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Summary: Alternative storyline for after the visit from future Max.
Authors note: I posted this before but was lost when it went down. Will get all the parts up soon, just have to format it all again.

Part 1

Liz looked over to the booth max was sharing with Isabelle. Max. The guy she truly loved and wanted more than anything to be with; the guy she now knew she could never have. It was only last night that future Max had visited her and told her that their being together would cause the deaths of Michael and Isabelle; would cause the end of the world. She had to make him fall out of love with her, her brain repeated this fact but her heart didn’t want to listen. Max saw her and smiled, his brown eyes sparkling. Liz looked away; she knew what she had to do. All she needed to do know was decide how to do it. She walked into the kitchen, Maria was with Michael and cooking looked like the last thing on his mind. She coughed. Maria stopped and looked at her “hey Lizzie! Jeez what's up? You look like it’s the end of the world” Liz said nothing but motioned to the cooking food. Michael caught the look, “it’s under control” Liz tried not to smile as smoke began to rise from oven.

One hour and several alienblasts later, Liz was locking up the Crashdown. Max and Isabelle had left together and Liz had made sure she was out of the way when they did. Shortly after, Maria had left with Michael; she was pleased that they were getting along well again. Maria had confided in Liz that she thought she was finally getting through the wall he put round himself. She looked around the empty room before turning off the lights and going to her room. She had told Tess last night that she would soon be able to have max. She had planned then to make it look like she had slept with Kyle, but she knew that that would not prevent the possibility of a future relationship, especially if the truth came out. This way there would be no doubt, one sacrifice would ensure the safety the world. She and max would NEVER be together.

* * * * *

Tess looked at her watch, the Crashdown would be closed now but she needed to see Liz. Their conversation last night had made her uncomfortable although she wasn’t sure why.
“Hi, Tess. I just thought I’d… I’d let you no that you will be able to have max soon. I’ll make sure you do”
“Why Liz? I know how much you love him, and he loves you. Why are you going to let me have him?” Liz had looked into her eyes:
“Because I will not be responsible for thousands, millions of deaths!”
“What are you on about Liz?” Liz’s eyes had been shinning with tears that she was holding back.
“Destiny Tess, your destiny”
“My destiny?”
“Yes, yours and Max’s” Tess had stared at her,
“He says you are his destiny, his future” Liz had turned and begun to walk away as she replied.
“I have no future”

She had no future? What did she mean? Thoughts were flying round Tess’s head. Did she mean that her life was over if she couldn’t have Max in it? She panicked; this was not what she needed. She wouldn’t be responsible for thousands, millions of deaths; those had been Liz’s exact words. Tess believed that, but would she be responsible for one? Tess rushed out of the house and began to run to the Crashdown. She didn’t want to be responsible for Liz’s death, no matter how much she wanted Max.

* * * * *

Liz sat in her bedroom with a glass of water. A bottle of tablets lay on the bed next to her. She stared at a photo of her and Max on her dresser, her resolve melted. They were happy in it, laughing, both their eyes sparkling. Then the memory of future max entered her head, his eyes no longer sparkling. He had seen his best friend and his sister die because he wasn’t with Tess. Liz made up her mind; she could not bear to see that look in Max’s eyes. She took one tablet, then another and another. She was surprised how easy it was, before long she was staring numbly at the empty bottle. She began to feel dizzy and nauseous, the room was spinning. Then came the stomach cramps, the pain was unbearable. She could feel herself getting hot and then cold, she was going to pass out. The last thing she saw was a figure on her balcony, making their way to her window. Oh god! She screamed inside her mind not Max!

Tess had climbed onto Liz’s balcony, she had seen max do it hundreds of times and knew it would be the best way to get in without alerting Liz’s parents. As she reached the window she had seen Liz collapse and knew that she didn’t have much time to act. She had rushed in and connected to Liz quickly.

“Don’t you dare die on me Liz! This is NOT the answer”
The fuzziness cleared slightly. Who was talking to her?
“Come on Liz, you’ve got to wake up. Do it for max, Liz… for max”
She was doing this for max, and for everyone.

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Part 2

She couldn’t stop it, Tess had saved her life. Tess? Why was Tess saving her? Liz opened her eyes.
“Tess? Why…” Tess cut her off
“There are better ways than this, no one wants you dead” Liz smiled weakly, she was still shaking.
“We need to get you somewhere you can recover. I’ll help you find a better solution Liz” Liz let Tess help her up, her mind still numb. Together they slowly made their way out of her room and on to the balcony. Tess checked no one was around before helping Liz down, she wasn’t sure where to take her.
“Liz? We’ll go to the pod chamber for now okay? Just while we figure something out” Liz nodded weakly, clinging to Tess as she made her way over to a nearby car. Tess had no car to take Liz there, at least not here so she guessed this one would have to do. She placed her hand over the handle and unlocked the door. Liz walked over unsteadily and Tess helped her in, then walked round and started the car. Liz would be safe in the pod chamber for a while, but not long, Max would probably visit there once he found out Liz was gone. She put her foot down, next to her Liz fell asleep exhausted and confused.

* * * * *

Max tossed and turned, but couldn’t sleep. Liz had seemed so distant, her eyes dull; so unlike the stars they normally resembled. He sat up when he heard a knock at his door, it was Isabelle. “Is? What's wrong?” she looked at him,
“I don’t know Max, but something’s not right” she sat on the bed next to him, “why did Liz avoid us today? She seemed so different” Max shook his head, unable to think of a reason why.
“So you haven’t split up again?” he shook his head again,
“She was fine yesterday” his mind drifted to the kiss they had shared on her balcony. She had been happy then, they had both been.
“Maybe she was just having a bad day? She might not have wanted to talk” Isabelle nodded,
“You’re probably right” she wasn’t convinced. There was more to it than that but she could see Max was as confused about it as her. She squeezed his hand before leaving.

Max was wide awake now and needed to see Liz. He got up and pulled on some jeans and a sweater, ran his fingers through his hair and climbed out of the window. He began to walk; it would give him time to think. The night was warm with only a slight hint of a breeze, he was sure he could hear a commotion somewhere. Max sped up, as he got closer to the Crashdown he could see that the lights were on. He glanced at his watch, it was eleven o’clock; what the hell was going on? He ran to the doors and could see the parker’s sat at a table with Tess and Sheriff Valenti. Tess saw him and came running out,
“Oh my god, Max! I’m so sorry, it’s all my fault” Max looked at her, she was shaking,
“What’s happened Tess? Where's Liz?” Tess didn’t answer,
“It’s all my fault oh my god, what have I done?” he shook her,
“TESS! What's happened?”
“Its Liz, I think she’s dead Max” Max’s knees went weak and he thought he would fall down,
“Dead? You think she’s dead?” Tess grabbed hold of him to stop herself from shaking, “tell me exactly what happened”
“Liz told me she needed to talk to me; she wanted us to be friends; so I came round tonight so we could talk” there was no way she could tell him the truth, that she had turned up because she thought Liz was going to try and kill herself; and had been right. “We went out to the desert” she began shaking again, Max waited.
“We left the car and were walking round when someone grabbed me from behind. Another man grabbed Liz and I was walked back to the car and told to leave. As I drove off I saw Liz screaming and then she collapsed!”
“She may not be dead”
“Max, I know what I saw, she couldn’t survive that attack, no human could!” Max sank to the floor.
“I’m sorry Max, I shouldn’t have left her, but I was scared. It may not be much of an excuse but it’s the truth” she sat down next to him.
“It wasn’t your fault Tess” they sat together hugging, Max no longer holding back his tears. Sheriff Valenti came out,
“Max, I’m sorry… I just got a phone call from my deputy, they’ve found her body”

Max ran back to his house and got in the car, he didn’t stop till he reached the pod chamber. When he got the he collapsed on the floor, tears streaming down his cheeks,
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Part 3

Max woke up suddenly, he hadn’t remembered falling asleep. He looked at his watch, it was five o’clock he should be at home, they may have more news of Liz. Valenti’s words went through his mind,
“Max, I’m sorry… I just got a phone call from my deputy, they’ve found her body”
Liz was dead. He pushed the thought from his mind. He had to get home and tell Isabelle and Michael, Maria might not know yet either he thought. He climbed into the car and drove back, numb of feeling. As he reached his house he could see two people in his room. Parking the car quickly he got out and ran over, Isabelle was in there talking to Michael. They turned to face him as he clambered through the window.
“Where have you been Max?” Isabelle’s voice was full of concern. Michael saw his face,
“What’s happened?” Max looked at them,
“Its Liz, she's… dead” Isabelle sat down sharply, as he continued.
“We ought to call the others, I think we should discuss this together” Michael nodded,
“I’ll phone Maria and Tess, Isabelle can you call Alex?” she nodded and they left. They both returned a few minutes later, Michael looked at max,
“They’re on their way. Only Tess seems to know about what’s happened” it was not long before the whole group were sat in Max's room.

Maria was in shock, digging around in her bag for some aromatherapy oil. Max Michael and Isabelle had grim faces; Max had told them that an alien had killed Liz but none of the others, except Tess, knew. Alex looked at Max and asked the question they had dreaded answering,
“How did she die” Max took a deep breath,
“She was killed by… by an alien, we don’t know who or why”
“How do you know it was an alien? Did Valenti tell you?” Max looked at Alex as he answered,
“No, Valenti said nothing about how she died. Tess told me” Maria dropped her bag.
“Where does Tess come into this?”
“I was there”
“You were there? Then why the hell is Lizzie dead?” Maria almost screamed, “You could have saved her” Max stood up,
“This is NOT Tess’s fault!” Maria stood up and faced him,
“She was there, she could have stopped it”
“Maria! Max! Stop it please!” they looked at Tess
“I was scared, they told me to leave and I did. I didn’t know what they were capable of, panicked and ran,” Maria snorted,
You were scared? How do you think Liz might of being feeling?” Tess stood up,
“I think I ought to leave” Max put out his hand to stop her,
“Tess, no…”
“I know when I’m not welcome Max” Tess turned and walked out the door. Maria glared at max,
“She could have saved Liz, but she didn’t” Isabelle spoke,
“She couldn’t do anything Maria, she had no idea what she could be up against”
“No? How can you both stick up for her? Answer me this… if she is so innocent, why did they let her go? She the alien, one of the royal four… why kill Liz and leave Tess?” No one had an answer.

* * * * *

Valenti looked at the body, Tess had told him what she had seen as soon as she got home. When the call had come through saying they had found a girls body he had told them not to touch anything till he got there. He wanted to make sure that any strange marks were seen by him and him alone, it would help no one if the local paper got hold of the story. Local girl killed by aliens, they do not come in peace. It would mean more danger for max and his friends, it would be best to keep the FBI’s noses out and leave them to deal with that side of things. He looked at the body, there was no mistaking it was Liz but something wasn’t right. For someone who was supposed to be killed be an alien, there didn’t appear to be any marks. He called over to his deputy,
“Okay she can be moved now” the deputy looked at him,
“Someone’s coming up here to take a look around sir, try and find out a cause of death”
“Okay, move her when they're done” the deputy nodded. As he left, the deputy moved to his car and sat inside watching the road. Valenti took a last look at Liz before getting into his car and driving back.

The deputy stood up when 10 minutes later a car pulled up; a man got out.
“So, where's the body?” the deputy turned and pointed,
“Over there”

* * * * *

Max jumped as the phone rang, the others looked at him. He stood up and moved to the phone, watched by Maria and Isabelle. He picked it up, they could hear Valenti's voice,
“What the hell is going on Max?”
“Sheriff? What do you mean?”
“I mean with Liz…”
“What about Liz?”
“The bodies gone Max… disappeared. No one has been near it since I was there half an hour ago, but it’s gone”

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Part 4a

Liz opened her eyes and looked around, she was in a room that seemed to be calved in a rock. The last thing she remembered was being grabbed from behind. She had been in the desert with Tess who had just saved her life. What had happened when she had been grabbed? They must have knocked her out. She sat up quickly Oh god! What if they connected with me? She panicked. I would probably reveal everything about Max and the others. This was what she assumed they had wanted to find out about, why else would they want her? The longer she sat and thought about it, the less sense it made. Tess had been with her so why take just her? Why not Tess too? After all Tess was the alien not her. She lent against the wall and noticed for the first time that there were no doors or windows.

Liz stood up slowly, still dizzy and fighting waves of nausea. She examined the wall, tapping it to see if there were any thin parts that could possibly conceal a door. When she reached the far end she noticed a change in sound, it was slightly thinner. She looked closer at the wall surface and thought she saw the outline of a handprint. Intrigued she placed her hand on it.

* * * * *

Max hung up and turned to face the others.
“I guess you heard that?” they nodded, all looking shocked. Alex looked at him,
“So… what does it mean?” Max sat down,
“It means that either someone managed to take Liz’s body, unseen.” He stopped to think,
“Or?” Alex prompted.
“Or… it wasn’t Liz” Maria gasped,
“What do you mean not Liz?” Isabelle glanced at her and explained for him,
“It isn’t likely that someone managed to sneak up and take the body, Valenti said the deputy couldn’t see signs of disturbance to the site. That also means the body didn‘t get up and walk off!” Maria gave her a look that said well dur! That was obvious enough,
“Well dead bodies don’t normally get up and wander off, not even alien ones!” Isabelle nodded,
“Exactly! And dead human bodies aren’t in the habit of disappearing into thin air!” Maria looked at Isabelle,
“Find out if she’s alive, Dreamwalk her” Isabelle glanced at Max who nodded. She made herself comfortable and closed her eyes, concentrating on Liz.

* * * * *

Liz gasped as the handprint began to glow silver. She took her hand off quickly and stepped back, an entrance forming in the wall as she did so. When it was fully open she stepped through, shocked by what she saw. It couldn’t be! Could it? She had only seen something similar once before, she had gone with Max; but why was this here? And how had she managed to open it?

Isabelle had appeared at the same time as Liz had stepped through the entrance. She gasped, Liz was alive and she was walking into another pod chamber! She stepped in after her and looked around, there were two empty pods. Both were smaller than the one she had been in, they must have contained babies. She noticed then that Liz was staring at something,
“Liz?” Liz jumped and turned round.
“Isabelle! What are you…? Are you Dreamwalking me?”
“Yeah, sorry I made you jump. We thought you were dead! What's going on?” Liz looked at her,
“I have no idea, look,” she pointed to a piece of paper stuck to the wall by the pods. It was old and had drawings on; one of her and someone who looked very similar, and another of her and Max. Her and Max with a baby. She turned to Isabelle, confused.
“Tell Max I’m okay, don’t mention this to him though, don’t mention it to anyone. Not till I know what's going on anyway”
“I think Max should know” Liz looked pleadingly
“Let me find out what it all means first. Please Isabelle” Isabelle nodded
“Okay the pod chamber remains a secret for a while. Do you know where you are Liz? Did you see anything at all on your way here?” Liz shook her head
“I was unconscious”
“The people that brought you here?” she shook her head again
“I’m not sure… but I think they knew Tess. They had certainly seen her before anyway, I heard them speaking to her as I was knocked out” Isabelle looked surprised.
Are you sure? They weren’t threatening her? Telling her to leave?”
“No they seemed to be on friendly terms” Isabelle frowned
“I have to go, their waiting for me to tell them whether or not your alive” Liz smiled and Isabelle disappeared. She turned to look at the pictures again, the one of her and Max. Underneath was written ‘the royal family’

A noise from behind made her turn round. A tall, thin man was standing there, dressed all in black. His hair was also black and his eyes were so dark that they might have been too. She was drawn to his eyes, so unlike any she had seen before; Max’s were brown, warm and bright, shining almost. This mans were dull, dead looking. They were cold and empty. She looked away. His voice was just as cold.
“So…” it was deep and full of menace,
“So…” he repeated looking at her and the opened pod chamber
“It is you”

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This part brings us back up to where were before the site went down. Part 5 to follow

Part 4b

The man moved over to her,
“Who would have guessed it, little Miss Liz Parker is Ilyssa!” Liz stepped away.
“What are talking about? I’m just me, your average teenager” he smirked
“No Ilyssa, you are anything but! You are the key to this planets survival and ours” Liz swallowed, unsure what he meant. She was about to ask when he continued
“You saw the pictures, they show your destiny”
“What about Tess and Max?”
“Zan and Ava are not meant to be together, that is a false destiny; planted to ensure you and Zan would think you could never be together. Of course, now we know you are Ilyssa, and you know that you are destined to be with Zan… we will have to make sure you never meet him again. Unless we can come to some sort of agreement?” He walked towards the gap that had been made in the rock,
“I’ll leave you to think things over, we’re in no hurry; and you’re not going anywhere…” he stepped through the gap and sealed it after him. Liz was staring at the wall where the gap had been. She still had lots of questions that needed answering, if she was this Ilyssa person and a hybrid just like Max and the others, then how come she wasn’t adopted? She had seen her birth certificate; the Parker’s were her parents. Why didn’t she have powers or remember Antar like the others did. She could feel herself getting angry, she needed answers! There was a crash from the chamber; she turned round to see a pot lying in pieces on the floor. Liz sat on the floor, if she was an alien then she had powers, she would find out what they were and learn to use them.

* * * * *

Isabelle opened her eyes and looked around; everyone was staring at her,
“Well?” Maria demanded
“She’s alive, she doesn’t know where she is but it’s a cave of some sort, doesn’t seem to be an entrance or exit though” she didn’t mention the pod chamber. Max stood up,
“We need to find out where she is, we can’t help her till do. Did she say anything that might help? Why they took her?” Isabelle shook her head.
“No, but… she mentioned Tess. Something strange.” She had the whole groups attention, “she said the aliens were speaking to Tess” Max shrugged,
“Yeah, she told us that… they told her to get into the car”
“No Max. Liz said they were acting… friendly, like they knew each other” Alex and Maria stood up.
“I think it’s time we paid Tess a visit”

* * * * *

Liz soon realised there was very little she could learn stuck in the cave. Exploding little pebbles was about as far as she could go. If she wanted to find out more and learn about her powers; she would have to play along with whatever they wanted. The thought suddenly struck her, who they hell were they? It was clear that they knew who she was. As if in answer to the question the hole began to open again. She walked over.
“Who are you? And what do you want from me?” the man laughed, a deep but evil laugh
“Who am I? I am Sladen. You will not have heard the name before, I work for Khivar. As for what we want from you… just having you here will be enough, with out the royal family, there is no power. No power for you. Khivar will remain in power on Antar, and will take charge of Earth” Liz hesitated, how could future Max have got it so wrong? He had said they could never be together; it was them being together that had caused the trouble. That was the opposite of what she was now being told. She was meant to be with Max, she had to be with him.
“You mentioned an agreement” he was smiling. Liz wondered if that was the right word to use.
“Yes… a simple deal. We will return you to Zan if you tell us where to find Lilyth, that’s all we ask”
“Who’s Lilyth?” he watched her closely, obviously trying to work out if she knew really.
“Lilyth is your guardian, and Rath’s mother. We just need to… talk to her.” Liz shook her head
“I can’t help, I don’t know her” Sladen walked away, it had been worth a try. He had no intention of letting Liz go, with or without information about Lilyth. This girl was far more important and for the moment she was theirs. They now held the fate of two planets in their hands. He turned and left.
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Here it is... the long awaited part 5 *big*(was about to post it the day the site went down).
As always, feedback is appreciated! *happy*

Part 5

Max knocked on Tess’s door, there was no reply. He glanced at Michael who nodded. Placing his hand over the lock, he opened the door. Looking inside they could see the place was a mess, surely Tess didn’t live here? Isabelle stepped in and looked at Max,
“It looks like someone has been here and searched the place” Maria was impatient,
“Well, where's Tess?” Isabelle frowned,
“Maria! Someone has been here, obviously uninvited, they could have done anything and all you can say is where’s Tess?” Maria looked ashamed,
“Were not invited either though” Alex grinned,
“She has a point” he stopped when Isabelle frowned at him. Max interrupted them,
“It doesn’t matter about that, lets split up and look round. Isabelle and Alex, upstairs. Michael and Maria, down here, I’m gonna take a look around outside” the others nodded and split up. Max turned and walked back outside, not sure what he was looking for. He searched the floor for anything that may have been dropped; there was nothing. He could here Michael and Maria talking in the kitchen,
“There’s something weird going on, I don’t know what it is but Tess is involved and I don’t like it”
“I agree there's something going on but I don’t think we should jump to conclusions”
“Excuse me spaceboy! But you heard what Isabelle said Liz told her, Tess knew them!”
Max walked past the window and went round the back. The door was wide open. He moved over to it and looked at the lock, it hadn’t been forced. Whoever had got in had either been let in or had a key. He went inside and started to look round. Michael and Maria walked into the room,
“Max!? How did you…”
“Door was open, it wasn’t forced” he was about to ask them if they'd found anything when a shout came from upstairs,
“Shit!… Max!? You better come upstairs!” he ran to the stairs and took them two at a time, followed by Michael and Maria.

* * * * *

Sheriff Valenti was talking to Mr and Mrs Parker, how do you tell two parents that their daughter’s body has disappeared?
“There have been some complications” Mr parker looked at him,
“Complications? What sort of complications?” Nancy looked at her husband,
“Your upset”
“Our daughters dead! Of course I’m upset!”
“The sheriff is doing his best but these things happen. There's nearly always a complications at some stage, isn’t that right sheriff?” he nodded
“Why don’t you go and have a cup of tea, I’ll talk to the sheriff” Jeff agreed and left the room, he was only just coming to terms with Liz's death. He didn’t need complications, even if they were to be expected.

When her husband had gone, Nancy turned back to the sheriff.
“A while back Liz decided she could trust you and you’ve helped her and her friends out of some very tricky situations since then” Valenti looked her shocked and confused by how much she knew,
“How do you…?” she held up her hand, signalling for him to wait.
“There’s things that you don’t know, even Liz doesn’t know. But if Liz can trust you then so can I; if you want to be able to help then you’ll need to know everything.” She paused,
“Sheriff… there's more to Liz than meets the eye”

* * * * *

Isabelle was stood by an open door, staring inside the room, her eyes wide with shock. They followed her gaze to where Alex was knelt, beside him was Tess. Max ran over,
“Tess! Tess?” Alex looked at him and shook his head,
“She’s dead Max, but that’s not all. I’d say that she’d been dead for about a day.” Max looked at him,
“But I saw her late last night and we were talking to her earlier this morning!” Alex shrugged,
“I don’t have an answer, but there's no way we could have been talking to Tess this morning” Maria gasped,
“You mean someone’s pretending to be Tess? Why would someone want to do that? Who could impersonate her?” Alex nodded,
“They obviously didn’t want us, or someone, to know that she was dead. As for who it is I’ve no idea” he looked at the group. Maria grabbed hold of Michael,
“A shapeshifter?” Max frowned,
“The only shapeshifter we know of is Nesado, and he's dead” they stood in silence for a few minutes before Alex spoke again.
“This can only mean one thing; there's a new alien in town”
“Or aliens” Michael added uncomfortably, voicing what all the others had feared to say. “And their not just here to sightsee”

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Part 6

Liz had been moved from the pod chamber soon after Sladen had left, he had obviously discovered what he had wanted. Now she was in a small room with only a bed and table in. She looked around and noticed a small window; it was big enough for her to squeeze through but she had no way of breaking it. She pulled the table over to the wall, directly under the window and climbed up. She gasped, wherever she was, it resembled a prison. Outside she could see open desert, with a high barbed-wire fence in the distance… and a rather large high voltage sign. She jumped down and returned the table to the centre. They certainly don’t want me to get out she thought to herself. She sat on the bed; if I have powers surely I can blast my way out. Liz looked back up at the window and made up her mind, break the glass and run. She moved back in front of the window and held up her hand, gathering energy and directing it to her hand before finally releasing it. She watched the ball of energy speed towards the glass. The door opened behind her and she spun round. Sladen was stood there, a smirk appearing on his otherwise emotionless face,
“Trying to escape were we?” Liz turned back to the window just in time to see her energy ball hit the glass and dissolve; the glass remained in one piece.
“You didn’t think we’d put you somewhere you could escape from did you?” Liz looked at him again.
“I can’t help you so why do you still want me here?” he was still smirking
“I told you before, you can help us. Maybe not with information, but just by being here you are helping us” he walked up to her and grabbed her wrist,
“And now you have to help some more people” he spun her round and tied her wrists,
“We wouldn’t want any accidents now would we?”

* * * * *

Max was the last to leave the room; with a last look at Tess he closed the door. As he got outside he could hear Maria on her cell phone,
“Hello? Oh hi Mrs Parker… Now? You need me to work a shift? Oh, ok… all of us? Ok we’re on our way” she put the phone away and looked at the others,
“She wants to see us all, the sheriff’s there too. She didn’t say what for though” She chucked the keys to the jetta at Michael “you drive” Michael climbed into the drivers seat, with Maria next to him, the others climbed into the back. A few minutes later they were all climbing out at the Crashdown. They walked in to find Mrs parker and the sheriff sat at a booth waiting. Mrs parker smiled,
“Maria, could you lock the door please?” Maria nodded and turned to lock the door. Nancy signalled for them to sit down and waited for Maria to join them before continuing.
“I was just telling the sheriff here that there are things he ought to know, things you need to know too, particularly you three” she said looking at Max, Isabelle and Michael, “where's Tess?” she had just noticed that she wasn’t among the group. Max lowered his head,
“We’ve just come from her house, she's… she’s dead. We were about to come and find you sheriff when Maria got the call” Nancy didn’t seem put out by this information,
“Well that’s only to be expected when you go messing in matters that are best left to people who know what they are dealing with. I voiced my concern about her before you were sent, no doubt Nesado had something to do with the switch” they were now totally confused, Isabelle looked her,
“Before we were sent? Nesado? What switch? How do you know all these things?”
“I better start from the beginning,” she thought for a moment “ there may be an easier way to explain things. Join hands, I’m not sure this will work but I’ll give it a go” the group looked at each other then joined hands, Michael taking one of Nancy's hands and Valenti the other.

A connection formed almost immediately, the first flash was one they knew well, Antar and its acid green skies. This was replaced by one of Nancy talking to someone, the face came into focus… Nesado. They could feel what Nancy had felt; he was untrustworthy in her opinion. Next came Nancy helping to put eight alien foetus’s into pod’s, they could feel her love for all of them, but Michaels pod in particular; it was a different kind of love… a motherly love. This was quickly replaced by the next vision, Nancy watching the ship leave for earth, the fear of their planets only hope failing, the fear of never seeing her son again. Again another flash entered their minds, this time of Nancy arriving on earth in the granolith, looking round the pod chamber at the four growing aliens. Nancy meeting Jeff and his reaction to finding out the truth about her. Nancy in a different pod chamber, carrying two small babies out. Nancy at home with one of the babies, Jeff’s acceptance of the baby. Nancy and a six-year-old Liz going to visit the Evans’ and their newly adopted children. Nancy broke the connection and the flashes stopped. The group sat in shocked silence, Michael staring at Nancy. They all had so many questions, Max started,
“Your one of us” it was a statement not a question,
“I’m an alien yes” Max carried on,
“The baby you found in the other pod chamber, that was Liz?” Nancy nodded,
“And her dupe Ilyssa” Isabelle looked confused,
“Another clone identical to her, you all have dupes, they were the other four pods you saw. Your dupes are, how shall I put it… not particularly trustworthy”
“What about the swap you mentioned?”
“I think that Tess and Ava were swapped round, your Tess was actually Ava. Her and Nesado had been up to no good and they both paid the price… who knows what damage they may already have done” Michael asked the question that he had been desperate to ask since the connection had broken,
“And you’re my mother, right?” Nancy smiled,
“Yes, I’m Lilyth, your mother. You’ll never know how much I have wanted to tell you, to take you in when you were found without Max and Isabelle. But I couldn’t, it would have attracted attention to us all. It won’t be long now until destiny runs its course and our planets prophecy is fulfilled.

* * * * *

Far away a crowd gathered around an old man as he read from a piece of battered and torn parchment:
“When three become four, two worlds will unite,
But not till two become one will the planets’ fate be sealed. The birth of an heir.
An heir more powerful and than has ever been seen. The first born of the royal family” the man folded the parchment and looked at the crowd,
“It is the joining of two races that hold the secret to success, have faith in those selected for the task; the time has nearly come.”

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erm... I'd just like to take this opportunity to say..."please dont kill me!" *angel* lol. As I keep saying, feedback please! I live for feedback! it's what keeps me posting... I've written part 8 too but I think I'll make you sweat it out a while? hmmm... what do you think? *wink*

Part 7

Max looked at Michael and smiled, he was glad to see his best friend at last had some true family. Isabelle was also smiling but Maria and Alex looked confused, Maria spoke first,
“Liz doesn’t know she’s an alien?” Nancy shook her head,
“No, it was decided that she shouldn’t know, it was important not to attract attention to her and that seemed the best way of ensuring it wasn’t”
“So Liz is important? How does she fit into this?” this was Alex’s question.
“Liz has a vital role to play… true love is more powerful than destiny” She looked at Max, Isabelle and her son,
“You are aware of your pairing when you were on Antar? Zan and Ava, Rath and Vilondra?” they nodded, “well what you don’t know is that there were another couple, Ilyssa and Sladen. Although Zan married Ava, it was only because that is what had been planned. Zan was really in love with Ilyssa, but they thought they could do nothing about it and when Ava found out she became jealous. She was a very influential person and arranged for Sladen to take Ilyssa as his mate or she would be killed. Destiny was chosen over true love; with disastrous consequences” it was Max's turn to be confused,
“So if I’m meant to be with Liz, why was she sent separately?”
“You are not destined to be with Liz, you are destined to be with Tess. You had to choose true love over destiny, which you have done by staying with Liz, knowing that you destiny lies with Tess. That’s why I can tell you all this now, you’ve made your choice”

Isabelle spoke again,
“When I saw Liz...”
“Saw Liz?” Valenti interrupted,
“I dream walked her. While I was there, she was looking in the second pod chamber. It had a picture of her and Max with a baby, I think she knows she’s like us.”
“If she’s near the second pod chamber then you’ll know where she is” Nancy looked at Max and nodded. Alex stood up,
“Then what are we waiting for?” Nancy didn’t move,
“Its not that simple, there are two complications. Sladen and the FBI. From what I’ve pieced together, Sladen was also sent down, by Khivar. He wants to make sure that the union never happens.” The group nodded,
“So how the hell did the FBI suddenly become involved?” Nancy looked at Michael,
“Being the owner of a café like this has its advantages… since the day you saved Liz” she was looking at Max now, “there have been FBI agents nosing around, dropping in as casual customers, asking questions. Of course they think they’re being discreet, working under-cover; but I can sense when people are trying to hide something like that. There was one in particular that turned up quite a lot, Tom he said his name was. He was obviously an agent; there was something about him that made him different to the other regulars. But unlike the other agents, he seemed more interested in Liz”
“You think he’s this Sladen?” Maria asked and Nancy nodded.

Valenti thought back to when he had first informed the FBI about the shooting,
“I think your right. It may just be coincidence but an FBI agent call Tom Slater visited me asking questions about the shooting. He sounds like the guy you're on about, asking about Liz. Slater is a little too much like Sladen in my opinion” Nancy nodded. If Sladen’s working for the FBI then it’s not going to be easy helping Liz”
“We’ve got past the FBI once, we can do it again” Michael pointed out, Nancy nodded solemnly,
“Yes but last time you had help from Nesado and Tess, this time you’ll face them without their help; and the FBI have an alien on their side who will do everything in his power to ensure you don’t get Liz”
“But you can help us” Nancy shook her head,
“No… they can’t know who I am, this is something you would have to do alone”
“Why is it so important for them not to know who you are?” they all looked her,
“There are some things that it is best for you not to know… there are enough dangers for you as it is. You must not tell anyone who I am, not yet anyway. Deal with one task at a time” they knew they would find out no more from her so turned to making plans for rescuing Liz. Nancy had told them that the second pod chamber was on another FBI base and probably had anti-alien protection devices courtesy of Sladen. It wouldn’t be easy but they would try.

* * * * *

Sladen was pushing Liz down a white corridor, she noticed the emblem on the floor and a shiver ran through her. She was in a secret FBI unit like Max had been. Images of the white room flashed into her mind, the torture he had received. She began to shake. Sladen was obviously enjoying seeing her afraid,
“Not quite so confident now are you? Don’t worry though, they wont kill you… they just want to do some tests, compare DNA samples and things. Shouldn’t hurt too much” his grip tightened.
“You work for the FBI? When they find out you’re an alien…” he laughed loudly,
“When? They already know, that’s why I work for them. They did their tests then agreed to let me work for them” she felt him shiver, the tests obviously weren’t pleasant… not that she expected them to be. “Their philosophy is ‘it takes one to know one’ that was obviously after a little persuasion on my part. Now I’m practically running this place, I get first pickings of aliens obviously; any that are not needed are passed on. Come to think of it, I do believe Zan, Max you call him I think, was held for a while in the other base. It was the sightings of a brown haired girl with him after the break out that more or less confirmed my suspicions that you were Ilyssa” he didn’t say any more. They approached the door at the end of the corridor and Liz began to struggle, terrified by the thought of what was waiting inside for her, she thought of Max, she needed him. She suddenly found herself stood in the Crashdown, where Max and the others were, with her mother and Valenti. She looked at Max,
“Max!” she screamed, “Max! Help me please!” Max turned and looked at her in shock, she disappeared momentarily then reappeared, a look of terror on her face. Max stood up and the group stared at him,
“Max! The white room!” she screamed before disappearing once more.

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Ok, I decided to post Part 8 too, its longer then the other posts have been... but we get to see Liz kick butt!*big*

Part 8

The group looked at Max,
“Max? What’s wrong?” Isabelle asked.
“Liz… she was here. She needs help”
“Help? What's happened?” Max shivered as he told them,
“They’ve taken her to another white room” they all looked at each other not sure how to react,
“Oh god! Not that” Isabelle had seen Max there and couldn’t bear the thought of anyone else having to go through what her brother had. Even Valenti looked afraid, he had seen Max afterwards and knew that whatever had gone on inside that room must not be allowed to be done to Liz. Max spoke again,
“If she could use her powers to dreamwalk me then they haven’t given her the drug yet, she still has the ability to fight back. Isabelle, go to her and help her fight back… tell her how to use some powers… anything that will help her till we can get there” he looked at Nancy as Isabelle began the dreamwalk.
“How long does it take to get there?”
“20 minutes, you can get there in less if you go faster” Valenti looked at Max,
“I’ll come with you, if we take my car you wont get stopped” Max nodded appreciatively,
“Maria and Alex, you stay here with Isabelle” Maria was about to argue, “you wont be any help there, we’ll be back as quickly as we can” Maria agreed reluctantly as Valenti, Max and Michael stood up and ran to the car. As they drove off Michael turned to Max,
“So… what's the plan?”
“I’ve no idea”

* * * * *

A man in a lab coat approached Liz with a needle,
“This wont hurt”
“Yeah right!” Liz snickered, struggling all the more. The man looked at Sladen,
“Do something will you? I can’t get to her when she's like that” Sladen moved a hand to her head and began to form a connection. At that moment Isabelle appeared, she saw what was happening,
“Fight it Liz!” Liz was still struggling,
“Force the connection backwards… put him on the receiving end” Liz stopped struggling and stood still, concentrating. She forced the connection back the other way. She began to get flashes… what the hell did she do now? Isabelle spoke again,
“When you’ve connected knock him out; stop the blood to the brain for a few seconds then release” Liz did as Isabelle had said and Sladen fell to the ground. She opened her eyes to see the man running towards an alarm in the corridor. She instinctively held up her hand, concentrating on the alarm. It exploded just before he reached it, she directed a small energy ball at the man, just enough to knock him out… she didn’t want to kill him. The man fell to the floor.

Liz ran to the door and checked the corridor; there was no one there.
“Not so fast” came a voice behind her, she spun round to see Sladen standing there, Isabelle had gone, I obviously didn’t do stop the blood long enough she thought to herself, he had his hand raised and an energy ball was hurtling towards her, she raised her hand and a barrier formed. The ball hit it and bounced back towards him, the impact sent him flying across the room and he landed in a heap on the floor, Isabelle reappeared and looked at him.
“What the hell happened?”
“I think he had enough of playing games” she replied.
“I think it’s safe to say he wont be a problem anymore” Isabelle walked over to Liz,
“The others are on their way, lets get you out of here” they both made their way down the corridor,
“Liz wait, you’ll need clearance to get out, there’s lots of anti-alien devices so the only way out is the human way. Last time, Michael copied an agent’s fingerprint” She looked at the man on the floor “use his” Liz bent down, concentrating on the fingerprint until it appeared on her finger. Isabelle looked at her in disbelief,
“You can use your powers better than we can!” Liz smiled,
“Just as well really” together they continued down the corridor, taking a right turn then a left.

In front of them was a security door; Liz took a breath,
“The moment of truth” she stepped up, placed her finger on the control pad and waited, expecting the alarms to start at any moment.
“CLEARANCE VERIFIED” came a voice as the door slid open. They stepped through. There were three corridors and Liz had no idea which one she should take. She decided on impulse to take the one straight ahead.
“Do you have any idea how to get out?” Liz shook her head; they rounded a corner and bumped straight into an agent. Liz apologised,
“Just act natural Liz, you work here ok” the man looked at her,
“I haven’t seen you before, what area do you work in?” Liz thought for a moment,
“I don’t normally work here; I was just called in by agent…”
“Agent Slater? So you’re working with him on the new case they brought in?”
“Yes, I’m assisting with their tests, I’ve had experience in this field before” she felt a little more confident,
“What are you doing up here? The labs over in the east wing” Liz nodded,
“Yes, I left some extremely important papers in my car… but I’m afraid I’m lost. I don’t suppose you could tell me how to get out, I think I may have taken a wrong turning” she smiled politely but was shaking inside. The man nodded,
“Of course, first left, second right and you come to the exit. There's no one on the desk at the moment, you just have to go through the normal clearance routine on the door” he smiled. Liz couldn’t believe how easy it had been. The mans radio crackled,
“Liz its Valenti, Max and Michael” Liz looked at the man and smiled again,
“That’ll be my car” the man looked suspicious,
“Your car drives itself?” she laughed, hoping it didn’t sound nervous,
“No, you’ll find it’s the Roswell sheriff’s car, he dropped me off. I rang him to ask him to return when I found out I’d forgotten my papers” he picked up the radio,
“Can you identify the car?” there was a pause before the radio came to life again,
“Authorisation granted” Liz smiled her appreciation and wondered how the hell she had managed to swing that one. Isabelle disappeared again.

Liz began to walk down the corridor when the man called her,
“Wait a minute, where's your ID?” Liz turned, she didn’t want to push her luck, she had been lucky to get this far.
“I must have dropped it” she replied as she raised her hand. The man fell to the floor; she turned and walked quickly down the corridor, first left, second right she repeated to herself. She was nearly there; she sped up turning left then following the corridor before taking the second right. As she reached the exit an alarm began to ring, she hurriedly pressed her finger on to the pad,
“CLEARANCE UNVERIFIED” Liz panicked, what the hell? She tried again,
CLEARANCE UNVERIFIED” she looked at the pad and realised the both hands were required for this door, she hurriedly copied the prints onto her other hand and placed them onto the pad,
“CLEARANCE VERIFIED” the door swung open and Liz ran out. Max was waiting for her; Isabelle had told him that she was on the way. They could hear the alarms ringing as Liz ran to Max,
“Oh Max! I thought I’d never see you again”
“Shhhh, your ok now, everything's going to be fine” Max looked at the building before turning to walk back to the car, Michael and Valenti were stood outside it looking open mouthed behind him and Liz. Max turned and stared as Tess ran out of the building towards them. Liz gasped,
“What’s Tess doing here?”
“That’s not Tess… Tess is dead” Liz looked at him in shock,
“Tess is dead?” Max nodded,
“We don’t know why or who by, but I think we’re about to find out” they turned back to Tess who had nearly reached them. There was an explosion as the base burst into flames. Tess now stood before them,
“Its just as well I’m about” she said, “your far to sloppy when dealing with things, were you really going to leave knowing that several people in there knew your identity?” As she spoke there was a flash of light. Tess was no longer standing there; the group stared at the figure before them,
“You?” Said Liz in shock,
“But it can’t be… you’re dead!”

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there aren't many parts left now... but I have a sequel planned. may be a few days before my next post, I have quite a lot of college work, leave your feedback in the mean time.
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sorry this is taking so long, *sad* I have loads of college work, next part will be up asap... hopeful monday at the latest!*happy*
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Oh jeez, sorry I haven’t posted for ages, heavy college workloads and writing my first novel, have meant I’ve had little time for writing this fic. I have still got work to do, but I am putting my novel on hold while I do some more work on fanfics – finishing this and writing the sequel.

This is a short part to get me back into the story again after so long. As I already said it is nearly over, with it all being wrapped up by the end of part 10 (hopefully). So here it is the very long awaited (sorry!) part 9!

Part 9

Valenti took a step forward and stared at the group, “What the hell is going on? I came here to rescue Liz and I find a supposedly dead shapeshifter”
“That was an ingenious creation on Tess’s part, a simple mind warp to make you all think I was dead and I could come and go as I pleased without it bothering you.”
Max shook his head, “But why? Why did you want us to think you were dead? And why did you want Tess dead? I presume it was you who killed her?” Nesado nodded.
“The two questions you asked have the same reason behind them. Tess and I, or more correctly, Ava and I had a deal. We would hand you over to Khivar as soon as you got back to Antar, Ava would live and you would not. Antar would remain in Khivar’s power. Unfortunately, Ava also got mixed up with some other business involving Sladen and Ilyssa. It seems Khivar had a back up plan which, I felt, wouldn’t benefit anyone except Khivar and perhaps Sladen”
“So you just killed her? Just like that?” Max asked, clicking his fingers.
“Yes” he replied showing no sign of any feelings. “It was something that had to be done, but I had to make sure you didn’t know she was dead or the game would have been over.”
“Game? Is that all this is to you? A game?!” Michael yelled, “with peoples lives as the playing pieces? Our lives!?”
“If you want to see it like that, yes.”
Liz gripped Max's hand and watched as Nesado took a step backwards, “And what happens now? We know that Tess is dead, so is the game over?”
Nesado smiled, “no, the games only just begun!” he said before disappearing.

* * * * *

It was almost as if he had dissolved into the air, they told the rest of the group when they had finally got back to the Crashdown. How he had managed it, no one could say. Now Liz was safe there were hundreds of things they wanted to know but the sheriff interrupted their chatter, “we have a bit of a problem, quite a big problem in fact.” The group were silent as he continued, “I know you are all eager to find out what happened but we have other things to deal with. Liz was dead, or at least, people have seen Liz dead. How do we explain this one?” Nancy looked at them and sighed.
“Nesado was right, the game has only just begun; though game is not quite the word I’d use. It will do no harm people knowing the truth, or guessing the truth. Part of the prophecy of our planet has been fulfilled. With the rest soon to be, I’m sure” she added. “The futures of Antar and Earth are linked and now Khivar's original plans have failed I am afraid that there will be more attempts to prevent you from reclaiming your rightful position. They only have till the prophecy is fulfilled to make their move,” she said, looking at Max.
“What is the prophecy?”
“I can’t say, prophecies must be fulfilled unaided I’m afraid.”
“What about the FBI going after Liz?” Valenti asked again.
“Chances are your deputy and the other man were in on Liz’s kidnap; Sladen had many friends and her death would need to be as authentic as possible, but he would not risk just any old person discovering the truth about her.” This answer satisfied him and he stood up.
“I have to get back or people will start to wonder what’s going on. Let me know if anything happens.” He turned and left the café.
Max smiled and held Liz closer; he would never lose Liz again. From now on they would be inseparable he had decided. Maria was fidgeting; she had been desperate to talk to Liz ever since she had been brought back, but wasn’t sure what to say. When Nancy got up to find her husband and tell him that Liz was back, Maria looked at her friend. They had practically grown up together, they were so close and she didn’t want that bond to weaken now Liz knew she was different, that she was an alien. “So, Lizzie… what’s it like being a chez?” she asked smiling nervously.

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Thanx for all your feedback throughout and the bumps... it's good to know people enjoy my writing!

This is the final part in this fic! Sorry about the wait… most things that I can explain in this part without giving away the plot of the sequel have been covered. If you find anything you feel I haven’t covered, let me know and I will add a note to explain (unless it is to do with the sequel).

I will be off line for about 3 weeks so I should have a good chunk of the sequel written by then keep an eye out for Return of the Rebel
With that said … on with the fic, enjoy the part and as always, please leave feedback!


Part 10

Liz had remained silent throughout the conversation, the events of the past few days still not registering completely. Maria’s words made her smile as she remembered their earlier conversations about Max, Isabelle and Michael. “It hasn’t really sunk in yet. I don’t feel any different, I’m still me… just me plus powers.” She moved as close to Max as she could, “and a very special partner that I have to be with”
Max stroked her hair and smiled, “I always knew in my heart we had to be together, nothing else felt right. My life and future lie with you and nothing will stop that.” He bent his head and kissed her as Maria turned to Michael.
“So space boy… are we meant to be together too?” Michael coughed and stood up.
“I erm… better get started in the kitchen.” He left the table and walked out to the kitchen.
“Not so fast, you don’t get out of it that easily!” she called running after him.
Alex turned to Isabelle and took her hand, “fancy taking a walk?”
“There’s so much I…” she stopped abruptly noticing his gesture towards Max and Liz, “oh yeah sure” she agreed getting up and leaving the Crashdown with him.
Max looked up and noticed for the first time that they were alone, “Liz, will you come somewhere with me?”
“What about my dad? I guess he isn’t really my dad is he? But he’ll still want to see me”
Max held her hand tighter; “Its important Liz, I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t.” She nodded and stood up as Max grabbed a serviette and scribbled a quick note on it.

* * * * *

As they pulled up outside the cave that hid Max’s pod chamber, Liz turned to him. “Why have you brought me here?” she asked confused. Max opened the door and jumped out before running round and opening her door.
“You’ll see,” he stated mysteriously. She took the hand he offered and jumped down, following him to the entrance.
She waited as he opened the chamber and stepped inside, “why have you brought me here?” she asked again as the chamber was closed.
Max placed a finger on her lips “shhhh”. He bent to kiss her again and began to talk, “I was planning to wait until you're birthday but after the events of the lat few days I don’t want to wait.” He paused, “I’m not sure what happened at the Crashdown before you ‘died’ and why you avoided me… I don’t need to know if you don’t want to tell me”
Liz shook her head, “its unimportant now”
“Ok. I brought you here to ask you something” he began to explain as he pulled a small box from his pocket and dropped down onto one knee. “I love you Liz, more than anything in the world… without you I have no reason to live. The past few days reminded me just how much you mean to me; when I heard you were dead my whole world collapsed around me. I never want to be separated from you again; I want you to be mine forever” he paused and noticed Liz blush. “Liz… will you marry me?” he asked opening the box to reveal a silver ring with three acid green stones.
Liz gasped and tears began to fall down her cheeks, “Max… its lovely. No its more than that… its perfect! Of course I’ll marry you! We’ve been through so much together and I’m sure we’ll go through a lot more, but as long as I’m with you I can cope with whatever life throws at us” Max slipped the ring on her finger and stood up to kiss her again. Liz closed her eyes to savour the moment and store it away in her memory. She glanced at the ring to see that two of the stones were sparkling.
“Max…” she said as he pulled away.
“I’m ready”
He looked at her unsure what she meant, “ready?”
She nodded. “For…?”
“Yes Max. I think the time is right”
“You’re sure?” he asked. Liz kissed him suddenly and urgently.
“I've never been so sure about anything in my life”

* * *

Liz turned to see Max lying beside her staring at the roof of the cave. “What are you thinking?”
He turned to face her and smiled, “I was thinking about this amazing girl I met. She recently agreed to be my wife.” Liz snuggled closer and rested her head on his bare chest.
“That’s funny, I was just thinking about the most amazing guy and how much I love him” he stroked her cheek and kissed the top of her head.
“We ought to get back” he whispered, Liz nodded and sat up to gather her clothes that had been discarded and were scattered on the chamber floor.

* * * * *

Nancy and her husband were sat at a booth by the time they returned. “Liz…” Jeff began but was overcome with emotion and stood up and hugged her instead. Nancy joined them as Max stood and waited. When the reunion was over Liz returned to his side and took his hand.
“We have something to tell you,” she announced looking worried. “Max and I…”
“You’re getting married” Nancy finished for her.
Liz nodded, “yes but how did you know?”
“The ring” she explained.
“And you don’t mind?”
Nancy shook her head, “in normal circumstances I may have felt differently. I don’t think anything about this situation is normal though”
Liz smiled, relieved by the reaction and hugged Max. The ring came into view as she did so and she noticed the two stones still shining brightly. This time the third stone, the one between the other two, was looking brighter. She looked at Max and knew that everything was going to be okay, in that moment she knew exactly what her part in the prophecy was.

* * * * *

A small group gathered around the old man once more. In his hand he held the tattered scroll containing the prophecy of their planet, the prophecy they had heard so many times before but never had any hope of seeing fulfilled. As they watched, the small stones embedded in the scroll began to glow, at first only two shone but gradually a pale light began to fill the last. This was the sign they had waited many years for and finally it had arrived. Excited whispers began to spread around the crowd as the man held the scroll above his head and called out.
“Behold! An heir will be born!”

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Part 1 of the sequel *Return of the Rebel* is now up

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