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Title: Catch Me When I Fall
Author: Donnie
Summary: Liz Is wiccan and she moves from VA. to Roswell were she meets Max a very serious Catholic. How will things go? AU
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Rating: Will be up to NC-17
Feedback: I need it
Author’s Note: most of the rites in here are used in my everyday life,

Catch Me When I Fall

Part 1
Another school, another batch of people thinking I am some freak witch. My first day at Roswell High. Hell yesterday was my first day in the town of aliens. My mom and dad finally split. It was about time! So pretty much everything that could go wrong did. Some idiot mover broke my damn crystal ball. So no scrying for Liz. My runes and my taort deck got lost, and my favorite shirt got left back in Virginia. Then To top it off my mom left the key at the airport. Thus leaving us outside of our apartment, both cursing, and my mom taking smoking back up.

So now I look in the mirror I had kidded myself into thinking things would be different. That was until this morning when I looked in the mirror. My brown hair was swept up, and the blue highlights that me and my mom both had gleamed under my vanity lights. My naturally pale face (lets just pretend Liz is pale) was adorned with black eyeshadow and red lipstick. I was the picture image of my mother as she worked in. Instead of a black outfit she wore a blue skirt and a clingy knit shirt that went down to her palm. With Black boots. Wait a minute....those were my boots!

“Hey baby ready for school?” My mom had this really amazing voice it was kinda high but then at times was low like a rare french model. She was tall just under 6' foot and she had long delicate fingers.

“No, I don’t want to go to the place were no on will get me and I will be that freaky chic.... at least in Virginia I Had Marcus, and Heather.” I was referring to my to best friends and fellow coven mates. Well old coven mates.

“I know that people can be........cruel and not as open minded as some, but trust me you will get trough it. So when you get back from school I will be with Cliff working out some things with the coven. But later how about me you and Nile go get some Indian food?” My mom was bi and I had come to love Nile her current Girlfriend like a second mother. My mom was also a High Priestess.


“OK well you better leave, No need to be late on the first day.”

I got into my Black Lamberkni. A birthday present from the coven. Linkin Park blared through my speakers. Until I came until a perfect spark in the school parking lot. Hmm I made it here in 4 Minutes and my house is 10 miles away. Thank god Roswell’s Po-Po were not as smart as VA.’s were. I saw everyone starring at me...or my car either one. Probably both. I stuck out one leather covered leg. Then the other. Were was my bag? Oh there it was! Quick mirror check need lip gloss. OK there!

I walked down the hall with confidence I did not have. Head held high when I would rather be looking at my feet, long strides when I knew by the end of the day since I was wearing 5 inch boots my feet would be hurting. Ok first on the list: office need locker and schedule.

The secretary was on the phone when I got there I stood meekly looking out the window above here head.

“Oh I am sorry how can I.....” Her voice stopped mid speech. Must have looked up, and saw me.

“Yeah um I just need my schedule and everything.”


“Liz Parker.”

So that was that. I had my classes. My locker everything accept now I wanted to run home and cry to my mommy. But that was not going to happen. Then It happened. I ran smack dab into a soft body. And fell on my butt. Nice huh?

“Watch were you are going!” Well now I know the people are nice at least....

“Iz she did not mean it calm down.” I still had my head down through all this until a strong hand grabbed mine and pulled me up. My hair had come a lose when I fell and it cascaded to my waist. Thank the goddess becuz if it had not been for my hair he would have seen my looking up through my too long lashes up at him.

“Thank you.” I finally looked into his eyes. And relised that the heavens were playing a trick on me. I was looking into the face of a god .Only when I tried to summon myself out of my dream it did not work. No way was this guy for real. Then he talked to me and his voice was even smother when he was talking directly to me.

“So do you have a name?” He was cut off as the tall blonde beside him tossed her hair and told him she would see him later.

“Oh um I am uh my name is Liz.” Great stutter.

“Well Liz,, I am Max, so Liz what class do you have now?”

“Oh um. Chem.” See I can get something out without no stuttering! I think I need a Lizzie treat!

“Cool me to....Walk you to class?” Who was he talking to me? Walk me to class like be seen with me? DUDE!
“Oh um sure.”

Today was sweet! You know Roswell was not going to be that bad. You know how you say that and then the day just turns out to sux? That was not one of those days!

“So Liz how was today?” Nile was a beautiful looking fire goddess. She had Curly black hair that went to her mid back and a beautiful souther drawl. Her eyes held the secrets off the night. And she was tall and proud with a voice that was deep and husky.

“Great....I met a guy. A very nice guy. A very cute guy.”

My mom and her laughed. “Well tell me about him. Maybe I know him.” Nile had lived in Roswell 3 months before we had. She was moving in with us at the end of the month.

“Oh well I had lunch with, His Name is Max Evans His sister IS Isabel Evans. He uh has a friend name d Michael, and um He is on the football team I think. Well he had a letterman jacket and he had a blue Aura!” We all shared a laugh at this we had went aura looking a few days ago, we just sat out and watched people walk by looking at each aura in tern it was the second to last day I had in Virginia.

“Oh....he is a Evans you say....they are supposed to be very catholic but that is ok. I am sure everything will work out find. I found this lovely Occult shop a couple weeks back I can take you two.” That was one of Nile’s many Talents. Changing the subject. You see I had been Wiccan since I was 3. My dad had been very much against it but my mother would not have me not knowing the power and beauty of the goddess. I was initiated when I was 12 into Serpent Dancers coven.

An Max was a heavy Catholic! Wonderful.........maybe this was one of those days. I need something to relax me. Damn no more Tea at home that left one thing.

“Mom? I am going to go home ok I will see you there.” I got up and kissed the air beside both of there cheeks. Then went home. I need to just sit at home in my bed and listen to Kittie. I got home and went into my room. Lets see clothes, books, cloth, oh here it is! My robe. It was midnight Blue and black with gold sun on it and a silver moon.

I placed one candle at each directional point. When I just broke down. Well I guess there would be no circle tonight...I put my robe back and the cancels as well and just dragged myself on my bed, and cried, cried because even though I had my mom and Nile I was still sacred and cried because Of Max, and Cried for my fathers closed mind, and I just cried deep into the night until I could cry no more and sleep came.

Should I keep Going?

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Part 2

I leave my hair down and through on a long black skirt with a split and a soft purple shirt that bunches under the breast. When I got there Max was waiting for me with a beautiful smile.

“Hi! Did you sleep well?” Aww he is blushing, In truth I love when a guy asks me that question it just makes me think that they think about me when I sleep.

“Yes very well and you?” Aww he was really blushing now.

“Great so um I was wondering if you would like to go out with yo a movie and dinner.” Was he asking me out? Oh shit did I say that out loud I guess I did since he answered

“Do you want it to be a date?” No fair he did the counter question thing!

“Well I think the true question is if you want it to be a date.” Ha double Ha! I can do that too!

“Yes, yes I would like this to be a date.”

“Pick me up at 8 I live in Comment Apt. Building 113 Apt. 2 B.”

“Really? Michael lives there too.”

“Cool, then you should have no trouble finding it!”

“No none at all.” He pushed himself off the lockers he had been leaning on and walked up to me. Ok I no longer have a personal bubble. He leaned down and.........whispered in my ear. That has never felt so erotic. His breath tickled my earlobe. That dull ache started low in my belly, and I knew that I was flushed. “See you latter Lizzie.”

Then his body heat was gone, and I was left breathing slightly labored. Tonight was going to be the best!

“Mommy! Help I have a date with Max in 6 hours! Mom!!!” I walked into her room to find her hand spawned on Nile’s stomach and her head tucked into her neck. I stepped back outside quietly and let the door snap softly. Nile had shown me were the Store was this morning time to check it out.

Grabbed my keys and wrote a note telling them both I was going out and would be back in about 2 hours and not to go anywhere. I left a berif part about Max. I just had to leave it at a cliffhanger though! It was so much fun. They had no idea we were going out tonight. Not yet anyway.

The store was called Sage Fire. And I was drawn to the bookshelf. There were rows of Book of Shadows and Spell books. And here is what I needed! It was a book all about herbs that could be grown in the desert. Then I passed some beautiful pentagals made out of stone. And a pair of earing caught my eye. They were Dangla and gold and they had a waxing sliver of a moon at the end. I had to have them. Only 12 bucks. Cool. Now I had to go to the mall. Lets see Gap: No Old Navy: No Gawdzooks: Yes!

I walked into the wildly colored store and picked out 2 shirts and a cute pair of shoes. When I was coming out of the store I bumped into the one and only. Max Evans.

“Hello Max.”

“Hey whatcha doing here?”

I looked from my bag to were we were back to my bags then back to him.

“Shopping Max, You know you do that in malls.” His laugh was throaty and his head tipped back exposing a wild animal like neck.

“Yeah I guess some people do, do that in malls. But I have to be home 30 mins ago so I will see you tonight.”

“Ok bye.”

On the was back home I treated myself to ice cream chocolate chip ment. Walking through the door with the ice cream in one and and bags in the other proved quiet hard. As soon as I walked in the door I was assaulted with questions.
“What happened? What did he say?” My mom was bouncing on her tip toes thee barbell that went through her tongue gleamed, and I knew that in a moment she was going to jump up and down screaming...........and I would join her.

Nile to was bouncing around clutching and un clutching her hands. “Well?”

I paused for dramatic effect and then laid it on em’ “I HAVE A DATE WITH MAX EVANS!!!” This was followed by all there of us jumping up and down and screaming. I love my life. A box of Ice Cram and The Fifth Element later, I was soaking in a tub full of milk and rose petals.

I got out of the tub and was greeted by the site of a naked me. I wiped off a part of my fogged up mirror with my towel and looked into my eyes. They held many secrets and many thing seen that hardly few would get to see.

I wrapped the Jasmine smelling towel around myself and went to my closet. I could wear my leather pants with my too-big belt and a the yellow shirt than had slashes all the way down to wear it covered the center of my palm, and my black boots with yellow shoe strings yes that is what I will do.

Now hair I but in one of the buns that looks like it took 2 seconds but it is really took 3 hours. But lucky for me it really did take me two seconds!. A swap of brown lipstick and goldfish yellow eyeshadow.

It was 8:01 and the doorbell just wrong. Oh no! Hurried and but on m my perfume. Then pulled on my shoes. I turned the corner to wear Max and mom should be and. Yummy. He had on Black steel toed boots, with black cargo pants that were kinda baggy and a black shirt that hugged his muscles in all the right ways.

I grabbed his hand twirled hugged my mom and Nile and then led him out of the house. We walked to his car in silence it was a candy apple red mustang GTX 97.

“You look great.” he said as he was opening my door for me. Damn his voice had grown husky and just sexy.

“Thanks so do you. Nice car.”
We got in and he turned to my fav station it was all rock all the time. Two songs had gone bye since I last spoke and we satin a nice silence.

“You like Itallian right?” I loved Itallian! See he was ment for me!

“Yeah I love it.” He smiled and picked up my hand from were it had rested on my thigh, and inclosed it into his on well misruled hand, and dragged his and my hand across his thigh.

We had dinner in a adorable Itallian cottage looking restrant, and I learned that he hated purple m&m’s and skittles, His fav sport was rugby, His favorite author was Walt Whitman, his parents were lawyers, he moved to Roswell when he was 5, and he loved Sum 41.

Then on to the movie. He let me picked and I am sure he was well stocked up for some cheesy chic flick but I only watch those with my mom. So.......

“Max why don’t we rent movies and take them to my place or yours?” He eagerly agreed.

“We can go to mine my rents are gone for the weekend and Isabel is staying at her friends Maria tonight.” He flashed me that smile. I was going to be alone with him......YES!!!!

I managed to hid my glee “Ok cool lets go.”

We drove to Blockbuster and got 3 movies. 1 horror 2 comedies.

Then we were in the confines of his house and he led me to his room. He put in the movies and I plopped down on the bed. He sat up against the headboard and dragged me with him. I was laying in-between his legs and I felt something sharp against my back. Hehehe. I moved around acting like I could not get comfortable and I felt him grow harder. He groaned I hid in a smile. And moved some more. Until during the middle of the movie when I was till wiggling around he cupped my face and brought his lips down hard against mine.

“You did all that on purpose didn’t you?” His eyes were half open and his eyes did not leave my lips.

“Yes.” I went to go kiss him but he jerked his head just out of reach and I could not help the pout that graced my lips. He softly traced the out line of my full pout. And softly barley touch me at all kissed me the most gentle kiss I have ever know, and the most passion filled to.

We continue to make out for the next hour until we herd Isabel come in crying.

“I ugh I guess I better take you home.”


I am really unsure about this sucked didn’t it :( I will try and make the next part better. But FB would make me feel SO much better.

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Part 3

I am sorry this part is short. I will try and make it up in part 4 but no promises. *happy*

“MOM!!!” I walked into my apt. and looked around wildy I had to spill this over a gory horror movie and coconut and choclte chip cookies! My mom came running out of her room looking distressed. Oh no I guess she found out that they broke her crystal ball too...........

“Have you seen my crystal ball?” Yeah I was right Go me go me. Oh wait ok back to my mommy.

“Oh well mom about that. You remember how yours and mine were in the same box but had different scarves? Well You see when they dropped the box mine and your broke. I am sorry mom.” The ball had been given to her by her mother. Kinda as a peace offering. My mom had quiet bluntly told my grand ma she was Wiccan when she was 17. Lets just say things were thrown and it did not go well/ I was only 3 then but I can still remember a lil bit of it.

So mu mom left and went to go live with her best friend Ginger and two months later my grand ma was on the doorstep with the ball saying she was sorry. Were she got it I don’t know. It was beautiful is had a soft blue haze and small bubbles in the middle. A slight frown crossed my mom’s face.

“Well I suppose it is my fault for not taking that box in by self knowing what it contained and all. Have you gotten another ball yet? I know scrying was a favorite of yours, and that the crystal worked well with you.” OK that went better then I thought I had been awaiting tears.

“Oh um know I was going to get it in about a week, I can use a candle until then..but my know with Max!!

“Oh yeah how did that go? Is he charming or a complete asshole that would not shut up about stuff you don’t care about?” That was my mom for you. In all my 16 years she had always been blunt. I loved her for it.

“Charming, and he has the best lips ever and these hands that are just amaziningly firm and soft.” I was in la la land or should I say Max land?

“Spare me of some of the details would you? I do not care about his lips. I will leave that to you.” She said this with a wicked sly smile. I hated that smile! Even though it mirrored my own......who was I kidding I knew that smile, and all I could do was laugh. I had lost my virginity when I was 14, and I had told my mother, because I had thought I was pregnant, but she was calm about it, even though I did get scowled, turns out I was not pregnant in fact the as soon as I told her my period started. Great huh?

“MOM! That so did not happen! I mean I have know him for like what 2 days?” Two days 17 hours and 23 minutes! But she did not need to know all that. Hell I did not need to know all that.

“What is your point?” My mom did her dumb blonde look, (Yes my mom was a blonde at heart.) And then let the twinkle come back into her eyes.

“So how were things her with Nile?”

“ a good way.” Did Liz want to know that? Hmmm no I did not want to know that, I am never sleeping in my mom’s bed again.

“Ok well since I now know way to much about you and her I think I will go to my room.”

I pondered calling Max but that was a bad idea, he was prob dealing with Isabel when I was leaving I herd him ask her what was the matter and, she had mumbled something about all guys being jerks and her boyfriend being a jackals, and her best friend was a hussy.

Lets see what was there to do?

I could not in the mood for reading. I could listen to music. Yes music was good! I could listen to music and do what? Listen to music and write.
I loved poetry and short stories when I was 4 I used to tell my mom what I want her to write down for me. I still have some of them. They are mostly only two or three lines but I still love them.

Lovers Embrace (plz do not copy this poem)

Arms made of stone marble chiseled man
lips ripe and inviting waiting
for there picking,
tangled sheets and tangled
limbs shifting in a dance
made long ago. That only
lovers know. Fire in-between
ache that will never be seen.
A dance that is only taught
by lovers.

Then I relised what I had wrote. I had wrote a poem about lovers. With Max on the brain. Well Max was always in my head now a days but still. With that I closed my BOS* ( If you do not know what a BOS is it will be explained at the end of the chapter. Lol my story has footnotes.) and went to bed.


We don’t want any witches in this school!! A rock was hurled and I was running my long hair trying to keep up but not succeeding so it was being blown about in the wind, into my eyes and sticking to my tears. Now I was happy I took track in 7th grade. When I turned around I sat Max.

“Liz Liz!!”

But I kept running all the way to my house.

—-End Dream----

It was at time like this that I wished I did not believe that every dream means something. I sighed rolled over pulled out my dream book that was covered with a black background and a shining silver moon. I wrote down my dream sulking slightly. Now what did that one mean? It was 4 in te morning. I did not feel like analyzing. I went back to sleep. A slumber with no dreams but still even in sleep the dream plagued me. But I remained in darkness until the morning.

The next morning, I saw Max waiting by my locker looking tired. Must have been a long night with Isabel, I noticed that she was looking rather stunning but, rather detached she was clinging to Max like a lifeline, and when I drew nearer I knew she had been crying..Yeah she was having lunch with me today forget her superficial stupid ass wannabe friends,

“H-hi Liz um I am sorry about the other day when I bumped into you, I was being a real bitch. I like your outfit by the way.” She pointed one beautifully done nail at my glittery pink pants that laced up all the way to wear it was cut of at me hips. And a black shirt with pink panther on it. I had on white vans with a black V and a pink laces.

“Oh thanks! So are you alright? I mean last night you looked kinda upset, No screw that I know you are not ok cuz you have tear tracks so what I am asking is do you want to talk tome about it?” Max gave me a grateful look when Isabel nodded.


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Part 4

“So tell Miss Liz all of your problems.”

“I don’t think there is enough time in the world for that, but I can tell you about last night. I um went to go surprise my boyfriend, it was my birthday and I wanted to give him something special. Me. So I went to his house and I find him under the covers with my best friend Tess, that ho, but back to the main subject, so I start yelling like a banshee about what a bitch he is, and then he looked up and he told me to give him back his fucking letterman jacket!”

“He is such a bitch, it is moments like this that I wish I practiced dark magic.” Wait damint! I did not need to say all that, please tell me she did not notice. But of course she did.

“To bad we don’t know any witches.” she laughed and then gave me a thank you hug. “So Liz you are dating my brother huh? This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!”

“Hey baby, do you want to come over for dinner?” Me and Max had been going out for 3 months now, and my mom was in love with him. I often walked in to find him doing stuff around the house, well I am happy I got my door fixed!

“Yeah sure what time?” I am so cheesy I am sitting here twirling a piece of my long black hair around me finger and checking me nails. Oh yeah I must look real tough today! If you did not catch the scarsem in my voice you are dumb.

“8, don’t be late and I want you in something sexy, Even more then you normally look.” Nice save. I love this man!! so LETS SEE SEXY HM? Victoria Secrets and I need condoms. It is Max’s birthday in two weeks so maybe I should wait until then,,,or I could........

“So Max baby any reason you want me to look so sexy?” I love teasing him I can see him getting all flushed. Now I want to be there it is only 6 that is two hours! Two fucking hours.....

“I have a surprise for you, now I have to go love ya, bye.” Did he just say love you? No I am imaging things. I pick the phone back up and call Isabel’s cell. We had become really great friends over the past few months.


“Hey Iz I need you to meet me in the mall at victoria’s Secret ok?” I herd her groan. I almost felt bad for her she knew good and well why I need to go to Victoria’s Secret for Max

“Ok....ok fine See you there.”

A hour later we are at my house and I am getting ready with Isabel helping.

“Hey Bella can you get my lipstick it is on the bookcase.” Damn it! I forgot that I had the lipstick on the same bookcase that all my witch books were on. No one ever noticed they just thought it was another bookcase, I had tons of them in my room.

“Liz what the fuck is this?” Oh yeah she saw the bookcase and what was on the bookcase, and so far she was not taking it well. She walked in the bathroom with a handful of witch books. Some on herbs some spell books some on wiccan corspondences. Basically I was screwed. I flopped down on the toilet but acted like I was perfectly find, I continued to apply my makeup.

“I am a witch what is the big deal?” I was freaking in the in side but my voice came out calm.

“What’s the big deal??? What the big deal!!!! You worship the devil I kinda call that a big deal!!!” She had threw the books down like she had been burned.

“There is no devil in wicca there fore I can not worship anyone that I do not believe in.” She relaxed a lil bit. I said a little

“Yeah but you guys do like blood scarifies and spells and hurt people.”
“Blood scarifies are frowned upon, what is so bad about a spell, and a key rule in wicca is ‘And ye harm none do what ye will,’ basically do what you want but do not harm anyone, It is just a religion like Christianity or Buddhism. It has Gods and Goddess and not even all witches do spells. So what is so bad about that?” She looks thoughtful for a moment then shrugs.

“So does my brother know?”


“Why don’t you tell him? I mean I understood and he is the one that loves you and all”

“I just don’t want him to not like me, because of it and everything.”

“You need to tell him Liz I mean it is really obuivois.” She pointed over her shoulder to y room. I had my alter set up and candles littered my room with lots of incense and small clumps of oils and herbs were scatted around the room.

“I will juts not yet, I want him to get to know me like all of me first so he won’t think I am some weird freak.”

“Ok, so lets see we should do your hair..........

That was three hours ago now I am pressed up against Max with my shirt discarded on the floor, and my jeans with it. Then I know I can not do this without him knowing. His hand is teasing my taut nipples through my silk peach bra.

“Max just hold on for a second, I have to tell you something.” I feel his groan in the column of my neck, and he looks at me with eat filled eyes.

“Ok Max I am just going to say this becuz there is no other way but to just say it so I am just going to lay it out in the open and........ Yeah I am rambling. Max um well I, well you see................ I am a witch.” He bolted out of bed and I closed my eyes and wrapped the covers around me. I hate my life. He is looking at me with, is that disgust? Fine screw him I do not need him. I grab my shirt and skirt and pull my boots back on. The saddest part was. He let me

Sorry so short I am feeling kinda under the weather

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oops! sorry guys I thought I had posted part 5! unfoirnatly I left the disk that it is on at schhol, so I will update morrow!
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I AM SOOOOO sorry guys u know the disk? I lost it :( sorry sorry so I have to re write the part but I can't right now cuz I have about 22 hours of HW and I have a D or a C in math L( so I will try and get it out morrow!
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Part 6

I go home hoping mom is still at Nile’s. And I guess the goddess’ felt bad for me becuz they gave me a tatse of that Aondins and then took him away, so I got my wish. I went in my room slammed the door to lesson some of the rage, and picked up my drum sticks..... No not chicken. It is sad that even now I can crack a joke.

I am drumming and singing almost as good as sex I said almost! There is that damn joke again... I wonder if I have a disorder every time bad shit happens I crack myself up, and now that makes me smile. AW fuck I juts had my heart trampled on and spat at and now I am smiling cuz my head is one fucked up bitch? I blame it on the disorder.

Free from the sun
In the dark
I am none
Though my heart sinks
Like that one
I am done

I mean who does he think he is? Yo be disgusted by me?! I should kick his catholic school boy ass. Damn him!

Respect nothing!
Now I'm cursing all!
Falling further!
In this motherf*cking hole!

Believe me
Believe me
Believe me
When I say you suck

I think about the word to my song he really does suck. He is a ass kisser and he will not be gettin no ass from up over here! Ever, I saythis now and I know if he called me right now and said he would sorry I would skid to his door. I pity myself

You disgust me
When you put me down
But though my heart says
I will die without you

Respect nothing!
Now I'm cursing all!
Falling further!
In this motherf*cking hole!

I wonder what would happen if I went up to him and told him I put a curse on him? Sure I didn’t its not my style but, the pussy don’t know that. He don’t know it cuz the bitch did not stick around long eough to find out! Typical male.

Believe me when I say you suck!
Oh f*ck!

Believe me
Believe me
Believe me
When I say
When I say
When I say
When I say

f*ck you, you think it's all funny
f*ck you, you think it's all funny
f*ck you, you think it's all funny
f*ck you, like I said
f*ck you, you think it's all funny?
f*ck you, you think it's all funny?
f*ck you, you think it's all funny?
f*ck you!
Kittie Suck

To think I was going to take him to VA with me! My friends would eat him up and spit him out to the wolves............ Or to the mosh pit whichever, they were the same thing. I touch the small scar on my palm remembering when I got it, when me Marcus and Heather went to a Rob Zombie concert. I was all happy becuz I went in the mosh pit and did not get hurt at all. No bruise cuts nothing.

Then we went to my house to watch ‘The Girl Cant Help It’ and my hand hit Heather’s lit cig. I was so mad cuz I had gone through the mosh then get home and get hurt!

See I don;t need him I have Heather and Marcus, and Chris and Martell and Tori, and Shemicka, and a lot more people that he will not know in his hole life. Why cuz he left me, and even while I am saying I don’t need him. I feel the tears slpping down my cheeks. I hate my life.

All I wanted was for me to accpet me is that so wrong? I MEAN AM I SOME HIDEUOS MONSTER? The mirror often lies, but not that much. He asks as if he knows me not, but he does, or I hope he does, or he should! I was after all about to give myself to him, and he just......reject me..Rejection I hate that word, oit occurs so frequently in my life that I have no choice but to hate it.

My father rejected mom and me, my school rejected me, Max rejected me. Was there anyone who had not rejected me? My mom does not count, we have a understanding. It is we are not prefect and if we piss each other off just leave the room the house whatever. Do not dwell on the fact that you are pissed off. But I am having a problem not dwelling on the fact that I got rejected.

Rejection such a ugly word. A hateful word. A word only used by close minded people, and a close minded person can not be in my life, they would have to shut there eyes and turn away to, to much, and I would hate that. Hate that because it meant they were to weak to face up. But Max rejected me. Rejection is what I got. I don;t get it, and I don’t think I even want to.

I just want sleep and a lot of it, I want to sleep and not dream about Max just sleep, and that is what I did, I slpet and I had dreams but not about Max, About things far more disterbing then Max, and the worse part was that it could easily become a reality.

Today is going to be hell, and then some. When I get to school I see posters put up that say LIZ PARKER IS A WITCH!!. Oh my god, I liked this guy why? I am walking down the hall, and all I can see is my feet, and people starring. Then I notice I am running, and my vison is blurred with tears, and my feet are hitting and picking up until I reach my shinny franksince smelling car. I squeal out of the parking lot with the whole school looking at me, ani’t life grand?

Yes I know this part is short, but I wanted to get a part out cuz it has taken so long, but I am updating with two parts on either ,orrow or sunday!! more then likely sunday becuz I am having a party sat. But hey oif the FB is rolling in it will be early Sat afternoon lets say 11 ish???????????
posted on 23-Mar-2002 1:10:19 PM by Donnie roswell gurl
So this is what driving around town for no reason is like eh? I wonder if mom will let me go back to VA? Most likely yeah she will but then I would crawl back to Roswell cuz I miss her to much. Oh well it was just a thought. So I look in my out my mirror and what do I see? Red and blue lights. This is what I get for playing the radio to loud. I pull over so the fat police man can come and give me a ticket. Now if I was the gasp type of person I would have.

To my not so total surprise it is not some fat policemen, it is a demon, also know as one Mac Evans, I should have know he would do something tacky like that. So he has followed me into the desert with Isabel in tow, to I guess burn me at the stake, oh yeah I am shitting my pants.

“Liz please Listen it wasn’t.....”

“It wasn’t you Max? Is that what you were going to say? You know I am be a witch but I am not stupid, mamma didn’t raise no fool!” There is that damn disorder again.......

Max cracks a smile oh no he didn’t! He is not supposed to smile at my stupidness, Isabel is all out laughing. Whatever.

"Liz I think I know who it was but I am not sure, After you told me I was in shambles, so I went to talk to Michael , but Tess was over there for some idoic reason, so I told Michael, but Tess was most likely ease dropping. So yeah that is were I think the posters came from.”

I open my mouth to tell him to stop lying but...

“No shut up for a minute Liz so I was talking to Michael and it helped me relies that I am completely head over heels in love with you, and if I let something as small as this come between us then I am a huge jackass, which yeah I probably am, and I am sorry that I acted the way I did. Blame it on years of catholic school. So now that I am rambling on and on and on I guess what I am really trying to say is that........”

This is were the kiss comes in.

“So I guess you forgive me then?”

“Yeah I guess but answer one question for me first......did You just get back togther with me beacuse of this great body???”


“Max!” Our banter is broken up by Isabel.

“Don’t look now guys but Tess is coming over here. With the minster from our church......” Great its Salem all over again.

So now I can do one of two things get in my vcar and high tell it over there, or stay here and duke it out with the minster. I wonder what it is like to cuss out bleached blonde, and a minster all in the same day....I guess I am going to find out. Hee hee.

SORRY SORRY SORRY!!!!! I thought I had posted this part! OMG I AM SO SORRY! UI am also sorry it is so shirt but I wil have a new update and this is a promise no leter then thrusday