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Summary: After Tess leaves, Max and Liz get back together. But when something happens Liz goes to talk to Maria and gets comforting from Michael and Maria.


“Michael, someone knocking at the door.” Maria said breathlessly.

Michael lifted his mouth off her nipple and growled, “They can wait. We’re busy.” He went back to his task and sucked harder on the raised peak.


“Michael, it might be an emergency.” Maria hated for him to stop but she wanted to make sure that no one was hurt.

“Fine.” Michael got up from his bed to make his way over to the living room. He didn’t bother with putting his shirt back on. He still had his shorts on so he was decent. Before he left the room he turned to make sure Maria had readjusted her tank top to cover herself before he left.

“It better be important.” He said in a gruff voice when he opened the door. At the sight of Liz’s tear streaked face, he regretted his rudeness. “Liz, what’s wrong?”

“Is Maria here?” Liz squeaked out.

“Yeah, come in.” She looked so frail and hurt that once she was inside Michael couldn’t help himself but to wrap one arm around her in comfort and lead her to where Maria was now on the couch.

“Lizzie, what’s wrong? What happen?” Maria asked frantically. She went up and pulled Liz from Michael’s embrace and hugged her.

“Oh Maria, I’m so glad you’re here. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to talk to you.” Liz sniffled.

“Why? Did you have a fight with Max?” Maria knew that Liz had had a date with Max that night. All Liz could do was nod. “What happened?”

Liz looked over at Michael embarrassed. Michael could see she needed to talk about something that she found uncomfortable to say around him. “You guys could go in my bedroom if you want some privacy.”

“Come on Liz.” Maria wrapped her arm around Liz’s waist and led her into Michael’s bedroom.

The sight of his girlfriend leading her best friend into his bedroom stirred something in his groin. He could feel himself harden again at the thought of them both on his bed together. He shook the thought out of his head and sat down to wait.

Maria sat down next to Liz on the queen size bed and prompted her to start. “So what happened?”

“We were in his room making out and things started to heat up. I was nervous but I didn’t want to stop. But before we could continue, I got a flash.”

“What kind of flash?”

“Of him and Tess. He was with me but he was thinking of when he slept with Tess.” Liz began to cry again. Maria pulled her close and let Liz cry.

“Liz, I’m sure he didn’t mean to.”

“After I saw it, I blew up and started yelling at him saying that I couldn’t be with him if he was thinking about Tess. He said that I was going to have to accept that he had slept with her but that he wanted to be with me. Then I asked him why if he wanted to be with me so bad was he thinking about Tess and then I left. I can’t really blame him. She’s a lot sexier and she has a lot more curves than I do. Not to mention more experienced. Who would want me?”

“Hey, don’t talk like that. You have a great body. Lots of people think you’re sexy. Hell I know Michael has admired you before when he’s seen you changing for work.”

“He has?” Liz’s eyes widened in shock. “Did he tell you?”

“Yeah, he did. Since Michael and I connected the first time we made love we have been very open with each other. I don’t mind if he finds you attractive, I don’t blame him. I told you, you’ve got a great body and you’re beautiful.”

Liz sat there and thought about what Maria had said. Michael had actually seen her change and he found her attractive. She had always had a crush on Michael. Every girl always had a bad boy fantasy but he was Maria’s. That thought made her think what Maria had said. Maria told her that she was beautiful. The way Maria had said it made Liz believe it. Before Liz could think about it more, Maria said, “I’ll be right back. I want to tell Michael that you’re okay. He was concerned.”

Maria slipped out the door and went to talk to Michael. She quickly relayed what Liz had told her about the fight with Max and Michael understood why she was so upset. Maria explained that Liz felt inadequate about sex. Maria explained that she was going to try and comfort Liz some more and he told her to take her time. He also offered his help if she needed it.

Meanwhile Liz looked around Michael’s bedroom. She saw all of the lit candles and realized that she had interrupted them. She saw Michael’s shirt on the floor where he had thrown it. For some strange reason she reached over and picked it up. The moment her hand touched it she got a flash. It was a heated moment of Michael and Maria kissing. He had her tank top pulled up to reveal her breasts and she was hurrying to take his shirt off. Liz pulled away suddenly feeling flushed. She had felt his arousal at that moment and it effected her. She turned to look at the bed again and imagined Michael thrusting into Maria. The fantasy increased Liz’s arousal and she was still in that state when Maria walked back in the room.

Maria was struck speechless for a moment when she caught sight of Liz. The candles she had lit earlier gave a golden glow to Liz’s tan skin and she looked more beautiful than usual. Maria caught sight of a slight blush on Liz’s cheeks when Liz said, “Maria, I’m sorry. I just realized that I interrupted the two of you. I’ll leave.” She moved to leave when Maria grabbed her arm.

“Liz, it’s okay. We can have sex any time. You needed me.” They went and sat back on the bed.

“How did you know what to do?” Liz blurted out.


“Sex. I told you earlier that I was nervous when Max and I were messing around but that was because I was scared that I didn’t know what to do or what to tell him to do to me.” Liz huffed out.

“Liz, you’re rambling.”

“Sorry. I’m just curious.”

“It’s okay, we haven’t had a girls night for awhile to talk. As for what you asked, you just have to experiment and find out what you like and what the other person enjoys. Like when we used to practice kissing each other.” Maria explained.

Liz blushed more as the memory of the kissing sessions added to her arousal. “Max and I never got past heavy kissing. We never touched each other. What do you like?”

Maria was surprised at Liz’s revelation. She didn’t know that they had never petted each other. “Well, I like it when Michael plays with my breasts. He’s really good with his hands. I love the feel of them all over my body. His mouth too. We can kiss just a certain way that gets my blood going.” The thought of what she liked was starting to have an affect on Maria. She had been very aroused when Liz had shown up. She starting thinking of a better way to explain it when the image of Michael doing the things she was trying to explain to Liz popped into her head. She started rubbing her thighs together to ease some of the ache she felt there. She was sitting so close to Liz that she felt her bare leg graze the material of Liz’s skirt. The feel of the silky material made the ache burn more.

Liz could see what her explanation was doing to Maria. She moved her gaze from Maria’s moving thighs up her body to look at her eyes. She could see that they had darkened from the arousal she was feeling. She moved closer to Maria and lowered her voice before she asked, “What’s different in the kiss?”

Liz’s proximity was also having an affect on Maria now. She wanted to taste her rosy lips that were right in front of her. “Well I could show you. Like when we used to practice.” She added just in case Liz wasn’t comfortable.

Liz wanted the feeling of Maria’s pouty lips on her own too. She felt like she was going to explode from the amount of arousal that was coursing through her body. “Okay.”

“First, I’ll show you the way we kiss when we’re just starting to make out.” She leaned over and gently pressed her lips to Liz’s. She added a little pressure, she used her lips to massage Liz’s gently. After a minute, Maria pulled back. “Now, I’ll show you the other one.” She had to go in for a more thorough taste. Liz just nodded.

She leaned in again but this time she cupped Liz’s face with both hands before pressing her lips to Liz’s again. She used more pressure once their lips were fused together. This time she ran her tongue along Liz’s bottom lip asking entrance which Liz gave. Maria’s tongue entered her mouth and was met with the sweetest taste of Liz’s mouth. They started stroking each other’s tongues causing both their arousal’s to increase more. Liz’s hands came up and she pulled Maria closer to her so their chest were pressed together while Maria’s hands moved from Liz’s cheeks to the back of her head. They continued to kiss until their need for oxygen became too great. They broke the kiss but didn’t pull away from each other.

“Wow. I can see why you wouldn’t want him to stop. I can only imagine what he does after that.” Liz said slyly. She was hoping Maria wouldn’t stop and would show her.

Maria caught the implied invitation. She was too turned on to be coy. “I’ll show you.” She pulled Liz back into another heated kiss. When Liz didn’t pull away, she broke the kiss and started to kiss her way down Liz’s throat to the base of her neck. She moved her hands down and cupped Liz’s breasts through her tank top. Liz threw her head back and let out a slight moan. Liz raised her hands to the others girl’s breasts and replicated Maria’s movements. Maria kissed her way back up Liz’s neck and to her lips. The heat of their kiss increased even more and they hungrily attacked each other’s mouths while they continued to caress each other.

Liz was in heaven. She could feel the ache in her breasts causing her nipples to harden and could feel Maria’s do the same. Suddenly she became aware of the loss of Maria’s hands only to become aware of them moving up to her shoulders and pulled down the spaghetti straps of her tank top. When it reached her waist Maria replaced her hands to their previous position and Liz reveled in the skin to skin contact. Maria pulled away from Liz’s lips and looked down at Liz’s breasts in her hands. She leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “Can I show you what Michael does to me with his mouth?”

“Please.” Liz begged.

Maria started to kiss her way down the previous path to Liz’s neck but didn’t stop at the base. She continued her way down to Liz’s nipple and her tongue snaked out for a taste. She then took the hardened peak into her mouth and began to suck. She rested her hands under Liz’s skirt on her thighs and caressed from her knees to the top of her thighs.

Liz’s breathing was becoming erratic. The feel of Maria’s tongue and her hands on her thighs were making Liz’s head feel hazy. She snaked her hands up the bottom of Maria’s tank top and stroked her bare breast as Maria moved to the other nipple and repeated her actions.

“Lay back.” Maria commanded. She didn’t know when she had become so daring but the thought that she was teaching Liz on how to enjoy what others could do to her body inspired her to show her more. Maria grabbed the hem of Liz’s shirt and pulled it over her head. Liz scooted back some before she did as she was told. She sat back up quickly and asked if she could help Maria take off her own top. Once that was done both girls were topless and Liz lay back down. Maria moved up her body and curled up on her side as they faced each other. Their lips fused together and they both ran their hands up and down each other’s bodies. Maria began caressing Liz’s thighs again and every time her hand moved closer and closer to the apex at the top of Liz’s thighs. She stopped them only to change direction to trace along Liz’s panty line.

“OH God, Maria!” Liz exclaimed frustrated.

“What Liz?” Maria asked innocently. She loved the torture she was invoking on Liz. She tweaked the nipple of the breast she had been fondling. “What do you want me to do?”

“Touch me!” Liz hissed.

“I am touching you. But I think you mean someplace else. Where do you want me to touch you? You have to tell me.”

Liz moved one of her hands off Maria’s breast to the center of her thighs and showed Maria exactly what she wanted her to do. “Right there.”

Even through her shorts Maria felt the pressure of Liz’s hand as she stroked her core once. Maria sucked in her breath and said, “Oh, there.” She moved her hand over to the silkiness of Liz’s panties and ran one finger along the center. She could feel how wet Liz was. “Like that?”

Liz nodded. Maria continued to stroke Liz through her panties a couple of more times. “Can I take the rest of your clothes off?’

“Yes.” Maria hooked her thumbs into the waistband of Liz’s skirt and panties and pulled them down her legs. She tossed them on the floor and was about to move back up to Liz when she caught sight of Michael leaning in the doorway. At first she was worried but that faded quickly when she saw the smirk on his face and the bulge in his shorts. Watching the two of them was turning him on. That thought sent a thrill through her. She knew that she should let Liz know that Michael was standing there.

“Liz, it seems we have an audience.” Maria could see the look of embarrassment on Liz’s face. She moved back up to lay next to Liz and said, “It’s okay. He seems to be enjoying the show.” The statement gave Maria an idea. She reached over and began to play with Liz’s nipple again before whispering so only Liz could hear. “If you like, I’m sure he could show you a couple things that I’ve forgotten. And other things I can’t do. Would you like that?”

Liz looked over to Michael’s heated gaze and nodded. She was feeling so good that she wanted more. Maria saw the nod and looked up at her boyfriend, “Michael, I was just teaching Liz what her body enjoys. I told and showed her some of the things you do to me but I think I missed a couple. Not to mention what she can do to please a guy. Would you like to help me show her?” She smiled seductively.

Michael couldn’t believe what she was suggesting. He hadn’t expected her to ask him that. Of course, he hadn’t been expecting to walk into his bedroom and see his topless girlfriend caressing and undressing her best friend either. He had become so aroused at that point that he had silently wished he could join them and now they were letting him. “I wouldn’t want her not to learn everything.” Was his answer. He moved over to the edge of the bed to be closer. Maria left her spot next to Liz and crawled up to stand on her knees in front of him. She began to kiss him as she reached her hands down and undid his button and zipper. She pulled the shorts down and off so that he was left in only his boxers. “There now you won’t be so restrained.”

Maria jumped in shock when she felt Liz’s nude body behind her and felt Liz’s small hands snake around to her waistband. “I don’t want to be the only one naked.” Liz said huskily. She did the same thing as Maria had done to Michael except she took Maria’s panties down too. Maria lifted each knee and pulled her legs out of the shorts. When she was done, she turned to face Liz and pulled her into a kiss. Maria felt Michael come up behind her to kiss her neck as his arms encircled her and his hands began to play with Liz’s breasts. She could feel his erection pressing up against her back and she rubbed gently against him. He moaned slightly and tightened his grip on Liz’s breasts causing her to also moan. Maria heard both of them and instructed, “Liz, get back into the position you were in when I undressed you.”

Liz pulled away and to lay back on the bed on her back. Maria grabbed Michael’s hand and tugged him onto the bed. After shedding his boxers, Michael crawled up to lay on his side next to Liz. Maria took the other side. She reached into kiss Michael again, while Liz leaned up and kissed her neck and rubbed her chest. Maria broke away from Michael to see the need in Liz’s eyes. She leaned down and captured Liz’s lips in a searing kiss. “I’m sorry. I’m being greedy and you haven’t tasted each other yet.”

Michael took the suggestion and lowered his head to capture Liz’s mouth. His tongue entered her mouth and he began to explore. He understood now why Maria had been so greedy. Liz’s mouth was so soft and warm; similar but different than Maria’s mouth.

As Michael kissed her, Liz ran her hands over his chest. His kisses rekindled the fire that Maria had invoked earlier. They were gentle but demanding. The fire jumped again when she felt Maria caressing her upper thighs again as her mouth attached itself to her nipple. She sucked hard leaving her mark on her. The ache became so great that Liz started shifting her hips so that Maria’s hand would come closer to her center. But Maria continued to just miss where Liz wanted her hand the most. When Maria switched to the other nipple she asked, “I never got to touch you completely since we got interrupted. Do you want me to touch you now, Liz?”

Liz broke the kiss from Michael and looked in her friend’s eyes. “Please.”

“Please what? I told you, you have to tell me.”

“Tell her what you want Liz.” Michael whispered from his spot where he was kissing her neck.

“Please touch me.”

“Okay. But Michael, you’ll have to take the place of my mouth.” Maria smiled wickedly. “I’ve told her that I love what your mouth does to me. You’ll have to show her.”

Michael smirked at her and made his way down to Liz’s breast. He leaned over and kissed his girlfriend deeply. Liz watched them until they broke apart. Michael took Maria’s place on her breast and started moving his tongue in circles around her nipple. Maria decided she now wanted a kiss from Liz so she grabbed her head and crushed her lips to Liz’s. At the same time she moved her other hand to Liz’s patch of curls and ran one finger down the center coating her in the wetness there. She felt Liz spread her legs wanting more. She continued to stroke the full length of Liz’s core while kissing her deeply. She could feel Michael exploring Liz’s chest with his mouth and his hands. She pulled away from Liz’s mouth and worked down her neck. She caught Michael’s eyes and tried to explain only through her eyes what she intended to do. He started moving his way up Liz’s body so that all three of them where at the head of the bed. When he did Maria leaned into Liz’s ear and said, “Do you like me touching you?”


“Do you want to touch Michael?’

“Yes.” Maria grabbed Liz’s hand and wrapped it around Michael’s shaft. She showed Liz the right way to stoke him. Michael hissed at the feeling of Liz’s small hand around him and began to suck harder on Liz’s neck leaving his own mark. Maria moved down so she was in between Liz’s legs. She stopped for a moment to watch her two lovers pleasuring each other. She spread Liz’s legs wider and moved her index finger in small circles around Liz’s clit. Liz moaned at the sensations of Michael mouth on her neck and the feeling of Maria’s finger.

“I need more.” She pleaded.

“Like this?” Maria asked as she plunged her finger inside Liz’s warm depths. Liz’s hips bucked up and she cried out, “Yes, Maria don’t stop.”

“I don’t plan on it.” She started thrusting faster like Michael always did with her. She let Liz get used to the feeling before plunging another finger in.

“Oh God! Maria. Oh God!” Liz cried. She stroked Michael faster and harder matching the same speed as Maria. The increased pace made Michael go wild and attacked her breasts. It didn’t take long before Liz felt Michael’s cock tighten in her hand and he came.

“Oh, shit. Liz.” Michael gasped. He waved his hand over the evidence of his orgasm and it was gone. He grabbed a hold of Liz and gave her a mind-blowing kiss thanking her for what she did.

Maria was so turned on by watching Liz make Michael cum that she quickened her pace. Liz continued to thrash as Maria thrusts harder and faster into her.

“Do you like that?” Michael whispered.

“Yes.” Liz said.

“Have you ever came before?” Michael asked. Liz shook her head.

“Do you want her to make you cum?”


Maria heard her answer and she moved her other hand up and started rubbing Liz’s clit with her thumb. It didn’t take long before she felt Liz clench around her fingers as she came hard. Michael held her as she came down and her body quit shaking. Maria brought
one of her fingers up and licks it clean. “Oh, Michael. I can see why you like to go down on me. She tastes wonderful. Want a taste?” She asked as she offered the other finger. Michael sucked on it greedily.

“You’re right she does and I want more.”

Maria saw the mischievous look in his eye and asked Liz, “Are you up for more?’

Liz sat up and nodded as she said, “Yeah, I want you to feel as good as you made me feel.” She couldn’t believe what she was doing but she wasn’t going to stop now. She looked at Maria and said, “I want to touch you.”

Liz reached over and pulled Maria into a deep kiss. She was feeling wilder so she plunged her tongue into Maria’s mouth and squeezed her breasts. They both fell back on to the bed with Liz on top. The kisses grew in passion and they fought for dominance. Liz felt Michael come up next to them so she pulled away and started her way to explore Maria’s body. When she reached her breasts she sucked on the rosy nibbles and bit slightly on the upraised peaks. She heard Maria gasped and she looked up at her. Maria and Michael were both watching her with lust in their eyes. “I think she’s learning.” Maria breathed out.

Liz smiled and continued her way down until she was in the same position that Maria had been before. She looked at Maria’s blonde patch of curls and parted the lips there. She used the finger of her other hand and dipped it in experimentally. The moan from Maria encouraged her and she plunged her index finger in. She felt Maria shudder around her and Liz began to thrust like she had felt Maria do. She shifted positions so she was on her knees and inserted another finger. She was concentrating so much on Maria and her bodies’ reaction that she didn’t know Michael was behind her until she felt his strong hand part her legs. The next thing she knew she felt his warm tongue licking her folds. She felt her knees go weak and almost stopped her fingers from thrusting into Maria. Instead she kept going harder.

“More Liz.” Maria moaned.

Liz inserted a third finger and kept going. She closed her eyes at the sensations of Michael’s mouth on her heat. His hands gripped her hips pulling her closer to his mouth like he couldn’t get enough of her. It made her curious about what Maria and Michael had talked about tasting her. She looked up at Maria watching her. Seeing how close she was to coming, Liz made the quick decision to taste her so she knew what they were talking about. She lowered her tongue and took a quick lick on Maria’s clit. Maria’s hips lifted off the bed and Liz decided she was doing the right thing. While still thrusting her fingers in and out of Maria, her tongue flicked over and over on Maria’s clit. Michael was doing the same thing to Liz with his tongue and fingers and she could feel herself going over the edge moaning. The vibration was enough to send Maria over the edge. Michael heard Maria’s moan and gently bit on Liz’s clit and sent her over the edge to join Maria.

Michael moved out from under Liz and Liz moved up to drape herself over Maria’s flushed body. “The little taste you gave me Maria was nothing compared to actually tasting her.”

Maria smiled and laid there trying to get control of her body. Michael came up next to the two girls and held them both. After both girls calmed down, Liz could see that Michael was painfully aroused again. “Michael, I think you need more release.”

“Well since Liz is learning so quickly I think we need to move on to the next lesson.” Maria said. Liz moved off of her and both girls pushed Michael onto his back. They took turns kissing his mouth, neck and chest. When they would meet at the same place they would take a minute kiss each other. As Liz and Michael kissed heatedly, Maria moved down and took him in her mouth.

“Jesus, Maria.” Michael moaned in Liz’s mouth. He continued to kiss Liz and play with one of her breasts while his other hand moved into Maria’s hair encouraging her. When he felt himself almost at the edge again, he suddenly felt cold air where her warm mouth had been.

“Not yet. I want to watch you inside of Liz.” She looked up at Liz and asked, “Is it okay? He’ll be gentle.”

The image of Michael thrusting into Maria that Liz had imaged earlier sprang to her mind. “I trust him.”

Michael could see the complete trust she had in him and his heart went out to her. He watched as Maria pulled Liz over to straddle him positioning her heat over his straining cock. He could feel Maria’s fingers caressing Liz’s folds getting her ready for him. Liz leaned into Michael for a quick kiss before sitting back up. Maria’s pulled her fingers out of Liz and spread her lips open. Her other hand grabbed Michael’s cock. “Michael, it’s okay. We went to the clinic together. Liz is on the pill, too.” Michael shook his head and watched as Maria led him to Liz’s entrance. Once the tip was in Liz started to push herself slowly down his length stretching to accommodate him. Michael could feel himself sinking into her tight wetness and he almost came on the spot. She stopped when he hit her barrier.

“Liz come here.” Michael commanded. Liz leaned down and Michael captured her lips. He kissed her hard and at the moment he plunged his tongue into her mouth he grabbed her hips and pushed down gently. The small movement was enough to cause the barrier to rupture. He was now fully sheathed inside her. He stayed still until he felt her starting to gently rock against him. He started moving his hips showing her the right rhythm.

Once they found their rhythm Liz sat back and began to ride him. She was overwhelmed with all the sensations coursing through her body. They were added to when Maria came back up behind her and started kissing her neck. Liz threw one arm back to embrace Maria and tilted her head back to kiss her. As they kissed Maria’s hands moved to cup her breast and massage them.

The sight of his girlfriend and Liz on top of him kissing caused Michael to move faster. Liz broke the kiss and started moaning his name. “Michael, more. Please more. I am so close.”

That was enough for Michael, he began to pound harder into Liz as he griped he hips harder. Maria continued to run her hands all over Liz’s body playing with her nipples and running over her clit but didn’t stay there. She wanted Michael to make Liz cum by just fucking her. She could see how close they were she moved to lay next to them and watch the two people she loved most enjoy each other.

Michael could feel his release coming and said, “Liz, I’m coming.” He felt her walls clench around him and he spilled his seed inside of her just as she screamed, “Michael!”

She collapsed on his chest with him still inside her. He wrapped one arm around her while he pulled Maria close with the other.

After a little while Liz braced herself on her elbow and looked at the other two. “I wanted to say thank you for comforting me tonight.”

“Your welcome Liz.” They both said. Before either them could say more they heard Michael’s front door open loudly. The next thing they knew they all three saw Max standing gaping at them from the bedroom door.


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Part 2:

The next thing they knew they all three saw Max standing gaping at them from the bedroom door.


“How dare you come into my house without asking?” Michael yelled back. Liz moved quickly off of him, sat next to Maria, and pulled the sheep up to cover their bodies. Michael got up and pulled his boxers on hurriedly.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for Liz. I came to see if you or Maria knew where she was. It’s obvious now that you do.” He sneered. Liz’s body was covered mostly by the sheet but Max saw the unmistakable dark hickey on her neck.

“Don’t even start Maxwell. You have no right to say anything about what we have or haven’t been doing.” Michael said angrily.

“How dare you. She’s my girlfriend! I love her.”

Maria started in on him then, “If you love her so much than why were you thinking about Tess when you were with her earlier?”

“I wasn’t. I don’t know why she got that flash. I can’t control them.” Max pleaded.

“That’s bullshit. You know that we can control them.” Michael said.

“You know what you don’t deserve her. She is a wonderful beautiful person that has a lot of love to give.” Maria yelled at him.

“Obviously she has a lot of love to give. Both you and Michael know that.” Max said sarcastically. He looked over at Liz and said, “First Kyle now Michael and Maria. Turning into quite the little slut, aren’t you?”

“You Asshole.” Michael said as he pulled back and punched Max.

Max got up off the floor holding his face. He looked at Liz and pleaded with her, “Please Liz. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that. Come with me.”

Liz looked at him and tried to decide what to do. She had thought she loved him but after that night she didn’t think that anymore. She didn’t know if she could go back to the way things were before she was with Michael and Maria.

“Lizzie, you can do what you want to do. Michael and I will respect whatever you decide. But I want you to know that you can stay with us if you want. We’ll love you more than he ever could.” Maria had felt Michael’s love for Liz over their shared connection. She was sure that he had felt hers as well.

“Maria’s right. We both want you here with us but it’s your decision.” Michael added.

Liz looked at the faces of her two lovers and turned to face Max. “Get out.”

“What? You can’t be serious. You’re going to throw away everything for them? I love you.” Max said.

“No, you don’t. You love the idea of me. You get off on knowing I’ll always be there at your beck and call. But guess what? Not anymore. So do what I ask and get out!” Liz yelled.

Max moved to come closer to Liz but Michael grabbed him first. “You heard her Max. She’s ours now.” He dragged Max to the front door and threw him out. “Now you can either get out here and continue to be friends with us or you can cause more of a scene and lose all of us.” He stated.

Max stood there glaring at him. “You know she’s going to realize what a mistake she made and come crawling back to my waiting arms. Begging on her hands and knees.” And with that he turned and left.

Michael made his way back into the bedroom and saw Maria hugging Liz to her. “Are you guys okay?”

Maria nodded. “Yeah, baby. We’re fine.”

“Thank you Michael.” Liz said.

“I just did what I had to do. You chose us and he had to accept it.”

“Liz, we meant what we said. We both love you and want you with us. The three of us together. Is it okay?” Maria asked wearily.

“I don’t want to be without you guys so yeah it’s okay.” Liz sat there a minute biting on her lip before she said, “Would it be wrong to say that the sight of Michael being our protector really turned me on?”

Michael laughed while Maria said, “No, I feel the same way. Also you standing up to Max got me all hot and bothered.”

“Well why don’t we take care of it?” Michael said as waggled his eyebrows.

“What did you have in mind?” Liz asked huskily.

“Yeah, Liz and I have been the leaders of the night why don’t you suggest something?” Maria said teasingly.

“I’ve got the perfect idea. Liz, lay on your back with Maria on top of you.” Michael directed.

“I’m liking this idea already.” Liz said approvingly. She laid on her back as she pulled Maria down on top of her. They kissed hungrily and their hands began to roam. Maria played with Liz’s breasts while Liz plunged her fingers into Maria’s wet heat again. Maria spread her legs widely so that she straddled Liz.

Michael watched the two girls and felt himself grow rigidly hard. He moved up the bed to sit behind Maria. As he watched Liz’s busy fingers, he spread Liz’s legs just enough to allow him to thrust his own fingers into her. She bucked her hips up and pressed herself more into his hand. He moved with the same rhythm she was using on Maria. Maria’s hips were moving widely trying to fuck Liz’s fingers harder.

“Oh Yes!” Maria screamed out. She laid down on top of Liz and started nuzzling and sucking her breasts hard. The combination of Maria’s mouth and Michael’s fingers sent Liz over the edge right after her. When her body calmed down some, she looked at Michael and said, “She’s ready for you.”

Michael leaned over Maria’s form and kissed Liz. “Thank you.” He moved back and positioned himself at her entrance to take her from behind. In one quick thrust, he was completely inside of her wetness where Liz’s fingers had just been. Maria back arched up and she choked out, “Michael.”

He began to move inside of her slowly as he watched the two girls begin to make out under him again. They continued for a little while before Maria pulled away from Liz’s mouth and said, “Scoot up so my head is in your lap.”

Knowing what Maria had in mind, Liz moved quickly. She backed herself up against the headboard and spread her legs to Maria. Maria moved up to put her weight on her elbows and leaned her mouth into Liz’s hot waiting pussy. The moment her tongue came into contact with Liz’s clit she heard Liz hiss. She lapped up her sweet juices greedily. As Michael’s thrusts increased, Maria moved her tongue down and plunged her tongue into Liz’s core.

“Oh my God, Maria. Right there.” Liz buried her hands in her lover’s hair and tried to move her mouth closer to her.

“Doesn’t tasting her at the source better than just on your finger?” Michael asked.

“Hmm.” Was Maria’s only answer. The humming vibration from Maria’s mouth sent Liz’s trip over the edge. “I’m going to explode!” She screamed.

As Liz’s orgasm started, Michael felt Maria’s walls clamp down on him signaling the start of her orgasm and causing his own to start. “We are too.” And they all screamed each others names as they came together.

After they were all calmed down, Michael laid on his back and pulled Maria to his chest and Liz to his side. He waved his hand in the air and extinguished the candles. “I need sleep. We all have to work together tomorrow.”

Liz yawned, “That could prove interesting. But you’re right, we better get some sleep before we kill each other.”

“What a way to go.” Maria mumbled already half asleep.

The three of them fell asleep and dreamed about how their lives would change from now on. None of them cared though since they would be together.


The end

posted on 28-Jan-2002 11:32:42 AM by 3somefan
Well since you guys liked this fic I'm going to try and write another one. I meant for this to only be a two parter so it will be a sequel.

It's going to be called Accepting. Just to give you a little teaser Max hasn't given up yet.-
posted on 30-Apr-2002 11:07:50 AM by 3somefan
alienlover(MaxEvans) couldn't find this so I'm bumping it.