go to school. And even when she and Zan got the apartment when he was nine, they both knew they couldn't attend school. "We didn't have the time… and it wasn't really an option."

"You seem well educated for never attending." Max commented. While putting away her clothes he had picked up a few other images, one including she and Zan reading together, another of she and Zan working on some math from a book Max could only assume they had found, or stolen. He fleetingly wondered if they stole all the time to get by, or if it was just a New York thing.

"We didn't steal." Liz bit out harshly. Realization hit her hard and she felt as though she were about to retch as tears pooled in her eyes. She could hear Max's thoughts just as she had been able to hear Zan's. Shifting away just enough so that their skin was not touching, Liz noticed that the static between them died down almost instantly, thus severing the connection somehow formed between she and Max.

With Zan they hadn't even needed to touch. And Liz feared that soon the same would form between she and Max.

Max stared at Liz in awe. He had never shared a thought with Tess, though she swore that since they were made for one another that they would be able to. But now that it had happened and now that Liz had pulled away, Max could literally feel the loss of not having her touching him. He too had felt the electricity between them die down as soon as Liz had disassociated her body from his own.

As much as Max hated to think about it he couldn't help but wonder what would happen after he and Liz had made love. Would their connection deepen? And suddenly, Sunday seemed like a very long ways away.

"I didn't think you stole…" Max whispered, feeling bad about the stray thought. Had he known it would set her off the way it did he never would have thought it. Right now Max didn't want to upset Liz anymore then she already was. He hadn't realized it at the time, but when they had been touching it had been her emotions that he was feeling, along with his own.

"Rath and Lonnie steal… sometimes. Ava used to, as did Zan. But Zan knew I disagreed with stealing. I would rather work on a street corner cleaning windshields then steal, and Zan knew this." Liz answered softly. It had taken a little work to break Zan of his habit. He had always wanted to steal food for her, but Liz would never accept it, instead she would go out, earn some money, and buy her own. When Zan had caught onto this habit he had promised not to steal anything for her and from then on, despite Liz's efforts, he took care of her- but in reality they took care of each other. "He would use his powers to make money more than it was actually worth- like a ten dollar bill a hundred. I didn't like that either, but I let it slide until we were old enough to get real jobs."

"What about your protector? Didn't he help you out?" Max asked, curious as to why their protector wouldn't provide for them. It was obvious he provided for them now, but what about when they were children. Suddenly his life in little old Roswell didn't seem quite as bad. Living on the street couldn't be fun and his respect for Liz's self-worth grew with each detail revealed about her life. She had been so strong and there was no doubt in Max's mind as to why his dupe had loved this young woman- not only was she beautiful but naturally intelligent.

"He didn't show up until much later- I guess he sort of just watched Zan, Ava, Rath and Lonnie from a distance. It wasn't until Zan and I moved into our first apartment that he interfered. But it wasn't much, he just started helping Ava, Rath and Lonnie out cause it was Zan who got food for them." A wistful smile flitted across Liz's lips as she remembered how Rath, Lonnie and Ava had complained about Zan leaving. They had really hated her at first, but then after the years wore on and she began helping them, they grew to like her, or so she hoped. And finally after years of knowing them, they had accepted and respected her. "I tried to get Zan to take care of them but he would always tell me it was I who needed to be taken care of. But really, I think we took care of each other."

"You really loved him." Max mused, not even aware that he had spoken, but Liz had heard. She turned a wary eye on Max, expecting to see that he was mad at her for still loving Zan when she was about to marry him. But instead of a scowl or frown, a light smile lit up his face as he gazed at her. In return she offered a shy smile before once again scooting over, letting their bodies brush against each other. She tentatively reached down and grasped his hand within her own all while giving him a genuine smile.

This time both felt the sudden electrical current flowing between them. It saddened Liz that she shared this connection with someone beside Zan, though it did help that Max was Zan's genetic match. Had he been some complete stranger who had absolutely no link to Max then she would have been worse off. The big helper was the fact that so far Max had treated her with respect and not demanded anything from her, as she had expected he would.

"Was this usual?" Max asked hoarsely, doing his best to hide the huskiness in his voice. Through their sudden connection he could feel how scared Liz was to have this link to him. And while Max had never felt such a thing, it was an equally disturbing experience as well. He had never opened up all that much to people, so to give Liz free rein over his thoughts whenever they touched was definitely going to take some getting used to.

Slowly, Liz nodded her head. She didn't know what to say. It still perturbed her to have this connection to Max, but slowly it was wearing its way into her life. The outer shell of his aura that hovered around her senses felt identical to Zan's, making it incredibly hard to tell a difference, but when Liz let herself open up a little more she could feel and sense the differences.

With Zan there had only been love, honor, pride, and duty. Love for she and his planet. Honor for all of his people as well as herself, his friends, and his family. Pride of everything he had done in the last year- surprisingly enough marrying her had been at the forefront of that emotion. And finally duty, not only to his country, but to her as well.

But Max was different. She still felt love, pride, and duty, but she also sensed respect, wariness, fear, and apprehension. Love for his friends, family, and surprisingly enough her. Pride for his home planet- Earth and Antar- and what he was about to do. Duty to marry and love her as she deserved- this one confused Liz, did Max think that Zan hadn't loved her or was he just trying to make some sort of promise to himself to make this marriage last. Respect for her, her friends, the dupes, his family, Nasedo, and all of those who were kind to him. Wariness of her feelings about him and whether or not she really wanted to get married- this truly surprised Liz considering they had just met. How could he feel such things for her? And finally there was his fear and apprehension that he was pushing her to do too much by marrying and having to bond- something he was afraid he would not match up to Zan with- only a few days after losing Zan.

All of this amazed Liz. Max Evans' was a decent man who deserved a good and loving wife, not someone who compared him to her last husband and feared the inevitable- that she would not only marry and bond with Max, but that she would love him- to some degree- too. He shouldn't have to worry about matching up to Zan in bed. He shouldn't have to worry about trying to prove his love to her as well as she to he. And he shouldn't get some sloppy second just because her husband died, thus thrusting her in his life.

"That's not what I think of you." Max whispered without even thinking. He hadn't even known that he was listening to her stray thoughts as well as reacting to her emotions. What he had been doing was adjusting to the onslaught of emotions that had tumbled over him once Liz had touched him. Last time they had merged with Max's own because he had been reeling over the fact that she was touching him and sitting beside him. But now it was like being slammed into a brick wall, feeling every etching bit of pain and sorrow Liz felt for losing Zan. It was as though her heart had eroded when Zan left, only she was never allowed to react to it because this law and standard to marry him was thrust into her life.

When Liz didn't move to answer him, Max remained quiet, unsure if he should tell her that he didn't think she was some sloppy second that was being forced into his life. But then he knew she already knew all of this for he was thinking it. Actually it was quite the opposite. She was the girl he had always dreamed of- she was beautiful, smart, dynamic, accepting, and so many other things that Max couldn't even describe. And while he was afraid that he wouldn't match up to Zan's love making, his fears subsided when Liz smothered his thoughts with her own strength, and even love.

Beside that, the things he was picking up in this connection formed between them fascinated Max. He could literally feel the love she felt towards Zan, and he knew how much she missed him. Then there was her fear of not pleasing him, of not being enough for him, of not loving him as he deserved, and overruling all of those was her fear that she would not only disappoint Zan by marrying Max, but that she would disappoint Antar and Max as well by not loving him as she should.

After her fear, as Max delved deeper into her world of emotions, he found love and acceptance. At the forefront of this emotion were her feelings for not only Zan, but him as well. While her feelings were not as strong towards him as his were for her, they did harbor in the corner of her mind, reminding her that he was Zan's dupe, making him the same person in some way or another. And it warmed his heart that she was so willing to accept not only him, but also the alien heritage that made up he and Zan. Then of course was her respect and love for the people that made up her family: Rath, Lonnie, Maria, Alex, their protector, and of course Zan. Only one more person seemed to be making their way onto that list, himself, and this surprised Max more than anything. While it was nothing compared to what he picked up for Zan, it was love and it left Max elated.

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Chapter 8

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Maria scoffed at the apartment that she was expected to sleep in. The sewer Lonnie and Rath had lived in, in New York was better then the poor excuse that Michael considered to be his apartment. She surveyed the small room, noting how all the cots and sleeping bags were pushed together haphazardly. Over to the right was a couch and just to the left of that was a mattress on the floor. “This isn’t an apartment, this is a hole in the wall!”

“Motor mouth, shut it,” Rath growled while he threw his and Lonnie’s black trash bags full of clothes down onto their chosen cots. Immediately they pushed them together and laid down together. Kyle, Isabel and Michael watched on with interest. Lonnie and Rath didn’t seem like that social of people and Michael wasn’t sure he’d be able to deal with their attitudes, or as it appeared, the sexual noises which they produced.

“Bite me,” Maria quipped as she and Alex hopped up onto the counter of Michael’s kitchen and looked over everything again. Kyle and Isabel pulled up two stools and sat beside them, trying to come up with something to say. Conversation was strained to say the least. “So what’s there to do in Roswell?”

“Sleep,” Michael mumbled. It wasn’t his intention to be rude or mean to her, but it seemed to come naturally, despite the way he really felt about her. However, having been up half the night before listening to Max bitch and moan about having to go through with this had not turned Michael into a happy camper today.

“Ok, Mr. grouch, you go sleep this day away and the rest of us will go party down like its 1999,” Maria teased. She and Alex hopped off the counter and headed towards the door. Without even thinking about it, Isabel and Kyle followed after dragging Michael with them- there was no way they were going to let him off the hook when it involved these two. These two seemed like an interested duo and they wanted to get to know them. Upon seeing the three Roswell patrons following them, Alex turned and gestured for Isabel, Michael and Kyle to catch up and come along.

“Where are we going?” Kyle asked. He was bewildered as to how these two knew how to get around, but he believed that it would be entertaining to follow.

“Does it matter?” Alex asked as he and Maria continued to trot down the street, taking in everything around them. However, soon he and Maria came to an abrupt halt, their mouths falling agape as they worshipped the store before them.

“Oh my god, you have a 24-hour cheese shop? You are so lucky!” Maria squealed in delight. Both she and Alex had grins of delight plastered over their faces as they stared with starry eyes at the cheese shop. Before Isabel, Kyle and Michael knew it they were standing inside the shop with Maria and Alex, whose faces were plastered to the glass separating them from the cheese.

“Wow.” Alex drawled as he and Maria continued to drool over all the cheese before them.

“You have to be kidding me.” Kyle mumbled as he looked at Isabel and Michael in confusion. In response the two quarked an eyebrow and shrugged, letting him know they were just as lost as he was.

“Wow, we’ll have to come back and show Liz… she’ll want to see this!” Alex said as he and Maria took off through the door without preamble, leaving Isabel, Kyle and Michael to try and catch up with them. The next thing they knew they were standing in front of the Crashdown, which Maria and Alex were looking at weirdly.

“I can’t believe this. Do you guys actually eat here considering you’re…”

“Hey, want to keep it down? We don’t need the whole town to know.” Michael bit out as Maria almost spilled their secret.

“Give me a break! I could stand here yelling till I was blue in the face and no one would care.” Maria snapped. And the next thing they knew she was standing in the middle of the street hollering out to everyone that she was an alien and here to take over the world. Of course her comments were met with snickers and laughs, especially after everyone caught her accent and attire: she definitely wasn’t from around there. So in some ways, yes she was an alien.

“Ok, ok… Maria!” Alex yelled over her screaming. “Come on, let’s give them a break and try to make friends instead of…”

“Hey, in my book we’re already friends- well except me and Mr. Grouch.” Maria said hastily while staring pointedly at Michael. But before he could respond she was pushing her way through and yanking open the door to the Crashdown. She hadn’t eaten in days and was starving, as was Alex.

“Hope they got some good food.” Alex commented as he held the door open for Michael, Isabel and Kyle to enter. They picked a booth in the back- the usual booth of Michael, Isabel, Tess, Kyle and Max. It felt a little weird to the three Roswellians to be without Max and Tess, and to have two new people, but they were becoming accustomed, quickly.

“So what do you guys think of Roswell so far?” Isabel asked.

“Total cornball, but we’ll deal.” Maria shrugged. “What’s Max like?”

“Um, well… I don’t know, he’s my brother and…” Isabel started only to have Alex cut her off.

“No we mean will he treat Liz real good or will Rath and I have to beat his head in a few times before he understood…”

“Understands.” Isabel corrected.

“Whatever… underSTANDS to treat her good?” Alex asked pointedly. Isabel, Michael and Kyle stared at the two unsure if they were still talking to the same two people. Only moments ago they had been cool and calm, and suddenly they were threatening Max’s life if he didn’t treat Liz right.

“Where do you get off…” This time it was Michael who was interrupted by Maria.

“Hey Liz is going through a difficult time and we don’t want some horn dog teenager trying to jump her bones. She don’t…”

“Doesn’t.” Isabel corrected.

“Whatever! She does not deserve that and if that is all that your brother is then I can tell you right now he won’t be seein’ tomorrow!” Maria hissed.

“Whoa… just wait a second, ok?” Kyle finally intervened. “Max is a good guy and he’ll treat Liz right. Ok?”

“Good, that’s all we needed to hear.” Alex and Maria said simultaneously.


It was just after six when Max’s parents came home. He silently prayed that Tess had done as Nasedo had instructed her to do. Mainly she was to make her parents believe that he and Liz had been going out for the last four years and that they were to be married in two days. It was lame and Max knew it, but it was the only way his parents would approve and not ask questions.

To his parents it would look like he was marrying his high school sweetheart. And if Max had to admit it, had Liz gone to his high school he was positive that she would have been just that. He wasn’t sure he ever would have had the courage to go up and talk to her seeing as she was so perfect and so completely out of his league. He still wasn’t even sure how Zan had had a chance with Liz.

She was like this creature, something made straight from Heaven, and everyone wanted her. And yet somehow he had gotten her. Someone or something saw it fit to bring her into his life and love her. Which Max was positive he could do, as he knew that she was it. All those times Tess had gone off about destiny and how they were made for each other, Max now knew that Tess had really been talking about Liz.

While he went downstairs to greet his parents and prepare them to meet his fiancee, Liz changed into something a little more appropriate and went to talk with their protector about what to do and say. She needed to get him to understand that he could not call her ‘your highness’ but Liz. And he had to act as her father for the night, as well as for their wedding. Beside tonight was a very special night- Max, or rather Nasedo, had booked reservations at Chez Piere, and Liz not only wanted to look nice but have everything go well.

And it was with Max’s help that they had come up with a name. Liz didn’t want to disrespect her parents and give away her father’s name. So Max came up with the idea that Liz could say that both her parents died, but her protector adopted her. His name would be Steven Kirkup. Liz was thankful for Max being so understanding because she wasn’t sure what she would have done otherwise.

Coming out from the bathroom, Liz peered into the guestroom where their protector was dutifully standing in the center of the room wearing the clothes she had asked. She smiled as she entered and he of course bowed, paying homage to his planets queen. He inspected her and smiled at her choice in dress, knowing that not only would Max approve, but that his parents would as well.

“When you introduce yourself what are you going to say your name is?” Liz asked, praying that he would say his name instead of the protector of Antar’s queen.

“Steven Kirkup, adoptive father to Elizabeth Parker. Your parents died when you were eight and I adopted you a year later. We lived in New York, but moved to New Mexico the start of your freshman year. I work for the FBI and have thus been absent from your life for the past few years, which is why I was unable to meet Diane and Philip in the last four years. However I am happy with your choice for a husband and give my blessing, as would my wife, if she were still alive. She died in a car crash two years after we adopted you. I loved her dearly. She was my whole world and everyday I mourn her death, but it was you who brought the sunshine back into my life.” Their protector repeated the speech she and Max had prepared. Only it wasn’t a speech, just some note cards with what he had to learn.

“Ok, that was good, but when you meet them you just have to say your name. When they ask a question just reply with the best possible answer, or if you don’t know then Max or I can answer.” Liz instructed and Steven nodded. She bit her lower lip as she tried to think of anything else to say, however before she could say anything Max entered the room.

Max nearly tripped over himself as he caught site of Liz. His breath caught in the back of his throat and he had to remind himself to breathe as he looked at her. She looked absolutely stunning. The red dress had a low-rise skirt with cut out sides and a handkerchief top suspended by spaghetti straps that crisscrossed in back. And with her, ruby red lips, hair hanging freely and the ends curled Max literally believed her to be one of Satan’s women trying to lure him in.

“Wo…wow…” Max breathed softly as he came up beside her. He could feel his whole body reacting to her once again and he had to remind himself that they had to go out to dinner with his parents right now. In fact his parents and Isabel were waiting downstairs for Liz and her father. Max had volunteered to come up and see if she was ready, but now he wished he hadn’t. How was he supposed to get through dinner with her wearing that?

“I hope it’s alright…” Liz chastised herself for wearing what she had. Zan had always liked it and she had figured it would be appropriate for tonight. However, Max looked absolutely charming. She could tell he was uncomfortable in the suit he was wearing, but it fit him well and he wore extremely well. And without even realizing it, Liz couldn’t help but think of how sexy he looked and how hard it would be to sit next to him all night and not be able to do anything.

“No, no… you look beautiful.” Max whispered hoarsely. All the while their protector, Steven watched on with a smile lighting his face. These two would be just fine together. While they might not love each other just yet, they would grow together and learn to love one another. “Ar-are you ready?”

“Oh, yeah… let me just grab my shawl.” Liz said as she brushed past Max and headed back into his room. She picked up her purse and shawl and was greeted by Steven and Max, both of whom were waiting so they could escort her downstairs.

However this time Steven didn’t interfere when Max offered his arm. Instead he hung back and watched as his future king escorted his queen down the stairs. Yes, everything would work out exceptionally well.

Downstairs Diane and Philip waited patiently for their son and his fiancee and future father-in-law to join them. Isabel stood nervously beside her parents hoping that Tess had done as she was told. She didn’t know what she and Max would do if her parents started flipping out over Max being engaged to Liz, though she guessed there wasn’t very much they could do because Max was 18 and could thus make his own decisions.

The sound of footsteps made everyone’s head turn. Isabel and Max’s attention was immediately on their parents, as they carefully watched for any signs of confusion or what not. They could not have Tess flaking out on them right now.

For a moment both Diane and Philip looked perplexed by Liz’s presence, but not a second later something seemed to click. In the next moment Diane was making her way to Liz and engulfing her in a hug as Philip walked over as well and patted his son on the back and giving him a wink that said he had made an excellent choice. Both Max and Isabel sighed in relief and watched on as Diane continued to dote over Liz.

“Honey you’ve become too skinny… I hope our son hasn’t been keeping you from eating…we’ll have to make sure to put something into that stomach of yours otherwise you’re likely to just cave right in…” Diane said worriedly as she grasped Liz’s free hand and led she and her son towards the door while continuing to babble on all the while completely forgetting about her father. Philip on the other hand had not forgotten.

“It’s nice to finally meet you.” Philip said warmly as he shook Steven’s hand, whom responded with a broad smile.

“It is nice to meet you.” Steven imitated Philip’s moves, trying his best to not let his queen down.

“Well it looks as though my wife has taken off with your daughter, so what do you say we go catch up?” Philip offered and Steven nodded in acceptance. It was hard acting like a human, however if all of them were as nice and understanding as his queen and this Philip Evans’ then just maybe he could get used to this lifestyle.

Because of the number of people and how little space there was, Max and Liz rode together while Steven and Isabel rode with Philip and Diane. It had taken quite a bit to get Steven to agree to leave Liz alone with Max, but most of their arguing had occurred before hand so Max’s parents didn’t see any of it.

However the ride over for Isabel, Steven and the Evans’ was less then eventful. Every few seconds Steven would look out the back window and watch Max and Liz who were driving behind them. This did not go unnoticed by Diane or Philip. And when Isabel tried o get him to stop he only looked more often. What could he say, he was worried about Liz being with Max, no matter ho much of a gentleman Max was. Liz was like his daughter and he wanted to make sure that no one was mistreating her.

Finally they arrived at the restaurant. Isabel sighed in relief while Philip and Diane kept glancing at Steven wondering what was up with him. They all watched as Max quickly helped Liz out of her seat and together the two families walked into the restaurant. They were seated immediately, which was lucky considering the rather large crowd.

Once at their table everyone began to relax. Max sat beside Liz, who was firmly pressed against his side due to the lack of space- not that she minded all that much. Their protector was beside them, Isabel sat across from the three in-between her parents. It was a funny site to say the least. Steven sat rigid in his chair, Max and Liz seemed to wear the same look of dread, Isabel couldn’t stop smiling at how cute her brother and his fiancee looked, Diane wouldn’t stop talking to Liz about how she needed to eat more, and Philip looked apologetically towards Steven.

Once the waiter had come and taken everyone’s orders the table quieted down drastically and the tension grew. It was Philip who finally initiated a conversation.

“So, Steven…. It must be great to be home and be able to hand your daughter over to Max.” Philip said thoughtfully, though knew that had this been Isabel and Kyle, he would be angrier then ever before. Isabel was his little girl and he understood how Steven must have been feeling. However Philip also knew that Max would take care of Liz; it was in his nature to take care of those he loved.

“No, not really. Elizabeth is my baby and I don’t think any father wants to hand their daughter over to any man. He drives too fast, doesn’t have a job that can support my baby, and I don’t like the fact that he’s marrying my little Lizzie…” Steven said and it was true. As much as he hated to admit it, Liz was like a daughter to him, and he would protect her with his life, just as she had protected and accepted Zan. “But, I trust Max with Elizabeth and I know he will be good to her because he knows if he isn’t then he won’t see tomorrow.”

“Dad!” Liz cried out in horror, but Max eased her frazzled nerves by gently grasping her hand and giving it a light squeeze to let her know he didn’t mind.

“Maybe you should tell her to eat a little more… the last time I saw her I could have sworn she had a little more meat on her… it cant be good for you to be that skinny.” Diana admonished while Isabel rolled her eyes and Liz looked down at her body self-consciously. Max could tell that his mother’s comments were effecting Liz and he didn’t want her to think she looked bad because to him, she was beautiful.

“Mom… Liz gets plenty to eat.” Max assured as he sent his mother and father a pleaful look to just leave Liz alone. Both quickly shut up as Max smiled down at Liz, hoping that she felt better about the situation at hand. In all actuality he was a little concerned about her weight, but that would change; he would make sure that she got plenty to eat. She had said so herself, they had had to fend for food and she wouldn’t take stolen goods or anything like that. “And Mr. Kirkup… I do have a job. Right now I am the manager and overseer of projects at the UFOCenter. And since Brody found out that Liz and I were getting married he offered me a higher paying position, and while I will have to work more hours it will be worth it.”

“That’s good to hear, Max.” Steven said solidly.

“You know, as I was driving down to the airport to pick you and Liz up, I tried to put myself in your place. Your daughter comes home after spending four years in Roswell, and uh, I'm sure you couldn't wait to see her...and she shocks you with the news that she's getting married. And to somebody you've never met before, no less. I'm sure that was pretty...’heavy’ use a word from your generation. I just want to say that I'm an upstanding citizen, and I've never been engaged before...I've never really been in love before. And, uh...I think Liz is the greatest person I've ever met. And I can't wait to marry her and one day...have children...and grandchildren. And I'm going to do my best to be supportive of her dreams...and um...I'm just thrilled that I met her!” Max paused for a moment, unsure whether he should even say the next words. They were completely true, but he didn’t want to scare Liz off. However in the end he decided to speak from his heart. “I love your daughter, sir. The feelings I have for her are never going to change. And I'm here to stay as long as she will keep me.”

Everyone at the table was silent after Max’s heartfelt speech, and even Liz couldn’t believe half the things he had said. There had been no need for him to speak at all as she knew that Steven was just trying to play the part of any father who was handing their daughter into the hands of another man. She swallowed the lump that had grown in her throat and gazed up at Max with wonder in her eyes. Then, without even realizing it, she placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

Both sets of parents watched on in awe as the young couple doted over each other. And Isabel was amazed as well. She had never heard her brother speak in that manner or tone. He had been completely sincere and honest, putting his heart on the line, even though it really wasn’t needed.

“Well, that was just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard Max say… it almost gave me a toothache!” Isabel teased causing Max to turn a slight shade of red and Liz to try and hide from public view. She was still trying to come to grips with half the things Max had said.

“I meant it- all of it.” Max added a moment later as Steven, Isabel and Liz continued to look at him.

“Well, enough with that sort of talk… I think its time for something else!” Philip insisted.

“Indeed!” Diane laughed. She turned towards Steven before continuing. “Oh, what a nerve-wracking thing, meeting your future in-laws. What a relief. You look perfectly normal.”

Max and Isabel’s jaws dropped at their mother’s words, Philip spat out his drink, Liz had to hold in her giggles, and Steven did not look amused. However Diane looked absolutely horrified by the words she had spoken.

“Oh, well I am.” Steven stated bluntly though he did cast a quick glance at Liz, wondering if maybe Max and Isabel had told their human guardians of their true nature.

“I didn’t mean that… it’s just… “ Diane stopped and she abruptly closed her mouth as she realized that she was only making things worse. “I have to tell you, we got so nervous about today, about meeting you… I must have tried on seven different outfits.”

“Oh?” Steven asked.

“I changed my shirt four times.” Philip freely admitted. “Can you imagine anyone being that jerky?”

“No.” Steven shook his head. Liz and Max had picked out his attire, and before that he had always simply duplicated other people’s clothing.

“Oh, well… anyway…” Diane racked her mind for something else to talk about as she could see so far their conversation was going no where. “Oh, I don’t know if Max and Liz have told you, but since they have been dating for the last four years, and we’ve seen them grow closer and closer. We also got to spend some time with Liz… and oh boy! We just fell in love with her immediately!”

“Isn’t she great?” Steven asked.

“Yes.” Philip smiled at his soon to be daughter-in-law. She was perfect for Max and he hoped that they were happy together. “We just couldn’t be happier about this. But how did you, uh… take the news, Steven?”

“Me? Truthfully?” Steven asked, unsure of how to answer. But at Diane and Philip’s urgent nods of their heads he continued. “I was-uh… I was a little surprised, and angry.”

“I was shocked.” Philip admitted.

“So was I!” Diane laughed. “After all, they’d only been dating for four years, and during high school no less. We had thought it was just a crush, a high school sweetheart that Max would grow out of.”

At this point Max nearly fell out of his chair. Had he and Liz been dating during high school there was no way he would have ever gotten over her. But then, Max didn’t think that he’d ever had to courage to ask Liz out had she attended Roswell High, after all she was like this heavenly creature that was created to be looked at from afar, and yet somehow or someone had believed it right to grant him the right to marry this beautiful human being.

“And Max was just finishing school…I tossed and turned over this one, but…” Diane paused for a moment as she chose her wording. “But, the bottom line is, they’re in love. They are eighteen, and whether they’re rushing into this or not is not for us to say.”

“Beside, sooner or later you just have to let your kids go and hope you brought them up right…” Philip mused, eliciting a nod from Steven, Isabel, and his wife. All the while Max was gazing at Liz as his mind continued to reel over the fact that she had kissed him. Sure it was only a peck on the cheek, but it was one step closer to their relationship.

Soon thereafter dinner was served. As everyone ate there was a bit of chatter, but the table was fairly quiet. Diane continued to pester Liz to eat more, Philip and Steven talked about their jobs, and Isabel tried to keep her mother from frightening Liz anymore then she already had. And Max, he watched Liz. She was the most fascinating person he had ever met. No matter what people threw at her she was able to deal with it.

As dinner drew to an end, Diane and Philip dismissed themselves as they went out to join the other patrons on the dance floor. A moment later, knowing that Liz and Max needed some time alone, Steven asked Isabel if she would like to dance as well. As soon as Max and Liz found themselves alone, Liz scooted away slightly so she could turn and face Max.

However, as she turned to look at him instead of seeing his face, she found an outreached hand.

“May I have this dance?” Max asked shyly. He knew she liked to dance because of all the flashes he had received. And he knew this was one of her favorite songs. He just hoped she was willing to dance with him. However all of his fears were laid to rest as Liz placed her hand in his and let him lead her out to the dance floor. He began to move into the proper dance form, but it was Liz who instead wrapped her arms around his neck and drew him close. He in turn wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her tightly against his own body.

Look at you, you took a part of me
It’s not natural melody
You split my heart in two
Don’t know what to do
Don’t know who to be
Or who I am
Where do I begin?

The first thing that Max really noticed was how perfectly she fit against him. It was like she was made specifically for him. Then there was the fact that she smelt so good; just like strawberries and vanilla. And he could feel her skin; his thumbs would run up and down the bare skin presented by the two triangular cut outs. It was as soft as velvet. Then there was her perfect hair; hair that could be described as strands of silk. And with all of this combined it was making it extremely hard for Max not to toss her over his shoulder and have his way with her, just as Zan had numerous times.

You’re the air I breathe
You’re the air I breathe

Talking to the ghost of you
Lost in space, I see your face
Cause you’re the air I breathe
You’re the air I breathe

He was so much gentler than Zan. It was as though he thought her to be made of porcelain. And while she smiled at the thought that he was trying to be as much of a gentleman as possible, she couldn’t help but want some of Zan’s animalistic and cave man like qualities to be present in Max. She remembered many a times when she and Zan had been out somewhere public and she had driven him crazy some way or another, and in the end he had tossed her over his shoulder and promptly found the most secluded place he could. But Max, he was a virgin and didn’t seem to be anything like Zan when it came to acting on his wants and needs; something Liz was grateful for in some sense, but if she had to share a bed with him it would help if he was good.

Don’t take your
Don’t take your love away

Like a distant melody
I’ll never let you be
This river G
This river G
Will bring you sweetness

She was perfect. There wasn’t one hair out of place. Her skin glowed and despite her lack of make-up she still looked gorgeous. And she was driving him crazy. His mind would continually conjure up the image of she and Zan behind the church. Only it was never Zan, instead it was Max. He could feel her burning heat surrounding him and with each moment that passed as he thrust into her he could feel both of their bodies screaming for the completion they both wanted. And a moment later it was over; their breaths mingled, their chests heaved, their hands continued to roam, and their mouths were fused together all while his member remained inside her. Max never felt himself pull Liz closer and he didn’t hear her breath becoming just as labored as his own.

You’re the air I breathe
You’re the air I breathe

The two jerked apart as a long, throaty moan slipped past Liz’s lips. They looked at each other in amazement, wondering what had just happened. One minute they had been dancing and the next they had been in the alleyway of the New York church where Liz and Zan had married. Only they weren’t getting married, they were fucking like there was no tomorrow. Neither knew what had happened, and neither was sure if they wanted to know.


That night, getting ready for bed, Max could feel his stomach tying into knots. The mere thought of sleeping in the same room was a test of his control, but now she was suggesting they sleep together in the same bed. And to add what had happened earlier, which was still vividly memorized in Max’s mind even if he didn’t know how it had happened, was only making things harder. As much as the idea appealed to Max, he did not want nor need to scare her off. He could just see her running from his room, screaming at the top of her lungs all because he couldn't keep his hands off her.

But still, Max sat tentatively at the edge of his bed. He twiddled his thumbs, ran his fingers through his hair, took deep breaths and exhaled, and tried anything else to calm his nerves along with his body. In the last eight hours that Max had known Liz the thought of making love to her had passed through his mind several times. Though his thoughts were much more vivid then he had hoped since he had had that vision and shared vision with Liz. He just prayed that he wouldn't do something stupid in his sleep.

However all of his hard work would soon be flushed down the drain as soon as Liz walked into the room. He had never even thought about what she would wear to sleep in, he had just assumed she would wear what his sister wore- sweatpants and an over sized shirt, or something to that degree.

Boy was he wrong.

And when he found out just how wrong he was, Max wished that he had insisted on sleeping on the floor.

Out in the bathroom, Liz smoothed her hair one last time as she exhaled a long and deep breath. She stared long and hard at her reflection. She didn't have anything else to wear and it concerned her slightly as to what Max would think. But then it would be far worse to ask to borrow something of his because then he would get ideas into his head and that was the last thing she wanted to do.

Her face was gaunt and she didn't know how Max could possibly be attracted to her. She had picked up on his feelings when he held her hand while in the presence of his parents. And that shared vision while they were dancing still perturbed her. She and Zan had always been able to share visions, and Liz had hoped that it would be something special due to their love, but now she wasn’t so sure. It was weird knowing that someone beside Zan wanted her, and not just as a friend. At first Rath had been like that, but when Zan made it clear she was his, Rath had backed off.

Her small tank top ended just above her navel, and the matching panties rode low on her hips, offering very little to hide. With Zan, Liz had rarely if ever worn pajamas. Often they would sleep naked. But before they had become intimate she would wear such things as this, but only because it was all she had had. After they married, it was either his shirts- when he was gone- or nothing at all.

And so, for the first time in years, Liz prayed. She prayed that Max wouldn't get the wrong idea and force her to sleep with him tonight. She knew it was coming and had accepted that as best as she knew she ever would, but it was still too soon. The soonest she would give herself away was on their wedding night.

Taking one last breath, checking herself in the mirror to make sure she looked presentable, and fixing her hair, Liz exited the bathroom. She darted across the hallway, her lip quivering as she quietly opened Max's door. She had hoped that his light would be off and he would already be in bed, asleep or ignoring her. But none of her hopes had come true.

The harsh light made her eyes flutter and back away slightly, bringing her arm up to block it. And that was when she first noticed Max. He was sitting on his bed in boxers and undershirt; his mouth was agape and he was staring at her as though she were his next meal. This immediately unnerved Liz and she once again backed up against the door, fumbling with the doorknob, trying to escape Max, Roswell, and the life ahead of her.

"No!" Max said anxiously as he shot up, towering over her and sounding much harsher then he had meant to. He watched as tears filled her frightened eyes and her bottom lip began to tremble. She had stopped working at the doorknob and it looked as though she was cowering before him. Seeing that he had only succeeded on scaring her more tore his heart apart. "No, I mean… Liz, I'm sorry… please… come back to bed."

This was going to be harder then he had ever thought. The outfit she had been wearing today had been a big enough test after receiving that vision, but to sleep beside her when she was only wearing that little made him worry. What if he did something stupid during the night? What if he couldn't stop himself from doing something to her? What would her protector do to him if he saw them in bed together and her wearing so little?

But the one thing that made him stop all of this questioning was when his eyes caught site of the small black tattoo imprinted on Liz's skin. It was on her right hip bone- the Antarian symbol, and more specifically, the king's symbol. This showed what belonged to the king, and whatever belonged to the king was not to be touched by anyone else except for the king. Only Zan could have given her that tattoo, and Max knew that he would keep his hands off her until he had placed that symbol on her as well, or until she invited his touch.

He knew he had asked a lot of her by asking her to come back to his, or rather their bed, but he had to let her know she could trust him. Even if he had to stay awake all night just to make sure he didn't do anything, Max was going to win Liz's trust and love. It might be a long, slow process, but he would do it. And while he knew he would never be Zan, he hoped that she would someday hold him in her heart as well.

"Please…" Max slowly sat back down. He watched and waited for Liz's next move. He knew this had to be hard on her, much harder then it was on him, but as she had said, they needed to get used to this. In less than a day and a half they would be husband and wife, sharing a bed- something that left Max with conflicting feelings- and sharing a house or apartment depending on what her protector got them. "I don't expect anything to happen except the two of us sleeping. If it will make you feel better I will sleep on top of the blanket, or on the floor or in Isabel's room… but please…"

As his words sunk in, Liz slowly nodded her head, but never answered where she wanted him to sleep. Ever so slowly she climbed onto his bed, delicately slipping under the covers and turning to look at him. She stared at him for a moment, wondering what to do. Right now she was scared beyond comprehension, but if she didn't become used to Max soon how was she supposed to bond with him this coming Saturday?

He remained at the foot of the bed, running his fingers through his hair as Liz watched the muscles in his arms and back clench and unclench. Zan had been a little more built up then Max, but they were almost identical physically, except for the hair, piercings and tattoos. And she knew he was trying to adjust to this just as she was, so she couldn't really blame him for his reaction. Who wouldn't react that way to a girl coming into their room in only underwear and a tank top?

"Same bed… under the covers." Liz whispered. Her eyes drifted shut as she felt the bed shift. She never saw Max turn and look at her imploringly, wondering if she had really said what she had. But she could feel his eyes on her, drifting down and over her body. And then the bed shifted again and she felt the blanket and sheet lift as Max sank down beside her.

The bed was smaller then the one she and Zan had shared. And because of this Liz's eyes flew open when she felt Max's leg brush against her own. The both lay rigid, unsure of what to do. Liz knew what she had to do; she just didn't want to. But then the thought of just jumping into having sex was very unappealing. She had to get used to Max- get used to his hands and body near her own.

"Ju-just hol-hol… hold me." Liz's voice cracked with raw emotion. She prayed that Zan wasn't watching, or if he was that he understood. There was no other way around this and it would be better for Liz to let her body become accustomed to the feeling of Max being beside her.

"Ar-are you sure?" Max asked gravely. His heart had broken when she had whispered those last three words. But then it had also almost leapt out of his chest at the idea of holding her and falling asleep with her in his arms. He was elated by the idea, but he would not do it if it meant it would make Liz uncomfortable.

"No, bu-but ju-just do it…" Liz fought back the tears that were quickly pooling in her eyes. She knew that the moment he would come in contact with her she would break down, only that wasn't an option. She was the queen of Antar and it was her duty to be with the king, even if he wasn't the man she had married or loved. "Do it bef-fore I change my mind."

"Ok…" Max whispered before slowly turning on his side. Liz was lying on her back, staring up at the ceiling, but as soon as he had moved to hold her, she turned her back on him. If she was going to do this she wasn't going to let him see the tears or the broken look on her face.

Tentatively, Max came up behind Liz. He knew his body was already reacting to her close proximity and it would only get worse when he held her, but this was what she wanted, at least it was at the moment. He eased his hand over her waist, resting it protectively over her stomach. Using his other arm as a pillow for himself, Max spooned his body up against Liz's, moving as slowly as possible.

She was shaking and Max could literally feel her stomach convulsing from his touch. It wasn't exactly the best ego booster, but then he wasn't Zan- he was some stranger who she was being forced to marry after losing her husband only a few days ago. But still, Max reveled in the feel of her warm body pressed tightly against his own, the way she fit so perfectly against him, and how she seemed to surround him completely when she was this close. She felt like home and as soon as Max had touched her he knew he wouldn't be able to live without it. And involuntarily, Max pulled her so close that it was hard to tell where one began and the other stopped

Identical. That was the one thing that scared Liz the most. She feared that she wouldn't be able to tell the difference between Max and Zan, and so far her fears were coming true. Being in his arms was just like being in Zan's- she couldn't even tell the difference. He was just as warm as Zan and it felt so good to finally be home. Then there was his smell- not as musky and intoxicating as Zan, but Liz knew she would get used to it because it wasn't as bad as she had thought it would be. The only real difference was the clothes and the missing facial hair that usually lightly scraped against her back, though in recent years she had become accustomed to sleeping on top of Zan.

Originally she had thought she would be repulsed and not unable to have him near, but the only repulsion she felt was for herself. She had lost Zan less than two weeks ago and already she was in another man's arms, sharing a bed with him, and planning on consummating a relationship with him in a day and half. And even worse then all of that was the fact that it didn't bother her all that much to be in Max's arms because he felt and smelt so much like Zan.

What sort of wife was she?

Beside that, Liz knew she was crying. She couldn't stop the tears that trailed down her cheeks, slowly etching their way down her face and staining the sheet beneath her with a cold, wet, water droplet. But try as she might, Liz knew she wouldn't be able to stop. Not even when Max kissed her shoulder, whispered goodnight and pulled her closer, was Liz able to stop. In fact it only made her cry harder for it was exactly what Zan had done every night before they went to sleep.

And it scared her.

The sensation of his lips on her skin elicited the same feelings that Zan had conjured inside of her.

She could feel his arousal pressed firmly against her bottom and that was easily the scariest part about all of this. But instead of pulling away as Liz wanted to, she gritted her teeth and steadied her shaking hands while silently crying. Liz never fell asleep that night, instead she cried softly to herself, whispering to Zan how sorry she was. And despite the six times that Max woke up urging her to sleep, she couldn't and she wasn't sure she ever would be able to.

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Chapter 10

Waking up with nothing and no one in his arms jolted Max upright from his bed. His eyes sought out Liz in every nook and cranny and when he saw no sign of her he jumped from his bed to go check around the house. Quickly he cast a glance down to make sure that nothing had accidentally taken place last night which might have scared her away. Luckily enough his boxers and shirt were still in tact.

From the amount of times he had woken up throughout the night, Max was more then sure that Liz had not slept a wink during the whole night. He had heard her crying and it had broken his heart in two. And while he tried to think of something that could help her stop crying he knew he could do nothing, for through their connection he knew that he was not the source of their problem- at least not completely. Liz believed she was being disloyal to Zan, and Max respected her for that.

To know that she loved Zan so much and to know that she felt just holding hands with another man was being disloyal to Zan blew Max away. Liz was even more incredible then he had first believed. She was kind, caring, loving, sweet, beautiful, and loyal. She was everything he had always wished for, and now that he finally had a chance Max vowed to make her see and feel that he loved her and would cherish her for all his time. Which meant that if she wanted to wait until she was ready to consummate their relationship, he would wait- for as long as she wanted.

Nasedo and Steven be damned. Antar be damned; Max was not going to pressure Liz into doing anything.

Max half stumbled down the stairs as he wildly sought out Liz in every nook and cranny of the house. He had purposefully skipped Steven’s room as he did not want to die an early death for either driving Liz away or for having done something else stupid and thus making Liz run away. Either way Max was positive Steven would not be happy about Liz’s disappearance.

One thing Max did know was that he couldn’t lose Liz. While he knew he had no right to her, that she and his dupe loved each other and even in death would continue to love each other, Max couldn’t stand the thought of losing her. Even if he only got to watch her from afar he would be content. He just couldn’t lose her; he couldn’t live with never seeing her again. If anything he just had to make sure she was ok, make sure that she had enough money to get by and that she was being taken care of. And if she wasn’t, maybe she would allow him to take care of her, to make sure she had enough money and a nice house, then and only then would Max be alright.

As he entered his parent’s living he thought he heard something coming from the right, but as soon as he looked over towards the kitchen he was disappointed to find that it was only the television. Isabel or his parents must have left it on the night before.

Isabel or his parents left it on?

No, that made absolutely no sense. Isabel and his parents were absolute freaks about that sort of thing. More then once they had gotten on his case for falling asleep with the television or radio on.

He checked his watched and noticed that it was four minutes after six. It was way to early for his family to be up. It was way to early for him to be. And it was way to early for anyone to be up. That’s when it hit him.


New York was three hours ahead and more then likely her body was still adjusted to east coast time, thus making it almost nine. How could he be so stupid and not think about that? He never should have kept her out so late last night- she had to have jet lag. And this morning, he should have known.

Collecting himself as well as his thoughts, Max waited until he was calm and poised before starting towards the kitchen.

The frying pan sizzled as Liz cracked the egg open and let the yoke ooze over the skillet. The coffee was already brewing, the bacon was cooking in a second pan, and she was working on the waffles and pancakes. All the while she watched as the television flickered from one image to another, but she noticed none of it. Instead her mind was on other things.

She had two minutes and five seconds until Max woke up. Well that was if he was like Zan. She could have woken up at anytime and from the moment she got out of bed Liz knew she had close to six minutes and thirty seconds, give or take a few seconds- at least with Zan. She figured that since she and Max seemed to be so connected that he would be the same.

Beside that, Liz hadn’t had anything else to do. She had lain awake in Max’s bed with his arms tightly wound around her waist all night. While she had enjoyed the feel of him, she had continually chastised herself for being so disloyal to Zan. He had been her husband and yet she had enjoyed the feel of being in another man’s arms.

So she had made a promise to herself. She would get up at six. And while she prayed that Max wouldn’t notice she had a feeling he would- after all she far he and Zan hadn’t differed all that much so far. Besides, so far Max had treated her with the utmost respect, so he deserved a good breakfast. And, they had a big day ahead of them. Their two groups were going to merge by going out and getting acquainted. They were supposed to go down to this small lake or pond, swim, have some fun, have a picnic, and then they would leave and have diner together. Of course it was later that night which Liz really dreaded.

Two minutes left.

Liz quickly set the table for two, as she could already feel Max nearing; just as she had expected. She set down two cups of coffee as well as the pot but only after placing a pot handle underneath it. Next she set the stack of pancakes and waffles that she had already cooked down in the middle of the table. She rearranged everything so that it was as neat and easily accessible as possible.

One minute, fifty seconds.

Returning to the eggs, Liz worked at making them cook faster. Sometimes Zan had surprised her and come down before she had expected him, but more then often she had his routine down and knew everything; beside she could feel him. She could feel Max as well. And while it scared her, it also filled the void which Zan had left when he died. She shuddered slightly at the thought of Zan’s death, something she was sure she would never be able to face, as she still believed it was her fault. Maybe one day she would be able to talk about it, but maybe one day she could open up- maybe to Max.

From the doorway of the kitchen Max watched in wonder and Liz hustled around the kitchen. Her cute little bare feet padded around and he watched on as she stretched and bent over to reach for one item or another. He was slightly taken aback by her making breakfast as he had planned to make her breakfast- he had hoped to surprise her when she woke up, though that plan was foiled when she never went to sleep.

His eyes continued to follow her body around the kitchen. They traveled up her feet to her bare legs. They were toned and tan, and perfect just as Max had suspected. As soon as his eyes reached her thighs they almost bulged out of his sockets as he realized something very pertinent. She wasn’t wearing any shorts, skirt or pants of any type. And aside from that point, she was wearing his shirt.

His shirt.

His favorite black button up shirt. The shirt he had worn the night before.

She had her back to him as she was working at the stove and he watched as the shirt itself came to rest just beneath her bottom. It hid just enough but gave Max enough of a view to make his mind run rampant with thoughts he should not be having of another man’s wife. It also made him want to cover her up in case someone else, especially a male, came into the room.

However his mind wouldn’t leave the fact that she was wearing his shirt. It was as though something primal was working against his normally perfect self-control. Because no matter how hard he tried he could not suppress what he was feeling at that moment. All he wanted to do was take her.

Only he didn’t want to make sweet love to her as he planned their first time to be, he wanted to throw her over his shoulder, take her back up to his room, and have his way with her until both could do no more. And Max tried to reason with himself. He tried to tell himself that he couldn’t do that; Liz wasn’t ready and he was not going to do something so barbaric. He was not a caveman.

However no matter what he told himself, his body seemed to do something completely different. For in the next moment his body went against what he knew to be right and wrong. His body and need for Liz betrayed his better thoughts. A part of him came out that had never reared its ugly head before. The caveman in him, the primal need for Liz came out.

And in the next moment he found himself standing right behind Liz, his hands possessively coursing up her thighs as his mouth branded her neck with small nips and bites. His teeth grazed her neck and he was surprised when he felt her shudder from his touch. He knew it was wrong- it was more then wrong- but he couldn’t stop himself. And as soon as his hands came in contact with her panty-covered flesh, his need for her grew. As one hand continued up her body his other hand remained at the juncture in between her legs.

The moment he heard his name tumbling off her lips, Max couldn’t stop himself. Having never done this before, Max was surprised at how well he seemed to be doing. He groaned as his hands came in contact with her wet flesh as he skillfully pulled her panties down her toned thighs. His fingers began tracing light circles around her clit as his other hand worked at the buttons of his shirt. A shirt he wanted dearly to get off her.

The moment the buttons were undone to below her breast Max slipped a hand inside and began caressing her soft flesh. His fingers danced over her skin, enjoying just how soft and silky she felt. He loved the feel of her hair against his skin, her silky hair tumbling down her back and caressing his exposed skin. But as soon as he cupped her full breast in his hands everything was forgotten in Max’s mind. They were plump, perky and perfect just like the rest of her.

Teasingly he brushed his thumbs brushed against her nipples as they turned into stiff peaks. The smile on his lips grew as Liz arched into his hands, a purr of contentment falling from her lips as he continued to caress and massage her aching flesh. He grinned as he felt her hips gyrating against his hand, urging him for more, wanting more. His lips trailed up her neck, leaving a path of fire with each kiss, until he reached her jaw, which he once again nipped and suckled at. She tasted like vanilla, just as he suspected only vanilla never tasted so sweet.

In the next moment his fingers were plunging within her body as his other hand continued to work her breasts. And while Max didn’t have the foggiest clue what had caused this or why he was mauling Liz, he knew he couldn’t stop. She felt so good, so soft, and she fit so perfectly against him that Max didn’t think he would ever be able to let go. So he continued to please his Liz.

His Liz. Max could definitely get used to the sound of that. He liked the sound of that and planned to continue to call her that as she was just that. She was his and as long as Max had anything to say about it, she would continue to be his. And Max would do everything in his power to show everyone that she was his.

“Max…. Max… Max…” Max’s mind reeled as he heard his name tumbling from her beautiful mouth, and it only drove him to continue with his ministrations, not like he could stop anyway. But soon it wasn’t enough. He needed to feel her lips, to kiss her until she was completely breathless, to see her eyes filled with desire just as he was sure his were. He needed her. But first he would please her, and then and only then would he have his way with her- but only after moving this back up to his room.

Intending to take her in his arms and carry her up to his room so that they could continue without anyone interrupting them, Max spun Liz around, uncaring about whatever she was working on as he suspected she was no longer working on it. Only, as soon as he whirled her around, Max was shocked to find her face filled with worry and concern.

“Max?” Liz asked worriedly as she stared up at him. She held a plate with scrambled the scrambled eggs she had made for him in one hand and a cup of orange juice in her second hand. She had tried getting his attention for the last minute or so, but he had remained standing at the doorway of the kitchen staring at her. She knew the look in his eyes and it startled her to say the least. Thousands of times Zan had looked at her in that way, and more then often it had ended up with them making love or simply fucking each other’s brains out where ever they happened to be.

And from the look in Max’s eyes Liz wasn’t sure if she would have been able to deny him. His eyes looked wild and almost animalistic as though he wanted to take her right there and then. He almost looked like Zan. Either that or he was mad about her borrowing his shirt. She hadn’t thought he would mind, and she had been fairly positive that she would be able to change before anyone else except Max got up- not that she wanted to give Max he wrong idea.

“Max, are you okay?” Liz asked as she gently rested a hand on his chest, hoping that maybe it would snap him from his daze. She watched as he slowly shook his head, the animalistic look in his eyes leaving with each passing second. It saddened her to some degree to know that Max didn’t act upon his wants, but to some degree Liz was thankful for that as she knew she wasn’t ready. Still, maybe once they had come to love each other as she suspected they would, maybe then she could work on him acting out on his needs and wants as Zan always had.

For a moment Max merely stared at Liz in disbelief as his mind tried to catch up with what had just happened? Had it all been a hallucination? Had he had another vision of what Zan and Liz had used to do, only once again he had placed himself in the vision instead of Zan? Had he actually mauled Liz as he had just sworn he had?

“Max, please… you’re scaring me.” Liz whispered as she gazed up into his eyes. She could tell that he was slipping from the haze that held him, but something was still plaguing him.

“Oh god, Liz I’m so sorry.” Max apologized profusely as he gingerly took her hands into his own. The plate and glass crashed to the floor as Max looked at Liz apologetically, praying that she would forgive him for anything rash he might have done. How could he have done that to her? How could his body betray him just because she was wearing his shirt- no he was not going to return to that train of thought. “I’m so sorry, so sorry…”

“Max, what are you talking about? Are you okay?” Liz asked as she tried to pull away, but Max wouldn’t let go of her hands. The orange juice pooled around their feet and the eggs lay splattered on the floor. But Max didn’t seem to notice any of it. All he could think about was how he was going to make things up with Liz. How could he have been stupid? How could he let his hormones rule his body? “Max, please…. What did I do?”

What did she do? Max’s head snapped up as he broke his gaze with Liz and again wondered if maybe it had all been a hallucination or his mind telling him what it wanted to happen. Obviously Liz wasn’t mad at him. It had to have been a hallucination. But what a hallucination it had been.

“No-nothing… you didn’t do anything…” Max stuttered as he reluctantly let go of Liz’s hands. For a moment the two merely stared at one another, but soon both leaned down to pick up the broken plates and food. Their heads bumped slightly and in that fraction of a second, Liz was overwhelmed by the sensations that washed over her body. A soft moan escaped her lips as the image of Max's hands pleasuring her burned itself in her mind. Her eyes glazed over and her mind grew hazy as she fought to gain control over whatever had just taken place.

All the while Max watched in wonder as Liz stared at him with raw hunger and desire in her eyes. A look he was positive was mirrored in his own eyes only moments ago, and now once again.

For a moment the two remained crouched on the ground staring at one another, but after Liz was able to shake the images from her mind, she returned to picking up the food and plates as Max tried to help as well.

“I’m sorry, I’ll cook you some more eggs.” Liz offered as she and Max dumped the remains in the trash can. Once done she quickly moved to mop up the orange juice, but Max waved her off.

“I’ve got it, and don’t worry…” Max replied as he wiped up the remaining orange juice. He turned and looked up at Liz, who was staring at him in wonder. Then, shyly he admitted his original plan. “I had actually been hoping to make you breakfast.”

“Oh… oh, I-uh… I’m just used to always making breakfast for Zan…” Liz admitted. Only breakfast wasn’t the only thing she prepared for or with Zan. Usually she and Zan had any breakfast as he usually was doing exactly what Max had done in her latest vision. “Old habits die hard, I guess.”

“How-uh, how did you know what I… oh, right,” Max cut himself off as he remembered that so far from what he could tell, he and Zan liked the same things. This included Liz, the most important shared trait between he and Zan, though Max couldn’t help but be a little jealous. But still, he couldn’t help but be surprised to find all the foods he liked for breakfast.

“Yeah, I just figured you would like the same things.” Liz admitted a moment later. “Are you sure you don’t want some eggs? They were…”

“No, really, I don’t want to troubl…” However before Max could get out another word, a loud knock at the door sounded through the house. And in the next minute Maria and Alex bound through the kitchen door with Kyle, Michael, Rath and Lonnie trailing behind them.

“Lizzie!” Maria exclaimed as she came up and hugged her best friend. All the while Rath and Lonnie plopped down at the table and started digging into the pile of food Liz had made. Michael and Kyle stared on in disbelief before sitting down as well and helping themselves to the shrinking pile of food.

“So did Max treat ya right?” Alex asked point blank as he wrapped an arm possessively around Liz’s waist all the while eyeing Max suspiciously. He and Maria had been unable to sleep last night as they had stayed up worrying whether Max was forcing Liz to do something she didn’t want to, or what not. So as soon as they had woken up, Alex and Maria had dragged the other’s over to Max’s so they could see Liz, as they already knew she would be up as well. Not that anyone was really complaining because so far they had gotten some breakfast out of the whole deal.

“Alex!” Liz chastised as she looked at her two friends in horror. She knew they cared for her and that they worried about her, but they couldn’t do this. But as she glanced back at Max, who was warily eyeing Alex’s hand, a smile crept up on her lips. He really was cute, and he was trying. “Yes, he was a perfect gentleman.”

“Enough chit chat, let’s get goin’.” Rath insisted as he stuffed another forkful of pancakes into his mouth. Lonnie, Michael, and Kyle, who surrounded the table as well simply shrugged in agreement as they too stuffed their mouths.

Everyone was slightly worried as to how the day would turn out, but they knew it was vital that they become acquainted and if possible, even friends. So together, Nasedo and Steven had decided that the group would go out and spend the day together. That way everyone could get to know each other a little better while having some fun. And it would give Liz and Max some more time together doing something fun, after all their wedding was in tomorrow

“But where’s Tess? And we have to wait for Isabel…” Michael stated as he looked around and noticed that Isabel was still conveniently missing as was Tess, though Michael suspected that was for other reasons.

“Yo, retards comin’?” Lonnie asked in disgust. Rath, Maria and Alex made a face as well while Liz’s face remained neutral. She had not met Tess and did not know her that well, thus she could not judge the girl yet. However if she was anything like Ava then Liz knew they would be the greatest of friends.

“Nah, retard stay’s here… Kingie here needs to get ta know Queenie without no distractions.” Rath demanded causing Michael and Max to look at each other with concern. Could they really tell Tess that she wasn’t allowed to go?

“Tess will be attending as Nasedo and I feel it is crucial that everyone meets and gets to known one another.” Steven said as he walked into the kitchen. He tossed one look at Alex, letting him know that he should not be touching the queen as he was, but Alex didn’t move from his stance. “We will leave within the next two hours as it is a good hour or so drive.”

“Oh, wow, that doesn’t give us anytime to get ready! Maybe we could leave in three hours, or…” Maria started to babble only to have Liz cut her off.

“Maria, we have plenty of time.” Liz insisted.

“Right, right… but we’re wasting that time right now. So come on… Lonnie, you too… we have so much to do!” Maria said as she grabbed Liz and Isabel’s hands and dragged them back towards the door.

“Wait, where are we going?” Liz and Lonnie asked while watching after Maria.

“To get ready!” Maria said.

“But my clothes are upstairs.” Liz tried to explain, but Maria wouldn’t hear it. She was still only wearing Max’s shirt, which looked like a dress on her petite form, but still she didn’t think it was a good idea to go out in public with it on. However Maria had other plans.

“No, those are your frumpy old clothes… now come on… we don’t have much time…”

Inside the kitchen the men watched as the three women left the house. Max and Steven’s eyes were glued to Liz’s retreating form, and soon it was only Max’s eyes as Steven moved to catch up with the queen and princess, leaving Max, Michael, Alex and Kyle alone.

“So, what do we do?” Kyle asked.

“I go with them and you guys watch football.” Alex said as he moved to follow Liz, Maria, Lonnie and Steven while Michael, Max and Kyle shrugged and moved into the family room, doing just as Alex suggested. And all the while, Max couldn’t wait until he go to see Liz again.

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Chapter 11

The sun shone brightly down on the group in the small wooded area. It had been Steven and Nasedo’s idea that the group get together and spend the day together someplace secluded so they could get to know one another. And seeing as it was a nice, warm summers day Nasedo thought it only best for the group to go to Bottomless Lakes State Park.

After Maria had dragged Lonnie and Liz away with Ale tagging long behind, Michael, Max, Steven, and Kyle moved into the living room until Isabel woke up. Soon after they had returned to Michael’s apartment where they found the small group. Max had watched through jealous and hurt eyes as Liz reclined, sleeping on top of Alex as they watched television. All the while Maria had been tossing one thing after another t Lonnie and Liz, even though she was dozing.

It had angered and saddened Max to see Liz sleeping on top of Alex, who just happened to be idly rubbing her back, but Max understood. She was still uncomfortable and Alex and Maria gave her the comfort she needed to get the rest she needed. And if Alex and Maria were what she needed then Alex and Maria would be what she got, that much Max knew. And though it hurt him he knew that over time Liz would learn to trust him just as he knew he could trust her. And hopefully one day she would love him just as much as he loved and cherished her.

Once everyone had gotten dressed they had broken back up into their groups, only this time Alex and Maria accompanied Liz and Max and Nasedo and Steven rode with Kyle and Isabel while Michael followed behind with Rath, Tess and Lonnie. It had unnerved Max at first to learn that Alex would be riding, as he saw Alex as a threat towards his relationship with Liz, even if Liz and Alex were only friends.

However, what Max didn’t know was that the moment he had stepped inside Michael’s apartment Liz had woken up as she had felt his presence and it called to her, waking her from her peaceful sleep so as to join her king. And as soon as she had gotten over the internal battle going on between her heart and mind, Liz extracted herself from Alex’s arms and immediately moved to Max’s side, smiling up at him as she said good morning. After all he wasn’t that bad and she would be marrying him tomorrow.

After everyone had gotten dressed and all the supplies they needed had been gathered together they had left. Due to traffic it had taken a little longer then everyone had expected, which had given everyone in each car a chance to talk. Maria and Alex had blabbed on about the cheese shop, which of course had made Liz laugh and Max wonder what was so great about a cheese shop. Afterwards Maria and Alex had kept to each other, only occasionally talking with Liz or Max, but mainly leaving the two alone. Though it was hard to talk what with the top down on the jeep. So they had remained silently, only talking every few minutes or whenever, but really no words were needed.

As soon as they had arrived Maria had dragged Alex and Liz off towards the nearest lake. Lonnie and Rath had followed quickly behind the small group of humans, leaving the Roswell gang to get everything. However Liz had quickly extracted herself from Maria’s grasp and tried to go and help, only Rath and Lonnie had stopped her, telling her that she was queen and didn’t have to do that sort of stuff. But Liz had ignored them and gone straight back to Max’s side and asked what she could get.

Max was elated by the fact that Liz was voluntarily staying beside him, even when everyone else was telling her to stay away. They worked side by side, first setting up the table with plates, napkins, and silverware, and then going and unpacking the food and drinks. It was still quite early to have lunch, but the two figured it would be better to have the food ready and available at everyone’s convenience.

Every few minutes, as they set up the food their hands or bodies would brush against one another and it would cause the two to freeze. Max would stare at Liz in wonder at the sparks that ignited through his body while Liz would look around awkwardly trying to look anywhere but at Max. And all the while Nasedo and Steven watched on in interest. There was no denying the attraction, at least on Max’s side. However it was hard to tell if Liz was returning those feelings when she refused to meet Max’s gaze.

“She’ll have to get over her shyness before the wedding night.” Nasedo said flippantly as he and Steven continued to watch the couple interact. However as soon as Steven heard Nasedo speak his head snapped around and he stared at the other protector in disgust and shock.

“You will never speak of the queen in that manner again.” Steven informed the inferior protector.

“Our queen is but a hum—“ Only Nasedo wasn’t able to finish his sentence as Steven had gripped him by the throat and was openly glaring at him.

“Elizabeth is our queen and you will acknowledge her as just that, even if she is only a human. But remember this, right now, even though she is nothing but a mere human as you put it, she has far greater capabilities then your boy king will ever have.” Steven bit out venomously. He loosened his grip around Nasedo’s while giving him a stringent look, telling him that there would be no more discussion on the matter. And in response Nasedo merely nodded in response.

Back at the picnic tables Liz watched in concern as Steven and Nasedo quarreled. She could tell without even hearing them that they were fighting. However she didn’t become overly worried until Steven grabbed Nasedo by his throat. As soon as he did she latched onto Max’s arm, telling him about what was going on.

“Should we intervene?” Liz asked quietly.

“N-no.” Max finally answered as he watched the two protectors carefully. He noted the way Nasedo seemed to shy away after Steven let go of his throat. However most of his attention was on the fact that Liz was holding onto his arm. And he was ecstatic that she had told him when she could have easily kept it to herself. “I think they just needed to work a few things out.”

“We’re supposed to be working together.” Liz whispered as she continued to stare at the two protectors who were now standing apart from one another, completely ignoring each other. “If we’re ever going to win this war then we have to act as a group.”

Max stared down in amazement at his soon to be wife. She was absolutely incredible. Not only did she care about other’s well being, but she also understood the need for teamwork, something that Max had always said they should practice, but also Nasedo had refused.

“We’ll work everything out… it’s just hard right now.” Max said sadly, but understanding completely what she was talking about. For a moment Liz contemplated his words before nodding in agreement and reluctantly she let go of his arm. She had enjoyed the brief contact, as well as the soothing feelings that had encompassed her when she had been touching him. But the moment was gone, and Max didn’t seem to even notice.

Banishing the thoughts from his mind, Max looked down at the table and noticed they had set everything up. He then turned and looked over towards the lake where his friends and family were. Isabel, Lonnie, Kyle, Maria, Alex, and Michael were out in the water playing water polo, of some sorts. And out on the waters edge was Tess, sun bathing in what Max could only describe as a piece of string- if that.

Liz noticed how Max’s eyes were drawn to Tess and the thing she was wearing, or what little there was, and Liz couldn’t help but feel a little self-conscious. Here she was in overalls and a tank top, and her bikini didn’t even compare to that of Tess’. Maybe Maria had been wrong in saying this bikini would leave Max speechless, especially when he was staring at Tess.

It hadn’t been his idea to have Tess come; instead it had been Liz’s. This had surprised Max, as well as everyone else. But now Max knew it was because she didn’t want Tess to feel left out, especially after she had told him that everyone should be working together instead of against each other. And for that, Max was thankful and grateful to be marrying someone so kind and caring.

“Hey, why don’t we go join the other’s?” Max suggested. He turned back to Liz awaiting her response. She merely nodded before she began to undo her overalls, letting them slip down her slender hips, pooling around her ankles. Not even noticing Max’s slack jaw or widened eyes, Liz gripped the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head, leaving her in the bikini which Maria had given her back at Michael’s apartment.

All the while Max watched in complete awe. The lump in his throat wouldn’t leave as one piece of flesh after another was revealed. There was so much skin and so little time for his eyes to take it all in. Hair chocolate brown hair cascaded down her back and over shoulders like a waterfall of liquid chocolate. And her skin, a creamy tan color was flawless. The simple white string bikini covered all the right area while accentuating her body perfectly. And the tiny ring through her belly button was one of the many things which caught his eye. He had never seen or thought of a body piercing to be so sexy. He could feel his heart pounding within his chest and wondered if it would pop out, just like her… no he wasn’t going to even think about that.

Shaking himself from his stupor, Max quickly shed himself of his, shoes, shirt and jeans, leaving him nothing but his swim trunks. And this time it was Liz who was acutely aware of just how little Max was wearing. His chiseled body was so much like Zan’s. There were a few subtle differences, the main one being that Max was slightly less toned then Zan, but his body suited his less rebellious look. He had the jock look without the over use of steroids look that many jocks had. And Liz couldn’t help but admire how perfect he was.

However there was one thing Liz missed; the tattoos and piercings. Maybe she could get Max to think about updating his look. After all he was going to be king tomorrow and a king should be easily distinguishable.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, Max tried to find the words to tell her how beautiful she was, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t get himself to speak. He stole a glance at Tess and grimaced as he noticed how she was flaunting herself as well as now glaring at Liz, before returning his gaze to Liz and appreciating her beautiful body and thanking those above for giving him someone so perfect. And of course it was at that moment that Liz chose to look at Max. And Liz wasn’t the only one to see Max looking over at Tess.

Max looked back at Liz just in time to see the sadness in her eyes. He wondered what had happened, especially when she had just been smiling. He couldn’t think of anything and he wasn’t sure if it was right of him to ask. They were still so new and he didn’t want to push her to tell him anything she didn’t feel comfortable talking to her about.

“You don’t have to stay with me… you can go and be with Tess.” Liz said meekly after pushing her pride and self worth behind. She had destroyed Max and Tess’ relationship and being a home wrecker was the last thing she wanted to be. So she knew it would be better to at least give him the option to be Tess, even if it did hurt her.

Max’s head snapped up at Liz’s soft voice and he mentally slapped himself upside the head. How could he have been so stupid? Of course Liz would catch him looking at Tess. But he couldn’t believe that she would think something like that, especially when he had told her that Tess hadn’t meant anything to him.

“No!” Max said rancorously. He shut his eyes and shook his head, trying to clear his head of all the foul thoughts he had of Tess. He did not want to ruin this moment. Their wedding was tomorrow and Max wanted to spend as much time getting to know Liz as he could. He didn’t want to think about Tess and how she was screwing up his chance with Liz. “I mean, no. I told you… Tess and I were nothing and we never will be. It’s you I want to be with.”

For a moment Liz remained speechless at Max’s heartfelt words. She could feel tears coming to her eyes, but she bid them away. This wasn’t the time to cry. However, before she could do anything to clear the tears from her eyes, she felt Max’s soft, warm hands on her cheeks, the pads of his thumbs caressing her cheek as he gazed down at her. She felt him wipe away one her tears as he smiled down at her and in turn she smiled back.

Max knew he was being forward, but he couldn’t stop himself. Seeing her big, doe brown eyes filled with tears broke his heart. And even though as soon as he had touched her and he could tell that the tears were brought on from what he had said, he didn’t want to see her cry.

“Come on… I think we deserve to have some fun as well.” Max said as he entwined his fingers with Liz’s and lead her over towards the water.

For the next hour the gang played around in the water, enjoying their time together. Max and Liz stayed close and talked, getting to know one another and as time passed they grew closer. However every so often Alex or Maria would take Liz away. Max would watch as she laughed and talked with everyone, amazed at how easily everyone had come together, or at least almost everyone. Tess remained sun bathing, away from the rest of the group.

It wasn’t until they were playing a game of chicken that Rath confronted Max. Liz was on Alex’s shoulders while Isabel was on Kyle’s and Maria on Michael’s and Lonnie was sitting over at the table, having something to drink. Rath had seen Max staring at Tess and he wasn’t about to have Zan’s dupe mistreating Liz. Though he would never admit it, Rath held a great deal of respect for Liz and even viewed her as the sister he never had. And for that reason he felt protective over her and he didn’t want just any bum marrying her.

For a moment the two simply stared at the group of friends as they bantered and fought, trying to push each other off the other’s shoulders. Max couldn’t tear his eyes off Liz. She was stunning and sexy as hell. He couldn’t help but feel a little jealous that she was on Alex’s shoulders instead of his own, but he understood her need to be with her friends as well.

Rath watched as well.

Suddenly he turned and looked at Max before pointing at Liz.

“Yous sees that?” Rath asked, pointing to the tattoo that Zan had clearly marked on Liz’s hipbone. It was the same marking that signified that it was the king’s territory and that no one was to touch it. Max merely nodded in response, unsure of what to say or do. “That’s makes her Zan’s… not yours. Once yous married her then and only then is she yours- once yous marks her then she’s yours.”

“I—I know.” Max said warily. He didn’t know what Rath was talking about or why he was saying this, but he figured that if he didn’t agree then he wouldn’t be marrying Liz anytime soon.

“You’s keeps yours eyes on your wife or I’ll gouge em’ out with a butta’ knife whiles you still ‘live.” Rath threatened before harshly slapping Max on the back and joining Lonnie at the picnic table, all the while leaving Max with a sinking feeling.

Max remained standing like stone unsure of what to say or even if he should move. He knew that Rath was only being protective of Liz, but it still disturbed Max how easily Rath was willing to threaten him. And it was a threat Max was positive Rath was willing to stick to. It also filled him with a sense of dread.

As if sensing his change in moods, Liz quickly told Alex to let her down. She waded over towards Max and looked up at him in concern. She had sensed a multitude of things in the last few minutes from him and she wasn’t sure what had set these things off. Lightly placing her hand on his forearm, she smiled up at him, letting him know that she was there if something was indeed wrong. Maybe this was a good time for them to have some time alone.

“Do you want to go talk?” Liz asked after a moment. Max was amazed by how easily she could sense his emotion and merely nodded. They headed back towards the shore, leaving their friends to their own devices.

However Tess watched with careful eyes. She noticed how Max always touched or tried to be as close to Liz as possible, and it infuriated her beyond belief. Max was hers. Nasedo had told her on many occasions that she and Max were meant to be together. And to suddenly have this human nobody come in and steal her boyfriend was unacceptable.

She knew that Nasedo had told her to forget about Max, but Tess couldn’t help but what was rightfully hers. And even if it were the last thing she did, she would have Max Evans’.

“Yo, retard, whateva dumb thoughts ya gots up in that noggin of yours, get rid of em’.” Rath admonished as he tossed his apple core at her. It hit her square on her forearm and she cried out in disgust. Lonnie and Rath laughed as they watched the blond storm off in anger towards Nasedo, complaining about one thing or another. However Liz and Max were too far away to hear or to warn Rath to not do something like that again.

Lying down on the grass in the small alcove beside one another, Max and Liz admired the beauty around them. They were glad to have some time together before their nights apart and their big day tomorrow. Michael, Rath, Kyle and Alex were supposed to go with Max and give him his bachelor party while Lonnie, Maria, Isabel and Tess were supposed to do the same for Liz.

Tearing his gaze away from the beauty around him, Max turned his gaze to the beauty beside him. She was stretched out beside him, the sun ensconcing her body much like a spotlight. Her swimsuit shimmered in the light, and her hair shone brightly much like her eyes did. However it was all of her which was so enticing to Max. She was this perfect complete package which Max adored and wished he could somehow prove that he loved her as much as he did. But only time would allow for that.

Beside him, Liz was admiring her view as well. She watched as Max’s muscles rippled, stretching and contorting as he moved to become comfortable. He was absolutely amazing, and it tore Liz apart to even think that. Only a few weeks ago she was married to Zan, and already she was doting over another man. What kind of wife was she?

And yet she couldn’t take her eyes off him. She just wanted to run her fingers through his hair, and those eyes, which reminded her so much of Zan, she could get lost in those eyes if she wasn’t careful. And as soon as that happened Liz wasn’t sure what would stop her from doing some of the things she wanted to.

Tearing her eyes away from the Adonis beside her, Liz looked down at the ground bashfully. Things were still fairly awkward between them and Liz wasn’t quite sure what to talk about. Luckily, Max took care of that.

Back in the lake, Maria slapped Michael upside the head, leaving him completely confused about what had just happened. She was now back on the shore beside Alex, eating lunch with Lonnie and Rath. Just a moment ago they had been hitting it off fairly well. She had even stopped talking- momentarily. They were all laughing as he, Kyle, Isabel and Maria continue to horse around.

And the next thing he knew she was off his shoulders and hitting him. Of course as her figure retreated he couldn’t help but stare at her cute little butt, which he had noticed was covered by the thinnest scrap of pink material. The two strings hanging from the sides had taunted him as she had sat upon his shoulders and while he wasn’t willing to admit it aloud, Michael couldn’t get over how beautiful Maria was.

He knew he should go over and find out what he had done, and more importantly, get her out of Alex’s arms. But Kyle was goading him on about one thing or another, and if there was one thing Michael wouldn’t stand for, it was someone putting him down.

Isabel left Michael and Kyle to their own devices and joined Maria, Alex, Lonnie and Rath. She looked over towards Tess, who was glaring off in the distance, which Isabel assumed was where Max and Liz most likely were. It bothered her that Max had left Tess so quickly, but she also understood that this was what had to happen. She just hoped Max and Liz were able to get along, after all they would be married in less then a day.

“So, what are we doing tonight?” Isabel asked as she sat down across from Alex. She hardly even noticed his shy glances, however, she did catch him gazing at her a few times, and while she knew it was wrong to smile flirtatiously back because she had a boyfriend, Isabel couldn’t help herself. In the short time that she had known Alex she had seen something in him that she had never seen before.

“Well, Alex, Rath, Kyle and lunk-head are taking Max out.” Maria said, however after a moment she reached across the table where Lonnie and Rath were sucking face, and poked Rath’s arm, hard. “And no strippers or the likes. You got it?”

“Wes could say the sames bout you!” Rath retorted angrily before returning to Lonnie and her luscious skin which was quickly being revealed. However when Maria poked him again he pulled away from his mate and glared at the short pixie across from him. She had always gotten under his skin, and while they had had their fun, Lonnie was his mate, and Maria was nothing but fun times. “Don’t worry! Maxie boy won’t go off and do nothin’ to ruin his future with Liz. I made sures of it.”

“Good.” Alex and Maria said simultaneously. However Isabel was not quite as pleased. She didn’t understand what Rath was talking about or how Maria and Alex knew.

“What about Liz? Did you—“

“Liz won’t go and do anything stupid- she ain’t stupid and shes loyal.” Rath interrupted before Isabel could finish whatever it was that she was going to say.

“Oh.” Isabel nodded, though still bothered by the circumstances and how little their dupes seemed to care about everything. However they would deal with that later- after Max and Liz’s wedding. Besides, tonight was more important. “So what are we doing for Liz tonight?”

“Ah, well last time we couldn’t throw her a traditional wedding cause we weren’t even legal- least not really. So’s this time we’re gonna does it right.” Maria stated. She was about to say more, but Alex cut her off. However Isabel was already horrified. What exactly did Maria mean by a traditional wedding? Did she mean going to a strip bar?

“English, Maria…” Alex corrected. Since Liz wasn’t there to tell them to speak properly, and since Alex knew she wanted them to try and be as civilized as possible, he figured it would be best to pick up for her. All the while Isabel watched on in fascination. Maria’s speech had transformed almost instantly into the New York slang, and while it had been slightly harder to understand what she was saying, Isabel still understood.

“No, it’s…”

“No, Liz doesn’t like it and rightfully so.” Maria said before Isabel could say anything. “We’re civilized human beings and we should talk like them. Right Rath?”

“Rights.” Rath mumbled against Lonnie’s skin. The three watchers remained silent as they turned their heads in disgust from the almost pornographic scene before them.

“Anyway, so I was thinking we could take her to a bridal shop- you know using your alien powers- and then we could get her a dress and flowers and everything. Then we could treat her to all that stuff that brides usually get before they have to be married.” Maria finished. Isabel sighed in relief as she realized that by traditional Maria meant as in letting Liz have a traditional wedding. But then what had happened to make her wedding with Zan so non-traditional?

“So what happened last time that made Liz’s wedding so untraditional?” Isabel asked after a moment. In response Alex and Maria chuckled, and even Rath and Lonnie broke apart to laugh for a moment. However it was Maria who took the initiative to actually tell Isabel what had and hadn’t happened. And more importantly, what had gone on right before.


Back in the alcove…

“You’re kidding me? Right in the hallway? How embarrassing!” Liz laughed. She was propped up on her elbows, soaking in the sun that was shining down on her. Max lay beside her, his eyes glued on her as she threw her head back and laughed. Gone was the tension and stress that they had felt before, and it felt good to just be alone and not have to worry about everything and everyone. And even if it was at his expense he would continue to tell her such things if she continued to laugh.

It was a nice, throaty laughter which filled Max’s heart. He longed to hear it forever and fleetingly wondered if Zan had felt the same way. He felt sorry for Zan in the sense that he had lost such an amazing woman. But he couldn’t help but thank Zan for dying, as it gave him a chance to meet and marry this beautiful woman who had changed his life in such a short amount of time. And for that he thanked Zan, not only for breaking the mold by going against Antarian rules and marrying a human, but for marrying someone so kind, caring and loyal- someone who had captured his heart the moment he had laid eyes on her.

Aside from her laughter, Max couldn’t keep his eyes off her body. He knew it was wrong, especially when he had promised himself that he wouldn’t pressure her into doing anything. However seeing her in so little was making things very hard on him. The strings that hung loosely against her hips seemed to call out to him and he couldn’t help but imagine her naked body. He also couldn’t stop staring at her taut stomach and the tattoo that Zan had obviously branded on her so as to leave no discussion as to whom she belonged to. Another thing that caught his attention was the small jewel in her belly button. He couldn’t help but wonder if it had hurt and why she had done it. While it looked great on her, he couldn’t imagine going through the pain of getting a piercing. Though, now he could definitely see himself sprucing up his image; if only to match Liz’s sexy look.

“Did it hurt?” Max found himself asking. At Liz’s imploring look, Max nodded towards her stomach. However she continued to look at him oddly.

“Huh?” Liz asked, still confused as to what Max was asking. Her attention was still on his body and how perfect it looked. He was like some sort of Greek God, and as much as she wanted to suppress her impure thoughts, she couldn’t help but think of how good it would feel to have him pressed tightly against her, just as Zan had been so many times.

“This…” Without even realizing what he was doing, Max leaned over and gave the ring through her body a light tug. As his hand brushed against her skin they both felt a jolt of energy surge through them unlike any time before. It left them both breathless and it left Max’s hand massing Liz’s stomach. He was hardly even aware of what he was doing as he could only sense how good she felt and the sensations that were being created as he continued to caress her.

‘It-uh… it didn’t…” Liz panted, though she was finding it hard to even concentrate as his hands did the most amazing things to her. She closed her eyes as an almost inaudible moan escaped her lips. All the while, Max continued with his ministrations. It felt so good, and while somewhere in the back of Liz’s mind she knew this was wrong what with Zan- her husband- dying so recently, but Max was making her feel things she had never even felt with Zan.

“Wh-what didn’t?” Max asked as he leaned his body into hers, his eyes trained on her flushed face and more importantly her ruby red lips. They seemed to call out to him, almost as much as the strings on her bikini had before. Only now, as his hand caressed her hip bone, it easily found the strings, and with an ease unknown to him, he found the bow easily coming undone, leaving the bottoms hanging on only by one side which was still tied and another which was quickly coming completely undone.

However Max was too consumed by Liz’s lips and the shorts pants hitting his face as they leaned towards one another. And while somewhere in the back of Max’s mind he knew this was wrong, he couldn’t stop himself. The feel of her skin was too much for him to ignore his wants, and his needs: such as his need to take her and make her his as soon as possible- to mark her as his so that no one could ever take her away.

“Max…” Liz moaned which only drew Max in more. And neither could stop what happened next. Suddenly he found her right in front of him, her lips a few mere inches away and looking much like a feast for him to claim.

"Liz…" Max breathed out as he leaned in a little closer. He could still distinguish the taste Liz had left when her finger had touched his lips earlier that morning and he longed to taste her again. And while he wasn't sure why he was being so forward, he couldn't help cut continue on his journey to reach her lips.

Noticing that Max wasn’t going to complete what she wanted so badly, Liz suddenly leaned forward and pressed her lips against his own. Almost immediately Max responded by pulling her closer to him with his hand which had previously been caressing her skin. He pulled her onto his lap with ease before his hand went back to wandering the great expanse of her skin.

The moment he had felt her lips pressed up against his own, Max had forgotten everything and was completely taken in by what was happening at that very moment. He was unwilling to let her leave. She tasted unlike anything he had ever tasted, and her lips were softer then he had thought. She surrounded him, and he loved it. He wanted more

Timidly, Liz brought her arms up and around Max's shoulders as she felt herself being placed on his lap. He continued to caress her, as his free hand moved to her cheek and cupped it as their kiss deepened. Not wanting the kiss to end, and feeling Max's tongue gently tracing her bottom lip, Liz slowly opened her mouth and granted him the access they both wanted. The minute their tongues met, Liz felt a jolt run through her. Max was gentle as he kissed her, and yet he was thorough, making sure not to miss a single spot.

However the mood was soon broken as Max’s hand precariously caressed the symbol which Zan had permanently left on Liz. The two broke away with a start as a series of flashes interrupted them...

“Zan, why are we here?” Liz asked softly as she followed along side Zan. It was close to midnight and absolutely freezing and though Liz felt safe while with Zan, she didn’t like being out and about so late.

“You’ll see… soon… I promise.” Zan swore as he continued to lead Liz through the park. He suddenly stopped in the center and motioned for Liz to stay where she was. He kissed her nose before tracing a finger over her features, his fingers finally resting on her eyebrows where a small scar marred her features. Softly he ran his fingers over her eyelids, closing them as he went. “Close these beauties…”

“But Zan—“

“It’s a surprise and you’ll love it.” Zan assured her. He kissed her forehead before leaving Liz’s side and leaving her completely alone in the center of the park. The moment he left Liz wrapped her arms around herself as she continued to keep her eyes closed wishing that Zan would come back or that something would give her the comfort knowing that Zan was nearby.

As if having her wish came true, Liz gasped as she suddenly felt something cold and wet hit her skin. Only it wasn’t rain.

Liz’s eyes sprung open and turned towards the heaven above. She cried out in glee as she watched the small flakes of snow fall all around her. It was only mid-October and it wasn’t supposed to snow for quite some time. However Liz knew that Zan knew how much she loved the snow.

Spinning and dancing around as her laughter floated through the air, Liz reveled in the moment, happy beyond comparison as she knew Zan had made it snow just for her. But, she suddenly stopped when something caught her eye. She froze when she saw what else Zan had done for her.

Circling around her were various ice sculptors, all of them depicting various moments shared between she and Zan. The gasp which escaped her lips was almost impossible to hear, however Zan heard it as he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Surprise.” Zan whispered, his breath tickling her skin as it always did, but still causing her to shiver in want and need. Liz tried to turn in his arms, but Zan refused. Because instead he turned around and got down on one knee while producing a small velvet box which he extended out to Liz, waiting until she reached out and grabbed his hand as well..

“Oh, Zan…” Liz whispered as she covered her mouth. She had known that they were going to get married, but to have him go to such work to do all of this just for her was too much. And yet, neither would have had it any other way.

Their eyes were immediately locked, and neither could tear themselves away from the other. They had never really shared a vision, at least not like that. Reluctantly, Max let Liz slide away from his body, but their gaze never broke and she remained situated on his lap. He watched through lust filled eyes as her tongue suddenly darted of her mouth and retraced over where his tongue had only moments ago been, and he had to stifle the groan which he wanted to release.

The vision of Zan proposing to her filled Max’s mind. He had thought about proposing, but at first he hadn’t been sure whether Liz would want that. Now, he knew that it was the right thing to do. And beside, he and Liz had a whole new life to start over with, and what better way then to have their own new memories- together.

Though the vision had stopped her from kissing Max, Liz couldn’t help but think about both the kiss and flashes. She had never experienced anything like it, and that included the kiss she shared with Max. While they had been kissing she hadn’t even thought about Zan, and while that troubled Liz, she couldn’t deny the urge to continue with what they had been doing.

"Wow…" Liz whispered as soon as her hands delicately slid from around Max’s neck and down his chest. Max nodded in reply before gently taking his hand, which was cupping her cheek and gently caressed her jaw line and leaning in again. This time their kiss was short and sweet, but just as meaningful as their first.

Only this time, neither became lost in the passion which now flooded through them. And while neither knew how to explain it, something had happened when they had kissed, and even before that. It was something which had brought them together, something which caused them to crave one another. And it was something neither wanted to get rid of anytime soon.

“Yeah, wow…” Max mumbled before laying down with Liz lying right on top of him, his arms coming up to rest on her back and his body meshing with hers. And in that moment both were the most content they had ever been.

Ok, wow this took forever to get out and I'm sorry about that. I'm also sorry for how horrible this is... I just couldn't get into it as well as I hoped so sorry if it isn't up to par. Anyway more should be coming soon. Probably a good two or three parts until the wedding (next part is girls/guys night out and next is repaing for wedding and then well have the wedding- I think). Anyway, I promise not to leave you guys hanging this time.
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Chapter 12

“Michael would you hurry up?” Max said urgently as he ushered Alex, Kyle and Rath out of Michael’s apartment. Liz had left only moments ago with Isabel, Maria and Lonnie, and if Max wanted to do things right then he didn’t have much time to find a ring and propose to Liz before their wedding, which was in less then twelve hours.

Since there return from the lake, Max and Liz had been inseparable. After their first kiss they had remained in each other’s arms, soaking in the sun and each other. Neither could describe what had happened, but Max and Liz now felt closer then ever before. It as though they had somehow connected and become one in that instant And Max had never felt better.

“Maxwell, we still have a few hours before we’re supposed to leave for your bachelor party.” Michael reminded his long time best friend, but at Max’s demanding glare, Michael left his comfortable apartment and couch to join the others. That’s when it dawned on him. “Oh, you wanna get ready for your one last night of freedom… maybe pick up some condoms and…”

“No numb nuts he wants to get Liz a ring and propose to her.” Alex blurted out. This of course caused Michael and Kyle to turn and look at Max in shock. Both had thought he was going out to be with Tess or to pick up some other essentials for their night out.

“You’re proposing to her?” Michael asked skeptically. He had known that Max had liked Liz, at least appearance wise, but he hadn’t believed that his friend liked the girl this much. Hadn’t it been only a week ago that Max and Tess had been going out and yet now he was out buying Liz, a girl he had only known for two days, a ring.

“No, he’s proposin’ to ya, dumbass.” Rath bit out sarcastically. Kyle and Alex chuckled at Rath’s crude but humorous comment, however Max merely walked forward, ignoring the group while Michael trailed behind, grumbling something about his dupe.

“Are you sure this such a good idea? You haven’t even known her—“

“Michael! I love Liz! I have never felt this way about anyone before. She evokes these feelings within me that I didn’t even believe existed. And she deserves this… she deserves to be proposed to and to be given the best life possible… and I want to be the person to do that. I want to make all her dreams come true.” Max said honestly. This of course sparked Rath’s interest while it floored Kyle and Michael. They had never heard Max speak so passionately about anyone before. Alex, however remained silent as a smile played on his lips. He was happy that his friend was marrying such a great man.

“Zan said the same thing.” Rath mused aloud, causing Max to stop mid-stride and turn and stare at Michael’s dupe.

“What?” Max asked as he stared down at the Mohawk laden man before him.

“Yo, I said Zan said the same thang.” Rath said. And it was true. Zan had spoken those same exact words when he had told Rath, Lonnie and Tess that he and Liz would be getting married. At the new king’s quizzical look Rath decided to clear this up, or make things more confusing. “Yeah, I means he said the same ‘zact thang too.”

“You mean…” Max started, but cut himself off. The idea that he had spoken the same words as Zan chilled Max to the bone. He didn’t want to be Zan, Liz’s ex-husband; he wanted to be Max, Liz’s present husband and true love. “Never mind… we don’t have much time, so come on.”

“So when do you plan on proposing? And how?” Alex asked after catching up with Max. He hoped into the front seat, ignoring the glare and look of disbelief on Michael’s face as he stole his seat. Rath and Kyle laughed before shoving Michael into the back seat and hopping in themselves.

“I don’t know… I haven’t had much time to think about it. But tonight- definitely tonight.” Max stated determinedly. “I was hoping to do something special… something romantic that she’ll never forget.”

“Well Maxie, you’re in luck cause I just happen to be Elizabeth’s best friend… and I think I have a few ideas.” Alex laughed as he slapped Max on his back before lurching forward as Max gunned the engine and took off. Already ideas were forming in his mind, and with Alex’s help, Max was positive Liz would be knocked off her feet, and he would be standing right there to catch her.


“Really you guys, where are you taking me?” Liz asked anxiously as Maria and Lonnie led a blind folded Liz into their first of many surprises. Isabel followed behind, watching and laughing as continued to fumble around. Originally she hadn’t wanted to come, but Tess had said she was going as well. However now Isabel was the odd man out in the group as Tess had pulled out at the last moment saying she had something important to do.

“We’re almost there.” Maria chided as she glanced over at Lonnie and both smiled at one another.

“Where’s Isabel?” Liz suddenly asked, as she no longer felt a third set of hands. Isabel looked up in surprise. She had expected that the group would ignore her, but to hear Liz personally ask where she was, it warmed Isabel.

“I-uh… I’m right here.” Isabel said unsurely. She waited with baited breathe for Liz’s response. But instead of speaking, Liz merely turned and reached out towards where she heard Isabel’s voice. As soon as her arm touched Isabel’s, Liz clutched to it, bringing her forward into the small group of friends. And all the while Isabel watched on in amazement at how easily Liz had accepted her.

“Come on, Maria… let me see where we’re going.” Liz pleaded, but before Maria answered her, she felt herself being stopped. One pair of hands left her and she knew that only Maria and Isabel were now holding her in place, as Lonnie’s hands were much rougher and bitten by the cold weather.

After a moment Liz heard the undeniable turning of a lock accompanied by the clicking of it coming into its resting place. And she was going to complain, but before she could Maria clasped her hand over Liz’s mouth and dutifully waited until Lonnie had the door open.

Motioning for Isabel to help her out as Lonnie went about turning on lights and disabling alarms and cameras, Maria started to help Liz into the store. This was the first of many stops, but it was also one of the most important, though maybe for Max’s sake then anyone else’s.

“Come on you guys.” Liz complained. She didn’t want to get into any trouble on her wedding night and she really didn’t want to do anything illegal, as Lonnie and Maria often did.

“Ah, don’t worry Lizzie, you’ll like this.” Lonnie goaded softly as she came up beside her friend and half-sister, in some sense or another. In the years that she had gotten to know her, Lonnie had grown to like Liz. Despite her cornball appearance and the fact that she had taken her brother, Liz always listened whenever Lonnie needed to talk, and she didn’t say anything stupid like Zan, Ava, and Rath always seemed to. And for some reason or another, she always seemed to be there for everyone, even if it took time away from her life and what she was doing.

A moment later after all the lights were turned on and everything was in place Maria moved to take off Liz’s blindfold. She was skeptical about how Liz would react and she hoped that Liz would be in good spirits about all of this.

Nodding to Isabel and Lonnie, Maria slowly slid the blindfold off Liz’s face. The three women waited with bated breaths for Liz’s response.

“Oh my god!” Liz said in horror. Her face flushed a crimson red as she took in the appearance of the store she was now in before burying her head in the palms of her hands. Her face flamed, as did the rest of her body, in embarrassment as she groaned out the only person’s name she knew could be responsible for this. “Maria.”

“I know you love it, even if you aren’t willing to admit it.” Maria teased as she steered Liz into the shop. “So, what’s your pleasure?”

“Or pain.” Isabel muttered, however Liz heard her.

“Exactly.” Liz said in agreement with Isabel’s statement. This of course made Isabel smile that not only did she and Liz have something in common, but that Liz was so eagerly agreeing. Originally she had believed that Liz would be pushy and rude, jus as Lonnie and Rath were, but so far Isabel couldn’t find anything mean or rude about Liz. Instead all she found was a good friend.

“But you know boys and their weird fantasies… so what do you think Max will like?” Maria asked as she looked around the shop trying to find the perfect thing for Liz. However she suddenly stopped and turned and looked at Isabel and Lonnie. “Ok, you were Zan’s sister, and he’s like Max and Isabel you are Max’s sister, so what do you think he would like?”

“Ew, I so do not need to be thinking about my brother’s sex life.” Isabel lamented.

“Yo, theys just likes to fuck- theys don’t needs no special clothing to get them wantin’ and ready!” Lonnie said at the same time. Liz looked away in horror and embarrassment as Maria and Isabel looked at Liz in shock. Neither had ever heard that before, even Maria who was Liz’s best friend didn’t know that much.

“You little slut.” Maria said teasingly before latching onto Liz and dragging her through the lingerie store looking for the perfect garment for Liz for her upcoming honeymoon. After searching through for a moment Maria turned to Isabel and Lonnie in exasperation. “Ok, a little help.”

“Well, I say she goes for something simplistic and not too…”

“Ah, play with Maxie’s head!” Lonnie goaded, as she held up a pristine white bustier and matching g-string for Liz and Maria’s approval. However Isabel wasn’t about to be pushed around.

“No, I think my brother would like her in something a little more flattering and less flashy.” Isabel stated through clenched teeth as she too held up a white satin nightgown. It was conservative yet sexy.

Maria stared at them both long and hard, trying to consider her options. Both had a good idea, but only one could win out. However it was Liz’s voice that won them all over.

“I sort of like them both…” Liz whispered, as she was still unwilling to fully admit that she liked the idea of doing this or the idea of seducing Max. While she knew that they both felt something towards each other, it still pained her to be so disloyal to Zan by jumping into another man’s arms and bed so soon after her death. Sure she felt something for Max, but sleeping with him so soon wouldn’t be on her normal schedule, however they didn’t have any options. And to add to that guilt she was buying lingerie just for Max.

However, the idea of seducing Max did sound a little appealing. Especially after their little make-out session at the lake.

“Goodie! I think I have the perfect thing!” Maria squealed before leaving Liz’s side and running off towards one of the racks she had seen. Without letting Liz see what she had picked out, Maria stopped by the cashiers, paid the proper amount including tax, and grabbed a bag to place the item she had chosen, inside. “Ok, come on, we still have like a million stops to make before this night is over!”


“Max, you can’t be serious.” Michael let out a harsh breath of air as he continued to look at the rock Max had finally picked out. They had been searching for the last two and a half hours and had so far been in seven stores. All the while Michael and Kyle had watched slack jawed as Max searched through the rings, often telling the seller that none of them were good enough.

“You don’t have the money to get that.” Kyle breathed out as he too stared at the ring Max held nimbly in his fingers. He too couldn’t believe that Max was looking at such a ring, and he still didn’t understand Max’s reasons for wanting to do this. Sure he and Isabel had talked about getting married, but there was no way he was ever going to spend that much on a ring- not for any girl.

“Yo, she’ll loves it.” Rath said with a nod of his head. As much as he hated turning against Zan, Rath couldn’t help but want to aid Max in trying to find the perfect ring and proposal for Liz. She was like the sister he never had, and if Max wanted to do what was right and make Liz happy, then Rath was definitely willing to assist.

“Yeah man, she’ll love it, but then she’d love anythin’.” Alex commented as he too gazed at the ring. It sparkled in the light the seller had placed above their area and while Alex knew it was almost identical to the ring Zan had bought her, he knew that it was different enough that Liz would still love it. Beside, what girl didn’t like diamonds- that’s what Maria always said.

“Max, we’re talking a lot of money here.” Michael insisted.

“Yeah you’ll never be able to pay this thing off.” Kyle added.

“Get it, she’ll love you and it forever. You da’ man.” Rath retorted against his dupe, unwilling to back down.

“Yeah, she’ll think its perfect.” Alex added. “And you da man!”

“So, have we made a decision?” The salesman asked. He gazed at the young men before him. Two looked like complete hooligans and it baffled him as to why they were with the other three men, all of whom were well dressed and had neat haircuts- except for the one with the spiky hair. But the three looked like good, clean young men, especially the one who was shopping for the ring. “That’s a unique cut and any lady who gets that ring will love it- that I assure you.”

Max only nodded his head at everyone as he continued to gaze down at the ring. He was torn. The actual wedding ring was perfect and he knew that it would look perfect on Liz’s finger. And the wedding band he had picked out was perfect as well- another fine work of art which he was sure Liz would love. They were perfect, just like she was, which is why they belonged on her fingers.

But Michael and Kyle were right. He had the money to pay for them, but if he paid for them then he wouldn’t have much money left. And he certainly wouldn’t have enough money left to sustain a living with Liz. Sure their protectors would be giving them money and making sure they were well off, but Max wanted to make a living for he and Liz. He didn’t want Liz to have to work unless she wanted to. And he knew for a fact that she wouldn’t accept anything from either of their protectors, in as much as she and Zan hadn’t.

After a moment without an answer from Max, and seeing the indecision in his eyes, Rath motioned for the clerk to leave before he pulled Max away from the other’s, but motioned for Alex to follow along. Losing his bad mannerism and accent, Rath spoke to Max for the first time.

”Yo, she’s gonna be your queen. She deserves the best.” Rath stated before yanking the wallet out of Alex’s pocket. Alex started to protest, but when Rath pulled out a simple one-dollar bill, Alex remained quiet and waited to see what was going to happen- though he had a fairly good idea. “How much are the rings?”

“Um, with tax probably around $2000.” Max said softly, his voice almost betraying how badly he wanted to buy the rings for Liz. It was a lot of money, more money then most people spent on someone they hardly knew. But the moment Max had seen them he knew that they had been made just for Liz.

“Coo’…” Rath said shortly before waving his hand over the one-dollar bill and changing it into a stack of hundreds. While he knew it would be suspicious, it was better then nothing and it would give Max the money he needed to buy Liz the rings he waned to get for her.

“Now why didn’t you do that little trick back at home?” Alex asked in awe as he stared down at the money in amazement, as did Max. Neither could take their eyes off the stack of hundreds

“Yo, shuts up dipwad.” Rath shot back, taking offense to Alex’s comment. “ ’Sides you know Liz don’t like this, so yous gots to keep quiet.”

“I don’t know…” Max started only to have Rath cut him off.

“She’ll love them if you buy them for her.” Rath said coaxing Max as best he could. He knew that Max had been a complete goody-two-shoes, but the fact that he was acting like Liz about this whole money thing slightly freaked Rath out. After all they had alien powers for a reason. And this was definitely worth the reason for using them. However upon seeing Max looking disapprovingly down at the money, Rath decided to use his ace. “She’ll love YOU if you buy ‘em for her.”

With those few words Max grabbed the money from Rath’s hands and strode back towards Michael and Kyle. As soon as the clerk saw the determined look on the young man’s face he knew that he had made a sale and tonight he would be celebrating. But first he had a job to do.

“Have you made a decision?” The clerk asked.

Max’s only answer was to slap the money down on the glass counter. The glass reverberated from his rough touch and the clerk flinched slightly. He then stared down at the money and back up at Max. Hardly any customers ever paid with cash, and those who did usually weren’t that honest. And with the two hellions standing behind the young man the clerk was unsure what to do.

“I thinks he’s mades his decision, so gets a move on!” Rath shouted at the clerk, startling him from his daze. He watched for a moment as Rath and Alex came up beside the clean cut young man. It looked like two devils and two angels standing on either side of the men, and at this point, the clerk wasn’t sure what to do.

“Ar-are you sure?” The clerk choked out. He stared down at the wad of cash before him. If it was fake and he accepted it then his manager would be beyond mad. But if it were real then he would be promoted.

For a moment Max stared down at the two rings, but upon looking at them he knew that they were perfect. He also formulated his plan on how to ask Liz to marry him. And in response he asked the only question he had left.

“Definitely… now what type of boxes do you have cause I need tonight to be perfect.”


For a moment Liz continued to stare at the dress that lay in the car beside her. They had gotten everything to make her wedding perfect, and the dress had been their last stop. She couldn’t believe how perfect it was, and she prayed that Max would like it as much as she did. Part of her was still trying to get over everything Isabel, Maria and Lonnie had done for her, while the other part of her couldn’t help but wonder where Max was and what he was doing. She missed his presence, and while that scared her she also accepted the fact as he was going to be her husband starting tomorrow.

But was she ready to give herself to him completely?

She knew without a doubt that she would do whatever was needed for the good of Antar, but she also knew that emotionally she wasn’t ready. While she loved Max in her own way he could never be Zan whom had been her soul mate, first love, and the only man who would ever own her heart, body, soul, and mind. And Max, while he was Zan’s dupe, was not Zan and he never would be.

And yet she loved him. When she had kissed him she had felt something that she had never felt before. Not even Zan had evoked the feelings Max brought out from within her. And that scared her. He made her feel things she didn’t think she could ever feel again. And that was how Max and Zan were different.

While Zan was Liz’s everything, Max did things to her that she couldn’t explain. While Zan completed Liz in everyway, Max made Liz question her life in such a way that it seemed that Zan didn’t fit in anymore. And while Zan held Liz’s heart, soul, body, and mind, it appeared as though Max was quickly stealing that as well.

And yet Liz wasn’t sure that she minded. For in the short amount of time that she had known Max, she had fallen in love with him, in some way or another.

“Chica, close your eyes.” Maria said, startling Liz from her thoughts. She turned and stared at her best friend for a moment before shaking her as she registered Maria’s request. Complying, Liz closed her eyes and within a moment she felt a cloth being tied around her head.

Fleetingly she wondered where they were going, and more importantly what Maria, Isabel and Lonnie had up their sleeves now. They already had everything they would need for the wedding, including flowers, a cake, a dress, and all other essentials.

“Maria… where are we going now?” Liz asked. She was beyond curious at this point as the car engine had just been shut off and the car had come to a stop. “We already have everything… don’t we?”

“Well, yous right that we’s got everythan’… but now its time for a more traditiona’ bachelorette party.” Lonnie insisted as she and Isabel helped Liz out of the car. She winked over at Isabel who was still staring at the sign before her before edging them towards the door.

Isabel was beyond mortified. They were barely even eighteen and Liz was only seventeen, so she wasn’t quite sure what Maria or Lonnie were thinking. Beside she had distinctly heard Maria promise Rath they wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize Liz and Max’s upcoming marriage.

However one thing Isabel knew was that if Max knew where they were and what they were about to get into, then he would be pissed, especially after the way she saw him doting over Liz.

The moment Liz heard the door open she felt sick to her stomach. She could smell the distinct scent of cigarettes and stale beer. Music blared through the speakers and outside, filling the usually silent night with god-awful beats that Liz did not need to hear. And the loud cries and cheers from within hurt her ears, and within a heartbeat she knew that tonight wasn’t going to be as perfect as she had hoped.

Once inside Maria and Lonnie stopped Liz while Isabel waited dutifully behind her soon-to-be queen and sister-in-law. The three looked at each other before Maria gingerly pulled the blindfold off and watched in anticipation for Liz’s reaction, however it was nothing that anyone had expected.



“So what now?” Alex asked as he fingered the petals of the flowers lying on his lap. He and Rath held nearly four dozen white roses while Michael and Kyle held another couple dozen various flowers and roses, all a myriad of colors. They had also picked up a few other supplies so that Max could pull off his idea of a perfect marriage proposal.

It was close to midnight and Alex wasn’t quite sure when Max planned to ask Liz, especially when it was so late. Beside he wasn’t sure what else they could get.

“Now we call Isabel and find out where Liz is.” Max answered simply.

This is only part A beause I wanted to include the proposal. Part B will be out soon- by next week I swear. Next comes the wedding and then... well, you'll have to stay tuned to find out. And I swear I'll finish this fic!
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Getting a hold of Isabel wasn’t a problem. It was the ability to hear her that turned out to be the bigger problem. Their call got cut off at least three times, and by the fourth time both Alex and Rath were getting angry thinking that Isabel was just hanging up on them.

On their fifth try, Max was finally able to not only get Isabel on the line, but to keep her on as well.

“Where are you?” Max shouted over the receiver.

“What?” Isabel yelled just as loudly. The music blared loudly all around her, and no matter where she went she was always surrounded. She glanced back at Lonnie and Maria who were living the night up while Liz remained in the corner looking at the ground and nothing else.

“Take it off, b-a-b-y!”

“What the hell was that?” Max screamed. He did not like the sound of what was going on. “Isabel, where are you?”

At this point Rath and Alex watched as their newfound friend’s face turned crimson red and had it been possible they were positive that stem would come out of his ears. They could practically feel his anger radiating off him and bouncing around throughout the car. And it only caused them to wonder what was going on.

However, after thinking about the situation, Alex and Rath knew exactly what was going on. It was Michael and Kyle who were left clueless.

“What’s go—“

“Just wait,” Rath insisted.

“Isabel I want the god damn address right now,” Max seethed. His voice was low and dangerous, signaling to Michael and Kyle that Max was beyond pissed.

“What’s going o—“

“Wait for it,” Alex interrupted this time.

“Isabel, don’t fight with me on this. I want the address right now,” Max demanded.


“Wait for it,” Rath and Alex hushed.

“God dammit Isabel either you get her out of there and back to Michael’s in half an hour or I will come and pick all of you up personally. And you won’t like that, I can promise you that,” Max growled before throwing the phone down on the floor of the car and stepping down on the gas pedal.

The tires squealed in protest, but Max didn’t care. He drove wildly through town, not saying a word to anyone in the car. Rath and Alex smiled in satisfaction. Just knowing that Maria and Lonnie were going to get the verbal beat down of their lives by Max the pansy was enough to send them over the edge laughing.

“What just happened?” Kyle whispered, looking towards Rath and Alex for the answer they obviously knew.

“That was your friend becoming the king he needs to be,” Rath answered.

“But why?” Michael asked, careful not to talk too loudly for fear that Max would blow up at him as well. In his life Michael had never once seen Max blow up at anyone, including his own sister. And to see him the way he just was, was a complete bafflement to Kyle and Michael.

“Cause someone else was touching his property,” Alex clarified.

“Property?” Kyle asked.

“Liz,” Rath and Alex explained.


“Come on, come on, come on!” Isabel insisted as she ushered Lonnie and Maria out of the strip bar. Both were waving an assorted amount of bills around and men were following right behind them, trying to take the money from their hands. Already outside was Liz, who was waiting by the car, anxiously, trying to get in the car.

As much as Isabel knew that Lonnie and Maria were tying to give Liz the perfect bachelorette party, she could tell that this wasn’t what Liz neither wanted nor needed. Had she and Liz been better friends, then maybe Isabel would have had more say in everything, but still, Isabel felt bad about the sudden town turn in Liz’s last night of freedom.

Instead Isabel would have brought Liz to someplace that was nice and quiet. Maybe a spa or someplace that she could get a massage. Afterwards they would have gone to a hotel room and vegged out on ice cream and other treats while talking. But she and Liz weren’t that good of friends. And instead of getting something more towards Liz’s speed, Liz had gotten a great night with a horrible ending.

“Woah there missy! We have all night!” Maria exclaimed as she fought to re-enter the bar.

“No, we won’t have all night if Max has to come down here. We won’t have any nights!” Isabel explained angrily as she pushed Lonnie and Maria backs towards the car.

“Maria, just get in the car, please,” Liz pleaded. She smiled meekly at Isabel, but averted her gaze as the male stripers once again smiled at her and started to make their way over towards them. Damn Lonnie.

Ever since Lonnie had messed with their minds they had been cornering her every time they could. Of course her night had gotten worse when Lonnie and Maria had told everyone that it was the night before her wedding. So to say she was grateful that Isabel so suddenly wanted to leave was only putting it lightly.

However, Liz was curious as to how Max played into all of this.

A good ten minutes later Isabel had everyone in the car and they were on the way to Michael’s apartment. She wondered why Max wanted Liz to go to Michael’s apartment. Had he actually gotten his act together and was ready to propose? Had he actually decided to go through with it?

Or was he going to break all of this off?

Nearing the door to Michael’s apartment, Liz waited patiently for Maria, Isabel, and Lonnie. But when she turned to make sure they were following she found that no one was behind her. And when she turned to knock on Michael’s door she found a note that read, ‘Open the door.’ It was on a simple piece of white paper with fine black ink that looked as though it had been etched on.

Alien powers.

Quietly as possible, Liz opened the door just as the note instructed her. She was just about to walk in when something caught her attention.

On the floor in front of her was a trail of Hershey kisses with vanilla scented candles on either side of her and music floating through the room.

Leave your heartaches just outside the door
Lean your troubles up against my heart
And anytime you need a friend
To laugh or cry with you
Remember, nobody loves you like I do

For a moment Liz merely stared at the chocolate candies and candles, wondering what to do. However, as her eyes continued to wander around the room she noticed a second note. This time it read, ‘Follow the trail.’

Sometimes things just don't go your way
And sometimes rain clouds cover up the sky
And someday you think that I've grown tired of you
Remember, nobody loves you like I do

Doing as it said, Liz slowly made her way through the apartment, being careful not to step on any of the chocolates, as she was positive that Michael would not be happy if she smeared any on his floor. She was also careful to not spill any of the candles.

There's no one else in the whole wide world
Could ever take the place of you
And no one else in the whole wide world
Could ever love you like I do

As she continued through Michael’s apartment, following the trail that had been made for her, Liz couldn’t help but breathe in and sigh. It smelled so heavenly in the apartment, and everything that was happening was just too romantic. Passing through Michael’s bedroom, Liz soon found herself in the bathroom. She gasped as she took in the sight before her.

Don't be afraid of what the day may bring
Yesterday don't matter anymore
Just as long as you need me
I'll be there for you
Oh darlin, nobody loves you like I do

Falling from the ceiling was an array of rose petals, but dominating over all of them were whole white roses, softly patting down to the ground all around her. She smiled and giggled as she made a quick turn. That’s when she saw the final note. It sat atop a heart shaped box that was covered in red velvet. ‘Now that I have kissed the ground you walked on, and showered you with roses, its time for you to open your heart to me.’

Just as long as you need me
I'll be there for you
Oh darlin, nobody loves you like I do

Tears pooled in Liz’s eyes as she delicately picked up the heart shaped box in front of her. The rose petals were still falling all around her, and the Hershey kisses and candles still sat at her feet. Gingerly, Liz opened the box. She already knew what was inside, but the thought that Max was doing all of this warmed her heart and made her love him all that much more.

The moment the box snapped open Liz gasped in shock.

There was nothing there.

“You can’t have the ring until you say yes,” Max whispered as he came up behind Liz and wrapped his arms around her waist. He knew it was a bold move, but everything had to be perfect for this.

Ever so slowly he picked up her left hand and slid one of the two rings on her finger. A smile lit his face as he heard her sudden intake of breathe. In response he pressed a kiss to her finger and the ring now encircling it.

“Yes,” Liz cried softly. And as Max slipped the second ring on her finger as well he could finally feel everything. Liz was completely open to him, and the most amazing thing about finally having her completely to him, was to learn that she really loved him.

Lookie, lookie I finished and posted today just as I promised! Next to come out will probably be As Lovely as You unless anyone has any other request. For right now the main fics I'm working on are :
-She's the One
-China Doll
-Wishing Hearts
-Once you loved Someone
-As Lovely as You
So try to choose form those. I will try to finish Souler Opposites, Ends of the Earth, Obbsession, but they just aren't coming to me right now.

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Ok, I also forgot to add that the song is by Patty Loveless. (Wouldn't want to get in trouble, now would I!)
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Chapter 13 A

Liz looked at herself in hotel mirror. She was proud of the way she looked in her wedding dress. The beautiful white silk clung to her slim figure, emphasizing the curves of her breasts and hips. The gown was an absolutely incredible dress and Liz was happy that everyone had helped her in picking it out. The top of it was a fitted corset made of hand beaded and embroidered silk, laced up on the sides. It had little pearl beads everywhere along the edges. It was made to look as if the top of her body was the tight part of the rose with the pointed leaves of the corset and the fuller more elaborate flower which was the skirt.

The skirt had a silk liner then a petticoat and then a generous amount of ivory duchess satin silk and coming out between the leaves of the corset and splashing over duchess silk was a slight pinkish toned satin silk surrounded by antique colored silk gauze. The pattern repeated itself six times around the skirt, every time getting pulled up in the middle with a two toned silk rose with the beautiful embroidered lace peeking out in abundance.

After checking herself out one last time, Liz turned to make sure that she had everything else. As soon as they were done with the reception, she and Max were to take off and go on the surprise honeymoon Steven and Nasedo had planned for them. All she knew was that Maria, Lonnie and Isabel had packed, and whatever necessities she needed was what she was to pack. As she debated what else she might need, there was a knock on the bedroom door.

"Can I come in?" her best friends voice asked.

"Sure," she said, wishing Maria had waited as she promised she would.

"You look beautiful," Maria said, "but your hair needs brushing."

Maria picked up a brush and set to work. Liz was nervous, Maria could tell, but not for the normal reason.

"You know," Maria said as she worked at a small tangle. "I didn't like your pick for a wedding dress when you first showed me about it, but it's really nice. I guess my idea of a wedding dress was bows and lace, but you look really good in this!"

Liz smiled at Maria complement. "Do you think Max will like it?"

"Positive," she said, and then launched into a semi-motherly lecture on marriage. This of course got to Liz. She had always hoped that her mother and father would be at her wedding. They had missed the first, and now it looked as though they would miss her second. Not that they could make it, after all, they were dead. But Liz couldn’t help but wish for her mother to be lecturing her instead of her best friend.

Liz listened quietly while Maria worked the last small imperfections out of her hair. She didn't pay much attention to Maria’s words, but the tone was very relaxing, and as her friend brushed and talked, all of Liz's anxiety slipped from her mind.

"Oh my!" Maria said, looking at her watch. "We've got to be going. Your hair looks good, step into your shoes and come on!"

Liz slipped into her shoes just as Maria shouted, “Come on the limousine is here, let’s going! Hurry up everyone or we won't get there on time!"

It was only then that her troubling thoughts seized her. Memories of Zan and the limousine he had gotten for their wedding surfaced in her mind, as did many other memories. She had hoped to say goodbye to Zan, and she had- in her own way- but she been unable to re-visit his grave and tell him that while she loved Max, she still loved him- Zan, her husband and keeper of her heart, soul, body, and mind.

She also wanted to tell him a few other things. But they would wait, because either way, she knew she would one day tell him the truth. And while she was positive he would be mad if he were alive, she knew it was for the best, both for she and Zan and for she and Max.

Her troublesome thoughts subsided as the limousine started, taking her towards her new husband and new life. She was slightly scared of what would happen tonight, or whenever Max happened to want her. As much as she had grown to love him, she wasn’t sure that she was ready to share her body with him. Yes, they had kissed, and quite intimately, but kissing was quite different from making love. She prayed that he would give her time, and when they finally did make love, she prayed that he was a gentle, but thorough lover as Zan had been.

Upon reaching the church, Liz was quickly escorted inside to a separate room, set apart from the main hall.

Liz's mind started to wander as Maria helped her put on her veil. She wondered about the upcoming evening, and as she thought, she realized that Steven, Nasedo, and the entire planet of Antar were depending on her to bond with Max. As much as she loved him, she wasn’t sure she was ready. However, just thinking about the idea of making love to Max sent a tingle of pleasure through her, but as the organ began to play, all such thoughts were swept from her mind.

Everyone else had already walked down the aisle, and now they were waiting for her.

"Go!" Maria whispered at the right moment. "And don't slouch!" And then she disappeared down the aisle to join Isabel, Lonnie and Tess.

The advice reminded Liz of all the times that her mother had corrected her posture in the past, but this time, she didn't need reminding, especially form her friend. It also made her sad to think that it should be her mother reminding her not to slouch at her wedding, instead of her best friend. It was easy for Liz to stand tall as she walked into the church. She was proud to be there, and she was excited to see Max standing by the altar, Maria just ahead along side Isabel, and Lonnie with Michael, Kyle, Alex and Rath standing behind Max. And at the moment, she didn't care who was looking at her.

Beside her, Steven gently took Liz’s arm and gave it a gentle squeeze. Everything was ready to go; now they just needed the minister to start.

Max was handsome in his black three-piece suit, but Liz saw that he was sweating and nervously wringing his hands as he awaited the start of the ceremony. This worried her, but it was Alex’s reassuring grin that relieved her.

In the next moment everyone turned and watched as Steven and Liz walked down the aisle, together. The look of pride in Steven’s eyes was unlike anyone had ever seen, and Diane and Philip had the same look in their eyes. They were both very proud and happy about their children’s choices in life. And now, they would be spending a life together.

Every so often there were soft whispers and murmurs about how beautiful the bride was and how lucky the groom was, but Max and Liz were oblivious as their eyes remained glued on one another. And before either knew it, Liz and Steven stood before Max. He simply held out his hand, ready to take Liz into his arms and life forever. And in the next moment the minister started.

All the while Max watched in wonder. He couldn’t believe how beautiful Liz looked in her dress. Normally she was radiant, but today it looked as though she were an angel coming down from Heaven, and Max sill couldn’t get over the fact that she was going to be his. No longer was her nervous. Sure he had been before, but that was only due to his fear that Liz would leave, and that they would not be married. But seeing her before him calmed all of his fears. And she was beautiful.

“We are gathered here today to celebrate one of life's greatest moments, to give recognition to the worth and beauty of love, and to add our best wishes to the words which shall unite Maxwell Philip Evans’ and Elizabeth Parker in marriage,” the minister spoke softly, but poignantly. “Should there be anyone who has cause why this couple should not be united in marriage, they must speak now or forever hold their peace.”

At first Nasedo glared at Tess, whom was sitting beside him, but when she remained silent with a slight smile plastered on her face, his glare diminished and he remained silent, letting down his guard to some degree. When no one said a word, the minister nodded in acceptance before continuing.

“Who is it that brings this woman to this man?” The minister asked. Stepping forward slightly, Steven nodded in respect of the earth tradition.

“I do,” Steven, answered simply before stepping back and for the second time, handing Liz over to the man she intended to marry.

“Maxwell and Elizabeth, life is given to each of us as individuals, and yet we must learn to live together. Love is given to us by our family or by our friends. We learn to love by being loved. Learning to love and living together is one of the greatest challenges of life - and is the shared goal of a married life. Now please, repeat after me.”

As the minister spoke their vows, Max and Liz dutifully repeated them between each other.

“I Maxwell Philip Evans’, take thee, Elizabeth Parker to be my Wife- to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, and I promise my love to you forevermore,” Max said passionately, hoping and praying that Liz knew that he meant every word he spoke.

“I Elizabeth Parker, take thee Maxwell Evans’ to be my Husband- to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, and I promise my love to you forevermore,” Liz said softly, though loud enough for Max to hear the truth and love in her voice. But it was really her eyes that were saying it all.

“Maxwell and Elizabeth, as the two of you come into this marriage uniting you as husband and wife, and as you this day affirm your faith and love for one another, I would ask that you always remember to cherish each other as special and unique individuals, that you respect the thoughts, ideas and suggestions of one another. Be able to forgive, do not hold grudges, and live each day that you may share it together - as from this day forward you shall be each other's home , comfort and refuge; your marriage strengthened by your love and respect for each other.

But a husband and wife should not confuse love of worldly measures for even if worldly success is found, only love will maintain a marriage. Mankind did not create love; love is created by God. The measure of true love is a love both freely given and freely accepted, just as God's love of us is unconditional and free.

Today truly is a glorious day the Lord hath made - as today both of you are blessed with God's greatest of all gifts - the gift of abiding love and devotion between a man and a woman. All present here today - and those here in heart - wish both of you all the joy, happiness and success and the world has to offer.

As you travel through life together, I caution you to remember that the true measure of success, the true avenue to joy and peace, is to be found within the love you hold in your hearts. I would ask that you hold the key to your heart very tightly.

Within the Bible, nothing is of more importance that love. We are told the crystalline and beautiful truth: "God is Love". We are assured that "Love conquers all". It is love, which brings you here today, the union of two hearts and two spirits. As your lives continue to interweave as one pattern, remember that it was love that brought you here today, it is love that will make this a glorious union, and it is love which will cause this union to endure.

A marriage ceremony represents one of life's greatest commitments. But it also is a declaration of love. I wish to read to you what Paul wrote of love in a letter to the Corinthians. I believe it is a true model of love and it is a model of love I hope you pursue in your marriage:

Love is very patient and kind, never jealous or envious, never boastful or proud.
Love is never haughty or selfish or rude.
Love does not demand it's own way. Love is not irritable or touchy. Love does not hold grudges and will hardly notice when others do it wrong.
Love is never glad about injustice, but rejoices whenever truth wins out.
If you love someone, you will be loyal to them no matter what the costs. You will always believe in them, always expect the best in them, and will always stand your ground in defending them.

Maxwell and Elizabeth, the two separate candles symbolize your separate lives, separate families and separate sets of friends. I ask that each of you take one of the lit candles and that together you light the center candle.

The individual candles represent your lives before today. Lighting the center candle represents that your two lives are now joined to one light, and represents the joining together of your two families and sets of friends to one.”
Everyone watched on as Max and Liz stepped forward to do as the minister had instructed. Pictures were snapped and everyone gasped as the flame Max and Liz lit flared up, the light shinning and glowing all around. No one had ever seen such a thing, and even Max and Liz were frozen in confusion for a moment. However, they quickly recovered and resumed their places.

“Wedding rings are an outward and visible sign of an inward spiritual grace, signifying to all the uniting of this man and this woman in marriage.” With that said Maria and Michael stepped forward, displaying the rings Max and Liz had chosen for one another. Again the minister asked the young couple to repeat after him while placing the ring on the other’s finger.

"With this ring, I thee wed. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen,” Max whispered fervently, willing Liz once again to know that he meant every word. After placing the ring on her finger, he lingered to let go of her hand, instead giving it a slight caress before finally letting go so that she could place her ring on his finger as well.

"With this ring, I thee wed. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen,” Liz murmured. Her breath hitched in the back of her throat and she fought back a fresh batch of tears as she gazed up into her husband’s eyes. She couldn’t believe what she saw, and seeing it almost made her want to tell him the truth. But she knew she couldn’t- however, she did now know that no matter what happened that evening she would have no regrets.

“Dear heavenly Father, our hearts are filled with great happiness on Maxwell and Elizabeth’s wedding day, as they come before You pledging their hearts and lives to one another. Grant that they may be ever true and loving, living together is such a way as to never bring shame or heartbreak into their marriage. Temper their hearts with kindness and understanding, rid them of all pretense of jealousy. Help them to remember to be each other's sweetheart, helpmate, friend and guide, so that together they may meet the cares and problems of life more bravely. And with the passage of time, may the home they are creating today, truly be a place of love and harmony, where your spirit is ever present.

Bless this union we pray, and walk beside Maxwell and Elizabeth throughout all their lives together. We ask these things in Jesus name; AMEN.”

“Amen,” the crowd murmured.

“Maxwell and Elizabeth in as much as the two of you have agreed to live together in Matrimony, have promised your love for each other by these vows, the giving of these rings and the joining of your hands, I now declare you to be husband and wife.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make his face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you. May the Lord lift up his countenance unto you, and give you peace.

Congratulations, you may kiss your bride,” the minister said happily, and Max didn’t need to be told twice. He instantly took Liz into his arms and their lips met halfway. His fingers threaded through her silky hair as they came together. He swooped down and captured her lips with his own. Upon the delicate feel of her lips, Max's tongue traced over her sensual lips, seeking allowance into her mouth. It had felt so right, and right now it felt even more so.

In the next second Max found their mouths fused together, tongues tangling, dueling and savoring one another. Her moans were lost in his mouth as they hungrily kissed one another.

Finally pulling away, their breaths mingled as they gazed into each other's eyes. Both of them were burning with desire as they stared at one another. However, before they were able to continue, the minister interrupted them.

“I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Evans’.”

Tbc... Now here's the big question. Do you want part 13B which is the reception- which I have none done, or do you want the honeymoon? I won't be writing until after Christmas because its Picabo's first Christmas and hubby and I want to make it special, so speak now or forever hold your peace. BTW, I hope this was okay- you can tell me if it sucks.

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Tables, lights, and balloons decorated the large area. The guests were dancing on the hardwood floor at the base of the gazebo with the bride and groom among them. They were all relaxed and happy. The cake had been cut, and the couple had had fun trying to feed one another. And the bride and groom were two who were one.

On the stage the band was lively playing. Michael stood beside the lead singer as the music halted suddenly. It was clear to everyone that he was giving the man some instructions and no one could wait to see what was going to happen. They all watched as he took his glass of “champagne” and walked over to the microphone.

Michael clanked his spoon against the crystal goblet, waiting until the room was completely silent. The band stopped completely and the dancers followed, including Liz and Max. The smile on their faces grew as they watched Michael stare back at them before turning towards the crowd.

“I’m a cook, not a writer or some great speech person. But Maxwell did teach me a few things in our years together at high school, so let’s give this a try,” Michael offered, causing everyone to chuckle and for Max’s cheeks to burn a bright red as he slowly shook his head. They all watched as Michael raised his glass, only to have the guests raise their glasses as well. “This is to my best friend on the occasion of his wedding- hopefully his first and only.”

Shouts of support, laughter and a few whistles filled the room. Then there was silence.

“I have truly come to know your bride as my new sister. So take care of her, otherwise I’ll set Rath on you!” Again everyone laughed as they all turned and stared at Rath who loomed protectively near Liz and Max, with Lonnie at his side. Alex and Maria stood beside them as well, both picking on Rath and Lonnie to leave the happy couple alone.

For a moment Michael stopped and swallowed, as he did not want to let anyone see him cry.

“Now, Maxwell, I don’t have a wedding gift, and you know me well enough to know not to expect one. But, after collaborating with everyone, we decided that you two could go with this as a loaner until you two find your own,” Michael explained, and as soon as he stopped the band began to play.

Hold me close and tell me how you feel
Tell me love is real
Words of love you whisper soft and true
Darling I love you

Upon the opening phrases of the song Max appeared overwhelmed, but Michael nodded his head, letting Max know that everything was okay. Then, taking his wife’s hand, Max led Liz into the center of the dance floor, which was now completely cleared. Immediately the crowd began to applaud at the unexpected and unscheduled wedding dance. They all watched as the groom held his bride tenderly in his arms, every so often peppering the crown of her head with kisses.

Let me hear you say the words I long to hear
Darling when you're near

If it was at all possible Max believed that Liz was even more beautiful then before. All day he had been dying to hold her like this, and yes they had danced, but never like this. This was their wedding dance- a wedding dance they hadn’t expected to have. And Max wasn’t the only one to be lost. Liz was just as dazed by her husband’s overly handsome appearance and the feel of his warm arms encompassing her that she didn’t even notice everyone watching them.

Words of love you whisper soft and true
Darling I love you

The crowd applauded one last time as the music faded out, leaving two very lost people who continued to dance while gazing into each other’s eyes. They were glued to each other, and it didn’t appear that they would separate anytime soon.


It was complete bedlam in the small reception hall and the new group of friends was caught in the middle of the throng. Maria, Alex, Rath, Lonnie, Michael, Isabel and Kyle waited patiently for their friend’s to re-appear. They had disappeared just long enough so that Max could make sure everything was ready to go.

A moment later they young couple appeared at the top of the staircase. Liz was blushing and Max had his arm gingerly slung around her shoulder as he whispered something in her ear. It was obvious that she was embarrassed about whatever was going to happen, but it was cute and the crowd enjoyed it.

Everyone watched as Liz sat down and Max bent down before her. In the next moment they watched her face turn a crimson red as Max delicately pushed her skirt up just enough so that he could remove her garter. Diane and Philip laughed at Liz’s embarrassment, but Diane felt for the girl, as she knew that she had felt the same way. However the smiles faded from the parent’s faces as they watched Max’s hands expertly caress her thigh, and they did not miss the look of pure ecstasy in Liz’s eyes.

Maybe they had been wrong in their belief that tonight would be their son’s first night to bed with their new daughter-in-law. Not that it mattered, but they had believed that their son and his girlfriend had decided to wait.

Everyone cheered as Max tossed the garter into the crowd. A few shouts could be heard, but in the end, it was Alex who won the battle and victoriously got the garter. Rath slapped him on the back as he whooped out in excitement, and Maria and Liz laughed loudly at their friend’s predicament.

Next came the tossing of the bouquet. As she tossed it over her shoulder Liz watched as Max continued to caress her wherever he could. She knew that they both wanted to be alone, as she too could feel the need to finally bond. It was only natural due to the bonding Nasedo and Steven had recited after the actual wedding. Since then they had quickly grown attached, as was the Antarian way.

No man or woman could deny the bond once it was set in place. Even if they did not love one another the bond would force them to seek out the other’s affections. And now, Liz and Max could feel its affects full force.

Her eyes lowered to half-mast as she arched into Max’s touch. As much as she loved Zan, at this moment all she could think about was getting Max alone and having her way with him.

Unfortunately they had a long flight ahead of them- or so Nasedo and Steven said.

The screaming behind them reminded Liz and Max where they were and they quickly turned to see what was going on. Both broke out laughing as they watched Tess and Maria fight over the bouquet. Tess was trying to wrestle the prize from Maria’s hands. Everyone cheered, effectively giving Max and Liz the time they needed to escape.

Flying down the stairs and racing through the crowd with a protective phalanx of groomsmen bodyguards, they headed for the door- towards their freedom. In the next moment Liz and Max found themselves in a rainstorm of rose petals. But they ignored it as they continued towards the limousine.

As soon as they reached the black limousine, Max helped Liz in before getting in as well. Everyone watched on in cheer as they continued to scream and shout their “good lucks” and “goodbyes.”

From behind the window, Max and Liz watched on with smiles lighting their faces. They waved as the limo took off, the cans and streamers flying behind it making clanking and ringing sounds. They laughed as Maria and Alex ran out into the street waving the garter and bouquet of flowers in the air as they waved goodbye.

This was it. They were finally alone.

“We’ll be arriving at the airport in ten minutes, your majesty.”

Or, they were almost alone. Max merely nodded in response to Steven’s statement. He didn’t care how long it would take to get to the airport, all he cared about was when he could be alone with Liz.

“Where are we going?” Liz finally asked. She turned and looked at Max who merely shrugged in response. She then turned and glanced at Steven.

“We have arranged for a week’s stay in the Cook Islands…”

Tbc... well, the next few parts will be the honeymonn- yes what everyone has been waiting for... And I'll be working on them sometime soon, I promise! Oh and the songs....
In the proposal the song was by Patty Lovless. And this song was by The Beatles.

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Chapter 14

Ensconced in a window seat and moodily gazing out at the passing clouds, Liz and Max watched in awe as the sun set before them. They had flown all night, hardly sleeping at all. And now, nearly 16 hours later, the couple was closing in on arriving in the Cook Islands.

Neither could believe that they were getting a week away from everything and everyone. They also couldn’t believe that Steven and Nasedo had set this up. The idea of staying at a private resort, away from all distractions, was a blessing for both Max and Liz.

And by no distractions, they meant literally that. The island they would be staying at had no television, radio, or many other modern day technologies. The couple would be left alone.

After a total of sixteen hours on a plane and another hour and a half on a personal flier, Liz and Max arrived in the Aitutaki Lagoon, or more specifically, Maroro Village. As they looked out the window of the plane they were shocked at the beautiful landscape before them. Never before had they seen something as beautiful.

Once inside the arrival hall, both Max and Liz were surprised to see the throngs of people mulling around the “airport.” Neither understood a thing, but they were soon educated as to why there were so many people.

“Welcome to Maroro Village,” a young girl smiled at the newly weds as she and her brother placed flower garlands around Liz and Max’s necks. Max and Liz didn’t know how to respond so they merely smiled back. “Your unit has been prepared and is ready for your arrival.”

“Unit?” Liz asked, slightly confused as to what the girl was talking about. She glanced at Max who merely shrugged as he grasped her hand and gave it a quick squeeze. However, upon seeing all of the male staffers staring at his wife, Max let go of her hand and wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close, leaving no questions in anyone’s mind.

“Yes, if you will follow me I will show you to your unit,” the girl responded cheerfully. She and her brother turned and started out of the “airport” but not before motioning for Liz and Max to follow. For a moment Liz and Max started to follow, only they remembered they needed to pick up their luggage. However, when they moved to pick up their bags they found that a small group of men had already collected their belongings and were waiting patiently behind them.

“Well then,” Max mumbled, causing Liz to laugh softly to herself. They followed the two children leaders, all the while admiring their surroundings and new home, at least for the next week. Neither could believe that they were here, or that they would be left alone for one week.

And neither Max nor Liz would have picked any other place.

As soon as they were settled, yet another person greeted Max and Liz. Only this time it was an older man. He bowed before the couple and kissed Liz’s hand.

“Welcome to Maroro Village. My name is Motu and I am here to introduce you to the island as well as answer any questions you may have,” Motu stated happily. He gazed at the newly weds and smiled. They were young and looked more in love then some of the couples he had seen. The protective manner in which the male held his wife was unlike anything Motu had ever seen. And the female, while shy and quiet, seemed loyal and completely besotted by her new husband.

These two would last.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Liz said enthusiastically. She stood beside Max with her arms wrapped around his waist. She plastered on the best smile she could as she fought her growing need to be alone with her new husband. It was wonderful that everyone on the island was so nice and it was thoughtful of them to do all that they had thus far, but all Liz really wanted was to get Max alone.

And soon.

“Actually, if you don’t mind, my wife and I are extremely tired and we would really like to sleep,” Max insisted. Sleep was the last thing on his mind, but it was the only plausible excuse he could come up with. Right now all he really wanted was to get Liz alone. Being on both planes with her by his side had been pure hell as they had been unable to do anything without someone else seeing.

But now they had the chance to be alone. And Max intended to use every moment as though it were their last.

That was, as long as Liz was ready.

“Oh, of course! When you have rested and wish to be given a proper tour and such, please just drop by. The reception desk is open twenty-four hours a day. We are here to help you enjoy your stay to the fullest extent,” Motu smiled at the couple as he backed off, bowing slightly to show respect.

“Ok, thanks,” Max said irritably. He hadn’t meant to, but this guy was annoying him. All he wanted was for him to leave, and every time he tried to shut the door the guy just seemed to open his mouth and talk some more.

“And remember, if you need anything, don’t hesitate to—“

“We know, thank you,” Max growled. He was growing angry. Would this guy ever leave?

“Oh, yes, and if –“

“Really, we’re fine!” Max snapped before closing the door. He turned towards Liz and smiled down at her. He could tell that she was just as impatient as he was to get rid of Motu, only he was positive that she wouldn’t have been as blunt.

But now they were alone.


“Yeah,” Liz whispered. She glanced at the room encompassing them. It was humongous. Larger then anything she had ever been in, except Max’s house. Even the apartment Zan had gotten for them wasn’t nearly as big or nicely furnished as the small unit they now stood in. “It’s really beautiful.”

“It is,” Max mumbled in agreement, though he wasn’t talking about the room. Instead o gazing around the room, he was staring at her. He couldn’t get over how beautiful she was or that she was his wife. She wasn’t even eighteen- she wasn’t even legal- and he was hardly eighteen himself, and yet they were married.

She was his.

Catching his gaze, Liz was startled to see him staring intently at her. Her eyes faltered and she had to mentally shake herself so that she wouldn’t fall into some dark abyss. She was slightly unnerved by Max’s intense gaze. It was a side of Max that she had never seen before.

It was like Zan, but so very different.

“Zan,” Liz whispered reverently.

“What did you say?” Max asked worriedly. He turned to her and grasped her arm gently with his own.

“What?” Liz asked, confused.

“You mumbled something and I didn’t hear,” Max explained as he looked down at his wife in concern. Something was wrong.

“Oh, bathroom. I-uh, I need to use the bathroom,” Liz lied. And before Max could protest, Liz had set off and locked herself in the bathroom. He glared at the door. What had just happened? One minute they had been all over each other and the next Liz had completely zoned out.

Something was definitely wrong


“Lonnie!” Maria’s scream echoed through the small apartment, causing Michael, Rath and Kyle to cringe as it reached them. The group of guys watched as not only Lonnie but Alex got up and started over towards where they suspected Maria was.

“What’s going on? Why’d Maria scream?” Isabel asked as she came into the apartment. She sat down beside Kyle and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

“Who knows, who cares,” Tess responded dully from the couch. She had been moping ever since Max and Liz had gotten married and taken off.

“Probably another cheese factory,” Michael commented sarcastically, causing Kyle and Isabel to chuckle and Rath to glare at the two of them.

“Are we’s playin’ or nots?” Rath snapped. Immediately everyone grew serious as their game of poker continued.

Inside the bathroom the three friends stared first at Maria and then the object in her hand. None of them knew exactly what to say. At first they remained silent. Then, as their shock settled in, they each let out a small breathe only to gulp in as much air as possible.

“No way,” Lonnie insisted, ignoring everything in front of her.

“Nah, it’s probably fake,” Alex said dismissively.

“Yes way, and it isn’t fake!” Maria argued.

“Wells, it won’t change a thang,” Lonnie insisted.

“But--” Maria started, only to have Alex cut her off.

“It’s their problem now. Nothing we can do about it.”

“Do you think he even knows?” Lonnie asked.

“Doubtful,” Alex concluded.

“Do you think he’ll accept it?” Maria asked.

“Accept what?” A voice drifted through the door

“Nothing!” The three shouted quickly in response.


Staring at her reflection in the mirror, Liz lifted her shirt high enough to reveal her stomach. It was still flat and toned. And as she stared at it she couldn’t help but wonder. How far along as she? What would Max think? Would he still accept her? Would he accept this?

What about Zan?

She was just getting over the shock herself. And as she stared at her stomach she wasn’t even sure that it was possible. Only it was possible and it was very real.

But, how could there be a life inside of her?

How could she be pregnant?

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Chapter 15

Rapping softly on the door, Max waited with baited breath for Liz to answer. Because he had a sister he knew that when a woman said she needed to use the bathroom then it really meant she was going to freshen up.

Freshening up meant taking a good 30 minutes to an hour.

Liz had been in the bathroom for 45 minutes at this point. And normally Max would have left her alone, especially since he was already pretty sure what was going to happen very soon. Not that he didn’t want it to happen, he did. Only, right now he could feel the remorse and guilt and sorrow rolling off of Liz, and it worried him.

Thus his knocking on the bathroom door.

“Liz?” Max called out softly. He leaned against the door and breathed in. He could still smell her, and that was reassuring. At least she hadn’t left.

That was one of Max’s greatest fears. One day Liz would figure out that he wasn’t anything compared to Zan and she would leave. That would kill him, Max knew that much already. He knew that losing Liz would like slicing a knife through his heart.

“I’ll-uh, I’ll just be a moment.” He could hear the so in Liz’s throat and he wondered what was wrong. Had he pushed her? Did she think that he as pressuring her to do things that she wasn’t ready for?

“Fuck,” Max groaned. He hung his head in shame and silently berated himself. He couldn’t believe it. It all made sense now. The entire plane ride over he had been touching her, and quite intimately, and now she was scared. He had pressured her and now she was locking herself in the bathroom.

Could he really blame her?

“Liz, please come out,” Max pleaded. He held his breath as he waited, but when the door didn’t open a minute later Max knew that he was right. He had royally screwed up and now he had to get Liz to come out so he could make everything up to her. “Please, Liz. Nothings going to happen, not until you’re ready,” Max insisted through the closed door. It towered above him, as though it were Liz’s father, protectively standing in front of her so that he wouldn’t see her.

“Just give me a minute, please.” Another sob was wrenched from the door and Liz’s vocal chords, causing Max’s heart to constrict.

What kind of special asshole was he to deserve such a wonderful women and to fuck it up so soon?

“No, Liz… I won’t give you a minute, I’ll give you as long as you need,” Max stated firmly. He sank down onto the ground, leaning his back against the door as he took a deep breath and tried to come up with something to do or say to get Liz out of the bathroom. “Liz, please,” Max whispered one last time.


The apartment was lit up with hundreds of vanilla scented candles, all burning brightly as the couple danced. The soft lull of the music drifted in and out, but neither noticed it. They were too enamored by the other to pay attention to anything else.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

“I had this horrible nightmare,” Liz started softly. She smiled against her husbands shoulder, but shuddered as she felt the air around her slightly give way.

“What was it about?”

“I dreamt that I lost you,” Liz whispered. Even speaking the words caused a deep pain in her heart.

“You’ll never lose me.”

“I dreamt that you died and that I had to marry your dupe,” Liz continued, ignoring Zan’s whispered words. It was too painful to even think about her nightmare, but it felt good to let it all out.

“What else?” Zan asked gently. He brushed an errant strand of hair from her face as he placed a chaste kiss on her temple. He had lost his right to kiss her; she was Max’s now.

“After you died I found out I was pregnant, only I never had the courage to tell Max- even after we were married,” Liz said softly. She snuggled closer to her husband, reveling in his warm, strong arms. She would never tire of Zan or his body.

“You are the bravest person I knew; you still are,” Zan assured. He fought the need to kiss away her tears. After all, it wasn’t his job anymore.

His words hit Liz like a ton of bricks. Knew. As in the past tense.


“I love you so much- I never told you enough. Now I regret it.” Gone was his New York accent. Gone was his stubble covering his chin. And gone were his numerous tattoos and piercings.

“No, Zan…” Liz choked on the lump rising in her throat. It couldn’t be true. Zan wasn’t dead. It had only been a nightmare.

“You and the baby- you’re going to be just fine,” Zan promised. “And Max- he’s going to make a great father, but you have to tell him.”

“Zan, no!”

“And you- you are going to be the best mother,” Zan murmured. He pulled her into his embrace, his fingers tangling in her long, silky tresses. He had to hold her one last time.

“Please, Zan…”

“You and Max- you two belong together. You’re married. And you two are going to have a very happy, long life together,” Zan whispered as he fought the tears pooling in his eyes.

“But I love you!”

“I love you too, but now its time for you and Max to be together,” Zan insisted. When he saw that she wasn’t buying it he knew what he had to do. “Liz, look at me,” Zan demanded. As soon as he had her attention he continued. “You know me. I wouldn’t have died unless I knew that you were taken care of. And Max- Max will take care of you. Both of you.”

When he finally pulled away Zan had to use all of his strength and control to not pull Liz back into his arms. She didn’t need him anymore. She needed Max.

Tears trickled down Liz’s cheeks as she watched her husband back away from her. Their eyes were locked on each others. She reached for him, and while he reached for her as well, Zan knew that he couldn’t touch her. If he touched her then he would need to hold her. And as soon as he had her back in his arms Zan knew he would never be able to let go.

“I’ll be watching you Liz Evans’.”

“Zan, please, don’t go,” Liz begged. Her lower lip trembled and tears were flowing down her cheeks now.

“I’m already gone,” Zan whispered sadly as he disappeared from sight.


It was sometime around three in the morning when Max woke up. He picked himself up off the floor and started over towards the bed, but not before casting a longing glance at the bathroom. He felt defeated, tired, and heartbroken. Liz had yet to come out, and it didn’t look like she would for some time.

So lost in thought, Max never even heard the light sounds of footsteps, or the slight shift in the bed. However he did feel the soft touch of her hand on his upper arm and as he looked up, relief spread through him. He sprang to his feet and crushed Liz to him, unwilling to let her out of his sight or arms.

“Whe-…” Max started only to have Liz interrupt him.

“I love you… I love you so much, and I’m sorry… so sorry…” Liz half whispered and half cried. Her body was clad in only the nightie she had changed into. And originally she had been cold. But as Max continued to embrace her she felt an unexplainable warmth creep through her body.

Max nearly jumped for joy at Liz’s confession. She had come to him. And to top things off she had said that she loved him. And while he was confused as to why she was apologizing, he wasn’t going to question anything. He was even too afraid to let go and open his eyes for fear that this was all a dream- an illusion that would be brought to light if he questioned it.

“I love you too.” Max whispered back as he continued to hug her. It was at this point that he noticed just how little she was wearing and how cold she was. He pulled away slightly and looked her over. Her eyes had dark circles underneath them and she was deathly pale. He needed to get her into something warmer.

Tentatively, not wanting to scare her away, Max reached down and started reaching for the hem of her nightie. When she nodded her permission, Max gently peeled her nightie from her body.

He knew he shouldn’t, but Max couldn’t help but stare at her goddess like body, which was clad in panties and bra. Fixing his gaze on her face, Max gingerly pulled her back to him as he kneeled before her, pressing his face against her smooth stomach, glorying in her perfection and their love for each other. He hugged her tiny waist tightly as she ran her fingers through his hair.

Feeling somewhat under dressed and embarrassed by her earlier behavior, Liz tried to pull away, only to have Max hold her tighter. She felt his lips gently pressing feather light kisses to her stomach, his lips running along the edge of her panties, and she marveled at his silken touch.

With a trembling hand, Liz cautiously reached down and caressed Max’s cheek as she kneeled down in front of him as well, bringing her face to face with him. She wasn’t quite sure what they were doing or just how far they were going, but at this moment she didn’t care. She just wanted Max to hold her forever.

Unbuttoning his shirt, Liz slid it off his shoulders while her eyes remained glued to his smooth, bronze skin. She pressed an open mouth kiss to his heart as her hands wandered over his skin, caressing, touching, tickling. Her eyes flew up when she heard him gasp softly after she had raked a nail over his nipple.

Still unsure of where this was going, Liz reached for his jeans, intending to do whatever it was that Max wanted from her. She bit her bottom lip as her hands trembled while undoing his jeans. A moment later she felt her hands being steadied by Max’s large, warm hands.

“Liz…” Max said hoarsely while gazing into her eyes questioningly. He bit back a moan as her doe brown eyes returned his lustful stare. Only he could tell that Liz wasn’t ready for this, and neither was he. Their relationship was too new, too fresh to head to this direction. But as he felt her hands pushing his jeans down he couldn’t stop the groan of pleasure from having her hands on his skin. However once his jeans were down to his knees he found his voice. “Liz… we… we don’t have to do anything.”

Liz merely nodded as she visibly relaxed. She was resting on her knees, her hands still clutching the material of Max’s pants. Her hands stilled and she glanced up at him. With just that one look, Max couldn’t hold himself back as he pulled Liz up his body and gazed deeply into her eyes.

Her gaze fell to his lips, and unconsciously, Liz licked her own lips, not knowing that at that exact moment, Max was looking at her lips as well. And in the next instant, Liz had her lips pressed lightly against Max's. The moment their lips touched Liz felt something within her start to shift and she became dizzy from the feeling of it, but she never took her lips from Max's. And in turn, Max forged on, drawing Liz back into his embrace and fusing their lips together more forcefully. Seeking out entrance to her mouth, Max lazily dragged his tongue over her lower lip before suckling it into his mouth, and this gave Max the exact response he had hoped for. The second Liz's mouth opened to accommodate his, she felt his tongue slowly begin to make love to her mouth. And the dizzy feeling increased, and again she felt some sort of shift within her, as if part of her was giving way to a completely new part.

It felt wonderful and new, like something Liz had never experienced.

As the kiss deepened Liz watched as everything in her mind filled with a blinding white light. All thoughts were pushed away, except that at that moment she was willing to do anything to make Max happy. Her hands snaked around his neck, bringing him as close as physically possible while still devouring his mouth with her own. She faintly felt his hands wandering down her bare back and then to her behind, which he cupped and massaged with his usual gentle caress. Everywhere his fingers touched a trail of fire was left in its spot, and Liz was badly in need of him putting it out. Passion was consuming the two as they continued to kiss passionately.

Breaking apart, they both dragged in ragged breaths of air. Their eyes remained on each other as they remained kneeling in front of each other, their arms hugging the other close to them.

Smiling against Max's shoulder, Liz reached down and grasped his hands in hers. His eyes followed her movements and he stared at their entwined fingers as they lay between them. Then, his gaze drifted over her body, coming finally to the face that would forever be his ultimate image of beauty. He watched as a single tear seeped out of her lashes and down her cheek. Max reached up and wiped it away, then leaned closer to brush his lips over her cheek. The warmth of his breath against her skin caused a tremor to pass through her body. However, he felt his breath catch when she brought one hand up to rest on his cheek, then moved her head in closer to capture his mouth in a long, sweet kiss.

Kneading her palms in his own hands, Max leaned in and kissed her forehead, his lips lingering for a few seconds so he could continue to feel her soft velvety skin beneath his lips. He then let go of one of her hands to bring his fingers up to trace her jaw line, delicately touching every inch of skin that he could. It seemed like an eternity had passed for Liz before Max inched his face closer to hers; his lips merely an inch or two away. His fingers had tangled in her hair, then his lips had met hers. It had been short and loving at first, but soon their kisses had become hungrier, deeper, as they let themselves get lost in each other. Max cupped her face in his hands and bent down to kiss her gently, and when they parted, she smiled at him. She moved in for another kiss, and as their lips met both sighed in contentment. Her hands slid over his chest as her mouth moved in time with his own. Their kisses were slow, languid and he savored the taste of her on his lips.

“Hold me…” Liz murmured. Her breath against his ears left him feeling sensations that he had never felt before. And as he heard her speaking he thought he was listening to an angel, but her words were anything but angelic. He stared at her with questioning eyes for a moment before nodding his head in confirmation. Max understood her need to be held, as he too wanted to simply hold her in his arms forever. He helped Liz up, and with his hands enclosed around her waist they made their way back to the bed.

Standing by the end of the bed with the cool carpet under their feet, Max couldn’t help but look at Liz. All day long Max had spent his time looking at Liz and learning the way she looked and the way she moved. And now, as they stood in his dark bedroom, lights off, the glow of the fresh morning light streaming through the windows acting as their only light, Max could finally say he knew Liz completely. He had never thought she looked more beautiful then she did now; she was wearing a bra and panties, but he had never found white cotton undies so sexy before. The love and adoration in each other's eyes was pouring out as they gazed at each other.

Moving to each other, his arms encircled around her waist, as hers did the same, and together they stood, unmoving, simply feeling each other's warmth, rejoicing in having someone special to hold. For Max, he couldn't think of anything beyond the point that there would be no more dream-hugs, then waking to find his arms clenched tightly across his chest and Liz no where in site, because finally Liz was with him. With his arms around Liz, he knew that she'd still be in his arms in the morning from now on.

Slightly moving apart, the two looked into each other's others, as Max silently asked for permission to continue; his only response a nod from Liz. As their faces moved closer and their lips meet for the first time in what seems like years a small fireworks explosion occurred between the two. And they kissed tenderly, then firmly, their passion restrained, then wanton. And when Liz's lowered lip quivered after Max ran his tongue along it, she suddenly followed suit, licking his lips, as he tasted her again.

"I love you." Max whispered after moving his lips across her cheek, nibbling at her flesh and approaching her ear. The words and the rush of air accompanying them caused a wave of pleasure to flow through Liz, and Max held onto her body tightly as she slightly trembled. And together they stood still, together and in love.

“I love you too.” Liz murmured.

Finally, Liz loosened her grip on his body and Max felt them traveling up and down his back, her fingertips playing across his bare back. And Max did the same, rubbing her velvet flesh with his fingertips. Pressing their bodies together, kissing, then hugging some more, Max and Liz quickly become acquainted with each other's bodies. As Max ran his fingertips along the edge of her bra lightly touching her skin, he watched as the breath in her throat caught; and in response he lightly kissed her cheeks, her forehead, her lips, and then he pulled back to look at her face. Liz's eyes sparkle as she smiled up at Max, before she softly kissed his lips; it was Max's turn for the warm feeling inside to take over as a smile broke out over his face.

Sliding her hands into the loopholes of his jeans, she rid them from his body and as Max felt her fingers dancing lightly on his skin he shivered through the heat that was building within him. His hands found their way back to her waist as he linked fingers with hers and dropped their hands to the small of her back. Holding each other tightly again, pressing their bodies at the hips, their mouths once again sought each other's out. Only this time Liz kissed Max's lips, his cheeks, and finally his temple.

Moving his face past her, Max pressed his face into her hair, breathing in deeply so he could smell her intoxicating scent. Liz's skin tingled in response as his hands moved up her back. Lifting his head from her hair, Max moved in first to kiss her, then he moved out of the way so he could peel her bra from her body. It was as though a silent agreement had been passed between them and he knew this was what she wanted. As the cool night air hit's Liz's skin, Max warmed her with his hands moving across her body.

Max pulled Liz's bra from her body, leaving it hanging between her arms as he moved his hands back down, caressing her torso with his palms; rubbing her skin to keep it warm. The warmth spread from her torso to the rest of her body, and she felt a heat begin to grow within her body. Pulling her bra from her arms, Liz finally lowered her arms before caressing his chest and then running her fingernails up his back. Wrapping her arms around Max, Liz pulled him with her onto the bed.

Lying on her back with her arms over her head, Max nibbled at her lips, then down her chin to her neck and finally to her chest. He licked at her nipples, feeling them tighten and harden beneath his tongue. He continued nibbling down her body, feeling her muscles tense as he neared the border of her last article of clothing, but he finally crossed the border, staying outside the soft material. Her legs spread involuntarily as he nibbled at the dim outline of what lied beneath, an immeasurably small distance from his lips. Finally growing frustrated, Liz pulled Max up to face her and they kissed, long and deep.

Her hand slid down his back and he leaned into the sensation, exposing his chest. Her other hand stroked him there, tracing a line from his neck downward, causing Max to feel an electric sensation running through his nerves as her hands caressed his taut stomach muscles. But then she pulled away, causing Max to quickly return to the reality of the matter.

"Liz?" The soft glow of the morning light drifting into Max's room gave Max a beautiful view of Liz as she caressed him. He watched as she pulled away after he had questioned her, but before Max was willing to do anything he had to make sure this was what Liz wanted. The last thing Max needed was to scare Liz off and lose her. He gently pulled himself away from Liz's body and helped her so she was sitting up beside him. "Can I touch you?"

"Yes." Backing away and then leaning back down on his bed, Liz watched on hesitantly as Max leaned back down, hovering over her. She felt a warm tingle of anticipation as he looked from her breasts to the pair of panties she wore. She knew they wouldn’t be making love tonight, but this was so much better. Slowly, Liz lifted her hips and let Max help her slip out of her panties.

"I’ve never done this before, but when I'm with you it comes naturally." Her body tensed with anticipation as he tentatively touched her nipple with a fingertip. And then she felt his mouth scorching her skin with each kiss as he made his way back down her neck towards her breast. The next thing she knew his hand was gently gliding down her side to her hips and thighs, his hands lingering there before touching her other nipple. "Does this feel good?"

"Yes" Her soft moan only drove Max further as he pressed a soft kiss to her nipple. Watching him as he stroked her, Liz briefly wondered how she had grown to trust Max so completely in the last few days. And she wondered how she had grown to love him so completely.

Again he bent down and kissed her as he gently touched the smooth skin between her legs. Reaching down, Liz held his hand there as she returned the kiss before she reached up to hold him. As he kissed her neck, she felt a wave of warmth sweep over her, and it intensified as he worked his way down to her nipples. Without even knowing, Liz found herself hugging his head to her breast as he kissed her. A wave of anticipation swept over her, and she realized that she was grinding herself against the pressure of his hand between her legs. Changing from kissing her nipples to sucking on them, Max found that as he did so, it released a wave of pleasure through Liz's body. The waves continued, each one more intense than the one before, until Liz found herself relaxing in a state of infinite pleasure, looking up at him as he looked at her, a smile splayed over both of their lips.

Leaning in, Liz captured Max's lips with her own, and as she did she felt her bare breast softly resting on his chest as she kissed him, and as she moved, the feeling in her nipples as they slid across his skin was echoed by a soft moan. And in response Max slid his hands gently across the smooth skin of her back and then to her hips. This in turn caused Liz to feel his erection press tightly against her thigh. She moved to touch him, but he thwarted her attempts, casting a sidelong glance, he smiled shyly.

“If... I don’t want things to happen that shouldn’t happen right now, and… and if you touch me I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop myself.” Max admitted sheepishly. Liz immediately felt guilty. He had pleasured her and now as she wished to do so as well, he was denying because he was too afraid that his control would snap. And for that she loved him even more. Seeing the guilty look on her face, Max smothered her feelings with a sound kiss. “Don’t… don’ think that way. Just holding you in my arms is all I need.”

“Then hold me… hold me all night and don’t ever let go.” Liz pleaded softly.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Max again leaned down and kissed her full lips, leaving her with a promise that when they were both ready they would come together as they should.

As soon as Liz had returned from her state of bliss, she let her hands wander over Max’s body, caressing his skin as she worked her way down to his boxers. As she reached the hem she looked up into Max’s eyes, silently asking him if this was what he wanted as well. Tentatively, he nodded as his hands covered her own, helping her in taking off the final barrier between them. Both knew that they wouldn’t be making love today, but they needed to be near each other, and this felt right.

They lowered themselves down onto the bed so that Liz lay beside Max, their legs entwined, their hands clasping each other’s and heads nestled together. Max smiled down at his angel and kissed the top of her forehead. They had been through so much today and now they needed their rest.

"I love you… I love you more then I knew was ever possible." Max whispered. He placed another kiss on the crown of her head before pulling her body tightly against his and resting his head near hers.

“I love you too.” Liz murmured quietly, dropping a kiss on his shoulder before letting her eyes close once again.

This was how they laid together, holding each other until sleep took over them both.

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Chapter 16

Light refracted in a constant collision with the water, making for a beautiful sparkle across the landscape of the sea before Max and Liz. They watched as the wave. Almost in slow motion, the hallucinatory prism, looking more like liquid diamonds took flight. It was dreamlike and gorgeous.

Backlit against the flaming sun a solitary surfer glided across the green-blue glassy peak. Time seemed to stretch until the surfer’s movements gained a grace and fluidity not of this world.

The landscape before them was silvery in the given light, almost metallic, as if from some future-scape. The lone surfer shredded a long, endless right wall. He stared into the pit, dug in, dropped into the sweet spot of the wave, and hunkered down.

The red sky was unlike either had seen along with the luminous ocean. There were five-foot faces with a nice curl and perfect wind. Off to the side a lineup of surfers waited outside the break. They were silhouetted against the red sky, bobbing up and down like a pack of sea mammals.

“It’s so beautiful,” Liz whispered. She snuggled closer to Max, loving the feel of him so close to her.

“Yeah,” Max agreed, though he wasn’t talking about the scene before him. Instead he was talking about his wife who was comfortably resting against him.

Since their disastrous first night as a married couple, Max and Liz had miraculously recovered and worked almost everything out. In the morning they had woken up reluctantly. Neither was sure how to act around the other. But soon they realized that nothing had changed between them, only their relationship had advanced, as all should.

They had shared a brief, but passionate kiss, and had both shyly said their “I love you,” without even thinking.

Afterwards they had moved on to have breakfast. Since the resort was practically barren their breakfast was spent with only a few other residents of the island and the lucky vacationers. Breakfast had been nice and very relaxing; helping to ease the young couples nerves.

As there were so few patrons on the island, the few had eaten together and conversed lightly during breakfast. As soon as it was reveled that Max and Liz were newly married the other couples had offered their words of wisdom and good luck. Some had asked their age, and in response, Max merely said that they were of age. To that many asked how they knew they were in love at such a young age.

That time Liz answered. She told the other patrons that love had come naturally to she and Max, and the moment they had met she knew he was her soul mate. The other couples had ohhed and awed and that point, again offering their best of wishes.

After breakfast Liz had suggested that they get away from the “crowds” and find someplace they could be alone.

Zan was right. She needed to tell Max. And she just prayed that he would understand.

“You’re shivering, do you want to go inside?” Max asked as he felt a small shiver run through her body. He felt the goose bumps rise on her arms and in response he wrapped his arms a little more tightly around her, hoping to ward off the cold.

“No,” Liz answered solemnly. She had been trying to come up with the perfect way to tell Max her latest revelation, but she already knew that there was no perfect way.

And with that thought, she couldn’t help but think that he would leave her. Why would he want to remain with her when she was carrying another man’s child? Sure Zan was Max’s dupe, but it was still Zan’s child. It would serve as a constant reminder that she had been with another while he had remained faithful and saved himself for her.

But then Liz knew that wasn’t fair.

She had already lost Zan, and this child was his gift to her. It was his way of leaving her in peace. For this child would remain a symbol of her love for Zan, and any and all children after would serve as a reminder of her love of Max.

And if Max didn’t accept that than he wasn’t worth her love and affections.

“Max?” Liz turned in Max’s arms, gazing up into his eyes. She averted her gaze when he smiled down at her, lightly brushing her temple with his lips.


For a moment Liz was completely lost as she felt his wandering hands grazing up and down her arms. Hadn’t it been cold only a moment ago?

As she continued to stare up into Max’s innocent amber eyes she felt her courage weakening. She tried to fight and keep her bravery, but each time she stared up into his eyes she felt her heart weaken. She couldn’t do this to him. She couldn’t ruin his honeymoon.

Noticing that she wasn’t going to finish what she was originally going to say, Max shifted slightly so that his back was leaning against a nearby mound of sand and his wife was sitting on his lap. He cupped her cheeks with his hands, caressing her cheeks with the pads of his thumbs.

“Liz…” But Max didn’t even get to ask before the floodgates opened.

“I’m so sorry!” Liz suddenly cried out. She flung herself against her husband, needing to feel him one last time. In the short time that she had known him, Max had become a huge part of her life. She loved him just as she had loved Zan, only in different ways. Max and Zan were so different. While one was rough and loving, the other was kind and caring, always looking out for her needs. Max didn’t have the same rough edge that Zan had, but both had treated her as his queen and love of his life.

Unsure of what she was doing or why, Max merely held Liz in his arms. He didn’t know what had brought about her sudden outburst, but he wanted to find out and make everything better.

“Sorry? Sorry for what?” Max queried softly. He pulled away slightly and looked into his wife’s tear-stained face. He kissed away her tears, praying that somehow she would understand that no matter what she did he would love her. He had known there would be troubles between them, but this was completely unexpected.

“I’m sorry for ruining your life,” Liz whispered. Her voice sounded so angelic and child like that it made Max’s heart constrict. She sounded so afraid, as though he were going to punish her. He wondered if she even knew that he couldn’t be mad at her even if he tried.

“Ruining my life? Liz, you didn’t ruin my life, you made my life begin… I love you and…” Liz pressed a finger to his lips, unwilling to hear more or even let him say more until she had told him. He needed to know. And he needed to know now.

If he knew and wanted to back out then now was the time. Liz was positive that had she and Max made love last night that she wouldn’t be able to live without him, but at this point they had yet to bond, so their joining wasn’t complete. He could still back out.

“Max, have you ever thought about having a family?” Ok, so that had definitely not been what Max had been expecting to hear from her. He felt his heart lurch forward and his breath caught in the back of his throat as his brow furrowed in confusion.

What had brought this about.

But Max was pretty sure he already knew.

Liz was pregnant. Zan was the father. And oh yes, Liz was pregnant.

And did he mention that Liz was pregnant.

Normally the idea of Liz being pregnant wouldn’t be a bad thing. But that was only if he was the father. He had thought about how wonderful Liz would look carrying HIS children. And he had pictured what THEIR children would look like. But he had never imagined that Liz would be pregnant so soon, or that Zan would be the father.

Had she known all along? Had she kept it from him? During all the time they had together had she hidden the fact that she was pregnant with Zan’s child until they were married because she knew that he would be slightly upset?

Maybe slightly wasn’t the right word. And neither was upset.

The rational side of Max knew that he had no reason to be angry. After all, Zan was Liz’s first husband and it was only rightful that they have a child together. Zan deserved it and so did Liz.

But still, Max couldn’t help but feel jealous and even a little inadequate. While he had known Liz and Zan had been intimate he hadn’t thought that he would be competing with Zan for Liz’s affection for the remainder of his life. And this child would do exactly that. This child would act as a reminder to Liz of what she had before him. She remember how much she loved Zan and maybe one day she would leave him because she would realize that he wasn’t half the man Zan was.

Of course, Max knew that wasn’t true as well. Liz loved him. She told him and he could feel it.

He could feel it, but that wasn’t enough.

“Y-you’re pregnant?” Max finally choked out. Liz could only nod in response. Tears continued to trickle down her cheeks, collecting at her chin before dripping onto his lap. He felt each and every solitary drop as it hit his skin like a block of lead.

Extracting her from his lap, Max stared at the ground for a moment. He didn’t know how to react. What was he supposed to say to something like this? Congratulations? Fuck you? Thanks for ruining my only dreams? We can raise it together? I still love you?

Unsure of what to do, Max suddenly got up. He didn’t even look at Liz to see her face crumble as she began to sob. Instead his eyes were fixated on the sand. His body lurched forward and his legs told him to move. Obeying his legs and feet, Max shuffled away from Liz.

“I-uh… I need to take a walk,” Max mumbled out, leaving a devastated and completely broken down Liz behind him.


The water splashed up against the rocks of the beach. The sun was sinking down past the horizon, losing itself to everything around it. All the beauty was slowly fading, giving way to the coming night.

Sitting on one of the jagged rocks, Max tossed a rock out into the vast ocean before him. He didn’t know how long he had been sitting there, but he was sure it had been for some time.

So much had happened in such a short time.

“Psst, ya savin’ that seat for anyone?” Max nearly jumped out of his shorts at the voice behind him. He whirled around only to come face to face with his dupe.

It was the first time Max had actually seen his dupe in the flesh. Well, that wasn’t exactly a correct term, but it was still the first time he had seen him up close and personal.

“Yo-you’re not really here, are you?” Max silently berated himself for letting his voice crack as he spoke. He was supposed to be the leader of a planet and yet he was practically peeing his pants from seeing his dead dupe before him.

“Nah. Yous just hallucinatin’ like all em’ other foos’,” Zan teased light heartedly. He shrugged at Max’s slack-jawed look. Sitting down beside his dupe, Zan gingerly slapped Max on his back. “So what’s on yer mind?”

Taken aback by his forwardness, Max merely stared at Zan for a moment while trying to collect his bearings.

“You know, don’t you?” Max asked quietly. He hated to even bring it up. But as soon as he did he regretted saying anything. The façade which Zan had been holding suddenly broke and a somber look took over his dupe. His whole demeanor changed. His shoulders slumped over and he hung his head in shame.

“Man, if there’s one thing I regret, it’s not being there for her and that kid right now. That baby that’s growing inside of her, I’ve wanted that ever since I met her,” Zan whispered remorsefully. Slowly he forced his head up to stare at his dupe. “As soon as I met her I knew that she was my everything- she was my permanent fix in life. And I knew that she would make a wonderful mother… and I had hoped I would make a good father.”


“But I’m dead, Max. I can’t take care of her or our baby. And while I know it tears you up inside, try to remember what Liz is going through. She loves you so much, but she doesn’t want to hurt you. She also doesn’t want to hurt me,” Zan reminded him. As he spoke the words he could see that Max was beginning to understand. And he was. Max had never thought of it from that perspective. “Listen, I know you had hoped that you and Liz would have a kid together, and you will… you’ll have lots of them, but let her have this one as well. If anything it will help her conscience. It will help her get over that last step so that she can finally give herself completely to you, but only if you are willing to accept both she and our baby.”


“No, Max. There are no buts,” Zan interrupted. Staring at his dupe, Zan appraised Max carefully. “Do you love her?”

“Of course I do,” Max answered swiftly, causing Zan’s smile to falter. Hearing another man profess his love about Liz was still hard to hear, but it did warm his heart to know that Liz was in good hands.

“Then accept her and accept our baby. I know it hurts, but she’s hurting so much more- more than you will ever know,” Zan declared, hoping that his dupe understood what he was trying to say. It hurt him and drove him insane to know that he was pushing his dupe to go comfort his now ex-wife, but Zan also knew that Max was probably the best person to take care of Liz and their child.

“I still…”

“Max, you’re stalling. And let me ask you, is Liz worth stalling for?” Zan asked pointedly. He waited for Max to answer, but remained quiet as his dupe pondered. However, after a moment, Zan decided that one last point needed to be made. “Max, I know you’re mad, but at least she told you now instead of later- like after you bonded and couldn’t leave her. She told you before so that you still had a way out… she didn’t tell you to trap you, she told you because she wants you to accept her and our baby.”

Realization dawned on Max’s face as Zan’s words sunk in. He was right. She had told him before they had made love, thus she had given him to time to leave. She hadn’t forced him to take care of she and Zan’s child. Instead she had told him before in hopes that he would be the loving husband that he was supposed to be and help her care for her child.

What kind of special retard was he to have such a wonderful woman as his wife?

“I really fucked up…” Max suddenly whispered, causing Zan to chuckle. He had forgotten that his wife’s now dead husband was with him. It was so weird when he thought about it. How was it possible for him to see and even speak with someone who was dead?

It wasn’t possible was it?

“You’re really alive, aren’t you?” Max questioned, praying to some degree that Zan was just so that Max wouldn’t have to admit that he was crazy. “You’re alive and you’re going to come back and take Liz and her baby away from me, aren’t you? You’re going to be the kids father…”

“No Max, you are,” Zan whispered as he turned and started walking away, his head hung low in shame as it shook from side to side wishing that it could have been him to watch his child grow.

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Chapter 17

After the fall out between she and Max, Liz decided to remain in their designated room and wait for Max to either return or leave her stranded, forever waiting for his return to her life. While waiting she periodically sat outside, catching some sun while reading a book, but mainly thinking about Max.

It was only an hour or so later when she let all the worries slip from her mind, but only because she had fallen asleep.

Sometimes later, a hushed voice brought Liz out of her slumber. She lazily opened her eyes, blinking a few times as she fought to focus on the sigh before her.

Max. For a minute Liz merely stared at her husband, as she was momentarily shocked to even see him. He looked incredibly handsome with his wind-tousled hair, shy smile and deep amber eyes.

As Max gazed at his wife he couldn’t help but suck in a breathe at her beauty. She stood before him, wearing only a flimsy white summer dress. It was simple but sexy. And with her feet bare and hair flowing freely, Max had never seen such a site before.

“Liz…” Max finally said. He didn’t know what to say or do; he just wanted her in his arms and his life, and he wanted to take care of their baby, even if he wasn’t the father.

“Hey,” Liz answered tentatively. Max watched her mouth twitch into a look of remorse and her eyes dart around before giving him a sorrowful glance. “I didn’t think you’d come back,” Liz offered as she took a unsure step towards Max. “I didn’t think I’d ever see you again.”

“Never,” Max assured quickly.

“And the baby?” Liz asked timidly. Max’s eyebrows rose at her question, but he smiled in response. Taking a step toward Liz, Max gestured toward the chair and waited until Liz sat before taking a seat as well. He turned and looked into her eyes.

“I don’t care about the baby,” Max offered, but at the look of fear that swept over Liz’s features, Max knew he had said the wrong thing. “No, I mean, I don’t care if Zan is or was the father; I want that task now. And I shouldn’t have taken off like I did- that was wrong and I’m sorry. I hope you can forgive me.”

Liz sat frozen, staring at Max in utter shock. She had not been expecting that. But then a smile spread upon her lips.

“No, no apologies or forgiveness; there’s no need this time because we were both at fault.” She reached over and took Max’s hand within her own, caressing it with her velvet-soft skin. “Let’s just forget this argument ever happened,” Liz offered sheepishly.

After a moment Max nodded his head and smiled in return. Twilight was just starting to fall and both sat watching the sunset as they sat together, encompassed in each other’s love.

It wasn’t until much later that they returned to their room. As late as the two had been out watching the stars and now they were getting ready to go to bed.

Max stood at the bathroom sink, washing his hands when he heard Liz exit from the shower room. He glanced in the mirror and watched as Liz slowly came toward him. With his back turned to her, she closed the distance and hugged him from behind, placing the side of her face against his left shoulder blade.

“I love you, Max,” Liz whispered. This time it was Max who was momentarily shocked.

But he regained his wits and quickly turned around and wrapped his arms around her neck and shoulders. He stared deeply into her eyes, letting time drift by as he held her. Soon after he found his right hand lightly tracing the outline of her mouth with one of his fingers.

“I love you too, Liz,” Max said just as softly. But at the end there was a slight hitch to his tone as Liz had caught his fingertip between her lips and was gently sucking on it. She looked up at him behind puppy-dog eyes as she continued to suck on his fingertip, enticing his senses before Max could take no more, as images of other appendages in her mouth formed in his mind. He slowly withdrew his finger and prodded it against her soft lips.

Liz merely looked up at him with the same expression for a few more seconds before she smiled and kissed him on the lips. He pulled his finger away and kissed her in return, letting his tongue slip into her soft, velvety mouth. And soon they found themselves embracing each other a bit tighter, their tongues mating with one another.

With his fingers tangled in her long, brown hair, Max let his hand play with several strands, gently pulling before molding his hand to her scalp. Liz merely giggled and dug her fingernails into his shoulders, lightly caressing and massaging them; all while images of her nails digging into his skin for other reasons arose in Max’s mind. However, soon after his found its way to her scalp, Max now found his right hand making its way to one of Liz’s breast. The thin white dress did little to hide the firm, full shape of Liz’s breast as Max cupped and squeezed it with his hand.

Liz moaned as he slipped both of his hands between their pressed bodies and started undoing the buttons on her dress. Their shared kiss was quickly growing into a passionate lip lock and Liz found herself clenching onto his shoulders with her arms.

The minute Max caught his first glimpse of Liz’s bra-covered breast he realized where they were: the bathroom; he was not going to have their first time be on the bathroom floor.

Unfortunately, all thoughts of resistance vanished when Liz reached down and grasped his rock-hard erection through his pants. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to deny her anything, but he really did want their first time together to be special.

Continuing their kiss, Max quickly guided Liz into their bedroom. Using his powers, he lit a dozen candles before laying Liz down across the mattress as he continued to kiss her. His right hand had sneaked into the front of her dress and again he felt her firm breast while his other hand worked on undoing all the remaining buttons on her dress.

All the while, Liz’s hand ventured down to Max’s waist and behind his back, where she pulled at the t-shirt he wore. Once she gathered it around his shoulders, she broke the kiss and pulled the shirt over his head. And upon seeing his golden skin, Liz started to kiss his shoulders and neck as she gazed up at Max with her sparkling brown eyes.

“I love you,” Max whispered, as he gently kissed her forehead.

“I love you too,” Liz reciprocated before bringing her mouth back to his. They kissed gently. Max let his tongue trace the shape and texture of her invigorating, moist lips.

Finally, Max undid the last of the buttons on her dress and pulled it open to reveal most of her succulent body. She was lying beneath him, in a simple, but sexy white bra and a see-through thong. He admired her beautiful body before he deftly slid the shoulder straps of her dress down. And finally he slipped her dress off and tossed it to the floor.

Liz moaned and mewed in delight as he grasped each of her full, firm breasts and squeezed them. Max quickly unsnapped her bra and whipped it off; while he and Liz had been intimate, he had never done anything beside what he had done with Liz. Now he just hoped he was good enough and doing the right thing. But as he grabbed a handful of each breast, Max knew he was, because soon he found Liz pulling him up to meet her as she gave him a soul searing kiss.

However, Max hadn’t had enough. He slipped his hands away and continued to enjoy the feel of her breasts as they pressed against his bare chest. Liz’s mouth was devouring his own and she moaned in satisfaction as their time together continued. Nevertheless, Max was able to break away from their heated kiss. He slid his lips and tongue from her chin, down her slender neck and across her shoulders, all the way to the valley between her perfect breasts. He kissed and licked at her cleavage, reveling in the sensations as he closed his mouth over one of her hot nipples and sucked it gently.

Liz moaned beneath Max as she ran her sharp fingernails across his shoulders and back. Sparks of sexual electricity shot through them as her nails raked against his scorching skin. And in the end it was Max who was left groaning, though he somehow managed to keep his mouth firmly attached to her breast and nipple.

A smile curved up Max’s lips when he felt Liz’s body stiffen when he slipped an open palm between her thighs, giving her wet core a gentle rub. Liz groaned as he started to rub his finger across her nub through her thin panties. She arched back and mewed in pleasure as he went to her other breast with his lips and tongue, all the while he continued to flick his finger over her clit through her sheer panties.

The squeal of delight that was emitted from Liz’s throat only drove Max further when he went from breast to breast, giving each a kiss and lick, which lasted no longer than two seconds apiece. He rotated from breast to breast, paying homage to each one ten or fifteen times, before finally burying his face in her cleavage and kissing her perfect skin. Then, slowly, he made his way down to her belly, where Max licked in circles around her navel all while whispering words of love to Liz and their baby. He glanced up at Liz and smiled, watching her breast rise and fall with each breath. Liz raised her head and looked at Max with a sated smile, which grew when he pressed his palm to the joining of her thighs.

Suddenly Liz rolled out from underneath Max and stood up. She leaned down and placed her hand son his shoulders, forcing him to roll onto his back. Max eagerly complied, and watched as his wife dropped to her knees beside his waist and started tugging on his pants. It looked as though Max was about to have one of his visions fulfilled.

Cockily, Max placed both of his hands behind his head and smiled as Liz pulled his jeans and boxers down. She first got rid of his sneakers and socks, then did the same with his jeans and boxers. Immediately his erection sprang free, standing at full length, and Liz wasted no time by taking it into her hand and started pumping away.

On her knees beside him, Liz slowly opened her mouth and gave his hard member a single, long swipe with her tongue. Max nearly leapt off the bed at the feel of Liz’s hot mouth on his erection. After a tiny giggle and an accompanying smile at his first reaction, Liz slipped the full length of his shaft between her moist, pinkish-red lips.

Max groaned in pleasure as Liz started a gentle suction. He could barely keep his eyes open long enough to watch as she held onto the base of his member with her left hand as her head bobbed up and down in a slow, steady motion. She had her lips clamped around his member and he could feel her wet tongue slipping and sliding around it in her mouth. He arched his neck, closed his eyes, and sighed before looking back down at her.

It was amazing and beautiful. He had a clear, unobstructed view of what she was doing to him. She would start each long, full stroke with her lips barely even holding the tip of his shaft. Then he would watch his erection slowly vanish into her hungry mouth. Her lips would go all the way down to where her left hand rested at the base of his shaft. And finally she would pull back and repeat the process over and over again.

Another moan escaped from within Max as Liz slipped his erection out of her mouth. After licking its tip several times, she slipped it back into her wonderful mouth. But instead of giving him a series of gentle, loving strokes, she decided to do something else; something Zan had absolutely loved.

The minute Liz’s head started to bounce up and down vigorously upon his shaft at a rapid speed, Max thought he had died and gone to heaven. He could feel his tip bump against the back of her throat with each quick down stroke. Faintly, Max heard her moan and gasp for breath as the seconds went by, but he was too lost as he trembled in a passionate rage.

Harsh shockwaves of pleasure shot throughout his entire body as Liz continued her expert oral work. He couldn’t begin to describe the amount of pleasure she was bringing him. He moaned in an agonizing pleasure and he tried to pull himself out of her mouth, but Liz refused, and soon Max found himself erupting his seed into her hot, wet mouth. Liz clamped her lips tightly around his shaft as he emptied a full helping of his sticky sperm in her willing mouth. She did her best to swallow every drop. And in the end, Max continued to moan as he gently thrusted his hips up and down, his shaft sliding in and out of her exotic mouth.

Max sighed in a mixture of exhaustion and lust as she whipped his member out form between her lips. Liz proceeded to give it a series of full, sweeping licks with her silky tongue, giving it a bath with her sweet tongue. Still on her knees, Liz made sure his shaft was clean and dry before she leaned forward and gave his stomach and chest a series of quick kisses. Max trapped her left hand with his right and squeezed it gently, hoping that she knew how much all of this meant to him.

But Liz had other intentions. With her other hand, she again grasped his shaft and began pumping it. Max looked at her in question, but immediately understood: this would be their honeymoon night. He couldn’t believe though, that after that wonderful blowjob she had given him that he was once again growing hard.

He reached with his right hand and brushed her long brown hair, stroking her scalp lovingly in the process. Liz looked at him for an instant, her eyes glowing with pleasure, then she continued to kiss his stomach and chest while stroking his erection with her right hand. And while Max wanted to return the pleasure Liz had just inflicted upon him, Liz had different ideas.

Unannounced, Liz stood up and slipped her panties down and off. And before Max knew what had happened, Liz was straddling his hips, her slit hovering just over his bulging erection.

“Do you want me, Max?” Liz queried softly, her voice breathy and husky.

“Forever!” Max declared as he leaned up slightly and placed both of his hands upon her hips. He watched as Liz winced with pleasure as she lowered herself onto his shaft, and Max let out a hiss of pleasure as well. Watching himself sliding deep into her was very empowering and erotic. And once he was firmly entrenched in her, Liz gave a deep moan and stared down at Max with love and adoration in her eyes.

“I love you, Max…I’ve loved you since I first saw you,” Liz panted.

Still moaning, Max merely nodded in response. “I love you, too… I’ve been waiting for you all my life,” Max whispered huskily. His breath grew ragged as he watched Liz place both her hands upon the center of his chest and used it as a balance point. She started moving up and down his enlarged shaft, both dragging as much air into their lungs as possible. And in return Max pumped and twitched his hips, wanting to add to both of their pleasure.

Finally, Max grabbed her hands with both of his and held them tightly as they gently rocked together. And as he watched her, Max wasn’t sure what made him feel better- her insides forcefully grabbing his shaft, or seeing her expression full of pleasure. It was a big boost to his ego to know that he was bringing her this much pleasure.

One of Liz’s hands escaped from Max’s grasp and she used that forearm to brush back several strands of her luscious brown hair, which had been hanging down over her face. With his free hand, Max reached up and instinctively pinched on of her nipples, which only drew a squeal of heated arousal from Liz.

With his erection still in her, Liz leaned over and gave Max a full kiss on the mouth. He quickly grasped her hips with his hands and held them in place, but he lost sight as her long hair covered his face and head, obstructing any vision. But Max didn’t mind; she tasted so good and this felt better than anything he had ever experienced. They continued kissing, their tongues dueling together as Liz writhed and twitched about upon Max’s shaft. At this point, both of Max’s hands were squeezing at her sweet bottom.

Liz and Max continued in this very same position- her on top of him, with his rigid shaft lodged in her, as she leaned over and kissed him- for quite some time. And it only ended once Max realized Liz was experiencing an orgasm. And only then did Max let himself go.

His hard shaft exploded inside of her, filling and flooding her with his hot sperm. Both moaned continually, while trying to remember to breath between their kisses. But soon Liz lost all of her strength and sagged against Max. She moaned and rested the side of her face against Max’s shoulder, but never once did they move away from one another. Tired himself, Max kissed the top of her head and hugged her tightly to him; never once did he slip out of her.

After a sigh and gasp, Liz finally said, “I love you…I love you more than the anything in this whole world.”

Max couldn’t hide the smile that formed on his lips at those words. Sure she had said them before, but now things were different, now they were husband and wife, expecting a baby, and they had just made love. Also, Max knew there was nothing more in the world that he would enjoy than to hear those three words, especially from his wife.

“And I love you, too…” Max finally whispered close to her ear, before the two fell asleep, dreaming of their coming lives together.

The End

posted on 25-Apr-2002 2:30:03 AM by Trinity Star1323
Okay, well, here's the thing. Right now I'm trying to finish all of my old fics. Included in that list is
0- As Lovely as You
1- China Doll
2- House of Leaves
3- No Ordinary Love
4- Pyramid of Pain
5- Vendetta
6- Wishing Hearts

Maybe once I finish those I will work on a sequel to this. However, while I can not promise a sequel, I can promise an epilogue- AT SOME POINT OR ANOTHER, but not anytime soon. Someone had suggested that I end on a happy note, so I thought this would be best. Look for the ending of Vendetta next, as I already have it done, I just need to proof it and send it out. Maybe I'll even get it out tonight. Does anyone even remember that one? No, oh well... its still coming.