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Hi My story What are you was lost so the summary basiccally is that Liz comes bck from a summer vacation from Sunnydale and finds out Faith died and she is the new slayer. Her additude changes and starts acting like a Bi*ch to the roswell gang. The roswell gang starts to get suspisous after her new friends the Buffy Gang shows up! That's it! Here's 3&4

Part 3
"God I HATE THIS!"Liz screamed
"You hate what?" Xander asks
"Fighthing, working my ass of trying to stop the world from ending, vampires, demons, aliens, do I need to go on!Liz said
"I know how you fell hun except for the alien part but everything im an expert on!"Buffy said
"Im so sick of them trying to find out every little detail of my life it gets so aanoying, they are so nosy god I wish they would just back off and leave me the hell alone!"Liz said
"Well after everything you told us about them seems like it's not really possible."Willow said
"Thanks for that speach Will I feel so much better." Liz said sarcatically.
"Glad to help." Willow replied
"Well Liz you know that you can't tell them" Giles said
Liz was punching a punching bag. "I (punch) know (punch) that (punch)."Liz said
"Liz calm down you'll bust the god damn thing open" Xander said.
"Right, calm down." Liz said calming down
"Oh damn I got to go I have dinner with my parents." Liz said looking at her watch.
"Bye see you later" everyone said
"Bye" Liz replied
Liz went back to the cashdown not suprised to see the roswell gang there.
Part 4
Liz tried to ignore them but she was to late.
"Hey Liz" Maria said
"Hi" Liz said back.
"What's up"Max asked
"Nothing really look guys I have to go I have dinner with my parents and im late as it is ao I have like no time to talk so see ya later." Liz said trying to get away.
"Well you never have anytime for us anymore."Alex said
"GOD JUST BACK OFF I'M JUST BUSY I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS SHIT RIGHT NOW I'M TO GOD DAMN BUSY AND I CAN'T HANDLE ALL THIS RIGHT NOW! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" Liz screamed walking away from the group leaving everyone in the crashdown to stare after her.
"She can't handle to talk to her best friends, and since when does she curse or dress like a slut?"
"I don't think that's all she can handle." Alex said
"What are you talking about?"Isabel asked
"I'm saying there is something going on with Liz that is to hard for her to handle and I'm going to find out what it is."

Feedback Please!

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Thanks for the 2 replies! Lol
Here's part 5!

Part 5:
POOF! Liz had just dusted a vamp.
"These things get easier to dust! Its just puch kick puch hit in heart and then poof!"Liz said
"Yes but only to you slayers it's that simpile us civilians have a harder time!" Xander said
"It's not my fault your weak"Liz said
"Hey im not weak im.." Xander said trying to finished when Liz interrupted "Vampire!" she shoved him to the side and dusted him. "What were you saying?" Liz asked
"Ummm Oh oh forget it!" Xnader said
"Okay"Liz said plainly
"Anyone up for drinks"Willow asked "Well Willow I think Liz has to get home before her parents suspect something and plus it is well 1:00 in the morning" Giles said after looking at his watch.
"Already damn I thought it was ten!" Buffy said
"Well see slaying doesn't go as fast for us non-slayers"Xander said.
"Yea Yea, Just shut up the rest of the way and ill call it even with you for calling you weak." Liz said
"Deal" Xander said
"Good even though it's true!" Liz said while running back to the car having Xander chasing after her. "WAIT!" Liz screamed, and xander stopped. " Why are you chasing me I can kick you ass faster than you can say it. Liz said chasing Xander and Xander screaming for help.
Giles stopped them and Liz went home. She climbed up her ladder, where she found a great surprise......

Saturday or sunday
Should I continue?
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Thanx for the sweet replies!

Part 6

Liz walked into her room and was surprised to see Alex standing there with all her weapons and stekes.
"Alex what the hell are you doing here!"Liz whispered not to wake her parents. "No Liz I think the question here is what are you doing getting home at 1:30 in the morning, and since when do you have stekes, crosses, holy water,
cross boes, and swords hidden under your bed."Alex exclaimed. " You have no right looking through my stuff Alex, It's envasian of my private stuff, god Alex stopping treating me like I'm a kid I can handle myself!"Liz said
"Really, ok fine, then lets talk about private Liz, since you seem to be only that from since you came back home!"Alex asked "It's none of your business what I do, or why the hell I'm acting private."Liz said
"Really, because last time I checked I was still one of your best friends, and best friends tell best friends things!"Alex said
"Alex you are my best friend but I can't talk to you about it you would'nt understand!"Liz said calmly
"MAKE ME UNDERSTAND!"Alex said " I CAN'T"Liz said
"Fine then don't then I'll just tell your parents that you came home okay at 1:30 in the morning, and you have weapons stored under your bed!"Alex said Liz looked at him in shock. "You wouldn't do that." Liz said
"Try me! Now make me understand Liz!"Alex said
"Fine! But first you have to promise not to tell anyone else not even the pod squad, or Maria."Liz said
"With my heart, now tell me Liz. Alex said calming down.
"Okay"Liz said. Then Liz went on and told her the whole story about how she was a slayer that she was the slayer what happens when you are a slayer, and so on and so on. "Wow!" Alex said "I never knew that could be possible vampires, demons, witches!"Alex continued "Yea but you van believe in aleins."Liz said. "Yea well I never thought about all these stuff!, I can't believe you kill these things, and you save the world!"Alex said "From unspeakable demons."Liz said "What?"Alex asked confused. "I save the world from unspeakable demons, and other stuff!"Liz said "Yea"Alex said. "Okay we made a deal you won't tell the pod squad or maria or anyone else!"Liz said "Yea I promise I won't" Alex said. "Good, I have to take you to Giles and them tommorow!" Liz said "Right tommorow, okay." Alex said "Yea, so see ya later Alex!"Liz said. "Bye"Alex said, and he left and Liz went to sleep.

Hope you like this part! Write more feedbacks please!

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hey I know I haven't updated lately! Don't worry I'll update again! I've just been really busy! Damn High School! LoL

But maybe I shouldn't continue! It's up to u! I'll update with a post probably monday tommorow or sunday!

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Hey! Sorry I TOOK SO LONG! I CAN'T GET ANYHTING DONE! Lol! It sux being in your senior year! Lol1 specially if your popular and have snotty friends! Lol! Being the popular grl sux! Lol! Nuff bout me! Here's Part 7!

Part 7:

Liz and Alex are walking together in the parking lot and chatting about Liz being the Slayer. They stop chatting when they see the roswell gang looking at them.
Alex turns and looks at Liz, "Go,"Liz said. "No I'm not going," Alex said firmly. "Go,"Liz said annoyed. "Liz,"Alex said. "Alex, Go,"Liz finnaly said. "You sure,"Alex asked.
"Yes, now go before I hurt you!,"Liz replies. "Alright I'll see you at lunch,"Alex said sweetley. "Can't wait," Liz Says plainly.
Alex waves bye to Liz and Liz walks away and Alex walks toward the Roswell group.
"What the hell were you doing with Liz,?"Isabel said.
"I was just talking to her you know like friends do."Alex sadi frimly as all of them walked.
"How could you talk to an ice bitch like that?"Michael asked. "Hey your not any easier!" Alex said defending Liz.
"Calm down dude,jeeze, just making a comment."Michael said. "Did you find anything out about Liz?"Maria asks breaking the tension. "No, we were just talking nothing more."Alex said nervosly. "Okay, lets all meet at Michael's to discuss this after school." Max said all leaderly. "Do we have to." Tess said all whiny. "Yes" Max said getting annoyed with Tess. "Fine." Tess said like the brat she is. "Um you guys should go without me I have plans." Alex said. Everyone turned to Alex. "What kind of plans?"Michael asked all curious. "Uh.. you know hanging out with my dad, he said we need man to man time you know."Alex replied. The bell rings. 'Saved by the bell' Alex thinks. "Well bye, seee you at lunch!" Alex said and hurried off away. "Somethings going on with him," Isabel says. "Yea I think Alex knows more than he's saying," Michael says. "Well whatever it is we'll find out soon." Max said "We better head off to class," Maria said. Soon they all went to class, and Liz came out of the classroom. 'Holy shit, they know something I gotta find a way to get them to not figure this out.' Liz thought
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Hey! Thanx for all the replies! I'll try to update as soon as I can! But like I said being popular has disadvantages! LOL! Don't worry ill pdate by the end of the week I PROMISE! But its gonna be tuff with winter break now! I have to hang with snotty bitches who hate my real friends but they don't leave me alone! LoL! And I have to hang out jerk-off jocks that don't let any guy I want to go out go out with me cuz they want me!LOL! Nuff bout me and my stupid life!LOL! I'll post by friday!
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Hey I'm so srry I know I promised that I'd post by friday but things got caught and my bfs in the hospital so srry! Here's Part 8

Liz opened the door to the victorian that the scooby gang owns.
"Liz what are you doing here?, Don't you have school?"
Giles asked concernley
"I'm have lunch this period," Liz answered.
"Oh well is there something you need?" Giles asked.
"Does the offer still stand?" Liz asked
"WHAT! I mean yes of course it always did," Giles replied very surprised.
"Good I wanna take it," Liz said
"Ok, very well, is there any particular reason why?" Giles asked.
"Uh well the gang is getting really suspicous, and I told someone," Liz said.
"YOU WHAT!" Giles said
"I HAD NO CHOICE!" Liz said defending herself.
"Liz you said it yourself that you didnt want to tell them because if you did that they would protect you and they will get themselves hurt you didnt want to tell them, and how do you know that this person won't slip and tell everyone else." Giles said sternley.
"Because I know he won't you can trust Alex, I always have he is caring, sweet, kind, he can keep a secret, we can trust him," Liz cried.
"You relalize the minute you told him was the minute you put him in danger!" Giles said
"Yes I do!"Liz said
"And taking this offer isn't going to do anything," Giles said.
"Yes it will, if I take this offer then they can go back to their lives, not worrying about me, or what I'm up to. Please Giles I'm asking you to trust me when I say that I have to do this, it's the only way I can take on slaying to my full advantage." Liz said
"I trust you," Giles answered.
"Good, it means a lot to me that you agree to this," Liz said sincerley.
They both smiled

Well that's it and I'm not gonna continue till you give me feedback! LOL! I MEAN IT!

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Ok HI! I'm Ny's Best friend and I'm logged into her laptop at the hospital! Anyway Ny told me she was writing this. She has everything done for the story on a peice of paper. Ny can't finish this story because her bf died yesterday night. So I can finish the story! BUT THE BIG QUESTION HERE IS THAT IF YOU WANT ME TO CONTINUE IT! SO REPLY AND SAY IF YOU WANT IT FINISHED IN LIKE THE NEXT FEW MONTHS!
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Hey I know I haven't updated yet! But the good news is if you still want this to continue then Nya is coming back!
Anyway Here's part 9:
"Hey what's going on over here?" Xander said coming into the room.
"Guess what I'm moving to Sunnydale!" Liz said
"Really! Oh my god that is so cool, we could go shopping together!"Cordeila said in joy. She always loved having Liz around.
"Yea and we can go slaying together it would be so cool!"Buffy said so enthisuastic!
"Yea! Oh but just don't go all Faith on us, that would be another story!"Willow said
"Don't worry I won't be anywhere near Faithisims, trust me," Liz said calming everyone down.
"Yea and we can spend more time talking!"Angel said. Everyone knew he had a crush on her. I mean yeah he loved Buffy, but when he's with Liz his life just turns all happy and joy. Plus with Liz moving to Sunnydale there could be many possiblities for him and her.
"Yea I'd love that!" Liz said. She liked Angel too, they had gotten close over the summer, but he isnt Max and that's a big thing for her.
"So how are you gonna break this to your friends, I mean how are you gonna get all this settled, when are you gonna leave do you possibly think your parents are going to let you?"Weasly started asking.
"Well I'll break it to them easy it's not like I'm that close to them anymore, and I'll get strted by packing Wes I mean how else would I, and I think I'll leave in two weeks, and I'll tell my parents that I'm taking the early graduation offer adn that I want to go to Sunnydale Uni. because I liked it there and I met some incredible people."Liz said
"Sounds like you have everything planned out," Dawn said.
"Just about,"Liz said "Oh man I have to get back to school, see you guys later!"Liz said leaving out the door.
A chours of byes was shouted.
"I can't believe that Liz is actually going to Sunnydale ths is so gonna be cool!" Cordelia said.
"Yes it is good Liz is moving ," Giles said.
When Liz got back to school she heard Alex scream after her.
"Hey Liz!"Alex yelled.
"O great" Liz thought to herself.
Liz turned around. "Hey, Alex," Liz said lowly.
"Where were you I was waiting for you,"Alex said.
"I went to tell the gang about you, look Alex I really want to talk to you I do, but I gotta get to my locker, meet me at the crashdown and bring everyone I have to tell you guys something,"Liz said.
"Are you going to tell them?" Alex said sounding like he was about to get excited.
"Ummm not exactly, just met me with them ok," Liz said.
"Ok sure Liz," Alex said alittle dissapointed. He really wanted his gang to know about Liz.
"Thanks Alex, I'll see you later k," Liz said walking away backwards.
"K," Alex said as he watched Liz turn and walk away.
"What was that about?" Maria asked.
"I just wanted to say hi, is that a crime?" Alex said coldly.
"No, we just were curious," Isabel said shockly.
"Look guys I'm sorry about my additude today, but you're making Liz sound like a bad guy when she's not, she's going through a tough time right now so could you just lay off her back now,"Alex said.
"We just want to know what she's having a tough time about, you know why does she have to hide it from her best firends you know," Maria said.
"I know what you guys are going through Liz is just locked up inside somewhere and she's not coming out, she's might be diffrent but trust me she's doesn't want to do this," Alex said feeling sorry for them.
"Then we want to help her get out, just tell us what's going on Alex please," Maria said with tears forming in her eyes.
"I want to tell you but it's not my secret to tell, she wants to talk to all of you at the crashdown later just meet us there ok," Alex said
"Ok," Max said taking everything in.
"Thank you, I have to get to class I'll see you guys later ok bye," Alex said.
"Bye" everyone said.
Everyone soon walked away to there classes.
A dark figure walked out from behind the bushes.
"My plan is finnally falling into place soon Liz will be mine and the royals will be dead."He said as he walked away laughing.

Hope you guys like it!
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Part 10:

Liz Walked into The Scobby Gangs Victorian.
"Hello is anyone home?" Liz yelled out.
"You know someone has to be here there are over 9 people living here and not to mention one of
them are vampires so I don't think he'll be going out in sunlight," Angel said stepping out from
the living room.
"Oh hey Angel," Liz said.
"So where's everyone else?"Liz asked
"Well Xander and Anya went out to lunch with Tara and Willow and took Dawn with them, and
Weasly, Gun, and Cordelia went to get food, and Giles and Buffy are waiting in the training
room for you," Angel replied.
"Thanks Angel, I'll see ya later," Liz said leaving toward the training room.
"Hey guys," Liz said entering the room after seeing Giles and Buffy.
"Oh Liz good you're here," Giles said as Liz entered.
"Yup I'm here, so what's up?" Liz asked.
"Well we want to start training, so if you Giles said as Liz cut him off, "Could get changed, ya I know the drill if you could do something diffrent for once I'd be in a coma," Liz said leaving to her room to get changed.
"Slayers," Giles said shaking his head.
"HEY! Not to mention there still is another one in here!"Buffy yelled.
"Yes I can see that," Giles said.
"Now what's the deal with watchers," Buffy asked.
"Nothing,"Giles said.
"Yea I'm sure of that Ripper," Liz said as she walked back into the room all changed, while Buffy giggled.
"Can we please get started now," Giles said trying to change the subject.
"Sure thing Ripper," Buffy and Liz said at the same time.
When they finished training everyone was already in the living room.
"Hey look everyones back,"Buffy said sitting down on the couch.
"Yes I see Buffy," Giles said.
"Hey didn't Liz come back from school yet?"Cordelia asked.
"Yes I did," Liz said coming out all freshley dressed in black leather pants, blue tube top and Black leather jacket.
"Wow! Liz is looking lively," Xander said.
"Yeah well I got a date with the Roswell gang, you know drop the bomb on them and I'm already kind of late so see ya!" Liz said
"Bye good luck!" Everyone shouted back to her.
"Thanks!" Liz screamed getting into her new porch she got from the scobby gang for her birthday last month.
"Well where is she Alex?," Isabel asked
"Right here," Liz said coming into the crashdown, locking the door.
"Sorry I'm late," Liz said sitting down on a chair.
"So what did you wnat to tell us?" Max asked
"Oh yea that well as you know I've me new friends that live in Sunnydale," Liz said
"Yeah we know,"Maria said
"Well I'm graduating early and well I decided to attend Sunnydale college with my friends,"Liz said finishing her sentence.
"WHAT, YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" Maria screamed.
"WELL GUESS WHAT HONEY I AM!" Liz screamed back.
"No you're not I'm the leader here and I demand you not to go!" Max said facing Liz.
"So what you're just going to pick up and leave?" Maria said about to be in tears.
"Mostly," Liz said.
"Alex talk some sense into her," Maria said.
"Liz you can't leave we need you I need you I always have and always will," Alex said.
"Look I'm sorry but I can't stay here and live the rest of my life living in fear of the FBI or Aliens, I'm sick of all the Alien crap I want to start something different," Liz said.
"No see you would of never would of want to do that until your new friends came around and changed you Liz what ever happend to our Liz, the sweet innocent Liz," Maria said through tears.
"She's gone ok, and she can't come back because she's changed and she can't stop the change alright, she learned her destiny," Liz said.
"Well the hell with destiny," Max said.
"Don't you wish it was that simple," Liz said.
"It can be you just have to let it be,"Max said.
"No it can't be no matter what it never can be," Liz said.
Just then they heard the Crashdown's door ring telling someone entered.
"Sorry we're closed," Maria said.
"No wait I locked that door no one could of came in," Liz said as everyone faced the dark mystery man.
"Who are you," Liz said
"An old friend he said.
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Hey Sorry I didn't write in a while! I was getting over Nick! Plus Spring Break so I was just chilling out! So here's the new part! Hope you Like it!

Part 11

"Who the hell are you!" Liz screamed.
Everyone looked at Liz.
"Like I said I'm a friend,"The mysterious guy said.
"Well what if I don't want a friend," Liz asked getting closer to the guy.
"Who said I was your friend,"He asked looking straight at Liz.
"Hum then tell me who are you lets get introduced,"Liz said.
"But you said you don't want a friend," The guy said with a smirk on his face.
"Alright you got 10 seconds to tell me who you are or I'll punch that smirk of your face," Liz said.
"Liz I don't really think that's a good idea," Max said.
"Shut the fuck up," Liz said.
Everyone looked at Liz so surprised. Liz turned back to the guy.
"Well," Liz said.
"Why should I have to tell you," He asked.
"5.6.7." Liz said.
"Alright I am here to tell you about your past and who you really are," The guy said.
"My past," Liz said.
"Yes,"The guy said.
"Alright you better explain yourself and believe me when I say a wrong answer will cause you all your points,"Liz said getting face to face with the guy.
"Ok Ok, You were sent here with the other 4,"The man said.
Then everyone put there attention to the man.
"What," Everyone said.
"Well you see Liz you are an alien well hybrid anyway you were destined to be Karner and your twin brother Rathard was destined to be with Vilandra.." The guy said until he was interrupted by Liz. " I'm human you can ask anyone I mean really I was born from my mother's stomach," Liz said.
"Well when Max healed you you finnally became who you really are," He continued.
Then Liz grabbed him by his collar and banged him up against the wall.
"Liz stop!" Maria screamed.
"You're telling me my whole life is a lie, I won't beleive that I won't your a lying to me you bastard leave me alone!," Liz screamed, and she kneed him in the groin and punched him with all her strenght.
"Oh my god!" Isabel said. "Liz what did you do," Isabel continued.
"Stay away from me all of you I hate you!" Liz said through tears.
"I'm not an alien, I'm human I have a mother and a father, I'm not an alien, my life's not a lie," Liz said as she fell to the floor crying. Everyone was looking at Liz as Alex went up to her and held her.
"Liz it's ok really it's gonna be ok Liz it's gonna be ok," Alex said calmly.
The Mystery Guy stood up.
"Yes you are, and in your heart you know it's true, you were destined for it," He said.
Liz looked up at him.
"Why are you here," She asked him.
"Kanar is waiting for you, he wants to get his beloved back," He answered.
Max looked devested, he finnally found out that the love of his life is like him but she has another love.
"Well you know what you can tell him to screw himself because I'm not going anywhere I'm staying on Earth and nothing you can sya or do will make me go," Liz said as she got up and left the crashdownwith everyone else following after her.
"Dammit, she's still hard headed, but don't worry princess you will go back to my so and you will be married to him and he will become king and I will finnally be royalty," Kivar said as he walked away.

Hope you liked it!
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Hey thanx for the replies!
I had some time on my hands so I decided to write part 12. Hope you Like it.

Part 12

"Liz are you ok, I mean how did you learn how to kick and punch like that I mean wow," Maria said.
"I'll be ok, umm I learned from my friends anyway I just want to be left alone right now do you guys mind," Liz asked.
"Like you care," Michael said.
"Look I know I haven't been the best person to be around with but if what that guy is telling us is true then Michael I don't want to start a fight with you if you really are my Bro," Liz said.
"Wait a minute all of this is finnally coming to sense," Maria said.
"What are you talking about," Max asked.
"Well think about it, Max why are you so attracted to Liz, and Michael why are you all of a sudden getting on Liz's case I mean you were never the person who would really care about her seriously," Maria said.
"She has a point," Isabel said.
"But I'm human I know it I was born from my mother's stomach I have baby pictures everything, I'm the slayer humans are slayer," Liz said. Suddenly Liz realized what she said and faced everyone.
"You're a what," Maria said.
"She's a slayer," Alex said.
"Is this true Liz," Max asked her.
"Yes," She answered truthfully for once.
"Well not to be rude o anything but what the hell is a slayer," Michael asked trying to take all this information in.
Then Liz started to explain everything to them.
(To lazy to write everything, so if you don't know what a slayer is that clearly to bad, Lol.)
"Wow I had no idea, I mean wow," Maria said.
"Yeah ..." Michael said until Liz inturrupted him, "Wow, yeah I know," Liz said.
"Liz you never did show me to Giles or whatever," Alex said.
"Oh shit Giles, he's gonna freak,"Liz said.
"You don't have to take us now I mean whenever you want," Max said.
"No let's go now, get it over with now, especially since there is some wack job alein wanting to take me back to Antar," Liz said.
"Follow me," Liz continued.
They all followed Liz's car to the victorian Giles and everyone else owns.
"Wow this place is like huge," Isabel said.
"Yeah wait till you see the inside," Liz said.
Liz opened the door to the house.
"Hello anyone home," Liz asked.
Giles came into the hallway saying, "Liz yes are you ready for train.." Giles was going to say when he looked up and saw a bunch of teenagers.
"Umm Liz I see you brought a bunch of friends, um well could we talk in private," Giles said.
"Um no Giles they know," Liz said about to get afraid of Giles' reaction.
"All of them," he asked.
"Yes, but please let me explain first," Liz said
"Yes I suggest you do," Giles said crossing his arms.
"Well you see this alien came to the Crashdown when I was going to tell them the news, anyway the alien tells me I'm an alien and that he wants to take me back to his home planet, and then I kicked his ass, and then we left and then it sort of slipped out, Giles please don't be mad," Liz said.
"Yes well that's a really convincing story please all of you sit down," Giles said.
When Liz sat down she turned her head to face Giles.
"So you're not that mad," Liz asked.
"Well seeing so many people know about Buffy I guess not," Giles answered.
"Wow I got off the hook easily," Liz said looking realived.
"Yes I suppose you did,"Giles said.
"Hey Giles what's all the noise is Liz here," Xander said until he saw everyone and Liz smiled at him.
"Um hi everybody I'm Xander," Xander said.
"Xander they know," Liz said.
"Oh ok," he said as he sat next to Liz.
"Um that's Alex, Maria,Michael, Max, Isabel, and Kyle," Liz said pointing to each one. They all said hi.
"You mind calling everyone down here," Liz said
"Sure," Xander said.
When everyone came downstairs Liz started to introduce everyone.
"Alright Roswell gang, Alex, Maria, Michael, Max, Isabel, and Kyle," Liz said pointing them out again.
"Sunnydale gang, Giles whom you kind of met, Xander who you met, Anya, Buffy, Angel, Dawn, Willow, Gun, Weasly, Cordelia, Spike, and Tara," Liz said as everyone else said Hi's.
"Oh yea and they know about the whole alien thing so you don't have to worry about that," Liz said.
"Oh um ok," Isabel said looking at the enormous amount of people there were.
"Alright since they know about you lets tell you guys about them,"Liz said.
"Well Buffy is also a Slayer, and Giles is our watcher, which I explained to you about, Xander is just Xander,
Willow and Tara are witches and Girlfriends Willow is gay," Liz said. As everyone looked at Willow.
"Yeah," Willow said.
"Anyway Spike and Angel are Vampires, Weasly was an ex watcher, Gun just helps us out with fighting, same with Cordy, Dawn is Buffy's sis, Anya is an ex demon and Xander's Girlfriend, and that's about it," Liz said.
"Ok," Kyle said.
Everyone was just silent not knowing that Khivar was still watching them.
"I see that Angel is a distraction to Liz not a problem I'll get her straight," Khivar said walking away.

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Hye I know I havent Posted in awhile! sorry! In my other story The rebels I wrote the same exact thing that ill update but im graduating high school so I wont have that much time! But who knows my b-day is coming up and I'll probably post!!
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Alright sorry for the long wait I know! I just had graduation coming up and I had my prom! So anyway I'll base this update on prom!

"So Liz what are you going to wear to prom?"Buffy asked.
"I dont know, I'm thinking about wearing a long black dress that ties in the back," Liz said.
"Oh, that would look so good on you!" Dawn said.
Liz laughed, "Thanks,"Liz said.
"So do you have a date?"Xander asked.
"No," Liz said.
"Oh you know who could take you Angel, it would be perfect," Anya said.
"I don't know," Liz said.
"Oh come on it would be fun!" Willow said.
"What would be fun?" Angel asked coming into the room.
"Nothing," Liz said.
"You taking Liz to prom," Willow said.
"Oh umm, do you want to go Liz?" Angel asked.
"Well I mean if you dont want to I mean," Liz said.
"No I'd love to take you," Angel said.
"Really?" Liz said.
"Yes," Angel said.
"Oh umm okay it'z friday, this means alot to me," Liz said.
"Hey it's no problem really,"Angel said.

sORRY I KNow it's short I promise Prom will be alot longer!
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Hey! I'll try to make it an Angel and Liz fic but I was intending it on a M/L fic but I'll see what I can do.

Part 13
Knock Knock Knock
Liz went to get the door. It was Maria, Isabel and Tess.
"Hey Liz, so lets go shopping," Maria said.
"Shopping for what?" Liz asked.
"You're kidding right?" Isabel said.
Liz nodded her head no.
"Prom dresses silly," Tess said.
"Oh prom dresses," Liz said.
"Yeah," Maria said.
"Well I already have mine," Liz replied.
"What, how, when?" Maria asked.
"I got my dress because Buffy and Willow took me shopping yesterday, I'm sorry I didn't know we were gonna go togther," Liz said sadly.
"Oh no, it's okay really, we could go alone," Maria said looking down at the floor.
"Look guys I know we haven't been close and I'm sorry but I had so much to deal with," Liz said.
"No Liz we really understand," Isabel said.
Liz was starting to feel bad for them so she said," Why don't you guys go shopping and I'll come with you and I'll help you guys pick out you're dresses," Liz said.
"Really?" Maria said looking back up at Liz.
"Really," Liz said smiling at her.
"Okay then it's a deal," Maria said.
"Okay let me just go change," Liz said.
"Sure," Maria said.
"Liz is starting to comeback," Isabel said.
"Yeah just one step at a time," Maria said sitting on the couch.
Liz came back out wearing black leather pants and a red Bandanna looking tube top. Maria, Isabel, and Tess were looking at her in amazement.
"Ready to go?" Liz asked.
"Umm, yeah let's go, Maria said. So they all hit the mall.
They went from store to store looking for dresses. They had spent at least 5 hours shopping until they found the right ones. Isabel had a red gown that had no sleeves or straps. Maria got a white gown with spaghetti straps, and Tess got a sea green gown with thick straps.
"Alright now time for chatting," Maria said.
"Umm okay but I have to leave at 9 because I have to go patrolling," Liz said.
"Patrolling?" Isabel asked.
"Vampire hunting," Liz replied.
"Oh ok," Isabel said.
"So that gives about a hour," Maria said looking at her watch.
"Yeah but I have to be at the Victorian bye 8:40 to change," Liz said.
"So 40 minutes," Maria said.
"Umm but I have to take shower first," Liz said.
"Oh," Maria said.
"You know what maybe you guys can come with me you know while I'm patrolling," Liz said.
"OKAY COOL!" Maria said all excited.
"Yeah," Liz said.
So when Liz was all ready they hit the Victorian.
"Hey Liz," Xander said when he saw her come in.
"Oh hello ladies," He continued after seeing the rest of the girls.
"They are coming with me to patrol," Liz said.
"You sure that's safe?" Xander asked.
"Nope that's why you're coming to protect them," Liz said.
"Yes Mam," Xander said.
"Hey I'm gonna go change and then we'll bounce ok?" Liz said.
"Okay," Maria said.
So the night went alittle off schedule. Liz came downstairs all changed, and Maria and them went with her to the cemetery and they saw her slay vampires, and then they chatted and hey all head home ready for the next day (Prom).
The guys were all waiting at the crashdown for the girls when Angel came in. Max eyed him with Jealousy.
So the girls all came down and the guys were all out of breath. Both Max and Angel were drooling after seeing Liz in a black gown with straps that tied behind her back.
Angel walked up to her and her hair in loose curls.
"Wow, you look beautiful," He said.
"Thank you," Liz said blushing. Max was just staring in jealously.
"Um shouldn't we be leaving?" Liz asked.
"Yea lets go," Max said.
So they went to Prom they all were having a great time they danced, drank punch until the final dance.
The song was Crazy by KC and JoJo
"May I have this dance?" Angel asked Liz.
"Yes," Liz said.
Max was devastated he had to turn away so he danced with Tess.
"Thanks so much for tonight I had so much fun," Liz said.
"It was my pleasure," Angel said looking into Liz's eyes.
Angel leaned in and kissed Liz.
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Hey I made a mistake and I put 4/25 on my last update when it was really 5/25 so if you didn't read it it was the Prom so I suggest you read it first!

Part 15
The rest of the week went usual except Angel and Liz were finally together. Angel went with Liz to patrol, and they were never seen around Max because Liz knew how much it would hurt him, until one day Liz had found out that Max finally gave Tess a chance so they were together, however Max still Loved Liz, and Liz still loved Max, but they moved on. Maria and Liz became close again and they became real close with Isabel. Maria and Isabel made good friends with Buffy and everyone as with everyone else things were going perfect. Except for Khivar who was still after Liz.

The Mall
Maria, Liz and Isabel were hanging out in the mall and they decided to take a break and go eat. They settled and Maria asked Liz," So Liz how are things with you and Angel going?"
"Oh they're good, Angel is so sweet, he bought me flowers the other day, and He's planning a picnic for us tonight," Liz said.
"Aww how sweet, why can't Michael ever be like that?" Maria said.
Isabel and Liz laughed.
"I take it you and Michael are working stuff out," Liz said.
"Yeah, we are doing pretty good actually, Michael just needs to get down the whole relationship thing down," Maria said.
"Oh that sounds cool, how about you Iz, what's going on with Alex?" Liz asked.
"Everything is so perfect, Alex is so great, I am just head over heels in love," Isabel said.
"Yeah, me too," Maria said, thinking about Michael.
"How about you Liz, you in love with Angel?" Isabel asked.
Liz looked at Isabel. She knew she wasn't in love with Angel, she was in love with Max., she felt safe with Max, but she felt the same way with Angel, She didn't know she thinks she's in love with Angel, or is she in love with both?
"Yeah I guess I do," Liz said.
"Well look at this we are all in love, who would of thought, what had come to us," Maria said.
"Yeah all in love," Liz said.
They all finished eating and they went shopping for a little more and they went home.
Later when Liz was sleeping Khivar had visited Liz. He started walking towards Liz. Liz heard a noise and she slowly reached for her stake. When Khivar reached her bed Liz jumped out from her cover and almost staked Khivar.
"It's you," Liz said.
"Yes sorry to have scared you," He said.
"What the hell are you doing here it's three in the morning," Liz said putting a vest over her tank top.
"Sorry my princess," Khivar said.
"Don't call me that," Liz said.
"Yes, Kanar had sent you a message, he says he is coming here for you, and you will be married, and you can be Queen," Khivar said.
"Well you can tell Kanar not to waste his time cuz I already found my love, and I love his truly, and that I don't want to be queen," Liz said.
"But you were meant for this," Khivar said.
"Screw this meant to be crap," Liz said.
"Very well," Khivar said.
"Thank you, now if you could please leave I need my beauty sleep," Liz said.
Khivar left.
"Well lets see how your love will last when your lover is dead," Khivar said. Khivar was standing in Polman Ranch when a big tornado thing (Think Isabel's honeymoon portal) appeared. Kanar came out.
"Father great to see you again," Kanar said.
"Yes great to see you son," Khivar said.
"So where is my bride?" Kanar asked.
"Well there is a slight problem," Khivar said.
"What kind of problem?" Kanar said.
"Well you see your bride has found a new love," Khivar said.
"Earthlings," Kanar said shaking his head.
Later that night everyone was at the Victorian. EVERYONE!
"Looks like our plan is falling right into our hands father," Kanar said.
Kanar and Khivar entered slowly and went to the room they were all in.
"I hope we aren't intruding," Kanar said.
"Who the hell are they?" Buffy asked.
"Kanar," Liz said.
"Ka what?" Xander asked.
Liz walked up to Kanar.
"Liz are you okay?" Angel asked.
Liz shot Angel a death glare, her eyes were all black (Think Isabel honeymoon eyes).
"Liz what's wrong with your eyes?" Maria said all frightened.
"So you have finally come to your senses," Kanar said. He kissed Liz.
Angel walked up to Kanar and punched him.
"Don't ever touch my girlfriend again!" Angel said.
Angel put his hands on Liz's face (yes I know like the Honeymoon eppie).
"Are you okay?" Angel asked. Liz returned back to normal.
"I was afraid this would happen, but I came prepared," Kanar said.
Suddenly over 50 aliens came charging into the Victorian.
"Run!" Liz screamed.
They all ran into Angel's basement Isabel Locked the door with her powers.
"I don't know how long that's gonna last them," She said.
"We don't have much time," Liz said.
"Willow, and Tara see if you can find a spell, Tara Maria, and Alex I need you guys to stay downstairs, don't do anything, (They all nodded) Xander, and Anya protect them, Giles, Wesley and Cordelia try helping with the spell, Max, Isabel, Michael I need you to fight with your powers, Tess I want you to mind warp, Gun, Angel, Buffy, and I are going to fight, everyone ready?" Liz said. Everyone nodded and took there positions Liz opened the door and no one was there.
"This is odd, they wouldn't just leave," Liz said.
"It's Tess! She's working with them she mind warping you guys!" Willow screamed.
"BITCH!" Liz screamed.
"Willow can you do something?" Liz screamed to Willow suddenly all the people came to form.
"I guess she did," Liz said.
So they all started killing one by one until only people left were Liz and the others, Tess, Khivar, and Kanar.
"Bravo, I have to admit, you have a fantastic army," Kanar said.
"But you can't keep track of you're things can you," He continued.
"What are you talking about?" Liz asked.
Suddenly Khivar came out holding a stake to Angel's heart.
"ANGEL!" Liz screamed.
"Let him go it's me you want, not him," Liz said.
"Liz no!" Angel said.
"Well looks as if we have a trade," Kanar said.

Yes I know not the perfect place to stop! But I want feedback!
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M/l but I'm gonna have alot of L/a becuase people wanted L/A but I have an ending that L/A & M/L lovers will enjoy.
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From chapter 15
"It's me you want, not him!"
"Well it looks like we have a trade"

Hey this fic is gonna end soon so I loved all your feedback and for everyone who send me feedback they will get a special chapter after it ends! Anyway here is Chapter 16

From chapter 15
"It's me you want, not him!"
"Well it looks like we have a trade"

Chapter 16
"Liz No!" Angel said.
"Angel no, you don't belong in any fo this, I got you into this mess and I'm gonna get you out, you don't belong with me Angel, I put your life in risk," Liz said.
"Oh please, I'm a vampire, my life has always been in risk, I've died before,what diffrence does it make, atleast I got the chance to be with you," Angel said trying hard to get out of Khivar's arms.
"I'm gonna make things right, I'm Not your true love, and you know it," Liz said. Max and Buffy were both looking at her.
"You love Buffy, and you always will, I can never change that, you may love me , but in I can never take Buffy's place in your heart, so be with her," Liz said.
"I may not love you as much but I do love you," Angel said.
"And I you, but the only way we can get back to us is for you to go back, we don't belong together Angel, I love you, I love you, but I can't be with you," Liz said.
"I love you too," Angel said.
"Now to prove to me that you love me, is to let me go and be with your true love," Liz said.
"I'll prove my love, but not let you go with this asshole," Angel said pointing at Kanar.
"ANGEL just do it!" Liz said.
"Take me, and let him go," Liz said.
"Well this is intresting, but okay you first come over here, and we will let him go," Kanar said.
"Liz don't do it," Max said.
"I'm sorry, but I need to, I love you Max," Liz said trough tears. She kissed him and then Angel. She walked over to Kanar and Kanar wrapped his arms around her, Khivar let Angel go. Angel went to Buffy and hugged her.
"Nice doing business with you," Kanar said and he left taking Liz with him and havein Khivar and Tess follow after them.
"NOOOOOO!" Max yelled.
"We'll get her back Max," Buffy said.
"But it might be to late," Max said.

*Kanar's HeadQuaters* NC-17
Tess and Khivar went to sleep already and Kanar took Liz in his room and he let go of her.
"Bastard," Liz said.
"Now is that anyway to treat your future husband," Kanar said.
"Yeah tell me when he gets here and I'll see," Liz said.
"Cute cut the crap now sweety, we will be leaving for Antar tommorow and we will be King and Queen.
"Well we could get a head start on our love feast," Kanar said.
"Go fuck yourself," Liz said.
"That's it I've had enough of your shit!" Kanar said he grabbed Liz.
"Let go of Me!"Liz screamed.
Kanar pushed Liz on to the bed. He used his powers to keep her down.
"You bastard! Gte the fuck off me!" Liz said.
"Oh now Liz that's not fair, you had your fun, you beat up all my men, almost killed me, now it's time for my fun," Kanar said. He climbed up on top of Liz. He kisssed her passionatley. Suddenly Liz's eyes went back to all black.
"Oh so, you came back, that's my girl," Kanar said.
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Hey I decided not to make this fic NC-17 sorry if you were looking forward to it, but it my case it takes to much time and there’s going to be more writing and time is something I don’t have right now.

Part 17
Liz awoke in the morning with all her clothes shattered everywhere. Kanar was no where to be found. She found her clothes and she went into the shower sheet wrapped around her body. When she came out Kanar enterd the room.
“You look beautiful,” He said. She was wearing a skin tight black tank top that stopped at her stomach, and loose pants that hung to her hips.
“Nothing special,” Liz says. Kanar walks up to her and kisses her. Liz snaps back to reality, but this time she still had her black eyes. Liz had a plan.
“Kanar where’s the kitchen I’m really hungry,” She says.
“It’s down the hall,” he tells her. Liz walks down the hall and to her luck there was a back door. “Yes!”Liz says. But then Tess walks in.
“What are you doing?” She asks.
“Umm getting something to eat,” Liz says.
“Oh ok,” Tess said. Tess and Liz stayed in the kitchen for 20 minutes until Liz had enough.
“Umm Tess, could you get me those?” Liz asks pointing to the lemons behind Tess.
“Sure,” Tess said. She turned behind, and she got the lemons, and when she turned around Liz punched her so hard she was unconsious. All the lemons were dropped to the floor.
“Finally,” Liz said. She walks out the back door and runs toward the Crashdown. When Kanar found Tess it was already to late. Liz was atleast like 4 minutes away from the Crashdown. Kanar was pissed. When Tess woke Kanar said, “YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO WATCH HER YOU STUPID BITCH!”
“I’m sorry! she knocked me out,what was I suppose to do?” She said.
“Forget it, Lets move,” He told Tess and Khivar.
Liz reached the Crashdown and everyone was there.
“Liz!” Max screamed. They all ran up to her.
“Are you ok?” Maria said.
“Yeah, but we have to leave now,” Liz said.
“Why?” Maria asks.
“We just have to!” Liz said.
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short I know.
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Thanx To Everyone without you guys none of this would be possible, even when I was going to close this fic, you all told me not to, this fic never would of happened if it weren't far all of you and all your feedback, Here’s the new part 18 and the last part Thanks again!

Dedicated to:pandas2001 angeleyes abbs007 Kim_56Emotion Fallin' Angel
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Thanks so much you guys!

Part 18
“What are we going to do?” Maria asked. Liz took out a chest of weapons out from her closet. Alex smirked. “We are going to kill,” Liz said handing out everyone weapons. “Kill” Max said. “Yea, whoever they give us, they come after us their dead, and plus they aren’t human,” Liz said.
“’Right,” Angel said he was holding on to Buffy. “Everyone fights?” Giles said. “Will, Tara, Dawn, and you Giles, I need you to go to a safe place, I need to find something out whatever you can in witch craft to help us,” Liz said. They all nodded. “That leaves, Wes, Gun, Cordy, Angel, Buffy, Max, Michael, Isabel, Maria, Michael, and Xander to fight,” Liz said. They all nodded. “Lets go,” Liz said.

“I DON’T CARE WE MUST FIND HER!!!! EVERYONE GO EVERY WHERE YOU DON’T FIND HER YOUR ALL DEAD!” Kanar screamed at his guards. Liz and everyone suddenly walked in without anyone noticing. “Angel you better get your game face on,” Liz said. “Right,” Angel said. He changed into a vampire. Maria gasped. “It’s ok Ri,” Liz said. “Everyone ready?” Liz asked. They all nodded. “Let’s rock and roll,” Liz said. Liz walked into the room Kanar was in.

“Why not just look behind you, it could be easier to find me,” Liz said. Kanar turned around. “Well princess, your finally here,” Kanar said. Liz walked up to him. “You know what I hate when people call me PRINCESS!” Liz said and she punched him. “NOW!” Liz screamed. Isabel, Max, and Michael used there powers to kill, Everyone was killing with all the strength they had in them. All who was left, was Tess, Khivar, and Kanar.

“Seems, as if your men suck, I mean we killed them each time,” Liz said. “Now its time for you to face us,” Kanar said. “No big,” Angel and Buffy went behind Tess and Khivar, And killed them both instantly (sorry Tess lovers). “Two of yours are already dead,” Liz said. Kanar faced back to see a smirking Angel, and Buffy. When Kanar turned back he faced Liz,.

“Give us a kiss,” Liz said. Kanar was going to punch Liz when she blocked him, She punched him. Kanar was on the floor. Liz picked him up and took her arm and put it around his neck. “Not getting tired are we?” Liz said. Kanar used his powers, and Liz flew across the room. “LIZ!” Max screamed. “No just getting started,” Kanar said. Max got pissed, he sent an energy blast toward Kanar and it kill him instantly. Max ran towards Liz. Liz started to get up. “Are you ok?” Max asked. “Yeah,” Liz said. Liz and everyone stood up and looked at all the bodies around the room. “I guess this is the end,” Liz said. Max went to Liz and kissed her. “Great ending,” Liz said. Willow and Tara cleared all the bodies.

“So Liz have you figures What you are?” Angel asked his arm around Buffy.. “Yeah Liz, What are you?” Max asked. Liz looked at everyone,” I’m Liz Parker, a hybrid vampire slayer, who has the best friends in the entire world, and I'm Max Evan’s girl,” Liz said. They all walked out of the house.

The End.

I hope you guys enjoyed it, I enjoyed writing it. Thanks again!
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If you guyz wanna check out my other stories, there is the rebels where Micahel and Liz are new, and are the aliens, and My slutty ways where Liz is a big slut, until mx changes her.